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I feel it is important to remind members of WSOMN of the possibility that the coming week may bring a temporary financial instability in the markets. My suggestion is to be prepared for that possibility with your vehicles fueled and adequate supplies for your family on hand. Better to be prepared than not.

Should the Chinese shift to a gold backed currency on Monday the 26th that could have a ripple effect on Wall Street and stock markets globally during a potential day or two of market closures as adjustments are made.

It is possible that there will be a 2 to 10 period where the instability of the the dollar will make it difficult to conduct business. Try to have cash on hand for emergency use only.

This is by no means the way this plays out but better safe than sorry.




The Chinese yuan and the major currencies are trading alongside the dollar in the oil trade within days

Contracts will participate in the pricing process of crude and will be within the global trading system

 23rd March, 2018

China is completing preparations for the launch of yuan-denominated futures contracts for crude oil, which is expected to start at 9 am China time on March 26 at the Shanghai International Energy Exchange of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Lu Feng said Thursday, An official at the stock exchange, told reporters that there were 19 brokers from outside China who had been listed for trading oil futures on the exchange.
​China is seeking to provide a mechanism for hedging and managing the risks and contribute to the pricing of oil globally, away from the large speculation in London and New York. In addition, China wants to make the yuan a major currency in the oil trade alongside the dollar, Although this may be a long-term need even if China is currently the world's largest oil importer, the country plans to limit speculation and bubbles that arise through these activities by making the cost of oil storage for traders in the country, according to a report published by Bloomberg on March 19.

China is double its price in the rest of the world.

As for the cost of storage in these warehouses, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced on March 20 that the cost would be 0.2 yuan per barrel and would be paid by the goods owner or his agent. A recent statement by the bourse revealed that trading margins were set at 7 per cent of the value of the contracts, The upper and lower limits of the float value are 5 per cent. For the first trading day, the limit is 10 per cent of reference prices.

The futures will include 7 types of crude oil, including 6 crude oil products from the Middle East, namely Oman Ore, Dubai Crude, Zacom Al Khaleel from Abu Dhabi, Qatar Marine Oil, While the Shanghai Mercantile Exchange will issue a list of reference prices a day before the trading of the futures contracts will be launched. All institutions will be required to prepare ahead of the launch of futures contracts, enhance risk prevention and ensure the stability of market operations.

Preparations for the delivery and storage of the seven raw materials to be traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange are still under way, and crude oil futures will be used for 6 specific warehouses for delivery of goods, spread in the Ailangtsi River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Jiaodong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula, These areas are easy for shipping operations, as well as proximity to large oil refining plants and being oil trading centers.

The six stores include storage facilities for Sinopec and CNPC, according to a March 14 statement from the Shanghai Stock Exchange. One of these stores is located in Dalian in addition to Ningbozhoujiang. The nominal storage capacity of these six warehouses is 5.95 million cubic meters, and its operating capacity is 3.15 million cubic meters.

The number of member institutions registered on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange is currently over 150, along with a few institutions from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Singapore's DBS.  In this regard, Jiang Yang, vice chairman of the State Securities Regulatory Commission, said in a report published by Xinhua that China is speeding up the drafting and issuing of the futures law in an effort to better safeguard the interests of foreign participants.

Will not occupy their share of foreign exchange, because foreign client funds and foreign brokerage agencies will enter into special accounts for futures trading. As preparations are nearing completion, some regular testing and testing is still needed before launch.
Shanghai crude futures will be involved in the pricing of crude oil in the Asia-Pacific region and are expected to become part of the 24-hour global trading system, with Brent and West Texas futures, "It is difficult to change the dollar's dominance over oil pricing in a short time, but pricing in various currencies will be the new direction in the future," said Gu Jingtao, an analyst with the China Investment Bank.  LINK


Samson:  China to launch first oil exchange in China

 23rd March, 2018

China will launch in Shanghai on Monday the gold futures exchange sold in the gold-backed yuan amid the specter of a looming trade war with the United States.

The move marks a new era in the world oil trade, which for decades has been dominated by the US dollar. It will be the start of the yuan's entry into the world oil trade, which is about 1.73 trillion dollars a year and is one of the most important factors that support the dollar exchange rate globally and raise the demand for it as a "reserve currency" needed by countries to settle purchases of fuel and other energy products.

The term "petroyan", ie, yuan-denominated oil, will enter the  financial markets Along with the term petrodollar, which is currently dollar-denominated oil. This means that oil contracts traded on the exchange can be converted from yuan to gold, according to the Nikkei Review Asia.

According to the US banking firm Zerhoehid, the futures contracts to be sold in the yuan will be one of the most important  indicators of oil prices in Asia, and perhaps the index will offset the price indices of Brent crude oil and West Texas, which dominate the world oil price indices, The Chinese market in oil consumption.

China is not only one of the largest importers of oil, but companies such as PetroChina, as well as the largest derivatives traders in the Asian markets.

Analysts believe that the creation of such a stock market would weaken US-dollar embargoes, and that these contracts would raise the Chinese yuan's share of the trade settlement market for both the dollar and the euro, the two currencies that control the global settlement trade."The gold-backed yuan in these oil futures contracts will tempt countries and companies that are trying to avoid the sale of raw materials in dollars," said Goldmoney's head of research at the GoldMoney Foundation in previous comments to the Nikkei Oil Review.

Oil-exporting countries facing a US embargo are expected to be among the largest customers of the exchange. The stock market was established in coordination with Russia.   LINK

Samson:  OPEC confirms the acceleration of the return of balance to the oil market

 25th March, 2018

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Sunday that the declaration of cooperation between the producers is continuing and a radical change in the global oil industry, pointing out that the participating countries in the declaration proved that they work in the framework of concerted efforts, and reiterates time and again dedication to accelerate rebalancing Markets.

"The outstanding performance of the producers in the joint cooperation agreement has been witnessed by a wide range of stakeholders in the energy market, including producers and consumers as well as the global economy," said a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), stressing the importance of the next meeting of the five-member ministerial committee on monitoring and follow- The city of Jeddah in April next. "

The OPEC report expected the meeting to reveal more data and positive statistics that support the process of joint cooperation of producers and accelerate the restoration of balance in the oil market.

The report noted that the OPEC countries and independents in the joint agreement set a new record of compliance in February, with voluntary production adjustments continuing, thus achieving a level of 138 percent, according to the data of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee.

Last month saw a good advance in the market's rapid rebalancing track in recent months, with OECD trade inventories dropping by 852.5 million, leading to further reductions in global oil stocks  LINK


Samson:  The oil-producing countries are more willing to compete and have the ability to pump more investment

 25th March, 2018

The estimates for the energy sector are now based on consistent concepts. Modernization and control of the volatility of world energy markets must lead. Among the most important factors driving demand for energy,

Crescent Petroleum said in its weekly report, economic growth will continue and encourage the demand for hydrocarbons in the future, particularly in the transport and chemical sectors, despite the growing renewable energy sources and the presence of two billion new energy consumers by the year 2050. the report also pointed to factors «enhance the demand for diversified energy sources, most notably the growing need for new ways to use oil and gas related to the manufacture of cars, construction and housing sector , the same energy materials, and thus will these factors directly effects in stimulating Alastosma Energy.

"The impact of the fundamentals of the oil and gas sector, which continues to support the trend towards further exploration, additional long-term investments, and the intensification of technical use to raise production from old and new fields," he said.

The GCC energy sector, according to Crescent Petroleum, is expected to meet with more investment spending. "The value of energy projects contracts exceeded $ 23 billion this year, a marked increase from the 2017 figure."

The report pointed to «important expectations», comes from Saudi Arabia, which tops the list of contracts to invest in the energy sector, thus the need for an efficient and stable global energy markets is urgent, and the strengthening of cooperation is binding on all producers of energy derivatives, Talk about the liberalization of the American energy sector ».

The report noted that the United States "seeks to achieve independence in the energy sector, both from traditional sources or renewable with the world." He did not cancel «the traditional energy fortunes that seem larger at the current stage, due to a number of variables».

He said that estimates of oil and natural gas reserves are "up to $ 50 trillion in addition to the large resources of coal, as well as current plans and trends, which simplify the procedures for granting licenses to develop the infrastructure of energy projects to investors."

Crescent said that these incentives "will increase the chances of the traditional energy sector, according to the strategies being implemented in a number of countries, especially in the United States, seeking to raise the GDP of $ 100 billion. The increase in oil prices "is in the interest of these plans, with the United States becoming the world's first source of energy in the coming years."

On the status of global energy markets, the report noted "greater readiness for energy sectors around the world to compete, and more able to pump more investments in the coming period." He concluded that the most important motive of this trend is "the keenness of oil-producing countries on their shares and markets."

At the end of its report on energy markets, Crescent Petroleum stressed "the importance of reshaping alliances and creating new joint links to maintain the current centers of oil-exporting countries." The US economy is "more competitive and stronger because of the availability of cheap energy sources. Between existing risks and opportunities for producers is very complex at a time when mitigating negative impacts and enhancing benefits are more uncertain. "

On the most important events in the oil and gas sector, the company «Dana Gas» UAE, «the coalition of companies« Pearl Petroleum », which is led by the« Crescent Petroleum »concluded a deal to sell gas for ten years, with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq.
In Oman, Oman Petroleum Development Company (PDO) announced a major discovery in the Mabrouk field, estimating the amount of recoverable gas by more than 4 trillion cubic feet and 112 million barrels of condensate.

She noted that she was carrying out excavations in the field north of the concession area, without disclosing additional details. "The oil and condensate reserves reached 4.740 billion barrels and the gas reserves are 24.96 trillion cubic feet by the end of 2017."   LINK


Hi Everyone,
Special Edition: Japanese Invasion of Pearl Harbor – FACT or FICTION?

So today I wanted to give everyone something to chew on. I am going to review a few aspects of what was said on a conference call by Jared Rand on March 22nd. I have talked about Jared many times already.
By now everyone should know that I do not support this notion of the RV through the GCR bullshit. So I don’t have to explicitly tell you again that I do not support this over zealous guy named Jared Rand. Do I? But one his recent conversations on the Dr. WC call was very interesting. So interesting that I thought it was worth mentioning and analyzing. Remember I try to listen to all these so called “intel” calls.

So on the Dr WC conference call with Jarad as her guest, I noticed that around the 1.5 minute mark he almost slips up and even uses the term “New World…….” but corrects himself and does not say “Order”. He wanted to say it and was about to say it. He stopped because he has read my newsletters and know the ramifications of using such language. This would tie him directly into the G.H and G.W. Bush’s administration to help bring about the “New World Order”, something that leaves us wondering about the implementation of the UN Agenda 2021 / 2030. So now he changes his wording to be safe.

Then as his presentation rolls on, he says that the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy on Dec 7th 1941 was really orchestrated by the US shadow or dark side of the government. This of course shocked me and I began to question his sanity. But then after telling this to my hubby, my hubby said why don’t you use your analysis abilities and try to debunk it. So here it is for you today.

I want everyone to know that this announcement of Jared was just as shocking to me as it will probably be to you. Many times I poo poo something just because I don’t understand how it could possibly be true but then later I find out it is. So let’s analyze it then and we will see. Is it FACT or FICTION?
So was the attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of Dec 7th really carried out by the Japanese or the US Government? Why would the US government perpetrate such an act upon the American people? Lots of questions to ask so let’s see if we can make any sense of it all.

So what Jared is saying is - What if Japan never really attacked Pearl Harbor? If this is the case, like the NYC 911 attack on the Twin Towers, this would have to be the biggest cover up in history. We would literally have to re-do all these Hollywood movies and re-write the history books.
Jared says that the dark/shadow government from the US Aircraft carriers ordered the Rising Sun (a bright red sun and stripe) painted on the American fighters to mimic the Japanese Zero fighters. They ordered them to take off from sea and conduct the attack Pearl Harbor. He says they did this to “wake up the sleeping giant” and to get the US into the war. Well we do know this is partially true. The US did enter the war and it did wake us up.

So could people on the ground in Hawaii that morning on Dec 7th be just so surprised and shocked by taking cover and panicking, that upon looking up at the fighters, all they really saw was the very bright red Rising Sun dot and stripe on the fighter planes designating the Japanese Zero fighters? Even if you were an idiot you would surely know these are Japanese Zeros. Right?
But how many people who witnessed the attack that day could really recognize a Zero from any other fighter plane of the era, like from US figher planes?

What they probably really saw what instead may have been SBD-3 Dauntless, Grumman F4F-3, F4F-3A Wildcats, Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless or Douglas TBD-1 Devastators which were standard US fighters stationed on aircraft carriers during this time period.
Oh yes, they may have looked like Japanese fighter planes alright from the ground with the bright RED rising sun and stipe painted on the planes. Did the US paint these on the planes to fool us into thinking it was the Japanese invading?

We can compare this same thought process then to the case with NYC 911, where eye witnesses claim to have seen the actual 727 and 747 commercial planes. But did they really see what they thought they saw?
In 2001 large sized drones loaded with explosives may very well be what they witnessed. Almost all eye witnesses for 911 say it all happened so fast it was hard to realize just what happened. Of course like in Pearl Harbor, they too were in shock as it all happened so fast.

Then afterwards that day in 2001, the eye witness’s opinion was tainted when they watched in on television from the news media, when the govt provided source news reel to all the news media channels to show. They tell us that it was a live broadcast, especially when the second plane hit the tower, however this is not true and there was actually enough of a delay to dub in commercial airliners over the profile of the drone, just as they did for the attack on the first tower.

This could very well be the same case in Hawaii on Dec 7th only back them we did not have the technology to overlay on films and so any 16mm films were confiscated from that day simply disappeared, if they showed the actual profiles of any fighter planes. We didn’t even have television to show the attack on live TV. So, NYC 911 was a much easier one to fool people and pull off using current media devices than was the Pearl Harbor attack. I now this seems weird and absolutely impossible. But the story gets better and better when we look at the FACTS.

A link to WWII fighter plane recognition is below. It compares a US plane to the Japanese Zeros. So on Dec 7th 1941, do you think there were many of the eye witnesses on the ground that could actually be able to recognize a Japanese Zero for a US fighter plane? Probably not and the US was counting on this too. Would their attention not be focused more on the big RED DOT of the Rising Sun? So how many really knew enough to tell them apart?

 This US military training video below shows you how difficult it is.
I will review later why I feel this might have been impossible to do but for now just entertain the possibility okay and be open minded.

We see that from all the FACTUAL evidence of the NYC 911 attack, that they can actually fake an attack of this magnitude and get away with it again after almost half a century of Pearl. Yes, history just may have repeated itself. So maybe in 1941 this idea of Jared’s is not too far-fetched after all?

This is the short version of the “official” story of Dec 7th, presented by the US govt to the American people. Is it FACT or FICTION?

Give me chance to explain. These are some interesting FACTS to consider before you discredit all the evidence. Let’s look at it.
1)At this time of the Pearl Harbor attack, the general public in the USA still refused to go along with supporting yet another World War. It was felt we were pressured to get involved in WWI and lost a lot of lives needlessly, however the real FACTS show that the influenza virus killed the majority of US soldiers during that war anyhow. However perception is everything and always overrides common sense.

So the president of the US FDR was having a problem turning the attention to fighting and committing American lives, supplies and equipment to fighting in the new war. FDR was grasping for solutions. Great Britain was at the brink of being defeated by Germany and we knew that if GB was defeated it would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for an eventual all out invasion of the European continent to defeat the Nazis.

Quickly after the Pearl Harbor attack, on December 8, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) asked Congress for and received a declaration of war against Japan. On December 11, Germany and Italy, allied with Japan, declared war on the U.S. The United States had entered World War II.
2) Why did the three carriers assigned to the Pacific fleet escape devastation? After all the Japs were more likely to go after the carriers then these older battleships? Right? They knew that it is the carriers that would win the war in the pacific. Was it just coincidental that the carriers were out at sea during the attack?

On 7 December 1941, the U.S. Navy had seven total aircraft carriers (CVs). Out of the seven three of them were in the Pacific fleet - the USS Lexington, USS Saratoga and the USS Ranger.
History will tell you that the aircraft carriers were moved out of Pearl Harbor just a short time before the attack occurred on the morning of Dec 7th. Is this true?
On Dec 7th 1941, the USS Saratoga was just entering San Diego after an interim dry docking at Bremerton, Washington. So we can eliminate this ship on any part of the conspiracy. So it was way out of harms way long before the attack.
On Dec 7th 1941, the USS Ranger was returning to Norfolk, Virginia from an ocean patrol extending to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. So we can eliminate this ship on any part of the conspiracy. So it was way out of harms way long before the attack.

So on Dec 7th, 1941 this leaves only one (1) carrier to carry out the conspiracy attack on Pearl Harbor. How many planes could the Lexington then carry onboard? We see that the Lexington only held 44 combat fighters as listed below. So where in hell did the other 309 fighter planes come from as the US govt “official story claims that 353 Jap Zeros attacked Pearly Harbor (353-44 = 309)? We see the Lexington could not hold that many planes.
Bombing Squadron Two (VB-2) with 15 Douglas SBD-2 Dauntless
Fighting Squadron Two (VF-2) with 16 Brewster F2A-3 Buffalos
Scouting Squadron Two (VS-2) with 1 Douglas SBD-2 and 14 SBD-3 Dauntless Torpedo Squadron Two (VT-2) with 12 Douglas TBD-1 Devastators
The history books claim that Saratoga and the Ranger were also out on maneuvers along with the Lexington and we know now this simply is not true, as you can see from the FACTS of my research.
So this is the “official” US govt story - Upon learning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Lexington launched search planes to hunt for the Japanese fleet, and at midmorning headed south to rendezvous with USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and USS Enterprise (CV-6) task forces to conduct a search SOUTHWEST of Oahu until returning to Pearl Harbor on 13 December. Is this really what happened or just a cover-up story for the attack, thus explaining why the ships were positioned where they were on Dec 7th?

Could the 44 fighter planes from the Lexington actually just circle around and around again over Pearl making many several attack runs, as they attacked the bay area making it appear to be more planes than there actually were? So what was witnessed on the ground and testified to later, may not actually have occurred. Also the 353 Jap planes comes strictly from the records of the accused 4 Japanese carriers that supposedly were in the battle. This was inserted into the history books afterwards and not from actual footage on film. So I ask again - Where the 353 Japanese Zero fighter planes in FACT even actually there?
So this the official story for the whereabouts of the USS Lexington: “In order to augment the air defenses for Midway Island, USS Lexington departed Pearl Harbor on 5 Dec (just 2 days prior to the attack) with Vought SB2U-3 Vindicators of Marine Scouting Bombing Squadron Two and (VMSB-231) aboard. Along with the heavy cruisers USS Chicago (CA-29), USS Portland (CA-33) and USS Astoria (CA-34) and five destroyers, the Lexington formed Task Force 12”.

Could the USS Lexington have rendezvoused with the other two carriers at sea thus the three US carriers conducting the battle against Pearl Harbor first and then headed for Midway as the alibi? Just asking…..We see that this is FACT was not the case from the records I researched. The Saratoga and Ranger were not even close to Pearl.

Could then the one carrier namely Lexington, carry enough planes to carry out the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Yes, since the US claims that 353 – 360 aircraft were launched from four heavy Japanese carriers. But we know the Lexington could have easily done all the damage in a surprise attack with only 44 planes with multiple waves and passes. I also want to state there was massive confusion on the ground and 44 circling planes could have looked like repetitive wave after wave of Zeros. We can see how this might have looked like hundreds and hundreds of zeros. Just stating a possibility.
If you watch the video on the link I provided above from the “official” story line from the US govt, it is just too specific with too many details. Too specific always sets off a red flag in my mind, as they had to try to convince everyone and make it sound plausible. Just like the “official” story of 911 it is too easy to poke holes in it.

3)Also we know that the long-standing concept of battleships duking it out on the open seas for superiority was already an antiquated method of warfare as the that aircraft carrier was now taking over the means of naval see superiority (and has been this ever since). A skeptic might say the shiny aircraft carriers - which the U.S. Navy understood would be pivotal in the next war - along with these newer class of battleships, were absent because they knew how enticing Pearl Harbor was as an ambush point. But was this the real reason? .

On December 7, 1941, the US Navy numbered 17 battleships with a further 15 under construction.
At Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th the battleships were the oldest battleships in the fleet. They were mostly WWI and early 20's vintage ships. The ones in the Atlantic were the newer battleships. Is this true?

So out of the 15 commissioned and in-service battleships at the time 8 were in Pearly Harbor on Dec 7th. These were all 18-27 years old already and reflected just half the fleet of these "super-dreadnoughts".

We also see that the majority of the battleship moorings in the harbor were in water depths of only around 30-40 feet. Ships, if sunk, at this depths, could easily be refloated, repaired and put back in service. There is always a cost of a conspiracy but the cost of not going to out weight the cost of not getting involved in the war. I believe the risk was minimal that the planned attack could not really cripple the pacific fleet for very long, as it didn’t. But this was not the point of the conspiracy in the first place. They point was to get the US into the war. Beside if this attack was a conspiracy, then the pilots would know each exact ship positions in the harbor and attacked just the right ones as planned for their targets, thus damage was limited and predicted as planned.

We later see this reinforced in WWII when during the battle to get the German Bismarck Battleship and how easy it was to sink it. So knowing all this, could the US then afford to sacrifice a couple battleships in the attack to get America onboard with supporting the war? These large battleships were all sitting in the Pearly Harbor like ducks in a pond waiting to be picked off. Was this intentional? So why give orders for the Aircraft Carriers and not the Battleships to move out of the harbor? I think I explained why already.

Pennsylvania BB-38 Damaged gun, lead ship of the Pennsylvania class of United States Navy super-dreadnought battleships. commissioned on 12 June 1916,
Arizona BB-39 Sunk, total loss, ship was the second and last of the Pennsylvania class of "super-dreadnought" battleships. Although commissioned in 1916
Nevada BB-36 Seriously damaged, beached at Hospital Point, Nevada-class battleships. Launched in 1914
Oklahoma BB-37 Sunk, total loss, another Nevada-class battleship, Commissioned in 1916
Tennessee BB-43 Relatively minor damage, repaired by February 1942, Tennessee-class battleship, commissioned June 1920.
California BB-44 Sunk, floated, rebuilt by January 1944, Tennessee-class battleship, commissioned August 1921.
Maryland BB-46 Damaged, two bomb hits, repaired by February 26, 1942, Colorado-class battleship, commissioned July 1921
West Virginia BB-48 Sunk, floated, rebuilt by July 1944, Colorado-class battleship, commissioned December 1923
4)History tells us that the US did not actually know just where the Imperial Japanese fleet was located. At least this is what Hollywood tells us. This is not FACT is not actually true.
We did actually know where the fleet was located, as Australia was tracking the fleet and had notified the US just days prior to the Dec 7th attack where the fleet was located. Japan was actually planning an all out invasion on Australia but decided to cancel it. So the Japanese fleet was way too far from Pearl to have orchestrated the attack on it. So where did all these Japanese fighters come from? Just asking.

5) Japanese Type 00 Carrier Fighter ("Zero") that crashed at Fort Kamehameha, near Pearl Harbor, during the attack. This plane, which had tail code "A1-154" and a red band around its rear fuselage, came from the aircraft carrier Akagi. Was this actually a captured Zero fighter or was it a staged crash with an actual captured Zero from an already salvaged zero fighter plane? How many fighters did they actually shoot down over Hawaii on the day?
6) They say the attack killed 2,403 U.S. personnel, including 68 civilians, and destroyed or damaged 19 U.S. Navy ships, including 8 battleships. Is this the real body count or just an “acceptable” range of deaths. We know that the US govt does have acceptable levels of casualties. But then if you go to the link I provided, you can see later on they give you a higher body count on a more detailed table. Why is there a discrepancy? Is it because the body count was actually much higher but they did not want the American public to know since if the TRUTH even came out what would they say? The actually body count turns out to be just about what the NYC 911 attack “official” figures turn out to be. Is this then the “acceptable” level of deaths for this size event by the shadow/dark government?

7) The link below is used as the “official” US govt movie reel from the attack on Pearly Harbor on Dec 7th, 1941:
After the battle of Pearly Harbor was over the US govt confiscated all films taken of the attack. They claimed they wanted the films to study and use as evidence of the Japanese attack. What where they looking for on these films? The only films ever returned to the owners where the ones without any actual airplanes shown on the film. Go figure? Just stating a possibility.

Do you actually see any Japanese zero fighters on any of the standard films released by the govt? Do you actually see any closeups of any fighter planes? Yet the US Govt claims that 353 Japanese planes were launched and attacked Pearly Harbor? Yet not one caught on film with any detail to actually positively identify even one of them? I find this very hard to believe.
Yes, there were planes on the films but for some reason the govt does not want you to see them. Why do this if they would only show Zeros fighters from the enemy?

Instead what do you see? Just destruction and later some propaganda in Japan itself. No real footage of the Zeros attacking. But Hollywood did a fine job of making their own film based only on the “official” story as told by the US govt. So these movies then become reality. Yes, these movies do show Zero fighters and are positively identified, but this is Hollywood and not actual real life footage. Get it? They simply brainwash you.
If you watch the govt film, you will see films of inside Japan. Really? Please tell me then how does that last bit of film gets attached to the home-grown 16mm movie real supposedly taken on the morning of Dec7th? Makes you wonder. Is this a staged film? But this is the “official” film of the attack in the government archives that documents the attack. We are expected to just accept it. This is also the film that is usually dubbed into many of the Hollywood version of the films later on.

8) Is then the Hollywood movie called Tora Tora a propaganda film? Yes, there are actual military personnel and war veterans explaining the devastation and giving their account to you what they saw on Dec 7th . There is no doubt that like the NYC 911 attack, that the attack on Pearly Harbor did occur and it was devastating, but did anyone definitively actually see Japanese Zero fighters drop any bombs? We simply can’t be sure.
Okay are you convinced yet that something is very fishy?
But Jared Rand still has some more explaining to do. Here are some other FACTS that may dispute his claim of a US led attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th, 1941:

1)The Japanese actually lost 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines in the attack. The navy even captured one of the midget submarines. But we know that these midget subs had been spotted already weeks before any attack. So they may in fact have nothing to do with the attack.
2)A downed Japanese pilot was taken prisoner and there was a crashed Zero fighter. Was this an intentional crash of a captured Zero flown for this very purpose to provide false evidence? Hey they did it in the NYC 91 bombings when they somehow found clean passports on three of the terrorists on top of the mounds of burned rubble. Really?
3)Soon after the morning of Dec 7th, the Japanese propaganda released a news real in Japan about their attack. Below is the link to the captured news reel after the defeat of Japan. So was this actually broadcasted on Dec 7th or was this a fake film produced afterwards as a cover up to reinforce the conspiracy that Japan did actually attack? Remember the US occupied Japan at the time this film was released.

4) The Pursuit Officer on duty Dec 7th was Lieutenant Kermit Tyler, an army air forces pilot. It was his second day on the job and he thought that the planes spotted on radar were US Army air force B-17 heavy bombers on their way to Hickam Field from California. Little did he know they very well could have been US fighter planes from the carrier offshore and not Japanese Zeros. We will never know with a recorded visual. So this evidence is convenient to the conspiracy.


From my research I really wanted to explore the possibility that Jared might be correct. But for me I now can say I don’t know. He may be correct. Therefore, if anyone has any other evidence to suggest I am wrong in my findings then please step forward.
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.
In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.
“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq and the United States to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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the Budget does need the RI. So if the Budget is published this week ......
IMO we should see the RI in the first quarter of 2018 !!!

Walkingstick:  Iraqi facts reveal the date of publication of the financial budget law for 2018

BAGHDAD / The director of the Iraqi fact sheet, Shatha al-Tai, said on Sunday that the Federal Budget Law of the country will be published this week, pointing out that the delay of publication was caused by not sending a letter from the presidency.

"We have prepared the federal budget law for the year 2018 and waiting for notice from the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish the draft law," Al-Taie told "Iraq News", likely to "reach notification this week."

"Article 73 of the Constitution, third article, pointed out that the injustice of the non-ratification of the President of the Republic, can be published after 15 days, but this matter is linked to the poetry of the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish."

"We have published previous laws that were not ratified by the president of the republic, as in the unified card law, which was published 15 days later," she said.

It is noteworthy that the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, refused on (March 13), to approve the budget of 2018 and returned to the House of Representatives to review its content because of the existence of 31 violations of constitutional, financial and legal clauses, according to the presidential statement in this regard.

The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies.



Anothermailman:  Well, Iraq's parliament decided to use 2 days, tuesday and thursday of this week to make sure these important laws were completed. I'm sure they will take the full week before they publish the budget law. Maybe, Saturday at 11:59pm.

Sunkissed:   Frank asked last week if there was anything not done yet.....   I wasn't certain until last night Q&A that the Budget had not been put in the Gazette in any location that we possibly couldn't see, when Frank answered my question. (Thank you Frank).

Now... in print --- we have the answer is in print!

IMO Perhaps.... the Budget posted in the Gazette may have been the single item that needed to be checked off for the RI...

Perhaps because the numbers would reveal the RI....

Perhaps the Budget will be posted simultaneously with...the 2nd Article and the Reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar...and the release of the re-denomination of the Dinar...
Perhaps... …we will be at the Bank this week exchanging........Perhaps.

Great4u:  So THIS WEEK we get to see the RATE in the budget???

FaithPrevails:  IMO Iraq can come out with a PR , however with the flip of a switch it can be changed. We watch their actions and continue our study.  FP


Darknight31:  This would be my wager imo.... Yuan triggers the possible gold standard in under 11 hours... And iraq speeds up the timeline to pass publicly what has supposedly been done. Timing.... Impeccable or intentional? 

Astaria:  Could very well be -as Frank has consistently taught us-ALL PLANNED!!!  We see as Frank taught-$70 oil, Decrease in Dinar sales, Meetings moved up, Warrants for arrests for a thousand plus 'you know who'....Then HUGE post #125 from Walkingstick today-So much revealed as Kim Clement prophesied-There will be nothing ...then...and as Frank stated-BOOM BOOM BOOM---All in IHO and IMHO!

Frank26:  Smile


Walkingstick Government insurers seek credit rating

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

The National Insurance Company has announced a relationship between insurance premiums in government companies and property Tax.

"The citizen who has insurance premiums of 5 million dinars is exempted from a tax of 5 million dinars, and this is a good thing and positive," said General Manager Haifa Chamoun.

"We have a partnership with government banks (Rafidain, Rashid and Iraqi for trade and industry) to secure all loans, especially development ones, in addition to our attempts to grant life insurance coverage to borrowers in accordance with the requirements and conditions provided by the three parties (Borrower - Bank -

Insurance Company ). The presence of an actor confirmed Shimon that " the payment of compensation by the public and private insurers evidence that the insurance sector is present and active," noting that "there are efforts and attempts to expand insurance business through our representatives and our producers to state departments, as well as the establishment of seminars in universities to define an important segment Insurance sector ".

"There is a significant increase in the insurance portfolio against the dangers of fire," noting that "there is a trade with all the provinces are applying for this type of insurance, especially after they know the amounts of compensation paid by government companies," asserting that " About twice the amount of compensation paid to this document , and that the majority of traders are insured by insurance companies aware of the importance of it.

Excellent experiences

and followed that "insurance companies generally has excellent experiences of insurance cadres and the economic situation need to raise awareness about the importance of the subject of insurance and its role in the economic process, noting that there are efforts to spread the vigorous awareness of insurance."

"The need to communicate with investment bodies and committees through the Insurance Bureau and the Ministry of Finance, which will highlight the importance of insurance on investment projects, especially as we live in the reconstruction phase of
liberated cities  ."

Global classification 

Shimon revealed the "lack of insurance companies in Iraq to a global credit classification because the classification needs to certain requirements are available to government companies, but not properly studied," asserting "a real trend to get this classification through the Ministry of Planning," indicating that "access A degree of classification qualify us to define the world our potential to open the door to insurance on major investment projects inside and outside Iraq. " The Director General of the company to re-work in the branch of Nineveh, the company after the liberation of the province of "Daash"


Frank26:  WHY??? .........................(Big Smile)
GFulcher66:  b/c it must ir imo………come on rv

Boxman:  Seems they are subsidizing citizens and companies for the 1st 5 million in insurance premium dollar for dollar offset....assume they want to encourage purchase of insurance and encourage investments..i would think that investors from outside Iraq, would want and require insurance to protect their investment.. All part of investors coming to Iraq to provide jobs...Could be wrong, but think part of security and stability...IMHO
Mike100:  Does Frank and teams still believe they will suspend the auctions at the end of this month? 


Samson:  Distribution of salaries of employees of Kurdistan Region

 25th March, 2018

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Saturday, a new schedule for the payment of salaries in November of 2017.

According to the new schedule will be distributed salaries of ministries as follows:

First - Sunday 25/3/2018 Distribution of salaries:
1_ Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
2_mash Justice
3_ Judicial Council
4_mash Labor and social Affairs
social 5_alraih
6_mash planning
7_mash natural resources
8_mash transport and Communications
9_mash Construction and Housing
10_ Ministry of Industry and trade
11_cil Asayish

Second: Monday 26/3/2018:
1_ Ministry of Electricity
2_massh mines
3_dioan financial control
4_haih Alansa rights
5_ Areas outside the administration of the region
6_ Environment Agency
7_ Investment
Authority 8_ Integrity
Commission 9_ Election and Referendum Commission
10_ Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources 11_ Ministry of
Culture and Youth
12_ Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs 13_
Foundation Asayesh
14_ Presidency of the Territory
15_ Parliament
16_ Council of Ministers

Tuesday -
27/3/2018 : 1_ Peshmerga leadership Zirvani and Peshmerga Defense and Emergency
2_ Oil Oil
IV - Wednesday 28/3/2018:
Troops (70) and (80)
Fifth - Thursday 29/3/2018:
Office of the Ministry of Peshmerga  LINK


VN condotel market promises to boom this year Condotels are becoming a hot development target in the real estate market, as international tourists flock to Việt Nam with increasing speed. Condominiums that are operated as hotels, with owners allowed to make their units available for short-term rentals, the properties are attractive for tourists and business visitors. The condotel market is forecast to keep booming in 2018. But the rapid development has left many concerned about oversupply. Supply exceeding demand? 

According to data from the Việt Nam Real Estate Association (VNREA), in 2017 condotels became the brightest star in the resort real estate sector. The investment in condotel projects has accounted for more than half of total inflows into the real estate market. The supply of condotel products hit 22,837 units across developments throughout the country. Successful transactions account for 65-70 per cent of the volume offered. The above numbers show the excitement focused on this segment of the real estate as well as the potential for investors. 

This year, it is forecast that there will be 29,000-33,000 condotel units available for sale. Stephen Wyatt, CEO of global real estate services firm JLL Việt Nam, said the development of this type of resort condominium is in direct proportion to the accommodation needs of tourists. As tourists’ demand grows, this type of asset has a positive future. The Việt Nam National Administration of Tourism reported that international visitors to Việt Nam in 2017 reached nearly 13 million, a sharp increase of 29.1 per cent over the previous year. The most attractive tourist destinations include HCM City, Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Nha Trang and Phú Quốc. 

In addition, according to the Law on Tourism 2017 approved by the National Assembly, the Government expects the tourism industry to develop into a key economic sector in the future. Supporting policies and investment incentives will create momentum for resort real estate. In addition, Việt Nam’s hosting of regional and international conferences also contributes to the development of tourism. For example, hosting APEC 2017 in Đà Nẵng City led the city to perfect its tourism infrastructure as well as attract the attention of visitors and investors from around the world. With this foundation, 2018 is expected to be another exciting year for resort real estate as investors simultaneously introduce their projects to capture the wave of development of Việt Nam’s tourism industry, Wyatt said to baotintuc.vn. 

As for the question of whether condotel developments have crossed the threshold into oversupply, Wyatt said the answer was uncertain and depends on the overall future of the tourism industry. And at the moment, tourism was a promising sector thanks to the Government’s commitments to playing a supportive role. It is necessary to focus on quality, business strategy and commitment to profitability in order to adapt to the growing market and increasingly tight legal framework of this market, Wyatt suggested. Need a plan According to Wyatt, there are three main reasons this type of vacation apartment attracts investors. 

First, resort condominiums hit the investment market within the last three years, so the competitiveness of this sector is still low compared to other markets such as apartments, townhouses, villas and land plots. In addition, this type of real estate is attractive to investors because developers typically promise that investors will receive a certain amount of profits. Second, like other types of real estate for sale, this type of product offers a rapid return on investment. Third, the 2017 Tourism Law identifying tourism as a key economic sector in the future will create momentum for the development of resort real estate. However, many management agencies and experts say the condotel boom demands strategy and planning. Nguyễn Trần Nam, chairman of VNREA, emphasised that it was necessary to have a soft, flexible plan for condotel development and investment. The planning should be based on demand and must be designed to create demand. Some localities report they have experienced dramatic increases in tourism after a condotel is built. Quy Nhơn City in the central coast province of Bình Định is one example, Nam said. — VNS
Iraqi facts reveal the date of publication of the financial budget law for 2018
The director of the Iraqi fact sheet, Shatha al-Tai, said on Sunday that the Federal Budget Law of the country will be published this week, pointing out that the delay of publication was caused by not sending a letter from the presidency.
“We have prepared the federal budget law for the year 2018 and waiting for notice from the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish the draft law,” Al-Taie told “Iraq News”, likely to “reach notification this week.”
“Article 73 of the Constitution, third article, pointed out that the injustice of the non-ratification of the President of the Republic, can be published after 15 days, but this matter is linked to the poetry of the Presidency of the Republic invites us to publish.”
“We have published previous laws that were not ratified by the president of the republic, as in the unified card law, which was published 15 days later,” she said.
It is noteworthy that the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, refused on (March 13), to approve the budget of 2018 and returned to the House of Representatives to review its content because of the existence of 31 violations of constitutional, financial and legal clauses, according to the presidential statement in this regard.
The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies.“

IQD News Update (RANT# 118)


Kaperoni Moderator:    Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Economist calls for the Central Bank to monitor the work of private banks and accounting of uncommitted laws in force

Kaperoni Moderator   Economist calls for the Central Bank to monitor the work of private banks and accounting of uncommitted laws in force

24/3/2018   Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina /: back economic analyst haven secretary, the reasons for lack of citizen confidence in banks and civil not to provide banking services in full to its customers so attracted to the deposit and savings through the granting of loans and interest and other financial inducements and as is the case in international banks, calling Central Bank to private banks to monitor and check the progress of each year, with banks and non - compliant accounting laws in force.
The secretary of the Iraqi National News Agency / nina / that "most private banks in Iraq was created thanks to the presence of the currency auction, taken as a means to buy the currency from the central bank to obtain profits and gains due to the price difference between the official price of the dollar and its price in the market,

therefore, of these priorities for action banks focus on the currency auction, and that customer service is a secondary work so, most of these banks do not pay attention to this service, and took them seriously , they kept in the range of primitive and backward services.

He added that "treated some of the private banks Ptaala with the customer led to the reluctance of citizens to deal, especially since some of these banks close their doors as you like without prior warning time and other offer impossible conditions for advances and lending,

as well as cap - and - sessile withdrawals for savers , let alone treat some when banks deposit and withdrawal dollar deposit when dealing with the customer at the market price , and when the clouds are dealing with the central bank at a price that the customer presents to the loss of more than 3% of the value of their savings. "

He stressed the secretary, the Central Bank of private banks accounts audit and review of the services provided and make sure they follow the laws in force, and accounting or closure of banks that have not achieved rates of annual increase numbers of depositors and savers, with the development of new controls for participants in the auction currency and take strict measures to curb the import cooperation with the concerned authorities to prevent the leakage of the national currency. "

The secretary also called on private banks to spread culture among the citizens ' savings and encourage them to deposit their money through their services offered and benefits as well as financial inducements such as awards and tourist trips and other loans.     https://www.iraqakhbar.com/924138

Justwaiting     called on private banks to spread culture among the citizens ' savings and encourage them to deposit their money through their services offered and benefits as well as financial inducements such as awards and tourist trips and other loans

Hopefully the citizens will take this to heart  (toaster anyone?)

Shengwah    Just insane. We read article after article about the corruption in the banking system, and these idiots expect people to deposit their money in the banks? I wouldn't. Would you?       --"Figures never lie, but sometimes liars figure." Anonymous

Kaperoni Moderator     I wouldn't yet..but once they accept Article VIII I expect foreign investors will begin to deposit.

Tgirl  Administrator:   Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > The Central Bank is opening its auction by selling more than $ 199 million

Tgirl   Administrator    The Central Bank is opening its auction by selling more than $ 199 million

Sunday, March 25, 2018   BAGHDAD /   The Central Bank of Iraq opened a sale auction for foreign currency on Sunday, selling more than 199 million dollars.

"The amount sold today amounted to 199 million and 645 thousand and 811 dollars, at an exchange rate of 1182 dinars per dollar, with the participation of 35 banks and 5 companies for financial transfer."

He pointed to "the sale of amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad, as well as selling cash was priced at 1190 dinars per dollar."   link

mikeModerator    Almost $200 million, over five days that's billion dollars going out of the CBI in just a week.

Wn     No need to worry, the amount in the bank keeps going up no matter how much they sell.

Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Iraq is ahead of four Gulf states in the classification of total money supply

Tgirl Administrator    Iraq is ahead of four Gulf states in the classification of total money supply

25/03/2018 Trend Press / Agencies   Financial data showed on Sunday that Iraq is offering to a large number of Arab countries, including four Gulf states, in the classification of total money supply (N1 ).

Money supply (N1) includes money circulating among individuals plus demand deposits (ie, total current accounts in the banking system ) .

Iraq came in the 49th place in the world with a value of about 62.0 billion dollars, ahead of Qatar which ranked in the sixth place, Kuwait ranked 60th, Oman ranked 79th, Bahrain 85th .

The classification of Iraq ahead of other Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon and Syria .

Globally, China recorded the highest level of total money supply (N1) at the end of 2017 by about 8.16 trillion dollars, followed by Japan by 6.43 trillion dollars, then the United States by 3.63 trillion dollars, and Germany by about 2.31 trillion dollars.

Kaperoni Moderator   Currently then about 62 trillion.  They need to reduce the money supply significantly if they plan to raise it.

Kaperoni Moderator:    Iraq Government News > Maliki renewed his calls for the formation of a majority government and an end to the quota system

Kaperoni Moderator    Maliki renewed his calls for the formation of a majority government and an end to the quota system    Since 03/21/2018 17:19 am (Baghdad time)   BAGHDAD - The balance of News

New Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, calls for the formation of a political majority and an end to sectarian quotas, pointing out that the formation of a majority government would allow Iraq to achieve progress in the field of construction and ages.

Maliki said in a statement during a meeting with the elders and the elders of the clans of the province of Muthanna and received / scales News / that "Iraq is passing through an important and vital historical juncture calls us a real and serious stand to save him."

Maliki said, "This stance must be through participation in the elections and to contribute to the formation of a national government has a majority in the House of Representatives and everyone stands behind it and pave the way for the completion of construction and the process of reconstruction, and turn the quota system and compatibility pages."

It points out that "the Iraqi tribes a source of strength for the community, and marked Iraq's multi-clans in which it represents the spectra of the Iraqi people, Arabs, Kurds, Tno.an and religions multiple," explaining that "the sons of the tribes heroic positions throughout history, and the recent meeting call home and the foremost authority in the face of the forces of terrorism and atonement." It ended 29    LINK

Mike Moderator   This guy is like a broken record parroting the words of his masters in Iran. Marginalizing the minorities set Iraq back three years, he's just too dumb to know it.

chattels      Sadr rejects the political majority Revision date: 2018/3/22 12:33 • [Ayna-Baghdad] 

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, rejected the idea of ​​a political majority in Iraq.

"I am not with this idea now," Sadr said in a brief response to a question about seeing the support of the political majority as a solution to many crises

It’s the truth I’m after, and the truth never harmed anyone. What harms us is to persist in self-deceit and ignorance." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations,(VI: 21)

Chattels      Can majoritarian governance work in Iraq? By Paul Iddon 23 hours ago

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has suggested that Iraq could possibly soon establish a third republic in which a more majoritarian form of governance will steer the ship of state, a move that could fundamentally upend the post-2003 order in the country.

“We are for majority politics if the purpose of majoritarian politics is to achieve a strong state, and a state that can progress forward powerfully to meet the expectations of [its] citizens,” Abadi announced on Iraqi Martyrs Day this month. The Iraqi premier went on to clarify that this doesn't mean he is advocating a process that could sideline particular entities or parties in the political process.

“Abadi has been shaping this vision for many months, perhaps more than a year,” Michael Knights, an Iraq expert and the Lafer Fellow at The Washington Institute, told Rudaw English. “It is an ambitious vision – especially as Iraq is not necessarily even in the era of 'Issue' politics yet in its elections (and may be stuck in 'identity politics').”

Consequently Abadi “can either campaign to the people on promises of tangible gains (jobs, anti-corruption measures) or just make backroom deals with elites like all previous Iraqi governments.”

“This vision of the future is a third option, and the election may tell us whether Iraq is ready for a new national vision yet, and whether elites will allow the people to have a bigger voice than politicians in the selection of the prime minister and his cabinet,” Knights concluded.

Iraqi Kurds boycotted the vote in parliament on the budget early this month when their portion was arbitrarily slashed from 17 percent to 12.6 percent – under the questionable pretext that 17 percent is not a fair reflection of the Kurdistan Region's population, in spite of the fact no new census has been conducted to prove this.

Dismissing the Kurdish boycott the Shiites and Sunnis sought to push the bill through anyway on March 4, an unprecedented break from the kind of consensus that was supposed to govern Iraq. Kurdistan's former president Masoud Barzani described it as “a clear violation of the principle of partnership.”

More broadly a majoritarian form of governance will likely give the Shiites the most power in the country if they can effectively unify simply because they are the clear majority.

The Sunni Arab minority in Iraq boycotted early elections in post-2003 Iraq, at least partially because it took them some time to come to terms with the fact they were a minority who had lost their position as the rulers of Iraq since the states creation. As the late Fouad Ajami once summed it up: “Though they are a minority, they have the majoritarian mindset.”

When Nouri al-Maliki was prime minister, rifts between Baghdad on one side and the Sunnis and the Kurds on the other emerged after he clamped down quite violently on protests mounted by the former and completely cut off the federal budget allocation to the latter. After ISIS overran a third of Iraq in the summer of 2014 Maliki was pressured to step down that September, with many blaming his prior policies for destabilizing the country to the extent that ISIS could swiftly takeover such large parts of Iraq.

 Upon succeeding Maliki, Abadi was long seen as a much more conciliatory prime minister needed to bridge divides so the country could overcome the ISIS threat, which it largely has. One of the challenges his government faced, back in 2016, were protests mounted by Muqtada al-Sadr who, among other things, wanted to eradicate the ethno-sectarian quota system that has designated politicians their roles in the Iraqi government based on their respective ethnic or sect backgrounds rather than their actual merits.

 “The idea of a majority government was first put forward by Maliki years ago,” Joel Wing, author of Musings on Iraq, told Rudaw English. “He is still talking about it today. All of the Iraqi governments since 2005 have been national unity ones including every party that wins a seat. That has meant inclusion but not reconciliation nor the creation of a functional government.” 
​ Wing went on to point out that the principle and theory behind a majority government is that it “would bring together like-minded parties and hopefully help fix some of the dysfunction.”

 “It would be a big step forward for Iraqi politics if a loyal opposition was formed like most countries in the world,” he explained. “Unfortunately I don't think Iraq is there yet. The post-2003 system has been one where every party gets a slice of the government pie to dish out in patronage networks that enrich the parties, help gain votes and maintain their base.”

In contrast to this post-2003 system “a majority government would obviously concentrate that power within a smaller group and perhaps lead to the decline of the opposition since they would be closed out of government offices for a period.”

Wing concluded by pointing out that while this might lead “to more instability in a country that already suffers from too much of that” in the short-term, it could prove to be a favourable form of governance in the long-term.

“Hopefully it will happen sometime as the Iraqi system develops, but probably not with this generation of leaders,” he concluded.



Sunday UPDATE #2 9:43 AM PDT –

The World Bank is extending it's full support to Iraq for their reconstruction efforts.

The Budget Law is anticipated to be posted this week in the midst of stifling efforts by members of Parliament and other political leaders.

Iraqi TV is reporting civil unrest of Kurdish teachers protesting not getting paid even though the Kurdistan Region has received payment from Baghdad.


According to sources, RV release protocols have been finalized and activated.

System tests went through multiple times without error.

If these sources are correct, the full list of 800#'s are to be given today at any moment.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be a pivotal day in history for the global economy.

The launch of the Yuan Oil Futures Contracts will be all over the news -- a perfect distraction for the RV.

Stock market corrections will continue to occur.

The Petrodollar will be dropped. The end of the Petrodollar marks the end of the Cabal.
​The trading of oil in gold-backed Yuan is significant progress toward the GCR.

Chinese President Xi being given the opportunity to remain in office indefinitely was no coincidence. China's role is to be the economic power that brings down the Cabal financially.

Putin being re-elected was no coincidence. Russia's role is to be the military deterrent against the Cabal-MIC.

All Republic officials and military personnel are in position ready to begin the transition.

China is leading the charge under the direction of the Chinese Elders.

Be prepared to handle your RV exchange/redemption.

God speed.

Operation Disclosure


3-25-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV has the following information scrolling along the bottom of television screens...The National Oil Law has been officially ratified and will be published in the Gazette right away.  Approximately 1,000 arrest warrants for corruption by political leaders, including former Prime Minister Maliki, have been issued today.   Article:  "URGENT The President of the Republic approves the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company"  Quote:  "The statement added that "this law was sent for publication in the Official Gazette"   Article: "International" arrest warrants for hundreds of "corrupt" Iraqis, including a former prime minister"

3-25-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article quote:   "The dollar witnessed the exchange rate of the dinar against a significant decline recently due to increased selling hard currency at the central bank auction rate as sales exceeded $ 250 million per day after it was more than $ 130 million in the past years.    ...I cannot recall ever seeing an article stating that sales was over $200 million in a day.  And with the IMF and UST helping them reduce the spread I find it unlikely that this is not closely watched.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update w/RATES


Baxter: I am more than ready for this to be over... but I got a feelin this Thursday big Parliament session.. is gonna be a bust... God I hope not...

Whitelions: The House of Representatives will hold its meeting next Tuesday. The Director General of the parliamentary service, Haidar Muthanna said in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the meeting of the House of Representatives will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 11:00 am to complete the vote on the laws contained in the agendas.

http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=161826 Was originally scheduled for the 29th

Doug_W: @Baxter Thursday or Tuesday
Dave: @sandyf Can I trade the Iraqi Dinar (IQD)? At this time, FOREX.com does not offer trading in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). However, we do offer forex trading in 50 currency pairs in addition to commodities and indices.

Dave: @sandyf from the forex site   and no bank in Canada touches dinar

xyz: Facebook COO Cheryl Sandberg really wanted "Hillary to win badly," after Hillary came over to Sandberg's house and was "magical with her kids."


xyz: "The Obama People Better Start Packing Their ****" - John Bolton Expected To "Clean House" At The NSC https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-24/obama-people-better-start-packing-their-****-john-bolton-expected-clean-house-nsc

Doug_W: @xyz he doesn't "play"

xyz: I disgust programmers that don't think out the box ... how can some reformat URL that it become useless? ;angry

xyz: @Doug_W pray?

[pm]Doug_W: play he is "straight from the hip" kind of a person

xyz: @Doug_W yeah ... zag got a different opinion from a dark blue state ... everyone got right to speak their mind but "xyz" ;Thud

xyz: @Doug_W be careful of what you ask!!!! just saying     your wishes may be a curse

xyz: I downloaded 14 years of my Facebook data and here's what happened http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/24/technology/facebook-data/index.html

Xyz: I demand 8 years of my RV data including gurus wise words -z

dinard: Has anyone actually putting out "secret intel" been verified at all or people just have to trust what they say?

xyz: @dinard are you kidding?
xyz: @dinard gurus been saying stuff ... nothing more that stuff imho
Spectra: The New Age Delusion of 'Spiritual Awakening' https://youtu.be/UUG-RJap-ro

 xyz: 7/18/2012 3:48 pm [hammerman],,,, ,,, well yesterday about 1pm started getting calls from bankers saying a lot of movement ,,also got 5 mid day calls from over seas saying stuff happening at the banks there ,, the sand pile called or texted no less 10 times I’m telling yall it got crazy ,,,, https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/hammerman-posted-at-mig-late-wed-afternoon

xyz: 3/25/2012 Blaino & Hammerman ~~breaking update conference call with banker bill, banker girl and other financial guests @ 9 pm edt 559-726-1300 pin 477570# bridge 2 530-881-1300 pin 672200#. https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/blaino-hammerman-cc-info-for-sun-night-9pm-edt

 xyz: 5-17-2012 Hammerman: Recently in Reno, Obama, China, Iraq, World Bank and the IMF all had a major meeting. In this meeting they came to an agreement and signed off on in it. The papers were given to the World Court. The World Court approved it. Some of my sources are saying 48 hours until RV, others are saying 3-6 days.


xyz: @dinard enjoy while it last

Spectra: @dinard but yes they want it ..who doesn't ?

Baxter: :laugh I just looked... that was six years ago...
xyz: 3/25/2012 hammerman: good morning freinds hey atjlfolk an mr.SWFloridaGuru hope yalls day is great ,,,,, omg i sleep 11 hrs so needed ,,,, WELL NO NEWS IS GOLNDEN ALL O TRACK ,,ALL IN PLAY ,,alot of rumars saying cash in tomorow [[[rumars ]]] big ones thee is no prooof of it ,,,


dinard: @Spectra if you keep predicting tomorrow then youll be right eventually i guess

Spectra: @dinard i suppose so..lol

dinard: @xyz thats classified, just know im highly coveted in the secret dinar revaluing economic team of iraq

xyz: @dinard you better recall "old phrase" ... you be warned

dinard: when hammerman put that post out 6 years ago i was still in high school

Spectra: @dinard you must be young!

Spectra: are you sure? Zig SOME SEEM pretty young!

xyz: Government of Kurdistan announces a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of 31 ministries and bodies


The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Saturday night, a new schedule for the distribution of salaries of employees of 31 ministries and bodies for the month of November last.

The salaries of the following parties will be distributed on Sunday, 25-3-2018:

dinard: @xyz i dont. i am too much of a skeptic to believe any formation without proof being presented to me. i dont even know what a reno is other than the biggest little city in nevad

dinard: do any of you believe a RV can happen anytime soon?

Spectra: @xyz not me never heard of him till you put it up

[pm]Zig: @xyz : LOL....I was a member of his chat room....

Spectra: I only became a internet dinar junky 4 years ago

[pm]Zig: @dinard : Nobody knows what will happen with the Dinar...

xyz: @Spectra you must be not have moved a lot like some of us


xyz: @Spectra how long have you been on dinarville chatrooms

Spectra: @xyz ive had my dinar for 14 years at least maybe more i lost rack..

Spectra: @xyz CHATrooms ONLY THIS ONE
Spectra: @xyz since 2012

dinard: ive had mine since 4 or 5 weeks ago


xyz: @Spectra Dr. Hammerman was on everywhere in 2011/2/3 and then he poofed

Spectra: @xyz lol
Spectra: @xyz sounds crazy

xyz: @dinard this yr? o dear ... stop dreaming of a lotto kinda imho ... this is a bumpy road but I love it with Z*** a long the side

Spectra: i might just have too put the dinar up if they don't get it going soon....
Spectra: meaning im not going to stay glued...
dinard: @xyz my hopes were never high. just thought wow those would be some wicked sick returns if it does happen. was worth the long term wait if it takes that long. i do hve a lot more years in e than most so i can be patient

xyz: @dinard You have many year time you hit 93 yrs like Doug_H as claimed by Spectra. If RV takes that long ... o my good luck

xyz: The most beautiful 10 ladders in the world! http://www.knoozmedia.com/322023/-

xyz: Oil jumps to more than $ 70 http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=154558

xyz: "It Was Black Friday Before Black Monday" "It could never happen again..." https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-24/david-rosenberg-it-was-black-friday-black-monday

xyz: Suggesting investors "Look at this memorable clip from the legendary Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week from October 16, 1987. Focus on what Marty Zweig had to say, and pour yourself a strong one as you do!" Marty starts around 6 minutes in...

xyz: "In 1987, both correction periods traced out a remarkably similar path up until about day 35 from the peak. In the Apr-May period, the S&P 500 had established a well-defined range support zone with the initial pullback. The market had gone on to retest and hold that support in late May ahead of a powerful 20%+ rally to the Aug peak. The initial drop from that peak into Sep 1987 established range support in Sep, just as the market did in spring. Except the mid-Oct retest of that support failed to hold."

Spectra: https://youtu.be/AKRp_28T5Fc Q Anon 3-23-18 Clock Activated Q Updates

xyz: Parliament continues to hold its meetings until next July The parliamentary legal committee announced on Saturday that the current House of Representatives will continue to legislate and approve laws and hold regular sessions until July 1.


firefarmer: Is there anyone in here who speaks or understands the arabic language
firefarmer: or the kuwaiti culture
firefarmer: guess not: thank you

xyz: There Was A Major Reset Of Gold, But Nobody Is Talking About It: Lynette Zang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eF_joJWpqE

Spectra: Raveen Aujmaya ‏ @raveenaujmaya Follow Follow @raveenaujmaya More Security forces detaining protesters in Erbil — NRT
Spectra: https://twitter.com/raveenaujmaya/status/977852934485692416

​Spectra: Raveen Aujmaya ‏ @raveenaujmaya Follow Follow @raveenaujmaya More Security forces detaining protesters in Erbil — NRT

Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Krmanj ‏ @KurdKm 15m15 minutes ago More KDP Peshmerga attacking a female protester because she’s recording #teacherstrike #kurdistan #erbil

Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Karwan Gaznay ‏ @karwanGaznay 3h3 hours ago More Such #demonstrations in #Erbil are very important!

Spectra: https://twitter.com/ZagrosToday

Spectra: Megan Connelly ‏ @meganconnelly48 3h3 hours ago More Security forces out in riot gear in Erbil facing off with protestors. This is unprecedented.

Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Hawkar Sardar ‏ @SardarHawkar 2h2 hours ago More All provinces of #kurdistan region have taken to tha streets including #Erbil #Slemani #Dhok And Halabj etc.. They a demand a quick response from either governments #Iraqi Pm @HaiderAlAbadi or #KRG !

Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Hawkar Sardar ‏ @SardarHawkar 2h2 hours ago More For the first time after 4 years #Erbil vented their anger and frustration by going to the streets, calling upon the #KRG to provide their full salaries or leave! #Iraq #kurdistan

Spectra: https://twitter.com/raveenaujmaya/status/977852934485692416

Spectra: https://twitter.com/KurdKm/status/977865704899784705
Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Kamal Chomani ‏ Verified account @KamalChomani 17m17 minutes ago More The protests had stuck in Sulaimani, but this time protests have reached to Duhok & Erbil. When Erbil protests, other places will soon join as we have seen today. Erbil is the capital, the biggest city & controlled by the KDP. These protests should continue to bring reforms.

Spectra: Zagros Today Retweeted Kamal Chomani ‏ Verified account @KamalChomani 44m44 minutes ago More "Down with the thieves," "Uprising... Uprising... How Long Should We Live Oppressed?" & "Boycott" are slogans of the protesting teachers and public employees of Erbil.

Spectra: Zagros Today ‏ @ZagrosToday 2m2 minutes ago More Importance of Erbil citizens throwing weight behind anti corruption protests cannot be overstated it will tip the balance. In Kurdish we say Erbil is the sleeping lion and when it awakens it won’t go back to sleep. KRG and KDP will be shaken to core by this development

Whitelions: The President of the Republic approves the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company


President of the Republic Fuad Masum on Sunday approved the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.

 A statement issued by the presidential office received by the "Journal News" that "the law voted by the House of Representatives earlier, based on the provisions of Article I of Article 61 and Article III of Article 73 of the Constitution."

He added that the law "for the purpose of ensuring the exploration, development, production and marketing of oil resources in the fields and land allocated to them under the law on behalf of the Iraqi state and to increase production and development of oil and gas industry and related facilities and facilities and methods of work on the basis of efficiency, flexibility and competitiveness to maximize revenues for the benefit of the Iraqi people,

Which requires the formation of the Iraqi National Oil Company as a public company wholly owned by the state and reflects the concept of ownership of the people of oil and gas and the development of specialized formations within the organizational structure commensurate with its role in the management and development The oil and gas fields produced and discovered to promote the oil and gas industry and the development of various other energy sectors in Iraq, noting that "this law was sent for publication in the Official Gazette." SOURCE

Spectra: Of "international" arrest warrants for hundreds of "corrupt" Iraqis, including a former prime minister

Spectra: KTFA-POST-A new government source revealed on Sunday the completion of arrest warrants against those accused of corruption and waste of Iraqi funds. "Some 1,000 arrest warrants have been completed against those accused of corruption, including political leaders and a former prime minister," the source told twilight news. "The memoranda were completed under the supervision of an international investigation team." 
Spectra: "The current prime minister has not yet decided on whether to accept the implementation of this matter before or after the elections," the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He said that "there is an international procedure in this regard, especially since investigations in this regard proved the contribution of stolen Iraqi funds to terrorist operations and armed organizations," according to the source.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced earlier, after the end of the war against Daqash, he will launch a major campaign against corruption, after the activation of the work of international investigators began their duties to this end in the capital Baghdad. Iraq signed two years ago a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to involve international investigators in the files of major corruption of priority

Spectra: Voice of Europe 15 hrs · Today another mass protest against Merkel and immigration. This happens almost daily and could be the start of a revolution!

Spectra: More Many brave Peshmerga were supporting anti corruption protesters today in Erbil

spankie: thx Kimberly  : like to see them get Maliki-

Spectra: Zagros Today ‏ @ZagrosToday 52s53 seconds ago More The climate of fear that had been in place for 27 years in Erbil has today been broken citizens of Kurdistan are taking back their country from the corrupt politicians