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99% farmers' dues were disbursed as a first payment in Babylon | IQD Din...


“Implementation” is the process we are now seeing.
The announcement of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) is a huge step for the RI.

They removed OFAC, all restrictions on Iraq’s currency.
This announcement from the UNSC is one of the items that will be included in the multiple announcement from the CBI via the billboards andpresentation boards.
The release in The Gazette is going to get even better than this. THE ANNOUNCEMENTS HAVE STARTED!

Refer UNSC Release of CBI, June 7, 2018: UNSC unfreezing the CBI assets that backs up the currency and exchange rate of the IQD.
The Iraqi Dinar is now in a position to leave its Iraqi borders and banksand go to International Global markets.
Due to what the UNSC just did with the CBI they are now capable of International trade.
The CBI wants the world to take their currency seriously and the UNSC agrees.

The RI is even closer….. ·
Abadi is the Prime Minister. ·
Iraq has a functioning government as we speak. ·
Recount will expose the losers fraudulent actions in the election ballots.

The Second Article is unfolding because Maliki is now frozen post elections, he will not have immunity soon.
Iraq does have a seated government, still.
The old Parliament is in effect.
The CBI will do the RI when told.
Implementation of the RI steps happening now.
Today I now amend your notes to call it the four headed monster: IMF, WB, UST & Trump, President of the USA.
We look for the next IMF meeting on Article 8.

Zim needs rebranding to attract FDI |IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV


6-12-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Down to 2 days to meet compliance.  [reference Guru Kaperoni post 6-10-2018  post 2 of 2] [Compliance with IMF's market vs official rate within 2% for 90 days rule]

6-12-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "RECOUNTING WILL COST MILLIONS AND COULD STALL THE FORMATION OF THE NEW GOVERNMENT BY MONTHS"   ...no one said they are still going ahead with the recounting.  Sadr is just giving his opinion and some facts on the subject. The judiciary still has to rule if the legislation of Parliament if constitutional and also if it should apply to the recent election since the amendment to the election law was NOT in place at the time of the election. We still wait to hear for the ruling on this issue from the Judiciary. They were supposed to rule in 48 hours...

6-12-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Recount Will Test the Integrity of Iraq’s Elections"  Quotes:  " ...accusations of tampering with electronic voting machines, ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation, bribery, and misuse of voter IDs."  "A recount carries significant political risks as well. It might delay the government formation process well into 2019 and cause further party fragmentation."  Excellent article in voter fraud and recount in the Iraqi Election.Note that the author ideates on the possibility of the formation of a new government in Iraq being delayed until 2019.  We shall see. Tune in tomorrow for another day in the life of the " democratic experiment " in Iraq.  Democracy is a messy business. I have not abandoned hope for Iraq, but it is foolish to think that we can know what and when anything may happen.

6-12-2018   Newshound Guru Don961  Article:   "Arrest of four accused in the burning of UNHCR warehouses in Rusafa"  Quote:  "The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Monday (June 11th, 2018) the arrest of four people, including three policemen and an employee of the Electoral Commission, who were accused of a fire in UNHCR warehouses in Rusafa."

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny, 12 JUNE

(Cliff notes by Sunny)

June 11, 2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .Didn’t have any updates over the weekend. We left you on Friday with the thought process they were going to do away with the dollar.

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Just remembered something. Hold on for a minute. It’s going to be interesting. I can guarantee that.

I can’t find it. Wanted to read it to you it was just so ridiculous. Here’s what we’ve got to be careful of in this entire situation. Getting more information. More guru’s than we’ve ever had. Just be aware of people just putting BS out there that you listen to.

I got a text and somebody named Sunny was doing a call and they put out all the information that Tony said and a recap of our call on Friday. Saying things all weekend we said Feb. and March. It was just ridiculous to me somebody would put out something like that. And none of it was covered on Friday at all. They were going to do a call and they were going to use Tony information to do it with. TNT information.

We do a call and it doesn’t cost a dime. People donate $5, $2 and everyone else gets the call for free.

I get an email at 3:30 AM. 3:30 in the morning the phone wakes me up. And I read the text and say this is flat out b..lls…t. Saying Guru Sheldon says I need a special trust and bank won’t exchange me unless I use his trust. It bothered me at 3:30 and bothers me now that people are doing things like this . . .taking advantage of people.

Why? We all had the opportunity to buy Dinar, dong, ZIM. You can create as much wealth as you want, so much so why try to take advantage of each other over this situation. Saying here and now for everybody – guru, person – If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. The rest will come to you. I do it everyday. It works! IT WORKS!

IRAQ: Parliament wanted to do away with the election commission, recount all the votes – start recount today or tomorrow. If it takes 20 days to count that takes them past the time and they won’t have a legal government to ratify the vote. Now have decided they can count in 15 days.

Tony: We know they do nothing on time. Absolutely nothing! Then they will try to bring up a new way to do that. The federal court has still not decided if Parliament can do that (get rid of the election commission)

Then the warehouse caught fire and told the election commission you were supposed to protect the votes. Commission had soldiers around the building and guess what – the fire started inside the building. Sadr, Abadi saying the losers started the fire.

Article comes out and says we saved 10 boxes, then another article this morning says none of the manual data got burned, only the electronic.

The Federal Court does not rule until tomorrow. – if any of that applied or not. In the meantime Sadr has come up with votes. Maliki has come up with votes and Abadi has just enough votes to put either of them over the top but he has not decided which group he will back.

Nothing is really decided until the Federal Court comes out with a decision and we know one way or the other.

Sadr democrat, Maliki Republican. Abadi was Republican and broke from his party so Sadr would make him the PM.

Last week, the bank said they were going to stop giving out the dollar. Then their exchanges stopped dealing with the dollar. The rate was the same and trying to get society to use the banks. Last weekend we heard from a guy in Iraq saying we’re being told to turn our dollars in for rate of one (1) dollar to 1.30 dinar which makes the rate .83 cents.

Then we’re hearing from some who says he sees this on his screen and verifying what we heard. Then another . . .someone on the base and he said he’s only using dinar, not dollars. “Only a few stores now accept US currency.”

We were told they are trying to pull all the USD out of the country by Thursday. Is it going to happen? I don’t know. I told you they planned on doing something during EID . . . Wed., Thursday and Friday. That’s the plan. All that was before Parliament, before the Federal Court decision. We know there government is marching on and CBI is doing what they do to get to the end.

Ray: Want to make sure the members, we have a Sunny that transcribes the calls, and she wants members to know she has not done any calls about TNT.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: We were told they are trying to pull all the USD out of the country by Thursday. Is it going to happen? I don’t know. I told you they planned on doing something during Eid . . . Wed., Thursday and Friday. That was the plan before all this . . .

Tony: I believe everything is falling in place for the month of June. Sadr wants the vote to count and name the PM. The item they put out for their agreement was #4 – complete the economic reforms. I’ve been told the deal between Abadi and Sadr, the economic reforms are a high priority as part of the deal CBI is moving forward. That is what I have to look at. Hope to have all the dollars out of the country by Thursday. Also know Maliki and his group that lost the election are pushing as hard as they can to make sure none of that happens. We’re waiting to see who comes out on top.

IRAQ: Tony: UN has released them and released their currency to the world. 

  • Federal Court made a decision on the house and now waiting for a decision on Parliament – have 72 hours to make that decision and it’s expected today or tomorrow. 
  • Parliament: Tony: Maliki has lost. 68 of the prime people in Parliament lost and when the vote is ratified they lose their immunity and they go to prison. They are part of the 1,000 to be arrested and prosecuted. They are going to do everything in their power to avoid losing the election. 
  • Banks no longer dispersing dollars. Want to get all the dollars off the streets by Thursday. 
  • Currency: they are drying up the dollar supply in country. Banks not dispersing dollars anymore. Neither are the exchangers as they cannot make money any longer as the spread is close or even. Tony source: “Only a few stores now accept US currency.” Rate of dollar to dinar inside Iraq is .83 cents. Tony: When I hear they are trying to get Americans to turn in there dollars, that’s what I’m excited about. 
  • Ballot Box Fire: Four people were arrested today for the fire. Three police officers and an employee of the electoral commission. 
  • Judges being appointed to oversee the election recount: Tony they offered one judge $5 million dollars to change his vote. . . Iraq is saying we are tired of the old guard. . . want to put new technocrats, people with education. . . replace the old guys. 
  • Iraq Politics: Tony: Does all of that stop the RV? No! 


  • Currencies: Last rates Tony heard, ZIM, .16; Dong. for the longest time was .47 but over $1.00 now; Dinar last time on the screen was over $4.00 Tony: My global traders had some different rates and I didn’t want to put them out. 


  • Banks: Nothing happening. Not on alert. Not on standby. They want to see how things will turn out in Iraq first. Rates on bank screens are grayed out. 
  • Taxes: No update. 
  • 800 #’s: No update. 
  • Groups Exchanging: Tony: The groups are not going anywhere until you do. 


ZIM Information: No update.

Q & A: Callers 

-If things don’t go as we would like them to, the worst scenario – Will Sadr be able to do anything? Tony: Sadr made statement this morning, “I don’t want this to deteriorate into civil war. I’m trying to protect the citizen – the ones’ I’m trying to help.” Abadi has said the same thing, a government for the people, by the people, of the people. Not the same old guard. Instead, young people, graduates of universities and they can’t get a job. They should be running the country. If Maliki wins they will revert back to the old ways. Sadr’s option it to try to ride him out. Saudi, Turkey, USAE, Britain, the US are all saying we are on your side. We are going to continue to support. But the US has said, any government you come up with is your decision. That’s what they said . . .hmmm. The US is also now demanding you guys came up with laws, you better stick to them and as long as your following those laws nothing we can do about it. Sadr will do the best he can to manage it through whoever he has to, to make sure Iran, Iran’s influence, is excluded from that. Saying, ‘rioting in the streets’ is the last thing he wants to see. 


Tony . . .I told you the latest greatest. Got this in while we were talking. Four people arrested today for the fire. Three were police officers and the other an employee of the electoral commission. That’s how bad it is.

All we are waiting for is to see what the Federal court says and how long it will take. Could be 72 hours. If we have to wait and go through the Parliament route that will take us to the end of June to recount the vote.

Looks like CBI is continuing to do what they are supposed to do to make this happen. If the Federal court decision comes out Ray will put it in a blast and get it out to you.

Ray . . .We’ll see what happens as the clock ticks, minute by minute, hour by hour. Keep believing. (played “I Believe.”)

TNT Clatter, 12 JUNE




What does EID stand for

I don't know EID stands for but what it IS is the 3 day celebration at the end of their Ramadan 14,15,16

Every year, Muslims across the globe gather to celebrate Eid as the month-long fasting of Ramadan comes to a close. Eid al-Fitr translates from Arabic as the “festival of breaking the fast” and sees the entire Muslim community come together to celebrate the completion of this annual act of devotion.

An Iraqi court has ordered the arrest of 4 people accused of setting ​fire to a storage site housing ballot boxes from a May parliamentary e​lection, state television said on Monday. Three of the suspects are p​olicemen and one is an employee of the Independent High Elections Comm​ission, state TV said. The storage site caught fire on Sunday.~


New Lifetime gift/estate limits by IRS.

April 2018 Update: The IRS announced that the 2018 federal estate and gift tax limit is $11,180,000, based on inflation adjustments. That's per person, thanks to the December 2017 tax overhaul, so a couple can shelter double that amount.


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 12 2018

Compiled 12 June 12:23 am EST by Judy Byington

The following is a compilation from the Internet. It would be up the individual reader to decide whether or not the information was valid.

Judy Note: QAnon said the clock had started - this would be a week to remember.

The below intel indicated that the banks changed over to the new system beginning last Fri. June 8; the Cabal responded with a Visa crash beginning in Asia that should reach the US by Fri. June 15; our monies were safe in the new system, though the public was advised to keep cash on hand until everything settled down;

The Department of Justice Inspector General report was scheduled to come out on June 14; in Iraq all US dollars should be out of circulation in by Thurs. June 14;

By Friday June 15 the last sanction on Iraq and the CBI would be removed and Iraq would have complete control over their own currency;
Now there were over 35,000 sealed indictments; in preparation for those Guantanamo trials the DOJ added 300 prosecutors, while the Senate’s August recess was cancelled so more federal judges could be confirmed and Poofness Report predicted funds would be released sometime between now and Fri. June 15.


A. June 11 2018 2:25 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 11, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Today June 11 was the big day. Tomorrow June 12 was another big day.

2. Information hold was still in effect.

3. The RV remained ready to begin at any moment at the Alliance's discretion.


B. June 11 2018 4:05 EST Banks and Credit Systems Going Down (video): Intel: Banks and Credit Card Systems Going Down https://www.spreaker.com/user/8955881/an-evening-with-thomas-marilee-nietain

1.Since last Friday June 8 with the Bank changeover to the new CIPS system, Cabal Bankers have tried to reinstall their back doors into system, but it hasn’t worked.

2. There was a Visa crash going on in sequence. Asia was next and it was expected to reach the US by Fri. June 15.

3. The Public is advised to keep cash until the system settles down.

4. In the old system the banks delayed liquidity on checks and wires so they could use our money. This isn’t working anymore.

5. When the banks try to siphon the money they are locked out of clearing accounts. The accounts require clearance codes which they don’t have.

6. The public’s funds are safe in the new system. None of the public will lose their funds.

7. The object of the new banking system was to be direct, transparent and not be delayed.


C. Trump’s Tweets: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?lang=en

D. June 11 2018 3:09 am EST : "I Believe in Love"  - The Office of POOFness - 6.10.18

1. Poof: The when would be when the Elders said and not before. Each week gets us closer.

2. Susan: There was plenty of positive movement taking place toward finally getting the PROSPERITY PROGRAMS out of the stalled mode and into delivery mode. Visible evidence should be showing up rather quickly now.

3.We were moving forward very quickly. This week we would see many things start, including our hydration. I have heard dates for funds to be released ranging from Mon. June 11 to Fri. June 15.

4. Hong Kong became active and so did Reno, but there were things still to be done, so the dates would fluctuate this week.


E. June 11 2018 TNT Call

1.All of Iraq was using the Dinar as their main currency with a goal of pulling US dollars out of circulation in Iraq by Thurs. June 14.

2. By Friday June 15 the last sanction on Iraq and the CBI would be removed and Iraq would have complete control over their own currency.

3. Today June 11 in Iraq they were trading Dinar to the US Dollar at a rate of $.83, and last time on the screen was over $4.00; ZIM was $.16; Dong for the longest time was $.47, though now was over $1.00.

F. June 11 2018 4:06 am EST QAnon is Back, Sierra: "QAnon is Back!" by Sierra (NZ) - 6.11.18 Q Anon is back with plenty of proof of the Q Anon/Trump connection: real time photos of Singapore: https://qanon.pub/

(pictures of Hong Kong)

FF weather alert (WW).
Stay vigilant and maintain situational awareness.

Start the Clock.
A Week to [Remember].
Think Logically.
First private [CLAS-5(6)]
Second public.
Blackwater on GUARD.
Evidence KILLS.
These people are STUPID.

Jun 10 2018 22:53:46 (EST)
Hussein [WH [call] [tarmac] BC/LL] #RR#
DOJ Operative insertion(s).
FBI agents willing to testify +24
Next DOJ - offer open [2].
Next C_A - offer open [3].

Track ALL suicides.
Example 1:
Think Spade.
Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY).
Trace to Import/Export.
Trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
Trace sale/spin off of Co.
Trace to CF.
Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)).
Who granted?
Hussein/HRC. (Obama, Hillary Clinton)
Expect A LOT more.


G. June 11 2018 10:38 am, Fulford: "The Kim/Trump Summit" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 6.11.18 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society https://benjaminfulford.net/

1. The Kim/Trump summit, Rothschilds and the financial war were all linked together.

2. The summit between Donald Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un would not only discuss peace in the Korean Peninsula, but also the future of the global financial according to North Korean, Pentagon, Illuminati, and other sources.

3. Public meetings this past weekend were the G7 summit meeting of Western leaders and a summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (a.k.a. the Eurasian Alliance).

4. The secret meetings were the Bilderberg meeting in Italy, and meetings between Asian royals and representatives of the White Dragon Society (WDS) held in Japan, according to Asian secret society sources. The Bilderberg meeting was presided over by high-level financial fraudster Henry Kissinger and included a representative of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. The topic was apparently about peasants with pitchforks rising against satanic elite in the UK, Italy, Hungary and pretty much everywhere else in Europe.


5. Last week “the Bush cabal was decimated as its top loyalist and Carlyle founder Frank Carlucci met his maker,” Pentagon sources say.

6. The Department of Justice Inspector General report was scheduled to come out on June 14, the number of sealed indictments exceeded 35,000, the DOJ has added 300 prosecutors and the Senate’s August recess was cancelled so Trump’s federal judges and other nominees could be confirmed.

7. On June 7 the sister of Queen Maxima, Ines Zorreguieta, of the Bilderberg-founding Dutch royal family was “found hanged in Argentina in a message to pedo royals,” Pentagon sources said. This happened as 160 children were liberated from an Atlanta child trafficking operation.

8. In England riots broke out over the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson on charges of reporting about a mass pedophile trial.


9. In Sweden the government “mobilized its home guard and reserves to purge Muslim rapefugees,” Pentagon sources say. Top U.S. General Joseph Dunford flew to Finland last week to meet his Russian and Finnish counterparts “to help the Swedes in their Trump moment,” the sources say. Austria also kicked out a group of Salafist pseudo-Muslim radical preachers last week, prompting Turkish President Recep Erdogan to warn this would lead the world to “a war between the cross and the crescent.”


10. Pope Francis supported the global warming fraud whose real aim was to perpetuate financial control by Khazarian (Rothschild, etc.) bloodlines.

11. The inside story of the summit meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore this week would be the deposing the Khazarian controllers of the G6 financial system, several sources concur. It concerns the rights to ownership of Manchu (Qing) dynasty gold, according to Manchu heir Zang Seungshick (張勝植) and one other Manchu royal who prefers to remain anonymous.


H. June 11 2018 1:06 am EST Wanta, Anon: "Eagle One to Wanta" by (Anonymous) - 6.11.18

During the fall of the Soviet Union and ending of the Cold War President Ronald Reagan hired Leo Wanta to secure funds to pay off the National Debt. Wanta made enough to not only pay off the National Debt, but to fund a coast to coast high speed rail system called Mag Lev. Until now the money has been illegally held by Cabal forces, including past US Presidents. There is a book out on Wanta’s life, plus a documentary about to be released: http://eagleonetowanta.com/


Sunny: The BIG BUT - Iraq Hoodwinks Us Again

Why are we seeing articles the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq is going ahead with appointing commissioners to the Election Commission when we see no article the Supreme Court has ruled on the legality of replacing the commission as passed by Parliament. Without a decision from the court if the action of Parliament is even legal, they are proceeding ahead.  Why?

So I did some research.  According to Wikipedia, the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq has a different function than the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq.   Stay with me on this because the plot thickens even more so than it has been. 
Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq (Arabic: مجلس القضاء الأعلى العراقي‎) is the supreme administrative authority responsible for the affairs of the judiciary in Iraq.[1]

. . .This Council was then established under Article 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in force.


Remember that last bold line – “established under Article 87 of the Constitution.”  The Supreme Council get’s it’s authority to exist from the Iraq Constitution.

Now we come to Iraq’s Supreme Court and Wikipedia describes it’s function similar to the US Supreme Court.  Read the 2nd paragraph from Wikipedia slowly.  There is a BIG BUT coming.

The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq (Arabic: المحكمة الاتحادية العليا‎, Al-Mahkamah al-Ittihādiyah al-‘Ulyā) is the independent judicial body of Iraq that interprets the constitution and determines the constitutionality of laws and regulations. It acts as a final court of appeals, settles disputes among or between the federal government and the regions and governorates, municipalities, and local administrations, and settles accusations directed against the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers. It also ratifies the final results of the general elections for the Council of Representatives.[1]

The court lacks a legal mandate, however, since it operates under pre-1977 Iraqi legislation.[2] Iraq's 2005 constitution in Article 92 required the setting up of such a court by 2/3 majority in the legislature. The 2/3 majority was decided upon in order to prevent a return to dictatorship and subversion of the court by executive authority in Baghdad -- as this would require significant input from various communities including Kurds and/or Arab Sunnis. It was never done, leading to a somewhat ironic result that a court with no legal standing issues rulings on the constitutional legality of various laws and actions in Iraq (rulings which unsurprisingly favor the views of the central government in Baghdad, which since 2005 has been run by various Shiite parties).[3]

IT WAS NEVER DONE!!! a court with no legal standing issues rulings on the constitutional legality of various laws and actions in Iraq.”  Incredulous!!!

Another BIG BUT coming - So now we go back to an article from 2015 about protests in Baghdad and other cities.  : https://fanack.com/iraq/governance/judiciary-hanging-in-the-balance/   More than likely these were Sadr initiated protests.  The same Sadr involved in forming a coalition now, to form a new GOI.

“The demonstrators accused the judiciary of corruption and serving influential officials in successive Shiite-dominated governments. The accusations directly targeted Midhat al-Mahmud, chief justice of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and president of the Iraqi Supreme Federal Court.  One of the accusations against al-Mahmud was that his verdicts were aligned largely with the policies of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.” 

Mmm, the plot gets thicker but we still have another BIG BUT coming.

According to this same article,  “Midhat al-Mahmud, president of the Council of Justice, assumed the post of chief justice of the Iraqi Supreme Federal Court under Article 45 of the Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period, enacted after the CPA’s issuance of Order No. 35, under which the chief justice of the Cassation Court was appointed president of the Council of Judges.

It is, however, (BIG BUT)- unconstitutional for the chief justice of the Supreme Federal Court to be the president of the Council of Judges.”

Midhat al-Mahmud was removed from office while the CPA and Parliament went through orders and actions to rectify the situation BUT the article concludes, “Eventually, Midhat al-Mahmud, chief justice of the Federal Supreme Court, was allowed to resume his position as president of the Council of Judges.” Thus continuing to serve in both positions simultaneously.

The article wraps it up with this statement, “Because the House of Representatives failed to enact a new law for the Federal Supreme Court pursuant to Articles 92, 93, and 94 of the permanent Iraqi Constitution, the incumbent Federal Supreme Court shall have specific competencies as guaranteed by the Constitution, although no law entitles the court to do so.”

YES!  You read that correctly, there is no law that gives any authority for or to Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court.   The Supreme Judicial council was “established under Article 87 of the Constitution” BUT the Iraq Supreme Court, according to these references, has no legal standing to exist. 

Where did Midhat al-Mahmud come from? “Al-Mahmud. . .brought by the Americans upon an order issued by CPA Civil Administrator Paul Bremer . . .”

Decisions by the Supreme Court have been considered controversial with a distinct bias. ​
“The Federal Supreme Court, chaired by Midhat al-Mahmud, has always been criticized for making politicized and controversial decisions influenced by its close links with and subordination to the ruling party and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The House of Representatives approved, by a two-thirds majority, a law limiting presidencies to two terms, but the Federal Supreme Court overturned the law as unconstitutional, angering all political blocs that voted for the law.

In the 2010 parliamentary elections, the Iraqi List Bloc, headed by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, won more seats than Maliki’s State of Law coalition, but the Constitutional Court declared Nuri al-Maliki eligible to form a new government because he was able to assemble a larger coalition after the beginning of the parliamentary session. This was one of many decisions by the Federal Supreme Court based on interpretations that served only the agenda of the government."

According to Wikipedia, Midhat al-Mahmud still serves as Chief Justice and President of the Council of Judges.  Based on past performance and the incestuous relationship Midhat al-Mahmud enjoys being both Chief Justice and President of the Judicial Council, and the appearance the Supreme Judicial Council is proceeding prior to a court decision, if the Federal Supreme Court rules in favor of Parliament we should not be surprised.

(This is all based on my personal research and the green font is my analysis, thoughts and words - Sunny)

References & Quotes from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supreme_Judicial_Council_of_Iraq


Fuze:  Sunny, thank you so much for this amazing research. It's very revealing. I now understand why, the Supreme Court has not ratified the elections; there always has been and will be irregularities and illegal activity in democratic elections in all countries. The prevailing issue should be, was it enough to change the outcome of the elections. A few years ago I had read an article about Maliki's boy over the Supreme Court. Had no idea of the obvious conflict of interest with him overseeing the Supreme Judiciary also! This is crazy, no wonder they can't get their act together. Their top Guardian and Interpreter of their Constitution is Corrupt! Thanks again Sunny!

By the way, "unfortunately in some ways" America is NOT a blimp on the world seen in Influence and Power. it is still and will continue to be the single most influential nation on this little planet for the near future, rather we celebrate that reality or not. The fact is, in all of your international travels and experiences the USD is still the most widely used and tradable currency on the planet. US interest business, Intel and Military assets are still in more countries on the globe than any other nation. Western cultural norms including English is still the language of commerce...there are changes happening for sure, but as of June 11, 2018, the USA is far from insignificant on this planet or the moon or mars for that matter. Just the facts!

Personally, i have misgivings about that reality, but it does not and will not change it.

For now.
Harambe:  Bloomberg: OPEC Resistance to Saudi Supply Plan Grows With Iraqi Defia​nce https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-11/opec-resistance-to-​saudi-supply-plan-grows-with-iraqi-defiance

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Maybe Dollars Should Be Digital https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-06-11/maybe-dollars-shoul​d-be-digital

Harambe:   CNBC: Trump and Kim sign 'very comprehensive' document. Trump says det​ails to come https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/12/trump-and-kim-sign-agreement-document-​after-summit-in-singapore.html

Harambe:  Reuters: Trump, Kim sign document at end of historic summit http://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa/trump-kim-sign-docume​nt-at-end-of-historic-summit-idUSKBN1J72PM

Harambe:   FoxBusiness: Trump, Kim Jong Un sign document of progress https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/trump-kim-jong-un-shake-hands-at-​historic-summit


Tishwash:   Abadi: Re-election responsibility of the Federal Court only
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's Supreme Federal Court is the only entity entitled to decide on the need to re-run parliamentary elections in May, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's spokesman told Reuters on Monday.

"This is a matter for the Federal Court, not the executive authority or any other body," Saad al-Hadithi said when asked about the prime minister's suspension of the speaker's call for another election.

Parliament passed a manual counting of votes after several parties said the vote was a sham. On Sunday, fire broke out at a polling station with half of the boxes in the capital.
The Electoral Commission in Iraq announced on Sunday that after the burning of the ballot boxes on the side of Rusafa, any action on the abolition of the elections whether or not has become the court of the Federal Court.

A member of the Board of Commissioners, Saad Kaakai, said that the fires in the warehouses of the Commission is a terrible crime against the Iraqi voter, and the authorities concerned to take all the procedures as soon as possible and investigate this crime, indicating that the causes and consequences of damage from the fire to this moment is unclear.

He added that the decision to cancel the elections after the fire is not in the hands of the Board of Commissioners, but in the hands of the Judicial Council and the Federal Court, and the decision is after knowing the size of the fire and the amount of the exhaustion of the votes of voters.

The fire broke out at the Baghdad Department of Commerce's stores on Sunday afternoon, which contained ballot boxes for last May's legislative elections.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri called, after the fires that erupted in dozens of ballot boxes, the need to re-election parliamentary elections.   link


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EHankins:  Recently, I feel like I'm about to land on another planet. I've prepared everything that I'm currently aware of to be prepared for but, having never ever experienced the "lifestyle" we are facing there's just nothing to relate to or even begin to understand.

More than ever in my life I'm so aware of how much I'm going to need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This planet we're about to land on will we land on dessert at first or will we land on a tropical island with everything needed to survive.

I hope everyone is ready. Suddenlies give no warning when they arrive. Just evidence of good teachings.

Samson:  Iraq Balance of Payments

 12th June, 2018  Download in English

Iraq Balance of Payments ... Click here to download



Samson:  The Municipality of Baghdad begins to prepare its tourist and leisure facilities in preparation for Eid Al Fitr

12th June, 2018

​Baghdad Municipality announced on Tuesday that it will continue to set up all its tourist and entertainment facilities to welcome Baghdad families and visiting visitors during Eid al-Fitr.

"The Municipality of Baghdad has started to create its parks and public parks throughout the capital and equipped with children's toys and lighting systems and sitting places to receive families who can not access the large entertainment venues in the center of the capital," said the Directorate of Media Relations at the Secretariat.

She added that "the Secretariat also prepared Gardens Abu Nwas Street, Corniche Adhamiya and facilities Zora Park to receive citizens throughout the Eid and other recreational facilities belonging to the investment sector."

She pointed out that "the Directorate of Guardians and Security in the Secretariat of Baghdad prepared a security plan in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command to protect these places and create a safe environment for citizens throughout the happy Eid days," indicating that "the service effort will continue throughout the days of Eid to provide cleaning services, water and sewage for the people of Baghdad".   LINK


Don961:  More than two thirds of the House of Representatives


More than two thirds of the House of Representatives

# Declaration_sq__document_qaf published on the authority of Alsumaria Statement of the Integrity Commission for two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives ....
Under the jurisdiction of "Alsumaria"

On Monday, the Al- Nazah Authority announced the issuance of 33 arrest warrants, travel and travel ban against ministers and their rank during the first quarter of this yearwhile noting that more than two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives did not disclose their financial liabilities in the same period.

"The issuance of 1581 orders and 473 arrest warrants, and the referral of 1,019 accused of corruption cases to the judiciary, and achieved and referred to the judiciary 6219 criminal cases during the first quarter of this year," the authority said in its quarterly report for the first quarter of this year.

The agency added that "33 orders were issued and the introduction and travel ban against ministers and their rank during the first quarter of this year," confirming "recover and stop and prevent the waste of more than 288 billion dinars."

The Authority explained that "more than two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives did not disclose their financial liabilities during the first quarter of this year," pointing out that "was the return of 50 former officials within the file of the recovery of state funds and property, in addition to the return of property amounted to tens of billions To the ownership of the state after the seizure of cases of rigging in their files. "
It is worth mentioning that the Integrity Commission is an independent governmental body concerned with public integrity and combating corruption. It was established in Iraq on behalf of the Public Integrity Commission under the law of the Iraqi Governing Council. The Iraqi Permanent Constitution of 2005 is one of the independent bodies and is subject to the supervision of the House of Representatives. , And aims to prevent and combat corruption and its legal means to achieve and perform its function.

The Commission is headed by a staff member of the rank of minister appointed by the Prime Minister and may be dismissed only from the House of Representatives in the same manner as the ministers say, and the Commission has one deputy, A monthly survey shows the index of bribery in Iraq "ended

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