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IMF Report: Vietnam’s Strong Growth Will Continue , 16 JULY

2018 Vietnam’s strong economic momentum is expected to continue in 2018, aided by the reform drive, higher potential output, the global recovery, and commitment to macroeconomic and financial stability, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.
Concluding the Article IV Consultation with Vietnam, the executive board of IMF said despite a mild tightening in credit growth targets and a neutral fiscal stance, the economy is set to expand 6.6% in 2018, RTTNews reported.
Inflation is forecast to rise to just under the 4% target, led by higher oil prices and gradual increases in administered prices.
The strong economy provides an opportunity for more ambitious reforms to level the playing field by tackling remaining distortions and capacity constraints, increasing investment and reducing the external surplus.
Vietnam’s dynamic, highly open economy continues to perform well, IMF said.
The solid performance is aided by macroeconomic and financial stability, stepped up economic reforms, and inflows of foreign direct investment which are enabling structural transformation and are raising potential growth.


7-16-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   "The rise in the dollar exchange rate in local markets 16/07/2018"  "Economy News _ Baghdad"  "The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar rose on the Central Struggle Exchange in Baghdad and local markets on Monday (July 16, 2018).  The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad 120,700, while the prices of the Stock Exchange on Sunday, 120,000. "    Still appears to be "compliant".  At least on the Baghdad bourse.  ...The 2% variance / compliance continues. There has been some increase in the spread arguably due to the "crisis" in Basra and threat of interruption to oil production...

7-16-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [Guru] Walkingstick and I have decided that the game has changed.   ...The Monetary Reform, ReInstatement of the IQD, is pressed up against the wall, everything, IMO, on the reform is on a fast track right now, there are no delays.  Some may find delays, we don't have that evidence.  By the way, as of now it is unlikely any one source will be given a heads up on the ReInstatement of the IQD other than what we call the Fantastic Four...the IMF, World Bank, U.S. Treasury and President Trump.  IMO, no one knows the date or rate except for them, nor should anyone else know about it unless they are directly involved with the ReInstatement of the Iraqi dinar.  Walkingstick and I would like to express that sharing any deeper details of the ReInstatement would simply be unwise right now...we are there, IMO.

7-16-2018   Guest Intel Guru Sergio    This came in July 4 2018  "Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has removed Iraq from its list of states deemed weak in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, which experts believe should make international banks more comfortable doing business with the country... ...Removal from the grey list should help with the process of getting international banks more comfortable with transacting with Iraq."  This news is very encouraging for us in my opinion.  I would take a close look at the last sentence.   ...to me that news really is what we need to see about our investment...in addition to stabilizing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and increasing liquidity in Iraq’s financial market.  Iraqi stocks are up 10 per cent in 2018, far better than Europe or Japan, while its market's capitalisation is a mere $10 billion.

The state of Iraq now | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV


BGG ~ All credible reports on the recount result until now, have indicated very little or no deviation – and no fraud or vote tampering. Which leaves us wondering what all the squabble was about? Who was making all the noise? Why? Why the attempts to burn ballots and impede the count? All very interesting questions…

Ending Manual Counting In Erbil
Khandan – The hand counting and counting of the ballot boxes that have appeals and complaints in Erbil has been completed. The hand counting and counting of 100 boxes has been completed and 56 boxes have been transferred to Baghdad. 

The correspondent of “Khandan”, that the appeals were submitted in advance on 219 ballot boxes in Arbil, and yesterday the counting and manual counting of 97 boxes, and today was completed counting and manual counting of 33 boxes.
The process of counting and sorting the manual partial began in Arbil on Thursday, while the operation boycotted four Kurdish parties, the Alliance of Democracy and Justice and the Movement for Change and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, and the Islamic Group.

These parties have already boycotted the process of manual counting and sorting in Sulaymaniyah, demanding the total manual counting and sorting.

Article Credit: xendan.org

BGG ~ All credible reports on the recount result until now, have indicated very little or no deviation – and no fraud or vote tampering. Which leaves us wondering what all the squabble was about? Who was making all the noise? Why? Why the attempts to burn ballots and impede the count? All very interesting questions…

BGG ~  1) Abadi plainly said there wouldn’t be any major change in election results – he was right. There appears to be no big change in the vote count. The process couldn’t be more vetted.

BGG ~  The UN is overseeing it for Heaven’s SAKES!! Stop and think for a minute – if Abadi were in on some major fraud, don’t you think he would have placed higher than 3rd? Probably. Sadr and Ameri CLEARLY aren’t the two guys he would pick to have to make nice with at this stage either.

BGG ~  As a result, it doesn’t look like he’s “in on anything” regarding the electoral process. In fact, if you follow Abadi – he is a very conservative player. He usually has a very stable approach and plays it right down the middle. This appears to be no exception.

BGG ~  2) The short answer on all the squabble and who was making noise? EASY – look at those who were in Parliament and those who don’t have immunity now. The former political ruling class.

BGG ~  Those who are “now out in the cold”. Parliament had several emergency meetings right before the end of their term trying to cook something up that would save their hides… some law, some vote, something…

BGG ~  When this didn’t work, they tried cooking up their own “collusion” scandal – wide spread fraud, they called it. The counts are getting done quick and WAIT?!?

BGG ~  It doesn’t look like fraud. It looks more like the people just got sick and tired of being taken advantage of and voted these characters out. Not exactly – but that’s what it looks like (watch for my commentary on this soon).

BGG~  Parliament’s typical lack of ability to work together has often been some kind of cover for their intentional “slow-walking” of everything… it came back to bite them this time. When they really needed to get together to save their own @$$es – they just couldn’t do it. Ironic.

BGG ~  3) IMHO – and this is just my opinion… the attempts to burn the ballots boxes came out of the Maliki camp. Why? This is standard Maliki modus operandi. When things don’t go his way – he sets a fire and uses the ensuing scandal / confusion as cover while he works his program.

BGG ~  In the past – he’s set fire to things to hide corruption. This time – it’s not to hide corruption. It’s political camouflage. It was about giving him some time, space and angry sentiment to work with.

BGG ~  In the couple of weeks following this incident, while they had to appoint judges, get some independent oversight in there (ie; the UNHRC) and then set about doing a recount, all of which gave Maliki time to cook up a media campaign.

BGG ~   Over the last couple of weeks there have been NUMEROUS reports in his wrangled media outlets which were very, very favorable to Maliki. It gave him time to come up with a plan. I’ll break a couple of these “favorable” articles down today.

BGG ~  In the end, it was a big stall.

BGG ~  Similar to recognizing Abadi’s characteristic approach earlier… THIS HAS BEEN MALIKI’S M.O. IN THE PAST. He creates chaos and finds himself some room to work in the middle of all the mess.

BGG~  The good news? It doesn’t look like it will be the sweeping victory he was hoping for. At this point, my guess is, Maliki’s very best outcome is he lands himself some minor role in the next GOI and avoids getting hung. Which is a guess only – and likely the very best possible outcome for him. I’m not saying the odds are good for this happening. I’m only saying – this would be a win for him. Political survival.


Judges assigned to determine the date of manual counting and counting in Dahuk and this is the number of funds
Twilight News – A source in the Electoral Commission for elections on Friday that the process of counting and sorting manual will start in the province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan region on Sunday.

The source told Ashqaf News that after the completion of manual counting and sorting in Erbil today, the judges will be transferred to the province of Duhok for the purpose of counting and sorting stations that received complaints and appeals of 110 stations.

The source added that work will be started on Sunday 15/7/2018.

The judges assigned to the Electoral Commission had announced earlier in the day the success of the process of manual counting and sorting of the ballot boxes of Sulaymaniyah and Arbil.

The results of the manual counting and sorting process in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, in line with the previous announced results in the Electoral Commission.

Article Credit: Shafaaq.com


BGG ~ In simple terms. The judges, observers and investigators have finished counting in Erbil and are moving on to Dahuk. They will begin the process there tomorrow (the 15th).

BGG ~ According the the recent SJC ruling – they aren’t going to manually recount all the votes – just those from districts or polling stations where allegations or disputes were recorded.
The state of law reveals the fact that it presented “concessions to Barzani” to collect a third term for the owners
Article Credit: Baghdadtoday.news

BGG ~ This is one of the main articles over the last few days that I really wanted to get into… just sooooo much here. This one was out of a BARRAGE of news pieces over the last couple of weeks seeming to favor Maliki.

BGG ~  Everyone so upset over anything positive for Maliki, they didn’t stop to read it!!

BGG ~  First, nowhere in here does it say that they actually had, have or will have a deal. Also – this strong budding U.S. support for the Kurds doesn’t bode well for any alliance with deep ties to Iran. Which would be the cornerstone of an Ameri, Abadi, Maliki and Barzani alliance. Way too much Iran there for the U.S. to put up with. The Kurds need us more than anything in the long run.

BGG ~  Ultimately – they are only saying they are willing to offer concessions to Barzani. It doesn’t say he agreed or that they have a deal.

BGG ~  This is an SLC spokesperson who is “revealing” information… great. Obviously, this news – whether true or not, would help Maliki. If true, it would not be good for Sadr, who would be the the odd man out, and probably push him to an “opposition” role in Parliament.

BGG ~  Even if it’s not true – it sows some discord and puts pressure on the deals currently in place and whatever negotiations are coming between Sadr, Abadi, Ameri, Barzani and Hakim. In fact, the big winner from this round appears to be Abaidi. Right about the time this came out – within the next day or so, Sadr dropped his single requirement of Abadi for his support as the next PM.

BGG ~  Further, Chihod is not a reliable source. He’s a wind-bag from way back. He says this visit was natural between winning parties to exchange views on the formation of a strong government (Maliki lingo and a minor cheap shot at Abadi – more later) AWAY from concessions or political deals (I guess he’s referring to the two alliances already in place?). I hate to break it to him… there are 3 other “more winning” parties ahead of anyone in this meeting.

BGG ~  In the very next paragraph he’s then pointing out that they, too, are willing to make concessions, but for the “homeland” and that these meetings were held in public. The only thing he’s doing is making themselves look worse and worse. 
BGG ~  Both Maliki and Barzani were the ones caught in hinky, back door, oil smuggling schemes making themselves rich on stolen oil, in exchange for allowing the Kurds and Peshmerga to expand at will and no resistance to Maliki’s agendas.

BGG ~  This article also lays out the Barzani side of the conversation, saying any alliance they wind up in with Baghdad will be based on 3 conditions…

1) They need to make (or have) “historic relations”

2) Implement the Constitution with logic and rationality

3) and abide by the principles of partnership.

BGG ~  Nowhere does it say Barzani and Maliki are in another deal. In fact, I kind of wonder if the Kurds are even willing to go this way again.

FRANK26 7-15-18



Iobey77:  Thank you FRANK! It was a very encouraging video with words which were so very carefully chosen!

IMO, everyone should watch it and LISTEN to it several times to truly hear what was given!

IMO, it is time for your silence, as I believe we are at the end of this journey and will soon see what we have been seeking!

You have often told us you would "go away" for about 2 weeks after the RI..well, I know we have not seen it fully or in print ......YET...but IMO..it is very near!

I will be watching for that 2nd article after we see the seated GOI!

Frank26  Sunday Night Video:  https://youtu.be/3Mmp8TWM3tA


Samson:  The Emir of Kuwait shows Abadi his country's readiness to help Iraq

16th July, 2018

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, expressed his country's readiness to help Baghdad overcome the repercussions of the current protests.

The Kuwaiti official news agency said that the morning received a telephone call from Abadi "during which the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries and issues of common concern were reviewed

The agency said that Abadi "reassured" morning "on the security situation in some provinces," Iraq

The Kuwaiti Amir expressed his "sincere appreciation for this communicationwhich reflects the strong ties between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples," Sabah said, "Kuwait is ready to provide all possible support to brotherly Iraq so that it can overcome the events it is going through. Seeking to unite its ranks and unite its children and join all efforts; in pursuit of all good and good for him and his people, and that the brotherly country can overcome these conditions

Iraq is witnessing wide protests started a week ago from the province of Basra and later spread to other areas in the south of the countryincluding Muthanna, Maysan, Diwaniya and Dhi Qar, and demanding the provision of basic public services such as water, electricity and job opportunities and fighting corruption

The government has taken decisions to contain the protests, including the allocation of government jobs and funds for the province of Basra, as well as plans to implement service projects in the short and medium term

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, the Iraqi Prime Minister ordered security forces not to fire live ammunition against demonstrators demanding services and jobs in the south of the country after four people were killed in a week

On Saturday July 14, 2018, dozens of demonstrators from the Safwan district of Basra arrived at the entrance of the Safwan border crossing, the only land crossing between Iraq and Kuwait
The protesters demanded improved services and job opportunities, as well as the allocation of part of the revenues of the border port to improve public services, including water and electricity, and the fight against unemployment

According to media sources, these developments prompted the Kuwaiti authorities to raise the level of security alert on the border with Iraq and send 400 additional troops to the border area   LINK


Samson:  The return of the 3G service in Baghdad and some provinces is slow

16th July, 2018

Some parts of the capital Baghdad and southern provinces have seen the return of Internet service in mobile phones.
"Some mobile phones have seen the activation of the 3G service after a delay of more than 24 hours, but the service is very poor," the Baghdad-based Al-Ghad Press reported.

He added that "the service has returned in some areas of Baghdad and some areas of Najaf, Dhi Qar, Basra and Salahuddin." 

Internet services have been completely suspended in central and southern Iraq, in addition to the capital Baghdad since last Saturday, following mounting protests in Basra eight days ago and spread to provinces in the south and center.   LINK


Samson:  Baghdad trade: cutting Internet service in the country caused a loss of one million dollars

 16th July, 2018

A member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Zia al-Kaabi said on Monday that cutting Internet services in the country caused a loss of one million dollars, noting that the demonstrations in Basra caused a decline in the volume of trade exchange with Kuwait and Iran through the port of Shalamjah.

Al-Kaabi said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that "banks and financial transfer companies have started their work in Baghdad and the south of the country, but without interest, especially as the work systems are suspended and there is no contact with the financial system in the banks and their branches."  

"The same applies to commercial companies, transport and export offices, since the Interneb was a major engine," he said. 

Al-Kaabi pointed out that "there are losses estimated at about one million dollars due to the disruption of the service of the World Wide Web," pointing out that "the demonstrations caused the decline in the volume of trade with Kuwait and Iran through the port of Shalamjah Basra, in addition to losses caused by the suspension of a number of airlines flights to airports Najaf and Basra.   LINK


Skipper2:  Hard to tell if rioters are local people tired of poor living conditions, lack of jobs, economic hardship... or if some were imported from Iran to create unrest within Iraq’s borders - so media can have a field Day destabilizing from within (let’s call it the Crimea M.O that Russia Used before outright seizure of another valued country)

Fullsail:  Squeeky wheels get the grease... maybe the upset citizen's behavior can help Expedite the completion of their long awaited and expected (per their own gov through their tv & public communication methods) publicly acknowledged international revaluation of their currency.... we continue to be hopeful for the sake of the Iraqi citizens and ours. Many are hurting and are in need, we can provide that help on a much larger scale once healthy resources become available....

Dedar:   All I know is that it will pop out one day and surprise us ….in the meantime there is nothing we can do to make it happen…. I honestly don't think it will be much longer when you look at the facts of everything that has already happened.
I think it has to do with worldwide politics and the right time to release it.


Tishwash:  The return of Internet networks in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / A local source said on Sunday that Internet networks in the capital Baghdad have returned to work after a break for more than a day. The source told "Iraq Eye News" that "the Internet has returned to work in the capital Baghdad after a break for more than a day." Finished  link