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I have a quick bank story from this morn from a friend that works at td bank...she knows nothing about the dinar but heard this in a meeting this morning…Heard from one of the investment guys that work with me at TD that the dinar will hit by June 10th


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The silence continues among sources.

The Alliance is wrapping up operations.

The Cabal are running scared.

Once the RV occurs, they will be in panic as their end quickly becomes reality.

The toll-free 800 numbers could arrive this midnight or the next.

Iraqi Bank ATM Machines Celebration | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV




The good news for us is that supposedly the CBI, not the government, is in control of the RV timing. The BIG question is, who controls CBI????

Isabelle... they need that turning point, international + corporate investments interests may very well apply pressure for rv as a springboard for prosperity, following through on commitments made, and as a catalyst for the world to continue Iraq's acceptance & growth, and of course, the confidence of its people. God Speed! Positive Waves We Ride

The Iraqi parliament fails again to hold its emergency

one hour ago

The failure of the outgoing Iraqi parliament to hold an emergency session Thursday afternoon, to discuss accusations of rigging the parliamentary elections held on May 12, in an effort to vote to cancel the results. 

The session is a continuation of last Saturday's session, which the parliament failed to hold due to the presence of 105 members only, while the meeting requires the presence of a simple majority (half plus one), or 165 deputies out of 328. 

The Speaker of the Parliament Salim Jubouri to turn the meeting into a consultation. And issued a statement later, calling on the Independent High Electoral Commission to verify electoral complaints. 

The attempts to hold the meeting after 85 deputies submitted a week ago a request to hold the meeting to discuss what they said was fraud accompanied the vote, in preparation for a vote to cancel the election results.

The alliance, backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, was ranked first with 54 out of 329 seats, followed by the Al-Fateh alliance, which is composed of political factions of the popular mobilization led by Hadi al-Amiri with 47 seats. 

And then the coalition of "victory", led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, with 42 seats, while the coalition, "national", led by Allawi, 21 seats.

The announcement came amid widespread debate in the country over alleged "fraud" operations. link

KTFA:"Finishing Touches", 25 MAY

RE: DELTA ATM Pictures:

ChrisC » May 24th, 2018

Here is the thing that people should notice. Do we take pictures with Confederate money? No. Do you see Indian head pennies or even wheat pennies in pictures? No. Young people don't even know what a fil is. Why would they even be in a picture unless they were out already? Alak in a picture in front of an ATM should be telling us something. 

Smooth » May 24th, 2018

Yes Chris I thought the samething, Alak in front of that ATM says a lot, not just a random photo!

S.Josh » May 24th, 2018

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Helium balloons, for a celebration??

Frank26 » May 24th, 2018


Samson » May 24th, 2018

Sadr announces completion of final touches to form a government

24th May, 2018

Sadr's leader Moqtada al-Sadr announced on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the completion of the final touches of the government, describing it as a genuine Iraqi government and opposed to a peaceful political and peace building.

"I have completed the picture and completed the final touches after you have completed the advice and satisfied you with the government," Sadr said in a tweet followed by the obelisk.

"It is a Sunni, Shiite, Arab, Kurdish, nationalist and non-sectarian government but an authentic Iraqi government. "He said.

"We will brief them on the details of the many meetings so that they can have good sayings, and then we will wait for the honest and patriotic blocs that are precious to form a strong patriarchal government that will give the people their rights," he said.

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr met with a number of officials in the Iraqi government and heads of blocs and coalitions, including Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and discussed with them the formation of the next government and its program. LINK

AnotherMailman » May 24th, 2018

That was fast! Wow!

Will » May 24th, 2018

Yea, and the print form is always lagging behind.

Doc.K » May 24th, 2018

SADR put finishing touches on Iraqs new Government. 
That is the fastest thing they have done in history. Are we Waiting for a swearing in Frank ????

Frank26 » May 24th, 2018

%$#@! YES !!! ........................................lol

Greenclan » May 24th, 2018

So....Frank we are awaiting the Swearing in ......in order for the RI/RV to appear then from what your saying? IS this correct? Thanks Greenclan

ChrisC » May 24th, 2018

I just now got a call from my cousin who has dinar. He has checked Forex 3 times a day for over five years. He said in all those five thousand times he checked, he never saw a map of Tier 2 banks near him where he could exchange international currency until today. I always like to look for breaks in routines like that to show something is coming. We'll see.

Frank26 » May 24th, 2018


Samson » May 24th, 2018

"Victory" confirms a "semi-final" match between the views of Abadi and Sadr

09:13 - 24/05/2018 

The victory coalition led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, there is a semi-final match in views between his president and the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, denying at the same time the existence of any real veto on the ascension of Abadi prime minister for the second time in a row.

The spokesman for the coalition, Hussein al-Adli said in a statement to the information that "there are understandings and agreement between the coalition of victory and an alliance on the basis of the principles and the principles of the next phase, for the formation of the government," noting that "the meeting, which gathered President of the victory coalition Haider Abadi, Moqtada al-Sadr, was a positive meeting, and saw a match in the views between the two sides. "

Al-Adly said that "the meeting of Abadi in Sadr was agreed on the roadmap for the next phase, and can be considered first to form the largest bloc that will form the government," noting that "there is a great openness to the rest of the forces, where a lot of dialogues have been held, and understandings are still ongoing on all levels".

He stressed that "it is not customary to establish the condition of obtaining the premiership from the beginning, but to the moment there is no real candidate for prime minister and there is no real veto on Haider Abadi for the post in question." LINK

Sunkissed » May 24th, 2018

Talk about moving FAST!

Samson » May 24th, 2018

Deputy: Canceling the election results will enter the countryin a spiral and civil war

24th May, 2018

The MP accused of the Fatah alliance Amer al-Fayez, Thursday 24 May 2018, Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri and other deputies to try to cancel the results of the parliamentary elections, while stressing that those attempts will not succeed, warned that the abolition of elections may enter civil war Ahmed in Lebanon in the seventies of the last century.

Fayez said in a statement followed by the obelisk, that "the scenario of the meeting last Saturday will be repeated with today's session and will end the meeting without a quorum or take any action on fraud and manipulation of the election results," noting that "Jubouri stands behind the call for the meeting because it and a group of deputies adopt a proposal to cancel the results The election".

Fayez added that "the cancellation of the election results will enter the country in a spiral and civil war, as happened in Lebanon when the results of the elections were canceled in the seventies of the last century and entered Lebanon civil war lasted for years," noting that "the elections that took place on May 12, Accept the least losses ". LINK

Frank26 » May 24th, 2018

TOLD YOU SO ......... M CC.

Dena » May 24th, 2018

can we say .. there is now a SUITABLE atmosphere for things to catapult into new beginning ???

Samson » May 24th, 2018

United States: We will work with Iraqis

2018/5/24 16:29

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Neuert said on Thursday that her country would work with those chosen and elected by the Iraqi people.

"Washington will work with anyone who decides the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people to be elected to join the government," Nuert said during the daily press conference. "Long and good relations are connecting the United States and Iraq and we will continue to have a good relationship with the Iraqi government." 

"We will work with the government and whichever party the people elect and decide to choose," she said. LINK

IQD RV Update News (RANT # 160)


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Spectra    (((International Monetary Fund: Continue to cooperate with the Central Bank of Iraq)) 25th May, 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Friday it was continuing to cooperate with Iran's central bank and its governor, Aliullah Saif, despite the US embargo.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Iran was a member of the fund, which would continue to cooperate with it and the governor of Iran's central bank, Aliullah Saif.
​The US Treasury Department announced a ban on Iran's central bank governor and Crown Prince Aliullah Seif on May 15 after US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw from the nuclear deal and impose a US embargo on Iran within 90 to 180 days.

Spectra    http://www.almaalomah.com/2018/05/25/312685/

Spectra     (CRUDE OIL PRICES (MAY 25) SULAIMANI — Crude oil prices remained down on Friday (May 25), compared to the previous close.

The price of Brent oil was at $78.56, down from $78.89 previous close, and US WTI crude was at $70.51, from $70.96.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Russia and several other producers began to reduce supply in January 2017 in an attempt to erase a glut. They have extended the pact until December 2018 and meet in June to review policy.

The producer group is coping with a global glut of crude oil after seeing prices halve and revenues drop sharply in the recent past. The cuts are likely to be shared again by a dozen non-OPEC members led by top oil producer Russia.

OPEC and non-OPEC producers on December 10, 2016 reached their first deal since 2001 to jointly curtail oil output and ease a global glut after more than two years of low prices that overstretched many budgets and spurred unrest in some countries.

With the deal signed after almost a year of arguing within the OPEC and mistrust in the willingness of non-OPEC Russia to play ball, the market's focus will now switch to compliance with the agreement.

Spectra    Producers from outside the 13-country group also agreed on December 10 to reduce output by 558,000 barrels per day, short of the initial target of 600,000 but still the largest contribution by non-OPEC ever

Oil prices have more than halved in the past two years after Saudi Arabia raised output steeply in an attempt to drive higher-cost producers such as U.S. shale firms out of the market.

The plunge in oil to below $50 per barrel - and sometimes even below $30 - from as high as $115 in mid-2014 has helped reduce growth in U.S. shale output.(NRT)

Spectra    (ABADI SAYS ELECTORAL FRAUD ALLEGATIONS TO BE INVESTIGATED) SULAIMANI — Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said allegations of electoral fraud during the parliamentary election will be investigated, his office said.

Abadi’s office said in a statement on Thursday (May 24) that a special committee appointed by the Iraqi cabinet will investigate the allegations.


Spectra    Ahmed Ali  @IraqShamel  This @TheIraqPulse report on Iraqi Sunni political standing gives the best account of the state of affairs. Depending on how you count, Iraqi Sunnis could have 60-62 seats.
Spectra   ((Sadr's policy agrees to a second term for Abadi against 9 conditions and attention goes to the Kurds))


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Baxter    In my opinion..... Here is something that just passed..... that we have been waiting on.... I am sure there is more...


dinard    For example, suppose a government has set 10 units of its currency equal to one dollar. To devalue, it might announce that from now on 20 of its currency units will be equal to one dollar. This would make its currency half as expensive to Americans, and the U.S. dollar twice as expensive in the devaluing country.

To revalue, the government might change the rate from 10 units to one dollar to five units to one dollar; this would make the currency twice as expensive to Americans, and the dollar half as costly at home. 

​this neat webpage states that a float or revaluation are both possible

ttps://www.newyorkfed.org/aboutthefed/fedpoint/fed38.html .......

Doug_W    dinard is thre a point to all this?  your stating the obvious

Whitelions    Baxter the roll back on the dodd frank act means that the banks are no longer accountable in how they charge you in using there bank and are no longer accountable in how they us your money .I for one am pissed but as a peeon there is nothing I can do about it

dinard    Doug_W is there a point to stating what youre going to eat for dinner all the time? jI am just putting up stuff i come across that may be informative to some. delete it if you dont like it

dinard http://www.investinganswers.com/financial-dictionary/world-markets/revaluation-1625


Mueller appointment began the Pre RV psy-ops which lasted a little more than a year.

The end of the Mueller investigation begins the Post RV psy-ops which will last one year.

The Mueller firing begins a process that will include T4 release of public exchanges.

Private exchanges will be no “shot shotgun” start. They will be targeted and in phases depending on assets redeemed.

Zim bond holders will be removed from currency redeemers at every phase of redemption down to the initial contact information release.

Zimbabwe mineral reserves are unlimited and warrant both the printing of such high face values and conversion to any number redeemers are comfortable taking.

The Democratic Party has been dismantled carefully by the 2016, 2018 elections—never to return to electable relevance.

Thus the USA has become a one political party system of government for stability like the Chinese and Russian model with the illusion of democracy.

TNT Superfantastic Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


5-25-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   ...what is good about this is we thought for that to happen our Treasury would release Iraq to put out their rate and to be international known...to put their rate out to where it can be seen on the CBI and it could be known not just in Iraq...we know they have an in-country revaluation. The question is: Is it known outside of Iraq, in fact outside the Middle East? That is the question mark.  I am it hearing from one source not sure about multiple confirmations of that.  ...I think we could have an excellent Memorial Day weekend. I am excited. I am seeing some things coming together. I am seeing the timing coming together...   [post 2 of 2]

5-25-2018   Intel Guru Bruce
   There is a slight bit of confusion in my mind about where Iraq is right now... I did understand that the so called RV was released today by al-Sadr, and I was thinking wait a minute. I thought...al-Sadr had ceded his power over to Abadi or least that was the plan. That was the plan early in the week with the election last Saturday if I am not mistaken. We thought okay that is cool that happened.  Then we heard that the announcement we were looking for from Abadi today may have been in turn made by al-Sadr today about the RV...that was what one report said coming in. So I am going to say I do not have multiple confirmations of that.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-25-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  Part 1 cont... ...What’s going to happen officially is you’re going to take your Iraqi Dinar to the bank, they are going to certify it with a federal certified number then that money is going to go to the treasury department and it’s going to be verified and when it is verified that value is going to be put into an account.  No one is going to send you millions of dollars in cash.  That’s not how it works.  Now that you have that money digitally in your account if you need to pull money out, you go through the same process everyone else does with a bank.  Let’s say you need a lot, then you’re going to have to order it.  Let’s say you need a 100K or whatever you’re going to have to order it.  They’re not going to hand you 100K at the bank that day.  You have to understand that.  That’s how the process is going to work.   [Part 1:  Post 2 of 2 Stay tuned for Part 2: How The Money Works]

5-25-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  Part 1  Going To The Bank :  Many moons ago, me and a group of guys got together and bought a Porsche engine…I went to Bank of America and was like I need to pull out $26K so I can go buy this engine.  They were like we can only give you 5K today.  I had to go to 4 other banks to end up pulling out $26K.  I could have ordered that from my bank but it would have taken a couple of days.  We simply didn’t have that time…The reason I’m saying that is because the process of when we go to exchange our currency for the Iraqi Dinar (and that’s the correct term.) You’re not going to go to the bank and put a bunch of paper money on the table and they are going to give you a bunch of dollars back[Part 1:  Post 1 of 2]

5-25-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin     [...the news is all over the place!  Election results finalized, Abadi offered the PM position, government forming quickly, rigged election reports, efforts to cancel the elections, war...]   Yes...What it boils down to is whoever develops the largest bloc will decide the ruling party and gov. Looks like Sadr, Abadi, Hakim, and hopefully the Kurds can out number Maliki and Amiri. I think Barzani is considering going with Maliki. That amazes me. We need to sit back and watch the outcome. I have no idea which way the Sunnis will come down. Allawi will always create problems. This may take a while.

Trusts Unlimited Confrence Call



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s talk a little bit where we are. There is a slight bit of confusion in my mind about where Iraq is right now because I got some pretty cool stuff about Iraq but I have a question mark. I did understand that the so called  RV was released today by al-Sadr, and I was thinking wait a minute.

I thought didn’t al-Sadr had ceded his power over to Abadi or least that was the plan. That was the plan early in the week with the election last Saturday if I am not mistaken.  We thought okay that is cool that happened.

Bruce:  Then we heard that the announcement we were looking for from Abadi today may have been in turn made by al-Sadr today about the RV. I thought that caught me off guard. I was not expecting that. Yet that was what one report said coming in.  So I am going to say I do not have multiple confirmations of that.
We will just see where that goes, but in any event what is good about this is we thought for that to happen our Treasury would release Iraq to put out their rate and to be international known. Nether words, to put their rate out to where it can be seen on the CBI and it could be known not just in Iraq which it is because we know they have an in-country revaluation.

The question is: Is it known outside of Iraq, in fact outside the Middle East? That is the question mark. I am it hearing from one source not sure about multiple confirmations of that.

Bruce:   However, what we have heard which is cool that we are getting from our sources when we have pictures to show us that have been sent to us. There are ATMs in Iraq and I believe it was in Fallujah, possibly Erbil, and maybe another city as well  could have been in Baghdad, were showing these ATM machines with lines of people up to them.

They were being shown how to use those ATM machines. Now remember the lower denominations the ones that replaced the 3 zero notes that we have if you have Dinar from Iraq, the lower denominations are similar to the notes of the currency we have in the United States. I do not know if they will have a 1 dinar note.  I am hearing they will have a 2 dinar note like we use to have a $2 bill. They have the 5, 10, 20. They had the 50 and a 100 dollar coin. I use to have one, but don’t know where it is.

Bruce:  They will have the same basic notes that we are using which are the so called lower denominations. As in our case they are using the 10s and 20s of the lower denominations in the ATM machines.  They are already using them. They already got them.

Next to the ATMS are billboards showing the old notes meaning the 3 zero notes, and the new notes, the lower denominations.  They are right there and in between those is a digital billboard which shows the rate to the USD and how those notes relate to the dollar. Meaning how each denomination would be valued compared to the value of the USD. This is a major change. You are getting training on how to use the ATM machines.

Of course they have the new Qi cards and people are being paid on their Qi cards. They are using that to get cash out of the ATM machines. They already got signage up in the banks so they can do that. That is something to read and indicative of new rates. I told you on Tuesday roughly what they are. They are higher than what I said the other day. I just can’t tell you for sure if that rate is publicly out on the CBI site yet or whether it is about ready to be put out.

Bruce:  There may be additional announcement that is coming out of Iraq. We were expecting two announcements coming out by Saturday. One from Iraq that we assume was going to be from Abadi, maybe from al-Sadr, maybe something else from Abadi. I do not know, but we are also expecting an announcement form our President Trump. We are expecting that to happen either on or by Saturday. What would that be about?

I hope it be would be about going back on the Gold standard. I think it would have something to do with that and maybe have something to do with the return to the Republic that we are.  We are a Republic we are not a democracy. We are a Republic. This would be something of an announcement explaining that in more detail maybe. I hope that is the case.

Bruce:  Now when we last left you Tuesday night, we talked in terms of the Tier 3. Remember we had 3 parts of Tier 3. We had the VIPS which we said on Tuesday they have been fully compensated. They have been made liquid.

These are the VIPs that are a portion of Tier 3. The other two portions of Tier 3 are: 1) The core groups, not a huge amount of people in that. Then we have the remaining members of Tier 3. This could be group members, other people that are in that particular group. These are people that have worked something out west years ago and have essentially ponied up their currency for exchange some time ago but haven’t been paid out yet.

Bruce:  Those people in Tier 3 we understood that we are hearing last night that they would be complete, meaning made liquid in 2.5 days. That would be today, tomorrow which is Friday, and maybe mid day on Saturday. They should be liquid. They could be before then, but they should be by the date they receive their funds. In know in some cases I have some specific examples where they been told they would receive funds at a specific time on Saturday. Okay, great.

Bruce:  What does that mean for us that remain as Tier 4, as the Informed Internet Group, the so called Informed Public because we have been paying to this on calls and on blogs, and quite for some time for many of us? What we understood was when the Tier 3s were complete we would get the toll free numbers released. That is how close we see ourselves to receive what we are looking for which is the toll free numbers to set our appointments to begin.  That is really what I am talking about.

That puts us in a really close proximity. Whereas on Tuesday call I had the understanding which was actually after the call that we were looking at a 3 day possibility of  which was Thursday, Friday, Saturday for us to go.
Bruce:  Today is Thursday and we haven’t gone yet. So I think we can pretty much write off Thursday. Friday, Saturday is possible, very possible. Saturday is the 26th. Then we got the Memorial Day weekend Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Then Tuesday is the 29th.  I heard some indications of both the 26th and the 29th.

I did not necessarily want to go out as far as the 29th. I am getting stuff that points to things happening sooner than that. Maybe we wait until then. Maybe that is our Go Day. Also I have heard some things that say Saturday, the 26th. I am going to say both dates are valid. Let’s just leave the door open for that. I try not to call it. You know I do my best not to call it. I am hearing some very good things about both dates.

I am hearing from the top top top from the lead Bank and the secondary bank about those two dates. I am feeling very good.

Bruce:  Today on the bank screens, the front screen rates were gone. They just disappeared. Usually when that happens it means either you are looking at a bank update, system upgrade, a synchronization of banks of rates, and also you are looking sometimes we are waiting for the new rates to come in.  That could be what was happening to the front screens. The back screens were up and the rates on the 11 currencies that are going to go up for this Global Currency Reset were there.  That is a very positive thing, I think.  We are going to kind of feel good about that fact.

Bruce:   Beyond that in terms of what we are hearing about people receiving for example we heard almost 4000 emails to group participants went out last night at 8:30pm PST.  That is a good sign too. Nether words it is beginning to flow the communication out west to group individuals just so you know.  Does it mean everybody has been notified yet? No, but a lot of people have and there is more of that happening.

That is a good sign for us even though it refers to Tier 3 it is showing the movement.  It is showing the fact we are right behind them.

People say:  What is the different about today or this week compared to last week or the week before? I see a lot of movement. I see the fact Tier 1s have been paid and are fully liquid. Tier 2 paid and fully liquid. Tier 3 VIPs paid out and fully liquid. The remaining Tier 3s are in process.

Bruce:  Also I am hearing about boxes of bonds being hypothecated in Dubai today. That is a good sign. Not sure about Zurich. They were supposed to be going about now. I can’t tell you about that, but I do know about Dubai.

Bruce:  We are moving in that direction. Did Dodd Frank have anything to do with this? I have been told no, it has not. I know there were discussions today with the Tier 1 banks and you know the Tier 1 Banks were the Big Five. Tier 2 Banks were sort of the larger Regional Banks like SunTrust, Bank First, etc. They are good size Regional Banks.  Then you have Tier 3 Banks. Guess what? Tier 3 Banks were doing today what the Tier 2 Banks were doing yesterday.

That was getting lined up with their protocols. Tier 3 Banks are not going to be doing exchanges but they will be referring their account holders that have currencies that come in to talk to them. They will be referring them to Tier 1 Banks to handle the transactions. That is something that is going to compensate Tier 2 and Tier 3 in the way of commission fees. Let’s call them referral fees by referring them to a Tier 1 Bank to get the exchange done.

Bruce:  We know that the Tier 1 Banks and the Redemption Centers will be handling the Zim. You know I will be getting the toll free numbers for the Redemption Centers. That is going to be using some Tier 1 Banks in certain locations in certain cities, and they will be using offices that have been leased by the lead bank, HSBC, in conjunction with another Tier 1 Bank in the area. They will be doing that to make it effective so you will have a major Bank in your area when you call.

Let me make a clarification when you get the toll free number and you call and you have Zim bonds to redeem, which you will do is in some cases you will get a 2nd number to call. In some cases you will be switched over to that Redemption Center in your area directly. It is going to work both ways. I can’t tell you who is going to do what. Some areas will get a direct connection to someone who will work with you on your Zim in your zip code.

In some places you will get a separate number and it might be a local number. It should be actually a local number you should call without an 800 or an 866. You will just get a local number to get them there and you will be able to set your appointment that way. Either way you will set your appointment to go in and you will be all set.
Bruce:  Without getting too technical in any one area, I think we are looking very good.  Remember if you have humanitarian projects or if you are going to partner with us and I am using that loosely, partnering with us on both the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America let them know if you don’t have a project of your own but you want to join my vision and be part of that and of course you can do that. What we will do is get you sort of the template how to do what we are going to do on Rebuild America where you chose. The city, town that you chose to make a difference in.

Bruce:  As far as the Veterans go of course I will need some help with that, but it going to be more in terms of working with equine therapy and various areas. It is not going to be so much as needing any money at all. At least I don’t see it. Some people may want to give to the Veterans.  You know how that is. It is going to be hard to keep that. So I might set up a Non Profit for that purpose, but at this point I am all set without using a Non Profit I may change my mind. Let’s see. It is not because we need the money. We really don’t.

Bruce:  I am looking forward getting started as you are. I think we could have an excellent Memorial Day weekend. I am excited. I am seeing some things coming together. I am seeing the timing coming together. There are a lot of pieces. I bet 15 or more pieces of separate Intel that are all puzzle pieces that I am adding up. I try to put that picture out for you tonight so you can see what I am seeing. I have a vision for this just like you guys are and I am looking forward to getting started.

Bruce:   With that I want to thank all for coming in tonight. I appreciate your faithfulness over the 6.5 years for listening on the Big Call and looking forward to a wonderful summer. Thank you Everybody. Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven, and Bob. We will see you when we see you. Thank you all for listening and appreciate all you in Big Call Universe. Good Night Everybody.



Samson:  The US Congress allocates $ 850 million to support Iraqi forces

 2018/5/25 9:53

The US House of Representatives (Congress) voted on the US defense budget bill, allocating $ 850 million to support Iraqi forces, including the Peshmerga.

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on the US defense project of 2019 and the project includes an allocation of $ 850 million in aid to Iraqi forces, including the Peshmerga.  "The Peshmerga forces are supportive of the United States in the war against Da'ash," the draft said.

He pointed out that "the final elimination of elements advocating is important to achieve stability and the dissemination of the spirit of tolerance among all Iraqis of all sects and sects and nationalities, and have a place in the Iraqi government and society.
He pointed out that "To support the continuation of operations against the organization of the preacher, and in coordination with the Iraqi central government, it is necessary to provide the United States of America 290 million dollars for the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, in order to provide the necessary support for the Iraqi forces and America and the rest of the coalition, to maintain gains and protect areas Of the elements and advocates of their supporters, and the final elimination of this organization in Iraq. "

According to the same project, $ 560 million has been allocated to support the Iraqi security forces.  The Senate is due to vote on the bill in the next few weeks.    LINK


Samson:  Sunni forces prepare a memorandum of understanding with Sadr on the next government

2018-05-25 at 13:05 (Baghdad time)

The deputy of the National Coalition Raad Dahlaki, Iraqi Sunni forces prepared a paper described as a "paper understandings and demands" will be submitted to the President of the coalition winning the election.

"There are two main blocs representing the Sunnis in Iraq, the National Bloc headed by Iyad Allawi and the decision bloc sponsored by Khamis Al-Khanjar. The two blocs will present the other blocs with a unified paper containing understandings and demands that determine the identity of the next government," al-Dahlaki said.

Among the most important demands of the Sunni forces that will include a paper received by Sadr tomorrow or after is:

* End all armed manifestations and arms control by the state.

* The pledge to return all displaced people from the Sunni cities after providing them with a safe life.

* Stay away from the establishment of a religious political system and move towards a civil system will be closer to the mood of Iraqis, as well as the civil order avoids the Iraqi public any friction or sectarian disputes.

* That the decision to establish the government and its future policies derived from the Iraqi national interest, and that it is agreed to prevent any external interference from any party.
* Involve the Sunni component in the security decision and involve the Sunni forces represented by the joints of the intelligence systems.

According to the results of the parliamentary elections that took place on May 12, the Alliance, "Saunun", supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, ranked first with 54 seats out of 329, followed by the alliance, "conquest" led by Hadi al-Ameri with 47 seats, "Victory", led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, with 42 seats, while the coalition, "national", led by Allawi, 21 seats.   LINK


Samson:  Sadr is hiding Sistani to face Iran's plans

- 2 Hours Passed

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, who sponsors the Sawsan alliance, which ranked first in the Iraqi general elections, held a series of consultations in the capital Baghdad, returning to his headquarters in Kufa in the Iraqi city of Najaf. Presents the outcome of his consultations on the Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, according to the announcement personally.

Iraqi observers said that Sadr is taking care of the reference in an attempt to block the attempts by Iran to block his movements and meetings with various blocs to form a government.

Sadr was taken from a house in the Kadhimiya district of Baghdad, a temporary headquarters, where he received the most important leaders and politicians for three days, led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, who leads the alliance, "victory" and Hadi al-Ameri, leader of the alliance, "Fatah" backed by Iran, and Iyad Allawi, National, and Osama Nujaifi leader of the coalition decision, as well as three delegations representing the main Kurdish forces.

Sadr, after winning his list, is described as the politicians' kiss and the axis of forming the next government in light of a strong Iranian desire to isolate him.

On his return from Baghdad to Najaf, Sadr announced that he will continue his consultations with the "supreme authority and the tribes of Iraq and the large social classes," in a clear reference to his intention to be - in the words of a senior politician in Baghdad - "the decision to form an Iraqi government, protected by the centers of gravity In the Iraqi society to face the increasing Iranian pressure, "and told this politician," the Arabs, "preferring not to reveal his name for the sensitivity of the information he makes," that the presence of Sadr in Baghdad during the past few days posed a challenge to the influence of Iranian General Qasim Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Guard, Which Arrival and touring in the Green Zone, the center of the Iraqi capital, a few days ago and held meetings in the hope of mobilizing a majority in the next parliament, nullify the victory of the list of al-Sadr in the elections. "

Sadr said in a statement: "Today I completed the picture and completed the final touches after you have completed the advice and satisfied you the government, which will be Sunni, Shiite, Arab, Kurdish, national and sectarian, but an authentic Iraqi government.

Observers believe that Sadr seeks to immunize his superiority over the Iranians in the race to form a government, the weight of the religious authority and the Iraqi tribes, who will not hesitate to stand by Sadr in the event of a political conflict with the Iranians to a confrontation.

An Iraqi observer believes that if Sadr succeeds in forming a government of national efficiency and efficiency, it means a coup against the political process outside the Green Zone. Which requires some kind of protection that can be provided by the reference cover.

The observer said in a statement to the "Arabs", "The go Sadr's reference may help to cut the way on the faces of the blocks calculated on Iran, which may resort to the reference to the justification of its utilitarian behavior to defend the doctrine and the project of the state religious in the face of what Sadr offers of the draft cross-sectarian state Which means the formation of a civil government to ease the atmosphere of sectarian competition for positions and even ends the relative dominance of the principle of quotas.

Sistani's reference to the intervention in 2014, to put an end to Maliki's ambitions in a third term, supportive of the option of assuming the responsibility of the government.

After winning Ammar al-Hakim, Abadi and Nujaifi and a wide range of Kurdish forces, Sadr seems soon to attract the leader of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri to his class, in the context of unconfirmed leaks about the latter's intention to leave the Alliance of conquest and join the bloc formed by Sadr.

"If Sadr forms the new government, the Badr Organization will not find a way to preserve the internal portfolio it holds in the Abadi government except by getting out of the open and joining a coalition," the sources said. But Iran's efforts have not stopped despite Sadr's consultations with a large number of potential partners.

The Sadr list is trying to look balanced in the face of Iranian pressure
The sources say that Tehran encourages a quick convergence between the coalition of the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, the alliance led by al-Ameri and the Allawi National Alliance, in order to ensure support for Sunni and Kurdish parties can not support the government formed by Maliki or Amiri.

Sadr's list is trying to appear balanced in the face of Iran's continued pressure to isolate it from the path of forming a government.

"There are no problems between us and Iran and we believe in the principle of dialogue and good neighborliness, and there are good relations between us and the Islamic Republic," said Hassan al-Akoli, secretary-general of the alliance.

While stressing the Iraqi observer that in the absence of Iran's ability to exert pressure on the chest in conjunction with the announcement of the presence of US signals welcomed the emergence of Sadr political force tops the Iraqi political scene, the reference Najaf will not constitute an obstacle in the way of the young cleric, Match the views of the parties in relation to fighting corruption and corrupt and not subject to the dictates of any external party to achieve independence of the Iraqi political decision.

He concludes that Sistani's patronage of Sadr's soft coup will determine how to deal with limiting the influence of the Green Zone residents, which could lead to the end of the role of the hidden state that drives al-Maliki, a goal that was not reached by Abbadi in his four years.

The Arabs of London   link
Samson:  Iran: Removing 4,710 landmines from the border with Iraq

2018/5/25 11:09
An Iranian official announced on Friday, the removal of more than 4,700 landmines on the border with Iraq.

"During mine clearance operations in the war-contaminated areas (with Iraq) and in an area of ​​348 hectares, 4,000 and 710 landmines were found," said Raza Mirzai, director general of security affairs in Kurdistan province.  "This number of mines was found and removed last year in the border areas with Iraq," Merzai said.

"Mine clearance units cleared 136 hectares of contaminated areas manually and 57 hectares of these areas were cleared automatically," he said.  "The number of martyrs killed so far by the elements of the demining units reached 91, while 110 were injured and disabled as a result of these mines," Merzai said.  LINK



(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

All sources remain silent.

Some sources are hinting that the RV is "days away" from being released.

Actual date of release is classified at this time.

We're on the brink of the Event.


"Hello Zig, yes it's been awhile...

​I have been wanting to do a call... I must say from the get go that it will not be entirely based on The Dinar though...
So much has and will continue to happen in the positive realm of things since Mr.Trump has become, President Trump... The Main Stream News Media, hates Him... Why?.. Well there are many reasons...
I might add that if President Trump calls it Fake News here, what should we expect from Iraqi News?... The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth?... Do all of you remember the name of the Lobbying Firm that Maliki had come to the US to hire?... He needed a good propaganda machine!...

What was the name of that firm?.. Oh yeah "The Podesta Group"!.. Know what happen to that Firm?..
They took off running out of D.C.!.. I wonder why?... Yes, there is alot to talk about... So, I think I should do a call...Thank you for reaching out!.... Respectfully, Vic1TGK"



President Trump on Thursday signed a bipartisan bill to loosen key portions of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, cementing the first major changes to President Obama’s landmark banking law.

Trump enacted the legislation during a White House ceremony two days after the House of Representatives passed the bill to exempt dozens of banks from strict federal regulation.

Trump had pledged to “dismantle” Dodd-Frank, a law long targeted by Republicans, and touted the bill he signed as the first step in that process. While the bill will release dozens of banks from stronger Federal Reserve oversight, it falls well short of the president’s vow to repeal and replace Dodd-Frank.

“We’ve kept a lot of promises,” Trump said. “This is truly a great day for Americans, and a great day for workers and small businesses across the nation.”

The bill signed by Trump was the product of years of bipartisan negotiations between Republican senators opposed to the entire law and moderate Democrats concerned about its impact on community banks and credit unions.

The narrow GOP majority in the Senate made it impossible to pass a Dodd-Frank rollback without the support of moderate Democrats. The legislation was introduced in November by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and a group of moderate Democrats on the panel, including Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Mark Warner (Va.).

Trump on Thursday praised “a lot of great Democrats” who had written the bill, but did not invite most of its Democratic authors to the signing ceremony. Trump only invited Heitkamp to the event, snubbing Tester, Donnelly and Warner.

A Donnelly aide said his office "was told by the White House he would not be receiving an invitation due to space constraints.” Even so, the event was attended by close to two dozen lawmakers and administration officials, some of which had little to do with the legislation signed by Trump

Trump was also joined by Vice President Mike Pence , Crapo, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin The president was also flanked by several Republican members of the Senate Banking and House Financial Services panels, along with GOP lawmakers that had little input on the bill Trump signed.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) was in attendance for the ceremony, despite not being on the Banking committee or a co-sponsor of the legislation. Tester aides saw Daines' invitation as a move motivated by politics, snubbing the Democrat who had spent years crafting the bill. A spokeswoman for Daines said "Since he was elected into the House, Daines has been consistently working on the repeal of the disastrous Dodd-Frank legislation," and pointed to his votes and speeches in support of the bill Trump signed Thursday.

The final compromise leaves most of Dodd-Frank in place, but provides a major boost for some of the largest U.S. banks. The measure releases of regional banks from tighter regulation by raising the threshold for closer Fed oversight from $50 billion to $250 billion in assets. Banks below the new threshold will no longer be automatically subject to annual Fed stress tests and capital buffers meant to protect large firms are from severe financial crises.

Those banks are also no longer required to from submit for Fed approval a “living will” that outlines how a bank’s assets could be liquidated upon the firm’s failure without causing a widespread meltdown. The bill includes several provisions to scrap rules for community banks and credit unions. Firms that hold 500 or fewer mortgages a year will no longer have to report some home loan data to federal regulators under anti-discrimination laws.

The bill also broadens the definition of qualified mortgages for smaller firms and exempts banks and credit unions with less than $10 billion in assets from the Volcker Rule, which bans firms from making risky bets with their own assets. Trump said the rollbacks would help community banks and credit unions become “vibrant and strong,” insisting years of overregulation had suffocated small firms.

“They shouldn’t be regulated the same way as big complex financial institutions,” Trump said. “This is all about the Dodd-Frank disaster.” Bank and credit union lobbying groups praised Trump for enacting the regulatory relief they’ve sought for years. Rebeca Romero Rainey, president and CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America, said the law “unravels many of the suffocating regulatory burdens our nation’s community banks face and puts community banks in a much better position to unleash their full economic potential.”


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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

May 12, 2018: In a surprise (but not unexpected) upset the winner of the parliamentary elections was the Sadr coalition, which won control of 17 percent of the seats in parliament. Sadr is thus able to take the lead in trying to form a coalition government. His main opponents are pro-Iran politicians and the much larger group of corrupt politicians. Moqtada al Sadr has come a long way since 2011 when as a Shia leader and senior cleric Sadr was threatening violence against any American military and police trainers who remained in Iraq once U.S. combat troops withdrew by the end of the year. Sadr’s Mahdi Army was defeated by Iraqi forces in 2008 and he was forced to flee to Iran. Sadr returned just before the U.S. troops pulled out and pro-Iranian terror groups become more active. Since then Sadr has been more bluff (and bluster) than real threat, especially to the Americans.

A source in the Iraqi parliament, on Thursday, that the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, will not ally with the head of the list of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, or the head .of the Fatah coalition Hadi al-Ameri in forming the next government.

So where does this effort now stand?

In my last Newsletter dated May 23rd I gave you a breakdown of the events in which we should expect things to happen soon. We know already they are not on schedule but also not too far off. It is only May 25th just 2 weeks since the election. Sadr must decide on a candidate next week sometime since parliament begins its new session with its newly elected members on or around June 1st.

More news….


May 24, 2018

The failure of the outgoing Iraqi parliament to hold an emergency session Thursday afternoon AGAIN, to discuss accusations of rigging the parliamentary elections held on May 12, in an effort to vote to cancel the results.

The session is a continuation of last Saturday's session, which the parliament failed to hold due to the presence of 105 members only, while the meeting requires the presence of a simple majority (half plus one), or 165 deputies out of 328. The Speaker of the Parliament Salim Jubouri to turn the meeting into a consultation.

(Mnt Goat – failed second time already - like I told everyone this is not the place to decide if the election results are valid or not. This is the duty of the judiciary. Do you really think the Sadr Movement, which not has the majority of seats, are going to vote themselves out of a parliament position? Are you crazy or what to even this any real value in this regard will come out of these sessions? This topic is hardly even news worthy it is so petty. Also we must think maybe there was no rigging, at least not enough to warrant nullifying the results. Who is pushing this effort anyhow? Of course the loser Nori al-Maliki, as usual.)

More news….

Khandan –

The Electoral Commission (IHEC) has set the deadline for receipt of appeals for the results of the parliamentary elections on Thursday.

The Electoral Commission said in a statement that it “began to receive appeals for the electoral lists participating on the day of the ballot as well as candidates a few days ago and will end the period of receipt of appeals at the end of official working on Thursday, 31/5/2018.”

(Mnt Goat – the judiciary will not act to ratify the election results until all these deadlines have expired. They then will take time to review all the appeals and findings of the results and make a decision. So here we see that they will not even be able to begin their work in this matter until at least May 31st deadline for appeals. So knowing this then why in hell is the parliament attempting to execute judiciary powers in this matter? This is not within the scope of their work.

Do you see how nice the news connects together if you only READ it and LISTEN to it? Take out the rumors and opinions and get down dirty to the FACTS!)


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A source familiar with the findings of the Alliance of Suron and the coalition of victory on the largest bloc, while noting that there are significant things have not yet been agreed upon, including the person of the Prime Minister.

Al-Arabi newspaper quoted an official source as saying that "the new approaches reached between the alliance and the victory bloc attracted blocks and lists Sunni and civil, such as the alliance of slaves," NOTING THAT "THE TWO PARTIES AGREED ON A GOVERNMENT WITHOUT A SYSTEM OF SECTARIAN ALLOCATION IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF POSITIONS AND A FULL PROGRAM TO COMBAT CORRUPTION AND TRIAL CORRUPT PEOPLE OVER THE PAST YEARS, WHATEVER HIS POSITION OR STATUS. "

The source added that "Sawson and the victory agreed on the need to limit the weapons to the state and raise the banner of the interests of Iraq before the interests of others and to address the effects of a provocative invasion, including the revival of destroyed cities," adding that "these understandings are not the end of the road, After them, including the person of the prime minister himself. "

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi in Baghdad on 20 May 2018, where they discussed the latest developments of the political process, while both sides stressed the importance of the next phase and the need to translate the "decision of 

the Iraqi people" and aspirations to reality.



Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with the Vice President Osama Najafi, the political situation and talks on the formation of the government and the IMPORTANCE OF ACCELERATING THE FORMATION OF THE NEXT GOVERNMENT AND THE NEED TO BE STRONG AND NATIONAL AND REPRESENT ALL OF IRAQ.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Information Office said that Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi received at his office Thursday afternoon Vice President Osama Najafi.



The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr warned on Thursday night that Iraq was dragged into the "war", while promising to divide the country's oil wealth to the Iraqis Sadr said in a tweet through his Twitter account: "Beloved .. I do not ask you to reflect a beautiful picture of us al-Sadr, and I do not want you in his stage demonstrations to support ".

The formation of the government, or for threats he added that "anyone who does this will drag Iraq into the midst of war and violence and there is no need to encroach on neighboring countries, either the occupation, we will not give “up our position as long as occupier as I entered the green alone, in my green tent, today I will stand before the challenges of" sectarianism, deviation, corrupt politicians, and the backward and backward engineers, to defend the approach of the ancestors, to achieve the goals, to honor the supervision and prevent sectarianism from aligning and dividing the oil wealth between the people fairly. Poverty and drought, and external interventions and all parties, I am an Iraqi . I am not afraid



The House of Representatives MP Niazi Mammar Oglu said on Thursday that the PARLIAMENT SESSION TO BE HELD IN THE AFTERNOON WILL INCLUDE THE PROPOSED LAW TO CANCEL THE ELECTIONS FOR THE FIRST READING AND VOTE ON IT IN PRINCIPLE, while noting that the meeting is not losers, but will be attended by MPs winners and others were not nominated.

"The meeting will discuss the violations that took place in the work of the Commission on the day of the elections and what followed, in addition to its refusal to receive the Commission of Inquiry yesterday," Oglu said in a press statement.

"After the submission of the request, 174 deputies announced their readiness to attend the session and interact with them to correct the democratic process and ensure that these mistakes are not repeated in the upcoming electoral entitlements," adding that "the session is not the losers as some of the beneficiaries of the Commission and defenders, A number of deputies winners in addition to the deputies did not participate in the elections. "

He added that "THE MEETING WILL DISCUSS THE VIOLATIONS THAT TOOK PLACE IN ADDITION TO THE PROPOSED LAW TO CANCEL THE ELECTION RESULTS FOR THE FIRST READING AND VOTE IN PRINCIPLE IN PREPARATION FOR THE SECOND READING AND VOTE ON HIM IN OTHER SESSIONS," pointing out that "the time is enough to have the end of June next to proceed with legislation and voting law especially that what is happening is a clear threat to the political process and democracy in the case of condoning it. "

(Mnt Goat remember this is being held by the old parliament not the newly elected one. So if they swear in new members than Sadr movement will have majority of seats. 

Technically, the Rules in the Constitution say that the next session of parliament following the elections must swear in the newly elected members. They may try to claim that this is a “special session” of the prior parliament. So can they really even have a session to do what they want to do and that is nullify the elections results? Can you see how this is NOT the place to do this but this is really the responsibility with the Judiciary. Why does the judiciary not speak up? )

The Presidency of the House of Representatives on Wednesday called on members of Parliament to attend the SPECIAL SESSION SCHEDULED TO BE HELD AT FOUR O'CLOCK THIS AFTERNOON to discuss the events that accompanied the election day and the subsequent violations.

It is noteworthy that the Secretary-General of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar al-Bayati RULED OUT, ON (MAY 21, 2018), THE POSSIBILITY OF PASSING A BILL TO CANCEL THE ELECTION RESULTS, pointing to several reasons do not allow passage and proceed to apply.

(Mnt Goat – This last paragraph is recapping on the attempt last Monday to do the same. They could not get a quorum and so they are rescheduling the session for Thursday. Depending on the outcome of this session today we will probably see the judiciary then come out and ratify the election results shortly afterwards) 




(Mtn Goat – this is one of those propaganda articles by the opposition news media channels in Iraq. I would disregard it since it is all nonsense. They are stirring the pot with their ideas of trying to annul the election results and holding yet another election. This way they will delay the inevitable longer and they know what this is – it is bringing them to justice for the crimes against Iraq.. Yes, Nori al-Maliki I mean you and your goons!)

May 24, 2018:

It may be a while before Iraq has a new government, which is nothing new. The May 12th elections were controversial and more than half the members of the outgoing parliament want to annul the results. THEY HAVE UNTIL JUNE 30 TH (WHEN THEIR TERMS EXPIRE) TO DO SO. There is some evidence that despite (or because of) the new electronic voting system there was some vote manipulation. The current parliament may also be upset over suspected Iranian efforts to increase control over Iraq.


THE REAL REASON FOR THE UNEXPECTED ELECTIONS RESULTS IS POPULAR ANGER AT CORRUPTION. One thing that united all Iraqi voters was anger at the persistent and crippling corruption. Moqtada al Sadr, who was the unexpected winner, had been openly and actively anti-corruption for years and that was why his victorious coalition contained so many non-Shia groups (including communists, who are anathema to Iran). Despite that many Iraqis (and foreign allies) believe Sadr is secretly allied with Iran because the Sadr family has long had ties with Iran and members of the Sadr clan often took refuge in Iran. But that was because the Sadrs were respected Shia clerics and Iran was where the best schools and scholars were. Yet the Sadrs, like most Iraqi Shia Arabs are Arabs and Iraqis first and that has been proven time and time again. Moqtada al Sadr has seen up close and frequently how a Shia clerical dictatorship works in Iran and was not impressed. He largely kept quiet about this BUT IT WAS NO SECRET THAT SADR DID NOT WANT A RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP IN IRAQ, MAINLY BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE THE COUNTRY EVEN MORE DIFFICULT TO RULE.

Sadr also noted that Iranian Arabs (and Arabs in general) are despised by most Iranians. Meanwhile Iraq will demonstrate, over the next few months (or more) why it is considered the most dysfunctional country in the Middle East. Iraqi politicians will argue and negotiate in a lengthy effort to for a governing coalition and then for that coalition to select a prime minister and all the subordinate ministers.

Sadr is often described as anti-American but he is generally anti-foreigners in general but is willing to work with other nations if it helps Iraq. Thus there was a recent visit by Sadr to Saudi Arabia to meet with Saudi leaders. The Saudis had long supported the Sunni minority rule in Iraq because it worked and helped contain Iran. With that Sunni minority government gone and not likely to return anytime soon Sadr believes the Saudis still want an Arab government in Iraq that will help keep Iran out of Arabia. Sadr and the Saudis agree on that as do the majority of Iraqis (including most Kurds and Sunni Arabs). 

Iran has not given up on Sadr and still refers to him as a friend and brother. Sadr says nice things back but it is what Sadr does that counts and that won’t be clear until the new government is formed. This might not happen until the end of the year.



May 24, 2018:

The war against ISIL continues but most of the fighting is now taking place near the Syrian border. This is mainly happening west of Mosul and further south in Anbar Province. A growing number of ISIL men are abandoning the Syrian base areas, in part because these are under heavy attack by Kurdish forces and American airpower. But the Iraq/Syria border is also increasingly difficult to get across and has become a “kill zone” where ISIL personnel are the main target. Meanwhile ISIL has had some success in establishing themselves in Kirkuk province. This may well be temporary because if Iraq and the Kurdish government in the north settle more of their differences Kurdish security forces could return to Kirkuk province and restore order (eliminate ISIL and any other terror groups). That night not happen until the end of the year or sometime in 2019 so for the moment ISIL is making the most of their opportunities in Kirkuk.

The American campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria continues, especially the intelligence collection and air strikes. American forces in Syria and Iraq work with their local counterparts to search for and attack remaining ISIL personnel and a lot of this action is taking place close to the Syrian border. The SDF (Kurdish led Syrian Defense Force rebels) are handling the ground operations against two known areas in eastern Syria (Deir Zor province) where ISIL is known to occupy two areas in the Jazeera desert. Much of eastern Syria is desert, interspersed by some river valleys and oases. The Jazeera desert, because of its proximity to the Iraqi border, has always been a favorite hideout for smugglers and, since 2003, for Islamic terrorists operating against targets in Iraq. Now that is reversed with American aircraft (and recon satellites) monitoring the area for targets. These are hit by American and Iraqi warplanes and the SDF coordinates its operations with the Iraqis to prevent any friendly fire. ISIL leader and founder Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is believed hiding in one of these Jazeera desert enclaves, apparently close enough (within 30 kilometers) of the Syrian border to quickly move (or try to) into Iraq is it appears his exact location becomes known to the SDF or the Assads.

The American anti-ISIL coalition still carries out several air strikes a day (in Iraq and Syria) and these are often against major targets. The Iraqi airstrikes are infrequent but since April they have been happening, in cooperation with the coalition aircraft that normally control airspace in that part of Syria. ISIL no longer controls any territory in Iraq but Syria is another matter with several remote areas in Syria known to be under ISIL control. The Americans work their own intelligence sources to find and attack targets. After that some data is shared with the Iraqi government (not too dependable), the SDF Kurds in Syria (more reliable) and some Western allies.

ISIL considers itself strongest in Iraq and Syria where there are still a lot of Sunni Arabs who feel oppressed by the local government (in both cases governments dominated by Shia Arabs). ISIL also declared victory over the Americans because the United States has announced (more than once) that it is leaving Iraq and Syria once ISIL is eliminated. ISIL interprets that to mean the Americans are declaring victory and running away no matter how many ISIL are still active in Iraq and Syria.

May 11, 2018: Iraqi officials released details of the recent capture of five senior ISIL leaders (four of them Iraqis), including one who works directly with supreme leader Baghdadi. Also captured was data on ISIL bank accounts, including passwords. The capture was made possible by cooperation between Iraq and SDF (Kurdish led rebels in northeast Syria). Also involved was a sting operation using the favorite ISIL communications app; Telegram.

May 7, 2018: Jordan has agreed to continue the close cooperation with Iraq on border security and the war against ISIL. This cooperation has made Jordan off-limits (for the most part) to ISIL and forced ISIL to rely on Syria alone because the Saudi border was also well protected.

May 6, 2018: Iraqi warplanes carried out more airstrikes against ISIL targets on the Syrian side of the border.

May 4, 2018: One of the new members of parliament from the Kurdish north was a member of PKK. This was a first and will cause some diplomatic problems between Iraq and Turkey.

May 3, 2018: In April 68 civilians and policemen died due to Islamic terrorist violence. All but four of these were civilians. The deaths are down from March when 104 died. That was up a bit from the 91 killed during February and 19 percent of the dead were police. About a third of the deaths occurred in Baghdad. Terror related civilian deaths in Iraq were higher in January (115 dead). Most (78 percent) of the January deaths occurred in Baghdad. The increased casualties are disappointing because the deaths hit a new low (69) in December 2017. With 35 percent of the deaths in Baghdad an old pattern continued. In October when 114 civilians were killed. Most (63 percent) of this violence was equally split between Baghdad (long a Sunni Islamic terrorist target) and Anbar province.

The government has still not resumed reporting casualties among the security forces (military and militias). Civilian deaths were higher (at 196) in September and declined steadily for most of 2017. During the last four months most of the civilian deaths occurred because the victims were near an unexpected suicide bomber attack. Soldiers and police usually can spot and stop suicide bombers but this often means the suicide bomber will set off his explosives before he can he shot dead or captured alive. At that point the bomber is often near civilians who became the casualties instead of the security forces. The government says the January Anbar casualty data will be released once all the data can be collected. With the decline in Islamic terror related deaths other forms of violence are now getting more, long overdue, attention. At the top of the list is tribal feuds. Tribal politics has long been a major factor in Iraqi society, especially the largely Sunni tribes of Anbar and the six major Shia tribes of Basra (the southern province).



May 24, 2018:

You can bet they do! 

Iran is still controlling Iraqi Shia terrorist groups and Sadr has become more of an Iraqi nationalist than Iranian puppet. By August 2017 Sadr was calling on the Iraqi government to dismantle the Iran backed Shia militias and incorporate loyal (to Iraq) members into the armed forces. The Iraqi prime minister (a Shia), wanted to dismantle these Iran backed Shia Arab militias with more care and take more time doing it. This caution was the result of the (then) upcoming May 12th elections. That vote was expected to be a very concrete example of how much political clout Iran has gained in post-ISIL Iraq. Iran has worked hard to line up political support in Iraq. That Iranian effort failed because at this point Sadr was seen as an opponent of Iranian influence efforts in Iraq. Sadr is also opposed to the Iraqi Shia groups that remained loyal to Iran. One of the things that hurt support for pro-Iran candidates was video on the Internet that purports to show millions of dollars in cash seized at the Iranian border. The money was meant for pro-Iran Iraqis running in the parliamentary elections. Finally, Sadr himself did not run for office and instead served as the administrator, and chaplain, for his coalition.

May 2, 2018: Representatives from Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian Kurdish groups met in Iran to hear Iranian proposals for how it would be more beneficial to accept Iranian support instead of the American backing Kurds have come to prefer. The Kurds cannot ignore the Iranians but apparently still prefer the Americans.


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In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat