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UNCLASSIFIED: The Future of Iraq document | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV


This came in July 4 2018 “Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has removed Iraq from its list of states deemed weak in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, which experts believe should make international banks more comfortable doing business with the country… …Removal from the grey list should help with the process of getting international banks more comfortable with transacting with Iraq.”


7-17-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   I find myself favoring a new terminology for the liquidity event we hope for as value and return from our investment in the IQD. My new word for it is " Reset ". I no longer believe in an " RI or RV ". I am still concerned about a " Lop" and arguably all currencies " Float ". Perhaps a " Reset " is some workable form of all of the foregoing?  My active thought is that we cannot rule out anything and must allow for that which we may not like.  In any event we must all find a theory which sustains us and the hope of a good outcome. If we do not finish the race we cannot know whether there will be a prize for participation at a minimum, eh?

7-17-2018   Intel Guru Frank26
   Iraq still has a seated government and Abadi still the PM. IMO the smooth transition from the same government to the new government will have the same affect...the same results.  A newly seated government, less Malaki, Iran and Iran’s General’s corruption with be a “suitable environment” to RI their currency...as Abadi and the CBI requested. And so did Dr. Shabibi.  The Iranian influence is disappearing.  With the government.  With the citizens.  The Iranian Generals are losing their ability to protect Malaki.  Malaki as no longer a VP is no longer protected with immunity.  Arrest warrants await him.  Malaki will fight along with his fake media to the very end.  If given a Parliamentary seat it’s only to keep the peace.  IMO, Malaki’s power is gone.  No longer influential or able to use fear tactics to support his sugar daddy Iran.  In the next two weeks, somewhere IMO, around the 18-19 to around the 25th we should have a seated government.  No matter what I say right now about our investment, it would be hard to believe...the game has changed and I believe that leaks are causing us to be quiet...Our noses are pressed up against the wall of the RI, IMO and there is no room to the right or to the left [post 2 of 2]

7-17-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]    IMO:   Encouraged Sadr and Abadi to sit their new government and Abadi as new PM to expedite many things as soon as possible.  The RI being one of them.  IHO with Malaki controlling things they could not have pulled off the RI.  Nor IHO would Iraq and the fantastic four have allowed Malaki and his people to profit from the RI.  Citizens of Iraq protesting against Malaki and the corruption he represents; against Iran and the lack of jobs.  It’s the coming together where they look at their government as friends not as their political enemies.  Iran knows they are being picked on so Iran takes advantage of no government seated right now.  Paid jerks to go to Basra and pretend they‘re protesting against Abadi.  They are not and you know that don't you.   Malaki’s media is not going to work this time.  Malaki and Iran taking advantage of the not seated government right now, adding fire and lies to it... I believe we are soon to see a seated government.  ...Once it’s seated officially they can do a lot of things. Those are the things we don’t want to talk about.  [post 1 of 2 ....stay tuned]
7-17-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   You can call it whatever the hell you want but technically it’s not a revaluation in the eyes of the IMF.  ...The CBI will take the dinar off the program rate and de facto peg to the USD and re-peg it to the SDR basket. It is in this process it will get reinstated back on FOREX and be launched with a the new rate. Once the dinar is reinstated and put on the “managed float”, it could go anywhere as Dr Syni Shabibi said it could withstand a market a rate of up to $16.00. He NEVER said that the Iraqi dinar would revalue at $16.00...   [post 2 of 2]

7-17-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...the Iraqi dinar...will be “reinstated” back on FOREX with a rate conducive to before it was down-graded through years of sanctions according to a value around from the new SDR basket it will be pegged to. It will also be put back on a “managed float” and the market place will drive the rate upwards.  The Iraqi dinar...will not “revalue”. Yes, the rate will increase from around what it was prior to the war (with equity) and this will be a new value but not a “revaluation” in the truest sense from the technical definition of the IMF in dealing with currencies.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

7-17-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   We told you there would come a time where we would no longer share discuss information.  IMO, this is that moment in time.  Is it going to happen next week?  . . .next month?  Again, I don’t know.  No comment to those type of questions.  It is at the point . . . where IMO even throwing out an opinion is just not wise. 


If the CBI ever made a move to reinstate the Iraqi dinar at some substantial value like $1 to 1 the only option would be a LOP which is a neutral event and no monetary gain because they're simply too much dinar and circulation for any kind of an overnight event to occur.  We should all hope and pray that the CBI takes the smart choice floating the currency in allowing the world to set the price based on supply and demand allowing the dinar to gradually increase over time and also allowing them to reduce the currency in circulation.  It is my belief that the CBI's choice is to float the currency giving them the monetary tool they need to reduce inflationary pressure as a large influx of capital & Investment comes into Iraq.  I do not believe a LOP is in the cards therefore I do not believe in RV or RI is an option.


TotallyBlessed:  Good morning TNT! This will happen "suddenly" I think. Though we've watched for it for years, it will still come out when we least expect it. Like right now. I do NOT expect it right now. So right now works!

Briona:  The speed of which they get things done in Iraq is not conducive to attracting investors. Excuses will only work for a while, before people lose interest in working in that environment. They had better get their act together and start working more efficiently, instead of constant delays.

Phantom809:  The pressure is building. I don't think they can keep the cover on this for much longer…. Think of the original pressure cooker. A pot with a cover and a rock on top. Our pressure cooker has a cover with Iraq on top….. Sooner or later it will blow.

Natok:  gm tnt, for those that are feeling down today, count your blessings, remember, it takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown! chins up, we are here to win it!

Fullsail:  For me...time frames I give to those who ask with no issues: "it could happen today tomorrow, this week next week, this month next month, this year next year... BUT eventually IT will happen" , then I ask "will it be worth the wait to retire etc" , always get a resounding YES even when I ask myself. And even if it doesnt happen, we cant win the lotto without holding at least one ticket. I will simply wait it out, as eventually IT will happen.


Harambe:  Reuters: Iraqi police use batons to disperse protesters outside Zubair oilfield as unrest grows (7/17/18) https://reut.rs/2LjvMYz

Sunny:  An Unprecedented Wage Stagnation Hits As IMF Warns Of Economic Downturn - https://youtu.be/rHZwDJTXhz4

Phantom809:  Vietnam: The Next Frontier in Asia’s Luxury Real Estate Market -- Ac​tivity in the luxury real estate market is surging in Vietnam, mirrori​ng a booming economy that posted a 7.38% year-over-year increase in GD​P in the first quarter of 2018—the country’s strongest in a decade​. -- https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/vietnam-the-next-frontier-in-as​ia-s-luxury-real-estate-market-102826

Phantom809:  Activists: Iraqi police arresting protesters in the south -- The gover​nment rushed to contain the protests with promises of thousands of job​s, mainly in the oil sector, and an urgent allocation of 3.5 trillion ​Iraqi dinars ($3 billion) for electricity and water projects. It blame​d "infiltrators" for the damages.--https://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/world/article214944825​.html

Phantom809: Iraq opens Kirkuk Airport for civil aviation in August -- Kirkuk Airpo​rt will open for domestic and international flights in August, an Iraq​i official announced on Monday, Anadolu reports. -- https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180717-iraq-opens-kirkuk-airport-f​or-civil-aviation-in-august/

Phantom809:  The UN remembers Iraq and acknowledges its reconstruction needs -- n a press conference on Thursday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres responded to reporters demands to know more of the U.N.’s plans for the Middle East. Secretary-General Guterres answered by saying, I have not forgotten Iraq. The stability of Iraq, the democratic nature of Iraq,....  https://sofrep.com/105920/the-un-remembers-iraq-and-acknowledges-its-r​econstruction-needs/


Tishwash:  Iran 's economy shows why electricity is cut off from Iraq

(Reuters) - Iran said it had given priority to meeting its energy needs during a suspension of electricity supplies to Iraq
"All energy contracts and agreements contain frameworks and requirements, including the exporting country and when it is in dire need, it must first meet its domestic needs," Energy Minister Reza Ardkanyan told reporters
"Iraq is in great need of electricity, especially in the summer, part of which is provided through Iran through the power transmission lines. We are in constant contact with the Iraqi side. The Iraqi electricity minister was in Iran recently and we were briefed on our electricity needs," he said

Iran has decided to halt the export of electricity to Iraq for about four weeks, at the height of the summer, against the background of problems related to the transfer of Iraq to the amounts due to Tehran.
Iraq produces 15.7 thousand megawatts of electricity, and imports from Iran 1200megawatts, while needs 23 thousand megawatts to ensure non-interruption of electricity for Iraqis and the result is 12 hours a day representing the rate of power cuts for the Iraqi provinces
Iraq decided to send a ministerial delegation on Wednesday to discuss the energy issue with Saudi Arabia.   link

Rafidain Bank announces disbursement of new batch of pensioners | IQD D...


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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, July 16 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.  It’s lucky Friday the 13th!

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Here we are, and we will be here to the end.

RayRen:  Nothing much going on, without any hot updates over the weekend.

Tony:  We really want to hear something about the vote recount being over, but there is no conclusion yet.  Banks are telling us the rates are still there but pending, but we  don’t know when.  The biggest thing is the riots in Basra over the weekend, with eight people dead.  This morning they said it was starting to spread outside Basra.  There was no problem with the people protesting – they want water, electricity, and jobs.  They were not protesting against the government.  The problem is that they had to send in police and military to protect the chaos, while Maliki’s people try to inflame protest into riots.  I just hope it doesn’t escalate into an Arab Spring or Summer. They need to get the vote done, seat the government, and complete the economic reforms.  They approved the Budget two months ago, and suddenly there is a report saying “you committed 100 billion to the people”, and now they’re saying “you can’t do that”.  Someone is trying to block this, even though most of the votes have been counted.  This is crazy!

Everything up to this time has been about getting this done quickly.  All Abadi has to do is to make the announcement. We know this is about to happen.  We can read what they are putting out, but we need to watch what they actually do.  We know they have been paying people in the country and outside the country.  Iraqis here have been exchanged, receiving cash, and moving their money.  So I listen to what they say, but even more I watch what they are doing, and I’m looking to see this any day.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  We have heard many times that the head of the CBI, al-Allaq, has stated that once Iraq is stable and secure he would release the monetary reforms.  In my opinion that time will not come until the new parliament has been seated, they have chosen the new President, and then named the Prime Minister.  We have all been looking for any trigger that will start all this. A:  Not an actual question there.

Q:  Do you know what a loaf of bread costs in Iraq?  A:  No.  I only know our rate.

Q:  What programs or public presentations can you share that address educating the citizens benefiting from monetary reform?  A: t hey have already promised the Iraqi people what they will do, including showing them the lowered denominations, the ATMs, other countries investing in Iraq to bring food, water, education, and jobs.  The citizens are tired of them saying all that.  They were told that this would happen in January, and now it’s the middle of July.  The citizens are tired of hearing it.  So are we.  The difference is that they have no jobs, water, electricity or air conditioning at 115 degrees.  We’re just talking about money;  they are talking about survival.  In the meantime, Maliki is threatening to burn down the house unless he gets a place in government.  Nothing is going to move forward until Parliament has been seated and they ratify the election.  The government can give the people some money, but they want jobs.  The government says that they will send more water to Basra, but what about the rest of the country?  However, they need to fix the infrastructure to create more electricity, and the people who can do that cannot start until the government is in place and the money flows.

Q:  Do you think there is too much “Dinar Goggle” wearing on subjects we discuss?  A:  Not everything in the world is about the RV.  We can discuss it, but we don’t control it.

Q:  What is the clear indicator that this is happening sooner rather than later?  A:  Before the election and just after the election they did have a ‘suitable environment’.  Sure, Basra is fed up and having an uprising, but that’s a small area.  So I still think that they will come out with something this week to show this is moving forward.  Every time they give them a couple of days, something else happens.  Now the Supreme Court has ruled against a Budget that has already been approved twice?!  That’s the only thing that bothers me today.

Q:  If I understood it correctly, I heard on a previous call that if not all amounts of currencies are disclosed at appointment setting time that it will get confiscated at time of exchange.  [Hunh?]  Do do you know if Canadian banks also require us to disclose total amounts of ALL currencies, and if not accounted for, whatever is not stated will get confiscated as well?  A:  I have never heard any currency will be confiscated.  If you sign a federal form stating what you have, and you are inaccurate, that’s lying on an official form and there may be some consequences, but I don’t think they will come check your house for what you have – they cannot do that for ten million people.

Q:  Are the lower denoms still in ATMs and are the people still receiving education on how new currency will be used?  A:  Yes, they are still in the ATMs.  I haven’t asked anyone about whether the billboards are still up.  We can ask the question.

Q:  I want to set up several Foundations. I wanted some Bloodline educational and some humanitarian.  What I have found is a blood line trust is only good for three generations, for example me, my children, and grand children then ends automatically when the last of my children dies.  [Ray:  You need to add a strategy along with that.  That particular trust might only last for three generations, but they then your grand-children can start another trust.]  When I checked out a “Destiny” or forever trust actually this also ends at 100 years by law.  Does making a trust a Foundation remove time limits or would a person be better to switch to a corporation base for my foundations because I want the foundations to go on indefinitely?  A:  The foundation will go on as long as there are assets and someone is able to do the work of the foundation;  that has nothing to do the underlying structure.

Q:  I’ve heard for some time now that Iraq ATM have been loaded and operational. Doesn’t that mean that they would have to be international with their new rate?  A:  We have heard they are loaded and ready to go, not that they are operational.  That is, they work but they are not using ATMs to dispense the lower denominations

Q:  Are we required to sign an NDA to exchange ZIM?  Does our spouse have to as well?  A:  I don’t know if you have to sign an NDA to exchange Aim [at the international rate – definitely there will be an NDA for contract rates].  If you do, then your spouse will have to as well.

Q:  Why doesn’t the rest of the world just do the GCR, and leave Iraq to do their own thing when they think their time is right? How does the rest of the countries view Iraq holding up the RI/RV?  A:  Iraq is the foundation of the whole GCR, so it has to go first.  Sure, the rest of the world could go forward, but that will undermine the Iraqi economy and it’s not going to happen like that.

Questions from live callers

749 caller:  If you give Zim to someone in your household, will they still be able to exchange that?

Tony:   Being in the same household is not relevant, just give them a gift letter to show you gave it to them before it became valuable.

312 caller:  After the unrest at the airport in Basra… is that a region controlled by Maliki?

Tony:  I don’t think it’s controlled by Maliki;  my understanding is that the people were protesting peacefully, and Maliki/Iran sent in people to fan the flames.  Maliki then says “I can put a stop to that, but what do I get in exchange?”

404 caller:  What is the alert status for banks over here?

Tony:  Over the weekend, they [wealth managers] weren’t allowed to go more than 50 miles away.  This morning the rates were still on the screens, still on hold.

678 caller:  Do you still feel it will happen before the end of the month?

Tony:  I’ve always felt that, apart from this morning’s article about the Budget that assigned the money to the people.  I’m waiting to find out the implications of that.

740 caller:  My daughter recently told me seven out of eight planets are retrograde, and that means there will be delays.

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[My computer continues to be temperamental, but I believe all the actual news has been covered.  Please check Sunny’s Cliff Notes for Closing Statements.]

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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

I have a bone to pick with some idiot who comes on one of these intel calls by a certain guru and asked if the Kuwaiti dinar really revalued or not. Of course, the guru answers him with the same idiotic rumored answer one would expect. He says YES! What the heck else do you think he is going to say? Then the gurus tells the rest of the audience simply to google and you will find dozens of the same explanation he just gave. Of course you will what the hell should you expect?

Of course, you will find the same. As I told you once these rumors begin everyone gets aboard and no one takes the time to really investigate and research the truth. The FACT is the Kuwaiti dinar NEVER, NEVER had an official “REVALUATION”. He then tells you to go look up articles in the US newspapers from around that point in time. So, go read them then….
What you will find is exactly what I am telling you.

So. what’s the problem here?

The problem is misinformation and ignorance. Someone at some point took the official story and made it into a mountain of intel to push people to buy more Iraqi dinar. They exaggerated the story about a Kuwaiti revaluation for the basis to suit there own purposes.

So now at least be fair with people and give them the TRUTH. This is the main reason why people are getting so upset. They think this investment was going to be a quick, get rich scheme like with the Kuwaiti dinar. This is just not the case and was never the case. So after 15 years of waiting thru this RV sage with Iraq I guess I am correct? Again who’s the blame for all the anxiety and stress in the dinar community. Is it the little lies and soon foster into big ones.

So, in “official” news media articles they use the term revaluation very loosely. Many of you in this dinar investment community use the term revaluation very loosely too. I am using it strictly by its IMF definition.

So this idiot on the call says that someone said (alluding to my Notes on this subject matter) that the Kuwaiti dinar never revalued. They all had a good laugh. Just remember I always have the last laugh.

Let’s not take my Notes out of context. He never goes on to talk about the rest of my Notes. Again a pigeon flying overhead that just drops something us and flies away. Yo do know what pigeons drop? They shit all over us.

All he really wanted to do is bash, bash and bash. What I said (and you can go read the Notes yourself on my FB Page) is that the increase in value came only later when the dinar was “reinstated” and launched back on the open markets and traded again. It was the market demand through the “managed float” system, once back on FOREX, that gave rise to the rate of the Kuwait dinar. It NEVER officially revalued! Get it? Please stop saying it revalued! The rate did rise but on pure speculation. The value never changed. The rate soon returned back to the normalized rate according to it’s value.

The same will happen to the Iraqi dinar. It will be “reinstated” back on FOREX with a rate conducive to before it was down-graded through years of sanctions according to a value around from the new SDR basket it will be pegged to. It will also be put back on a “managed float” and the market place will drive the rate upwards.

The Iraqi dinar too will not “revalue”. Yes, the rate will increase from around what it was prior to the war (with equity) and this will be a new value but not a “revaluation” in the truest sense from the technical definition of the IMF in dealing with currencies.

REVALUATION DEFINED: Revaluation is a change in a price of a good or product, or especially of a currency, in which case it is specifically an official rise of the value of the currency in relation to a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate system.

So, since the Kuwaiti dinar went on “managed float” and not a “fixed rate” system, this does not constitute a “revaluation” but simple a market rise in the rate due to market conditions. Actually, as I stated in my Notes on my FaceBook Page, the Kuwaiti dinar actually upon being reinstated, had a “devaluation” by about 30 cents less then what it was before Kuwaiti was liberated in 1991. Then the market drove it up…..Get it? It NEVER went through a revaluation.

The same will apply to the Iraqi dinar as it too will be put on a “managed float” and not a “fixed rate” system and do this too does not constitute a “revaluation” if the rate rises while on the float.

Here is the link of what I really did write. I suggest this idiot go re-read what I wrote and stop taking it out of context.


I know many of you are struggling in your minds of what I am telling you about the Kuwaiti dinar but again I have to say these idiotic gurus never get it correct and give you the full story. They must have selective hearing and only hear what they want to hear. I just want you to know the truth of why you should purchase Iraqi dinar and stop using this situation in Kuwait as your justification.

Kuwait revaluing is a very good example of what you are being told is very misleading by these gurus.

What you really should be stating is simply that you want a “reinstatement” of the dinar, not so much a revaluation. Get it? The increase in rate will be brought on by the reinstatement. This is going to be the big jump in rate.

You can call it whatever the hell you want but technically it’s not a revaluation in the eyes of the IMF. Look at it this way - If you say you want a revaluation they you are saying you want the 1190 rate to go up and you are waiting for this to happen. This is NOT how its going to work. The CBI will take the dinar off the program rate and de facto peg to the USD and re-peg it to the SDR basket. It is in this process it will get reinstated back on FOREX and be launched with a the new rate. It will not rise slowly from 1190 as some pretend they know. If this was the case we might be waiting for months to see a significant change in the rate. Also this would be way too low at investors would gobble this up and manipulate it thus probably crashing the currency.

Once the dinar is reinstated and put on the “managed float”, it could go anywhere as Dr Syni Shabibi said it could withstand a market a rate of up to $16.00. He NEVER said that the Iraqi dinar would revalue at $16.00. so this too is all lies perpetrated by these gurus.

More news….


Many asked me about the significance of the announcement of Iraq getting off the FATF list. So, I wanted to cover this today. Below sums it all up for you in this short article.


The importance of this announcement is that the presence of any country in the gray or black list or under the strict follow-up within the evaluation of the group mentioned MEANS THAT THERE IS WEAKNESS IN THE SYSTEM OF COMBATING CORRUPTION AND FINANCING TERRORISM, HIGH RISK AND THUS LEAD TO THE RELUCTANCE OF INVESTORS TO ENTER IT, has been noted since 2012 since the failure of Iraq to comply with 15 of the recommendations of the main recommendations on the fight against money laundering and recorded up to seven hundred notes.

So now Iraq is off this list so what does this tell you? They have implemented the necessary reforms to combat corruption and financial terrorism. This is all very good news since we know there was no way the IMF was going to release the reinstatement unless they put these measures in place.

More news….

We know that major demonstrations have taken place in Basra over the last week. Many people were injured as these are not peaceful demonstrations. The currency prime minister has visited the area and talked to the people about the right for “peaceful” demonstrations and any other kind will be dealt with by the security forces. Iraqi security authorities announced Saturday evening a curfew in the province of Basra.

According to Sky News Arabia, in an urgent news a few days ago, the demonstrators burned the headquarters of the Badr militia.

In the area of Al-Twaisa in central Basra in southern Iraq.
This comes in conjunction with the continuing protests in the province of Basra for the seventh day in a row, in protest against unemployment
and the deterioration of services, where caught after the killing of a demonstrator last Sunday.

Seems this could get infected throughout Iraq if they are not careful and resolve this election saga and do it very soon.

So now parliament, the ones who started this entire mess in the first place, now wants this re-counting done so they can bring back stability to the region. But his entire mess was their fault to begin with since there was no real, hard evidence anyhow of voter fraud and manipulation to warrant such drastic actions that parliament took almost a month ago now. Do you see what these idiots do to their own country when they are led down the path by these corrupt bastards. So now many of the good parliamentary members are upset they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the corrupt in order to get the votes needed to pass that 3rd amendment to the election law. Many of the corrupt are now gone from parliament and many also fled the country already for fear of prosecution. So the good and honest members are left behind holding the bag with this new mess in Basra. I hope everyone gets my point of the mess these corrupt bastards have done in Iraq.

More news….


On Thursday Iraq began the re-count of ballots. They are now tell us this is completed and they are moving on to the last province of Dohuk. See the entire article in the articles section of today’s NewsLetter.

A source in the Electoral Commission revealed the isolation of issues with two special stations in the province of Salah al-Din of the process of counting and sorting by hand. The source told Shafak News that 200 stations had a counting and sorting operation in Salalah on Sunday, adding that all stations were identical except for two stations that had been isolated.

The parliamentary legal committee warned of calls to speed up the process of manual counting of the ballot boxes, pointing out that this will not show the results of electoral fraud.

"The determination of the 10-DAY LIMIT AS A TIME LIMIT FOR THE PARTIAL COUNTING AND SORTING OF THE BALLOT BOXES IS INSUFFICIENT AND DOES NOT ACHIEVE THE REQUIRED CREDIBILITY TO PRESERVE THE VOTES," said former MP Zana Said. "This process takes several weeks to show the results accurately.

He added that the 10-day period was due to political pressure exerted on judges assigned to work in UNHCR.


(Mnt Goat – these are the same corrupt politicians that started and instigated this mess with the -re-counting that now want a speedy end to it. Well…they spilt the milk and now they can’t get it back in the bottle. They are using this now to bash the opposition. When it really is their fault to begin with. Was there even really voter fraud in the first place? The results are showing NO!)

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 
Articles Begin


Baghdad today 
Erbil According to an informed source, Friday, 13 2018, that the Electoral Commission for the elections re-sorted 125 ballot boxes in Erbil, while revealing the proportion of the corresponding results of electronic sorting.

The source said that "the number of funds that have been counted so far in Arbil, 125 boxes," NOTING THAT "THE RESULT WAS 100% MATCH in the presence of representatives of the United Nations and some parties, and the withdrawal of other parties from the opposition." He added that "the process of manual counting and sorting in Erbil will end this evening, after counting for 212 ballot boxes," noting that "there are some boxes were broken locks and put on the red wax."

He pointed out that "the judges and staff will then move to the province of Dohuk, to conduct a manual counting on the funds that have been objected to the fund of 330.



Shafaq News / A source in the Electoral Commission revealed the isolation of two special stations in the province of Salah al-Din of the process of counting and sorting by hand.

The source told Shafak News that 200 stations had a counting and sorting operation in Salalah on Sunday, adding that all stations were identical except for two stations that had been isolated.

The operation was carried out at Baghdad International Fair, where the funds were brought in last week.

In a related development, the source said that 107 stations had a process of manual counting and sorting on Sunday were all identical.

On the fourth of this month, the hand-recounting of the May parliamentary elections began in Kirkuk in a move aimed at moving forward with the formation of a new government, which was delayed weeks, due to the controversy over the results of these elections.




Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The former US ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, told him that among his duties was to topple the Maliki government and to prevent his candidacy for a third term, said Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, noting that Hill's statement reveals the extent of US interference in Iraqi internal affairs.

Maliki said in a meeting with a number of television channels on Thursday evening, in response to a question about reconsideration by him and some of his allies in the political process in relation to America on the backdrop of "Trump" mockery of Iraqi sovereignty, Hill's statement on the overthrow of the Maliki government, Hill is not strange to me, I heard this talk from him directly when he was ambassador to Iraq. "

"Honestly, I respect Hill, he is a professor, an intellectual and a scholar rather than a diplomat. He told me he was responsible for bringing down my government, but a statement in this newspaper raised many things I wanted to be clear to people."

Maliki said: "I was saying that what happened to me was the desire of the Obama government against the backdrop of Iraq's position on Syria, and why Iraq did not stop the movement of aircraft, were very resentment, and said explicitly we dropped the regime of Saddam Hussein and you must be consistent in your policy with us, We said our policy stems from our interests and our vision and does not stem from the interests of others. "

"I know the US position and I have a crisis with them from their positions in the region and its issues, but Hill's statement revealed to us who drew to withdraw confidence from the Maliki government, which failed all attempts to topple the government once in parliament and once to withdraw from the government."

He pointed out that "all the obstruction stands behind him this statement, which Hill said that his government directed him to overthrow the Maliki government, and when they could not topple the government, they had a role in preventing Maliki's premiership for a third term.

Maliki said, "Now it is my right and every Iraqi citizen's right to hold America responsible for all the actions that have taken place. I find that sit-ins and sit-ins that took place and stop the arms and equipment deals carried out by the previous US administration are only in accordance with the statement mentioned by Ambassador Hill."

On the official position of Iraq on these statements, al-Maliki said, "The policy of foreign relations is not developed by me, perhaps I have a certain position with them, but relations are state relations and can not be built on such a statement only."

"I say the state and the politicians should realize that if they are not as America wants, they will be against them as they were against al-Maliki. Will the Iraqi situation allow us to be as America wants?"

"I am not against relations with America. I am the one who signed the partnership agreement with America, but to be an echo of the American decision is unacceptable. We should benefit from Hill's statement that America says it is friendly to the Iraqis when they are what they want and not what you want."

The former US ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, said in a recent article on the project-syndicat "site" that the administration of former US President Barack Obama has worked to withdraw confidence from Maliki's second government, and to prevent his candidacy for a third term.



The importance of this announcement is that the presence of any country in the gray or black list or under the strict follow-up within the evaluation of the group mentioned means that there is weakness in the system of combating corruption and financing terrorism, High risk and thus lead to the reluctance of investors to enter it, has been noted since 2012 since the failure of Iraq to comply with 15 of the recommendations of the main recommendations on the fight against money laundering and recorded up to seven hundred notes.

In order to change this reality, Iraq worked to meet these requirements through a number of measures, foremost of which was the issuance of the AML / CFT Law No. 39 of 2015, as well as the issuance of the rules of due diligence towards customers of financial institutions No. (1) of 2017, The establishment of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Office in the Central Bank and granting it full independence and the authority to receive and analyze communications and refer them to the judiciary.

In addition, Iraq has issued the national strategy to combat money laundering in addition to the accession and ratification of the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism as well as the conclusion of bilateral agreements with countries to exchange information and legal assistance on the recovery of money and people. In the same context was formed a committee to freeze terrorist funds in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council In this regard, No. 1267 and No. 1373.

That the exit of Iraq after the completion of the requirements of the Financial Action Group will have positive results, most notably contributing to the process of opening correspondent accounts of the Central Bank and local banks with the world, including accounts in the currency of the euro as well as receiving and sending remittances of Iraqis easily where will be dealing with these transfers according to simple care after it was Treated with strict care. On the other hand, economic relations with international investment companies and lending institutions will become stronger and easier as the interest rates fall.

It is an important step for Iraq has been achieved by significant efforts made by the relevant authorities, including the Central Bank of Iraq and the Office of the fight against money laundering and we now maintain this achievement first and take advantage of possible opportunities to support the Iraqi economy second, according to the data of the new phase.
Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 
Much love to ya all, 
Mnt Goat




LINK TO VIDEO............:

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ and I pray that our call tonight is successful

The very first thing I want to do is to explain to you that.. Walkingstick and I wish to say the following: .......... The GAME has changed. If you want at title for tonight’s call, that’s it. Now, what do we mean by that? .............

In  our opinion information is being leaked. Too much of it… about our study. We don’t give dates or rates.. we give the PROGRESS of the Monetary Reform, of the Reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar .................. But (pause) I believe we are at a point where information is coming out of Iraq — not from our conference calls.

WS and our team only give you information once it is in print. But a lot of information is coming out from internal sources in Iraq. You see, where there should be only a handful that should be talking about this or doing this, a lot of others are getting involved now.

For whatever reasons: political, financial, favoritism, whatever ................. Walkingstick and I don’t want to be a part of that discussion right now ..............

Walkingstick told me to tell you, “Frank, soon, what I share with you, you will not be able any longer to share, talk, or discuss, anymore. The MR, RI of the IQD, is pressed up against the wall. Everything is on a very Fast-Track right now. There are no delays.”......... Where some of you may find delays — we don’t have that evidence.

And that is why there is little to nothing to say about the RI any longer .............. As of NOW, it is unlikely that any ONE source will be given a Heads-up on the RI of the IQD, beyond the Fantastic Four: IMF, WB, UST, Trump. NO-ONE knows except for them the date or the rate .................

Walkingstick and I wish to express that any details about the RI would be unwise right now. Not because we are ridiculed but because we would be answering questions that should not even be asked right now ....................

WE’RE THERE! ............... We told you there would come a time when we could not share any information ...............

THIS IS THAT MOMENT IN TIME ................ Listen carefully to these words: It is at the point that even throwing out an opinion is not wise. It’s best to leave it alone, as of now ...............

I’ve had long talks with WS on what we should do with our study at this stage, and this is what he has recommended to me. That’s why there will be no CC tomorrow, no Friday TC, no Monday CC the following week, and no Friday TC after that ........... I won’t return until the 27th of July, which is a Friday TC. If necessary, if something should happen, sure, I will release a video to keep you up to date .............

(4 pages of notes that he cannot discuss) ............ Let me just cover some odds and ends:..............

We wish to encourage Abadi and Sadr to seat their Official New GOI, and especially Abadi as the PM of the new elected government, in order to expedite many things, ASAP.. and the RI being one of them! ............... It’s THAT simple ..............

Iraq could not have RI’d with Maliki and his “backing” that controlled the GOI and the CBI for so many years. Nor would Iraq and the Fantastic Four (combined together), they would not have allowed Maliki and his people to profit, from the new 2003 IQD, that the IMF commissioned De La Rue to print. They are NOT going to let that happen with the RI ..............

So you see, many things are occurring… leaks. You know the demonstrations going on Basra? The citizens of Iraq are NOT, protesting against Abadi or Sadr, or the GOI. They are protesting against Maliki! .. and the corruption that he represents, and the Iranian influence in Iraq, and lack of jobs because of that .............

That should be interesting to you .............................. It’s the blossoming - coming together of a country, that no longer looks at Politicians as the enemy, they look at them as their friend. (smile) ...............

Iran is taking advantage of a “no GOI seated" right now, by paying a bunch of jerks to go to Basra and pretend that they are protesting against Abadi .............. They are not. And we know that .............. Maliki’s media and Iran are taking advantage of the GOI not seating, and inserting the demonstrations, adding fire and lies to the situation, I believe in all honesty we are soon to see a seated government ...............

We advise Abadi to sit his government, because one he sits them OFFICIALLY - he will be able to do a lot of things (smile) .............. Now also remember that Iraq STILL HAS a seated government. And Abadi IS the PM ...............

So, if you asked me when will they “sit” the Parliament.. the smooth transition from the existing government to the new government, will still have the same effects, and the same results ................. A new seated government will be a less Maliki, Iran, and Iran corruption with a Suitable Environment, to RI the currency.

In other words: The RI continues ............. With Maliki gone — soon — the RI sees a Suitable Environment that Abadi and the CBI requeste ........ and so did Dr. Shabibi ...............

This Iranian influence, is disappearing. And it’s a combination of not just the newly seated government with the citizens as well too ............... The Iranian Generals are losing their ability to protect Maliki and his goons.

I also want to see the seated government because then Maliki is no longer one of the VPs which means he’s no longer protected under political immunity. His behind is BUSTED! And arrest warrants will come to him. Arrest warrants AWAIT him, once his political immunity is dissolved ...............

Now.. Take note: ............. Maliki will fight like a wounded animal, along with his Fake Media, to the very end. If you see that they give him a “partial Parliamentary seat” to do something, it’s only to keep the peace.

To maintain the Suitable Environment for the RI in tact ............... But know this: ............. Maliki’s power is GONE. No longer influential. No longer capable of using fear tactics to steal the finances of Iraq and the citizens and support Iran ..............

The second article IS coming out ............... As much as I want to tell you more about it.. we did. We went further and told you about the Billboards, the Electronic Billboards, the Presentation Boards inside the banks… we told you a lot ..............

(defending Ghost and calling one member out for ranting on chat)

Let me give you an example of things that will help you: ..............
Phone: ........... Dallas Texas are you there? ............ This individual told about people that he knew that fell for the scams to sell their dinar in Las Vegas and got shafted. Moral of the story: Don’t sell your dinar and don’t fall for  the scam artists! ...............

It’s taken me years to be in the position right now, where I don’t want to talk no more. Our walk, KTFA-KONA Family, is different now ................

SeaBass from Forum: ............ For those doubting the soldiers exchanging, my son, is a Marine Sargent. He got home Last July 2017, and I sold him some of my dinar. He is still in contact with some of his buds in Iraq.

Yes. It’s a fact: Soldiers have to turn in their dinars. And, yes, it’s a fact: that they are exchanging and they are getting as Ghost said. It’s a fact. When I told him about Ghost, he just grinned. We talked about this before. Ghost was to me, confirmation. It was not new news. You will not confirm from your seat. Only military can confirm this. Because they operate on a “need to know” basis ...............

Frank: I brought you that Lt. Colonel, because I wanted to encourage you. I did not want to deceive you and ask you to come to Las Vegas ............ We have taken you to the very doorstep of the RI study. But as I told you once, I will not walk through that door with you. Instead, I will meet you on the other side .............. Do you remember that? .............

But more than anything else for the next two weeks, and Friday TC, as couple days ago, told you why. I don’t wish to be in a position to answer questions, that are soon to  come out ....................

I want you to be proud of our selection to be silent ............... In the next two weeks, somewhere, around the 18th, 19th, to about the 24th, 25th, we should have a seated government…. So that when I come back on the 27th (pause) ....... well, we can talk some more ..............

In the meantime, the former Ambassador from the United States to Iraq, Christopher Hill, says well… We told Maliki that “in advance, that he was NOT to over-throw the Iraqi government,” and we were trying to prevent him from any candidacy for a third term

In response, Maliki, throws a tantrum like a child and says either we hand them a hand full of dust, or to build it.. and Maliki vows to burn Iraq unless the invitation to the promises to get him a share in the government or he will ignite a Civil War ...............

This is a drowning man. Stimulating the Basra crowd with False people to demonstrate and say just the opposite of what is really going on ............

We’re at that point where THEY ARE SITTING THEIR GOVERNMENT!!!!! Because it would be a wonderful, suitable environment for the RI ........... Maliki is also part of the leaking going on, because he’s doing it on purpose!

Maliki starts to burn oil fields. Hmmm Does that sound familiar? The days of Saddam ............ We keep telling you to forget about the recounting. Forget about it ............... Leaks are a problem and interfere with my teams.

Walkingstick wanted me to talk to  you. We came that close to another leak from Theresa May. Now I will admit she didn’t say the word gold-backed, she said that we are delivering a Gold Standard. Wow. A Gold Standard would only be for asset-backed, wouldn’t it? ........... May: “...In financial services, cooperation” ............

Frank: Oh a level playing field would that be? Because delivering a Gold Standard,(wink), Theresa May, and your explanation that it’s a financial service cooperation .. well to me that’s just simply a gold-backed currency and it would go very nicely with what you said ................ At the 3:05 minute mark on that video May comes out and said these things ............. I prepared you for this gold-backed talk. I’m not being bull-headed. She’s talking about delivering a Gold Standard. That can only be about currency! .............

Iran is also doing everything possible to cut out their water. If you cut the water, you cut the dams, you cut the electricity ...........

Let me jump into another area very quickly: .............. My friend Lt Colonel on Monday suggested that we may see Trump talking with Abadi ............. It’s not a suitable environment for Trump to go to Baghdad. If anything he would probably meet Abadi more so up in Brussels. Then the following day, there’s an article.

 Donald Trump comes out and he says “We have met with all of the winners of the Iraqi election” ............ Who are the winners? Was Sadr over there? Was Abadi over there? ..............

I’d like to tell you that maybe in Baghdad Jared, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, was put in charge of the Middle East by Donald Trump. You see Jared knows the ME, very well. The same guy that Donald Trump, sent, the first day that he was elected, that evening he send Jared, and a team of American delegates over to Iraq, to Baghdad.

Jared is being trained like a Trump ................. You see, Trump holds family values. He does things internally with his family. Have you noticed that? He’s a family businessman. Jared is better to go and see Abadi than Trump at this point. Iraq I said is too volatile right now, and Jared was over this weekend, in Baghdad. Jared is seen as a Trump, operating with the power and permission of Donald Trump ....................

Trump has delegated the ME to Jared. Because Jared has been working the whole ME — and is accepted by the ME. Brilliant ................ Where the ME didn’t want anything to do with Obama, nor would they invite him to the ME, they open their arms to Donald Trump. To see the highest of Trump go to the ME and Trump not request reports anymore, is very good

Abadi is the PM now and today and he should sit his government. You notice that theme in our call tonight ..............

There was an article that came out that said that of the six regions, there’s only 2 more  regions that need to be completed — and maybe they’ll be ready to sit their government this week. That would be great. (smile) ..............

Donald Trump is doing some fascinating things that are applicable to the RI of the IQD ............. Iran just recently confessed that their currency has been destroyed! “Their Central Bank concedes that it is a total economic failure.” .......... They can’t hide it ..............

Donald Trump had a lot to do with it ........... I’ll tell you what? That currency could come right back if they play along .............. Donald Trump is also putting pressure on Russia, to deal with Iran. There’s a lot of tension in Iraq. And as a leader, I like tension, because it’s positive ............
Abadi has been meeting all over the place… in many distant lands, and showing everyone: He IS the Prime Minister of Iraq ............... The tension in the citizens is good right now. Because it is against Iran and Maliki —not Iraq and Abadi. It’s not against Sadr. It’s against corruption in the CBI and GOI. It’s not against the SOON to be seated NEW GOI, under Abadi’s leadership. Tension also brings SPEED................

Example: Basra protesting. Did you see that Abadi got them over $3 Billion in a snap! Quickly! Way to go Abadi! I wonder who helped you?............$3 Billion for repairs, jobs, reconstruction, electricity, water.

Tension allowed Abadi to do what he did and what he is doing in Basra right now. Which will then bring the seating of a government. It will then bring the ability to arrest the final corrupt. And bring a suitable environment for the RI of their currency ............... 

Because like I already told you and I hope you heard me, the powers to be are not
going to let Maliki, and Iran, and his goons, do to this currency that was printed in 2003 the same that they did to the currency that was printed before that .............

Real quickly I’d like to look at some articles here: .............

Post #40 (yesterday’s thread) .............. https://www.ktfalways.com/forum/frank26-daily-posts/frank26-07-14-2018/page-2/#p391588 ............. “The government STOPPED Facebook and Twitter. And they brought in reinforcements by 30,000 troops to the South of Iraq.” ................... Why? Because there’s too many leaks! Fascinating isn’t it? ..........

Post # 44 (yesterday’s thread) .......... https://www.ktfalways.com/forum/frank26-daily-posts/frank26-07-14-2018/page-3/#p391592 ................... Is Mr. Alaq the best Central Bank Governor in the Arab World? ......... (that’s nice isn’t it?) ............ But what’s really nice, is what is highlighted in pink “I compare between his achievements to manage the Central Bank, and the achievements to that of Mr. Shabibi” ............ Now you all know what Shabibi wanted to do with the currency right? And it's comparable to what Abadi’s doing right now? ...............

SteelyJan made a post today that really touched me. It was a quote by Warren Buffet: ..........
“Someone is sitting in shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

Post 141 (yesterday’s thread) ........... https://www.ktfalways.com/forum/frank26-daily-posts/frank26-07-14-2018/page-8/#p391702 ................ “Baghdad trade is saying, cutting of the internet and international roads, because it’s  paralyzing the financial and the commercial sectors” ............

Cutting off the Internet ...............Cutting off Facebook ............ Cutting off Twitter ............. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! .......... And I’ve decided to shut up too..........
I called Walkingstick. I won’t be back until the 27th unless something happens. But in between that time period, is there anything that we can do for the family? Please? Sigh…. And it wasn’t until much later that we talked that evening he said ....... In fact I have it exactly as he gave it to me: ..........

“OK….. tell you what…. I may have something in the next day, or two… that can be shared. I will know more tonight… after our meetings.” ............

I know that it’s difficult and I know that the things that I bring you are in my opinion and you have to take it by faith. And I want so much to tell you about these 4 pages, about our Lt. Colonel, I want to tell you that there is a great possibility that this GOI is gonna sit in that time frame that I gave you. But I don’t want to go any further than that ............

I suppose this should be the end of our Conference Call. I find myself in a difficult spot with you, in a precarious position where I want to share more, but it’s kinda hard to believe and unless you experience it, unless you’re part of it, it can go in one ear and out the other ...............

Did you ever have a UFO experience? One day on June 01, 1990, me and my daughter, we were driving home, and my wife and my son were in the car in front of us. And as we went across this one light, they kept going forward, but right above us, was this big ball of light. At tree top. You roll down your window and you look at it, like, are you kidding me? You know with the whole dome and everything. My daughter was screaming like crazy. We followed it. It communicated.

Ya know the story’s deep. But it’s MY story. And it doesn’t matter how many times I would tell you about the UFO story, it would go in one ear and out the other and you’d say “yeah, right, whatever”  So no matter what I say right now, about our investment, it will be hard to believe.

We end our Conference Call by telling you that the game has changed. And leaks are causing us to be quiet. As far as those that doubt, (1 out of 100), that’s ok. But… those  that disrespect, that’s not OK. We’re going to get rid of you and that’s all there is to it.

Our noses are pressed against the wall of the RI, and there’s no room to the right or to the left ............... I better stop ...............

Ya all take care of each other. God bless you. I will probably still be with you every day in the Forum. If WS wants to talk I’ll put a video together and release it .....