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Iobey777:   Greetings  Walkingstick   here's praying that you have found that article we seek!! Blessings to you, Sir! 

Walkingstick:  Good afternoon.....No need, to seek... there, will be... a, massive (media campaign).....

Frank26:  A REALLY BIG ONE !!!

Don961:  The media blitz should/will not be easy to miss ... like a bright beacon ... imo .... thank you

Walkingstick: Agreed, their... will be, no question/s ...

MilitiaMan:  Thank you Sir! This is a time for to be Focused and not to be disheartened or worried. The writing is on the wall and the word of the day imo is IMPLEMENTATION.. ~ MM 

Walkingstick: Yep... like a media campaign.. Focused, targeted and measured..


Catone:  So am I enjoying it....andddd
These from last thread....

38 -Iraqi/Japanese bank cooperation

86 -Deposits of monies in all banks, not mattresses

92 -IMF tells AMF currencies interactive throughout all 22 members

153 -Surplus ends budget deficit and adds 10B to reserves at CBI

159 -Abadi has another term (if it's in print, it already happened...)

Additionally, theres's another article, apparently new, but as last week dated 2017 ...could these be silent, yet salient numbers acting as some kind of code?

Best I can do birddogggin' and/or hawkin',lol

Peace out, catone


Iobey777: YES!!! Love it!! and just as I said, the words IMPLEMENT and IMPLEMENTATION are showing up everywhere!! They ARE doing it and soon the whole world will see and talk about it!!   edit  ***So...if they began in January..didn't I read recently that it may take up to four months to complete?  I may have misunderstood... So we really could be very near the completion date...all IMO!

MilitiaMan: Well better late than never in implementing right? lol . Lets not forget the recent WB implementations, the GOI banknote law yesterday, abadi telling the world effectively he started the reconstruction, construction, investments and Paying salaries, borders, etc.. ~ MM..


Don961:  13 billion dollars increase in the capital of the World Bank

23/4/2018 12:00 am

World Bank shareholders have approved a $ 13 billion increase in paid-up capital to boost China's share but with reforms to the lending system raising the borrowing costs of the higher middle-income countries, including China. The bank said the plan would raise total loans to about $ 80 billion in fiscal year 2019 from about $ 59 billion last year to an average of about $ 100 billion by 2030.

The bank's chairman, Jim Young-kim, told reporters during the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank "We have raised the World Bank's capacity more than twice," he said. "It's a huge vote of confidence, but the expectations are huge." 

The hard-earned capital increase under initial resistance from the Trump administration adds $ 7.5 billion to the paid-up capital of the concessional lending arm of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

IFC, which provides loans on commercial terms, earns $ 5.5 billion in paid up capital.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has agreed to amend its lending rules to charge higher fees than high-income developing countries to discourage over-borrowing.

The bank was charging the same fees to all borrowers and US Treasury officials complained that it was lending too much to China and other emerging markets. 

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin said earlier that he supported the increase in capital because of the reforms involved; the previous increase was the capital of the World Bank in 2010.     link
Humor While We Wait:

Iggy:  Mortal: What is a million years like to you?
God: Like one second.
Mortal: What is a million dollars like to you?
God: Like one penny.
Mortal: Can I have a penny?
God: Just a second


Iggy:  Sometimes women are overly suspicious of their husbands. When Adam stayed out very late for a few nights, Eve became upset. "You're running around with other women," she charged.

"You're being unreasonable," Adam responded. "You're the only woman on earth." The quarrel continued until Adam fell asleep, only to be awakened by someone poking him in the chest.

It was Eve. "What do you think you're doing?" Adam demanded.

"Counting your ribs," said Eve.


Iggy:  An elderly lady was well-known for her faith and for her boldness in talking about it. She would stand on her front porch and shout "PRAISE THE LORD!"

Next door to her lived an atheist who would get so angry at her proclamations he would shout, "There ain't no Lord!!"

Hard times set in on the elderly lady, and she prayed for GOD to send her some assistance. She stood on her porch and shouted "PRAISE THE LORD. GOD I NEED FOOD!! I AM HAVING A HARD TIME. PLEASE LORD, SEND ME SOME GROCERIES!!"

The next morning the lady went out on her porch and noted a large bag of groceries and shouted, "PRAISE THE LORD."

The neighbor jumped from behind a bush and said, "Aha! I told you there was no Lord. I bought those groceries, God didn't."

The lady started jumping up and down and clapping her hands and said, "PRAISE THE LORD. He not only sent me groceries, but He made the devil pay for them. Praise the Lord!"

Iggy       A preacher was completing a temperance sermon: with great expression he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." With even greater emphasis he said, "And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river."
And then finally, he said, "And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river."

He sat down. The song leader then stood very cautiously and announced with a smile, "For our closing song, let us sing Hymn # 365: "Shall We Gather at the River." 


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Cabal blackmail and exposure has been the main delay for the release of the RV.

- A peace treaty will be signed between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea officially ending the armistice.

- The final battle of Syria will be resolved before GESARA.

- The resolving of the Syria situation is not a prerequisite for the RV.

- A solid RV date has been set sometime before the end of this month.

- A few currencies will show up on Forex.

- Keep watch for the 800#'s.

Operation Disclosure

GOING AFTER THE KINGS, PART 5 - Tank – April 21, 2018


I’m not one to endorse many, but I must admit that Frank puts a lot of time and energy into his findings. He has two great sources and his information has lined up with mine for the past three weeks for what that is worth. I believe he’s on target.

I especially like the "mirror" comment . The similarity between Turkmenistan, and Iraq.

We’ve never been this close not have we seen the pieces in main stream media like we are seeing now! No coincidences!

IBBC’s Spring Conference returns on 24 April 2018 with the theme - Iraq: Building a diversified and modern economy ….. Toilet paper currency and a huge boost to their economy... yeah right! We're there folks at least on the front porch. This article is a Classic case of the statement "Watch what they do” The simple illusion , tell him what is not going on.... translation : Tells you what IS...going on Elmer

It’s all here!!!!! http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z17001275


Tishwash:Britain wants Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth, but eyes July election

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain said on Friday it would strongly support Zimbabwe’s re-entry to the Commonwealth and praised President Emmerson Mnangagwa for impressive progress since Robert Mugabe was toppled in a military coup.

But it said Mnangagwa, who became president following a military take-over, would still have to deliver on free and fair elections in July to win over Zimbabwe’s critics at home and abroad.

Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth network of 53 mostly former territories of the British Empire in 2003 after Mugabe, who had ruled Zimbabwe from its independence in 1980, came under criticism over disputed elections and land seizures from white farmers.

“The UK would strongly support Zimbabwe’s re-entry and a new Zimbabwe that is committed to political and economic reform that works for all its people,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

As Harare looks to rebuild its international ties, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson met his Zimbabwean counterpart Sibusiso Moyo and ministers from other nations over breakfast on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

Moyo - the general who went on state television in khaki fatigues last November to announce the military takeover - also met ministers from neighboring African states and Australia at the breakfast.

Mugabe cast himself as a liberation hero but opponents said he drove Zimbabwe’s economy into the ground and made the country an international pariah. He was forced to step down in November during a coup and was replaced by Mnangagwa.

Johnson praised Mnangagwa’s record in office in the past 150 days but said a bellwether for the direction of a new Zimbabwe would be the election in July.

“The Zimbabwe government must deliver the free and fair elections the people of Zimbabwe deserve and which it has promised,” he said.

The election will pit Mnangagwa against a clutch of opponents including 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa from the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

David Coltart, a former education minister and member of parliament from the Movement for Democratic Change, said he was shocked by the speed with which Mnangagwa has been welcomed back to the fold after an unconstitutional seizure of power.

“I am utterly appalled by the @Commonwealth18 and the British Government feting the #Zimbabweregime,” Coltart said on Twitter.

The West imposed sanctions on Mugabe and members of his inner circle, accusing them of rigging a series of votes - charges they denied.

Now Zimbabwe has said it will invite Western powers to monitor its national elections for the first time in more than 15 years.

“President Mnangagwa has been in power for 150 days and while Zimbabwe has made impressive progress, there is still much to do,” Johnson said. “That’s why Britain, the Commonwealth and the wider international community will do everything it can in supporting Zimbabwe on its path of reform.”

“The UK stands ready in friendship to support a Zimbabwe that fully embraces the rule of law, human rights and economic reform,” he said.



Samson:Arab states end regional payment settlement mechanism
 22nd April, 2018

Arab countries have finalized plans to set up an independent payment system across the region after high compliance costs and global banks have reduced their activities to undermine existing arrangements

Correspondent banks currently make the most payments and settlements among Arab countries and act as agents for foreign institutions that have no actual presence in a country
US and European banks' tightening in recent years has increased the cost of anti-money laundering, while some banks have moved out of the market to focus on more profitable sectors

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said on Sunday its board had approved the creation of an independent regional entity to settle payments among the 22 member states
The fund did not specify when the new mechanism would start, but Bank officials had earlier expected it to start operating in 2020
The capital of the new entity, which is supported by Arab banks, will be $ 100 million and owned by the Arab Monetary Fund

The new entity aims to support the use of local currencies in the settlement process between Arab countries

as well as major international currencies, the IMF said   LINK


Samson:  Arab Monetary Fund announces the establishment of a regional entity to settle payments between the 22 countries

2nd April, 2018

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) announced on Sunday that its board of directors has approved the establishment of an independent regional entity to settle payments among the 22 member states.

Arab countries have ended plans to set up an independent payment system across the region after high compliance costs and global banks have reduced their activities to undermine existing arrangements.

Correspondent banks currently handle most of the payments and settlements among Arab countries and act as agents for foreign institutions that have no actual presence in a country.
US and European banks' tightening in recent years has increased the cost of anti-money laundering, while some banks have moved out of the market to focus on more profitable sectors.

The fund did not specify a timing for the new mechanism to start, but Bank officials had earlier expected it to start operating in 2020. The capital of the new entity, backed by Arab banks, would be $ 100 million and owned by the Arab Monetary Fund.

The new entity aims to support the use of local currencies in the settlement process between Arab countries as well as major international currencies     LINK

MilitiaMan:  I am bringing this forward as WS set the stage yesterday. This above and below is a theme that is in essence not from only what has been done, what is presently being done, but also, for the what the future will tell us that is to be an ongoing process in regard to finance locally, regionally and internationally.

Lets not forget the order in which the meetings took place with Alak in recent past.

Jordan, Tunisia, Jordan, then the EU. All in regard to finance. All now done and approved.. Oh buddy.. lol Oh, throw in the LAW on currency banknote" acceptance of all notes", not just the
 current ones.. ~ MM 

Walkingstick:  ....Iraq looks forward to benefiting from the world's financial experiences

active mobility witnessed by the financial sector locally, regionally and internationally for the development of work joints and the development of banking products required by the economy awaits a major work stage represents the banking sector cornerstone of this activity.

The banking sector continues to experience regional experiences that have been highly successful in the field of finance. The visit of the delegation of Islamic banks in Iraq was positive within Bahrain and its financial and Arab institutions based in Manama during an intensive program organized by the Association of Iraqi Banks.

Development plans

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: "The plans for the development of the Iraqi financial sector require cooperation with regional and international counterpart institutions and stand at their successful experiences and benefit from them and the transfer of the banking sector to a new stage where openness to the world will increase knowledge and work to adopt systems that make Iraq is a competitor to the countries of the region and the world in banking services, especially that the training plans adopted by the Association and the competent institutions have created competencies capable of mastering advanced technology  ».

World banks offer more than 120 products to beneficiaries at different levels, companies and individuals, and perform the work in a field and through personal electronic devices.

  Prospects for cooperation

 "The delegation of Islamic banks in Iraq, which ended his visit to Bahrain recently, came out with positive results, several of which are the opening of new cooperation prospects, and this in itself will benefit from the contact with banks with sophisticated systems, especially that the other side recognizes the importance of Iraq on the arena of the international economy» . Iraqi banks provide about 15 banking products to their public, and thus need to develop their systems in line with developments in the international financial sector.

"The visit has witnessed the introduction of eight Iraqi Islamic banks requesting membership of the General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions in a move to open up to the financial institutions, banking and global, and to establish their presence in the Council, with the aim of starting with advanced levels of cooperation and support the Iraqi banking sector.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Association of Private Banks of Iraq and the Association of Banks of Bahrain with the aim of activating cooperation and providing facilities for Iraqi banks and the second with the General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions. The Association also prepared a long-term memorandum of understanding with the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Financial Training next period. Developmental mutations in turn between the Director of Training and Management Association in Ahmed al - Hashemi said «regional and international mobility is a necessity, especially that Iraq was cut off from the world for a long period of banking services through which large developmental mutations».

Hashemi added that «the visit revealed to the delegation the extent of aspiration of Bahraini banks, which have advanced mechanisms to work to the coming period, and the possibility of benefiting from the Bahraini experience in the field of training.

And administration}. Hashemi pointed out that «the visit strengthened confidence between the two sides, where can be achieved prospects for cooperation between the two sides in the desire to do so between the two sides, and look forward to the parties to strengthen cooperation to the benefit of both.


 The way your bring in the past tense is always very welcoming to say the least, WS.

It reeks of the completion of things of importance, necessity and benefits. The witnessing of something is from a perspective that was in process and now done not only locally, regionally but, internationally as well.

Internationalism represents Article 8 acceptance imo. Thus, the training and expertise required to maintain and manage the new systems is going to be an on going part of Article 8 in conjunction with other members that are in similar circumstance and will also benefit, as noted by the memorandum of understanding with Iraq, APB, ABB and the IFA all apparently apart of a General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Insitutions.. ...

The move up is very telling me that there is MR being completed and at the threshold. imo  ~ 04/21/2018 MM

Rommy:  To your point MM ... In My Opinion, The World Bank sometimes seems like a cliche but one look at this list and one realizes just how big it truly is.  Surely many members are aware of and have been maneuvering and preparing for the Iraq RI.
Don961:  World Bank: Proactive work in crisis areas

22/4/2018 12:00 am

Dr.. Magda Salman Mohammed *

It is certain that Iraq has been subjected to the worst barbaric attack in history by gangs, "Da'ash" terrorist, which occupied a number of cities and provinces of Iraq, and caused demographic changes and tampering with the capabilities, infrastructure and human of those cities.

The extent of the devastation and its dimensions outweigh the scale of natural disasters because it targeted human beings and the meaning of humanity. In this atmosphere of rapid developments, ways must be found to re-evaluate the risks to human security and freedom and the need to confront them through social policies and effective development programs, taking into consideration that the chances of any The potential outcomes in implementing these policies will depend on their comprehensiveness, their relevance to the reality, their reaching the target groups, and their integration with other societal variables through the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure in an effort to restore life to what it was, A terrorist from a terrorist organization.

After the strategy

The World Bank's presence as the first and foremost international economic institution with the Iraqi government was a loan for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of projects with strategic dimension in the cities of Iraq affected by terrorist operations through the Emergency Development Program (ODP), which was prepared within five weeks and is the fastest loan by the World Bank To support the emergency situation in Iraq, was signed in mid-2015 and the value of 350 million US dollars, including the first seven liberated areas and witnessed security stability and a remarkable return of the displaced, in the provinces of Salah al-Din (Durr, science, Tikrit, Dhuluiya, Diyala), the great Jalawla, (Within four sectors) DONC / water / health / roads, bridges / municipalities) implement projects relevant ministries Sectors.

The contract included the processing of transformers, power stations, poles and wires for power lines, as well as the reconstruction of roads and bridges within the national network such as the Haruniya bridge, the Narien bridge in Diyala, the Dhuluiya bridge, the Shishin bridge in Salah al-Din, the Naft Khanna-Khoknein road and the Imam Wiss road in Diyala, North of Baghdad, which means strengthening communication between the residents of these provinces, internally and externally with other provinces of Iraq, where it is a key building blocks in the re-weaving in the Iraqi society, as well as the processing of various mechanisms in the water sector, such as pelvic cars for the transfer of potable water and special mechanisms

(20) projects specialized in the processing and rehabilitation of water plants and liquidation projects in three governorates (Diyala, Salah al-Din, Anbar), and the Ministry of Water and Sewage, Each of these projects includes a group within the targeted areas and areas, some of which have achieved good achievements and some are still in the process of being analyzed.

Among the plans (25) bridges in the provinces, the plan entered into with the liberation of those areas completed (11) bridges in Salahuddin, Diyala, Anbar and Mosul.
Shopping Center

And with the continued liberalization of 2016 to include Anbar province in Ramadi, one of the largest districts in the province in terms of area (7639) km 2. And the population density (500) thousand people and includes three areas composed of population communities of 20 cities, where the bank directed towards the reconstruction of three bridges important and vital linking the center of Ramadi, where health and educational services and commercial centers of the communities of the judiciary, bridge Omar bin Abdul Aziz, Which was completed in February and officially opened by the beneficiaries and facilitated the movement of more than half a million citizens in the province Anbar
The World Bank returned in mid-2017 and immediately announced the liberation of Mosul to provide supplementary contractual plans for projects worth another $ 400 million and to enter other sectors within its ministry (Education / Transport / Water Resources / Agriculture) in an effort to accelerate the reconstruction of Mosul and the regions And the development of other sectors. The importance of dealing with the loan of the World Bank does not lie in the amount of the loan as much as theimportance of the mechanism of implementation that is transparent, accurate and real appreciation of the need. 

(3.5) million people

The World Bank was not far from the city of Nineveh - Mosul when liberated at the beginning of July, the second province of Iraq in terms of population density (3.5) million people spread over an area (33000) km square, was a race to restore life to that city, In the population component, which is characterized by the presence of the Tigris River divided into two halves of the right coast where the centers of commercial and medical services, housing and the left side where the centers of population and urban centers and government departments and the University of Mosul.

He supported the reconstruction of three bridges temporarily to ensure the quick return of life, including the second Muthanna bridge on the Khosr River and the fourth bridge linking the two parts of the city of Mosul and facilitate the transfer of hundreds of people between the two sides to reach their jobs. As he managed during a record period to complete the reconstruction of the first and oldest bridge, which is the iron bridge and with utmost accuracy while preserving the original shape of the bridge, which is one of the important landmarks of the city and connects the right coast on the left, which contributes to the return of life to the right coast and stability and help the displacement of displaced and return To the outskirts of the old city, which eases the crisis of the camps and the economic and social pressure that weighs the state budget.

The participation of the World Bank in the preparation of the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq through the study of the assessment of damages and needs in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning - a role in shedding light on the magnitude of damage in the affected provinces and has been presented to the international community at the conference and through it was To assess the extent of damage and to estimate the real financial costs of the reconstruction process in the provinces affected by terrorist operations.

Consultant Communication Fund Reconstruction    link     

MilitiaMan:  Quote:  "President of the Council of Ministers Dr. Al-Abadi visits the family of the martyr, General al-Anbar, former chief of police at his home, who was martyred by terrorism. His Lordship also visited the family of Sheikh Mahmud Obaid and Freih al-Alwani at his home, which killed five members of his family during their fight against ISIS terrorist gangs.:

"PM Al-Abadi arrives in Anbar province"

So we see the significance of the Reconstruction, construction and investments,  and it leads directly to the World Bank via Iraq... Trump spoke to Abadi of the aforementioned in pink and add in the Borders to be secured (read Syria being pounded by Iraq with help, wink) . It is all about timing. The recent Turkmenistan model talks about all of this in terms of the IMF's authority in such successful matters. imo I would say that clearly the mechanisms are in place and underway, just as the Truman is heading to Syria or well the Mediterranean anyway .. ~ MM
Iobey777:  Hmmm....the words IMPLEMENT and IMPLEMENTATION are showing up again today! I like it!! So now, let's see the RATE you are using to do this! C'mon....you can do it! Bring that baby to the showroom and highlight it!!We are ready for fireworks!

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 22, 2018


Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Saturday Night Fever" - GCR/RV Intel Update, 22 APRIL

Middle East 
Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon (Hezbollah) have surround the Syrian energy portal, and patrol it 24/7.

Israeli can only fly commercially in and out of Egyptian air space.

All of this is in preparation for the release of the currency revaluations.

IMF Spring Meetings
The terms “Open for Business” and “Level Playing Field” are spoken in every symposium. Open for Business means free trade without restriction because of the new
 finical system quantum computers, and level playing field means gold
standard benchmark currency rates. Zimbabwe is not publicly speaking at the IMF Spring Meetings as to lower their profile for the RV

Zimbabwe representatives were in NYC all week, and now in London, cleaning up debt, investment and old sanction matters that will be announced after their elections starting in July (21) through August (20) 2018.

Has been in Florida many believe for the start of the RV, easier to protect Donna in case of attack. She’s been there an entire week for no particular reason as a result causing horrible flight complications for local airports. A real problem. We understand that Trump firing Mueller is the flash-bang, but will only be used if necessary, should something go wrong like an attack—this to absorb the Sunday morning news cycle and for weeks and months beyond.

Firing Mueller is therefore not a requirement to starting the RV, but it you see it, know there’s been a counter attack. If you want peace, prepare for war.

Redemption & Call Centers
All staff on Stand-by since Friday night. There are 25,000 in-takes across North America; 40,000+ globally. 5 redundancy strategies including military bases. Sample redemptions are now taking just 30 minutes.
This due to a majority of questions / procedures being transferred to the second wealth management appointment. They want to get as many people in and out before morning light as possible.

RV has always hand two times based on basic economic principals. One is when the markets are all open (3am EST Wednesday) or two when the markets are all closed (8pm EST Saturday). This is because there must be an equal trading start globally. This is why when Nixon announced the firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox it came on Saturday night at 8:23pm. Nixon was removed for taking the United States off the gold standard in 1971. Ironically, the petrol dollar was installed in 1974 by newly installed VP Nelson Rockefeller (who was the controlling family behind ARAMCO or House of Saud).

All because the USA ran out of gold bullion to pay pack their Federal Reserve Bank’s issued sovereign debt, and countries began repatriating their gold held in US vaults. We understand that this Saturday night is optimal, with Wednesday morning night being back up 1a, and next Saturday night being back up 1b.

800#s and contact emails to purchased currency holders will flow out everywhere in the world simultaneously. No individual guru will be getting any special access or advanced warning. All of that talk is just ego or false information. All currency websites will go down for a scheduled "maintenance period” which they are unaware of. This will be down by NSA and military cyber security teams. And and all social media posts regarding the RV, appointment information and/or currency rates and contract terms will be removed with urgency, with the standard social network sites remaining in tact to keep up normal appearances. This patrolling will go on for several months. Repeated violations of NDA’s will be dealt with accordingly.

All rates are frozen and showing. Zimbabwe is the exact opposite of the Chinese Yuan, and we anticipate will remain there for sometime.

Over several decades that will follow, we anticipate the tiny African nation to swap currency with China thus converting our redeemed Zimbabwe dollars into Chinese Yuan, and slowly easing the volume into the money supply. As the Chinese Yuan goes up in value, so to will the profits of the Chinese and Africans, and the world will be none the wiser. Thus Zimbabwe will not only profit once on the issuance of their digital currency into the world banking system, but profit a second time when it’s ultimately arbitraged at a later date in exchange for the Chinese currency.


This while the rest of the world says, “What RV?” But not us:)

God is with us

Iraqi News

U.S. Relations With Iraq, 22 APRIL


Fact Sheet

April 28, 2017
More information about Iraq is available on the Iraq Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.


The U.S. Mission in Iraq remains dedicated to building a strategic partnership with Iraq and the Iraqi people. The December 2011 departure of U.S. troops from Iraq marked a milestone in our relationship as Iraq continues to develop as a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant country. Iraq is now a key partner for the U.S. in the region as well as a voice of moderation and democracy in the Middle East. Iraq has functioning government institutions including an active legislature, is playing an increasingly constructive role in the region, and has a bright economic future as oil revenues surpass pre-Saddam production levels with continued rapid growth to come.

The U.S. maintains vigorous and broad engagement with Iraq on diplomatic, political, economic, and security issues in accordance with the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement.
The Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) between Iraq and the U.S. provides the basis for the U.S.-Iraq bilateral relationship. It covers the range of bilateral issues including political relations and diplomacy, defense and security, trade and finance, energy, judicial and law enforcement issues, services, science, culture, education, and environment. Efforts to implement the SFA are overseen by the Higher Coordinating Committee and several Joint Coordination Committees, which meet periodically.

U.S. Assistance to Iraq

U.S. assistance to Iraq has changed over the last several years, shifting from large scale infrastructure projects to focus on capacity-building, long-term development, assistance to vulnerable groups, and democracy and governance. U.S. assistance also continues to help build the capacity of Iraq’s civil society organizations and elected representatives, including assistance in the modernization of Iraqi law and seeks to increase participation in the democratic process. U.S. bilateral assistance aims to preserve the strategic, political, and economic importance of the U.S.-Iraq partnership in a changing Middle East region.

U.S. security assistance supports the development of a modern, accountable, and professional Iraqi military capable of defending Iraq and its borders. U.S. security assistance programs also promote civilian oversight of the military, adherence to the rule of law, and the respect for human rights, while simultaneously increasing the Iraqi military’s capability to respond to threats and conduct counter-terrorism operations. Embassy Baghdad maintains the Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq to further these goals and to facilitate Iraq’s role as a responsible security partner, contributing to the peace and security of the region.

The U.S. Government strives to work in partnership with Iraqis on initiatives that they support with their own funds. The U.S. Government seeks to utilize assistance to help Iraq marshal its own financial resources for the self-sustaining benefit of its people.

Bilateral Economic Relations

The Iraqi Government has stated its desire to transition from a centrally run economy to one that is more market-oriented, though progress has been slow and uneven. Iraq is gradually deepening its trade with the international community, with both exports and imports showing rapid growth in recent years.

Turkey is currently Iraq’s largest trading partner
 The United States has designated Iraq as a beneficiary developing country under the Generalized System of Preferences program and a number of U.S. companies are active in Iraq, including in the energy, defense, Information technology, automotive, transportation sectors. Two-way trade in 2011 was $19.3 billion, with U.S. exports to Iraq at $2.4 billion (a 46.8% increase over 2010), and Iraqi exports to the United States at $16.9 billion, almost entirely consisting of crude oil. In the first half of 2012, U.S. exports totaled $951.7 million, down from $1.365 billion in the first half of 2011.

Iraq's Membership in International Organizations

Iraq’s re-integration into the international community has been underscored by their cooperation with international organizations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund,World Bank and Arab League. Iraq is also a candidate for accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  Link


Annie68:  what a day!! yesterday, filled with expectation and today silence!

Red:  According to at least 2 gurus we are suppost to go to the banks this week, thats what I have heard so far... 90 % chance not 100 %..... banks are getting eager to get your money

NetGlobal:  Yeah Red. That's what I've been hearing too…. Well Sunday is not done yet - at least in the US…. Forex opens at 5pm est

Red:  Sunday is big business day in Iraq….. Monday is a #2 big business day for those folk…. wyyyy they could be pushin the button as we speak

Elmerf23456:  People copy and submit my stuff all  the time to other forums. You want to copy something, copy this!

Folks...do not be discouraged. Listen Please. Do you own the currency? If so...keep it. BUT PLEASE allow yourself to not be on a daily timeline ! it’s not healthy and it sets your emotions up to fail.
Have the courage to wait as long as it takes and LIVE not depending on this to change your life any moment.

Will the event change your life yes do we actually know when that’s going to happen no!!!
It’s the most honest and transparent thing I can tell you .

OldCrow:  Everyone, please, enjoy this journey, we are all on it together. And it is far more cherishable when we do it with love and a positive attitude.

Elmerf123456:    Amen Old Crow

OldCrow:  ELMER Great advice from you as always. We should not be on the lookout for this on a minute by minute basis, or even day to day. It will happen. And it will happen because it must. It is a necessary step for the rehabilitation of Iraq.


Central refuses to distinguish between categories of banknotes 21st April, 2018 The Central Bank of Iraq refused on Saturday, 21 April 2018, to distinguish between categories of banknotes, considering discrimination a legal offense. The central bank said in a statement to the “obelisk” that “Iraqi banknotes are homogeneous in all categories and have absolute power of absolutism and are accepted by the Central Bank and its branches, banks, institutions and the public.” 

“The distinction between categories by imposing a certain category on the public or refusing to accept a certain category is unacceptable and is contrary to law,” the central bank said. The current Iraqi currency consists of seven categories: 250 dinars, 500 dinars, 1000 dinars, 5,000 dinars, 10,000 dinars, 25,000 dinars and 50,000 dinars, and the coins were withdrawn by the bank for non circulation by the public

It’s Been a VERY Busy Month.
The MOST SIGNIFICANT & IMPORTANT EVENT to take place over the past 4 Months, concluding this week – the IMF Meetings in Washington, D.C.
C. Largarde – “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its report on Wednesday that the global Debt rate reached UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS of $164 trillion in 2016 (and much higher ever since), equivalent to 225 percent of the world GDP (which is the Largest Worldwide Debt ON RECORD). ​

Global indebtedness increased 12 percent relative to GDP, compared with the previous peak period in 2009 led by China’s indebtedness.”
North Korea & South Korea agree to meet April 27th, to discuss Peace.
M. Pompeo met with N. Korea over Easter Weekend (April 1st).
N. Korea yesterday, April 20th, “Kim Jung Un has agreed to suspend Nuclear & Long Range missile testing & shut down a nuclear testing site and agreed to meet with Pres. Trump in May or early June.
We’ve been talking to you about the Importance of N. Korea, in this thing, for over 2 years.
The United States Cannot and Will Not afford, a glitch in the system, during the Iraq Elections.
They HAVE protected & will continue to protect, their investment – Short Term & Long Term. Quietly.
An RV in Iraq WILL NOT insure a Win for Abadi because Abadi has ALREADY Won.
THUS, why he has allegedly said, he’s going to delete the zero’s, IMMEDIATELY AFTER the elections, MAY 12th, 2018.
Which is 60 DAYS after March 12, 2018 when they publicly came out and said, the Lower Denominations of currency were being released “In the Coming Days”.


dinard: The typical economy in need of currency reform is cash based and highly dollarized, with multiple currencies circulating at the same time.

dinard: a redenomination makes no one richer or poorer. Technically most redenominations of currencies are undertaken by using factors of 10, 100, or 1,000 and simply moving the decimal point a certain number of steps to the left to establish a new value.

​Such a change is simple to explain to the general public and easy for companies to implement. It also represents a clear way of monitoring whether price gouging is taking place.

xyz: Free listen from horse's mouth
Introducing a new currency is a complex process—one that Turkmenistan completed successfully   http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2013/12/lonnberg.htm

dinard: @xyz article seems to show that imf would rather just redenominate instead of RV.

xyz: @dinard for the case of Turkmenistan ... does iraq have same symptoms?

Spectra: samson said (Post #150) LINK Newspaper: Iraq has not received one dollar from the contributions

dinard: @xyz they have hyperinflation thats for sure. other than that it doesnt say much about turkmenistans situation prior to RD.

dinard: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/american-hero-lee-wanta-the-27-trillion-dollar-man/# the king of currency exchange

dinard: @Spectra did they back out?

Spectra: @dinard not sure but no payment .  maybe they are wanting more reasurance/

Doug_W: I ask this: Why give money to such a corrupt system? why not wait till its better controlled

dinard: @Doug_W i dont think corruption will be fixed there for a while

Doug_W: I agree but it sure looks like they have started in a big way to root it out

Spectra: ktfa-posting-BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi will not oppose any foreign action by local officials in the liberated provinces to raise funds or get Grants for the reconstruction of their areas.

"The Kuwait conference on donors for Iraq has not achieved any results, and the countries that have announced their donation have not delivered Iraq a dollar yet, despite the urgent need to expedite the relief of the population in those areas," the newspaper quoted a senior official in the Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers as saying.

"The work is currently limited to international and UN organizations, as well as the efforts of Arab charitable organizations, such as Kuwait and Qatar, which have helped the government provide drinking water and various assistance, ,

 As well as the merchants and the well-being of the inhabitants of these cities also help, but these contributions can not achieve anything on the ground in proportion to the amount of great ruin.

The official said that "the government will grant large concessions to the local companies that take the initiative in helping the people of these cities and to assist them, within the framework of governmental treatment,

including that Abadi will not oppose the visit of members of the provincial councils or governors and local officials to the States Arab or foreign and the door of organizations, to mobilize support and assistance in the reconstruction of cities, and even welcomes such steps by the governments of those provinces.

Spectra: Newspaper: Iraq has not received one dollar from the contributions of the Kuwait Conference

Spectra: http://www.almaalomah.com/2018/04/21/302686/
xyz: Plan B for Premir Ibadi after Kuwait Conf.

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi senior officials reported that Premier Haidar al-Ibadi has Plan B following the disappointment of Kuwait donation conference.

The sources reported that Premier Ibadi will not object that the provincial government will try to get donations or financial grants to rehabilitate their areas.

According to available information, Premier Ibadi hinted this point many times, but it should be with full knowledge of the central government in Baghdad.

The sources pointed that the Kuwait conference did not yield positive results till now, taking into consideration that one quarter a million of Iraqi residences were destroyed by Da’ish (ISIS) war.

38 cities and provinces in the north and west of Iraq were destroyed in Da’ish war since 2014.

The Iraqi parliament put 21 Iraqi cities as destroyed cities at the end of thee last year, where the destruction reached over 60% of the cities’ infrastructures and properties, as well as human losses.

Till now, the Iraqi government did not start the rehabilitation of the liberated cities, except removing the debris and dismantling the mines and bombs.

Iraqi economic sources believe that the Kuwaiti donation conference “did not achieve tangible results”.

Spectra: How the Central Bank deals with burnt banknotes 4/21/2018 0 Comments Picture The Central Bank of Iraq, that the banknotes damaged due to burning or burial underground or any other reason provided to him and his branches exclusively.

The central bank says in a statement, that in the event can not be counting banknotes damaged for any reason they are presented to the discretion of the Committee of cash for securities damaged at the center or branch to verify the authenticity and appreciation of the value according to the mechanism:

First , support from the Directorate of Civil Defense or Center The police or the Supreme Judicial Council in respect of burnt banknotes exceeding one million dinars, in addition to providing proof of the source of funds in respect of large amounts in excess of 10 million dinars.

 Second: - procuring the bank will be 5% of the banknotes damaged in favor of the value, "discretion The Committee shall issue a decision within five working days from the date of receipt of the banknotes discretion of the Committee in the section headed by the Director General.

Third: - be offset net banknotes damaged estimated by the Commission to The maximum amount of 25 million dinars within the authority of the Director General for issuing and treasuries and more than that is the competence of the Governor of the Central Bank,

 in addition to that the estimated value of banknotes damaged up to 5 million within the authority of the Director General of the branch and further raises the Central Bank "Center" without Examination process of the branch.

xyz: 4-21-2018 Dr. Clarke The United States Cannot and Will Not afford, a glitch in the system, during the Iraq Elections. They HAVE protected & will continue to protect, their investment - Short Term & Long Term.

Quietly. An RV in Iraq WILL NOT insure a Win for Abadi…because Abadi has ALREADY Won…THUS, why he has allegedly said, he’s going to delete the zero’s, IMMEDIATELY AFTER the elections, MAY 12th, 2018…which is 60 DAYS after March 12, 2018 when they publicly came out and said, the Lower Denominations of currency were being released “In the Coming Days”.

Dave: Iraq pays off 48 billion of 51-52. Billion to Kuwait.......almost like always with these folks

xyz: @Zig perception is a reality ... human collide and 'soon' come to an understand WHERE SOON IS NOT THE DINARVILLE DEFINITION
Spectra: Iraq is resuming payment of compensation for Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait and that is the amount, 21 APRIL Twilight News 3 hours ago The Iraqi authorities have resumed paying compensation to Kuwait because of former President Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Iraq, with $ 90 million approved on Friday.

The first installment approved by the United Nations Compensation Commission since 2014 when payments were suspended after extremists took control of large areas of Iraq. The Security Council approved the formation of the commission in 1991, the year in which the US-led coalition forces pushed Saddam Hussein's forces out of Kuwait.

The Committee decided that Baghdad would pay $ 52.4 billion in compensation to individuals, corporations, government organizations and others who suffered losses directly resulting from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The source of the funds is a tax imposed on sales of oil and Iraqi oil derivatives. With the payment approved on Friday, the Commission paid a total of $ 47.9 billion to some 1.5 million complainants.

Until it stops paying in 2014, Iraq has agreed to impose the tax, but some still wonder if this is fair for a country struggling to rebuild it after Saddam Hussein was toppled in a 2003 invasion. http://www.shafaaq.com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/1b1a7576-749a-4f35-8367-5399a71d8bf3 ****

Maybe the RV still isnt here because Iraq was waiting to finish the repayment for Compensation for Saddam Hussein's invasion to Kuwait. Iraq is smart, they know that a country in debt is a really problem for maintain the value of a currency in high.

Im sure that Iraq want a currency strong and are working since the first day that they fell in Chapter 7 in convert its currency in one strong, this goal dont admit errors or mistakes in the process. They are patient, only they are waiting the appropiate moment for release the currency to the market with a real value and not one artificial. So be patient, will be rewarded at the end, Im su

Spectra: The Committee decided that Baghdad would pay $ 52.4 billion in compensation to individuals, corporations, government organizations and others who suffered losses directly resulting from the invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

Spectra: The source of the funds is a tax imposed on sales of oil and Iraqi oil derivatives.

Dave: @Spectra Iraq still Chapter 7 according to the Canadian Govt website and others
Dave: @Spectra do you think that the UN imposed sanctions caused the Dinar To tank?

Spectra: They sanctioned the money.....

Dave: @Spectra how many articles have we seen directly from the CBI regarding "Restoration of the value of the Dinar". coming out at 1180 to the dollar....with LDs....... That truly would expensive toilet paper and cost more to print, but welcome to Iraq

Dave: @Spectra Thanks to BUSH

Spectra: @Dave i did see a video ,where Abadi stated he is out of chapter 7 ..Many did ..see this video it came from the Iraq Goverment the video? ....so ...the chapter 7 you speak about? im not sure what's up?

Spectra: @Dave The video....was all over ..did you see it?

xyz: @Dave iraq is NOT on chapter 7 maybe Canadian govt servers got frozen over the winter --- I pray this will not be construed as name calling

Spectra: @xyz lol

Dave: @Spectra Yes, this was regarding their oil for food program UNAMI they were dropped from that, one of the articles /items under Chapter 7

Spectra: @Dave well have you ever read the ..SBA ..tHE STAND BY AGREEMENT?

Dave: @xyz spend a few moments and google Iraq chapter 7 and convinces yourself

Spectra: @Dave This is on the imf ...it states the oil for food program will be a part of the removal of chapter 7.

Dave: @xyz UNAMI ,part of the UN??

Spectra: @Dave SBA ..AGREEMENT .: @Dave Answer is there...pretty long ..i forgot what page..

Dave: I have heard of this SBA for a decade  : 17 pages of it as I recollect

xyz: @Dave URL please

Spectra: @Dave maybe page 9 if my memory is right   7 through 9

Dave: I think IQD team has it

Spectra: @Dave probably    the imf has it too

xyz: @Dave IQD Team no long offer external link -- i reserve my comments

Spectra: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/scr/2006/cr0615.pdf

Dave: So why have so many Govts around the world still list IRAQ Chapter7?

Spectra: WHO KNOWS ?

xyz: @Spectra that's dated January 2006 ... if my memory serve me right, chapter 7 was clear in the last yr

Spectra: @Dave how many goverments say this?
Spectra: @xyz right but they can do their own work : @xyz im not looking you can

Hawk: Your Prime Minister goes to other countries, dresses up and dances around like a clown.... That might have something to do with it...lmao

Spectra: @Dave what goverments?   you said canada what others?

xyz: @Spectra Dave has different evidence ... there nothing 4 me to look 4
Spectra: im waiting please tell me dave what other governments say IRAQ is still under chapter 7?....you said others!

Dave: http://www.international.gc.ca/sanctions/index.aspx?lang=eng      updated 2018

Spectra: @Dave not canada the others.
Spectra: @Dave i want too see more ...you said so many...if i see another then ill be more likely ....to believe

xyz: @Dave i don't see iraq on that page

Dave: http://www.austrac.gov.au/businesses/important-information-industry/sanctions

xyz: @Dave ty dave but that was b4
Dave: @xyz its there

xyz: @Dave i have read most of these articles ... o yes an a weirdo ... Oooops i just called myself a name

Spectra: :??

Dave: @Spectra need more?

Spectra: @Dave its ok ty ..i wish you could find it.i quit reading..had something to do here sorry..appreceated

xyz: @Dave All Measures Imposed under Iraq Oil-for-Food Programme Implemented in Full, Security Council Concludes, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2390 (2017) The Security Council concluded today that all the measures imposed in its resolutions 1958 (2010) and 2335 (2016) pursuant to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in relation to the Iraq oil-for-food programme had been fully implemented.


Dave: @xyz BINGO

xyz: @Dave 8 December 2017

Dave: @xyz JACKPOT

xyz: @Dave do you have anything contrary?

Spectra: @Dave so what are you worried about?

Dave: THAT is Just one article under Chappter7 of many, Like the repayment to Kuwait

Spectra: @Dave you find that in the SBA

Dave: @xyz yepp 69 pages

xyz: @Dave o dear there were a bunch of posting addressing that as well ... i shall not revisit that rabbit hole

Dave: @xyz agreed their

Dave: @xyz Paris accord yadda yadda   @xyz recycled again
Dave: @xyz That article just states no more than the lifting the humanitarian relief efforts in getting oil for food

Spectra: @Dave you did not post where it says canada says iraq has not lifted 7 either.....

Dave: @Spectra 50 times

Spectra: @Dave copy and paste it here

Dave: @Spectra

Spectra: @Dave i must have missed it.......you putting a link....not the actual words

Dave: @Spectra

Dave: @Spectra yes the proof not my words

Spectra: a prohibition on the export of arms and related material to any person in Iraq; and an assets freeze against the previous government of Iraq (i.e., that existed prior to May 22, 2003) and any person designated by the UN sanctions committee established pursuant to Resolution 661 (661 Committee).

Dave: @Spectra List of sanctions The sanctions regimes currently implemented under Australian sanction laws are: ◾Central African Republic ◾Counter-terrorism ◾Crimea and Sevastopol ◾Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) (countermeasures also in place for DPRK) ◾Democratic Republic of the Congo ◾Eritrea ◾Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ◾Guinea-Bissau ◾Iran (countermeasures also in place for Iran) ◾Iraq ◾ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida ◾Lebanon ◾Libya ◾Myanmar ◾Russia ◾Somalia ◾South Sudan ◾Sudan ◾Syria ◾The Taliban ◾Ukraine ◾Yemen

Spectra: a prohibition on the export of arms and related material to any person in Iraq; and an assets freeze against the previous government of Iraq (i.e., that existed prior to May 22, 2003) and any person designated by the UN sanctions committee established pursuant to Resolution 661 (661 Committee).

Dave: @Spectra •Central African Republic •Democratic Republic of the Congo •Eritrea •Iran •Iraq •Lebanon •Libya •Myanmar •North Korea •Russia •Somalia •South Sudan •Sudan •Syria •Tunisia •Ukraine •Venezuela •Yemen •Zimbabwe

Spectra: On August 6, 1990, acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 661 imposing comprehensive sanctions on the regime of Saddam Hussein in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. These sanctions were implemented in Canada through the United Nations Iraq Regulations (SOR/90-531).

Most sanctions against Iraq were lifted by the adoption of Resolution 1483 on May 22, 2003, with the exception of an embargo against weapons and a prohibition on dealing in stolen Iraqi cultural property. The sanctions regime has subsequently been modified by additional resolutions, including Resolutions 1511 (2003), 1518 (2003) and 1546 (2004).

The United Nations Iraq Regulations (SOR/90-531) were repealed when new regulations, also entitled the United Nations Iraq Regulations (SOR/2003-221), were made to implement these decisions of the Security Council in Canadian domestic law.

Dave: @Spectra thaSanctions Canadian sanctions are imposed under the United Nations Act (UNA), the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA) or the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (JVCFOA). For specific information about the sanctions regime imposed against countries or individuals, consult the relevant regulations.

These can be found on the Regulations pages linked below. More information on the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Regulations can be found on the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act page. 
​Canada has imposed sanctions and/or related measures against the following countries: •Central African Republic •Democratic Republic of the Congo •Eritrea •Iran •Iraq •Lebanon •Libya •Myanmar •North Korea •Russia •Somalia •South Sudan •Sudan •Syria •Tunisia •Ukraine •Venezuela •Yemen •Zimbabwe Canada has implemented mechanisms to prevent the concealment and transfer of funds or assets used to finance terrorism.

These allow specified measures to be applied to listed terrorist entities. •Terrorist Entities, including Al-Qaida and Taliban

chattels: good afternoon all

chattels: “MAY 2018”…MAGIC. says Dr. Clarke. Be still my heart.

Dave: @chattels I like Magic

chattels: @Dave Or not very intelligent more likely. Been here and done it several times before.

Dave: @chattels "May the Forces be with US"

chattels: @Dave Increasingly I think in terms of Divine intervention. :)

Dave: @chattels Amen

chattels: @Dave The saying, " I don't just believe in miracles, I depend upon them.", comes to mind, eh ?


4-22-2018  Newshound Guru Mnt Goat  The FACTS are now telling us this – unless the GOI can passes the last remaining needed laws, the CBI is not going to go ahead. The CBI also has to collect more of these larger 3 zero notes and so the final push during this last stage to do so. Now having said all this, the CBI does not just go dead either while they wait for the GOI to catch up.Instead they are still pushing forward in anticipation that the GOI will complete its part very soon, hopefully even prior to the elections...

4-22-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin    
Article:  “The Central Bank refuses to distinguish between categories of banknotes and prepares a legal violation   I think they are educating the people on currency exchange. All catagories will be accepted. It is law. The only ones that will not be accepted are counterfeit notes and the banks will be fined if they pass those. 

4-22-2018  Newshound/Intel Guru Frank26  …IMO Iraq just finished printing not only the small notes for their RI but also 000's notes.  "What the frank are you talking about, Frank?"  Well, you see the small notes are for the RI but the extra 000's notes are to replace the worn and torn 000 notes that have been in the market since 2003.  Yes, they printed a few new series of 25K's sometime around 2015  with the metal strips, but these notes too are old now and well used.  Because the 000's and the small notes will co-exist for many years to come, it is necessary to do what I just suggested. And thank God they are doing this with the 000's.  Why?  You many not want to exchange all your dinars at the  onset and if they co-exist for years to come, oh snap, you have the advantage.


Published on Apr 19, 2018

NOTE: content wise, in my humble opinion, this Segment 4 is likely ~ the most detailed information to date, about ~ M & MsM team's specific plans for an "RV" [relevant to different global currencies, DINAR, 'ZIM', DONG, etc.], exactly what financial 'products' they are currently focused on bringing in right now, M's specific plans & in-depth knowledge about crypto currency & the importance of the uncomplicated, robust & secure nature of block-chain programming in its use as a decentralized, transactional based software, inclusive of its importance to a new financial system relevant to the 'banking' industry; the positive events, and real changes, happening to the "DEEP STATE", the current status of the 'Cabal' specifically relevant to recent arrests, near future resignations in global banking, and especially global media, the shutting-down of one aspect of negative AI... and more.


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, here we are Father facing another weekend with hopes of getting the information we have been waiting for. Will this be like the multitude of previous weekends where we watch the clock count down the minutes and days off with even more speculation and no real hard core information about where we are and when will it happen? We all need some solid information. Help us Father

Dear Lord God Almighty, we know from times gone by that there would be periods on little to no information about our progress as we get closer to the end of our journey but how could we have known that it would last as long as it has? Still like walking through a thunderstorm we will continue to trudge on forward toward the end of our journey like walking in the rain the false information hits soaking ourselves and weakening our spirits.

Comfort us Jesus during these sometimes horrific moments of despair as we begin to feel the hand of the devil on our backs and tugging at our faith as we watch the hours then days drift on by. Show us the way to keep our eyes on the prize and give us the power to stand our ground and deflect the arrows thrown at us for remaining strong on our conviction to make our world into a better pace. “Our Destiny Awaits”


Good morning WSOMN. TED, again, thank you for your prayer. Much appreciated.

AB thank you for the news. Much appreciated. It keeps my hope alive.

Well Bill I don't think I could wake up to better news on my birthday! Amen AB

FYI: here’s the gist of Becky’s call: can’t say much. Asked not to. Keyword is eminent and we will see this sooner than expected. In response to callers question, before May.

Becky has been pretty unreliable so don't get feathers too ruffled


Samson:  Abadi: Just as we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of building and prosperity

 22nd April, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed on Sunday the importance of working for the return of sectarianism and conditions, while the bloodshed on the ground was "the greatest evidence of unity."

Abadi said during a speech at a large gathering of the Anbar clans, according to a statement issued by his media office and his follower "obelisk", we stress "the importance of working for the return of the situation back and the return of sectarianism and not to listen to the voices that do not want to Iraq good," noting that " Of our forces achieved victory in front of gangs wanted to return Iraq to pre-history. "

"The greatest proof of our unity is the blood that has come here on the ground," he said. "When the Iraqis came to defend Iraq, they did not go for political ends but for their homeland."

"As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation."

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Anbar province to discuss the security and political situation with his officials.   LINK

Get1later:  Rates seem to be settling around $120 (Drop those ZEROS NOW Please)

The exchange rate of the dollar is witnessing a slight decline in the Kifah Stock

April 22, 2018
The exchange rate of the dollar is witnessing a slight decline in the Kifah Stock Exchange and settling locally

Prices The dollar was slightly oversubscribed on the stock market below

Stock Exchange _ Baghdad

While prices were for Saturday

120.050 Selling and buying prices in the exchange shops

The sale price of the dollar = 120.000 dinars

The purchase price of the dollar = 119.050 dinars



Samson:  Arab states end regional payment settlement mechanism

 22nd April, 2018

Arab countries have finalized plans to set up an independent payment system across the region after high compliance costs and global banks have reduced their activities to undermine existing arrangements

Correspondent banks currently make the most payments and settlements among Arab countries and act as agents for foreign institutions that have no actual presence in a country
US and European banks' tightening in recent years has increased the cost of anti-money laundering, while some banks have moved out of the market to focus on more profitable sectors

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said on Sunday its board had approved the creation of an independent regional entity to settle payments among the 22 member states

The fund did not specify when the new mechanism would start, but Bank officials had earlier expected it to start operating in 2020

The capital of the new entity, which is supported by Arab banks, will be $ 100 million and owned by the Arab Monetary Fund

The new entity aims to support the use of local currencies in the settlement process between Arab countries as well as major international currencies, the IMF said    LINK

Samson:  Work: arrest of employee visiting smart cards for salaries of social benefits

 22nd April, 2018

Labor Ministry announced on Sunday, the arrest of an employee is forging smart cards for the receipt of social welfare salaries, possession of more than 4 million dinars. 

A spokesman for the ministry, Ammar Menem, said in a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press" a copy of him, "The employee was arrested in the vocational training department, which falsifies the smart card for receipt of social welfare salaries with a fingerprint device as well as a number of smart cards, Estimated at more than (4) million dinars. "
He added that "the arrest was carried out in cooperation with the intelligence officer of the ministry and the national security apparatus," referring to "handing over the deceased to the Office of the Criminal Investigation Adhamiya to complete the investigation and referred to the judiciary for legal punishment."

The ministry, under the direct supervision of Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, has arrested several counterfeiters and networks of comment and seized public money as part of the strategy to combat corruption and corrupt and maintain public money.   LINK


Don961:  Oil of Iraq .. Two prices and mysterious imports outside the accounts

 Journal  April 22, 2018
Baghdad - Razak al-Yasiri

Iraq's budget for 2018, the price of a barrel of oil was $ 46, while oil prices in the global market to plan that ceiling much, which means that the national economy can breathe a sigh of relief after years of poor exacerbated the security and economic crises. 

During the period of preparation and vote of the House of Representatives on the budget, jumped oil prices to exceed the $ 60 per barrel, but the parliament and the government did not disappoint her and appealed to pass.

The silence of the parliamentary and the government towards the increase in oil imports and the lack of disclosure mechanism to increase the increase, put many question marks by experts and specialists, while some critical criticism of the legislative and executive authorities, considering that they lack efficiency and caused chaos in the budget law.

In this regard, says member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Hossam Aqabi, "The financial surplus achieved as a result of the difference in current oil prices than what is in the budget of 2018 will address the budget deficit, which amounted to 22 trillion dinars, in addition to strengthening the size of the cash reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq," noting That "part of that surplus will be allocated to the emergencies experienced by the country."

And on the lack of inclusion in the law of the general budget for 2018 prices of oil at prices that have risen and exceeded 60 dollars per barrel, said the expert in the economic Majid Suri, "The chaos overshadowed the government and the House of Representatives during the stage of preparation and passage of the budget, which led to ignoring this matter and import imports Great financial was not in mind. "

"The chaos in the work of the government and parliament led to the failure to calculate the increase in oil prices in the budget of 2018 to pass the calculation of the price per barrel below the real price by a large margin," he told the Ministry of Planning and Finance "responsible for this because of their lack of awareness of the monthly increase The price of oil and its budget. "

And the expected results as a result of increased oil prices, said the oil expert Hamzah al-Jawahiri, «Journal News», that "the federal budget will receive a surplus estimated at 25 billion dollars this year, in the event of oil prices continue at $ 60 or more, That "the surplus will end the budget deficit and strengthen the cash reserve with the Central Bank of about 10 billion dollars."

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Oil announced the export of more than 107 million barrels of crude oil during the month of March, indicating that the statistics did not record any exports from the fields of Kirkuk.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Oil Assem Jihad, "The amount of exports of crude oil for the month of March, according to preliminary statistics issued by the company marketing the oil (Sumo) amounted to 107 million and 50 thousand barrels," explaining that "the revenues of these exports amounted to more than 6 billion and 418 Million and 58 thousand dollars, while not recorded statistics exports from the fields of Kirkuk. "

He added that "the daily rate of exports amounted to 3 million and 453 thousand barrels," noting that "the average price per barrel amounted to 59,954 dollars."  link
Samson: Railways achieved revenues of 6 billion dinars during the past three months

 22nd April, 2018              
The General Manager of the General Company of Railways of the Ministry of Transport, Salam Jabor Salloum, announced on Sunday that the number of passengers on the trains of the General Company for Railroad 77 thousand during the first quarter of this year, while the total exceeded revenues achieved by six billion dinars for the same period

"The number of passengers transported by the company's trains during the first quarter of this year amounted to 77,723 passengers, expecting to double the number during the second quarter of the same year," he said, noting that "This is the result of the excellent services provided by the company to passengers."
He added that "the revenues achieved for the same period exceeded six billion dinars, noting that the company directed all employees of the importance of the smooth flow of passenger trains, especially during peak times," noting that "trains depart from Baghdad daily and two flights, the first at 7 pm and the second at 8 pm , While starting from the Basra station by two flights also, the first at 8 pm and the second at 9 pm

Salloum stressed that "there is an urgent desire to travel by train because of its comfort, speed and punctuality." He pointed out that "an extensive meeting with a delegation from the Chinese company (ccec), which is specialized in projects of laying and construction of railways, A detailed presentation of the map of the networks of the extended rail in all provinces and the limits of linkage between neighboring countries and the future outlook in the implementation of rail projects of economic feasibility.
He explained that "the delegation showed great desire to enter into the investment of projects proposed by the Iraqi Railways, after the feasibility study, which includes the projects (Shalamjah - Basra), (Yusufiyah - Musayyib - Karbala - Najaf - Samawah) Karbala - Najaf) 70 kilometers to link the two holy cities with the train (monorail)     LINK