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Frank26 CC: " Elections-It's Just a Hiccup" BY SUNNY, 19 MAY

Sunny:  Frank26 CC Update, May 18, 2018 "Elections – It’s a hiccup”

NOTES:  Frank26 CC, May 18, 2018 "Elections – It’s a hiccup”

Frank26 - All is in his opinion . . .

Iraq is up in arms right now.  Maliki’s party is contesting the election.  A lot of jockeying for power right now in Iraq.

The election is on one road and the RI is on another.  Our emotions want . . . to cause them to collide.

Maliki was trying to form a bloc majority to put in whoever he wants.  That’s a dictatorship, but the laws of Iraq and the Constitution are not in favor of Maliki nor the Dahl party, nor those who are complaining.
Maliki is . . .  angry . . . now contesting the election, the ballots, the election committee and the vote count.  Iran is saying, ‘We accept the results.’  But they are lying through their teeth.  Maliki wants a majority government.  The largest bloc.  . . .

Maliki is a weasel, trying to get in in any way he can. . .he’s not going to be allowed to win.  Saudi Arabia, the United States and countries in the ME are supporting the elections.

Maliki is a sneaky little punk.  . . .he’s going to the federal courts to say he formed the largest bloc.  His life in political world has ended.  Maliki supporters are fleeing Iraq . . . afraid of being arrested.  This is the last ditch effort of Maliki to stir the hornet's nest.

Yes, we have a "hiccup" but this will be settled.   It’s not a heart attack.  I don’t care about the votes . . . the election . . . need to let the dust settle before getting on the emotional track.

The GOI is continuing.  Sadr, if it gets any more serious, may have Abadi call out the troops.  Or the UN will have Abadi call out the troops.   Do whatever is necessary to stop this nonsense.    Why is Iran . . . defending Maliki?  What business is it of yours?  To also stir the hornets nest.

It’s a hiccup, it’s not a heart attack.  Last time of the elections, this same thing occurred but the USA told Maliki to stand down.

The US forced that.  You don’t think that could happen again?   I told you not to worry about the elections.

After the Kuwait Conference there was no money sent into Iraq. . . .Because they feared Maliki might take over if he was elected.  Oh, snap!  Only a hiccup.  This is more complex than you realize.  . .

Nonsense going around in the media.  We will bring you the results.  . . .  It’s a very fluid situation in Iraq with  the election.  From hour to hour, day to day.   It can change.

Maliki and his people are thieves.  They are the corruption that is being removed.  The RI of the Iraqi Dinar will continue when 'conditions are suitable.'  Oh, snap.  See how all these pieces are snapping together.  Kuwait (conference money) not coming in . . . because the conditions are not suitable.

If worse comes to worse, IMO, the United States of America will force Maliki out.  Abadi has a "Trump" card.   A huge case against Maliki. . . can try him in a World Court.  IMO, Maliki killed hundreds of Sunni’s.  . . .can show the evidence of Camp Spiker . . . the evidence of . . .billions, maybe even trillions . . .how all these funds were used and sent to Iran in support of terrorism.   If the United States of America has to pull that “trump card,” they will.

I told you I don’t care about the elections but some of you do and I understand.  The USA can impose sanctions on Amir and Maliki and freeze all of their assets and the assets of their families.

Sadr, as far as I’m concerned won. He wants an "all inclusive government" and that's called a democracy.  Maliki wants a dictatorship.  And that’s not going to happen on Abadi’s watch, Sadr’s watch, Donald Trump’s watch!  No!  ​
Maliki is dealing with President Donald Trump. . . .Trump will not allow money and oil to be stolen again.

The election is on one road and the RI is on another.    Iran's banks were just sanctioned and Iraq’s banks would not allow them to participate in their auctions.  Corruption needs to be removed to bring you the “suitable conditions” for the RI of the Iraqi dinar.

. . . Sadr may not have won technically but the commission is not going to allow another election.  About 129 parties ran against each other.  It is a hiccup.   Those complaining are those who will expose themselves to fraud . . . the forged paperwork.

Sadr will be announced as winner. . .  While the election was going on, Sat. to Mon.,   the news media in Iraq started to announce “Sadr won.”  The media in Iraq ran with that story a little too early.  Sadr will not be removed as the victor.  The voting commission will not say Sadr did not win because the media jumped the gun.  If they do take this away from Sadr it would cause a blood bath by the citizens who believe Sadr won.

All that I’m telling you, IMO is not in those articles.  The results, when all  done, will not change because the US, Saudi Arabia and the bordering countries will not allow a change.  Nobody likes Maliki  . . . Amir . . .  Iran . . .the army of Iran. 

As of now, IMO, Maliki and his Dahl party are not slated to receive any positions!  NOW . . . .with no Maliki seated anywhere, we should start to see the funds flow into Iraq from the Kuwait Conference and the lifting of restrictions from Iraq and the dinar too!

The CBI rejected an Iraqi bank . . .and director . . . even more banks will be kicked out and removed.  Oh, snap!

Abadi will use his “trump card.”  He's probably right now . . .pulling out all the corruption files....That’s why his (Maliki) supporters and the Dahl party are scattering and running because of the corruption files that are going to be laid out very soon.

The dust is settling on the elections. . .Sadr and Abadi will take control back!  This is pleasing to all.  This is THE PLAN!

On last Monday’s CC I gave you the three items to look for?  The bill boards, Article 2, “suitable conditions.”

I see the media talking and trying to destroy Trump. . . Donald Trump is a business genius!   China came out recently, with $250 billion in trade, and said, “No, we’re not pulling out .  We’re going to work with Donald Trump.”   Many trying to figure him out.

Delta wants you to know the election results are still coming in.  There was a 4 to 5 hour postponement.   The count is still coming in. . .Delta wants you to know when the election committee is done the results will be in the Gazette.

The Supreme Court of Iraq knew before the elections . . . Abadi told the Election committee the ballots were fraud.  By the constitution and their laws no one is allowed to contest any election but in this case it’s bringing out the evil, the corruption of Maliki and everyone who surrounds him.   The losers are running . . . running out of Iraq . . . leaving . . . fleeing!
Tomorrow the Election Committee will meet with the Parliament . . . Jabouri . . .and bring the complaints brought by the losers.  Delta is watching every second of the heart beat of the last moments of the election in Iraq.  And like I told you, then Sistini, then Sadr and Hakim and then Abadi and then the USA, the IMF and the WB for a reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

The elections are not part of the re-instatement, but in this vote, they just had, the elections are to remove the last of the GOI’s corruption position of power.  Especially Iran’s.  Sick and tired of their meddling.  Parasites without contributing anything.

These elections . . . are not about politics, they are about religion.  That’s why I just gave you that chain of command.   Sistini, Hakim, Sadr, Abadi and the three headed monster. (USA, IMF, WB)   You can count on the USA getting Abadi in as Prime Minister, IMO.

Babylon was a trade center.  It will be again, because it’s good business.  I’ve told you over and over again, the United States of America will make sure Abadi is the Prime Minister.

Very soon, as the . . . dust is clearing and settling, there will soon be more of a “suitable environment” for the RI of the Iraqi dinar.

You know very well, that Babylon will rise again, don’t you? . . . I leave you in peace!  Pray for each other.  Support each other!

Frank26 Recorded opinions 5-18-18  https://fccdl.in/cinRH6u31a

5-16-2018 OOOTAH Conf Call Intel w/Becky

Bank Story #336 - Some Banks deny but some believe, 19 MAY

LittleDog:  I went to WF this afternoon to get a couple more Gift Letters notarized. I waited 1.5 hours in line. (no lie). I waited because I felt I needed to get these done today.

Finally it was my turn and the woman looked at my letters and said, "This has Dinar and Dong on it. I cannot notarize these for you". Then she continued in a low voice as she came toward me saying, "I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on this. You know, this is a scam and you'll never get your money back. You can't give this currency (Dinar and Dong) to your church. It's just play money, worth nothing. I really hope you didn't waste a lot of money." With that I said, "No, not that much." Then I left after 2 hours.

I wasn't happy about the time I wasted waiting for my turn so I went to a larger WF in my area.

This time I waited 15 minutes and asked if I can get some gift letters notarized. As this woman looked over my papers, she smiled at me and asked, "Did you make your exchange?" I said, "No, not yet." She said, " There are a lot of really happy people coming in setting up accountssaying this is going to happen soon."

Then she called over a manager and showed her my paperwork. She smiled and said, "Yes, we'll deal with the Dinar but not the Dong yet. That's still being discussed. They will revalue." The first lady notarized the letters and told me stories about her friends and family having some currency. She wanted to know how I heard about this and why did I invest. So, I gave her my story. She also mentioned WF told her it's a scam but she doesn't really believe it with family and friends and clients coming in to get ready!

Then she said, "Please come back after you exchange and let me know!" It's funny how one branch denies or doesn't believe an exchange will occur and another branch is waiting on pins and needles to hear someone has exchanged.

Iraq to Replace Dollar with Dinar | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV

"Tier 3 Exchanging?" by MenoReno, 19 MAY

I was somewhat surprised to hear a prominent guru claim on his call Thursday night that the new rate had come out of Iraq, that Tier 1 & 2 had been paid, and that Tier 3 had started and would be finished shortly.

I say somewhat because this is the same thing he had said a week earlier. And, as far as we know, Reno is still waiting for Hong Kong to start.

As far as Iraq is concerned, we still don't know who is going to be the next PM. As far as who won the election, it was Sadr. As the religious leader, he can't be the secular leader. But he can, and will, pick the next PM. I doubt we will see the RV before this gets sorted out.



ADMIN@wsomn0629 After years lost in the London Tube after catching Piccadilly Line ages ago at Heathrow Sta. and connecting through one interchange station after another we are now on the District Line (Green) transferring at Bank St. (Red Line) and St. Paul Sta. (Financial District)

That tweet was a bit more than encouragement imo, it said a lot from a man that says very little.

Me Thinks AbminBill hit the bottle a little to hard the evening.....

Ted!, Good to see you here! No, I think that AB deserves a little poetic license every now and again

He probably knows me better than most on the board and I respect him so he gives me a little lattitude from one Chief to another. :0)

I guess I should say from one old Chief to another.

Something is going on Internet crashed again third time today just after down loading Judy Byington's post on Dinar Chronicles Check her post out specifically the section about the ZIM.

Maybe just a coincidence I just thought some of you would like to know.

I am very hopeful WSOMN. Stay focused on the end game.



Kaperoni    What is the Balassa-Samuelson effect?

Kaperoni    When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as…”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.” In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.

Further research on Balassa-Samuelson effect brings us this…

‘“In 1964, academics Bela Balassa, a Hungarian economist, and Paul Samuelson, a Nobel-Laureate economist, independently observed that countries with higher levels of productivity growth experienced rapidly rising real wages and so appreciating real exchange rates.   
Academic studies since have suggested the picture is not as simple as Mr Balassa and Mr Samuelson first thought and that many other factors can also influence the model. However, many long term investors in emerging market currencies, for example, have been able to benefit from the appreciation of those currencies which is arguably due to the Balassa-Samuelson effect.”

Kaperoni    The key here is the last sentence… “many long term investors in emerging market currencies, for example, have been able to benefit from the appreciation of those currencies which is arguably due to the Balassa-Samuelson effect.”

In other words, this reference to the “Balassa-Samuelson effect” hypothesis which in essence is described as “a rapidly expanding economy creates a rapidly appreciating exchange rate” will give us an opportunity to benefit from that appreciation.

That can only mean free float. The word “rapid” only make sense in a free float. It also means the IMF knows and endorses the plan. It also means that the dinar we hold is legitimate and was sold with an intended purpose.

Zig  Kaperoni: Back for more??.....lol

Kaperoni    apparrently Tebow and Spectra know more than the IMF does. lmbo

Kaperoni   “14. The de facto fixed exchange rate has served Iraq well. The authorities agreed that a stable nominal exchange rate provides a valuable anchor for inflation expectations in an uncertain environment, and intend to continue implementing this policy for the foreseeable future. In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy.

Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Kaperoni    Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Kaperoni    Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

NickNak    Kaperoni The IQD is not a stock you do know that right?

Kaperoni    oh but they will have an answer lol

Dave    So 999 fils for that coke instead of 1000....call that gradual rise in the value?

Zig    Kap loves this chat room!!.... :yes:

Kaperoni    what is ur question Dave?
Kaperoni    currencies float all over the world Dave

NickNak    Zig Ya it is free no fee LOL

Kaperoni    do they raise the price of a coke daily?

Dave     art 8 ...Lds out....999 fils for that coke?

Kaperoni     Iraq must float    that is the only option

Dave    instead of 1000.....call that a gradual rise?

Kaperoni    how fast it rises is not up to me    it could rise .10    or it could rise .20    or .01    who knows

NickNak    Kaperoni Tony LOL

Zig    Just do something I say!

Kaperoni    its all related to inflationary pressure created by investors/investment

Dave    I will give you that.....

Kaperoni    if investors come it could rise fast

Baxter    Kap.... does that 2% increase every 90 days effect the dinar rising in value..? someone asked that earlier... they fear the dinar could only increase 2% every 90 days.. so it would take at least 10 years to get to a dollar?

Dave    many ifs yes...

NickNak    Kaperoni IQD does not act like a stock does it?

Kaperoni    not the same thing

Baxter    Ok.. thx

Kaperoni    baxter two diferent subjects

Dave    Baxter that's managed float ...he is talking free float

Kaperoni    the 2% spread is related to the market rate

Baxter    Ok.. there was some concern in here after you left before

Kaperoni    keeping the street rate/market rate below 1214 to $1

Dave    Kaperoni true

Baxter    do you know...how all of a sudden... they came within compliance... did the IMF help them do that?\

Kaperoni    not the same subject as the float of the dinar once they get off the peg

NickNak    Kaperoni Spread is always in all currencies

 Kaperoni    Baxter yes  the IMF and UST helped them

Baxter    Ok.. thx

Kaperoni    nick not the same subject    again ur confused
there are different types of spreads   this is a IMF requirement   fact   then must   conform

NickNak    So float like crypto currencies    Which is how stocks act

Dave    free float economic suicide

Kaperoni    There is no options

Kaperoni    they must get off the peg when they move to article VIII    and the only option is to float

Dave    let foreign counties determine the value of the IQD

Kaperoni    http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2004/wp04126.pdf

Kaperoni    http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2004/wp04188.pdf

Kaperoni    http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/issues/issues38/ei38.pdf

Kaperoni    Here is the IMF 2% Rule

Kaperoni    http://dinaralert.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/13476628-classification-of-exchange-rate-arrangements-and-monetary-policy-frameworks

Kaperoni    and it also documented in the IMF Article IV

Spectra    Choosing Exchange Regimes  in the Middle East and North Africa   Abdelali Jbili and Vitali Kramarenko

Dave    Kaperoni yes and.... buy vs selling of currencey

Kaperoni    Here is the answer on the IMF helping Iraq with the spread...

Kaperoni    To address concerns that foreign exchange sales by the CBI would finance terrorism or money laundering of illegal activities, the CBI has been strengthening its procedures to allocate foreign exchange with the technical assistance of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board and with recourse to external auditors.

The CBI has also requested the technical assistance of the IMF Legal and Monetary and Capital Markets Department to analyze the reasons behind the rise of the exchange rate spread between the official rate of the CBI foreign exchange sales and the parallel market rate since the end of 2015, and to make recommendations to reduce the spread.

 Kaperoni    The MCP arises from the official action to limit the purchase of foreign exchange, with no mechanism to ensure that exchange rates in the official and parallel markets do not deviate from IRAQ each other by more than 2 percent.

Dave    like that here too.....
Dave    Iraq was beyond that yes and not compliant

Kaperoni     "25. The government will gradually remove remaining exchange restrictions and a multiple currency practice (MCP) with a view to eliminating exchange rate distortions.

Such a move towards acceptance of the obligations under Article VIII of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement will send a positive signal to the investor community that Iraq is committed to maintain an exchange system that is free of MCPs and restrictions for current international transactions and thus facilitate creation of a favorable business climate.

Spectra    here's a couple of floaters...Independent floaters ....Yemen Somalia3, 5 for example these countries???

Dave    so what does that have to do with the price of tea in China

Spectra    https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/med/2003/eng/jbili/jbili.htm#tab1

Dave    Spectra sanctioned cesspools

Spectra    Dave exactly
Spectra    if you look at that link it shows who is floating and who is not

Kaperoni    28 more day to go to meet compliance with that IMF directive
Dave    notice those countries not on the Forex....ALL the Sanctioned countries about

Kaperoni    then i expect a letter to the IMF requesting Article VIII

larrykn    http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/180520181

Kaperoni    They could wait, but to much as risk  need to end the auctions  need investors

Spectra    Egypt3  Iran Pakistan Afghanistan Algeria4 Iraq5
Mauritania Managed float with no preannounced path for exchange rates As of April 2001)

Kaperoni    dont want to risk coming out of compliance and having to start again

Dave    Kaperoni yes.....

Spectra    Kaperoni please

larrykn    investor are already ready to come in , just waiting on Iraq to do the reforms

Spectra    jeez lol

Kaperoni    we will see larry

Spectra:    ??

Kaperoni    hope so

larrykn    that has already been told to us

Kaperoni    I want them to rush in

larrykn    article say they are right after the Kuwait conference

Baxter    Im sure investors will come into Iraq... lots of money to be made there...

larrykn    but they need to get it going before they lose all of them
larrykn    hence they need to get this party started

Dave    why are folks giving you the gears ....

Kaperoni    zig there is good reading material there
Kaperoni    see ya

Baxter    thx Kap

Kaperoni    bash away   lol

Baxter    not I

Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell  ‏@UticaRisk  OK, so here is the full video of that IHEC presser just posted. So now we can watch it at leisure & get an accurate count. I still can't believe I am having to do this at 2:40AM. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk/status/997622749404303362

DaveI hear what he is saying.....no problems here

larrykn    I think Kap is right about the float , that is not a problem , where it starts is another question :)

Baxter    I agree larry
Baxter    I would think it would have to be around 1-1....

Dave    in the realms of possibities...free float I doubt...Iraq wants to come in as an asset based nation ,not a free for all for foreign investors

larry    knit is not like Iraq is a new country with no income coming in, they have and had oil for every , that will count for something when they change the rate

larrykn    yes they need investor to grow their economy but oil will get them start higher then were they are now, IMO

Dave    larrykn under free float could come in at.0086 but change to a dollar over night

Baxter    very possible

larrykn    Dave imo yes

Dave    so why are we riding Kap...?

Kaperoni    Its not a free for all...The CBI controls the monetary policy and liquidity of the dinar.
Kaperoni    are other countries that float a free for all? no

Larrykn    they talk about bring out the LD's how can they when it .0086

Kaperoni    gradually

Dave    Kaperoni AN asset based nation Managed float no free float ...cant do both

Kaperoni    as the dinar rises in value

larrykn    as you say Kap , we will see

Kaperoni    rather than guess read those docs links you all will learn how this all works

Dave    Kaperoni Can they go from a free float to a managed float overnight ? I doubt that

larrykn    if they were doing what you said they wouldn't have to print those ld's for at least another year or two, they sure wouldn't have them in the banks

larrykn    gee kap you think your the only one that reads those article really

Kaperoni    dave i expect them to get off the peg and float. The CBI can change exchange rate regimes anytime

Kaperoni    well larry very few do    and most dont comprehend ​
Spectra    The whole thing is already been gradual....in my opinion......14 or more years later......how much gragual do they need ...?

Kaperoni    they would rather believe Tony or Frank or those other **

larrykn    I'm agreeing with you on the float , I'm sure they will, were it starts is where I don't agree with you

Dave    Kaperoni I believe those countries that free float....are those poor ones

Kaperoni    the CBI raised the value over 1000 dinar in 2004 in 6 monthsi    so is that fast enough?


Kaperoni    is the US poor Dave?

Dave    Bankrupt from what I hear

Spectra    Dave ;Thud

Kaperoni    mod no

Dave    22 trillion

Kaperoni    i dont know how to do pm's

Dave    fort knox empty....

Kaperoni    well im done for one day lol
Dave    What was their deficit 22 trillion.....?

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 154)

"Balloons and Airplanes" - Dr. Clarke Response to Comment, 19 MAY

Leroy: Dr. Clarke, There are no guarantees in life, although I disagree with that. You have again given us inspiration, motivation, positive insight on the possibility of this ride FINALLY reaching it's destination.

Although I try to guard myself from a possible celebration of joy for a positive prosperous(for many) end to this investment, I think back about the past and how sure we were lead to believe it was at the end, the light was seen and all will be over.

This in turn has filled many with frustration and DISAPPOINTMENT in regards to this RISKY investment. (low risk) It does seem now that most of the dust has settled. It seems there is a world wide desire to "just get along" and remove as much corruption as possible.

Although you and I both know that all filth and corruption will never be eliminated in the real earthly world that we live in. So I feel with all of the positives produced and announced that this roller coaster which can be compared to a caterpillar has turned into a butterfly in order to start to take flight.

Now we know that we cannot ride on a caterpillar and we sure in heck can't ride a butterfly, so I will now proclaim that the ride portion of the ride we are going to get on now will be a hot air balloon and start to take flight.

Think about it, isn't it only fitting that we are now on a balloon ride because it is silent, you don't hear it coming, all you can do is SEE it. It suddenly appears! Another thing about it, if the hot air still isn't flowing, you're screwed!

So with this Illogical, magical and mystical analogy of the new means of transportation we are riding to the end, the one think that really concerns the riders in the back of their minds would be, will the balloon burst?

I HOPE on June 1st our balloon doesn't burst and I hope it has safely landed between 5/25 and 5/31. We used to be in a plane and hoping it would land, now I believe the BALLOON is the means of transportation because we are either going to land or it will burst.

So do we land or does it BURST, that is that million dollar question. Dr. Clarke, I would be TICKLED to hear what you think of my analogy! Maybe we should have balloon rides at the party on the patio, if indeed there ever is a reason to schedule one!

DR. CLARKE (5-18-18): LEROY: Great stuff. We always bring you what's happening "TODAY", according to what we "SEE".

NOBODY can Guarantee what happens "TOMORROW".
.......even Iraq changes their mind HOURLY, or LIES about it, whichever definition you choose to believe, on a daily basis - as does just about every other country on the planet ....some more than others.

As we write this, at least 8 students have been shot & killed at a Santa Fe, Texas high school. YESTERDAY, everyone was Fine. TODAY, history & Lives have changed, FOREVER.

What's going to Happen Tomorrow? We don't Know for sure.
Nobody knows for sure.
But, we can tell you about "TODAY".....or yesterday.

.......AND we can share our Viewpoints, Opinions, Beliefs and Expectations......perhaps "FACTS", as we see them, based on "TODAY".......as we "SEE" them.

We Love Balloons, and we Love Airplanes, both. Take your pick.

We FLY, with or without, ANY of them.

If anything significant CHANGES "TODAY", in most cases, we let you know. If not, we stick with "TODAY", until it does - IF it does.

"TODAY" we Love, "MAY 2018".


TOMORROW, could be "Anything".

Keep Focused, "Lighten Up", and ........"FLY".......No Matter What.

Dr. Clarke




TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 
TNT Call notes 18-May-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK 

Note: This is a new conference call system, so please do NOT use the Q+A line unless you actually have a question. Otherwise, use the listen-only lines or the internet link; both are on the website under Call Info. For internet replay, click the original call link after the call has finished, and it should automatically load the replay. 

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, May 18, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. 

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! We had two updates since Wednesday’s call: Election results are expected sometime today. Varying reports of election percentages are being labeled as false. Abadi reportedly is NOT in the lead. 

Payments to the Kurds are reportedly in significant amounts. The Central bank of Iraq signs a MOU with VISA International. Abadi alliance and Sadr alliance are expected to join together. Parliament is holding a special meeting on Saturday to discuss their disfavor with the election results. Hmmmmmm? 

And later on: Iraqi TV is reporting final election results to be announced tonight at 10:00 PM (Iraqi Time) All media sources are being invited to attend. The Iraqi government is working with the World Bank to make that area attractive to investors. Abadi is planning to release 1,000 arrest warrants aimed at corruption and stating that economic reforms are progressing steadily.   IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING SUPERFANTASTIC.........WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN...I AM ON THE HIGHEST ALERT THAT I HAVE EVER BEEN AND WAITING TO SHOUT!!!!! (5/18/2011)

Tony: Sadr said again that he would be willing to work with anybody, and has possibly set up meetings with others than Abadi. It’s two more hours until Iraq makes the formal announcement. However, based on what he’s says, we think that Sadr will form a coalition with Abadi. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard anything from the US banks. We should still see this by the end of the month – that is the goal in this side, anyway. I am really content. There is nothing we or anyone else can do until they announce the numbers and see who is in charge. That’s all we have today. 

We are looking for this hour by hour. Down to the very final days if I can say that. We are in the days.  We are on an hour by hour, day by day. Imminent in terms of how the US says imminent.  That was some good information that I just got. Don’t hang up the phone till the very end cause said he didn’t want to give us the information till the end of the call. It is confusing but let me let him tell you. I got a call yesterday from a guy. Dan called and RE who is in Iraq called his wife in NJ said to get all their dinar and meet him in Dubai. Said he did cash in there at $4.40 And they paid him $15 million. (Different Dan.) We heard that $4.21 was the bank rate. Heard it rv’d in Iraq at $4.40 to the GDP. You guys know about the 72 hours. Have BOG guy on the phone now. You are there guys. What I said the other day – waiting for things to happen. Don’t sit here and look at your watch. Make sure you have your plan and paperwork together…If you get a call in a few hours you are ready. That’s what you should be doing right now… your trust, your foundation etc.  (5/19/2011)

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: A few weeks back when Contract rates were discussed it was stated that there would be a limit of 10 million Dinar for the $ 28.50 rate. Last week Tony didn’t believe that those with something like 4 million Dinar probably wouldn’t get the $ 28.50 rate; instead it would go to those holding a lot less. Would you please clarify what we should expect? 

A: I only know what I was told, that preference would be given to those with less dinar, with a cap of ten million dinar. 

Q:  How can we stop the lies that come from Tony?

A:  Report him!  
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340   DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

Q: If I heard it right Tony commented the other day that the US is the one that stopped things 5 times this year. Can he tell us who is responsible, or why they would do it, or what purpose was gained? 

A: Seven times, actually. I don’t remember them exactly but I was given each date it should have gone, but it didn’t go, and I don’t remember now each time why they stopped it those seven times. 

Q: Any more “boots on the ground” news about signs of progress? Like the billboards explaining about the new currency going up? 

A: Our guys haven’t confirmed any billboards or active ATMs. 

Q: There is an article in the Forum regarding alleged election fraud in the past election. Do your sources indicate that this will result in protracted litigation or unrest which will seriously postpone the RV? 

A: No. The people already felt that the election was fixed, and that’s why they didn’t vote. The only one who would challenge that legally would be Maliki because he lost – he’s trying to get Parliament to challenge the election results, but that probably won’t happen. 

Q: Is there anything you’re looking for as a sign the RV will happen? 

A: We are just waiting on the official election results, and we’ve heard that the goal is to have it done by the end of this month. I don’t want to be more specific. 

Q: Would it be possible for Ray or Tony to explain fractional banking? I think it would be a good reminder of what value we will be holding after exchanging for negotiating purposes. 

A: Look up how banks work on the internet. Fractional banking means that whatever you deposit in the bank can be multiplied in terms of what they can then loan out. If you deposit $1,000, they can lend $10,000 at 3-4%. Then they give you 0.5% interest on your $1,000. Let’s say the person borrowing 10K deposits that in the bank – then they make loans of 100K, and get the interest on that. This can go on indefinitely. If I know that they will loan out 100 million on my ten million dollar deposit, I’m going to want to get way more than 0.5% on my deposit! It’s all a big Ponzi scheme, and it keeps going until the bank collapses, gets bailed out by the government, and not one person goes to jail – and they get to keep the money! 

Q: Is Dr Shabibi still involved with the RV since he was one of the architects? 

A: Yes.

Q: How does one have a trust or foundation for a town of 4,000 and remain invisible? I don’t want the attention. The nearest city of more than 4000 is 300,000 and is 100 miles away. 

A: People only know what you tell them. Your neighbors don’t have to be part of the foundation – you can get the officers from elsewhere. My foundation doesn’t have my name, so unless they look it up, they don’t know it has anything to do with me. Go to the bank somewhere else in your region. I can understand that you don’t want every person in town to know your business but you can set it all up elsewhere, and run it from home. 

Q: Has Sadr moved his block to Abadi? 

A: Not yet; the announcement is in 1.5 hours. 

Q: What can we do about racism in the banking system? 

A: Be alert, only sign the NDA if you believe you are getting the best deal, and worst case, ask to talk to someone else. We will post the rates, and you can call the bank to ask what the rates are. If you know that discrimination is going on, make it public and challenge the bank. Together as a group, we can make enough noise if that is happening in any one location. This is the master plan: if the Housing Department sends someone to a rental property or an airbandb, and they are not accepted because of discrimination, they will send a white person to fill out the application and see if that individual is accepted. If you don’t feel it’s right, send in a white friend and see if the bank tells them the same thing… or not. 

RayRen: If you’re not going for the contract rate, wait for 24 hours while we find out what’s going on, then you will know what to expect and will see if it’s correct. 

Q: News from the mosques or vendors? 

A: Nothing so far. 

Q: If the oil rate goes up, the dinar rate goes up? 

A: Yes. Their break point was $45 and we are now around $70, so they are not waiting for oil prices to do this. 

Q: Have you heard anything about the NDA or 800 numbers? 

A: Nothing new. I don’t think we will see this until the last minute. However, ALL the rates should be higher than we’ve been talking about in the last few months.

Live questions 

702 caller: What’s the percentage for this to go by the end of this month? 

Tony: Nobody knows what is going to happen because they don’t know about the coalition yet. However, rates at the bank are higher than they were, and they still think it will go by the end of this month, and they still hope it will be with Abadi in charge of it. Also, I forwarded this information to a contact in Iraq, and he says that the ATMs have not been activated, and the rate is NOT over $4. If this had actually happened, don’t you think I would have told you? 

312 caller: I read an article about Sadr and Hakim (who is the head of the National Alliance). It said that they were forming a coalition/team. 

Tony: I read that same article. They had 7,000 people running for 326 positions. It’s not like elections here, which are ‘first past the post’. Anyone they want to form a coalition with, if they have the numbers, that is what counts. They can easily say “We don’t want Abadi to be PM”, although that is unlikely. They form the coalition first, then decide who they want to put in as PM. 

208 caller: Are you hearing anything regarding prosperity packages? 

Tony: Not for a long time, but I understand they are still there. 

Caller: Is the weekend still the best time for this to go? 

Tony: That is what made sense to me, but I am being told now they don’t care about it being at the weekend anymore – “we’ll do it when we do it”. 

Caller: Should we ask the wealth manager what their annual income is? 

Tony: You can work with your wealth manager, and you can say you only want to work with people who operating at X level, but I don’t see that they would answer questions about their personal salary. If I want a 100 million dollar wealth manager, I’ll ask for three to interview. They are never going to make money at your level, or they wouldn’t be working at the bank, they’d be living off their investments. 

Next caller: Will they have to let the RV go before announcing the election results? 

Tony: It could go at any time – one is not dependent on the other. As soon as we get firm information, we will tweet it out to you, and Ray will be on Open Mic. 

509 caller: Presumably this coalition has already been formed, right? 

Tony: Nope. The election results are being announced in a hour or so. The rumors are that it could be anyone apart from Maliki or Amin, because Sadr doesn’t like them. We don’t know if all this was planned, just like the vote itself. Maybe Sadr was always in place to take votes away from Maliki, so that they would present an all-inclusive coalition. We just don’t know how it will shake out. 

707 caller: What is the difference between traditional and ‘current’ bank accounts? 

RayRen: If you looked them up, then that will tell you the advantages and disadvantages. Then you can decide for yourself. [A current account is just a different name for a checking account.] 

Tony: Do some research and have some idea of what you want before you exchange. God to the bank and have them explain the different accounts to you. 

604 caller: Will Canada have their own 800 numbers?

Tony: Yes, there are two districts, and you’ll go through the same process as in the US. 

281 caller: Will they have to redo all the laws if this doesn’t got through now? 

Tony: No, those stay in place. The price of oil has an impact on the rate, but not laws. 

863 caller: A couple of calls ago, it was suggested that everyone would hae to use the 800 numbers to exchange. My wife and I don’t have much currency… 

Tony: Walk into any bank and ask to exchange. If you have too much for the bank to handle that, they’ll either tell you to call the 800 numbers or make you an appointment with a wealth manager. I think they would prefer you to use the 800 numbers. Some members have told us that their wealth managers have told them to call directly. The 800 numbers are a convenience for those who don’t have direct contacts in the bank. 

512 caller: The possible cap of ten million on dinar contract rate – is that ten million dollars or ten million dinar? 

Tony: I have heard that there IS still a contract rate on the dong as well. 

RayRen: The bank personnel have not been told about any caps; there is no limit as far as they know.

Caller: As for the NDA, do family members still have to sign as well? 

Tony: You can sign off on those family members, but then you have to make very sure you don’t talk to them about rates and amounts. 

Next caller: [didn’t catch the question] 

Tony: That is where you need to negotiate. Some people don’t want to sign an NDA and get contract rates, but they can possibly negotiate higher rates and lower fees, depending on how much currency they have. They have to know that the bank is making a ton of money off the nightly sweeps and fractional banking, and they can use that in negotiation. This is also something that we can continue to discuss in chat and on the forum. 

813 caller: Are the people in Iraq suffering the way they show in television? 

Tony: I have never been to Iraq, but I know people who do live there, and what you see on the television isn’t half as bad as it actually is. 

Closing Statement 

Tony: Being a humanitarian is about making sure Iraq and the people get the benefits from this money, not just us. You’ve seen pictures after hurricanes and other natural disasters – it’s like that every day. There is electricity four hours per day, and most people can’t get clean water. It’s not the life anyone should live with the opportunities they should have when they have more assets than Kuwait, where everyone gets $5,000 per month for no work. We got involved with the war there, and we all got involved so that it would help our economy, but what will it do for Iraq? They are going through much worse than anyone in this phone line. 

Every time they walk home, they can’t be sure they will get back home. Safety and stability are what President Obama wanted for the Iraqi people, as well as the money. They have the same dreams we do for their families and country. In my opinion, we have to look at what got us over there, which we put in charge over there! This will be great for all of us. 

The changes Iraq is making is bringing them into a democracy, and they will change the lives of everyone there. In an hour or so we will know what happened with the elections and have a sense of the new coalition. Every day we will have a complete breakdown. It has to be done by law within 90 days, but I don’t think it will take anything like that long. The only thing they have left to do is to revalue the currency! After the announcement, we will tweet the results. In the meantime, it’s Happy Hour somewhere! 

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

"What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles , 19 MAY

A few days back I received an email request from John R... to help explain what the significance the Zim Bond really is. I have done some post in the past to attempt to convey that understanding. Maybe a few of these older posts will help with a more up to date explanation given after the referenced links.

"Gold as Currency" by Ron Giles - 4.8.​​1​​8

"GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4.3.18​

In this post I explain some terms used on Intel Dinar Chronicles. The Zim is explained as a Bond, a contractual obligation to Redeem at the face value with the redemption Rate being negotiated during your appointment.

The RV or revaluation of depressed currencies is part of the Cabal controlled Fiat financial system. Artificially depressed currencies can be purchased for thousandth of a penny and then make a windfall profit when they are revalued back to their true value. This has gone on for hundreds of years and is a way of profiting on war beyond the sale of war machines and ammunitions. A cruise missile cost $100,000 and only costs a few hundred to make. Yes, they must recover their R & D costs, but that too, is minimal per unit sold. Huge profit, for sure.

The present Revaluation is the end game for these Cabal Governments with knowing public persons jumping on to make a major profit for themselves as well. The revaluation is a major game all by itself and is the reason there are Tiers that were established to accommodate the release of funds. It has evolved to a, play for gain, game and why there is so much, ado about the Dinar on Dinar Chronicles and the whole conference calls thing of dissemination information. It is all about the exchange game of making a profit for Tiers 1 - 3 and eventually the Tier 5 Public. Tiers 1-3 are the major players with contract rates and groups and currencies in the first basket of revalued currencies. Tier 4 is considered the Internet savvy group of individual people that we are a part of. Profit is the major incentive, period. Many say they are using the profits for Humanitarian Projects, but there is a component of justification in there for making a personal profit. It’s a guilty mentality wanting to take care of themselves instead of a Sovereign mentality, which is who we are. As Sovereigns, it is our right and privilege to use this money for anything we want to do, personal things or humanitarian projects. But doing the right Sovereign thing will produce the Humanitarian Projects needing to be done. Then….

Along came the ZIM

The Zim is like a Boeing 747 compared to a speck of dust on your furniture, when comparing a Zim to any revalued currency. They are completely different animals and are meant for different things. The value of the Zim, in conjunction with the Chinese accumulated Gold, was always designed to be used at this time to flood the earth with money. DO NOT worry about the world economy, it will take care of itself. It's all part of the plan. The Zim has been in hiding and tucked very inconspicuously into the Revaluation game with its many gurus and conference calls and was designed this way for a purpose, on purpose. Gurus and conference calls were not meant for the Zim, but many assumed the Zim in their dissemination of exchange information without really understanding the value of the Zim and how it is to be used – it’s just way into overwhelm for most of them. Case in point: when they talk about amounts of money, they talk in millions but never trillions or quadrillions. They've not gone there yet. Just needing to make this distinction between Zim and other currencies is proof of what I am saying.

The Zim has an historic design behind it and is a manifestation of the original plan for mankind at this time. We, as Light-workers, needed this tool to accomplish our purpose for being here at this time and in this incarnation. This may not be realized by many of us, but we will come to know this to be true as we see the resistance to our work fall away like Moses parting the sea. We will be operating at that, Moses level, as we see that we can accomplish a might work and a wonder, far beyond our present understanding and belief system of what we can do. We are Sovereigns and we will need this, tool of the Zim redemption, and the money that will be made available to us. It is our right and our purpose as well as our privilege to serve mankind in this way. We will truly beat the war machines into plowshares for our work. And we will do all things as has been prophesied without limitation. These are exciting times. It is our responsibility to show up in our best dress uniform, prepared to play our A game and assume our position of authority and stewardship as this mantle of God, is placed upon our shoulders. We came here with a fitted holster for this mantle to rest comfortably on our shoulders where it belongs.

Do not be timid, John. Do not be overwhelmed by the amount you receive, including what your precious and beloved friend will receive. We need only to realize we can afford to do anything that needs to be accomplished with money. Ours is the Abundance of God.

Let’s clock in and get started.

With Love and Light

Ron Giles

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 19 2018

Compiled 19 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The following is a compilation of information from the Internet, though it was up the reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

A. May 18 2018 TNT Call 

1. This afternoon, May18, Iraq was due to officially announce their new Dinar rate (said to be above $4).

2. The GCR had started, but the US stopped it and we don’t know why.

B. May 18 2018 12:52 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: Geopolitical GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 18, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. All personnel involved in the RV process were undergoing alignment reevaluation after the last interference. When interference occurred, the entire release process must be restarted for security reasons.

2. The following is a basic understanding of the RV release process, though in reality it was far more complex:

(a) White Hats and HSBC personnel would go over the RV release protocol sequence.

(b) All required RV funds currently in secured accounts would be checked.

(c) Activation triggers would be put into place.

(d) A request for review would be submitted to Alliance parties in charge of the RV to ensure the process was complete and ready for release.

(e) Authorization for release would be given to White Hats and HSBC personnel to activate the triggers.

(f) Activation triggers would then begin systematic fund transfers, which would be monitored by White Hats.

(g) The first set of funds would be transferred into "bait accounts."

(h) If the bait accounts were not interfered with, the RV would begin indefinitely.

(i) If interference was detected, the entire system would be shut down and the process restarted once again.

3. Currently, the release process was being re-started. The RV could be expected any day.

4. Once release authorization was given, release dates were usually given out, or leaked.


C. May 18 2018 10:22 pm EST,: "Hello World" The Office of POOFness - 5.18.18

1. A few Bankers were involved in the Trust Money release and got arrested by the FBI for embezzlement. They were redirecting transfers to other accounts. The software upgrade tracked these shenanigans and they got caught red handed.

2. This delayed the clearance of our funds. They were redirected and temporarily put on hold while the mess was cleared up.

3. Our funds were sent to our Trust Accounts and were just waiting clearance, which would be over the weekend.

4. We will begin our work next week.

5. We received a call from Leo Wanta today May 18. Trump does not need Leo’s trillions he repatriated saying there was enough for reconstruction of the US. That money would be released in the future and used for more projects. See this soon-to-be released trailer of a documentary on corruption in the Federal Reserve, "Eagle One to Wanta": http://eagleonetowanta.com/.


D. May 18 2018 Zim Exchange, Carden:
 DISCUSSION : "The Great ZIM Exchange Debate and my 2 Cents" by Carden, 18 MAY

Lloyd's of London has insured the 100 Trillion dollar note for $0.16 after dropping 6 zeros. That's 16 million for every one hundred trillion ZIM note. This insurance wrap will allow multiple Quad (10 x 100 T=160 M) to be traded in a platform in Hong Kong, for instance.

E. May 18 2018 12:25 pm EST FBI, DOJ Broke Law, Breitbart: Breitbart: Inspector General will Declare FBI, DOJ Broke the Law


Chicano98:  Okay so the elections are in.  Sadr wins... Now what?

Pattycakes77:  We pray that they show us the bloody rate. 

Stephenmac63:  I read those articles that bring clarity and understanding. 
Sadr won the most seats in Parliament with 54.  His block now has the most influence to choose the next Prime Minister.

Iran has always in the past blocked Sadr because he is AGAINST Iranian influence in Iraq.  But this time he won.
Articles are educational.  Did not know election was about seats in parliament.  And then parliament chooses the prime minister.  All is good.


PLEASE ENJOY !!!!!    https://fccdl.in/cinRH6u31a


Salamon69:  Frank, very powerful conference call.  Mirrors in many ways what happened in our country when Obama thought he could continue his legacy thru Clinton, but Trump won bringing corruption to light.

Iran thought they could block Sadr and have Malaki's Dawa party as majority to continue corruption.

But the Lord had different plans.  As our brother KI'm Clement prophesied that he had heard the prayers of Iraqi Christians.  God is bringing the suitable conditions to reinstate.

It all makes sense now.  The dust is settling........

God is piercing to Darkness with Light!


StephenMac63:  For Frank to release Team Chat CC to the KTFA forum is a real treat. Thank you Frank for taking the time out to help educate us.

There we a couple of items that stand out in my mind from the Friday TCCC and not in order of importance were the following:
"Hiccup", tis ok, we have had several hiccups on this travel, the greatest hiccup imo was when Maliki was PM(what a waste of time that was), but he eventually got belched out and there was another hiccup that stopped the financial reforms.....the war with ISIS. Just a couple of gastric burns we needed to deal with.
The other item that stands out is "suitable environment". I know we have the Economic Reform and the Security and Stability of the nation and the Monetary Reform that was re-initiated as soon as Mosul was announced as liberated...but what in the heck was the definition of "suitable environment"?
Ahh, Political Stability, which also needs to root out the obvious corruption in the meantime. As much as I want to be standing in line trying to redefine "nouveau riche", we need Iraq to be stable.
I guess sometimes ya gotta rip off that scab in order to heal.

IMO, of course.

By the way, yes, I did have to google how to spell “nouveau rich” as I have only heard it in sentences throughout life but not quite knowing the actual definition.

It is defined as:  people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste.

Don961:  Al Sadr: Our neighbors are friends, not enemies

May 19 2018 01:17 AM
Al Sadr meets ambassadors of neighboring countries
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, met on Friday with ambassadors of five neighboring countries where both  sides discussed means to boost bilateral cooperation. 

The guests included ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey.

Al Sadr's media office revealed the meeting tackled the historical and cultural ties between Iraq and neighboring countries.

However, the prominent Shia cleric stressed the need for those countries not to interfere within Iraq's internal affairs. 

He added that the ties between Iraq and its neighbors must be based on the principle that "we are friends, not enemies".

Sairun Alliance, which is supported by Al Sdar, won the majority in the Saturday elections.

Don961:  Sadrists, Saraya al-Salam on alert after Soleimani's threats

May 18 2018 03:06 PM
Moqtada al-Sadr
Sadrist Movement and Saraya al-Salam have been on alert on Friday after the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani threatened the movement's leader, Moqtada al-Sadr.

A member of the British House of Lords told BBC News that the United States has ordered Soleimani to leave Iraq immediately, pointing out that the U.S. will not be responsible for the protection of the Iranian official if he decided to stay in Iraq.

Soleimani has a notorious role in the Iraq-Iran War in the 1980s.

In 2012, he fought beside Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad through thousands of terrorists sent to curb the Syrian revolution that erupted in 2011.

Moreover, he has a strong political clout in Iraq, Syria and other countries. It is widely thought he controls the political scene in Iraq.    link