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Reposted Per Request- Thank You Dr. Dinar, 25 APRIL

Chasing Dinarainbows and Unicamels

Is this thing for real? Yeah, this dinar RV deal. This entire GCR thing. Is any of this really and truly going to happen? Like, ever??

I'll bet there are quite a few folks asking themselves those very same questions right about now.

Not just family and friends of those afflicted with the RV Disease. Heck, they've had our rubber rooms reserved for us for many years now. It's nothing new to them that this once in a lifetime pipe dream has yet to materialize.

To them it's no surprise whatsoever that we aren't celebrating our new lives as millionaires. Heck no.
They knew from the very beginning that this pie in the sky, too good to be true Ponzi Scheme was just a scam perpetrated by the banks, the ABC Agencies and the self proclaimed behind the screens Gurus.

And so far, they're feelin' pretty good about their predictions.

And they won't hesitate to continue to remind us of that fact either.

Are you rich yet?

Did your ship reach port yet?

How's that new Ferrari workin' out for ya?

Enjoying your new Beach House?

I'm sure you've all been on the receiving end of those jabs.

The naysayers that continue on with their relentless doubt filled statements, all in an effort to prove themselves right at the expense of your being wrong.

Which all serves to undermine your foundation, even just a little bit. For those of us that have been involved in this made for TV movie for many years, those that have done the research and built a foundation based on history and how it's extremely likely that history will repeat itself, I have a feeling we're fairing a bit better than those that have recently jumped on board the Insane Train.

Yes, I have a strong feeling that those folks among us that are relatively new to the game are going through those initial stages of serious doubt right about now.

Could the naysayers be right, could this all be a scam? Did I fall for another Pyramid Scheme just like my Brother in Law said I did? We all have those twinges once in a while, even us veterans. It's only natural.

At the end of the day it comes down to this being a currency speculation. Yes, a SPECULATION. There are no guarantees. Absolutely none.

We paid our money, we bought our currency, we all (well, most of us anyway) verified that we are over 48in. tall which means we're tall enough to ride this ride. Basically we're committed (some think we should have been committed long ago but that's another story) to this journey, however long it may take.

Long term investment? Yeah, we know. Believe me, we know. After all, how many times have we heard that. Not quite as many times as we've heard "It's goin' down tomorrow" but probably pretty darn close.

Which doesn't bode well for those that thought this was a guaranteed Lottery Ticket. Once they realized that this was going to take some time, they've had to do a bit of digging to create their foundation. A means of hanging on and hangin' in there.

And I feel sorry for those that have yet to go through the initial reality check. We all got in after hearing we only had a few days before it popped and suffering through the not knowing whether our shipment would arrive on time. Yep, been there, done that. And got the Fed Ex envelope to prove it.

Yet here we are, weeks, months, most of us years later and still amazed at how we could still be waiting. Wondering how all of these endless drop dead dates and deadlines could have slid by without a provable peep of factual facts to show for it.

Last I checked all the economies around the world should have crumbled at least four years ago. And yet here we are, with a world seemingly no worse for wear. Go figure.

And now we're back to the sounds of silence. Yep, Dinarland has once again been hushed in to submission and to be honest, the silence is deafening. We've all picked our faves along the way and whether you're a fan of the Newshounds or the Rumtellers, you've surely felt there was someone in Dinarland strummin' the right banjo.

But at the end of the day, here we sit with boxes of funny money and seemingly none of the all knowing Gurus were any more right or wrong than any of the others. We're all on the same playing field wondering who has the ball.

All part of the plan? Perhaps.

Maybe all this confusion was just part of a well executed plan of deception. Myself, I lean more towards the uncontrolled chaos of the situation creating most if not all the confusion. Not to mention all the behind the scenes corruption adding to the confusion. Mix it all together and you pretty much have the scenario we're currently living.

Does that mean we give up? Heck no! Does it mean we aren't any closer than we were when Iraq was released from Chapter 7 over a year ago? Again, not necessarily but maybe so. But we HAVE to be closer, don't we? I'd sure like to think so anyway.

But closer doesn't necessarily mean close. Then again, it doesn't mean that we're not close. It only means that despite how often we might forget, things have happened and things are being done. Just not on our timeline. And not the one thing we want to be over and done which of course is the RV.
It comes down to making a choice. Do we bail out early, sell our currency back or do we continue to stay strong, to fight the good fight and to prove not only ourselves but to our family and friends that we were right.

That this deal IS real. The we aren't just plain looney. That we aren't one Crayon short of a full box.

And to that I respond with a resounding YES! I'm not going anywhere.

I'm in it for the long haul.

I'm going to continue chasing Dinarainbows and one of these days I'm gonna catch me one of them Unicamels and ride it all the way to the bank!

Dr. Dinar

Summary of KTFA Frank26's CC by TNT Sunny 4/23/18 , 25 APRIL

Frank26 Update, "Get On Board"

Summary of Frank26 CC, Monday, April 23, 2018

Due to the length of Franks Monday CC I am condensing my understanding of what he said and giving you a summary of his call.

It seems the CBI plan was to call for the three zero notes, TZN, to be turned in just so they could distribute the smaller denominations. 

[Frank]: IMO, they printed just the small notes and the others (three zero notes) are being collected, and they will not be replaced. The three zero notes and the small denom’s are going to co-exist together. They don’t care about the three zero notes.

And even though the CBI gave the banks and exchangers the plan several weeks ago, the banks and money exchangers are refusing the TZN’s. Therefore,

[Frank]: The citizens are now applying pressure. Complaining to the government, the CBI. You told us to bring in the three zero notes and the banks don’t want to accept them. . . . ‘If they (banks/money changers) do not allow the citizens to bring in the three zero notes, we are screwed!' 

CBI issued a statement and said, “STOP refusing the three zero notes.” The CBI is listening to the citizens and addressing this issue. Telling the “banks, money changers, don’t mess this up! We told you the plan through the memo we sent you weeks ago.”

No ripping off the citizens. No mistakes. The CBI was pissed off. Angry. Yelling and screaming at vendors. . . .The CBI, for the first time ever, came out yelling and screaming, declaring their official position on their currency. Isn’t that powerful? Didn’t that impress you? 

Jimminy Crickets! They are so close. They are ready. They are not about to do this unless it’s exactly as the three headed monster, the CBI, IMF, WB and for that matter, President Donald Trump wants it done.

The CBI has fired a warning shot. Please we need a level playing field with our currencies. 

They have always been a dual currency country. They did not give a darn. They do now. 

They are being very forceful. The CBI does not want any citizen to be cheated and the article said that . . . This article is a command of a new currency and new position of the CBI. If you do not accept these notes by law, we will come after you. 

The CBI is warning banks and vendors that an avalanche of three zero notes are about to pour into you when we RI and they must, they MUST accept those.

(It appears the hold up on the RI/RV has been due to Pres. Trump creating a “level playing field” for currencies and trade. Getting other countries off the USD and on their own currency.)

[Frank]: We, the USA do not want Iraq to continue this program rate. . .need to ween you off the USD. An RI in Iraq would be a level playing field for the IQD, not a program rate. 

[Delta]: . . . Pres. Trump wanted no one to take advantage of that. . . He’s willing to punish any country that is trying to use their currency manipulatively . . . they could pull the trigger at any moment.

[Frank]: President Trump told Zimbabwe “Get your own currency.” Our president is no longer going to allow you to suck off the dollar. 

. . . latest one to come on board is Cuba. They have a new President and going to change their currency. We want to be with you President Trump.

China, huh, no, we’ll be against you. North Korea, we’d like to give up our nuclear weapons to play with you Mr. President. Everybody wants to talk to Donald Trump. My name is Putin . . . This is rocketman, I’d like to talk to President Trump. Iran, ring a ding, ding. Ring a ding, ding. Hello Iran. We de-pegged from the American dollar because they told us too. We pegged to the Euro. 

Even Christine Legard, . . . telling 189 members of the IMF that trade should be well functioning. You mean a level playing field and she said, “Yes!” 

. . . sit down and watch a businessman. . . Get on board or get the hell out of the way. And they are getting on board.

I think an ROI will be very, very soon. (ROI = rate of return) A 100% level playing currency field first. Who the hell do you think told Alak to say, “suitable environment?”

. . . Iraq is frustrated because they too want the RI of their currency right now. An RI in Iraq would be a level playing field for the IQD, not a program rate. ​

The Turkmenistan article is your blueprint. CBI is following it to the letter. To the “T.” The only difference is where Turkmenistan revalued Iraq is reinstating. . . . They could reinstate at 1:1 and then revalue later through a controlled managed float.

IMO large amounts of money are moving . . . through hubs. Go and see what Shanghai . . . Hong Kong is doing. Moving way more, than normal volumes. That requires big banks . . . private banks. Why would this money be moving? In preparation of something.

Iraq is doing their part. Bombing the hell out of the border with Syria. To secure their borders. Abadi is looking to lock down their borders. Abadi needs to know who and what is going in and out of his country. To control (his) country. To control (his) currency.

Donald Trump is in control of the USD and the Iraqi dinar. We know where every IQD is now because of the electronic strip. We know where every USD is in Iraq. Why, because the USD has been supporting terrorism. No more. 

Iraq was basically handicapped by the USD. This whole reinstatement has been in the hands of the President and that’s why when it was in the hands of Obama there was nothing but the testing of the economic reform’s all those years.

Abadi is no dummy to the financial situation. He was once the finance minister.

. . . I don’t want to make a. . . we are at the end of the 1st quarter. IMO, we are extremely close. Extremely close! EXTREMELY CLOSE! 

Do they give a date? No, and that is how they control the speculation. . .A suitable environment is their currency. Beautiful, isn’t it? Amen and AMEN!

Do you remember back in 2004 when DeLaRue was commissioned to print the notes? That is exactly what they are doing now. . . It’s the same campaign.

Walkingstick wants to tell you the chatter of the 24 hour period they’ve been telling you about is coming soon as it (the chatter) is getting louder and louder. . . . They are about to settle the 24 hour period when they activate the ATM machines. 

Why do you think they are about to give you the 24 hr time frame? Because they are ready. The CBI needs this but Donald Trump wants it done correctly. 

Walkingstick says there is a massive media campaign. The RI of the small notes is coming.

Make sure you have your NDA editing tool with you at the RV by JOBSJOBSJOBS, 25 APRIL

Editing the NDA and other contracts @ the RV.

Make absolutely sure you have black SHARPIE’S with you at the RV, this is your NDA EDITING tool.
You will need both thick and thin SHARPIES. 


Redaction defined:   Edited or censored version of a document, The change or changes made while editing. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/redaction  

Redacting with a black SHARPIE is to EDIT the document (NDA) by covering those portions, provisions, statements in black ink making them unreadable, these are contract provisions the bank wants you to agree to for their benefit that may NOT benefit you and may, in fact, be to your detriment.  READ THE NDA VERY CAREFULLY before redacting.

General Rule:

  • If you don’t understand a particular portion of the agreement REDACT it.    (Edit it out with your SHARPIE.)
  • If you cannot comply with that particular portion of the agreement REDACT it.
  • If you cannot agree with a portion of the agreement REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement does not benefit you REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement is NOT in your best interest REDACT it.
  • If that particular portion of the agreement does not make sense to you REDACT it.
  • If you don't understand a word or phrase REDACT it, it is probably written in LEGALISE by the banks attorneys which uses English words but do not have the same meaning as the common vernacular, the other possibility is to define the word as you understand it, when you add your definition it becomes the definition of that word in that contract, this is why they have a dictionary of word meanings in the NDA so they set the meaning of the words (so what is stopping you from REDACTING their definition and adding yours??)  this is where some WHITEOUT may come in handy, you can change the legal definition to whatever you want or (as defined in Webster’s dictionary).
  • BEWARE of hidden contracts within the NDA:  REDACT provisions that refer to other unseen documents that the bank has not seen fit to provide for your scrutiny.  If you do not have that referenced document in front of you, REDACT all references to it. (they are hiding something)
  • There other reasons to REDACT be creative in your editing.

The "A" in NDA is AGREEMENT, Do not sign the NDA until you fully understand and can agree to abide by ALL conditions outlined in the UN-REDACTED portions of the NDA.

Banks are not your friend, they are in business to make money even if it wipes you out, every contract the banks place before you were written solely for their benefit by their attorneys.  they will f*#k you at every opportunity to benefit their bottom line,     so be careful.

Your absolute right to CONTRACT is provided in the Constitution
This means you have a right to contract, and on the reverse side of that you have a right NOT to contract, you cannot be forced into a contract against your will.

Don’t forget to use BRACKETS [   ] where necessary, the dictionary meaning of brackets is this "Any writing held within brackets are not part of the document".  this is why you will find bracketed comments in articles etc where someone wants to further explain something in a writing written by someone else.  Brackets are a means to tell the reader that whatever writing is held between the brackets are not part of the document and are invisible to it. 
Brackets have a similar effect to redacting, but redacting leaves no doubt as to your intent.

Every legitimate contract has places for two signatures or two parties in agreement if the bank will not sign the NDA than why would you sign it as the only signatory??  there have to be two parties to fulfil an agreement if the NDA has only room for your signature but not for the bank where is the agreement?? what is the bank's portion of liability in the agreement??, especially if they refuse to sign it in agreement with you??     AGAIN BE CAREFUL

Never let another party sign the contract below your signature, whoever signs at the lowest point in the contract is the controlling party and can alter the contract after you have signed, this is why your attorney always insists on signing below you. Take control of the NDA and sign it again at the very bottom right hand corner so another cannot sign below you.

I suspect that the NDA will be placed before you ONLY AS AN OFFER TO CONTRACT which you have a right to refuse.  CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS ANY PROVISION ON THE NDA THAT MAKES IT MANDITORY?? IF NOTHINS SAYS IT IS MANDITORY for the contract rates THAN IT IS VOLUNTARY. Go ahead and ask for the contract rates without the NDA and see what they do?    They may attempt to compel you to sign by intimidation, bluff, threat, duress, or other means. JUST BE READY FOR THEM but be nice so you don’t get cut off from your RV. And ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

I am not an attorney so run this past your attorney before you RV, and if possible take your attorney with you.

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS THAT WILL HELP EVERYONE AT THE RV, PLEASE INCLUDE THEM. Also Please send it out on your social media and help everyone to NOT get   f*&ked by the banks. 


Make sure you have your NDA editing tool with you at the RV

IQD RV Update News (RANT# 141)


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we come here tonight requesting guidance and protection form those people who are trying to mislead us into believing that their opinions are right so as to throw us off track as we continue in our faith that this will happen at a time of Your choosing thus reducing our spirit and causing disbelief to enter into our hearts. Protect us from those who speculate

Dear Lord God Almighty, at times we feel that we are stuck in a briar patch with the thorns of disbelief surrounding us and causing pain in our spirits for those who do not wish us well in this endeavor. Continue to watch over us Lord as we continue the battle between right and wrong. Thank You Lord for giving me the strength to sing Your praises in two church services today. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends as we continue down the never seeming to end road to the completion of our goals. The dark one walks beside us throughout the day. Be aware and on guard against the forces of evil. Continue with your prayers knowing that the Lord is with you and listening to every word. God bless us all as we go through this day, week, or month. “Our Destiny Awaits”

adminbillShould nothing be forthcoming by the 25th we will have a WSOMN call at 6:30PM Pacific Time for WSOMN members. So far as I can tell my laying low for the past 3 months as requested has not made one bit of difference.

Perhaps something before the 30th. Perhaps. My schedule may force a later date for the call.

AdminBill do you think dr. Clarks post about Iran needing contained has anything to do with the holdup?

I don’t believe in gag orders. This thing will happen when it happens.

Wiz I agree with you on gag orders. Why one person staying would help the RV when other sites are blabbing about dates rates committees and their Intel I’ll never know. All sounding rather ominous to be now but I hope I’m very wrong

Good morning wsomn...Thanks Ted. The mis-info people in dinarland have done a good job. That is why I like this site! I wont give up...Put my shoulder to the wheel, push along!

Good Morning all. IMO it sounds and looks like maybe next year we will be blessed. I don't see much movement anywhere just kicking the can down the road common sense goes along ways. Just IMO.

Certainly hope we get some good news this week. And I hope that Grandma is wrong about next year. The thought is so depression

kingdom warrior76
Read Dr. Clark for some cheering up grandma!!

Where can one access Dr. Clark's information?

kingdom warrior76
Can we share Dr. Clark links here?

we are now in total justification mode it seems over at TNT as to why it will be before the end of April and before the elections in May........... they want us spending. It's like the black friday spin we always get every Christmas

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Wing's Up", 25 APRIL

Well someone in Heaven must have been listening today, I got a second and now third call today saying “... global funds were released,” suggesting we could see the 800#s anytime each nation had checked into Beijing via their President / Prime Minister or King / Queen as being ready to start.

Wasn’t expecting that so quickly. But ok. I still think it’ll release on a weekend for travel and general safety reasons, but whatever. 

I’ll be ready tonight if it pops. 

Will you?

That means they must have settled the Gaza, Golan Heights, West Bank territory issues. Which I don’t have intel on yet. And honestly, whatever was agreed to is ok by me. So not my circus.

Which also means the Iran nuclear deal must also be put to bed as well. Syrian reconstruction too for that matter.

And just like that, the world moves on after an invisible 17 year post 9/11 covert economic / Middle East war, into a seamless transition brining forward a new 1,000 year era of love light.

Incredible. Hard to stop fighting though. Harder still to relax and let this all be real and just wash over me. We must have looked absolutely mad and dangerously obsessed to anyone with eyes to see, following so blindly an invisible storyline that pressed well beyond all logical or visible measure.

But now, finally, we will get to receive our most miraculous blessing and go about the business of healing the soul of the world as philanthropists and mercy workers. 



Wings up Human Angels! The time for backing out is longggggggg over!!!!! For the record, I always saw this moment coming. When and how and how much was always a little fuzzy. 

But like you, I knew in my bones. Please, please, please do not send your currency to anyone—especially Zim holders—and no more gifting!

Keep all assets in hand and take them to your redemption appointment at one time.Thus, redeem all of your currency at one appointment sitting, and casually settle up with those who missed the RV at later dates.

It’s way too hard to explain era transition in under an hour right before someone has schedule a sovereign wealth redemption appointment with zero prep time. Might be flat out immoral too at this late stage. I have to pray on that. I do know it’s intellectually and emotionally unfair to ask someone who didn’t have the proper time to train for such a grueling money marathon to actually run one in less than a week. After all, we can’t can’t all be as psychically thin or spiritually nibble as Bewdah in Oahu!

Also, I want all the Human Angels to review their redemption appointment checklists and simplify it to down to five items or less.Remember, less is more, less is more, less is more. Trust me on that. 

Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

Save the bulk of your transactional asks for the second and third wealth management appointments. The first appointment should almost exclusively be focused on the physical asset exchange and hard terms assignment to your principal for investment. 

That’s it!

Think in terms of 30 minutes or less like a Domino’s pizza delivery. And no long winded chit chats, JJ. These bankers could careless about your heroic journey through the Alabama gauntlet of impossibility and synchronicity.Less JJ is more payday.

So to review: Let the initial redemption appointment be exclusively about depositing currency / bonds, negotiating an exchange rate and a structured payout contracts, seeding a few accounts with cash, maybe sending a few wires or cutting a few cashier checks, scheduling a wealth management appointment, then heading straight home to process what the hell just happened.The RV boat is finally docking, and things are going to start moving extremely fast, we just don’t know exactly when. Most likely the middle of the night, we just don’t know which night. 

I would not leave town for a weekend trip if at all possible. 

And make sure your currency is pre-counted, with written totals for each denomination and country strapped to each neatly counted stack, as well as have your “redemption checklist” ready so both you and your redemption banker are look at the same thing.Also, have written information ready on your personnel checking, savings, trust account numbers. Include bank routing numbers clearly typed out, double and triple checked to guarantee accuracy. All of this will help in the transaction aspects and allow for easier flow through.

Call me crazy but I believe in knowing exactly what I’m doing before I do it. Doesn’t always work out that way, but at least I walk in feeling good knowing that I adequately prepared.

Look, you can always do more and in greater detail later on.You just don’t want to be a deer in headlights and slow the line down.In and out. Another fast food reference. That’s two. One more and I hit my monthly quota.

So keep it simple sexy (KISS). Enjoy the process. 

And most of all, know we all have been chosen to serve humanity’s greatest good and thus given this blessing by the perfect Grace of God.

God is with us

LETTER TO DINAR RECAPS & DINAR BLOGS: " Thank you for keeping us informed", 28 APRIL

Hi Dinar Recaps!
Thank you for keeping us informed and updated on many things going on in this world we live in especially with our investment that will soon bless so many of God's children.
I have a Bank story. I have been in Dinar investment for 7 years. For so many years, my bank, Wells Fargo has always said that the Dinar was a scam. After I heard a bank story last week on Dinar Recaps Blog about a young lady asking her Wells Fargo bank teller have they completed foreign currency training and the teller told her not yet but other employees had, I decided to contact my banker at the Wells Fargo in Texas.

I asked her have they started having foreign currency training and she said yes. They even have foreign currency bank tellers! I said what the world. I told her I would be up there to see for myself! I went in and sure enough there were foreign currency bank tellers in place.
She also explained that they are selling and buying all foreign currencies except for Dinar and Dong right now.

I am thinking why all of a sudden you are selling and buying foreign currencies and even have foreign currencies bank tellers in place, I am saying to myself...something is about to happen and go viral! Dinar land we are well on our way!

Bless us Lord in the name of Jesus and bless all the Angels that have took out some many hours of their time to keep us educated on our investment!

That you Dinar Recaps, Frank, Okie, TNT group, Dr Clarke, Walkingstick, Jester, Woman in the Know, Poofness n Susan and some many that has left us! What would we have done without you all for keeping us informed and encouraged for over the years!

God bless all the Veterans that kept the younger generation informed and educated. I learned so much about this world, other countries and the USA. I am a college graduate and I have learned more on Dinar Recaps than I learned in College!

Thank you all again and may God continue to bless you and your families with our new found 'Wealth!'


4-25-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   I don’t see anything happening in the next two weeks. Parliament is basically shut down until after elections (May 12),...don’t shut your phone off! ...There’s always a chance that a secret meeting or something like that will take place and surprise us.


4-25-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98

4-25-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   Iraq did release their lower denominations in their ATM machines. ‘They have an in country rate that is known in country. They have a rate that has been flashing on our bank and Redemption Center screens and it is a front screen rate. We know that rate has been flashing meaning it is not quite locked in yet. It has been trading...But about 1pm this afternoon, the rate came off the screen and the word pending appeared. We...think pending is a good sign since when we see pending it means it is about to change and we are looking for a solid rate for Iraq to come into play on the screen. We don’t know when exactly. It could be anytime now. It could be tonight or tomorrow. We do not know. It looks like that is what we are really waiting for. That seems to me what we need to get everything kicked off.  [post 2 of 2]

4-25-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   On Sunday I got 11 calls from one of my main sources...a nugget here and a nugget there, indicator of things are moving along. ...there was an IMF meeting in Washington this past weekend... They voted and settled on a Go about 6pm EST. ...For awhile it was looking sketchy there, and now we think we are in good shape with the IMF. Everybody is in agreement. Things are being done.  Iraq has a week starting tomorrow which is a finance education week... They need that done to educate their people about banking and the banking system that is in Iraq. We understand that the ATMs were turned on and the Fintech System which is one of the new parts of the Global Transfer System, the CIPs Systems. ...That was partially connected Sunday and by now it is completely connected, up and running, and functional. So Iraq can be basically part of the world stage for banking transfers and so on.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-25-2018   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf  [what is the different between Chapter 8 UN and IMF? and which one is more important for Iraq Currency to get RV/RI/Float/LOP whatever it is?]    There is a great deal of confusion over this...   The UN has a Charter and the Charter has Chapters, Iraq has been subject of Chapters 6 & 7, not Chapter 8 which deals with local security. The IMF has Articles of Agreement which members must adhere to and the IMF deal in Monetary matters. Currently Iraq is under IMF Article 14 which is described as a transitional arrangement and as such the currency is non convertible. Iraq would need to accept the obligations of Article 8 for the currency to become partially convertible and be accepted at banks internationally.

4-25-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   RUMOR: Over in Iraq their saying ATM's will go live on Saturday and Sunday. Telling them in the mosques the ATM's would be live this weekend  oh – really? I have personally talked to my CBI contact and they do not plan to turn the ATMs on until sometime after the election process. I do not know why any bank would turn on the ATMs without the reinstatement and thus a significant change in the rate...

4-25-2018   Newshound Guru Walkingstick    ...the chatter of the 24 hour period they’ve been telling you about is coming soon as it (the chatter) is getting louder and louder...They are about to settle the 24 hour period when they activate the ATM machines. Why do you think they are about to give you the 24 hr time frame?  Because they are ready.  The CBI needs this but Donald Trump wants it done correctly.  ...there is a massive media campaign.  The RI of the small notes is coming. 

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98





Don961:  Thank you Frank ...imo ... as Walkingstick and you/Teams have taught ... no need to be a super sleuth searching for some obscure article announcing the RI ...  it will be out there in plain view ... abundantly ... for all to see ... no question about what they are doing or when ...


Samson:  G7 Meeting; from an economic alliance to a political alliance

 25th April, 2018

The foreign ministers of the  G7  (the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Britain and Italy) met yesterday in Toronto, Canada, to discuss important international issues. The meeting touched on several important topics, including Russia and the Crimean crisis, the North Korean talks on the nuclear deal and the Syrian crisis. The meeting ended with the group discussing these issues at the next meeting in Quebec City, Canada, on June 8-9


After the global economic crisis of 1973, the rise in oil prices from $ 3 to $ 13 a barrel, major economic countries suffered a crisis of compensating for the rise of these prices, and the international monetary system (Bretton Woods system) also suffered from this economic crisis

 In order to overcome these crises, America, France, Italy, Britain, Japan and Germany formed the  G6 . In the following years, Canada and Russia joined these countries to become the group of the eight largest industrialized countries named  after the G8 . These countries have Russia in the G8, Russia has withdrawn from them, and the group continued to operate under the name of the Group of Seven

Meeting against Russia

In the past, the core of the G7 research was based on purely economic issues, with a view to achieving stability and security in the global economy and its predictability. However, in recent years these countries had achieved little success. One of the main reasons for this was the entry of this group In security issues not related to the global economy
Yesterday's meeting was clearly influenced by the Russian-Western conflict. British Foreign Secretary Fris Johnson said in a speech after the meeting that the ministers agreed at their two-day meeting in Toronto, Canada, to set up a working group to study Russia's "bad behavior" In light of concerns about what Moscow is doing in Ukraine and Syria, told reporters: "What we decided yesterday is the formation of a group of " G7 "  studying Russia's harmful behavior in all its manifestations, whether in the field of electronic warfare or information distortion or assassination attempts or whatever, Collectively. "

Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland said that "the ministers expressed deep concern over the despicable attack on nerve gas in Britain and Russia's attempts to destabilize democratic countries by intervening in the elections."

At present, Western-Russian relations are cooler than ever after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which overshadowed the G7 summit, which should focus on economic issues in the first place. This was a major reason that the group failed to achieve any of its objectives Over the past decades, Russia has played a major role in global financial stability as one of the world's leading economies. In its presence, Group 8 controlled 65 of the world economy, but with its exit the group lost 15 percent, Seven by a large

Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (  IFM) announced   that rising fiscal vulnerabilities, rising trade and geopolitical tensions and a historically high global debt threaten global growth prospects. Thus, Russia's absence from these meetings will increase economic risks that contradict the economic policies of this group. The new Cold War between the West and Russia and the reduction of diplomatic relations between the two sides are among the serious challenges facing the Group of Seven

New challenges facing G7:

The meeting dealt with other issues, including the North Korean issue and the crisis in Syria, where the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven supported the tripartite aggression of the United States and Britain and the French last on Syria, and although this issue has nothing to do with the economy neither near nor far, The group can affect Syria in any way except in coordination with Russia, which plays a major role there

German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas told reporters that the final statement "reaffirms that there will be no political solution in Syria without Russia, and Russia should make its contribution to this solution."

 The latest trade war launched by US President Donald Trump on China is a major economic and trade threat that could cause economic crises. This is contrary to the G7's wishes and does not meet its goals. The dollar's confrontation with the Chinese yen and the deliberate manipulation of the dollar (and vice versa) US imports will increase the volatility of the global exchange rate, which will inevitably affect the economies of these countries, but this is not addressed in the agenda of the Group of Seven, which means that the Group of Seven is not aware of the seriousness of the economic crisis and its failure to predict Out

In conclusion, it can be said that the recent meeting of the Group of Seven has departed from its goals and aspires to highlight the failure to address the economic crisis impending, where economists question the ability of this group to predict the global economy and prevent global crises, because of the crisis that the West is with Russia China, and because of the Trumpy policies bearing the slogan "America First", as well as the lack of interest in emerging economies such as Spain, India, Brazil and other countries ml   LINK

Samson:  The strategy of Moscow and the new Beijing to confront America ... Gold against the dollar

 25th April, 2018

​ new era, every country in the world tries to strengthen its economy by various means. In order to achieve this, some international systems have invented digital currencies such as Betquin and others. Some economists believe that this type of currency will replace gold in a short time.

Also, these currencies suffered record losses of more than 60 percent in one month, and the price of "Petcown" on the stock exchange $ 7289, falling to less than half the peak recorded in December, when approached close to 20 thousand dollars, but because of the losses suffered With digital currencies, countries have moved towards re-establishing their policies And the focus of their efforts to increase their reserves of resources of high value and global stability, and in this sense, the central banks of countries today are working to increase their reserves of gold instead of relying on digital currencies or other standards

With the arrival of Trump to the White House and raised the slogan "America first" began a trade war with world powers such as China and Russia, through the imposition of new taxes on imports of foreign goods, in contrast not only Moscow and Beijing, considering the Trump offensive policies on the economic arena, which will undoubtedly affect And embarked on a new strategy aimed at weakening the dollar and changing the international financial system based on the dollar. As a result, some Western countries are seriously considering this coming war and its damage, and started to store and save valuable resources such as gold, German countries , According to German central bank reports. Germany has recently returned a lot of gold to its banks. It now has about 1440 tons of gold in New York banks, 438 in London and 307 in Paris. It plans to return around 667 tons of gold to Germany. Through it to create confidence, credibility and economic tranquility within

In the last few years, China has started to stockpile gold, where some believe that by increasing its gold reserves it aims to strengthen the value of its Chinese yuan against the dollar, which will see its future exchange rate decline. In fact, Gold in China, experts believe that China buys gold in a scientific way does not lead to higher price after that

In this context, many other countries, such as Serbia, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, are buying gold in large quantities


In August, according to the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), Russia bought a large amount of gold, as the Russian central bank doubled its reserves of gold during the past five years and reached the reserve during these years to 1800 tons of gold, and reports show that between 2000 In mid-2007, the Russian bank officially stored about 400 tons of gold. In early 2011, gold stocks in Russia reached 800 tons and by the end of 2014 it reached 1200 tons. In 2016, Russia announced that its gold reserves amounted to 1600 tons

Russian-Chinese coordination

Economists believe that one of the reasons why the Russians and Chinese are buying gold in high volumes is the dollar's continued rise, but this is not convincing. The dollar's rise means retaining it and keeping its balance to benefit from imports or even defending the ruble, .  The principle of diversification of the Reserve Bank of the central one of the justification for the purchase of gold, which is done by central banks even in the case of Russia, which is acceptable to a large extent, but Moscow may fear rising tension with America and its allies from Europe, and then impose further sanctions

However, other economic analysts see Russian-Chinese cooperation in this area as a new strategy through which Putin aims to break the dollar's monopoly of the global market and strike America economically by hitting its currency. For this reason, both countries exchanged their dollars with gold and became among the countries The top ten with the largest reserves of gold, and in this regard, the World Gold Council predicted that China's annual reserves of gold will double in the next ten years

In conclusion, it seems that Russia and China are heading towards the establishment of a new financial system far from the US dollar.

In order to achieve this, Moscow and Beijing are stockpiling gold in large quantities in order to overcome their enemies in a silent economic war where they aim to maintain their independence and plan to strengthen their position. the world. Reports indicate that quantities of gas and oil sold by Russia to its Asian and European neighbors turned from the dollar into gold reserves.

Faced with this heated conflict, the question remains what will happen to the global economy if Russia and China succeed in their new strategy. ml    LINK


Greatlyblessed:  The Iraqi Payment System has not experienced a breach or a problem
Economy News Baghdad:

The governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq, that the Iraqi payment system did not witness a violation or a problem because it is considered one of the best systems in the world.
The payment system in the Central Bank of Iraq is one of the best in the world and has not witnessed a breach or a problem over the past period,” he said during an interview with Visa International in Baghdad.
He added that “the elements of safety and permanence and accuracy in the operations within the payment system has made it one of the best systems in the world,” noting that “the settlement processes carried out by the payments system amounts to more than 14 trillion dinars per month


Boom: Treasury kills 305 regulations, IRS hammered

by Paul Bedard    | April 24, 2018
Acting on President Trump’s demand that his cabinet secretaries gut Obama-era federal regulations, the Treasury Department on Tuesday said it has cut over 300 standing and proposed rules with a focus on the Internal Revenue Service.
In a new 20-page report, Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin highlighted the elimination of 305 regulations, including those proposed, and the wiping away of 298 IRS “deadwood” rules.

“Reducing unnecessary burdens will lead to increased economic growth, greater job creation, and a fundamentally stronger economy for our country,” said Mnuchin. “Regulatory reform is a key component of the president’s plan to make American businesses more competitive and create opportunities for hard-working Americans,” he added.  
In its effort to comply with Trump’s orders, including killing two old regulations for every new one imposed, Treasury officials put a spotlight on the IRS where several major rules, many pushed by the Obama administration, have been killed.
Among those was one that let the IRS use non-governmental outsiders to audit Americans.
It has also set up a plan to change or eliminate up to 20 other key IRS rules.

The key highlights from Treasury:

Eliminating, reducing, or proposing to eliminate more than 300 regulations in total, including ineffective, unnecessary, or out-of-date “deadwood” regulations.
Reducing Treasury’s regulatory agenda by approximately 100 items, year-over-year, from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017.
More than 250 specific Treasury recommendations to reform and reduce the burdens of regulation in the U.S. domestic financial system.
Introducing zero new significant regulatory actions.

Samson: Economist: Cannot take advantage of the increase in oil prices at the moment

09:47 - 24/04/2018 

The economic expert Hamzah al-Jawahiri said Tuesday that it is not possible to benefit from the rise in international oil prices during the current time, pointing out that the budget law does not allow to spend too much money on what the budget has calculated.

Al-Jawahiri said in a statement that the "high oil prices to more than 70 dollars a barrel is a very good indicator of the recovery of Iraq's economy, but this increase can not be used at the moment," noting that "the budget voted on them by calculating the price of a barrel of oil Up to $ 46, as more than this amount can not be disposed of until the end of this year. "

He added that "the budget law does not allow the disposal of excess money than what was calculated by the budget, where it is placed in the Central Bank and not be affected until the end of this year," noting that "this extra money can be used to improve the salaries of the popular mobilization after the end of 2018, where The increase in oil prices is an important factor to eliminate the deficit in the budget and the payment of loans and debt arising from Iraq.

Al-Jawahiri stressed that "the prices of oil may return to the landing again, where can not take Iraq a wrong step towards the disposal of money obtained from oil," noting that "the provinces that get their share of the petrodollar can not benefit from this large money only after the end of the year Current, then entitled to dispose of the allocated amount of oil money. "   LINK

Frank26:  DELTA INCLUDED THIS !!!  (Monday CC)


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

A 5.9 Earthquake was reported in Iran. No intel on this matter at the moment. There's an 80% chance it was a natural event.

No new intel regarding the RV has surfaced this past week due to everything being ready and completed. The only thing that needs to occur is the main transfer of trust funds and gold to support the RV release.

The main transfer is scheduled to begin by the end of this month (the date cannot be disclosed due to the sensitivity of the situation).

The RV release is considered an Alliance military operation. Military operations are kept secret for security purposes until after completion.

All information leaked down to this level does not threaten the security of the operation.


Dear Friends,
This week we will have the latest updates on the exchange process, much new info in the development stage.  

Last week our radio program was hacked, hopefully this week we can counter that issue.

Dave will also give an update to the weekend workshop with his guests Mr. "M" and Ms. "M."  The program was well received as the attendees were able to hear directly from the funding sources and had an extensive time for Q&A with them.
Tentatively we are scheduling them for another workshop in Atlanta on May 19th.  I will have more info on that later in the week.
In a few days I will also post their 4th interview, much very good information from their experience and stories.

 Join us on Blog Talk Radio, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.

Live call in number:  515-605-9356

The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

I read the "Gurus" news to get a sense of what foolishness they are now pumping. I realized these scams a long time ago. Sometimes I'll quickly get into t a forum and look around to see what they say and it's always the same thing – RV today, everyday / any day, going to the banks on Monday, bla, bla, bla….. I believe Abadi when he says "after the election." We will see the project to delete the zeros. This is all I need to know... Why waste my time and your time with all this other nonsense? Why go down all these needless rabbit holes or chasing our tail?

It seems many of these gurus already have a predetermined idea of an imminent RV, then they try to back into data (any data) to support it. This is not a TRUTHFUL journalistic approach and the results are always going to be the same, regardless of what the FACTS are given us. So these idiots do not give you a LOGICAL approach to this entire RV saga. This is why they are always telling you every weekend to look for the RV, then nothing every happens. Get it?

So where are we really? We are kind of in a waiting mode for the next couple weeks to see how this election all shakes out on May 12th.

During this time I will continue to bring you articles of interest. We know Iraq is ramping up seriously for the 2018-2022 Development & Reconstruction Plan. They are having yet another Investment conference and its this week. This time it is in Iraq. Remember they have had many of these conferences and seminars over the years and so they probably will have many more, even after they reinstate their currency.

I can assure you that Haider al-Abadi has a very good opportunity to get re-elected. If he does, we are going to see Iraqi just take off during the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

More news….


I also think perhaps this would be an excellent time to solicit any QUESTIONS from my readers. I will try to answer all your questions.

Any question or statement that does not meet the guidelines will be ignored. Sorry!

Rules for Questions:

1. Must be constructive so everyone can learn 

2. No newbie type questions (such as about a lop, etc) I will ignore

3. Only 1 question per person

4. No GCR or New Republic bullshit 

5. No Dong or ZIM questions

More news….

What really bothers me is when I hear statements from …guess who? 

Yes, the TNT jerk again Tony. He really gets my goat because he sits on his almighty TNT thrown, all knowing and luved and worshiped by his congregation. Oh – he is a sweet talker. Well here’s more TRUTH about your almighty sweet talking Tony.

He was asked on his last Q& A conference call, the difference between a reinstatement and revaluation and how it would affect the Iraqi dinar. His answer was appalling for someone who claims to have studied this so much. Even this simple question he could not clearly answer correctly. So, let me now clarify for everyone.

The CBI absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt will first “reinstate” the Iraqi dinar. I don’t care if it is done weeks or days prior to our international rate showing up on FOREX. The FACT is the Iraqi dinar currently is on a program de facto peg with the US dollar. The only way they can get out of this is to reinstate it. There is absolutely NO OTHER WAY! Get it? So it’s a moot point to argue if the horse or the cart will come first. We all know how it has to work.

How can you “revalue” a currency when it is not even yet a tradable currency? You tell me cause I don’t know. The banks are merely selling and buying currency once again NOT trading it. Get it?

Technically Iraq is still in a “closed economy” because they have not yet crossed over and regained their sovereign currency. Having a sovereign currency is the main point of being a “fully” sovereign nation. So why has Iraq not completed getting back online with their currency?

The CBI just recently told us the “project to delete the zeros” is completed. So we know this is not the holdup. What can it be? 

They told us they plan to do it right after the elections on May 12th.

What the hell else do want to know? Just like I have been telling you all along that the CBI will keep the citizens fully informed of the process, and they have done so.

It is only idiots, like TNT Tony, who want to once again convince everyone he is so smart and has to take it to the next level, a place where it seldom needs to go. I swear this guy has been misinterpreting the data all along. First, he can’t be bothered to read and study the articles from the news media in Iraq. Now since he returned from his stay at the luxury pen state hotel, he now decided to finally follow the real news, that of the articles. But how do you play catch up for 10 years of news you missed?

This has caused everyone much pain and suffering over these last 10 years for all his listeners.

So Tony’s answer only shows his ignorance in this entire process of what must take place. I also want to add that since the reinstatement is just bringing the currency back online to the currency exchanges, that the CBI is free to request a revaluation anytime they see fit afterwards. They DO NOT have to wait 90 days. Also in this situation, as in others, even it the 90 day rule did apply, the IMF could also waiver and probably would in this case.

So, tell me this them. I wrote up a Special Editions clearly outlining what did take place with the Kuwaiti dinar RV back in the early 1990’s. Did you read it?

I can see Tony didn’t read it. In my research I found that Kuwait also reinstated their dinar and did NOT DO ANY REVALUATION at all. Why does everyone keep using this as an example to follow for Iraq. If you read my special edition you will clearly see that these are two very different situations. But Tony and others persist on using Kuwait as the basis for their discussion on this Iraq RV topic.

The FACT is the rate of the Kuwait dinar rose quickly due to pure speculation on the open currency exchanges. Get it? It did not RV under a high rate. It peaked on a free float, the IMF shut it down and then let the rate settle down to what it is today…the nominal market rate of about 3.35ish.

This probably what will also happen in Iraq and the CBI already told us they “fully” intend to put the Iraqi dinar on a float and peg it to the SDR basket of 5 global currencies. So, I sincerely hope TNT Tony and these other idiots are reading my post today and are learning something. Somebody has to tell the TRUE story since they won’t.

I have also written “Special Editions” on the History of the Iraqi Dinar and the Zimbabwe ZIM Scam as well as many others. I take the time to write these to educate you since it all interconnects with what is really going on and to help you fully understand. This RV Saga is much more that simply a date and a rate.

To find all the Special Editions simply type in “special edition” in the search argument and hit enter. They will all list for you. Scroll down and find the one you want to read.

More news….

Bet you didn’t realize Frank26 has a favorite song. Do you know it? It’s called the Hokey Pokey. Can you dance it with him? It’s a bit complicated for him but he’s learning it slowly. I provided a link for you with music to follow along with Frankie as he too dances it.


Just so you know this was his intel for Monday’s conference call.

Okay so I might be slightly off a bit, but I’m VERY, VERY CLOSE.

Hey Frankie- what color shirt are you wearing today?

More news…..

Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri called for activating measures to support the development of the private sector and small enterprises.

Al-Jubouri said during his meeting with the dignitaries and members of the Al-Bumfrjj tribe in Baghdad the need to focus on the service reality of the capital Baghdad and the rest of the provinces and work to solve the problems of unemployment and improve the living conditions of citizens.

Jabouri pointed to the important clan role in maintaining the security of the country and confronting the criminal gangs, in addition to protecting the citizens and supporting the security forces in achieving stability.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


Reuters: (4/23/18)

(Reuters) - A NEW ELECTRONIC SYSTEM WILL DELIVER THE RESULTS OF IRAQ'S UPCOMING NATIONAL ELECTION WITHIN HOURS OF POLLS CLOSING, the country's chief electoral officer said, a marked improvement from previous years when it took weeks to announce the outcome.

Iraqis head to the polls on May 12 and will be using an electronic voting system for the first time.

"THE RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN HOURS, NOT DAYS," Riyadh al-Badran, the Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent High Electoral Commission, said in a Reuters interview at the commission's headquarters in Baghdad. 

"We will have results that accurately reflect the will of the voters," Badran said, adding that the new system significantly limits the possibilities of voter fraud.

The upcoming election will be the fourth held since the fall of Saddam Hussein after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. More than 24 million of Iraq's 37 million people are eligible to vote next month. Iraqi authorities hope to avoid the political tension caused by delays in reporting the results in previous elections. Under the new system, which replaces the ink-stained fingers indicating who voted that became a symbol of post-Saddam democracy, Iraqi voters will insert ID cards into a machine which will link them to individual ballots using machine-readable codes. After voters mark the ballots, they put them into a scanner that will tally and record results. 

The commission has been educating voters and training poll workers to familiarize them with it, said Badran, who gave Reuters correspondents a demonstration of the process.

Baghdad awarded Korean company Miru Systems a $135 million contract for the system, which includes around 70,000 devices to be used across the country, Badran said.

Aid groups have expressed concern that a system that relies on identity cards could make it difficult to vote for people displaced by the war to recapture territory from the Islamic State group.

Islamic State, which captured nearly a third of Iraq's territory in 2014, was largely defeated in Iraq last year. But more than 2.3 million Iraqis - mostly Sunni Muslim Arabs, a minority in Iraq - are still internally displaced. Many lost or abandoned their identity documents during their flight.

Badran said displaced Iraqis with voting cards from previous elections can use them to vote. Those who are living in camps and have no cards will also be given other ways to prove their identities and get permission to vote. 

"The commission has a special concern for this issue," said Badran, who said fair representation was important so that parliament reflects Iraq society.

There are nearly 7,000 candidates running for 329 seats in 18 provinces using Iraq's proportional representation system.

Iraqis abroad will be able to vote in 19 countries, including the United States, Britain and Canada.



(Mnt Goat – Again I am saying the US is in Iraq to stay for a very long time. Why two consulates in Iraq?)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, along with the Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday announced the start of constructing a new US Consulate in the capital of the semi-autonomous region.

In a statement delivered at a ceremony in Erbil, Barzani said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) welcomes the construction of the compound, one of the largest in the world, and that “it is a sign of US confidence and trust in the Kurdistan Region, now and in its future.”

He mentioned that the project is an indicator that Washington wants to develop its diplomatic relations with the Kurdistan Region, “within the framework of federal Iraq.“

“We hope [the construction of a new compound for the US Consulate] will lead to an important, strategic, and long-term partnership with the Kurdistan Region,“ Barzani stated.



Baghdad – 

The National Investment Authority announced the participation of 650 foreign companies in the forum of investment opportunities in Baghdad on Thursday.

"The forum will be an opportunity for investment and reconstruction in Iraq," said Dr. Sami al-Araji, head of the committee.

Araji said that "the forum will witness the participation of about 650 companies and businessmen from 17 Arab and foreign countries."

He added that "the work of the forum will include an exhibition for 30 companies, and will see the signing of memorandums of understanding and contracts for projects that have been agreed upon since the Kuwait Conference so far."



Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alak said on Tuesday that the government will discuss with the businessmen the investment opportunities offered at the Kuwait International Conference to advance development.

Al-Alak said during the ceremony to hand over the first building of Al-Zuhour residential complex that "next Thursday will see a forum for businessmen, during which the government will discuss through the Investment Authority the investment opportunities offered at the Kuwait International Conference to Advance Development, including (18) The country's provinces and all (25) thousand housing units in all the provinces of the country. "

Al-Alaq stressed on "the serious endeavor to solve the housing crisis suffered by Iraq due to the increasing population and the inability of citizens, especially those with limited income to own their own housing units."

Al-Alaq opened the Baghdad Flowers Complex to deliver the keys to the first architecture to the registrars, in the presence of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Baghdad Investment Authority.



(Mtn Goat – so it seems now every week we are getting yet another article on the currency auction corruption and how it is causing billions of wasted money from the CBI. So here is this week’s version. Folks – they must stop these auctions and do it very soon. They must do it for many reasons:

1. Iraq now claims to be “fully” sovereign nation so why are they still toting the line and harboring these old 2003 UN sanction rules with their currency?

2. They need a sovereign currency to trade freely {eliminate all trade barriers}

3. Potential investors coming into Iraq are demanding it

4. Stopping the auctions will eliminate billions of wasted money from the CBI

5. Able to end this phase of banking corruption and finally put these politicians in jail where they belong)

The Parliamentary Investment and Economic Committee attributed Wednesday the decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar in the local markets to the security stability and the rise in international oil prices, pointing out that the precautionary measures taken by the Central Bank on the currency auction stopped the waste of large amounts.

Najeeb Najib, a member of the committee, said in a statement that "the rise in oil prices and the increase in foreign exchange reserves at the Central Bank, as well as the end of the war on the criminal and security stability is the most important factors stabilizing the dollar exchange against the dinar."

"The precautionary measures taken by the Central Bank in cooperation with international regulators on the transparency of the auction of currency and control of funds stopped the waste of large amounts were going in favor of the senior corrupt."

"The Central Bank of Iraq set the official exchange rate of 1200 dinars per dollar during the budget and if the rise will bear the state additional financial burdens can not be easily compensated."

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat