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Tman23 TIDBIT, 10 JUNE

Tman23    It's all about the 3 zeros , that is the million dollar speculation and nothing has changed in regards to such since the introduction of the scam.....er ...investment...LOL...I'm just hoping Kim Jong Un brings the Iraq RV button to the summit on the 12th....if he does my sources say we have a window for the 13th

IF Justify becomes the 13th triple crown winner then were in a good place...I have no doubt they are speaking about removing the 3 zeros from the notes... and that would be lower denoms...the speculation remains the same ….how will 3 zero notes be treated at exchange"...

 chattels    If i understand correctly what Tman is saying then his concern is that no one knows what " dropping the three zeroes " really means. If so, i agree. Otherwise I am confused by his remarks.

Security Council Committee concerning Iraq Removes Sanctions | IQD Dinar...

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 10 2018

 June 9 2018 3:55 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 9, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The RV release protocol was complete, with all systems green, all backdoor channels protected and ready to distribute funds.

2. The Alliance has notified all sources to secure and prevent RV info leaks in preparation for release.

3. On a daily basis, Alliance members such as POTUS, Chinese officials, White Hats and others were currently meeting to prepare the world for the transition event.

4. June 11 remained an important date proceeding the transition event.

B. June 9 2018 9:21 am EST, Kabamur: Kabamur: Darkness will Come to Light

C. June 9 2018 1:12 am EST Banking Elites’ Child Sex Trafficking Coverup, Byington: Clinton, Rothschild, Banking Elites Child Sex Trafficking Coverup



(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Distribution of information regarding the RV is currently on hold as per Alliance directive.

All missed RV schedules in the past are considered as "leaks" and were only meant to be seen by high-level personnel.

The sole reason for the delay of the transition event has always been about protecting the masses.

The RV is connected to the transition event and it's sole purpose is to create a new global "elite" of light and love that will replace the old elite (Cabal) of darkness and evil.

We will be helping the world instead of destroying and enslaving it.

The RV is ready to begin hence the information hold.

The Alliance is currently prepping the transition event with the optimal approach and timing for the masses.

Humanity was declared free on the 6th.

June 11th, it begins.

URGENT: Iraqi parliament: votes burned will not be counted again, 10 JUNE

Twilight News

one hour ago

A member of the legal committee in the Iraqi parliament Zana Said said Sunday that the votes that were destroyed during the fire Rusafa stores will not be counted again according to the latest amendment to the election law. 

"The amendment to the electoral law resulted in the cancellation of all the results of electronic counting and counting, so the counting and counting of votes will be manually and the burned votes lost and will not be counted," Saeed told Twilight News. 

"Whoever did this work was aiming to lose those votes," he said. 

On Sunday afternoon, fire broke out in warehouses used by the Iraqi Electoral Commission in Baghdad to keep ballot boxes in the last legislative elections. 

According to the deputy chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al-Rubaie, the funds "burned completely," noting that the stores were heavily guarded.

But the Iraqi Interior Ministry, according to its spokesman Major General Saad Maan, announced that the ballot boxes did not burn during the incident. 

This comes as preparations are under way for the counting and counting of the votes of about 10 million voters, following the detection of fraud and intimidation of the elections held on 12 May last.


U.S. Organizations Call on Zimbabwe's Military to Respect Vote | IQD Di...


6-10-2018   Newshound Guru  Kaperoni    So if we're waiting for the formation of the government to occur before any kind of monetary reform can go forward, it looks like we might be waiting an extra month or so.  I think we were all hoping for the formation of the government to occur by the end of June and to coincide with the cbi's three-month IMF requirement (June 15 or so) compliance but that looks like it might be pushed back until the end of July or August.  If so we have to hope that the CBI can continue to maintain spread within 2% or less for that duration.   In the meantime I am looking for some news that would indicate that the IMF has scheduled their Article IV Consultation with Iraq. I believe this will occur at the same or about the same time as the CBI's begins monetary reform.  [post 2 of 2]

Newshound Guru  Kaperoni   Some good news today if you call it that, it looks like the manual recount is only going to take about 10 days and not 3 months as originally predicted Personally I don't know what the desire for manual recount is for. It's not going to change the outcome of who becomes prime-minister because that is based on political blocks unifying to form an alliance.  At best, a political block may pick up a seat or two in parliament.  But all this nonsense has been initiated by al-Maliki and his block and Salim Jubouri the parliament speaker who both lost pretty handily in the elections.  What also appears to have happened is in the last day or so a large alliance has been formed consisting of a majority of parliamentary seats. This Alliance does not include al-Maliki or his state of law coalition.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned] 


Learn about the time it takes to count and “manually” The parliamentary legal committee, on Saturday, the time it will take counting and sorting “manual”, while warned of the end of the constitutional period to form a new government. 

The Commission Rapporteur Zana Said for “Iraq’s News”, “The process of counting and sorting the hand takes more than twenty days,” warning that “the parliamentary results in the elections do not end before the constitutional date before 1/7 and enter into a constitutional vacuum and the Federal Court To deal with a decision from them. “ “There is manipulation in the votes of the candidates who did not win the elections,” Saeed said. “There is guidance in the areas where they were elected. The right votes will come back to them. After counting and sorting, each candidate who won his constitutional right will know.”

Vietnam Economy on Strong Footing Increased Rating! | IQD Dinar Currency...


Pennywise (Movie "IT"):   [Pennywise's face begins changing from a smile to a frown] "Oh, yes... They float, Georgie... They float... and when you're down here with me... YOU FLOAT TOO!"
Baxter    Kaperoni :    The current rate of the Iraqi dinar 1190 is real and accurate and a result of monetary policy accomplished over several years when Shabibi was in charge it's not artificial or program rate. 

Baxter    Kaperoni :     The recent change in the exchange rate in year 2015 to 1186 now reflecting 1190 is real and a result of discussions between the IMF and the CBI to monitor the conditions in Iraq and the subsequent reforms. 

As I said before numerous times if and when the CBI accepts IMF Article VIII they will have to get off the peg and move to some type of float allowing the dinar to gradually rise based on investment and capital influx. This is no overnight event.

Baxter    :Thumbs-up

Zig;   Woho ....KAP....Time for another visit!!...You out there?....Or are you scared of Tebow and Tman... ;scared

Baxter    Well.... he has one follower in here at least............ME......... I believe him...

Zig    Baxter : You are brave to admit that in here....lol

tman23    ERNESTO SPEAKS WITH KAP ON IRAQ AND ECONOMICS...…….HE HOLDS A DEGREE IN THEOLOGY......****** ***** **** ****  but wait for the Sammy Balsawood affect to kick in once investors come to Iraq....SURE SURE>…..LOL......they are beating the door down to get in …….

Zig    LOL...You are something, Tman....exactly what that "something" is, I'm not sure....but unique comes to mind....and entertaining......I do remember Kaperoni saying that Enorrste (Ernesto in your post) does have a background in Economics....not sure about Theology but I do know that Enorrste has written a book about the early life of Jesus...

spankie    Don't candy coat it tman- lat it loose man

tman23    Zig ….with these guys.....counting the collections collected in the Sunday basket would be a reasoning enough to claim an accounting degree......and as far as we know the guy is a high school home economics teacher, and that's sufficient enough to claim an economics background...…...you too can be anything you desire.....You are the editor of a major social news outlet.....

Tebow    Zig why do we need another visit from Kap? He just repeats himself.

Tebow    Seems if 1190 is the real rate according to Floataroni, dang they've float their currency a whole 4 dinars since 2015! Wow Batman! 3 yrs it's gone nowhere. Investors are going to jump on that! Pure simple Floataroni BS!

Tebow    Floataroni answer this, how can the currency be Peg and fixed and be the real and accurate rate?

xyz    Tebow thought you knew that @Zag loves to ignite fights. Enjoys adding kerosene on fire    @Tebow he hopium'ed @tman23 earlier --- not saying drugged him with ecstasy ;banana

tman23    Tebow Cuz he studied it long and hard.....and the conclusion reached is NO OVERNIGHT EVENT...…… The investors will drive the rate up over a period of time BUT rates cannot exceed 2% change per month according to IMF......So at best you will gain 24% per year on your stink pink currency.....and 240% gain in 10 years......WHOOP POW !!! ...LOL...what a great investment and this guy claims to be smart LMAO

xyz    Tebow am telling ya ... ;banana

xyz    The Kurdistan Regional Parliament, on Saturday, rejected the cancellation of the votes of the displaced and the special vote for parliamentary elections held last May.

"The process of canceling these votes is a clear violation of the laws towards the democratic process," a statement issued to the parliament said, rejecting the cancellation of votes for the Peshmerga forces, police and Asayish forces.


Dave    xyz Chapter 7 been getting spanked by most here .....for months now about this?

Tebow    tman23 point is the IQD is NOT at it's real and accurate rate! Krap floats!

Dave    Dave now that's graet engrish

tman23    Tebow I agree...… real and accurate rate is just an opinion from the resident expert...….LMAO

Tebow    His conclusion!

Dave    what about dropping the 3 zeros...?

Dave    that would come after?

Zig    tman23 : What are you saying????....that this community is full of FIBBERS and those who EMBELLISH???....Say it ain't so, Tman!!....Say it ain't so!!....You are making me CYNICAL!!!.... ;oh;
tman23    Dave …..It's all about the 3 zeros , that is the million dollar speculation and nothing has changed in regards to such since the introduction of the scam.....err investment...…..LOL
Tebow    Belmont Stakes is about to start!
tman23    Zig Im just hoping Kim Jong Un brings the Iraq RV button to rhe summit on the 12th.....if he does my sources say we have a window for the 13th...….IF Justify becomes the 13th triple crown winner then were in a good place
Dave    tman23 fingers crossed
Dave    tman23 just confused about CBI stating dropping 3 zeros and yet going global at 1190....... I would of thought moving the decimal 3 places......
Tebow    Justify wins!
 xyz    tman23 hahahaha as has been prophesied by senior gurus, rv shall move from EAST to West ... happens on 12th and reach @tman23 on 13th ;banana
tman23    Dave dropping 3 zeros means removing them from circulation...…..LOL Guru spinning BS
Zig    tman23 : Have heard that for years....removing the large notes.....
Tebow    So we have a date LOL
tman23    I have no doubt they are speaking about removing the 3 zeros from the notes...…. and that would be lower denoms…...the speculation remains the same ….how will 3 zero notes be treated at exchange.....
xyz     6-9-2018 Bruce We did hear that some of the Iraqi citizens had access to their Qi cards, the Visa they got. The rates are slightly higher than we had before. ...I did mention a rate a month ago. We are at a rate higher than that now. ...You are not going to have to worry about that at all.
Zig    tman23 : So this investment could turn out great or be crap....lol....is what you are saying.....right?
Elmer Fudd    What happened yesterday?
Baxter    the IMF took some sanctions off of Iraq
Baxter    I think that is what he is referring to
Elmer Fudd    Ahhh, yes, that was big news.
Baxter    seems so  I have no clue.....
Elmer Fudd    Doesn't look like there's much left for them to do.

Zesty    Zig told me I had to post more about our RV lifestyle, we have been at Ft Hood travel camp in Killeen Tx for yhe ladt couple weeks visiting old friends. We leave tomorrow morning for two weeks in Depew, OK for the Route 66 motorcycle rally

Zesty    http://www.route66bikerrally.com/index.html
Zig    Wow....that tman23 is such a Negative Nelly now....lol....almost as bad as Baxter.....
9 Jun 18, 08:53 PM xyz    @tman23 was drugged into being negative ... i blame *** ;banana
Baxter    HEY.... I heard that...   Im not negative.... I just agree with Kaperoni....
Baxter    I read back what Tman posted... he is quite wrong about the float... this float can go as much either way as it wants.. its not 2% every 90 days... I cant wait till Abadi is announced PM... again   Baxter    with that... Im goin nighty night...
Xyz    Awaiting the opinion of the Federal Court on the decisions of the Parliament to ensure the integrity of the electoral process  LINK

Zig    RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM DEBBIE OF THE IQD TEAM REPLYING TO ME....."I am so so busy and do not go to forums or chat rooms at all – gave that up years ago...I just don’t like them for reasons I wont go into...Mainly for now it is the time it takes... 

I am involved a lot in helping others with cancer and ailments and have to make money as we all do – helped my hubby this year get over prostate cancer with proton therapy, and am 10 yrs cancer-free myself...
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I spoke with "LJ" yesterday and we keep in touch – He shared with me some excitement about the election news...but his take has always been the laws must be passed – he is excited yet he will never say nor will I when this will happen...

We both feel after the election is finally completed the laws can be passed quickly with what we have read from Sadr etc...We both are more excited than we have been in a long time, but not sure when this will happen (you knew I would say that..lol)....Sorry about not posting or coming on the chats – I just cant
BUT as soon as we feel it is time WE WILL HAVE A CALL...and I will let you know so you can be the first to post the call etc.....Thanks...And have a great day.....Debbie"  


LinnieQ:  LOL. Sorry about the fire, but that is just a little TOO coincidental. Either meant to delay by forcing a recount, or to speed up by keeping the election results as counted. We'll never know.

NetGlobal:  Well if all the ballots were destroyed, they can still go with the results they have or have a do over. Does not make sense to have a do over.

ChampagneLife:  Netglobal what scares me is they don't always do what makes sense lol

Pearle:  i think the fire was to prevent a recount...im hoping...delay, stops my laughter

RVAlready:  With no ballots...the simple solution is the original vote stands. Maliki go home!!!

Briona:  Iraq's government works like they are on retirement, they will get things done when they are in the mood for it. No reason to hurry up and finish things.

Jambie67:  Cue the “chaos right before the RV”. We were told years ago the craziness at the end would be abundant. We are there, folks, IMO

Buckeyefan:  Well there was a lot of excitement in the community about UN sanctions, then the whole fire broke out sometimes we just have to laugh because it's just foolishness. But when so many remain hopeful it doesn't seem as funny. There a lot going on in the world around us folks, in our own neighborhoods stay vigilant and don't allow fear to set in, it's just a distraction at work

Pearle:  as long as they allow a reason for a delay, the rv will be delayed. they have to RV and fix the issues. that will render those trying to stop it powerless

KMAN:  Sounds like the ballot boxes are safe with only a few boxes that were lost......"The site was divided into four warehouses, said Major General Saad Maan, and only one -- housing electronic equipment and documents -- had burned down. "It is possible there were also some ballot boxes in the warehouse that caught fire, but most of the important boxes are in the three warehouses where the fire has been controlled,"

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq names judges to take over elections commission


Tishwash:  seems some money got burned too hmmm

Witness: This is what was saved only from the Rusafa ballot boxes!

 Baghdad today A video clip showed, Sunday, a few boxes that do not exceed the number of fingers being pulled out of the fire site of the Electoral Commission stores.

Elements in the civil defense, according to the video that only this number is what was savedfrom the fire Rusafa. Earlier on Sunday, Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced the removal of the important ballot boxes from the fire in UNHCR warehouses in Rusafa.

Maan said that "the civil defense teams are trying to isolate the fire from three cages containing important funds containing the election results of the Rusafa side," stressing that "what was burned is a small part of the funds."

The deputy chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, Mohammed al-Rubaie, announced earlier on Sunday, the burning of ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections, which was held on May 12, the special in the Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad. Al-Rubaie said in a press statement that "the warehouses of the Ministry of Commerce, which was stored boxes of Rusafa to the Electoral Commission, burned," stressing that "the papers and funds burned completely   link