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Walkingstick: "Rate now on Forex is maybe around $1.80" , 27 JUNE

[via sunny]   PCC, by definition is a currency sold with low volumes on the FOREX.  Rate now on Forex is maybe around $1.80. A country that does a PCC is Article 14 before going to Article 8.  Testing stress of the Iraqi dinar outside of their borders.  Countries you can refer to, to see how a PCC was applied are India Rupee and China’s Yuan.  All emerging economies use a PCC to go from Article 14 to Article 8.  It means they have to convert.  Protects their reserves and contracts.  How long can a PCC go on?  Started two months ago, with jumps on the FOREX, just before 2% compliance.  $1.70- $2.00 PCC testing.  Trying to hit 3+?  That would be an RV.  We don't know exactly where we are.

THE RATE CANNOT BE ANY HIGHER THAN THE AAD (Arab Accounting Dinar) CURRENCY NUMBERS OF THE IMF = 2.5 X SDR NUMBERS (You can find this on the IMF website...)  SDR rate as of today is $1.41.  If you multiply by 2.5 you get a max of 3.52.  (can change daily...)  When it’s on the FOREX it will sell at a low volume, not the program rate.  Iraq in the ME is a trade hub and needs different value for the world Global Markets.  The key is it’s now going to be tested at a different value globally.  The RV WILL SHINE LIKE THE SUN!

Time for Change Call w/Jared Rand (J2)


Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, June 25 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.  Friday’s call was cancelled.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  We apologize for cancelling the call on Friday.  We wanted to do the call, and we understand that some people were upset.  Calls are easy for me – Ray dials me in and I just talk.  However, it takes a lot of background organization.  In the past, I had a larger team to put all that together.  Ray does all that now;  I don’t even know the numbers!  Our mods in the forum do the hard part:  monitoring the forum, making sure everything is going smoothly.  We are all doing the very best we can to make the calls happen;  if it doesn’t, we are still doing the best we can to make that call happen. Sometimes we get to a point where it just cannot happen, and then we say “Okay, we just won’t do this one.”  Please understand that we did our best, and we just couldn’t do it.  I really value our mods and look forward to introducing them at Vegas, and giving each of them their own personal Bentley to let them know I understand how much they contribute, and that I appreciate them.  There are thousands of people on each call, and maybe a hundred people make donations, so most of you don’t have anything to complain about.

RayRen:  We sent out an update on Thursday about the court making a decision:

The Federal Court announced the legitimacy of the third amendment to the election law voted by Parliament. Salim Shawqi was stated as saying, “The decision of the Federal Court was expected, but the results of the elections will not have a major significance.”

PM Abadi is “expected” to immediately commence the arrest of the crooked politicians who lost their seats on July 1, 2018. He is also expected to start an investigation seeking those responsible for the fall of Mosul as previously requested by Sadr.

Implementation of the economic reforms is expected immediately following the placement of the new Parliament members.

Citizens have been in a two-week awareness campaign of the new changes by posting lower denoms on the billboards for all to see.

Tony:  So the court decided about the recounting of the votes – that they could not do away with votes from Kurdistan or votes cast abroad.  However, they did rule that they could manually recount the votes that were challenged, not every single vote.  They are only recount votes from the polling stations that they received complaints about.  No one believes that will change a thing, because the number of recounts won’t change the process.  It’s not going to take 60 or 90 days to recount those votes.  My crystal ball says that it will take ten days at the most.

Sadr and Abadi came out at the weekend and said they would be a team.  They are forming the largest bloc and will make an announcement this week.  The only one holding out right now is Kurdistan;  they are waiting for the votes to come out before deciding which way to jump.  Everyone else is signing up for the Nine Points that Sadr wanted to work with. Everyone else has now agreed to those Nine Points.  This is old news, rehashed. The only thing we are waiting for now is the formal announcement of hwo they are putting up for Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Maliki and his crowd are trying to extend Parliament until 1. October, and the Court has already ruled that is not going to happen.  The new Parliament takes over 1. July, as of the court ruling this morning.  The new Parliament is supposed to take over even if they don’t have the vote recount yet.  Abadi and Sadr has already agreed to be the largest bloc, so we know who the PM will be.  They are only recounting the votes that were challenged, and that should happen in ten days or fewer.

The re-education from the CBI is continuing, with billboards and such.  Now there are newspaper articles saying that the CBI is going to delay the deletion of the three zeros because of the political turmoil.  That doesn’t make sense.  The CBI hasn’t said this, and I won’t pay attention to it until they do.  Then the CBI said something like this today. Can you believe this?!  What changed in the last two weeks?  We know about the votes, we know how the groups are that are coming together, and which is the largest bloc with the power to select the PM, and we know the court has ruled that the new Parliament will take power on 1. July.  It seems to me that the political situation is now a lot smoother than two weeks ago!  I hear what they’re saying, but I am watching what they are doing.  They have recalibrated the ATMs, taking out the dollars and putting in the lower denominations;  they are removing dollars from the country, and the auctions are going lower every day.  Everything I’m looking at says this thing is progressing.  Remember Kuwait and China each said, “We are not revaluing” and then they did.  These two situations/statements are not coming together for me, especially when what they are doing is so different from what they’re doing.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I know right now that the US and the bankers were excited this morning because this is supposed to come out sometime this week.  It’s a great day, all the news is out there, and it’s looking good.  In Iraq, they are still doing the re-education campaign, and they are informing the people about the use of the cards, etc.  They are explaining exactly what is happening, and when it’s happening.  I can see it moving in my crystal ball!

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  After the exchange do we go to the wealth manager to do our further negotiations first or do we set up our Trusts/foundations first before we go to the bank negotiations? We were thinking that we might need to do our negotiations with the wealth manager a few days after exchange before we set up the trust/foundation but then we were thinking as a group that maybe we needed to set trust/foundations up before we go to wealth managers. We are dedicated to reading and discussing the call notes together and we all have the same conclusion that we really haven’t heard a procedure on which is first. A:  How much will it cost you to talk to the wealth managers?  How much will it cost to set up your entities?  The latter will cost $5-10K, so you’ll see your wealth manager first. For some, it might cost as much as $20, if you are creating a foundation as well, plus a couple of trusts.  Most of you will negotiate first;  once you have money in your account and create your entities, then you assign your investments into those entities.  Tony:  I will negotiate my rates and interest at the exchange, because once you’ve exchanged you cannot go back and renegotiate the rates.  I want to decide how much I will get and then I can decide where I want to put that money.  They will not let you renegotiate because some friend got two cents more.  So do that part first – get the money into your account – then move your money around.

Q:  How do we double check the math of the revalued rate multiplied by how much currency we have?  I know we need a calculator that will go that high…but I am concerned the bank may make a mistake and I am not going to catch it.  I’m pretty sure most of us have never seen that many zeros in our accounts ever!  A:  So you seriously think the bank is going to cheat you, right in your face, by doing the math wrong?  They are human, and they do make sense, but you can take your own calculator.  [Create a spreadsheet beforehand to get rough figures.  When TNT sends out the 800 numbers, they will give you the rates as they understand them.]

Q:  Wanting to confirm if the plan for exchanging in one’s ‘own district’ remains in effect;  if so, do you think there will be any exceptions?  A:  We haven’t heard any changes on that.  There are always exceptions to every rule.

Q:  If we have an LLC that holds our currencies, do we need to take our entire corporate book into the exchange or can we just take a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and a copy of the initial minutes showing that I am the manager of the LLC in my case? It would make the load a little lighter to not have to carry the whole document to the exchange. Trying to stay lean and mean.  A:  You might want to open the LLC account beforehand, to save time at the appointment.  Take the Articles and Minutes only.  The same is true for Trust entities:  just take the Statement of Trust and the EIN number, the things that establish the entity exists.  Call your bank now and ask for what they need to open a bank account.  That way you won’t be surprised on exchange day.

Q:  Tony said to Google platform rates;  I did that and I get thousands of things about banks and interest rates but nothing specific about platform rates.  A:  That’s because bank platforms are private;  you have to have a certain level of assets, and you have to be invited.  There are people in the forum who I know are involved in platforms, and we might have more information in our various groups.  You have to be sponsored, whether here or overseas.

Q:  Tony, you stated that after the Federal Court decision concerning the elections that the US banks may have a better timeframe as to when they think this will be ready to go. Have you gotten any updates from the US banks on a new window?  Or are they now waiting for the recount to be completed?  A:  I’ve already answered that question, even it was by mistake!  They are excited, so yes, they are back on board.

Secondly, have you been able to ascertain from your sources in Iraq whether or not the manual counting started right after Parliament’s vote OR they are only now just getting started after the Federal Courts decision? And approx. how long do your sources say they believe it will take to complete the counting?  A:  The rumor is that it will start on the 27th, and it will take three days to get this done. So it will be done by the time that the new Parliament takes over on 1. July.

Q:  Following Tony’s work on #wearethepeople in getting the “Powers That Be” to agree to allow the Contract Rate on the Dinar for people and groups, I.e. “man on the street”; it seems that the “available Contract Rate” is getting smaller by eliminating how much one could get of the contract rate.   Q. Do you think this is fair? If not, how can #wearethepeople raise the red flag before, during and after the exchange?  A:  I don’t think you understand how/why we did # wearethepeople. The campaign was successful, and they told me a certain percentage would be able to get contract rates, on a first-come, first-served basis.  It was always going to be related to how much you have.  Then the committee member suggested that no one would get contract rate.  They were forced to reconsider;  however, they did decide to limit the contract rate to those who would be under a billion dollars.   “Can we do something about it?”  Such as what?  Spread the same amount amongst a different set of people?  I can’t get mad at their decisions.  I would love to have all my currency at the contract rate, and I’ll make that attempt.  But if they have a formula that they want to work with, which spreads the wealth more widely, then I can’t be mad at that.  It depends on how much you have.  If you have a lot of currency, you should already have plans on how to use those funds for everyone’s benefit.

Q:  Will you open a discussion with those who attend your functions or via a call on the issue of this being a non-taxable event? (No capital gains, no ordinary income tax etc.)  A:  We will have discussions on all sorts of things that interest us.

Q:  Do either of you have any idea what is going on with lower denomination bills in Vietnam.  We haven’t heard much about the process of the currency changes they will be experiencing.  A:  No, we haven’t – it’s been a quiet process, but we know it will have to change.  They did adjust their rate a bit over the weekend.

Q:  Parliament said they can extend their time in office and power past July 1 and into 2019. Different articles are saying that some of the defeated groups have militias, and are subtly implying there will be war in the streets if their extension of power is not allowed.  So, will there have to be a new round of court decisions about this being possible or legal, further delaying any transition of power, and an eventual RV?  A:  So far as I heard, the court has already ruled against any further delays.

Q:  Please expound on how to create a Private Family Charitable Foundation using a complex Trust as its base. A:  A foundation is an organization that has to have a structure to rest on.  Many foundations are based on a corporation structure, but I favor a trust structure, and you can use any trust structure that benefits the eventual function of your foundation.  Be particular as to what structure you want, especially if it’s a trust.

Q:  Can you comment on the potentially negative influence of Sadr teaming up with individuals associated with Iranian influence, as it would be contrary to Sadr’s early position on non-external political influence from outside countries?  A:  Sadr and Abadi were going to team up, without all the other groups coming in yet.  Then Sadr said he wants this government to be inclusive, so he was open to talking to everybody, each and every group.  Amiri is Iran’s main guy now that Maliki is out.  Amiri runs the army in the streets, and the US wants Amiri’s street army to be kicked out.  However, Sadr doesn’t want interference from the US or Iran;  he wants the Iraqi government to represent Iraq, and he doesn’t want to exclude any group.  Sadr doesn’t have to like everything Amiri wants to do, or vice versa.  Sadr is not going to allow the new government to be territorial, but he will let Amiri in, to be inclusive.  Amiri and every other bloc has to align with the Nine Points to be part of the government.  If they do that, and if Abadi is still Prime Minister, Abadi will be in charge of the overall government including the military.  They are willing to induct the militias into the formal army (and pay them), and that will reduce iran’s influence.  That’s why they are partnering now.  [I imagine Sadr feel about Amiri the same way as s Churchill did about Lord Beaverbrook, “I would rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.”]

Q:  Tony, If you buy all the doggone Bentleys, you’ll exhaust the supply and cause me to have to wait 1-2 rears more. Couldn’t you buy your people VWs?  A:  I have already gone in to negotiate for 22 Bentleys;  I’m sure they will still have more available.

Q:  Is TNT still planning to have the seminars around the country (with info and bank representatives) after the RV announcement?  Haven’t heard a recent update.  A:  Yes. Originally there were to be ten seminars, and how there are thirteen.

Questions from live callers

951 caller:  Do you think the recount has to be done before the CBI lets this go?

Tony:  I don’t think so.  I believe they already know what the recount will do, and it won’t change the numbers.  They already knew what the court decision would be, and that’s why Abadi affirmed that the new Parliament will be seated on 1. July.  The CBI doesn’t have to wait until then.  The US banks are excited today.

Caller: Are the Iraqi banks excited as well?

Tony:  They are the ones who initially told us Tuesday.  They said that last week.

470/404 caller:  [basically same question as 951]

Tony: The banks didn’t give a specific window, but they are excited about what they are looking at and hearing.  Hopefully, we will see the release today/tomorrow.

Caller:  May this be the last call pre-RV!

231 caller:  I saw an article about the CBI allowing foreign banks to enter Iraq;  but I thought they were only using dinar in-country now?

Tony:  The article says it is a year-long process for a foreign bank to set up in Iraq. So these banks are just getting started first.  We also see foreign banks in the US, all over the place.  Do they deal in their own currencies?  No, they only use US dollars.  The same is true in Iraq:  the banks want to handle funds in Iraq, but they will do so in dinar, or as a transfer mechanism for people who feel comfortable working with that bank.  They are still going to be make money, just in dinar as the Iraqi economy expands.

Caller:  With the increase in the price of oil, what will they use the excess funds for?

Tony:  Some want to spend that money, some want to put it in the cash reserves.  There is a rumor of a supplemental Budget being issued.  I don’t know how that will shake out.  The Budget is based on $46 per barrel, and it looks like it will go to $80, or maybe even more.  I don’t think anyone knows yet what they will do with all that money.

631 caller:  It’s got to be this week, right?

Tony:  I hope so!

281 caller:  Will all the currencies have their rates change at the same time?

Tony:  Yes – they don’t want ‘common people’ to be ‘common billionaires’.  If the dinar rate changed, and you received X million dollars, you could buy a million dollar’s worth of dong, if you knew that dong would be changing next week.  You would be richer than Bill Gates!  So they are not going to let that happen.  The same reasoning applies to this idea that they will RI now and not RV until November.  That would make Iraq the richest country in the region AND we could still make more in the second exchange.  They don’t want that, and it doesn’t make sense anyway.

Caller:  Do you think that any US banks will allow us to digitize this currency?

Tony:  It may very well be – other countries do that.

Caller:  What is the purpose of all this misinformation?

Tony:  In Iraq, the guys being pushed out of Parliament are trying to prolong their time in the game. Last time this was likely, Maliki allowed ISIL into the country in hopes they would declare an emergency and he could stay in power.  Now they are dragging their heels in the courts and Parliament so that they can stay in power (where they also have immunity from prosecution).  The CBI just doesn’t want people to know exactly when they are releasing this, because people will game the system and make major profits from insider trading and/or manipulating the Forex market.

Next 281 caller:  I was told about proposals for the Human Projects – how many pages is that supposed to be?

Tony:  Unless you are talking to a bank official or someone in Zimbabwe, they won’t know what you need.  You have to submit it to the bank and they will submit it over there – IF they are part of the process.  If they are not part of the process, they won’t know anyway.

Caller:  If they don’t approve my humanitarian project, can I still exchange the Zim?

Tony:  If you exchange the Zim in the usual way, you can always get .00000016, which is the international rate.  If you want the higher rates, you have to submit your projects.

559 caller:  You said the US banks are excited.  Did you get the 800 numbers?

Tony:  We haven’t got the 800 numbers or the NDA, nor are we on standby… but the banks are excited about something.

Caller:  I know that not everyone is looking for contract rates.  I wish the powers that be would let this go forward so that we can get on with helping people.  [examples]  I have asked for currency for every holiday/birthday since 2011.  This funding belongs to God, and I just have to be a good steward.  I’m especially interested in tiny houses.

Tony:  When you get those tiny houses set up, I’m interested, especially as a tiny house neighborhood.

Caller:  Especially if we can provide some jobs there as well, with a grocery story, a post office, all those neighborhood services.

Closing Statement

Tony:  It was a great weekend, with lots of movement from the courts and groups getting together in Iraq.  The ATMs are ready and financial education continues.  I do think this will still happen by the end of the month, despite any negative news as the losers try to save their necks.  The banks are getting ready, announcements are being made, and the new Parliament is going to start on 1. July.  I do think this is proceeding right now.  Hopefully this is our last call;  if not, I will speak to you on Wednesday.

RayRen:  I know that we’ll lose some of you post RV.  For those thinking of quitting your jobs, do the math first.  Make sure you can put your money to work so that it will generate enough to cover your paycheck and any benefits currently provided by your employer.  If your salary is $5,000 per month, your benefits could easily be at the same level, so you will require $10K per month to maintain the same lifestyle.  Put that money to work to bring in at least the same income as you get at your current job, or better.  Do the math before you quit!

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

What does July 12th bring?


I believe the CBI will leave the peg and float the currency allowing the currency to rise gradually.  What that means is the value of the dinar will go up but just not overnight. I believe it could take 6 months to 2 years for it to reach parity with the dollar once it begins. Again keep in mind there's a lot of factors that play on how fast a dinar rises primarily how fast investment comes into the country. That is why it's important that the CBI properly prepare everything. Not only the banking system but the laws to support investment and having a stable investment climate

with 60-plus trillion dinar in circulation, if you're expecting any kind of overnight event you're dreaming other than a LOP...a one-to-one rate or higher then it's going to be a LOP.   Moving to a float is the right thing to do and it allows the world to set the value as well as counter inflationary pressure created by investment. Such a move will not give any kind of overnight RV or RI but a gradual appreciation overtime.  And we may have to wait several months or even a year or more for it to rise to a level that we all are comfortable with.  Just remember monetary policy is not a random event that every action the CBI takes has a purpose.


6-27-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   The Arab International Banking Conference is coming up at the end of this month on the 28th 29th in Paris. Iraq is participating with a fairly large high level delegation.  Iraq plans to use this opportunity to strengthen cooperation between Iraqi banks with foreign correspondent banks.  In order to prepare the Iraqi banking sector to move towards global prospects.  That sounds to me like they're getting ready to open up to the world's financial system. 

6-27-2018   Newshound Guru Whitelions
   ...everything and I mean everything points to this just about at it's end.  How it happens is where the right fighters get into the gray waters .

6-27-2018   Intel Guru Bruce  ...Now, what we...have is we have an agreement...today...between our Treasury and the IMF regarding some of the countries and the Far East and their rates.  ...It is good because those who were involved were getting down on the wire on it, and now we can move forward, and get this thing completed for us. ...a lot of funds have moved in the 32 international banking institutions globally...not just coming to us here in the United States. This is for all around the world...it seems at the last minute in a way, but they have this thing timed out...That is a very positive piece of news for us, because things are moving in the direction where we should be able to get started here in short order.   ...we anticipate things around July 4th to be very good. We anticipate the public starting in the vicinity of July 3rd. ...We are looking forward to a great week....

6-27-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...with 60-plus trillion dinar in circulation, if you're expecting any kind of overnight event you're dreaming other than a LOP...a one-to-one rate or higher then it's going to be a LOP.   Moving to a float is the right thing to do and it allows the world to set the value as well as counter inflationary pressure created by investment. Such a move will not give any kind of overnight RV or RI but a gradual appreciation overtime.  And we may have to wait several months or even a year or more for it to rise to a level that we all are comfortable with.  Just remember monetary policy is not a random event that every action the CBI takes has a purpose.  [post 2 of 2]

6-27-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...I believe the CBI will leave the peg and float the currency allowing the currency to rise gradually.  What that means is the value of the dinar will go up but just not overnight. I believe it could take 6 months to 2 years for it to reach parity with the dollar once it begins. Again keep in mind there's a lot of factors that play on how fast a dinar rises primarily how fast investment comes into the country. That is why it's important that the CBI properly prepare everything. Not only the banking system but the laws to support investment and having a stable investment climate.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

"2-Week Checklist After Exchange" by Pat,27 JUNE

Entry Submitted by Pat at 6:03 PM EDT on June 26, 2018


Imagine the exchange is over, and reality has set in. What do I do first? If you are not sure, at this late date, then I hope these tips give you some confidence.

Don’t start actions on your projects just yet. Get your personal life structured. You need a good foundation in your personal life, before you can be any good to others.


Where are you going to live, so you can enjoy your money, yet not draw attention to yourself?

There is no way around it. If you want to buy those big toys, you have to move to where others have big toys and you don’t stand out. If you stay where you are at, then everything you buy will stick out like a neon light. Everyone will know you came into money by your purchases. “...but, but...my family is here.” You have money now...so move them with you. Buy them homes, not far from you, and make them comfortable too. Make it an adventure for everyone, if that’s an issue in your life. I’m sure they can help with ideas on your humanitarian projects or offer talent in your organization. Otherwise, live life simple, and don’t buy new big toys, and stay in your present neighborhood.


Where do you want to headquarter your humanitarian project office (company)? That definitely has influence on where you live too. This one I struggled with because I’m NOT a city person. I don’t like it. However, I finally compromised with something that I do like. I am going to live in the city, M-Th, then F-Sun be an hour away in the mountains. This affords me happiness in both worlds. I wanted to be full time rural, but you need so many amenities of the city that it’s impossible. Your talent is in the city, along with your support system i.e. international law firm, international accounting firm, wealth manager, talent pool, security firms, payroll firm, technologies etc. My headquarters is on the West Coast, but I also have planned satellite offices in 5 other states, evenly spaced throughout the USA, to handle the “boots on the ground” in those regional areas.

I’m taking 14 days to get personally settled and address personal issues, before I start simultaneously working on creating my office infrastructure for my project company. You may need more time, or less, depending on your past experience. I have a lot of corporate experience, so I don’t need much down time. It has been suggested by others to take 3-6 months for personal issues. I don’t need that long, but it’s okay if you do.

Here is the summary of my personal time. It’s not that extensive and some of it may not pertain to you directly. Note on day 10, that I start tackling my humanitarian company needs simultaneously. My company office timeline is 16 weeks long. I’m not one for the need to relax afterwards, so my timeline may be packed fuller than may be comfortable for you. Stretch your timeline out to fit your comfort zone. Some people may want to have a nice vacation first. My vacation will be in 6-months, once I have the ball rolling on everything and I can step back knowing things will continue to progress without me, while I take off for a 24 day vacation.


Day 1 of Exchange 

After coming home, make phone calls setting up appointments for only in the mornings of forthcoming days.

1. Call largest international law firm in the city where you will be headquartered. They will be creating all your trusts and the actual legal company, review lease and purchase contracts, keep you in compliance with the laws and regulations, and be working closely with your wealth manager, and your international accounting firm for tax consequences. Just google international law firms in your city and read about them. There are some rating reports online too that rate firms which are helpful. Your wealth manager may also suggest a firm. Tell them you are a “high-net worth” person in need of a law firm to handle your personal and corporate legal needs and need to meet immediately to set up over 30 trust accounts. You’ll need individual trusts for each family member to gift money, and individual trusts to hold title to each home, car, boat, etc. That many trusts are pricey to create, so you’ll have the law firms attention when you throw that out to them. Tell them you have immediate needs and liked to be squeezed in ASAP. Give them your wealth managers name too to help nudge them for a quick appointment. Set all meetings for a morning time, so you have afternoons free for other activities.

2. Call wealth manager to setup next appointment if you don’t already have it set. Set for a morning time.

3. Call International accounting firm. Here are the top firms that have offices all over the world, so they have access to rules and regulations of working in different countries: Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Ernest & Young, KPMG, Grant Thornton, BDO Global. Use them for your personal finances and for your corporate office.

4. Call security firm for personal, residential , and technology security advisement. Google to find them.

5. Call residential realtor in area you want to purchase home(s).

6. Call commercial realtor in area you want to lease (or buy) office space for company.

7. Call interior designer that does residential and commercial projects where your headquarters will be located. Why an interior designer? You need someone to handle the interior layout of offices, your new home, order furniture, coordinate vendors for installation (painters, electricians, contractors), so you don’t worry with these things. They will know who is good to work with in the area and supervise everything.

8. Decide when you are going to tell family and how.

9. Decide Trust amounts that go to each family member.

Day 2

1. Appointments in morning.

2. Car shopping in afternoon. Call wealth manager to get it purchased. You may need to create a trust to title the car, so it’s not in your personal name. Wealth manager and attorney will handle it. If you haven’t met with wealth manager and new attorney yet, then delay this a few days until you have.

3. Solidify timeline to fly to _________ and look at homes and office space for regional office in the state of _________ (verses corporate headquarters), or you can substitute this for a vacation home location. Call residential realtor there, commercial realtor, interior designer, reserve hotel and car/driver. Allow your law firm to review and pick any possible local law firms they may need to work with in other states when setting up offices.

4. Call and reserve jet for these trips to regional areas. There are many out there, www.vistajet.com is just one of them. Ask the deposit amount needed for an account with them (usually $100,000), give info to your wealth manager and have the funds wired to them.

5. Call dog sitter to reserve time for trips, although you can take your pets with you on the leased private jet. They can just sit on the couch on the jet. Lol!

6. For those planning on doing projects in many locations call a jet management firm (google jet management) and tell them you are looking to purchase a jet and they manage it and the crew. They will find the jet, hire the crew and manage the maintenance. In the meantime, just lease a jet as needed from vistajet. Tell your wealth manager to provide them what they need to get an account set up with the management company. You are going to need to have access to a jet if you plan on projects all over the USA and globally. Your time is valuable and you don’t want to be wasting time in airports on commercial flights. Wasting your time unnecessarily only delays projects.

Day 3

1. Appointments in the morning.

2. Afternoon look at homes with realtor

Day 4

1. Appointments in the morning

2. Afternoon look at homes and bring Interior Designer if you need help on what’s possible in creating a place designed just for you. If you haven’t looked at homes in your needed areas, go to www.zillow.com to see what’s currently available. I have it narrowed down to 15 to look at, if you can call that narrowing it down.

Day 5

1. Appointments in the morning.

2. Afternoon look at homes and make final decision which to purchase. Tell wealth manager and attorney to make it happen. They will create a Trust for the home and put the title in the trust name. They will look and negotiate the purchase contract. Tell them you want the escrow closed in 2 weeks. Yup.....they can make that happen in a cash sale. If you don’t have access to the cash yet, have your wealth manager get a short term loan to cover it for those 90 days, then pay the loan off in 90 days when you get the first quarterly interest payment.

3. Evening -fly to __________ state to look at homes there

Day 6 & 7

1. Spend time looking at homes at this new location and go car shopping. Place an order for the car, so by the time escrow closes at this location, you may have your new car too.

Day 8 

1. Finalize which Home to purchase and call wealth manager to make it happen.

2. Call jet management company and get update of possible jet to purchase. Fly home via any needed stopovers to look at jet to purchase, on your way home. May need to stay over if multiple jets to look at across the USA.

Day 9

1. Back at home - Appointments in the morning.

2. Open an account with a travel agency that regular works with super high-net worth people. Set date and place to have family flown in and give them the announcements of trusts and a short vacation wherever you decide to do it.www.kktww.com and www.tcsworldtravel.com. are examples.

3. Visit in afternoon temporary office space. It may take 6 months to design, order furniture and equipment, install everything at your corporate office, so you’ll need temporary office space until then. Your interior designer will handle all this for you. So Google temporary offices. I like www.wework.com and they have ready to go offices throughout the USA. Just walk in and start working.

4. If you haven’t already, finalize who you will want as the board of directors of your humanitarian company if you are incorporating. If you don’t know what their responsibilities are, then Google board of directors. Most people will want to be the Chairman of the Board and CEO of their own company. You’ll want to have people with various experiences that will help guide your company. You can pick any number of people ( I will have 9 board members), but always an odd number, so there’s never tie votes on decisions. You also may want adult children on the board, so they get live training on the company, if they are to inherit the company when you pass on. You may want your attorney has a board member to alert the board to legal pitfalls as decisions are made. You definitely want someone that knows how to read a profit and loss statement, and a balance sheet. You may want people that specialize in certain fields because you’ll concentrate projects in those areas. You will want the President of the company as a member, if that’s not you. You’ll want someone that has great experience in humanitarian projects too. We have family and friends that were in the Peace Corps , with lots of experience in the humanitarian project realm. If you don’t, you’ll find these people by going to your state’s nonprofit association. Every state has one. Google state of _______ nonprofit association. Contact them. You may also want to fund some of these nonprofits that are members of the association. However research them first before contributing.

5. Call your purposed board members, tell them about the company your setting up and offer the position. Most of my members are all over the USA and are family, so these family members will find out about things prior to the rest of the family. They will be receiving trusts, so they can afford to come to work for my company. All my board members, except my attorney, will also be holding management positions in the company, so they will receive generous annual salaries. Im going to purchase their home for the appraisal rate, so they are free to move to my location. Then I’ll turn around and give the home to a veteran in need. Obviously, if they are renters, you’ll buy out their current time left on the lease and purchase them a home at your location.

6. Tell your board members to call your travel agency and book a first class flight to your location for days 11-14, along with pickup and delivery by car at both ends. They will be visiting three possible office locations with you, so the board can decide as a whole, which office will serve the organization best. Since most commercial leases are 3-5 years, you want some place that everyone has voted on and is an official decision.

7. Call hotel and make reservations for board members, along with local transportation.

8. Call commercial realtor and set up viewings of these office spaces. Go towww.loopnet.com to look at commercial office space in your area.

Day 10

1. Spend day with commercial realtor visiting all the offices and narrow down to just 3 offices, for board members to look at on day 12.

2. Make dinner reservations for board members so everyone can meet together nights of day 11-13.

Day 11 (start of Week 1 of my Corporate Timeline of things to accomplish , which is a separate 16-week checklist.)

1. Board members arrive.
2. Meet for dinner with Board

Day 12 

1. Board visits top 3 office spaces.
2. Meet for dinner with Board.

Day 13

1. Call commercial realtor and sign lease for office space.
2. Meet for dinner with Board

Day 14

1. Board members fly back home to make plans to be relocated ASAP.

During the next 2 months, meet with board members at least 3 times a week via online video meeting while their move is being organized...,www.gotomeeting.com is an example service. Now start following your corporate timeline to get everything set up, because your personal life should be humming right along.

Once the tier 4 starts exchanging, I will post my 16 week timeline of things to do in getting my humanitarian company up and running. Unlike my personal timeline, the corporate timeline is quite extensive.



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 27 2018

Compiled 27 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on an international Vatican-Cabal Child Exploitation Ring:http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

“Seasons of waiting are designed to prepare you, stretch your faith and get you ready for everything that is coming next.”

A. June 26 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. There were 4,950 individuals who had arranged with authorities to donate 98% of their exchange to funding sources. They finished exchanges at 5:06 am this morning June 26. That put off our timeline about 12 hours.

2. We have agreements between our US treasuries and our rates.

3. There were 142 tranches of 950 quadrillion dollars each that were received and processed in a period of 3-4 days. They were received yesterday morningJune 25.

Additional tranches start tomorrow June 27.

4. Individuals have unsuccessfully tried to access the tranches. That problem has been cleared up.

5. These tranches should settle in for about 24 hours before we begin our exchanges.

6. The new Rates of 22 different currencies have been on and off the bank screens, most going up in value.

7. Joe Public should start their exchanges around July 3.

8. On July 4 we should get a NESARA announcement: debt forgiveness and a new and better tax law.

9. The Tier 3s are wrapping up out West (Reno).

B. June 26 2018 1:38 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 26, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The new financial system was run on a quantum computer that cannot be hacked and located on an orbiting satellite protected by Secret Space Programs.

2. The purpose of the new financial system was to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world. The key was to implement limitations that would prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profit. All Cabal assets would be seized by the Alliance and redistributed to benefit humanity.

3. On a daily basis Alliance theoreticians determined the optimal RV release timing using mathematical formulas based on multiple factors such as the current state of the geopolitical arena, global economy, unawakened masses, current and planned events.

4. The optimal time to release the RV was quickly approaching as the dominoes fell into place revealing the big picture.

C. June 26 2018 10:18 am EST: Central Banker Admits a Global Financial Reset is Underway The Daily Economist

1. Over the past seven years despite the reality of tens of trillions of dollars printed and monetized by Central Banks in both the U.S. and Europe, most banks remained underfunded and would be insolvent if they had to administer true accounting practices.

2. Since around 2013, Asian and Eurasian economies such as Russia, China, India, and even Kyrgyzstan have been preparing for a post Petrodollar world, and one no longer controlled by the Western Central Banks. Even in Europe, nations such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have all done the unprecedented move of recalling their gold reserves back from the U.S. into their own vaults.

3. “We need a reset in the way the economy grows around the world” Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund.

4. Everybody has their eyes on China and Russia, thinking they join forces to form the dominance in the global economy to push out the dollar and elevate China to world reserve currency status, or elevate a combination of China and Russia to world reserve currency status with a gold and/or silver backing in this new monetary system, perhaps even with a return to gold and silver via aChinese Gold-backed Yuan and a Russian Silver Ruble.

5. On June 21 the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney gave a speech, and it was all about the coming reset. He emphasized that the global financial system was moving rapidly towards a 'New World Order', which in this case was political speak for the Global Currency Reset. Here are some of the things he said

6. The Bank recognizes that a new economy, a new world and new demographics demand a new financial system. While we prepare for great change, we will be guided by one constant: our mission to promote the good of the people we all serve. 

7. This infrastructure must be overhauled now that the economy is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution and our demographic challenges are intensifying. Such profound changes demand a new finance. 

8. In 2008 CNBC went out of their way to tell us how solvent and stable Bear Stearns was, only to see it vanish forever just four days later, with Congress having to push through a bailout under the guise that this crisis could bring about the institution of Martial Law.

The Big Call Intell Only With Bruce June 26 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

According to latest rumors, several groups "late to the party" are being called in to exchange/redeem.

Sources have gone silent once again which is usually the case when exchanges/redemptions are taking place.

This may or may not be effecting the release of the RV.

These groups are expected to finish exchanging/redeeming very shortly.

Tier 4 exchanges/redemptions will begin immediately after.


Samson:  AIIB to Expand Spending

 26th June, 2018

China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank said Monday it will invest in or lend $3.5 billion this year to India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt for projects aimed at strategically connecting Asia and Africa.

Since its launch in 2016, AIIB has approved around $4.4 billion in loans. The body, which comprises 86 member-countries, revealed the new plan at the start of its two-day annual meeting in Mumbai, India, on Monday. India is AIIB’s second largest shareholder after China, Nikkei reported.

“India is the largest borrower, we are working in Bangladesh, Turkey ... Country is not a limitation,” said AIIB Vice President and Chief Investment Officer D.J. Pandian, adding that the decision still needs approval by the bank’s board of directors.

India has already borrowed $1.21 billion from AIIB. On Sunday, Indian Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg, told reporters India has sought project financing of around $2.40 billion from the bank. Of that, $200 million will be invested in India’s National Investment and Infrastructure Fund, which funds commercially viable infrastructure projects.
Six projects in India have been approved by the AIIB, while another six are in the pipeline.

The new projects include a Mumbai subway line, irrigation and flood management projects in West Bengal, and rural roads and city development for Amravati, the new state capital of Telangana in the south. Bangladesh has proposed a water supply and sanitation project while Turkey has sought funds for a gas storage expansion project in the middle of the country.

 Enough Capital Available

AIIB said it has enough capital to back the projects and does not need fresh funding. Pandian said that the bank has $20 billion in cash and $80 billion worth of guarantees from member countries.

Pandian also stressed that AIIB, which has faced questions about Chinese influence on its decision-making, is “an apolitical organization”. Some have said that Beijing-based AIIB had hoped to change the idea that it’s an arm of the Chinese government by holding the annual meeting in India, China’s biggest regional rival.

Speaking at a separate session, AIIB President Jin Liqun said the bank’s vision is to collaborate closely with all governments that it works for, especially on behalf of private sector companies that are working on infrastructure projects.

“We try to give you feedback ... I hope the government will be listening to and do something practical to help them (private players) out. I think in this regard the private sector will be willing to pour in money,” he said.

 $4.5t Infra Investment, a Challenge

Creating infrastructure will need $4.5 trillion investments over the next decade and the cost of the money will be a challenge, India’s interim finance minister Piyush Goyal said.

The minister, however, said finding the required finance will not be a “deterrence” for the country. “Infrastructure creation requires $4.5 trillion in investments over the next 10 years, Goyal said at a panel of governors at the summit.

He further said the required funds will be available and raising it will not be a “deterrence” for infra creation. However, in the comments that come amid rising interest rates globally, led by hardening of rates in the US, as also domestically, Goyal flagged the cost of finance as an “important challenge”.

Capacity building to handle big infra projects is also a challenge, he added and hoped that the multilateral institutions like the AIIB will help in both the challenges.

However, Singaporean lender DBS chief executive Piyush Gupta said finding finance for infrastructure is not easy as banks, which have traditionally financed infra, have a limited capacity, making bond markets the go to platform for raising the resources.

But the bond markets too have their own challenges in supporting greenfield projects and tend to keep away in the initial years, which is critical for a project, Gupta pointed out.

Co-financing with the World Bank and other peers accounts for two-thirds of the AIIB’s 25 approved projects so far, worth $4.4 billion in total. Its lending has grown in line with expectations, rising to $2.5 billion last year from $1.7 billion in 2016.

Contrary to some predictions, the list of AIIB loan recipients has not been skewed toward countries that enjoy close relations with China, such as Pakistan. Besides India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Central Asian and Middle Eastern nations are also among the names.

Its membership has grown steadily, with Kenya and Papua New Guinea joining in May, bringing the total to 86. France, Italy, Germany and Britain have been members since the outset. Of the Group of Seven leading industrialized economies, only Japan and the US do not belong to the AIIB.   LINK


Samson:  China, EU to Form Group to Overhaul WTO Rules

 27th June, 2018

China and the European Union agreed Monday to launch a group that will work to update global trade rules to address technology policy, subsidies and other emerging irritants and preserve support for international trade amid US threats of import controls.

Actions such as US President Donald Trump’s unilateral tariff hikes in a technology dispute with Beijing show World Trade Organization rules need to keep pace with changes in business, said an EU vice president, Jyrki Katainen, AP reported.

Attending the 7th China-EU High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue, Katainen said Europe was not siding with Beijing in its dispute with Trump but was taking action to protect the global system of regulating free trade. He said the EU wants other governments to join the WTO group.

Companies worry the US-Chinese dispute could chill global trade and economic growth if other governments respond by raising their own import barriers. Even before Trump took office, economists were warning countries were tightening import restrictions and taking steps to favor their companies over foreign rivals.

US officials complain the WTO, the Geneva-based arbiter of trade rules, requires an overhaul because it is bureaucratic, rigid and slow to adapt to changing business conditions.
Katainen said Europe wants to focus on issues including subsidies to industry, government pressure on foreign companies to hand over technology and the status of state-owned industry—all areas in which Beijing faces complaints by Trump as well as other trading partners.

“I don’t expect these negotiations to be easy,” Katainen said at a news conference. But if nothing is done, “the environment for multilateral trade will vanish.”

The European Union and China’s planned exchange of market access offers in investment talks is a step closer to reaching an agreement, he said.

Separately, he said EU’s countermeasures against US tariffs are in line with WTO rules.

Complaints and Challenges

Trump has threatened to impose tariffs of 10% to 25% on up to $450 billion of Chinese goods. Beijing responded to Washington’s first round of hikes on $34 billion of imports by raising duties on US soybeans and other products.

Other governments have similar complaints but Trump has been more direct about challenging Beijing and threatening to disrupt exports.

Beijing might agree to talks to deflect further sanctions but is unlikely to agree to changes that hamper its technology plans, said Mark Williams of Capital Economics. “I very much doubt they would agree to anything that would have teeth and punish them,” said Williams. Policies companies object to are “integral to the growth model China is pursuing,” he said.

Beijing agreed to narrow its multibillion-dollar trade surplus with the United States by purchasing more American goods but scrapped that after Trump went ahead two weeks ago with a tariff hike on $34 billion of imports.

Beijing also has cut import duties on autos and some consumer goods and promised to remove limits on foreign ownership in its auto, insurance and finance industries.

But the Chinese government has resisted any change to its plans that call for challenging US and European technology dominance by creating Chinese companies capable of competing in fields including clean energy, biotech and aerospace.

Positive Note

Chinese officials deny foreign companies are required to give up technology. But in many industries they are compelled to work through state-owned partners, which requires them to share know-how with potential competitors.

One in five companies that responded to a survey by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China released last week said they felt compelled to hand over technology in exchange for market access.

Trump infuriated US allies—from the EU to Canada and Mexico—last month by imposing tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum. He said imports threatened America’s national security—a justification countries use rarely because it can be easily abused.

Beijing has tried to recruit European allies in its dispute with Washington, promising visiting leaders including Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in May to open industries wider to their companies.

On Monday, Premier Li Keqiang, China’s No. 2 leader, told visiting French Premier Edouard Philippe that Beijing would allow more imports of beef and other food from France. Li said French companies were welcome to invest.

“China takes a positive attitude to cooperation with the French side,” Li said.   LINK


Briona :  July 1st is also the start of the 3rd quarter, a good time to make changes with the least disruption, as they can start the books anew.

Luvwulfs:  Briona GM, I was thinking the same

Psychicgrama: it this way if Tony's right and his crystal ball is polished up they only have 3 days is 30 days in this month and today is the 27th so keep your fingers crossed

Luvwulfs:  Fingers..toes..everything crossed lol

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Some Top Oil Buyers Are Thinking About Shunning Iran Oil https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-27/mounting-u-s-pressu​re-spurs-top-oil-buyers-to-shun-iran-supply

Harambe:  AP News: Zimbabwe's leader suspects Grace Mugabe supporters in blast https://apnews.com/177563d972ef4383ab55b18b0d33d4a1

Harambe:  Reuters: After protests, Iran's Supreme leader calls for punishment of those who disrupt economic security https://reut.rs/2yKhKdx

Harambe:  AP News: Protests in Iran as Rouhani says US wants 'economic war' https://apnews.com/8b7bae1279b442879d3f569a29acce68

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil rises on supply disruptions and as US tries to cut Iran from​ markets https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/27/oil-supply-disruptions-in-focus-as-us-​tries-to-cut-iran-from-markets.html