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Inter-governmental body the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has removed Iraq from its list of states deemed weak in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, which experts believe should make international banks more comfortable doing business with the country. 

FATF, established in Paris in 1989 by the Group of 7 (G7), released a public statement on June 29 stating that Iraq had been removed from the list of “jurisdictions with strategic deficiencies” in their anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regimes. The decision came after an on-site visit from a FATF team to determine whether Iraq was making sufficient progress with recommended reforms.

 Those reforms included (1) adequately criminalizing money laundering and terrorist financing; (2) establishing an adequate legal framework for identifying, tracing, and freezing terrorist assets; (3) establishing effective customer due diligence measures; (4) establishing a fully operational and effectively functioning Financial Intelligence Unit; (5) establishing adequate suspicious transaction reporting requirements; and (6) establishing an adequate AML/CFT supervisory and oversight program for the financial sector.

 Freedom from the list should mean other countries and their financial institutions now find it easier to do business with Iraq. FATF calls on member and non-member states to enforce stronger due diligence and counter-measures when dealing with countries deemed high-risk. High-risk states are those on the strategic deficiencies list – also known as the “grey list” – and those on a more serious “black list”, reserved for countries with no action plan for addressing AML/CFT. Removal from the grey list should help with the process of getting international banks more comfortable with transacting with Iraq. 

However, it won’t remove the need for companies to undertake anti-corruption diligence on, and engage with, their business partners, or the need for the government to do more to simplify and automate the complex permitting processes that encourage corruption. Iraq spent almost five years on the grey list from October 2013 until it was removed from FATF’s monitoring process last week. The country’s graduation to non-high risk comes just a day after the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Ali Mohsen al-Alaq received the 2018 award for Best Central Bank Governor at the International Arab Banking Summit in Paris. 

The award recognized Alaq’s advancements in Iraq’s AML/CFT regime, in addition to stabilizing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and increasing liquidity in Iraq’s financial market. Last year the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Office, in partnership with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its implementing partner, the Global Center on Cooperative Security, held workshops to discuss the implementation process of the Iraq National AML/CFT Strategy. The workshop focused on the practical objectives of developing concrete action plans for the implementation of the National AML/CFT Strategy and prepared Iraqi entities for FATF’s mutual evaluation. The program has helped Iraq draft laws and regulations and has helped train staff at Iraq’s AML/CFT Office. 

This activity is part of an ongoing program supported by Denmark to reinforce objectives and partnerships in the context of the Counter ISIL Finance Group (CIFG). The CIFG, which the United States, Italy, and Saudi Arabia co-chair, was established in January 2015 as one of the five working groups within the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, a broad international group formed to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS. In October 2015, Iraq passed the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Law No. (39) of 2015 to replace the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Order No. 93: Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2004. 

The new AML law improved on the 2004 framework and addressed FATF’s aforementioned recommendations, notably the establishment of an AML/CFT Office as the nation’s financial intelligence unit (FIU), a new committee empowered to freeze the funds and assets of individuals designated by UN sanctions, and enhanced customer due diligence (CDD) procedures. 

In removing Iraq from the grey list, FATF has noted a “significant improvement” in the country’s AML/CFT framework and supporting laws and regulations. But there is no guarantee that Iraq will remain off the list and the country cannot afford to be complacent. Tasked with formulating the policies on anti-money laundering and combating financial support for terrorism, the Central Bank of Iraq continues to cooperate with international and regional organizations along with neighboring countries by exchanging information on financial intelligence relating to money laundering.


Work is steady across the pond in that big sandpit, which is all I’m asking for right now.   Abadi continues to move forward as if there wasn’t even another party and there weren’t elections recently. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed someone so smoothly ignoring the outcries from what has historically been a very disruptive opposition in these times. It’s actually refreshing to see! ...I’ve been a supporter of Abadi since before he was first elected to his position. His demeanor and work ethic at this time, in spite of what could easily be an excuse to let things slide… the man is once again proving he’s business minded and goal oriented.

 In spite of that, I think we’re still on the uphill slope of this thing, at least for the next week or so. There may not be an “official” announcement of an election “winner”, or there may be multiple “announcements” that end up being meaningless and Abadi just carries on doing his job… if we don’t see anything negative in the next 3-7 days, I think we’re looking at some HCL news within the next couple weeks, and that will get this train back on track. Looking forward to some exciting times in the VERY near future, my friends! All it’s going to take is a little nudging and we’re off...

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“There are three types of exchange rate:
Fixed (Iraq) .
Fully floating or moving (determined by market factors entirely)
And partially or creeping (Lebanon)

In order to determine the most appropriate system, the main economic indicators of the Iraqi economy should be: 44 billion dollars in the balance of trade, and surplus in the balance of payments about 30 billion dollars at the end of 2012 .. b) total foreign exchange reserves $ 71 billion at the end of 2013 .. c) the value of the monetary mass MO (paper and metal) ) M2 (M2 + demand deposits + mobile savings accounts) is about 73 billion. Based on the assumption that 30% of the M2 will be available to citizens for daily expenses. 

This figure, according to the figures above, will be $ 22 billion. It is not used to buy the dollar and therefore does not constitute a demand for it. Some measures can be proposed to absorb liquidity: The disclosure of bank accounts and freezing them for reasons not related to the specific cases specified will contribute to the flight of capital from banks, And keep them in cash, constitute x (C) Issuance of treasury bonds to the public, which are subscribed by banks with a nominal nominal value of one bond, with periods ranging from one to two years, with attractive interest, to absorb up to $ 20 billion of the size of the monetary mass. The Central Bank shall determine the price of the dollar, for example, 1170 for buying, and 1200 dinars for sale. B) The Central Bank shall release the market of the pieces and leave the banks and customers free to sell and buy. C) The Central Bank shall intervene or sell when the price is touched. The Central Bank reserves control of the market, especially in light of the presence of a cash mass of more than 23 billion dollars. 

In addition to other measures such as controlling the movement of money through border crossings, and encouraging citizens to deposit their savings in banks, And easing of strict measures, in the neighborhood Money Traceability can be tracked and moved. ” Tebow the banking cycle, or frozen in banks, which instead of encouraging them to enter the banking cycle and turned them into investments and instruments for the stability of the monetary markets, exaggerated by the repressive measures, keen on the philosophy and loss of dinars.


7-5-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV is announcing 14 days to complete the re-counts of the votes in 7 remaining provinces.  Appeals are still subject-matter related affecting the ratification of the election results.  Seating of the new government is anticipated by August 1, 2018. (Not 100% sure if that matters for an RV or not)

7-5-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling
 …The price per barrel right now is like $75 so Iraq doesn’t need to revalue.  They simply don’t…that’s how they make their money.  90% of their economy is selling oil and right now they’re kicking buttThe oil prices are going to come down.  We have 3 things…we opened up the places we can explore for oil.  We have our reserves.  And we have Saudi Arabia and Russia to make sure they’re producing more oil…And that’s what it means for Iraq…Once that oil price goes down…for the Iraqi dinar it means everything…Right now we’re watching the market and the market is going to react and it is OPEC, it’s Saudi Arabia, it’s Russia, it’s Trump and his policies...  And that’s it. [Post 1 of 2] 

7-5-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "THE IRAQI PARLIAMENT SUBMITS TO COUNTING AND PARTIAL MANUAL COUNTING AND OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES THE END OF ITS LIFE"  Quote: "IT SEEMS THAT THERE IS A DETERMINATION NOT TO CONDUCT THE COUNTING and counting of the ballot boxes, which means there is a" dangerous and frightening secret "THAT IS DIFFICULT TO REACH”...   ...you could not have gotten any better news than this. The parliament has just conceded in that they can no longer carry out their fight against the elections results. So they are done. But will the re-counting still go on beyond Saturdays’ effortsYes, they will since parliament already stirred up the bee’s nest and so they must settle it down and conduct some of the recounting to continue on TuesdayBut this will be more of a procedural process and really won’t prove anything. But it will settle down the bees...lol..

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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day to everyone in USA. Just remember getting your independence is one thing, keeping it is yet another.

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Tuesday July 3rd

KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi authorities in the northern oil-rich province of Kirkuk have started recounting votes from a parliamentary election in May that was marred by allegations of fraud, a local election commission source said on Tuesday.

The commission has said a recount will take place in at least six other provinces over coming days. The dispute over the validity of the results has delayed the formation of a new government.

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The FATF officially announced Iraq's exit from the follow-up area, as the CBI and AML / CFT have made significant progress in improving and addressing deficiencies and meeting all its obligations towards FATF recommendations and addressing the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Strategy And the financing of terrorism prepared by the Central Bank of Iraq as well as the legislation of the Anti-Money Laundering Law No. 39 of 2015 and the issuance of instructions and controls and the establishment of the Council against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism as well as the Committee for the freezing of funds of terrorists, monitoring and follow-up by FATF.

Then out pops this article….

The Central Bank of Iraq, the Center for Banking Studies and in cooperation with the Iraqi Company for Economic and Administrative Consultancy, the representative of the Organization of certified specialists in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (ACAMS), the program to qualify for a certified specialist in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism CAMS, which requires 30 hours of training and then exam This is the first international certificate issued by ACAMS, based in Miami, USA

A couple have asked me the significance of this exit from FATF monitoring. All I can tell you is read the damned article. It speaks for itself. The CBI must control the currency and must control the money supply in order to get into Article 8. So, what it this article telling us then? Why do you expect these gurus to hold you hand and babysit you? THINK, THINK, THINK!

More news….


Did you happen to listen to these clowns FRANK26, DELTA and Walking Dick on their intel conference call this past Monday night July 2nd ?

If you did be prepared for a really good laugh. I have resigned myself to the fact that this guy and his team have to be crazy nut cases with the garbage intel they are spreading out to his listeners. It is very apparent that in this Monday night call, Frank26 is reading off a script that he probably copied and pasted off someone’s NESARA / GESARA site or intel/rumors site. It is also apparent he did not validate or verify a stitch of it. Oh – but this is the clown many of you depend on for your intel?

So, I had to debunk this crap and it was really not that hard. Why couldn’t FRANK debunk it himself? He did not because again I tell you his real goal is not to bring FACTUAL information about the Iraqi dinar reinstatement to you. All he is worried about it coming up with something, anything, any FAKE that makes logical sense to some gullible people. It can be total nonsense and he takes no responsibility for “his opinions”. He just wants his info-mercials and the $$$$.

What did he say that was so wrong?


He claims the establishment and backing of the “new USN” currency had to take place first prior to the Reinstatement or Revaluation happening. Then he says that president Trump just recently approved the USN and is forcing a gold backed currency. So, the RV can be allowed to happen now. Really Frank?

What garbage intel! What lies!

I want everyone who subscribes to this crap to first go out to this link and read what it says.

See info in link for yourself: http://forexesteem.blogspot.com/…/explanation-of-usdussusn.…

I quote from the site: “The US dollar actually has three codes assigned: USD, USS (same day) and USN (next day). According to UN/CEFACT recommendation 9, paragraphs 8-9 (ECE/TRADE/203, 1996, available online:

In applications where monetary resources associated with a currency (i.e. funds) NEED NOT BE SPECIFIED AND WHERE A FIELD IDENTIFIER INDICATING CURRENCY IS USED, the first two (leftmost) characters are sufficient to identify a currency–example: US for United States dollars for general, unspecified purposes where a field identifier indicating currency is present. (A field identifier can be a preprinted field heading in an aligned document or a similarly-agreed application in electronic transmission of data.)”

So, the “USN” designation is merely a code meaning (next day) transfer of US Dollar funds USD indicating how the funds are to be used. According to UN/CEFACT recommendation 9, paragraphs 8-9 (ECE/TRADE/203, 1996, it is used for inter-banking transactions. It does NOT mean “new” US currency.

How foolish and stupid can Frank get? How low will he stoop to bring some intel?

“USN” is NOT a designation for a new currency coming out to replace the USD old currency that you now have. It is not GOLD backed. Get it?

Oh – but I thought the TSN was the GOLD backed version of the US Dollar coming out as US Treasury Notes vs the current Federal Reserve notes. So all of a sudden then what the hell happened to the TSNs?

Now Frankie says it’s the USN. Really? It’s all so confusing. Why? Because it all just a bunch of lies and fake intel anyhow. Get it? So, don’t even try to figure it all out and don’t waste your time. I have researched it all and it is all just FAKE news as there is no such “new” US Dollar currency coming out other then the notes with enhanced security features.

The US Treasury just renewed a commitment with the Federal Reserve for yet another 20 years. So, the “feds” are going nowhere anytime soon. Get it?


Now let’s address this GOLD backed claims of FRANK26. To add insult to injury this clown also tells everyone that the US currency is now fully gold backed. Really?

Anyone can go online and check the status of the proposed House bill #5404 to bring the US back on a gold standard. So, we see the status of the bill. It only in the “proposed” status. So how in hell could the gold standard be already fully implemented? Yes, we do know that the US signed off on Basel III thus did accept the requirement to back part of the assets for the US currency with GOLD backed assets but this is not the GOLD standard yet being resurrected. Basel III simply says a standard % of assets backing the currency must now include gold. That is all it is.

Please see link:

Does the US plan to go back to the gold standard in the future?

You can clearly see that the HR bill 5404 is only in the “introduced” stages and at the VERY BEGINNING of the process to someday go back to the gold standard.

So how in hell can the US be already back on a Gold Standard? I don’t know you tell me. Is there some magical, secret society working to legally bring this about behind the democratic process? Wouldn’t you think something like this must go through the legislative process to be enacted? It has not even been discussed or voted on in Congress, did not pass the Senate or even make it to the president’s desk, never mind the 2-3 years it may take to fully implement it. So, Frankie go fly a kite! You are a clown.

I certainly do believe this is a long-term plan as the subsequent Basel reforms will dictate a higher and higher amounts of gold within the portfolio of assets to back any currency. So the end result is a slow and careful movement in that direction. This is not something you can do suddenly without major repercussions. So the logical step is to prepare legislation then to specify and make it law. This has been proposed by HR 5404.

The IMF is doing this rearrangement of assets ratios to back currencies world-wide not just to the US. These are part of the “Global Financial Reset” reforms that Christine Lagarde talks about in many of her speeches at all these economic forums. This is not being forced by some idiotic NESARA or now GESARA group of dopes and idiots. This is not a GCR (global currency reset) which is nothing but a lie and is not confirmed nor backed by the IMF. This GCR stuff began this entire misunderstanding about currency values, then when Basel III come out with the gold asset requirement this sinister group calling themselves NESARA/GESARA took this information and made it their own as if they has some responsibility for it. They are the culprits who keep spreading this misinformation. So either they are conspirators against the US government want to overthrow it or they are just a bunch of complete idiots. Either case I would ignore all of their bullshit.

So, it seems FRANK26 go desperate for something to tell his listeners and so he resorted to subscribing to this NESARA bullshit. Believe me on this – if you subscribe to this bullshit you are going nowhere and will only feel hung out to dry and be totally ignorant as to the FACT and REALISM of what is going on with the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. Of course, are you really looking for information on the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar or are you looking for a new US government free of corruption?

Yes, we are all very frustrated with our governments but this is the fault of its citizens and you have no one to fault but yourself. If you refuse to participate in the government than no wonder it become corrupt. The laws are all in place to prosecute those who don’t follow it. But is it enforced for those who feel they are above the law? If you don’t like this process and feel it is unjust then do something about it? 1. run for office, 2.write your currency Congressmen and Senators and tell then your grievances, 3. protest openly, 4. write YouTube videos, 5. write a book. Any of these actions, however means you must know the FACTS and so be prepared to present them and back them up. I am not talking about agitating the government or protesting for some group of paid idiots, as we are now seeing the ultra-liberals from the democratic party doing on many subject matters. It does not matter what is their cause just as long as it is agitation towards the currency administration and is anti-Trump. This is NOT what I am taking about here.


Just so you know Frankie, Frankie that the dinar is already pegged to the US dollar by a “de facto” peg put in place in 2003 to keep the dinar from fully crashing. As part of moving to Article 8 the IMF plans to re-peg the dinar to the SDR basket of 5 currencies of the strongest developed nations, one of which is the USD. So how do you get off telling your listeners that the dinar will be solely pegged to the US Dollar in the future and this will stabilize the dinar and allow the reinstatement to happen. Really?

This does not even make any sense so I can’t even go further in this unintelligent conversation.


Once again Frank26 keeps saying throughout this call that the dinar has already been reinstated in-country and Iraq is now fully in Article 8. Really? Better go tell that to the CBI…lol..lol… This is just such ridiculous lies!!! Do you really think your listeners are that dumb to believe all this crap? Once I heard this from Frank26 I was curious and open minded. I asked myself if this may have really happened. I called my CBI source direct in Iraq and of course they have NOT yet reinstated the dinar. They did tell me the process is underway and we will see it very soon. Again they said to watch for the news media channels in Iraq for more information.

So, Frank26, DELTA and Walking Dick I think guys are full of shit once again. You better be aware of just how stupid your call really is. Sorry I just don’t buy into all your nonsense.

I encourage everyone to go replay the KTFA call from July 2nd. You can see for yourselves that I am not lying and I did not take anything out of context.

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin

Information / Special ...

Al-Sadr alliance, which has the support of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, the date of naming the Prime Minister and the formation of the next government after entering a unified alliance with the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the head of the Fatah alliance Hadi Amiri.

A member of the coalition, Raed Fahmi said in a statement to / information / that "the date of naming the Prime Minister will be limited to the political consensus between the blocks allied between them after reaching the understandings and views are close and the ratification of the Federal Court on the results of counting and sorting by hand," pointing out that "the formation of the next government It will take less than five months. "

"He added that" most blocs put forward multiple names to take over the prime minister, but did not reach a final agreement until now, "noting that" the alliance will continue to include most of the political forces to go to form the government after the completion of counting and manual sorting. "
The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi has confirmed, on Sunday, that the government turned after the end of the legislative parliament at the end of last month to conduct the daily business, among the government entered the stage of walking public facilities and is not entitled to take sovereign decisions in the country.

The Independent Electoral Commission has announced, on Tuesday, the start of manual counting and counting of polling stations, which received complaints and appeals by the use of staff from UNHCR offices in Karkh and Rusafa in Baghdad.


The correspondent of “Al-Ghad Press” in the province of Kirkuk, on Tuesday,
that the process of manual counting and sorting for the day ended, opening 24 electoral funds.

The correspondent said, “The counting and sorting operations in Kirkuk ended today with the opening of 24 funds.”

He stressed that “there is only a few leaves left and will stop all operations for the counting and manual sorting of funds for the end of the day in Kirkuk.”

For his part, Arshad Salhi said in a statement received by “Al-Ghad Press”, that “the funds opened for the manual counting and sorting, and showed a significant difference in the results.”

The process of counting and sorting began, earlier in the day in Kirkuk, under the supervision of a delegation of judges assigned in Baghdad with the Office of the Commission in the province. It is noteworthy that more than 500 boxes will be included counting and sorting, of which 186 boxes have not been sent to Baghdad.



Baghdad / SNG - A senior leader of the Sadrist movement, on Tuesday, that there are 3 reasons to prevent political parties from reaching a crucial understanding on the formation of the next government, indicating that the alliances announced initially did not develop into details between the parties.
"There are three reasons why the Iraqi political parties are unable to reach a consensus," he told a news conference on July 3, 2018. A crucial understanding on the new government, and the first reason, the final ratification of the election results, which will take some time, after the controversy surrounding the integrity of the elections, and push the Iraqi judiciary to take over the review.

He added that "the second reason is to remove the list of candidates for the presidency of the new government, and insist on understanding on the government program, not people, and this is what other parties do not want, which prefer to resolve the name of the candidate to form a government, before going into other details .

The third reason, according to the same spokesman, concerns the adherence of Abadi to run for a second term in the post of Prime Minister, where the Sadr leader said that "Sadr does not reject the candidacy of Abadi, but disturbed by his insistence on resolving this issue first .

The newspaper pointed out that the political negotiations between the winners of the Iraqi general elections held last May, and still under review, the results have been in place in the absence of achieving the negotiating teams that meet constantly, any progress on the formation of the new government, noting that Iraq entered the legislative vacuum after That the mandate of the elected parliament ended in 2014 and became the government led by Haider Abadi, alone in the hands of implementation and control.

For his part, an Iraqi legal expert put the government of Abadi currently, "the status of the government of a State under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in terms of limited powers and need for intermediaries to ensure certain tasks such as the import of necessary materials from abroad," and expected to continue this situation for a period not less than Three months .

As for the position of Tehran from the negotiations to form a new Iraqi government, the newspaper quoted a leading member of the stream of wisdom, led by Ammar al-Hakim, saying that "Iran has clear guarantees about the representation of its influence strongly in the new Iraqi government, even if the candidate for the presidency supported by Moqtada al-Sadr, "Iran understands that the results of the elections do not allow one or two of the five Shiite winners - Sadr, Amiri, Abadi, Maliki and Hakim - to form the government, and none of their opponents in the Shiite political milieu, if any, They are not Qalqilya " .

The leader of the current wisdom, he said that "if Amiri was not representative of Iran's influence in the new government, it will be Maliki, and perhaps both or others," adding that "the reason for the cold political atmosphere in Iraq is the absence of Iranian pressure on the Iraqi parties to resolve the file of the new government . "

"Iran is now preoccupied with its crisis with the United States, and it is not unlikely that Iraq and its complex political situation will now become a card in its tug-of-war game with Washington," he said .

It is worth mentioning that the coalition of "Asron" led by Moqtada al-Sadr, winner of the first place in the elections, announced earlier, an understanding with the leader of the National List Iyad Allawi and the leader of the wisdom movement Ammar al-Hakim, and then alliance with the list of opening, led by Hadi Amiri, To an agreement with the list of "victory" led by Haider Abadi.


Economy News Baghdad

The World Bank announced on Sunday that the Central Bank has succeeded in enhancing confidence between banks and citizens, revealing the ESTABLISHMENT OF SIX PROJECTS IN IRAQ THIS YEAR, worth 1.4 billion dollars, while at the same time announced the establishment of projects worth 4.6 billion dollars in the past years .

The World Bank representative in Iraq, Yara Salem, said in an interview with "Economy News", in cooperation with the Iraqi political and economic center, that "the World Bank has presented in Iraq this year six projects worth 1.4 billion dollars, but over the past years presented a total 4.6 billion dollars . "

"The World Bank has provided a large package of projects in Iraq are loans aimed at improving conditions in the liberated areas and the development of infrastructure such as schools, bridges and medical centers, while at the same time to develop the social aspects in those areas through the provision of soft loans to support small projects," pointing out that "the years will see expansion in the projects, and different sectors including transport, education and health . "

"The economic reforms carried out by the government have positive effects in the long and near term and its reform program requires the imposition of some customs duties to strengthen its financial resources to complete investment operations in the liberated areas. This is normal for a country that seeks to maximize its economic resources," she said. That "the taxes were developed in accordance with financial policies and standards rational and in a way that serves all segments of society, especially the extremely poor ."

The representative of the World Bank in Iraq, confirmed that "the Iraqi government is moving towards reducing its debt below the 60% of GDP, the limit reached by the index of public debt in relation to gross output," believing that "the government's ability to pay many of these debts, especially in light of the rise Global oil prices ".

"The World Bank is assisting the Iraqi government to develop the banking sector through reform proposals, restructuring and reform of the governance system in order to optimize the use of existing resources in banks and increase citizens ' awareness of banking, " she said.

She stressed that "the central bank is working hard to put in place many measures that will enhance confidence between the citizen and the banking sector, but it is an effort that requires continuous work .

Yara Salem called on the Iraqi government to reduce reliance on the government sector to recruit graduates and encourage employment in the private sector and increase employment opportunities by creating an appropriate business environment that contributes to building the economic process .

She added that "the Council of Ministers will hold future meetings with representatives of the private sector and the public, in order to improve the standards that should be used to standardize tariffs between all border crossings and the use of technology to ensure transparency in dealing."



The leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, touched on a number of important files concerning the economic side, fighting corruption and the role of Iraqi youth in the next stage.

Mr. al-Sadr put a number of questions in a tweet published on social networking sites, wondering about the subject of corruption,


2.when the Iraqi economy flourishes and ITS CURRENCY IN THE RANKS OF MAJOR CURRENCIES. (Mnt Goat – Sadr is talking about the reinstatement of the dinar…WOW! )

Mr. Al-Sadr pointed to the role of educated youth by asking him when they will have a role in shaping the fate of their country. He ended with a number of slogans summarizing his vision of the files, saying, "We are all waiting for the trial of the corrupt."



Twilight News

(Reuters) - The province of Kirkuk is witnessing the start of the first re-counting and manual counting of voters in the ballot boxes, which were marred by allegations of fraud in the parliamentary elections held in May.

On Sunday, Kirkuk witnessed a suicide attack on a ballot box.

The attack killed one civilian and injured 13 others, including two officials of the Electoral Commission. Target stores include ballot boxes for controversial elections.

Turkoman Front member Hasan Tauran told Asharq Al-Awsat that "Kirkuk will be the first to be re-counting and manual sorting."

He explained that "the province will witness the arrival of judges assigned to the Board of Commissioners in the presence of representatives and observers of all political entities."

"The process of counting and sorting will take place in two main warehouses, one of which contains funds for the private vote and the other funds of the general vote."

This comes at a time when Iraq entered a legislative vacuum for the first time since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, with the end of the third session of the parliament waiting for a manual recount of the votes of the legislative elections.

The outgoing parliament this month passed a manual counting of ballots in the elections, but the judicial committee, which currently supervises the process, said it would only recount the votes in question.

(Mnt Goat – the longer they drag this recounting on the more likeyly something could happen to these ballots. We already witnessed one attempt to burn the ballots.)



Twilight News

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, raised questions regarding the political and economic scene in Iraq

1.in light of the delay in the formation of the new government
2. in the light of blocking the ratification of the election results and
3. resort to a manual counting of its results that have not yet begun.
(Mnt Goat – Funny how I keep asking the same questions..lol..lol)



The Federal Supreme Court announced that it is not possible to consider applications related to the ratification or non-ratification of the results of the election of the membership of the House of Representatives before receiving the final results from the Independent High Electoral Commission.

(Mnt Goat – the courts are telling us why parliament members are not sworn in the House of Representatives and there is a constitutional vacuum with no legislature)

The court spokesman Ayas al-Samuk said that the Federal Supreme Court held its session under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud and the attendance of all members of the judges, and considered a request not to ratify the results of one of the candidates on the grounds that the decision of the National Commission for Accountability and Justice, which was issued in his favor has lost its main and essential elements, The quorum of the body '.

He added that 'the Federal Supreme Court decided to respond to the request because it is premature, as the Federal Supreme Court can not make such requests only after receipt of the final results of the elections of the House of Representatives and since it has not received from the Electoral Commission for the elections so far.

(Mnt Goat – so Sadr get his answer to #1 and #2 of his questions, as asked in the previous article.)



Economy News Baghdad

On Tuesday, the federal government discussed the most important challenges facing the trade movement and private sector companies to develop appropriate solutions and provide a decent working environment that will elevate the customs work to international levels.

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers said in a statement, read by "Economy News" that "during the symposium held at the House of Hospitality in Baghdad, headed by Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Dr. Mahdi Alalak and the presence of the Minister of Transport and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, and military and civilian leaders involved in the file of customs, And to ensure the safety of customs procedures and ensure the smooth entry of imported materials to the country. "

He added that "the seminar discussed the possibility of uniting efforts to correct the tracks related to import operations represented by certificates of origin and import and the possibility of simplifying procedures to serve the economy of the country."

Al-Alak stressed that the government is keen to strengthen cooperation and partnership with the private sector because of its important role, and help in the implementation of investment projects and services contribute to the economic development of the renaissance of the country, CALLING FOR "CONCERTED EFFORTS TO COUNTER THE RUMORS TENDENTIOUS BY SOME QUARTERS TO CREATE CRISES THAT CONCERN CITIZENS ON MATTERS THAT HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON THEIR DAILY LIVES. "

The symposium showed a number of observations accompanied by proposals to address the problems of customs, most notably import licenses and certificates of origin and the unification of customs tariffs in all ports and eliminate the extortion cases that accompany customs clearance.

The seminar concluded by raising the proposals and recommendations that were circulated between the two sides and reviewed by the competent authorities to be presented to the Council of Ministers.



(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Oil talks on the establishment of a "floating oil island" off the coast of the city of Faw in preparation for increasing Iraq's export capacity of crude oil.

"The floating island will include spare parts stores for all equipment and pumps, as well as civil protection teams, technical services and convenient and modern accommodation for workers," said ministry consultant Hamza al-Jawahiri.

He added that "the island will avoid the ministry to delay the work due to possible failures, and shorten the time in the export of oil, and cut the way to any emergency crisis because of the interruption of one of the pumps, which costs Iraq fines of about 300 million Iraqi dinars in the recent period.

Al-Jawahiri revealed that "the contract was awarded to a Dutch company and included a preliminary agreement. Discussions are being held on the project's completion time and expected costs."

"The project contributes to the flow of oil exports to around 6 million barrels per day, Project partial card in the first quarter of 2022, and then enter full other services in the fourth quarter of
the same year.

(Mnt Goat- these recent actions about mopping Iranian influence, of course is being orchestrated by the US. It is all about the UN sanctions upon Iran. As we heard in the recent news, the US wants zero oil revenue from Iran.

This is going to cause a breaking point and one of two things to happen
1. Iran will start a war the US or
2. They will finally begin to dismantle their terrorist organizations and negotiate with the US.

Which one do you think may happen? Anyhow I need you to think about these very, very strict sanctions. Zero oil revenue? How does Iran survive when 90% of their economy is based on oil revenues? That would be like shutting the oil off in Iraq. What would happen? We should all be praying that this RV happens way prior to the enforcement of this sanction policy upon Iran)



According to a report published on Sunday, July 01, 2018, A TEAM OF FOREIGN EXPERTS WORKING IN IRAQ, FOR MONTHS, TO TRACK THE ACCOUNTS OF THE FUNDS OF A NUMBER OF PEOPLE “LOYAL TO IRAN,” noting that the team works in cooperation with the government Iraq.

The newspaper said in its report that “in light of the economic crisis suffocation suffered by the Iranian interior, Iraqi factions loyal to Tehran fear they could not get Khamenei’s help if it came under additional US pressure.”

“So far, US pressure on Iran’s allies in Iraq has been limited to funding aspects,” she said.

“Foreign experts working in the Iraqi capital for months HAVE BEEN TRACKING THE FLOW OF FUNDS THAT ARE MOVING BETWEEN THE ACCOUNTS OF PRO-IRANIAN IRAQI FIGURES,” the sources told the paper, which they described as “high” in Baghdad.

The sources added that “foreign experts coordinate their efforts with the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in addition to an international investigation network linked to the World Banks and the World Bank and the Central Bank of Iraq, to prosecute any transfers from and to Iraq, suspected of links to the Iranian regime.”


IRANIAN MILITIAS IN IRAQ ARE EXPECTED TO ECONOMICALLY VANISH AFTER THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE US SANCTIONS, analysts told the Baghdad Post. For them, the US pressures and sanctions, imposed on the Iraqi banks linked to Iran will put an end to these gangs, especially after freezing their financial resources. Many questions face the Iranian gangs after restricting the banks that provide them with needed funds.

According to a report published on the Iraqi daily Al-Arab newspaper, the IRAQI POLITICAL FORCES LOYAL TO IRAN ARE IN A STATE OF SEVERE FOREBODING over the worrying future of Iran, which appears to be surrounded by serious international risks.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

"Own your Part" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank , 5 JULY

The summary at the bottom was posted, shared with Q, and since deleted. I know for a fact that much of this same information, if not all, was released months ago to every Intelligence Agency, Government, and Bank in the world by Kim Possible. My biggest issue with this (that I’ve voiced to Kim several times, even requesting that she give us control of one of the major banks) is that none of these established organizations appear to have done anything with it.

This is the reality we’re facing, and we are the only ones who can change it. As the world sits back waiting for terrorists to turn into saviors, the message has got to get out to penetrate the main stream. The Leadership fighting behind the scenes realize that there are different sets of rules depending on who is guilty of the crime. They are paralyzed. If they want to continue to have a voice they have to cooperate with the traditional methods of operation which have proven useless and ineffective. If they cooperate with these stalling control methods then their voice will never make a difference.

The key is Public Transparency. With seemingly limitless resources and control the Rothschilds and their extended network of sociopaths take the time to suppress the information released by a small production by Thomas Williams of the Truth Honor and Integrity Show, and even bury the content that a nobody, like me, shares.

They control the world with fear. They fear to lose control. With such simplistic goals and such an overwhelming body of evidence that they are guilty of, multiple counts of crimes against humanity, how is it that after months of having the information below, much of which was pulled directly from the Black Servers at the United Nations, that immediate and urgent action has not been taken to eliminate the Public Cabal Leadership?

It’s two parts: fear and control. People at every level of leadership except the very top have witnessed the willingness of the Cabal to do terrible things with no care or concern for the damages they cause. In addition, they’ve convinced many that they are Gods and that any action against them will have terrible repercussions. They live in fear, and we remain slaves.

They’ve had control of the financial system, the media, the stock market, and even our health. They can no longer manipulate the assets to make fake money from the market because the Quantum System has fixed the assets to their true value. Our health is improving as the added Source energy is being pumped through everything with a digital connection. They can’t even access the financial system anymore to create the illusion of the RV they’ve promised. They still control the media but even that will have to change.

What I can say for a fact is that every time they promise the RV, I can predict with 100% accuracy that they will attempt to kidnap and torture Kim Possible as they tried to do on Monday. And, they will find the best hackers in the world to give their best shot at hacking the firewalls of the Quantum AI System. As of now they have not even breached the first firewall.

So if they’re such a force to be reckoned with, and Kim is a nobody, then why waste such expansive resources to try and kill, kidnap, and force Kim to release the contents of the Manna World Holding Trust to them? Why would they need those funds if there’s all of these other Global Trust Accounts to do the RV? And if they have other resources to do the RV then why are they so inconsiderate of the suffering of the people?

They continue to try and register fake assets that they no longer have control of through fraudulent methods such as the Shanghai Gold Exchange, mirrored accounts, and useless Gold Certificates. But anyone in the know at that level can attest to the truth that the system is now rejecting every attempt to register assets that have already been registered and allocated to the trust.

Consider the information that has been provided below. There would appear to be no other option than to have a public trial of epic proportions exposing at least some depth of the corruption in a fashion that unites the people rather than turning it into a Civil Rights discussion for them to divide us over. When that much evidence is provided, it takes away the excuse from any authority figure who can help make a difference. But here’s the thing, most of the Leadership don’t care enough to address the elephant in the room for fear of getting their hand smacked, careers ruined, or loved ones hurt.

Our secrets are not a secret so it’s time to talk. We need to face our blackmailers, risk losing our jobs, and prepare our families for empty threats from well dressed impotent men. Our so called leadership should be ashamed of themselves for their pathetic and slow response to these issues. And we should be ashamed too if we are not outraged and revolting just based on the few details we have about the reality of these activities.

Good guys fight in the Sun. We know who we are, we know what we’re capable of, and we know what time it is. We have a prophetic vision of the world where the natural energy, power, and ability of the field is reconnected to the unified living beings of Earth. Our hearts cannot be broken. Our power can no longer be suppressed. Our message is not limited to this dimension and the darkness is being cast out by our light.

I want to encourage you to speak up and expand this reality to penetrate the dreams of the sedated. If they are still holding us hostage with nothing more than the perception that they are in control, then it is truly the first time in our lifetime that WE are the ones who are actually in control. We get to decide if we want to continue to pursue a short term comfortable lifestyle, within a limited society of public slavery, waiting for our inevitable demise, or to step into our power as creative beings, children of the Most High, and accept the burden of building a brand new society from the roots up, while the damaged characters left over from the old paradigm still yield significant power.

If you hesitated in your mind about what decision to make when you read those two choices, then you should stay home and read about us in the news. As for me and my house, we press towards the mark of the high calling. We are not concerned with the vain accolades of average men, nor will we change our course because of their criticism or acts against us. We are charged to change and revitalize the world. That’s why we’re here, right now, in this moment.

So our “Leaders” better get to work for humanity from the middle where they think they can straddle the fence. Because the Highest levels are working for the greatest good of the people and the planet. We are building a new foundation rooted in Love, Unity, Creativity, and Freedom. We are the roots and although the Cabal tried to break us, all they’ve done is expand our vision, sharpened our skills, and made us stronger. So we have expectations because we know the truth. Stand in this truth as a unified force. Stop wasting time consumed with issues that do not matter.

Make today the day you declared your own independence. Make it mean something to the entire world.


A very brief explanation of what’s going down this week. My profile is private but the post is public.

1. Q and Trump have received the contents of my server which include the following:

A. Entire DNC Server – Far more than exposed by “Gucifer2.0.”
B. Entire HRC Email Server including deleted emails, 64,000 total.
C. Entire Obama, Podesta, Biden,FBI, CIA, Email servers and attachment files. over one million files total.
D. Hillary, Wiener, Email servers with attachments.
E. Pizza gate files, including video, photos, and correspondence.
F. Entire file on Uranium One, including Russian Side
G. A Total of 3 Terabytes, and over 2 million documents.
H. Every donation to the Clinton foundation.
I. Every donation to the DNC.
J. Obama’s offshore bank accounts.
K. Clinton offshore Bank accounts.
L. McCain Bank accounts.
M. Every name, address, phone number, credit card payment of SOROS, employee donations to DNC, RNC. Yes republicans, Soros bought off. Anti-fa, Clinton Foundation.
N. Donations to Clinton Campaign from 19 illegal Foreign countries. Nineteen counts of campaign fraud here.
O. Complete Clinton body count over 30 years.
P. Classified Emails.
Q. Benghazi, Yemen, and Syria war plans between HRC, Podesta, Obama, Qatar Rebels, AlQaeda.

Sorry, I have to stop at QQQQQQQQQQ.

George M Nasif