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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Another Cabal underground facility was located near Dublin, Ireland.

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report -- June 2, 2018

A meeting was scheduled last night between two Alliance members, one was POTUS.

Both parties were to consent to begin the RV release.

According to other sources, the consent was given and transactions have started in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's first, then Zurich, then Calgary and Reno.

The toll-free 800 numbers will be released by the time transactions reach Reno.

No further information at this time.


Spectra     {{{{GOVERMENT OF IRAQ }}}}Iraq’s Industrial Bank makes available capital to industrial enterprises helping them modernise, expand and increase productivity. Growing the manufacturing sector is fundamental to diversifying the economy and creating sustainable employment for Iraqis #InvestIraq

Spectra    https://twitter.com/iraqigovt/status/1003232474867077121

Spectra    (((Man starves to death in his home after being told he must wait SEVEN MONTHS for help)). A man has starved to death after desperately seeking help from numerous services and being told he must wait 7 months for help.
Anthony Wilkinson, 44, was a chronic alcoholic who had been sober for 14 months. He relapsed shortly before he died, and throughout his relapse he asked multiple services to help him and was in regular contact with them.


Spectra    ((((Japan Just Killed 300 Whales For 'Research' — And People Aren't Happy)))) 06/01/2018 These 122 minke whales were expecting babies — but instead of getting the chance to become moms, Japanese hunters tracked them down and killed them.

This news was recently revealed in a technical report submitted by the Japanese government to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), an international governing body that’s responsible for the conservation of whales and management of whaling activities. Japanese whalers killed a total of 333 whales on their latest whaling expedition in the Southern Ocean, and 122 of them were pregnant females.

Spectra    And 122 of them were about to become moms.



Spectra          (((((43 YEARS ON, PUK STILL FACES INTERNAL POLITICAL TURMOIL))))) 06/02/2018. SULAIMANI - The defeat of the Kurds in the 1975 Revolt paved the way for a number of Kurdish politicians to come together and form a new political party called the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and to start of another revolt in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Spectra     https://twitter.com/nrt_english/status/1002873659638378498

Spectra    ((The World's Oldest Cat Just Celebrated His 30th Birthday). 06/02/2018. Rubble, who lives with owner Michele Heritage, celebrated his birthday with a suprise party at City Vets animal hospital in Exeter, England.

"Happy 30th (yes, THIRTIETH!) birthday to Rubble," the clinic wrote on Facebook. "Rubble is CityVets oldest feline patient and likely to be the oldest cat in the UK! We surprised Rubble when he came in for a routine check with a balloon and his favourite food! Rubble is on medication for his blood pressure but apart from that, he is in remarkably good health."

Spectra     https://www.sunnyskyz.com/good-news/2834/The-World-039-s-Oldest-Cat-Just-Celebrated-His-30th-Birthday

xyz    The government intends to provide a supplementary budget commensurate with the increase in oil prices


The financial adviser to the government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the government directed towards providing a supplementary budget in conjunction with the increase in oil prices, stressing that the procedure would turn the deficit from real to virtual.

"The provisions of the Financial Management and Public Debt Law No. (95) of 2004 gave the executive authority represented by the Council of Ministers the authority to submit a supplementary budget to the federal budget for the fiscal year," Saleh said in a statement quoted by the newspaper Al-Sabah Al-Jadid.

He added that "this budget can be obtained in the light of the increase in the price of a barrel of oil, and therefore the new price will be determined on the basis of the full year," explaining that "the government may raise the price of $ 20 on what was approved in advance in the budget of 2018, According to the vision of the state. "

"The continuation of the increase in oil prices will transform the current deficit plans to the budget to a default deficit and can repay itself by the additional flows that will be achieved for us from oil revenues," noting that "the government succeeded in dealing positively with the crisis of the collapse of oil prices and today Is in the process of reviving the Iraqi economy after the price increase again. "

Saleh said that "Iraq has emerged from the neck of the bottle and the appropriate solutions and the testimony of the countries of the world in complex circumstances is what happened in oil prices as well as continued spending on the war against terrorism."

chattels    BAGHDAD / The exchange rate of the dinar against the US dollar in local trades on Sunday (June 3, 2018), the following ranking:
Baghdad - Bourse struggle: 119.775 = 100 dollars


xyz    chattels is that about 1.20 iqd = 1 dollar? ;banana

chattels    xyz I believe that your math is correct.

JoeSchmoe    chattels xyz isn't that supposed to be a comma instead of a period? , .

JoeSchmoe    making it no real change at all

chattels    The only change or import of the articles being posted about the value of the dinar in the market are whether the difference between the official rate and the market rate is within 2%.

xyz    JoeSchmoe not fair killing my excitement that fast ;Thud

JoeSchmoe    xyz :180

chattels    There is about ten days left on the countdown to a ninety day period of compliance.

xyz    JoeSchmoe was counting my chicken :bub

xyz    chattels hopefully there won't be a RESET of countdown in the 11th day

Baxter    Does anyone know what they did.. to all of a sudden.. be in compliance after years of being way over the 2%?

Baxter    seems kind of strange to me
​chattels    Baxter I have never seen a statement of particulars, but there was an article which talked generally about efforts of the CBI as I recall.

 Baxter     I know... I read that... but nothing seems to state what the CBI actually did to comply..

Baxter    other than maybe going digital somewhat..and stopping the corruption.. or at least ... slowing it down... dont think they will ever stop it

Baxter    just seems strange to me.. that the 2% compliance is going to hit the 90 day mark...almost to the day that ramadan is over...and the govt is supposed to be working again...

chattels    Central Bank: We have succeeded in ending the exchange rate gap



chattels    Economy News Baghdad: The head of the central bank's financial operations, Mahmoud Dagher, said Saturday that the central bank's three-pronged strategy has contributed to the reform and development of the banking sector.

Dagher said during a seminar held on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair entitled "Challenges of the banking sector and the reform strategy" and attended by "Economy News", "The reform carried out by the Central Bank, based on three axes, the first close the exchange rate gap, Carrying out financial inclusion and settling salaries and the third related to the process of technical development within the banking system.

He stressed that "these axes constitute the basis of the strategy of the Central Bank to develop the banking system."

Baxter    Kind of vague... isnt it

chattels    Baxter Rather " begs the question ", eh ?

Baxter    sure does

chattels    Parliament raises its meeting for the next Wednesday after discussing the amendment of the election law

Release Date: 2018/6/2 20:04 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=74364

chattels    MP Abdul Karim Abdul-Saheb urged the vote on the bill to boost voter confidence in the electoral process.

For his part, al-Jubouri said, "The presence of a quorum for the extraordinary session," noting that the procedures followed in accordance with the rules of procedure are valid and was based on the request of 50 deputies as well as that the meeting resumed to discuss a specific subject and those objected to review the competent authorities, pointing out that the vote on the proposed law Will be in an extraordinary session next Wednesday at four o'clock.

Spectra    Why the continual propping up of the 2percent ??. This does not mean we will see a change in the currency! looks too me like a adversement for a certain guru! :)

chattels    Some people should remain silent and be thought fools rather than speaking out and removing all doubt.

Spectra    yes some people should be silent for their words can be non influencial...........

Spectra    The words of of a self promoting guru especially...

Spectra   Think of the many guru's who had only in mind the funding of their web sites......

Spectra   To enrich their lives off the backs of other's.....

Spectra    Truth comes in may forms,when they weave their tangled web's...The spider may go hungry for lack of food......

chattels    Another " ......... tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

chattels    I will leave you to the endless platitudes of the self important.
Spectra    A pedestal one put's them self on can easily be knocked......over......with proper restraint....the opposition can merely be a spectator...
 Spectra  The Good news is you decide your own actions ..The choice is free will..

Tebow    2% compliance will come and go, nothing will happen

Spectra    Tebow Thats my belief too...

Spectra    so i say instead of using only 2 percent of your common sense try using 50 percent and stay grounded to logic....

Spectra    When this dinar expands it's currency to a more valuable number.....We will know until then relax......

Spectra    2 percent is nothing more than hype............yeh nice too see it 'but do not count on it changing in value...

Tebow    Spectra then when nothing happens he will say more laws need to be passed, watch and see. Even though the CBI has said everything was done.

Spectra    Tebow oh' yeh....The ever moving cycle of Dinar hype.....yes...you bet he will....
3 Jun 18, 10:22 AM xyz    i bet some gurus will blame water shortage for the delay

xyz    Good News for Women With Breast Cancer: Many Don’t Need Chemo


xyz    Jubouri to the US ambassador: The coming period will mark an important stage on the road to stability


xyz    New treatment to eliminate obesity


Spectra    ((((UNHCR: Re-counting and manual counting will cost the state time to form a government)))) http://iraaqi.com/news.php?id=35631&news=1
Zig    Tebow : I'll have a large Floataroni with extra Kaperonis, cheese, and garlic, please.......... :TY:


xyz    Zig i prophesied countdown shall RESET to another 90 days ... mark my words

Tebow    xyz yes

bunny    GM,. so we are getting closer in 'countdown' - I have been trying to find appx how long after applying to IMF for inclusion in Art 8 would be. Last consultation, I believe, was in Aug 2017 ~ IF in compliance what are thoughts of inclusion in the next consultation which ?? may be in Aug 2018??? 
​bunny    foxmulder I am being quite reserved with respect to the 'timeline' LOL. Refuse to allow myself to become excited ~~ suspense ~ haha
Baxter     supposedly... after Iraq applies for Article 8... the IMF has 60 days to think about it.... at least thats what I read 12 years ago.. LOL

bunny    Yes, LOL most current I can find for info is May 6, 2006 ~~~~ lol

Baxter    thats about right...

bunny    oh well, we have been on this merry-go-round for a very long time, sooner or later, it will stop.

LeLe    Wow some one took and made a you tube of TWW post on Kuwait. I bet he will not come back and share anything else. That's to bad he's such a nice guy. He told some of us that were here maybe 2 years ago about Kuwait.

Zig    IQDCalls made an audio from the text...they do that with a lot of stuff...Remember that this chat room is not private...anyone can take anything and put it anywhere obviously...Dinar daily made a thread out of that post and made a few unkind comments....Spectra and I posted in that thread....TWW knew that could happen......

dinard     bunny their three year stand by ends June 17th. Not sure if that could be a deadline for them or not but it is an approaching date.
TWW     LeLe Zig Interesting youtube, some agreed some did not. oh well thatz life in a bundle.


6-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   YES, it’s all about eliminating the currency manipulation, fraud and the corrupt banking. YES, these new elections laws also are very drastic and hurt those that need to vote on them the most. So they need a New Parliament to get them passed. They need to weed out all of this corruption.  YES, The CBI need to ensure the success of the currency reform also by not letting this election chaos, that was sure to come, interfere with potential investors in Iraq.  So if they did RV prior to the elections this would put this chaos during the time period when they need to draw in potential investors the most to the new Iraq dinar. ...It is a simple factor of the much needed, political STABILITY to make the launching of the new dinar successful. The needed stability is not just for a couple days or weeks but for years to come, especially just after the launch...   [post 2 of 2]

6-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   So why did the CBI decide to hold it up the project to delete the zeros until after the elections, even though they told us it was all ready and prepared?  The CBI along with the IMF wanted to first play out the polical process of the elections and to make sure that these corrupt officials are eliminated from office and the amendments to the election law are passed in Parliament once and for all. Iraq needs these laws to keep these crooks out of politics...  They needed to close down these FAKE BANKS throughout Iraq and prosecute the guilty. Just too much currency MANIPULATION and FRAUD.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-3-2018   Newshound Guru chattels    The only change or import of the articles being posted about the value of the dinar in the market are whether the difference between the official rate and the market rate is within 2%....There is about ten days left on the countdown to a ninety day period of compliance.

6-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I...gave a timeframe when I thought we should expect some news from the CBI on possibly moving forward with the project to delete the zeros once again. This timeframe was mid-June onward and so now I must adjust it to mid July...sorry everyone! I would not be looking for any RV or any action until at least after this period.  So how did I arrive at this timeframe?  ...most of the news from Iraq is all about this voting fraud in Kurdistan. They must address the violations and it is a matter now of how they do it.   ...Can these issues delay the entire formation of the government? Yes, if they decide to re-do the entire elections.  Am I telling you the govt must be “fully” seated for the RV to happenYES! But only if Haider al-Abadi is not the nominee.

IRAQI DINAR CURRENCY CALL OPEN 24/7 | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV

KTFA: "Nothing to Dispute" , 3 JUNE


Bluestar » June 1st, 2018

Hi Frank...I know you have always said that the monetary reform is on a different track than the GOA but isn't there a chance they will wait 10 days and declare Abadi as PM BEFORE the rate change? Bluestar

Baghdad(IraqNews.com) Iraq's High Electoral Commission said...in 10 days.

Frank26 » June 1st, 2018




Lexi » June 1st, 2018

When is the 30 day mark for the government to form? ( I know it may take longer than 30 but...) Was the official start date of announcement of election results around May 17? Anyone? I feel IMO this is totally necessary to have a functioning government with less corruption before we find what we seek. It makes perfect sense if every I had been dotted and T crossed at this point in the game it only makes sense that this is necessary as well imo. Wouldn’t you want a fully functioning government with a lot of the corruption weeded out before you release something on this scale? Most logical answer— yes! Imo

Hammy14: Lexi, I completely agree with your assessment with one little caveat...Iraq has a fully functioning government now. Abadi's administration is still running the show until the "new" government is announced, at which time we still expect Abadi to be at the helm for a smooth transition, but we do need this announcement, IMO. The 30 day period is mid-June, but Sadr came out last Friday and said they would announce the new government within two weeks. So, unless they backtrack on that, always a possibility, we should have that announcement within the next 7 or 8 days, IMO.

Batman80 » June 1st, 2018

This is a bit random, but wanted to share an experience my wife and I had as encouragement ... My wife is a school teacher and has been teaching for more then 10 years. She is a believer, but not so much in this investment. She is more of a wait until I see it when it comes to the Dinar and I support her decision in lack of faith over a war torn country suddenly making you rich...

I tell her just don't ask me for any when this thing pops lol!!!

Anyway, a few years ago she had a student in her 4th grade class that was from Iraq ( I believe in 2015). They came upon the subject of the Iraqi dinar (Mind you this is a 9yr old boy) because my wife had asked him if he had any dinars? 

The boy (don't recall his name) said " Yes! I have some, but my father has millions! " " You need to hold onto this money because you WILL BE RICH!!! " "We are all going to be very rich!!! " 

Again my wife is skeptical and didn't really want me spending any money in this investment at that particular time (Even though I had already spent quite a bit), but that young boy woke her up to the possibility that this could be a reality some day... He knew about the investment and didn't hesitate to show his enthusiasm for our speculation in this investment. 

I remember her calling me after school with some excitement in her voice " Babe, guess what? One of my students has some Iraqi dinars and said we are ALL GOING TO BE RICH!!!" 

Me being the joker that I am said, "I've been telling you that for years ( since 2006, we got married in 2007)!!!... SO I get it, you'll listen to your students, but not your husband "(lol)

I wonder now since it seems like we're pretty close to the finish line, what HE would say with all of the news going on???

I think about Delta's post from the other day about the "PROMISE" of information that hadn't been shared just yet... I've been looking over a lot of articles from Samson & Don961 posts and some others... Definitely got some excitement in the air...

SO reason for my post, last night my wife asked me "Are we rich yet?" "I told her not just yet, but WAR"... Alot of W.A.R articles... 

"W.A.R.???" she replied

Yeah, “WE ARE READY!!!!” ​

Samson » June 1st, 2018

Zimbabwe : ‘Adopting Chinese currency makes sense’

30th May, 2018 by Tawanda Musarurwa Senior Reporter

Zimbabwean companies can work with Chinese banks to boost renmimbi reserves

The adoption of renmimbi/yuan as a reserve currency, will help the country repay loans and grants from China, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has said.

Zimbabwe and China have strong bilateral relations, with the latter having extended billions of dollars in loans and grants to the former. The official figures show that in 2016 trade between the two countries amounted to $1,24 billion. RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya, said the growing significance of China as an economic powerhouse, necessitates countries such as Zimbabwe to seriously consider using the renmimbi as a reserve currency. Since the adoption of multiple currencies in 2009, the renmimbi was part of the currency basket but Zimbabwe has been using the United States dollar as a reserve currency.

The bulk of reserves for most countries in the region are also invested in United States dollars. Their composition through, has not kept pace with large shifts in the world economy. I have been following global discussions on the use of the renmimbi as a reserve currency. China and India continue to shape global trends particularly as they remain major trade partners for the region.

“Most countries represented here either have loans or grants from China and it would only make economic sense to repay in renmimbi. This is the reason why it is critical for policy makers to strategise on progress that the continent has made to embrace the Chinese renmimbi, which we all know has become what may be termed ‘common currency’ in their trade with Africa,” said the governor.

Dr Mangudya was officially opening the 2018 MEFMI Region Deputy Governors and Deputy Permanent Secretaries Forum in Harare yesterday in a speech read on his behalf by RBZ deputy governor Dr Kupukile Mlambo.

MEFMI is the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa, whose headquarters is in Harare.

Since 2009, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has moved aggressively to establish bilateral swap arrangements with other central banks in order to facilitate and expand the use of the renmimbi in international trade and financial transactions.

Last year, the renmimbi become part of the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket.

Dr Mangudya intimated that the use of the renmimbi as a reserve currency may have broader positive outcomes for central banks.

The magnitude and management of reserves can have profound effect on markets and central bank balance sheets. Reserves managers face important decisions on their asset allocations, including currency composition and asset classes, to ensure that the reserves meet the key goals of safety, liquidity and return,” he said.

“I am aware that in most MEFMI member countries, the size of the preferred habitat of reserves and short-term government debt has not kept pace with the increase in reserves. This can have profound effects on interest rates on the one hand, and on the other hand on decisions of reserve managers who have to move outside the preferred habitat, with all the attendant potential consequences on the balance sheets of central banks.”

Zimbabwe has been using the multiple currency system, which was adopted in 2009, but this has been accompanied by persistent liquidity challenges, which have had debilitating effects on efforts to steer the economy on a sustainable growth path. Some observers say increased use of the Chinese currency can help prevent the effects of the present liquidity crunch that is negatively affecting business. LINK

Surging Dollar Pressures Some Emerging Economies

31st May, 2018

The strengthening of the dollar amid the US Federal Reserve interest rate hikes has sharpened pressure on some emerging economies as investors steer funds to the United States. Funds dedicated to emerging economy equity and debt saw withdrawals of $569 million and $253 million during the week of May 23, according to data firm EPFR Global. That is on top of the $1.6 billion and $2.1 billion taken from the same funds during the week ending May 9, AFP reported.

"The primary explanation for these capital outflows comes from the rising dollar," said Eric Viloria, a strategist at Wells Fargo. Higher US interest rates have prompted investors to rethink investments in smaller economies. "You do not feel the urge to invest in emerging markets when investing in much lower-risk US assets offers you higher returns," said Chris Low, chief economist at FTN Financial. The trend marks a shift from the period after the financial crisis when low interest rates in the US gave incentive to investors to seek higher yield overseas, especially in emerging economies. Argentina, Turkey Suffer

The yield on the 10-year US Treasury is back up at around 3% after hitting an all-time low in July 2016 of 1.3%. The biggest losers from the current dynamic have been Argentina and Turkey, according to the Institute of International Finance. Those two countries have lost 22 and 19% of the value of their currencies since the start of April. These countries have responded by sharply increasing interest rates, a move not without risk to their own economies. Argentina's central bank lifted the rate of a key lending rate to 40% as it has sought loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Turkey's central bank last Wednesday boosted its lending rate from 13.5% to 16.5% despite a push from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has sought low rates to boost growth. The sharp fall in the currencies' value has come as Turkey heads to June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections where Erdogan is seeking a new mandate and a thumping parliamentary majority.

"Turkey is burdened by a large current account deficit, foreign currency denominated debt more than three times larger than its foreign exchange reserves, and double-digit inflation," said Low of FTN Financial. Turkey has "country-specific" challenges that preceded the dollar's rally, said Andres Abadia, senior international economist, PantheonMacro. Argentina too has suffered from annual inflation of more than 20% and large trade and budget deficits. The country also remembers well the painful crisis that led to a debt default in 2001.

According to a recent note by Oxford Economics, more than half the movement of the Argentine and Turkish currencies is due to elevated risk in those countries. By contrast, other emerging economies, including Russia, Poland and Malaysia have seen their currencies fall less precipitously against the dollar because their economies are in better shape.

Why Are EMs Suffering?

The easy answer is that money is fickle and opportunistic—it goes where it can get the highest return, flowing out of countries as fast as it flows in, Bloomberg reported. This latest upheaval started when the US, Japan and Europe kept interest rates close to, or below, zero to help their stagnant economies recover from the 2008 financial crisis. That made returns on stocks and bonds unattractive, and drove investors to developing nations, where the risks were higher but the payoffs more inviting. Emerging markets, as a result, have enjoyed a rally in stocks, bonds and currencies.

But the reverse is now happening as investors react to several signals from the US—faster growth, rising interest rates and a stronger dollar. All three indicate potentially higher returns on US investments and thus act as a magnet for money. They also undermine the attraction of riskier emerging markets. The turmoil in Turkey has especially rattled investors.

What Caused Asia Crisis ? It started when a real-estate bubble burst in Thailand, which undermined confidence in the economy, causing foreign investors to sell the currency and withdraw from the stock market. The crisis spread to the banks, and then across much of East Asia.

Many of the afflicted economies had strong growth records that masked weaknesses like nonperforming bank loans, heavy foreign borrowing and rising trade deficits. Because their currencies were pegged to the dollar, South Korea and other nations were forced to spend billions trying to fend off speculators who were selling their currencies.

They soon ran out of dollars and had to give up the peg and devalue their currencies. The contagion spread when foreign investors pulled back from other countries in the region seen as having similar problems. Several ended up seeking bailouts from the International Monetary Fund. LINK




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I'm not sure if y'all know this, but HSBC has as a disclaimer on all their websites the following notice, which is pretty out of the ordinary: "Beginning at approximately 7:30pm ET of Friday, June 8, 2018, Internet Banking and the HSBC Mobile Banking App will not be available. We expect all services to resume at 8:30am ET on Monday, June 11, 2018. "

Grandma- OOOTAH will try and do a call "maybe" Monday morning. The key word is "maybe".

Nature, just looked and can’t see any such disclaimers on the .co.uk sites

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Saturday UPDATE for June 2, 2018

Posted by RayRat98

In the next 48 hours a decision is expected from the federal courts regarding the elections debacle.

Abadi is transitioning political party affiliations into a larger representative position. #wearethepeople

The House of Representatives voted to cancel the ballot results of displaced persons and foreign stations and manual counting by 10% in all provinces.

(The ratification of the elections SHOULD take place next!) #wearethepeople


Was a very quiet day in the Chatroom Saturday 

Spectra  NRT English‏@NRT_English   Iraqi politicians await Supreme Court decision on election recount

http://www.nrttv.com/en/News.aspx?id=1615&MapID=2 … #NRTnews #IraqiElections2018

xyz     A report reveals the details of the disagreement between Abadi and "godfather" and the possibility of dissociation from the Dawa Party      LINK
xyz    Maliki's coalition talks about an "international conspiracy" to Iraq

The leader of the coalition, "State of Law" led by Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, that there is an "international conspiracy" to Iraq, aimed at bringing the country into political chaos.

"The results of the elections are programmed by international bodies, for the arrival of a very weak government is unable to meet the requirements of the next phase and the requirements of citizens."

"The results of the elections were part of a premeditated program to bring Iraq into political chaos," he said. "The programming of the elections is a conspiracy by regional and international countries. These parties want a weak Iraqi government to facilitate the passage of conspiracies."

"The next stage will be dangerous for Iraq and the Iraqis," he concluded.    LINK

 xyz    Very good news for cancer patients


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Several types of cancer can be diagnosed several years before symptoms appear through a simple blood test, The Times reported on Wednesday.

The study, which was conducted on more than 1,400 patients, found that there is a hypoxic acid in the blood, which can work at up to 90 percent accuracy to determine indicators of the disease years before it occurs. The researchers say the discovery, called Holy Grail, will increase the chances of many patients with some deadly cancers and say they are "very optimistic."

Xyz    European banks have suspended their dealings with cbi


​ xyz    With a $ 24 billion surplus

Baghdad / Sabah It is hoped that the Ministry of Oil signed on Sunday and Monday, the contracts for the development of 6 exploratory pits, as part of efforts to maximize oil production in the country, at a time, parliamentary finance has predicted a financial surplus of $ 24 billion If oil prices
​LeLe    xyz you had the RV this whole time? Lol

xyz     LeLe hahaha was a surprise for my buddy @Zag who has been MIA ;banana

Baxter    well.. that pix about says it all...... after 12 years... I have finally found the RV ;$$$

Tebow    what kind of RV did you expect
 Baxter     well... money... not some gas guzzlin metal house

Xyz     Hong Kong's first, then Zurich, then Calgary and Reno.

https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/more-news-rumors-and-opinions-on-a-quiet-saturday-pm-6-2-18 ;angry

Spectra    ((Iraq maintains its status of gold reserves)) 02/6/2018 5:02 PM Capitals / follow-up morning

States have huge gold reserves to use when necessary and to support the value of their currency, especially if they want to print more money and pump it into local markets. Gold reserves contribute to currency appreciation and protection from collapse.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Arab countries and ranked 16th in the world, in possession of gold, during the current May, with reserves of 322.9 tons, 2.7 percent of the total reserves, according to the latest report of the World Gold Council, while Lebanon ranked second in the Arab world and 19 globally, With reserves amounting to 286.8 tons, representing 21.6 percent of the total global reserves.

Algeria ranked third in the Arab world and 24 in the world, with reserves of 173.6 tons, 7 percent, Libya ranked fourth in the Arab world and 31 in the world, with reserves of 116.6 tons, 6.3 percent.

Iraq ranked fifth in the world and ranked 37th in the world with reserves of 89.8 tons, 7.8%, followed by Kuwait, which ranked sixth in the Arab world and 39 in the world, with reserves of 79 tons, 8.7%, Egypt is the seventh Arab and 40 global, percent.

In May, Russia advanced to China, the world's second-largest economy, with gold reserves. Its annual reserves rose by 210 tons of gold, up 0.7 percent from the same month last year.

Spectra    http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=158045

Spectra    (((((((((((((((((((especially if they want to print more money and pump it into local markets.))))))))))))))))?

Spectra    States have huge gold reserves to use when necessary and to support the value of their currency, especially if they want to print more money and pump it into local markets.

Spectra    ;eye roll; ;Thud

xyz     Abadi Likely to Break Away from Dawa Party


ERBIL — Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is likely to leave the Dawa Party and ally its Victory Alliance with Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoon bloc, a source said.

Citing sources “close to Abadi”, al-Hayat newspaper reported on Saturday that political disagreements between Abadi and leading figures in the Dawa Party are a reason for the possible break away.

Also, according to the report, Abadi hopes to secure a second term at the position of Iraqi premier by joining Sadr who has won the majority of next parliamentary seats.

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chattels    Joel Wing @JoelWing2  Turkish troops push 27km into Iraqi territory: interior minister

http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/020620183 … via @RudawEnglish 
​chattels    “Turkish army’s incursion into the Kurdistan Region’s territory is violation of international laws, as well as Iraq and the Kurdistan Rregion’s sovereignty."

chattels     David M. Witty  Iraqi Parliament Bloc outraged with Iraqi government's inaction after Turkish forces enter Sidkan subdistrict in Erbil province in north Iraq.

chattels     Iraqi MP finds it is strange that Iraqi government making no response to US Congress placing PMU (Hashd) Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq, Nujaba & Hizballah on terrorism list.


chattels    Local Iraqi official says US is establishing a military base on mountain summit in Sinjar mountains of Ninawa province to secure Syria-Iraq border. Iraqi 15th Division & 37th Brigade of 9th Armor Division also present. Combined US-Iraqi force.


chattels    Local Iraqi government official in Sinjar says US forces are concentrating in Sinjar mountains in Ninawa province. Believes US extended presence will lead to greater security & assist in the return of displaced persons.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 3 2018

Compiled 3 June 12:03 am EST by Judy Byington

The following is a compilation of information from the Internet. It would be up the reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

June 2 2018 12:22 pm EDT Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 2, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.

1. Another Cabal underground facility was located near Dublin, Ireland.

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report -- June 2, 2018

2. A meeting was scheduled last night June 1 between two Alliance members, one was POTUS.

3. Both parties were to consent to begin the RV release.

4. According to other sources, the consent was given and transactions have started in Hong Kong.

5. Hong Kong's first, then Zurich, then Calgary and Reno.

6. The toll-free 800 numbers will be released by the time transactions reach Reno.

7. No further information at this time.


HSBC recorded message: 877-472-2249 states they would be upgrading their system from June 8 to June 11



2Cents: The Kurds appear to finally be finishing paying salaries for the 1st quarter......I have been waiting for this.....I am not holding my breath as they have been stating this off/on for a while......by the way, huge demonstrations currently in Kurdistan over their failure to pay salaries timely......

Khandan –The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Thursday, a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees for the month of March.

According to the new schedule will be Sunday, 3/6/2018, the distribution of salaries of the Ministry of Education.

Tomorrow, Monday, 4/6/2018, the salaries of the ministries of health, finance and economy will be paid.



Don961:    Ramadan’s last ten days will be decisive for gov’t formation: spokesman

June 03 2018 10:47 AM

Jaafar al-Musawi

Leader of Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr’s spokesperson, Jaafar al-Musawi said on Sunday that the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan will be decisive regarding the formation of the upcoming Iraqi government.

Moussawi pointed out that Saairun Alliance, which is led by Sadr, is affected by the elections results as it should have got 70 seats instead of 54 seats.

He added that Sadr seeks to form a patriarchal government, which aims to not prefer a province or a class at the expense of another province or class.

On May 12, Iraqi people made their way to the poll stations to cast their ballots in the country's first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS terrorist group in December 2017.

Saairun Alliance won the most number of seats in the upcoming parliament. link

Samson:  Sadr gives the government a "few days" to consider the issue of water and electricity

 3rd June, 2018

Sadr's leader Moqtada al-Sadr on Sunday gave the government an "opportunity of a few days" to end the water and electricity crises in Iraq, vowing to "bring back the truth," while pointing out an effort to avenge the Iraqis after the "victory" .

Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter, "What am I, what is my fate and what is dangerous, to pay Iraq and the Iraqis my tax? I am the one who saves them and sacrifices the precious and the good for them. If our victory or victory of reform is the beginning of revenge for Iraq and the Iraqis, I will not allow So ".

"What we have created is Sadr, but sacrifices to oppressed and oppressed peoples, and in the service of the poor and the needy and will not allow them to harm or harm them."

"I am certain that cutting off water and electricity for the people will not bow them down, the people of Iraq, my father, will not bend and will remain high-headed."

"So we give the government a few days to look at the issue of water and electricity, otherwise they will allow us to work to restore our rights and humiliations," he said.   LINK


Samson:  Kurdish teachers protest to demand their salaries

 3rd June, 2018
Hundreds of teachers and teachers of the district of Kalar, on Sunday, 3 June 2018, to demand the payment of salaries delayed several months ago, demanding the Government of Kurdistan to speed up the disbursement of all dues.

 According to mass media, hundreds of teachers and teachers demonstrated this morning in the district of Kalar in protest against the non-payment of salaries since several months by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

She added that the demonstrators demanded to pay their dues before Eid al-Fitr, noting that the demonstration went to the Directorate of Education in the district of Klar.   LINK
Samson:  National Bank announces the distribution of end of service benefits for August and September 2017

 3rd June, 2018

The head of the National Retirement Authority Ahmad Abdul Jalil, on Sunday, the Authority's disbursement for end of service benefits to those covered by it

Abdul Jalil said in a statement quoted by the newspaper "time" and viewed by "Economy News", "The Commission began to pay the end of service for civilian retirees for the August 2017 and the military retirees for the September edition of the same year."

He added that "will be disbursed through electronic payment outlets for smart card holders and pensioners in the provinces who receive their salaries through manual exchange through banks, after going to retirement branches in their provinces for the purpose of receiving their rewards."

The head of the body, "The retirees in the province of Baghdad, who receive their salaries through the banks to go to the headquarters of the Authority for the purpose of receipt," and on subsequent payments confirmed that "the Authority will be disbursed sequentially other payments when available funds allocated   LINK


Samson:  Trade set the date of electronic booking to participate in the next Baghdad exhibition

2018/6/3 11:31

The General Company for Exhibitions and Trade Services of Iraq in the Ministry of Commerce, announced the launch of electronic booking to reserve space and site and other technical matters to participate in the 45th session of the upcoming Baghdad International Fair.
A statement issued by the ministry, which received the whole of Iraq [a copy], that the session will be carrying "slogan [are determined to build and reconstruction as liberation and victory], scheduled to start on the tenth of November."

"The electronic booking will begin on June 20, 2018. It is a mechanism that comes within the future plans set by the company to keep abreast of technological and scientific developments and to reduce the red tape process in this regard and to attract and attract the largest number of participations at home and abroad," the statement said. "He said.

He added that "the electronic booking is through entering the site http://www.expo.iq, " noting that "the reservation is not proven only to pay the amount either through the personal account of companies or persons or by editing an instrument to review the company with an emphasis on the priority to be paid First".

"The Baghdad International Fair is a very valuable opportunity to promote local exports and foreign goods and allows business people to make direct deals and exchange experiences with their counterparts from other countries."


Authorsamoliver:  Look what we have here. International Trade and an Open Market System. Do you think it is at a programmed rate?(wink)
The Ministry of Transport and Communications in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced the resumption of the transfer of commercial air cargo to and from Erbil International Airport.

“Erbil airport is now ready to receive air cargo aircraft to and from Erbil International Airport,” ministry spokesman Omid Mohammed said.

The central government in Baghdad banned international flights to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports last September.


DLR: “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Pattycakes77:  I am hoping for June. This coming week would be nice.

AnotherMailman:  With Ramadan ending mid-June and the 2% IMF compliance ending mid-June, I'm with you!


Don961:  With a $ 24 billion surplus

03/6/2018 12:00 am

Signing oil contracts for the development of 6 exploratory patches

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

It is hoped that the oil ministry signed on Sunday and Monday two contracts for the development of 6 exploratory sites, as part of efforts to maximize oil production in the country, at a time, parliamentary finance has predicted a financial surplus of 24 billion dollars in the event of continued oil prices.

"The Department of Petroleum Contracts and Licenses is organizing on Sunday the signing ceremony for the development of the exploratory patches (Kalabat - Kammer), (Khashm Al - Ahmar, Anjana) and (Khader Al May), with the Crescent Company," said Assem Jihad, a spokesman for the ministry. He added that the signing ceremony will be held on Monday in the initials of contracts for the development of exploratory patches (oil canna) and (Huweiza) with the company (JEO-JADE) of China and the development of the exploration area (Sinbad) with the company (UEG) China.

On April 26, the Ministry of Oil organized the bidding process for the development of 11 land and sea border explorations.

Regarding the increase in oil prices and its impact on the budget this year, the decision of the Finance Committee parliamentary Ahmad Hama said in a press statement that «the federal government estimated the price of a barrel of oil during the budget $ 47, while the real price of about $ 70, which gave Iraq additional amounts» .

Hama added that "the rise of oil prices one dollar per barrel will achieve Iraq billion dollars each year, that is, the government will achieve a surplus of 24 billion dollars in the event of oil prices throughout the year."

He said that «the government has a budget deficit of 13 trillion dinars and the survival of prices Oil will end its deficit and we will get rid of foreign loans and will increase the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq of foreign currency ». The Ministry of Oil has announced yesterday the export of 108 million and 194 thousand and 920 barrels, revenues amounted to 7 billion 566 million and 294 thousand dollars last month.  link


"The New Financial System" by (Anonymous) - 6.2.18

The reason the OPTB have had no qualms of killing thousands of people to keep this quantum financial system from becoming a reality is because they know there is no way to trick it.

The AI quantum computer has safeguards in place to prevent any form of trickery now and whatever they may dream up in the future. This will stop a lot of crime in it's tracks just by existing. The computer will know everything that is bought and sold in the world every second of every day.

There will also not be a catastrophic devaluing of the USD. The USD will be made worthless but it will be replaced by the USN or perhaps the NPTB have a completely new form of currency that the world will incorporate. There will be equality of value for all sovereign nations and all sovereign individuals.

There will be a complete revaluation of all goods to their true value. There are an army of people who have been employed for years doing just that.

There are lot of people in the world that will think this is fantastic but there are more who won't.



GreatlyBlessed:  Salary distribution schedule for Sunday and Monday

6/3/2018 10:37:00 AM

Khandan -

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Thursday, a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees for the month of March.

According to the new schedule will be Sunday, 3/6/2018, the distribution of salaries of the Ministry of Education.

Tomorrow, Monday, 4/6/2018, the salaries of the ministries of health, finance and economy will be paid.


GreatlyBlessed:  Iraq's Sadr Deeply Concerned over Turkey, Iran Water Sanctioning

 BasNews 03/06/2018 - 10:55   Iraq

ERBIL - Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, head of Sa'eroun Alliance, the winner of the recent parliamentary election, warned on Sunday his country's government of cutting off water flows coming into Iraq by Turkey and Iran.

Sadr said on his Twitter account that the two neighboring countries want to punish the Iraqi people "since a reformist party has won the election".

"I will not let you punish the Iraqis by cutting off the rivers only because the reformers have succeeded (in the election)," Sadr wrote on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Fatih Yildiz revealed in a statement that Ankara doesn't make such steps before consulting the subject with its neighbors.
He has given Iraq a few days to address the issue of water and electricity"or should leave it to him to handle it".

Turkey and Iran have recently dried the water flows coming into Iraq and Kurdistan Region which has resulted in creating difficulties for the government to provide public services to its people.