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TNT Call notes 7-May-2018

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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Marvelous Monday, May 7, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here, along with…

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT!

RayRen: It was quiet on Friday, so we didn’t get around to having a call. Five of the Iraqi politicians got assassinated before the election; that was sad news. No updates went out over the weekend. What do we have for today?

Tony: Thanks to everyone who came to Sacramento for the event; we had a great time, and I was able to share some information I haven’t yet told you, because I plan on having more of these events and you fall for this "secret intel" bs every time.   I can be stopped if enough of you report me to the Feds.  But in the meantime, I'll keep scamming you suckers until I'm back behind bars.  Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730

We are not getting a lot of new information. We know it was really quiet for a reason. Alak has said all along that when there is stability and security, he will complete the reforms. An Iraqi article yesterday said, “We are now secure and stable”, which were the two things he was looking for. So this should go at any time, then. He didn’t say X, Y or Z law need to be passed to complete these reforms. We do know that they will implement the final phase of the national development campaign on Wednesday, or at least that is what they’re saying. What that means (to us) is that Wednesday could be a very important day in your life. It’s about the national inclusion, the banking system, and all international links. They have got everyone ready with education and cards. The new currency has to be functioning in the communities to make this work. They NEED the lower denominations to be distributed sooner rather than later. So they aren’t saying directly that they will implement the RV on Wednesday, but that is the implication of these articles and announcements.

I am still listening to what they say, and watching what they are doing. I know things are going on in Iraq, with the borders and airspace and some shops being closed since Saturday. What they are saying is that this is in preparation for the election next Saturday. These are the same things they did every time the currency was supposed to be revalued, to make sure currency wasn’t going back and forth. This could all be leading up to the elections? Five people running for office were killed in the last two days… but they have 7,000 people running.

I see a 90% chance of seeing this before the election. Abadi’s numbers are good – over 70% support according to the polls. So he could wait, but then that drags it out even longer. But Alak is saying they could let this go as soon as there is security/stability. I guess we will know by Saturday, no matter what. On this side, they still anticipate this going before Saturday.

We have been doing this for ten years at least. I have always done this call at 10am PST. In that whole ten years, no other ‘gurus’ has put out information until after the TNT call. Let’s help the process along there… We looked up Mtn Goat – an ex-army officer who lives in Colorado – who presents as a woman living in the mountains in Germany where they don’t even have internet! The language being used is different these days, and s/he cusses at all the other dinar gurus. [more of the same] So who the heck knows what’s going on there.

Iraq is putting out information to their own banks, and it’s similar to what we are getting over here. We are not the only ones expecting this before the election.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Ray, you mentioned the timeline to exchange has been shortened now. I am currently living in the Caribbean so will need time to get home to the US when this RV’s…I will need about 5 days…will that allow me enough time to get home for the exchange?
A: No, I didn’t say the timeline had been shortened, just that (in the past) there would be a few days between the RV and when it showed up on Forex. Now it is very likely that as soon as we can go to the bank, it will also be on Forex. It only means there is no longer a window in which to consider our tactics.

Q: After the GCR, I understand how to monitor the updated rates on each currency in the first basket, except for the ZIM. It is my understanding that the ZIM on the Forex is the rate of the current ZIM dollar, not the 2008-2009 hyper-inflated bills we hope to exchange?
[A: Yes.]
Where can we get this knowledge to help us monitor the ZIM rate for potential increases?
A: The Zim rates we give you should be on the bank screens, although we get them directly from the US Treasury. The GCR is real, and these rates are what we are seeing or being told directly.
Also, do you think the ReValuation of the Iranian Rial is being used as a leverage tool in discussions regarding the nuclear deal? If so, could this be the source of any delays? Personally, I hope these negotiations keep the Rial out of the first basket and provides a second opportunity in the next basket. A: This is part of why Iran was added into the RV/GCR. Iran is NOT holding this up.

Q: I would like to know if I can exchange only my dinars and wait a year or two then exchange my other currencies. If just in case I get broke during that time I would learn from my mistakes and then handle well the rest of the currencies.
A: You are already broke, fi that is the way you are thinking. Anyone who wants to hold onto currencies into the future, my first step would be to digitize the currency. [You cannot do that in the US at present.] You could see a nice reward down the road, but digitize it first. Tony: We have been advised where the currency should top out in a year or 18 months. The GCR will not be 1–% complete until 2044. That’s the plan, but we cannot predict the future. I don’t know what will be happening 12-18 months from now. We do know what’s going on that day. Choosing to wait has to be your decision. I do know dollars will be dollars, and I intend to get as many as possible.

Q: When we go to the exchange centers vs. the banks, should we expect to receive the actual rates that are on the screens if we choose, and pay a certain spread fee, or is the buy rate the calculated amount after the spread fee has been applied?
A: The exchange fee is applied after the exchange, because it is a percentage of your total. The spread is not a ‘fee’; it is the difference between the buy and sell rates. You will only be offered the sell rate, because (from the bank’s perspective) you are selling your currency to them. You have to give the bank a reason to giving you a better rate, such as leaving X in the bank for Y months or years. You have to cut a deal that benefits both you and the bank. Not everyone will be able to negotiate – you have to have a certain amount to negotiate with.

Q: Would it still be wise to have separate accounts for each currency?
A: I don’t think it really matters any more, but as it doesn’t cost you anything, why not?

Q: Is the dinar still going to climb 5% a day on ForEx till it hits $7 and then come down 5% a day? A: I believe it may still be the plan to gain in planned steps, but it will probably come down more quickly.
A: We have been told that the PLAN is for dinar to rise to $8; originally, I thought it might go up to $12. It’s not set in stone, and depends on a number of factors like the price of oil, which is going up. Just keep tracking it.

Q: Ray, in light of your “shop around” strategy, I am trying to figure out the details on how to achieve this goal. If the exchange appointment via the 800 number is soon, such as in 12 to 18 hours or less from the time of the call, would we call directly to other banks nearby (such as a local branch of a different bank) and try to make an appointment with them for a time that is before our 800 appointment? Or… ?
A: Sure, all the local banks, but just to find out what the rate is. Then you go to your 800 number appointment knowing what other banks can offer. If you want, you can walk out of your main appointment and negotiate not on rates but on interest rates and perks. If you walk out of one bank and don’t get satisfaction from the second location, go back to the first one – they will still want to deal with all your currency. This is your game to be played your way – if you know and understand that you have the power and control here. You are not at the mercy of anyone if you play your cards right.

Q: With Iraq spending money on almost all of the infrastructure and development, is it fair to think that after this spending slows down.
A: Why would you think that? The RV is what opens the gate for international funds to flow into the country. They need at least 100 billion and they have a four-year plan. The spending isn’t going to slow down any time soon. After they rebuild the country, they will be creating jobs, developing a surplus, and investing in their people.

Q: How much do you think the RV will bring us?
A: We addressed this in the last call.

Q: Last Wednesday you were responding to a question about taxes and made reference to a treaty that specifically states that this exchange will not be taxed. what is the name of that treaty please?
A: We were specifically told by the committee guy and the Treasury NOT to mention the name of the treaty because that is classified.

Q: If WF is the lead bank, what is the other one? Will you still be posting the list of banks that will handle dinar?
A: The lead banks for the Zim are WF and HSBC; for the rest, the lead banks are WF and Bank of America.

Q: Will Canada receive the 800 numbers?
A: Yes. Canada will have two regions that will receive their own 800 numbers. We may have a meet-and-greet there, too.

Q: Any update on Abbot Downing sending out staff to help with exchanges?
A: No.

Q: Three or four years ago, the banks exchanged over 90,000 people. Are they quietly exchanging people again and letting us sit?
A: We are not seeing a lot of people being exchanged now, although I do know someone who exchanged about three weeks ago. It’s a person here or there, not thousands of people like before.

Q: Is there any update on the possible cap on the Zim 100T?
A: No change; take them all in with you. That’s what I would do.

Live questions

865/404 caller: You mentioned that on Wednesday should be the start of the first phase – what is that about, and how many phases are there?

Tony: I don’t know how many phases; I do know they have a four-year plan that they are starting on Wednesday. The main thing is that Iraq has reached stability and security. I assume the RV is a part of that. The Iraqi banks have built up trust in the banking system, with the cards and international credit cards. They cannot make this system unless the lower denominations are distributed as well. On Wednesday they say that they are launching the national development plan. I can only tell you what they are saying; we know from experience that they sometimes announce things after they have already been done, and other times there seem to be delays.

Caller: Do you have a sense of how long it will take for the rates to reach a peak?

Tony: We were told that it would go up 5% per day until they reach the top rate they want to see. You can watch yourself if it goes up 5% or not.

909 caller: What is the latest from your contacts at the CBI?

Tony: I covered it as best I could without giving details because no one else has mentioned it so far.

Caller: On Wednesday you thought it would break by last Sunday, yesterday. Now you are saying you are 90% confident it will happen before next Saturday…

Tony: Last week the banking system was preparing for this to go on Forex. All the banks got linked up together and they could see each other’s screens. On Friday, four more banks were added, and they all thought it would happen Friday evening after the markets closed. That didn’t happen. We keep anticipating based on the movement we can see. Now the banks are saying this should be between now and the 12th. I am getting this from both sides, so I’m feeling good about this. My 90% doesn’t guarantee you anything. We know it’s not going to pop ON Election Day, so I’m thinking by this Friday…

423 caller: I remember you said on Wednesday that the banks all connected that this was unprecedented and that this was going ‘for sure’ by Sunday.

Tony: On Wednesday we were told tit was going on Forex and we would be going to the bank on Thursday. Then on Friday more banks joined in, and we thought we’d go to the banks over the weekend. It still hasn’t happened. At least I am now hearing the same time frame in the US and from Iraq – now that is exciting.

Caller: Will every WF branch know about this? Because they don’t admit it right now.

Tony: Once it goes, they will all know, yes. You can go into the bank, walk up to the teller who said it was a scam, and ask him to pull up your balance. Then say, “the RV is real” and walk out. I’ll let you do that once.

707 caller: How do I find out about these meet-and-greets? I couldn’t register online, and more advance notice would have been helpful.

Tony: It sounds like you had a problem with registration, not with advance notice. We do post about these meetings in the forum. The other meetings we will try to give a bit more notice, as soon as we know the dates. Some things will still be short notice, so be ready. When the green light goes, we will be moving fast.

Caller: In searching for a bank, I’m concerned that WF has had some recent problems and fines. How do we figure out who to use for our exchanges?

Tony: The lead banks have changed over the years, but right now WF and BofA are supposed to be for everyone, while HSBC says it will be a lead bank for the Zim. That’s not the same as knowing which banks are safe. I used to get monthly reports on all the retail banks from the US Treasury, and anyone can sign up for those reports. Are they there to make money? Yes. Are they abusing you in the process? Only you can figure that out. Will they help you? Yes, if you make it clear that otherwise you will not leave your money there, and they will lose their money from the nightly sweeps. Make it clear that if that manager doesn’t work for you as well as the bank, you will look elsewhere. Go to FDIC and look for subscriptions; they will add you to their feed. \

512 caller: Does the spouse still have to sign the NDA? Or can they be put in the box with the other relatives that don’t agree with the NDA?

Tony: I was told I wouldn’t get a dime unless my wife signs the NDA! She is definitely going to sign and then say, “Where’s mine?!” Or you could put the currency in a trust.

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Closing Statement (Sunny)

Tony . . .What can I tell you I haven’t already said. There is information out there. A projected day. A 48 hour period that looks most promising based on things seen in their system. Can’t promise you anything. Alak could have waited until next week saying ‘stability and security.’ He could have waited until next week after the vote. Why doing it here before the vote? Leading up to something? Wait and see. We know this thing is almost over. I’m going with the positive, positive, right up to the 12th. As of right now, looks like this is going down before the vote.

Ray . . .Everyone enjoy your Monday. The minute something pops we’ll be right back on to make you aware of it. (played “I Believe.”)

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

KTFA: "Comparing Currency", 8 MAY

Don961 » May 7th, 2018

Now why would Mr. Abadi ... at this point in time .... compare his currency with that of his neighbors ????????? ... imo 

Abadi hints at Iran: groups prevail over the interest of a state that binds the interests of Iraq

Sunday 06 May 2018

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Saturday attacked Iraqi groups hinting at those linked to Iran, accusing them of giving priority to the interest of their state in Iraq's interests. 

"Iraqi groups belong to countries, because they are in the best interests of those countries," Abadi said in a television interview. Yes, we disagree within the country, but we have to unite on the interest of Iraq, why do the interests of others serve your interests? " 

He added: "When dealing with the Iraqi issue are trying to marginalize the Iraqi victories and achievements, as if it highlights the others much better than Iraq," he said, 

​Abadi said that "in a simple look at our economy and the economy of neighboring countries whose economy is supposed to be stronger; the neighboring countries are high inflation and the rise in prices is terrible and the collapse of their currencies, although we have passed a difficult situation, we are in a war they are not, The impact of the collapse of oil prices on us more than them. " 

"Why do you highlight the achievements of the other and do not highlight the achievement of the Iraqis? Why is this beating on Iraq?" He said. 

Although Ebadi did not explicitly mention Iran, activists in social networking sites interpreted Abadi's talk that he was directed to Iran's allies in Iraq by armed politicians and militias, because Iran is an oil country affected by the collapse of oil prices and today is witnessing a deterioration in currency prices. 

What is more, a number of Iraqi militias have been established by Iran and have joined forces to fight alongside the Syrian regime since the revolution in Syria in 2011, where the leaders of these militias recognize their loyalty to Iran and carry out its command. link

Samson » May 7th, 2018

The fragile economic recovery

7th May, 2018

The global economy is undergoing a period of strong economic growth, albeit at a faster pace than 2003-2007, but from a growth perspective in that period, we should perhaps be grateful for this blessing

Growth rates in 2017, as projected by the International Monetary Fund for the years 2018 and 2019, are projected to be higher than any other year since the crisis, with the exception of years of post-crisis recovery in 2010 and 2011, and we are experiencing times of fragile recovery

In its latest report, the IMF raised its forecast for global economic growth this year and the following year by 0.2 percentage points above its previous forecast in October 2017. That improvement extended developed economies by 0.5 and 01.4 percentage points in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Britain is the only member of the Group of Seven (G7) countries that have not been adjusted for the better, and this is the early price for their exit from the EU

Taking into account protectionist voices in the US, the most significant adjustment may be the improvement in the expected growth in global trade, which the IMF expects to grow faster now by 1.1 percentage points in 2018 and 0.8 percentage points in 2019

There are two main reasons for the strength of the global economy and this growing optimism about short-term expectations, both due to the fact that monetary policy remains supportive of that power, while the world has avoided major economic shocks since the collapse of commodity prices in 2014 and 2015

Markets expect US interest rates to rise more sharply than in October. However, monetary policy will not be tightened in accordance with historical standards, as the expected rate is below 3% even in early 2021. This optimism is due in large part to the fact that inflation was marginal, mainly wage inflation, despite low unemployment

In addition to monetary policy, the substantial financial consolidation of the economic cycle resulting from unfunded US tax cuts should be added. The Congressional Budget Office expects an average federal deficit of just under 5% of GDP between 2019 and 2027

This combination into a full employment economy brings us back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. That period has ended very badly. But the view of the International Monetary Fund is not too catastrophic, stating that the US fiscal policy has borrowed growth from the future

What is the risk of a good outlook for the future? In the short term, the IMF says the risks are balanced. On the positive side, confidence may lead to a larger-than-expected increase in investment and consumption. A stronger investment may result in productivity growth and lower inflation than expected

On the downside, the ambiguity surrounding the policy environment and the attendant market disruptions can lead to a significant reduction in confidence and hence to weak demand. One of the most fragile places in the euro area, where Gavin Davis said growth was unexpectedly falling

In the long run, however, the risk appears to be likely to move towards the downside. It is true that we may be at the beginning of a period of sustained and rapid growth driven by the late rise in productivity growth and convergence between developed and emerging countries, but negative risks are stronger

The debt-to-GDP ratio is as high today as it was a decade ago, despite the change in structure: towards government and nonfinancial corporations, and away from domestic and financial sectors. Important asset prices are also high

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) notes that "credit risk may be contained at a time when global growth is experiencing strong momentum and low borrowing rates." However, if inflation stuns the world, monetary policy tightening increases more than expected, Bonds, debt problems will reappear and perhaps disastrously

If this happens, the range of response available from central banks will be limited. The Fund also notes that the rapid growth of "encrypted assets" and violations of cybersecurity may prove to be devastating

Moreover, there are deep world political tensions. The funny intellectual framework of US trade policy is being presented in the Fund's outlook, and away from deflation, the US current account deficit will expand as a result of fiscal consolidation. But this will not stop US President Donald Trump from blaming the foreigners

As the IMF's economic adviser, Maurice Obstfeld, puts it, "The rules-based multilateral trading system needs to be strengthened, and instead it is in danger of being torn apart."The IMF has been a product of more prudent times, and it is right to be reminded of it 

At a time when an emerging superpower challenges an existing force, and when the latter turns against the world order that created it, it is ridiculous to feel complacent 

We have already experienced a crisis in the global system for a decade, but policymakers have prevented it from turning into a systemic crisis. Now, as we live in a period of cyclical recovery, we face a system crisis, but our time is an era of economic and political weakness, while the recovery is real, but unfortunately it is fragile

Senior economic commentator in the Financial Times - Martin Wolf LINK

To increase the weekly cash quota for banks and exchange companies

May 07, 2018

To all licensed banks, all financial transfer companies and all exchange

companies ( increase cash quota )

To all licensed banks, all financial transfer companies and all exchange companies (increase the cash quota)

The relationship of the King's Injector Bit
Department of Financial Operations and Debt Management Section of the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency Issue: 1 6411 to / All banks approved Date: Flexible with all financial transfer companies
All exchange companies

NO: Date:
What increase the cash quota is a good greeting.
On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, it is decided to increase the weekly cash quota of banks to be (300)
, 000 dollars per week
Instead of (270
000) and dollar exchange companies to be (130, 000) dollars per week instead of (100)
000) as well as decide to sell the amount (300, 000) per week to the financial transfer companies in cash

... with respect ...
Dr.. Munther Abdul Qader Al Sheikli
Deputy Governor

CBI Hand Office: Al Rasheed St. Baghdad, Iraq Tel: 0165171 Folphone Exchange With Liews

Boys Center: Al-Rasheed Street, Baghdad, Iraq Telephone: 171 8169 Central bus station with four lines: M, M: 74 Fax: 009818169802 Email: chichia

00964: Fax is: PO Box and
E - Mail: cb debt. i

The Central Bank decides to increase the monetary share of banks and financial transfer companies and exchange participating in the sale window of the currency

7th May, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq decided to increase the monetary share of banks and financial transfer companies participating in the window selling the currency.

The Central Bank of Iraq in a letter addressed to banks and financial transfer companies and exchange companies, and carried the signature of the Deputy Governor Monther Sheikhli, and obtained by the "economy News",

"On the occasion of the month of Ramadan decided to increase the weekly cash quota of banks to be 300 thousand dollars a week instead of 270 thousand Dollars and exchange companies $ 130 thousand a week instead of $ 100 thousand dollars and you will decide to sell $ 300 thousand a week to the financial transfer companies in cash LINK


Five year plan launches on Wednesday.  The CBI has held meetings around the world and in those meetings, given the description and shown pictures of the lower denom’s, the smaller notes...New currency is the lower denom’s. ...Expect to see large easel boards or small billboards all around Iraq with the description and pictures of the lower denom’s as they continue to educate the citizens.  The pictures will be of the front and back of these smaller notes. The description and photographs on these billboards - are of ALL the lower denom’s to come out.  (Not just the 200’s, 50’s, but all the smaller notes)...  [Guru] Walkingstick has 6 banks, 16 ATM machines.  WS firm will have these signs all over the place.  Their 500 employees will all see them.  IMO, this will be happening soon.  It’s the next step and it’s coming. 

  IMO, they are about to describe the RI of the IQD and description of the lower notes to the world!   Does not appear to me to give any reason for any further delay.  They have met with Central bank governors of the world.  IMO this is pushing the button of the launch and the receiver has the ball in the end zone!  The CBI governor of Iraq (Alak) has said he is ready to distribute the LD’s.  I don’t know when.  He has not said when.  Realize, soon can be a few days or a few weeks, but I really doubt it would be the end of the month.  The CBI will be sending texts...through mobile phones...to the citizens about the new currency...new electronic banking...ATM’s. 

Last Monday thousands of citizens picked up International Visa cards. They are International and they are reinstating their currency!  They have prepared certain things with no three zero’s in them.  In the budget, in the payment salaries, in the currency rate.  BTW oil is about to go insane.  Prepare to pay at the pump... oil to reach $100.  I don’t know if the billboards will be released on Wed. but I do know the 5 year financial plan will be released...Exchange centers and banks are on the cusp of the RI and they understand it.  Banks all over the world have increased their reserves.


Baxter    gas fell here today 30 cents a gallon to 2.40

Clay    well thats good
 Baxter    yeh.. I filled up yesterday...LOL

Clay    lol    figures right
 Baxter    stock market is down about 100....

Clay    wish Frank would be right for once
 Baxter    so do I clay    just once

Clay    yep    I would take 2.22    RI    IMFs old rate not Sadaams
 Baxter    dont be greedy now

Clay    lol    ok a buck fifty
 Baxter    I got a feelin the next couple of months will tell a lot
blackgold    Baxter sounds good to me    i'll take it    i hear ya,me too

Dinard     any fascinating and exciting dinar news today?
dinard    how about them oil prices huh?

 xyz    rockstar can't handle the truth

 chattels    Dollar exchange rate and gold in Iraq on Tuesday, prices

6/5/2018   Economy News _ Baghdad   Recorded dollar exchange rates, Tuesday, Osagtarara slightly in front of the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures in the "Economy News", the selling price of the dollar recorded in Baghdad today 120 thousand purchase price 121 000 dinars per dollar cent. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12231

chattels     The dollar is stabilizing slightly against the Iraqi dinar
08-05-2018   The dollar exchange rate on Tuesday was slightly lower against the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures, the sale price of the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand and the purchase price 121 thousand dinars compared to $ 100.


chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

dinard    JoeSchmoe leave my boy sandyman alone

chattels    Hakim: The existing consensual political system requires drastic adjustments
Editorial Date: 2018/5/8 15:23 •


Chattels      Hakim .............. emphasize the importance of going to the national majority
Date of release: 2018/5/7 23:07 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73487

chattels    Legislation / government by majority vote versus the consensus system will be one of the great political battles in the next term.

chattels    Four (4) days until the elction.

chattels     Add to the foregoing the putative transfer of power to the provinces and it promises to be a very interesting political dynamic following the formation of the next government of Iraq.

‘Chattels    A kaleidoscope of opinions about Iraqi PM Abadi


blackgold    I thought when oil reached $43 a barrel it would RV, how much is oil a barrel? $70

black    goldman somebody really lied to us

chattels    blackgold Who stated that there would be an " RV " at $ 43 / barrel of oil ?

blackgold    All the gurus

chattels    I do not remember such, but if all / any guru said such then you have your answer.

blackgold    lol    that was when i didn't know any better
blackgold    and I was only stating it to be funny

chattels    blackgold Some times I wish that I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
blackgold    chattels sometimes I wish I didn't know then,what i didn't know now

chattels    Smear campaigns shame Iraqi women candidates into withdrawing from polls


chattels    http://www.arabnews.com/node/1299091/middle-east

chattels    BAGHDAD: Women standing for election in Iraq have withdrawn as candidates after being shamed, threatened and smeared by opponents.

More than 20 candidates, mostly women, quietly withdrew from the election race in the last few days, candidates and observers told Arab News, and that number is expected to rise before the vote on Saturday.

chattels    West’s hopes for Iraq rest on Moqtada al-Sadr, the rabble-rousing cleric who fought occupation

Once described as the country’s biggest threat to stability, he may now be the key to it, writes Richard

Spencer https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/west-s-hopes-for-iraq-rest-on-moqtada-al-sadr-who-fought-occupation-ct87t76fc

blackgold    chattels better to withdraw from the polls than to withdraw from life

chattels    blackgold Hardly the democratic enlightenment envisioned by many for Iraq.

blackgold    i knew    lol

dinard    chattels wouldnt their value of dinar increase since value of oil increased since thats all they export?

xyz    Attention Attention @Zag went to Thailand to meet a buddy guru

blackgold   oil is sold in the us dollar not dinar

dinard    blackgold or petroyuan

blackgold    thats only in the past year

chattels    dinard Oil income is not sufficient to fund a substantial increase in the value of the dinar many would argue.

dinard    chattels well what else are they exporting? terrorism? lol

blackgold    funny how oil price almost doubled but Iraq can't fund itself--yea right
dinard    chattels i think since they have arguably largest oil reserves that it would increase value. just   my opinion

Chattels   dinard I am a confessed macroeconomic moron.

dinard     chattels samesies
dinard   chattels i wonder what kind of precious metals they export as well

chattels    dinard Could not be much as historically oil is 90-95% of their revenues.

Blackgold    Iraq has all kinds of minerals and some of the most ancient strains of wheat in the world, before Mosantos got there

Dinard    chattels Oil: US$52.5 billion (99.3% of total exports)
Gems, precious metals: $214.5 million (0.4%)

Fruits, nuts: $53.5 million (0.1%)
Raw hides excluding furskins: $30.7 million (0.1%)

Plastics: $13.3 million (0.03%)
Electronic equipment: $9.2 million (0.02%)

Woodpulp: $9 million (0.02%)
Machines, engines, pumps: $7.2 million (0.01%)

Gums, resins: $4.4 million (0.008%)
Medical, technical equipment: $2.7 million (0.005%) 

tebow    so basically they export about 55 billion.... Nothing!
Dinard     chattels only thing that could impede the main export of oil is demand going down with rising oil prices but i think that would not affect them do to oil prices not rising because of reduced demand 

dinard    Tebow number would rise if oil prices rose though wouldnt it?

Chattels     Iraq's budget when oil was $ 100 + / barrel was never more than about 130 billion.

dinard    xyz am dinard newbie. please explain lol

chattels    Iraq's revenues have always been short of their budget.

dInard    xyz also younger person floating around here so can not call me kiddo no more

blackgold    Iraq is virtually desert, what budget do they need

chattels    blackgold There are 32 million people with needs.

dinard    chattels well if their value based upon exports hasnt increased why would one assume IMF would value them back to their old value?

blackgold    thats all

dinard    blackgold i think socal is more populated an iraq lol
blackgold    lol    We don't export crap, how do we support 4 humdred million

chattels    dinard I no longer believe that any value approaching the guru numbers will eventuate.

blackgold    What is our biggest export?

dinard    chattels perhaps it will float float once they stabilize their security and tap into more of the untapped crude oil supplies. they still seem to be working on their oil drilling and transportation infastructrure

dinard    whom the heck knows thats the fun lol

Tebow    The United States exported $2.3 trillion in goods and services in 2017. That generated 12 percent of U.S. total economic output as measured by gross domestic product. Exports are a critical component of GDP.

America has the potential to export much more. That's because only 1 percent of U.S. businesses export. As a result, the United States is the world's third largest exporter.

Dinard    Tebow wow amazing figures. imagine if up to 10% exported

Mdinard    Tebow would be MAGAnificent

Tebow    blackgold    Crude oil, fuel and other petroleum products: $109 billion. This is one of the fastest growing areas of US exports, up 37% in just the last year.

Civilian aircraft and aircraft engines: $99 billion. This is what makes Boeing (BA) the nation's largest single exporter.

Auto parts, engines and car tires: $86 billion. Many of these are shipped to assembly plants owned by both US and foreign automakers in Mexico and Canada. It's one of the reasons losing NAFTA would be so hard for the auto industry.

Industrial machines: $57 billion.

Passenger cars: $53 billion. American auto plants supply much of North and South America with cars, and also ship to other markets as well. BMW's largest plant is in South Carolina, where it builds all of its X series SUVs. Last year it exported nearly three-quarters of the 371,000 cars it built there, making it the biggest car exporter in the United States.

Pharmaceuticals: $51 billion.

Top U.S. service exports 
​But the goods that the United States exports only tell part of the story. Services are the biggest US export, with total foreign sales of $778 billion last year. Indeed, the United States has a $243 billion trade surplus in services, which is good news since service industries account for 71% of US jobs.

These are the service industries that bring in the most money:

Travel and transportation: $236 billion.

Finance and insurance: $76 billion.

Sales from intellectual property: $49 billion. This includes software, movies and television shows.

blackgold    Lol thats a joke ,we don't manufacture anything, our biggest export is empty containers that go off shore and come back full

Tebow    blackgold wrong again

dinard    Tebow ditching NAFTA would bring automakers back here and export from here so wouldnt it increase passenger car exports?


blackgold    It was dumb americans that created NAFTA

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 146)

KTFA: "Leaning on the Coming Days" , 8 MAY


Imdenns » May 7th, 2018

I am amazed by what the articles are saying....so many articles (especially the last few) with so much language signifying the monetary reform is reaching/has reached the stage of "RI".

I have this bizarre feeling in my gut and muscles...excitement...anticipation...nervousness...a little disbelief...STUNNED is a completely appropriate description...

To me...the only thing left to "tell" Iraq/the world...is what we know will be in the 2nd article. Wow!!

They are on a tightrope...they have crossed the grand canyon...so close to the other side...(I still feel the danger)...but they are successful and ready to step on the platform.
Come on...I'm ready to cheer....wildly!!!!!!! LOL

B.MCG » May 7th, 2018

Please correct me, I dont remember where or when but it seems to me when Iraq mentions the coming days means 30-60....... Please, dont call me doubting or anything like that, I am asking for clarification is all.. 

66GTO » May 7th, 2018

I don't not believe it has ever been said but imo in years pass it has been anywhere from a couple of days to whenever. In the coming day's in this statement to me imo 1 to 3 days I only hope... Blessings……Gitty Up GTO

B.Mcg » May 7th, 2018

I mean after the plethora of info and articles, I am leaning on the coming days to mean fewwwwww!

HoosierGirl » May 7th, 2018

Exactly! What I have heard, as far as the "coming days" being 60 - I know that this has been used to "give a date" by some and it doesn't pan out. I think "coming days" is a general statement that is giving a promise WITHOUT giving a specific date. So I'm still looking for ANY DAY!

Kiowa » May 7th, 2018

Looks like Monday Night CC will be on fire! Thank you Walkingstick, Frank, Delta and teams! 

Frank26 » May 7th, 2018

YES .................... IT WILL. NAPALM. (smile) 

AnotherMailman » May 7th, 2018

There was and article earlier stating that Iraqs borders will be closed for 1 day before Iraqs elections and 1 day after! Nobody commented on it. I always thought that when our blessing were to occur, that the borders would have to be closed in order to accomplish this. Any thoughts?

Evenstar » May 7th, 2018

Hi AnotherMailman- When I saw that article I got excited as well and had the same thoughts- "What a great time to RV while everything is closed down and secure!" I hope this really is our week!!

Get1Later » May 7th, 2018

Looks to me the Exchange Rate is supposed to be in this "BALL PARK" once the Zeros are Dropped (IMO) Comments???

A rise in the dollar exchange rate on local markets

May 6, 2018

The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar gradually rose on the central Baghdad Stock Exchange and local markets on Sunday (May 6, 2018).

Kifah Stock Exchange – Baghdad 120.200, while prices for Saturday was 120.100.

Selling and buying prices in banking

The sale price of the dollar = 120.750 dinars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 119.750 dinars.


Samson » May 7th, 2018

Singapore hosts historic Trump and Kim meeting

2018/5/6 23:22

Revealed South Korean media on Sunday that the upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump, and North Korean leader Kim Jong - un, is likely to be held in Singapore next mid - June.

"Although Trump had proposed the idea of ​​holding the historic meeting in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, the US and North Korean sides instead chose Singapore as a third party to host the meeting," the South China Morning Post said, citing media reports. "The meeting is scheduled to be held in mid-June and will delay the meeting after the G7 summit, the most powerful economic summit in the world, including the United States and Japan, scheduled to take place in Canada on June 8-9." 

"Given the unpredictability of Trump's behavior, Trump is likely to change this course and settle his contract with Kim in the demilitarized zone of Panmunjom, which last week hosted the summit between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jayn," the paper said.

She pointed out that "Trump himself confirmed, last Friday, that the date and place of his meeting with Kim was agreed upon, without elaborating more details." The Trump and Kim Summit comes after the expected meeting between the US president and his South Korean counterpart in Washington on May 22 to discuss their plans for the next summit between North Korea and the United States, which will seek nuclear disarmament and formally end the Korean War. LINK

BREAKING NEWS: "Process the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar!" | IQD Dinar...


5-8-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]   Last Monday thousands of citizens picked up International Visa cards. They are International and they are reinstating their currency!  They have prepared certain things with no three zero’s in them.  In the budget, in the payment salaries, in the currency rate.  BTW oil is about to go insane.  Prepare to pay at the pump... oil to reach $100.  I don’t know if the billboards will be released on Wed. but I do know the 5 year financial plan will be released...Exchange centers and banks are on the cusp of the RI and they understand it.  Banks all over the world have increased their reserves.   [post 3 of 3]

5-8-2018   Intel Guru Frank26
   [via sunny]   IMO, they are about to describe the RI of the IQD and description of the lower notes to the world!   Does not appear to me to give any reason for any further delay.  They have met with Central bank governors of the world.  IMO this is pushing the button of the launch and the receiver has the ball in the end zone!  The CBI governor of Iraq (Alak) has said he is ready to distribute the LD’s.  I don’t know when.  He has not said when.  Realize, soon can be a few days or a few weeks, but I really doubt it would be the end of the month.  The CBI will be sending texts...through mobile phones...to the citizens about the new currency...new electronic banking...ATM’s.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

5-8-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]  Five year plan launches on Wednesday.  The CBI has held meetings around the world and in those meetings, given the description and shown pictures of the lower denom’s, the smaller notes...New currency is the lower denom’s. ...Expect to see large easel boards or small billboards all around Iraq with the description and pictures of the lower denom’s as they continue to educate the citizens.  The pictures will be of the front and back of these smaller notes. The description and photographs on these billboards - are of ALL the lower denom’s to come out.  (Not just the 200’s, 50’s, but all the smaller notes)...  [Guru] Walkingstick has 6 banks, 16 ATM machines.  WS firm will have these signs all over the place.  Their 500 employees will all see them.  IMO, this will be happening soon.  It’s the next step and it’s coming.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

5-8-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   "Iraq's Constitution of 2005   Article 1:   The Republic of Iraq is a single, independent federal state with full sovereignty.   Its system of government is republican, representative, Parliamentary and democratic. This Constitution is the guarantor of its unity."   The Iraqi PM is not directly elected by the people.  He is elected from the largest coalition upon designation by the President of Iraq and a vote by the Parliament...parliamentary system, not a presidential system.

Jared Rand Q&A #24

.DebTarHeelGirl "Has Much Thought Gone Into Your Financial Giving?, 8 MAY



As we near our blessing coming to pass, hopefully by now, you have been seeking ways to protect, invest, help others in action          with your coming financial blessing. If not, take the time NOW to serious contemplate this.

There are MANY organizations that go abroad and will continue to do so to care for the lost, hurting, needy and dying. Some we know and have supported in our giving.

I want to strongly encourage everyone to consider keeping money within the borders of the United States of America.

Prayerfully consider USA missions and organizations that promote growth, education, healing, and rescue.
I'm not saying overseas missions are not an option but there is such a tremendous need here on our own soil in which we can spread God's financing for those in extreme need and for causes that build this country and it's people up.

Our country in the area of “helps” is in desperate need. Will you consider some of your giving be targeted for needs here in our homeland? Wouldn’t it be so rewarding to actually SEE how your money will be used when you give it to needs that you can actually participate in yourself?

If you've been doing some research, you'll find that there are many organizations and solid ministries and agencies in which to be a part of that have a great track record.

When tornados, earthquakes, weather related trauma’s hit towns and cities, our hearts ache to be able to assist in a greater way. Upon deeper research, you'll find a great number of smaller ministries and agencies that serve in towns and cities across this nation that serve the poor, homeless, children and adolescents, those who've been rescued from trafficking, poverty, hungry, fire or weather-related trauma, struggling single moms, our military families, widows, and orphans...right here...in America!

You may also know of some great start-up agencies and start-up ministries that have great plans to help boost our economy, one person at a time. Don't forget those in our own circle who will be forming ministries and help agencies with their new wealth.

There are, right now, credible organizations in this country that are working hard to end poverty by way of donations, work resources, counseling, rehabilitation, and education.

I for one will be setting up a fund so we can assist in restoring these towns and the individual lives, so keep me in mind after our exchange when you hear of a natural disaster and the great need of restoration. AND you can do this on your own too!

Most of the downtrodden in our country just need guidance and education on how to break the cycle of poverty. Many just need direction, a boost, a hand up not a temporary hand out. There are so many in the USA that just need someone to assist them in their destiny.

We can truly assist those in need! Our country is in desperate need. Our neighbors are desperate for help...the RIGHT help.

 We can help educate those who will leave a life of poverty by proper education and guidance. We can help create jobs and industry that will help boost economy on a real live scale. Not phony statistics that the news is putting out.

The controlled media is reporting that everything is picking up economically in this country. It's not! That's false reporting on trumped up statistics. It's a smoke screen. Many of you know and see clearly that there are forces that want to take our country down economically. Just a daily glance at reputable news agencies' reports will spell the truth out for you. If you look around, you can see the warning signs.

We will have the means to assist in creating jobs and industry, so our economy will grow as a town, city, state and nation. Our country is screaming for help in so many areas and I believe if you seek God wholeheartedly, He will steer you in the direction you can best assist.

America has always been in the past a blessed country because we have come to the aide of so many other countries. I am not asking you to not give to agencies and ministries that are located overseas at all. I personally know of two right now I will bless.

What I am trying to be an advocate for is, now it is us, those in the USA who need help. Now, the forces that are coming against our future have gained a stronghold and we have the blessed and favored opportunity to change the winds of destruction fora better America, for us and for our children and grandchildren!

In the days of the great depression, reportedly, it was many goodhearted individuals with VISION that helped steer this country back on track. People like you and I who believe in this country and what we stand for.

We can emulate that same mindset again! So I ask, please consider researching how you can use your funds to aid our country reverse the disaster ridden towns and cities, the jobless and homeless statistics back to a booming and prosperous results.

From my heart to yours!

Current GCR/RV Situation Intel Summary from R104525, 8 MAY


1. *O*: Last adjustments for long-awaited Peace in Syria between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Geopolitical question answered for Gesara, with last meeting of correct answers already scheduled to take place this week. 

2. *G*: Forex rates, while still floating, are visible on the screen and ready to stop at any time. Economic system operating and ready to go. 

3. *i*: While everyone waits to start flapping their wings, everything is ready and the flights will be level. 

4. *R*: Global bales will stop weighing (Wednesday) 48 hours before the announcement May 12, Thousands will fill their eyes with the prosperity seen. 

5. *D*: All banks in the world would have the same rate on the screen when the new rates appear in the Forex. All together at the same time, all will go at once, as soon as the rates reach the Forex, 48.72 hours after the announcement of the RV. 

6. *O*: Eyes facing the skies, as the Flash Bangs will no longer exist. And now the remaining Cabal only remains to accept and soften their hearts or be banished from the New Age.

7. *R*: The # 800 to go up and down the hill, with nothing else to hold him.

... Fasten your seatbelts ... The driver will leave ...

R104525 / INTEL RLL

International Monetary Fund:

Supports Iran's decision to unify the IR exchange rate of May 4, 2018 The Iranian government will need to accelerate economic reforms, including plans to reform its entire banking system, if US President Donald Trump withdraws of the international nuclear agreement Signature of international powers 2015 "The prospect of a US withdrawal from the nuclear deal will increase uncertainty, and uncertainty will require some measures to ensure market stability," said Jihad Azour, director of the Middle East and Asia Department Central Bank of the International Monetary Fund. in an interview with Bloomberg. More recently, speculation about the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal has put pressure on the Iranian economy, which has pushed the Iranian rial to a record low. According to Azour, politicians in Iran need to solve the problems of the banking system in Iran, the country, which places difficulties in lending to small and medium-sized enterprises. The fund urges the Iranian authorities to recapitalize and structure the Iranian banks that Azour said earlier that Iran's decision last month to unify the exchange rate in official and free markets to support the riyal was "a step in the right direction." has lost almost half its value since September, partly due to fears that the United States will leave the nuclear deal Iranian officials said last month that they were consolidating the official riyal exchange rate and its free market price for a flat rate of 42 thousand rials against the US dollar. Azour believes that this unification "helps eliminate distortions and improve the competitiveness of the economy.

Planning Minister Maher Hammad Johan announced that the government will launch the implementation of the National Development Plan 2018-2022. The Ministry of Planning, Maher Hammad Johan, announced that the government will launch the implementation of the 2018- 2022 next Wednesday "Next Wednesday we will launch the 2018-2022 National Development Plan under the auspices of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," said Johann in a speech at the seminar organized by the Institute for Progress Development Policy at the headquarters of the station. "The plan will include several steps to improve the business environment and achieve economic development and environmental sustainability. Development of the private sector and others. "The plan also includes a focus on the development of education, health, women, youth and social development." The private sector now accounts for 37% of GDP and is expected to be a partner in the services and production sectors through the national program . development


Samson:  Rafidain Bank participates in auditing the budgets of the formations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

2018/5/8 8:11

Rafidain Bank, announced its participation in the audit of financial budgets of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for 2017.

"The Director General of the Bank Khawla Taleb Jabbar and a member of the Financial Supervisory Authority of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation represented by Iraq participated in the audit of the budgets of the Organization's formations last year."

He pointed out that "this step shows that Iraq has the professional and national expertise on which to draw financial and banking policies not only in the country, but extended to many countries of the world."     LINK


Monday night CC 5-7-18

7 TO 8 ................ ADVERTISERS.
8 TO 9 ................ DELTA.
9 TO 9:45 ........... BLUE COUCH.

Playback Number: 641-715-3639 PIN: 156996#


Frank is wearing a bright red suit



Manaolana3:  At the very end of tonight's CC,heard Frank and Tink say, "Oh what a night!" I think that saysa lot of what was shared tonight.

Have so much to say, but I will just be brief for now. Like you said, "it will get louder," and it will be more direct. It will be more transparent for all to see and not be confused, or, in denial.

Satrap1:  The billboard comment got me thinking that a great time to use these would be at the election polls to educate the citizens. Could be at the time when all is done, or a reminder of what just happened a few days prior. Either way, a great time to reach a lot of folks.

S.Josh:  We expect to see BILLBOARD sized notation for the new notes... RI... 
Let's see what unfolds with the LAUNCH on Wednesday

Samson:  Another one appearing which was on CBI site yesterday

The Central Bank decides to open a window to sell foreign currency in Dar es Salaam Bank
 8th May, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq decided to open a window in Dar es Salaam Investment Bank to sell foreign currency for purposes of imports from abroad

The central bank said in a statement to the public site by Deputy Governor Munther Sheikli and briefed by "Economy News", "For the purpose of opening a window to sell foreign currency for purposes of imports from abroad, the Central Bank decided to open a window through the Dar es Salaam Investment Bank (under trusteeship) To submit applications for the purchase of the dollar for the above purpose to go to the bank referred to submit your requests at a reduced rate   LINK


Samson:  OPEC oil prices record highest of $ 70 per barrel

 8th May, 2018

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Tuesday that OPEC's daily basket price was more than $ 70 a barrel

The Organization said in a statement read by the "economy News", "The price of OPEC basket of fourteen barrels of crude recorded 70.99 dollars per barrel."

"The price rose from the previous day of $ 70.66, according to the accounts of the OPEC secretariat," the agency said

The cartel of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) consists of: Algeria, (Kuwait), Kuwait (Kuwait), S Sider (Libya), Bonnie Light (Nigeria), Qatar Marine (Qatar), Arab Light (Saudi Arabia), Morban (United Arab Emirates) and Miri (Venezuela


Samson:  Central Iranian: America's withdrawal from the nuclear agreement will not affect the economy

 8th May, 2018

The head of Iran's central bank said the country's economy would not be affected if US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from a nuclear deal with world powers in 2015

"We are ready for all possibilities. If America withdraws from the agreement, our economy will not be affected, " he said

Trump announced Tuesday whether it would withdraw from the deal in a move that could disrupt global oil supplies

Iran's economy relies on oil income at 60 percent   LINK

Samson:  Oil prices jump to 3-year high

 8th May, 2018

The oil prices in world markets, on Tuesday, the highest level in three and a half years, with investors waiting for an announcement from President Donald Trump on whether the United States would impose sanctions on Iran.

According to news agency "Reuters", that by the time 5:50 GMT, futures US crude fell "WTI" by 1.1% to $ 69.95 a barrel, after closing the raw previous session above $ 70 for the first time since November 2014.

In When Brent crude fell 0.9% to $ 75.50 after jumping 1.7% on Monday to reach $ 76.17 a barrel at $ 76.17 a barrel.

Markets are awaiting the US president's decision to extend sanctions on Tehran under the nuclear deal. If Trump withdraws the US commitment to the deal, Iran's crude exports will be hurt, which will further narrow the supply of the oil market, which is heading toward balance after years of obscurity.

Trump said on Monday that a decision on staying in the Iranian nuclear deal or returning to sanctions would be announced at 18:

"As long as we get more clarity on Trump's intentions, it is unlikely we will get further increases in crude," said Verandra Schohan, an oil analyst at Energy Impact.

Barclays analysts, in a report, suggested Trump would not renew the decision to lift US sanctions on Iran or reaffirm his opposition to the nuclear deal.   LINK