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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Alliance SSP directed energy weapons are currently pointed at Israel's government and military assets to force their surrender. Israel is under the influence of Cabal crime syndicate families. Their recent attempt to start WW3 by attacking Iranian assets in Syria was a failure. Iran agreed to not retaliate as advised by Russia and China.

- One of the main reasons delaying the RV is Cabal deception through the mainstream media's false narratives.

- We are the minority. The majority have no idea about what's going on. People will still believe the mainstream media and that is the Cabal's main weapon.

- There cannot be full disclosure so long as the Cabal controls the mainstream media.

- Disclosure can only be given in baby steps for the majority until the mainstream media is dealt with.

- Any significant event that will benefit us can be easily demonized and turned around by the mainstream media.

- Counter-deception is being used by the Alliance to combat this issue.

- Major mainstream media outlets will undergo scandals and will be forced to have their licenses revoked for colluding with the Deep State.

- Thousands of lower-level Cabal members are currently at GTMO.

- The main roundup event by the military including the military trials of all Cabal members will occur once GESARA is enacted.

- Signatories for the RV have finished all needed requirements for the release months ago. They are currently working on implementing Post-GESARA systems.

- According sources, the release date for the RV was finalized and is set to occur by the end of this month.

Operation Disclosure             


CaptWillie:  We were always told that at the end there would be a lot of confusion and misinformation going around. Well that’s pretty much what we’ve got going on right now. Also remember when the other RV’s went live they were saying that they weren’t going to RV until whenever.

Golferiam:  Here's my take: Why is Iraq waiting? Have you ever had a super major critical decision to make with many moving and subjective parts and that once the decision is made there will be no "do-overs"? I think Iraq is sitting in that hot seat as we speak. They are afraid something might go wrong and cost them dearly. JMO.

Yada:  for what it is worth golferiam, they cant afford to let this go to election and Albidi lose,,,plus the billions of investment money waiting to be released would be lost,,

Yada: Im liking Tony's reasoning why it will be completed before the election especially with the uncertainty if he will be reelcted and If reelected if the RV is not completed. Plus,,,there are thing beyond our pay grade gives other leverage with info we will never have
RVAlready;  It is not just the RV and GCR. Many good things await funding. We are just one piece of the plan. It has been a long time coming. But, as they say - Good things come to those that wait. Have faith - for none of us holds the button in their hand. Meditate, pray, and be thankful for the blessing.

Wolfox: It is always brought up in Iraq they need a more stable country. But if you look at what happened to Kuwait they did not get stable until after they reevaluate their currency now Kuwait is a wealthy utopia Iraq has the same potential waiting just prolongs their potential.

Wolfox: The Iraqi people are Fed up with the corruption I believe that if Abadi pushes this RV through now The people will prosper and have great faith in him and want to vote for him because they know he will protect their prosperity and their future from the corrupt greedy political factions that I’ve always kept them down.

RVAlready:  The RV benefits us, Iraq, and a ton of others. But this has to be done in spite of some of the most powerful people in the world, many of which are totally against this…. I think this is going to go soon. I also think it is almost a miracle

TNT Tony & Ray Call for April 23, 2018


Why the dollar is the strongest currency in the worldFrom – Noha Al-Nahhas:
Mubasher: An action announced last week by Iran to replace the use of the US dollar by the government in its foreign transactions in the single European currency, raises the question “Is it possible to dispense with the green card in the global monetary system?”
For many years, the US dollar is the most powerful currency in the world, and the official in the central banks in their cash reserves, along with gold metal, which is finally in dollars.
The green card’s acquisition of that position for years without a real competitor made it difficult to have a strong alternative, even though the US dollar reserves fell to a four-year low in the fourth quarter of last year.
How has the dollar become the world’s first currency?
The dependence on the dollar as the main reserve currency in the world is not due to the position of the US economy in the global economy, because in this perspective the US currency will lose in competition.
The reason for this is that since the Second World War, the US share of global GDP has fallen from about 30% to 18%, surpassing China’s share by only 2%, and the share of emerging markets in global GDP increased from 40% to 60%.
Despite all that, the global financial policy has not changed in accordance with those developments and the dollar has maintained its status, and the password is “Bretton Woods”.
Bretton Woods is a historic agreement on cash exchange rate management, and the name of the agreement was attributed to the place where it was held in 1944, whereby the US dollar became the currency of the world’s cash reserve and linked to the price of gold metal.
Under the agreement, central banks will maintain fixed exchange rates between their currencies and the dollar. In return, the United States will replace the US dollar with gold on demand.
The system continued to function until August 15, 1971, when US President Richard Nixon declared a halt to the replacement of the dollar with gold, the most important element of the Bretton Woods system.
Then, in 1973, foreign governments allowed the currency to float, putting an end to the Bretton Woods system.
Until the 1970s, about two-thirds of the world’s GDP was based on the dollar, and the rest was largely divided between the British pound and the Soviet ruble.
Why the dollar is the strongest?
Many reasons have led the dollar to be on the list of the strongest currency at the level of the year, unlike the size and strength of the US economy.
Among these reasons is that more than a third of the world’s gross domestic product comes from countries that link their currencies to the green card, of which 7 are officially dollar-dependent.
Foreign exchange market .. More than 85% of that trade is based on the dollar, and 39% of the world’s debt is issued using the US currency.
Iqbal countries to retain the US currency in their reserves and acquisition of the first place in this regard, evidence of the strength of the US currency, as well as its use in international transactions.
Most of the global commodity contracts are denominated in US dollars, especially oil and gold, which are the world’s most important commodities, making the transactions of these commodities using green paper.
The US currency has always been able to overcome its pitfalls during the 1970s and 1980s, and from 1991 to 1993.
Although everyone was betting on the collapse of the dollar, and many governments thought to end the peg to the currency in the US, but it was stronger than the first.
Are there competitors?
In March 2009, China and Russia called for a new global currency that would become the currency of the world’s reserve currency, independent and non-volatile, as well as removing the shortcomings resulting from the use of national currencies linked to credit.
China has already called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to do so as a result of concerns that its trillions in US currency would become less valuable as a result of the US spending deficit and the issuance of US Treasury bonds to support debt.
Some countries have also tended to keep currencies other than the dollar in their cash reserves, with the yen holding in state reserves rising to the highest level since 2002 at 4.89% in the fourth quarter of last year.
The Chinese yuan also entered the reserve currency of the countries in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the total holdings of countries from the Chinese currency to 1.23% in the fourth quarter of 2017, compared to 1.12% in the previous quarter.
As the yuan entered the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency, many considered it could replace the dollar as the world’s top currency, but the fact that it has been less frequent in trade and Chinese rules on exchange has played down that belief.
The Central Bank of China rules to set a reference rate for the yuan daily and only allows a margin of rise or fall of 2% of this level.

Iraqi Dinar April Progress - Iraq Election - Real Estate - Is April Our ...


chattels: US Ambassador breaks ground in Kurdistan for largest consulate complex By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/230420181

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman broke ground on the largest US consulate complex in the world on Monday in Erbil with Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani giving the KRG's blessing for the project.

chattels: ............. said Silliman. "I believe the Iraqi Kurdistan Region will be an important point of entry for foreign investment because this region has a very positive history of doing business."
chattels: The new US consulate building will cost $600 million, and will be built on 200,000 square meters on Erbil-Shaqlawa Road. EYP of Albany, New York, will be the project’s architects, which is the largest US consulate complex in the world.

chattels: A graphic artist's rendering of the future US consulate general complex in Erbil. Image: EYP of Albany http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/080720171

chattels: Iran announces 'ban' on cryptocurrencies as rial plummets By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/business/23042018

chattels: Rafidain launches loans for the purchase of modern cars by installments Release date: 2018/4/22 8:43 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=72927

chattels: The foregoing sounds like real " progress " in banking reform, eh ?
chattels: Living on love and buying on time as we say in the South. :)

Doug_W: @chattels yes

BREW: @chattels how in the world could anyone afford a car on installments at 1/10 of a penny per dinar, lol

chattels: One may need a car to carry their dinar in cash to the bank to make a payment. :)

BREW: that would be like me going to the bank wanting to make installments on a LAMBORGHINI, the bank would laugh me out the front door, lol

BREW: amen doug, lol

chattels: Reidar Visser has tweeted recently for the first time in several months.

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏ @reidarvisser 4h4 hours ago #Iraq's election commission has posted a new version of the list of around 7,000 candidates for the 12 May general election. Unlike previous versions this list is organised by governorates

http://www.ihec.iq/ihecftp/2018/parts/morth18-4.pdf …

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏ @reidarvisser 4h4 hours ago Prominent candidates on election list of #Iraq PM Abadi include Daawa operative Ali al-Allaq (Babel), Shii Turkmen leader Abbas al-Bayati (Baghdad), minister of oil Luaybi (Basra), ex minister of defence Obeidi (Nineveh), Chalabi supporter Arras Habib (Baghdad)

chattels: Reidar Visser ‏ @reidarvisser 3h3 hours ago Other leading candidates on list of #Iraq PM Abadi include the new Basra governor Asaad al-Aydani as well as Badr al-Jibburi in Salahaddin, once a candidate for defence minister.

BREW: @Baxter so says bruce, frank, beckey, blaino.
Baxter: yeh... right

BREW: b is still in reno.
BREW: cashing out the zim.

Baxter: I got a email...said he was gonna have a call this weekend...nada

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 23m23 minutes ago In statement, ISIS threatens upcoming Iraqi elections. Says political candidates & voters are infidels who will be judged. http://iraqnewsapp.com/1/Article/2244/158969586#.Wt3FK1mxU0M …

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 7h7 hours ago Iraqi MP after US sends financial support to Peshmerga: this is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Did the PM agree to this? http://mobp.as/CWuHl

BREW: @Baxter he is trying to keep his members pumped so they want drop there membership.

Baxter: figures

BREW: @Baxter he is gaged to what he can say for now, :laugh

Baxter: LOL

BREW: @Baxter NDA.
23 Apr 18, 08:05 AM
Baxter: been in Reno for 2 years..


chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] Rep. Of the State of Law Coalition, Firdous Al-Awadi, received the Peshmerga financial aid through its bank account from the United States, as "a lack of American respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and encourage them to Peshmerga to rebel against the Iraqi government." http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=72928

Doug_W: they always see things ONE sided and never the good side


Clay: @chattels y would US do that if they dont want a kurdish state

chattels: Reminds me of the story about the light at the end of the tunnel being a train. :)

chattels: @Clay My sense of it is that it is a difficult and delicate geopolitical balancing act.

futuremoney: @chattels ..and a fast moving one...

chattels: @Clay The U.S. broke ground on the new embassy also. Read up.

Clay: @chattels thanks   yes saw that

chattels: 19 days left before the Iraqi election.

Doug_W: @chattels then we worry about there elections LOL

Clay: @futuremoney exactly

chattels: "We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over."


chattels: Duty and the priviledge of service to my fellow man are calling. Laterz all. Play nice.

chattels: Practice random acts of kindness and generosity.

Spectra: KTFA POST-SAMSON-The United States plans to build a "new consulate" for her in Arbil 23rd April, 2018 The United States announced on Monday its intention to build a new consulate in Arbil, capital of the Kurdistan region.

"His country will build a new consulate in cooperation with the provincial government," US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman said at a news conference with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Nechirvan Barzani. Silliman pointed out that " the construction of new Alguenchih shows the extent of his country's support for the region, from his part , head of the provincial government Barzani building a new consulate in Arbil, " the important step. "

 This is due to the US companies to build a new building for the consulate. The United States of America Opened its consulate in Erbil since 2007.   LINK

Spectra:   LINK

Sargd1: I have been in this since 2010. My question now is with all this talk about LD's being out there ready to be used, why no pic's? Do they really exist? I know it's a question when not if, it's hard to siphon the ton of BS from the kernel of truth.

Doug_W: @Sargd1 we all believe its BS

Spectra: Rafidain determines the monthly payment of the five and ten million dollars for the education staff-Al-Rafidain Bank announced that it will set the monthly premium of 10 million and 5 million dinars for employees of the Ministry of Education.

Where the bank’s information office said that “the monthly installment of the five million dinars to the employees of the Ministry of Education was set at 120 thousand dinars per month and ten million dinars 241 thousand dinars per month” It is worth mentioning that the loan period is 60 months.

In addition, the employee whose nominal salary is more than 500 thousand dinars will be granted an advance of ten million, while the employee whose nominal salary is less than 500 thousand dinars will be given an advance of five million dinars.On April 18, Rafidain Bank launched a ten million dinar advance for employees of the Ministry of Education through an electronic card.


Spectra: Iraq’s representative in OPEC: We target the market balance is not the oil price The representative of Iraq in the Organization “OPEC” that Iraq aims at balancing the market, not the price of oil. Ali Nizar told a news conference held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi: “Iraq is not targeting oil prices, it is the balance of the market, indicating that high oil prices are not always in our interest”.

also, “We are achieving our target for oil stocks and we are going back to an average of five years”. The oil prices began to recover to reach 60 to 70 dollars per barrel after falling to less than 20 dollars per barrel in 2014.


Spectra: Rafidain determines the monthly payment of the five and ten million dollars for the education staff Al-Rafidain Bank announced that it will set the monthly premium of 10 million and 5 million dinars for employees of the Ministry of Education. Where the bank’s information office said that “the monthly installment of the five million dinars to the employees of the Ministry of Education was set at 120 thousand dinars per month and ten million dinars 241 thousand dinars per month”

It is worth mentioning that the loan period is 60 months. In addition, the employee whose nominal salary is more than 500 thousand dinars will be granted an advance of ten million, while the employee whose nominal salary is less than 500 thousand dinars will be given an advance of five million dinars.

On April 18, Rafidain Bank launched a ten million dinar advance for employees of the Ministry of Education through an electronic card.


Spectra: Economic Iraq ‏ @iraqeconameic Apr 22 More Customs announces the foiling of the smuggling of electronic materials at Shalamjah port .... More details: http://bit.ly/2qQBjti

Spectra: Government of Iraq ‏ Verified account @IraqiGovt Apr 19 More In 2014, the newly elected @IraqiGovt faced a serious economic crisis, exacerbated by a collapse in oil prices. Today, Iraq’s economy is recovering and reconstruction is underway. Click here to find out how the @IraqiGovt was able to achieve this success https://youtu.be/UhqCVsGhnu4

Spectra: https://youtu.be/UhqCVsGhnu4 In 2014, the newly elected Iraqi Goverment faced a serious economic crisis, exacerbated by a collapse in oil prices. Today, Iraq’s economy is recovering and reconstruction is underway

Spectra: Government of Iraq ‏ Verified account @IraqiGovt Apr 22 More A vibrant private sector will contribute to innovation, job opportunities and growth to benefit all Iraqis. Watch this clip to learn more about the successful partnership between the @IraqiGovt and Gilgamesh Oilfield Services #InvestIraq


Spectra: Sunni and Shia struggle with Iraq’s reconciliation process Healing a fractured society is one of the toughest challenges after May elections--


Spectra: https://www.ft.com/content/77082afa-3816-11e8-8eee-e06bde01c544

Clay: @Spectra what amess   Clay: @Spectra they have so much potential

Spectra: @Clay They do..I think they will get it together

Tebow: ongoing for thousands of years

Clay: @Spectra sure hope so and soon

blackgold: I would just like to clear up one thing-- Many of the people on the Syrian border are not all Syrian. There are all kinds on the border because they all know when war happens that the USA are suckers and bring people to the USA where we have a high rate of unemployment. We don't even know who half the people are on the Border in Syria, we could be bringing in terrorist for all we know.

Clay: @blackgold dont think Trump will allow that

Clay: @blackgold maybe make a safe zone
23 Apr 18, 09:56 AM
Doug_W: @blackgold as well as can be excpected thanks

blackgold: @Clay lets hope not, but what people don't know is that many have already been brought here

Tebow: @Zig yes just Go Kap. Lol

Clay: @blackgold I know

DumDumMan: what is the different between Chapter 8 UN and IMF ?? and which one is more important for Iraq Currency to get RV/RI/Float/LOP whatever it is ??
DumDumMan: @Clay does chapter 8 UN and imf is the same ?

blackgold: @DumDumMan I'm the Dum Dum because I didn't know there were two. i have to research that

Clay: @DumDumMan I believe so
Clay: @blackgold I think Syria will be split into 2 states

blackgold: @Clay That will be a mess

Clay: @blackgold no other way IMO

Tebow: badabook badaboom!

Clay: @DumDumMan where ya from

DumDumMan: @Clay i'm from philippines

DumDumMan: http://www.un.org/en/sections/un-charter/chapter-viii/index.html

DumDumMan: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/aa/

blackgold: @DumDumMan oooh hiding all that Marcos gold aaah. lol

Spectra: @DumDumMan You came to the right place ....We try here to learn together...sometimes we are still left questioning but at least we can compare our thoughts.

Clay: @Spectra exactly

Spectra: Dollar and gold exchange rates in Iraq on Monday The exchange rate of the dollar, Monday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market. According to the figures received by "Economy News", the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today 120 thousand and the purchase price 121 thousand dinars compared to $ 100.

On the Basra Stock Exchange, the sale price today was 122 thousand and 800 dinars, and the purchase price 123 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars. While the price of selling the dollar on the Arbil Stock Exchange today 125 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price 125 thousand and 200 dinars compared to $ 100, while yesterday recorded 125 thousand 450 dinars, the purchase price 125 thousand and 400 dinars to $ 100.

The price of Iraqi gold rose slightly today, at 221 thousand dinars for the weight of one. The price of a gold 21 caliber, today 221 thousand and 500 dinars, while yesterday was also 220 thousand. It is noted that the weight of one gold is equal to 5 grams.

Spectra: http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12044

blackgold: OK I think I understand the meat of it. UN Chapter 8 has to do with security and has different organizations to see over it. IMF chapter 8 deals primarily with Finances. Thats it in the nutshell.

Zig: FYI: Members can delete their last post [x] to left of username so it is usually not a mod that is doing that... :)

rockstar: all meaningless in the big scheme

blackgold: @Spectra That is a wide difference between areas or regions
Spectra: @blackgold it is really

Doug_W: @Clay thot U could relate

Clay: @Doug_W yes

blackgold: @Spectra a person with alot of money could clean up over there

Doug_W: @blackgold Wanna know how to make a small fortune?

Spectra: The stock market is down 0.79% for the second day in a row http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12052

Doug_W: @blackgold start with a BIG one and go NASCAR racing

Spectra: @blackgold perhaps.

blackgold: Look people in Iraq have been using ATMs for years, there are 42 in Baghdad. how else could they purchase stuff and do business.

blackgold: don't know about lower denoms

Spectra: @blackgold these are new ATMS? ..good point though.

Zig: There is no reason for "Lower Denoms" to be in ATMS!!...Banks do not store money in ATMS unless that money is in use....been hearing that BULLSH** for too long!!

blackgold: @Spectra but people are acting like Iraq has nothing

blackgold: @Zig me too

Spectra: @Zig true
Spectra: @blackgold i know..they have shopping malls ect ..just like other countries

blackgold: @Spectra Very true

Spectra: Besides Mountain Goat has been calling it out for years like all the rest....

blackgold: @Spectra i always heard mnt Goat say the opposite, thats why people didn't like her

Spectra: @blackgold flip flops..depends ...
Spectra: @blackgold on how how she/he feels each month..

blackgold: @Spectra i heard her say she thought it would happen maybe twice, when things were set up for it     I thought it might happen myself, from the information i got    but sadly nothing

Spectra: i am sure someone has the old archives where Mountain Goat ..Said it was ready

blackgold: @Spectra It is ready,just ain't happening    it was ready 4 years ago

Clay: @blackgold agree for whatever reason

pectra: @blackgold Well we are still watching ....thats about it..

blackgold: @Spectra sad but true
blackgold: @Clay who knows what people of power can do, we are talking about old money,wealth beyond are thinking

Clay: @blackgold I know
 Zig: Anyone out there who still listens to "Wang Dang?"....curious what * he puts out these days....lol...

Spectra: he sounds the same as always to me
Tebow: @Zig I listen to Wang Dang

Spectra: @Tebow and what you think of wang dang?

Tebow: @Zig He said last night to 2% was BS. They have been in complance.
Tebow: @Zig says we is rich

Baxter: Wang also said.... Shabibbi was going to RV the currency...

Spectra: Wang Dang never bothered me rally

Spectra: Well the king of dinar showtime comes on tonight..Frank26...i wonder what he will talk about?----lol...i see no news news really nothing exciting..but i am sure he will create a very entertaining evening..after all the infomercials... ;ha-Ha:

Spectra: One thing i give him credit for letting me watch it without charging me 35 dollars a month like Stryker.   its free ..and thats what it should be...

TNT: "Pushin' the Button" , 23 APRIL



what a day!! yesterday, filled with expectation and today silence!

According to at least 2 gurus we are suppost to go to the banks this week, thats what I have heard so far... 90 % chance not 100 %..... banks are getting eager to get your money

Yeah Red. That's what I've been hearing too…. Well Sunday is not done yet - at least in the US…. Forex opens at 5pm est

Sunday is big business day in Iraq….. Monday is a #2 big business day for those folk…. wyyyy they could be pushin the button as we speak

People copy and submit my stuff all the time to other forums. You want to copy something, copy this!

Folks...do not be discouraged. Listen Please. Do you own the currency? If so...keep it. BUT PLEASE allow yourself to not be on a daily timeline ! it’s not healthy and it sets your emotions up to fail.

Have the courage to wait as long as it takes and LIVE not depending on this to change your life any moment.

Will the event change your life yes do we actually know when that’s going to happen no!!!
It’s the most honest and transparent thing I can tell you .

Everyone, please, enjoy this journey, we are all on it together. And it is far more cherishable when we do it with love and a positive attitude.

Amen Old Crow

ELMER Great advice from you as always. We should not be on the lookout for this on a minute by minute basis, or even day to day. It will happen. And it will happen because it must. It is a necessary step for the rehabilitation of Iraq.

Operation Disclosure RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - April 22, 2018WIN 2018042...


4-23-2018  Newshound Guru Mnt Goat  ...Why was this wording changed?  I quote from the article – “He revealed that "THE CENTRAL BANK HAS ANNOUNCED A TENDER FOR THE PRINTING OF NEW BANKNOTES (SMALL CATEGORIES) AT THE INTERNATIONAL PRINTING COMPANIES."  I quote again from the same article – “The source said that "the Central Bank TO SHIP CASH FROM SMALL GROUPS TO GOVERNMENT BANKS AND PRIVATE BANKS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED AMOUNTS given to banks during the month of November last year”. (and ended November this year).  These are the newer polymer, high security notes….remember? What does this mean? [Post 2 of 3]

4-23-2018  Newshound Guru Mnt Goat  The CBI posted bank instructions and procedures on the CBI site for the banks on how to turn in the 3 zero notes. Logically at some point the citizens will want to take these older notes and turn them in. The banks are going to get flooded with these notes. So why not designate only special centers to turn them in? They have done so…Remember way back in December 2017 when the CBI came out and told us that they just completed a yearlong project to distribute the new smaller notes. In particular they talked about the newer 500 and 1,000 dinar category “smaller” notes. They used the term “smaller” notes not the lower category notes, as they usually did in the past... [Post 1 of 3  Stay tuned for the rest of the story...]

4-23-2018   Newshound Guru Don961   Article:  "Central refuses to distinguish between categories of banknotes"   imo ... this is saying that it is against the law for citizens to refuse to accept any currency officially issued by the CBI ... this would include any "New Issues" and categories they may/(will) come out with in the near future ... no matter how much in love they are with the old notes ... or how much they may object or protest ... pretty curious for this to come out and be emphasized at this time in the news now isn't it?? ..(wink)


DJ SUNDAY: "Be Aware and Be Prepared", 23 APRIL

DJ, Good Evening, Again the reports flood in that the currency exchanges have either started or are a hair away from beginning. All this info seems valid and arrives from  profound sources.

We have verifications that the funds have been moved to the U.S. banking system for distribution, yet these sources refuse to commit to rates and dates.

As expressed in numerous previous writings I don’t believe we will ever be forewarned of the release dates or the rates. It just doesn’t make financial sense to do so. This thing will be up and running and we will all be looking back.

What is worth paying attention to is the multitude of international bilateral agreements and treaties we see coming to fruition right before our eyes. These agreements are the result of years of behind the door meetings and negotiations in an effort to become independent from the stranglehold of the Petrodollar and the Dollar as the Global Currency Reserve.
​Just like the current currency exchange dynamics, these changes and negotiations were expected but not seen until completed. The respective populations, were and are, not informed until something of substance can be reported.

A skip the pregnancy and show me the baby, kind of thing. Generally speaking it is all about political timing. When will presenting a win to the public best serve a particular agenda?

A lot of what we consider delays of fund release are merely components necessary for the deployment of the grand plan. One must always consider this is an international event and the construction of the necessary components could have been put into play a decade or more ago.

Here are a couple examples of recent ongoing negotiations and decades of efforts that are part of or interlaced with the revaluations of global currencies and redistribution or elimination of global debt. There is so much more happening prior to the funds distributing .we can’t possibly know everything.

Russia & Iran drop dollar trade by extending oil-for-goods supply agreement The first delivery of Iranian crude oil to Russia under the oil-for-goods program has been completed and the sides aim to extend the deal for five years, according to Russian Energy Ministry Aleksandr Novak.

“The agreement is effective; it has been extended for the year, but in general, we think it should be extended for five years,” he said.

The oil-for-goods deal was initially reached in 2014 when Iran was under Western sanctions over its nuclear program. Last year, Moscow and Tehran ratified the agreement, under which Russia would initially buy 100,000 barrels a day from Iran and sell the country $45 billion worth of goods.

Russia And China Roll Out 100% Gold-Backed Currency

Russia and China have outlined plans to create a 100 percent gold-backed currency system to replace the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency.

The Central Bank of Russia has been steadily amassing vast gold reserves since 2015 – accumulating 1,828.56 tons by the end of 2017 – making it the fifth largest gold reserve in the world.

Goldtelegraph.com reports: Russia has been aggressively increasing its gold reserves for a reason. It has seen the US dollar dominate as a global currency and is working with China to end the US/Western currency supremacy.

Their strategy appears to be working. Russia and China are in the midst of rumors of introducing gold-backed futures to circumvent the U.S dollar.

The US dollar has had no gold-backing since 1933, nor has the US increased its gold reserves for a decade.

With speculation of Russia and China working on a gold-backed currency, a shift in monetary power from the West to the East seems to be their ambitions. The situation between East and West is exacerbated by recent tensions between Russia and the UK, since the alleged Kremlin poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. British Prime Minister Theresa May has ousted 23 Russian diplomats from Great Britain. Geopolitical tension is once again, high.

It seems Russian may have tossed aside Das Kapital as its economic guidebook. Not only is creating a gold-backed currency appearing more likely month over month, but Russia has also brought inflation way down over the past decade. More importantly, Russia continues to lower their national debt, while the US has been increasing its debt to a record $21 trillion.

Russia’s financial strategy is making the country less vulnerable to volatile geopolitics. Not only is it a significant player in gold, but it is also the world’s third-largest gold producer, with the Central Bank of Russia buying up its supplies. During the past decade, Russian has mined more than 2,000 tons of gold, with tonnage expected to increase by 400 tons annually by 2030.

Russia and China understand the value of real, physical gold, a lesson that the US has forgotten while reveling in worthless paper currency.
If Russia and China establish a 100 percent gold-backed currency, it inevitably changes the game in the West. The dollar will continue to devalue against gold at a rapid rate.

Chinese company to build $7bn tourism city in Zimbabwe

Dr Karikoga Kaseke

Chinese multinational group, Touchroad Holdings Group, is planning to develop a $7 billion tourism city in Zimbabwe as investor interest in Zimbabwe by international tourism players from the Asian economic giant grows.

Touchroad Group chairman, Mr He Liehui, is expected in the country in June, leading a delegation of 17 billionaires from China expected to scout for investment opportunities and location of the tourism city.

The birth of Touchroad Group can be traced back to May 17, 2000, when Mr He, the group’s founder, travelled to Ghana to explore investment opportunities, making his first major investment in Africa.

Touchroad International Holdings Group, has now become a multinational business with interest international trade, investment, cultural exchanges, tourism, industrial development of parks and construction of special economic zones.

Touchroad conducts business interests in more than 20 African countries, as well as Europe and America.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive Dr Karikoga Kaseke, on Wednesday, said there had been massive interest from Chinese businesses in the local tourism sector and the Touchroad chairman was expected in the country to explore investment opportunities.

“Following extensive discussions with Chinese investors, we were assured that Touchroad’s chairman will be coming to Zimbabwe accompanied by a team of billionaires from China who want to scout for investment (opportunities). There was massive positive response from Chinese investors during the recent visit by President Mnangagwa.

“The tourism city to be developed will require an investment of about $7 billion and the city will be bigger than the Harare CBD (Central Business District). The investors are determined to invest,” said Dr Kaseke.

He said the tourism city would be located outside Bulawayo or Harare, but Victoria Falls would not be part of the plan because of investment deals that have since been signed with investors already for the tourism resort.

Dr Kaseke added that ZTA managed to secure agreements with some major Chinese tour operators to market the Zimbabwean tourism destination. He said the Chinese companies were not only interested in investing, but also pushing tourist movement towards Africa.

“We are happy that we managed to talk to major Chinese tour operators and they promised us that with effect from next year they will be selling the Zimbabwe holiday destination,” said Dr Kaseke.
Touchroad is the first Chinese private enterprise to build a special economic zone in Africa — the Touchroad Djibouti Special Economic Zone (TDSEZ). The zone is expected to be a fulcrum of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Africa.

The tourism city concept is already working in South Africa’s Sun City, a place which currently houses many of the country’s tourism activities.

ZimTrade acting chief executive Allan Majuru, said the response from Chinese investors was encouraging and that there was a need to build a brand marketable to the World.

He said besides tourism, the country should take advantage of the Chinese market to export various products.

Source: The Herald  
To my point, we will not be privy to ongoing pertinent events prior to their conclusion . So be aware and be prepared


WSOMN - Sunday, April 22, 2018
Color for today is BROWN 

BROWN = Same information given with best intentions. (NOT HELPING THE WELLNESS OF THE AVERAGE CURRENCY OWNER)


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we, Your humble servants await our destiny. Over the years we have talked to good Intel but yet the devil inside of us keeps manipulating Your words to make us believe as they do that this will never happen. None of us are immune to falling into the clutches of those steadfastly placed here in this process, to oppose and deflect us from our goal, of Making America Great again.

Dear Lord God Almighty we once again come to You seeking strength and focus about what lies before us. Guide us in the directions we go from here and steer us away from those who have proven themselves to be unworthy of our trust in the directions they give us. As it is Your will, let it be done Lord.

I feel I must remind you that many members of our groups are suffering physically, mentally, and financially as well. I know many of you just joined the group without participating in any of the conversations in the chat rooms for various reasons and we all respect that as your wish to do so.

However, I am reaching out to all of you tonight or later on when you check in to the board to say a prayer for those among us who need your prayerful support. I pray God protect and guide us and last but not least “Our Destiny Awaits” None of us will live forever on this world that God has created for us and when the end does come for us to leave, let us pray our epitaph reads that “We did the best we could”


Really appreciate it. I said thank you in the forum, but you to know I thank you again for any information you are able to give us. Keeps me holding on to a bit of hope instead of giving up.

Ooops sorry AB meant to post in notes.


We’ve had sailboats and train tunnel analogies. I’m ready for an Indy car or f35 sonic boom anaology.




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Okay WSOMN Family let me be clear about our current state. My sources and I have heard the same projections and claims for the past month with still no conclusion. I am sure there are reasons to say one thing and do yet another. We do not have to like it.


Should nothing be forthcoming by the 25th we will have a WSOMN call at 6:30PM Pacific Time for WSOMN members. So far as I can tell my laying low for the past 3 months as requested has not made one bit of difference.


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Walkingstick:  Yep, But.... it is, the time... not too..... talk

Iobey777:  Even the frogs and crickets get quiet just before a big storm!!! Praying that we are about to be "hit" with the Storm of media blitz regarding the MR and new currency rate of Iraq!!

HoosierGirl:  I guess my question to Frank and WalkingStick is - will we at KTFA know that Iraq has RI'd BEFORE the massive media blast OR will we see it when the rest of the world sees it on the TV's and Internet????


Walkingstick: No, you will not...  hear/learn, of it.. prior to, on... Franks Forum....

Frank26: YES SIR.   KONA ................ WHEN THE 24 STARTS .............. WE WILL MEET YOU ........... THE FOLLOWING MORNING WHEN YOU AWAKE.

Walkingstick:  Yep...

Pursuit:  Frank , it looks like your feeling real good about this happen before the elections!




Manaolana3:  Walkingstick,
So many positive articles over the last two days.

Media blitz tells me they have run out of time, and/or
we, (US) putting the pressure to get this underway.

Abadi/Alak promised the 3-headed monsters, the AMF
and the world...WE ARE READY!

No longer the drip drip of articles---taking too much time!

Things/pace accelerating and articles are taking too long
to catch-up.

C Projects in implementation mode

Elections are 21 days away.

Citizens are ready!

They are ready!


RockCharie229:  This was a piece of paper blowing in the wind one rain day that blew onto my right leg the wind holding it in place until I removed it as I was walking home from work. At that time in my life I was in a very dark place, but this piece of paper changed my perspective that day and every day since.

Go Placidly Amid The Noise & Haste, & Remember what Peace There may Be In Silence.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly & clearly; and listen to others, even the dull & ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud & aggressive people they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain & bitter; for there will always be greater & lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is.

Many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself, Especially do not feign affection. Nether be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity & disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of the spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imagining, Many fears are born of fatigue & loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees & stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it's clear to you no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore, be at peace with GOD, whatever you conceive him to be, and whatever your labors & aspirations, in the noisy and confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all it's sham, drudgery & broken dreams it is still a beautiful world.

Be careful, Strive to be happy.

Found in Old Saint Paul's Church Baltimore Dated 1692
Don961:  Abadi: Just as we have won victory over terrorism, we will win, both economically and economically

23/4/2018 12:00 am

Congratulated the Iraqi Air Force on its 87th anniversary

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The head of the Council of Ministers, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, said corruption is the brother of "da'ash", stressing that Iraq, which returned stronger than the former will prevail over it, while stressing the importance of working for the return of sectarianism and conditions back, congratulated the leadership and staff of the Iraqi Air Force Al-Abadi, who started a visit to Falluja on Sunday, praised the opening ceremony of the police station of Amiriya Al-Samoud, B "steadfastness of the sons and clans of the year Ria in front of guerrilla attacks and calling on the terrorist, who tried with artillery and attacks to destabilize the steadfastness of this city. "

Abadi said: "These are the heroic Iraqis have won and did not surrender and before us the second victory is the victory of reconstruction, construction, investment and job opportunities, and just as we achieved in our unity the military victory we will achieve our victory of reconstruction."

"Iraq is stronger than before," he said. "There are those who want to live in a climate of conflict and disagreement, but they can not because Iraq is stronger now and the world is stronger." Is viewed with respect. "

The Prime Minister also visited the University of Fallujah and toured it and held a meeting with deans of its faculties.

Abadi stressed in his speech before the deans of the university faculties and professors that "the importance of the university is a station for enlightening young people and playing its role in unifying the country's people and spreading diversity." He called on university professors to "play a bigger role and also take care of the educational aspect and keep young people away from destructive ideas. Deviant. "

"The achievement was greater than expectations, because the world was saying that the war would last, but we proved to the world that the Iraqis are making the impossible and the miracles, and that our victory has been achieved by unity and this concept must be established in the minds of young people," he said. Division schemes and we are very proud of our diversity and the universities should play their major role in promoting these concepts. "

The Prime Minister listened to the professors in the universities regarding the development of the educational reality in the university. During his visit to Falluja Teaching Hospital, he inspected his departments and courtyards and met with officials. "This hospital was used by terrorists to hunt against our heroine forces, but we liberated and preserved it and today it works and provides services to the people of Falluja," he said.

"When we liberated Falluja, our goal was to protect the citizens primarily because our civilian objective was difficult because we are in front of a terrorist enemy that uses civilians as human shields," Abadi said.

"Security is achieved by sacrifices and must be preserved. Security and services are interrelated and our aim is primarily to serve the citizens. Iraq is rising and the country will be better," he said. ​
During his tour of the city, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces visited the injured, named Rikan Armor at his home, who was wounded during the battles with the terrorist gangs "Da'ash".

Abadi stressed that "the martyrs and wounded are the makers of victory and Iraq is fine and walking in the right way thanks to the sacrifices made by the martyrs and the wounded," praising the "steadfastness of the man who gave the resolve to others."

The family also visited Major General Ahmed Sadak al-Dulaimi, the former Anbar police chief who was killed by terrorism. He also visited the family of Sheikh Mahmoud Obeid Farih al-Alwani at his home, who killed five members of his family during their fight against terrorist gangs.

On the related level, stressed Abadi, during his speech in a large gathering of Anbar tribes, "the importance of working for the return of the situation back and the return of sectarianism and not to listen to the voices that do not want to Iraq good," noting that "the sacrifices of the heroes of our forces have won the victory Gangs that wanted to bring Iraq back to pre-history. "

"The greatest proof of our unity is the blood that has come here on the ground," he said. "When Iraqis came to defend Iraq, they did not go for political ends but for their homeland."

"As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation." 

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, "the warmest congratulations and sincere congratulations to the leadership and personnel of the Iraqi air force and our Iraqi people on the occasion of the eighty-seventh anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi air force, which was a support and a key partner in the victory, which was achieved and had the hand In preventing terror and providing air cover for our military units. "

Al-Abbadi added, "While recalling this happy occasion for the Iraqis, we recall with it the heroic positions of the brave atmosphere and the great sacrifices they have made, and thanks to which we have returned our cities and the security and stability of our beloved country," noting that "the Air Force is pursuing today terrorists and strikes them outside the border To secure the country from their evils and schemes. "

"The Iraqi air force will remain the pride and pride of all Iraqis, because of what he has presented and presented by the championships that dazzled the world and restored our prestige and prestige," he said.    link

Wang Dang Dinar Call Replay


Article:  “The Central Bank refuses to distinguish between categories of banknotes and prepares a legal violation   I think they are educating the people on currency exchange. All catagories will be accepted. It is law. The only ones that will not be accepted are counterfeit notes and the banks will be fined if they pass those

Introducing A New Currency Is A Complex Process, 23 APRIL

Finance & Development, December 2013, Vol. 50, No. 4
By  Åke Lönnberg   PDF version

Introducing a new currency is a complex process—one that Turkmenistan completed successfully

A popular destination for visitors to the IMF’s Washington, D.C., headquarters has long been a 40-foot-long display of each member country’s currency.

Most countries have their own currency, which is an important part of their national identity, though some belong to a monetary union and share a common currency with the union’s members; others use that of another, often larger, country.

On occasion, a country must introduce a new currency. 
Turkmenistan, the former Soviet republic in central Asia, decided in 2008 to undertake a currency reform.

A major gap between the official exchange rate and the informal or market rate meant that Turkmenistan’s price system had become complex and inefficient. This, in turn, created complexities in accounting and statistical reporting. So the government decided to introduce a new currency before launching market-oriented reforms.

Currency reform was regarded as the foundation for further strengthening the macroeconomic framework, particularly monetary transmission: the more the population relies on the local currency rather than U.S. dollars, the more control the government has over macroeconomic policy.

The total and orderly overhaul of Turkmenistan’s currency system in 2008–09 in many respects serves as a model for other countries.

Big decisions

The introduction of a new currency is not undertaken lightly. The motivation could be hyperinflation, exchange rate collapse, massive counterfeiting of the existing currency, or even war. Or it could be an intentional change—for example joining a monetary union, such as the European Monetary Union.

Changing a national currency is a highly political decision. Sometimes the existing currency does not meet the economy’s needs. The typical economy in need of currency reform is cash based and highly dollarized, with multiple currencies circulating at the same time.

The single most important price in any economy is the price of its currency vis-à-vis other currencies. Countries that assign non-market-based exchange rates for different goods or services—or for imports versus exports—tend to have significant distortions in their economy.

Over time, this usually leads to slower growth overall. Eventually, the general public, the business community, and politicians may start pressing for currency reform and the introduction of a new currency.

Currency reforms are typically complex and risky: global experience confirms that a successful outcome is never guaranteed. The main ingredient in the successful introduction of a new currency is a strong commitment by the central bank together with the government to take the steps needed to ensure that the new currency is perceived as stable by companies, the general public, and the international community.

Introduction of a new currency comprises four phases.

First, the necessary preconditions—sound macroeconomic policies and strong financial sector legislation—should ideally be in place or under way.

Next, careful preparation is required, setting up the policies and processes behind the reform and drafting a detailed budget for the entire currency reform (including the cost of printing and minting the new cash currency). Then comes production of the new currency, and finally the most challenging phase: implementation.

Setting the stage

A government facing currency reform often has limited ability to pursue macroeconomic policy. If the country is suffering from hyperinflation, its macroeconomic policies to date by definition were unsound. In some cases, a currency reform must be implemented despite a difficult macroeconomic situation.

 Currency reform alone is unlikely to resolve such problems and will yield its benefits only if underpinned by fiscal and monetary action. But psychologically, introducing a new currency can itself facilitate the stabilization of an economy. It is sometimes combined with exchange rate unification—to eliminate the complications of both an official exchange rate and unofficial market rate.

Turkmenistan was able to achieve favorable macroeconomic conditions before it implemented exchange rate unification and currency redenomination. During 2006–07, the economy was growing more than 11 percent a year, inflation was in single digits, and fiscal and external balances were strong.

A currency reform must be supported by financial sector legislation. Existing legislation—including the law establishing the central bank and regulation of banks and other financial institutions—should be reviewed to ensure consistency with international best practices. A law and regulations on the specific currency reform are also necessary, and other legislation—for example, governing accounting and financial reporting—may require updating.

This work can be supported by technical advice from the IMF and other countries’ central banks. Such technical assistance includes initial general guidance as well as detailed recommendations based on currency reforms in other countries.

In a crisis situation, the government has little, if any, control over the circulation of different currencies. For that reason, the economy tends to be highly dollarized—that is, many transactions are made with a foreign currency, often the U.S. dollar. Moving forward, the government should favor a currency regime that supports open trade and free markets—one that allows international competition and is not overly protectionist.

The central bank is the arm of the state responsible for introducing a new currency, but it is not necessarily in a position to do so. It may lack staff with relevant experience, or sufficient branches throughout the country from which to operate, or even the funds necessary to finance a reform. Strengthening the institutional capacity of the central bank and ensuring it has the resources needed are critical preconditions for currency reform.

Private banks also play a key role in currency reform. But the banking sector may be weak or, in some cases, virtually nonexistent. In some parts of the world, informal funds transfer systems such as hawala and hundi are more vibrant or have nationwide networks that surpass those of banks. In such cases, collaboration between the central bank and these payment system operators is critical to the success of the reform.

The central bank must assess the extent to which counterfeit banknotes circulate. Together with the ministry of finance and the commercial banks, it should formulate a strategy to avoid an increase in counterfeit currency during the critical implementation stages of the currency reform.

The central bank should prepare a budget for the entire currency reform early on and revise it as necessary over time. The IMF can offer technical advice on preparing such a budget.

Introducing a new national currency is a highly complex project, which requires a well-functioning accounting system. Throughout the various stages, tested systems must be in place for independent auditors to safeguard the integrity of the currency reform, by ensuring correct reporting and accounting of the currency exchange. Failure in this area is not only costly but also potentially devastating to the currency reform’s reputation.

Important as all these preparations are, the success of a currency reform depends just as much on a successful public education campaign. The central bank needs to coordinate this campaign with other agencies, financial sector representatives, merchants, and the general public.

A delicate balance must be struck between providing sufficient public information and the need for confidentiality to avoid releasing clues to counterfeiters that could be used to undermine the integrity of the new currency. The information campaign should encourage people to deposit their cash currency in accounts at banks.

The campaign must make it clear that once the currency reform is initiated, account holders can withdraw their money in the form of new banknotes. A second important point for the public education campaign is timely information on the stages of the currency reform to discourage a run on banks with temporary liquidity problems.

In Turkmenistan, the central bank conducted a proactive public communications strategy that began early in the currency reform. The terms of the redenomination were carefully defined and announced in advance.

An awareness campaign was carried out throughout the country. Booklets, illustrating the new banknotes to be distributed, were published in national and local newspapers along with explanatory articles. In addition, pocket-size cards comparing the denomination of old and new manat were distributed to the public. And the Central Bank of Turkmenistan set up a phone hotline to answer questions from businesses and the public.

Lights, camera, action

A new currency’s name is a psychologically important decision for the government. One option is to emphasize continuity with the old currency by retaining the old name or adding “new” to it. Alternatively, the government may choose to underscore a break with the past by giving a completely new name to the currency to mark the start of a new monetary era.

In Turkmenistan, the government decided to keep the name “manat” for the redenominated currency. However, in line with an international convention among countries and central banks, the International Standards Organization changed the three-digit ISO 4217 code from TMM for the pre-2007 manat to TMT for the new Turkmen manat.

The banknote printer and the minter of coins should be selected competitively and in the international market. Even if domestic producers are available, they should be required to compete for the contract. It is not uncommon, by the way, for various banknote denominations to be produced by different international firms.

Turkmenistan’s banknotes were printed by the British firm De La Rue, and the coins were minted by another U.K. company, the Royal Mint. De La Rue is now testing production of the banknotes from paper produced with local raw materials—Turkmen cotton, renowned since ancient times for its high quality.

Decisions on the artistic design of banknotes are almost always complex and time consuming. The design must be integrated with necessary security features: the higher the denomination, the more advanced security features are required.

These often include watermarks, security threads, see-through registers, and hidden numerals. Decisions also need to be made on the size of banknotes—a uniform size as for U.S. banknotes or a different size for each denomination as for euro banknotes.

Finally, the color scheme should be determined—again, uniform colors, like U.S. banknotes, or clearly different colors as for most other banknotes.

Hyperinflation and exchange rate collapse slash the value of a national currency, forcing the issuance of banknotes in ever higher denominations. In Yugoslavia in 1993, a banknote reached 500 billion dinars, and Zimbabwe’s highest banknote issued was 100,000 trillion Zimbabwe dollars in 2008. In such situations, a redenomination of the currency is not only appropriate but also necessary. Redenominating a currency means administratively changing its face value. In itself, a redenomination makes no one richer or poorer.

Technically most redenominations of currencies are undertaken by using factors of 10, 100, or 1,000 and simply moving the decimal point a certain number of steps to the left to establish a new value. Such a change is simple to explain to the general public and easy for companies to implement. It also represents a clear way of monitoring whether price gouging is taking place.

The first step in the Turkmen currency reform was to unify the exchange rate. In the past, because of a shortage of foreign exchange, there had been a dual exchange rate system made up of an official rate pegged at 5,200 manat per U.S. dollar and an informal parallel market rate of about 23,000 manat per U.S. dollar.

Later, the government devalued the official rate to 6,250 manat per dollar and introduced a commercial rate of 20,000 manat per dollar at which banks could trade freely with the public. The two markets were successfully unified on May 1, 2008—at the rate of 14,250 manat per dollar, a level consistent with the country’s strong external position.

 Currency exchanges were located wherever customers might want to exchange dollars for manat, offering easy and official access at close to the informal rate, thus killing off demand for the informal market.

At the beginning of June 2008, the Turkmen government issued new foreign exchange regulations under which the Central Bank of Turkmenistan began providing banks and authorized currency changers ready access to foreign exchange, which in turn became available to the market-oriented private sector.

Previously the central bank had been propping up the official, unrealistically low, exchange rate by restricting access to dollars. The provision of sufficient foreign exchange to an extensive network of exchange bureaus across the country eliminated the black market rate.

While unifying the exchange rate is important, the authorities must also modernize the national currency for a currency reform to be comprehensive. In Turkmenistan, the modernization entailed issuing a new family of banknotes that were smaller in size than the unnecessarily large old banknotes.

It also included the reintroduction of coins. The Turkmen economy had been cash oriented for a long time, and the U.S. dollar was extremely popular. The weakness of the manat to the dollar, which required thousands of manat in an exchange conversion, was deemed unacceptable. One way to correct this was to redenominate the national currency.

After the successful exchange rate unification, the authorities moved forward with the introduction of the new manat, revaluing the currency by a factor of 1 to 5,000. The pegged exchange rate of 14,250 manat per dollar resulted in an exchange rate of 2.85 new Turkmen manat to the dollar.

A presidential decree issued August 27, 2008, announced the introduction of the redenominated manat on January 1, 2009.

Even without redenomination, the denomination structure of a new cash currency is worth considering. Usually, lower denominations are eliminated and higher denominations added. There is generally a shift into coins from denominations that were previously issued in banknotes.

Cultural and sociological preferences must be considered. For example, in some countries, such as Somalia and South Sudan, coins are not popular. In other countries, such as Germany, people want access to very high-denomination banknotes. A rule of thumb often applied in developing economies is to set the highest denomination of the national currency no lower than the equivalent of 20 dollars.

Money in hand

Turkmenistan issued six new banknote denominations on January 1, 2009: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 new manat. This was a major expansion of the upper denominations—the previously highest denomination, 10,000 old manat, now corresponded to a mere 2 new manat.

The six newly issued banknotes each differed in size and were all shorter and narrower than previous banknotes. The design of the front of the banknotes presented prominent historic Turkmen personalities. The reverse side, as in the past, portrayed new key buildings and monuments of modern Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital.

In parallel, new coins were issued in the following denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 tenge; and the following year, two more coins were circulated with 1 manat and 2 manat denominations. This represented a de facto reintroduction of coins after high inflation and intense exchange rate pressure had rendered the previously issued coins valueless.

Once the design and denominations of a new currency are selected, the central bank must decide how much to produce, based on research on the demand for money in general and on various cash currency denominations in particular.

Data on past orders of banknotes and coins should give reasonable estimates, which must be assessed in light of recent changes in public demand for the currency compared with other currencies. Technical advice is available from international banknote printing firms such as De La Rue and Giesecke &Devrient, and for coin denominations from mints such as the Royal Mint.

The next phase of currency reform is the conversion from old cash currency to new. The authorities must decide—at first privately—when the currency exchange will begin, when it will end, and whether or not to cap, in absolute terms, the amount to be exchanged.

Then, decisions on the announcement of and publicity for the currency exchange must be made. Other essential decisions include the conversion rate and how financial assets, resident/nonresident accounts, and existing currency contracts will be treated in the currency exchange.

In addition to the guidance of the central bank and the ministry of finance, the views of the ministries of justice, commerce, and defense; the police force; the chamber of commerce; bank representatives and representatives of the informal payment system (if it plays an important role in the country); the general public; nongovernmental organizations; and key media outlets should be considered.

The key stakeholders, under the leadership of the central bank, should develop a detailed plan for distribution of the new currency.

They must identify exchange points (places where the public can exchange the old money for new and where cash currency can be stored temporarily); establish facilities for more permanent storage of currency, such as vaults and strongboxes; and address various logistic issues, including exchange point staffing.

In its plan for the currency reform, the central bank must decide how to handle the soon obsolete cash currency. Old banknotes that have been exchanged for new currency should be immediately invalidated via ink markings or holes drilled in the currency. 
After a second counting, the then invalidated banknotes should be destroyed by shredding or burning. Routines should also be established for the collection and transportation of old coins, which may be sold by the central bank for scrap metal and ultimately melted down.

In line with common international practices, the Turkmen central bank allowed the two sets of banknotes to be circulated during 2009. By 2010, all banks were expected to exchange the old currency for new manat. And after that, the old currency was demonetized and retained only numismatic value.

The IMF’s currency display was recently dismantled to allow for repairs to the building. If and when the display is restored and updated, there will be several new currencies for visitors to view, including the new Turkmen manat.

Åke Lönnberg was until his recent retirement a Senior Financial Sector Expert in the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department and is now an advisor to central banks and a consulting expert to the IMF.