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TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98





6/11/2018 RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - June 11, 2018

Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Today is the big day.

Tomorrow is another big day.

Information hold still in effect.

The RV remains ready to begin at any moment at the Alliance's discretion.

We're already free, you just can't feel it yet.


chattels    Adel Nuri ruled out the completion of the legal procedures for the results of the elections during the remainder of the life of parliament   10/06/2018

chattels    " ruled out the head of the parliamentary fact-finding committee, Adel Nuri, to complete the legal procedures for the results of the elections during the remaining period of the parliament, which ends on the 30th of this month."

chattels    " I doubt that and we need to start the process of counting and sorting the hand time from 10 days to 15 days."

chattels    "The issue will be taken more than ten days and then the announcement of preliminary results and then final and then we need a week to ten days to submit appeals by entities and candidates, indicating that the judiciary needs a period of 3 to 5 days and then announced the final results after the completion of all appeals And complaints and submit names to the Federal Court, which needs for a period of time and then the ratification of the names, "
​chattels    "the issue of forming the government will take a longer time and this is accustomed to it, especially the formation of the 2010 government, which was delayed for six months,"


Spectra    Don't forget no one knows when this will happen !No 2PErcnter or floater And no lopper ! Hang in there stay relaxed !

Zig    My buddy Kaperoni knows.... :naNa

Spectra    2percenters. We are COMMING too the finish line ....lol    Zig Lol .. well ok
Spectra    I don't hate anyone ! But I can say I disagree!

Whitelions    Planning: Inflation in May increased by 0.9%


The Ministry of Planning announced on Monday that the rate of inflation during the month of May by 0.9% compared to the month of April before.

The ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement received by "Economy News" that "the rate of inflation during the month of May rose by 0.9%, compared with the month of April," referring to "the rise of the housing section by 0.1% and the Department of Health By 0.3% and transportation by 7.4% ".

He added that "annual inflation compared to May of last year 2017 also increased by 1%, while the core inflation index rose by 1% from April and the annual basis rose by 0.9%."

"The price collection process conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics during the month of May did not include the province of Nineveh and did not calculate the standard figures during the month because of the prevailing conditions."

He pointed out that "the reasons for the rise in the annual inflation index by 1% due to the decline in the number of sections and the rise of the other and in a different way, the Department of Food and non-alcoholic beverages decreased by 1%, while the clothing and shoes increased by 1.3%, and decreased the housing by 1.2% , And the Transport Department recorded the highest percentage increase of 7.4%.

Spectra;    eye roll; some people think inflation for Iraq would be good... I think back to Sergio and his theory

Spectra    He based that on Dr Shabbibi and his video interview many years ago?
Spectra    Oh well we know nothing time will reveal ,

Baxter    and what was this Sergio's theory??

Clay    no idea

Baxter    who is Sergio? LoL    guess thats the first question

Baxter    I didnt sell one dinar at our garage sale... some salesman Huh..
Clay    lol    but u did sell the firetruck
Baxter    Yes.... 2 dollars  worth more than the dinar
Clay    lol  yep

Baxter    I think I paid about 30 dollars for that fire truck..and sold it for two
Baxter    Im great at managing money

Clay    same here
​Spectra    Baxter sergio was one of the very first members in this chatroom......
Spectra    Baxter weather you know him or not he drops by ocasionally he is busy with his business
Spectra    Baxter People like Whitlion know him and zig and a few others...Mod knows too who he is...

Spectra    Segio was here a few weeks ago its not like is not known by the ORIGINAL MEMBERS...
Spectra    Baxter Sorry you missed him he a great person ...Loves too engage people...A real life success story...
Spectra    He started from nothing and made his dreams come true..perhaps one day he come back here...When he is not busy....

Tebow    6-10-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Down to 4 days to meet compliance. [IMF's Market Rate vs. Official Rate within 2% for 90 days rule.]. Thank GOD 4 days and be done with his BS! What will he come up with next!
Tebow    Zig can stop with his countdown to nothing also!

Spectra    Tebow it wont amount too anything in my opinion.
Spectra    Tebow true his countdown just promotes it...
Spectra    i guess he needs something to talk about.....lol

Tebow    Yes believe so, what will his excuse be, a fire, no investors, more laws need to be passed, Samual Basawood not ready.

Spectra    i call them the 2% percenters...... ...    all the above

Tebow    Lol

Spectra    has he Kap ever came back here?  have i missed him?

Dullenih    what he referring to in the next 4 day

Tebow    just repeats himself

Spectra    figures    ok His show better begin in 4 days or he looks pretty bad in the eyes of his fan club...
Spectra    The day will come and go like any other ....With no change,and that it people....

Spectra    Dullenih The 2 percent    Dullenih Kap has been formulating his theories on the 2 percent rule ,he says the dinar is going to be able to float from that point ectectect ......you need too actually look at his crp...    Dullenih i am not in the belief that the dinar will start the way he quotes....

 Baxter    Kap has said nothing about anything happening after the next 4 days... that is just more nonsense people making up stories... alI it is is another step... hopefully in the right direction... at least then the CBI... if they decide to.. can ask for Article 8 status... that is the HUGE STEP.... Article 8.... at least with the 90 days... they can at least ask for it..

Tebow    nothing will except Kap can't use his 2% BS to support Samual Basawood

Spectra    He still denies what the Cbi says ...no float....and when asked can he answer why he says that is a misinterpretation...

Spectra    a misinterpetation of the article...? That particular article is very clear......

Tebow    he'll have to come up with something else to keep the contributions coming in
​Spectra    KTFA-POST-Towards effective economic leadership
11/6/2018 12:00 am   Samir Nusairi   I do not want to clarify the executive and development procedures and build balanced relations with Arab, regional and foreign banks and its strategy for the next five years,

the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince the international financial organizations and the most important official reports issued by them confirm the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition of the Iraqi economy from The gray phase to follow up.

One of the most prominent achievements was to stabilize the exchange rate and recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power.

Doug_W    @Baxter Just fly over there and show them HOW to push the button
Baxter    Im going...................S O O N....
Clay    LOL
Doug_W    American or Iraqui Soon
Baxter    Iraqi... of course
Doug_W    ugggggg

Spectra      Goverment of Iraq  Residents of Mosul and other liberated areas celebrate the month of Ramadan in freedom and safety following the defeat of Daesh and their eviction from Iraq..............


Spectra    https://twitter.com/IraqiGovt/status/1005760370450096128

Clay     thats great

Spectra    yes ..

Spectrahttp://siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/ ..If you click on this lnk ..Dr Greer has some great footage of footage.

Spectra    ive never seen this before..

 Spectra    These golden objects at the CE-5 event were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars. There were NO boats or ships seen anywhere in the area of the objects and there were no jets or planes or other airborne objects anywhere near the objects before, during or after the event.

Spectra    ((( After the fire of funds,Sadr raises several questions about the fate of Iraq)))

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday raised a number of questions on what appeared to be against the backdrop of the burning of ballot boxes in Baghdad, where he expressed his displeasure at the deterioration of the reality of political, security and economic situation in Iraq...


Spectra    ((((After the fire of the funds Allawi's coalition proposes a referendum in Iraq
After the fire of funds .. Allawi's coalition proposes a referendum in Iraq)))

Spectra     ((( Iraq 's economy prevents the export of 200 commodities 6/11/2018 ))) one hour ago

The head of the Iraqi National Business Council, Daoud Abdul Zaer, announced the existence of more than 200 exportable goods, which provide the country with huge financial revenues, but government authorities refuse to export them for unknown reasons.
​The Iraqi balance of payments statistics showed that foreign trade to GDP ratio was 61.4 percent, while non-oil exports accounted for only 0.8 percent of the balance of payments, which caused resentment of experts and MPs in parliament who called on the government to reorganize the trade balance through bilateral agreements with countries Arab and foreign.

The Iraqi economy is based on oil production and export by 99.2 percent, after the country has lost all its industrial and agricultural capabilities because of the wrong policies of governments and the infrastructure damaged by war during the past four decades.


Spectra    as the Iraqi laws prohibit the export of many of the mineral materials..

Doug_W    I wonder the reasoning behind that Law Dorothy?

Baxter    it costs about 2500 dollars to get to baghdad from detroit...

Baxter    OOPS.... LOOKS LIKE I CANT GO.... Rules require all travelers to provide their full name, date of birth that match exactly with the Passport or Government issued photo ID. A U.S. Executive Order has suspended the entry into the United States of most immigrants and non-immigrants from the nations of Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Baxter    Oh... wait.... I A US CITIZEN.. Im gonna go after all....

Doug_W    Baxter we want pics please

Baxter    Ok.... you want links too i suppose
Baxter    I think Im gonna take Frank26 along....

Doug_W    naww no links just pics

Baxter    takes about 21 hours to get there.... but 31 hours to get home
Baxter    I dont have a passport though.... have to get one of those...

Doug_W    that takes a few weeks   4-6

Baxter    really? thats a long time    how much are those?

Doug_W    better get craking

meatball    lucky if it takes that long

Doug_W    50,00 + or -

Baxter    50 Heck... I just looked it up.. more like 300 and up

Doug_W    we got ours cheap then

Baxter    I had one years ago... but its expired now

Meatball  Baxter how old is it?
Baxter    about 22 years
meatball    Baxter are you ex military?
Baxter    yes    vietnam

Doug_W    I still have a valid military ID card

 meatball    if you need a passport in a hurry you can pay for expedited service..... cost alot

 Baxter    I know.. I just saw that.....

meatball    think the limit is 5 years old on renewals

Baxter    that could be... 

meatball    have to update mine

Whitelions    Doug_W my Dad had a life member card for the VFW ,I have it now and have gone into lots of VFW's across the states and have always been welcomed as family I love it

Doug_W    Whitelions I have lifetime memberships in DAV and American Legion as well as VFW
Whitelions    I have his A.L. and he had a moose lodge I grew up going in there and still go in at least once when I'm in town

tman 23     “On Feb. 24, 2016, the Treasury Department issued a specific license to Bank Muscat to authorize the conversion of Iran’s rials to euros through ‘any United States depository institution,” TAKE NOTE WHO AUTHORIZES THE CONVERSION...…. LOL..... IT'S THE UST NOT THE IMF....

 meatbal    lwhat exactly is thel    ESF

 tman23    meatball .ESF (exchange stabilization fund) … It is a branch of our UST, it is said to be the architect of world exchange rates to world currencies...…

 I read sometime back that most employed in this position are Jewish and they have a certain DNA gene that is not common or found in other nationalities...… this gene deals in accounting and numbers and the person with the gene does not deviate from the numbers...…

GETS really interesting and if folks would research some they would snub the IMF which quite frankly is a perverse organization and has a track record of being wrong quite often

 tman23    meatball ….deal with these accountants and folks which you can find businesses and residence in Palmbeach County Florida ……. or Folks can keep listening to the Kaperoni Theory because he read a few paragraphs on an internet site and studied how economies work.. ;frying-pan-smash


Doug_W    that wascally wabbit is around here some place    Right Elmer?

 Zig    EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/international/ESF/Pages/esf-index.aspx

Baxter    The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) consists of three types of assets: U.S. dollars, foreign currencies, and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which is an international reserve asset created by the International Monetary Fund.

Baxter    CREATED BY.... THE IMF

Doug_W    Money Mongers

Baxter    It certainly does not set the rate for foreign currencies...

11 Jun 18, 02:29 PM tman23    Baxter … I never said ESF sets the RATE...… I did say they are the architect.. And I think the better question is ……. Who is going to convert this currency for you ? What bank will risk holding it ?? We assume the UST will have to back it up for any exchange to take place ….

And if that assumption is close to accurate...…Do you really think that the IMF or CBI will set a rate without UST approval...…. Sure Wells Fargo a public traded company will empty their vaults of USD for IQD and risk shareholders security on one of the most corrupt countries in the world.....

 I can go on but why bother...… Good luck with the 3 zero notes floating …… NEVER EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ….. That is insane corruption waiting to happen

Zig  Sigh...Sounds logical, tman....unfortunately you could be right....hope not....oh well....we shall see....Not giving up on this just yet, though as time passes my optimism wanes a bit....

Dave    tman23 Insane corruption ....I Agree
Dave    those guys are brilliant at creating crisis's and delay....
Dave    wonder if the UST is holding any ot this toilet paper though in their exotic foreign currency reserve?
Dave    oops I meant dinar

 Zig    Dave : I highly doubt it....used to think so but IMO it would be too risky as tman has stated......
Zig    Dave : Unless the UST knows something that we don't....lol....highly likely so who knows....I know 0....

Doug_W    Dave no U didn't LOL

 Spectra    i might just actually have too agree with this guy who calls himself tman ...lol ....and he did it all with out using bizzare terminology......Good job.....lol

Doug_W    I know nothing    I see Nothing
Spectra    Does this place give out awards?

Doug_W    ask teh boss

Spectra    Because i think this guy tman deserves one...lol

Doug_W    what will I name that award Dorothy?
Doug_W    5 more hours till Trump meets face 2 face with little Rocket man

Spectra    Big Round of applause for MR T...... ;eye roll;

Doug_W    Clap Clap

Spectra;    clap ;clap

​ patrik73    iraqis don't play ball a lot, they burn ballots

 Irish Rose    I am still going to continue taking my hopium for a bit longer. It's still about as clear as mud, if you ask me!!
Irish Rose    I've waited this long.........
Doug_W    Irish Rose Ditto
Dinard    tman23 that was quite the good couple of pennies you just dropped there. i always assumed the IMF was sort of the puppeteer tugging on the strings. maybe i should drop that notion and follow the puppet strings further

Xyz    :Really? and how would @Kaperoni know? Ooooops his is a guru
6-11-2018 Kaperoni My guess is al-Maliki is behind this fire... fits his MO. Destroy the ballots than there can't be a recount. Course his goal is a new election.

xyz:    Really? @Kaperoni and Maliki at fire place? ;banana





June 11, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
Oh boy, oh boy….!!!! What news today I have for you….Hang on to your seats….
More news….
So first I need to clarify some comments I made about the current US presidential administration and a reaction someone made to my comments.
Let me state clearly that I am a supporter of any president who works for the people and through the people to uphold the constitution and other laws and not some foreign ultraliberal agenda being pushed down our throats by propaganda, lies and deception. This land is YOUR land and it does not belong to some 1% of the very wealthy or some UN group who are bent on taking it and its resources from you. Get it?
So these reactions to my post are VERY scary and only show a lack of knowledge and ignorance on the part of the person who wrote them. I certainly hope that this person does not represent the majority in America because if he does you are doomed from the start.
Obviously, he is more concerned about supporting the bashing from the ultraliberals, to bring down this president (who is finally doing the job that a real president should), then he is about the state of the his own country.
It is also very apparent he is being brainwashed by some YouTube site or some intel idiot gurus who have the same agenda as the ultraliberals. Does he really believe this garbage intel someone is telling him? Obviously, he appears to believe it. WOW 
All I can say is citizens like him are part of the problem with the USA and not being part of the solution. Who the hell cares if Trump is a womanizer? Who care how he combs his hair? Who cares about the color of his skin? Who cares what he had for breakfast? I don’t even care if he has multiple affairs while president. Just as long as “he gets the job done”.
About stealing 81 billion from the Federal Reserve? Wow! Someone really got this guy brainwashed. I can not even begin to talk about how ridiculous this statement really is. There are no FACTS to back up this accusation nor does he give us any. Again this is just pigeon dropping on all of us more intelligent people.
Do you know what pigeons drop on our heads? Yes, they shit on us and then fly away….
Trump is using North Korea for political gain? Why not if it gets him re-elected. Hasn’t all presidents done this. But let’s get real with the N. Korea issue and this harsh statement made against the honorable president Trump.
So did you first do your research buddy? Since the early 1950’s there has only been a cease fire between N Korea and S. Korea, so technically they are still at war. Why in hell does the USA spend billions holding on to military bases in S. Korea then? You are paying billions in tax dollars for this support. I am not saying it was not necessary since some of these N. Korean leaders are bastards. But here is my point….
Has any of the other past presidents resolved this conflict and reunited North and South Korea? Like making PEACE? Truman was president when the Korean War broke out in 1950. Eisenhower was inaugurated in 1953 and no other president since was able to finally resolve these differences and make peace.
Now we have a chance for peace after almost 70 years and yet these ultraliberals want to convince you that this possibility of PEACE is wrong?
Oh but they claim the want a peaceful loving president at ANY cost, even at a security cost to the nation.
How they twist your mind and contradict themselves even on the main issues they themselves support in prior administrations. Now all of a sudden its so wrong for Trump to support them too. Yes, these same ultraliberals will also claim president Trump is a war mongrel and wants to blow up the planet with a push of a nuclear button. Yet when he tries to create peace he also gets bashed. I don’t get it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too… sorry! It does not work that way.
It is up to each and every one of us to sort out the propaganda begin to throw out all this nonsense from the crooked news media channels like on CNN. ABC and CBS and others owned by the ultraliberal anti-Trump goons. We must be strong minded enough to see through all this trash. At some point we must see threw the corruption and drain the swamp.
Mark Gossell wrote on my FB page:
“So MG i see u love and respect a man that disrespects women and minority’s in general ,says one thing from his mouth and actions says different, right now he is trying to make friends with a country just to make the news or history books that carries out the most cyber crime like stealing or was trying to steal 81 billion from the federal reserve using their own swift system against them plus the Sony studios ordeal because they did not like the movie about them , plus many more ,can’t use Russia anymore so why not try using North Korea LOL , “
I think perhaps Mark should start his own intel site and follow the Becky McGuire crowd. Did you listen to her last couple replays of her so called “intel” call? Don’t waste your time.
She now seems to believe we are waiting on some Rothchild pedophilia ring to be criminalized and taken down, as to why we are waiting for the RV. Really?
These corrupt officials are holding up the RV and they will take then down with this exposure. Really? How can anyone with a sane mind even begin to believe such ridiculous crap. How many times must this ridiculous stuff circulate through the dinar community? This stuff is so old already. Enough already! Seems, whoever is feeding her intel is taking her for a sap since she is new to the intel and she is a good sucker to use for their agenda. Seems Mark too has his sources for feeding into this crap. But again to bring FACTUAL intel is not her priority anyhow as she says over and over again she does not follow the events in Iraq anyhow. Really? This one really amazes me to no extent. So where then does she get her intel? Well you see it doesn’t really matter anyhow since her real intent is not about FACTUAL intel but her little scam to get $$$ from you. She now even put up new web site and her PayPal donation button. If this doesn’t tell you her real intent I give up….
Mark, on the other hand, I am glad you are trying at least to inform yourself of the TRUTH and FACTS by reading my Newsletter, but please don’t pump this crap any longer on my FB Page. Okay? Or else I will certainly ban you for this nonsense. I know we have freedom of speak and opinion and this is all good. But with this freedom comes also the responsibility to provide FACTUAL evidence of any accusations. Rumors are just rumors. If spread they become dangerous and many believe if they hear something long enough from many sources it is the truth. But reality does not work that way….sorry!
My readers are mostly intelligent and responsible readers who don’t fall for this crap. So, please join the SOLUTION or get out of our way!
Go read my Mission Statement for my FB Page.
More news….
Learning a little history of Iraq never hurt. This is a real good documentary on Iraq.
More news….
A document issued by the Central Bank, signed by the Director General of the Banking Supervision Department, Qaseem Saleh, addressed to the Ministry of Commerce, reviewed by the "Economy News", "based on the decision of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank No. 61 of 2018, And the purchase of foreign currency for violating the provisions of the regulation of the work of brokerage companies, "noting that" also decided to confiscate the letter of guarantee of 250 billion dinars and the abolition of the certificate of incorporation.
(Mtn Goat – this is the forth article on the CBI taking down four separate “fake” banks fronting as banks using the currency auctions to get the USD out of the CBI reserves. So we can see the CBI is working on cleaning up this currency MANIPULITION and FRAUD they talked about in earlier articles as to why they wanted the “project to delete the zeros” postponed until sometime after the elections.)
More news….
Recently a legal expert, Amir al-Duma, speaks out against these Special Sessions of Parliament he said on Friday that IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF PARLIAMENT and can be done ONLY BY AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION, which he said is almost impossible to do.
Too bad Maliki and your goons, it looks like this tactic may not work anymore. What else will you try?
More news….
The leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr called in a written statement on Friday to the Iraqi security authorities to start a campaign of arms disarmament throughout the country after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr directly, calling for the arms inventory by the state.
(Mtn Goat – I believe this is in response to the recent bombing in Sadr city. We all know why this bombing occurred. Remember back to the Nori al-Maliki years whenever he did not get his way, Iraq always seemed to have this rash of bombings. Who was instigating these bombings? Guess who? Blame it on terrorists? Sure but the question is who are the real terrorists?
Now we witnessed this same pattern. The Sadr Movement needs to get rid of all of these crooked politicians. Like flushing a stinky toilet. You know it has to be done so do it. Now I believe Iraq may sincerely get the power to actually do it. No more negotiating on the elections results just to compromise to allow these goons to stay yet another 4 years in some kind of political position, thus immune from prosecution.
I am hopeful Sadr will finally flush the toilet and put an end to this chapter of Iraqi history once and for all. It sounds like someone (namely) Sadr, has the political will and clout to do it.
So let’s compare this also to the USA elections from 2016. This may be a stretch but I don’t think I am that far from the truth. Do you also have bombings too when things don’t go the way the ultra-liberals want policy to go? Do you have school shootings too? Who it doing this and why? The crocked news media wants to blame it on terrorists or mentally deranged people but who is behind it in reality? Who is instigating these incidents and why? They are NOT coincidental and someone very powerful is behind them. Can you see the comparison to bombings in Iraq? Same MO (Method of Operation). They have CIA and secret ops written all over them. But who gave the order to do it? Are we all being played with? Get it now?
This lingering stench from the prior presidential administrations and what they did to the USA is so bad, most don’t know half the truth of just how bad and deep it really goes. Some call it the “Deep State” or “Shadow Govt”.
I sincerely believe that if you stick to this new president and support him fully we will see a drastic change in govt in the USA for the good. At least I can see many of my readers are in the same mindset. Change can occur and now your current administration is almost in a position to flush the toilet. Much is riding on the November elections for Congressional seats. The Republicans must take back an overwhelming majority of the house seats. This will finally give them the power they need. Let’s flush that toilet in Washington and follow the example of Iraq. It can be done! Go out and VOTE!)
More news….
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council, the highest judicial authority, named judges on Sunday tasked with taking over the country’s elections commission following allegations of widespread violations in a May parliamentary election.
Parliament on Wednesday passed a law that mandated a nationwide manual recount of votes from the election. The law called for the Independent High Elections Commission’s leadership to be replaced by nine judges.
“The Supreme Judicial Council’s meeting saw the naming of the judges nominated to take over the duties of the board of commissioners of the Independent High Elections Commission,” Judge Abdul-Sattar al-Birqdar said in a statement.
The recount was approved by parliament a day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who’s bloc came third in the election, said there had been serious violations and that most of the blame lay with the elections commission.
The move could undermine nationalist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the United States WHO ALSO OPPOSES IRAN’S WAY IN IRAQ and who’s bloc won the largest amount of seats in the election. One of
Oh….but the election saga does not end here……continue reading….. 😊
Saturday: Al Fayez from the Electoral Commission said in a press statement that "the counting and sorting process WILL NOT TAKE MORE THAN 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE START OF THE HAND COUNTING PROCESS, which is likely to be DURING THE NEXT TWO DAYS."
He added that "after the completion of manual counting and counting during the next two weeks, will open the way for appeals within three days," stressing that "the period will not be prolonged because of time constraints.
Then came the fire….. 
More news….
The election saga continues….all intentional to stall the election process?
First, according to Al Furat News a fire broke out inside the stores of the Ministry of Commerce in Baghdad ballot boxes to the Rusafa side in Baghdad.
Then it was announced that Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Sunday called for a re-election in Iraq following a fire incident targeting a polling station in Baghdad.
"The crime of burning the warehouses of the ballot boxes in the Rusafa area is a deliberate act and a planned crime aimed at hiding cases of manipulation and falsification of the votes and deceiving the Iraqi people and changing their will and choice," Jubouri said in a statement.
"We call for the re-election after it has been proved to be rigged, manipulated and falsified, deliberately and seriously, by the will of the Iraqi people and to prosecute those who contributed to the fraud and vandalism," he said.
Later after inspection from the results of the fire, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) assured Sunday that there was no harm to the election results after the fire that raged polling stations in Rusafa.
The head of the Electoral Commission for elections, Maen al-Hitawi, during his field visit to the site of the incident, "UNHCR maintains all the results and there is no harm in this regard," noting that "the Commission has the full results of the papers of the intersection and down to all funds."
He added that "the fire that lasted the headquarters of the preservation of funds comes within a long chain to target the Commission and its work by the corrupt."
Later come out a video clip showing only a few boxes that do not exceed the number of vote ballots being pulled out of the fire site of the Electoral Commission stores.
Elements in the civil defense, according to the video that only this number is what was saved from the fire in Rusafa.
Earlier on Sunday, Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced the removal of all of the important ballot boxes from the fire in UNHCR warehouses in Rusafa
The burning of ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections, which was held on May 12, the special in the Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad. Al-Rubaie said in the original press statement that "the warehouses of the Ministry of Commerce, which was stored boxes of Rusafa to the Electoral Commission, burned," stressing that "the papers and funds burned completely, simply is NOT true!
Mnt Goat – So to conclude the election saga so far the latest news is the Electoral Commission now run by independent set of judges, are going to conduct a “full” nationwide re-count of the votes. This is expected to begin this week on Weds or Thurs.
We have heard in the past that if they had to do a “full” recount this could take from 3 weeks to 3 months.
What we do know is the first session of the new parliament is scheduled to begin on July 1st but can’t until the election results are certified and this can’t bd done until the re-counting is completed. Go figure! What do you think?
Oh Boy what a mess!
Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Sunday that the burning of a storage site in Baghdad where ballot boxes were kept was part of a plot to harm Iraq’s democratic process, the first government indication the INCIDENT WAS DELIBERATE.
“Burning election warehouses ... IS A PLOT TO HARM THE NATION and its democracy. We will take all necessary measures and strike with an iron fist all who undermine the security of the nation and its citizens,” Abadi said in a statement.
Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The legal expert, Amir al-Duma, said on Friday that IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF PARLIAMENT ONLY BY AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION, noting that amending the constitution IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.
Al-Da'idi said in a statement to Al-Ghad Press that "the parliament's age should not be extended except by amending the constitution and amending it as an almost impossible issue," POINTING OUT THAT "THE OFFICIAL TERM OF THE PARLIAMENT ENDS ON JUNE 30, AND HERE THE DEPUTIES TURN INTO ORDINARY CITIZENS."
He added that "what is stated in Article 57 of the Constitution and the extension of the legislative chapter relates to the chapters other than the last chapter, which ends the age of the parliamentary session, KNOWING THAT THERE ARE 8 CHAPTERS OF PARLIAMENT EACH YEAR CONTAINS TWO CHAPTERS OF LEGISLATION."
He added that "the end of parliament without the announcement of the results and ratification will enter Iraq with a constitutional vacuum," pointing out that "the Supreme Judicial Council racing time to announce the results."
(Mnt Goat – so we can see that a legal expert for the govt is telling us that it is not a good idea for Parliament to continue with these Special Sessions beyond their normal Official Term which ended June 30th. He references the constitution. We know why they continue with these session as this not really an emergency, as the Constitution states an emergency must occur to have a Special Session, but rather they are being conducted as political posturing in order to create confusion and chaos under false pretense of an Elections Crisis. They must end before July 1st even. Enough is Enough!!!!)
Samir Nusairi
The media leaks these days, according to government sources, that the important decisions that will be taken by the new government, which will be formed after the ratification of the final results of the elections is the formation of the Supreme Economic Council, and on this occasion I would like to reiterate to the reader that I have already called for the formation of this Council on 17 February 2016 open letter to the Prime Minister published on the website of the Iraqi economists and reiterated the proposal at the beginning of 2017 on the pages of the newspaper Al-Sabah glue and the Agency of Economy News and important that this Council should be composed of half of experts in the government and The council is responsible for strategic planning, defining policies and procedures, monitoring and monitoring the implementation of development plans, and has the authority to make recommendations and economic decisions to reform the national economy.
The Chairman of the Council shall be a member of the Council of Ministers. The Council shall be headed by a technocrat elected by the members of the Council. Members shall be selected according to the scientific standards and practical experience accumulated in the Government or in the private sector. The implementation shall be binding upon ratification by the Council of Ministers and shall be regulated by law.
And be supervising and supervising the committees and entities it forms, most notably the Reconstruction Fund, the National Savings Fund, the SME financing and development institutions, and the protection and support of the local product and the public service council.
And that the private sector be given a leading role in the management of the economic wheel allows it to overcome the imbalances in the structure and strict central regulations and economic policies deficient within the central objective of moving to a stable and free economy and the adoption of mechanisms and ways, policies and procedures clear because "the process of economic recovery requires a campaign to save all productive and service sectors , And despite the existence of strategies and initiatives prepared and issued in partnership with international organizations of the United Nations, but it has not led to important positive results over the past years for many considerations, especially complications planning legislative and executive ".
Therefore, "one of the MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE PROPOSED COUNCIL TO DEVELOP MECHANISMS, CONTEXTS AND INSTRUCTIONS AND RECONSIDER LEGISLATION TO MOVE THE ECONOMY FROM ITS CURRENT STATUS TO THE SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY, so as to achieve sustainable national development for the next five years as an important stage to move to achieve the economic vision of Iraq until 2030, Private Sector 2014-2030, and is in line with the provisions of the Constitution on the promotion of privatization. "
Stressing the need to review the mechanisms and policies and points of action in light of the variables of the economic and financial crisis experienced by the country through the restructuring of the state-owned industry and the transition to the private sector and provide the necessary infrastructure and the promotion of agricultural production and livestock, as well as the development of trade and banking.
In addition to "STRUCTURING THE GOVERNMENT BANKING SECTOR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MEMORANDUM SIGNED WITH THE WORLD BANK, in addition to supporting the private banking sector and enhancing its current potential", and formulating policies of economic cooperation with Arab and foreign countries and establishing economic relations with them, as well as developing development policies for internal and external trade , For its positive effects on the economic situation.
Because THE BUILDING OF A HEALTHY NATIONAL ECONOMY IN WHICH ALL PRODUCTIVE SECTORS PARTICIPATE WILL SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM ITS SUFFOCATING ECONOMIC CRISIS, increase per capita income, increase its purchasing power and increase national income. "The focus is on the need to implement important steps towards building a strategy for developing the economy and supporting the private sector to take part in contributing to the new construction Economy and diversification of budget resources. "
With the importance of sustaining partnership and dialogue and cooperation between the private sector and the government and activating them, and contribute to the development of mechanisms and participation in follow-up implementation to resolve the transition in stages programmed time to market economy. And the belief in the ability of the private sector to work towards providing additional sources of funding for the state budget by adopting and diversifying other non-oil resources in the gross domestic product and encouraging the establishment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development, including the formation of specialized institutions for this purpose.
* Economic and banking consultant
Private - Mawazine News
Sadr's alliance, led by Moqtada al-Sadr, said Saturday that the parliament's decision to re-count the results of the recent election will cost the state a lot of money.
He said Sadeq Hamid in an interview with / Mawazin News / "The decision of the parliament to re-counting of voters' votes would be done manually, unthought and ITS CONSEQUENCES MAY BE NEGATIVE IN TERMS OF THE TIMING OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL FORMATION OF THE GOVERNMENT, especially if we work he needs to equip halls and staff are skilled at counting Manual counting and data entry, which takes months. "
He added that "counting and sorting by hand will also cost the state many funds added to the amount of $ 100 million, which bought the Commission to accelerate the announcement of the results, which proved ineffective," EXPRESSING "FEAR OF THE EXPLOITATION OF COUNTING AND MANUAL COUNTING OF THE RISE OF SOME OF THE LOSERS."
(Mnt Goat – no one said they are still going ahead with the recounting. Sadr is just giving his opinion and some facts on the subject. The judiciary still has to rule if the legislation of Parliament if constitutional and also if it should apply to the recent election since the amendment to the election law was NOT in place at the time of the election. We still wait to hear for the ruling on this issue from the Judiciary. They were supposed to rule in 48 hours. Surely it should be done by today. Is it? )
Baghdad / Network of Iraq - informed sources, on Sunday, what happened at the meeting of President Fuad Masoum, with the Speaker of the Parliament Salim al-Jubouri and heads of blocs. The newspaper "the range," the sources said, "Some of the losing blocs put forward the subject of canceling the results of the elections of the Council of Representatives and its integration with the provincial elections, "indicating that" the blocks of Badr and Sorrow and the wisdom of the Kurdistan Democratic Union and the National rejected this proposal.
"She explained," the members of the Presidency of the Parliament and the coalition of the rule of law put forward the idea of canceling the results of parliamentary elections and integration with local elections, The parties rejected this "The sources said that" the blocks and parties that expressed their rejection of the idea of canceling the election results stressed not to postpone or cancel the elections after the disbursement of millions of dollars on the electoral process, "noting that" the meeting did not reach an agreement during their meeting. "
The sources pointed out that "the meeting also discussed the appeals submitted by the winning blocs in the elections on the amendment by the House of Representatives, which generated great pressure on the Federal Court," asserting that "there are many illegal paragraphs exist in the amendment approved by the parliament," She explained.
Sources "The Parliament DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CANCEL THE ELECTION RESULTS. Moreover, the PERMEABILITY OF THE LAW FROM THE DATE OF VOTING IN ITSELF IS CONSIDERED A VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, which imposes the ratification of the Presidency of the Republic and the publication of the law in the Official Gazette."
The sources confirmed that "the Presidency of the Republic and the Electoral Commission and civil society organizations and a large number of blocks and lists of winning filed appeals before the Federal Court on the third amendment to the law of the House of Representatives," ASSERTING THAT "THE FEDERAL COURT WILL ACCEPT THE APPEALS SUBMITTED TO THIS NEW AMENDMENT BECAUSE OF THE MANY LEGAL IRREGULARITIES CONTAINED IN THE LAW.
"The presidency of the Republic and the parliament held on Saturday, a meeting at the headquarters of President Fuad Masum, Palace of Peace, central Baghdad, attended by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his deputies and Vice-Presidents of the Republic and a number of the most prominent leaders of political blocs, to discuss the repercussions of the crisis resulting from the parliament 's vote on the amendment of the electoral law, including the re - count and the hand count and the abolition of voices abroad and displaced persons.
A statement issued by the presidency, a copy of it, said that "during the meeting there were frank discussions on the circumstances and results of the recent legislative elections, the legal amendments made by the House of Representatives and the subsequent procedures."
The participants also stressed, according to the statement, "the importance of working responsibly and diligently to preserve political and security stability, to respect the votes of the voters, to adhere to the Constitution and the laws in force, to PROMOTE THE PRINCIPLE OF SEPARATION OF POWERS and to prevent any vacuum. "After the meeting, the Speaker acknowledged differences between the two communities on the Parliament's Decisions, both on the level of survival of the session is open, and then amend the election law. "After the meeting, Jabouri said that" the views were not identical, "noting at the same time the importance of" respect for the legal procedures and directions that have been adopted. "
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!
Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.
In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.
“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.
In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat


6-11-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "IS THE CONTINUATION OF PARLIAMENT WAY BEYOND ITS NORMAL TERM SESSIONS CONSTITUTIONAL?"  Quote:  "POINTING OUT THAT "THE OFFICIAL TERM OF THE PARLIAMENT ENDS ON JUNE 30, AND HERE THE DEPUTIES TURN INTO ORDINARY CITIZENS."  ...a legal expert for the govt is telling us that it is not a good idea for Parliament to continue with these Special Sessions beyond their normal Official Term which ended June 30th. He references the constitution. We know why they continue with these session as this not really an emergency, as the Constitution states an emergency must occur to have a Special Session, but rather they are being conducted as political posturing in order to create confusion and chaos under false pretense of an Elections Crisis. They must end before July 1st even.Enough is Enough!!

6-11-2018   Intel Guru AdminBill

6-11-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "TAKING DOWN THESE FAKE BANKS"   ...this is the forth article on the CBI taking down four separate “fake” banks fronting as banks using the currency auctions to get the USD out of the CBI reserves. So we can see the CBI is working on cleaning up this currency MANIPULITION and FRAUD they talked about in earlier articles as to why they wanted the “project to delete the zeros” postponed until sometime after the elections.

6-11-2018   Newshound Guru chattels
Jun 15 Friday Eid al-Fitr National holiday
Jun 16 Saturday Eid al-Fitr holiday National holiday
Jun 17 Sunday Eid al-Fitr holiday National holiday

6-11-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   My guess is al-Maliki is behind this fire... fits his MO.  Destroy the ballots than there can't be a recount.  Course his goal is a new election.
6-11-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    Article:  "Iraq’s parliament speaker calls for election rerun, after fire hits ballot boxes warehouse"  Why would this be Sadr?? He loves his position and has nothing to fear from a recount… especially if these accusations about the IHEC (or HEC – whatever they are calling it this week) are true and we get an unbiased panel of 9 judges instead.

IQD RV News Update (RANT# 172)

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 11 2018

Compiled 11 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Byington’s Before It’s News articles on a Vatican-organized, mafia-run Child Trafficking Pedophile Ring said linked to Washington DC political elites, European Royalty & Hollywood pedophiles: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

The following is a compilation from the Internet. It would be up the reader to decide whether or not the information was valid.

A. June 10 2018 12:58 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 10, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. As per Alliance directive distribution of information was on hold as the RV was ready to begin.

2. In the past missed RV schedules were considered "leaks" and only meant to be seen by high-level personnel.

3. The sole reason for the delay of the transition event has always been about protecting the masses. The RV was connected to the transition event and it's sole purpose was to create a new global "elite" of love that would replace the old elite (Cabal) of evil. We would be helping the world instead of destroying and enslaving it.

4. The Alliance was prepping the transition event with the optimal approach and timing for the masses.

5. Humanity was declared free on June 6.

6. On June 11 it would begin.

B. June 10 2018 4:11 am EST Pedogate Disinformation and Cover Up, SGT Report: (Video) SGTReport -- Pedogate Disinfo Operation and Cover up

C. June 7 2018 LA Times: LA Times: Former Schwarzenegger advisor arrested in statewide human trafficking operation



Don961 » June 11th, 2018

The Central Bank Is Opening Its Auction By Selling More Than $ 161 Million


On June 10, 2018 

Baghdad - conscious

The central bank on Sunday opened an auction to sell foreign currency by selling more than $ 161 million.

"The amount sold was 161 million and 317 thousand dollars at an exchange rate of 1182 dinars per dollar, with the participation of 33 banks and one company for financial transfer," a statement from the bank said.

He added that "the sale of amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad, as well as the sale of cash was the price of 1190 dinars per dollar." link

Towards effective economic leadership

11/6/2018 12:00 am 

Samir Nusairi 

Iraqis are waiting for the formation of a new government with special national standards whose primary objective is to serve the people, achieve economic stability and reconstruction, revitalize the economic cycle and achieve prosperity for the people who suffered 15 years of instability, terrorism and loss of basic services. 

In order for the new government to achieve these goals and aspirations, its main sessions should lead national economic leaders in the next phase. The national economic elites in various fields should have an effective role in analyzing and assessing the economic reality in Iraq after 2003.

Of the economy, adding and enriching the successful experiences and bright spots that emerged during the suffering of Iraq from the financial and economic crisis experienced by them, starting from their national sense to be given the opportunity to lead the wheel of change and the Ahh because the Iraqi economy and Eebenah Aaisalha only his sons, especially his experts, technocrats and Mvkroh people with real experience in the previous process successful work locally And externally. 

The observer and observer of the role of government institutions over the past years, in terms of the management of the Iraqi economy, notes failures and challenges with the loss of methodology and the lack of clarity of policies and programs and the lack of harmonization of strategies prepared in partnership with international organizations and experts with the reality of the Iraqi economy monolithic resources, which depends primarily on oil rent and its causes This is due to the structural and structural imbalance in the economy and the lack of stability in the financial system and the monetary system due to the non-oil revenue deficit, balance of payments deficit and the continuing budget deficit, and weak coordination between the financial and Cash, as well as poor management of public money and clear weakness

in the economic leadership of most of the government 's economic institutions and not to involve and give an active role for the private sector in the economic decision - making. 

All failures and the war on terror have led to economic instability and lack of vision to build a solid national economy capable of drawing the preconditions for a transition to a social market economy, which I believe is the solution to our economic reality. 

These challenges have created pessimism and pessimistic outlook for our economic future among many of our economic elites, but many economic, financial and local experts believe that there are several promising and bright points that some economic institutions have made clearly and effectively during the years 2015-2017, the years of economic and financial crisis Suffocation. 

The most prominent of these bright points in this march is the experience of the Central Bank in supporting the national economy while maintaining its functions and objectives set out in its law. The most important achievement of the Central Bank is its contribution to achieving economic steadfastness and strengthening the decisive victory over terrorism.

I do not want to clarify the executive and development procedures and build balanced relations with Arab, regional and foreign banks and its strategy for the next five years, the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince the international financial organizations and the most important official reports issued by them confirm the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition of the Iraqi economy from The gray phase to follow up. One of the most prominent achievements was to stabilize the exchange rate and recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power. 

In addition to its various contributions and initiatives to activate the economic cycle and enhance the liquidity of banks and reach a re-bridge coordination between the financial and monetary policies and propose new economic and structural policies to prepare budgets for the coming years and attempts to re-confidence in the system The banker. 

The CBB has demonstrated its clear ability to interact, analyze labor constraints and create conditions to overcome challenges, and the road is still long before the central bank and the competent government agencies to achieve a sound national economy. 

Therefore, the invitation is addressed to the national economic elites to interact with the bright points and experiences and enrich them with their ideas, visions and proposals to build a solid national economy, overcome challenges, correct the wrong tracks, and transparent and calm dialogues without personal and partisan targets. link