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So the elections are over, we did not get the reinstatement prior to. So now the new government is not yet formed. Will the CBI wait the entire 90 day process of forming the government (August) before moving to reinstate the currency? 

The Iraq elections are over. As we all should know the parliamentary elections were supposed to be run last November 2017, but due to ISIS they were postponed and combined with the presidential elections (Prime minister, speaker and president) on May12th. So far with most votes counted, a bloc headed by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and another led by a militia leader are ahead, voting officials are quoted as saying.

 They suggest Mr Abadi's governing alliance is running third. So did former PM Abadi win the elections? I am hearing his alliance by itself did not win however the way the election works, al-Abadi might still get to serve a second term and be appointed prime minister. This may be done by combining votes to the winning bloc. The winning bloc decides the candidate who will actually be the prime minister.

We know that the religious cleric al-Sadr does not want to run the country as prime minister. He ran for office in a political gesture in order to take votes away from the other alliances. So Al-Sadr seems to have been successful in his tactic to hoard the votes and so now his bloc may get to choose the next prime minister. We suspect that al-Sadr will do this, but he has not yet made his announcement so it is not yet over until it’s over. So hang and in and let’s see how this all plays out today. I repeat it is not yet all official. 

The judiciary still must also ratify the results to ensure nothing is fishy and all is proper.
Once the new Prime Minister is selected and all is deemed legal, the prime minister-designate has 30 days to put together a cabinet and present it to parliament for approval. Parliament must approve the government program and each individual minister in separate absolute majority votes. If the prime minister-designate fails to put together a governing coalition after 30 days, or if parliament rejects the prime minister designates proposed cabinet, the president must nominate another candidate within 15 days.

We will form new coalition with Victory Alliance: Saairun Alliance
Saairun Alliance announced on Tuesday that it will form a new coalition with Prime Minister, Haider Abadi’s Victory Alliance.
Saairun candidate, Raed Fahmi, said in a statement that the alliance will cooperate with the political blocs that want to implement governmental reforms, stressing that these blocs must be free of any corrupt figures.

“If we are asked about the bloc that will form the new coalition with us, the victory alliance will be probably the closest”, Fahmi added.
On May 12, Iraqi people made their way to the poll stations to cast their ballots in the country’s first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS terrorist group in December 2017.
Saairun Alliance won the most number of seats in the upcoming parliament.

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98



MilitiaMan:  Article:” General about the mechanism of reform of the pay system”

We are seeing more evidence that the process is being executed. ATMS are the theme I see. Don't forget they talk about the Foreign Currency sales down again as well..

I also see a theme in 2s. Apparently those numbers are relevant. For me lately they have been popping up everywhere.. Just like the 111s. We recently saw where Sadr didn't go to 2 areas of the north for campaigning, Abadi may have those 2 seats.

Ramadan was put back 2 days by two major Religious bodies, the Elections are to be done within 2 days. 2 articles on ATMs? lol Interesting, but beyond the numbers, the information shows us progress and in a big way. As WS suggests, not all is what it appears.. Not necessarily a bad thing.  Imo ~ MM



Walkingstick:  The Central Bank prevents the entry of an Iraqi bank from the auction of currency after a US decision

The Central Bank of Iraq decided to stop the Islamic Bank of Iraq after the decision of the US Treasury Board.

"As the country's nominal bank and its chairman [Aaras Habib Abdul Karim] are listed on the [US Assets Control Bureau] list and based on international agreements [OFAC] 

signed by the side, In order to maintain the integrity of the financial and banking system in Iraq decided to take precautionary measures to stop the bank from entering into the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency, and the reservation on all accounts of the bank and the accounts of the Chairman of the Board referred to him raised and felt those accounts. 

The US Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed sanctions on financial institutions and individuals in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon as part of the re-imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Republic following the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

In a statement, the ministry imposed sanctions on the Islamic Bank of Iraq and its director, Aras Habib, for helping the Iranian Quds Force to use the banking sector to transfer funds to Hezbollah. 

Secretary General of the National Congress Party (NCP) and bank chief Aras Habib confirmed that he had conclusive evidence that refuted the "fabrications" of the US Treasury Department after being classified on the terrorism list.

Iobey77:  Thank you, Sir! Good to see the CBI standing with the US and against supporting terrorists! IMO, this is a good thing!

BlessedOne:  Definitely helping secure Iraq's financial borders!!  Another powerful step, in the present and future democratic direction!!!

Aggiedad77:  Great strength in cooperation here.....at least a cooperative effort from the looks of things.....and it shows how the CBI is not taking kindly to how some of these banks are funding questionable operations....under the watchful eye of the UST.....good work...IMO.

Boxman:  really starting to put the squeeze on the Iranian ability to transfer funds...great news  

MilitiaMan:  Kinda Boxed em in.. lol Wait or should I say out? lol Once on the OFAC list it has lasting repercussions that are not easy to undo. We all know where Iraq was in time past and yes On the OFAC list, to be no longer.. It took time, security and stability to do that.. imo Yes a very good thing and all part of the squeeze play we see now.. imo ~ MM




Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Just when I thought I wouldn’t have to talk about Iraq anymore they are back.

There is some real interesting stuff what has been going on in Iraq over the last 4 or 5 days. Their election for Prime Minister was Saturday. They were going to be able to start voting as early as 7am local time, Baghdad time on Saturday.

Prior to that about like 4 days prior to the Election Day, they were busy, the military and some of the other people who were chosen, to help set up billboards and increased the number of billboards in Iraq to almost 8,000 in all 17 Provinces.

They added a number of static billboards already and they added a number of digital billboards to that number and came up with just under 8,000 total. You say So What.

Bruce: What was on the digital billboards was pictures of the lower denominations and let’s go to the digital billboards first.
The digital billboards pictures of the lower denominations and they also had a rate of the dinar as compared to the US Dollar.

The individual pictures of the lower denominations currency of the new dinar also had a value for each denomination whether it was a 5, 10, 20, etc. It had a relative value in US Dollars.

So someone could look up and say Hey, we got a new value for our dinar and there it is and it is compared to the US Dollar. What is interesting about this it took 3 to 4 days to get this all together and set this up all over Iraq.

The morning of the voting about 5am or 2 hours before the voting would start on Saturday, the Baghdad Province billboards were revealed. They were exposed where people could see that the dinar had value and they could see the value of it before they voted. So they knew under Abadi the dinar had revalued. They waited until almost the last minute. I do not know why, but they did.

Bruce: What is interesting is the next day which was Sunday morning at 5am local Baghdad time, they revealed all of the billboards throughout the country. So it means in all of the 17 Provinces all the billboards were revealed so all could see it.

Also at that time which was Sunday, the first business day of the week over there, they were able to begin to use the ATM machines, and see the lower denominations and have it up and running. Where that was sort of the big reveal so the people would know the value and the rate in country, evidently it still hasn’t been put out for the international world to know it yet which is wild. We thought that was pretty much the end of it.

Bruce: We know what the rate is. We know that all the rates populated back on the screens as of Sunday night on the bank screens. So then when they came in Monday morning they had rates. That was yesterday morning. We all thought we are ready to go.

We are ready to get started. Remember this: yesterday what was really significant was you remember when the US Embassy in Jerusalem was made known and you all seen the coverage of that on the news. It was made known. It was announced. Our President Trump made a video announcement that was played at that particular celebration yesterday where Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke.

Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, was there and a number of dignitaries were there. Ivanka Trump was there and Jared was there. All of that was happening.

Bruce: What was significant about it for us and we understood it today, Tuesday, that yesterday when that Presidential speech was played on video that was our start for what we are looking for with the GCR to be revealed around the world.

Even though we talk about a shot gun start, which those of you that play golf, it is a gold term that means when everybody lines up tees off on 18 different holes with their 4 person team, when a gun or pistol shot they all start at the same time.

They start playing at the same time. We have used that term shot gun start for quite awhile regarding our start for being paid out or being exchanged or redeemed in terms of the Zim for years and years. What I am saying is it appears what is happening we had that start effectively yesterday morning. We are in the process now of waiting for our turn again.

Bruce: What has been happening is there has been a lot of money moving again especially today around the globe. In a very real sense the shot gun start started in Hong Kong, Zurich, London, and here with Pay Masters’ accounts being fully liquid and with some Pay Masters having already paid out the start of some of the groups.

There is quite a bit of activity going on everywhere. We as Tier 4 are pretty much lined up to go I would say shortly, because everything we are hearing and I have people with several hours to go let’s say which would put us in the middle of night.

Then we also have people talking about putting us receiving our toll free numbers within 48 hours of this morning. We have a range of things being told. It is quite possible we can go anytime in the next couple of days we are getting.

We don’t have to wait out necessary the two days. It is within those 48 hours. We are not trying to call it. I am just trying to say it seems based on everything I am getting we are finally ready.
Bruce: There were conference calls toward the end of last week. There was one on Saturday that was a big one between all the Tier 1 Banks, Tier 2 Banks that had currency exchange locations. HSBC, Wells Fargo, and the Treasury were represented. It went about 2.5 hours.

They were going over final protocols and procedures and discussing all of that. They actually had another call on Sunday. Now yesterday on Monday there was a meeting that lasted almost 12 hours. It started around 10am and finished around 9:30pmlast night east coast time. It was in 3 different sections.

This meeting was like in 3 parts. This was basically the information that was coming out a little bit today about it. It hard to know exactly what was discussed, but we believe certain issues like taxation that was solved in our favor. That was really positive. I just think everything is moving along with good speed right now.

Bruce: When it comes to what we are looking for of course they had a check or two of my phone number so I can be called with the information and the Toll free numbers when they are to be given. I understand that information has been checked and rechecked. Some people in certain groups have been notified already and verified their currency amounts. That is a good positive thing moving forward.

I think we are getting to the point we should be getting excited again. People say have we been here before? No we haven’t. We thought we were there forever. For the last two to three months we have been hearing a lot about this we are. I know I said it a lot, but I really think that the time has come where everything has been agreed upon and we are moving forward. I really believe we are.

Bruce: The proximity looks really good. There has been some discussion about Iraq with the election. Al-Sadr did really well, but we believe what his intention is to do is secede his power over to Abadi’s coalition let’s call it for him to take the position of Prime Minister again in Iraq.

But to do that al-Sadr wants the assurance that the RV is completely done in Iraq which means the rate needs to be put out and there is a time frame for that. I think that we all know that and they are looking forward to have that complete and then the election results may reflect that. We will see how that goes.

Bruce: As far as I can tell the program that we are under with the receiving of this toll free number for Tier 4 is lined up and set and ready to go. I think that what I am looking forward to is letting the people know at the Redemption Center what our humanitarian project efforts are going to be like.

I have been working in the last couple of weeks to get that established with structures and ready to build that. We are ready. I am excited to work with the veterans with the Veterans Retreat Network and also with Rebuild America. I know another thing we are going to need to work on and I want you guys to be thinking about this.

Bruce: We are going to need a lot of people that are working in the area of the building trades. We will need to see what kind of trade schools are going to be available to take students that are ready for that type of career and probably create scholarships for a lot of them so they can get in the trade schools and get trained on some of these trades that we are going to need, the building trades.

We are going to need people all over the country. I think there is going to be sort of a lack of that all over the country since the unemployment rate is so low around the country. We are down to 4 percent. Anything under 5% is considered full employment. We are looking really good.
Bruce: We are going to need to get our mentorship program up and running especially in the inner city. Also our apprenticeship program directly tied to the trades. We will be working with the trade schools. We might have to open our own trade schools, and we are also going to have apprenticeship with young people and older people alike, 18 years and older to go in there and try to scholarship them and get them trained.

Also on the job training as well so when they do get in there if they find they can be a plumber or electrician helper and do that a couple of hours or what works out for them with their schedule, we can compensate them for that. They can be compensated to be on the job learning as they go. That is what I want to see around the country. That is kind of what my mindset is for Rebuild America. I know I only touched on it. There is going to be a lot of information we will put out when the time is right.

Bruce: For right now everybody needs to focus and be ready. When it does happen and we do get the numbers, we will put them out on both of our websites and a few other places online. I know Bob will send out emails if you are on our new website:bigcalluniverse.com, if you are registered on that site, you will get an email with the numbers that will apply to you.

We should have two toll free numbers for the United States, and then 3 different bank numbers for Canada.

I do not know at this point if there is a number for Mexico. If I was in Mexico I would try to get in touch with an HSBC Bank. That is what I am getting so far. The 3 numbers in Canada are and this is what I understand, one for Royal Bank of Canada, one for Scotia Bank and one for Toronto Dominion Bank. That will be the theory I believe. That is what I have been told.

Bruce: That is all I really want to bring to you tonight. I am getting a few calls coming in and I want to check to see what that is. Thank you Big Call listeners all over the globe into Big Call Universe. Thank you everybody for listening in again and we got it done under an hour and we appreciate you. Thank you everybody. Thank you Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven. Thank you everybody. Good Night everybody. Get some sleep tonight.





So seems the people trusted Sadr more than Abadi

He's backing Abadi so all is still good to me…Sadr is backing Abadi as long as Abadi finishes the MR. Just got to wait to see what that is, hopefully Friday.

Sadr was big on confronting corruption in the government, so we should see more action on this front.

Bruce said Sadr was waiting on Abadi to RV before announcing him as Prime Minister. Whether true or not, I like the idea.

Muslims follow a lunar calendar, and a moon-sighting methodology can lead to different countries declaring the start of Ramadan a day or two apart. Religious authorities in Egypt and Syria both declared the fast would begin Thursday.

Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations, like Indonesia, declared Ramadan would not begin Wednesday based on a moon-sighting methodology. That means the month of dawn-to-dusk fasting will most likely begin Thursday. LINK

Bloomberg: Hands Tied and Swords Bent, Emerging Markets Battle the Dol​lar



DR. CLARKE (5-16-18):


We said over a month ago many times, that Iraq would NOT substantially raise the value of the Dinar Officially & Publicly, BEFORE the Elections - while Everyone Else said the exact opposite.

Well, we got another one Right. Again.

You want FACTS? That’s a Fact. Jack.

We’ve also been telling you the HUGE IMPORTANCE of North Korea, for 2 years, over & over. Now, you SEE what we’ve been talking about, and WHY it’s so important in you getting paid SUBSTANTIALLY, on your Currency Investment, with Iraq & Vietnam.

REGIONAL PEACE, especially in the Far East, affects your Vietnam Dong currency, as well as, China, and the connections both China & N. Korea have to ISIS, Iran & Syria in the Middle East REGIONS. Do you “SEE” yet? 
2 years ago, we also told you to RUN FROM IRAN’S RIAL currency, when most others were saying, “Hurry up and get it”, after the idiotic Iran Nuclear deal. What a mistake that was. Now you SEE “Why”. We got another one Right. Again.

From our LAST POST 5-2-18 (LINK), we said: 

“There is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet - until AFTER the election - that will determine the timing of this event.”

Now we can tell you. THE EVENT we spoke of, is the MERGING of Sadr & Abadi & their groups, to INSURE that Iraq continues on it’s positive growth track, apart from major Iranian & Terroristic influence and control - CREATING AN EVEN STRONGER & MORE STABLE IRAQ THAN BEFORE. Even if Sadr ends up with more votes, he CANNOT become Prime Minister, because he did not run for a seat. THEY KNEW THIS THE WHOLE TIME…..even the people VOTING FOR HIM KNEW THIS - and STILL voted for him. Either way, Abadi will eventually continue in Power. And By the Way, all the Official Votes are not in yet - AND DON’T BELIEVE THE LYING MEDIA IN IRAQ, ABOUT ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY AN ELECTION.

Abadi may still have more votes and be the clear winner. But in any event, the country will be MUCH more Stable, Secure & Stronger, now that the public is officially supporting a Sadr - Abadi alliance & merge. 

When we said a month ago, that the U.S. would protect it’s investment (7 Trillion dollars)……..THAT’S WHAT WE MEANT……Nobody is rigging the election. They ALREADY KNEW the overall sentiment of the people, and used it to their advantage WITH A PLAN, bringing Sadr into the forefront picture, for a much stronger Iraq. “THEY”, meaning all those opposed to Iran. Use your imagination. Genius.

The UN, IMF, U.S. (and the World), would NOT let Iraq move their currency BEFORE the elections, because there was still a slim risk that, if something went wrong, Iraq would suddenly be headed right back into the horrible place it just came from, over the past few years - Controlled by Terrorists, backed primarily by Iran. They’re Protecting they’re Long-Term Financial Interests, in Iraq, and in the REGION…….in an “IL-LOGICAL” Way. 

That’s why 3 weeks ago, we said, “Abadi has already WON the election”.
As of the time of this writing today, Abadi has not officially been declared having won the election, nor has there been an announcement who the NEW PM of Iraq will be - WE BELIEVE ABADI WILL CONTINUE, only stronger now with the Public Support of Sadr & Crew…..and that’s WHY, Abadi didn’t even campaign and push his bid for re-election much, in the first Place. 

Sing with Us - SADR. SADR. SADR…..with ABADI, ABADI, ABADI…..

Did you know, JESUS walked on Water? Resurrected several people from the Dead? Turned Water to Wine? Fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves & 2 Fish?
God-Spirit-Universe-Source, IS and always WILL BE, “IL-LOGICAL”.

The Flood. Parting the Red Sea. 10 Plagues of Egypt, Earth’s Perfect Orbit, Life on other Planets, Trillions of stars in the Sky……need we go on?

Those who LOOK, will “SEE”.
JESUS is NOT the only Master to ever walk the earth.

YOU, my friend, are a Master. YES, YOU! ALL OF YOU……as JESUS accurately stated: “YOU will do Works, Greater than I”.

……and while you’re at it get busy to, “LOVE your Enemies”, which he also said, is necessary.

NOW, back to our Regularly scheduled program……

When the CBI a few weeks ago, said they were “Ready & just waiting for a SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT” ……What the CBI TRULY MEANT, was “We need to wait and MAKE SURE the right Prime Minister & his Groups - his PEEPS - is in Place, BEFORE we Publicly & Officially change the currency.”…….all because the UN, IMF & U.S. made sure of it. They do not want another Saddam Hussein disaster, which could otherwise escalate very rapidly, with one of the OTHER candidates making Prime Minister in power, bringing strong Iranian influence into their future. This had to be GUARANTEED NOT TO HAPPEN - ONLY AFTER THE ELECTION - NOT BEFORE……..and NO, the Election was NOT Rigged. They already knew the overwhelming sentiment and direction things were heading…….Waaaaaay IN ADVANCE. 

We got another one Right. Again.

They will RV - “Revalue” the Dinar, which means they will assign a BRAND NEW SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED VALUE to it. Actually right now, they change it almost daily anyway, as it fluctuates up & down already, so the words, “Substantial Increase” is the kicker. RI or Reinstatement really isn’t accurate at all, because they are not going back to Anything - especially an EXACT OLD Rate, when it was Devalued by the U.N., IMF sanctions. The only accuracy that RI or Reinstatement might have, is if you want to apply it to, if it’s Officially Internationally Traded and on the World Markets, like BEFORE, PREVIOUSLY - which OFFICIALLY has NOT yet been declared (talked about, but not Official), even though they are UNOFFICIALLY doing some International type things with it quietly, and without Fanfare - FOR A REASON…….which the UN & IMF is well aware of, on Purpose, to accomplish more important things, up to this point. 

This will be a Brand New Rate, that perhaps has NEVER been seen before - qualifying as an RV or Revalued number.

Not that ANY of these definitional semantics even matter - RI or RV…..unless of course, you’re counting Chickens.

HOWEVER, one thing is certain - NOW, THE MONEY CAN FLOW.
One other side note, as to the timing for “AFTER THE ELECTION”, that needed to occur, was the U.S. Embassy in Israel, Officially being moved to Jerusalem. THAT had to happen Monday the 14th, AFTER the Elections, due to the major Uprisings, unrest, death & destruction, that was sure to happen - Which it did - Dozens killed, hundreds injured. This Event needed to be “Out of the Way”, in the Middle East, as well - BEFORE Iraq would substantially move it’s currency. 

WE HOPE these “IL-LOGICAL” FACTS are making you Happy. FACTS…….or is it Opinions?

Facts…..Opinions……Opinions…….Facts. Won’t you be glad when All this @#%&! is over with!

NOW……….WE SAID this in our last POST 5-2-18: 

“You’re going to get slung all over the place, like never before, in the month of MAY.  Just hang in there, and “Go With it”. It cannot be Logically figured out.”

Remember? Well, that’s EXACTLY what’s been happening…….and MAY is not over YET.

FOR ALL YOU Haters, Doubters, LOGICAL Thinkers, Negative, Faith Losers, “Glass is Half Empty”…..GENIUSES - We’ve been saying THIS, since the beginning of APRIL: 
“MAY 2018”.

THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE is on the Plate, and about to Occur: 

Sometime between May 25 - May 31st, Iraq (CBI) will substantially increase the Value, of their Dinar Currency……and ALL the Floodgates will blow open. (Yes, Ruby Slippers, we believe the VN Dong will also be triggered within 24 hrs. of the Dinar, with a New Substantial Rate Value, as well)

There won’t be any Advance Warning. No Special Intel leaked from the CBI, U.S. Treasury, Bankers, printed Articles, Newscasts, Mosque’s, Street People with tennis shoes on the ground, Store owners, Government Officials, Scrolling headlines or footnotes, Grandma’s..…..NOTHING. There won’t be any Auctions shutting down right before, or Dealers cutting off Currency sales right before, or ATM’s blinking saying “Stop in tomorrow & pick up your New Lower currency - Get it while it’s Hot!”…….NONE of this will happen in Advance.


The Rate will CHANGE FIRST………THEN, SOME of this stuff will happen, After the Fact, including the Announcements & Articles…….
However, YOU won’t give a Rip about ANY OF IT BY THEN! 
You’ll be 100% Focused on the “INSANITY” of the Exchange Chaos taking place, and what you’re going to do next…..while tracking the Forex Market Rates, as it moves up & down.

YES……..and Right in the MIDDLE OF RAMADAN.

We know……it’s “IL-LOGICAL”.
(HEY, we highly recommend that everyone, STOP LOOKING BACK at “What Was”, as early as Yesterday - and START LOOKING FORWARD every day, at “What Will Be”. 
Do you really Like SPINNING BACKWARDS ALL THE TIME? Evidently, because 9 outta 10 postings on this site and others, is all about the PAST!
Get out of the PAST, and get into Right NOW…….which is your Future NOW.
What happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago - IS NOT TODAY, and WILL NOT BE TOMORROW.
Every Day is Brand New Territory - ESPECIALLY with these Investments.
IT’S A VERY VERY BAD HABIT…….that doesn’t help you or anyone else…….especially your Health. It’s very TOXIC to your cells. VERY!…….according to Doctors.....at least, that's what Dr. Clarke hears.)

NOW, again……back to our Regularly schedule Program. Again……

We also know, that this does NOT have to happen over a Weekend, even though the Last Weekend in MAY, is a 3-Day weekend, here in the U.S. with Memorial Day. That has NOTHING to do with the timing, despite over the past few years all the talk, about Long Weekends, Markets being closed, Weekend Bank days, Getting a head start, and all kinds of other “Jibber Jabberish” similar to the widespread, inaccurate LOGIC, over the past month of, “It’s going to happen BEFORE the elections. NO, it DID NOT……even with the Majority out there saying it would......except us, of course.

IN FACT, we like a WEEK DAY, such as Monday May 28th or Tuesday29th….or maybe Thursday the 31st…..just as good as any other time……because as you already know, we’re NOT LOGICAL. 
We’re “IL-LOGICAL” to our core!

IRAQ WILL PICK THE RIGHT DAY, and in fact, it’s probably been in Que already, for a very long time…….now that they Know, “Which Way the Wind is Blowing”, regarding the imminent new PM & Company…….and just to be Clear - EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be Totally Complete government structure-wise or Law-wise…….THEY (UN, IMF, U.S.) just wanted to make sure the “Wind was Blowing in the RIGHT Direction”, i.e.: Abadi, Sadr - vast Majority (Suitable Environment)…..and with no major Terrorist uprisings, even during the Elections - which is a Miracle in itself……this has shown the World investors & partners, including World governments, something important about the true Safety & Security of Iraq, in modern day - which is a huge “Positive”, in support of their upcoming Substantial Currency Revalue, Financial & Economic Reform completions. - GIVING EVERYONE A SOLID CONFIDENCE.

MAY 25 - 31st. Those are our Dates…….just like we said Initially a month & a half ago, in our April 4-4-18 POST, “LATER, rather than Sooner” in MAY……AFTER the Election, not BEFORE, just like we accurately stated over a MONTH AGO on April 4, 2018.

Everything Happened, as we described. 


Are we Clear? 
ARE………WE..…..CLEAR? (In the words of Jack Nicholson - “A Few Good Men”)
How did Tom Cruise reply to Jack? _______________.
(Love that part of the movie)


We like the Odds……

All In our Carefully orchestrated, loosely Spiritual, Free-Will slinging, Fact Sizzling - Opinions, Beliefs, Viewpoints, Thoughts & Malarkey.

Dr. Clarke
P.S. If you’re LOGICAL, you’ll say, “It can't happen till June, July, August, September, October, November, December, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024……Never.” 

……just like the LOGICAL geniuses, back in the day, that said, “NOBODY can walk on Water. Nobody. That’s just not possible. Because IN THE PAST, that’s NEVER happened before.
......and in modern day, with Trump becoming President.
……that’s WHY, we’re……… “IL-LOGICAL”.

Open Your EYES…….Come out of the Darkness……into the Light……and truly “SEE”.

It’s IMPORTANT NOW, to be like FOREST GUMP, sitting on the Front Porch, waiting patiently, quietly & assuredly…..Waiting on the Signal. Waiting until the time is RIGHT……Waiting on God/Spirit/Universe/Source to say “GO NOW!”……to Blast off on a 3 year run around the World, with 100% Focus, so to Speak - just like Forest did - AT THE RIGHT TIME. 
EVERYTHING always worked out for FOREST. EVERYTHING.

Because he always LISTENED. He always WAITED. He always followed his own HEART. THEN, he Moved QUICKLY, with 100% Commitment.

It won’t be a Whisper……

Can you HEAR it?…….

One Last Thing……



“MAY 2018”.

Current GCR/RV Intel Summary from R104525 , 16 MAY


1. Redemption liberated: Restored house, land of the just Jerusalem recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

2. Redemption is the act or effect of redeeming or redeeming, which means deliverance, rehabilitation, salvation. It is the act of acquiring again,

3. The Israeli government affirms and reaffirms its position: "Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people 3,000 years ago and the capital of Israel 70 years ago." This applies to all of Jerusalem,

4. Important geopolitical issues were reached on 14 May.

5. With the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel yesterday (May 14), RELEASE for Tiers payments worldwide was given.

6. RV, start !! Who said that in RV - L / SC?

7. When all levels are paid the RV (Revaluation of the dollar in ballast gold) will be released or announced.

8. Tier 4 in Reno paying today - not liquid

9. Multiple sources have claimed that RV has arrived and that 800 free numbers should be released at any time.

"May our efforts defy impossibilities, remember that the great things of man were conquered from what seemed impossible."

R104525 / INTEL

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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

WOW! What a week shaping up after the Iraqi elections. An unexpected candidate once again makes it to the top. Reminds me of the 2016 US elections. Is this de-javu or what? Something mysterious is at work here….could this be a divine power?

So the results are in from the “formal” election process: the “Sadrist movement” will get to nominate the next prime minister under Al-Sadr’s terms. Now we have to move towards the final “official” results which could take a week or more.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet to him on Twitter, and followed by Mawazine News:

"We are wiser and (patriotic) to be (the will) of the people our demand and build a new generation and to witness (change) Iraq, and we will be (Baghdad) the capital and let (our movement) (democratic) towards the establishment of a patriarchal government (cadres) technocrats do not have a party. "

So you know Al-Sadr objectives in finding a candidate that fits these qualities. Does Abadi fits these goals?

Abadi said in a televised speech and I quote from the article:

"We express our readiness to cooperate in forming the most powerful government free of corruption and quotas,"

"One of the priorities of the government is to be free of corruption, priorities that we have given a large part of them."

And we also know that Abadi supported a technocratic cabinet of ministers from 2014-2018 in his current administration.

So there are no other candidates that have these qualities and have already shown the willingness to implement them. How likely is it that Al-Abadi will be the next prime minister?

So this may even be a carefully per-planned conspiracy to ensure that al-Abadi gets back in to the power seat, since we can clearly see he fits the bill for Al-Sadr and his goals. We also know that these men have been meeting and al-Sadr has been campaigning for al-Abadi. But we don’t know if this was actually a well thought out plan or it is just turning out that way. Who really cares anyhow? What difference does it make as long as al-Abadi gets back in to power. I think this will happen.

So just recently are witnessing a rapid movement from the coalition Fatah (Hadi al-Amiri ) and the rule of law (Nuri al-Maliki) towards achieving the majority necessary to form the next government IN EXCHANGE FOR TWO IMPORTANT CONCESSIONS allow the President of the coalition victory, Haider al-Abbadi, the prime minister for a second term.

Remember – We don’t know for sure what these two (2) concessions are but we can assume that they are:

1)to continue with a policy of support to the overall economic and financial reforms (could mean also the reinstatement of the currency by the CBI) and

2)the movement of forming a technocratic government and the elimination corruption. Yes, this finally means going after the top-level politicians involved in this corruption. Folks read my lips VERY carefully on what I am going to say next – Al-Sadr wants the head of Nori al-Maliki in a noose…enough said…...

Again I am telling everyone that this list of 1,000 arrest warrants is still pending and al-Abadi did say he would hold off until after the elections to go after them. Remember the article? It also said that prime minister was involved and he too would be subjected to an arrest warrant like the rest of them. Was he just throwing around political promises or was he stating his actual goals? Well….I think perhaps al-Sadr is going to make sure these past statements turn out to be actual goals. Just saying…..loo…lol..lol..

What do you think these two concessions might be, if not these?

More news….

I know for a FACT that Frank26 and TNT Tony both read and use my contents of my Newsletter in part and sometimes for their entire conference calls. Really, I do not care if they even give me recognition. Since my Newsletter is published much sooner than theirs and so how in hell can I copy them? If it’s all FACTUAL and HONEST news then who really cares anyhow? Let’s all just work together to bring the REAL news to the people in this dinar community. This should be the goals of everyone. Unfortunately is has not been their main goal in the past but I am always hopeful.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


Policy 2018/05/14

Baghdad today – follow-up

A spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement Salah al-Obeidi said that the current supporter of the Alliance, which won the highest votes does not insist on naming a candidate for prime minister, while referring to the existence OF A SINGLE CONDITION IN EXCHANGE FOR SUPPORTING THE NOMINATION OF HAIDER AL-ABBADI TO HEAD THE NEXT GOVERNMENT.

(Mnt Goat – this condition is NOT the RV as TNT Tony has said. How can someone lie to your face? This is a darn out lie by Tony. Go read this article yourself. The condition he is referring to is the continuance in the fight against corruption.)

Al-Obeidi said in a television interview (Baghdad today) that “there is no problem in the nomination of Abadi to head the next government if he made pledges according to specific schedules in exchange for his support for the prime minister, ” adding that ” Do not belong to parties and lead their positions away from the pressure of their masses. ”

He pointed out that “there is no major list is locked in the way to form the next government,” noting that “lists that HAVE A METHODOLOGY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION are large lists and not small.”

He said that “the voting in the Iraqi elections of 2018, the rejection of previous figures, and the results of the previous elections”

Sadr spokesman: We will agree to re-nominate Abadi prime minister in exchange for the fulfillment of this condition

(Mnt Goat – so here it is again – the one condition is the elimination of corruption not the RV. Get it! NOT the RV. I wish TNT Tony would stop lying to you)

Policy 2018/05/14 

Baghdad today – follow-up

A spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement Salah al-Obeidi said that the current supporter of the Alliance, which won the highest votes does not insist on naming a candidate for prime minister, while referring to the EXISTENCE OF A SINGLE CONDITION IN EXCHANGE FOR SUPPORTING THE NOMINATION OF HAIDER AL-ABBADI TO HEAD THE NEXT GOVERNMENT.

Al-Obeidi said in a television interview (Baghdad today) that “there is no problem in the nomination of Abadi to head the next government if he made pledges according to specific schedules in exchange for his support for the prime minister, ” adding that ” DO NOT BELONG TO PARTIES AND LEAD THEIR POSITIONS AWAY FROM THE PRESSURE OF THEIR MASSES. ”

He pointed out that “there is no major list is locked in the way to form the next government,” noting that “lists that have a methodology in the fight against corruption are large lists and not small.”

He said that “the voting in the Iraqi elections of 2018, the rejection of previous figures, and the results of the previous elections”

(Mnt Goat – so in BOTH articles, NOTHING is even talked about as far as REFORMS or RV or RI. Where does TNT TONY get off lying to everyone?)

Just More lies-

Iraqi dinar exchange is non-taxable in US.


I could not have said this any better….it may have changed somewhat under the new Trump Tax laws but certainly it is still being taxed. Read my lips – there is NO Tax Treaty on this, as Tony refers to. Where in hell does he get his lies from? Who is making this stuff up?

There is ABSOLUTELY no government agency that is going to tell Tony classified information without having to deal with the penalties for leaking sensitive information, especially after this Hillary Clinton email scandal. Get it? So either this is all just more of the same bullshit lies or the FBI should be quickly called in to start an investigation on this leak. So which is it? Oh, Tony is not worried and do you know why? Because is all made up lies anyhow. Get it?


The United States has tax treaties with a number of foreign countries. Under these treaties, residents (not necessarily citizens) of foreign countries are taxed at a reduced rate, or are exempt from U.S. taxes on certain items of income they receive from sources within the United States. These reduced rates and exemptions vary among countries and specific items of income. Under these same treaties, residents or citizens of the United States are taxed at a reduced rate, or are exempt from foreign taxes, on certain items of income they receive from sources within foreign countries. Most income tax treaties contain what is known as a "saving clause" which prevents a citizen or resident of the United States from using the provisions of a tax treaty in order to avoid taxation of U.S. source income.

If the treaty does not cover a particular kind of income, or if there is no treaty between your country and the United States, YOU MUST PAY TAX ON THE INCOME IN THE SAME WAY AND AT THE SAME RATES SHOWN IN THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE APPLICABLE U.S. TAX RETURN.

So I looked up on the IRS site myself to see if any treaty was did cover this exchange of the currencies. Let me get this straight for everyone right now. 

TNT Tony and others are telling you there is a “treaty”. So if there are 7 currencies that are all going to RV at once and they are all exempt from taxation then there has to be 7 separate treaties with the US Govt. So then let’s look up to see if there are such treaties.

Simply once on the IRS site from link above then click on 

United States Income Tax Treaties A to Z link on the right side.

Try to find a tax treaty for each of the 7 currencies you are being told will RV in the first basket. Can you find them? Only one is found for Indonesia and it is not applicable to what we are doing anyhow. So in conclusion these treaties DO NOT NOW EXIST.

So the question is will some treaty be in effect soon then that will apply to us? Again, I am told by an IRS agent a BIG FAT NO! Can it get any clearer than this? You are being lied to!

Folks – these are the scams with the Iraqi dinar and those telling you these stories are the scammers….get it?

I keep harping on these scam issues over and over again because they ARE IMPORTANT. Many of you are just blowing this information off, like it’s old news and so who cares. I am telling you to take each of these scams I am presented and clearly study and look into them instead of just accepting them with a blind eye because you “trust” some guru you listen to. Don’t take my word on it, research these scams for yourself. I only try to help you open your eyes and stop being so blind.



(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the readiness to cooperate to build and form a government free of corruption and subject to agendas foreign agendas.

He said in a televised address to the Iraqi people: "The Iraqis have presented the best image in their defense of their country and their sanctities. Over the past four years, they have overcome the most serious challenges and conquered the impossible. At the same time, they continued their distinguished democratic experience. After facing the greatest existential challenge, Iraq remained strong, and united and kept his banner fluttering on the land of Mesopotamia, and thus proud and proud and proud of every Iraqi jealous. "

He added that "since the first day of this government in 2014, we have prioritized the liberation of the land of Iraq and the prevention of expansion to the rest of the provinces, and worked to achieve security and stability and end sectarianism among Iraqis and remove barriers and differences between the people of one people and unite their efforts to face the threat of terrorism and prevent division and loss, Just around the corner ".

"We have endeavored with every effort and dedication to be a strong and respected state in its regional and international environment and to be free of corruption and abhorrent quotas, the priorities that we have given the most important and the most important part of which we have endeavored to achieve the rest of our declared goals with calculated plans and timelines. Iraq and its people. "

He explained that "today, after the government has completed the constitutional election on time and we were able to conduct the electoral process and complete the security and enable our people to cast their votes, I call on citizens and political blocs to respect the election results and abide by the proper legal methods of irregularities or imbalances or appeals, Security and stability, which is more important than all other gains. "

"Under the constitution of the Republic of Iraq, we will assume the full responsibility of our country to lead, defend and defend its unity, interests and sovereignty until the formation of the new government, which will take on these national tasks and maintain and strengthen the important achievements achieved."

"We congratulate all our people and all the winning blocs, especially those in the electoral process, and express our full readiness to work and cooperate to build and form the strongest possible government for Iraq, free of corruption, abhorrent quotas and not subject to foreign agendas, And the country is not drawn to side conflicts. "

"I salute our armed forces and our security apparatuses, the heroine, who once again succeeded in carrying out their national mission. I salute the souls of the martyrs and salute the wounded wounded who made Iraq his great victory and ask Allah the Almighty to enable the faithful of this country to realize the aspirations of our people and preserve its victory and the sacrifices of its people.



Twilight News

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Monday expressed his readiness to form the "strongest Iraqi government" in the future.

"We express our readiness to cooperate in forming the most powerful government free of corruption and quotas," Abadi said in a televised speech.

"Since we took over the responsibility of the government, we have prioritized the liberation of the land from intimidation and the prevention of expansion, security and stability, ending sectarianism and eliminating differences among the people," he added.

"One of the priorities of the government is to be free of corruption, priorities that we have given a large part of them."

He stressed that his government "has completed the election on time and to conduct it safely," calling on "citizens and political blocs to respect the election results and adherence to legal methods of violations and to give priority to the country's interests and stability."

Abadi pledged to bear "all the responsibility placed on us to lead and protect the country, until the formation of the new government, which will take it upon itself to continue these tasks."



Special - Mawazine News

The Sadrist movement, on Tuesday, opened the doors of talks to form the next government, referring to the leader of the current Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, a person of political parties and blocs that have preliminary understandings with the mass of Asron.

The spokesman for the current Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, told / Mawazin News /, that "the Sadrist movement and the bloc are not interested in the Prime Minister from within or from outside as much as interested in the implementation of the government's reform program."

He added that "the bloc will continue to adopt a government program implemented in a time time pledged to apply the next prime minister," noting that "Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr called the political blocs close to the current and have preliminary understandings on the adoption of the reform project."

"Obeidi, that" the door of dialogue and understandings is still open to any bloc or political outside those blocks to join the next block. " 

On Monday, Sadr stressed the aim of establishing a "non-partisan" technocratic government.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet to him on Twitter, and followed by Mawazine News, "We are wiser and (patriotic) to be (the will) of the people our demand and build a new generation and to witness (change) Iraq, and we will be (Baghdad) the capital and let (our movement) (democratic) towards the establishment of a patriarchal government (cadres) technocrats do not have a party. "



Baghdad today - follow-up Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper revealed the existence of the movement led by the coalition Fatah and the rule of law is moving rapidly towards achieving the majority necessary to form the next government IN EXCHANGE FOR TWO IMPORTANT CONCESSIONS allow the President of the coalition victory, Haider al-Abbadi, the prime minister for a second term.

(Mnt Goat – what are these two concessions? They are NOT telling us in this article. Don’t assume it’s the RV and then get disappointed later, as many of these gurus will now lead you to believe. )

The newspaper quoted sources in the state of law revealed information to the meeting between the leader of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Fatah coalition Hadi al-Amiri and Secretary-General Asaib Ahl al-Haq belonging to the conquest, Qais al-Khazali, on Monday night, before Abadi met Maliki late in the night. The same The sources SAID THAT THE MEETING COMES TO ARRANGE THE PAPERS OF THE NEXT ALLIANCES, pointing out that Abadi seeks to the second mandate in any way, and is ready to make all concessions to achieve this. He added that: TALK ABOUT THE ALLIANCE OF ABADI WITH SADR IS NOT SETTLED SO FAR, attributing the reason for this Sadr's insistence on the nomination of the next prime minister of the alliance of the others.

(Mnt Goat – so we see in this article that the lists are juggling their support towards someone whom they want as prime minister. This is typical after the election and usually takes about a week to do. So hang in their. Even though we have the “formal” election results we still don’t have the “official and final” results. Remember too once all this horse trading is done, that parliament still had to ratify the new prime minister, then he had to form his government. Will all this delay the RV? Nobody knows just how far they are planning to go in seating this new government prior to puling the trigger on the reinstatement.)

Governor of Maysan Ali Douai is the candidate for the Sadrists for the post, he said On the other hand, Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for Sadr's leader, said in a media interview that "the Sadrist movement refuses to come the next prime minister by force and imposition." He added that "the alliance of Suron does not require that the candidate be exclusively from him” He added that THE SADRIST MOVEMENT WANTS TO FORM A GOVERNMENT DIFFER FROM PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS, WHICH RELIED ON ITS WAY OF QUOTAS BETWEEN THE POLITICAL BLOCS, continuing that what we want is a government in accordance with a program with general frameworks based on the exclusion of quotas, and rely ON THE TECHNOCRATS.



The unexpected performance of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was a blow to US influence in the country, where the return was weak for US support for the Baghdad government after helping to root out the radical al-Qaeda organization and regain lost land. , Where its allies in the Iraqi Shiite militias in the name of "popular mobilization forces", second place behind the leader of the veteran nationalist, Moqtada al-Sadr.

(Mnt Goat – If you know about Sadr’s influence and what he wants for Iraq I would not hesitate to say the elections when VERY WELL for us. We did not get al-Abadi out of the gates, but I believe he may be the nominee put forwards after all the political juggling is completed this week. So the results are not that bad afterall and this author is being premature in his opinion)

Iran has reached its peak and will collapse but for the Iraqis and the broader Arab world, the question now is whether elections are a sign of the decline of Iranian influence, which has grown steadily throughout the region since the US invasion. In 2003, and recent events have caused major gaps in the narrative of mainstream Iranian progress is ruthless, and in short, have we reached the "highest peak of Iran" influence in Iraq?

Tehran's shattered leadership appeared surprised by the withdrawal of US President Donald Trump and failed so far to explain a clear response. Although the European signatories this week will tell Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that they are determined to keep the agreement, US private companies doing business in Iran will be sanctioned. France, Germany and the EU do not have what they are doing to stop them. The United Kingdom appears to be stuck between Iran and the United States, so it pursues a policy of silence.

Lose influence on several levels

Iran can not rely on Russia or China, which are also signatories to the deal, to save it, to finance its inefficient state-controlled economy, and its ongoing interventions in Syria and Yemen. Its ballistic missile program, Iran needs billions of dollars in oil exports.

Iran suffered a major setback on the regional stage last week, involving involvement with Israel, the latest hit-and-run between the two sides, but apparently the last straw for Tehran. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard opened fire on Israeli positions in the occupied Golan Heights, to respond by a pre-planned attack on Iranian installations across Syria. It appears that Iran's military buildup has stopped, at least for now.

Iran risks diplomatic superiority. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Moscow last week to arrange his interests in Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin , and Tel Aviv warned Russia of the attacks last week.

Iraqi Shiites reject blatant Iranian interference

Many Iraqi voters were dismayed by Tehran's new colonial behavior, with Shiites in the region turning their sights back to Najaf, their historic capital, instead of the Iranian city of Qom, which became their destination during Saddam Hussein's rule.

Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the largest Shiite cleric in Iraq, rejects the mandate of the jurist, Ayatollah Khamenei's guiding principle in Iran, where absolute authority over the political body is drawn. Sistani draws the line between state and religion, , Which was met with excessive force by the Tehran government, and therefore the small Iraq rebellion against the regime by the Iranian agent may be the turning point.

(Mtn Goat – Folks is this not exactly what we have been waiting for. Iran’s shrinking influence in Iraq….)



LONDON (Reuters) - A change of regime in Iran will not be a policy pursued by Britain and any change does not necessarily mean it will be better, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said, while several US officials have not ruled out overthrowing the regime in Tehran.

Johnson made the comments to parliament on Tuesday when asked whether he believed John Bolton, the national security adviser, was seeking regime change in Iran.

"I should tell you that I do not think that regime change in Tehran is the goal we should seek," he said.

"We may seek to change the regime at some point in the near future, but I can not say with any conviction that it will be a change for the better ... I can imagine that Qasim Soleimani of the IRGC may put himself in a very good position to replace Ayatollah Khamenei, for example. "

New US sanctions surround the Iranian central bank

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Iran's central bank governor and three others and a bank based in Iraq under programs aimed at supporting global terrorism.The US Treasury Department said in a statement on its Web site that it had imposed sanctions on the governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Aliullah Saif, and the Islamic Bank of Iraq based in Iraq, as well as others, including Mohammed Qasir, official of the pro-Tehran Lebanese Hezbollah. The Treasury Department has confirmed that the sanctions imposed on central Iranian officials and others stem from the suspicion of transferring millions of dollars on behalf of the Revolutionary Guards of the Lebanese Hezbollah. The new sanctions are based on President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal and begin to reinstate US sanctions, including against Iran's central bank, the ministry said.Last Thursday, Washington imposed sanctions on Iranian people and companies linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Analysts see the United States' departure from the nuclear deal with Iran as nothing more than a hawkish move by Donald Trump to topple the regime in Tehran, where the US president himself has not concealed his fervor aggressively towards this scenario by supporting the massive social protests that hit various Iranian provinces Recently.

They assert that the impact of Washington's withdrawal from the nuclear deal will be more political than economic. Indirectly, the new foreign minister, Mike Pompeo, admitted that "I bet absolutely that you will see how the Iranian people continue to rebel against this government."

Observers believe that there are three American scenarios to overthrow the regime in Tehran, as the United States will not be patient with Iran:

1)may declare, as was the case with Iraq in 2003, that this country possesses weapons of mass destruction and threatens US interests and supports terrorists and must end its repressive and non-democratic regime

And then send aircraft carriers after the mobilization of allies from the region and beyond to overthrow the regime.

2)The second scenario is the continued US engagement with Iran in the Gulf, and the justification for sudden air and missile strikes, culminating in ground operations ending with the overthrow of the regime.

3)The third scenario is that the United States will aggressively strangle Iran economically. Its war against Iran will focus on a key instrument, the Ministry of Finance, which Tehran calls the kitchen of war against it.

This scenario also aims to change the regime from within by striking the local economy and exhausting the country to the point of arousing the Iranians against the existing regime.

(Mnt Goat – is this third #3 scenario not what we are seeing already playing out? So does the author mean we might see a change in policy and reverting to scenario #1 or #2?)

The lawyer of President Trump, the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, publicly disclosed the desire of the White House master to change the regime in Iran, not just withdraw from the nuclear agreement.

"TRUMP IS EQUALLY INTERESTED IN REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN, just like all those gathered at this conference," Giuliani, who is known for his right-wing positions, was quoted by Politico newspaper as saying at an assembly of Iranian immigrants calling for democracy in Iran.

The former mayor of New York stressed THAT THE CHANGE OF POWER IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC IS "THE ONLY WAY TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST," stressing that "this is more important than resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

Last January, Trump, commenting on mass protests in Iran's main cities, said the United States would support the people of the Islamic Republic "when the time comes". Observers say Tehran prefers the pact to remain in place for fear of renewed local unrest because of economic difficulties that have worsened for years after sanctions, while Iranian leaders are counting on selling oil products to finance their ballistic industry. Russian diplomats acknowledged that Iran's foreign minister, after meeting with his French, German and British counterparts in Brussels on Tuesday, was unable to take concrete and realistic assurances to circumvent US sanctions aimed at foreign companies doing business with Iran.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat