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BREAKING NEWS: Iran Nuclear Deal Fallout | IRAN RIAL Currency Exchange RV




The Association of Private banks partnered with the CBI at the University of Baghdad college campus to promote the new banking services at no charge to the students.

The CBI says that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with VISA International allows the Iraqi citizens worldwide use.



RVAlready:  We do not need to know anything until the RV is complete.

I think I will be in and out of the bank before the general public has a clue.

Soverign governments and their agencies have the right to withhold all info from the public at their disgression.

Kuwait and others hid their RVs from the public completely.

Did you know the hour and date of D day in advance? Heck no!!! And that was an international operations.

And nobody knew the US was coming off the gold standard until the announcement.

We will be informed at the time after the RV that has been agreed upon.

Forex will get it after the banks. Forex reflects the market. It does not set the market.

This should come down pretty much like Kuwait or Turkmenistan.

It will be so nice to have the roller coaster stop. 


Ramadan will Not Stop this.

No Holidays will Stop this.

Maliki will Not Stop this. (or any other candidate)

Parliament in recess till June, will Not Stop this.

Kurdistan will Not Stop this.

Syrian & surrounding rebels, including Iran, will Not Stop this.

Opposing Political parties within the U.S. and abroad, will Not Stop this.

The Elections will Not Stop this.


BECAUSE, it’s 2 Days away from TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018……..12 Days Prior to the Election……bringing “MAY Flowers”......and it's a FULL MOON.

We’ve stated before in our Previous 3 POSTS:

“MAY 2018”


Sleep Well Tonight,

Dr. Clarke


Kaperoni: The CBI Had A Setback - 3 More Months? - They Are Starting Over?, 29 APRIL

Well today's auction sales are a bit surprising they are at 1215 to $ 1 which technically has fallen out of compliance within the 2% as required by the IMF. Can the get that back in compliance by tomorrow?

With 48 days to go to meet the 90-day requirement this is a setback if they have to start over.

Today's CBI auction was $210 million so it was fairly large in an attempt to get the spread back in alignment. We will just have to see how this plays out but I'm getting the feeling that we're going to have to start the 90-day requirement period over again.

What this all means is that it could possibly postpone the CBI desire to move to Article VIII kicking the can down the road at least another 3 months. We will have to see how this plays out.

Maintaining the spread within 2% for 90 days is a requirement by the IMF there is no shortcuts and it's apparent now based on today's report, the CBI couldn't comply.

My guess is if the CBI could get it in alignment tomorrow they may overlook today's report. But this requirement is not something to play games with you either do it or you don't.

So our tentative guideline was June 15th. I can't answer if that still holds true or if it's starting over but it is for certain that nothing will happen before then.

Well here's the deal... None of these numbers that are being reported are official so even though they may be in compliance or out of compliance there is nothing official from the CBI these are just third-party numbers being reported from media outlets.

So now visiting two or three other media outlets I have found yet another set of reported spread numbers from today's auction and these numbers are within compliance.

These are reporting sale of the dollar at 1200 to $1.   Dinar News  

Since there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of these numbers all we can do is wait out the 3 month IMF requirement and see what happens.


4-29-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   What this all means is that it could possibly postpone the CBI desire to move to Article VIII kicking the can down the road at least another 3 months. We will have to see how this plays out.  Maintaining the spread within 2% for 90 days is a requirement by the IMF there is no shortcuts and it's apparent now based on today's report, the CBI couldn't comply.  My guess is if the CBI could get it in alignment tomorrow they may overlook today's report. But this requirement is not something to play games with you either do it or you don't.  So our tentative guideline was June 15th. I can't answer if that still holds true or if it's starting over but it is for certain that nothing will happen before then.   [post 2 of 2]

4-29-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Well today's auction sales are a bit surprising they are at 1215 to $ 1 which technically has fallen out of compliance within the 2% as required by the IMF. Can the get that back in compliance by tomorrow?  With 48 days to go to meet the 90-day requirement this is a setback if they have to start over.  Today's CBI auction was $210 million so it was fairly large in an attempt to get the spread back in alignment. We will just have to see how this plays out but I'm getting the feeling that we're going to have to start the 90-day requirement.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-29-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   The Association of Private banks partnered with the CBI at the University of Baghdad college campus to promote the new banking services at no charge to the students.  The CBI says that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with VISA International allows the Iraqi citizens worldwide use.

4-29-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   [Is it true only Iraqi dinar from the years 2003-2008 can expect an increase in value? I hear if purchased later like issued in year 2013, it will not be “reinstated”.]   ...This is certainly NOT true. All of the 3 zeros notes from 2003-2018 will be exchangeable.


4-29-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...we continue to document progress and prove that what we are presenting is what is happening.    This will be a process that takes several months or even years to raise the value and if we're lucky may start by the end of the year.

KTFA: Witnessing a New Day, 29 APRIL

Faithprevails » April 28th, 2018

IMO we will continue to see evidence that Iraq is DONE. If we read the Final Articles and the Turkmenistan Post/Script we see that Iraq has completed and is now implementing all that has been required. Iraq is not hiding anything and the World is watching.

Financial Inclusion week is showing the citizens and the world that Iraq has new currency, modernization at the CBI and banks in Iraq, as well as getting Citizens in the banks to turn in their old notes.

We are witnessing A NEW DAY.

They are a sovereign Country and can do this on their own, however would they bite the USA hand that feeds them ? IMO no, so we are waiting on Trump to give the go ahead and he WILL NOT IMO until all his other Ducks/ Basket is in order.

As we have learned Trump does not have to wait on all 67 countries but it is now clear that he has his chosen ones with others scurrying to get on board.

As far as a predetermined set date IMO based on our study that time is upon us. The things that are going on and have been in motion are not coincidental. 

Frank is right IMO our study is coming to an end. The much more IMO will further demonstrate additional evidence that Iraq is READY. IMO we WAIT, not on Iraq but DT.
Thank you and God Bless KONA

Samson » April 28th, 2018

New US Secretary of State begins his first tour of the Middle East

28th April, 2018

Begins US new foreign minister Mike Pompeo, on Saturday, a tour of the Middle East , including the largest US allies, in order to give "new impetus" for US diplomacy. 

The news agency Agence France Presse that after participating in talks within the framework of NATO in Brussels, leaves on a three-day tour in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan to present plans of US President Donald Trump on the Iranian nuclear agreement to these three friendly countries.

Pompeo insists Trump has not yet decided his decision, but is likely to decide his country's withdrawal from the deal next month, paving the way for a re-imposition of sanctions on Tehran's nuclear program. 

The former director of the CIA, who was sworn in as the top US diplomat last Tuesday, will hold consultations with Iran's main foes in the region before Trump announces his decision. 

This task, however, is accompanied by a second task of a personal nature. Pompeo intends to prove to foreign capitals and to his colleagues themselves the return of American diplomacy after the austerity of his predecessor, Rex Tilerson, before his dismissal. 

What contributed to this was that the former foreign minister from the world of oil companies did not fill senior positions in his ministry and embarked on bureaucratic reforms that were not supported and, most importantly, he did not agree with the president.

Pompeo, a former officer, businessman and conservative member of Congress, was keen to take up the job right after he was sworn in and chose to inaugurate his term with talks with NATO and Middle East allies. ​

During his confirmation process, his critics referred to earlier statements against Islam and gay marriage, arguing that this does not qualify him to represent American values ​​abroad. 
But there is optimism among the officials accompanying him on his tour that US diplomacy has finally become a president who can speak on behalf of the White House and will focus on the core functions of the ministry.

Pompeo was in Riyadh on Saturday for talks with his counterpart Adel al-Jubeir before Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met at a dinner table. LINK

Merkel Does Not Rule Out Trade Deal Between EU And US

28th April, 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she did not rule out a bilateral trade agreement between the EU and the United States, adding that the WTO was unable to produce multilateral agreements. 

"We want trade in line with the multilateral trading system of the World Trade Organization, but we also recognize that the World Trade Organization has been unable to complete an international agreement for years," the German chancellor told a joint news conference with US President Donald Trump.

Merkel said she did not rule out bilateral negotiations between the European Union and the United States, recalling that US President Donald Trump said he was committed to addressing trade imbalances between the United States and Europe. LINK

The United States is sending the largest shipment of oil condensates to the UAE

28th April, 2018

Revealed early on Saturday a source, that the United States will send a second cargo of oil, the largest so far to the United Arab Emirates in May. 

The source said that Motiva Enterprises had hired the South Sea carrier Suezmax to ship about 1 million barrels of condensate from the Gulf Coast to Ruwais in the UAE with an option to sell it to the west coast of India.

The shipment is likely to be shipped on May 10. 

The United States exported 727,000 barrels of oil to the UAE in December, the first shipment of its kind, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration. 

The United States lifted a 40-year ban on crude exports in late 2015 and since then shipments of US oil have reached more than 20 countries. 

Data showed that the Energy Information Administration recorded weekly exports of crude oil, a record level of 2.3 million barrels last week. LINK

GetiLater » April 28th, 2018

I know you have to build you "Business Plan" Iraq.....But AREN'T You "Putting the Cart Before The Horse"??? You NEED A BRAND NEW PUBLIC RATE before you Present a Business Plan (This is Business 101)!!!

BAGHDAD – hosts investors from all over the world to rebuild Iraq

April 28, 2018

In addition to the decisions of the Kuwait Conference, a number of investors from all over the world gathered in Baghdad to present their investment projects for the reconstruction of Iraq under the umbrella of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which aims to create a fertile environment for investors and enact legislation to facilitate the routine procedures that hinder the work of investors in the country.

​ “We must prepare an investment map, what is the geography of investment in Iraq and what priorities we need, we need to rebuild the infrastructure, especially in the areas that the income has been encouraging,” said Riyadh al-Adadh, head of the Baghdad Provincial Council.

The Iraqi government recently focused on increasing investment opportunities in the country to reconstruct the affected areas by providing an environment conducive to them, represented by the security situation and remove abuses that hinder the work of investors.


Samson » April 28th, 2018

287 European banks cooperate with Iran

28th April, 2018

The director of the Institute of Monetary and Banking Iran, the cooperation of 287 European banks with Iran after reaching a nuclear agreement in 2015.

Ali Diwandardi said banking cooperation in the post-nuclear agreement had made good progress during this period, although Iranian banks still had problems dealing with major European banks.

He pointed out that Iran has established financial intermediation ties with 835 European companies currently, opening 38,000 and 450 LC and executing more than 161,000 financial transactions between Iran and Europe in the past two years. LINK

VietNam- North-South Expressway requires public-private partnership: World Bank

27th April, 2018

HÀ NỘI — Focusing on legislation and involvement of the public and private sectors are a driving force for attracting investment in transport projects, including the North-South Expressway project, said Transport Deputy Minister Nguyễn Ngọc Đông at a workshop wher World Bank experts and officials of related ministries discussed the implementation plan of the project.

Speaking at the workshop on April 26, Đông said that a key challenge in infrastructure development in Việt Nam is that the country’s public investment on infrastructure only meets 25 to 30 per cent of demand. The Vietnamese Government is now calling for the involvement of private companies in transport projects under public-private partnership.

The North-South Expressway project has faced many challenges relating to inefficient and unsynchronised legal frameworks, and difficulties related to long-term credit. In particular, the law on public-private partnership investment has yet to be enforced, he said.

Nguyễn Danh Huy, general director of the transport ministry’s Public Private Partnership Investment Project Management Department, said that there are currently about ten laws related to public-private partnership investment, but their content remains conflicted and overlapped.

Achim Fock, acting country director of the World Bank Việt Nam, said that investment in high-quality expressways is an area where Việt Nam lags behind. The length of high-quality expressways per 1000sq.km is 2km for Việt Nam, compared to around 8km in India, and 13km in China.

“The North-South Expressway will connect Việt Nam much better, and will create a more integrated economy," he said, "This will increase competitiveness, and ultimately the prosperity of the country and its people."

"Unlike traditional projects, the North-South Expressway requires the involvement of public-private sector cooperation, and commercial funding,” he said.

According to Ministry of Transport, the total investment needed for the North-South Expressway is US$5.3 billion. The State budget will allocate $2.42 billion, while the remaining $2.88 billion must be sourced from investors.

The revenue cannot come from the public sector alone, especially given concerns on overall public debt, Achim Fock said, highlighting the significance of the share between public sector and private investors.

He said that World Bank and other development partners can also bring experiences from elsewhere to help Việt Nam.

The planned North-South Expressway will cover 2,109km in total, and stretch from the northern province of Lạng Sơn to the southernmost province of Cà Mau.

According to research from domestic and international consultants, by 2020, the North-South corridor will serve 45.37 million passengers per year, and transport up to 62.27 million tonnes of cargo per year.

The Vietnamese National Assembly and Government issued resolutions to offer policies to facilitate the plan.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has submitted to the Government a draft law on public-private partnership investment. LINK

Oil keeps its gains in support of geopolitical concerns

28th April, 2018

Kept oil prices on their gains on Saturday, achieved over the past two days at the end of last week with the support of geopolitical concerns and ignore market developments in US inventories increase.

London Brent crude futures rose 27 cents, or 0.15 percent, to $ 74.90 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose 19 cents, or 0.3 percent, to $ 68.20 per barrel, hovering near their highest level in three years. And half according to Reuters. 

Prices seem to be supported by a strong prospect of renewed sanctions on Iran, which reduces supplies and prices are on the rise, especially after French President Emmanuel Macaron predicted the United States would withdraw from the Iranian agreement. 

Trump will decide by May 12 whether to reinstate sanctions on Tehran, which could result in a drop in its oil exports.

The sudden rise in US crude stocks was not enough to reduce prices that have remained cohesive. They have continued their gains by geopolitical tensions, and concern over Venezuelan production has risen. LINK

Don961 » April 28th, 2018

Iraq And Canada Discuss Activating Trade Agreements And Opening New Economic Horizons


On April 28, 2018 

Baghdad - conscious

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed with the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Canada Omar al-Ghabra on the sidelines of the conference to support the future of Syria in the Belgian capital Brussels activating trade agreements and opening new economic horizons between the two countries "

"Jaafari and al-Ghara stressed the necessity of exchanging visits between the two countries' officials to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples," the foreign ministry's press office said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA)

"Al-Jaafari praised Canada's role in the international coalition against supporting the terrorist and supporting Iraq in all fields," the statement said, stressing "the aim of activating the agreement on trade and economic exchange signed between the two countries in 1982 and opening new horizons for joint cooperation"

"Jaafari called on the Canadian side to name an ambassador in Baghdad as part of the development of bilateral relations," the statement said.

For his part, the Canadian minister said that "his country will continue to stand by Iraq in all areas link



Lightspirit:  I believe it has to happen in right timing and after the Korean Summitt that timing should be now. which will open for the GCR… Iraq Iran Zimbabwe in order....

RVAlready:  Yep. World peace and a new economy….. The plan was developed long ago. Those who wanted peace and and a new world economy vs those who wanted further world wars and the same old economic forms. That is what is at stake here….. Betting on peace and a new economy real soon now…. It looks to me like everything is in place to roll out the RV/GCR.

Briona:  Iraq has been using their large denoms and the US currency at the same time for years, I think they could easily handle the new rate change when the RV occurs…. I just read where Iraq has up to 150 days off, for holidays per year. No wonder it is taking so long to implement the monetary reform.

RVAlready:  If they could handle their homes being blown to bits, they can handle a rate change

RVAlready:  In any case, huge tranches of money would not have moved around the world last week, if this were not a go. The folks in charge are preparing to hit the button.

Yada:  Here is the kicker RValready,,the money that is moved around doesnt cover the entire amount anticipated on being traded,,,they are only covering the percentages required by banks to cover their deposits,,talking 20% range,,,

Netglobal:  I think it would be perfect for this change of value to happen tomorrow before 5pm EST. just before Forex comes back on line

Harambe:  Reuters: Iran cryptocurrency project on track despite cenbank ban, minister says… DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran has developed an experimental local cryptocurrency, a government minister said on Saturday, days after the country’s central bank banned trading in digital currencies including bitcoin. https://reut.rs/2FpgJp6


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

No new intel has surfaced at this moment.

The optimal release timing for the toll-free 800 numbers has always been at 11:58 PM to 12:01 AM ET.

RV release expected at any moment.


chattels: Dollar and gold exchange rates in Iraq on Saturday
28/04/2018 Special   The dollar exchange rate, Saturday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures received by "Trend Press" has recorded the dollar sale price in Baghdad today 120 thousand and 500 dinars and the purchase price 122 thousand dinars compared to $ 100.   : http://aletejahtv.com/archives/225579     Courtesy of DinarAlert
chattels: There is a substantial disparity in the bourse prices between Baghdad and Basra / Erbil. Only the Baghdad bourse appears to be compliant with the 2%.

Baxter: wonder why Chattels?

chattels: Baxter There have been differences continually, but the differences seem very pronounced at present.

Baxter: yes... I knew they were different slightly.. but as you say... this is quite a difference...

chattels: Baxter Regional economics / government may explain it, but arguably there is alot dependent upon the complaince issue and I wonder whether the regional inconsistencies support the " control " that the IMF seems to demand.

Baxter: no clue... thx

chattels: Iraq’s dilemma is in the inability of its political class to offer a vision for state-building and institutional governance, rather than being driven by short term gains from one election to the next. Even legislating the proper management of the oil sector is seen through the prism of electioneering, as demonstrated by the INOC law.

It focuses more on appealing to the voters with the promise of distributing oil money, rather than on the future of the energy sector itself and its place in the national economy. The legislation in its current form cannot be implemented unless several amendments are introduced to correct its many flaws and contradictions.

More importantly, it cannot exist on its own without an umbrella hydrocarbon law that defines the legal framework under which it should function.


chattels: The foregoing is an informative article on the meaning, import and effectiveness of the INOC.

chattels: No oil majors win contracts in Iraq oil licensing round

Maher Chmaytelli   BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq failed to attract investment from the top global energy companies in its oil and gas exploration/development contract auction on Thursday, with no major firms winning any bids and only Italy’s Eni submitting an offer.


Baxter: wow... that is interesting   : one offer?  : night all.... tomorrow is another dinar day....

BREW: i would find it hard to invest in a country that there money is only 1/10 of a penny. common sense.
BREW: per dinar.

LeLe: Baxter premium is $3.59 here. $3.39 for Regular.

sandyf: @JoeSchmoe: If he owns dinar, as you said he does, then what gives? - I have given you the answers in the past which you have obviously chosen to ignore or you have a problem with comprehension. I along with many others was a bit naive when I first bought dinar and after being scammed started the homework.

Once I realised it was all BS, options were limited. Americans can be a bit self centered, as far as they are concerned other peoples problems do not exist. In the UK it was difficult to buy dinar and even more difficult to dispose of it, too much of a problem to make it worth while, so still sitting on it. You are so paranoid you are just oblivious to anything I posted.

I have never said it was a lost cause, just that should something transpire, it is not going to happen in the way that you think. As I said before, in 2012 the Iraqi cabinet discussed the redenomination and postponed it, believe it or not, you would need some proof to say it is wrong, but you don't believe in proof ,do you.

sandyf: @Tebow: heard Sandyf gets a kickback for people selling back to dealers - If you did , you heard wrong, more likely something you made up, good at that. About as low as anyone can get in trying to prop up a failing argument. But like the CBI, you only believe when it suits you, everything else they say is rubbish.

xyz: sandyf :Really?

sandyf: Baxter There was no redenomination in 2003, that was the issue of a new series, same as they did in Kuwait.
JoeSchmoe: WHY ARE YOU HERE.??LeLe: sandyf you can always sell your dinar back.

JoeSchmoe: If you wuld have answered that before,i would definitely remember

sandyf: LeLe Try reading my post before comment

xyz: sandyf am ready for LoP as you have prophesied

JoeSchmoe: LeLe He is doing all he can to get away from us figuring him out
JoeSchmoe: xyz Are you beliving in lop now?

 chmoe: WHY ARE YOU HERE.??

LeLe: sandyf you can always sell your dinar back.

JoeSchmoe: If you wuld have answered that before,i would definitely remember

sandyf: LeLe Try reading my post before comment

xyz: sandyf am ready for LoP as you have prophesied

JoeSchmoe: LeLe He is doing all he can to get away from us figuring him out
JoeSchmoe: xyz Are you beliving in lop now?


sandyf: JoeSchmoe Nothing to figure you believe what you want, obviously incapable of any constructive debate, what you say goes and ignore everyone else.

JoeSchmoe: sandy, u r figured out

chattels: JoeSchmoe Give it a rest please. sandyf is as welcome as anyone here.

JoeSchmoe: all u have to do is just say why and i will shut up  : sandy
JoeSchmoe: chattels Srry but i need an answer  : as well as many do

sandyf: chattels no one is welcome unless they agree, seen it before, its how all forums end up.

JoeSchmoe: sandyf Do u own dinar
JoeSchmoe: thus forum IS open to all debates,so it is what it is

chattels: Perhaps it is simply intellectual honesty at work. Perhaps sandyf is concerned to make sure that others are better informed.

JoeSchmoe: chattels Wow...i do not believe that in the least  : thatnis a cop out answer

xyz: chattels Moses was not able either

JoeSchmoe: inget it,this forum IS open to all and everything. But u need to be accountaBLE

chattels: Perhaps some of you will be happy when the only voice in this forum comports with your own and then there is no need or value in a forum.

JoeSchmoe: chattels I look at motive and intent. I see deceit in oeople. I work one on one with people formthe past 20 years

chattels: Am I a deceiver ?
JoeSchmoe: chattels You


Samson:  Visa Card : The Iraqi market is promising and has a good future

 29th April, 2018

Visa International announced that the Iraqi Iraqi market is promising and has a good future, stressing that the banking sector is committed to the strategy set by the Central Bank

"Visa Card considers the Iraqi market to be promising and the banking sector is committed to the strategy led by the central bank in addition to having several competencies," said Tarek Husseini, regional director of Visa International, To deal professionally with mistakes to avoid wasting more time to promote the reality. "

He pointed out that the company signed a contract with the Central Bank to activate its strategy on financial coverage and expand the base of electronic payments in the Iraqi market and provide the necessary services for that    LINK

Samson:  Smart Card ... financial inclusion achieves economic benefit

 29th April, 2018

 In conjunction with the week of financial inclusion, the company organized a workshop on the dimensions of financial inclusion and importance in economic life, and participated a large number of employees of the company in this workshop, which was attended by international experts, most notably d. Sadiq Rashid Al Shammari 

An official source at the company briefed participants on the stages of the economic life of the family and the national economy by relying on financial inclusion, and presented successful global experiences in this important chapter and how some economies have been able to achieve important successes through financial inclusion. 

The source pointed out that the participants interacted with this step, where there was consensus on the importance of working towards spreading awareness among the community about financial inclusion and its role in achieving development for all segments of society and in all cities and towns.

He pointed out that the development of payment systems in Iraq has become an important necessity and this is continuing to be adopted in the coming period, as everyone knows that the requirements of the development of economic activity requires the adoption of the best global systems and harmony with them.

He pointed out that Keycard understands that financial inclusion will impose itself when banking culture is an important part of an individual's life. 
In order to support this step, we need to provide infrastructure for different sectors to facilitate easy and easy access to the city or village.  LINK


Don961:  Estimated at four billion dollars .. Obstacles to prevent the return of Iraq's frozen funds abroad
2018/4/29 12:07:49 PM 

Despite the issuance of an international resolution to lift Iraq on the seventh item imposed on him in the nineties of the last century, which allows Iraq to free the disposal of funds frozen abroad, estimated at about four billion dollars, but there are several obstacles to restore them according to specialists of the financial and economic.

The specialists called on the Iraqi government to move seriously to restore Iraqi money, especially as Iraq desperately needs the money in light of the challenges of war and reconstruction and debt resulting from Iraq.

Iraq still suffers from a major economic crisis despite the relatively high oil prices because of the absence of a clear economic vision through which economic resources are used to boost financial revenues.

According to international reports, Iraq has funds in Turkish banks up to 38 million dollars, is being negotiated with Ankara at this time, as the Government of Iraq formed a committee to negotiate with the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad in this regard, followed by negotiations Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak with a delegation of Turkey Is currently visiting Iraq on Turkish grants and loans to Iraq as part of the reconstruction.

"The report also opened the file of funds by the neighboring countries at the moment, reflects the government's keenness to accelerate the deadline for the repayment of the debts caused by Iraq in light of the financial crisis that accompanied the collapse of oil prices (2014 - 2016), while preliminary estimates indicate the presence of about 3 Billions of dollars in many countries in the form of deposits and real estate and property is being studied the possibility of returning to Iraq, to ​​contribute to reducing the debt limit on Iraq.

In the same context, the Parliamentary Finance Committee expressed its many attempts by forming committees to restore frozen funds, but has not yet received any concrete results on the subject.

"Most of the Iraqi money that is abroad is not cash, but in the form of property and farms scattered across the world," says Mahasen Hamdoun, a member of the Finance Committee.

"If you sell these properties because they go to destinations illegally The country did not serve, she said.

She added that "the budget of 2018 included the sale of state property abroad, but many MPs objected to this article for fear of being exploited by some political parties," noting that "any king of the Iraqi state abroad is capital of Iraq in the state where the king."

"There are farms in Iraq in different countries, but unfortunately there is negligence and lack of follow-up by the Iraqi government can be invested and exploitation can bring in very large revenues."

The funds belonging to the former regime may belong to people who need an international resolution to restore them and the Iraqi government can not bring the money because it may be private property.

The member of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity, MP Taha defense, the difficulty of restoring Iraqi funds frozen in international banks not to know the sources of funds and real estate and return, and some of them illegally smuggled in the time of the former regime names and personalities are not known so is not easy to retrieve.

The defense adds that "there is information that there is a property of the Ministry of Education in Spain with an area of ​​17 thousand meters and the price of not less than 250 million dollars, as well as a drug belonging to the departments and state institutions, including France, Britain, Egypt and other countries," calling for "to move Iraqi diplomacy to negotiate With those countries to end this file, "noting that" some of the property of the former regime was retrieved abroad "yacht" which was returned to the port of Umm Qasr, but the problem is not in the restoration, but not to invest these properties in a way that serves the country.

Also confirmed by a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations MP Samira al-Musawi, the difficulty of ending the file of funds frozen abroad, indicating that he needs international efforts and cooperation with the Supreme Commission for Integrity and organizations on how to restore these funds.

Moussawi pointed out that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives seeks to communicate with the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, to restore funds, whether in European banks or others, indicating that" the sources of funds are divided into the pre-2003, which belong to the former regime and after 2003 to some politicians wanted. "

As for the economic expert Hammam al-Shamma, he mentioned in his speech to (One News) that "the United Nations when it issued a decision to lift Iraq from Chapter VII, Iraq has the right to recover all its frozen assets in international banks or real estate reserved."

Al-Shamaa added that "the Iraqi funds abroad, which do not exceed one billion dollars, are very few because they are in dollars, which was previously high value but now its value has become few because of the fluctuations of the dollar in the market," pointing out that the Iraqi properties located abroad if the Iraqi state The Iraqi government can approach these countries or international organizations or Interpol to restore them, whether they belong to private or belonging to certain persons can not be restored by the government. "

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced earlier its departure from the seventh item of the Charter of the United Nations, after the Security Council issued a decision on 9 December 2017.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement that after a series of diplomatic successes achieved by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, its efforts culminated in the issuance of the Security Council decision to leave Iraq from Chapter VII.

Security Council resolution 2390 was adopted, stressing that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) had implemented the measures imposed under Chapter VII under resolutions 1958 (2010) and 2335 (2016).    link