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OOOTAH Conf Call w/Becky


Doug_W: US Strikes Syria chemical weapons research N storage areas

Baxter: Another DINAR Day is Upon us..

Doug_W: yes it is

xyz: Source: Iraq will lose financial pledges to donor countries at the Kuwait Conference because ... RV? "Abadi does not seem willing to start negotiations with the contractors before the elections, and he may wait until the new government is formed, which will be at least July, the date that will miss the opportunity for Iraq fully."


xyz: @Doug_W

JoeSchmoe: Well July is just about the time we start seeing articles to put off deleting zeros until eoy, then it becomes the first part or qtr of 'next' year.
​JoeSchmoe: all a cycle

JoeSchmoe: if ZIG is around, put my above in your list...so that come July, people will see that. ;roller-coaster;

Doug_W: where have we ever seen that B4 Joe?

JoeSchmoe: the past 5 years?: at the same time every year?

xyz: These are the 12 ‘dirtiest’ fruits and veggies in your fridge https://moneyish.com/upgrade/these-are-the-12-dirtiest-fruits-and-veggies-in-your-fridge/

spankie: @JoeSchmoe u r a very wise man-- iqd = nada

JoeSchmoe: @spankie not wise, just seasoned

spankie: @JoeSchmoe i think we r wasting our time , u would think if this were going to happen it would have- : it is the internet- virtual- all these articles , are they real?

JoeSchmoe: at the same time, who's gonna sell their dinar without a rate increase? NO ONE. Once you are sucked into this, you're here for life. Only a few people are/were able to get out. There have been those that have been in this since it all started...13(?)+ years ago,and they are STILL convinced(as am I) by the speculative translations of articls.

mikexx: Yes i have been in this since it started

JoeSchmoe: If you are newbie, it is much easier to exit this thing

mikexx: And i agree with Joe

JoeSchmoe: BECAUSE you have/had money to buy dinar
JoeSchmoe: note: @mikexx and WHY are you still here? Tell them!  how many years? 13?

mikexx: for the reasons you have said: been in this 15 years

JoeSchmoe: there s BIG power in the though/dream of instant wealth

mikexx: i no longer believe if i'm honest

JoeSchmoe: but you are STILL here!

mikexx: but cling on to hope i suppose

JoeSchmoe: I TRY to keep believing

JoeSchmoe: hope is a powerful thing too

mikexx: yes indeed it is

JoeSchmoe: The trick is to get rid of the  gurus. But that will be impossible

mikexx: but my head tells me this thing would have happened by now, even if it was worth 1 cent

JoeSchmoe: right

mikexx: and every year we have this same BS.

blackgold: I feel sorry for those who put all their savings into dinar. I will never sell mine back, it will become wall paper before i give it back at a lost. The IMF,UN, US Federal Reserve and world bank can hold this up for a long time, But I'm going to wait those Bast--ds out

mikexx: by that i mean, it's gonna happen soon, in January, no in Feb, no by Christmas, etc
mikexx: the circle continues
spankie: @mikexx everyone is guessing

mikexx: yet the value does not even get to 1 cent, blind faith and greed keep people believing
mikexx: yes spankie

JoeSchmoe: @mikexx exactly! GREED

JoeSchmoe: and Christians in this(which is over 90%)can't see that, which is very ironic

blackgold: That is one of the reasons we don't have a RV,they know there are Christians in this

JoeSchmoe: @mikexx and yet there are still those that have been in as long as us,who still 'keep the faith'
JoeSchmoe: @mikexx they say,"Just have faith"....

mikexx: 15 years of waiting, in the end i grew up. 15 years ago Bitcoin did not exist, that made money for some people and yet the dinar nadda

JoeSchmoe: @mikexx did/do you own bitcoin?

mikexx: no: i bought some gold

blackgold: oh you decided to take the red pill

mikexx: what i meant was 15 years dinars have done nothing for me, but had i bought botcoin in the early days i would have made some good money. That takes me back to what i first said, how comes the dinar in 15 years is not even worth 1 cent

mikexx: i spent years buying dinars, i believed in this so much at one time

blackgold: @mikexx The IMF,UN, US Federal Reserve and world bank

mikexx: When i have the money in my bank, i will believe again, not before

blackgold: @mikexx They don't have Iraq under their thumb yet

mikexx: Maybe so, but they never had bitcoin under their thumb, but it still went up in value

Anna-man: Any body know about selling zim notes...where n who is the contact person or organisation

JoeSchmoe: @Anna-man seriously

Baxter: Anna.... good luck... they are worthless

Baxter: How in the world did this ZIM thing ever get to this point... I know.... G U R U S

JoeSchmoe: I see why people believe in the ZIM. I mean....if WE ALL can believe something like 1000% ROI will happen with the dinar, the why can't it happen with the ZIM, and they can pay less????

Doug_W: @Anna-man PLEASE don't waste you money /please

blackgold: oh, by the way, Vote NO for Credit Unions to be taxed like banks or you will lose your great mortgages car loans and free services

Clay: @larrykn yep

larrykn: I hope your right Clay

Clay: @larrykn me too

larrykn: I believe they are ready but afraid to push the botton

Clay: @larrykn what can they possibly be affraid of

larrykn: not being able to rip off Iraq any more lol

Clay: @larrykn people with money are happy people lesss crime'

Clay: @larrykn they stole enough

larrykn: did you see Maliki has 3 billion dollars, now where did he get all that $$$

Clay: @larrykn stole it we all know that

Doug_W: he is a THIEF

Clay: @larrykn an Iranian puppet

larrykn: very much so
larrykn: if they can get the corruption under control then I think they will change the rate

Clay: @larrykn agree

Spectra: Trump's economic and military war on Syria! Will it reach Iraq? http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=4732

larrykn: as Kap is concerned , he says they will start where they are at. I don't think they will start at the program rate. make no sence. it won't do anything for them, they need help now not it 2 yrs/ they had article that stated they were testing at around $1.13 that is were I think they will start

larrykn: @Spectra gm. no this was a one time strike, Iraq doesn't want to get involved with Syria , except to keep Issi out

Clay: @larrykn I'd take 1.13

[pm]Doug_W: I'd take .13

larrykn: @Clay me too
​mikexx: I'd take 20 cents: never thought I'd say that

Spectra: IM SURE most of us would love 20 cents

larrykn: I wouldn't take 20 cents because I know Iraq is worth so much more

Clay: @mikexx cant happen or they would still use USD

mikexx: I'd still be a multi millionaire at 20 cents, i think just

larrykn: that's right Clay they want the USD off the streets , the dinar has to be higher then the dollar to do that

[pm]Doug_W: 'U must have a Lolly full Mine    [pm]Doug_W: lori sorry

mikexx: i do have a bit

Clay: @larrykn thats right

[pm]Doug_W: what Do U call a tractor trailer?

larrykn: a semi :)
[pm]Doug_W: he is in teh UK

clay: @larrykn talking of semis :laugh


14 Apr 18, 03:40 PM
JoeSchmoe: when was this that you were told
14 Apr 18, 03:40 PM
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe he started when the war first started in iraq
14 Apr 18, 03:41 PM

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe so he was one of the first over there
14 Apr 18, 03:41 PM
JoeSchmoe: okay...see NOW I have a slightly different feeling. I believe YOU Spec, and I really don't believe you are a guru. BUT....this still all feels like SH!T!!

14 Apr 18, 03:41 PM
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe we just put it up and never came into this guru or dinar community untill 2012
14 Apr 18, 03:42 PM
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe its fine wait....
14 Apr 18, 03:42 PM

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe time line may have changed nothing more
14 Apr 18, 03:44 PM
JoeSchmoe: @Spectra thankyou for elaborating on why you feel how you do about this. Your words bring more credibility(in my mind) than a gur@sshole that says 'my sources told me this, but I can't tell you who they are....yada yada yada"

14 Apr 18, 03:46 PM
JoeSchmoe: first off, I think you NOT to be one of these liars seeking out attention. So when I saw you say "because my decision came from the military job my husband had ...we had a knowing of a different kind.....", I got the same feeling that I got when my tax prep guy told me about the contractors he did taxes for, who were hired to watch wharehouses of dinar. Because HE nor his contractor clients had no reason to even talk about dinar,when it isn't really even a known thing over here.
14 Apr 18, 03:48 PM
JoeSchmoe: @blackgold are you around?
14 Apr 18, 04:02 PM

Spectra: @JoeSchmoe your welcome
14 Apr 18, 04:02 PM
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe im sorry im on the phone
14 Apr 18, 04:04 PM
xyz: ;banana ;Thud ;Thud ;banana

14 Apr 18, 04:05 PM
Baxter: Spectra... I got a question for you... about the dinar rate... Do you think that this current rate.. is actually an artificial or program rate... or do you think that is just more B S from Guru's... and it actually is the current market rate... Before Sadaam... there wasnt that much dinar world wide.. like 20 billion I believe.. then it went to 40 trillion or whatever.. which would significantly decrease the value..and if it is a program rate.. then why is it changing now to a certain degree??

Spectra@Baxter program
14 Apr 18, 04:06 PM
Baxter: Ok.... thx..

Zim NEWS 'Bond notes to stay'

Bond notes to stay’  
Business Reporter
Bond notes will remain in circulation until Zimbabwe introduces its own currency, Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said. Responding to questions on the fate of the bond notes after media reports claimed they will be phased out, Minister Chinamasa said the introduction of a local currency will mark the end of bond notes.

“Nowhere did the Deputy Minister (of Finance and Economic Planning Terrence Mukupe) say the bond notes are going to go away and that is the sort of negativity that is not going to get us anywhere,” Minister Chinamasa said at a breakfast meeting in Harare yesterday. It’s not true; bond notes will stay until we have our own currency and the Governor (of the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) and myself have been at pains to spell out the macroeconomic fundamentals that we need to put right before we can do that.

“We need to address the budget deficit; we need to address the issues of exports and we need to build foreign currency reserves of at least three months, at the moment we are at 0,7 months,” the Minister added. Minister Chinamasa said the country needs to boost production.

“This is why we are coming up with all these proposals or incentives to incentivise production so I just want to plead with you, please let’s look at the positive side, let’s not dwell on the negative, let’s not be driven by some of the falsehoods that are peddled through social media. You are intelligent enough to distinguish between an obvious falsehood and that which may have credibility,” he said. Minister Chinamasa said Government was working on a cocktail of measures to improve the economy.

For instance, Government has more than doubled export incentives for tobacco producers to 12.5 percent, from 5 percent. Gold producers will also be prioritised in the export incentives. Gold and tobacco, Chinamasa said, contribute 86 percent of export receipts.

Minister Chinamasa said Government is also cutting down on expenditure to reduce fiscal deficit. Government is also rationalising expenditure on wages and at the same time grow the economy to ensure recurrent expenditure finds its right proportion within a bigger cake. Minister Chinamasa said Government is normalising relations with the United Kingdom, The European Union and the United States. The key, he said, is normalising relations with the United Kingdom.

Moreover, an investor friendly environment is being created. The huge RTGS balances, Minister Chinamasa said, are going to be used for infrastructure development and to fund the production. Minister Chinamasa also commented on the country’s arrears clearance plan which he said is still on course.  source

Zim finance minister says 'bond notes aren't going anywhere'
Harare – Zimbabwe's
finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has reportedly denied reports that the country's surrogate currency - the bond motes - would be phased out soon.

The state-owned Herald newspaper quoted Chinamasa as saying that the controversial bond notes were not going anywhere until the southern African country had its own currency.

The minister said that there were macroeconomic fundamentals that the treasury was working on before the surrogate currency could be discontinued.
"We need to address the budget deficit, we need to address the issues of exports and we need to build foreign currency reserves of at least three months, at the moment we are at 0.7 months. This is why we are coming up with all these proposal or incentives to incentivise production so I just want to plead with you, please let’s look at the positive side, let’s not dwell on the negative, let’s not be driven by falsehoods that are peddled through social media. You are intelligent enough to distinguish between an obvious falsehood and that which may have credibility," Chinamasa was quoted as saying.

The southern African country adopted the use of multiple currencies in 2009 after its currency had been rendered worthless by hyperinflation.

The US dollar had been the main transacting currency but it has been in short supply since 2015 due to low exports and externalization.

This led to the introduction of a surrogate currency in November 2016 to ease chronic shortages of US dollars, and to encourage exporters who earn the country foreign currency. source

BREAKING NEWS: Bloomberg: Iraq Information NOT MADE PUBLIC | IQD Dinar R...


Article: “The central bank goes beyond the red lines”
Quote: “The target set by the Central Bank is to reach the exchange rate of 1200 dinars per dollar has already been achieved, which will be reflected on the decline in demand for the dollar in the window selling the currency and the parallel market in addition to the rise in oil prices.”
I’ve been wondering when they would bring up that targeted price of 1200 dinars again.
I thought at the time, why have they targeted that price?
It could be time for a change.
Maybe float, move the decimal point over.
We don’t know and we are not suppose to know.
But they seem to be compliant and very stable even with all the b.s. going on inside Iraq and outside as well.
Nothing seems to be negatively affecting the C.B.I.’s plans for the currency. Very encouraging art.
The historical decline of Iran’s currency threatens the collapse of the economy
13 April 2018 04:26 PM
The historical decline of Irans currency threatens the collapse of the economyMubasher: The Iranian currency continues its decline to historic low levels this week, in light of the political instability and economic situation in Iran.
The riyal lost a third of its value this year only against the US dollar, reaching 60 thousand riyals per dollar, which caused the rush of Iranians to sell the currency and buy the green card; fear of greater losses of the Iranian currency during the coming period.
To quell the escalating panic, Tehran announced this week that it was setting the official exchange rate at 42,000 riyals to the dollar, threatening severe penalties for anyone trying to beat that price.
A change in Iran’s policy, with new restrictions on foreign currency holdings, is likely to succeed in halting the riyal’s collapse in the near term, the US-based CNBC news agency quoted a bourse note from the Eurasia Consulting Group as saying.
She said the government had enough foreign reserves to withdraw, but that would hurt Iranian imports and exports, which find it difficult to access the currency from the government and rely more on the black market.
The signing of the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015, which lifted many of the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program is a factor supporting the economy of the country.
Iran has also failed to attract as much foreign investment as it expected after easing economic sanctions.
But with US President Donald H. Trump’s opposition to the deal and his announcement of a possible lifting of economic sanctions against Iran in May, Iran’s currency was negatively affected.
For its part, Iran has threatened that the US president will regret in the event of announcing his departure from the nuclear agreement.
Eurasia predicts that 65% of the Trump nuclear deal will collapse, which will make the Iranian economy close to collapse.
The memo added that the return of sanctions is likely to put severe pressure on the Iranian economy and cause a rise in demand for the dollar, making it difficult to keep the government at 42 thousand riyals per dollar under these circumstances.


4-14-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...So now what is the MANIPULATION and FRAUD do you think the CBI is referencing?  ...the CBI still feels they do not have the level of control over the banking system that is necessary to “pull the trigger”.   I am not saying they haven’t completed the banking reforms. ...We are talking about the implementation of these reforms.  On top of all this they also feel that the election cycle is a highly risky time period to be doing the reinstatement unless these issues are corrected first...So at this moment we should NOT be waiting on the RV but instead more news from the CBI on more details of this MANIPULATION and FRAUD and how they are dealing with it... [post 2 of 2]

4-14-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...So for the CBI to RV, there are issues that need to be resolved ...these issues are long standing and the GOI has been trying to resolve them all along.  Yes, I do believe the part of the “project to delete the zeros” is completed because they told us it was. But this does not automatically tell us the RV is imminent. They even told us there are still issues they need to work on and that these issues are unrelated to the project to delete the zeros...So they came out recently and gave us an update last week.  ...they go on to say in the article just where they are today in the “project to delete the zeros”  Quote:  “THE GOVERNOR OF THE CENTRAL BANK, ALI AL-ALAQ..."THE SUBJECT OF DELETING ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY IS READY, BUT IT NEEDS AN ENVIRONMENT SUITABLE TO APPLY," NOTING THAT " TO PREVENT MANIPULATION AND FRAUD..."   ...this article just came out on April 4th so give them time to resolve what issues they need to resolve to prevent this manipulation and fraud they make reference to.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-14-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    A lot of people still tussel with the fact that the CBI could re- denominate. That makes little sense especially when they're working so hard to manage monetary policy, reduce the spread etc.There is no intention to introduce a new currency, the currency of Iraq is the IQD...Yes the CBI does plan to introduce lower denominations but this will occur over time as the currency appreciates gradually.

4-14-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article:  "The central bank goes beyond the red lines "   Quote:  "...the target set by the Central Bank is to reach the exchange rate of 1200 dinars per dollar has already been achieved, which will be reflected on the decline in demand for the dollar in the window selling the currency and the parallel market in addition to the rise in oil prices..."   I've been wondering when they would bring up that targeted price of 1200 dinars again. I thought at the time, why have they targeted that price? It could be time for a change. Maybe float, move the decimal point over. We don't know and we are not suppose to knowBut they seem to be compliant and very stable even with all the b.s. going on inside Iraq and outside as well. Nothing seems to be negatively affecting the C.B.I.'s plans for the currency. Very encouraging art. 


CaptWillie:  I've been in this for a very long time and I've mentioned before how I originally got involved - a friend of my son-in-law's family, a "high up" bank officer at one of the tier one banks, told us about the "pending" RV.

Over the years, we would get additional info from him from time to time. It has been several months since we last heard from him, but today - out of the blue - he called my son-in-law and essentially confirmed EVERYTHING that Tony and Ray have been telling us. Specifically - the banks have been trained at least twice and are currently getting ready for this to go.

The government of Iraq is expected to release the RV sometime between now and the Iraqi parliamentary elections in mid-May. My son-in-law doesn't follow TNT's intel calls, preferring to get his intel from the family friend. So far, everything he's ever told me jives 100% with what Tony and Ray have given us over the years.
I can't tell you how optimistic I am after the comments from my bank teller earlier this week, today's intel call and then hearing from our banker friend.

Chins up TNT family. We've waited years for this, what is a few more days? I pray we can all keep our wits about us when we finally go to the bank.

Remember what we've been taught. I've spent my career working for very wealthy individuals. (Poor people don't own and operate corporate jets.)

Rich people don't act the fool when they go to the bank and they typically are VERY conservative with their money. Good luck my friends!



Briona:  It looks like Abadi risks losing billions of dollars in loan commitments, by not negotiating with the contractors and investors. As the saying goes, you snooze you lose, and his lackadaisical attitude is going to bite him in the butt, if he doesn't take action soon, and this includes the RV.

SusanaC:  i think abadi will keep his promises to his people.... he wants to get re-elected

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil sets another 3-year high, settling at $67.39 and posting 8.6​% weekly gain on geopolitical risk https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/12/oil-markets-us-crude-brent-set-for-hig​hest-weekly-gain-since-july.html


Tishwash:  Source: Iraq will lose financial pledges to donor countries at the Kuwait Conference because ..

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press

A source at the cabinet said Saturday that Iraq has lost nearly two months of international pledges from donor countries at the Kuwait International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction. 

The source said that "the pledges made in the form of loans conditional and soft, has not begun to negotiate, and will lose Iraq soon, because the bulk of the pledges are limited to a period of two or three months," explaining that "loans amounting to about 30 billion dinars "Many of them may not need Iraq to rely on foreign investment, but it will need some of these loans to rebuild the infrastructure in liberated areas at the very least."

He added that "the failure to start negotiations is due to the lack of vision in the committee that led and organized the Kuwait Conference, and preoccupied with the tasks of large can not absorb all of them, the matter of negotiations with contractors, and inspired foreign investors who will come to Baghdad at the end of this month," pointing out that "This will lead to continued deterioration of services in the liberated areas, and the return of displaced persons to their homes in some areas, which are so far abandoned as a result of the great destruction, such as the old city in Mosul."

"Abadi does not seem willing to start negotiations with the contractors before the elections, and he may wait until the new government is formed, which will be at least July, the date that will miss the opportunity for Iraq fully."

Iraq has received pledges of 30 billion dollars for reconstruction, including about three billion grants to international organizations for humanitarian assistance, youth empowerment and facilitation of small projects.   link


Elmerf123456:  Future vision

Any concept you have of the future is just a simulation in your mind. It can be extremely useful to consider how life could unfold, as long as you don't let it overwhelm and disable you.

Go ahead, peer inquisitively into the future. Learn all you can, and then come solidly back into the present.

Sometimes you can anticipate very accurately what's going to happen. You can make good use of that knowledge to guide your life in a more positive direction.

Many other times, events do not unfold at all like you thought. So don't get yourself too invested in the when , after all, is your own speculation. Understand that your hear for a purpose, and your vision must remain focused, but at the same time, Not fixated on a particular date. Have the mental fortitude to live now.

Seek  to combine your vision of the future with the undeniable reality of now. Apply your best guesses about tomorrow in ways that make a positive difference today.

Don't be dismayed by problems that only exist in your imagined future. Be inspired to create so much value right now that those problems never have a chance to appear.E
Sunny:   Frank26 Update, "RI Closing In

Frank26 Update, April 13, 2018 Synchronization of ME Banks, RI closing in.....

Frank26 (his opinion) 

ALAK: Central Bank Governor (CBI). 

Dr Shabibi: Former, respected head of CBI. 

Developed plan for RI/RV years ago. 

The CBI posted 2 days ago, on their website,  a photo of Alak sitting with many Middle East Governors representing banks of their countries.  Alak has been busy with the Arab Monetary Fund. (AMF.)  The AMF is the equivalent of the IMF that oversees banks on an international level.

Alak has been traveling to various ME countries this week. Alak went to Jordan, Tunisia, back to Jordan for a 3rd meeting.   Began April 10th.  IMO, Alak is telling these Central Bank Governors they are united.

Also note that a few weeks ago, Alak did these types of meetings with the Governors of the Central Banks of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt.  Alak talked weeks ago to them and now he tells them about their Monetary Policy between their nations and how they will work together...like the IMF does with many nations.

We are International they heard...IMO.   We now have to deal with the Monetary Policy of all the Middle Eastern Central Banks and tell their Governors what the IMF has accomplished with their currency.  So Alak tells their Central Banks, we are modernized and with advanced systems that are more efficient.

Remember, the AMF is the equivalent to the IMF...on a local level vs. International.

The CBI has reached across its borders to hook up with banks around the world.....Internationally.  These Central Banks came running to listen directly to Alak...the prettiest Central bank in the Middle East.  Make note of that....they came to huddle with Alak.

This second talking and I hope no more to come...is very good.

The financial issues of 2018 are well understood by these Middle Eastern banks...and the USD.  They are linked together.  I am sure he told them IMO...that they are Article 8 because it’s too obvious based on the 2% admission by Alak last week.

The CBI is set to go with the Monetary Reform (RI) "We are ready..."

Especially needed for the Reconstruction of Iraq.  You promised you would remove your currency restrictions.

This AMF meeting was the 41st of its kind...but a completely different beast because IMO,Iraq is now International and Article 8 and IMO they have a date for the RI.

IMO, Alak is preparing the ME Central Banks and those that are holding contracts from March.  Economists talk, Shaleh talks, Alak talks, Dr. Shabibi smiles...

Alak said....International Rate.  That they would notify all banks when they did this so that they could turn on the ATM machines.  IMO these new ATM machines only have the software to recognize the lower denom's.

I want you to remember and you can find it in the Final Article, the General Manager, the head of the Rafidian Bank, said that turning on their ATM's is connected to the lifting of the 3 zeros notes from the Dinar Exchange rate.  THIS WILL MEAN AN RI HAS OCCURRED.

He said he was ready with his ATM's to activate them but needed Alak to tell him when to do it.  The CBI said we will send you an email.   Wait for it.....within 24 hours.

The  CBI has given some firms/companies ( who qualified) a notice that they will soon be told of a 24 hour period of when to activate their ATM's.  Walkingstick was given notice for his 16 ATM's in Baghdad/Jordan but has not, as yet, been told 24 hours.

These are your 3 pieces for tonight:

1.    The RI is coming together more solidly than you realize.  All because the Governor of the Central Bank of                     Iraq,  Alak, said to the world..."We are ready." 

2.    Yes, Dr. Shabibi likes a 3 day weekend and that's why we told you there would be one starting yesterday. 

3.    Iraq's 3 day weekend: Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

Finally, it is a law that the CBI notify their banks of a change for their currency inside of a 24 hour period.  Preferably after closing hours.   

Restored Republic via a GCR Update w/RATES

China and Zimbabwe form ECONOMIC Partnership! IQD RV Dinar Currency Exch...


1busybee:   With all the recent military action in Syria involving the U.S. and the Trump administration do you think all of this will have any negative effect on the timing of the RI??

Frank26:  YES ............................ IN A POSITIVE MANNER ..............IMO. 
SQUIRREL ............... SYRIA. 

YES .......................... IN A POSITIVE MANNER.......... IMO .(wink)
Hazen:  I hope this time it happens!!!  Everything is in place.....it's time to implement the RI!!!  Frank, what does squirrel mean????

Moke: taking attention away from the main event. soo, while the whole world is looking at the squirrel, syria, what a better time to well u no.

Toyvp:  To look over there while all this happens over here

Frank26:    IT ALSO MEANS A SMALL FURRY RODENT .................................ROLFL  


Justwhoiam :  IMO, Trump told A when you see the rockets red glare...........time to push the button!!
Samson: Tehran bans foreign currency deal after currency collapse

 14th April, 2018

Authorities in Tehran on Saturday banned foreign currency trading after the exchange rate of the Iranian currency collapsed, while a leading religious authority demanded the execution of a number of brokers or cashiers to prevent further currency collapse.

"There are orders to ban trading in all foreign currencies outside the banking system. Banks will be required to buy small amounts of foreign currency, and cashiers have been barred from buying and selling," Tasnim quoted Ahmed Araghji, a deputy of the Iranian Central Bank for Foreign Exchange Affairs, as saying.

"At the moment, the country's currency balance is very satisfactory and there are no problems in meeting the needs of the country, but the conditions should not lead to capital outflow," Araghji said. "The most important issue in the foreign exchange market is preventing capital withdrawal and smuggling financing. Abroad".

The Central Bank of Iran (IRB) disclosed that following the recent decision by the government, the importation process was banned without the approval of the cabinet. It banned any imports that require foreign exchange allocation and that purchases from abroad are made through bank transfers only.

The Iranian religious authority, Nasser Makarem Shirazi called for the execution of a number of key elements of currency brokers, and said in remarks Wednesday, "The lack of proactive action, will force us to pay high costs later."

He stressed that the work to be done is to deal strictly with a number of key elements of currency brokers who are trying in this way to cause chaos in the country and must be tried as spoilers in the land and executed to be a lesson to others, "as he put it

The Tehran police chief announced the arrest of 12 traders on charges The manipulation of the foreign exchange market last Tuesday and the seizure of their possession
The Iranian currency saw a historic collapse last week where the exchange rate of the Iranian riyal 61 thousand riyals against the dollar One

The Iranian government refused to recognize the internal and economic reasons for this collapse and try to link E by political factors and external influences.

The government tried to pretend that the rise in the price of hard currency was not linked to non-economic reasons, and foreign political factors and international pressure were responsible for the collapse of Iran's currency.     LINK
Samson:  Tikrit turns Saddam’s Palaces into Tourist Attractions
14th April, 2018             
By Ghazwan Hassan al-Jibouri.
The despised ex-leader of Iraq built luxurious palaces with hundreds of rooms in Tikrit, near his hometown. Now the local council wants them turned into money-making museums.

Some might say the formerly-luxurious palaces built by Iraqi autocrat, Saddam Hussein, in Tikrit are a metaphor for how things have developed since 2003.

Tikrit is often known as the “city of palaces” due to the fact that Saddam Hussein, who came from a nearby village, built dozens of luxurious residences and halls, often along the banks of the Tigris river here. It has been suggested there are anywhere between 60 and 136 such mansions in the area. The largest are well known and often hark back to ancient Iraqi or religious history. For example, one, which has 360 rooms, is called Dhu Al Fiqar, after a mythical sword in Islamic history and the buildings are sword-shaped.

The gardens are planted with trees brought from all over Iraq and there are miniature lakes and swimming pools galore.

But today, many of the palaces and their facilities stand in ruins. They’ve been occupied by different military forces and put up for sale. Local authorities and the federal government have both failed to preserve them even though public interest in them is high. Today they are more like ruins or rubbish dumps, and their state of repair has only worsened since the city was occupied by the extremist group known as the Islamic State in 2014.

“The presidential palaces have been offered for sale more than once,” explains Tami Saab, deputy director of the Salahaddin Investment Commission. “But the main reason that investors are scared to put money into them is because they are occupied by militia groups and security forces, many of whom have refused to leave the buildings, both before and after the Islamic State group was here.”
Because the palaces are isolated and easy to defend, they are still often used by security forces. And, as Saab says, the military men are refusing to vacate the premises even though the local government has asked them to.

The parliamentary committee on economics in Baghdad has said they would put the development of the palaces out to tender, inviting bids much as they do for Iraq’s oilfields. The bidding would include former palaces of the Iraqi dictator right around the country, not just in Tikrit.

In announcing this plan, the committee noted that there were 136 palaces in and around Tikrit itself, some of them designed by international architects, boasting everything from unique security features such as walls made to resist heavy weapons, to rare marble, pools and vast interior spaces.

Unfortunately, the Iraqi security forces and militias have been in the presidential palace complexes since April 2015, Fadhil al-Dujaili, a member of Salahaddin’s provincial council, told NIQASH. “The complex is now closed and most of the palaces were destroyed either by the Islamic State group or by air strikes against them.”

But he still has hope for the palaces. They “could be used to generate tourist dollars for Tikrit,” he argues. “Especially as this area has further important sites, including the ‘Green Church’, one of the oldest churches in the Middle East, and the house where Salahaddin al-Ayubi [the first sultan of Egypt and Syria] was born. Many tourists also want to visit Saddam’s places to see how he lived. This could provide our people with hundreds of job opportunities,” he argues.

Even today there are dozens of visitors to certain sites within the palace complex and not all of them are for pleasant reasons. Many journalists, mourners and delegations come to visit one particular palace courtyard overlooking the Tigris. It was here that in June 2014, the extremists of the Islamic State executed an estimated 1,700 air force cadets in cold blood and threw some of their bodies into the river in what would come to be known as the Camp Speicher massacre. Other victims were buried in the palace grounds and search teams are still trying to excavate their bodies.

Dozens of families come here to mourn their lost sons. They leave flowers, paint the walls with henna and pray and cry on the site. The Iraqi government has made special arrangements to host the mourners here and has declared a special memorial day too.

While some locals believe the palaces of Saddam Hussein should be restored as part of Iraq’s chequered recent history, others believe that they should be left to their own disintegration, taking the bad memories with them.   LINK

IQD News Update (RANT# 132)


Samson:  Today ... more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity of the world arrive in Baghdad

 14th April, 2018

A source familiar with the situation said on Saturday that more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity of the world will arrive in Baghdad.

"The Integrity Commission intends to hold a conference in the capital Baghdad, in coordination with the United Nations Development Organization and under the guidance of Prime Minister Haider Abadi," the source told Al-Ghad Press.

He added that "is scheduled to reach Baghdad more than 200 members of the bodies of integrity from different countries of the world to attend the conference," noting that "the conference will continue for two days from Sunday until next Monday."    LINK
Samson:  Teaching staff demonstrate in Dohuk to demand their salaries

 14th April, 2018

A local source, Saturday, April 14, 2018, the launch of demonstrations for teaching staff in the province of Dohuk to demand the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay their salaries.

"Hundreds of teachers and teachers went out on Saturday to a demonstration in central Dohuk province to demand their salaries be paid," the source told media outlets.

The source added that "the demonstrators appealed to the central government to intervene to pressure the provincial government to pay their salaries and end their suffering," adding that "a security force dispersed the demonstrations by force."   LINK


Onewildride:  It really seems that EVERYTHING is DONE that needs to be done in Iraq. All accept showing the new rate. I mean that article on the last thread where it said Iraq went from a deficit to a 2017 trillion dinar surplus. Come on man! (As Frank would say) Show us the new rate. I bet Frankie is having to bite a hole in his lip right now, Especially after talking to walkingstick. Lol. So as we were told by Frank and walkingstick "We wait "


Realtonmc:  Oil prices could rally to $100 a barrel if Middle East tensions 'really kick off,' analyst says

"I don't think its unfeasible to see triple-digit oil prices at some point this year if things really kick off in the Middle East," Anish Kapadia, founder and managing director of Akap Energy, told CNBC's "Street Signs" on Friday.

Both benchmarks were on track to post their biggest weekly gain in more than eight months on Friday.

World leaders continued to mull over military action on Friday, in response to a suspected chemical attack in Syria over the weekend.


Walkingstick:  islamic banks and technical knowledge

The technological revolution has brought about tremendous changes in various aspects of human life. It has led to a widespread and renewed spread in the field of electronic communications and attracting investment based on building intellectual capital as an effective competitive tool in the knowledge economy, including financial and banking sectors.

Modern terms such as banking remote electronic, home banking, online banking and self-service banking have emerged and to facilitate the management of customers' accounts and business related to the bank everywhere and in any time .

Partnerships between traditional banks and technology companies have expanded to provide financial products and services to Internet users as a result of the availability of an enabling environment and the acquisition of IT tools, and the integration of information technology and telecommunications technology has been rapid.

With regard to Islamic banks, in recent years, they have faced new challenges in the form of fierce competition by international banks, characterized by the rise, development and increasing activity of its services, where modern technological tools, human knowledge and capital are available to achieve more innovation and financial returns and enhance their competitiveness.

The Islamic financial sector needs modern technology to compete in international markets. Islamic banks must adopt an independent vision and a comprehensive development plan to launch their Shari'a compliant products using modern technology in a creative and innovative way. The Islamic Sharia'a compliant Smart Islamic Banking System For the purpose of providing Islamic banking services that meet the wishes of customers in a modern and electronic way.

The expansion of Islamic banks in the provision of electronic services E. Banking provides many advantages and opportunities for its current and future markets and improve the quality of banking services and reduce the cost of services through the use of advanced information technology in the design and delivery of banking services and the development and preparation of human resources working in Islamic banks to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of machinery Technological equipment and Internet-based service delivery, higher profits, and the greatest possible benefit from the huge costs of technology investments.

The future will witness the development of Islamic banks in providing their services and products with the highest standards of technology without compromising their Islamic character to meet the needs of their customers and achieve the highest competitive ability with conventional banks.



Walkingstick:  Foreign companies confirm their desire to work in Iraq


2Berds:  Go Ahead and do it Abadi
CBI Ready
Investors Ready
We are ready
JUST DO IT             
Samson:  Oil prices rose to record their highest gains since last year

14th April, 2018

Stepped up oil prices on Saturday, marking the biggest weekly gains since July of last year amid concerns about the support of western Syria military action and reports on declining global crude stocks.

Military action in Syria could lead to confrontation with Russia, fears of disruption of crude supplies from the Middle East, but there is no sign of an imminent US-led attack. Analysts said that under this threat, traders in the oil market increased their positions ahead of the weekend.

Global Brent crude futures closed up 56 cents, or 0.78%, to settle at $ 72.58 a barrel, ending the week with gains of $ 5 or 8%.

US benchmark WTI futures rose 32 cents, or 0.48%, to close at $ 67.39 a barrel, ending the week with an 8% gain.

Last week, the benchmark crude oil prices hit their highest levels since late 2014 after US President Donald Trump warned that incoming missiles were in response to an alleged gas attack in Syria and after Saudi Arabia said it had intercepted missiles over Riyadh. But Trump said in a tweet on Thursday that " On Syria may be very close and may not be so. "

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said yesterday that the surplus of global oil stocks is nearing fading, and the total production of the Organization fell by 201 thousand barrels per day to 31.96 million barrels per day in March last February.

OPEC Secretary-General Mohamed Barkindo said OPEC and its oil-producing allies were preparing to extend their agreement to cut output to 2019, with a global oil outlook expected to dissipate by September.   LINK











...IRAQ will do as they please and add value when they want. 



Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 14 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 14 April 2018 by Judy Byington

A. April 13 2018 6:00 pm EST Intel Situation Report: "Primed" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - April 13, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is a report based on rumors relayed to the author which may or may not be truthful or accurate. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

1. The GCR/RV pump was now primed and ready to flow. There would be no more pump fakes at the start of quarters, no more near misses and false starts to draw out the enemy.

2. There would not be a financial crash. The NPTB would keep the total value of 3 US market indexes below 35k before the event.

3. The flash-bang distraction we’ve been waiting on was Trump firing Mueller. His attorney’s “taped conversations” was the equivalent of the Nixon Watergate tapes. The Mueller firing was expected to come Sat. night April 14, to replicate the Saturday Night Massacre of Richard Nixon’s administration. All the chaos in and around this event was just build up to take attention away from the start of the RV.

4.All Zimbabwe Bond Note holders would be included in a structured payout, even at the screen rate.

5. On the Zim, there was an option for immediate liquidity if you accepted a rate that was well below the screen rate.

6. Structured Payouts ranged from 3 years to 25 years, with interest rates ranging from 7% to 10%, depending on length of contract term.

7. Quarterly interest payouts would be standard, but semi-annual and annual payouts were also available.

8. Humanitarian projects were only necessary if you negotiated above screen rates. Anything at the screen rate or below would not require humanitarian projects.

9. Expect 90 days to be allowed access to your first quarterly structured payout. You could take this time to make secondary professional arrangements with accounts, lawyers, family office and estate trust representatives who would guide you through the process.

10. All redemption staff was on call now and waiting for the event to take place over the weekend.

11. In terms of security, the US, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Israel were all on high alert around Middle Eastern hot spots that would provide anti-WW3 assurance against a Cabal attack on the religious sites in Jerusalem. In essence, they have formed a no fly zone around Israel, in the Mediterranean Sea and a country wide perimeter around the Holy City.

12. Mexican citizens may rush the border when the RV started, as many of their family have currency in the US. No troops were being deployed to the Canadian border because in Canada it was not illegal to hold and redeem foreign currency. In Mexico it was illegal.

13. The below were private sovereign rates on Redemption Center screens:

Iran-Iraq Dinar: $40.00+ USD.
Afghanistan Rial: $10.00+ USD
Vietnam Dong: $25.00+ USD
Zimbabwe Zim: $.18

14. ZWN sovereign screen rates (0.18 ZWN) were nearing the opposite value of the CNY (Chinese Yuan $6.28 USD). However, the playing field would ultimately be 360 degree flipped in the future when the gold standard was announced globally, and all currencies were readjusted based on their nation’s gold reserve holdings.

15. Sovereign rates already accounted for this flip and would not register on the older FOREX, non gold-backed currency value system.

16. Be prepared to have your jaw dropped when what was low suddenly became high, and what was high suddenly low—including the USN, GBN, EUN. This was a mathematical certainty based on how much gold each nation reported per country.

17. Release of 800#s was expected anytime after 9:57 pm EST tonight April 13.

18. Optimal start times for appointments was 3am EST on Sun. morning April 15.

B. April 13 2018 5:21 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 13, 2018/

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Trump and Putin were bluffing a war in order to bluff a Stock Market crash. The Alliance would not allow the Stock Market to collapse. There would be no war, only peace despite what the mainstream media portrayed.

2. Trump would officially implement the gold-standard (HR5404 bill) through executive action in order to save the Stock Market crash bluff.

3. The implementation of the gold-standard would trigger the enactment of GESARA.

4. The enactment of GESARA would activate the new financial system, thus initiating the Global Currency Reset.

5. All currencies would be reset based on gold/assets.

6. Levels Tiers 1-2 began exchanging Tues. April 10, Tier 3 began Wed. April 11, and Tier 4 begins Mon. April 16.

7. The 800#s release was imminent.


C. April 13 2018 TNT Call

1.A combination of bank stories indicated bankers were claiming that “something big” would happen around April 29.

2. The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has completed what they needed to do, while Iraqi citizens were organizing to have sit-ins on April 18 because the RV has not happened as promised.

3. The banks were being threatened with legal action if they give out any further information.

4. The banks had trainings a week ago or two weeks ago, and people were in the bank last Sun. until 2pm. Bank people who were being trained last week, and they are telling people to hold on because this is happening

5. There were coded rates sent out to the banks, with an effective date for this to happen.

6. The lower denominations were sitting in the ATM, the banks were connected internationally.

7. Dinar = $3.67, Dong = $1.08, Rupiah = $1.05, Zim = 16 cents.

8. Currency continued to drop concerning the auctions – more than 20% since yesterday April 12. They were well past where they needed to be to stop the auctions. There was no turning back. They’ll have to do the other side, or they would crash. They were primed for this event to take place. Iraq was ready to go, based on what they were doing rather than what they said.


D. Summary of April 12 Reports:

1. Paymasters worldwide were given the green light on Wed. April 11 at 6 pm EST.

2. Some claimed that on April 11 the RV began for Tier levels 1 & 2, while others said payouts for Tiers 1 & 2 started on April 12.

3. The GCR/RV start time in Reno was 1 pm EST April 12, though funds had already been released globally.

4. On April 12 SKRs and Zim Funds tied to the Table Top meetings became liquid, while that same Thurs. Zim redemption was taking place in Europe.

5. The 800#s were expected over the weekend with appointments starting Mon. April 16.

6. Different Banks reported that they were expecting public exchanges to begin by Fri. April 20, or Mon. April 22.