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4-11-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   [...why until after the elections?]   Why what?  Currency reform?  The IMF requires 90 days of compliance which prevents the CBI from moving to Article VIII until at least mid June.  Elections are in May.

4-11-2018   Intel Guru Delta
   It was supposed to happen in first quarter.  Feel like we are in limbo.  How stupid!   Over 3000 contracts on sidelines, waiting to come into Iraq.  Trump knows number of US citizens who hold Dinars.  Article 8 can be retroactive...IMF approves.  Iraq has to lift 3 zeros in order to be International.  They can't trade on Forex without a rate change.  It’s a matter of days, days, hours, minutes...Thursday is official holiday + Friday/Saturday.  Getting closer & closer.

4-11-2018   Newshound Guru Walkingstick   Articles:  "URGENT Cabinet launches cash subsidies to citizens"   "Council of Ministers Launches Conditional Cash Benefits for Citizens"  Coming soon: Launch .... (big smile)

4-11-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   We thought that we would be in position for this and we heard talking about overnight and this morning. What happened was we had a stoppage...We identified who it was. That is not important. The main thing is that they corrected that. Now we have what we believe to be is clear sailing. ...I am hearing a lot of very good things about our timing and position. It is just hard to give you all of that particular information. So I am going to say that we should all be prepared...  I am feeling this is the week...There is not a whole lot else I can tell you except we are very close.  Let’s see what happens.

4-11-2018  Newshound Guru Kaperoni  The recent article from the WTO is motivational for Iraq but until they have exports and reduce dependence on oil they will not get full of accession.

4-11-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   ...The citizens know they are about to add power to the currency... Alak admits: "We are 2% compliant."  Tells you about to shut auctions, revalue currency..."2% compliance" means auctions about to stop and the RI will happen...The lava flow has stopped! I've waited 9.5 years to say that!  Dr. Shabibi is the author of  the Monetary Reform.  Alak is following orders from his boss, Dr. Shabibi.  Lower denom's, E-Dinars, Key cards, MasterCard  International, banks around  the world ready? Yes! Guess we are ready to re-instate.  There is nothing else to say.  We are at the doorstep...Dr. Shabbi, "We are about to change the exchange rate..."  There is nothing left to talk about.  The CBI has no choice, they have to make their move.  Article:  "Council of Baghdad allocates 85 billion Dinars..."  Seeing it in billions, not trillions...They are just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger...ALL WE ARE DOING IS WAITING....


Monday Night KTFA CC 4-9-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Some Highlights from KTFA Monday Night CC: 4-8-18

Frank: IMO There is nothing left to study as far as the progression of the monetary reform. 

It was supposed to happen in first quarter. (Jan. 1- Mar. 31)

IMO We are in limbo in April and there are elections approaching in May. 

IMO We are at the edge of cliff as far as the monetary reform is concerned. 

The governonr of the CBI says to the Iraqi media that they are ready to lift the 3 zero’s.

IMO.. We believe that some firms in Iraq have been given notice of preparation within 24 hours of when they are to turn on their ATM machines. 

IMO We just need to wait for it. 

Walkingstick tells me that we can’t get any closer than we are right now. 

I believe that it is finished and this is the moment. 


Samson » April 10th, 2018

Iran unites the official currency exchange rate with the open market

10th April, 2018

Announced the official Iranian media on Tuesday that Tehrat united between the official exchange rate of the currency and the price in the open market with the riyal fall to its lowest level ever yesterday due to fears of the return of sanctions.

The dollar rose over the day from 54,700 riyals to 60,000 riyals on the open market in Tehran on Monday. The dollar hit 36,000 riyals in mid-September. After an emergency meeting of the Iranian cabinet, state media quoted First Vice President Leshak Jahangiri as saying that as of Tuesday, the dollar would be 42,000 riyals in both markets and all business activities. 

Iran has sought to unify the open market exchange rate, which is used in most commercial transactions, and the official exchange rate, which is subsidized and is used only with government institutions and some priority commodity importers. 

Jahangiri said that as of today, the government will not recognize any exchange rate except the official price. "Trading dollars at an informal price will be against the law."

US sanctions lifted after Iran's nuclear deal with world powers are expected to resume in 2015 unless US President Donald Trump renews sanctions on May 12. LINK

Oil surges more than 1% on hopes of a possible trade dispute between China and the US

10th April, 2018

Oil prices rose more than 1 percent on Tuesday to continue strong gains in the previous session on hopes of resolving a US-China trade dispute without hurting the global economy.

However, prices remain within recent ranges as oil markets continue to face an oversupply that puts pressure on producers to keep their prices competitive in order not to lose market share.

US crude futures rose $ 69.62 a barrel, up 96 cents, or 1.4 percent, from the previous close.
US West Texas Intermediate crude futures advanced $ 64.31 a barrel, up 89 cents, or 1.4 percent.

The gains, after rising more than 2 percent in oil prices on Monday, are recovering from a 2 percent drop on Friday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged on Tuesday to open up his country's economy further and cut import tariffs in a letter that adopted a conciliatory tone on rising trade tensions with the United States.

Crude prices have seen volatile trading recently due to fears of a long-term trade dispute between the world's two largest economies and uncertainty about the balance between supply and demand in world oil markets.

Apart from the trade dispute, oil markets are concerned about the possibility of renewed US sanctions on some of the major producers of crude LINK

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq participates in the meeting of Governors of the Arab Monetary Fund

April 10, 2018

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail and his accompanying delegation represented Iraq with the Ministry of Finance at the 41st annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the Arab Monetary Fund held in the Dead Sea area of ​​the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the period 10-11 April 2018.

During this meeting, a number of important topics were discussed. The most important of these was the system of settlements and clearing for Arab payments, which would provide an environment for financial transfers between the Arab countries and thus enhance Arab trade and Arab economic integration.

For its part, the Fund has paid great attention to the achievement of cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of monetary policies among the Arab countries and coordination of their positions in international forums and meetings as well as strengthening coordination between central banks and Arab monetary institutions in various fields related to the work of these banks.

He also stressed the assistance in exchanging experiences and experiences between central banks, and thus these steps will achieve monetary cooperation among Arab countries in order to reach a common formula in the construction of monetary policies.



The Alliance's recent close encounters with the Mirader Empire has raised concern among Alliance brass.

The Cabal were able to open communications with the Mirader Empire and it is believed that a deal was made.

After several interrogations, the Alliance received information that the Cabal agreed for the Mirader Empire to stage an invasion of Earth. The Cabal would then reveal the SSP MIC and defeat the fake invasion to maintain power. In return, the Mirader Empire would receive Earth's resources.

(SSP = Secret Space Program | MIC = Military Industrial Complex)

Thanks to the Alliance's recent clearing operations of Cabal underground facilities in Ireland, this fake invasion event was thwarted. However, the Mirader Empire remains a threat and the Alliance have informed the Galactic Federation about this threat. Galactic Federation patrols around the outskirts of our solar system have now increased.

In other news, Trump recently stated that the U.S. should've accomplished what China has accomplished.

This was a direct hint to China's Petroyuan and was a signal for the U.S. to return to a gold-standard.

According to sources, the RV should be released by Thursday at the earliest.

Sources also report that the 800#'s have been forwarded to selected individuals in charge of distributing the numbers.

The transition event can now be seen like the sun rising above the horizon.


Wells Fargo Bank Teller Comments...

I operate on the philosophy that if I haven't heard a good rumor by noon, I should start one.

Well, this is no rumor, this morning I went into my [very] small local Wells Fargo branch to take care of some business. During the transactions, I decided that I would ask the teller if they would be doing any of the upcoming currency exchanges.

The question didn't phase him at all, without missing a beat, he said that... "He had heard rumors that they would and that they had recently undergone some systems upgrades and procedure changes so something must be up."

Then he went on to say that "In the meantime, if you need to purchase or exchange any currency - like Canadian dollars or English pounds, we can help you."

I know that GCR is legit, but like most here, I am extremely frustrated by all of the delays. I thought that you would be interested in my little bank story. Ray and Tony are giving us great intel. Hang in there my friends. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer.

Will Congress put America back on the Gold Standard?

The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY


Dear Friends, 

Thank you to all who joined us last week after an extended absence, it was nice to be back. 
This week I have some new updates on the exchange scenario, it is all starting to fall into place.   
I will then continue the theme of understanding separation consciousness.  How it affects us, who we recognize it and how we correct it. 
This program will be radio only, no live video streaming. 
After the discussion we will open the program for a live Q&A discussion. 
Both Blanca and I are glad and ready to be back again. 
Join us live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime. 
Live call in number:  515-605-9356 
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As always I Iook forward to seeing you at one of the workshops, being with yo live is always a pleasure.   
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We will be waiting for weekend confirmations through this month, next month, and all the months until the end of the year. 

There will be an election in Iraq, and then holidays, and then more laws, and so on and so on.  It goes on and on, without end.  For Iraq to revalue to $3.22 they would need many trillions of U.S. dollars in their Treasury.  Never happen. 

Again, I see a redenomination, not a revaluation.  Oh, the disappointment this will bring!!




Bruce: Welcome Everybody tonight to the Big Call. I want you to know even I have had to reset my priorities tonight on Intel. The reason is I got a phone call that asked me not to talk about certain things. I normally not get that kind of call that keeps me away from what I was about to do. You know how I am about certain things. I don’t put out so much detail out there to get anyone in trouble.

I am going to respect that and stay away from that and reprioritize what I want to bring to you tonight. I will say everything in the old country is moving along beautiful. Everything is right. Everything is good. Everything is happening. Then when we talk about this east to west we are seeing evidence of that already. Especially yesterday, last night, and today we saw evidence of that.
Bruce: We thought that we would be in position for this and we heard talking about overnight and this morning. What happened was we had a stoppage. There was a stoppage. We identified who it was. That is not important. The main thing is that they corrected that. Now we have what we believe to be is clear sailing. That is encouraging to me. I am hearing a lot of very good things about our timing and position. It is just hard to give you all of that particular information. So I am going to say that we should all be prepared as we should be.

Bruce: We know the Redemption Centers have been on high alert and standby and we know the security has gone up another notch. That is a real positive thing. It tells us that we are looking very good at this time. Yes I heard specific things today. Yes I heard specific things regarding timing and so on. I am just going to tell you I am relaxed and I am real chilled going into tomorrow. I am feeling this is the week, and every indication is we should just be concerned now about our exchanges.

Bruce: I want us to talk about very briefly here about the protocols. I want everybody just to be confident and ready to go this week. I want everybody to just make sure what currency you have so when you go in and your currency is counted and verified by the De La Rue machine, you have an idea already how much you have of each currency. Not necessarily each denomination. I don’t think that is important. Just so if you have dinar, dong, and other currencies, you just write down what it is you have so that when they total it up their totals will hopefully match your totals. Just a check point you can have, because you will be first going in when you call and get a phone number from the Big Call or someone else online,

Bruce: I still understand I still supposed to get the number or numbers because I understand there will be for North America 5 numbers, two for the US and 3 for Canada. If I get those 5 numbers, I will put those out like I said. When you get those numbers to call based on the area you are in, you will be transferred if you have Zim to a Zim Redemption Center. Then you will be able to speak to someone there who possibly might be the person that will help you with your redemption and your exchanges. The reason I use those two words is we know the Zim is a gold back bond and it will be redeemed and the currency you have will be exchanged.

Bruce: When you get ready to go, you just want to go and put in what you want in terms of Identification, a couple of picture IDs, a passport is probably best. A driver’s license is good. Take those. Take a utility bill to show you are a real person and you live somewhere where that address is. You will want to take your currency with you in a very safe way, and just a two or 3 page outline of any projects you have planned that you may want to discuss at the time of your appointment. I think the appointments will go amazingly fast. Just about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes is all they really have allotted. They will be able to identify you, identify your currency, and they will be able to add all that up.

Bruce: Then you will be talking about if you want projects. You will talk about a rate. You will talk about everything sort of from the payout system they have arranged for you. You will be able to talk in terms of that and what the percentage is. Remember the percentage is not fixed. The percentage is you decide before you go in. For example if you want to use 70% to 75% for humanitarian projects and 20% to 25% to 30% for yourself or for personal, you can set it up that way. You can designate it that way. From what I understand I was originally going to do 100 % of my Zim exchange for humanitarian projects, but the more I talked to other people about that, they indicated No, that is a little high. They don’t believe you can use that much for humanitarian projects. Use a number somewhere between 70 to 90% for humanitarian and the rest for personal. I thought okay I can do that and make that work.

Bruce: The point is you will have flexibility in those areas. You will have flexibility in the length of term you want to receive your structure payout whether it is 5, 10, 15, 20, maybe 30 years. I have head of 50, but maybe just 30 which is a long time, but what you want to do when you go in there and if you have projects, you want to talk in terms of longevity. You want to talk in terms of new hirers, employment, infrastructure and the types of infrastructure that your project could help to build. Then you want to talk about job creation of course. What kind of jobs you will create in your project, roughly how many in a period of time. That type of information will go a long way.

Bruce: I am excited to get started and getting this done and getting these projects underway. I will be in touch with everyone who has emailed us at our new address which is the only one you can email which is: bigcalluniverse.com. You register your email on that new site. If you do that we have your email and we will be in touch with you in the future in the next month or so as we will go through the same thing you will be going through with the banks, setting appointments with the attorneys, CPAs, whatever you are using. Go ahead and get that done. Take some time off. Look around at real estate.

Whatever you will be doing the next month or so do it. Just check your email now and then, and if you get something from us, you can see what we are doing over there, what the projects will be looking like. We will try to keep you updated with the progress as we put together the teams for the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Those are my main two projects as you know.

You can then take part in that. We will tell you how you can help in that, be part of that. We will create templates how that might work where you live, or where you are going to move to.
Bruce: That is what I wanted to give you as far as the future of the Big Call and thank you all for listening and tuning in tonight. There is not a whole lot else I can tell you except we are very close. I heard a lot different things in the last couple of days where we are timing wise. I think I just say we are at the point we can sort of relax and let this come to us. That is sort of where we are. I do feel really good where we are this week.

This is Tuesday night. I feel great this is coming to us, and I feel really think that is what we should have. Let’s see what happens. Let’s watch it. If we don’t have anything by Thursday, we will have a call Thursday night. Otherwise I wish all God speed and the very best in terms of the blessing, and looking forward to getting started as you guys are, and get started with our new lives. All have a great night and a beautiful time.

Thank you very much Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and all Big Call Universe for listening over the years and helping to add your faith to ours. Thank you Everybody very much. Good night.



Spectra: China Orders Navy to Join Russian Fleet https://youtu.be/aqh4bhED6TU

Spectra: China orders its Navy to join the Russian fleet off the coast of Syria as the US UK and France prepare for war against President Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons. Prophecy is on the verge of fulfilling on a major way. links

sandyf: Kaperoni: Shabibi raised the dinar 1000 dinar already back in 2004-2005 Kaperoni: maybe a bit more Kaperoni: I am not exactly sure but I think the dinar was about 3500 to $1 in 2003 –

This is not true , when the new IQD was introduced in 2003 the rate was 1900. For those that want verification read the interviews with General Tant.
sandyf: @spankie: did the world devalue or impose the rate - There was no imposed rate. When the IQD was supposed to be about $3, there were around 20 billion IQD in circulation, by 2003 there was around 6.5 trillion in circulation.

The devaluation came about by Saddam printing a lot more currency, only certain countries can get away with that. The sanctions aggravated the situation by making the IQD an undesirable currency.

tman23: @sandyf .......1900 is correct as it was released in mid October I believe........2003......But others will tell you they bought theirs at 4,000 -1 which the rate soared to on the streets in January 2004....... yet my friends I Iraq tell me 4,000 is just not so.......

Does not matter to me what it was ...... bought mine in Dubai without the dealer fees ....And some from a couple at travel ex window who needed cash...... I gave them the price I paid in Dubai which was $200 more then travel ex was offering as exchange.......only because i'm a really nice guy and felt bad for them and their situation......... i

Sandyf: @chattels: " Kap " may be wrong, but it is not "BS ", IMO - I think you are right on that but his arguments are fundamentally flawed. No country has ever allowed rapid appreciation of the currency as it is a major impediment to international trade. The US has brought the value of the dollar down to boost trade. Obama always accused China of an undervalued currency to gain a trade advantage.

Spectra: What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

[pm]Zig: Wow...I was always under the impression that the IQD was intentionally devalued because of the war so they would not have the money they needed...that is what most in this have thought...right?

Spectra: The US Invaded Iraq Because It Wouldn't Have Survived Otherwise https://falkvinge.net/2012/10/06/the-us-invaded-iraq-because-it-wouldnt-have-survived-otherwise/

Spectra: iraq had suddenly started selling its oil for Euros instead of for US Dollars.


sandyf: @Zig @Kaperoni: How do you enter the world currency market with a managed float? - Iraq has been on the world currency market for years. Some seem to think that forex revolves around trading currency pairs. It will be up to forex brokers if the IQD ever appears in low level trading.

Spectra: @BREW Regrettably, the war devastated the US Economy. The Vietnam war, that is. As a result, the US did the predictable and stupid thing and just started printing more money to finance the war.

Before the war, coverage for the gold-for-dollar debt had been reasonable, but some countries – France, in particular – saw where things were heading. Charles de Gaulle insisted on having the French USD reserves redeemed for gold, as had been promised. This exchange also took place, causing the back-end gold coverage for the dollar to drop from about 50% to about 20%, past the economic breaking point.

Spectra: @BREW yes

meatball: @sandyf short and to the point question..... do you think the dinar will ever produce a worthwhile return..... thanks!



Spectra: @BREW intresting

sandyf: @Zig The sanctions were introduced to stop Iraq trading and earning the money they needed. Under normal circumstances the value of a currency is related to the amount in circulation.

Kuwait has currently just over 40 billion in circulation and Iraq has around 45 trillion, yet people seem to think they should have a comparable value.

Zig: I am confused but what else is new....lol


Spectra: We observe here, that if another currency should begin to threaten the dominance of the USD in key international trade, the currency reserves would be rebalanced to reflect that fact.

 It would not merely cause less US overconsumption to be absorbed – rebalancing currency reserves would mean that countries started selling USD instead of just not buying, replacing a portion of their USD holdings with something else.

Seeing how precarious the US financial situation is, this could well set off a selloff avalanche that would re-balance the USD down to a fraction of today’s value.

In economic terms, this is called a “correction”. (I’ve written a previous piece on this that’s easy to read.) Such an avalanche would be the definite end of the United States as a superpower and largely mirror the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was similarly overextended. It would also bring a lot of suffering to the already-overexploited middle and lower economic classes in the US.


Zig: @sandyf : You go against a lot of what people here have been led to believe.....

Spectra: Predictably, after the invasion was over, one of the very first actions taken by the interim US-led administration was to revert to selling oil in US Dollars instead, closing the circle and ending the imminent threat to the United States’ existence as a superpower.

tman23: Iraq would have 45 billion in circulation ONCE they remove the three zeros....... 45 trillion minus 3 zeros makes 45 billion.......OFF to my rocket science classes i'm taking online.......lmao !!.

sandyf: @meatball short answer is I don't know, but would like to think so. I do not see any way that it can occur in the way that has been suggested. Where will the money come from to fund the redemptions?.

The first time I have ever seen a guru provide some sort of answer to that was the other week when TNT Tony said it would be China. As I said once before, the jury is still out on the GCA.

Spectra: The Iraqi currency switch only applied to the “oil for food program”, which was the only legal way for Iraq to sell oil to the West (due to trade sanctions).

meatball: @sandyf hard to take tnt tony as any kind of reputable source of info.... track record

BREW: After 54 years the VND IS STILL WORTHLESS, BUT VIETNAM IS A THRIVING COUNTRY, And i ask the question once more, why do we think iraq has to revalue the money.  there is no good answer.

tman23: none of this is that firgging complicated.......It's all about the 3 zeros.....AND WILL THEY BE INCLUDED IN THE ACCOUNTING WHEN YOU EXCHANGE YOUR CURRENCY........NEVER EVER NEVER FOR 100% CERTAINTY WILL 3 ZEROS BE IN A FLOAT.....

sandyf: @Kaperoni: "The exchange restriction arises from an Iraqi balance owed to Jordan under an inoperative bilateral payments agreement. The MCP arises from the official action to limit the purchase of foreign exchange, with no mechanism to ensure that exchange rates in the official and parallel markets do not deviate from IRAQ each other by more than 2 percent. –

The operating word in that statement is "mechanism", this is what the IMF pointed out back in 2012. I have not seen any move by Iraq to introduce any mechanism. Vietnam had exactly the same problem and resolved it by legislation.

tman23: I'm out...........this is torture......rather be water boarded !!

meatball: @BREW always been a roll of the dice so to speak
BREW: @meatball i guess

Whitelions: @meatball Thank I was hoping some one would point that out

Zig: No imposed rate says sandyf!!!

sandyf: @meatball Spot on regarding the man, I was a victim of the scam he did time for. But as I said, no one has ever indicated how the redemptions will be funded so I am open to any credible suggestion

Zig: Hi Kap....Join in....lol

Kaperoni: Sandy the "mechanism" were new instructions by the CBI to better control the auctions

meatball: @sandyf I think we would all appreciate credible info.... just not from a guru or ex con

Spectra: Iraq-Related Sanctions


Kaperoni: Those instructions were written by the IMF and UST when they provided assistance back in January

sandyf: @Kaperoni so you take the auctions away and what happens to the mechanism.

Whitelions: @sandyf from what I can tell you are compairing Iraq with what other countrys have done in the past and that simply not the case .

Kaperoni: You cannot take the auctions away until the CBI is in Article VIII

sandyf: @Whitelions So what is different and where do you think the money will come from.

Kaperoni: Once in Article VIII and the CBI is floating the dinar they will continue to make revenue via commissions

BREW: @Whitelions repeat of last-night, does no good to argue the point,.

Kaperoni: hiya Zigi: im here for a short visit: very short: dinner waiting: lol: pizza!

meatball: @Kaperoni evening.... can you explain commissions ?

meatball: @Kaperoni pizza??? shocking lol

BREW: @Kaperoni all is good, every one has there opinion.

Zig: I would like to see a conversation between only Kap and sandyf sometime....

sandyf: @Kaperoni You are entitled to your opinion but I do not buy it. No country ever allows rapid appreciation.


sandyf: @Zig I need to go, not a good time of day for me.

Kaperoni: meatball the CBI generate revenue now with a 6 dinar commission
Kaperoni: sandy tell that to the Ballassa-Samuelson

Karsten: @BREW You and I both as well as all the rest that claim to be in the know

Kaperoni: lol

BREW: @Karsten LOL

meatball: @Kaperoni ty

Zig: Kap will never convince some and some will never convince Kap.....stalemate....lol.....goes around in circles....

Kaperoni: In case you didnt read the 2012 Article IV

Kaperoni: “14. The de facto fixed exchange rate has served Iraq well. The authorities agreed that a stable nominal exchange rate provides a valuable anchor for inflation expectations in an uncertain environment, and intend to continue implementing this policy for the foreseeable future.

In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy.

 Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Kaperoni: staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy.

Kaperoni: Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect,

Kaperoni: The Wikipedia definition of “Balassa-Samuelson effect” is… “rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.”

Kaperoni: And further research on Balassa-Samuelson effect clearly states… “many long term investors in emerging market currencies, for example, have been able to benefit from the appreciation of those currencies which is arguably due to the Balassa-Samuelson effect.”

Kaperoni: When you search Wikipedia, you get an explanation for this as…”Balassa–Samuelson (BS) hypothesis implies that countries with rapidly expanding economies should tend to have more rapidly appreciating exchange rates.”

In other words, the IMF themselves are acknowledging (by saying Balassa–Samuelson effect in this Article IV document) the dinar will rise rapidly.

Kaperoni: “In 1964, academics Bela Balassa, a Hungarian economist, and Paul Samuelson, a Nobel-Laureate economist, independently observed that countries with higher levels of productivity growth experienced rapidly rising real wages and so appreciating real exchange rates.

Academic studies since have suggested the picture is not as simple as Mr Balassa and Mr Samuelson first thought and that many other factors can also influence the model.

 However, many long term investors in emerging market currencies, for example, have been able to benefit from the appreciation of those currencies which is arguably due to the Balassa-Samuelson effect.”

Kaperoni: :)  : All I got tonight, have a good night.

Zig: Go eat!...lol....Thanks....you will never convince a lot here....I remain confused.....lol.....WE WAIT.....


meatball: @BREW lol
BREW: @meatball (NOT)

Zig: @BREW : Yeah....hope he is right about a 6-7 dollar rate.... 'happy-dance

Karsten: @meatball I am pretty sure just about everyone has about the same opinion of ALL the so called Guru's.....I know I do.

meatball: @Karsten surprisingly some don't.... even on here

BREW: @meatball i know.
meatball: to each there own I guess

Karsten: they call it or close and then they kick the can down the road and this happens 12 times a years for i forget how long.....they should be in Congress

Tebow: CBI still says No Float

Zig: I am tired of thinking about all this....lol....just will hold and wait....Nothing else to do.....we can beat this to death.....never ends.....

Karsten: @Zig I am a life member of the NRA and I don't even give them the donations they want.....Sure as **l wont be supporting any so call guru, GOP, DNC or anyone else these days......Give us money and we will see what we can do

meatball: @Zig consider it job security lol

Spectra: Iran seeks to pin rial to the dollar as currency hits record low Tehran enforces single exchange rate, with government saying it is in 'an economic war' By NASSER KARIMI 10 April 2018, 6:57 pm TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran moved on Tuesday to enforce a single exchange rate to the dollar, banning all unregulated trading after the rial hit an all-time low.

The country’s senior vice president, Eshaq Jahangiri, was quoted by state TV as saying that the official rate will be 42,000 rials to the dollar as of Tuesday. He said that trading at any other price was forbidden and would be considered “smuggling.”

Spectra: https://www.timesofisrael.com/iran-seeks-to-pin-rial-to-the-dollar-as-currency-hits-record-low/

Zig: Seriously....Kaperoni comes in here and people argue....on and on and on.....what good does that do??....People have different views.....interpret the same information differently.....eventually we will have answers....I don't care how it happens.....just that it does eventually.....

Spectra: @Zig In Th end that is all that will matter....: @Zig i agree

Tebow: Under Kaps theory nothing will happen

Karsten: Pregnant Pause......I don't say much here, Chattels and I had a chat a few nights ago : So ya I am new here but not to this paper tiger we are all betting and hoping on

Zig: @Tebow : Yes it will....just "Gradually" and not "Overnight"...according to Kap...I hope Kap is wrong      Of course we all want an overnight event....who knows....

Tebow: gradually? CBI says no float. Who you going to believe the CBI or a dinarland guru?

Zig: At this point I don't care.....just waiting and watching....

Zig: They have closed the membership at Dinar Alert which Kaperoni has said is not his website...so not looking for new people at this time.....but require people to donate now for full access......

wdave1: wish I missed Kaperoni. I woudve told him about the Forex store in Birmingham Michigan that will sell you Dinars but wont buy from you unless you can prove you bought from them.

wdave1: Sorry I missed Kaperoni.
wdave1: Foxmoulder confirmed my story last week.

wdave1: Sotheastern Michigan with the largest Iraqi population in America.
wdave1: Reason for not buying? They have too many and are afraid of being stuck with what they have.

meatball: @wdave1 ever hear of Little Kurdistan in Tn.?

wdave1: One would think if this were true(RV) that you would have to wait in a long line on the next delivery.    wdave1: @meatball No.

meatball: @wdave1 https://ndn.wnpt.org/documentaries/little-kurdistan-usa/

meatball: @wdave1 in Nashville : @wdave1 worked with 2 engineers from there

Zig: @Tebow : Of course I hope you are right and Kap is wrong.....obviously.....MUCH BETTER!

wdave1: @meatball They buying Dinars? The Iraqis in Michigan aren't. Probably no intel or sources. My Mother was born in Lebanon.: @meatball I live by and see Iraqis evey day if I go out.: @meatball Tenn.

Tebow: I see British everyday

meatball: @wdave1 they have there own world

wdave1: @meatball They do here too.

wdave1: If this Rv nonsense were true I can assure you I would not be able to go to that Forex store tomorrow and buy Dinar unless I hit the right moment.: But go ahead and do your research.

meatball: @wdave1 works well with lottery tickets to lol

Zig: @wdave1 : Currencies are bought and sold daily no matter what the exchange rates.....

wdave1: @meatball I buy Lottery tickets and yesterday I bought Merk (MRK) and Clovis (CLVS) both companies are into cancer cures.

wdave1: @meatball People don't buy hard currencies as a investment only to travel or they are very rare. Dinars aren't rare.  : I meant ZIG.

Zig: Dealers profit no matter what the exchange rates...they don't care....in it to make money....do not speculate just buy and sell......
meatball: @wdave1 sadly there is to much money in cancer to cure it.... sad but true

Millipead: Hey so with kap and sandyf coming in here, what is the thought and mood now?

wdave1: @Zig And they have been doing it since 2003.

Zig: We are just speculators....people speculate on many currencies every day.....no big deal.....

Tebow: @wdave1 so you think most of the thousands of dinar buyers bought dinars because they plan to travel to Iraq :laugh

wdave1: @meatball Clovis has been taking care of Ovarian cancer Merk is onto lung cancer and they have other drugs.

meatball: @wdave1 always big money in big pharm

Zig: @Millipead : Nobody knows how any currency will change in value over time....

wdave1: @Tebow That might be a part of Sterlings defense. 
​Zig: We are just crazy speculators.....lol....hoping to get rich....Simple.....

wdave1: @meatball I give you the stock symbols I like yahoo finance you get more info there don't buy nothing that I do.

meatball: sums it up

Millipead: Same goes for u dave,u seem to have a low opinion of this

wdave1: @Zig I'm sure you saw where Foxmoulder backed up my story. Of course you yourself can call the Forex store in Birmingham Michigan.

[pm]Zig: @Millipead: sandyf has had Dinar for 14 years....I have known him for a while from another forum.....In my opinion he is not negative and is a very smart man.....

Millipead: @Zig he seems to think we wont make out though

wdave1: @Millipead No doubt in my mind this is B.S.

Millipead: @wdave1 so why r u here

[pm]Zig: @Millipead : He is not sure but holds out hope.....as we all do.....
[pm]Zig: We welcome everyone....wdave has relatives who have Dinar I think......
[pm]Zig: And other things beside the Dinar are discussed here..



Frank26:  ALOHA KONA ..............

I AM CONCERNED ABOUT UR INTERPRETATION OF KEY #4 ESPECIALLY WHEN I C A POST LIKE THIS .............. "I vote we don't acknowledge any more Mondays without Article #2 in hand! Smn4 hours ago"....BTW ........... I LOVE U SMN .............BUT I DONT WANT U TO IGNORE UR MONDAY'S  CC'S TO COME BECAUSE U DO NOT C ART #2.....UR M CC'S AND FRIDAY TEAM CHAT  WILL BE UR GIGER COUNTER TO ART #2




OH ............ONE LAST THING .................IMO ................. T WILL DO NOTHING WITH SYRIA .............IMO ............HE WILL LET ISRAEL DEAL WITH IT.......




Don961:  Saudi Arabia secretly targeting $80 oil

Date: 2018/04/10 - 5:59 PM


Saudi Arabia is likely targeting oil prices at $80 a barrel to boost the valuation of its oil giant Aramco ahead of its much-hyped IPO and to help finance increasingly ambitious domestic policy plans, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing people who have spoken to Saudi officials.

Although Saudi officials have been careful not to point to a specific oil price target in private discussions over the past month, “the inescapable conclusion from the conversations was that Riyadh is aiming for $80,” according to the people who spoke to Bloomberg on the condition of anonymity.

A couple of months ago, Saudi Arabia was reportedly targeting oil at $70, but that was before Riyadh admitted that Aramco’s initial public offering could take place in 2019, instead of in the second half of 2018, as it has been planned for years.

In an interview with Time magazine last week, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman—the proponent of the Saudi economic overhaul to diversify from oil—for the first time linked oil prices with the Aramco IPO.   link


Samson:  Oil rises to highest level since 2014

2018/4/11 8:30

International oil prices rallied on Wednesday, pushing up gains in the previous session as markets watched the Middle East escalate tensions after Eurocontrol warned of possible air strikes in Syria within 72 hours.

Brent crude rose $ 71.09 a barrel at 0104 GMT, up 7 percent from its last close.

Brent climbed more than 3 percent on Tuesday to its highest level since late 2014, when it hit $ 71.34.  US benchmark WTI hit $ 65.63 a barrel, up 12 percent from the last settlement.  LINK


Samson:  Iraq, its location and its effects in the regional arena

 11th April, 2018

Researcher and Islamic thinker d. Mr. Mohammed Gharifi on the geographical structure and regional location enjoyed by Iraq in the decision-making and its impact on the crises that occur in the region, said Gharifi:

Iraq's geopolitical situation has made it an influential country on the regional scene, and sometimes a maker of crises and instability in the region. For the following reasons:

1 - The Arab identity dominant over the Iraqi people imposed on him to be an influential element in the League of Arab States and influenced in the direction and decisions fateful and not unique in its fateful decisions. Therefore, the decision of the Iraq war on the Islamic Republic was made by the Arab countries to stop the Islamic revolution.

2. In contrast, the Shiite belief that the majority of the Iraqi people are forced to be part of the Shiite crescent, or what is known today as a resistance and resistance axis to support its brothers in Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen of Saudi and Israeli conspiracies.

3. The diverse demographic composition of the Iraqi people, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens, who in turn are divided into Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Sabians and Isidis ... has made Iraq a small society and capital of the entire region, because internal conflicts within the Iraqi people affect the entire region. Stability of the region.

4 - Iraq is located between four cultures, from the Persian culture to the Persian, from the north secular Ottoman culture, from the West French Arab culture, and from the South Bedouin Wahhabi culture. Therefore, Iraq plays the role of a link between these cultures, which is the bridge between the Shiites and Sunnis, and between Arabs and Persians and Turk, and between extremism and religious openness, and no other country can perform this task other than Iraq. It can play the role of the cultural capital of the region.

5 - from the economic side in addition to the fact that Iraq is rich in oil reserves and agricultural land and fresh water, but it is an important crossing for gas pipelines from Iran and Qatar to the European continent, as well as commercial goods from Turkey and the Levant to the Gulf and vice versa.

6 - Iraq has the oldest Islamic University in the Islamic world to teach Sharia, the estate of Najaf, which is now 1000 years old, including students and scientists from all countries of the region, is a source of radiation and guidance to the Islamic world.

7 - Iraq has a variety of sources of tourism of the effects and nature and the holy shrines of the imams of the people of the House peace be upon them, which attracts millions annually from outside Iraq, especially in the Shaaban visit, which exceeded the number of pilgrims to the House of God ten times.

Conclusion: Iraq's position in the regional arena is considered a bridge between contemporary Islamic cultures and a pivot to resolving regional differences and an economic, cultural and political link to the countries of the region. The region does not settle unless the internal Iraqi situation stabilizes. LINK
International Monetary Fund is optimistic about global growth and warns against squandering financial incentives

 11th April, 2018
Announced Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, on Wednesday, said that the Fund is optimistic about global growth but warned that the prospects for a darker overshadowed by the dissipated by fiscal stimulus and raise interest rates.

Lagarde said in a speech in Hong Kong that the top priorities of the global economy are to stay away from trade protection, caution against financial risks and promote long-term growth. Lagarde made the remarks at a time when the world is witnessing a trade dispute between the United States and China that creates a clear blur of companies and global supply chains.  "History shows that import restrictions are hurting everyone, especially the poorest consumers," she said.

The restrictions not only lead to more expensive products and more limited options, but also prevent trade from playing its key role in enhancing productivity and the diffusion of new technologies, she added.  The best way to tackle global imbalances was to use financial instruments or structural reforms, she said, adding that WTO rules faced the risk of "disintegration", which would be "an unforgivable collective political failure. 

She stressed that policymakers need to stick to the path of action, resolve conflicts without exceptional measures and global growth momentum will slow in 2018 and 2019 because of the contraction of fiscal stimulus, higher interest rates and more difficult financial conditions.