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Iran to ditch the USD for the IQD?!?!?  T throwing down $300B trade deficit?!?!  NK De-Nuking (possibly)?!?!   I’d say a suitable world environment is just about upon us!!!  All glory and honor to the Father for his faithfulness here at KTFA / Kona and beyond!!!

MilitiaMan:  There is effectively one thing we wait for and that is the RI to complete the process that is underway, imo. That process as of today is proceeding just fine, as we see the very recent call for "" ceasing of the Multi Currency Practices (MCPs) which is an IMF mandate, whereby now, Iran has given the order to her embassies to cease using the Dollar and use Dinar only.

It apparently stems from the USA sanctions imposed on 05/08/2018 in this instance anyway. imo Now recall that we had articles out on 05/09/2018 saying they were having to put off travelers for the Hajj, as the banks in the Iranian region had no currency infrastructure to accommodate the people, yet, today we learn they will be using IQD by this coming Tuesday in that region...
Now, if one thinks about it there has been ample time to gear for this to be initiated. The very last of the process may take hours to a few days, but, it is now presently after elections, thus, the process is said to be un-abating, threfore logic suggests the timing is very powerful going forward now.. imo ~ MM:


Don961:  Damaged currency causes great suffering and embarrassment to citizens

21/5/2018 12:00 am
Some circles do not accept dealing with them

Baghdad / Huda al-Azzawi

The Iraqi citizen may be one of the few citizens in the world, who complain about not accepting the deal in the national currency torn or damaged by some departments or institutions or shops, which causes him many problems and verbal quarrels may reach sometimes to conflict with hands in full view of The concerned authorities that did not issue a clear and direct order obligates everyone to deal with the currency in any way.

Currency torn within salaries

Al-Sabah spoke with more than one official and a citizen in order to shed light on this problem. "At the end of each month, we allocate more than (200) thousand dinars of the currency torn apart equally among the employees of our district," said a member of the committee to receive salaries in a state department.

The employee, who did not want to be named, said that «a lot of problems and verbal quarrels occur between us and the trustees of the Fund, who insist on handing over sums of money smuggled and affixed on both sides, beginning with the employee's suffering in how to manage this currency rejected by most dealers, Cabs to shop owners ». She cautioned the employee that all this is happening as a result of the absence of a number of measures and means that the Central Bank of Iraq to take to maintain the prestige of the currency and ease of circulation in the markets.

Currency exchange

For his part, the Director General of the Department of Repair and Storage in the Central Bank Agency Abdul Karim Hassan for «morning» that the bank issued instructions to government and commercial banks to receive the damaged banknotes from citizens and replace them without any fines and any quantity, stressing that banks violating these instructions will be In case of a complaint against her.

As for the burning or buried currency, Hassan pointed out that it is submitted to the Central Bank exclusively to replace them according to certain controls, noting that the bank is working on its part to solve this problem through the processing of Rafidain Bank and Rashid new banknotes and small categories to pay within the salaries of employees, He pointed out that the bank continues to print and improve the banknotes, especially small groups, and pump them to compensate for the damaged paper, while at the same time preserving the currency and accepting it whatever its status as a symbol representing Aadh country and inform the bank in the case of refusal of banks received the damaged currency of citizens.

The suffering of the working class

For his part, the citizen Rafie Abdul Latif MP, that the working classes and poor are the most social groups are vulnerable to deal with damaged currencies, because this segment traded in a lot of them, in addition to the currency itself to factors that lead to damage early, such as humidity and wetness and other things, That it was possible to deal previously with the torn currency, because some government outlets were not seen as harmful to deal with, and therefore not load the customer any case of embarrassmentbut it is noted recently that even the petrol stations are refusing to accept the paper currency torn, so the government And The concerned authorities to enact laws to protect the currency , as is the case in a number of foreign countries , which issued legal provisions criminalizing those who refuse to deal if it was torn or An old. 
Stamping of coins

On the re-minting of the coin for small groups and thus salvation from the problem of extinction of the currency currently in circulation, drew Professor of Economics, University of Nahrain Dr. Ngham Hussein Nima, that there were attempts in 2005-2006 to issue a coin of 250 dinars and 100 dinars and 50 dinars and 25 But the loss of the culture of trading in small metal groups among the public forced the Central Bank to stop circulation and convert it into scrap metal and sell it to a trader, so before taking any steps for the introduction of the coin must propagate the culture of trading in small metal categories To be eligible for acceptance and circulation as is the case in most countries of the world, and this is certainly the responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq through the dissemination of financial culture among all segments of society and openness to the public to raise financial awareness among their ranks and the importance of dealing with metal groups And keep the coin from being damaged. 

Currency protection measures

"The strength of the currency is in a positive situation with the power of the state. The stronger the country is, the more stable and the economy is in an active state, the stronger the economy is in the internal and external transactions," he said. And the means to preserve this currency, and try to secure their physical and moral status, from any external influences may be natural or by an actor, as for example on the counterfeiting of currency, or smuggling abroad, it may be among the solutions to be stressed on the need to respect the national currency and deal Regardless of their condition, and In case the currency is very tired or in poor condition, if it is torn or semi-damaged, the obligation of the government agencies to facilitate the taking or retrieval, and then delivery to banks, or the competent banking authorities to destroy them and issue a new currency instead of that damaged.      link


Samson:  The ruling in absentia against an employee registering the property of Babel damaged public funds by more than 37 billion dinars

 20th May, 2018

The Integrity Commission announced on Sunday that an absentee prison sentence for a female employee in the Real Estate Registration Directorate in the province of Babil had been issued to damage public funds by more than 37 billion dinars.

The Commission said in a statement received by "Al-Gharab Press" a copy of it, "The Criminal Court of Babylon issued a ruling in absentia against the convicted fugitive; for the manipulation of the disclosure of a number of properties pledged in the Iraqi Bank for Trade in the province of Babylon, and evaluation of these properties exaggerated, Which caused a waste of public money amounted to (37,536,015,600) billion dinars."

"The court, after reviewing the evidence available in this case, reached sufficient conviction to convict the defendant and sentenced her to seven years in prison, in accordance with the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code and the meaning of Articles 47, 48 and 49, and to issue an arrest warrant against her." 

"The decision included the decision to oblige the convict to pay (37,536,015,600) billion dinars to the Iraqi Bank for Trade in solidarity and solidarity with other defendants separated their cases."  LINK


My WF contact told me Friday am that the next window of opportunity would be this Monday. She was one of the trainers in the exchange. They had to do some updating in the exchange this week. She stated the Treasury was ready and we were in a soft start. The USN will go after the RV. She has been with WF 30+years and holds a large sum of foreign money gifted to her.

Does anyone know what happened to the Intel4u group operated by Wiley and Sweet Queen? Looks like it's no longer working.

Yes they just shuttered the doors last Friday or Saturday. Had only two mods trying to carry the load and it got to be too much.

Baywaych, What did they do with the members? Are they still intact or sent here?

And Intel4U was not operated by Wiley. He just used that as a home base if he had anything to share.

I think he did for a while many years ago, like 8 to 10 years but then gave it up to pusue his passion and dreams.

There were a few of us who were alerted to the fact SQ was closing shop and were told theat SQ was going to announce it. No announcement, just went there one day and it was gone. Not very 'sweet' or classy after all the years they had loyal members there.

I was there the whole time and have spoken with Wiley, no ownership whatsoever.

Ya, thats true. Well, a lot has transpired over the years.

Seems that a lot has but just lots of smoke in reality

I figured it would happen eventually and since I had trouble getting into the room several times I called called him and gave him my cell just in case of this same reason.

That was good thinking, make sure you are on the list.

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Classy, just saw your question. No, members from I4U are like a mist, gone forever. I figured once she announced it that it would give people time to share some email addresses with one another thru PM but never announced......just poof one day.

They lost me for a while back when they did the newsletters. Finally got a # to sweet queen which gave me direct access to Wiley. Took a while to find me because their were several sweetpea's spelled differently but we finally found me with my original sign up date. lol

TY for the Intel4U info. I was in there for quite awhile before I migrated to couple of other chats. I hope their peeps found other places to go to to chat.

I haven't gone into the okieoilman chat for a long time now, either. Wonder if that chat is still in operation. I know thier member #s took a big dive couple of years ago, then sambo opened it up to new members again. But that was then. Idk anymore.

We are in a potential, I repeat, potential, Forest Green Week

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Frank26:  THE RI ............. MOVES. TELL YOU MORE ON M CC TOMORROW............ (wink)

Frank26:  Article: “Abadi meets Sadr in Baghdad .. and confirm the speed in forming the government”

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP .....................(big Grin)
Frank26:  Article:  “Abadi for a second term: I will fight”  LINK

OH PLEASE ........ PRETTY PLEASE .............. CAN I SAY IT ........... HUH ? CAN I SAY IT ? ....................(Big Grin) ................ TOLD YOUS SO !!!  LOL

Clare:  We are watching suitable environments unfold before our eyes, with Iraq....Iran influence being squelched, CBI money leakage being stopped, Maliki and Amir being cornered, election results...and whatever other "AP" situations you and teams are watching, which will be revealed in due time....and it's all fascinating...


Lanceks:  OH....... WOW!  I see this as being a huge development!

DELTA:  Iranian consulates in Iraq replace the dollar with dinar in its dealings

11:04 - 20/05/2018 

Iran's consulates will replace the US dollar in the local currency (dinar) and the euro in their dealings with regard to the provision of consular services such as issuing visas and others in the next few days, an Iranian news agency reported on Sunday.

"The Iranian diplomatic missions will only receive the Iraqi dinar or the euro for its services from next Tuesday, May 22
," the official Fars News Agency reported.

"The US dollar will not be accepted in trading as soon as the decision was made in conjunction with the removal of the dollar from the banking operations of all Iranian missions abroad."

The decision comes after US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 his decision to withdraw Washington from the comprehensive joint action plan also known as the Iranian nuclear agreement, and pledged to re-impose sanctions against Tehran, which was lifted as a result of the agreement.



Samson:  Legal expert : the convening of the new House of Representatives at the end of next month

2018-05-20 at 16:02 (Baghdad time)

Liked the legal expert Tariq Harb, Sunday, the first meeting of the new House of Representatives at the end of next month, indicating that the ratification of the election results need time and several legal procedures.  "The convening of the first session of the House of Representatives needs multiple legal procedures," Harb told Mawazine News.

He added that "the Independent Electoral Commission opened the door to objections to the political blocs and after verification of the credibility of the results are sent lists to the Federal Supreme Court for approval."

The war that "after the ratification of the Federal Court will call the President of the Republic Council of Representatives to convene, chaired by President Age and the constitutional oath of all deputies to give parliamentary immunity after those stages."  The Electoral Commission announced several days ago the final results of the parliamentary elections, noting that it opened the door to appeals before the political blocs.

The Iraqis voted last Saturday (12 May 2018) to elect a new parliament, which is the first election after the defeat of the organization "Da'ash" terrorist, while the Independent Electoral Commission announced that the participation rate in the elections amounted to 44%.   LINK

Samson:  The Iranian Central Bank confirms its continued contacts with European banks despite Trump's decision

13:18 - 20/05/2018 

Iran's central bank continues its contacts with European Central Bank (ECB) banks after US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal, Iran's central bank governor said on Sunday.

"The negotiating process with the European central banks in the future will be clearer to the officials to make decisions," Saif said, adding that "Iran and Europe continue negotiations within the framework of the nuclear agreement, including the subject of banking ties between the two sides."

Saif stressed that "the stability and sustainability of the exchange rate is a priority of the Central Bank of Iran," pointing out that "the exchange rate has gone beyond normal range due to market inflammation because of America and some countries in the region and analysis of the withdrawal Trump of the nuclear agreement."

"In the light of US pressure to re-impose the embargo, the mechanism of controlling exchange rates will meet the economic needs of the country at this time," he said. LINK


Samson:  Iran expects its economy to grow by 5.5 percent a year

10:49 - 20/05/2018 

Iran's economic and financial minister, Hossein Mershajayan Hosseini, expected economic growth to reach 5.5 percent in the current fiscal year (ending March 20, 2019).

"International institutions expect the growth of the Iranian economy to be between 4 and 4.5 percent, and with all expectations of the economic agencies, growth will be between 4 and 5 percent in that year," Hosseini was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

On the impact of the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement on the economic growth of Iran, he considered that "this decision of the influential variables, but it is not clear how it is happening and from any channels."

Hosseini added that "the direction of the international transformations after the decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement, to predict the scenarios and topics related to economic growth, should be considered."   LINK
Samson:  The first handshake in the history of Mesopotamia civilization
20th May, 2018

In Mesopotamia before history, the first assets of what was later called international diplomacy, the first peace treaties, and the first handshakes of history were laid.

Cuneiform writing was the first international diplomatic language, as is the case with English today and Latin in the Middle Ages. For the international discourse, even the pharaohs were sending their speeches in Akkadian.

The civilization of Mesopotamia has lasted more than 4,000 years, leaving behind a great human heritage.

Today, thousands of years later, no one in the world can say that he has taken anything from Mesopotamia.

And an extension of discoveries and inventions material and non-physical, was found in Mesopotamia for the first time on the images or scene of the first handshake in history.

In this context, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism for Culture and Antiquities, Qais Hussein Rashid of Arabia, that the rare sculpture tells the peace treaty between the Assyrian and Babylonian king, in 850 BC. This treaty came after long conflicts between the Assyrians and the Babylonians, and they gave it to the sculpture that shows the first handshake in history, under a tent that ended a long struggle.

Here, it is pointed out that at times the conflicting parties were sharing Mesopotamia. After conflicts and wars, the first peace treaty was documented in a sculpture on a platform on which the Assyrian king stood.

Perhaps the legitimate question raised by this scene today is reflected in the following: "Why was reconciliation possible three thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, but it is disobedient today."

It remains to be seen that today's Iraqis have the challenge of moving forward. History without a future is only a silent history.  LINK


DR. CLARKE: (TODAY’S News 5-20-18):

Things are HAPPENING, Exactly as we’ve been describing, over the past few Weeks…..you can read it all, in ALL our Posts since April 4, 2018 .

We’ll Try to Keep this Simple.

TODAY, Abadi is the PM till July 1, 2018.

TODAY, Sadr won the election, and has already endorsed Abadi for a 2nd Term.
Sadr is “FOR THE PEOPLE”, similar to President Trump.
Sadr loves the U.S. - the NEW U.S. under Pres. Trump……NOT the old one. They’re “Winning” Now….. and Opposes Iran.
Sadr wants to “Drain the Swamp” of all the Corrupt Politicians, AND RV the Dinar, asap……he’s always been focused on these 2 aspects, primarily.
Sadr is NOT a politician, but can use the Power……with Abadi, his Proven Military Leader & Hero (Via the NEW U.S. & coalition)
Sadr moving Iran out, ASAP.

TOGETHER, they can NOW do things, that were NOT POSSIBLE, before.
This partnership was PLANNED, months ago…….and endorsed by the ____, ____ , ____ .

…….for Abadi to NOT push an RV BEFORE the Election - But AFTER.
…….for Abadi to NOT campaign vigorously, for Re-election.
…….for Sadr to “Make it Look Like” a “FORCED RV”, from “God”, for the CBI to move, AFTER the election, once Sadr Publicly picked his PM (Abadi).

* IMPORTANT - (The WORLD will Like & Approve of this, NOW, in this Way.”…….especially the RV.

There are SO, SO, SO many more details we could print, but don’t want to bore you with - WHICH REALLY AREN’T NECESSARY, anyway.

You & EVERYONE on the Internet, only “SEE”, what’s printed in the articles coming out, AND thus make all these determinations, based on “VERY LIMITED VISION”.

WE’VE BEEN SAYING, “MAY 2018”, since back in our April 4, 2018 POST - FOR A GOOD GOOD REASON! (Please make a note of this Date, 1 1/2 months ago….)

Then, we narrowed it down Even Further, just 4 Days ago in our 5-16-18 POST, by pointing out the Dates of “MAY 25 - 31st, 2018”.

TODAY, without going into Detail, we can say this:

“If you don’t already have all your Paperwork READY, you better get on it……NOW…….We mean get on it, TODAY!”

RAMADAN, Tis the Season!

We fully expect, just ANY DAY NOW, some very Misleading, Diversionary, “FALSE FLAG “ information to come out in Iraq, in Opposition to an RV………probably between TODAY, and MAY 26th (This Saturday)……."Blow it Off".

Followed Up immediately, maybe Sunday the 27th or so, with an OFFICIAL & PUBLIC Substantial Increase in the Dinar, IN THE MONTH OF MAY. 
In, “MAY 2018”.

The ONLY thing we’ve ever said about JUNE, is that we are Planning & Choosing to EXCHANGE in the Month of JUNE - Earlier than Later.

To make it SIMPLE, this is how we “SEE” it: 

The NEW, substantially increased Rate (Re-Valued), is Printed PUBLICLY, by the CBI: “MAY 2018” (Latter Days 25-31st)
We Plan & Choose, to Exchange in JUNE - Earlier than Later.

(Actually, we really really like the 27th & 28th for some reason…….and even the 24th possibility, because the 24th, we expect something Very Important to come out.)


Well, that’s the “TODAY News”, as we “SEE” it. Our Views, Opinions, Beliefs and “FACTS”, according to Dr. Clarke, on this beautiful SUNDAY!

Dr. Clarke
P.S. HOUSTON, this is NOT a Drill!



Hey, there’s even a FULL MOON, on the 29th (Wed.)

……and there’s 31 DAYS, in the month of MAY. (Thurs.)

FOREST has put his hat on……


IQD RV Update News (RANT# 155)


5-20-2018  ***  Dinar Guru News Election Update ***  The election votes are "officially" in.     1st place- Al-Sadr's Block won 54 seats.  2nd place - Hadi al-Amiri's Block (widely considered the Iran block) won 47 seats.  3rd place - PM Abadi's Block won 42 seats.  It was a close race with no majority, so a consensus must be made to decide the next Prime Minister.  Quote "Al-Sadr himself cannot become prime minister as he did not run in the election.." As several gurus have stated, negotiations between the blocks is underway to compromise on the next Prime Minister.  Former PM Maliki's group came in a distant 4th place with twenty something seats.  The latest guru updates will continue below...
5-20-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    There is an interesting article out today that Abadi does not want to be PM for a second term.  Some think it's bogus or it could be he does not want to be the one chasing the corrupt.  We shall see.  There is also an interesting article about the UN and Iraq.  It implies that if the US does not get the government it seeks in Iraq it could ask the UNSC to put Iraq back under UN Chapter 7.

5-20-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
  Article:  "Source reveals the meeting of Abadi and Sadr .. conditional Second Term!"   real question is… will Abadi agree? Can he? We’re about to see what’s what…

5-20-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]   ...Maliki’s party is contesting the election.  A lot of jockeying for power right now in Iraq...Yes, we have a "hiccup" but this will be settled...Last time of the elections, this same thing occurred but the USA told Maliki to stand down.   ...Sadr, as far as I’m concerned won. He wants an "all inclusive government" and that's called a democracy.  Maliki wants a dictatorship.  And that’s not going to happen on Abadi’s watch, Sadr’s watch, Donald Trump’s watch!  No!  ​Maliki is dealing with President Donald Trump... Trump will not allow money and oil to be stolen again.  The election is on one road and the RI is on another.    Iran's banks were just sanctioned and Iraq’s banks would not allow them to participate in their auctions.  Corruption needs to be removed to bring you the “suitable conditions” for the RI of the Iraqi dinar...

5-20-2018   Newshound Guru
 Kaperoni    People won't seem to let go of some random act (RV, RI)... I assure you nothing is random in monetary policy.  If the dinar is ever going to rise in value, it will be as a result of inflationary pressure created through the CBI's Capital Account.  That pressure is created by investors bringing money to Iraq to invest in the economy and rebuild Iraq.  These go hand in hand.  So what we need is a solid banking system (which they have been working on - which includes Article VIII), a solid government, and laws to support investors (many are passed).  If they do these things, investors will come to Iraq.

5-19-2018 OOOTAH Conf Call Intel w/Becky


Spectra    ((Iraqi Parliament fails to meet quorum in emergency session following elections))Parliament was unable to achieve a quorum for the convening of the emergency meeting, which was attended by only 105 deputies. (Photo: Reuters)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) - The Iraqi Parliament failed to hold an emergency session on Saturday meant to discuss the results of the recent parliamentary elections after failing to achieve a quorum.

"Parliament has not been able to achieve a quorum for the convening of the emergency meeting, which was attended by only 105 deputies," a parliamentary official was quoted as saying by Reuters.
​Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri was forced to turn the meeting into a "deliberative session" which "examined the repercussions of the election results, and accusations of fraud," the official added.According to the official, the losing blocs in the elections, including former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki's State of Law and Ammar al-Hakim's Wisdom Movement,

 "submitted a complaint to the Federal Court on charges of fraud in the elections results," but the request was denied as the session had not met a quorum...............................

Spectra    http://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/fbde1b33-bc7d-41de-a26d-9c27e1ae1660

Spectra    Tebow i hear that..he is who he is ...just his personality..
Spectra    NRT English‏ @NRT_English   Masoud Barzani says time for new chapter of Baghdad-Erbil relations

tman23    UTICA RISK........Anyone looking for policy implications of Sadr's victory: think economic dysfunction. They will oppose necessary economic reforms & make the budget process an absolute ** for Abadi. Economic reform is probably dead 2018-2022.

Zig    tman23 :  chattels brought that in earlier...this investment gets better and better.....LOL
tman23   Kirk H. Sowell   @UticaRisk   Speaking of polling, to be polite I won't mention the name of the DC think tank that projected just weeks ago Abadi winning 73-78 seats, Sadr 27 and Hakim 5. If you are going to be that unaware of what is happening, maybe do something else........MY SEDIMENTS TO ** GURUS , IF YOU ARE SO UNAWARE PERHAPS KUST MAYBE YOU SHOULD FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO......LMAO

tman23    Zig Sadr will do more for the people A GOOD MOVE !! But the religion fears people having to much and forgetting their god....... Abadi got exactly what he deserved and more to come..AS I said for months.....Fat Tony was not popular unless you were a nit wit Guru spreading hopium on a **** sandwich........Round and round it goes what day the rate comes no one knows.....But Sadr is not happy with Iran regime and their meddling........

Spectra    (((Abadi for a second term: I will fight))))  The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Saturday, that the next four years will witness a dramatic transformation of Iraq, if formed the appropriate government, which he said he is willing to cooperate with the various political blocs to form, and revealed his vision for the future in the case His second term.

“On May 12, more than 10 million Iraqi citizens voted freely in the fourth parliamentary election since 2003, which is rare in the Middle East and a source of pride for Iraqis,” Abbadi said in an article in The Washington Post.

Spectra    http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73890

Spectra    ((This is what happened during the extraordinary parliament session))18 May 2018 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73897

tman23    Guru Kaperoni.....SAY WHAT?? . Investors are not chomping at the bit to come to Iraq, yet... LMAO......I have been saying this for the past year......whoop ...me and Kap are on the same page for once.......guess he is following my knowledge and advice from old posts.....I'll give him a few days to catch up and then will post some bang up news for all to debate

Spectra    Haider Al-Abadi   @HaiderAlAbadi PM Al-Abadi meets with Sayed Muqtada Al-Sadr in Baghdad

 tman23    smiling head to toe...........errrrrrr he must own lots of dinars.........lmao ////

Tebow    why wait for that clown, post it now

tman23    Tebow ....Really not waiting for the floating clown , really waiting on verifying news on the new US embassy in Kurdistan....... [ Just remember that the US puts it's embassies in the capital of the country........just food for thought.......
​xyz    "the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, agreed to give Prime Minister Haider Abadi a second term, during the meeting they had just gathered in Baghdad."


 xyz    Sadr hopes to form a coalition capable of fighting corruption, improving the deteriorating economic situation and rebuilding Iraq after years of war.


xyz    Abadi and al-Sadr: The meeting witnessed a convergence of views on the need to accommodate everyone


Baghdad / .. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that the meeting with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, witnessed the convergence of views on the need to accommodate everyone.

"The meeting is to work together to speed up the formation of the government and the next government will be strong and provide services and employment opportunities and improve the standard of living and fight corruption," an official statement of the Abadi office received by "Iraq News".

The statement quoted Abadi, "The meeting witnessed a convergence of views to the need to accommodate everyone."

For his part, Muqtada al-Sadr thanked the prime minister and blessed him with the victory of the victory list.

He added that the meeting is a reassuring message that the next government is a fatherhood and takes care of all the people, noting that "our hand is extended to all those who build the homeland and be an Iraqi decision, stressing the importance of speeding up the formation of a government that takes into account the aspirations of our people

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi met on Sunday evening, the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr in the capital Baghdad

xyz    Abadi: "reform the economy, defeat corruption and create jobs for millions of young people who have the majority of the Iraqi population. woman".

"I will not think at any point in working with the corrupt or the sectarian. The next government ministers should be technocrats. The new government should be non-elite, representative of the people and not dominated by one side or one sect," he said in an article in The Washington Post. "He said.


chattels    Dollar and gold exchange rates in Iraq on Saturday

19/05/2018  The dollar exchange rate, Saturday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.

According to figures received by "Trend Press", the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand and the purchase price 121 thousand dinars compared to $ 100.   


chattels     Courtesy DinarAlert

chattels    Sadr, who did not himself stand for election, cannot hold an official position in government. But as the leader of the biggest coalition, he is in a position to play kingmaker.


 chattels    I would like to see a list of those that failed to be re-elected. Earlier news today suggested that Fatlawi and Jubouri may be two of them.

xyz    Jubouri is out
xyz    Election's LoP as celebrity guru has been stating for months. A guru has been proven right by people of iraqi

Kaperoni    Ah i see the clown is making a fool of themselves again.
 Kaperoni    If you read my chat, I provided proof direct from the IMF in both Article IV consultations from 2012 and again in 2017. Those are IMF Docs written to Iraq (the CBI) by IMF officials. Now, the other 3 links were just articles from the IMF that explain terminology and events in greater detail.

Kaperoni    They explain the very process discussed in the IMF Article IVs which are at times a bit confusing.

Kaperoni    So once again, Tebow is embarrassing herself. I have been at this almost 10 years, you don't know more than I do. In fact, you attitude that you think your right, and I am wrong is shameful. You were misled, bought dinar from scammers and now your trying to justify something that will never happen.

Kaperoni     well keep dreaming for some overnight event. Never happen.      Enjoy your weekend. :)

xyz    Kaperoni    am not a clown

 chattels    Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad    List of all 329 MPs who won seats in Iraq's parliamentary elections 12 May 2018, as per the final results provided by IHEC, subject to ratification by Supreme Court after legal challenges heard


chattels    Anyone here read Arabic ?

xyz    chattels some of us can translate pdf even images

chattels    xyz Willing to try the pdf above ?

xyz    chattels am getting 404 - page not found

chattels    xyz My email address is ejdiv@homesc.com if you have any success and will send it to me to review please.

chattels    xyz You can get the link direct at https://twitter.com/SajadJiyad

xyz    chattels  ty

Dave    chattels are u looking for the list of election winners?

chattels    Dave Yes, in English.

xyz    chattels that's a tough one as it's a table

 chattels    I tweeted Jiyad to ask for the list in English, but he has never responded to me on other inquiries.

meatball    chattels any response from Iran on the election results?

chattels    meatball Iran ?

meatball    yes

chattels    What election in Iran ?
chattels    Obviously I am in the dark about it.

meatball    chattels was wondering if there was any response from Iran on the Iraq election results

xyz    chattels unfortunately look weird cause its a table


chattels    meatball I have not read anything directly. There is mention of Iranian efforts to be persuasive about a certain coalition.

Meatball   chattels ty

chattels    xyz Thanks for your efforts.
chattels    Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad

7 possible scenarios for largest bloc:

1. Abadi + Sadr + Hakim = 115

2. Abadi + Sadr + Hakim + Ameri = 162

3. Abadi + Hakim + Ameri = 108

4. Abadi + Ameri + Maliki = 115

5. Abadi + Sadr + Ameri = 143

6. Abadi + Sadr + Ameri + Hakim + Maliki = 188

7. Sadr + Ameri + Hakim = 120 
​chattels    Sajad Jiyad سجاد @SajadJiyad  So looks like we are on the path to scenario 2 at the moment, which will produce 162 seats. Tomorrow Sadr will meet with Fateh. Expect SOL to be frozen out. Maliki’s call for majority government could happen, but without him it seems

chattels    2. Abadi + Sadr + Hakim + Ameri = 162
chattels    https://twitter.com/SajadJiyad

chattels    State of Law Coalition, Maliki's party / faction, SOL, may have new meaning. " S#*t out of Luck :)

ElmerFudd    Maliki will be running for the hills as fast as his camel can take him. :)

chattels    " Expect SOL to be frozen out. Maliki’s call for majority government could happen, but without him it seems"

Dave    chattels https://search4dinar.wordpress.com/ has the complete list
Dave    cant cut and paste it though............???? about half way down

chattels    Dave Reading now, thank you.

chattels    Anbar Our identity is 6 seats: Mohammed Rikan, Mohammed Nasser Karbouli, Ali Farhan Saadoun Zouair, Zeinab Abdel Hamid.

National 3: Karim Aftan, Yahya Ghazi, Ghadwa Mohamed Nuri
Iraqi decision 2 …. Follow the passing 2 …. Follow the victory 2: Faisal Hussein Jabar, Nahla Hamad

chattels    http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=165302

chattels    Anbar Our identity: 6 seats: Mohammed Rikan Halabousi, Mohamed Nasser Karbouli, Ali Farhan, Saadoun Jouer Farhan, Nahla Jabbar, Zeinab Abdel Hamid.

National Coalition 3: Karim Aftan, Yahya Ghazi, Ghada Mohammed Nouri

Iraqi Decision Coalition 2: Heba Abbas, Abdullah Abdulhamid
​Abrun 2: Qasim Mohammed Al Fahdawi, Nuri Ghafel Hammadi

Al Nasr Coalition 2: Faisal Hussain Jabbar, Nahla Hamad Abdul Saleh.

chattels    The Electoral Commission announced the results of the elections of the House of Representatives in the province of Maysan and the number of seats 10 seats distributed as follows:

5 seats: Mahmoud Adib Zuwair, Jamal Fakher Owaid, Ali Saadoun, Mudar Khazaal Salman, Mentha Jabr Saleh.  Al-Fath Alliance 2: Karim Aliwi, Jalal Hassan Mohamed

The National Wisdom Stream 1: Abbas Sarwat Muhsin
Al-Nasr Coalition 1: Siham Shunun Abdullah
Coalition of State of Law 1: Bahaa al-Din Nur Muhammad

chattels    The Electoral Commission announced the results of the elections of the House of Representatives in the province of Najaf and the number of seats 12 seats, distributed as follows:

Alliance moving 4 seats: Hassan Abadi Musa, Majid torment Jaber, Hassan Razak Dawood, loyalty Rahim Saluma alliance Conquest 3: Ali Youssef Abdel Nabi, Fadel Jaber Abdul Scheinin, Sana Mohammad Hamid

coalition victory 3: Adnan Abdul Khudair, Ihsan snake Abdul Ali, Suad Jabbar Mohammed
The National Wisdom Stream 1: Khaled Jawad Al - Gheshmi,
State of Law Coalition 1: Aboud Wahid Al - Issawi


chattels    The Electoral Commission announced the results of the elections of the Council of Representatives in the province of Erbil and the number of seats 16 seats were distributed as follows:

KDP 8 seats: Nasser Yousef, Mohammed Shaker, Adar Abdullah Salim, Mohammed Amin Fares, Bashir Khalil,   Nehru Mahmoud, Mayada Mohammed, Ribwar Hadi.

PUK 2 seats: Karim Kamal Khorshid, Salma Omar Osman.
Mobility of the new generation 2 seats: Raouf Tawfiq, Sarwa Abdel Wahid.

Coalition for Democracy and Justice One seat: Abdul Bari Abdul Majid
Change One seat: Kawa Mahmoud

Kurdistan Islamic Group 1 seat: Salim Hamza Saleh Khader.

chattels    This may be the best listing. URGENT The names of all winners in the House elections are published https://search4dinar.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/urgent-the-names-of-all-winners-in-the-house-elections-are-published/

Tebow    Dang I miss that clown again! My 14 yrs beats your newbie 10 yrs by 4 yrs clown! Shameful is the crap you spew to people like the 3 links your provide to back your Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis. Did like the lettering (BS) because that is what it is. Your stupid as links you provided said quote, "This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the IMF.

The views expressed in this Working Paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the IMF or IMF policy. Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published to elicit comments and to further debate, which are written by 3 unknowns not employed by the IMF. Seems you are selective in your * research to promote your * that you spew.

Tebow    Sorry I miss you being in the chatroom!
Zig    ......We love clowns!!.....Chill.....LOL

Tebow    Clowns are scary!

Zig    Need to end your feud with Kaperoni....You too, Kap....

meatball    Zig stir that pot ....lol

chattels    I cannot find Fatlawi or Jubouri on the list of elected MP's.

xyz    chattels Jobouri lost
xyz    chattels Jubouri comments on his loss in the elections


Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri commented on his loss in the parliamentary elections held on May 12.

"The elections are a way of the people towards achieving stability, and it is necessary to preserve the integrity of this means and remove them from all suspicions. Iraq and its people are more important than the victory of people and political blocs," Jubouri said in a statement to his office.

The Electoral Commission announced at dawn on Saturday the final results of the parliamentary elections that took place last Saturday.

meatball    chattels xyz appreciate the research and news

chattels    xyz Thanks. I read that article, but was not certain that it bespoke a " personal " loss.

chattels    Similar article on Fatlawi.

xyz chattels there other articles with same conclusion

chattels   xyz Thank you. It appears that Nujaify won re-election. Tammimi also.

Dave    chattels SLC lost big time......
Dave    if those lost seats formed up with Sadr. et-al......things could start happening.......?

xyz    Iraqi parliamentary election, 2018

xyz    72-year-old who set a new world record when she gave birth in April.


xyz    "May The Better Liar Win" - How Democracy Ended

Kaperoni    I have no beef with anyone zig, but when someone takes factual documents that explain monetary policies and twists them to their liking of some mythical rv that is nonsense. The facts are clear and described in the Article IV Consultations. These other IMF docs provide understanding, knowledge and education.

Kaperoni    Tebow wants to fight, she has been mislead and is suffering from the reality she will not get rich overnight.

Kaperoni    When you want to learn, you know where to find me. In the meantime, happy RV lol

xyz    Kaperoni vs Tebow wow I thought Tebow was a dude hahahahaha
Ron BandyJabouri, now sees a conspiracy, against him... i commend his work, as house Speaker, he did well

chattels   "The Supreme Electoral Tribunal is considering appeals and then ratified the results and submit it to the Federal Court for approval," adding that "the duration of consideration of appeals and validation take about 20 days.


chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

chattels    Abadi and Sadr speak of strong, inclusive gov’t after meeting By Rudaw 3 minutes ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/20052018

chattels    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the winner of the general elections Muqtada al-Sadr held a joint press conference after a meeting late Saturday in which they spoke of their vision for Iraq’s future, signaling that they may work together.

“There was a clear message in this meeting: hoping that your government will be all inclusive,” said Sadr.

chattels    The new government should be “strong… and provide services and security to the people in the coming four years,” said Abadi.

Abadi acknowledged the problem of high unemployment, especially among youth, and said the issue should be a priority.

“This government should create job opportunities, provide services, and improve the lives of the people. It also has to mainly care about the poor.”

chattels    It is widely expected that Abadi will retain his post of prime minister.

chattels     He said that political parties have to accelerate the process of convening the new parliament so that it can form a government.

 chattels    The meeting witnessed a convergence of views to the need to accommodate everyone. "

As al-Sadr thanked the Prime Minister and blessed him the victory achieved by the victory list.

He added that "the meeting is a reassuring message that the next government is patriarchal and takes care of all the people." He pointed out that "our hand is extended to all those who build the homeland and that the decision is Iraqi, stressing the importance of accelerating the formation of a government that takes into account the aspirations of our people."


chattels    Elections of 2018 .. Fall of veteran figures and others maintain their status
Iraqi Media Network - 5/20/2018 9:26:31 AM –


chattels    David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1    Iraqi Speaker of Parliament Jaburi losses his seat in recent Iraqi elections.   http://mobp.as/HqPYl

chattels    Abadi announces understanding with Sadr to form a government and reveals its features


chattels    This is what Abadi will do if he becomes prime minister again

chattels   (Watan News) Follow-up     Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi vowed on Sunday that Iraq would witness "tremendous development" at various levels in the event of re-election to prime minister again, noting that his government will spare no effort to ensure the process of transition to the next government .

"My government will spare no effort to ensure the transition to the next government in a transparent and stable manner, which will create the basis for a strong democratic system based on the rule of law," Abadi said in an article in the Washington Post .

"We have called on other alliances to form a government based on the following criteria: a reform agenda that continues to build on the political successes of the current government, economic well-being, maintaining our non-partisan diplomatic stance towards other countries, mutual interests, protecting our security gains,

"Adding that he would not" agree at any stage to work with those whose hands were stained with corruption or those who knew about the practice of sectarianism . "

He added that "the incoming ministers must be from the technocrats and the new government must be characterized by the prominent non-affiliation to any elite and be representative of the people rather than subject to the domination of a particular party or class,"

pointing out that "there are three concerns placed by the Iraqi top priorities Regardless of its belonging, namely: fighting corruption, providing jobs and improving services. These priorities are an eye to which he has committed himself . "​ 
"Today, I declare to my people that we will witness a dramatic transformation in Iraq over the next four years if the affairs of the government are good," he said. "In my view, I will reform our country's economy, eliminate corruption and create jobs for millions of young people who constitute the majority of the population. Country " .

chattels    If we are elected prime minister again, we will struggle to achieve these fundamental developments every day of my leadership of this country," he said.

chattels    "In my view, I will reform our country's economy, eliminate corruption and create jobs for millions of young people who constitute the majority of the population."

chattels    " ............. I will reform our country's economy, ..........."

chattels    " ............ if the affairs of the government are good," he said.

sandyf   @JoeSchmoe I see Sandy didnt bother to answer my question when Zig posted it for him. Just another red flag for him. - It is a bit arrogant to think that your paranoia should have some sort of priority. As I said a couple of weeks ago I came to the UK for the birth of my grandson. It didn't go well but mother and baby are now out of hospital and doing well. There is more to life than your petty grievances


Meeting shock, Sadr and Abadi in a political swoop to discuss the formation of the government in Baghdad.
The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi work together to speed up the formation of the government.
A statement issued by the Office of Prime Minister received / Mawazine News / a copy of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi in Baghdad met with the President of the Sadrist movement, Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr, who visited Baghdad suddenly.
Abadi congratulated the Iraqi people once again on holding the elections on time in advance, thanking the security forces that protected the voters and maintained their neutrality.
Abadi called on all blocs to accept the results and follow the legal means of objections and called on the Commission to consider them.
He pointed to the importance of moving quickly to exercise those who won the elections their role and functions in the House of Representatives.
Abadi said that the meeting with Moqtada al-Sadr is “to work together to accelerate the formation of the government and the next government will be strong and provide services and employment opportunities and improve the standard of living and fight corruption.”
“The meeting witnessed a convergence of views on the need to accommodate everyone,” said Dr. Haider al-Abbadi.
While the chest thanked the Prime Minister and blessed him the victory achieved by the victory list.
“The meeting is a reassuring message that the next government is a fatherhood and takes care of all the people,” Sadr said, adding that “our hand is extended to all who build the homeland and that the decision is Iraqi.”
He stressed the importance of speeding up the formation of a government that takes into account the aspirations of our people.
It seems that the most important part of the understandings of Sadr and Abadi is the establishment of an alliance capable of bearing the crisis of the post of prime minister and prevent political clashes with the large Shiite lists that are inconsistent with this understanding through the adoption of rules of action to attract other lists of Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and minorities.
The lists opposing this understanding try to focus on the idea of ​​a political majority and have been able to make successful understandings with the other lists.
In Kurdistan, these understandings were defeated because of their conditions for the return of Article 140, while observers expect that the duration of the understandings will not be prolonged because they are not binding and do not reach the degree of agreement or binding agreement.
Abadi for a second term: I will fight
2018/5/19 17:20
Abadi for a second term - I will fight[Ayna-Baghdad]
The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, on Saturday, that the next four years will witness a dramatic transformation of Iraq, if formed the appropriate government, which he said he is willing to cooperate with the various political blocs to form, and revealed his vision for the future in the case His second term.
“On May 12, more than 10 million Iraqi citizens voted freely in the fourth parliamentary election since 2003, which is rare in the Middle East and a source of pride for Iraqis,” Abbadi said in an article in The Washington Post.

“Although voter turnout was less than expected, voters voted for cross-sectarian lists, rather than the ethnic or sectarian groups that dominated the previous elections,” he said. “I myself participated in all 18 provinces, and our coalition won seats in 14 of them , Which no other list has been able to achieve. Despite violations by the IHEC, I appeal to all parties to respect the final results and to address any complaints through due process. ”

“My government will do everything in its power to ensure that the transition to the next government takes place in a stable and transparent manner, so as to provide the basis for a strong and democratic system based on the rule of law,” Abbadi said. “He called for dialogue with other coalitions to form a government based on an agenda Based on the successful policies of the current government, economic prosperity, maintaining our non-partisan diplomatic stance towards other countries, building on mutual interests, protecting our security gains and ensuring that terrorist groups do not return. ”

“I will never think of working with those whose hands have been stained with corruption or those who are known to be sectarian,” he said. “The candidates for the portfolios must be the technocrats, and the new government should represent the people as transient ethnic, sectarian and sectarian.”

He pointed out that “there are three fears in Iraq, which are alarming citizens: Fighting corruption, providing jobs and improving the delivery of services, which are the same priorities that I commit to, which requires a steady hand, an enlightened perspective and patience to continue the role.

 “Over the past four years – while liberating our country from terrorism, helping internally displaced people to return to their homes and delivering security to its best level since 2003 – has led my Government through hard work and necessary to achieve these goals, despite the low prices The oil that has led to austerity measures to get out of the financial crisis and we are now in the best position of the nation; our security forces have defeated the enemies who threatened us, and we are ready to rebuild our country and our economy. ”

“I stated in October last year that our nation will remain united and has stayed, has pledged to hold elections in every part of the country on time and has done, and our people have promised that we will liberate our land from terrorism. A huge transformation of Iraq, if formed the appropriate government. ”
Abadi said it was “reforming the economy, fighting corruption, providing jobs for millions of young people who make up the majority of our population, continuing to improve public services, ensuring human rights follow-up, empowering women effectively and achieving justice for all. Other, I will fight for these goals every day as I lead the country. ”

“The international community has been supportive of Iraq for the last four years, and we look forward now to expanding this partnership to achieve the best for all, by focusing on economic ties and sustainable development; Iraq’s economy is hungry for growth. The recent investment conference in Kuwait showed that tens of billions of dollars of investments Foreign companies are ready for privatization for public and private sector companies. ”
“A stable Iraq and a path of progress is good for the entire Middle East, and it will also have positive economic effects in other countries – including the United States – by maintaining regional security, creating jobs, promoting manufacturing, Export; Iraq no longer needs help, it is ready to work with other countries for the mutual benefit of our economies. ”
“I will commit myself to keeping Iraq on the path of the current recovery. I will work to build a better future. I promise to protect the people of Iraq by avoiding regional conflicts, refusing to interfere in our internal affairs and respecting the sovereignty of other nations.”

He pointed out that “Iraq is free today, and its people can choose its leaders and criticize them without fear of repercussions. Now a whole generation of legislators and politicians has been replaced by new personalities. Our alliance is proud to have been at the forefront of this change. We are now ready to work with other parties that also won the representation of the people “A stable and prosperous Iraq can play a major role in making the region and the world a better place. This effort must be supported by regional and international partners, who we hope will support our reform agenda for a new and prosperous Iraq.”

Guys!!! Look at this report!!! w/ Foot Fwd


People won't seem to let go of some random act (RV, RI)... I assure you nothing is random in monetary policy.[b]  If the dinar is ever going to rise in value, it will be as a result of inflationary pressure created through the CBI's Capital Account.  That pressure is created by investors bringing money to Iraq to invest in the economy and rebuild Iraq. [/b] These go hand in hand. [b] So what we need is a solid banking system (which they have been working on - which includes Article VIII), a solid government, and laws to support investors (many are passed).  If they do these things, investors will come to Iraq.[/b]

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 20 2018

Compiled 20 May 12:04 am EST by Judy Byington

The following is a compilation of information from the Internet. It is up the reader to decide whether or not it is valid.

A. May 19 2018 8:00 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 19, 2018

Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Funds have been distributed into bait accounts as of last night May 18.

2. The funds will remain in the bait accounts until Monday May 21.
​3. Core accounts were already funded.

4. If no interference occurs, the main distribution of funds will occur and Tier 3 exchanges will begin in Hong Kong as early as Monday May 21. Next will be Zurich, then Reno and Calgary.

5. The 800#'s will be released simultaneously with the start of Tier 3 exchanges.

6. Private appointments to exchange/redeem will be given for Tier 4 via the 800#'s.

7. Date of your private appointment may vary based on the duration of the Tier 3 exchanges.


B. May 18 2018 11:34 pm EST QAnon False Flag, Sierra: "Q Anon Warned About False Flag" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.18.18

1. Dave at X22 Report produced an excellent video about the Texas school shooting. Check it out at 8'40"where it refers to Q Anon post number 1401 on May 17 before the shooting, “What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against the Cabal)? Stay vigilant.Q”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVWe5brmGlA

1. There was confirmation that the first indictment has been unsealed and it regards Anthony Weiner's laptop. That ONE indictment will lead directly to Hillary Clinton's long history of Satanic activities, some of it so heinous it made tough NYPD cops weep or vomit. They have seen the evidence on the laptop.

2. It has been confirmed that the Mueller investigation into the Russian 'collusion' scam has come to an end. There was not a shred of evidence to impeach Trump. To add insult to injury, you can't indict a sitting President anyway. Silly Cabal.

3. There was plenty of anecdotal evidence that the global financial market seems about to crash, probably within the next few days/weeks. A major contributing factor was evidence of top level Cabal criminality. The stock-market will appear to crash completely, wiping out all the Cabal's ill gotten financial gains. Silly Cabal. They did it to themselves.

4. The financial market won't collapse because the Alliance won't allow it. The RV/GCR will be implemented instead.


C. May 18 2018 11:33 pm EST Zim, Giles: "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5.18.18


D. May 18 2018 11:35 pm EST Bad News About to Break (video): (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1571b: Q Warned us, Bad News About to Break

Big news is coming out the report from the IG is going to hit the airwaves and it doesn't look good for the deep state. Mueller release a memo which is un-redacted but nobody can read it. The Skripals have been released from the hospital the only problem is that nobody knows where they are. South Korea wants to mediate the peace talks. Russia release a video of their bomber flying in international airspace. Syria ready for political process, Germany agrees. There was another event and Q posted about it on May 17, we know bad news will be hitting very soon and it looks like there is an attempt to clog the news cycle with other topics.

Courtesy of Dinar Chronicles


Which countries are dumping the dollar and why?

Published time: 19 May, 2018 07:23


© Mike Kemp / Getty Images

The European Union is considering switching payments from the US dollar to the euro after Washington threatened to target European firms working in Iran, according to reports.

The measure may help the EU to retain one of the world's largest markets, which was opened for trade after the historic nuclear deal signed by Tehran and the P5+1 powers (China, France, Russia, UK, US, plus Germany) in June 2015.

The idea to eliminate the role of the greenback in international settlements is not new. Aside from the EU, a number of nations have been mulling the idea. RT discussed with analysts how realistic the prospect of countries ditching the dollar is.

In light of the recent developments Iran is the most pressured nation to drop the dollar with Tehran having partially adjusted trade without the US currency, Alexandre Kateb, president of Competence Finance SAS, told RT.

"When Iran was previously under sanctions from 2012 to 2015, it established new mechanisms to bypass US-related financial institutions, such as barter exchange and to replace the dollar with other currencies, such as the renminbi in its bilateral trade with China or the euro in its trade with European countries," the economist said.

At the same time, China's recent move to trade oil in yuan is seen as an initial step to challenging the dollar dominance, Stephen Innes, Head of FX Trading for OANDA in Asia Pacific told RT, stressing that the number of bilateral trade agreements, signed amongst Asia Pacific nations, will settle in yuan.

"Mainland it is laying the ground for the Belt and Road Initiative, and China is even sweetening the pot by offering swap facilities to local countries to promote the use of the yuan," he added.

Experts are unanimous on the point that bi- and multi-lateral pacts between various nations could become the major drivers on the way toward decreasing the dependence on US currency in international trade.

"This would depend on the leverage the EU, the UK, Russia and China deploy. The likely scenario is diversification – bilateral arrangements between trading partners, or regional arrangements, substituting for multilateral arrangements that supported dollar dominance," Ramaa Vasudevan an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Colorado State University told RT.

At the same time, analysts admit that getting rid of the greenback is not an easy task. It took the US dollar nearly a century to unsettle the British pound that had been enjoying its preeminence through the 19th century and the first half of the 20th as the global reserve currency.

"Old habits are hard to break as most of the global hedging is still done on US exchanges like Nymex or ICE," Innes said. "The issues are working out the deliverable to hedge ratio factors which could put many off from breaking long-held settlement in US dollar."

"The US dollar is still, for many reasons, the international trade and reserve currency of choice," according to Kateb. "The whole international financial system is currently structured around the United States and around the central role of the dollar."

However, the expert noted that the international system will change dramatically. Rapid development of blockchain technology along with rooting of virtual currencies is reportedly set to bring about the changing process.

"Eventually, the evolution of global finance will be very much related to the evolution of the global balance of power," the economist told RT. "This will not happen overnight. It will take time and many more crises and balance shifts. None really knows what the new system will look like."

The experts agreed that expelling the greenback from its dominant position in the international monetary system will take much more effort than just replacing it with the euro or other domestic currencies.

"Dollar dominance does not depend simply on its use to denominate trade, but on the dollar's role as the pivot of the international financial system – the fact that about 88 percent of the average daily turnover of foreign exchange instruments is against the dollar, in contrast to the share of the euro which is only about 31 percent," said Vasudevan.

The researcher highlighted that the recent impulse for dislodging the US currency is a symptom of a wider discontent with the rules of the dollar system, but is not a cure for the dollar problem.

Source: RT

Interview w/ Lynette Zang: The GCR is Extremely Close!

5/20/2018 10:50:00 AM  News


Published on May 19, 2018

I have another great interview with Lynette Zang and this time she discusses the very short amout of time left in this system and how the GCR has started behind the scenes.

Lynette's youtube channel is;


Here are the links she shared;



Roosevelt’s fireside chat, at 5:20 he refers to trusting money backed by “good assets” referring to the confiscated gold.