Tuesday, May 1, 2018

FRANK26: " Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018", 2 MAY

The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system.  In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project.  The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF.  Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this - the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week)  The financial inclusion ENDED TODAY [Monday].  Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018.  Now the thrust is to educate the citizens.  To include = Inclusion.  Contracts will now be done in ONLY the local currency.  Iraq’s currency!  The dollar was always used to bridge them into any contract, any agreement.   The CBI is saying we have control of our exchange rate.

May 2nd, Why Are These Funds Being Released, 2 MAY

Dear Friends,
For thousands of years humanity has lived under various forms of financial slavery.  We are living in a new era of human history were we will be able to work our way out of these slavery conditions.

The release of these funds is part of that purpose.  But, it is not just about the money, it is also about us, humanity as a collective, creating a change to our method of thinking, a change to our consciousness.

Part of that process is understanding the role of separation consciousness in our lives.  To undo that thinking process, to heal our minds takes time and work.  Part the purpose of these funds is to free us so we have the time and resources to do our work.

That is the primary focus of this weeks program.


Dansmr:   B.O.A. ON 05/01/18

The branch manager knows me really well at BOA.  I moved from TX to another state and she told me I would not need my lease to prove my new address, but it would not hurt to have it.  She told me because they know me from coming into the branch every week.  They don't even ask for my ID anymore, I just slide my cc in the machine and put in my password.

I asked if she knew that they were one of the lead banks in the currency exchange for the RV and she said YES we know.  She has been trained and that she trained all the other tellers over the last few weeks.  She said It didn't matter that I just moved to this state in Dec and not over 6 months.  Her training didn't say to look for that.  Just proper ID.

In the new system you have to have all the 10k notes together, etc and how many you have (I have mine on a spread sheet with types of notes {10k 25k etc}, country {IQD, VND ETC} and how many notes I have by each order. 

I also have every invoice number, Company purchased from and date purchased on the spreadsheet.  Just in case it is needed.  I have kept each order together in an envelope with invoice just in case they want a copy.  I have a copy of my divorce showing me taking back my maiden name.  (most of my orders purchased with married last name)

Bringing my Lease, divorce papers, drivers license, pass port and birth certificate should be all I need.  Although she told me I would not need them. 

She checked the new software today and nothing has shown any changes.  admin hold on IQD.  NO zim showing today at all. IDR showing but at old rate.  VND showing but at old rate and will not let your purchase if trying to.

She has my email address and said she would email me when she see's a change in the rates, she doesn't know when but has been told it would be soon.  I asked her if I should schedule an appointment when she emails me.  She said most likely they will with people that have as much as I do, but would exchange a small amount before appointment if I wanted. 

Anyone with under a million will not need to make appointment...  all tellers are trained. Assistant Managers & Managers will assist the tellers if there are a lot of people wanting to exchange.  They are not expecting a lot when it first goes.

That's all I have for now.
Harambe:  NBC: US crude sinks nearly 2% to 2-week low, settling at $67.25, as d​ollar surge weighs on oil market https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/30/oil-market-iran-sanction-worries-in-fo​cus.html      


Walkingstick:  Throwing this out there fwiw....(for what its worth)

IN BRIEF:  Although the education has been going on for some time..And, is proving to be fruitful... I think it's important for us to understand that the median age in Iraq is about 20 years... roughly 65% of the population, under the age of 25.. meaning,  roughly 65% of the population  did not exist when Iraq had a flourishing currency.

They were born into a society with a currency of little value, to them, the norm...that's what they know/ knew... then we have to factor in the  literacy rate... on top of that, they know the history of previous governments stealing their monies from banks.. which is a big part of why we read of what they call "chunking"... The Iraqis hoarding roughly 30 trillion in their homes...

Thankfully,  that mindset is and has been changing for some time throughout the ongoing educational campaigns... The majority, well aware their currency will once again flourish...
Frank26:  SIR........... I ASK MYSELF.......... IF THE RI HAPPENED ........ NOW ........... I WONDER........... HOW MANY WOULD FIND THEMSELVES.............. EMBARRASSED DUE TO THEIR COMPLANING SO MUCH ........ TODAY.

Walkingstick:  Hmm....I believe it's difficult for many to discern the mindset in Iraq..  what we perceive as slow to act, they see as the norm...

ChrisC:  Yes Sir, you are correct in this.  Our mindset expects a rapid response and proper performance because that is what we are used to.  We don't understand how they think.
The other thing that makes this deal a "funny stew" is what our own govt may be throwing into the mix and affecting what we see.

The problem is that we sit in the bleachers, unaware of what plays are being called and what the strategy is and we have to guess as to what is "taking so long" when we think it should have been done months ago.

Shade:   The best part is that now we can actually see them getting it done as opposed to waiting for them to start in past years.


FaithPrevails:  IMO The fact that the auctions purchase price is now 119,000 Dinar per 100 dollars is a 1190 rate. Yesterday we were at 119,500 or 1195. We were watching it and hoped the RI would be forced at 1203. Clearly the banks are squeezing every last penny out of the auctions. Once we see the next drop of say 500,  or 1185,as Delta just posted the auctions will be suspended and IMO RI is imminent IMO. 

MilitiaMan:  The RI is in my view imminent as well, they are bringing the buy and sell rate to parity. As noted today the rate was 1184.99 and then again 1184.93 and again 1184.91. Rounded those numbers are effectively 1185. Lets say they change to 1184.49.. Rounded, that is 1184.. 1:1 when dropping the zeros. That is about a half a pip away. imo That is imo May also be why we see Frank talking about if it happened now and Deltas any moment Arabic comments jmtc and.. imo ~MM

ChrisC:  Indeed, may not be long now until fireworks or, perhaps more deserved, a twenty one gun salute from a line of M1 Abrams.

Christopher:  I recall a couple conferences ago. Delta brought forth an idea that typically Iraq changes the currency value in April and it usually appears on or about 7 May. I have to say interesting timing to say the least for all that has been brought forth. Thank you for educating the masses. If I'm off in my recollection, please correct me. I have thick skin and will no way be offended.

Don961: When has the word "depreciate" sounded so good ?? ...(wink)

Dollar continues to depreciate against the Iraqi dinar

at:May 01, 2018

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Baghdad / Student News Agency

Foreign currency markets in Baghdad recorded on Tuesday a continuation of the decline in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1195.5 dinars per dollar, ie 119 thousand and 550 dinars per hundred dollars.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:

Selling price of one dollar 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars.
And the purchase price of the dollar is 1190 dinars, or 119 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars, and this price is the lowest recorded by the currency markets for years in Iraq.      link


Samson:  Director of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers: We are working to turn the financial deal into electronic payment

 1st May, 2018

Secretary of the Economic and Financial Committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Qusay Abadi, said on Tuesday, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the establishment of the Rafidain Bank that the Secretariat is working to turn the deal into electronic payment and match developed countries.

"The policy of the Council of Ministers is to implement the programs followed by the Rafidain Bank," Abbadi told a news conference in Baghdad attended by Al-Ghad Press. "The Secretariat is working to turn the deal into electronic payment and to match developed countries."

He added that "the system operated by the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers is to develop the financial system and banking."     LINK


.The fundamental problem in all this is the interpretation of the term "revaluation". 

  Revaluation is a recognised term in respect of an upward change in the value of a currency on a fixed exchange rate. Currencies on a floating exchange appreciate rather than revalue.

 Revaluation can also be used as the overall outcome of a redenomination, in this case it is a revaluation of the monetary unit and not the currency itself.  

Under certain circumstances the term can be used when the price of something changes value. It is just financially impossible for the Iraqi dinar to move from the current rate to around $4 in a currency revaluation per se. If there is to be any significant return on the dinar it has to come from a different direction.  

...As far as Iraq is concerned, the redenomination could be the end of monetary reform, not the beginning...

Philip Tilton: Everyone will Want to Pay Close Attention !!!

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 1 2018

Compiled 12:15 am EDT 1 May 2018 by Judy Byington

A. April 30 2018 3:10 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 30, 2018 Operation Disclosure

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. The Cabal was ruthlessly setting up blockades to prevent the RV from occurring. They know once the RV occurred, the transition event began, which meant it was the end of the line for them.

2. The Alliance was removing these blockades day-to-day and setting up blockades of their own to block the Cabal from touching the RV and systematically destroying the Cabal geopolitically. Eventually, the Cabal would wear down to the point where they would no longer have control over anything.

3. This was the reason for the grueling delay and frequent missed RV release dates.
4. All predicted/rumored/leaked RV dates in the past were real. The toll-free 800 numbers remained scheduled to be released between 11:58 PM and 12:01 AM ET every night. One day, one of those dates would actually be the day it happened.

5. Stay put and keep the faith. Do not allow them to divide you. We're all on this train together and we're going to get to our destination together.


B. April 30 2018 TNT Call

1. The Central Bank of Iraq has sent out a memorandum indicating that the Dinar was international.

2. Bankers thought this would be done by today April 30 and because word of the GCR was out, they were in a massive confusion last Thurs. and Fri. Info coming out of the banks has been nonexistent all weekend and this morning.

3. The US Treasury has said to look for the RV sometime between now and the first part of next week. Iraq said it won’t happen until after their elections on May 12. A banker in the US doesn’t feel it would happen this week. The new rate codes have been on bank screens, but were not there today. Some felt it would happen May 6, 7. We were not waiting for anything as everything has been done.


C. April 30 2018 2:55 am EST QAnon, Sierra: "QAnon: The Latest MOAB" by Sierra (NZ) - 4.30.18

1. MOAB (Mother of all Bombs): Q Anon has been making references to the Iron Eagle.

2. The Iron Eagle was an anagram for EagerLion 18, the US/Jordanian joint military 'exercise' that is currently taking place in the Middle East. As the Anons say, military 'exercises' are often covers for actual operations.

3. Check out Q Anon post 1303: https://qanon.pub/. 'Assets in place.' Q

4. Q Anon has been saying R=18. R stands for Renegade which is Obama's Secret Security code name. The military exercise is EagerLion18. Some Anons are speculating that the 'exercise' could be tied into Obama's arrest in some way.

5. Clearly a very significant operation is taking place at the moment in the Middle East. Q Anon is giving us as much information as possible without compromising security.


D. April 29 2018, Dr. Clarke: DR. CLARKE UPDATE, 29 APRIL( originally posted 4-21-18)

Ramadan will not stop this. No holidays will stop this. Maliki will not stop this (or any other candidate). Parliament in recess till June, will not stop this. Kurdistan will not stop this. Syrian & surrounding rebels, including Iran, will not stop this. Opposing political parties within the U.S. and abroad, will not stop this. The elections will not stop this. Have you circled Sun. April 29? We like this date because it’s two days away from Tues. May 1 and 12 days prior to the election, bringing May Flowers. May 2018 -Magic.

E. April 30 2018 3:09 pm EST, Fulford: "Big Showdown Expected" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 4.30.18 Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1. Peace in the Korean Peninsula meant the Khazarian mafia was now pulling out all stops in an effort to start World War 3 in the Middle East, multiple sources agree.

2. There was a huge battle that would determine the fate of Israel, its ally Saudi Arabia and who rules the West—satanic bloodlines, or the people. Last week Israel attacked Syria with nuclear weapons and thus left itself open to Russian retaliation, Pentagon sources say.

Video of this nuclear attack, though being scrubbed from the internet, could be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0myBgHQdnBc

3. Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, and other regional powers were lining up against Israel. The U.S. decision to withdraw its troops from Syria into Iraq was a sign to the Russians and their allies that the U.S. military would not defend Saudi Israelia from any Russian attack as long as U.S. control of oil resources in the region was not threatened, Pentagon sources say.

4. This struggle was not limited to the Middle East, but is also raging under and above the surface in Europe, the U.S., and Russia as the old satanic bloodline families struggle to retain control of the planet Earth.

5. A visible sign of this epic battle was seen when French Rothschild slave President Emmanuel Macron visited U.S. President Donald Trump last week. This was captured in a photo captioned: “While Macron displays the satanic hand signs, Melania Trump sends a message to the Rothschilds that white hats are in control.”


F. April 29 2018 9:04 pm EST Pedogate, QAnon (video): (Video) Finally, they Pleaded Guilty -- Jail Sentence Issued #Pedogate #QAnon

1. Last Wed. April 25 Trump signed a bill combating Human Trafficking.

2. On April 6 Backpage.com – a pedophile site present in 943 locations, 97 countries & 17 languages - was closed down, CEO Carl Ferrar arrested.

3. Military tribunals would be held including those for Obama and Hillary Clinton for Treason.


5-1-2018  ***  Dinar Guru News Update ***  The dinar CBI Official Rate and the Central bank of Iraq's reported Market Rate for the dinar is listed in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar on the left side of this page... The market rate has continued to slowly rise in value for the last 4 months.  [REMEMBER the lower the number here the MORE value to the dollar the dinar has...in this case LOWER is better.]  The last CBI Market Rate update was 1195 on 4-29-18 and has been under 1215 since March 15, 2018 and has been under 1200 since April 23, 2018.  The difference between the CBI Official Rate and the CBI reported Market Rate is now down to 11 dinars.  When considering the CBI's commission for selling dinar (the gurus report this to be 6 dinar)...the difference between the Official and Market rate is only 5 dinars.   Stay tuned for what the gurus think all this means for the future of the dinar...  [the latest guru posts will continue below...]
5-1-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [via sunny]   The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system.  In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project.  The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF.  Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this - the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week)  The financial inclusion ENDED TODAY [Monday].  Everything that needed to be done for the RI was done in 1st quarter of 2018.  Now the thrust is to educate the citizens.  To include = Inclusion.  Contracts will now be done in ONLY the local currency.  Iraq’s currency!  The dollar was always used to bridge them into any contract, any agreement.   The CBI is saying we have control of our exchange rate. 

5-1-2018   Intel Guru Delta
  [via sunny]   Looks like they are ready to pull the trigger...Believe CBI is taking advantage of election confusion...They got the final green light.   They are about to do this.  

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    Why does the US Treasury want these notes? The US Treasury plans to act as a broker for Iraqi oil. They will get oil credits for up to $32 a barrel. So if oil is selling on the open market for $70 a barrel the US Treasury buys it for $32 and sells it for $70 to other countries making a profit of $38 a barrel. WOW! This is also why the big push for the US to become oil independent. They can then sell these oil credits instead of using them for themselves.  Yes, this is how the war will pay for itself (per GW Bush). As least this is the plan. So for this plan to work the citizens holding the dinar must exchange them.  [post 1 of 2]

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   [...CBI docs say 4.5 Trillion Dinar in circulation. Can you explain where the "money" would come from to exchange in U.S.?]   The money for the exchange comes from the VALUE of the dinar, plain and simple. This is why the CBI needs to make sure the dinar can hold its value. Remember it is just not our exchanges but the trading on the open market also where trillions will be traded each day, not a one time shot like ours.  ...But it is a bit more complicated if you only want to know where our billions maybe even trillions of dollars is going to come from...  The money is simply going to come from the US Treasury that funded the banks for his event. The Federal Reserve has taken I.O.U from the Treasury Dept. The Treasury set up accounts at each bank for this funding. Then in order to get their money back from the I.O.U. they must turn in the IQD. They are then credited for the notes in a leger...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-1-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:   "Iraqi Supreme Court: Article 140 is in force and must be implemented In the simplest terms: it was predicted, Article 140 was one of the 3 main issues needing solved before any major market shift could happen…


Dear Friends,

Below is the link to the 4th interview in You Tube format with Mr. "M" and Ms. "M"
Mr. "M" and Ms "M" will be with us live at the Atlanta workshop on May 19th. 

Their presence at the Sedona workshop was so well received we wanted to make this available again in another part of the country.  So yes, they will be my live guests at the Atlanta workshop on May 19th.  Registration for that workshop will open in a few days.  Watch for the newsletter.

They are partners of one of the primary funding sources and it will be your opportunity to ask them questions directly about their process and partnership.

It's important to understand as mentioned before there are multiple funding sources in a 1st round and 2nd round format.  

Things are changing, and you will hear how they are stepping up to fund part of round 1 as well as round 2.  You will hear they are committed to funding projects and supplying funds for the currency exchange.

If you want to hear from two people that are a part of the team providing funds for us then I encourage you to listen to all four of the interviews.  They are all posted on my Sedona Connection website.  Links are below.

The fact they are having these interviews and coming to the workshop live is a very good sign of how things have progressed and how close we are to seeing this process unfold.

This is your opportunity to hear first hand and ask questions about funding issues.  

Mr. "M" and Ms. "M" were scheduled to be my guests on the radio program for April 18th, but the program was hacked.  I will have them on the program in the near future.

Workshop schedule:

May 5th, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
May 19th, Atlanta, GA

others to be scheduled:  Toronto, Canada, Oakland, CA, Orlando, FL, Baltimore, MD, Amsterdam, Netherlands, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO.

We are missing the little signs


Ramadan will Not Stop this. No Holidays will Stop this. Maliki will Not Stop this. (or any other candidate) Parliament in recess till June, will Not Stop this. Kurdistan will Not Stop this. Syrian & surrounding rebels, including Iran, will Not Stop this. Opposing Political parties within the U.S. and abroad, will Not Stop this. The Elections will Not Stop this. 


WE LIKE THIS DATE. BECAUSE, it’s 2 Days away from TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018...12 Days Prior to the Election...bringing “MAY Flowers”...and it's a FULL MOON. We’ve stated before...:  

 “MAY 2018” MAGIC. 

Sleep Well Tonight..

Breitling dinar


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Cabal are ruthlessly setting up blockades to prevent the RV from occurring.

They know once the RV occurs, the transition event begins which means it is the end of the line for them.

The Alliance are removing these blockades day-to-day and are setting up blockades of their own to block the Cabal from touching the RV.

This is the reason for the grueling delay and frequent missed RV release dates.

In the mean time, while this is occurring, the Alliance are systematically destroying the Cabal geopolitically.

Eventually, the Cabal will get worn down to the point where they will no longer have control over anything.

The toll-free 800 numbers are always scheduled to be released between 11:58 PM and 12:01 AM ET every night.

All predicted/rumored/leaked RV dates in the past were real.

One day, one of those dates will actually be the day it happens.

So stay put and keep the faith.

Do not allow them to divide you.

We're all on this train together and we're going to get to our destination together.


[There appears to be still $4.5 billion remaining with regards to Kuwait War Reparations. Does that remaining $4.5 billion have to be paid out before the reinstatement of the Dinar can occur?]  

 Months ago Kuwait and Iraq signed an agreement to pay down this debt in propane gas. 

Only they need a pipeline and are now building it.

 The recent payment to Kuwait is part of the agreement.

 ...the key to pay off of the war reparations is whether the IMF and Kuwait both agree to it. 

As long as both are satisfied then as far as the sanctions go it is done. ...in December 2017 it was announced Iraq is now “fully” out of Chapter VII? Just weeks before this announcement they told us this gas deal with Kuwait.

So they couldn’t have gotten out of Chapter VII sanctions without also having struck some deal with Kuwait and the IMF for repayment. 

You see it is not the actual repayment that is important, but rather it is the satisfying the IMF and Kuwait of assurances of repayment in the future much like a secured loan would do. 

With Abadi as prime minister (and probably will get a second term) they know the govt will not default on the agreement. 

So the IMF took them off the sanctions. This was the last item to complete to get out of sanctions and they told us this many times in articles. So this is done as it would have to be to get our of Chapter VII


Tebow: CBI came out and said they were not going to float their currency. Now are you going to believe the CBI or a guru ***** ***** ?

Spectra: once again the CBI ............WINS ...........MY VOTE...

Zig: Not saying believe.....saying consider.....big difference......

Tebow: I consider what the CBI puts out over and name calling guru.

Zig: CBI will never tell you "exactly" what they plan to do....Never.....

​dinard: Sounds like a bunch of lefties silencing people's opinions whether they believe them to be true or not lol

Spectra: dinard it is demonstrative for them ...they loose people..in the END I JUST LAUGH AT THEM...They show their true colors time and time again....

Spectra: belittling you base is like cutting off your right hand....
Spectra: Maybe some people like to pay the monthly dues while being abused not me.....

dinard: Spectra true but at least they don't seem to have ulterior motives as far as keeping people hooked on their every word by telling people what they want to hear. Even if I disagree their being themselves which is what's cool I guess

Zig: I would never pay anything to be at any forum or chat...
Zig: I never believe that they need the money to JUST pay bills.....

Rescue guy: So, question . Say the RV does happen this coming week, where does the actual rate get posted?

Zig: The only place to ever check the rate is https://cbi.iq/
Zig: Anything else you ever hear out there is CRAP......made up *

Rescue guy: Ok. That's what I thought .

xyz: Iraq reveals the value of its assets at the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Iraq governor Ali al-Alak on Thursday revealed the total assets in banks operating in the country.

"The total assets in banks operating in the country amounted to 200 billion dollars," Al-Aalak said in a speech at a session of the investment partnership in the forum of investment and reconstruction opportunities in Iraq.   LINK

JoeSchmoe: Zig so ZIG, i have a question about your buddy SandyF, since you seem to know alot about him

Zig: JoeSchmoe I don't know much other than from another forum....always seemed intelligent....but no, do not know him personally.....

JoeSchmoe: WHAT?!?!?!? is his purpose for being in here, spreading his so called knowledge about a LOP? Is he really that concerned about all of us that he wants us to 'see the light'? Does he HOPE it will happen the way we all hope it will?

xyz: JoeSchmoe am not saying anything ... my ears r all yours ... please proceed

JoeSchmoe: I really want to know his purpose   : or is he really THAT bored?
JoeSchmoe: surely he has relayed to you his intentions zig?

Zig: JoeSchmoe : I always think he gives his honest opinions.....no agenda IMO....from knowing him elsewhere....Relax....lol

JoeSchmoe: why waste his time trying to convince us of a LOP?  : did he ever tell you, or anyone?

Zig: He has had Dinar 14 years or so....

JoeSchmoe: and yet he thinks LOP

Zig: Just puts out that possibility....

JoeSchmoe: NOOOOOOOOOOO.....his words aren't POSSIBILITY
JoeSchmoe: he has an agenda, plain and simple

Zig: Who cares what anyone thinks???

JoeSchmoe: you seem to....playing both sides of the coin :laugh

Zig: I try to spark discussions.....

Rescue guy: LOP or get outta Dodge

​JoeSchmoe: lol, instigator

xyz: Zig intelligent is not a possibility --- its a fact \

Zig: I have no idea how this will play out for us.....consider everything....

JoeSchmoe: so you will be satisfied with a lop  : ah you know what i mean lol
JoeSchmoe: he SHOULD be satisFIRED

Rescue guy: RV or bust

Zig: Satisfied??....Of course not....tman23 also considers that possibility.....

JoeSchmoe: i see tman play both sides too  : almost as if they are TOLD to do it

Zig: Just considers all variables....

JoeSchmoe: more than that, on sandy's part
JoeSchmoe: and same goes for Kap. WHY does he care if we believe his float theory or not?

xyz: Zig have never seen tman use keyword possibility

Zig: Why are people so afraid about what others think???

xyz: Zig we are NOT variables ... we are constants

JoeSchmoe: keep dodging it lol

Dave: JoeSchmoe Wrong Dave

JoeSchmoe: good: Wink: you DONT wanna be that dave lol

Zig: Nothing what other people think will happen ever bothers me....

Spectra: dinard to each his own...i really dont care is much as looks....um just bored...lol

JoeSchmoe: dinard??where is he

xyz: Zig There is no great genius without some touch of madness. -Aristotle

Spectra: xyz thats a fact

JoeSchmoe: tell you what though...IF we all get screwed on this, won't it be the biggest flop in the history of scams? Evn though this isn't realyl a scam

Rescue guy: :laugh

xyz: Zig Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. -Salvador

JoeSchmoe: zig without xyz is........?   : a yin without a yang?  : an i without a ching?

xyz: Zig Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan

Spectra: We loved with a love that was more than love.  Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!"

​Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.   All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted — nevermore!

JoeSchmoe: lol   : jk    : srry'

Spectra: "Nevermore!"

Rescue guy: How can you fly like an eagle when you hang out with turkies

xyz: Zig The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. -Albert Einstein

K2Kutter: I use several currency exchange websites to check from time to time. Please someone check this one and confirm I'm reading this right. The Zim has radically changed. It's reading 0.00276 right now.


xyz: Zig imagine a LoP aka redenomination as defined and advocated by guru sandyf. How would @Zag benefit?

Rescue guy: I thought the ZIM was dead

K2Kutter: When you say dead, what do you mean?

Rescue guy: No good. Junk. Not being handled   : Fit don't take my word for it.

Zig: xyz : We wouldn't benefit much if it all....Never said I liked what he said....LOL....Nor believed it.....I believe nobody but consider possibilities.....Nobody is my GURU despite what you may think.......

Spectra: repetition .................................. :Really?

K2Kutter: Rescue...am I nieve to think it's still a currency I possess that I can exchange it any time when I chose to?

xyz: "Am a strong believer of LoP", therefore I am a LoPPer

Rescue guy: Well, if I understand correctly, only currencies that are on the open exchange market is excepted

Dave: Rescue guy Bingo

Rescue guy: At this moment, the Dinar, Dong, and ZIM is not on the open exchange

K2Kutter: That can explain why some sites don't have every one. Thanks. So this site has it and the rate to USD is high. I haven't gone any further with it. Thought I would talk to a few people who might be more involved

Dave: Rescue guy Not on Forex

blackgold: To tell you the Truth i don't care if there is a LOP, RV , RI or a Float, Just give me something, I don't care how it happens

K2Kutter: Rescueguy do you have a minute to go to XE's link and check it?

Rescue guy: Dave yes. But, FOREX is a private brokerage. They set their own rates according to the movement on the open exchange

Rescue guy: K2Kutter I have before .

Dave: xyz nor does negative reinforcement.....slap!

xyz: I refuse to accept that float/LoP/etc gurus are smarter than dinard

Dave: No currency exhanges/banks accept Dinar
Dave: in canada

K2Kutter: I have been going to their site for months and it changed this week. I mean if I can exchange my zim today at that rate I would.

Rescue guy: Or USA, as of yet

Baxter: You cant exchange that zim... anywhere on this earth..

Spectra: im sorry to announce the ZIM IS dead........ 

​K2Kutter: Dave I've seen that to. Why do you think they don't

Spectra: dead on arrival


Dave: .....I still think they are chapter7 ...that is why

K2Kutter: I see

Baxter: do me a favor.. and just burn that JUNK

Zig: Spectra Hmmmm.....doesn't sound sincere.....lol

Spectra: K2Kutter you still hanging here ...see we all deceided a long time ago the zim is going no where.....

Rescue guy: Hold on to any currency you have. Just in case

blackgold: People laugh at the Zim, but the IQD ain't doing much better

K2Kutter: Spectra I've got to imagine that when the country does restructure there has to be some value in the currency and they transition to a new currency.

Spectra: K2Kutter They need a whole new currency ...and some big time planning..

Baxter: K2.. ZIMBABWE... has NO currency....NONE

blackgold: Zimbabwe actually has a new currency, it just isn't doing that well, they haven't learned how to fool the world like a broke US can    : A fake stock market

K2Kutter: poor country

blackgold: Insolvant banks  : I'm taking about the US : We never recovered from the last crash

​xyz: did u folks read this?

xyz: Saleh Saleh: Iraq is on the verge of a banking boom

start of financial institutions to work on the dissemination of services among the Iraqi community in conjunction with the week of Arab financial inclusion, which started yesterday in most Arab countries, represents an important step to communicate and benefit from regional experiences and start the stage of departure where the world ended,

and the advancement of the national economy through The interaction with all segments of society without exception to be the results for the benefit of the national economy through the positive interaction between the banking system and the citizen and launched yesterday the effectiveness of the week of inclusiveness to continue its activities for 7 days, targeting all segments of society in different places and sectors, This interest stems from the important positive role of financial inclusion in the reality of the national economy.

 Financial services

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh praised the step and promised the task and the Iraqi financial sector and said: "As far as the financial coverage to mean in essence the delivery of financial services to weaken the income segments of society,

a renaissance led by the government and the Central Bank together to make the issue of the resettlement of government salaries, which constitute With pension payments and social security, accounts for about 45 percent of GDP. "

"Banking mechanisms and the benefits of using electronic payment methods for banking will help expand the phenomenon of financial coverage to double what it is today," he said, adding that "the number of adults involved in banking operations will exceed 20 percent of the adult population, Credit and the granting of loans with the guarantee of home salary will also increase public abuse with the banking system. "

xyz: "Iraq is on the verge of a banking boom in the next few years and this renaissance will be able to achieve its objectives thanks to the rapid progress of banking information technology in the digital banking era," Saleh said. Banking Education The Director General of Payments in the Central Bank of Iraq, Suha Abdul Karim, has shown "the central quest to develop the financial sector and banking through the development of infrastructure that enable financial institutions and banking to improve services and accessibility by all segments of society,"

noting that "In This framework brings attention to the week of financial inclusion and turn it into a carnival for the delivery of services and the participation of banks in a practical way to contribute to the banking education of services, especially for women, as well as for the students, whether schools or universities, Mia Banking ".

​Mainstream products

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: "The activities of the Week of Financial Inclusion started yesterday in all parts of Iraq, in order to increase the dealings with the banking sector."

Financial inclusion means that the financial and banking products and services are at reasonable cost to the largest group of groups, institutions and individuals, especially low-income segments of society, as opposed to the financial exclusion that excludes these segments.

Financial inclusion requires the capacity to exclude these segments and the ability of individuals and institutions to obtain On financial services and their effective use in a responsible manner and financial inclusiveness without financial education. The conscious consumer is more aware of the risks and rewards associated with financial products and more aware of his rights and duties.

"Tariq will witness the launch of the Financial Inclusion Week, which involves all banks and financial companies operating in Iraq, in order to educate the public on the importance of finan
xyz: "Tariq will witness the launch of the Financial Inclusion Week, which involves all banks and financial companies operating in Iraq, in order to educate the public on the importance of financial coverage, which will reflect positively on the economy.

 Paiement added that " the Central Bank and the Association of private banks to supervise directly on the organization of financial inclusion Week , which was launched in conjunction with the Arab countries ,

 " noting that "Iraq wants to increase the number of dealers with the banking sector to large proportions because it will make citizens enjoy banking services available to the public Loans, electronic payments and others.

" Tarek pointed out that "the events of the week of financial inclusion include the Iraqi banks to display their products in public places that it deems appropriate from universities and commercial centers and others," noting that "

Development Agenda

International Financial Inclusion Expert d. Sadiq al-Shammari stressed that "it represents an important dimension in the overall and sustainable development strategy because it has an impact on improving the chances of growth and financial and social stability.

The G-20 has shown an important goal in the economic and financial development agenda. Financial for all by 2020 for its effective role in fighting poverty and reducing unemployment worldwide. "

International statistics for 2014 show that nearly one billion of the world's adult population still do not have access to financial services, although the global average of adults with bank accounts has increased to 62 percent from 51 percent in 2011, according to the Global

Financial Services Circular.

"The rapid and rapid development of ICT has contributed to the emergence of many innovative financial services and business models such as mobile banking and branchless banking, as well as improved access to individuals and enhanced financial coverage," he said. The direct impact of the South Islami

xyz: "The rapid and rapid development of ICT has contributed to the emergence of many innovative financial services and business models such as mobile banking and branchless banking, as well as improved access to individuals and enhanced financial coverage," he said.

​ The direct impact of the South Islamic Bank relations director Jamal Shaker al - Rubaie said the "speed in the variables and the technological race puts the media in the forefront of the direct means of influencing public opinion , because the media 's role is to create cultural awareness and orientation in the community."

"Today, the media has diversified, thanks to scientific progress. Perhaps scientific studies have given the media many ways and means to influence the public opinion. This task is not easy and at the same time is not impossible because the convictions are different towards the goal pursued by any institution. And acceptable. "

He stressed that "financial inclusion will impose itself when banking culture is an important part of the life of the individual and to support that step we have to provide infrastructure for various sectors to facilitate dealing with them very easily and be close to the reach of the individual in the city or village,

I am in order to break the frequency of some and the banks to create attractive ways to attract the customer and graduated from traditional frameworks inherited through contracts while retaining lines of safety and confidence and banking standards.

Short loans "Financial inclusion requires a comprehensive range of financial services including bank accounts, savings, short and long term loans, leasing, mortgages, insurance, salaries, payments, local and international remittances and retirement plans, as well as the protection of the problem and the strengthening of financial capacity," said Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi.

"Expanding participation in the formal financial system or achieving financial inclusion is not an end in itself but a means to achieve

xyz: "Expanding participation in the formal financial system or achieving financial inclusion is not an end in itself but a means to achieve an objective because of its important developmental role in human development, improving the standard of living, empowering women, promoting equal opportunities, financing small and medium enterprises, reducing poverty, Thus achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic growth. "

Economic life

In conjunction with the event, the International Company for Smart Card (K-Card) organized a workshop on the dimensions of financial inclusion and importance in economic life, and participated a large number of employees of the company in this workshop, which was attended by international experts, Sadiq Rashed Al-Shammari.

Participants reviewed the stages of interest in the economic life of the family and the national economy through reliance on financial inclusion, and presented successful global experiences in this important chapter and how some economies have been able to achieve important successes through financial inclusion.

The participants interacted with this step, where consensus was reached on the importance of working towards spreading awareness among the community about financial inclusion and its role in achieving development for all segments of society and in all cities and towns.

xyz: @Zig done

Dave: So the short version is come to bank.......

xyz: Dave how is Canada? Any plan visiting niagara falls soon?

JoeSchmoe: xyz not reading that without cliffnotes.
JoeSchmoe: I only saw 'on verge of banking boom WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS"
JoeSchmoe: don't plan on being here that long. I have a life....I need to find

Dave: JoeSchmoe Just banks selling their benefits that are now available to new customers

chattels: Continues to decline in the dollar exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the fourth day

26/4/2018   BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:  We saw the US dollar exchange rate on Thursday, down in front of the Iraqi dinar in the stock markets for the fourth consecutive day.

Where the sale of the dollar in the exchange rate to fight in Baghdad today record 119 thousand and 550 dinars and the purchase price of 119 thousand and 500 dinars for $ percent.


Sandyf: @blackgold: So sandyf said because of Saadam Iraq's currency was devalued. - You really need to stop telling the lies. I did not say the currency had been devalued, it was Brigadier General Hugh Tant.

 If you have a disagreement with Tant's version of events then bring forward the minutes of the UN and IMF meetings where they forced a devaluation of the Iraqi currency. I am fairly certain I am not the only one that would be interested to see them.

sandyf: @JoeSchmoe: If Are you of the opinion that the Iraqi cabinet never discussed the redenomination or take a decision to postpone it you would be saying that the CBI were telling lies when they said otherwise. I fail to understand why you claim documented information is something I made up, I have to assume it is because you have no credible answer.

Zig: sandyf : Hi....some people think that you are my Guru....LOL...I hardly know you other than from Seck....

JoeSchmoe: sandyf firstly, I did not say that. Secondly, I do question your reasons for always trying to convince people of this? What do you have to gain? Are you that bored?

JoeSchmoe: Why do you always come here and push a RD? Do you not own dinar? If so, then why try to convince others that it is a lost cause, when you yourself will lose too?

JoeSchmoe: Do you want people to feel as down as you may feel on this lost cause?
JoeSchmoe: awe he is gone, came back too late. Wonder why he quoted my name in his rant above lol

JoeSchmoe: In any case, he SANDYF , is obviously trying to convince us all that this is a lost cause. So that begs the quesiton...WHY???    JoeSchmoe: anyway,bbl

Baxter: If you want to get into the technical aspects of a redenomination, they did that back in 2003 when they introduced the new IQD and did away with the old.

Now in present day we can look at the redenomination of currency in circulation as an action due to the results of an improper monetary and economic policy that leads to hyper inflation.

Iraq went from hyper inflation to an inflation rate that is considered well within above average IMF standards. So if they were going to go to a 2nd redenomintion, why haven't they done so? Because they have no intention of doing so

The IQD will remain pegged to the USD because of the protection factors when they put the currency on the international market. Why? Because the IMF has maintained that the peg to the USD is an ideal situation for Iraq.

Zig: JoeSchmoe : If Sandy sees your posts I am sure that he will reply....Check back.....

JoeSchmoe: Zig well I could care less about his explanations of all of his theories and why it will RD. I just want to know why he is trying to convince everyone that this is a lost cause? What's in it for him to do so?

JoeSchmoe: If he owns dinar, as you said he does, then what gives?

Baxter: it is not going to redenominate... PERIOD....

JoeSchmoe: there are ulterior motives, guarans

Baxter: their inflation rate is zilch...: they have no reason to do it.. none

JoeSchmoe: Baxter the only reasaon I could see them doing something like that is to screw us all
Baxter: they dont care about us... we are nothing

JoeSchmoe: but as I said, I just want to know his reasoning for trying to convince us of all this?

Baxter: He is just driving you crazy... just ignore his b s

JoeSchmoe: I look at people's motives in life   : im out for a bit. Lemme know if he says anything when I come back, if he does answer my direct questions about his motives.

Spectra: JoeSchmoe :yes: : JoeSchmoe none of it adds up your right

Baxter: you want a redenomination...look at zimbabwe....... and look what happened
Baxter: they went to the trillions..: their inflation rate went to over 1000 per cent a month
Baxter: iraq is less than one percent... so why redenominate?

Clay: Bax are u giving up on this

Baxter: * NO

Clay: oh good just got here thought u were

Baxter: I think we are closer than ever.... lets see what the election brings

Clay: agree

Baxter: it certainly is not going to redenominate... thats nuts

Clay: saw u were talking no redenomination
Baxter: no.. its not...

Clay: got ya now    Clay: but it will rise in value

Baxter: thats what zimbabwe did... and look what happened..: iraqs inflation is less than one percent

Clay: right 

Baxter: there is no reason...

Clay: so   Clay: @Baxter I've seen


Baxter: thats wrong too... you dont have to work to have inflation

JoeSchmoe: back for a sec, did mr sandy F come back?
JoeSchmoe: ZIG if you can, copy my question from above please and ask him when you see him

Tebow: heard Sandyf gets a kickback for people selling back to dealers

JoeSchmoe: Tebow is that serious, or just an educated guess?   : wouldnt doubt it.

Tebow: what I heard

JoeSchmoe: then we can say that kap gets them too  : as well as other gurus and antigurus

dinard: Tebow give me credible sources on this juicy gossip. 



TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call notes 30-April-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Marvelous Monday, April 30, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT!

RayRen: It was extremely quiet on Friday and over the weekend. However, we sent out some updates since the last call:

Wednesday afternoon: Iraqi TV reports that private banks in Iraq are permitting all international banking organizations to enter into their financial markets.

Thursday morning: Abadi and Barzani are becoming like “best buds” and there is peace among the land.
Abadi has approved international flights in Kurdistan. Iraqi TV reports Alaq, with the CBI, stating Iraqi banks totaling 200 billion dinar in assets and that they are ready for the economic impact.

Friday update: It is being reported that thousands are attending the banking seminars today where free services are being offered to the citizens. Free Mastercards are being distributed loaded with dinar. The benefits of the new banking system are being explained to the citizens. The banks are discussing the advantages of being linked worldwide and on an international scale.

Sunday’s update: The Association of Private banks partnered with the CBI at the University of Baghdad college campus to promote the new banking services at no charge to the students. The CBI says that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with VISA International allows the Iraqi citizens worldwide use.

Tony: Can anyone on this call give any real answers?! What is going on? We did not do a call on Friday because I spent all day drinking at the cigar bar, but told you chumps that we were waiting to see what was going to happen…  If you are tired of my lies, please report me to: 
Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730   On the bank side, most people we deal with said this would be done by then end of this month. They have been saying that since the first of this month, saying that people would be trained, etc. This was coming from bank managers, wealth managers, memos, and all the other bank sources.

Saturday and Sunday, even today the banks are quiet. On Friday, we heard that there were bankers complaining because they were just finding out this thing is real. There were phone calls and emails saying their people were not ready, their people couldn’t explain this and so on. Two banks felt they were not getting a big enough piece of the pie, and they wanted to make changes (on Thursday and Friday). Then there was nothing much over the weekend. After the call on Wednesday we had a flurry of calls about the “u codes” with memos popping up they had to read before they found out what was going on. Some of the exchange locations and call centers got one message while other parts of the bank got different messages, so it was confusing for the banks.

We are still waiting. The US Treasury said to look for it between now and next week. It will pop up. On the Iraqi side, they just came up with two more holidays. Out of 365 days in the year, 150 of them are holidays in Iraq. Part of their responsibility is to change that, because investors and contractors are saying there are too many holidays and not enough work days. But this week there are two religious holidays, and almost everyone will be off on Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday is their holy day, so if it doesn’t go today or tomorrow, it will be next weekend, probably. Some are saying they don’t care about the holiday, they just want this to go. Last week was their week of financial inclusion, which they have every year starting on 27. April.

This is the first year we’ve heard about it. They have had fairs and events at the universities, malls and banks all week. While we haven’t seen the RV, Iraq has been gathering in the three-zero notes, and they can only do that if they get the people to believe in the banks. Last time they had banks, under Saddam, the banks took all their money, so they hid all their cash at home. They didn’t trust banks, so the banks had to rebuilt that trust for the people to bring in their three-zero notes and accept the lower denominations, and believe in their financial system again. They funneled all that into this week, with banks offering free bank accounts and credit cards, just trying to get them out there and get people to sign up and access their money from any bank, or internationally, or on the internet.

They were educating people about the safety features, and how if they use the cards, they won’t carry money in their pockets where they can have it stolen, or be subject to different rates in different areas. The politicians already know, because they started with them, then the adults that they could get in, and now they are working with the young people. Everyone who is paid by the government is already being paid on their cards, and then they moved on to the universities, to the kids who don’t have jobs but who are smart enough to get into school. They then went to the malls, where people have money.

The banks enticed people with cards and loans left, right, and center: car loans, house loans, business and educational loans… but you have to be part of the banking system to get it. That’s how they will develop the economy. Why are they going to all this trouble? They want to get everyone in the banking system, but also because they can only switch this over once they pull in the three-zero notes. People don’t even need the lower denominations if they use their cards! It’s better for people to use the banks and ATMs, and the electronic system in order to change the rates at the flip of a switch.

So it’s an easier, faster, more modern way to do this, and that’s what they have been doing for the last five days, getting as many people signed up as they could. Where is Iraq getting all this money for personal loans? People are putting money in the bank because they are being paid on their cards. The Iraqi banks are also changing to fractional banking, just like our system. Also, they based their budget on an oil price of $45, and oil is now up to over $80, so money is being generated. This makes Iraq look good. They had this big push – will they do this now?

The CBI says they are waiting for stability and security. Iraq is as secure and stable as it is going to get before the election. They are as secure as they were in 2009. Sure, they have issues, but so does Chicago. What if the CBI meant “when we have enough security in the banking system”? When enough people are in the banking system or with money on their cards so that they can control fraud on the cards and the currency? Because that’s what they have building. They are showing the people all this good stuff so that they will have faith in the new economy and banking system.

It doesn’t make sense that Abadi would wait until the elections and give someone else this kind of gift. So… is Abadi saying, “I can’t buy the votes, but I can give people money on their cards” or through the monetary reform?” They were taking 65% out of their paychecks, and this month, that has dropped to 35%, which means a 35% increase in their checks. They get paid this week, too, so in effect Abadi is showing them that their life is improving through his policies. Is there a free election going on? Or is there something going on behind the scenes to make sure one person is elected rather than another?

There has been a whole lot of money flowing behind the scenes, and people don’t do that unless they are sure about that is happening. They say that Parliament will stay the same up until 1.July, which is part of what we were worried about. I just don’t see them doing all this work for nothing, or to see changes that will only take place months down the road. People have been waiting for years for this to reach 1:1 with the US dollars, and then speculate that it will climb to pre-Saddam rates, but I think that it will happen more like Kuwait, and make the leap from one day to the next.

A gradual float doesn’t make sense, watching it grow over the next ten years to grow into the rate they want it to be. Iraq has educated the higher government people, and spent the last week educating the college students and then the uneducated people. That is the big picture, and we see how it helps. So, from the CBI’s perspective, is it the security of Iraq? Or the security of the banking system and how that will work for the people? They have activated the new system without a single error so far, and that’s what we have to look at, globally. Are we doing a call on Friday?

RayRen: Probably, but we do have a meet-and-greet in Sacramento on Friday. The call will be late on Friday because I’ll be flying to Sacramento on Friday morning. So if anyone wants to join us, you need to let us know so that we can get a location set up.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Is there an update on the “codes” with timing info on release of the RV provided to bankers some weeks ago??

A: Haven’t heard anything.

Q: Can Ii give a million dong to each of my siblings?

A: Technically, yes you can –BEFORE the RV, with a gifting letter or statement, so that you are not hit with gift tax when the value changes.

But what is the best way to give them? What is the utopian way to give?

A: If you give it to them, and they exchange it, they have ownerships and the headaches attached to $400,000+.

B: A better idea might be to establish a trust for the siblings to run, place the results of the exchange in that trust, and teach them how to manage that money for their families, while drawing a salary.

C: Another option is to create a charitable foundation, from which they would draw salaries and expenses, while doing charitable work. That forces them to expend these funds on charitable projects, plus they would have a salary and employee benefits, plus YOU get the tax write-off.

Q: Could you please explain the purpose of the currency auctions in Iraq and why some in power don’t want them to end?

A: The banks have to buy their money, and they might buy a million dollars worth of US dollars, but they don’t have to pay for those dollars for a day or two. They take those dollars and put them out at the exchange dollars, and they might make 100,000 profit before they have to pay for the dollars. So they will have more than enough to cover that check; they’re supposed to have that million in the bank beforehand, but they don’t, so really they are running a scam. Iraq has identified 25 banks that aren’t really banks, set up by members of Parliament, and they are making millions from the auctions. They know who is doing this, and in theory they are going to get the people doing it, eventually. They changed the rules so that you need to prove you have the money upfront, and that lasted a week. They know who is doing this, and the minute they RV, they will stop the auctions and the money will go back to the government, but they have yet to do that.

Q: On Monday’s conference call Tony mentioned that he should have an update from the banks on the exchange process by Wednesday’s conference call. Are there any updates today from the US banks on the exchange process or rates?

Q: I understand that we’ll want to keep money in the exchange bank (we will go with WF for leverage), and that the Personal Bankers are working to make $ for the bank first and foremost. What about Abbott Downing? I know they are tied to WF, so is their first objective to make $ for the banks, or for their customers?

A: Wells Fargo created Abbot Downing for the ultra-rich. Any bank or investment house wants to make money for themselves and that is their first priority. They make money including bonuses from the investment products they sell to you, and they work for the bank, so…

Q: Any updates on the ATMs that were supposed to activated a week ago? I thought they were celebrating that day?

A: They were supposed to celebrate Sunday but they didn’t.

Tony: Also, no codes showing right now, and no activity expected until next month, which starts tomorrow.

Q: Now that Visa International has signed a MOU agreement what is the effective date of the MOU, with Iraq?

A: I haven’t seen the Memorandum of Understanding, but they told them in Iraq that they can use them today, internationally. Our bank guy in Iraq is now saying he doesn’t think this will happen until after the election on May 12; that is what they are saying, even though they know they are being lied to all the time.

 Q: What is the agreement with us for the contract rate?

A: We do not have details. Will we find out through the both of you before we’d call the 800 number. A: If we get it before the 800 number… We have already told you the contract rate is $28.50 got all. The groups were getting $28.50 because they had an agreement with China, plus they still have to pay 11% tax. We will get $28.50 and pay no tax. Also between my son and his wife connect to me? I thought we would be allowed to discuss business affairs info with each other also since we all have the Dinar.

A: If you all go for the dinar contract rate AND all sign the NDA, then you can discuss it between yourselves. If none of you sign the NDA, you can also discuss whatever you wish Will the Dong have a contract rate?

Q: We are being told only dinar has the contract rate now. If so when we call the 800 # we give the total amount for each currency ?

A: Yes, they want to know your total holdings so they know where to send you.

Q: Are we still to use the acronyms like IQN or VNQ –probably wrong–away from my notes— when doing the exchange? Or do we just say the regular acronyms on the U N Treasury website?

A: Ask for each, and take the higher one. All the new currencies are supposed to be N codes. But you can always ask what is the rate for both.

Q: Are we looking at this week or next? A: Most people seem to think it will NOT happen this week, whether because of the holidays in Iraq, or lack of training in the US. The US Treasury seems to think it will happen later this week or early next week.

Live questions

865/404 caller: If it doesn’t pop until after the election, how soon after will this go?

Tony: Unlike previous elections, Iraq is saying they will know the results two hours after the election. Also, they will use the existing Parliament until 1. July.

Caller: Can you bring us up-to-date on the other currencies?

Tony: I don’t hear anyone complaining. As the value of the dinar changes, with oil going up, that affects the dinar rates, and it also affects the other rates.

347 caller: Are those codes inside information, or can someone walk into the bank and ask about those codes?

Tony: That’s information you only get to know at the executive level.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

Tony: Thousands of people listen to this call, live, and millions listen to the recorded call or read the notes. Since I started doing this again, the numbers on the call have doubled. We have ten thousand people on this call right now, and only a hundred people donate to keep this call going. It’s been the same 100-150 people donate all the time to carry this call through for everyone else.

281 caller: If it is delayed until after the election, will that mean more delays?

Tony: The CBI has said they have completed everything they need to do, once there is security and stability – nothing about more laws or whatever. If the results are in within two hours, Abadi could declare the RV right away, if he chooses. I don’t see any reason to wait. I think Abadi should do this before the election to carry him over. The US laws that mandate our going gold-backed was passed on 3. March, 2018, and it still has no effective date, so we are not waiting on trump to announce that. If we were in control of this process, why would we keep setting dates and not meeting them? If we were in charge of this, Treasury would know for sure is that it is happening (or not) and given real dates. We have a lot of influence, we did put Abadi and Lagarde and the IMF in place, but we don’t make all the decisions. Trump has already declared he is not a nation-builder, so he’s not waiting for (or contributing to) any of this.

312 caller: Any banking updates on what the committee told you about caps/limits? Tony: The banks are saying ‘no limits’, so every week this doesn’t go, buy some more! As for Iraq, why do all this right now, if they are not ready to go right now??

Caller: Let’s hope this is the quiet before the storm, holiday or no holiday!

972 caller: You said recently that VNN is a good deal – do you still think so?

Tony: At $39 per million, and worst case it comes out 47 cents, that is $470,000 – that’s a pretty good deal to me!

Caller: I paid $70 per million dong in Texas, but it’s still a great ROI.

Tony: Call Travelex, you can buy it online in any state. IN caller: I just called WF a few days ago, and they still say they don’t handle dinar.

Tony: How many times do we have to go through this? I know for a fact – there are people I know who operate an exchange center, and others with call centers, and still others who train exchange agents. I know WF executives who know exactly what they plan to do. Yes, WF is the foundation bank when it happens, and it will happen – they just don’t know when.

[I had to leave this call here. Check Sunny’s Cliff notes for closing statements.]

Closing Statement (Sunny)

TONY . . . Again, it was a n interesting weekend watching what was happening an dhow fast they are moving to get their economy back and the banking system moving. Our bank guy says the code is not there, was an effective date and it’s blank right now. They don’t think anything will happen his week. Banker in Iraq says he does not think it will happen until after the elections. Bank guy in US says they are waiting for Iraq to go. We know what Abadi has said and CBI says “stable and secure.” They ran the systems this week end and no errors, no hacks – it’s stable. Using Visa and MC. Is it before the election or after? Everything they are showing and telling us is everything is complete. Makes sense before the election. They may do it on the 6th, 7th or 8th so people celebrating before the elections. I’m looking for it to go before then. If it happens later we have to be concerned about Parliament. Not waiting for rules or anything else. Nobody said it. Alak didn’t say it. He said, “it is done!” All we are waiting for is for them to activate it. Possibility we will talk on Wed. Enjoy your day.

RAY . . . Remember PYP – protect your principal. Especially those who will not be exchanging into the millions. Smaller guys definitely have to make that your priority. Try to borrow whatever you need. . . let your money go to work for you and create revenue. Utopian giving – the ABC’s of giving. Means so much more than just the little bit I give it when we speak on a call. One more thing – the investment community is well aware of what is going on. Not just the banks. We say don’t rush to do your investments. I’m tapping into other community resources and they two are planning just like the banking community is planning. They are not going to give you the best thing first. Your going to have to ask for it. In some cases demand it. Don’t bite on the first thing offered to you. Don’t rush. Take your time. Let us gather information and then plan your action. Enjoy this marvelous Monday. Keep believing. We sure do.
(played “I Believe”).

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Iraqi Supreme Court: Article 140 Is In Force And Must Be Implemented

The Supreme Federal Court issued a decision on constitutional article 140, noting that it is one of the important articles of the Constitution and does not die in any way.
The legal expert Khalil Mirani said in an interview with the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that the Federal Supreme Court issued a few days ago its decision on the constitutional article 140, explaining that according to the court’s decision, Article 140 of the articles of the Iraqi Constitution is not in any form and must be implemented, he said.

He added that “the decision came in response to the people and the Iraqi forces, which claimed that the 140 has expired, but the Kurds insist on it, because the Iraqi authorities when the implementation of any constitutional article in favor of the Kurds do not implement.”
The legal expert pointed out that “the Kurds have been busy during the last period of building Iraq to live all Iraqi people under the state in all their components after 80 years of dictatorship and become a federal democracy,” but added that “it appeared that those who ascend the throne of power in Iraq governed by mentality Previous itself “.
He stressed that “the implementation of Article 140 until 2007, but it was not implemented, because of Baghdad,” pointing out that “the Kurds will not give up those areas of Kurdistan, which falls within the constitutional Article 140.”
He explained that “most of those areas were until last year under the authority of the Kurdistan Region,” but added that “because of some traitors, the region lost those territories.”
“The people should punish the traitors who caused this great betrayal in the loss of part of the territory of Kurdistan,” he said.
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BGG ~ In the simplest terms: it was predicted, Article 140 was one of the 3 main issues needing solved before any major market shift could happen…

Continued Decline In The Dollar Exchange In Iraq
[Ayna-Baghdad] – Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Tuesday morning, a decline in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.
The market price on the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1196 dinars per dollar, or 119 thousand and 600 dinars per hundred dollars.
The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:
The sale price of one dollar 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars. 
And the purchase price of the dollar is 1190 dinars, or 119 thousand dinars, for one hundred dollars, and this price is the lowest recorded by the currency markets for years in Iraq.
Foreign Exchange Rates:
EUR World Price: 100 Euro = 122.15 USD The
World Price: 100 Bounds = 139.44 $ The
Turkish Lira The International Price: $ 100 = 409.70 Turkish Lira
Article Credit: Alliraqnews.com Special Thanks to Vernell Washington
BGG There has been a lot of great news out the last few days. This, however, will fly under the radar yet is very, very important. The USD / IQD rate continues to decline. Looking better and better everyday.