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CHATTELS: "We Wait, Watch, Wonder and Wish. eh?", 3 MAY

Article quote: "The price of the market in the Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars, and the price yesterday at 1197 dinars to the dollar."  Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar... There are different exchange rates being reported by different news agencies on the same day. The absence of any "official" rate(s) makes a determination by us as to complaince all the more suspect. We wait, watch, wonder and wish, eh?


SJosh:  I believe Frank and WS have addressed this point VERY well already, though I meditated on this today myself and I felt drawn to share my reflection of how "real" this is getting.

It happens to me too - I get stuck looking at what HASN'T happened "by now" instead of watching the dominos fall and looking back at what all HAS taken place... ESPECIALLY since the beginning of this year. Reflecting back on what we've seen play out, we have watched this "zoom in" from a macro (LARGE scale) level to a micro (personal/small scale) level, as NEEDED to happen for them to dial in success on ALL of these levels.

This is an IMO synopsis of what has occurred most prominently since the turn of the year:

End of December 2017: USTreasury posts an official statement that they have lifted all sanctions between the US and Iraq

(think, BIG level - this is "opening the door", so to speak, between the countries internationally)
January 2018: LOTS of articles from Iraq stating they were regaining border controls, creating security country-wide; focusing and weeding out corruption, creating trust and stability.

(next domino, Iraq is opening the next "doors", internally in their own country-level paving the way)

February 2018: LOTS of articles from World Bank, IMF, US stating Iraq was a great investment opportunity, speaking to the building trust and stability seen manifesting; Iraq declaring they are "free of ISIS", affirming their reigns on security is tightening; Iraq articles stating they are ready to rebuild/reconstruct their country again, showing they are ready to "play ball" and be friendly with the world;  Kuwait conference bringing in TONS of international business interest/contracts to assist in the efforts from all of the above; Abadi promises to follow through on what he told the world.

(another domino, international interest is now brought into Iraq, confirmations of progress and efforts made to look forward to rebuild instead of solely focusing on looking back to clean up the old mess)

March 2018: Iraq and Kuwait agree and approve their country budget, for the first time in MANY years - and it is only MARCH! (Recall that in December 2017 they were STILL kicking around the 2017 budget even though the year was already over...); Articles about banking systems, CBI begins to share about ATMs and more about training.

(another domino, inside Iraq we see the governments working together and actually getting things done, on top of this we see the governments letting the CBI/banks to begin to control their own activities)

April 2018: CBI/Alak affirming 2% compliance and W.A.R. (We Are Ready!!!); CBI openly working with the AMF as well as other countries to re-establish trade deals and create unity; CBI requiring banks to accept ALL forms of Iraq currency; Financial inclusion week publicly/openly launching directly to the CITIZENS, getting them set up in the new banking system and re-establishing the TRUST in the stability of Iraq's banks (which has been gone for almost 30 years!).

(HUGE dominos falling as we REALLY see this starting to manifest things at the micro level: direct public mentions that the banks are compliant and the citizens are now deeply intertwined in on the progress)

May 2018: Looking forward now, the connections continue to firm up and now that Iraq has dialed in the "security" and "stability", they finally hone in on the right "environment":

1. May 12th brings about their elections, and from what we've seen come together, the citizens look to be supporting many of the same head figures. "IF" this RI is not announced before these happen, supporting the same group would cause for the LEAST resistance, as progress could continue/flow without new people potentially wanting to steer different ways.
2. May 16th begins Ramadan, which is a month-long Muslim holiday (goes until June 14th). Having a month of holiday in the country would make for an EXCELLENT time period where a new rate could be integrated during lower activity levels.

This all stated VERY broadly! We also have insiders like WS & Delta feeding us info about bank memos, ATM activation plans; we see MOU's with international requirements before they can become contracts, citizens getting back pay, market rates reaching a point where auctions no longer make a profit (and are therefore MUST phase out, just like any other business that cannot make the funds to support itself).

My own reflection on this, and even going as far as writing this out REALLY helped me to affirm how far we've come and how close we are RIGHT NOW.

Will it happen tomorrow? Probably not. But it could.

Will it happen this month? Maybe. I'd like to hope so, but also know the value of patience in this endeavor.

Will it happen this year? HIGHLY likely.

Especially considering this is the first year in over a decade that Iraq didn't announce a delay in their fiscal reforms before the end of January.

Will it happen? YES - it literally MUST at this point!

All these pieces coming together have gotten Iraq WAY past the "point of no return". They are handing out chipped/international cards to citizens, approving VISAs for international companies to come into Iraq to help rebuilding efforts, partnering with the IMF, WB, AMF and a plethora of international trade agreements.

Iraq desires to pull this off PERFECTLY, SUCCESSFULLY, in ONE shot. This is one of the LARGEST international/financial actions that will have taken place since this century.

Honestly, I don't blame them. I've found the ability to sit in the NOW, cheering Iraq on from my own "peanut gallery" and watching the story unfold. I look at it like a great book or movie ~ sure, I may want to jump right to the end, but if I do I'd miss the whole journey and likely not appreciate the conclusion nearly as much.

My suggestion is to make some popcorn sit back, relax, breathe, and watch the show.

***Again, this is all IMO. I've learned to only rely on NOW, and I imagine there are SLIM potentials it WOULDN'T happen "soon" if there was a HUGE, unanticipated shift in trajectory***

The fireworks have been going off for a WHILE now people, at this point we are getting ready for the FINALE!!!!

Salamon:  I love your synopsis except for one thing......
Could this happen tomorrow you say " Probably not... "NO NO NO NO
Could this happen tomorrow --- YES !!!     We just don't know.   We are at the precipice now.   It could happen before you take your next breath or I finish typing.
We are on STANDBY where this could happen at ANY TIME

ChrisC:  .  Can you please explain this so we can understand what we are looking at? 

Hazen:  So, Delta, what does this mean for us??


ChrisC:  I am up for some schooling if you can explain that.  Delta said they were between 29-40 dinar PER dollar as the lower part of that chart shows.  Also shows a ridiculous profit margin which I can't understand.  I am open for some help.  It looks like there is a buy sell at a rate for some reason much different in the lower half of the chart than the upper part. 

Don961:  brother ... could this be one of many trials and tests needed to check the reaction of the market for a brief time ... so that when the dinar does RI, there is some semblance of what to expect ... like WS's firms book testing of different rates last year ... every nuance and aspect of the RI needing testing .. so as to eliminate or at least diminish as many potential issues as possible ... imo
DELTA: Foreign Currency Selling Window for 6/5/2018 that performed on 3/5/2018
Announcement No.(3691)
                          Sale Date - 6/5/2018 that performed on 3/5/2018

Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits)

Total sale cash

Total sale  amount

Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for ech Dolla.

Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar.

MilitiaMan:  Parity.. I hope that above is a fact and it means the buy and sell are on par now.. Kaboom if it is.. Banks are closed.. Wow! Maybe your view on the terminology could verify my suspicions?  imo ~ MM

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 145)


US announcement about the new role of the coalition in Iraq Issued an official statement from the US Embassy in Baghdad on the latest functions of the International Coalition against Da’ash in Iraq. 

“At a ceremony held in Baghdad on April 30, the tasks of the Joint Task Force’s ground force were terminated, marking the end of major combat operations against Da’ash in Iraq and the announcement of a change in coalition responsibilities to focus on providing Support and training for Iraqi security forces. ” He added that “the ceremony included the special tradition (Balff flag) where the flag was lowered for the unit and announce the end of its mission.” 

In September 2014, the United States formed an international coalition of some 70 countries to support and support Iraq in its war against the Da’sh, which occupied three provinces after the fall of Mosul in June of the same year. More than 5,200 US troops are deployed as trainers and advisers deployed in military bases in the country. The Iraqi government announced on the ninth of December last year the final victory on the call and carry out operations to clean up and control the sleeper cells. Reconstruction of liberated cities destroyed by military buildup and military operations remains the most important challenge facing the government.
CBI Governor On Thursday, the Governor of CBI, Ali Al-Alak issued a statement that the total amount of assets in Iraqi banks operating in the country estimated at 200 million U.S dollars.
He pointed out that the inflations rate will not exceed 2%.
He delivered his words during a speech at a meeting of Partnership in Investment in the Forum of investment opportunities and reconstruction in Iraq.

The cash credit provided by Iraqi banks amounted to 30 billion U.S dollars.
Al-Alak added in his statement that the Iraqi Central Bank ordered all Iraqi banks to change the organizational structure.
They should focus on the establishment of risk units and fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
The Central Bank of Iraq has developed the payment system and it will be launched very soon for payment using a mobile phone.
The CBI launched the unified system last year and it was known as IBAN for all accounts.
Point to be noted that after the successful implementation of this system, Iraq is now one of the 47 countries in the world using this system and it efficiently facilitates the process of money transfer.
Al-Alak added that MasterCard will establish an institution in Iraq to train young people for using credit cards.
He said that the inflation rate or increase in prices in the country will not exceed by 2%.
He also added that the coming period of time will witness a significant amount of decrease in the inflation rate in Iraq.
It will be done after controlling the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and cancel the marginal price of the U.S dollar in making it equal to the official price.
This step of CBI will support the purchasing power of Iraqi citizens.
It has shown a major indicator for businessmen through the stability and the best working environment.
Al-Alak pointed out that the U.S dollar exchange rate is considered best at the current stage.
It has offered an ideal price and provided confidence to local and foreign investors in managing their previous and current activities.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Iran is getting ready to announce their gold-standard.

The Deep State is fighting back by attempting to blame Iran for the 9/11 attacks.

The final battle before the enactment of GESARA is set in the Middle East between Syria, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the US.

All leaked RV release dates are to be considered as a "heads-up". This just means there is a high chance of the RV occurring on these leaked dates.

There was a high chance of the RV occurring yesterday but it did not occur. Reason unknown.

No further RV release date leaks at this time.

The timeline for the transition event remains unchanged.

The RV is to begin before GESARA.

Keep watch every night at 11:58 PM EDT to 12:01 AM EDT for the toll-free 800 numbers.

Source: Operation Disclosure

Oootah Conf Call Intel w/Becky


Footforward    Domino's are falling.  Iran thing is heating up...North Korea is being sorted out one way or another.

Russia bombshells are coming.  ...things are falling into place.

The RV is going to happen.


5-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Why would the CBI care if these corrupt politicians are prosecuted now or later The CBI cares because they are involved in the corruption dealing with the banking system and the banking system is part of the monetary policy.  ...THIS IS THE CBI’s RESPONSIBILITY!!!  They don’t want these 1,000 corrupt people in politics or medaling in the monetary policy and need to address this as a major part of cleaning up the corruption scams in Iraq. ...Did I mention part of the 2015 Stand-by- Agreement (SBA) with the IMF also has this as an item to address. ...So, yes this is a VERY important issue to the CBI. The other issue with these currency auction corruption cases is that these political figures are BLOCKING this project and trying to sabotage it so these auctions would not end. Get it? These auctions are the goose that lays the golden eggs for them. Why kill the goose? ...I hope everyone now understands what is holding up the RV?  [post 2 of 2]

5-3-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
  Article quote:  “THE SUBJECT OF DELETING ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY IS READY BUT NEEDS A SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT TO BE APPLIED TO PREVENT MANIPULATION AND FRAUD."  ...So what manipulation and fraud is Al-Allaq talking about?...What is all over the latest news from the CBI? ...What seems to be their major concern with MANIPULATING or FRAUDULANT activities?  ...I am talking about the Currency Auctions!!!  ...the good news is there is a plan to deal with this corruption. The plan is to WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTIONS. So this is PM Abadi’s plan when and if he does get re-elected. But remember this all could change if he doesn’t get re-elected. So there is a lot riding on this May 12th election. Relax I firmly believe he will get elected again.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-3-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   Article quote: "The price of the market in the Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars, and the price yesterday at 1197 dinars to the dollar."  Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars to the dollar... There are different exchange rates being reported by different news agencies on the same day. The absence of any "official" rate(s) makes a determination by us as to complaince all the more suspect. We wait, watch, wonder and wish, eh?

5-3-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   There's also another...myth that recently is brought up once again, the talk of Iraq selling oil or oil credits to the United States at some ridiculously low price.  That's utter nonsense.

5-3-2018   Intel Guru Footforward    Domino's are falling.  Iran thing is heating up...North Korea is being sorted out one way or another. Russia bombshells are coming.  ...things are falling into place. The RV is going to happen.

Mark: The Bank...Our Exchange...The N.D.A...



Samson:  Launch of the Global Forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions with the participation of Iraq in Istanbul

 2nd May, 2018

The two-day Global Forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (ICFM) kicked off in Istanbul this morning

The conference is attended by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alaq, also participates in a delegation representing the Association of Iraqi private banks headed by its President Wadih al-Hanal and ten of the leaders of Iraqi banks

The conference, which will be held under the slogan "The new face of financial services, presents problems, opportunities and renewed challenges", which deals with Islamic finance, the development of the traditional financial industry and ways to put the Islamic finance industry on the right track

The council is an international organization of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), founded in Bahrain in 2001

It seeks to protect and defend the Islamic financial industry sector and to promote cooperation among its members   LINK


Samson:  A high-ranking US delegation heads to China to stave off a trade war

 2nd May, 2018

A high-ranking US delegation will head to China on Wednesday to try to resolve many disputes to avoid a trade war between the two countries. 

Trump, after denouncing months of "huge" US trade deficit with China and Beijing's "unfair" trade practices, sent a high-level delegation led by Treasury Secretary Steve Menuchin to negotiate for a settlement, the Agence France Presse reported.
The Treasury Secretary, Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross, Trade Representative Robert Laitheiser, and White House Chief Commerce Adviser Larry Cadlow are accompanying.

"The list of problematic issues is long, and this is a very big challenge," Whitehouse said Tuesday before heading to Beijing. 

"I do not want to predict what will happen or not, we are going there for frank discussions," Menuchin said on Monday, expressing "cautious optimism." 

The US president is trying to get the Asian giant to open its markets more to American products, calling for a reduction of trade deficit with Beijing by 100 billion dollars, after reaching 375 billion dollars in 2017. 

The United States also intends to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and prevent China from forcing companies Operating in the establishment of joint companies "forced"

"President Trump has clearly expressed his view, the time has come to move, our trade deficit is too large, it is too long and too long to be tolerated," Wilbur Ross said on Tuesday. 

After the US administration imposed customs duties on its exports by 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum at the end of last March, China is now facing a new tariff threat that may be imposed from May 22, according to the trade representative. United Nations.    LINK

Samson:  Rafidain announces the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment to settle salaries

 2018/5/2 8:12

Rafidain Bank announced the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment tools in the settlement of salaries of state employees electronically.

"The bank has been able to develop its banking business and introduce modern systems used over time through the use of electronic payment tools and international banking technologies," said Khawla Taleb Al Assadi, general manager of the bank.  "The bank is working to contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi economy and activate the concept of financial inclusion and sustainable economic development." 

"Providing all banking services to citizens in accordance with quality standards and simplifying procedures to add value to all banking products and instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and to win international partnership with the banking and financial institutions, including the prestigious [Key Card], which is the strategic partner of the bank.

The director of the Rafidain Bank that "the bank is struggling to win the achievements and confidence of citizens," noting that "the Rafidain Bank works to achieve a secure infrastructure in accordance with international standards and strengthen banking mechanisms and enhance the role of banking and it does not work alone, but with the participation of everyone."  LINK

Samson:  Iranian delegation arrives in Erbil to participate in economic conference

 2018/5/2 9:07 

The Minister of Industry, Minerals and Trade of Iran, Mohammad Shariatmadari, arrived with his delegation on Wednesday morning to the city of Erbil for the purpose of participating in the conference for the development of economic relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Ali al-Sindi, Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade and Industry, received an Iranian delegation on arrival at Erbil International Airport.  The two-day conference on the development of economic relations between Kurdistan and Iran will begin at 10 am today. 

The conference was organized by the chambers of commerce in the Kurdistan region and is scheduled to receive at the opening of the conference the words of Kurdistan Regional Government President, Nigirvan Barzani, Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammad Al Sudani, Minister of Industry, Minerals and Trade of Iran Mohammad Shariatmadari, Ali al-Sindi.  The conference will discuss the development of economic relations between the Kurdistan region and Iran, and promote trade and tourism between the two sides through a series of seminars and lectures.

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Erj Musjidi, visited Erbil yesterday to participate in the conference and met with Barzani and discussed during the meeting "the comprehensive development of bilateral economic and cultural relations between the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran."  The meeting also stressed the importance of increasing the presence of Iranian companies and discussing the development of trade and investment cooperation and removing customs obstacles in the context of the prosperity of production through enhancing participation in the priority sectors of the region. 

During the meeting, which was also attended by the Iranian Consul General in Arbil, Morteza Ebadi, discussed the topics of the conference.  The meeting was also attended by the commercial attaché at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Nasser Bahzad.   LINK


Paperboy:  FROM TNT MEMBER bonkers

Thanks for sharing your experience. I went to a WF branch just outside Denver on Monday afternoon just to make a deposit and I waited in line and then the next teller that opened was the one at the foreign currency desk.

I don't question them about our investments (dinar/dong) but I did start a conversation with the teller just saying I have friends that had invested in foreign currencies and they were expecting some big returns.

He did ask if I knew what currencies they held and I said I believed it was the dinar and dong. He told me they were not selling dinar but they were the dong and they had been busy. He pointed over to the 3rd or 4th teller window from his and he pointed out the smaller sign on the counter that also said foreign currency exchanges (his sign was larger and mounted on the glass).

He told me that they had added a second window and trained additional employees to help with the exchanges; they where expecting higher volumes of traffic. He offered no additional information and seemed like he didn't want to.

I had been in just two weeks earlier and the sign on the second window was not there before. Simple story but I left feeling pretty darn good! 


Breitling  ...What would be the optimal time for Iraq to revalue? 

This is just my opinion.  I have not heard them talk about this and there are no articles attached to this…it very rare that I throw my opinion out. 

In my opinion they should revalue before the prices go down in energy…if they wait for the oil prices to go down too far then they can only make money off revaluing their currency…

What’s the date?  I don’t know. 

What’s that rate?  They are going to have to have enough to compete in the world.  In other words they have to have a price that people can go out and invest...for people to take the dinar seriously. 

So it’s not going to be at a tenth of a penny.  It’s not going to be two cents.  It’s not going to be ten cents.  It’s going to be up there…the currency has to be able to compete with the Euro and the US dollar.  And that’s how it works and that’s what’s coming down the road. 
It’s all based on energy and the projection of energy…

Trusts Unlimited Conference Call


Hoosiergirl:  Welllll...  I've been thinking of all the things we are reading, studying and the older articles, etc.  Something tells me this whole RI has been happening in a BIG way for quite a while - a year OR more.  Soooo we see some of these "strange" numbers.
If the citizens (per WS's one comment yesterday) have been in training and teaching mode for a couple of years, then this PROCESS has been much further along for a long time than we have been privy to know about.  ALL IN MY OPINION IMO!!!!!

Walkingstick:  Yep... certainly has....

Hazen:  Things have been happening for a long time.....how long can this process keep going?   Don't these credit cards (visa/mastercards) need to be activated???
Hoosiergirl:  I really don't think it can go much longer.  Remember what Frank has always said - when you see it in print - IT'S ALREADY DONE!  These malls, banks, rebuilding of Mosul and other cities, with citizens returning - today we say 75% returning - all of these things did not happen since last August when we "had Mosul"!  We are getting "old news" from all these articles. IMO  The only "new" info we get is from WS, Frank & Delta, ITeams - and even then they must be careful what they share.  THAT'S why Frank is about to pop!  It's ALL done - as he has said, Alak said WE ARE READY.    All In My Opinion!

Walkingstick:  In brief: It, will continue... until, the environment is right... I, do not... understand your confusion/ questioning how long this process can continue or why this is in question... Your question/s .. has/have been covered/ addressed many times via Franks cc's ... It is, unfolding before your very eyes... has been, for some time...

Just an FYI... Do, you realize...the process, itself.. The technical aspects for implementing this process have been in place for a number of years...  it will not be implemented haphazardly/ carelessly for risk of failure..

History has shown, us/ them the many failures over the past 40 years for doing just that...and, for the very reason/s I have stated many times... 

Frank26:  MANY MANY MANY ...................... TIMES !!! !!! !!!


Samson: Ahmed begins to pay the salaries of retired military for May

3rd May, 2018

The General Retirement Authority announced on Thursday the immediate payment of salaries of retired military personnel for the current May

"In coordination with the Rafidain Bank, Al-Rashid, the Iraqi Bank for Trade (TBIand the International Smart Card Companythe salaries of military retirees have been paid for this May," the agency said in a statement

"The pensioners of the smart card holders and cardholders can exchange the manual exchange centers to receive their salaries.​​    LINK

Samson:   Rafidain pays the salaries of military retirees for the month of May

2018/5/2 22:47

Rafidain Bank announced the retirement of military retirees for the month of May.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "the bank distributed the salaries of retired military personnel for May meal to holders of electronic payment tools." 

The statement called "all retirees to receive their salaries from the branches of the bank all in Baghdad and the provinces instead of going to the outlets of the special exchange, some of whom are deducted from the pension large sums for the receipt of his salary."   LINK


Samson:  Financial Kurdistan announces a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of staff of the region

 3rd May, 2018

The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Thursday, May 3, 2018, a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees of the region.

The ministry said, in a statement received to the obelisk, that it "will begin to distribute salaries of staff of the region according to a new schedule, starting on Sunday, 6-5-2018, and the distribution will be as follows:

1- On Sunday, 2018/5/6
- Ministry of Education.
- Ministry of Health.

2- On Monday, 2018/5/7
Ministry of Finance and Economy.
- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
- Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs.
- Political prisoners and the families of martyrs and anfal.
- Ministry of transportation

3. Tuesday, 8 August 2018
- Ministry of Municipalities
- The Ministry of Electricity
- The Ministry of Construction and Housing
- The Ministry of Planning
- Judicial Council
- Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Industry and Trade

4- Wednesday, 9/5/2018
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
- The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
- The salaries of people with special needs
- Office of Financial Supervision
- Human Rights Commission
- Management of areas outside the administration of the region
- Environmental Protection Agency
- Investment Authority  
- Integrity Commission
- Election and Referendum Commission
- Maine Foundation

5 - Thursday, 2018/5/10
- The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs
- Ministry of Culture
- Presidency of the Territory
- Parliament
- Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Region
Kurdistan Security Council
Samson:  His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq participates in the World Forum of the Council of Islamic Banks

3rd May, 2018

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, participated in the annual global forum of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions held in the Turkish capital of Istanbul from 2-3 / 5/2018. The forum will be on several sessions during the two days. How regulators remain relevant in a changing economic environment that includes many technological upheavals and developments, which raise many questions about the roles and presence of regulators in light of the turmoil in the financial sector

The Governor also addressed the Islamic banking situation in Iraq and the great development that has taken place in this field especially in recent years in addition to the financial services offered by Islamic banking



Samson:  Association: 30 media institutions closed due to the financial crisis and 1000 journalists without work

11:23 - 03/05/2018 

The Association for the Defense of Press Freedom revealed on Thursday that more than 30 media outlets were closed because of the financial crisis in the country, while confirmed that more than 1000 journalists are currently sitting without work.

"The last period witnessed the closure of more than 30 media institutions as a result of the financial crisis experienced by the country," said the president of the society, Ibrahim Al-Sarraj. "As a result of the closure of these institutions, more than 1,000 journalists have lost their jobs and are currently sitting without Action".

He added that "Iraqi journalist faces a number of difficulties in his work, including the right to access information and non-cooperation bodies involved with him," calling on state institutions to "help the Iraqi journalist under the complex circumstances that he lives."

The United Nations General Assembly, by its resolution 48/432 of 20 December 1993, proclaimed May 3 as World Press Freedom Day, and since that time every year the anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration has been celebrated.    LINK

BLUWOLF: "We Are On Track And Forever Blessed", 3 MAY

5.3.18 After seeking confirmed information, I am lead to the optimistic assumption that we are just moments away in receiving the 800 number that will relieve our world from economic stress and crashes.

​I for one know who I am and where I come from, how humble a man and how helpful a friend in me and I urge all to sort out what makes you great as an individual in God. Do right by your family and do right by the people of your nation country.

​My hopes with this RV and GCR is that poverty and hunger will seize to exist and that all persons no matter from what nation or religion can be at peace knowing that God's children came forth and lended a helping hand. Pay it forward everyone and you make sure that you inspire and let the people you help know that they are to do exactly the same to someone else in need when they get back on their feet. Place God's 10% in a trust and let it mature to gain interest and once that interest is returned to you, then and only then will you start to help the needy. 

Same principle is to be applied with your personal assets. I guarantee that your personal wealth and God's will never run out of money ever.

Make sure that all debt accounts pending will be erased or paid out to 0.

You must take a new and responsible lead in life. Do not go into this like that reluctant lottery ticket winner and go crazy spending all this money on lusk and junk, for you will be broke by a years time, I can guarantee that to be a fact.

If you be a God good steward you shall be blessed if you won't then you just won't be blessed.

So it won't be long now, have your paperworks ready for we are on the highest level of alerts.

​Happy Journeys, Na'mastes, Bluwolf


Chattels     Dollar exchange rate and gold prices in Iraq on Wednesday
2/5/2018   Economy News _ Baghdad  Recorded dollar exchange rates, Wednesday, a slight decrease in front of the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures in the "Economy News" sell the dollar in Baghdad today recorded 119 000 and the purchase price of 120 thousand dinars per dollar cent. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12145
Chattels    Mina Aldroubi RetweetedSebastian Castelier

Iraq - The man who threw shoes at Bush is running for #IraqiElections2018, under the list of Sa’eroun. “I intend to push for a law that discloses Iraqis' offshore bank accounts,” said Muntazer Al Zaidi to @Mina_Aldroubi / The National

chattels    https://twitter.com/Mina_Aldroubi?lang=en

chattels    Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at George Bush launches election bid
Muntazer Al Zaidi tells The National of his hopes to 'end this era' of corruption in Baghdad
chattels    https://www.thenational.ae/world/mena/iraqi-reporter-who-threw-his-shoes-at-george-bush-launches-election-bid-1.726723
Chattels     Intel     Guru Dr. Clarke (btw, OIL is skyrocketing @ $75+...Every hour that passes, is a cha-ching! moment for Iraq...by Design) ...We have NO REASON to Believe, according to our Long Long List of Data poop, that this will go into June or later. (other than maybe gambling & playing the exchange rate game.) We have EVERY REASON to Believe, this happens in “MAY 2018”. However, we always say, “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. NONE.”

chattels    Wrong, IMO, I can guarantee you the Dr. Clarke has not a clue about any of it. He might get lucky or eventually be right since he calls it every month successively.
Xyz   @Zig 5-2-2018 Newshound Guru sandyf   "The Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank issued a statement that floating of the Iraqi dinar currency is very hard to implement as the monopoly of Iraqi government regarding the distribution of the U.S dollar and other foreign currencies in the country.
The CBI Governor Ali Al-Alak said in a press interview that most oil producing and exporting countries rely on a fixed exchange rate or fixed according to flexibility. It doesn’t affect the mechanism of floating the currency and never happened in Iraq or other oil rich countries.
" The statement from Alak is ambiguous and could be interpreted various ways. A floating exchange rate is not the preferred option of an emerging economy so I see it highly unlikely. Egypt was forced into it and lost half its value overnight, not a particularly good example.
Dave    yes free float or managed float...I hope for the later also
Blackgold    about the National debt, can someone please tell me --- Who do we owe?/?????
Jimmy Lee    blackgold google ...national debt clock.org....? answered
blackgold    doesn't really tell us who we owe,only that we owe
blackgold    Jimmy Lee thank you anyway
Jimmy Lee    blackgold usdebtclock.org google that
chattels     Treasury bonds (T-bonds) are one of four types of debt issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to finance the government’s spending activities. The four types of debt are Treasury bills, Treasury notes, Treasury bonds and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).
Read more: Treasury Bond (T-Bond)
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JoeSchmoe   question, do they HAVE TO raise the value if they go international?
chattels    So, holders of " T " bills, notes, bonds and securities are who we owe.
JoeSchmoe    anyone...anyone....Bueler?
Xyz JoeSchmoe am sure celebrity guru sandyf has your answer.
JoeSchmoe    well i wasn't referring to a LOP. But can they just stay at their current rate and be international like so many other countries.   But then I guess ut would depend on if lds were out or not.....
xyz    JoeSchmoe i have never found any evidence that they have change/raise value.
xyz    JoeSchmoe however gurus have pumped that its required per their secret deep rooted sources.
JoeSchmoe   xyz but IF ld's are out, they must raise the value to use them
xyz    JoeSchmoe LD isa guru marketing pitch. I have never seen LD. Do you have evidence of LD?
Sandyf       @Tebow maybe Sandyf should look first at his source which is not the CBI,-

That is a good one, First you say Kap is making it up, now you say the article is made up, according to you even the audited accounts are wrong. Typical dinarland logic, claim everything is made up enough times and maybe people will believe it. The support for your claims is quite notable, by its absence.
Sandyf     @Zig Sandy, Jeez, Get some thick skin!!.....We have no clique here.....We disagree in here every day.....I like Kaperoni and get bashed for it....LOL.... –
Absolutely nothing to do with my skin, its those that you would wish to welcome that you should be thinking about. Not to worry, will be a Sandy free zone shortly as I set off to welcome my grandson into the world.
Could say it is a family revaluation, my younger brother in Montreal passed away last August about 2 weeks after I met my elder brother for the first time. Meeting him before I died was worth more than could ever come from this.

sandyf    @Zig What do they mean by bond notes? –
There is not enough USD banknotes available in Zimbabwe to meet the needs on the street so a couple of years ago they introduced 'Bond notes' (monopoly money) at par to the USD to make up the shortfall.
They are supposed to be supported by USD denominated assets. Rescue Guy is incorrect, the AA notes that he refers to are ZWR currency which was replaced in Feb 2009 by the ZWL currency which was then terminated in April 2009.

Transmutation" - GCR/RV SPEAK Update - Tank , 3 MAY

Transmutation-the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.

The way our vision works is that the images we see enter into our retina upside down. The image crosses over as it is projected on the back of our brain so that we perceive it to be right side up. Our brain translates the data so that we can comprehend what our eyes are absorbing from the environment around us. In essence, everything in our reality only exists as we perceive it to be in our mind.

Here in lies the beauty and complexity of every human experience. Perception is reality. On one hand, this makes us a very easily hacked organic computing system. If our environment is controlled from the time of our birth, then it is very easy to control our behavior with almost no resistance. If we’re raised to think that Blue Eyes make us superior to other people then we would grow up feeling entitled to certain privileges based on what we are told about the experiences of superior people. At every stage of our development we are creating more permanent structures in our reality. The deepest aspects of that reality begin in our earliest perceptions of being alive.

The first years of life are so essential to our ability to perceive and create a reality where we can thrive. The most natural aspect of being human is philoprogenetiveness, or the natural love of one’s off spring. This opportunity to love one’s own child is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our ability to reproduce ourselves is a witness that we are made in the likeness and image of our creator. There is no human who can truly look into the eyes of their own child and deny in their heart that God is real. One’s programming may cause the words to come out of their mouth that “there is no God”, but this kind of ignorant bravado quickly changes when the same one is faced with the fear of losing a child, or being killed themselves. As they say, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”

This connection to the spiritual hierarchy of “God” is the substance of the entire human experience. Our direct connection and communication with the divine is our right, our identity, and our responsibility. This charge is an innate driving force in everyone of us. It manifests differently for each individual as we respond to our personal creation that exists in us, and the world we all exist in together. Our version of who or what God is, is created by our perception of what love is. How we act in response to our natural connection to love, and desire to love one another is rooted in our earliest experiences connecting to our parents and their example of love towards us.

We are a self generating conduit of the light that constitutes all organic life. The environment we exist in responds to our perception of it and of ourselves. As generation after generation have been programmed to feel and believe that we need an intercessor between us and God we have become less and less healthy, getting further away from a greater spiritual reality from which we draw all knowledge, understanding and appreciation of who we are. Our awareness of who we are is the key to empowering the people to create a new reality.

Always keeping in mind that perception is reality we can appreciate the need for enlightenment to overcome the current situation. Human kind has been subjected to thousands of years of lies and limitations that only have power because we hold them to be true in the perception of our own reality. As the sleeping masses wake to a startling new vision, we are breaking from the comfort of our enslavement. We have lived a lifetime accepting our mediocrity as an immutable condition of our reality, never considering that even that is the product of our collective will.

The challenge we accept in discovering who we are is that once we know, we are responsible for the power and possibilities of all the generations that come after us. This moment is historic. And you are shaping the future history and meaning of what it means to be human.

We could have been killed off, leaving nearly a blank slate, with a few hundred million people left to be enslaved. This would have changed the history of the future, creating a legend of a dark force that no one had ever overcome. Fear would have spread like a virus throughout Galaxies as this force opposed everything natural to life. But a few of us have stood up for all of us and that was all it took to take over the world.

We have an obstacle that must be used as an asset. We cannot forget the suffering of this time, or how ugly the crimes against us have been. They have provided the contrast that has defined who we truly are. But we cannot allow pain, disappointment and fear to be the foundation of the new world we are creating.

The new world we create must embody the most natural aspects of the individual human experience, while existing in harmony with the collective energetic world we manifest together.
This is a world we have co-created with our oppressors who have heroically played the role of the villain. They have helped us understand the struggle of feeling powerless, the sadness of feeling disconnected from God, and the crippling paralysis of fear. There role has not been an easy one to commit to. There is no joy, no peace, and no love in their perception of the world.

We are charged to take the energies created by the fear, apathy, and control of this world and transmute them into Love, consideration, and independence. We move to empower the people with the freedom to be themselves and the means to discover who that is. Rather than destroy all that we have created together with our adversaries, we have the unique opportunity to reshape the world.

We will take the same stones that have been thrown to hurt, and divide us to build bridges that connect us. We’ll use the fear that has been used to keep us in darkness, as the driving force that inspires us to shine brighter. And the ego driven need to control the planet and each other will become an antiquated reference to a time when freedom was not present on Earth because we had lost our faith and connection to God. We will demonstrate the love of the divine by recognizing that our own life is a divine gift. That demonstration will forever set the tone of the great society of free humans that overcame the dragon that could not be slain.

We are the unified creative force of the people. It may be our ability to love our enemies that makes us powerful, because we are most powerful when love is at the core of all we do. But it is how we use that love to create a new world that will make us such a force of nature. Our physical vision is just a type and shadow of how we see spiritually. It is our personal vision of the world we want to create that is being translated into shape and form by the collective mind of the Universe. We are already victorious when we choose love over hate. The act of transmutation is a combination of change and creation colliding together to create something never seen or imagined before. So pay attention carefully because you will never have this chance again. You’re watching the birth of a brand new world. And like every proper birth, it is essential to bring it in with love.

And that is how we change the world.


Because tho are the collective body charged to and where we come from. we as each generation would continue to try and create a world absent of the love of God.

Source: Project SPEAK

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 3 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 3 May 2018 by Judy Byington

A. May 2 2018 12:26 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 2, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Peace was being achieved on the Korean peninsula. Both Korea's have agreed to Alliance terms. The Alliance was now focusing peace efforts in Syria between Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.Expect mainstream media outlets to switch focus to the Middle East.

2. Syria was the last geopolitical issue to resolve prior to enacting GESARA.

3. According to leaks, there was a high chance of the RV occurring today May 2.

4. Every 11:58 PM EDT to 12:01 AM EDT was the optimal release time for the toll-free 800 numbers.

B. May 2 2018 TNT Call

1. On Mon. evening April 30 Iraqi PM Abadi was on TV stating that Article 140 of the Constitution must be implemented immediately.

2. On Mon. evening April 30 unprecedented changes were being made in the global banking system where all of the banks connected together.

3. These changes where each bank could see another bank’s screen could only be seen at certain locations.

4. These changes connected every bank with the CBI within and outside of Iraq so that when the CBI flipped the switch, it would be a go globally. When the new rates appeared on the Forex they could be seen by everybody worldwide.

5. The changes should be completed today May 2, or tomorrow May 3.

6. The RV has been re-scheduled to go sometime between now and Sunday May 6.

7. Everyone would go at once. The same day, or the day after the new rates hit the Forex, we would be at the bank for our exchanges.

8. Tony advised that you should be prepared to go at any time.

9. The System was live and ready to go. It would not happen today, but it could happen Thursday or Friday. The plan was for the new rates to come up on the FOREX one night and be at the banks the next day. Tony thought it would happen after the markets closed and the next morning, everyone would have a fair shot at it.

10. The committee giving Ray and Tony information said that none of the currencies would be taxed.

11. NDA: Tony received a copy of a 2 page NDA that someone who exchanged signed. He does not believe it was the one we would sign. Someone was paid here in the US, all three currencies. We don’t know the rate. They were not supposed to be talking, but they actually got paid.

12. Currencies: The Dong was .47, may reach $2.00. ZIM was supposed to come out at between .11 and .22. Contract rate on the Dinar: $28.50.

13. There was an agreement put in place years ago through us that everyone would have access to the contract rate. Now they told us just a month ago, that they would do it a different way, but everything was still in place. Your portion was still there. Who received the contract rate would be based on how much you had. Those with the least amount would be given the opportunity to get the contract rate. They know we were monitoring them. We lived up to our end of the bargain and we hoped they were (living up to) theirs.

14. We have a list of banks that would be available once this happened that we could select from. He suggested shopping around and make appointments with several banks. Example: Dinar comes out at $3.00. Bank would have a buy and sell rate. Sell rate was what the bank would see it to you at. Buy rate was what you received if they bought it from you. One bank may have a $2.75 buy rate; another $2.76 and a third $2.74. One penny times a million . . .to 100 trillion . . . a penny could make a big difference. Here’s where negotiating comes in.

15. We got all this information from all the different sources and this was as close as we’ve come to what was supposed to happen in Dec. We got that tweet that we were on the way and yet it didn’t go. Maybe this was even closer than it was then. Everything was now in position. The word was that these are “hard targets” and everybody wanted this to be the one that worked. That’s exactly how it came to us. We’ve been holding this since Monday basically trying to make sure and get verification. Different sources and locations kept verifying what we were hearing.

C. May 2 2018 3:50 pm EST Intel Summary, R104525: GCR/RV Intel Summary from R104525 5-2-18

1. A new financial system was ready to be announced, setting aside the old globalist agenda as it introduced a new multilateral alliance and a new range of sources - small banks being geared toward serving people who were some of the poor. All currency would be guaranteed by assets. Prepare for the introduction of new economic and political alliances - alliances once considered impossible.

2. The Alliance was focusing on Syria's peace efforts between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It was the last geopolitical issue to be resolved before announcement of the GESARA Law.

3. The Alliance also awaited a possible US-imposed interest rate swap to start trading in Europe - purported to date May 7.

4. The Federal Reserve was already validating the accounts and issuing the declaration for authorization to carry out the moves to the levels already paid.

5. There was a great chance of the RV (Redemption) releasing today May 2 at 12:01 am EST - which would be the ideal release time for the 800 numbers.


D. May 2 2018 9:56 pm EST,  - The Office of POOFness - 5.2.18

1. Authorities disseminating information were not finished with documentation for our funds.They have told us it would be at least three more days (this weekend) until they had the final legal work done before it can be released.

2. With this release there has been a delay in the funding releases, as the main funds were required to do one more compliance

3. Now there would be a scattering of such funds here and there around the world to different organizations.

4. The Elders were ready and as soon as Grandfather gave the word, it would start.
E.May 1 2018 RI Done, Frank26: FRANK26: " Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018", 2 MAY

1. The modernizing and reforming of the Iraqi banking system was a requirement of the IMF.

2. Iraqi citizens finished a financial education week on Mon. May 1.

3. Everything that needed to be done for the RI (reinstatement of the Dinar as Iraq’s main currency over the US dollar) was done in the 1st quarter of 2018.

4. Contracts would now be done only in the local (Iraqi Dinar) currency.

5. The CBI announced that now Iraq had control of their exchange rate.


F. May 2 2018 11:50 am EST Power Structure, New World Order, 8Chan: 8Chan: The New World Order Power Structure Pyramid Revealed