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The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY


The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system.  In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project.  The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF.  Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this - the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week)  The financial inclusion ENDED TODAY [Monday].  Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018.  Now the thrust is to educate the citizens.  To include = Inclusion.  Contracts will now be done in ONLY the local currency.  Iraq’s currency!  The dollar was always used to bridge them into any contract, any agreement.   The CBI is saying we have control of our exchange rate.


Xyz   Rafidain announces the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment to settle salaries


Whitelions    Rafidain announces the application of international standards in the use of electronic payment to settle salaries

Rafidain Bank announced the implementation of international standards in the use of electronic payment tools in the settlement of salaries of state employees electronically.

"The bank has been able to develop its banking business and introduce the modern systems used over time through the use of electronic payment tools and international banking technologies," said Khawla Taleb Al Assadi, general manager of the bank, at a press conference held yesterday in Baghdad.

"The bank is working to contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi economy and activate the concept of financial inclusion and sustainable economic development."

"Providing all banking services to citizens in accordance with quality standards and simplifying procedures to add value to all banking products and instilling a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment and to win international partnership with the banking and financial institutions, including the prestigious [Key Card], which is the strategic partner of the bank.

The director of the Rafidain Bank that "the bank is struggling to win the achievements and confidence of citizens," noting that "the Rafidain Bank works to achieve a secure infrastructure in accordance with international standards and strengthen banking mechanisms and enhance the role of banking and it does not work alone, but with the participation of everyone."

chattels"   sandyf - The statement from Alak is ambiguous and could be interpreted various ways." is Kap's position as well I think.

chattels    The price of the dollar today in Iraq

Release Date: 2018/5/2 10:46 • [BAGHDAD]

Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Wednesday morning, stabilized at the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, although the rate of decline continued compared to the past few years.

The price of the market on the Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1197 dinars per dollar, ie 119 thousand and 700 dinars for one hundred dollars, and the price was yesterday at 1195.

chattels   http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=73300

chattels   1197 dinars per dollar    and the price was yesterday at 1195.

Whitelions    Minister of Industry discusses with Saudi SABIC delegation prospects for cooperation, partnership opportunities and investment


The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani discussed with the delegation of SABIC Saudi Arabia on Wednesday ways to support and strengthen economic relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and opportunities for cooperation and investment to implement joint industrial projects in various fields, especially the petrochemical, iron and steel industries and fertilizers.

"The SABIC delegation included Talaat Bin Dhafer, Vice President for Kingdom, Middle East and North Africa, Director of Global Investment Management Turki Al Madi, Zuhair Al Zwad, Chief Engineer of Hadid, Ahmed Al Khudairi, Director General of the Office of the Minister of Industry and Minerals, SABIC in Lebanon and Abdul Karim Al Tamimi, General Manager of the company's office in Iraq. "

The meeting reviewed the latest developments in the petrochemical industries, concessions and facilities provided to help clarify the picture on the Saudi side, as well as discussing means of cooperation in the iron and steel industry and other topics of mutual interest.

"The Iraqi government is keen to achieve economic partnership with the brothers," he said. "It is necessary to start a practical step that will start and establish promising projects between the two countries within the framework of the Saudi-Saudi coordination council and the understandings reached in the energy committee within the council."

Al-Sudani pointed out that "there are wide horizons for joint cooperation in various industrial fields, especially the petrochemical industry, which could be the start of many other projects between the two brotherly countries, stressing the possibility of benefiting from the experiences and successful Saudi experiences in this field."

For his part, SABIC's delegation expressed keenness to  work in Iraq and its willingness to cooperate with the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals during the coming stage, and expressed full readiness to exchange experiences and implement projects and real investments in the fields available and in the interest of both countries.

Whitelions    Good Morning Doug sorry I'm posting soon so was not looking at post in here lol
Whitelions   It's pretty bad when you ask another country to use influence they don't have to get what you want from your own government ! it makes the Kurds look weak so sad
Whitelions    Kurdistan Region asks Iran to press Baghdad to cancel the customs port


The Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government Ali al-Sindi on Wednesday called for the federal government in Baghdad to cancel the port of "zero" customs in the province of Diyala.

Al-Sindi said in a speech during the opening of the conference on the development of economic relations between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, currently held in Erbil, that "the volume of trade exchange between the Kurdistan Region, Iran amounted to 8 billion dollars in 2017," calling on Tehran to facilitate the process of transporting goods, The region, and support Iranian companies invested in Kurdistan.

"I call on the Iraqi government to solve the problem of" zero "customs," pointing out that the existence of this port does not harm the interests of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and Iran.

Tebow  sandyf    @Tebow no 60 trillion in circulation made up guru crap! - You really need to do some homework before making such accusations. Kap may not have been factually correct in terminology but it is certainly not made up, the money supply in Iraq is close to 60 trillion, which includes the 42 trillion shown in the accounts as the actual currency in circulation along with other liquid assets. It should be borne in mind that in the event of this mythical RV, the whole money supply would have to be taken into consideration. 
"Money Supply M0 in Iraq decreased to 56317 IQD Billion in March from 57037 IQD Billion in February of 2018. Money Supply M0 in Iraq averaged 43803.03 IQD Billion from 2003 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 73259 IQD Billion in December of 2013 and a record low of 6708 IQD Billion in December of 2003."


Tebow    maybe Sandyf should look first at his source which is not the CBI,

Zig"sandyf"  @Zig It is a fact of life that the admins cannot control indirect censorship, who wants to come along and post in a hostile environment. Water off a ducks back to me but not for many, you end up with a small clique agreeing with each other."....................Sandy, Jeez, Get some thick skin!!.....We have no clique here.....We disagree in here every day.....I like Kaperoni and get bashed for it....LOL....

JoeSchmoe     question....has any of those people ever considered kap or sandy's theories before?

Zig     JoeSchmoe : Best to ask "Whitelions" when she is here....

JoeSchmoe     I just don't remember ever hearing something like it on any of their calls that I used to listen to

JoeSchmoe     were they part of the MT(?) team as well? Don't remember the name, but I think it was something like that

Spectra     Government of Iraq‏  Verified account   @IraqiGovt   8m8 minutes ago   More
Thanks to the sacrifices of the Iraqi people and the support of partners in the @coalition, Iraq’s armed forces defeated Daesh and liberated all of Iraq’s territories. Learn more here https://bit.ly/2HEyJxV


joeSchmoe   is that a bunch of chronic in the middle? 'happy-dance
JoeSchmoe   that is their celebration i gues slol

Futuremoney  they should be ashamed...couldn't defend their own people because of corruption.. yet they celebrate..

futuremoney   how many thousands of innocents died because of their cowardice

Rescue guy  Zig ;clap   Zig you forgot one point. The ZIM is dead.
Rescue guy   That Bruce guy keeps flapping his yapper about the ZIM redemption
Zig   Rescue guy   : I know nothing about the Zim....so do not comment....

Clay   Rescue guy     yep Zim a waste   have some myself

Zig     Are you 100% sure about the ZIM???

Rescue guy   As do I   The banks I asked have no idea what the ZIM been is
Rescue guy    They don't have any info about it.

Clay   but I own and believe in the dong in the future

Rescue guy   Bruce and the "Big call" is the only one That talks about it. And the "800#'s "

Zig   What do they mean by bond notes? http://www.gcrcalls.com/zim.html Anyone know about that?

dinard  Clay you like holding dong?

Zig   http://www.gcrcalls.com/zim.html is owned by IQDCalls.com
Zig   their website...

Rescue guy  Ok, bond notes... they are what came after the AA boys      AA notes

Zig Clay : Dong is a long shot to say the least IMO....

Rescue guy   After I got the ZIM notes I did some research and found that what I have is the AA notes. The only ZIM that has any value is the ZIM bond. Impossible to get   But, I still hold and hope. Just like the Dinar   Zig sorry bro

NickNakZig I like Chattles spent all of $42 bought 10-100T Zim notes in 2013 but don't see being a Trillion air  Phat chance of anything happening but cool tech notes

Clay  Zig I dont think so they are one of the fastest growing economies and when China raises so will they  IMO

Zig     I wish there weren't so many con artists in the Dinar Community...hard to convince people that they are listening to the wrong people....I was once someone who was hooked on all that BULLSH** so I can relate.....LOL

Clay   me too   my 1st maybe 2nd year as well but since then no   the great roller coaster

LeLe    ;good-am everyone ;good-am    Zig We need a roller coaster emoji. Lol

Zig     We sort of have one ;roller-coaster;

LeLe    I'm doing good. We get an Rate Change I would be great. Lol

JoeSchmoe    So who is David J Shulte?

Doug_W    JoeSchmoe when U find out let us ALL know

Dinard    Bruce said they revalued last night lol

JoeSchmoe     Guaranteed this guy is a TNTer:


Doug_W     3.71 **............ I will take .71 LOL

Zig      Baxter and I will take 7 cents.....lol
JoeSchmoe    gimme .50 and I'm sianrara    sianara

Doug_W    as in GONE Eh?

JoeSchmoe    I can live the rest of my life off a few mil** l, i could live my life off one mil

Doug_W    me too

JoeSchmoe    but a hundo thou i still need to work
JoeSchmoe    cant work any less than I am right now, and make what im making

dinard    http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2018/04/27/na050218-five-things-to-know-about-the-economic-outlook-for-menap

dinard      I'd like a 3.7 I'm not that heavily invested in this lol. I remember the whole you better buy this today or you can't buy it anymore deal lol I invested the next week lol

dinard    I kind of want Kap and or Sandy to be right just to make the people in here angry. I have a feeling they'd be angry even though they become millionaires

Clay     dinard remember those days   that was 8 years ago
5-2-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There can never be a substantial RV or RI...to the Iraqi dinar it's simply just not possible. There is too much currency in circulation.

Everyone would love to see a substantial increase over night, it's the fantasy, it's the dream but that's just not how things work and in this case it's also not how monetary policy works. If there's ever going to be an increase in the Iraqi dinar it's going to have to be gradual overtime. And like I said if it's ever going to continue to improve it will be done gradually.

The good news is if investors come as expected and there is a substantial influx of capital, the exchange rate should also rise.

Spectra     foxmulder THEN HE NEEDS TO SHUT DOWNNNN............since he believes like this...   foxmulder in other words why is he still milking people for then????

foxmulder    Spectra there can NEVER ! that's a pretty strong statement
foxmulder    Spectra>; need to ask him !

Spectra    foxmulder i read it .....bottom line he needs to close his stuff down..Go home and wait for his gradual increase......

Spectra    foxmulder i will....    PEOPLE DONT NEED HIS WEB SITE ...too learn or read articles.................

Zig    Not his website
Spectra    no but he will read this....

Zig     Dinar Alert is where Kaperoni posts but he does not own it.....

foxmulder    hey the guy could be right ! but as for me I'm here to SEE !!! what happens ..... not being Ignorant to the fact it may not go our way .. for me a lot of un - answered questions that nobody !!! Kap sandy or whom ever can answer !

Spectra    Zig oh ok....
Spectra    foxmulder    good
Tebow    he gets paid

Spectra    there must be something in it for him....yes TEBOW...

Zig     Kaperoni    is no different than many others....has his views....and sticks to them stubbornly.....lol

foxmulder    and to say no value !! or a change in the rate !!! { as in moving the decimal point in a positive manner } DOES HAPPEN

Tebow     yes no different as the other  gurus

Zig    When you research and believe what you say you are not lying....just giving his opinions based on his research.....

 Clay    Doug_W   does this work

Spectra    i do not consider what he does research

Zig    Have you looked at the research library at Dinar Alert?

Spectra    what kap does do is make assumptions

foxmulder    all I know ! is i have watched the man who was in charge for many years Dr. Shabibi ...and he himself made the statement and term revalue !! if its mythical then why choose that word to answer a question

Spectra    Zig briefly

Clay    foxmulder exactly

Zig    You may not like his personality....lol....but I think he is being sincere in stating what he believes...

Clay    thats y Im still here

Spectra    i dont care what he has in his library because for every negative article he can dig up,there is a positive one to counter them....

Tebow    when you do research a cherry pick items to support your theory it may not be lying then but let's say scamming!

foxmulderZig do you think currencies can change in value !! oh lets say .10 to .48 to the dollar ??? general question

ZigI wouldn't call Kaperoni negative....just thinks the Dinar will float UP.....a lot.....over time.....

Tebow  and what is the research that he has? Nothing but an opinion with no backing.

Zig     foxmulder : I have no idea what will happen or if it could happen.....just listen to all possibilities.....frankly I do not care how it increases in value....just that hopefully it will.....

dinard    Zig I agree. People in here don't like anything other than what they want to hear or agree with. No open minded thinking going on in here. Sandy and Kap and chattels I actually enjoy talking to because they form their own opinions based on what they find. Everyone else just cries in here about name calling

dinard    I'm the youngest one here and you old people cry more than my puppy

foxmulder     Tebow perhaps factual many a time, also!! but for me is why i am here . this is a different animal ! so to say . its not kuwait its what they have in resources to drive up value

Zig    dinard : Careful....the old peeps in here have a ban button....LOL

Tebow   dinard sorry bud but some here have been here for years and can spot a con when they spew their crap.

Tebow    foxmulder I believe that the dinar is under valued. The GOI has said it is under valued. If under valued then it can RV/RI if and when they want. No clown of a guru will ever change my mind with phony BS!

Zig    Doug_W : Do you exercise your hands?.....a good one is ripping paper into smaller and smaller stacks.....good for fingers.....
Spectra:) no scamming clowns going to change my either....i second that

dinard    Tebow yeah I can too. Just don't listen too them and be done with it. All this place is is complaining about others opinions other than forming their own.

Spectra   dinard Hey ..for your infomation thats how it has always been in here from the very start...

Spectra    LOOK THERE are many who equally come in too downtrodden the dinar.....Like sandyf.ect.

Spectra   we can express in here ...Thats is how this place is from the very first day........sorry for dinard....

Dave     dinard I am so out of the loop that I believe Iraq is STill Chapter 7.....so..... I must be bonkers but I am okay with that

Zig    wdave....lol

Dave    so in my opinion the cart is well ahead of the horse?

Dinard   Tebow you call him a bull****ter all the time then he attacks​

​Spectra    Lol ----I believe what i want and so be it.....hope the same for all the rest.........stop listening too people who earn a pay check every week feeding you ...BS......

Tebow    dinard When you have idiots like coming in here claiming an increase in value can never happen, how do you think people who are maybe counting on making some money feel. What if they sell their dinars because of what this idiot says and later it does increase in value.

How is that person going to take it! What if he does something. The idiot is no longer around. I've been in this since 04. Hope someday it will happen. If it doesn't so be it. I have a good living and not worried about the future. Others aren't!

Spectra    What i see os people treating The so called Guru's as if they are the investment genies ....

DaveI want no part of that

Zig   Tebow : If people are that influenced by someone's opinion then they are not a good investor to begin with IMO.....

5-2-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There can never be a substantial RV or RI...to the Iraqi dinar it's simply just not possible. There is too much currency in circulation. Everyone would love to see a substantial increase over night, it's the fantasy, it's the dream but that's just not how things work and in this case it's also not how monetary policy works. If there's ever going to be an increase in the Iraqi dinar it's going to have to be gradual overtime. And like I said if it's ever going to continue to improve it will be done gradually. The good news is if investors come as expected and there is a substantial influx of capital, the exchange rate should also rise."

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


5-2-2018  ***  Dinar Guru News Update ***  The dinar CBI Official Rate and the Central bank of Iraq's reported Market Rate for the dinar is listed in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar on the left side of this page... The market rate has continued to slowly rise in value for the last 4 months.  [REMEMBER the lower the number here the MORE value to the dollar the dinar has...in this case LOWER is better.]  The last CBI Market Rate update was 1197 on 5-2-18 and has been under 1215 since March 15, 2018 and has been under 1200 since April 23, 2018.  The difference between the CBI Official Rate and the CBI reported Market Rate has been as low as 11 dinars.  When considering the CBI's commission for selling dinar (the gurus report this to be 6 dinar)...the difference between the Official and Market rate has been only 5 dinars.   Stay tuned for what the gurus think all this means for the future of the dinar...  [the latest guru posts will continue below...]
5-2-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   There can never be a substantial RV or RI...to the Iraqi dinar it's simply just not possible. There is too much currency in circulation.  Everyone would love to see a substantial increase over night, it's the fantasy, it's the dream but that's just not how things work and in this case it's also not how monetary policy works.  If there's ever going to be an increase in the Iraqi dinar it's going to have to be gradual overtime.  And like I said if it's ever going to continue to improve it will be done gradually. The good news is if investors come as expected and there is a substantial influx of capital, the exchange rate should also rise.

5-2-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling 
 ...What would be the optimal time for Iraq to revalue?  This is just my opinion.  I have not heard them talk about this and there are no articles attached to this…it very rare that I throw my opinion out.  In my opinion they should revalue before the prices go down in energy…if they wait for the oil prices to go down too far then they can only make money off revaluing their currency…What’s the date?  I don’t know.  What’s that rate?  They are going to have to have enough to compete in the world.  In other words they have to have a price that people can go out and invest...for people to take the dinar seriously.  So it’s not going to be at a tenth of a penny.  It’s not going to be two cents.  It’s not going to be ten cents.  It’s going to be up there…the currency has to be able to compete with the Euro and the US dollar.  And that’s how it works and that’s what’s coming down the road.  It’s all based on energy and the projection of energy…

5-2-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   ...We are waiting for a manifestation of their new rate.  We have been looking for it to show on their new CBI site... More evidence on the bank screens...We know it has been traded on the back screens. It has been on then off for days with a blinking flashing rate. We know it has come back on with a trading range. They have been playing with it the last week or two.  Now it should be solid, and hopefully we will find that out if not tonight, but tomorrow [Wednesday]. This is what we were looking for to happen. My understanding is our President Trump sort of initiated this for Iraq late last night. This gives Iraq their sovereignty. ...Not only did they finally get permission to revalue to do that, their ATMs have the lower denominations and have value now, and that can move forward.   [post 2 of 2]

5-2-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   First of all I got word this morning [Tuesday] from couple of different sources that last night...that Iraq had effectively revalued. Of course, here is the thing.  We knew they had a new in country rate for a while, their Qi cards had been active, and they had the new Visa Qi cards in addition to the Master Qi cards. The Visa Cards were tied in with the Rifadain Bank those cards are for the portion of the oil revenue sharing that the citizens receives every month on their new Visa card...Saturday was the first day they were really to receive any funds on that.  ...Their markets were closed today on May 1st. China and Iraq markets were closed. They were not trading. Their banks were closed.  They revalued late last night into the overnight our time but nobody was there to hear it. In this case the reevaluation took place but we haven’t seen it yet. We were able to get confirmation from several other sources throughout the day that Yes it in fact did happen. Do they want us to know about this yet? Probably not.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-2-2018   Intel Guru Frank26  [via sunny]   Iraq has no need for chip technology unless they are going International.  Visa and MasterCard International would have never signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) if Iraq was not out of Article 8.  Around Nov, Dec of last year,  MC and VISA came to Iraq bragging about bringing the cards into Iraq.  Did you see them sign any Memo’s of Understanding?  They did a few days ago.  They cannot do that under a program rate.  The monetary reform is creeping up on us every day.  They have to have a tradable and International currency.  It is that simple...   MC and VISA could not sign anything like that if Iraq did not have an International currency.

5-2-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98
    PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV indicating an unprecedented move and historical event for the Iraqi economy. He stated that the auctions have declined and will continue to decline. The Supreme Federal Court has stated that the Article 140 is one of the important articles of the Constitution and must be implemented immediatelyThe Council of Ministers announced intentions to implement the programs followed by Rafidain Bank.  Cleric Sadr is on Iraqi TV campaigning a second term for PM Abadi. (Will wonders never cease? LOL)  Discussions are surfacing regarding citizen's payments being adjusted to match those same types of payments in other countries.

DINAR REVALUATION | May Day Currency Baskets 2018 | Vietnam Dong | Yotube

MNT. GOAT : " All of the 3 zeros notes from 2003-2018 will be exchangeable", 2 MAY

...I base my news about the FLOAT not on my opinion but on research and articles.  

So if you study the entire process of deleting the zeros and then eventually reinstating the dinar you can see that they are going to take the dinar off the de facto peg to the US dollar go instead re-peg it to an SDR basket of 5 currencies. 

How in hell are they going to do this if they leave the dinar as it is and wait for the currency on the de facto peg rate of 1184 to just float higher on it own?   Has it floated higher on it own? Why is it staying at 1184? 

It stays at this rate because it is artificially being suppressed...The 1184 rate is solely based on the US dollar peg. It is an temporary /unnormalized peg. 

Besides the CBI and IMF came out many times and already told us they fully intend to FLOAT the dinar and peg it to the SDR basket. 

There were lots of recent arguments in articles about putting the dinar on a float but they were talking about leaving it on the de facto peg and then floating it. If you read the articles carefully you can clearly see they decided against this action due to the wide amount of corruption in the currency auctions. 

...Many of confusing this float with the float once on the SDR basket...once they do peg it differently to the SDR basket this will drive the rate up since it is being pegged differently. Get it? The IMF and the CBI is not just arbitrarily assigning a higher rate to the dinar. The higher rate is coming from the market and the SDR basket peg.  

 [Is it true only Iraqi dinar from the years 2003-2008 can expect an increase in value? I hear if purchased later like issued in year 2013, it will not be “reinstated”.]  

 ...This is certainly NOT true. All of the 3 zeros notes from 2003-2018 will be exchangeable.

DR. CLARKE: "It's Illogically Coming out", 2 MAY

DR. CLARKE (5-2-18):

Well, here it is - MAY. A month ago, in our 4-4-18 POST (LINK), everything we laid out, including “MAY”, has come to Pass……as well as, the subsequent 2 Posts (category LINK) since that date. You might want to read it again, because EVERYTHING we wrote is still valid, and what we Believe to be true. This is our Perspective.

WHY did we circle Sunday, April 29, 2018, on the calendar?

Because it was THE BIG Turning Point. 

North & South Korea, formally agreed to END the Korean War, and bring the two countries together in Peace, after 65 years (1953) - making History…..

AND De-Nuclearize, and shut down nuclear plants.

2 Months ago, NOBODY would have EVER believed in a million years, that N. Korea, would take a Complete 360 and do this. (Actually we were off by 2 days, because they announced it early, on the 27th.)

We cannot tell you how BIG this is, in terms of Economic stability & adjustments….like World currency management. Everyone wants to focus solely on Iraq, but we’ve got BIG News for you….and we’ve ALWAYS SAID this…..IT’S GLOBAL - UN, IMF, U.S. 

The Far East Region, is Very Very Very Important. (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Koreas)

We’ve been talking about the importance and impact of N. Korea on this now, for the past 2 years, FOR A BIG REASON. Now it’s OUT & PUBLIC. They have a ways to go, but this is what we were looking for, and now has Officially & Publicly occurred.

FUNDING can now take place.

(btw, OIL is skyrocketing @ $75+… Every hour that passes, is a cha-ching! moment for Iraq….by Design)

NOW, April 29th was also important, because of the banking stuff that was going on in Iraq last week, but contrary to all the hooplah & jumping up & down everyone’s been doing about Banks & Cards in Iraq…..it really wasn’t & isn't, that big a deal, and NOT the reason we circled the 29th. 

Iraq’s been educating citizens on their banking system changes for the PAST 3 YEARS, holding conferences & meetings, trying to get them to trust & use the banks - which hasn’t really worked much, although they’ve made SOME progress. They’ve only started to make some headway on this, since ISIS was officially defeated last year, and since then SOME of the crooked politicians are Out - because now the citizens are feeling a little better. Just a little. As far as all these CARDS go, they’ve been using them for YEARS, and will continue to increase the use of cards, as much as possible. Nothing really new. No Big deal. (Yawn)

We have NO REASON to Believe, according to our Long Long List of Data poop, that this will go into June or later. (other than maybe gambling & playing the exchange rate game)
We have EVERY REASON to Believe, this happens in “MAY 2018”.

However, we always say, “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. NONE.”

(Look at N. Korea. Look at the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Look at Brexit. Oh, and by the way, we believe that the Euro Union as it exists today, will be broken up, by the end of 2018, re-formed eventually, and become a completely different animal, over the next couple years.)

We’re not here to try and convince or sell you on anything, unlike others. 

We’re just passing on to you, our Perspectives, Beliefs & “IL-LOGICAL Opinions”.


Dr. Clarke

P.S. Re-read our 4-4-18 POST…….then the 2 Posts after it, for FULL clarification.

At the soonest, there’s a great shot at this from the 13th thru 15th, heading into Ramadan for 30 days, the perfect time (Downtime, Gratitude & Forgiveness) to “Manage the Insanity” that will incur AFTER the Rate Changes - Immediately AFTER THE ELECTION - Retail pricing changes, Paycheck adjustments, Bank runs for currency swaps, Contracts & Agreements, Taxes, Foreign Trade…..all happening AFTER the election. NOT Before. It’s too BIG to Manage BEFORE the election……which is only 10 Days Away from Today……as we outlined in our 4-4-18 POST.

Plus, there is one other major thing, that must happen for AFTER the Election, that we cannot mention & explain just yet - until AFTER the election - that will determine the timing of this event.


“MAY 2018”

(You’re going to get slung all over the place, like never before, in the month of MAY. 
Just hang in there, and “Go With it”. It cannot be Logically figured out.)

It’s “IL-Logically” - COMING OUT.

May 2nd, Why Are These Funds Being Released



[RPharmer] Jester I'm still looking for Stage 5 to start. I really thought someone would be arrested by now. Any thoughts?


[RPharmer] JESTER Guilty.


[RPharmer] JESTER    I'm wondering if Comey will be the first in Orange?

[chuck60] RPharmer After 6+ years, I refuse to believe I'm impatient!   

[PollyP] JESTER Id sure like this ride to be over but if it can happen with the swamp sitting in gitmo, I'm all for it. They were going to sit in their bunkers while the rest of us were annihilated along with Russia just to rule what remained.
[MarySunshine] PollyP I agree.... seeing them in jail and stripped of their power.... it priceless..... that is worth the wait....

[RPharmer] PollyP I agree too. It's hard to wait but that would be a sweet ending to the deep state.




Harambe:  IMF: Mideast not growing fast enough to reduce unemployment https://apnews.com/1d0e87c1f8df434da041a684c22877db

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq's Maliki poses as Shi'ite champion in race for top job

Harambe:  Bloomberg: China Is Weakening Its Currency Before U.S. Trade Talks Beg​in https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-02/china-is-weakening-​its-currency-before-u-s-trade-talks-begin

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iran Needs to Accelerate (Economic) Reforms If Trump Quits ​Deal, IMF Says https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-02/iran-needs-to-accel​erate-reforms-if-trump-quits-deal-imf-says


Harambe:  Bloomberg: The Dollar's Rebound Is More Mystery Than Economics (5/1/18)
Exchange rates are intrinsically more difficult to forecast than most other economic or market variables. 

The dollar is staging a comeback. Pundits are out in full force, suggesting this might finally be the end of its recent weakness and the start of a strengthening trend they have been predicting for more than a year. They may be right, but in my career spanning more than three decades in finance, I’ve learned that nobody really knows what moves currencies.

The Federal Reserve began increasing interest rates in earnest early in 2017, while the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan kept their accommodative pedals firmly to the metal. But instead of appreciating, as the experts predicted, the dollar plunged almost 20 percent against the euro and 10 percent against the yen in the ensuing 12 months. Little wonder most currency prognosticators were left scratching their heads.

My first real job in markets in the mid-1980s was as a proprietary currency trader for a New York money center bank, as they were then called. I lasted about three years before I concluded I couldn’t make heads or tails of currencies. A decade and Ph.D. later, I still didn’t know what drove currencies. By then I was working in an investment bank, and one of my tasks was to assess the accuracy of forecasts. It turned out that the bank’s economists and strategists weren’t bad at predicting things like growth, inflation, policy rates, bond yields and stock market moves. But they were pretty hopeless when it came to currencies. I was relieved I wasn’t alone.

In my academic studies and practical experience, I was never convinced by textbook models of exchange-rate determination, in particular interest-rate differentials. It always seemed peculiar to believe that differences in the cost of borrowing or lending in two currencies would — alone — determine the rate of exchange. After all, the demand for currency reflects other capital and current-account transactions.

Perhaps in the early 1960s, when interest differential models were the workhorse of exchange-rate theory and capital markets were relatively closed, they were the straw that stirred the currency drink. But the opening of the capital account and the rapid increase of world trade in the ensuing half century created enormous other sources of cross-border money demand. Equity flows, direct investment, valuations and investor sentiment, among others, became increasingly important determinants of currency moves 

For example, by early 2017 the dollar was becoming progressively overvalued. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the real, trade-weighted value of the dollar surged 20 percent from 2011 to the end of 2016. That trend was unlikely to persist, irrespective of interest differentials, particularly as it also became clear by early 2017 that growth was accelerating in Europe, Japan and various emerging markets.

By this time last year global investors had also already piled into U.S. equities, a love affair they began around 2010. These investors were therefore sated on U.S. stocks just as other markets began to outperform, most notably global emerging markets and Japan. Unsurprisingly, equity portfolio flows shifted from the U.S. to other markets last year, offsetting interest differentials as drivers of currency values.

Trade and trade deficits also matter. The U.S. current-account deficit has begun to widen again, reaching $471 billion in 2017, or 2.4 percent of gross domestic product. Japan’s external surplus last year was 3.9 percent of GDP and the euro zone’s was 3.4 percent of GDP. Those imbalances create an excess supply of dollars relative to yen or euros. 

In addition, the Trump administration’s willingness to thrice announce tariffs this year may have created the impression among investors that the U.S. government favors a weak dollar as a means to boost competitiveness and create jobs. 

So what conclusions are we supposed to draw? Whether or not the dollar’s recent bounce becomes a trend is anyone’s guess. True, that is unhelpful. But the reality is that exchange rates are intrinsically more difficult to forecast than most other economic or market variables because they are driven by a myriad of factors that can’t be simplified into a simple rule of thumb. 

In strategies we run, we have recently removed some hedges against dollar weakness and even taken some small positions to take advantage of dollar strength. But I suspect that currency will never be a major source of active risk in our portfolios. Most of the time, after all, it is the stuff of heads and tails. 



(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Peace is being achieved on the Korean peninsula. Both Korea's have agreed to Alliance terms.

The Alliance are now focusing peace efforts in Syria between Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Expect mainstream media outlets to switch focus to the Middle East.

Syria is the last geopolitical issue to resolve prior to enacting GESARA.

According to leaks, there is a high chance of the RV occurring today.

Every 11:58 PM EDT to 12:01 AM EDT is the optimal release time for the toll-free 800 numbers.

Source: Operation Disclosure

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 144)

NEWS: Iraq's economy is entering an unprecedented historical turn, 2 MAY

2018/4/30 22:02 

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The government revealed an economic step that may take an economic turn in the history of modern Iraq.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during a meeting with the Federation of Trade Unions in all governorates on the occasion of the World Labor Day, "the formation of a higher committee for the alternative economy because of global concerns not to rely on oil in the future and to create a productive economy," according to a statement of his media office. 

"We are moving towards a new phase of construction and reconstruction that needs a great deal of effort," he said, adding that "the rise of the country requires us to move the work across the country, indicating the need for security to rise." 

Abadi stressed that "the government with the slice of workers in the full guarantee of their rights," pointing out, "When we received the government we had the goal of liberating the occupied provinces and the removal of a danger calling for Baghdad and the situation was tragic and all the effort of the state and its financial resources were directed to the liberation operations, but our unity and our determination and the courage of our fighters and their sacrifices achieve victory" .

"We have cleared all our territory and controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border for the first time in full, and we are pursuing a da'eef and expelling it even outside Iraq," he said. 

Among Abadi , "when I visited Mosul Dam was engineers and workers Iraqis skilled work successfully and acquire great experience and compete with international experience , " pointing out that "everyone is surprised how he got up Iraq and that the Iraqi army has become one of the strongest armies in the region. 

He said Abadi , attention to chip youth and provide opportunities work for them. 

the Iraq depends on the annual oil imports financial Moisanth by more than 90%, after the decline in industrial and agricultural sectors, and the private sector. 

Iraq currently produces about millions of barrels of oil per day include Mahla.anthy consumption




Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s figure out what is going on. First of all I got word this morning from couple of different sources that last night, late last night into about 1:30am EST daylight time, that Iraq had effectively revalued.

Of course, here is the thing.  We knew they had a new in country rate for a while, their Qi cards had been active, and they had the new Visa Qi cards in addition to the Master Qi cards. The Visa Cards were tied in with the Rifadain Bank those cards are for the portion of the oil revenue sharing that the citizens receives every month on their new Visa card.

That just started Saturday was the first day they were really to receive any funds on that. That is really cool. That is something fairly new.

Also they are in the position where Iraq has been receiving this financial education for the citizens to teach them about the banking and the banking system to teach people of that culture to trust their banks.
For example, their students throughout Iraq have been given free services, a real effort to try bringing the citizens of Iraq up to speed with the idea of online banking and digital banking system.

That formal week of training ended yesterday, the end of the month, but they will still do some supplemental training in the future. It is cool they got that in and finished that which they were expected to do by the IMF.

Bruce:  Regarding Iraq today is May Day May 1.  . For us in the US our markets were opened today. Not really a big deal of a holiday or celebrated day here. That is not the case in China and other parts in South East Asia and not the case in the Middle East. Their markets were closed today on May 1st. China and Iraq markets were closed. They were not trading. Their banks were closed.

They revalued late last night into the overnight our time but nobody was there to hear it. In this case the reevaluation took place but we haven’t seen it yet. We were able to get confirmation from several other sources throughout the day that Yes it in fact did happen. Do they want us to know about this yet? Probably not.

You might here some things No it didn’t, but I think it did and we just going to have to wait till tomorrow to see it. I thought that was huge news. We have been waiting for that.

Bruce:  We are waiting for a manifestation of their new rate.  We have been looking for it to show on their new CBI site, and we are looking for it to show. More evidence on the bank screens. We know it has been traded on the back screens. It has been on then off for days with a blinking flashing rate. We know it has come back on with a trading range. They have been playing with it the last week or two.

Now it should be solid, and hopefully we will find that out if not tonight, but tomorrow. This is what we were looking for to happen. My understanding is our President Trump sort of initiated this for Iraq late last night. This gives Iraq their sovereignty. This is a good example of that. Not only did they finally get permission to revalue to do that, their ATMs have the lower denominations and have value now, and that can move forward.

Bruce: The other thing is our US military pulled out of Iraq two days ago. That means that Iraq is in a position to protect their own citizens. That is a good thing. Our President wanted to pull out of the Middle East, out of Iraq and we have.  He has done it at the right time. Also when it comes to Syria, I am sure the same thing will happen there. Afghanistan the same type of thing.  All of this is calculated out.

The good news is we are seeing signs of Iraq’s sovereignty again. We wish them the very best as they move forward into new infrastructure projects, new development in their country through other investments of other countries with companies coming in, all of that is going to have much more meaning now that they are essentially sovereign and they can move forward with projects. It is going to be quite a deal over there for sure.

Bruce:   The other thing is we are looking for more and more countries reflect the fact they are asset back. We generally think of gold back, silver back, platinum back, whatever precious metal that can include as in Zimbabwe huge diamonds, other precious gems and minerals, and exotic minerals. All of those can be used to establish the assets by which the country is asset back.

This is something we are looking forward to I think in the fairly new future. We have had some things happen overnight in the last couple of nights. We could be ready for another boom like that, another incident to take place tonight. We are hearing there is another thing to go. We don’t know what it is.  Obviously we love to see it be our gold or asset back dollar. I just don’t know if we are going to see that announced quite yet. I don’t know about that. I would say it is not too far in the future, but we are looking for us now. ​

Bruce:  I believe China wanted not only Iraq to go when they went which is sort of done by the urging of President Trump, but also for us to go now. We are next. We should go real pretty shortly here. That is what I am hearing.

Will toll free numbers come in overnight or tomorrow? I sure hope so. I do not know what the timing will be exactly. They do not tell me. All I know is I am ready to receive them. Once I do receive them, I do not care what time it is day or night, I will be up and running with them to get them out. Then you guys will be able to go in and do your exchanges and Zim redemptions.

I am drawing a distinction between Zim redemption since it is a gold back bond, and currency exchange at the Exchange Locations. Redemption centers and Currency Exchange Locations. Doesn’t mean if you are a Zim holder you can’t take the rest of your currencies and get them exchanged at your Zim Redemption Center. You will do both at the same place.

Bruce:  I think we are really there.  You will be treated very respectfully I believe by the bankers when you go in for your Zim redemption should you have it. The last rates we saw were real good even the front screen rates were great. You won’t have problems with that.

I think guys this is going to be a bigger blessing than we ever thought it would be.  I know some banks may restrict, please understand this, your structure payout might not be 25 years. It may be less than that. For other currencies other than the Zim. I believe the Zim will give you options that will go 10, 15, 20, 25 years on the Zim as far as the length of term of your structure payout.

Bruce:  Also as I told you before, when you go in even though I thought I would have a much higher percentage for Humanitarian Projects, the banks and Redemption Centers are set up for where 80 percent would be the maximum for the Humanitarian Projects. If you are in the 70 to 80 percent range, even 60 to 80 percent is understood to be realistic in the perspective of the Redemption Centers.

If you try to go higher, they are just not going to be willing to do that. Go ahead and take a percentage of around 80 percent or less for Humanitarian Projects, and 20 percent or a little bit more for personal use. Maybe a 80/20 thing. It is not that they have established a percentage for you, it is just sort of a do not exceed 80 percent for Humanitarian Projects.  They just don’t believe you can use that much for Humanitarian Projects.
Bruce:  Realize this if you do have a lot of Zim, it doesn’t take more than a few notes if is 50Ts and above it doesn’t take too many to turn this thing into serious money because the denominations are so large.

Realize what it does it turns into a basic principle to invest from the banks perspective, your perspective so that if you take an annual percentage rate that seems like a low rate for that much money, you have the ability to negotiate that to an extent. Realize when you put 2, 3, 4 percent per year on this base capital to invest of the structure payout, it turns into huge amounts every quarter in interest that money you will use for your projects. You will also have it if you decide to use it for your personal use. A large amount will come into your personal account too.  It just seems to me people say I need make 15 to 20 percent.

Bruce:  If you are realistic and you calculate, you will find the amount of interest you will earn will be ridiculous. You will do the very best you can to invest in people lives, invest in Humanitarian Projects, invest in ministry, and invest not only here but in other countries. People, housing, Rebuild America program, the Veterans, all of that it will be amazing.

I have so much what am I going to do and in 3 months I do it all over again. Put a paper and pen to it or use a calculator and try to calculate exactly what you will be asking for before you go in.  You don’t need to have 8, 10, 12 percent in interest. You don’t need it. You don’t. I just want you goes to know that.

Bruce:  We are at the point I believe that we are next. We are next. Iraq went. It is our turn. We are next. We know that this GCR involves all 206 countries currencies. Some will go up and some will go down a little bit. We are trying to get on an even playing field which this is doing, and some countries may not revalue in this first basket, but my understanding was we had 26 currencies that were in this first basket of the GCR.

There are some currencies out there we haven’t talked about, but we are good with what we have. We are very good. You have been chosen to do something amazing for not only for yourself, but also for the rest of the world. Expand your mind. See what else you can think of.

Bruce:   Obviously, I am looking for people to join me in Rebuild America. What does that really mean? It means in your particular choice of town, city, of community that you will try to rebuild it using people that you will hire to put your project of Rebuild America into place. What we are going to do is we will give you a template how to do it. We will show you what we are going to do in whatever cities I choose to do, and give you a template of what I am going to do to show you what you can do. I want you to choose cities, towns, communities first in the United States.

I want 5,000 people volunteering from the Big Call to say Yes. Maybe that will be just a start. Maybe it be 15,000, 20,000 people to say let’s get behind Rebuild America. We will create jobs, trade schools, apprentice programs, mentorship programs. All of that is part of it. We got kids coming out of college that can’t get jobs. We got kids coming out of high school say I am not sure I want to spend 200,000 dollars for college for 4 years when I can make decent jack doing something in welding, something as a welder, plumber.

They can make $80,000 to $100,000 easily after they finish their apprenticeship and get rolling. That is what we will have to do because we will do these people to do these jobs. A lot of us are going to leave our current job because we won’t need a job and work for the money. If you continue working it is because you love your job. We have a whole new job which is the job of a Philanthropist, how to sow this money as seed into other people’s lives, into other communities, into other countries. All of that is your new job.

A lot of people will drop out of the work place, and it will look like everyone quit. What we have to do as part of our project is create new jobs, hire new people, fill those jobs, create and purchase infrastructure, have longevity for our projects so it goes on and on so that it can be lifetimes. Rebuild America can go 100s of years.

Suddenly the things we use to see on the Jetsons are actually happening and taking place throughout the country. Also we will have meglove railways. Think outside the box because we will be living outside the box.

Think of ocean farming. How many saw 60 Minutes last Sunday? Ocean farming. I recommend everybody watch all 3 segments of 60 minutes. I was impressed. We will be doing ocean farming, using food domes, so much we can make it healthy for us to eat again.
Bruce:  There is not much more else except it is our turn and we are next. With that being said, thank you everybody for listening to the Big Call this Tuesday night. I don’t know about next Thursday. Maybe. We will see. Keep an eye out for the toll free numbers the next day or so. Let’s see what happens. We could be in really good shape. We are probably very close.

This is the analogy I heard from a European Banker. He said “We are at the doorstep. We are on the doorstep. Our hand is on the doorknob and the next day or so should be really good.”  That is what I am hoping guys like you are. Let’s see where this goes and everybody stay in faith for it.  Don’t anybody give up on it at this late stage of the game. There is no quitting. You know Bruce and the Big Call is with you. We are all going to be with you after the fact.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody for listening again. Thank you team, Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob, for being steadfast and Big Call audience and all in Big Call Universe for tuning in. We will be in touch. We love you all.


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 2 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 2 May 2018 by Judy Byington

A. May 1 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. Word this morning was that late last night May 1 Iraq had RV’d, but the RV didn’t show because Middle Eastern banks and the IMF were closed for May Day.

2. Iraq already had a new in-country Dinar rate, new Dinar rates on their Qi cards, flashing new Dinar rates on bank screens, plus last Sat. April 28 Iraqi citizen’s Qi card funds were supposed to be liquid.

3. Iraq citizens had been receiving financial education on how to trust and use their banks. That formal week of training ended yesterday April 30.

4. The US Military pulled out of Iraq a few days ago, so Iraq could now defend themselves. This showed Iraqi sovereignty.

5. Trump released some funds late last night April 30.
6. Bruce felt that we were next and should go very shortly (in the next day or so), though did not know the timing.

7. Structured payouts may be less than 25 years on currencies other than the Zim.

8. 80% of your funds would be the maximum you could use for your Humanitarian projects.

9. 28 currencies were in this first basket to revalue.


B. May 1 2018 2:29 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 1, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful, or accurate.)

1. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to Alliance terms as he saw no benefit with what the Cabal had planned for him. The Cabal's despair was becoming more and more blatantly obvious as shown by their response to North Korean peace by attempting to ignite a war with Iran:


2. Israel has violated the Geneva Convention several times and was increasing the frequency of attacks on Iranian installations in Syria. Iranian servicemen have perished as a result.

3. The Alliance was switching all focus to the Middle East. The Alliance organization of BRICS was holding Iran and Syria back from retaliating despite Israel's aggression.

4. GESARA was right around the corner, which meant that the RV was even closer.

5. The RV is said to begin before GESARA to act as an initial burst of wealth to promote love and compassion for humanity.

6. Keep watch for the release of the toll-free 800 numbers every midnight.

C. May 1 2018 2:42 am Report, Tilton: Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton: Everyone will Want to Pay Close Attention

1. A storm was erupting as the gold standard currency system was installed.

2. The Stock Market which has been falsely held up by the Cabal, recently has been unstable as the Cabal was forced to take out their money.

3. By design there would be a Stock Market Crash at the discretion of the White Hats. Other countries were aware of this as it would affect them. There would also be riots in the streets. This would be only temporary as it was needed to neutralize the Cabal.

4. Trump signed an Executive Order the night of Feb.28-March 1.

5. Indictments have started while the unsealing of indictments of well-known names was coming soon.

6. Trump has been retraining his staff.

7. They say not to worry about the mid-terms because in eight months there likely won’t be a Democratic Party.

8. In the meantime there would be a push by the Democrats to impeach Trump.

9. Two days ago on Sun. April 29 it was cleared that we would be able to use military tribunals.

10. CIPS has taken over the new financial system and we have cut the Cabal strings in banks worldwide.

11. On Sat. April 28 the 800#s were put into the key.

12. The 800#s could come out right after the market closed today May 1, or it may take up to eight hours after that.


D. May 1 2018 11:13 am EST TNT Update,

1. Mon. evening April 30 Iraqi PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV indicating an unprecedented move for the Iraqi economy, stating that the auctions have declined and would continue to decline.

2. The Iraqi Supreme Federal Court has stated that the Article 140 was one of the important articles of the Constitution and must be implemented immediately.

2. On Tues. morning May 1 the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced intentions to implement the programs, followed by Rafidain Bank.

3. Cleric Sadr was on Iraqi TV campaigning a second term for PM Abadi. (Would wonders never cease?)

4. Discussions were surfacing in Iraq regarding citizen's payments being adjusted to match those same types of payments in other countries.


E. May 1 2018 11:33 am EST QAnon (video): QAnon Post 1305: The Sum of All Fears At around 19-20 minutes Katie G in this Citizens Investigative Report video points out the “Fissile Material” that has been sent around the world using Uranium One as a cover, so that eventually it would be used here in the US in an attempt to start a WWIII with Russia. Just like the movie “The Sum of all Fears.”
F. May 1 2018 10:36 pm EST “Russia sold uranium bought from Hillary Clinton to Iran”, Howley: Russia Sold the Uranium Bought from Hillary Clinton to Iran

Big League Politics | By Patrick Howley

1. As Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu presses world leaders to act on Iran’s growing secret nuclear program, a very obvious aspect of the case is being ignored by the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton famously sold about 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russians, during her tenure at the Obama State Department, in a move that set off massive alarms about pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation.

2. The “Uranium One” deal might have just been Part One of the scheme. The Obama administration — which shipped Iran boatloads of cash toward the end of Obama’s term — oversaw the transfer of Russian uranium to the Iranians. At least ten nuclear bombs’ worth!

3. Look at this startling 2017 report from Breaking Israel News: “The Obama administration and the rest of the signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have approved a shipment of 130 tons of natural uranium from Russia to Iran, rewarding the Islamic Republic for shipping 44 tons of heavy water it sent to Russia after exceeding the limit it could legally produce under the deal. Experts have told US media outlets the amount of uranium to be shipped is enough to produce 10 nuclear bombs.”

4. Big League Politics’ Luke Rohlfing reported: An FBI informant with first hand experience in the Uranium One deal testified to congress that Moscow paid millions of dollars to a U.S. lobbying firm in order to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by helping Bill Clinton’s charities during the Obama administration.

5. The informant, Douglas Campbell, gave a ten-page statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee, and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as well as being interviewed for several hours by committee staff.

6. According to Fox News, in the statement, Campbell stated that Russian executives told him that they were hiring APCO Worldwide in order to influence Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration.

7. Uranium One is a Canadian mining company whose sale to a Russian firm was approved in 2010. The sale, which had to be approved by the U.S. government, gave Russians control of a part of the U.S. uranium supply. The negotiation tactics from the Russians began to come under fire after FBI gained evidence that Russian operatives used bribes, kickbacks, and other dirty tactics to expand Russia’s atomic energy footprint in the U.S.