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"Believe it or Not..." by One Who Thinks - 4.13.18

I was quite disturbed in the last 24 hours or so to hear so many regulars in this forum coming out with such strong negativism regarding report of the fast approaching RV as it relates to we internet aware currency and Zim holders.

I fully understand that much of the information put out here is way out there and clearly, any prediction that we would begin to redeem before today was off the mark. Like in the market, however, past results do not guarantee future performance! To say that we can not start now because the reports we have been given in the past were wrong is to give up completely.

Why am I so confident? I have been blessed with a wide circle of long time friends and associates all over the world from activities that had nothing to do with the RV but built trust and loyalty. Many are now in unique positions to see the show nearly first hand. I will not go into details because I do not profess to be a guru and would not do anything to compromise my friends.

What I can say is that many crucial things that had to happen to allow our toll-free numbers to emerge have just happened in the last week, beginning with a hand delivered letter on Wednesday, Asia time, that had been LONG awaited.

Within hours, new and specific reports came out with a timeline for the roll-out of our "blessing" that will be kept. things are different now because they are genuinely different now, we really have started. Things have no started at lightning speed as we have been led to expect, but they are happening according to the schedule released first on Wednesday, USA time.

Do not listen to those who are simply jaded by past false alarms. If that is their real feeling, God bless them with new hope in new reality. If they are planted to discourage and dismay us from our "blessing", may they stay forever clear of what is available for those intent to make a better world with the new start we will have.

-One who thinks


Contributed from a member....

While sitting with our friend of many years who also happens to be a currency holder, my husband asked him if he’s been keeping up with the progress in the RV. He has not been listening to calls but occasionally reads other sites. He’s basically clueless.

He did, however, speak to a long-time customer of his three days ago who had lived in Houston for years and was recently moved to San Francisco by his employer, Wells Fargo. According to my friend, his client/friend is in upper management.

My friend asked the banker if the dinar opportunity was real. (Yeah, told you - clueless!) The banker paused and stated, “You aren’t supposed to know about this. But hang on to that currency because before April 30th you will make some money.”

Then he didn’t want to discuss it any further.

Pretty encouraging!



Contributed from a member....

A friend of mine that retired from the State Department came to visit me yesterday. He is a currency holder and was contacted by a private banker from BBVA in __________. The private banker let him know that the currency revaluation would happen within the next ten days.

Contributed from a member.....

I have had correspondence with you in the past however I think you will find this most interesting. I will do my best in keeping this short & to the point. Today I needed to get some things at my local grocery store in Scottsdale AZ that happened to have a Wells Fargo branch inside. While I enjoy reading bank stories from those in the TNT family it just does not have the same bang for the buck unless you have one yourself then for some strange reason it becomes "real".

I approached one of the tellers and began discussing the USA and being a gold back currency at which he acknowledged that was true, I then asked if their new system was in place at that point he called the bank manager over. When I posed that question to her she replied yes we do I then asked how was the training of employees going and again replied , we just completed full training this week and all has been completed.

In terms of currency exchange I asked if they had a Della Rue machine for validation at that point said no but in this new system we have a list of currencies that we will identify by markings & currency validation immediately. So I shot back so there is no need to send out rather it is in house verification and she said yes.

Next I asked as to receiving and converting any foreign currency of which she responded She said we can do euro right now but the others will begin on April 22,2018. She went on to say we can order currency for p/u now but everything will be up and running again on the 22nd. Now I DID NOT mention any currencies we have in the first basket however what I did get was positive and conclusive validation this is about to POP. I never expected to hear this from a branch manager so you could only image my thought process at the time.

As mentioned in the first paragraph when it hits home there becomes a totally new spin on things. Please feel free passing this along in your own words if necessary to the TNT family I would be honored you doing so.

Bank Story

I went to the bank with a friend that was going to Israel until April 21st and she asked me to have power of attorney over her account and currencies and the lady that was helping us kept asking me what kind of investment are you waiting for , so I finally told her the whole story about the Iraqi dinar and the other currencies she wrote them down, then she call the wealth manger and asked him about this and then he told her yes he was aware but we had to wait until it goes then they will help us.

Then I told the banker to go buy some and told her where and she wrote it down , I told her to get Iraqi dinars and the VNN dong. The said thank you for the info.

Usually they start to tell us this will never happen and it is a scam , not this time. Come on rv. My friend on the way out from the bank said I was just waiting for her to say this was a scam , but she did not do that we were surprised.

Anyway just a small bank story it is positive. Please do not ask to which bank in Canada I do not want to get this lady in trouble. But if Ray wants to know I can tell him ,maybe if he pm's me sometime.


4-13-2018   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf    There has never been a redenomination where such a large percentage of the currency in circulation has been outside the country, estimates are around two thirds, so whether that would constitute special circumstances and lead to special arrangements is anyones guess. It is a tricky one for the banks, the old currency, IQD, will no longer have a quoted value, 1000 of the old currency would be exchangeable for 1 of the new currency, and it is the new currency that has the quoted value.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-13-2018   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf
   [Since the CBI is saying that the current notes will co-exist does that then indicate against a redenomination?]   ...It is a perfectly valid question and you are quite right that under normal circumstances they would only co-exist within the country concerned. Dual pricing would come into effect and all goods would be priced in both currencies. It would be normal practice to refer to the new currency as "new" and then a couple of years down the road, drop the term "new".  If a redenomination were to go ahead as normal then it would be a write off as far as I am concerned.I would not consider going to Iraq and the cost of sending it in any "dealer deal" would probably be more than I would get for it. There is one factor however that may produce a lifeline...   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-13-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  We're monitoring the IMF on a daily basis for any indication that the CBI plans on writing the letter to transition to Article VIII but we don't expect anything until at least mid June.

4-13-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   What I am getting is really amazing because where we are right now is interesting. We got people that are under gag orders.  ...we were looking for this to occur this week... it just didn’t happen yet. ...We do know the ATM machines are loaded with and ready to go with the lower denominations, but it does no good to have them unless you have the new rate to be effective and be useful. We are waiting for those ATMs to be turned on.  ...We are looking at the possibility of getting started anytime I heard...Saturday till Monday possibly into Tuesday. I am not hearing anything beyond that personally...  I feel we are at a great place in terms of everything having been done, everything ready for us.

4-13-2018   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf    How do you enter the world currency market with a managed float? - Iraq has been on the world currency market for years. Some seem to think that forex revolves around trading currency pairs. It will be up to forex brokers if the IQD ever appears in low level trading.

4-13-2018  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Maliki has $ 3 billion in his account in Central Bank"  Quote:  "A document circulating on social media indicates that the former Iraqi premier Nouri Al-Maliki has assets up to $ 3 billion."  Sounds like it’s about time to actually implement their “Where did you get this? Policy”...starting with Maliki.  Which – BTW, doesn’t sound good for him if they are publishing news and articles about his ill-gotten gains and ties to foreign actors right before the elections – and in the middle of the GOI actively hunting around for funds.  Not good at all (for him).

"Tell it Straight, Tell it True" by Ardent , 13 APRIL

Like many of you on this site, the IDC family, there is so much frustration about how some intel and/or facts are not told to us straight. Where is the Truth?

How do we find it in what we read?

So many predictions for when the RV would happen and when we, tier 4, could finally go to exchange.

I agree with those who have already posted, that tiers 1,2 and 3 seem to have exchanged multiple times; then we are next, then we are next, then we are next, and we never GO next. What's up?
I hope the Alliance reads these posts and realizes that enough already with fake intel.

Tell it to us straight. Please give us the Truth.

We have gone through the ringer.

Enough is enough.

Important dinar update!!


NigNog: Hey all
NigNog: So is it true, Doug?

Doug_W: @NigNog what?

NigNog: You're making an appointment to exchange?

Doug_W: @NigNog no

NigNog: oh: No new intel about the situation?
NigNog: I heard it was already happening for tiers 1 & 2
dinard: @Zig ive been getting ready for my c-10 license graduation not my high school graduation

Spectra: @dinard good news ..congradulations    C10 Electrical Licensed Contractor
Spectra: @dinard weve had a electrician here before his name was sparky..he was a talker..
Spectra: @dinard a contractor made some money so he says...Big projects ..

dinard: @Spectra depends. ive seen some companies do big jobs but not make money because they have too much overhead and are too big for their own good

Doug_W: @NigNog ther are NO tiers

NigNog: So WHEN is this going to go down?

Doug_W: @NigNog NObody kows when or even IF
Doug_W: @NigNog I don't think he is interested

NigNog: Could have spent that money on sport wagers instead of this crap
NigNog: Would have made at least $1200: Wow

Doug_W: @NigNog we all make choices with consequences in life

Clay: @NigNog no scam just a waiting game   how long you been holding

Tebow: some people just shouldn't be in this investment.

Zig: Anger is fine....especially if you have been conned.....I know....I have been in the past.....

Tebow: I'm mad as * and not going to take it anymore. Bought a Powerball ticket last Wednesday and I had the wrong numbers.

Zig: @Tebow : Gosh...what are the odds of that???.....LOL

Clay: @Tebow lol I didnt even have 1 number

futuremoney: @Clay maybe you should try an 800 number...lol

Tebow: and continue waiting :Really?

dinard:  The capital gains tax is economically senseless. The tax traps wealth in an investment vehicle requiring special techniques to free the capital without penalty.

Multiple ways are available to avoid the tax, but none are beneficial to the economy. Here are 14 of the loopholes the government's gain tax unintentionally incentivizes.

dinard: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidmarotta/2014/06/01/fourteen-ways-to-avoid-paying-capital-gains/2/#39b228ff69fa

dinard:  26 U.S. Code § 988 - Treatment of certain foreign currency transactions
General rule Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter--
(1) Treatment as ordinary income or loss
(A) In general

Except as otherwise provided in this section, any foreign currency gain or loss attributable to a section 988 transaction shall be computed separately and treated as ordinary income or loss (as the case may be).

(B) Special rule for forward contracts, etc.

Except as provided in regulations, a taxpayer may elect to treat any foreign currency gain or loss attributable to a forward contract, a futures contract, or option described in subsection (c)(1)(B)(iii) which is a capital asset in the hands of the taxpayer and which is not a part of a straddle (within the meaning of section 1092(c),

without regard to paragraph (4) thereof) as capital gain or loss (as the case may be) if the taxpayer makes such election and identifies such transaction before the close of the day on which such transaction is entered into (or such earlier time as the Secretary may prescribe).

dinard: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/988 26 U.S. Code § 988 - Treatment of certain foreign currency transactions

dinard: https://www.irs.gov/pub/int_practice_units/fcu_cu_c_18_2_1_04.pdf

dinard: i prefer being amongst the common folk
dinard: this is a good pdf read for the common folk like me with tax questions https://www.irs.gov/pub/int_practice_units/fcu_c_18_02_01_07.pdf

dinard: it talks specifically how they steal your foreign exchange income: if your a corporation

Tebow: I'm not a corporation.

dinard: @Tebow you dont have access to a corporation?
dinard: @Tebow you should make one its like birthing an artificial business man who takes all the heat for you. well most of it

Clay: @xyz whats that  @xyz whos that about the lower denoms

Boomer: @Zig If those aren't the rates then what are the rates?

Zig: IQD....1184/Dollar
Zig: 1 Vietnamese Dong equals 0.000044 US Dollar : One Dollar is over 22,000 Dong

Rescue guy without a clue: Who knows what to believe anymore.

xyz: @Zig if true why haven't you exchanged? Zig: IQD....1184/Dollar

Zig: LOL....GO AWAY!!

chattels: UNHCR announces the date of election propaganda Date of release: 2018/4/12 12:11 • [Ayna-Baghdad] The head of the electoral administration in the Electoral Commission, Riad Badran, announced the launch of media campaigns for coalitions and political parties participating in the electoral process and candidates.

"The media campaigns will start on Saturday and end 24 hours before the start of the polling day to allow candidates to announce their election programs and to introduce themselves to voters," Badran said in a statement received by the All Iraq agency.

Read more at http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=72646

chattels: The dollar is slightly higher against the dinar on the Iraqi bourse today ( * yesterday ) 11/04/2018 BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) The dollar exchange rate on Wednesday rose slightly against the dinar on the Iraqi stock exchanges.

The price of selling the dollar in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad today was 120 thousand and 400 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 350 dinars compared to 100 dollars, while yesterday recorded 120 thousand and 350 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 300 dinars to 100 dollars.



NigNog: "we don't rep IQD calls but just go on to IQD calls for info
chattels: @NigNog What salient truth have you for us today ?

chattels: @NigNog What is/are your question(s) ?
NigNog: @chattels scroll up

tman23: @NigNog ...... anyone with any sense is aware the sun is in remission and sun spots are at a neutral stage which has not occurred since the 1600's...... If you know anything , you know the window for a RV is near impossible because the solar flares are unpredictable right now.......

IF they tried to push the basket of currencies through and a solar flare hit simultaneously while calculations were being done . the information could be lost for ever and rconomies around the world could collapses over night..........

We must be patient and wait for the right moment...this is a process that needs to be executed without interruption .....INOW YOU HAVE YOUR ANSWER SO JUST SIT BACK  * AND NOD YES TO EVERYTHING POSTED AND ACT EXCITED ~~

NigNog: @tman23 so next year?  lol

chattels: @NigNog I am not able to discern an intelligble question from what you posted above. Restate your question(s) please.

xyz: @tman23 how is weather in Nevada?how are Ham merman and Blaino?

BREW: @xyz Blaino is in reno, cashing out the zim for his elite group.

chattels: The Middle East is a very strange place, to wit : Kuwaiti court sentences 6-month prison sentence to Iraqi actress. The Court of Electronic Misdemeanors in Kuwait issued a ruling in absentia that the Iraqi actress Maryam Hussein is imprisoned for six months with work and access, for insulting the Kuwaiti artist Hussein Al-Mansour in a video clip.

Read more at http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=72665

chattels: Will Iraq's new 'tribal court' undermine rule of law? READ IN: العربية Mustafa Saadoun April 12, 2018 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/04/iraq-tribalism-sheikhs-justice-law.html#ixzz5CVNIVwhM

chattels: BAGHDAD — Amid Iraqi calls to reinforce the rule of law and strengthen Iraqi state institutions, the Ministry of Justice announced March 28 a new initiative for “arbitration” among tribes, allowing a team of tribal elders to intervene as arbitrators in resolving all possible disputes and conflicts between Iraqi tribes.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Justice, this team of 47 tribal leaders will be called “al-Awaref,” selected by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in virtue of a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Justice and to be charged with several tasks, most notably reducing the expansion of tribal conflicts and focusing on “bringing about community peace” in Iraqi provinces.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/04/iraq-tribalism-sheikhs-justice-law.html#ixzz5CVNPqPHk

chattels: Reads a little like a part of the National Reconciliation.

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 14h14 hours ago Security source says Baghdad has agreed to allow Iraqi airspace to be used by U.S. forces in expected new attack on Syria. http://wataniq.com/news?ID=27730

chattels: Kurdish Politicians Will Be Weaker Than Ever In Baghdad, No Matter What Happens Hayman Hassan In the past, Iraqi Kurdish politicians held much sway in Baghdad’s parliament. That definitely won’t be the case after these elections.


sandyf: @Zig: IMO if that were true they could have done that long ago... - A valid point in reasonable circumstances. One of the greatest fears in a redenomination is the risk of corruption so the question that should be addressed is what would have been the probability of corruption during a redenomination in Iraq.

Redenomination is the most logical interpretation of "delete 3 zeros" but based on history it would probably mean a total wipe out and people should be mentally prepared.

sandyf: @Tebow: so sandyf says they didn't impose a rate. Someone's needs to ask him why they came out with 3 zero notes then? They sure didn't have them before 2003. - The CPA issued a brand new set of banknotes and prior to that there was only the 250 IQD in general use, the 10K note issued in 2002 wasn't accepted by the people.

Why Saddam did not spend money on better printing and other denominations is anyones guess. Rumor has it the forgories were better quality than the real thing.

Entities of any significance make decisions on a collective basis and the minutes documented. Maybe you can tell people the entity and the date the decision was taken to implement the so called "program rate", the "rate" that was imposed and the date implemented.

Tebow: check the CBI website for Iraq currencies, enough said!: nice try

sandyf: @Tebow Obviously you do not have an answer, just promoting the dinarland myth

sandyf: People should remember that in the event of a redenomination the IQD would be replaced by a new currency IQx. The IQD would no longer be the national currency of Iraq and would not be accepted at international banks.

chattels: @sandyf Since the CBI is saying that the current notes will co-exist does that then indicate against a redenomination ?

chattels: @sandyf Or would they co-exist only within Iraq ?
chattels: @sandyf Or do I lack sufficient understanding to even ask an intelligent question ?
chattels: Increasing I find myself thinking that this venture is not going to end well for me.

Tebow: sandyf you know more than anyone else in the dinar world as to what the CBI is going to do. So, Obviously you do not have an answer either!   Tebow: no more

chattels: I think that I can identify with being " mildly nauseous ".

[pm]Zig: "Do I lack sufficient understanding to even ask an intelligent question?".......I don't know why but this made me laugh....LOL....chattels, it's one of those questions where you are not sure if the person is being sarcastic or not....

chattels: I am a confessed macroeconomic moron.

Karsten: @sandyf So I guess if that happens everything we all have would be deemed Fire Starter and worthless at best.

Tebow: then it would worthless in Iraq also. Iraqis are not going to go for that!

Spectra: There is considerable confusion (perhaps intentional on the part of dinar sellers) around the role of the International Monetary Fund in Iraq. The IMF as part of the rebuilding of Iraq is monitoring their finances and for this purpose uses a single rate (not a sell/buy) of 1170 dinars per dollar.

This "program rate"[4] is used for calculations in the IMF monitoring program and is not a rate imposed on Iraq by the IMF. For a wider history surrounding currency in the region, see British currency in the Middle East.

Spectra: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_dinar


sandyf: @chattels: @sandyf Since the CBI is saying that the current notes will co-exist does that then indicate against a redenomination ? - It is a perfectly valid question and you are quite right that under normal circumstances they would only co-exist within the country concerned.

Dual pricing would come into effect and all goods would be priced in both currencies. It would be normal practice to refer to the new currency as "new" and then a couple of years down the road, drop the term "new".

sandyf: If a redenomination were to go ahead as normal then it would be a write off as far as I am concerned. I would not consider going to Iraq and the cost of sending it in any "dealer deal" would probably be more than I would get for it. There is one factor however that may produce a lifeline.

There has never been a redenomination where such a large percentage of the currency in circulation has been outside the country, estimates are around two thirds, so whether that would constitute special circumstances and lead to special arrangements is anyones guess.

It is a tricky one for the banks, the old currency,IQD, will no longer have a quoted value, 1000 of the old currency would be exchangeable for 1 of the new currency, and it is the new currency that has the quoted value. 
sandyf: A currency redenomination was approved by the Iraqi cabinet back in 2007 but the CBI has continually postponed the move.


sandyf: "Salih added that in 1990 the value of banknotes in circulation was about 25 billion Iraqi dinars but is currently some 25 trillion dinars."


That was in 2010, In 2003 it took about 6 trillion to exchange the old currency for new so between 1990 and 2003 Saddam increased the currency in circulation from 25 billion to around 6 trillion, he devalued the currency all by himself.

sandyf: An article everyone should read. https://iraqcurrencywatch.com/tag/how-much-dinar-in-circulation/

sandyf: One thing that should be borne in mind, there can never be an overnight RD and nor can it be in secret. It is a complex process that requires a lot of planning and the involvement of external entities. If it is going to happen there will be plenty of warning.

 [pm]Doug_W: not so sure about a warning but it certainly WILL be not secret once it happens no tiers or In country 800 numbers etc.

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98

"Yosef’s Last Post and a Few Other Things" by The Blackbird , 13 APRIL

Long time no post, but I had to do a Fact check on Yosef:

Yes 1 metric megaton is worth about $44 million

(1 ton = 2,000 pounds)
(1 pound = 16 ounces)
(1 ounce of gold = $1,342)

2,000 times 16 times $1,342 equals $43 million USD

But 100 megatons of gold is:
100 times $43 million equals $4.3 billion USD NOT $4.3 Trillion USD 

And 10,000 megatons of gold is: 
10,000 times $4.3 million equals $430 billion USD NOT $430 Trillion USD

Not sure how that changes the point of his post, as it was mostly just another ego-booster for our beloved actor/entrepreneur, turned monetizer and Universal Law violator. I think he has a good heart, but he is corruptible unfortunately. 

Potpourri of thoughts:

As for ZIM, I am pretty sure there will be only two ways to redeem our ZIM (at 1 to 1) and that ain’t happening soon; for most that won’t be included, sorry but everyone has free-will to make choices, discern, and do the research. And hitch their wagon accordingly, remaining benevolent, empathetic and incorruptible. That is fact .

Good luck on Rupia, Dong, rial and others. Those can be rv’d traditionally at 1 to 1 and that means pulling in notes, lopping, etc then RV. Like Iraq has done, and that took years. That is MHO. 

As for Lazerus’ Cabal-like response to Yosef, the amount of money electronically added to the system through redemption and humanitarian project funding will not change the price of much. There are already Trillions of dollars electronically out in the hands of the elite and inflation has marched on and devaluation of FRNs has already hit rock bottom and each has already reached their equilibriums...meaning we’ve seen the price increases of commodities and luxuries already. And there is such an inventory of high price items that are offered to the elite and will be purchased by new billionaires such as real estate, cars, boats, jewelry, bulk gold and silver, fiat crypto currencies, “money out of thin air”/Ponzi scheme stocks, etc. that billions of dollars will not make one difference anymore. Sorry. Facts.

Note I’m not talking about Trillionaires as very few of us will be redeeming ZIM at $1 to 1, and project funding will be where trillions will hit the banks, and that will not be hard to spend on fixing the system (labor, infrastructure, farms, changing education, changing business, etc) as our world needs so much Change. 

Lastly, with respect to IQD, most if not all gurus are FOS, especially those making or asking or begging for $ from this very beat up Dinarland. I suggest if you want to hedge your bets, exchange some of those 3 zero notes for some lower denoms like 500 notes. Legally, Iraq CAN LOP if they choose to, (do the research on how currency revals happen) and no BS spewing guru can refute that. That is Fact. So you are guaranteed a nice ROI on the lower denoms (cannot be LOPPED) if and when the real rate hits forex. If they LOP, you still made some nice change. Expected rate should be $4 plus if Iraq ever needs to list IQD internationally on forex. 

On that note, in reality they pump out 4.1 million barrels of oil a day, and it only costs them $3 a barrel, maybe less. So at selling price of $65 a barrel, they make a nice profit everyday. Broke? I think not. Less than 30 million people, and a small group of politicians there are slowly but surely getting rich. Iraq is an abundant country. So, even at a $10 profit a barrel, they make $41 million USD a day. That’s $1.2 billion USD a month. They’ve been functioning just fine at 1170/ dollar to the outside world. In-country its a different animal that is simply not concerned about us Dinarians. Facts. 

Opinion: stop listening to Bruce and Tony and Beni and PT and Oootah and ZAP and footforward and other intel folks that say the same crap over and over and are making money on their calls. Even Jordan Sather is fitting in this group. They are all corrupted and being used. Yes, they come off as being so spiritual and doing everything for you, and enlightening us, but discern why someone would spend their time building an audience, what is their real agenda, and who also is using them for their bigger agenda? You’ll find $ and power and ego as the root of the answers. And Capitalism is great, but the US is not a capitalist nation folks. And taking money from this desperate captive audience is criminal if you really analyze it. They may not be breaking “laws” but they are doing harm to others, mentally, physically and financially and that violates Universal Law. And as Schultz would say they really “know nothing” that we enlightened don’t already know. 

So as Randy says, breathe. And meditate and study Chakra. Find your way to Love and using your power in your Heart. Open your third eye and try to use more of your brain. But everything else. Forgetaboutit. Lol. 

Shout out to Heisenberg, you are a Rock, and will be a part of our/my team soon if you want. Guiness for us all, or at least our own non-Cabal knock-off brew for all. 

Everyone, if you can, stop smoking and lose the grain alcohols. Med-beds are coming but not for everyone I’m afraid. Fact. 

Patrick, love u and IDC but OD really is a marketing tool, and putting it out there everyday violates Universal Law. IMHO. 


The Blackbird


"Re: Yosef’s Last Post and a Few Other Things" by blueray 

Most of what you say makes sense. Not sure where you get your '' Intel '' on exchange rates, or who will be ''allowed'' to exchange. If your post is just opinion, you are as likely to be correct as anyone else. After more than a decade of guru roulette, predictions that never materialize, confusing financial info with religion & abject desperation for so many, it would be amazing if anybody knew what was really going on.

Perhaps you aren't familiar with Troy weight versus the Avoirdupois weight system.

Specifically, gold is automatically assumed to be measured in Troy weight. The old saw, "What is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold" illustrates this. The answer is a pound of feathers. Your bathroom scale uses 16 ounces to the pound, Troy uses 12 ounces to the pound. 

1 troy ounce = 1.097 Avoirdupois ounces. Troy is ''heavier,'' but has a 12 ounce pound.

1 Avoirdupois ounce = .911 troy ounces. Avoirdupois ounces are ''lighter,'' but have 16 per pound.

1 - 16 ounce ( Avoirdupois ) pound = 1.215 Troy pound.

This could throw off your calculations by a bit.


The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY





Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. What I am getting is really amazing because where we are right now is interesting.

We got people that are under gag orders. We got people that we normally hear from that we are not really hearing from as much, but we are still getting information here and there that is coming through that is allowing us to draw a picture where we think we are.

To be completely honest with you which I am, we were looking for this to occur this week either Tuesday….(muffled). The fact that we have not received that yet is just an indication that when we thought we would have this and everybody was prepared for it we thought, it just didn’t happen yet. We don’t know exactly. People ask me who is holding it up. Why hasn’t it gone? Who is holding it up?
It is hard to define that specifically as a person or an agency that is holding it up. So I try not to go there. Realistically it is hard to pin that down anyway. We do hear time from time certain things occurred that happened, but to be completely frank it is difficult to narrow it down to know what is exactly happening.

Bruce: When we talk about Iraq, we talk about have they moved forward. Have they put their rate out in the CBI that kind of thing. I do know one thing we got the owner of the Central Bank of Iraq working in conjunction with Dr. Shabi. DR Shabi has made a comeback to oversee I think to be part of this whole process for the Central Bank. Abadi is working with those two and who knows who else in conjunction with bringing everything forward.

Bruce: We know a lot of amazing things that we were looking for happen already. We were looking for today a number of agencies inside of Iraq to be paid today. We were looking for that. I have not been able to confirm whether they got paid or not. It is sort of something that we haven’t been able to narrow down yet.

There was a group of everyone you can think of that needed to be paid to be caught up and paid at the new rates. We will set that aside and say what else. We do know that. We do know the ATM machines are loaded with and ready to go with the lower denominations, but it does no good to have them unless you have the new rate to be effective and be useful.

We are waiting for those ATMs to be turned on. We don’t know exactly when that is going to happen. We also heard that Iraq may actually make this weekend kind of a holiday with tomorrow which is their Holy Day, Friday, be consider a holiday as suppose to just being a Holy Day. It might be significant to see what that turns into.

Bruce: In terms of our timing where we are, we know for example the Paymasters everywhere around the world were given flexibility the ability, the green light, to begin pay outs. That was new. We haven’t had that.

That occurred I believe yesterday at 6 o’clock on the west coast. That is a very positive thing. It shows us movement. That is what we are looking for, movement for this to move along. The other thing we are seeing is that Tabletop meetings everywhere started to payout today around lunchtime.

They started to pay out the funds that were tied to those tabletop meetings. These were regarding the Zim. They started to become liquid today. That is a positive thing. Also w heard Tier 1 and Tier 2 were being paid out. That is a lot of SKRs made liquid and so on. Tier 3 are looking to get started tomorrow. That is what I am hearing, and that could include groups and private groups that you guys probably know about. That is a positive step in the right direction in terms of that.

Bruce: Let’s talk about the other information which is where do we stand in terms of announcements. Is the USN something that would be announced? I am looking for it and I will tell you why. I heard something this afternoon that we are looking for President Trump to make an announcement in the Rose Garden tomorrow afternoon.

I don’t know what that announcement will be specifically. It will happen tomorrow, and we understand there is another announcement coming Saturday right prior to lunchtime. That is another thing. Is the President going to make that announcement? I do not know that, but we are looking for another announcement.

Could either of these two be about the new USN, about a gold back currency? It is hard to say. I think it is possible. I think the timing for it is about right because we heard a lot of things this week would be our week, but so far it has not.

Tomorrow is Friday. Maybe some of these things will occur. Some of these things should occur Friday and Saturday around lunch time. We are looking at the possibility of getting started anytime I heard dates from Saturday, not too much about tomorrow, but I heard Saturday till Monday possibly into Tuesday. I am not hearing anything beyond that personally just to let you know. I feel we are at a great place in terms of everything having been done, everything ready for us.
Bruce: Rates are on the screens at the Redemption Centers. All currencies. Finally the dinar showed back up again and was still there today. The other thing is the employees are ready. They are still on red alert and on standby at the Redemption Centers. They have been getting into work a little earlier than normal or earlier than they had been. That is an indicating I thought a possibility of an earlier start.

Now it is hard to say from that where we are specifically, but I believe that we are in a really good place for this to be revealed. We do not need the USN announcement however to move forward with our part of the redemption to get Tier 4 started. It might be required for Tier 5, the so called John Q public.

That maybe be required before they get started. However, we are looking for movement on that, and I think security is still in really good shape. I believe everyone is signing off on their particular aspect of it as ready to go. I heard things about from certain bankers to indicate we are right there. There is nothing else to do.

Also heard some Zim redemptions taking place in Europe. I think that is very positive too. Now has it made its way over here yet for us? No, not really except for Table top meetings and paying out Tier 1 and 2 with Tier 3 looming.

Bruce: That is overall the jest of the Intel right now. I want to thank everybody for listening and being so faithful because I knew it is tough for this to go week after week, and yet it seems nothing is happening from your perspective.

I can tell you a lot is happening, and we are moving forward with this. We are not in the doldrums with this. We are moving forward, and I am comfortable we are still moving forward. I know our President and the Administration have very big ideas for us moving forward, and I even believe there even was an Executive Order signed yesterday that would allow for funding to come forward to help a huge amount of people around this country.

I believe to some extent it is tied to prosperity packages or prosperity programs as some people have referred to it. We know the Prosperity Programs will start going out about 2 to 3 hours after we get the go ahead to set our appointments. That is the soonest they will go out.

Bruce: I am encouraged by the type of language that was sort of discussed in the Presidential order. It just portends well for us moving forward to have everything we always wanted to do. One thing that did come out was you know there are a lot of people that will leave their jobs after this goes on.

There are a number of people that will quit jobs, retire, do all that, and why wouldn’t they right? At the same time there are a lot of people to filling in those jobs. A lot of vacancies will be filled in. Also a number of job creations will take place with our projects.

What I think the government is concerned about is the loss of jobs with the funding of the blessing. Those coming out and with people leaving their jobs. Those job numbers will be a little strange, and we got to supplement those with new jobs and hires. It could kind of be an interesting mix how that comes forward.
Bruce: Keep in mind when you go in for your appointments, if you want to do humanitarian projects, keep in mind infrastructure and what that would mean. Of course new hires, employment, and as well as longevity of your project. Can you come up with a project that will go 20, 30, 50, even 100 years?

I think we can, and I think we are not only with Veterans Retreat Network, but also with Rebuild America. There is no real end point with Rebuild America. That continues on, on, and on. That is our legacy. I think that will be the legacy of the Big Call as well as working with our Veterans and try to get them situated with good paying jobs, retrained, relaxed, and essentially rewired for an all new future. I think all of us will be getting ready for a new paradigm we are about to step into.

Bruce: Thank you everyone for coming in and for being faithful. We will look forward to talking to you or not talking to you Tuesday which will be our next call time. We will see what happens till then. I want to thank everyone for helping. Thank you Sue, Bob and Pastor Steven. Thank you all Big Call listeners in the Big Call Universe. Thank you all for listening.




Samson: Vietnam enjoys $2.7b trade surplus in Q1

 13th April, 2018

Việt Nam witnessed a trade surplus of nearly US$2.7 billion in the first quarter of this year, according to a report from the General Department of Customs.

This far exceeds the previous estimated figure of the General Statistics Office of $1.3 billion.
The report revealed that export value in the first quarter reached $55.6 billion, up by $11.1 billion, or 24.8 per cent, year-on-year.

In Q1, there were more than 10 export commodities with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Key commodities that achieved high growth include phones and components of which export value reached nearly $12.6 billion, an increase of nearly $5 billion, or 62.3 per cent, over the same period of 2017.

Textiles and garments’ export value touched $6.4 billion, up 14.9 per cent; computers, electronic products and spare parts reached $6.3 billion, up 14.1 per cent; and footwear amounted to $3.4 billion, up 10.6 per cent.

Agriculture products also recorded high growth. Fishery’s export turnover was $1.8 billion, increasing by 17.6 per cent; vegetable and fruit $970 million, up 38.5 per cent; and rice $745 million, up 38.1 per cent.

The export turnover of coffee was estimated at $1 billion and ranked second in the group of agriculture products but was up only 0.1 per cent over the same period last year.

On the opposite site, import turnover in the first quarter reached $52.9 billion, with imports by the domestic sector touching $21.2 billion, and that of the foreign-invested sector was $32 billion.  LINK


Samson:  Modest growth for Vietnam World Bank

13th April, 2018

In contrast with previous optimistic forecasts for Việt Nam’s economic growth in 2018, the World Bank (WB) has estimated a modest figure of 6.5 per cent, 0.2 percentage point lower than the National Assembly’s target.

In their latest East Asia and Pacific economic update announced on April 12, the WB said Việt Nam’s economy will continue to be stable and sustainable but with a very conservative growth increase compared to predictions from other international organisations, at about 0.1 to 0.6 percentage points lower.

Sudhir Shetty, World Bank Chief Economist for the East Asia and Pacific region, said since Việt Nam’s agricultural sector had recovered strongly in 2017, the country will find it hard to achieve an economic breakthrough in 2018.

Đinh Tuấn Việt, senior economist at the WB in Việt Nam, added that the report was made without the preliminary data for Việt Nam’s economy in the first quarter.

Việt said the WB is cautious and wants to continue collecting data before issuing further predictions.

As for the rest of 2018, the WB says Việt Nam’s slow structural reforms can make the current recovery process weak, slowing growth in the medium term. In addition, poor budgetary control will hinder poverty reduction as well as human resource investment.

On another hand, the country’s current levels of trade turnover and foreign investment are high, making Việt Nam’s economy vulnerable to protectionism-related risks.

These risks require further steps to enhance macro-economic resilience, including the continuation of flexible exchange rate management, foreign exchange reserves strengthening and stricter monetary policy application, in line with the State Bank’s monetary growth policy, said Việt.

In the fiscal sector, revenue-expenditure reforms need to be deepened, including expanding the tax base, rationalising the public administration and increasing the efficiency of public investment.

In addition, reforms within the State-owned sector, such as regulatory improvement for investment, including capital and land, should be carried out simultaneously to ensure the country can maintain stable growth.

"Việt Nam has grown into a much larger economy, so 1 per cent growth now and 1 per cent growth in the past five years require different amounts of effort," he added.

The WB report emphasises that although the outlook for Việt Nam’s economy in the short term is generally favourable, there are still great challenges.

Since the end of the first quarter, different forecasts for the country’s economic future in 2018 have been published.

The Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) estimated that economic growth in 2018 may reach 6.67 per cent, while the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) gave a higher number of 6.83 per cent.

Other organisations such as the Asian Development Bank and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, varied greatly in terms of growth rates for Việt Nam in 2018, ranging from 7.1 per cent as one of the strongest growth in the region, to 6.5 per cent.   LINK


Samson:  The rise in global gold reserves in Nissan and Iraq maintainsthe 37th position globally

12th April, 2018

The World Gold Council, on Thursday, the rise of the world's gold reserves in April this year, while noting that Iraq has maintained 37th place globally and fifth in the world reserves.

"The world's reserves of gold rose for the month of April by 54 tons from the month of March to reach 33 thousand and 827 tons," the Council said in a statistic published on its website and viewed by the SNG, noting that "the United States still ranks first in the world in terms of these reserves Which amounted to 8.133.5 tons, followed by Germany with 3.373 tons.

The Council added that "Iraq has maintained the rank 37 in the world in terms of these reserves out of the 100 countries listed in the international financial statistics of the global reserves of gold, while Iraq also maintained the fifth place in the Arab world, followed by Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and Algeria and Libya ".

The Council noted that "Iraq's gold reserves remained stable, recording 89.8 tons, which represents 7.8% of the rest of the other currencies," noting that "the last purchase of Iraq from gold was in April 2014, where he bought 15.16 tons."

On January 23, 2014, the Central Bank decided to set up a series of pure gold bullion ranging between 50 g and 1000 g for sale to gold dealers, investors and segments of society wishing to do so in Iraqi dinar.   LINK


Elmerf123456:  I’m going to be as transparent as possible. Too many people cling their emotions on what people say each day. Stop it!

Do your due diligence and look at the facts that have transpired over the past year and a half in Iraq. ALL OF IT! Now apply logic.

If you do, you see the pieces and know there are no coincidences! BREATH and WAIT. That’s your part.

You got in this... seek find and execute a way to win regardless of the circumstances and stay in this! No pumping no promoting! Regardless of what brought you here make the decision to not have emotional swings and stick hard and stand tall and wait together…

Live life for today… for tomorrow’s future will change for all of us ! There are no coincidences…. do your homework ….review your notes…. look at the facts. Not opinions. Nuff Said!

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Plans Sale of State-Owned Businesses to Cut Spendi​ng https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-13/zimbabwe-plans-sale​-of-state-owned-businesses-to-cut-spending

Harambe:  Bloomberg: OPEC Near ‘Mission Accomplished’ as Oil Glut Vanishes https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-13/opec-near-mission-a​ccomplished-as-oil-glut-vanishes-iea-says

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 13 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 13 April 2018 by Judy Byington,

A. April 12 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456# 6 ff 4rw 712-770-4014

1.People were under gag orders and it has been hard to obtain info.

2. The Iraqi ATM machines were loaded with the new Dinar lower denominations.

3. Iraq has a holiday weekend starting tomorrow April 13.

4. Yesterday April 11 around 6 pm EST Paymasters around the globe were given the green light.

5. Funds tied to the Table Top meetings became liquid today April 12.
​6. SKRs were liquid today April 12.

7. Some groups were to be paid tomorrow April 13.

8. Trump was scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow afternoon April 13 from the Rose Garden.

9. Another announcement was scheduled on Sat. April 14 around noon EST.

10. We may be getting started Sat., Mon. or Tuesday.

11. The new rates were on the screens at the Redemption Centers

12. Employees were on Red Alert at Redemption Centers and personnel were going in early tomorrow April 13.

13. Some Zim redemptions were taking place in Europe.

14. Prosperity Programs would go out about four hours after we received the 800#s. Trump signed an Executive Order that may be tied to the PPs.


B. April 12 2018 1:58 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 12, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1.The Alliance has turned tables on the Cabal with the False Flag situation in Syria.

2. The Alliance instructed Trump to bluff a war with Russia in order to crash the Stock Market. Putin was aware of this and was playing his "bad cop" role as instructed by the Alliance. There would be no war as both Trump and Putin were members of the Alliance and the threatened war with Russia was just a scripted geopolitical play to force the Stock Market to collapse.

3. Once the Stock Market collapsed, Trump would introduce the US note gold-standard (which already exists as the HR5404 bill) through an Executive Order.

4. The RV release did not need the USN to be announced, nor did it need the Stock Market to collapse.

5. RV exchanges/redemptions would be processed through the new financial system at Banks and Redemption Centers via an appointment obtained by calling an 800 number.

6. According to sources, the RV at levels Tier 1-2 began yesterday, April 11.

7. The Tier 4 (Internet Group) exchanges via 800# appointments was expected to begin Monday April 16.

8. GESARA would be enacted globally once the dust settled, thus why the Alliance implored all currency holders to have humanitarian projects. Humanitarian projects would serve as an initial boost toward the destruction of poverty prior to the enactment of GESARA.


C. April 12 2018 1:17 am EST Intel Update, Tilton: "Finally" - Anonymous RV Intel Update via Philip Tilton 4-11-18

1. The start time for the GCR/RV was 1 pm EST today April 12 starting in Reno.

2. Activities have already begun with funds being released globally.

3. Payouts for Tiers 1, 2 started today April 12.

4. Tier 3 (groups) should begin tomorrow April 13.

5. Tier 4 (Internet Group) should start receiving 800 numbers over the weekend, with appointments starting on Mon. April 16.

6. Additional information and instructions would follow over the weekend.

7. The RV has officially started.

D. April 12 2018 12:54 pm EST TNT Bank Stories: Thurs. AM TNT Bank Stories 4-12-18

1. A friend who was retired from the State Department and was a currency holder, said he was contacted by a private banker from BBVA on April 11. The private banker told him that the currency revaluation would happen within the next ten days (before April 20).

2. Today April 12 at a Wells Fargo branch in Scottsdale AZ I talked to the bank manager who admitted there was gold-backed US currency, a new system in place, and they had completed employee training on it this week. She said that right now we could exchange Euro, but other currency exchanges wouldn’t begin until April 22.

3. GJHHonor: A bank wealth manager told me he was aware of the Iraqi Dinar and other currencies, but had to wait until the RV went before he could help me exchange.


E. April 12 2018 12:39 pm EST, Fulford Report: "Has America Gone Insane?" - Fulford Report - 4.9.18

1. In attempts to start World War III elements of UK intelligence services manufactured a poison gas incident, CIA and MI5 sources confirm. U.S. and UK agents were caught red-handed with banned chemical weapons in their possession in Syria.


2. Trump U.S. Commerce officials, working against the advice of the Pentagon, have declared a trade war with China that they are mathematically doomed to lose. China’s government has already promised to “fight to the end at any cost.”

3. A group of Western leaders who brought us the fake war on terror and the various invasions that followed are terrified of losing power and consequently being charged with multiple war crimes. This is the real reason why they are acting, collectively, in an irrational and hysterical manner.

4. The situation in the U.S. remains the most intense, as an undeclared but de facto civil war is raging there. The war pits the fascist Khazarian mafia faction that staged 9/11, the Iraq War, and Fukushima against patriots who want to restore democracy and the rule of law to the West.

5. Unlike the open warfare of previous civil wars, this one is being fought over the instruments of mass mind control, including money, propaganda, cyberwarfare, targeted assassinations, and unpublicized battles between special forces.

6. The ongoing attacks on Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, even as these Internet giants strive to censor the web, are just one visible aspect of this new type of war.

7. The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 was downed by U.S. forces in retaliation for recent crashes of U.S. warships apparently engineered by the Chinese, CIA sources say. Now three U.S. aircraft carrier groups are headed to the South China Sea to confront a massive Chinese battle group there, the CIA sources say.

8. According to the CIA sources, “The real reason for all the sabre-rattling by the Western military powers is that China seems to have become the victorious nation in the battle for control of the South China Sea.” https://www.google.co.id/amp/zeenews.india.com/world/pla-builds-the-great-underwater-wall-in-south-china-sea-for-warfare-advantage-2082947.html/amp

9. It is now clear that the March 26th start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil futures trading in Shanghai was a move the Chinese have been carefully preparing for at least a decade. This started back in 2008 when the Khazarian mafia threatened China with a cut-off of Middle Eastern oil and a blockade of its coastline if it tried to usurp the petrodollar.

10. The March 11, 2011 attack on Fukushima, Japan was intended to intimidate the Japanese and prevent them from nationalizing the Bank of Japan, a key linchpin of the petrodollar system. Thus, the Chinese took a lesson from Fukushima and built their underwater Great Wall of China to prevent a similar attack.

11. The Chinese also began to source their oil from Africa, Russia, South America, and elsewhere in preparation for their big move. The completion of a 600,000 barrel-per-day oil pipeline from Russia in January was one of the last pieces to be put into place.

Russia Tightens Oil Grip With China's Second Pipeline ...

12. This Chinese move against the petrodollar should not be mistaken as a move against the United States, though. It is really a move against the 700 or so top Khazarian mafiosi who have used their control of the petrodollar as part of their plan to enslave humanity.

13. In fact, patriots in the U.S. are actually fighting alongside their Asian allies to free the American people. That is why an “underwater base off Malibu, California was destroyed, resulting in a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on April 5,” Pentagon sources say.

14. The U.S. military was eliminating a sea-bed base that was involved in the attacks that caused all the mysterious fires recently in Northern California. They did not say who the base belonged to, but apparently it and possibly others have been financed by the California branch of the Khazarian mafia.
15. The U.S. military ensured that all Khazarian mafia bosses were removed from the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Board. The new president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, has already stated publicly that U.S. monetary creation should use new targets like median income, instead of just handing over the cash to private banks controlled by Khazarian oligarchs. Targeting “median income” basically means giving the money to the average American instead of to an esoteric elite.

John Williams Named Next New York Fed Chair | Zero Hedge

16. Also, as a part of this move against the Khazarians and their “create money out of thin air” con job, a bill has been introduced to the U.S. Congress to require that the U.S. currency be backed by gold. (Gold, by the way, that will be supplied by Asian friends of the American people, according to White Dragon Society sources.) On this front, top-secret negotiations are ongoing, but should result in “tens of trillions” of dollars being made available to help rebuild the U.S., say sources involved in the negotiations.

Text - H.R.5404 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

17. There is also a highly underreported African dimension to this epic battle against the Khazarian overlords. On this front, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited China last week and stated that his country would adopt a Chinese development model.

Xi welcomes Zimbabwean leader - Chinadaily.com.cn

18. Five U.S. senators were on hand to greet him as he returned from China, “as African gold and other natural resources will underwrite the new asset-backed financial system,” Pentagon sources explain.

19. To help prepare for the new system, a systematic purge of the Khazarian mafia control grid in the U.S. is continuing, the sources say. Part of this involved an attack on the network of underground tunnels and hideouts on Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island,” they say. This was followed by leaks of photographs of prominent Khazarians like former U.S. President Bill Clinton with underaged lovers (although these appear to have now been deleted from the Internet at the time this article was published). Also, “the Department of Justice shut down the sex and pedophilia trafficking site Backpage.com,” the sources note.

20. There may also soon be warfare in California. “Left-wing California is reeling from DOJ lawsuits, plus revolt from local governments,” the Pentagon sources say. “U.S. troops may be sent to put down the California insurrection,” they add. “The National Guard has been sent to the Mexican border to “stop terrorists, gangs, drugs, arms, and trafficking of humans and children,” they note.