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Iran Banking Reforms in Final Lap | Iranian Rial | IQD Dinar Currency Ex...



Well thank you AB. That sounds encouraging. Now, that being said, 3rd week of July for public and prior for us? Maybe?


thanks admin bill...not to be negative...but it sounds like i need to prepare to go back to work in aug...i drive a college shuttle bus ....


Thanks AB. Appreciate the update. Was hoping that would get it done this week though.



admin bill....always. this is plan b....plan a is LIFE. but how i dream of plan b....lol




Admin, if we go before Public, will we be given skr and not made liquid/spendable until Public goes?



Thank you AB. That is what my understanding has been all along also. However, I do not plan to take any cash out. Putting it in my account(s) and dealing with it from there.


"UNSC lifted Sanctions and released frozen Iraqi assets", 3 JULY

Article: “Iraq officially exits from list of countries subject to monitoring and follow-up by FATF” More shackles came off.. UNSC lifted Sanctions and released frozen Iraqi assets, HM Treasury released frozen assets. No more OFAC list and now this from the FATF.. Fairly sure with Alak getting the Banking Award for 2018 shows that everything is in place to finish up the reforms.. imo. Now it seems to me that Commercial Banks can do business inside and outside of Iraq. They don’t say which ones, but, imo that would be BIG BANKS Globally too
Quote: “This trend will be positively reflected on Iraq by facilitating foreign remittances, which will be carried out without international supervision or the US Federal Reserve, so that remittances will arrive more quickly and facilitate the process of trade with the countries of the world,” …That “Iraqi traders will feel the usefulness of this decision as well as commercial banks clearly during the coming period.”



7-3-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "fixed exchange rate or floating?"  I have stated over and over and over again...RV or RI is not a possibility is not reality...that there really is only two choices fixed or float. And a float is coming. Morocco, Egypt and i think Tunisia all launched floating currencies within the last year.  Iraq should follow soon.

7-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick
  [via Clare]  Trump & the level playing field... USN & IQD Asset backed, ready to go in basket... Colossal, YEP!...  combined with electronic dinar,  POS & PCC  ...things are very close...look at currencies pegged to the USD not just the IQD... It's all good, much in play, much in motion, that NO ONE is reading about!!!

7-3-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via Clare]  1. Chapter 7...Gone..most of it...Enough /wow  2. UNSC unfreezes Assets /wow  3. HM /wow  4. FATF /wow  5. Laundering Money, Counterfeiting  6. Corruption, Control /wow  7. POS /hmmm  PCC /wow  USN /wow  8. CBI Gov. Alak, Awarded-Gov. of the Year /wow  9. Abadi - PM /wow  10. Cockroaches run to nowhere /wow  11. MasterCard  12. ATM's  13. SDR BASKET & it's Value Today  14.  No more OFAC  15. Sound of INTERNATIONALISM  16. All in June.   Compression of Time...On the CUSP...ACCELERATED.... A Plethora of CBI Articles, for an  RI Rainbow...

7-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Under Article 8 of the UN Charter for member nations, they must be able to control their currency and there are strict rules.  ...This is...why they wanted to wait until AFER the elections to go after the culprits. We see them now acting swiftly on this action.  Article quote: "At least 20 Iraqi lawmakers will be arrested after Sunday as their term at the Iraqi parliament will end, and they will no longer hold parliamentary immunity."  My conclusion can’t be anything other than sticking to my mid-July timeframe to hear any announcement from the CBI that they are going to forward once again with the “project to delete the zeros”. I am not going to speculate as to when they will actually do it, but it will be shortly.  [post 2 of 2]

7-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  Article quote:   "The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Saturday the withdrawal of the license of a brokerage company to sell and buy foreign currencies for violating the instruction."   Folks this is the withdrawal of the licenses of these companies TO MEDIATE THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF FOREIGN CURRENCIESGet it now why the CBI had to stall the project?  Also we know the CBI was under scrutiny with the MCP monitoring with the IMF in the attempt also to control the rate of the dinar to with 2% of CBI rate vs Street rate.  ...So a lot of this FRAUD and MANIPULATION was preventing this and driving up the US Dollar and bringing down the dinar.  ...I told everyone that the real reason why the CBI held up the continuation of the “project to delete the zeros” was due to the FRAUD and MANIPULATION with the currency ( in particular the currency auctions).  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


Frank26 » July 2nd, 2018

HOPE TO SEE YOU TONIGHT..................... IF I BUILD A MONDAY CC FOR YOU .............. WILL YOU COME ?

Tooca8 » July 2nd, 2018

Love to will it get us somewhere like Noah and his ark did?

Frank26 » July 2nd, 2018

WELL ................. LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY ..........IMO ................. IT IS RAINING INTEL FROM THE CBI AND ................. THE DOORS OF OUR STUDY ............ ARE CLOSING.


Toyvp » July 2nd, 2018

Central Bank unveils MOU items with global master card

Release date: 2018/6/29 16:08 • 317 times read


The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MasterCard International on the sidelines of the Arab International Banking Summit in Paris, represented by His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Mohsen Ismail. 

"This memorandum of understanding is prepared to contribute to the development of electronic payment services in Iraq and the transfer of expertise and benefit from the innovations that characterize the global systems in this area," a statement from the bank said. 

He pointed out that "the signing was attended by a selection of Iraqi and foreign banks in addition to the Iraqi ambassador in Paris." Link



Tishwash:  A taste of Zimbabwe's economic future    link

There is a great video but it can't be posted here so click link above and you can see it

A taste of Zimbabwe's economic future
Zimbabwe's first microbrewery is open for business, signaling a potential change in this country's economy.

Source: CNN     video


Tishwash:    Suron reveals the date of naming the Prime Minister and the formation of the next government

Information / Special ...

Al-Sadr alliance, which has the support of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Tuesday, the date of naming the Prime Minister and the formation of the next government after entering a unified alliance with the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the head of the Fatah alliance Hadi Amiri.

A member of the coalition, Raed Fahmi said in a statement to / information / that "the date of naming the Prime Minister will be limited to the political consensus between the blocks allied between them after reaching the understandings and views are close and the ratification of the Federal Court on the results of counting and sorting by hand," pointing out that "the formation of the next government It will take less than five months. "

"He added that" most blocs put forward multiple names to take over the prime minister, but did not reach a final agreement until now, "noting that" the alliance will continue to include most of the political forces to go to form the government after the completion of counting and manual sorting. "

The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi has confirmed, on Sunday, that the government turned after the end of the legislative parliament at the end of last month to conduct the daily business, among the government entered the stage of walking public facilities and is not entitled to take sovereign decisions in the country.

The Independent Electoral Commission has announced, on Tuesday, the start of manual counting and counting of polling stations, which received complaints and appeals by the use of staff from UNHCR offices in Karkh and Rusafa in Baghdad.  link

NWMontana:  Cool article about Iraq~Iraq economy to see growth as stability returns to country~https://www.verdict.co.uk/iraq-economy-stability-growth/


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

According to sources, last minute meetings are being held to decide what happens tomorrow on the 4th of July.

Alliance members are debating on several options, outcomes, and the current strategy.

One of the options is to decide the viability of using the Emergency Broadcast System for "groundbreaking announcements".

The release timing of the RV is also being discussed at these meetings.

Information about the conclusion of these meetings cannot be revealed at this time.

Will they keep the current strategy to covertly save the world or is it time "go loud"?

What would the repercussions be?

It is time to decide what course to take.

Where we go one, we go all.


10:58 AM EST 7/2/2018

We’re currently waiting on a transfer to clear to be able to commence project application funding.

Fortunately both Homeland Security and the FBI have formally launched an investigation into the terrorists guilty of blocking this VAX Port Transfer.

We also need the guidelines for individual relief as well as project funding according to the rules and guidelines of the Manna World Holding Trust.

Based on what I’ve seen and understand I don’t expect this to take long, but hesitate to set a new date. If all goes well today I will have an update to keep people informed to the best of my ability.



Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, July 2 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  What’s the word??

RayRen:  We did expect some things to happen over the weekend, and there are some interesting tidbits from members, stories they are relating.  The big question is WHEN?

Tony:  I like personal stories… when you’re ready.  In Iraq, the Parliament is OVER, and Iraq has a caregiver government.  The President of Parliament is still there, and Abadi is still in place as PM.  We know they were going to start arrests of the corrupt politicians, and 40 have been arrested so far, at least the arrest warrants have been issued.   The votes that have been in dispute, the recounts will start tomorrow.  We don’t know how long that will take.  People have been saying they think the RV will take place on the 2nd or 3rd;  others feel it will not happen until the votes are recounted, and Parliament is sintalled and can ratify the election.  Every plan can change, and does change.  Every plan is contingent on something else happening;  if it does, great, and otherwise we go to Plan B.   Ray, what did your people say on Open Mic?

RayRen:  One member was connected with someone in the Kuwaiti revaluation, and he got a text telling him to be ready at a moment’s notice.  Another member has an Iraqi friend, and she is now excited after news from her family who were celebrating something this weekend – an actual exchange, or at least good news from Iraq.  Someone else said something good about Reno, although I had someone in Reno this weekend and they didn’t find anything there.

Tony:  The best news I heard is this, keeping in mind we have sources at all levels here and in Iraq.  Mostly it’s two days behind what is actually happening. We were waiting to see what happened Sunday, hoping they would ratify the vote, which they haven’t done yet.  They are doing this to ‘prove’ that the democratic procedure works. Someone went to an old (former) WF location, and they saw a bunch of people doing something at that bank.  They had covered up all the windows, so he was curious about all the cards and activity.  When he drove by the next time, the building had security guards!  He went up to ask what was going on, and they told him they were training for a currency exchange that was going to take place in that location next week.  They gave him a specific day they were going to open just for that.  If I tell you the exact time and day, they might change it, so I’m giving you a ten-day window.  It’s great news that we see new locations opening up.  Some people were excited about it being today or tomorrow, but at that bank, they are looking at next week.  Either way, it’s still getting done.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Please remind everyone that when you leave your job, you also leave your health insurance and other benefits.  Some years ago, Tony said that we will be paying taxes quarterly.  Also anyone can get group rates on health insurance.  A:  Once you go over a certain amount, over a million dollars per year, you get switched to quarterly taxes, because of the dollar amount.  As for health insurance, if you cannot quality for health insurance on your own, you can get around that by starting your own business and then setting up group health insurance, even for pre-existing conditions.  Anybody can get on at that time – that’s why people get jobs, to get the health insurance.  Some Chambers of Commerce offer group health insurance, and so do professional organizations.  You still have to pay your share, but that’s how you can qualify, you and family members, too.  Go exchange your currency, start your business, and apply for group insurance… done!

Q:  Are we now waiting for the announcement of the voting results AND THEN the seating of the new government which includes the announcement of the new PM before we can see the RV?  A:  Who knows?

Q:  When we place proceeds from our exchange into a Trust, will we create a taxable event when moving funds from the Trust into one of several LLC’s?  A:   More than likely YES, unless the trust is the owner of the LLC.

Q:  I read the post in the form that Zimbabwe is going back to using the US dollar August 1st.  How will this affect the Zim notes we are holding if the RV does not happen by then?  A:  I think we will have the RV before then.  Also, the Zim notes we are holding have already been superseded by current Zimbabwe currency;  they don’t use these notes in Zimbabwe right now.  So I think this change would have no effect on us.  [Tony dropped off the call.]  The notes I was told about from the UST are the 100 and 50 Trillion notes.  The rate is supposed to be between .11 and .22 cents.  Those are the rates being seen on the screen.  Those are the notes the bank and the committee member told us they plan on exchanging;  these could be the two notes Zimbabwe has guaranteed them they will take back for the exchange. They aren’t going to pay us those rates without gaining something themselves.

Q:  How do you suggest that we diversify, and how soon after we exchange should we do so, since we should not be wiring money more than $500,000, right after we exchange? In other words, how are you all going to do this?  A:  We cannot give you financial advice.  I’m not worried about the first 30 days, because they have already told us not to wire more than 500K during that first month.  I don’t have to do everything in those first 30 days, because I have a plan for life.  I can sit back, watch the markets, see how the economy it going, look at different industries, etc. I would look at IPOs, penny stocks, the 3D printing industry, and maybe marijuana – that’s going to be a 100 billion dollar industry, and someone’s going to benefit from that.  I will negotiate with the bank about how long to leave my funds there, and what the bank can offer me.

Q:  Ray, how can I help some cousins who would have no interest in learning about family foundations and trust and utopia giving but they need financial help?  Should I just get Wal-Mart cards loaded periodically and mail them anonymously?  A:  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  We want to help our friends and family, but there is a responsible way to do that.  Read the parable of the talents, where three people received money and were asked what they did with it. Some of us take this stewardship seriously, and some do not.  Handing out WalMart cards is not a serious stewardship activity, in my opinion.  You have to be more involved in helping people go the right way, and otherwise, you might find other people to help. If people don’t want to learn, they are looking for something for nothing.  If you are willing to give them money anyway, invest your money first.  Put the money to work, see what the return is, and then send monthly allotments to people if that’s what you choose to do.  Why would you just hand over money if the recipient isn’t interested enough to learn how to use it?  Tehre are professional athletes who went through 100 million dollars who went broke doing just what you’re thinking, and none of those friends are sending them one dolar back. So think about what you’re considering…

Q:  How can I move funds out of a C-corporation to my personal name?  I’d like to create a trust and foundation for the funds after RV.  This corporation owes me money for covering costs.  Can I cancel the debt by moving currencies into my name?  Are funds in an S-corporation treated the same as funds in my own name?

Q:  Is it absolutely for Iraq to have a sitting government before we RV?  No.  The election is ratified, Sadr and Abadi are in agreement, the Parliament votes in Abadi as PM, the Parliament still has 90 more days to settle the whole new government.  However they have already got rid of the biggest crooks, and their money is no longer being monitored, so now they are free to move their money around.  So NO, they do not need a complete government for this to happen.

Q:  I am planning on using some of my 401K to start my self-directed IRA, can you explained the different type of self-directed IRAs or which self-directed IRA is more official to use?  I know self-directed Roth IRA LLC is one and self-directed IRA LLC is another one.  A:  The only thing I can tell you is that the best tools is a self-directed ROTH IRA with the right custodian for what you want to do.  There will be a tax hit in 2018 if you move things over.

Q:  A friend with a system security background was worried about exchange cetners being linked to the secure banking computers.  A:  They’ve been planning this thing for ten years and I’m sure they got that covered.

Q:  How about TNT starting a group health insurance plan, post-RV?  A:  Okay, we’ll consider that post-RV.

Q:  Is there any update on the mandate to exchange within one’s district? Is it narrowed down to within your state of residence, or can you cross a state line within an exchange district?  A: The districts include several states anyway, especially out West.

Q:  Do you know anything about contract rates outside the US, especially the UK and Canada?  A:  I only know about contract rates inside the US.  The only place I’ve heard of contract rates is Canada.

Q:  During the exchange, after the banker tells me how much Contract Rate I can get, I might consider watching Forex for a better rate.  Do I have to open a Forex account to to exchange the Dinar with them or will the Bank match the running Forex rate 5 or so days later.  A: The banks get their rates from Forex, so if you are watching and you call your bank, you should get the same rate.  Most banks only update their rates once or twice a day, so you should also ask them about that.  The question is whether you can in to the bank quickly enough after you see the rate change on Forex.  If they don’t give you the contract rate on all your currency, take what you can get!

Questions from live callers

951 caller:  What does ‘in the next ten days’ mean?

Tony:  By or before next Thursday.

Caller:  Do you have any updates on the dong?

Tony:  NO, because it’s still on the screen, and it’s still on list or in the basket.  Years ago, we were told 47 cents, so I’ve always planned on those rates.  The most recent numbers on the bank screens have been higher.  We will find out when these currencies actually go what the real rates are;  the dinar will adjust according to the price of oil, and that will have an impact on all the other rates.

470/404 caller:  Last week there was the meeting in France where Allak got that award. Have you heard anything else from that meeting?

Tony:  No, although we have heard they’ve got more offers for investment from other countries, and the agreements with Visa/MasterCard (again).  However, nothing points us towards a particular day next week.

Caller:  What’s the latest on the 800 numbers?

Tony:  We haven’t heard anything new on the NDAs or 800 numbers, although we know that it is still the plan as they still have exchange center and call centers.

Caller:  There seems to be conflicting information on how much time we expect to be there for our exchange appointments.  Have they give you any indication on that?

Tony:  No.  I heard an hour and twenty minutes from the guy who had the meeting last week.  Someone with 100K dinar might take 15 minutes; someone with millions will want to talk about rates, interest rates, and other negotiation points.  I imagine the more currency you have, the longer it will take.  Dial the 800 number;  it shouldn’t take more than three minutes for that call.  If you got to the exchange location, they will allocate a certain time for your exchange, based on your level.  However, we haven’t received that schedule or breakdown.

Caller:  Arrests in Iraq – is Maliki on that list?

Tony:  They are just issuing the warrants, and some former MPs have already left the country;  they cannot follow or pull them back until they are charged with something.

312 caller:  With the votes not being recounted, there is a legislative vacuum in Iraq.  If that is the case, how are they going to move forward with the economic reforms?

Tony:  They are not without leadership;  Abadi is still there and still the prime minister.  The President of Parliament is still in power, and the rest of the government is still there, continuing with any project or policy that was started before June 30th.  They just can’t start any new projects/policies.  The CBI could release this any time they choose.  Sure, Maliki’s faction can try to blow people up, or put the country into turmoil, but it’s not going to work in the long term.  People are getting killed every day in the US!  Does that make us worse than Iraq?  Right now, Iraq is no worse that we are right here.

610 caller:  if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.  The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com;  click on the Donate button and send your check today.

631 caller:  You must be feeling really good by now.  It’s a possibility that this will come through today or tomorrow, or it could be ten days down the road?

Tony:  We ride the roller-coaster like everyone else. Last week, two Iraqi government sources thought this would go on the 2-3. July;  my banking people said they were doing it ‘today’ on  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week.  It didn’t go through.  Ray’s Kuwaiti person told him “any  minute’, and over the weekend we were told at the end of this week.  Then the guy who was at the former WF place said ‘next week’.  So you know as much as we do.  People send me all kinds of stuff about groups going on X date, with the public going Y date, but no one gave me any such schedule. The CBI can release this any time they feel they have a ‘secure and stable environment’.  It could be at a moment’s notice.  However, two weeks they expected the election to be concluded, with Sadr making his announcement and so on.  There is still a plan, but it’s always being adjusted.  That has happened over the last ten years, and it continues to happen.  All we can do is give you today’s plan. Abadi is trying to create democratic change where there hasn’t been any for 200 years.  I like what he’s doing, and it’s not easy.

Next caller:  If they don’t get this done by the 10th or 15th, will contracts be in default?

Tony:  I think what you are hearing si that some people say that if this doesn’t go through now, it will be September or the start of 2019.  I haven’t read or seen anything like that.  Step Four said they have to complete the economic reform, and they mean to do that NOW, not in the new year.  That’s the only way the investors will bring their money to Iraq, and they want that to happen.

Caller:  I thought most of the banks in the US were finished with their training.

Tony:  We are all going to start together.  Just like with the committee, the plan moves on, people retire or get moved to a new position, or even quit.  That happens at the banks, too.  People quit or move on, and new people have to be trained to take their place.  We know two exchange locations shut down, maybe because they leaked;  those locations will have to be replaced, plus there are new locations coming up as they track those buying more currency than before.  There are all kinds of reasons why a bank might be setting up a new location and training new people to do the exchanges.

618 caller:  Can we talk about taxes?  Everything I read says “pay your taxes”, but Tony says that the taxes are already paid.

Tony:  Is someone telling you this is a taxable event?  If there is a tax, I say ‘pay your taxes’ too, but our information says this is NOT a taxable event. I know people who have exchanged and they were not taxed.  Unless they go back and pay their taxes, none of us are going to be taxed.  Years ago, I told everyone to put 50% aside, in case it’s taxable.  If you don’t have taxes – great!  If you do, then pay those taxes and move on.

617 caller:  I have my own plan.  I agree with Tony – 50% should go into a savings account until the tax situation is clear. I’ll put 10% off the top into a separate savings account for my tithing, and half of the rest should be put to work.  That leaves 20% that I will spend carefully and thoughtfully.  What do you think?

Tony:  That seems like a good plan, and certainly better than no plan at all.

Caller:  My sources tell be this will happen before the 9th, which is next Monday.  But hopefully it will be before then.

Tony:  That’s a good day for an RV!  Where is your source?  Is it a bank source?  A government source?  What kind of source?

Caller:  It’s a really good source, that’s all I can say.

423 caller:  What do you think is holding this up?

Tony:  We’ve had people inside the CBI for the last ten years – people who work there, who attend the meetings, and who set up the plan for this to happen.  CBI has been trying to do this for YEARS, pushing for this to happen, and trying to change the rate for the betterment of Iraq.  The only thing that’s stopped them was the US, because we didn’t meet OUR criteria, not the IMF, World Bank, or wherever.  Now they have finished all that:  they have trained their people, educated the citizens, and external organizations are no longer monitoring their currency.  The CBI are definitely going to do this as soon as they can, especially if they have the support of Abadi and the government.  They are just waiting for a ‘stable, secure environment’.  The old Parliament has gone, the crooks have left the country, and this is a great time to restart the reforms.  They may be waiting for the recount, but that won’t change the numbers enough to change the blocs.  So nobody is holding US back, they are just waiting for the best moment to make a fresh start, and that will open the doors for external investments to start pouring in.

Caller:  Can Parliament take that vote in one day?  It would be great to have this right now so that we can all have a great Fourth of July.

Tony:  They have to do the recount, and we don’t know how long that will take.  I have no power or authority as to when they do this;  all I can do is put together the pieces to support you all and make sure we all stay in the game, going in the right direction.  As far as we can tell, everything is ready, and we’re just waiting for Parliament and the CBI.

281 caller:  [can’t hear this caller]

Tony:  They say that there are 100 of the corrupt ones who are gone, so some people are probably left, maybe 65-68.  However, their days are numbered.  Up til now, no government official has been punished for stealing money, but now that has changed.

Caller:  Do we have to tell them everything we have?

Tony: They prefer to deal with people in one appointment, and the exchange person will need to know how much you have in order to make the best deal.  If their offer is worth your while, then do it;  if it doesn’t, then you can walk away.  You have to negotiate all that at the exchange appointment for the best you can get. If you sign an NDA and you have not told them everything they have asked, that’s a financial crime.

Closing Statement

Tony:  There was news over the weekend, more coming in this morning, and probably more during the day.  We’re still hearing 2-3. July, and also next week.  We’ll see how long it takes them to finish the recount, and then hopefully they’ll get started.  I will keep calling, and if something exciting comes in we will send out a tweet or text.  Have a great Fourth of July, and if we need to talk on Friday, we will.

RayRen:  Enjoy your holiday!  Keep believing!

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


IQD RV News Update (RANT# 189)


Iobey77 » July 2nd, 2018

IMO, I want to see more talk of those LD's and their pictures from the CBI! I also want to see that FINAL article telling us EVERYTHING!

Seems it's been kinda quiet about these things since the elections have finished. IDK, but I am thinking the "talk" about parliament is just that..talk! IMO, it's time to get things set up and this new gov't running full force with a NEW INTERNATIONAL RATE!

We have seen the "evidence", IMO, that they are international, we have seen the "evidence" they have RI'd "in country" ....it's high time we see the proof of it(IMO, we already have) and that they are open to the world with their NEW INTERNATIONAL RATE free from restrictions!!

In other words...it's SHOW TIME!! IMO!!!

Dinardiva1 » July 2nd, 2018

Imo Iraq has shown us all there cards on being international. We are waiting for some one else to hit the button!!!

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 3, 2018

Compiled 3 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it was valid. Patience was a Virtue. Having Virtue was a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Summary as of July 3 2018

1. Intel Alert: An information hold was put into effect as the predicted release date for the RV and major announcements approached.

2. Intel Alert: Consensus has been reached for the RV release date. Bruce: They have a time set within which this should get done. TNT: Our contacts said the RV window was Sat. June 30 to July 2, or perhaps July 3.

3. Intel Alert: Major announcements were expected prior to Wed. July 4. NESARA news was scheduled to be broadcast over the Emergency Broadcast System on July 4, 2018Bruce: On July 4 we should get a NESARA/GESARA announcement: debt forgiveness and a new and better tax law. Anon: NESARA/GESARA would be accepted worldwide and new elections would be announced replacing the removed dark ones with the introduction of Common Law in governments and courts on July 6, 2018.

4. Anon: The GCR/RV and 800#’s would commence worldwide on July 5, 2018.

5. Bruce: We as Tier 4 would exchange through July 11. The general public would start on July 12.

6. Yosef: The Plan was for most ZIM holders was to be redeemed by Aug. 1.

7. Fulford: Pentagon sources were saying the number of sealed indictments in the U.S. is now up to over 40,000 and that mass arrests were likely to start in the Autumn. Many thousands have already been arrested, or removed from power. Over 50 congressmen and senators have resigned, and the top ranks of the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, and CIA have been thoroughly cleansed of Khazarian mob servants. We have also seen the deaths of many of the top Khazarian mobsters, including David Rockefeller, Jacob de Rothschild, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Bill Gates.

8. Wilcock: Mueller’s team has 470 people working it, and was directly responsible for filing 40,483 sealed indictments now on record as of June 30th, 2018. Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who was working with Huber, has a staff of 470 investigators, giving Huber access to enormous investigative firepower that far exceeded the staff of any special counsel.

9. Pentagon: Aussie Cardinal George Pell was on trial for pedophilia. Bill Clinton’s D.C. Cardinal Ted McCarrick has been charged with rape of a minor. Cardinal Pell was Vatican minister of the economy and in charge of the Vatican Bank, along with its secret bribe accounts held in the name of most world leaders. Since Pell was from Australia, his removal meant that vast stores of gold on the Island of Bougainville may soon be made available for the people.


10. The BIS—the central bank of central banks—was being told to return the stolen gold they have used to finance the so-called G7 and G20 groups of nations, according to members of Asian and Western secret societies. This would become visible after the NATO meeting scheduled for July 11th and 12th, where the biggest changes in European governance since World War 2 would be set into motion.

11. There were 30 leaders of African nations in a closed door meeting on July 1. The African Union meets July 11, with elections on July 30 (where they were expected to hear that Zimbabwe was gold backed and they would RV – this has nothing to do with Zim bonds).

12. European Union and Germany’s immigration issues were expected to settle the evening of July 1 in order for those nations to be GESARA compliant.


A. July 2 2018 1:19 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 2, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Cabal has been leeching off of humanity's wealth for centuries.

2. The amount of stolen wealth being recovered increased each day.

3. The funds being allocated into the GCR/RV was less than 1% of the total amount of stolen wealth. The stolen wealth was being allocated into benefiting humanity. There were enough funds to build an entire civilization on another planet.

4. The sky would be your limit at your exchange/redemption appointment. We were living through the largest and covert revolution in human history.


July 2 2018 9:17 am EST Revolution, Fulford: "The Revolution Continues" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 7.2.18 Benjamin Fulford

1. The criminal Cabal that has been ruling the planet earth was being systematically removed from power. The latest - a regime change in Mexico and soon the EU. The power struggle in Washington D.C. was definitely being won by the good guys.

2. Some real disclosure was occurring about both the Roswell “UFO” incident and anti-gravity technology. The two links below were sent to us by Japanese military intelligence and they say they are genuine. One appeared to be a patent application for an anti-gravity craft, while the other claimed to be a top-secret document stating that alien bodies and alien spacecraft really were recovered by the U.S. government.



3. Pentagon sources were saying the number of sealed indictments in the U.S. was now up to over 40,000 and that mass arrests were likely to start in the Autumn.

4. Many thousands have already been arrested, or removed from power. Over 50 congressmen and senators have resigned. The top ranks of the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, and CIA have been thoroughly cleansed of Khazarian mob servants. We have also seen the deaths of many of the top Khazarian mobsters, including David Rockefeller, Jacob de Rothschild, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Gates, etc.

5. What we are all waiting for now was to see some of the remaining top Khazarian mobsters like the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, and Netanyahu (Mileikowsky) perp-walked in handcuffs in front of the world media. That day was coming soon.

6. Pentagon sources noted that “While Aussie Cardinal George Pell is on trial for pedophilia, Bill Clinton’s Cardinal Ted McCarrick in D.C. is charged with rape of a minor.”


7. Cardinal Pell was the Vatican minister of the economy, and in charge of the Vatican Bank and its secret bribe accounts held in the name of most so-called world “leaders.” His removal was opening the way for a massive Vatican campaign in African and Latin America to fight poverty and environmental destruction. Since Pell was from Australia, his removal meant that vast stores of gold on the Island of Bougainville may soon be made available for the people of the planet earth, according to Vatican sources.

8. One of the main remaining Khazarian power centers, the BIS—the central bank of central banks—was being told to return the stolen gold they have used to finance the so-called G7 and G20 groups of nations, according to members of Asian and Western secret societies.

9. This would become visible to the Western public during and after the NATO meeting scheduled for July 11th and 12th, where the biggest changes in European governance since World War 2 would be set into motion.


D. July 2 2018 4:05 am EST QAnon and Indictments, Sierra: "Q Anon and Indictments" by Sierra (NZ) - 7.2.18

1. Jordan Sather: There is an astonishing total of 40,483 indictments, five times more in eight months than the norm in a year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_zi2A4YB6Q

2. John Huber and his team of 470 people (investigators) have been working since early to mid November filing these indictments from across the country.

3. Q Anon post number 1660:

'...Ask yourself - does Huber have the ability to file across all 50 states?
Is any of this normal?
Think sealed indictments.
Think resignations of CEOs.
Think resignations of Senators.
Think resignations of Congress.
Think resignations of senior FBI.
Think resignations of senior DOJ.
Media BLACKOUT...'

4. Q Anon/Indictment timeline:

28th October 2017: First Q Anon post
30th October 2017: First sealed indictment
13th November 2017: Huber and his team of 470 investigators get to work


E. July 2 2018 Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen by Deep State, David Wilcock: New Briefings: Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen By Deep State, Preparing to Give It Back David Wilcock David's Blog

1.At least four independent insider sources have revealed that the Alliance was now locating and legally seizing trillions of dollars in assets stolen by the Deep State.

2. The money was set to be released back into the legitimate economy as “prosperity funds” that could almost immediately create radical improvements in our overall quality of life.

3. The details of this plan were being hammered out in a variety of high-profile meetings of top world leaders.

4. The enigmatic Q Anon briefings went completely silent as of May 22nd following a big burst of data. It looked like it might be over. One small post was made on June 3rd, followed by another week-long delay. As it turns out, this was because the team was fully focused on these high-profile meetings, which involved very serious and complex negotiations. Then the cryptic announcements came back in full, daily force as of June 10th, and have continued ever since.

5. Q Anon is a series of enigmatic posts on 4Chan, an anonymous internet forum, which began last October 2017. These posts were given in blow-by-blow stages in an ongoing, official effort to expose and defeat the Deep State / Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati.

6. All of our very best intel has confirmed that Q Anon was the legitimate, public voice of the Alliance, kept anonymous for their own protection.

7. A recent article, linked below, indicated that Q has called out certain prominent public figures as Alliance supporters:


These include Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Mayor of New York City turned Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

8. Though our insiders have indicated the US President was cooperating with this agenda, the Alliance’s effort was decades in the making and far bigger than any one administration.

9. The sealed indictments alone were nothing we’ve ever before seen in history. Q has now validated their involvement in the plan. We were seeing a shut-down of human trafficking and pedo rings, an end to genocidal aspirations and “false flag” terrorism, and an imminent financial rehabilitation on an epic scale.

10. These events would also pave the way for disclosure of forbidden technology and the secret space program.

11. Latest Q posts: https://qanon.pub/.]


13. Post 1595 included a link to a Wikileaks tweet, which directed readers to a Mint Press News article that attempted to argue that Q was a massive psy-op that had everyone fooled. Insiders have told us that Wikileaks has been taken over by certain intelligence agencies warring with other groups.

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 267e20 No.1918277 Jun 26 2018 22:10:09 (EST)

Desperate agencies do stupid things.
Dead cat bounce.
You may have the site but we have the source. [DW: The “source” appears to be Julian Assange.]

Panic is good.
Panic is right.
July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH.
Conspiracy no more.
Time to FEED.

Then the next day, June 27th, Q post number 1602 included the following:

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 079dd1 No.1925332 Jun 27 2018 11:45:55 (EST)
The game is over when the public knows.
The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.
You will FAIL.
You lost CONTROL.
You underestimated their resolve and their ability to free-think away from the pipeline narrative.
We will DECLAS.
We will shine LIGHT.
No amount of money, influence, or power can stop this.

15. It is also interesting that just nine days before, the administration declared the immediate formation of a Space Force. This is a provocative clue. It may well be that the Alliance is preparing to declassify space technology in the near future as well.

16. Mueller’s team actually has 470 people working it, and is directly responsible for filing the 40,483 sealed indictments now on record as of June 30th, 2018.

17. Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is working with Huber, has a staff of 470 investigators, giving Huber access to enormous investigative firepower that far exceeds the staff of any special counsel.

18. Twitter user @damartin32 has been reporting on the efforts of a team of individuals who are systematically going through PACER.gov and looking for sealed indictments.

PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. It is the definitive archive of court cases in America, sealed and unsealed.

19. An indictment can only be filed after the conclusion of a grand jury, where a prosecutor questions witnesses in front of ordinary citizens. Our intel has confirmed that many hundreds of secret grand juries and newly-hired attorneys have produced these indictments.

20. https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/31/turley-sessions-using-utah-federal-prosecutor-much-better-trump-2nd-special-counsel/ Q

21. Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: d4a218 No.1986443 Jul 1 2018 13:29:32 (EST)

Ask yourself – does Huber have the ability to file across all 50 states?
Is any of this normal?
Think sealed indictments.
Think resignations of CEOs.
Think resignations of Senators.
Think resignations of Congress.
Think termination of senior FBI….
Think termination of senior DOJ….

How large is Mueller’s team? 20-25? Think 470.


Benjamin Fulford https://benjaminfulford.net/2018/07/02/the-revolution-continues-as-old-regimes-collapse-in-mexico-and-the-eu-plus-secret-space-program-disclosure/

23. For those who say the arrests will never happen, we can answer that many thousands have already been arrested or removed from power. Over 50 congressmen and senators have resigned, and the top ranks of the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, and CIA have been thoroughly cleansed of Khazarian mob servants.

24. One of the main remaining Khazarian power centers, the BIS—the central bank of central banks—is now being told to return the stolen gold they have used to finance the so-called G7 and G20 groups of nations, according to members of Asian and Western secret societies. This will become visible to the Western public during and after the NATO meeting scheduled for July 11th and 12th, where the biggest changes in European governance since World War 2 will be set into motion.

25. Our Pentagon sources note that, “In a blunt warning to the deep state, the NSA deleted 685 million call records of innocent people, while keeping the rest for military tribunals and other purposes.”



Monday Night KTFA CC 7-2-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Clare:  WOW!!! Frank, Walkingstick, Delta, AG & Teams...you ROCKED THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!

Thanks so much! You all are really amazing! Can't get this, anywhere else!!!

How in the world do you sum up this CC?  There was so much in it.....

Frank did it best with his KONA checklist, in his words:

1.Chapter 7...Gone..most of it...Enough /wow

2. UNSC unfreezes Assets /wow

3. HM /wow

4. FATF /wow

5. Laundering Money, Counterfeiting

6. Corruption, Control /wow 

7. POS /hmmm  PCC /wow  USN /wow

8. CBI Gov. Alak, Awarded-Gov. of the Year /wow

9. Abadi - PM /wow

10. Cockroaches run to nowhere /wow

11. MasterCard

12. ATM's

13. SDR BASKET & it's Value Today

14.  No more OFAC


16. All in June 

Compression of Time...On the CUSP...ACCELERATED.... 

 A Plethora of CBI Articles, for an  RI Rainbow....

Delta (among other things) highlighted the World Bank and the importance of the financial reform to be finished... to connect the boarders electronically! That income, from the imports is very important to the GOI & CBI.

WS report: Trump & the level playing field.... USN & IQD Asset backed, ready to go in basket.... Colossal, YEP!...  combined with electronic dinar,  POS & PCC  ....things are very close....look at currencies pegged to the USD not just the IQD... 

It's all good, much in play, much in motion, that NO ONE is reading about!!!

Short take..... Alak, got Kudos for a Monetary Policy that Shabbi, wrote the book on, a Monetary Policy that reared itself in the EU.... the need to know Global, is well aware of a timeline!

Without a doubt...America & Iraq, ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! It's happening right in front of us as we were told......LOVE IT!!!