Sunday, May 27, 2018


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The RV is complete.

All geopolitical issues solved.

According to sources, the toll-free 800 numbers are expected to be released midnight tomorrow as banks open Tuesday.

Other sources are claiming the release is scheduled on the first weekend of June.

No further information is available at this time.

TNT: Contributed from a member...., 27 MAY

Contributed from a member......

A friend overextended while at the casino Saturday and needed some "get back home" money and decided to go to a bank and exchange some dong expecting to get approximately $39 - $45 for one million dong.

The bank staff person said they could exchange the currency if they insisted, but informed them that they would be happier if they would wait until Tuesday (maybe even Monday) to exchange that currency.

The friend decided to have someone send them some money via Western Union instead.***************

Denese:  Blythe Masters of JP Morgan developed the credit derivatives which were at the heart of the current financial crisis. In 1997, she and a team developed many of the credit derivatives that were intended to remove risk from companies' balance sheets.   so - removing the risk from the balance sheet is what has made them so huge and out of control, and unable to be controlled


SusanaC:  wow denise ---the jp morgan mafia--Masters is the big capo????

Denese:  yes, i have been reading about the changes. dodd frank is the bail-in law and it still is, that hasn't changed. i.e. transfering risk from taxpayers to depositors. the changes to dodd frank enable small banks to compete. the big banks are still regulated.


Dear Friends,
As has been mentioned, Mr. "M" and Ms. "M" are part of the team that will be funding projects and currencies..
They have appeared at the last two workshops in Sedona and Atlanta.  Attendees have been very appreciative of their presence and time for an extended Q&A session.
They will be with us in Minneapolis on June 2nd. 
This will be their last appearance with us until further notice.
Here is the link to their 5th interview.

Upcoming scheduled workshops.
June 2nd in Minneapolis
June 23rd, Oslo, Norway
others to be scheduled:  Toronto, Canada, Oakland, CA, Orlando, FL, Baltimore, MD, Amsterdam, Netherlands, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO.



Remember folks, The Goat is a know male, who uses 3 other ID'S online. This "Guru" is not credible in any way. Please be careful.

I fell asleep. I'll post Goats other ID'S in the AM. ONE IS "My Ladies" , and another is Clarke.

He's paid to disburse false info.

Good morning everyone. Doesn't look like much is going on. Another long weekend in store for us I am afraid. Have a great weekend everyone.

…we don't know what is happening the background…I am hopeful (glass half full instead of half empty)


Can anyone tell me about TNT's window of chance mentioned today? Please.

He mentioned from 26th to 28th and from 28th to 31st…different windows from different institutions

Also, to cover it all…from 26th to 31st

Thanks DP. Yet another window they’ve brought out. Every month the same happens with those two

Mel Money
It's a moving target...if anyone knew they are not talking

Stop listening to tnt please

TNT has a lot of great information and they get it from a high source

just like all the gurus they hear things but for some reason it does not pan out.



5-27-2018   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   This will satisfy the requirements the CBI publicly set, for a “SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT”, in order to do so. How many DAYS AFTER...nobody knows. But, it shouldn’t be long.  Keep in mind, that there is urgency, due to Iraq wanting that donor money, pledged from all those countries at the Kuwait Conference, which is waiting on a “Suitable Environment”, and an RV, in order for those funds to flow to Iraq. Additionally, the factions that oppose the Sadr-Abadi camp, will rebel once they announce the new PM, so an IMMEDIATE RV, will help soften the possible riots & uprisings that occur, keeping them “Happily Busy” with positive money matters.  During RAMADAN (ending June 15th) is the perfect time...We have our eyes particularly focused on the weekend of JUNE 2, 3rd...with Eager Anticipation. Our Optimum Personal Exchange Window, has shifted to after the 15th, into the 3rd Week of JUNE. Figure that out...   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

5-27-2018   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke
   Things have changed a bit...May 24th did bring some Big News, in that the N. Korea meeting was cancelled by Pres. Trump.  We figured...The meeting may still happen SOMETIME in June. This does NOT have to happen, before there’s an RV in Iraq & Vietnam. However, there are ties to it, because of China, and also the status of Iran and the Nuclear deal, that Pres. Trump cancelled. Negotiations are happening in the “Closet”, as we speak... Given the status of “EVERYTHING” - The “Worldwide View”, we Believe, as of this writing “Today”, that Iraq will Officially & Publicly RV the Dinar, ANY DAY AFTER the Public Announcement of the next Prime Minister, as selected by the Sadr Camp - which looks to be Abadi...and should happen ANY DAY NOW.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

5-27-2018   Newshound Guru chattels    [ i...was wondering if you think the IMF is in charge of most of this dinar circus?]   Iraq's monetary practice and policy arguably must exist within an acceptable framework for it's currency to be received / valued by others is my sense of it.  It is a collaborative and compliance situation between the CBI and the IMF at least. Neither is arguably "in charge".

5-27-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "The Electoral Commission (IHEC) has set the deadline for receipt of appeals for the results of the parliamentary elections on Thursday."    the judiciary will not act to ratify the election results until all these deadlines have expiredThey then will take time to review all the appeals and findings of the results and make a decision. So here we see that they will not even be able to begin their work in this matter until at least May 31st deadline for appeals. So knowing this then why in hell is the parliament attempting to execute judiciary powers in this matter? This is not within the scope of their work.

KTFA: "Positive Advancements", 27 MAY


Manaolana3 » May 25th, 2018

So many positive advancements being done in the final steps. 

They are in the midst of a full-blown massive campaign, pulling out all the stops; BB outside, PB inside all the financial institutions in/out of Iraq to educate the citizens.

At the final countdown, when all the specifications for a suitable environment are met, it will blow.

When the MOAB (mother of all bombs) detonates. It will reverberate sending shock waves clear across the globe. The whole world will be in awe!

Like a swarm of BZ-Bees, foreign investors, businessmen, the global community, and entrepreneurs alike will descend upon and infiltrate the "New Mecca" of the Middle East, courting the "prettiest girl in town," the likes that no one has ever witnessed before.

The motto, the theme for a "New Day" with new beginnings will be, "Together, Let's Make Money Again!"

Samson » May 25th, 2018

Sudan seeks mechanisms to release 122 billion dinars from frozen bank balances

26th May, 2018

Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohamed Shiaa al-Sudani discussed on Saturday the mechanisms of launching 122 billion dinars of frozen bank balances.

The ministry said in a statement received by "Al-Gharab Press," a copy of it, "The Minister of Labor and Industry Minerals Agency Mohamed Shiaa Sudanese chaired a meeting to discuss the mechanisms of the release of bank assets frozen (suspended) at banks since 9/4/2003, amounting to (122) billion dinars and belonging to public companies Of the Ministry in accordance with the regulations and regulations in force. "

She added that "the subject of banking facilities provided by banks before the year of (21) billion dinars with interest, in addition to the share of the public treasury of the profits of companies for previous years." LINK

Fatah and virtue seek to speed up the formation of the government

26th May, 2018

The Virtue Party and Al-Fath Alliance, Saturday, 26 May 2018, the formation of the next federal government as soon as possible and abide by the deadlines and constitutional ceilings for the completion of election entitlements.

The Party of Virtue in a statement followed by the obelisk, said that the delegation of the party and during his rounds of Ramadan met with the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri and a number of leaders of the coalition, and during the meeting addressed a number of topics that are the focus of the Iraqi street, where the parties stressed the need to form a government as soon as possible And adherence to deadlines and constitutional ceilings for the completion of electoral benefits, and the adoption of legal ways and means in dealing with appeals related to the electoral process.

The meeting also stressed, according to the statement, to invite all parties winning in the elections to participate in the dialogues because these parties represent the voters who put their trust in them. LINK

US in ‘Wait and See’ Position After Iraq Election

25th May, 2018

The victory of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s party in Iraq’s recent election has put the United States in a wait-and-see position, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis told reporters yesterday in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The secretary was in Colorado to preside at the change-of-command ceremony for North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command.

“History tells us that all wars eventually end, and the decisions you take following a war — comparing the United States leadership after World War II, versus what came out of Versailles after World War I — can set the conditions for the future,” the secretary said, adding that in this case, the United States must first see who is going to be the prime minister, because no party or coalition won enough to govern Iraq on its own.

After World War II

“First, all wars eventually come to an end. By 1948, ’49, after the vicious World War II, the Pacific Island Campaign was as vicious a fighting between two nations that’s ever been in history,” Mattis said. “We all know what Germany did during World War II with death camps [and] with invasions across Europe.”

And yet, by 1948 and 1949, he said, “we were standing up NATO to defend Western Europe, and we were working with Germany.”

“The Marshall Plan was underway,” Mattis said. “We were [also] working with Japan.” Germany and Japan now are U.S. treaty allies, he noted.

Mattis pointed out that despite the rout of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, some terrorists remain in Iraq. “But it was interesting, wasn’t it, that in the midst of everything going on next door in Syria, having recently destroyed the ISIS strongholds in Iraq – they are still isolated cells of them, of course,” the secretary said.

A Responsive Government

The secretary reiterated the United States will have to see whether the new Iraqi leaders form a responsive government.

Mattis noted the Marshall Plan was met with initial skepticism.

“People in 1944 were told basically in five years we’ll be serving alongside German troops and sending locomotives and railroad tracks to Germany,” he said. “We would have laughed in your face, said that’s not going to happen; this is a war to the death. Damn near lost.” But that’s exactly what we did, he noted.

“So wars rub the veneer off all of us and leave the passions really exposed, and now it’s time for strategic thinking, for looking to the future, and determining how the Iraqi people can dictate their future,” the secretary said, “not external threats from Iran, not money from Iran, not internal threats from ISIS or other terrorists.

“This is between our two governments, and we’ll see what government they end up with,” Mattis said. “So we’ll play that forward. It’s too early to tell.” LINK


The information I have received the past few days is inconclusive, bizarre and disturbing to me. 

Today is a day to actively pursue your contacts 
for solid, unfiltered real information and report 
back to the room. 

If you feel the information is to sensitive please PM me. I would be happy to filter it and post in chat if that is your desire.



LounDebnc:  Remember the reason for Monday, it's not about grilling out, if you see a vet, don't say happy Memorial Day, it's a remembrance of those who gave all. God Bless

Dinan:  GM TNT. For entertainment purposes only! Here is a video clip, for those whom have not yet seen it, of The Sean Hannity Show on March 8th, 2018 discussing the Iraqi Dinar, Bush EO 13303, the UST holding $5.5 Trillion IQD...etc. Again, for entertainment purposes only. I found the video interesting.

I found the video highly educational. And since I've been invested for over 13 years, I thoroughly agree with the majority of the material. The gentlemen sounds like Dan of PTR...but I am not a qualified cyber speech sound tech.


Tishwash:  Iraq Reopens Iran-Kurdistan Border Gate

The Sartak-Pishta border gate between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iran was reopened by the Iraqi government on Thursday after more than three months.

“The Sartak border gate was reopened today. Some trucks from here crossed to the side of the Islamic Republic of Iran to bring cargo,” Hussein Ahmad, director of Garmiyan customs, told Rudaw.

Baghdad closed the border crossing on Feb. 10 and KRG has been working to open the gate for more than three months. Sartak-Pishta is located about 220 km southeast of Erbil.
“Today is only the beginning. Cargo will increase on Friday and Saturday, then it will go back to normal,” Ahmad predicted.

He credited efforts of Deputy KRG Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and supervisor of Garmiyan administration Hamid Salar with securing the opening.

“Traders also put pressure on officials to see the route reopened. This is a gate in a very important area with big trade activities. Fortunately, we got the approval of the Iraqi government,” he said.  link

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 157)


Xyz    Sadr agrees to a second term of worship for 9 terms and attention goes to the Kurds


Zig    ...There are 195 countries in the world

Zig     EMAIL FROM VIC OF THE GATEKEEPERS........"Hello Zig, yes it's been awhile... I have been wanting to do a call...

I must say from the get go that it will not be entirely based on The Dinar though... So much has and will continue to happen in the positive realm of things since Mr.Trump has become, President Trump...

The Main Stream News Media, hates Him... Why?.. Well there are many reasons... I might add that if President Trump calls it Fake News here, what should we expect from Iraqi News?... The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth?...
Do all of you remember the name of the Lobbying Firm that Maliki had come to the US to hire?... He needed a good propaganda machine!... What was the name of that firm?.. Oh yeah "The Podesta Group"!.. Know what happen to that Firm?.. They took off running out of D.C.!.. I wonder why?...

Yes, there is a lot to talk about... So, I think I should do a call...Thank you for reaching out!.... Respectfully, Vic1TGK"

Spectra    A person of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeDs.  -Anonymous

Dave    Someone posted that there is 195 countries in the World, you can exchange with 182 ish on the Forex

Dave    tried counting .....miss counted came up with 184 on my second count......
Dave    better than 90% of these that are not on the Forex do not belong to the WTO either.......   Have not heard much on the accession of Iraq to the WTO lately......

xyz    Party Barzani reveals the truth of his alliance with Maliki and Ameri .. Those closest to us!


The Kurdish Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani, revealed the fact that he signed a political agreement and entered into an alliance with the head of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki and the head of the Fatah list Hadi al-Amiri during his tour to Baghdad, while confirmed that the closest to him is the one who implements the Constitution of 2005 and believes in the rights of the Kurds.

xyz    Trump appoints KRG critic Denise Natali to top job – but who is she?


Spectra    Natali, Denise  ((((Director, Center for Strategic Research)))Areas of Expertise: Middle East; Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief; International Political Economy; Farsi (Conversant); French (Fluent); Kurdish (Fluent)

Dr. Denise Natali is the Director and Distinguished Research Fellow of the Center for Strategic Research at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) where she specializes on the Middle East, Iraq, trans-border Kurdish issue, and post-conflict stabilization. Dr. Natali joined INSS in January 2011 as the Minerva Chair, following more than two decades of researching and working in the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

Spectra    http://inss.ndu.edu/Media/Biographies/Article-View/Article/571476/natali-denise/

Baxter    WELL.... May is just about shot.... Here comes June.. :Never Give up
Blossom Good evening. Bax n Spectra. Whats up? Any good news?
Baxter    Hi Blossom... No good news... at least I dont think so

Chattels    The exchange rate of the dollar for the Iraqi dinar in Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces http://sngiq.net/wordpress/?p=134222
chattels    May 26, 2018  Baghdad / SNG  - Baghdad - Bursa Stock Exchange  119,600
chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert
IQD Chat Early Sunday AM:

Chattels    xyz Thanks for posting. Is there a better link for your article please ?

dinard    chattels i seen your guru post and was wondering if you think the IMF is in charge of most of this dinar circus?    i think they are myself
chattels    dinard Iraq's monetary practice and policy arguably must exist within an acceptable framework for it's currency to be received / valued by others is my sense of it.

chattels    It is a collaborative and compliance situation between the CBI and the IMF at least. Neither is arguably " in charge ".

dinard    chattels same here. they must at least abide by the by laws and the articles of compliance n my opinion. all else they can do whatever. i read that someone posted that auctions were ending soon. thats a good indicator for me at least. do you think they need to end the auctions as well?

chattels    dinard I do not know.

AM dinard     chattels i hope stopping of auctions doesn't mean they plan on re denominating soon though lol only time will tell i guess

chattels     dinard We wait, watch, wonder and wish, eh ?

dinard    chattels i can only speculate and pray. all else is out of my hands lol

chattels    dinard I did not get into this because I was smart. I just hope to get lucky.

chattels     Fraternal benevolence or divine intervention, it makes no difference to me.

dinard     chattels same here. it was well worth the long shot in my eyes. hopefully this shot lands on target. hopefully soon so i dont have to chat in here for years like some have. but then again i have many years to wait so im not too worried or emotionally invested

chattels    dinard   Chatrooms can be mean spirited and misguided places.

chattels    This is my 6th or 7th one along the way.

chattels      Think and dream without allowing either to be the end or master of oneself.

dinard     chattels very true. people convey me as negative but im a positive realist

dinard    positive realist is a big oxymoron lol

chattels     dinard At my age everyday is a good day. Some are better than others, but everyday is a good day.

Kcjoe    900 dinar to one dollar

dinard    Kcjoe is that when youre pulling out? lol

Kcjoe      No but it started in thought people would want to know. So I don't care what you think. God has blessed his children

dinard    Kcjoe not thinking anything just trying to make sense of your post

dinard    im still trying to make sense of your second post to be quite honest lol

chattels    Can Iraq’s next government tackle deep-rooted corruption?

SAAD HASAN https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/can-iraq-s-next-government-tackle-deep-rooted-corruption--17714

xyz    chattels which link r u referring to?
chattels    xyz Party Barzani reveals the truth of his alliance with Maliki and Ameri .. Those closest to us!

chattels    xyz


xyz    chattels what do you mean by better? the content or being able to copy and paste?
chattels    xyz I was not pulling up the article last night for some reason. Got it now, thanks.
xyz    chattels ok

chattels    https://baghdadtoday.news/ar/news/45916/-

xyz    Sadr, Abadi and Hakim are finalizing a 160-seat coalition and Iran is leading a counter-action


Saudi Arabia's Okaz newspaper reported on Sunday the finalization of a major coalition that would bring together the Al-Nasr coalition, the al-Hakam movement, a number of smaller blocs and independents with 160 seats.

The newspaper said in its report, "The meetings held by Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr in Baghdad for a week, revealed the near to reach a declaration of the largest bloc to form a new Iraqi government."

Stressing that "the stream of wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim will be within the coalition expected."

The newspaper sources suggested that "the alliance of Abadi and Sadr join other Sunni and Kurdish parties, forming the largest bloc in parliament," expected that "this coalition will succeed in gathering about 160 seats, while the majority needs 165 seats to pass the government."

The leader of the stream of wisdom, Salah al-Arabawi announced in a tweet on Twitter, that "the next Iraqi government is not Iranian, not American, but Iraqi, which confirms the position of wisdom on the same line with the Sadrist movement."

The newspaper pointed out that "Iran is intensifying pressure to form a coalition loyal to him to block the alliance of Abadi and Sadr."

According to press sources, there are "understandings between the two blocs of the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, led by Hadi al-Amiri, and the two main Kurdish parties," and observers are talking about "the chances that this group brings about 140 seats."

chattels    not getting the article to that one.    from the link

xyz    @chattels @mod should stop appending new line html aka < br > at the beginning and end of a line --- here is a repost


xyz    Sadr's spokesman: The formation of the largest bloc will take two weeks and Maliki will not return to the premiership


xyz    There are two ways to cancel the election results, one of them by a decision of the Federal Court, and this is what we expect

The parliamentary legal committee revealed the preparation of a proposed law to cancel the results of the elections, indicating that the legislation is waiting for the quorum for the convening of a parliamentary session and discuss and approve.     LINK

Whitelions    Beware of eating American chicken for this reason

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Washing chickens with chlorine after slaughter, a controversial cleaning practice followed by US poultry companies, does not eliminate all harmful bacterial pollutants, a new study found.

British microbiologists have found that US technology does not kill Listeria and salmonella bacteria, which puts export trade from the United States to Britain in the wind, Sky News reported.

A team of scientists at the University of Southampton found that Listeria and Salmonella remain fully active after chlorination with chlorine, which blurs the perception that this type of washing is safe.

Although the study has tested spinach contaminated with chlorine, the team confirms that the results apply to chilled chicken also.

The American magazine Ambio published the results of the study, which indicated that the poultry industry in the United States is not organized compared to those in the EU, allowing to keep poultry susceptible to bacterial infection.

Chlorination in the United States is routinely used to clean chickens after slaughter, as the study asserts that it is "simply ineffective," according to the British newspaper The Guardian on Sunday.

European Union countries currently prohibit the entry of chlorinated chicken into its markets for reasons of animal welfare. The issue became controversial after Britain left the European Union.

US poultry manufacturers have rejected previous studies, which have reached similar results, saying their results are "laboratory only" and have nothing to do with reality.

Professor William Kevel, who led the study, said it had nothing to do with chicken itself, where it can be controlled by cooking well, but chlorinated chicken can contaminate the kitchen.

The British government's position appeared to be confused about its willingness to accept imports of chilled chicken from the United States as part of any trade deal after Britain left the EU.

Whitelions    "There are no health reasons for the fear of chlorinated chicken," Commerce Minister Liam Fox told MPs in November.


Whitelions    This came out in the iraqi news site    Attracting investment

In most countries of the world, the "international exhibitions" have a great interest in being acquainted with the economic potential of the country and the best way to build a solid exchange of experiences and a picture of the progress of countries and facilitating the task of choosing the requirements for building the country.

As long as we are talking about a new phase of construction, reconstruction and real investment, we need a new international exhibition that reaches the levels of international exhibitions to be a station for cooperation and investment required.

This subject prompts us to talk about what has hit the Baghdad International Fair from the decline in everything due to the disappearance of productive life over the long time has come to meet the requirements of the new era for several reasons.

The site is not fit because of the crowds and crowds during the periods of preparation and presentation, eight halls lack the modern technologies required by the days of offers, in addition to the weakness of services.

We believe that under the next phase, with the assumption of determining the economic approach to be adopted, which is supposed to be based on the constitution, a free economy or a market (named whatever you want), it is necessary to leave government departments to run such projects. Leaving implementation to the private sector.

In this case, it is necessary to allocate land space for a new international exhibition with international specifications and to offer it for investment by the private sector to be implemented, managed and operated.

Thus, most countries, even socialism, are treacherous to the management of the exhibitions or to their possession, but rather to private investment.

One of the requirements for the success of the new investment in Iraq is the availability of an international exhibition that is efficient in terms of specifications and high technology to Iraq and take advantage of the models that the companies always offer to the host country at the end of the exhibition.

This proposal is ready for presentation to the next government which recognizes the importance of preparation and preparation of investment, construction and reconstruction requirements.

The next requires that we care about all the joints that are doing the national economy, especially international exhibitions that bring distance and shorten the time to the local authorities, where they come every new to be presented to the public.   SOURCE

xyz    Federal Court: We have nothing to do with electoral violations


rockstar    TRAVEL EXPRESS just received TRUCK LOADS of new IQD to sell...what does that tell you???????????????? ;Thud ;Thud

Whitelions    17 million Iraqi citizens do not have bank accounts

Sumer News: The Association of Iraqi private banks, the high proportion of financial coverage in Iraq to 22.6% because of the procedures of banks, while pointed out that 17 million Iraqi citizens do not have bank accounts

"The proportion of financial coverage has increased significantly over the last five years, currently 22.6 percent, while in 2014 it was 10.9 percent according to World Bank indicators," said Ali Tarek, executive director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks.

Financial return to the procedures of Iraqi banks, which was increased services through the settlement of salaries of employees of the public and private sectors and increase loans granted and contracting with international companies such as MasterCard and Visa Card and increase the number of electronic payment companies.

He explained that "the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks to develop the banking sector through a series of procedures that facilitated the work of banks within the country," noting that "the proportion of financial coverage is measured by the number of Iraqis over the age of 15 years and have bank accounts."

He pointed out that "the number of Iraqi adults who do not have bank accounts of 17.1 million people," explaining that "the central bank to develop a strategy to increase the proportion of financial coverage to reach more than 35% in 2020."

He added that "citizens will open the bank accounts will benefit from the financial services provided by the financial system, which will reflect positively on their own lives through the activation of savings and face the shocks they are in addition to the development of their business,"

noting that "the high proportion of financial coverage will reduce Cash in the home, which is more than $ 30 billion dollars to move to the banks, which is placed within the control and strengthen the security of the state and stimulate the movement of the economy.   SOURCE

WhitelionsThe work enables women entrepreneurs


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs attaches great importance to women's vision to empower them in society through training courses

Educational workshops, loans and a successful work environment. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Ammar Menem said that the ministry is constantly seeking to implement its programs designed to empower women in society and give them importance within a scientific methodology is to involve them in the training courses organized by the vocational training centers for women job seekers to suit the requirements of the labor market as well as the establishment of workshops And educational seminars.
He added that the Department of Employment and Loans at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs held an educational seminar on women's empowerment and leadership, which addressed the main objectives to be implemented to achieve the principle of leadership in choosing the qualities of the successful leader and sustainable development, which is one of the prerequisites for creating a successful working environment.

Menem explained that the seminar showed the importance of the social balance of equality and social justice between women and men and the possibility of involving women in projects that the man was singled out by her leadership, noting at the same time that the ministry succeeded in implementing many of its programs towards women such as empowering rural women and granting loans to female job seekers In this area .


Spectra    https://twitter.com/creativesmedia4/status/1000134933023772673

Spectra     Robinson, the former head of the English Defense League and a longtime activist against Islam and Islamic migration, was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children. Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.

Video shows Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, being surrounded by as many as seven police officers as he livestreamed the incident on his phone. The police informed him he was being arrested for “breach of the peace.”

Spectra    http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/05/26/right-wing-activist-tommy-robinson-reportedly-jailed-after-filming-outside-child-grooming-trial.html


 Article:  "Banks and dinar recovery" 

Quote:  "more than two months ago the stability of the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and the high purchasing power in the market of cash circulation because of the success of the plans and procedures of the Central Bank and the cooperation of the banking sector with him, which led to convergence of the exchange rate set by the Central Bank with the parallel market price..."   

If they are looking for financial stability the above art. certainly points to the dinar's stability.   I know the election chaos is discouraging but will that effect the CBI's plan?

You would think it would but I don't know. If they stop the auctions, they will need to set a rate.

 As usual we have two different scenarios going on in Iraq. Political which is a friggin mess and economic which is growing stronger everyday.


Frank26:  DUST IS JUST ABOUT SETTLED .................... TA DA. 

Samson:   A spokesman for Sadr: We will end the formation of the largest bloc in two weeks
2018-05-27 at 10:00 (Baghdad time)

Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, said that the formation of the largest bloc will be completed within two weeks, while referring to the refusal of Maliki's return to the presidency of the government.

"We are seeking to form a new type of government, we have the outline of this program and we want to discuss it with other parties on how to achieve a full program," Al-Obeidi told NPR News.

"While previous governments have chosen a prime minister and a cabinet based on party loyalty and quotas, the formation of a new government must first be in agreement on a reform program and a cabinet of qualified people to run the government," he said.

During their meetings with the Sadrists, political leaders revealed their intentions and programs through photographs gathered and published. One of Sadr's tweets, a style he never used, was used to suggest that his political bloc might share with any other bloc except for the mass of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

"Maliki himself is responsible for many of the disasters that happened in Iraq, so it is difficult to accept."

However, al-Obeidi left the door open for an alliance that might include the Fatah list led by Hadi al-Amiri, and may even include al-Maliki if his bloc falls on the terms of the government reform program. The Fateh bloc has achieved 47 seats while Maliki's bloc received 26 seats.

"It may take a couple of weeks to complete the formation of an alliance with enough seats for a two-week government," al-Obeidi said, adding that Sadr may set a line for meeting US or British envoys.

"I think it is very difficult to get that, as far as I know, because Sadr still believes that there are many problems that prevent such a move from taking place with American officials," he said.
However, al-Obeidi said that "Sadr ministers from the previous government cooperated with programs that the United States participated in, and that Sadr did not reject existing agreements that allow US forces to play an advisory role in Iraq."

"The presence of US military bases in Iraq is a problem, but when Abadi decided to bring American soldiers to Iraq, Sadr did not stop his support for Abadi, because he knows that Abadi made these decisions in order to help Iraq."    LINK


DR. CLARKE (TODAY News 5-27-18):

Our “TODAY” News is Short and Sweet.

Things have changed a bit. As we said in our last Post 5-20-18 , May 24th did bring some Big News, in that the N. Korea meeting was cancelled by Pres. Trump.

We figured…..The meeting may still happen SOMETIME in June. This does NOT have to happen, before there’s an RV in Iraq & Vietnam. However, there are ties to it, because of China, and also the status of Iran and the Nuclear deal, that Pres. Trump cancelled. Negotiations are happening in the “Closet”, as we speak……

Given the status of “EVERYTHING” - The “Worldwide View”, we Believe, as of this writing “Today”, that Iraq will Officially & Publicly RV the Dinar, ANY DAY AFTER the Public Announcement of the next Prime Minister, as selected by the Sadr Camp - which looks to be Abadi…….and should happen ANY DAY NOW.
This will satisfy the requirements the CBI publicly set, for a “SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT”, in order to do so. How many DAYS AFTER……..nobody knows. But, it shouldn’t be long.

Keep in mind, that there is urgency, due to Iraq wanting that donor money, pledged from all those countries at the Kuwait Conference, which is waiting on a “Suitable Environment”, and an RV, in order for those funds to flow to Iraq.

Additionally, the factions that oppose the Sadr-Abadi camp, will rebel once they announce the new PM, so an IMMEDIATE RV, will help soften the possible riots & uprisings that occur, keeping them “Happily Busy” with positive money matters.

During RAMADAN (ending June 15th) is the perfect time…..

We have our eyes particularly focused on the weekend of JUNE 2, 3rd……with Eager Anticipation. Our Optimum Personal Exchange Window, has shifted to after the 15th, into the 3rd Week of JUNE. Figure that out…..

RATES. In regards to RATES. Nobody knows exactly what the rates will be, until the Moment, they actually make them Public. However, we fully expect, and are guessing at an Exchange Rate in the U.S., on the Iraq Dinar, to be in excess of $4.00, within a few days of the release.

On the Vietnamese Dong, we fully expect, our guess is an exchange rate in the U.S., of over $2.00, within a few days of the PUBLIC increase - and we expect them BOTH to move within 24 hours, of one another.

Who cares what the “Come Out Rate”, or “In-Country Rate” is in Iraq & Vietnam?

All that matters, is the “Exchange Rate”, which is the “Out of Country” rate, for any country in the Exchange process…..and fluctuates, based on the “Market” - the FOREX Market.

The “Markets” drive the Rates, up & down, so it’s always anyone’s guess.

What do we base these on? Our “Gut”. Net asset value of the country. Previous rate history. World Economic conditions. Competing currencies. Regional Values. “FOREX Market Value”.

We’re just speculating, based on our own “stuff”…..not current bank screens, for sure.
We don’t care about ANY other currencies, that anyone else talks about.
We Do Not see this information on Rates, as we just described, changing anytime, until they’re First Publicly released.

The “RATE Godz" have spoken.
And FRIENDS - a Special Message from the “TAX Godz”:

Do yourself a Favor. PLAN on paying your Income Taxes on this thing, until you get a Legal, Verifiable, Legitimate,“FOR REAL” Guideline, IRS Ruling in writing”, on this currency exchange, that says otherwise.

Don’t be Ridiculous, and rely on some “Rumor”, or hearsay, FROM ANYBODY.

You’re in the Spotlight….and Personally Accountable.…..and we’re certainly not professional Financial, Tax or Legal advisors.

Get Licensed, Professional, Tangible……Assistance.

These are our “TODAY” News updates, as they sit right now.
We feel this information is EXTREMELY SOLID, and in place.

These ALL, are just our Projections, Viewpoints, Beliefs & Opinions. Simple. Straight forward.

WHAT’s in it for us? Nothing. We’re just “Contributing”.

Enjoy the next few DAYS……

Dr. Clarke
P.S. Here’s something you CAN CONTROL:

When we said “PAPERWORK” in our Last Sunday’s Post 5-20-18…….we meant ALL PAPERWORK. ANY Paperwork………

Your Driver’s License is Paperwork.

Your Passport is Paperwork.

Your Currency is Paperwork.

Your “Lists” are Paperwork.

Your Gift Letters are Paperwork.

Your Bank Prospects, are Paperwork.

Your Receipts, are Paperwork.

ALL your Legal Documents are Paperwork.

Your Articles of Incorporation, Trust Documents, Bank Account Verification Statements, Utility Bills, Divorce Papers, are all “Paperwork”……….

GET your PAPERWORK READY NOW!……..in case you need SOME OF IT……..You may not need all of it…….BUT, you already know, you’re going to have to PROVE WHO YOU ARE, before you can Exchange. DO IT……….NOW.


AND…..we expect some REALLY REALLY Good News, Tues. (29th) or Wed. (30th) this week.

“The TIME is very, VERY short…….but has long, long, LONG-REACHING affects.”