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FRANK CC, GHOST INTERVIEW, PART I, Monday, July 9, 2018, 11 JULY

Sunny:  FRANK CC, GHOST INTERVIEW, PART I, Monday, July 9, 2018
(All the call information is in Frank or his guests opinion - Frank began in a black suit, black vest, black tie and red shirt with white stripe.  Red pocket handkerchief.)
Guest is the “Ghost,” a United States Lieutenant Colonel who commanded a military platoon and served in both Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.
[Frank]: . . .  Going to talk with Ghost, a United States Lieutenant Colonel, with four tours.  He is “special ops” and was in charge of a platoon in Kuwait and part of the liberating force there.  The Marshall plan was applied in Kuwait and they RV’d their currency.  The plan is being repeated in Iraq.
[Ghost]:  I’m very honored to be on the call and answer questions.  I’m a military veteran, participated in four tours in Iraq and one in Kuwait.  I served in the first tour under Bush, then came back when they took down Baghdad.  Did tours in Afghanistan, Falushia . . .65 missions. I was all over the place and have a good idea of the culture.
[Frank]:  My God, 65 missions.  What did you go through?

Ghost]:   Rather not discuss.  It was pretty brutal.  Would go out on critical missions.  Lot of Taliban and fighting.  It was a long time.  Honestly, I’d rather forget a lot of it.  I participated in the Kuwait Dinar (RV).  It was a nice blessing from God.   Some of the Generals and higher ups said it was a good time to get in.  I had a commander say it would be a good idea to buy some Iraqi Dinar, which I did.

[Frank]:  Your only the 2nd person to tell me they participated in the Kuwait RV.

[Ghost]:  The worse part was the children coming out.  It was real bad.  Brutal fighting.  We went over there and did the job.  Some 14-15 hours it was over.  We were trying to find Saddam Hussain.  He had bugged out.

[Frank]:  You were there when they found him?
[Ghost];  Biggest coward I ever met in my life.  It was our team that took him out.  He cried like a little girl when we took him out.  I just did my job and tried to get out alive.  A whole lot of soldiers left on the battle field behind him.  Good, good troops left on the battlefield.  Hundreds and hundreds I saw go down.

It (the Iraq RV) was supposed to go down in 2010 (Said the influence and occupation of Iraq by ISIS delayed the RV of their (Iraq) currency).

[Frank]:  The media tells us about all this.  Seems like they are not up to par.

[Ghost]:  The media has been the odd ball of this whole thing.  When Obama pulled us out is when ISIL took over.  I don’t think we’ve come full circle yet.  I got intelligence today that I think will push our blessing to the next level.

[Frank]:  Trying to teach our members the media is not what it should be.

Ghost:  When you get news from Iraq, Remember Malaki owns more than ½ the newspapers and radio outlets, that broadcast the news.  When you see the news coming out of Iraq sometimes it’s totally tainted.  There is only one reliable newspaper over there, “The Baghdad Post.”  He doesn’t own that one.  The rest of them are completely fake news.  Completely!  All kinds of stuff about Sadr;  All the election stuff – it’s all under control.  Everything’s been handled and I’ll go into that in a little bit.  I do still have a lot of high level Washington contacts, contacts in Baghdad and a good grasp of the situation because of the position I had. I still have quite a lot of friends that were over there with me that know exactly what’s going on in these investments.  I’m open to any questions you have about the RV.

[Frank]:  We understand that you were there . . . and Obama unfortunately, pulled out the troops.  I love the way you say Malaki.  (prouncing it like Malarki leaving out the “r.”)  Then Malaki went ballistic and started raping, stealing, terrorizing.  He thought he was going to get away with it.

[Ghost]:   He did get away with it for many, many years, under Obama.  He did get away with it. . . . (edited statements out) . . . He basically raped the country of everything.  He marked up the dollar so merchants couldn’t get any money.  He made sure the program rate was very, very low.  He was adamant about stealing from the people.  They are a wonderful people.  They believe in God.  May not be the same god we believe in but they are a wonderful, humble people.

I’m a Christian.  Baptist by faith.  Evangelic.  I wouldn’t let anybody go into combat without knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

[Frank]:  There are no atheists in a fox hole. . . . At that time, . . .Obama has to take some of the blame of ISIS and Maliki.

[Ghost]:  Malaki came in there and just ruined things for everybody.  The man is absolute evil.  I’ve heard as soon as this election comes to pass he will be in shackles and very quickly.

Frank:  I agree sir.  Last week, I suggested IMO there is a warrant now out for Malaki. . . My suggestion is to seat the Parliament and then you remove the President’s position from Malaki and he is no longer with immunity.  Therefore, the arrest warrant that is out there, pending right now, can be taken directly to him.  Take him to International world courts, have him tried and brought back to Iraq, so that Abadi . . .

Ghost:  In my strongest opinion, that is exactly what is going to happen. Just like you just said. The arrest warrant is out for him.  There is a great deal of animosity even with the people in Iraq.  He still stays in the Presidential Palace, and all the evil he has done to Iraq, it’s just . . .Saddam Hussain was a much better leader than Malaki was.  He was horrific!  (inference I got here is Ghost was was referring to Malaki as being horrific))

Frank:  At that same time sir, the governor, the author of the monetary reform, Dr. Shabibi was ready and he came out and said. I’m ready to lift the three zero’s from our exchange rate.

Ghost:   He said Iraq Dinar can support $16 US dollars.  He said the IQD, could truly come to pass at some point.  I really believe. . . My men when they leave the country are getting $1.70 US for one (1) Dinar.   Somewhere between $1.70 - $1.80 fluctuating upward.

Frank . . . I said when it hits the market we believe, as a partially convertible currency, it will be somewhere between $1.71 and $1.80.  Dear God, that is almost exact to your opinion of what you just told me just now.

Ghost:  Yes and the irony of it is as the partially convertible currency turns to the IR, we RV, we can see upward of $4 - $7 per dinar.

Frank:  Very good.  That would be the RV.  So once the 1:1 leaves and the basket is established, then it hits the International market.  It would hit it with the wheels spinning and it wouldn’t be 1:1.  It would maybe be around $1.70 - $1.80 and the re-valuization process in the International market, I said, IMO would cap somewhere around $4.25.  Did you just say also $4.00?

[Ghost]:   I said $4.25 to $7.70. (Frank clapped his hands to his head and laughed.)   I have sources that have told me that.  They are unconfirmed at this point.  Feel so strongly IMO!

Frank:  Going back to Dr. Shabibi, the reason why he left the governorship position and left Iraq and went to Germany is because Malaki was trying to kill him.  He put out an arrest warrant for him.
Ghost:  He put out an arrest warrant for him and actually a death warrant out for him.  And he was fortunate enough to, I didn’t have anything to do with this particular thing, but the US entourage went over there and got him out to Germany before Malaki could get a hold of him.  Thank God!

Frank:  Yes, thank God!  He’s still been the quarterback though, IMO.  Dr. Shabibi has been orchestrating the whole MR

Ghost:   He and Alak I think, talk on a monthly basis.  I really do think so.  I believe that with my whole heart.  (Frank covering his mouth from the microphone as he is laughing).  I haven’t heard their conversations obviously but in my strongest opinion I think Alak and Shabibi have a lot of conversations that are off the radar.

Frank: . . . IMO I believe they speak once a week.

Ghost:  I don’t know once a week, but at least monthly.   There is a defense contractor I know who has an equal number of employees.  He was paying his employees and it progressively went upward.  1:1; 2:1; 3:1 and even 4:1.   I think that just parallels what Walkingstick said and confirms what WS says.  A second set of books will be revealed very soon. Very, very tight window.

Frank:  Compression of time.  They are moving extremely fast.  WS told me, “we are on the cusp of of this happening.  In fact I want to read something to you and I’d like your interpretation.  It came in about 30 minutes ago.

From Walkingstick via text:  “I have started browsing through the mountain of information from my associates.  This is much more than a week old now but it appears they have made major purchases, forms of payments via electronics and legal tender from various countries to include the US and the EU and continue to do so utilizing the IQD.  In short with the understanding as stated, as payment to be accepted and noted as payment but not processed before a specific date.   I have to read forward more.  Seems to be much covering this subject, this topic.  It is still unclear this of use as it continues to unfold.”

Ghost:  Can I jump in right here?  I think this has already started because of the partially convertible currency.   If you notice in Iraq, when you build good news sources, they talk about contracts with China, with Kuwait.  Now, how are they getting the money for these contracts?  There is no other explanation for a (VCC?)  They are being paid out, the way they are making their objectives known from the Kuwait conference.

Now I got a piece of information today, that I’ve been told, could still be rumor IMO, but I believe President Trump will be in Iraq on Friday.

Frank:  We’re aware there is a delegation going but I did not know if Trump was going.  If Trump goes – WOW!

Ghost:  My strongest opinion, I think Trump will be in that entourage.  Pompeo is already over in the ME, right now and I think he’s going to be part of it as well as our President.  And I think Donald Trump is trying to put this together for all of us.  To make sure we are protected in it and secure and he wants to make America wealthy again and I think this is part of it. (Frank grinning from ear to ear.  Frank is so cute.  He’s like a chubby little cherub, IMO).  My opinion.  That’s what I believe.

Frank:  He’s talking to many countries.  Being very forceful.  Stingy about the money.

Ghost:  He pulled out of the Iran deal.  I think Iran’s biggest hope is the US pulled out so they could take over the country of Iraq and I don’t think we’re going to let that happen. . .  If you notice Trumps rally speeches. . . .(edited)  the things that impresses me the most . . .is on the last two rally speeches he talked about that Iraq owes us (the USA) $7 Trillion dollars which is the number I’ve always been told since the very beginning is the number of Iraqi dinars we were given when we pulled out of Iraq.  $7 Trillion!  . . . It’s another piece in the puzzle but I find that very ironic.   (I had difficulty getting this last few statements correct as Frank and ghost talked over each other)

Frank: . . .The 7 trillion, IMO, reflects what is in the UST reserves and we’re going to use it.

Ghost: Exactly!  I think when it comes over, in the revalued form it will be more than enough to pay off the national debt.

Frank;  More than enough and move forward to do other things that they want to do.

Ghost:  (edited)

Frank:  Iraq is filthy rich from the same place God put together the four rivers.  He made it abundantly rich.  They don’t have veins of gold.  They have mountains of gold.  There is a famous photograph where you could see this long cave.  The cave was lined with brick and as far back as the eye could see back it was stacked with gold bullion.  And in front I think it had four or five soldiers that were posing in front of it.  Do you recall anything like this?

Ghost:  Oh yeah!  There are two major gold depository’s there.  (Frank rolling in his seat with delight and laughter) One is the picture your talking about.  It’s full of gold.  Iraq is accumulating over years now, before this revaluation.  But there was a recent mine just discovered in Anbar (parish?) that you could compare to any mother lode that’s ever happened, anywhere in the world.  And it’s huge, full of gold.  Huge!  HUGE!

Frank:  Trump has been very calculating.   Very, very smart with the MR of the IQD.  It’s going to become his biggest tool.   As the President, I think he’s going to be very successful with it.  Clinton used it.  Well he balanced the budget and he paid off a little of the national deficit but within about 3-5 years it was ridiculous. The deficit was back where it was before. .
He (Trump) is also preparing other currencies.  What is your opinion about the Vietnamese Dong?
Ghost:  I have a missionary friend from Vietnam . . . about two weeks ago he visited our church. I said, “have you heard anything about the currency of Viet Nam?  He said, now that you mention it as I was leaving the airport the numbers were jumping all over the place.  Kind of like these numbers you see on Forex.  He truly believe, IHO and IMO that we’re going to see a very, very good return on the VND.  I know China wants about $1.91 for dong.  Don’t think they’ll get that high. That’s the number they forecast.  Somewhere between .47 and $2.00.  He’s pretty good intelligence.  (He was seeing activity before he left Vietnam.)

There’s all kinds of banking activity, just like Iraq has had all this transformation. . .Vietnam was a very cash based society for a very long time until the recent, probably 12 months, they went to an electronic, just like every other country in the world.  And right now they have in their foreign reserves of $78 billion dollars.  A lot of money for a country like Vietnam.

. . . rumortell right now, but from some pretty good sources, are telling me the Zimbabwe currency has already revalued and it’s gold backed as well as Vietnam and Iraq will all be gold based and with that the US in an SDR basket as well as the EU and Britain, etc. will all be on a gold based standard. So, everything will go back to the way it was before Nixon where everybody, if you had trading to do Internationally. . .  We might still have fiat dollars in the US.  It’s not going to make any difference in changing to International.  Everything is going to be on a gold base.

I think the culmination of this thing could happen over this weekend. I do believe, at least the Presidential entourage, the White House will be in Iraq on Friday.  I’m pretty sure the President is going to be part of that entourage.

They are going to appoint Abadi as the Prime Minister and preclude the election.  The election results have been coming in very, very fast the last couple of days from Kuwait and the US.  People didn’t get to hear their voices because they just tried to eliminate the votes from over here and Kuwait and a lot of those votes came in for Abadi.  It was one of Malaki’s boys that was going to get Parliament to ax out Abadi’s votes.

Frank:  This is amazing! 

IRAQ: First step to be eighth tiger economically in world | IQD Dinar Cu...


Xbruster69    Reuters) – Iran’s central bank found no choice but to open a secondary hard currency market on Tuesday, retreating from a three-month effort to impose a single exchange rate against the dollar after falling to record highs.
The new market will meet the need for small importers and exporters from the private sector, according to the Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Fars.
A central bank official said the secondary market “will allow exchange rates to rise and fall freely.”

Xbruster69    Reuters) – Iran’s central bank found no choice but to open a secondary hard currency market on Tuesday, retreating from a three-month effort to impose a single exchange rate against the dollar after falling to record highs.
The new market will meet the need for small importers and exporters from the private sector, according to the Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Fars.
A central bank official said the secondary market “will allow exchange rates to rise and fall freely.”
Xbruster69    Reuters) – Iran’s central bank found no choice but to open a secondary hard currency market on Tuesday, retreating from a three-month effort to impose a single exchange rate against the dollar after falling to record highs.

The new market will meet the need for small importers and exporters from the private sector, according to the Iranian news agencies Tasnim and Fars.

A central bank official said the secondary market “will allow exchange rates to rise and fall freely.”
Spectra    Ghost is a man of the military and one who proudly did his job ......dont compare sandyf too him big contrast.....
Tebow    Spectra yes big difference
Spectra    i may not be a person who like wars but i still have much respect for people who choose to do this ....After all my own husband was in Iraq.....
Tebow    Spectra I listen to the call and having been in the Army and working with the military for 30 yrs he seemed creditable to me.
Tebow    One can only hope
Spectra    Tebow i listened too,much of what he said about Kuwait i had already heard about from my owns husbands network of civilian contractors ...so i think he means well and is trying too help people ...
Spectra  Tebow i am sure he a legitimate man .He only tells what he knows or what he can 
Xyz    URGENT The Federal Court ruled unconstitutional paragraph in the budget was hampering investment projects

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Supreme Federal Court ruled that unconstitutionality in one of the paragraphs of the budget law for the year 2018, which would impede the implementation of investment projects.
He explained that "the court explained that this text would restrict the movement of the executive authority in contracts that concern investment projects, and this is interference in the affairs of the executive branch and contrary to the principle of separation of powers provided for in Article 47 of the Constitution, First] of the Constitution. "
xyz    The Central Bank reveals huge debts to the government
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq, revealed huge debts owed to him by the government.
The central bank governor Ali al-Alaq said in a press statement that "the view of the bank based on economic considerations, financial and monetary, believes that the best use of excess amounts by balancing the current year of oil exports to pay the internal debts that belong to the Central Bank and other banks,"
noting that "Their fulfillment would fortify the bank from any future crisis, especially as its debts resulting from the government's debt to the bank amounted to the limit of 20 trillion dinars," ie (equivalent to about $ 19 billion).
"This method will contribute to maintaining financial, monetary and banking stability in the country, and it is necessary to give great importance, especially that the volume of liquidity drawn from the central bank is very large, calling on the government to return to ensure the strengthening of the cash reserve."
And on the external debt, explained the most, "The installments are few and the benefits of a distant and most of the debt was not resolved, stressing" there is no problem in postponement. "
Spectra    KTFA POST---SAMSON---(((Maliki to the Ambassador of the United Kingdom: Iraq will see the upgrading of services after the formation of the government))) 11th July, 2018
The next stage will witness the reconstruction of the country and the upgrading of services after the formation of a government capable of fully implementing its government program, Deputy President Nuri al-Maliki told the United Kingdom's ambassador to Iraq, Jonathan Powell Wilkes.
"Maliki received Wilkes in his official office, and during the meeting discussed the various political and security situations in the country, and ways of continuing cooperation between Iraq and the United Kingdom in various fields," said a statement of Maliki's books received by Al-Ghad Press. Maliki called on all friendly countries, especially Britain, to contribute to support Iraq in various fields.
For his part, Ambassador Wilkes praised "Maliki's efforts in the stability and security of the country," stressing "his country's keenness to support Iraq at all levels."
Spectra Government of Iraq‏@IraqiGovt     PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We will attend a counter-terrorism conference in Brussels focusing on supporting Iraq’s stability, which is critical to our economic prosperity. I will also meet with world leaders attending the NATO Summit to discuss enhanced training for our security forces
Spectra    I do believe President Trump will be meeting there as well from what i have read in articles......Abadi will meet with Trump in Brussels... :)
Spectra    i am not going too magnify this meeting into something it is not......
Spectra    Abadi ----- will also meet with world leaders attending the NATO Summit to discuss enhanced training for our security forces....its all about the security ...peeps ..stay grounded... 
Tebow    Spectra Funny how some love to blame others for their decisions. No one forced them to buy dinars.  No one forced to listen to someone unknown to them.
NickNak    Tebow greed some?
Spectra    Tebow I know i agree..totally.
Tebow    Spectra People buy dinars and then expect to become rich on their timeline.
Clay    Tebow didnt ever expect this long though
Tebow    Clay yes but no one knows their timeline
Spectra    Tebow those people might should have not bought dinars.
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skatie2shoes    Doug_W Catchya later. Think positive thoughts.

Iraq IQD Update News (Rant #197)

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 11, 2018

Compiled 11 July 12:18 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: After reviewing the below it is my opinion that the RV was likely to be released before our present Cabal fiat financial system collapsed, though there appeared to be a temporary blackout on intel on it.

Rumor was that the GCR (aka HSBC Zim redemptions, along with private exchanges) began yesterday July 9 in Hong Kong and such was working it’s way to the US. Some claimed they had received their monies for Humanitarian Projects.

For security reasons all Zim holders (as well as private exchanges) might be completed before the general public was allowed to exchange.

Public exchanges were said scheduled to begin Aug. 1, a day after Zimbabwe elections on July 30 and after the gold standard GCR was expected to be formally announced.

In Aug. we might look for Clinton Server content release, along with the beginning of mass arrests; Sept. may find the unsealing of Indictments, Grand Juries, official government disclosure on 9/11 and more mass arrests.

If the gold-standard announcement was not already made, it could be announced in Oct., along with prosecutions on elites, with charges that included Treason. Hopefully Nov. would see children rescued from international trafficking rings, US Troops coming home and a Military Parade on Election Day Nov. 11 designed to be used as a cover for a Washington DC Lockdown because of Tribunals on crooked politicians.

The Trials should wrap up in Dec. 2018.


A. A Possible Timeline:

Fulford: “According to Pentagon sources the asset-backed Quantum Financial System is ready, but awaits the Trump-Putin Summit, the Global Financial Reset, mass arrests and geo-political resolutions.”

Wed, Thurs. July 11, 12: Trump scheduled to meet with NATO.

Thurs. July 12 - The Central Bank of Iraq was having mandatory training for all private banks that concluded on Wed. July 12.

Fri. July 13: Trump scheduled to meet with British PM Theresa May and the Queen where all assets stolen by the Crown and other Cabal would be returned to the people.

Mon. July 16: Trump and Putin Summit in Finland.

Monday July 30: Zimbabwe’s election, after which an announcement of their Gold-Standard and subsequent RV, which was expected to be a lynchpin for the U.S. to announce their Gold-Standard and officially set off the Global Currency Reset, plus implementation of GESARA law. Zimbabwe Bank Memo Effective 9th July 2018

Aug, Sept, Oct, Fulford, Pentagon: “There would be a new wave of mass arrests in August, official government disclosure about 9/11 in September, and a major economic announcement in October.”


B. Timeline According to Q:

Aug: The Great Awakening: Clinton Server contents released to public

Sept: Indictments unsealed, Grand Juries formed, along with mass arrests

Oct: Sessions starts prosecutions, with charges of Treason at end of month

Nov: Military Parade Cover for Washington DC Lockdown and Tribunals, US Troops come home, Trafficked Children rescue.

Dec: Trials wrap up

C. July 10 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. In Iraq the ATM machines with the lower denominations were being used with a Dinar to US Dollar rate of $6 to $7.

2. Dr. Shabbi has said that the Dinar could support a rate of up to $16.00.

3. Abadi has officially been welcomed as the PM of Iraq.

4. More than 142 and 164Traunches of $900 Quadrillion each have moved around the world, been confirmed and all but a few have been distributed. The last eight sets of two were distributed this morning to various paymasters. All Traunches should be complete by 2 am EST tomorrow morning July 11.

5. There was a possibility of getting started this afternoon July 10, but there were security concerns. They addressed over 80% of those concerns by this afternoon and 100% should be completed tonight sometime, July 10.

6. For our own security the NSA would be tracking us back and forth from our redemption center appointments via our cellphones.

7. The rates on the screens were blinking until 2 pm EST today July 10, when the rates became solid.


D. July 10 2018 2:19 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 10, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. All nations were being reformed from the inside to support GESARA law.

2. Currently the Alliance was in the process of exposing the Cabal even further, which would result in a temporary blackout of intel.

3. According to sources, there was motive to release the RV before the old Cabal financial system went into a downward spiral, for a crash of the current financial system would cause mass civil unrest. Preventing such was the Alliance's main priority.

4. Direct deposits have been scheduled for QFS accounts of currency holders. This was being done in order for currency holders to quickly access funds once the RV event officially began.

5. The method of exchanging/redeeming your currencies remained unclear - bank appointment, or quantum mechanics? Be prepared for anything.

1. The release is done for us. Tomorrow July 10 lawyers begin the primary wires out to recipients – one of which is us.

2. The Trust is still getting the new systems fixed up.

3. This is now measured in days and hours, not weeks and months.

4. Soon we should be hearing RV news that is really good.


F. July 10 2018 1:25 am EST X22 Report (videos): (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1611: Wave of Inflation is About to Hit | Q: Timeline Of Events

Video #2 Q Report Timeline of Events

Jan: Clinton server confiscated, (already have Wiener laptop).

Feb: Mendoza steps down.

March: Sessions fires McCabe.

April: Trump hires Julianne.

May: Manafort’s son makes a deal.

June: Trump meets Moon, NK Summit, IG Report.

July: AI Investigation, Sessions, Trump meets with Queen, Putin.

Aug: Great Awakening, Server contents released to public.

Sept: Indictments unsealed, Grand Juries, Big arrests.

Oct: Sessions starts prosecutions, Treason charges at end of month.

Nov: Military parade as cover for DC on lockdown and Tribunals, US Troops come home, Trafficked Children rescued.

Dec: Trials wrap up.

Video #1

Top Brexit official resigned, Boris Johnson resigned right after the top Brexit official. The Brexit is in trouble and it might not happen. China orders its news agencies not to use aggressive language against Trump. The Fed has really turned up the collapse plan. They are now predicting inflation is going to hit. The Fed has now removed its data, says the yield curve is not important and the MSM at the same time is pushing how the economy is getting worse and we will see a recession coming very soon.


7-11-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   There is sort of a quiet out there right now, but we are able to glean some information from what we are hearing.   ...we talked about Iraq until we are blue in the face.  Iraq is in a situation where their ATMs we confirmed were being used with the lower denominations coming out.  We did confirm the Iraqi dinar has a rate between $6 and $7 on the front screens.  ...There is activity that is going on that is new...We also confirmed that there has been a number of cities in the United States and Canada that have done exchanges for their Iraqi dual citizens starting yesterday [Monday]  morning.  We got that confirmed. That was first hand situations there.  It is something that has not happened before...It was starting yesterday morning.


7-11-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "The Electoral Commission announced on Sunday the start of the process of re-counting and manual sorting in Baghdad on Monday for six provinces."   ...they are transferring the ballots from these provinces and doing a public re-count due to fear and threats of interference by the parties of power in the re-counting process...  ...So this is the good news today. They could potentially be completed in a couple weeks with this process if they put more staff on it.   I think pressure from the USA is going to move this ahead much quicker than originally expected.

Emerging Markets Fight Back to Bolster Currencies | IQD Dinar Currency E...

"Realistic Expectations" by Truthseeker, 11 JULY

I understand Currency Holders being frustrated, but we must be realistic. With that said no one knows if or when the RV/GCR will occur, no one! What I find frustrating is the number of Currency Holders who feel compelled to complain to the world that the PTB are delaying or keeping them from exchanging or redeeming their speculative currencies. Are you kidding me? Really? In my 8+ years of being on this journey, I have NEVER come across a single person who was given any kind of guarantee. Have you? I understand there are many Currency Holders in financial destitute, but purchasing speculative currencies with the hopes of “all your problems will go away overnight”, is just not realistic. I do expect the RV/GCR to occur, but I have no clue when. Now with that said; I doubt anyone knows the actual plan other than a select few individuals who will NEVER leak out that information!

My advice to Currency Holders is make good use of the downtime. Spend time with your loved ones. Create a plan for all scenarios, both calm and chaotic. IMO ALL Currency Holders should have a plan and be prepared for whatever gets thrown their way. 

Keep faith, and never stop praying!


GHOST: "...all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together" ,11 JULY

[New Guru - Lieutenant Colonel - 4 tours of Iraq]   Our blessing was to go down in 2010, but because of security and stability reasons it hasn't been able to.  But, all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  I do believe that with all of my heart.  We actually have some intelligence today that is going to push our blessing to the next level.



Blinkster:  Peeps, a friend of mine found this on the Govt of Iraq Twitter PAGE:

First. this statement posted by PM Abadi today 7/10/18:

"PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I will travel to Brussels later to meet with leaders and heads of government attending the NATO Summit to discuss enhanced training for Iraqi forces and to share Iraq's considerable experience in fighting terrorism."

Gee, I believe President Trump will be there as well. I don't think it would be Abadi going, if he hasn't captured a second term as PM of Iraq, IMO. I also believe, IMO, that Abadi will be in his second term as PM when this meeting takes place. IMO.

But I happened to find this below the above post, scrolling past that post and found maybe even more importantly, three or more statements about TODAY 7/10/18 being the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul (!!!):

"PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Today we mark the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul which Daesh declared as the capital of their fake state, but the Iraqi people defeated them"

There are at least four posts there confirming this anniversary date, some with pics posted. 

Friends, there it is. As Frank/Teams accurately reported, Mosul was DONE long before late Sept/Oct of 2017 as the press would have had us believe. July 10 2017 was the date of the defeat of Daesh in MOSUL... which means PRESS MANIPULATION of timelines and reporting!!!!

I think in fairness to Frank & Teams, this needs to be seen!!


Ivantulafitov: https://twitter.com/brett_mcgurk?lang=en Spent five days in #Iraq and #Syria focused on completing campaign to defeat #ISIS and stability in liberated areas. On Thursday, @SecPompeo will convene 52 members of our @coaliton in #Brussels to discuss details. Follow through critical.

Ivantulafitov:  this is good too Secretary of State Pompeo https://twitter.com/SecPompeo?lang=en

Ivantulafitov:  he is all over the middle east

Smitty76:  He  Visited Afghanistan, Vietnam, Interesting….. Wonder if he will make a stop in Iraq as well.

Luvwulfs:  Come on folks, look at Trumps schedule. NATO for the next 2 days, UK and then Putin in Helsinki. It is a Presidential Envoy going to Iraq

Lakelady:  Just WOW on Frank's call.

Speedy:  Mr. ghost said He was involved in combat all over Iraq in both Iraq comflicts !!! Also involved in combat in Afghanistan !!! Mr Ghost had extensive harrowing combat experience…He also stated that the circumstances are good to see our gift !!!

Smitty76:  Ghost's statement that President Trump will be in Iraq on Friday, if true, is very exciting

Smitty76: I read that a US Rep named McGurk (sp) was in Iraq now, maybe setting up for Potus, Time will tell



Bruce: Welcome Everybody, to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit where we are now. I want you to realize when I bring you some information most of it is based on what has occurred even in the last couple of days or even today.

Most of the time Intel comes in throughout the day to me on a regular basis. Today was a little bit different. We got a little bit of information this morning and around lunchtime, around 2:00pm to 2:30pm we got some. Then that was it for the rest of the evening so far.

That is a little unusual. There is sort of a quiet out there right now, but we are able to glean some information from what we are hearing. It is always different. Notice most of what I bring is different from anybody else out there. It is because my sources are different.

That just speaks to the variety of people and the type of people we have fortunately that can bring information to me, and that is kind of why.

Bruce: For example, we talked about Iraq until we are blue in the face. Iraq is in a situation where their ATMs we confirmed were being used with the lower denominations coming out.

We did confirm the Iraqi dinar has a rate between $6 and $7 on the front screens. We also confirmed that there has been a number of cities in the United States and Canada that have done exchanges for their Iraqi dual citizens starting yesterday morning.

We got that confirmed. That was first hand situations there. You go wait a minute. Why is that? They have and they were invited due to connections thru their Qi cards thru Chase and Rafidain Bank. It was a way to have taken care of those people in the dinar.

There is activity that is going on that is new. It is something that has not happened before. See what is interesting to me is what I am getting is it something new and has happened before? Is this something that was for the first time? It was starting yesterday morning.

Bruce: What is interesting is that we know that Dr. Shabbi who was head of the CBI back in the day when he spoken to the US Chamber of Congress, I believe it was 2012. He said when he was asked by someone in the audience what the rate of the dinar could support. He said the Iraqi dinar could support over $16.

Even though we are not there yet, I think the dinar will get traded as a gold back currency up to that point and maybe beyond. Are you going to hold it long enough for that to happen? I don’t know that I would. I am just saying that there will be movement.

There should be upward movement with all these gold back currencies that we know of. We are up to 7 to 8 that are already gold backed. That is a little bit of heads up that is going on with Iraq.

Bruce: We know Abadi has been officially welcomed as Prime Minister of Iraq again. It was a little bit of back and forth on that, but we knew that he was going to be the Prime Minister and it is official. Has the rate been put out publicly? May be not yet. I don’t think we are going to see a public rate on the dinar until we go and start. It is already on the screens.

So we know it. If you are in the bank and the privilege to see it. Those of us who are not in front of the banks screens don’t see it. Personally I do not care anymore, because I know what it is, what it is going to be, and what it is worth.

The good news is Iraq has been celebrating and they are good with this. Everything is moving along nicely over there. Let’s move beyond that.

Bruce: We talked in the last couple of calls about these huge mega tranches. These are large movements of money that has occurred the last couple of weeks

They are $900 to $950 quadrillion each. They are in pairs. The last go around was 82 pairs. That is 164 individual tranches. That is 164 times $950 quadrillion. That is going to be a lot.

The liquidity that has been moving around and that was the last grouping. The first grouping was around 126 or something like that tranches. It might have been 142 tranches. Then we had another 164 tranches. I do not know if that is all of them or not. It should be.

Bruce: I would say this, those tranches have all been received, all been confirmed, and all but a few have been distributed. Yesterday we knew that last night at 9pm or10pm they were going to start distributing the last 8 pair and that would be 16 tranches.

The last 8 pair sets of 2 were going to start to go out. Guess what?
We had information showing at 9pm or 10pm that would start. It was more like in the morning that they started. They started to go out to the various paymasters at certain intervals. One interval was between 3.5 to 4 hours between them.

Then the next interval was 6 hours. Then back to 3.5 to 4 hours, and then back to 6 hours. If you work that long enough you say wait a minute. If it started then and we track this thru last night, and we got an update this morning, and we got an update around 2:30pm this afternoon, we had only 2 more sets of those tranches to go. If my math is right, they should be completed somewhere between midnight and 1am in the morning.

Bruce: Those tranches of funds that were being distributed they have already been received. They just needed to be paid out to various paymasters in the amounts they needed to move. Those are finishing up. Maybe that is it for now. I don’t know if there are more scheduled or this is it.

My understanding was those needed to be complete before we started. I got information last night that was indicating there was a possibility of getting started Tuesday afternoon. Of course I was excited. Let’s get these numbers and get started. Boom Boom Boom.

Bruce: There was one caviar, one concern. Was there a concern of security that needed to be addressed before a start? Yes. We did not get started this afternoon as I had hoped. The good news is they have addressed about 80% of those security concerns by this afternoon. This is where it gets in the weeds a little bit.

The NSA will be helping us by tracking our cell phones as we set our appointments and as we go to our Redemption Centers for Zim redemption. Then they will track us on the way back home for a short period of time once we are home.

A little bit more time to make sure everything is cool. What it is for? It is for our protection. It is part of security. There is just some fine tuning that needed to be done regarding that situation using the phones, GPS, and so on.

There are some situations that they have to work through. My understanding is they should have that complete by somewhere in the 10:00pm to 10:30pm range tonight EST. I can’t hold it to an exact time because I do not know. I say okay. I guess that means we are probably put off to at least overnight tonight or in the morning.

Bruce: We have those two factors. We have the tranches that are going to wrap up somewhere close to midnight to 1:00am. Then we have security concerns that hopefully will be knocked out before midnight.

Then we have the rates on the screens were all blinking today until around 2:00pm. Then they came up solid. All the rates are on the screens solid. I know they can come off and come back on and all that good stuff, but they were solid. We should be good to go if they are still solid.

Bruce: Is there anything else? We knew about the tranches. We did know about that, because I reported that the last two calls maybe bef

This is what usually happens. We think we are ready to go, we even get start times sometimes, sometimes I have a window, a start time of this or that, but what has happened is certain things that we did not know about surfaced. That is the additional bug on the windshield, the pebble on the road that we didn’t know about or we didn’t see.

That is what makes this such a challenge because we gather all the puzzles pieces we can. We start putting back the puzzle together, and we say wait a minute. We are missing some pieces. We can’t put the picture completely back together because we are missing a couple of pieces. Then we find those pieces. Then we put those in. Then wait a minute. We have a few more.

Bruce: I am giving you the very best that I have. Truth as I receive it. Now I do get some stuff that is a little bit let’s just call it I wouldn’t be wise to say some of the things I do hear, but I try to do the best that I can to give you what I can say. So that is what I can do.

That is what I do. I want you to know that that this ride for this blessing we are on effects me, Sue, even Bob, and Pastor Steven is affected by it. We all have things lined up ready to go. We all do. We all are sitting on Go. It is like we are in the starting blocks and our backs are getting sore because we have been crouched down in that start position for so long.

We need to stand up and walk it off and shake it off a little bit and then get down in the starting block. That is quite like how it feels like sometimes.
Bruce: I have told you for years keep your Plan A moving. Whatever you are doing, keep doing. Don’t quit your job. If you don’t have a job, then get a job. Be somebody. You can’t put your whole reliance on this blessing yet. It is coming, and maybe it is that close, right there, but we have to pretend on the one hand it is not here. It could be a few days.

I don’t want to speak it. It might not be tomorrow. It might not. I don’t know what else is out there. I do not know what else that could be a factor yet. It is always a surprise to me if I find out. Oh, that had to happen. Then it is fixed and we move onto the next thing. Even what I had last night was so strong for today that I thought it we were golden, ready to start, and then we didn’t. That affects me. It affects you.

Bruce: When we get those numbers and I do not care what time of day or night it is. Would I rather have them a reasonable time of day? Yes, I would, but I do not care when they come. When they do come, I will respond very quickly.

I will do my very best to notify everybody that I need to notify, and get it out as quickly as possible. I am excited getting started. I think we all are ready. We all are excited I just want to implore you to stay patient, or even crank up the patience if you are running out of it. Just be ready. I know you think you are ready. I know I think I am ready. Be ready and be ready to respond and have some fun going in and getting these exchanges and redemptions done.

Other than that I can tell you that is about where we are. That is as far as I know right now. I talked about security concerns which are primarily around our phones, and about the tranches wrapping up tonight. That is all I know that is left. That is all I know. Let’s hope that is the truth that is all that is left and we can get started.

Bruce: Thank you very much Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you Big Call listeners. Thank you everybody for tuning in so faithfully. We will talk to you when we talk to you. Appreciate it everybody have a great night. God Bless you all.