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Delta "Exchange Rate...Iraqi Markerket Buy & Sell", 31 MAY

27-May 1196 ......1193
28-May 1197 ......1193
29-May 1197...... 1195
30-May 1197...... 1193
[Delta in your opinion how long can Iraq continue the auction with only making pennies to zero cents of the sale of the dollar?]  NOT FOR LONG ...I PROMISE U...ALAQ KNOWS THAT TOO...

Nuri al-Maliki is OUT! | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV


Whitelions    The Central Bank announces that all banks will be required to replace the damaged currency and threaten the violators


The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, the need to commit all banks to replace the damaged currency without commissions.

The bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News that "the banks approved all compliance obligation issued by the Department of Issuance and Safes in 2017, which includes replacing the damaged currency without the payment of commissions in return for that."
He added that "non-compliance will be borne by the bank violating all the legal consequences in accordance with Article 63 of the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004 amending."

He called on the banks to "provide him with the disclosure of the damaged amounts replaced by them and received from the public until 31 May," stressing that the answer "must be received within 3 days of the date of writing.

 Whitelions    Basra Investment Authority Seeks To Encourage Investors To Set Up Tourist Resorts


The Investment Authority in Basra, seeking to encourage investors to set up tourist resorts in a number of neglected islands in the Shatt al-Arab, while called for a deputy of the province to form a joint ministerial committee to revive those islands.

The head of the investment in Basra that the Shatt al-Arab includes several islands, which can be established resorts and tourist hotels through investment, as such projects are of interest to investors, and have a positive results on the local economy.

The Commission has actually moved in this direction by investigating the ownership of some of the neglected islands, including Umm al-Rasas and Umm al-Khasaf, has been addressed to the Directorate of Municipalities official books to determine the exact destination Islands.

Zig    Dinar Daily has started a thread putting down the post that TWW made here regarding his Kuwaiti Dinar experience....I will post it again soon.....I am a member there and have asked TWW if he wishes to reply to a post there....if he does I will post it there and invite those people to come here and reply directly.....if TWW does not wish to reply I will not post there....up to him......

Spectra    Zig Good idea

Zig    Spectra : All my ideas are good... :na;

 Spectra    Zig many

Spectra    Government of Iraq  @IraqiGovt  PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq is embarking on a new phase of reconstruction and building a prosperous economy

Spectra    https://twitter.com/IraqiGovt/status/1001810467487191041

Spectra     (((((KTFA Post..)))Exchange rate no problem for Việt Nam,31st May, 2018))))) The exchange rate between the Vietnamese đồng and the US dollar has continued to rise in recent weeks. Some say that the VNĐ/USD exchange rate has reached its historical high.

 What do you think are the reasons for the ongoing increase in the VNĐ/USD exchange rate ? Foreign investors have remained net sellers in Việt Nam in the last few weeks. Is that related to the movement of the VNĐ/USD exchange rate? Do you think net foreign selling will end soon ?

Spectra    http://vietnamnews.vn/economy/talking-shop/449000/exchange-rate-no-problem-for-viet-nam.html#0Xq2RUiZ0SUrRyvs.97

futuremoney     Spectra that's weird...XE Currency has it the same as always...if not cheaper

Spectra    futuremoney Yes' im not too engaged with vietman dong...just posted it for others...I cannot even guess on this currency...lol

Spectra     futuremoney its been like over 50 years since the change.

Spectra    futuremoney they reley on exsports too..Big difference from Iraq..

Spectra    KTFA-The Central Bank announces that all banks will be required to replace the damaged currency and threaten the violators))))2018-05-31 at 14:10 (Baghdad time)

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, the need to commit all banks to replace the damaged currency without commissions.

The bank said in a statement received by Mawazine News that "the banks approved all compliance obligation issued by the Department of Issuance and Safes in 2017, which includes replacing the damaged currency without the payment of commissions in return for that."

He added that "non-compliance will be borne by the bank violating all the legal consequences in accordance with Article 63 of the Central Bank Law No. 56 of 2004 amending."

He called on the banks to "provide him with the disclosure of the damaged amounts replaced by them and received from the public until 31 May," stressing that the answer "must be received within 3 days of the date of writing."

Spectra    https://cbi.iq/news/view/709

futuremoney    Spectra I bough 250.00 of Dong 6 years ago as a hedge..never really believed it would gain value

Spectra     futuremoney ive got a few millions but never expected any result...just for the heck of it..

Spectra     futuremoney i bought about 5 or 6 years ago too

Clay    Spectra GM I think one day it will rise
Clay    to .05

futuremoney    its devalued 4 times lololol...uugghh

Clay    futuremoney yep but believe if china does they will...they have one of the fastest growing economies

futuremoney    this is why...cheap labor and currency...remove that and the economy suffers

Spectra    Clay one day? lol ...

Spectra    Clay Vietnam has one of the fastest growing economies right now..
Spectra    Clay yes.

Clay    futuremoney agree

Clay   Spectra yes very strong economy
futuremoney    I don't believe so... that is what makes VN attractive for business
Futuremoney    I don't believe so...about revaluing the currency

TWW    Our 1st appointment is 9:30m so I am adding my OHO...Im hoping & believe both the Dong & IDR will both either RI or RV with a nice exchange ROI. I do not know when but may hav something to do with China(??). I do kno both hav been working with the IMF & WB & maybe with the AIIB.

Tebow    what's the IDR

Zig    The rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. Issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia, the ISO 4217 currency code for the Indonesian rupiah is "IDR".

Tebow    glad I didn't buy any of those

Zig    $1 is currently 13,914 IDR......

Spectra    (((Politics  sources: Iran will not succeed at the heart of the "table of alliances" in Iraq and Maliki will not return for these reason)))turning the table of alliances in favor of a coalition of state law led by Nuri al-Maliki, and the bloc of "conquest" headed by Hadi al-Amiri.

The source, quoted by the Saudi daily Okaz, cited the reasons for "Iran's failure to position Najaf, which does not allow al-Maliki" to "go back."

The sources said that "the position of public opinion in Iraq is important because it will not allow to turn the table alliances in this manner------



ElmerFudd    Spectra So, if I'm reading that right, Iran is upset that their influence over Iraq is gone because Maliki is not returning to power?

Sparky    I recall RCookie mentioned about Basra being a financial center, also about the "Basra 500"

Sparky    Thanks to Whitelions for this morning's article about tourism   Very encouraging

Sparky    Spectra lots of imports required to rebuild,

Sparky    Glad Sadr has some influence now, I think it will be good for the Iraqi people, and for us investors

Spectra    Sparky yeh' but when a religious leader has too much that is never good thing either....Thats what is wrong IRAN ..

Spectra    Sparky LETS JUST WATCH ...i do think he has his people on his mind...Like he might just care? lol time will tell.

Sparky    Spectra agree, however Sadr rejects all outside influences

Spectra    Religious zeolots in any form are not good....period...

Spectra    Zig you went over there??? LOL you got some ..-----------.

Doug_W    Spectra ziggy has been cheating on us

Clay    Sparky and he wants all parties to share and live together in peace and prosperity

Sparky    Clay Amen brother

Clay    yep what we need 
​Spectra    Zig i went there and read your post i just posted too...lol

Zig    Okay, I decided to reply after all at Dinar Daily...in the thread where they have discussed the "TWW" post about his Kuwaiti Dinar experience...I invited them to come here and chat as well....you can view that thread at http://www.dinardaily.net/t73607-tww-s-kuwait-ri-exchange-story-5-30-18?highlight=Kuwait+Dinar

Sparky    If some folks think that money was not made via Desert Storm ops, they are mistaken. I take TWW at his word

Doug_W    Bush said it wold pay 4 itself

Sparky    Doug_W and, I believe it will, many times over

Doug_W    but in TIME

Zig    Have known TWW a while in here and via e-mail correspondence...have never known him to be a liar about anything....never has bragged about his Kuwaiti Dinar experience....he did not want to tell his story "again" until I pestered him a bit as I am known to do "At Times".....lol..... ;swat

Sparky    Doug_W that's the key, patience


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Republic generals have been issued standby orders for June 11.

Rumors state that the plan has changed and all indictments will be unsealed on the 11th.

No confirmation on the veracity of these rumors.

Sources involved in the RV are being told to keep quiet.

The final instructions to exchange/redeem were sent preemptively for the imminent RV release.

Tier 3 is waiting for the "green light" and Tier 4 is waiting for the toll-free 800 numbers.

Both Tier 3 and Tier 4 are rumored to begin exchanging/redeeming simultaneously.

IQD RV Update News (RANT # 165)

KTFA:"Public Report", 31 MAY


Realtormc » May 30th, 2018

OK, so this is the public report from the UN today. They also have private meetings......dun...dun...dun.......


Briefing to the Security Council by SRSG for Iraq Ján Kubiš, New York, 30 May 2018 (As Prepared) [EN/AR]

REPORT from UN Assistance Mission for Iraq

Published on 30 May 2018

Madame President,

Allow me to now turn to the eighteenth report of the Secretary-General on the issue of missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals and missing Kuwaiti property, including the national archives.

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence continues to undertake proactive efforts in carrying out excavation and exploration missions, as well as in collecting information to complement the search for missing Kuwaiti persons. Commitment for action persists, but the need to adopt fresh and innovative ways to take the file forward is evident from the lack of tangible results.

In April, for the second time in 15 years, Iraq hosted meetings of the Tripartite mechanism, demonstrating its commitment to the missing persons file and a steady return to normality. The discussions held among the Tripartite members were constructive and forward-looking. Focusing primarily on the recommendations of the ICRC review project, agreements were reached on how best to reinvigorate the search.

I am grateful for the positive response received towards the proposals tabled by UNAMI during these meetings, namely a pilot project to conduct mass grave site surveys in Iraq with the help of the UN Global Service Centre in Brindisi.

In line with the multifaceted approach advocated by the ICRC review project, the pilot project would also encompass training and capacity-building of the technical teams on the use of Ground Penetrating Radar and data analysis. I hope that the outcomes and agreements stemming from the latest Tripartite mechanism meetings will translate into positive outcomes.

While the Government of Iraq bears primary responsibility for this work, I would like to use this occasion to call upon the international community to consider how it might further support these activities. More particularly, I draw attention to the need for Member States in possession of relevant satellite imagery from 1990-1991 to come forward and provide analysis and information to the Government of Iraq that could assist in identification of burial locations. Procurement of field equipment, as well as provision of forensic, DNA, and anthropological trainings and capacity-building for Iraqi and Kuwaiti technical teams are equally important in moving this file forward.

It is paramount that despite challenges and the accumulated frustration from lack of results, we do not lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is to provide the families of the missing with answers about the fate of their loved ones.

Madam President,

The missing Kuwaiti property file has unfortunately not registered any progress during this period. UNAMI has been meeting with the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss how best we can support and facilitate the repatriation of already located Kuwaiti property, which has been pending for over a year. I would like to reiterate the call to both Iraq and Kuwait to reach an agreement on the date of the official handover. UNAMI stands ready to provide logistical support and observe the process.

In conclusion, I urge the Government of Iraq to explore new strategies to revive this file and fulfil its obligations, under this file.

Greenclan » May 30th, 2018

WELL.........we were told here that this file was done.....2017. Hmmmmm 

Boxman » May 30th, 2018

I seem to remember we were told this file would never be fully closed, since it involved the return of Kuwaiti archives and bodies of members of the royal family and Kuwaiti citizens ( many of which may have been vaporized by bombings or fires) but that Kuwait accepted that Iraq would continue to search for the files and remains...the UN meeting today said they would return what they have recently unearthed...I do not expect they will ever to able to return items, since most no longer exist or question members of the Iraqi Republic guard who committed most of the criminal acts, since they were destroyed on the road of death leading back to Iraq...IMHO

Ty1 » May 30th, 2018

Team my understanding was the missing person's report was a condition of coming out of Ch. 7 in June 2013. They said in good faith they would continue to look for these poor souls and I think all that was stated today was there has not been much progress. 

There is nothing in a bad way that they can hold over them IMO...

5-30-2018 OOOTAH Conf Call Intel w/Becky


5-31-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "RECOVERY OF THE IRAQI DINAR"   Quote:  "And that the banking sector is an important and essential role in the development and revitalization of the economic cycle..."  ...so here is it in black and white, contrary to what many ...feel. Which comes first the economy or the banking sector reforms of the dinarThis article is telling us that to get the economy moving you need the banking sector and the currency reforms. Not my words but theirs and it all makes sense. 

27-May 1196 ......1193
28-May 1197 ......1193
29-May 1197...... 1195
30-May 1197...... 1193
[Delta in your opinion how long can Iraq continue the auction with only making pennies to zero cents of the sale of the dollar?]  NOT FOR LONG ...I PROMISE U...ALAQ KNOWS THAT TOO...

5-31-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    I will say the two main issues that Sadr wants are:  1.the clean-up of corruption and the end to double standards. He wants all politicians, at any level of govt to suffer the same consequences, if they committed a crime.    2. the second biggie for Sadr is the distribution of excess oil money (above that needed to fill the budget) to the citizens. He has supported this option all along. The constitution mandates it too. But remember this is surplus or excess oil revenue ONLY beyond what the govt needs to support its budget.  [post 2 of 2]

5-31-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   There is a rumor that the cleric Sadr announced the RV, Thursday, May 24, 2018. Sadr does not control the CBI or financial policy nor is he even in politicsHis party called the “Sadr Movement” simply now own the majority of seats in parliament. This is where it now stands until the election results are ratified and “official” by the judiciary. He does not even want to be prime minister. He has little say in the current government. So how in hell can he announce the RV?   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

IQD RV Update News (RANT # 163)

KTFA: "The RI will be here", 31 MAY


Hazen » May 30th, 2018

Question: Aren’t there some big meetings in Iraq & US today (U.N.)?? Any news on this?

Boxman » May 30th, 2018

it is ongoing at present...several speakers Peru, Kuwait Poland and others congratulate Iraq on success against Daesh, condemn the suicide bombers, wishing Iraq well on the peaceful election and transition..still in process..

DinarDiva1 » May 30th, 2018

UN Security Council will hold a session on the situation concerning #Iraq on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, at 10:00 a.m. EST. SRSG for Iraq, Ján Kubiš, is expected to brief the session shortly after it commences. Live webcast: http://webtv.un.org

LeHouston » May 30th, 2018

And before we know it, Christmas will be here 

Frank26 » May 30th, 2018

I PREFER TO SAY .................... AND BEFORE WE KNOW IT ................ THE RI WILL BE HERE......... WHY DO YOU PREFER TO SAY THAT FRANK26 ?

Samson » May 30th, 2018

Pressure on Hong Kong to Scrap Currency Peg

29th May, 2018

Hong Kong is waging an intensifying battle against currency traders. Since April, the territory spent at least $9 billion defending its peg to the US dollar, and there is plenty more where that came from.

The city’s monetary authority is reminding speculators it has $434 billion more in firepower. Trumpeting the world’s largest per capita foreign exchange reserves is central banker-speak for “do not try us”, Nikkei reported.

But this is not another case of speculative traders like the financier George Soros in the 1990s betting against a currency peg. The pressure this time comes from economic logic. The peg is here to stay, a who’s who of Hong Kong experts assure the investment world. The 35-year-old link, pundits claim, is the linchpin of an economy often regarded as the world’s freest.

Yet as Hong Kong scuffles with short-sellers, is it fighting the wrong war? If only Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Norman Chan, who heads Hong Kong’s de facto central bank, spent as much time and resources addressing worsening inequality and social mobility.

The falling Hong Kong dollar is a distraction—more symptom than cause of the challenges bearing down on the territory. The currency is not sliding because investors lack faith in an economy growing more than 4%. Rather, Hong Kong is captive to its role linking China and the US.

In theory, the Hong Kong dollar should be surging. As the Federal Reserve ratchets up interest rates, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is obliged to tighten in step. Its markets also are heavy recipients of cash from mainland investors moving wealth offshore
Even so, the currency is sliding because of a massive “carry trade”. Investors are borrowing cheaply in Hong Kong to buy higher-yielding assets in the US, where 10-year treasury yields are near 3%. That is turning the “freest” economy into the world’s biggest funhouse mirror, reflecting back the confusing tensions which economies face as Chinese and US monetary policies diverge. Washington is yanking away the punch bowl of cheap money; Beijing is still in refill mode.

Grappling With the Monetary Crossfire

Good news for President Donald Trump’s America, as those inflows into the US support a stock rally on which his presidential legitimacy partly relies. It also helps America fund a giant $1.5 trillion tax cut. Not so much for Lam and Chan, who must grapple with the monetary crossfire.

All that defending, though, affords less time to alter Hong Kong’s worrisome trajectory. Its experience back in 1997 is relevant here for two reasons. One, that was the last time markets wagered seriously, during the Asian crisis, that Hong Kong might scrap the peg. Two, economic inequality has widened markedly since then. Twenty years after the handover back to China, charity Oxfam labels Hong Kong one of the most inequitable places on the planet.

China’s cash plays an outsized role in Hong Kong’s deteriorating “Gini coefficient,” a key income-gap metric. Its 0.54 reading is the highest in four decades, and the problem has intensified since ‘97. As mainland wealth pushed up property prices, local wages stagnated. That disconnect pushed living costs out of the reach of middle-class families and, increasingly, millennials.

In February, Hong Kong announced an $18 billion fiscal surplus, an amount double that spent defending the currency. So, Hong Kong surely has the resources to get its Gini coefficient below 0.4, the inequality level regarded as dangerous.

It is best, says Paul Yip, chair of population health at the University of Hong Kong, “to face the problems and respond to them in a timely manner and while we have the money”. That means making more affordable housing a government priority, along with wider social safety nets and more affordable health care and education.

Defending the Hong Kong dollar’s peg to the US currency takes away resources from spending for a better economic future. LINK

Moody's cuts Turkey's growth forecast to 2.5% in 2018

30th May, 2018

Moody's has revised its forecast for Turkish growth in 2018 to 2.5 percent from its previous forecast of 4 percent, while rising oil prices and a devaluation of the pound have negatively impacted overall growth in the second half of the year

Moody's also said in a statement on Wednesday that the recent announcement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the control of monetary policy after the elections weakened the independence of the Central Bank of Turkey LINK

Indonesia Ready to Trade Growth for Stability

29th May, 2018

Indonesian Finance Minister Mulyani Indrawati said the government is willing to accept slower economic growth as a trade-off for stability.

“All of us are ready to implement any policies needed to protect Indonesia’s economy,” Indrawati told reporters on Monday in Jakarta. “So, if we have to make adjustments in the short run that will result in slightly lower growth, that’s a consequence that we will take,” Bloomberg reported.

Policymakers have been forced to shift focus to stability amid a rout in the currency even as the economy is still struggling to fire up. Almost all economists predict the central bank will raise interest rates in an early policy meeting on Wednesday, which would be the second increase in two weeks.

Indonesia’s economic growth is stuck at about 5%, well below the 7% targeted by President Joko Widodo. The government would accelerate reforms to support growth and would continue working with Bank Indonesia on a coordinated policy response to the current market turmoil, Indrawati said.

“We won’t hesitate to make well-timed responses to maintain the stability of the financial sector,” she said.

Indonesia’s new central bank governor has set the stage for a second interest rate increase in two weeks, as he wastes little time in acting against a currency rout.

A day after Governor Perry Warjiyo was sworn into office, Bank Indonesia announced the monetary policy board will meet this week, about a month before its next regular monthly scheduled one. The move helped to boost the currency 1% against the dollar on Monday, the best performer in Asia, and pare back its decline for the year to 3%.

Warjiyo has pledged to act early and be ahead of the curve when it comes to policy, a stance he reiterated on Monday. He told reporters in Jakarta the out-of-cycle meeting is a pre-emptive step ahead of the Federal Reserve’s next policy decision on June 14.

That would give Bank Indonesia the chance to adjust policy before the Fed’s expected tightening move. Indonesia’s regular monthly meeting was scheduled for two weeks after the Fed decision.

Like central banks in emerging markets from Argentina to Turkey, Bank Indonesia is stepping up its action to stem a global rout triggered by rising US interest rates and a stronger dollar. LINK


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

HSBC will be updating their systems on June 8th.

The system was activated last night and Tier 4 is rumored to begin exchanging shortly.

No date or time given.

All sources continue to remain silent.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 31 2018

Compiled 31 May 12:06 am EST by Judy Byington

The following was a compilation of information from the Internet. It would be up the reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

Judy Note: All month the Stock Market has been slipping downward in a steady crash, especially since last Thurs. May 24. On Tues. May 29 the German Deutsche Bank collapsed, which may lead to collapse of the derivative market, which may lead to collapse of most European and US banks. Wells Fargo and HSBC have been bought out by the Chinese Elders and would likely not be affected due to the pending Global Currency Reset and return of 209 countries to a gold/asset-backed financial system.
We now know that our three heads of intelligence - CIA, DNI, FBI - conspired to alter the outcome of our national elections, including the Department of Justice and FBI lying for the past two years about their spying on the Trump campaign.

The DOJ intentionally avoided disclosing to the FISA court that Democrats paid for the infamous Dossier used to justify the spying, wiretapping and "surveillance.” It makes the Watergate scandal look like child’s play and cuts through the very heart of our democracy.

Yet, there was an even more sinister aspect to this Cabal control of our global monetary system: the Vatican international Child Trafficking Ring said funded by and connected to Washington DC, European Royalty and Hollywood pedophiles through Ninth Circle Satanic Cult Child Sacrifices. Thanks to Kevin Annette and the ITCCS Pope Francis was about to be arrested for Child Trafficking, Rape and Homicide.

I say it’s about time we put these monsters away: http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2018/05/pope-francis-to-be-arrested-for-child-trafficking-homicide-2475400.html


A. May 30 2018 3:33 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 30, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. HSBC would be updating their systems on June 8th.

2. The system was activated last night May 29.

3. Tier 4 was rumored to begin exchanging shortly - no date or time was given.

4. All sources continued to remain silent.


B. May 30 2018 TNT Call

1.Because of fraudulent Iraqi elections there would be no ratification of those elections until after tomorrow May 31.

2. Iraqi banks were waiting for their new timetable for the RV - that may be out by Fri. June 1.

3. Tier 1 got paid ten years ago; Tier 2 was paid maybe eight years ago. Tier 3 exchanged for SKRs that are still sitting there. Those groups exchanged at discounted rates, and they are still waiting for actual fluid cash. Tier 4 is the informed internet group, and we will be paid immediately at the full rates. I know for a fact that thousands of people exchanged years ago, and we will exchange as well. I know someone who just got paid last month. It’s about who you know; that’s just a fact of life.

4. Right now the Iraqi Dinar international rate was over $4.00.

5. We know it’s going to happen and in the end, we have won.

C. May 30 2018 7:36 pm EST, - The Office of POOFness - 5.30.18

1.Our funding was still a day or two away.

2. We have full confidence in the process – that shortly it would complete for us.

3. On the RV side: Yes, people have indeed been paid, but information was pretty scarce.


D. May 29 2018 11:48 pm EST: Very Important Highlight from the Oootah Call 5-27-18
1. Oootah says that her husband, who works for the IRS, has been given a notice that he would no longer have a job in 30 days.

2. The reason for the continued existence of the IRS was to collect and then destroy Federal Reserve notes (FRNs, or our currently used paper money) after the economy collapsed and the new gold-backed currencies were in place.

3. The ongoing collapse of Deutschebank would lead to the collapse of the derivative market, leading to the collapse of most European and US banks.

4. If the derivative market collapses all hell would break loose. It would be a good idea to have your funds diversified into several banks.

5. The Chinese Elders bought Wells Fargo and HSBC. We would be safe there. They were the only 2 banks -apart from AIIB -mentioned in hatches and dispatches.

6. Wells Fargo and HSBC would still be operational. (This has always been the plan for the collapse to happen. They would offer the US Treasury to take over banking as the answer, dumping the Fed Res. This would be a good thing. Trust the plan.)

7. Prepare with food, water and meds. Not even the military knows for sure how the public would react. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.


E. May 29 2018 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke: “Get your paperwork ready now! We expect some really, really good news Tues. (29th) or Wed. (30th) of this week. The time was very, very short, but has long, long, long reaching affects.”
F. May 30 2018 1:14 am EST X22 Report: X22 Report: We have Just Seen the Beginning of the Economic Meltdown

Case Shiller prices rose to the most that we have seen since the financial crisis. This was way over the amount of money they made and Italy's economy was hit hard - the banks were insolvent. This was just the beginning. Would the ECB and IMF step in to calm the situation down? This would spread to other areas and other banks.


G. May 30 2018 1:33 am EST QAnon, Sierra: "QAnon: 11th June" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.30.18
1. Julian Assange was believed to have run Channel 17 and may even be QAnon.

2. A video on Back Channel 17 mentioned June 11:

3. At the time of the trip code change, several significant dates were discussed by Q Anon analysts. Only two dates were left: 31st May and 11th June.

4. The date 31st May would mark the end of Q Anon's 'Ten Days of Darkness' (no posting).

5. (June 11 has been mentioned as a date when the GCR would go public).


H. May 29 2018 10:36 pm EST: We the People vs. them the Corporations

I. May 30 2018 11:28 am, Jester: "There is a Schedule" - Jester's Place Chat Highlights 5-30-18



Yada:  As Tony stated,,all required for the release is done,,what we are seeing is the strategy of the removal of those who were stealing money and the removal of Iranian influence

KajunRedBull:  I think they have the numbers to end this and once the process has run its course by tomorrow it will take on warp speed as Abadi opens the flood gates for reforms. We may be dancing this weekend!

Sooneriam:  Somewhere over the rainbow a public exchange and RV are waiting for me

Hang on tight during the roller coaster ride. Keep all hands and feet and body parts inside during the ride…..Keep all your foreign currency in a secure pocket during the ride so you do t lose it during the roller coaster ride. Have a great super fantastic TNT day.

Harambe:  Reuters: Iran seeks OPEC support against U.S. sanctions: letter

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Indonesia's Two Interest-Rate Hikes May Not Halt Rupiah's R​out https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-30/indonesia-s-two-int​erest-rate-hikes-may-not-halt-rupiah-s-rout

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil sinks despite bigger-than-expected drop in US crude stockpil​es https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/30/oil-markets-unexpected-growth-in-us-cr​ude-stocks-in-focus.html

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Global Oil Prices Go Separate Ways in Sign of Market Discor​d https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-31/global-oil-benchmar​ks-pulled-apart-in-sign-of-market-discordance

Harambe:  Bloomberg: China's Role as Creditor to the World Is Fading https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-30/china-s-shifting-ca​pital-flows-pose-risk-for-emerging-markets


GreatlyBlessed:  Deutsche Bank’s U.S. Operations Deemed Troubled by Fed

Rare censure last year has influenced lender’s moves to reduce risk taking and required the bank to seek approval for U.S. hiring decisions

31st of May 2018 09:38:30 AM

By Jenny Strasburg andRyan Tracy

The Federal Reserve has designated Deutsche Bank AG’s DB -6.91%sprawling U.S. business in “troubled condition,” a rare censure for a major financial institution that contributed to constraints on its operations, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Fed’s downgrade, which took place about a year ago, is secret and hasn’t been previously made public. The “troubled condition” status—one of the lowest designations employed by the Fed—has influenced moves by the bank to reduce risk-taking in areas like trading and lending to customers.

It also means the bank has had to clear decisions about hiring and firing senior U.S. managers with Fed overseers. Even reassigning job duties and making severance payments for certain employees require Fed approval, the people said.

The punitive action by the Fed, the bank’s primary U.S. regulator, has rippled through Deutsche Bank’s relationships with other regulators, including the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which has pressured the lender to improve controls and oversight, people familiar with those relationships said.

Deutsche Bank shares fell 5% on the news.
The U.S. system for rating banks is called “CAMELS,” which stands for capital adequacy, asset quality, management, earnings, liquidity, and sensitivity to market risk. A bank’s topline rating, from 1 to 5, takes into account all those categories. The best rating is “1.” Troubled banks are rated either “4” or “5.” Scores aren’t made public.

A downgrade by the Fed has also landed the bank’s FDIC-insured subsidiary, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, on the FDIC’s “Problem Banks” list of at-risk institutions, according to people familiar with the matter. The FDIC doesn’t detail the membership of the list, but does say how many banks are on it and the combined value of their assets. The list’s asset total rose by $42.5 billion in the first quarter; Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, the bank’s well-capitalized American deposit-taking unit, had $42.1 billion in assets as of March 31, according to regulatory filings.

Banks are added to the list after they receive a “4” or “5” overall rating from their primary regulator. How those banks fare later shows how firms do sometimes recover from harsh ratings.

Of the 1783 institutions designated “problem banks” between January 2008 and March 2017, 854 recovered and shed the label, 523 failed, 294 merged, and 112 remained in problem status, the agency said in its history of the financial crisis.

A Fed spokesman declined to comment. An FDIC spokesman declined to comment.

A Deutsche Bank spokeswoman said the bank doesn’t discuss “specific regulatory feedback.” She said that Deutsche Bank AG, the parent company, “is very well capitalized and has significant liquidity reserves.” The relevant U.S. subsidiaries are “DB USA Corp, Deutsche Bank Trust Corporation, and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, our principal U.S. banking subsidiary, which has a very robust balance sheet as disclosed in our annual and quarterly regulatory filings.”

The bank spokeswoman added: “We have previously indicated that our regulators have identified various areas for improvement relating to our control environment and infrastructure. We are highly focused on addressing identified weaknesses in our U.S. operations.”

The problems that spurred the downgrade, and the complexity it injected into daily decision-making and long-term planning, help frame one of Deutsche Bank’s biggest challenges. The bank is struggling to curtail costs and risks in a huge market where, according to the bank’s executives, it must be present to maintain its global reach.

But obstacles to making money in the U.S. have become tougher as Deutsche Bank has piled up legal settlements and raced to improve outdated technology. The added scrutiny that comes with the Fed’s “troubled” label brings headaches that other banks don’t have to contend with.

For Deutsche Bank, the effects of disappointing the Fed continue to reverberate in recent decisions under new Chief Executive Christian Sewing to pull back from certain kinds of lending and trading activities, some people close to the bank said.

Mr. Sewing was named CEO in early April with the ouster of John Cryan after three consecutive full-year losses.

The new German boss said last week Deutsche Bank will cut thousands of jobs, and reiterated plans to reduce the lender’s global equities business and other investment-banking activities.

Groundwork for the risk pullback was laid last year as Deutsche Bank’s performance lagged. Fed supervisors grew exasperated with its shortcomings in systems and controls and the slow pace of improvements, people familiar with internal discussions said.

Deutsche Bank’s U.S. operations have drawn regulatory ire for years. They received a stinging rebuke from the New York Fed in 2014 about repeated financial-reporting failures and lack of follow-through on promised fixes, The Wall Street Journal detailed.

Deutsche Bank U.S. operations failed the Fed’s stress tests in 2015 and 2016, and in 2017 was the subject of multiple Fed enforcement actions for perceived lax controls tied to currency trading, money laundering, and Volcker-rule trading restrictions. Deutsche Bank has also paid billions of dollars to settle allegations stemming from U.S. Justice Department investigations.

Last year, the Fed repeatedly cited concerns privately to the bank about its controls around measuring financial exposure to clients and valuing collateral that backed loans, according to people close to the bank.

Portions of the Fed’s criticisms suggested to Deutsche Bank executives they needed to pull back on so-called repo financing—short-term lending typically based on securities-repurchase agreements—to hedge-fund clients and other banks. Within the investment bank last year, some executives privately complained that repo exposures were less risky than the Fed depicted them, spurring debate over how much to dial back, some of the people with knowledge of internal discussions said.

The Fed also reupped its criticism of Deutsche Bank’s financial documentation. Examiners expressed frustration at what they described as the bank’s inability to calculate, at the end of any given day, its exposures to what banks and other clients it had in specific jurisdictions, and over what duration, some of the people said.

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"We have our eyes particularly focused on the weekend of JUNE 2, 3rd……with Eager Anticipation. Our Optimum Personal Exchange Window, has shifted to after the 15th, into the 3rd Week of JUNE. Figure that out…..
RATES. In regards to RATES. Nobody knows exactly what the rates will be, until the Moment, they actually make them Public.

However, we fully expect, and are guessing at an Exchange Rate in the U.S., on the Iraq Dinar, to be in excess of $4.00, within a few days of the release.

On the Vietnamese Dong, we fully expect, our guess is an exchange rate in the U.S., of over $2.00, within a few days of the PUBLIC increase - and we expect them BOTH to move within 24 hours, of one another."

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


May 30, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

In the past I would have preferred to think of the “Dinar Perspective Roundtable” Call w/Pat & Bobby” as one of the more legitimate intel calls. However, in their recent call they threw me for a loop. One of the commentators actually told the audience that Iraq was not out of Chapter VII. Really? This so far from the TRUTH. Let me show you proof just in case you actually believed their bullshit. I hope they too are reading this Newsletter today. Quite frankly I don’t even know why we must bring this issue back up to the forums. Another can of worms we must address because of some idiots.

Here is one of the links to this news:


BAGHDAD revealed the State Department, on Sunday, that Iraq resolve the outstanding on the oil - for -food file financial issues, noting that there are ONLY COMPLETE COMPENSATION FOR THE KUWAIT FILE TO MEET ITS OBLIGATIONS all own decision to get out of Chapter VII UN Security Council.

The ministry said in a statement the "morning" received a copy of it, he "led the six rounds of important negotiations with the General Secretariat of the United Nations and the views of contracting with them in New York and Paris in order to implement one of the requirements of Security Council Resolution No. 1958 of 2010 and private exit Iraq from Chapter VII after his commitment to end the belongings oil - for - food and medicine program. "

Then later they told us about how they resolved this compensation to Kuwait for war reparations with selling propane gas over many years. The IMF luved this proposal by Kuwait to buy this gas since this gas was “blow-off” from the oil refineries anyhow and this is good sound environmental sustainability. Why waste all this gas? The IMF resolution to end Chapter VII was voted on and passed to relieve Iraq “fully” from “all” Chapter VII obligations. You can research this yourself if you don’t believe me-

Iraq looks to Kuwait gas pipeline to pay off remaining of war reparations.


This is not even a matter of rumor but very factual news on this topic. It is very hard for me to believe that someone can not grasp that Iraq is finally out of Chapter VII.

Maybe they better go back and do their homework before they come on a call and shoot their mouth off. My respect for this call was just downgraded when I hear misinformation.

They are also always pumping that the ECONOMY of Iraq and that is must first be privatized prior to any revaluation. I disagree with this notion, as if this was the case then the CBI would not even have attempted in the past (three times on official record from the CBI itself) to go forward again with the “project to delete the zeros”. Sorry guys I do not buy into your notions.

I present a very good recent article that came out this week on understanding the difference between private vs privatization. The concept of private sector differs from the concept of privatization in the prevailing view. Returning to the general perspective of both terms, the private sector is a non-governmental development economic outlet, either privatized, in its general concept. The process of introducing specialized investment companies (local or non-local) various projects.

Naturally, the difference is essential.

Private = producing in-country goods and services

Privatization = bringing in foreign investors and the govt allowing them to do so with legislation that is conducive to it and supports and encourages it.

The Iraq govt needs to roll over all these millions of govt salaries over to the private sector and get them off the govt payrolls. They don’t care if it is done with foreign investors establishing companies in Iraq thus paying salaries of employees or Iraqi’s themselves doing it.

So today I present again three juicy articles form the very recent past on the subject to delete the zeros. These are not ancient articles but VERY recent. Go figure? Why is the CBI telling us all this concern over this project in March and April of 2018 if they did not intend to do something? I don’t know you tell me smarty pants….lol…lol…lol…

More news….

So this idiot Frank26 comes on again with his conference call on Monday. This time with four prerecorded calls to his faithful companion Delta. As I said I listen to all the intel calls. I know the charlatans and Frank26 just exposed himself yet again as the biggest jerk around. The call was not based on any real FACTS. It was all on speculation that the CBI was going to make some kind of announcement and submitted the article to the gazette. Really? Frank this idiot thinks the gazette they are referring to is the official register of laws and makes reference to it. Why in hell would the CBI publish any announcement in the official gazette. Does he even know there is also a newspaper called the gazette?

So, what is this announcement? It could actually be any one of hundreds of topics. Why is it always about the RV all the time?

CAUSE FRANK MUST DRAW IN LISTENERS WITH ALL HIS HYPE that is why. He needs his assignments to sell their products so he can keep them paying to be on his calls. Get it? He has gone too far on Monday with all his nonsense and over hype about absolutely NOTHING. Since there is no real significant news for him to broadcast, he and Delta simply MAKE IT UP. No wonder I bash him and others so much….lol…lol…lol…

More news….


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's lower house of parliament on Monday approved the re-counting of at least 10 percent of the votes in the last parliamentary elections, as well as the cancellation of Iraqi election results abroad and conditional voting.

The President of the Council, Salim al-Jubouri, confirmed the existence of violations in the overall electoral process, and said that the excesses "proved by the peremptory evidence" have harmed the electoral process and questioned the results. The decision of the Iraqi parliament some of the votes of its members in an extraordinary session in the presence of 168 deputies of 328 deputies.

The 12 May election resulted in the victory of the Sajun Alliance, which is supported by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, with the largest number of seats in parliament.

More news….

There is a rumor that the cleric Sadr announced the RV, Thursday, May 24, 2018.

This is of course SO ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS I can’t hardly control myself from laughing. 


 by Adept

TNT Call notes 30-May-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Note: This is a new conference call system, so please do NOT use the Q+A line unless you actually have a question. Otherwise, use the listen-only lines or the internet link; both are on the website under Call Info. For internet replay, click the original call link after the call has finished, and it should automatically load the replay.

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, May 30 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! There has been a lot of chaos in Iraq. They still haven’t announced the official results of the national election, but it still hasn’t happened.

Bank’s dates are the 29-31; some of them got notifications on Friday, and they are upset today because they thought this was finally over, and the public would be in next week. However, nothing is going to happen until the Iraqi vote has been ratified! That was supposed to take five days. Nobody knows what is going on. We still don’t know who got the votes and therefore who has the strongest coalition. I’m not mad at the people who are trying to get the whole election kicked out, because they are fighting for their lives – once this is official, they can be prosecuted, and they will be. Their names are on the list, and they are trying to get their positions (or secondary positions) so that they can maintain their immunity. That is how it is; nobody expected anything different. Iraq is trying to become a democracy when they still have too many crooked politicians who go by their clan rather than their credentials or positions. They are saying that they are only accepting complaints up to tomorrow, so there will not be ratification until after that. Some say we will have the ratification within 48 hours, but I don’t see how when the voting places in Kirkuk are under attack and they haven’t go the ballots down to Baghdad, and they are protesting the results in the Kirkuk region. There has been regional fraud, but not nationally. So far the only part they have discounted is the region of Kirkuk.

The banks are waiting for their timetable. The dinar rate is over $4. Other than that, we wait.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: If there are structured payouts on the Zim, what is a reasonable interest % to expect on monthly or quarterly payouts? Also, any monies left in the bank & compounding for negotiating purposes.
A: As I don’t run the banks and don’t know how much money you have, it depends on what you are holding, and how long you are willing to leave in the bank. Call the banks now and ask them the questions directly. Call up, say you want to deposit X million, and ask how much they will give you as interest.

Q: Can you please tell us what the projections are for the Dong? I know it is currently at .47..
A: It’s been 47 cents for a long time; my sources project twice that rate.

Q: The elections were held May 12th, with I thought, a 90 day period to fill all of the Government positions. Frank just said in the notes posted that their 90 days were up on June 10th. I guess he is referring to something that happened in March…?
A: That refers to the IMF making the dinar rates more stable. The 90 days to make up the government won’t even start until the election is ratified, so we haven’t even started that.

Q: How do the banks and others keep coming up with windows of opportunities of when to expect it when there is only one person in Iraq that knows for sure when he will give the word to do it?
A: I got that window of opportunity back on 1. May, before the election. The banks get one thing, and the dealers get another. They were given the plan based Abadi winning the election, so that it would be ratified and Abadi would be putting his government together by now. None of that went as planned. They are supposed to come up with a new plan after the election has been ratified; then they will come out with a new window.

Q: Any news from the mosques or Iraqi television?
A: Nothing from the mosques, plenty on the television. There is a lot of fraud going on, and quite a bit out about Maliki. One of the newspapers says that one million votes have been cancelled and that displaces 20 seats. It’s all a bunch of confusion, which is how they do business.

Q: Do Iraqi store owners have ATMs in their stores?
A: No, and they are all depressed because of the chaos. Like us, they want to move on.

Tony: Some members have said that they are hearing rate changes over there, but we have not heard anything about that from our sources, apart from minor changes on Forex – we did hear about that.

Live questions

951 caller: Abadi said he would complete the reforms after the election, but the CBI could do it anyway, right?

Tony: The CBI said that they could do it before or after the election, when they were satisfied that Iraq was stable and secure. If they had done it before the election, Abadi would have won and we wouldn’t be in this chaos.

Caller: Do we have to be concerned about the 90 days after ratification?

Tony: That is to put the government together; If Abadi is the PM, they already have a government in place. They want all the people giving money to actually give them the money to rebuild Iraq. They don’t want to have to wait another 90 days to do that! I am told that IF the vote is ratified tomorrow, then we may have a new window by Friday.

904 caller: If Abadi is not the PM, and the US wants him to be, what are the implications?

Tony: They still want it to be Sadr and Abadi; they don’t want it to be someone run by Iran. It don’t think they are going to say “No, you can’t do it as long as Iran is in the picture”. I think it will change the dynamic, but not necessarily the RV. All these companies want to invest in Iraq IF they can feel sure that Iraq is going in the right direction. They are more likely to support Abadi than Maliki, given the latter has stolen millions from the government and let ISIL in just to stay in power. I think the election was fraudulent, because there were all sorts of manipulations and also discouraging people from voting. There was fraud on both sides, I have no doubt. Is it okay to double count to get those bad guys out of power so that then we can prosecute them? Yes, given that the bad guys are corrupt and have been threatened by Maliki and his guards. That’s why there is a voting commission, so that the people can decide who they want, not being political. So now Parliament wants to change the laws for the Integrity Commission!

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

509 caller: Are the US delegates still there? [Yes.] Which way are the Kirkuk votes going – towards Abadi or Maliki?

Tony: I don’t think they are leaning either way specifically – the complaints are about fraudulent throughout the region.

Caller: I saw that the rate changed at the CBI… what does that mean?

Tony: If they can have a steady rate, the we don’t need to wait the 90 days. The US banks are upset because they were told it would be today, and here is yet another delay. If the vote had gone like it was supposed to, and the ratification had gone through, then today would have been the day. The timing was thrown off, and again we wait.

631 caller: [blether]

Tony: He could release the RV today, but that doesn’t solve Abadi’s issues around being the PM or the Electoral Commission. I imagine there is already an agreement in the back room, but we won’t know until the vote has been ratified. That could well happen tomorrow, or within a week. From that point, Sadr can say ‘the government is completed’; he said that last Sunday, but he couldn’t announce until the vote is ratified. Maliki is still trying to mess with that. Once it’s ratified, Sadr can say “this is the future”. Meanwhile it is a mess, but this is their first time being a democracy, and they have to sort it out for themselves. Abadi cannot release this in the middle of this squabbling and confusion. This will happen sooner rather than later, and certainly before July. The only thing we’re waiting for is for the voting to be ratified; it will be handled step by step after that.

865/404 caller: After ratification, are you saying that the RV will just happen, without further announcement?

Tony: They have to ratify the votes, and make the formal announcement of the numbers. After that, they will announce the next PM, and everything after that should be smooth.

Caller: Anything on today’s session?

Tony: I will only get intel on that after this call. I will post that if relevant.

Caller: What’s the status on the billboards, lower denominations, and so on?

Tony: We haven’t seen any billboards; there were some around the country during the election process, but those were taken down. We know the banks were educating everyone and explaining what the bank is doing. I imagine they are still doing that, because the Iraqi banks say they need at least another million people to get accounts.

718 caller: I heard a Trust call a few days ago and they don’t expect the RV to happen within 60-90 days.

Tony: I think they’re wrong; I’ve said when I expect to see it. They do not have to wait for the full government to be in place before letting the RV happen.

305 caller: My cousin has currency; she is flat on her back. Her daughter who was going to exchange for her has died. Can I exchange for her with a Power of Attorney?

Tony: I don’t think that would be a problem. Call the bank and ask what you can do.

281 caller: Do you think that Maliki might be backed by the cabal? If so, and if M gets in, then they could hang this up for another four years!

Tony: If Maliki were to get in, he would still release the RV. However, he would take every dime he could take, like he tried to four years ago. He wouldn’t be sharing it with the people, he would take it from more places than he could have before. Last time Maliki was in charge, four billion dollars per month just disappeared. That’s what he would do this time – he’d gladly tell them to back up the truck, but he wouldn’t share with the people, he would do what Iran wants him to do. The US put him in there, not realizing he was working for Iran. Yes, this was scheduled for January, and yes, it is nearly June… but we are nearly there. If they ratify the election and the CBI is changing the rate, then this could be the perfect storm for this to happen. Nobody knows what the CBI article is about that they were supposed to put out yesterday, and now is coming out next week. The CBI is saying that everything needed for the economic reforms has been completed. That’s all I can give you.

678 caller: The dinar contract rate of $28.50 is being paid by China, right? [Yes.] How risky is it to sign an NDA with a communist country?

Tony: The group rate with China involves a contract with the group, and with China. The contract rate at the bank involves a contract with the US Treasury, not with China. IN any case, the NDA is with Homeland Security, not with the bank or with China. The groups are selling their dinar to China, and they will all sign NDA, but the NDA is not with China. Even if it were, it would still be an NDA under US law.

Caller: What tier are we at?

Tony: Tier 1 got paid ten years ago; Tier 2 was paid maybe eight years ago. Tier 3 exchanged for SKRs that are still sitting there. Those groups exchanged at discounted rates, and they are still waiting for actual fluid cash. Tier 4 is the informed internet group, and we will be paid immediately at the full rates. I know for a fact that thousands of people exchanged years ago, and we will exchange as well. I know someone who just got paid last month. It’s about who you know; that’s just a fact of life.

818 caller: Who or what decided that Iraq would be foundation of the RV.

Tony: You’re asking the wrong question. The RV means ‘revaluation’ of the Iraqi currency. The better question is ‘who/what decided the Iraqi RV would be the foundation of the GCR?” The US, Britain, China, and other financial powers set this in motion. The US, UK and a few other countries believed that Iraq would pay for the war in Iraq; they decided to forgive the Iraqi war debt in exchange for dinar, and then to bring up the value of the dinar to compensate the powers for going to war in the first place. Read the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman; every war is about making money. There was a pretext for going to war in Iraq, and every country gets to share in the rebuilding and in the money.

Closing Statement

Tony: All I can tell you is that everything is moving along. We are waiting for them to ratify the election and appoint a PM. We should have a new window by Friday or Monday. The CBI and the banks are doing just what we are doing: saying “let’s go!” and get on with our lives. Most importantly, in the end we win.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA