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IQD News Update (RANT# 111)


Articles:  "Iraq's sport awaits a crucial international decision on Friday";  "FIFA lifts soccer ban on Iraq";  "LIFTING OF FIFA’S BAN COULD BE THE START OF A NEW ERA FOR IRAQ."   Quote:  "FIFA's executive board is to hold a meeting that hopes to allow their country to host official international matches after a long-standing ban due to security conditions."   This is big!!!   "URGENT FIFA lifts international ban on Erbil, Karbala and Basra stadiums."  This ban dates back to the 80's.   [Guru] Bondlady use to think it could be a trigger to international rate. It dffinitely opens up some international doors.  


According to recent developments, the Alliance is waiting on Trump to clear the White House of all Cabal-MIC agents/actors.

The clearing of the White House is an essential step to securing the Republic.

Once the White House is secured of all remaining Cabal-MIC agents/actors, the event will proceed.

The RV is expected to begin before the 26th.

According to rumors, the collapse (a.k.a. major correction) will occur on the 24th.

Sources claim the RV is to be released before the major correction.

Current window for the RV begins tomorrow, the 17th.


DR. CLARKE (3-17-18):

All Iraqi People PAID 1ST, then EVERYONE ELSE.

Since DAY 1.

Dr. Clarke

P.S. For the 4th time in 2 yrs. - We have NO twitter account, or any other type of account or site or method to communicate, OTHER THAN DINAR RECAPS. If you don't see it HERE, then it isn't US. ALL IMPOSTERS.
Make a Note.


MyMoose:  I called my Credit Union for some other business today. When they answered there was a recording stating,

that on Tuesday, March 20th that certain branches would close for a meeting at 3 pm. Some others would close for the same meeting at 4 pm and the rest would close at 5 pm for the same meeting.

They are saying it is for an employee update meeting. I find it strange that they are doing this at the same time we are waiting on and expecting the RV. We are told it will come out around the same time or sooner.

Tony said in the call that Monday's were not good for the banks as they were getting caught up from the weekend.

Just my little piece of info. Keep hanging on, we are almost there and we are in the best place we have ever been.


Russia & China dumping US treasuries

Published time: 16 Mar, 2018 12:01Edited time: 16 Mar, 2018 15:07

Moscow and Beijing have cut their holdings in US Treasury securities. Russia sold $5.3 billion in January and has sunk to 16th place of the largest holders of American debt.

It is the lowest level for the country since February last year.

“We absolutely do not hold American securities exclusively. The main thing is that these securities should be liquid. So should be the state that issued them,” said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in an interview with NTV this week.

“We are ready to invest in the securities issued by other sovereign states, the main thing is that they should be low-risk and accordingly bring income,” Siluanov said.Russia also invests in the securities of European countries.

China also sold nearly $17 billion in American bonds in January. Although Beijing is still the largest holder of US Treasuries, the total amount of Treasuries in its reserves has dropped to a minimum since July last year.

One of the largest investors in US government bonds remains the Cayman Islands. The small tax-friendly country has invested almost $242 billion in the American debt, on par with a holder as large as the United Kingdom.

The third-largest buyer of American debt is Ireland, investing $327.5 billion in US debt securities. Ireland is also considered a tax haven for American companies, and was involved in the Apple Inc.tax scandal.


Digger:  China's been quietly doing it for a long time. When they buy American commercial properties, or invest in world-wide natural resources, they are usually paying for much of it with US Treasury Notes. (Jim Willie -- goldenjackass.com)

I've heard that their new banking system, using their RMB (yuan) as a Reserve Currency with the Far East countries, including India, is set to open on March 26. Hmmmm...interesting timing....

Will bypass the SWIFT system and the US DOLLAR as a Reserve Currency.


Rrrr:  St. Paddy’s Day is Here, Top of the Mornin’ to ye!. The Color of the Day is Green, and me’s thinkin’ ye knows what dat means’… May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, and may good luck pursue ya each mornin’ and night. For there’s a grand, special Shamrock, we call thee RV… and she’s a bustin with beauty for all of ya’s to see… So May the road rise up to meet ye, may the wind be always at your back, cuz after this Day... your needs will suffer no lack.

Rrrr: May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night,and the road downhill all the way to your door. May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, and may good luck pursue you each morning and night. May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.


Don961 » March 16th, 2018

Thanks Walkingstick .... greetings sir….I heard this choice on the news earlier ...
Remember Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer .... use to be a show Kudlow & Cramer on CNBC in the early 2000's ... Jim Cramer left in 2005 to do his own show "Mad Money ".... Mr. Kudlow did "Kudlow & Company " .... this is promising !! ... imo

Walkingstick » March 16th, 2018

Trump appoints an economic analyst as an adviser to the White House and asserts that America will experience great financial success


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump on Thursday named economic analyst Larry Kudlo as president of the Economic Council and as economic policy adviser to replace Gary Conn, who resigned last week.

​"Larry Kodlo will become my chief economic adviser and president of the National Economic Council," Trump wrote in a tweet posted on his official Twitter account.

"Our country will witness great economic and financial success, with low taxes, unique innovations, fair trade and a constantly leading workforce," he said.


Don961 » March 16th, 2018

Trump's new adviser supports "strong dollar" policy

15 March 2018 04:01 PM

Larry Cudlow, the newly appointed chief economic adviser to US President Donald Trump, said the dollar's stability was the result of good economic policy.

"The great nation needs a strong currency," Kudlo said in remarks to CNBC. "He has no reason to believe that Trump does not favor a strong and stable dollar.

"He does not say that the dollar will rise 30 percent, but he calls on the rest of the world to realize that they will keep the global reserve currency stable."

The US Treasury Secretary said in January that he supported the weak dollar, but he quickly retreated from those remarks that caused a sharp decline in the green card.

Lardy Kudlo has been appointed chief economic adviser to replace Gary Cohen, who recently resigned over the tariff decision.

"If the dollar weakens significantly, the Fed may need to increase interest rates further," he said, noting that the current dollar level is favorable to him, referring to the dollar index at $ 90. link

SJosh » March 16th, 2018

IMO this is HUGE... capital gains rate is how any "investment gains" are treated that are held longer than 1 year 

Samson » March 16th, 2018

US bill to reduce income tax

15th March, 2018

Republicans are working on a second bill that will make income tax cuts permanent and may also cut corporate taxrates, a White House spokesman said on Thursday . "We want to make individual income tax cuts in the first draft permanent, they are also talking about a possible reduction in the capital gains tax rate,"spokesman Raj Shah told Fox Business television .

The expected law is the second of its kind after more than a year after the Trump Economic Group put up provisions in the previous tax reform law when most exemptions for US families are canceled, although it gives companies considerable facilities. Some see the law as the biggest tax reform in the United States in 31 years and cost the public treasury about $ 1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. But it will increase the US public debt by about $ 1 trillion, which reached its highest rate in the first year of Trump in the White House when it exceeded $ 20 trillion.

However, the Trump economic team believes that the new tax system will lead to an increase in the GDP growth rate between 0.5% and 1%, while the US Federal expressed uncertainty about the validity of those expectations.

The most important thing in the new tax reform law was to reduce the maximum corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, to reduce the tax on profits of US companies returned to the country, with some minor reductions in taxes on individuals, in addition to the abolition of many of the tax exemptions for individuals during The next few years. LINK

Economist: The debt of Saudi Arabia and Iran on Iraq can not be recognized internationally

16th March, 2018

Economist Bassem Jameel Antoine revealed on Thursday that the debts of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran amount to a total of 40 billion dollars, pointing out that Iraq can not pay and recognize them because of its documentation at the United Nations and the absence of international documents and documents condemning Iraq .

Antoine told "Iraq News", "The debts of Kuwait to Iraq are debts officially documented at the United Nations and there are official documents on that debt," pointing out that "the State of Kuwait asked Iraq to postpone payment of its debt by 90% because of low oil prices and The rise of Iraq begins with the debt. "

He added that "the debts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran totaling a total of 40 billion dollars," pointing out that "Iraq can not pay and recognition because of its documentation at the United Nations and the absence of documents and international documents condemning Iraq with those debts."

"Saudi Arabia and Iran paid money in the 1980s as aid to the Iraqi people, but there are no official international documents confirming that Iraq is a creditor of those two countries and the Iraqi government can not pay the money without any official documents," he said LINK

AndyS43 » March 16th, 2018

Gotta love the month of March! Thanks Samson!

Samson » March 16th, 2018

The Central Bank celebrates the first Iraqi currency 86 years ago

16th March, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq celebrated on Friday, the 86th anniversary of the issuance of the first national currency after the declaration of the establishment of the modern Iraqi state. 

The Central Bank said in a press statement, received by "Al-Ghad Press", that "today passes us the 86th anniversary of the issuance of the first Iraqi currency of the Iraqi state, the dinar, which was issued on 16/3/1932."

He pointed out that "the dinar was taken as a basic unit of the Iraqi currency and worth a thousand fils, and was carrying the image of King Faisal I, heading to the left." 

"The purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar was 7.3 grams gold," he said. 

He pointed out that "the currency committee was the responsible party, and the dinar was signed by its members: the chairman of the committee, Helten Young, the representative of the Iraqi government Jafar al-Askari, Bertram Hornsby was appointed by the Bank of England, Viscount Ghoshin representing banks operating in Iraq, Representative of banks operating in Iraq. " LINK

DDreamer » March 16th, 2018

Hummmm... in 1932 the price of gold is listed at $20.67 per ounce. There at 28.35 grams in an ounce..... 7.3 grams would have been approximately had $5.32 of purchasing power.. unless my calculator and coffee are broken.

BelfastGurl » March 16th, 2018

What I find interesting about this article is that the CBI is celebrating their currency. I have never seen another bank do that. Which says to me that there is importance in them recognizing their currency publicly like this. To be able to say, "this is our currency heritage" is helping them to pave the way to be able to say..."NOW look at what we've got." IMO of course.

Z1World » March 16th, 2018

Yes, also imo bit random to be celebrating the 86th anniversary unless there is a REASON to do so.

Doodlebug » March 16th, 2018

Curious that this is coming out today, and with a history lesson to boot.

Just playing with numbers here... In 1932, Gold was approximately $20.67 per ounce, based on this website. There are 28.35 grams in an ounce or when measuring precious metals, it is known as a "Troy" Ounce which is 31.103. I don't know which measurement they used back then and honestly, it is faster for me to play with the numbers than to search the countless articles of, "To Troy or Not to Troy". hahaha....

....Any-who-dee-ha, Here is what I came up with:


20.67 Gold/per ounce / 28.35 (grams in an ounce) = .729 per gram
.729 * 7.3 (purchasing power of dinar) = 5.32

or Troy Ounce

20.67 Gold / 31.103 (troy ounce) = .6645
.6645 * 7.3 (purchasing power of dinar) = 4.85.

Samson » March 16th, 2018

The municipality of Mosul announces the payment of four months' salaries to its employees in two installments

16th March, 2018

The director of the municipality of Mosul, Abdel-Sattar Habbo, on Friday, the ministry's approval to pay the salaries of municipal workers for four months. 

Al-Habbo said in a statement to Al-Ghad Press that the municipal ministry agreed to pay the workers of the municipality of Mosul and the general municipalities of the province for four months during the current year.

"The ministry will send next week the salaries of March and February, while the salaries of April and January will be paid in April," he added. LINK

Launch of the first batch of salaries of employees of the service "Akbar" Diyala Hospital

16th March, 2018

The Health Committee of the Diyala Provincial Council announced on Friday the launch of the first batch of salaries of staff and service workers in the largest government hospital in the province. 

"The first batch of staff salaries has been launched at the Baquba educational hospital, the largest hospital in Diyala, after months of interruption," Najat al-Taei, head of the committee, told Al-Ghad Press. "The first installment included two months' wages, and the remaining payments will be released soon," she said. 

The Health Committee of the Diyala Council had earlier warned of a comprehensive migration of staff from the hospital in Baquba, as a result of delayed receipt of salaries. LINK

A deputy demands parliament hold a special session to vote on 23 laws

11:38 - 16/03/2018

MP on the alliance, "Fatah" electoral Amer Fayez, on Friday, the Presidency of the House of Representatives to call the parliament to a special session to vote on the equivalent of 23 laws ready to vote before the end of the life of the Council.

Al-Fayez said in a statement that the House of Representatives completed the first and second readings of 23 laws, while the Legal Committee completed all the legal and constitutional procedures for those laws and submitted them to the presidency of the Council to vote . He called on the Presidency of the House of Representatives to invite the Council to hold a special special session To vote on these laws. "

"The most important of these laws is the oil and gas law, the Olympic Committee law and other laws of public benefit," he said. LINK

Al Rashid announces the launch of the first batch of salaries via MasterCard

16th March, 2018

Al-Rasheed Bank announced on Friday the launch of the first batch of salaries through the MasterCard card, one of the electronic payment tools, pointing out that the card is drawn from inside and outside Iraq.

The bank's information office said in a statement obtained "Economy News" a copy of it, "Al-Rasheed Bank launched the first payment of salaries through the card MasterCard International Nakheel electronic payment tools."

The bank called on all departments and ministries to "speed up the settlement of salaries of their employees and obtain the card so that the bank can grant them advances and loans, noting that this card helps the citizen to save and protect him from trading counterfeit currency and damaged and retain salaries from thefts suffered during the transfer of salaries."

He added that "the card is drawn from inside and outside Iraq and the Bank recentlydistributed a number of ATMs in Baghdad and the provinces, knowing that the commission card (10) thousand dinars, three years." LINK

Walkingstick » March 16th, 2018

Thanks Samson.......F..... 3 comp per con.....

For the first time in Iraq .. The launch of salaries through the MasterCard card world

Al Rashid launches the first installment of salaries through MasterCard Worldwide

Briscom » March 16th, 2018

Ya know...this reads pretty 'international' to me. How about you? Boo-yah!!! 

Walkingstick » March 16th, 2018

BR........ F .. per con

Parliamentary Finance: The budget entered into force and the President of the Republic has no authority to reject it Link


(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 16-March-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Fantabulous Friday, March 16, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

Tony: Goood morning, TNT! People have asked me about the music; the people who did it now live in Las Vegas, so I will see if we can get them any celebration meeting there. Also, it’s on the forum, labeled Superfantastic Song link. Also, it’s on iTunes.

RayRen: We sent out this update yesterday:

The Iraqi Parliament adjourned today without voting/passing on any laws due to a lack of quorum. Despair not, we are still within our open “window” of opportunity.

Friday morning update:

Iraqi TV and news outlets are reporting for the first time in history all Iraqis are now paid through the MasterCard world card. All citizens have been paid, reportedly, but not sharing the rates.

All citizens have been “reportedly” paid but, however, they are not sharing the rate info. [hmmm, I wonder why? LOL] This is proof that all of their banks are now connected! 

Reports are coming to me of exchange personnel being told to “report” to their respective exchange centers on today. “Exchange Procedure Manuals” are reportedly being circulated to those who have a “need to know.”

The banks say they are ready to go, but rates are still hidden from their view.

Tony: We have been told that Iraqis will see their lower denominations by the 21st, and they are also saying their will be a new rate ‘on or before the 25th’. I personally am listening to the ‘before’ part, because they are never going to broadcast to the world the exact day of the RV. They will need to issue the lower denominations before the RV, so I’m choosing by or before the 21st. The real news is that all the banks worldwide are connected NOW, today. Everyone was supposed to be paid no later than Tuesday – all that was owed. Supposedly that occurred today. Nothing is happening on the day they say it would be, things are happening before, so why wouldn’t the rate change before the stated day.  
They are moving faster than we know, doing things we don’t know. On Monday, a guy in Kurdistan said they are eight days behind where they should be. They are slamming through this, catching up with Baghdad. Everyone is being paid electronically, forcing citizens to have bank accounts. That is how they can get this to work, getting money into the banks so that they can pay it out.  Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340  DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  That’s what we are waiting for. The banks said, “We are done and waiting for the final go”. Myself, I think this will happen over a weekend, but if not, there are only eight days left to this entire process, until 25. March.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Didn’t quite understand what was said about Trusts and taxes last time. If I put my dinar into a trust prior to RV will it be taxed when RV finally happens? And if I add more dinar to the trust after it RV’s will that be taxed?
A: If the exchange is taxable, yes it will; if the exchange is not taxable, it won’t.

[We’ve been told that the currencies you are exchanging have already been taxed, so you will not be taxed on the exchange.]

Q: Could you inquire of Ray, if he and Tony notified the bank people, the committees, and the government contacts about their assessments of people cashing their Dinar and Dong and then buying more Zim? Thousands of people have only Zim because that is all that they could afford and if the Zim is withheld that would be tragic!!
Tony: I did tell them about that, and why it didn’t make sense to me. That’s why I would say that nothing has been finalized. Yes, they were thinking of moving it to the second basket, without realizing the problems that would create. These people on the committees live in a different world; they already have money and don’t how creative we are being. If they are hesitating with 50,000 Zim holders, how much worse will it be with more? So they are thinking it over, again.

Q: Any last minute words of advice?
Tony: My last message would be about the Zim, and we don’t have those details yet. Otherwise: first mouse, second mouse, third mouse – that is still the situation. You can avoid those mice by taking the contract rate and signing the NDA. If I were the average person, I’d take the contract rate for my 100,000 dinar. That hundred thousand = $2,850,000 rather than 400,000. I’m just an average person, and I’d rather take the money and keep quiet for ten years. Do you really think they have the resources to watch every one of you at every party and BBQ, especially when you know what’s at stake? I would! They have already worked out the rate, what percent they are willing for it to go up every day, so the third mouse will do better by waiting, if they don’t want the contract rate. I’d like to know what the NDA is prior to RV itself. I hope to keep telling you what might work best for you, after the fact. The hedge fund people will try to come in and take advantage, and I want you guys to have the best shot. That’s my final message.

[RR: Remember that and trust no one.]

Q: Can you provide a quick view of what you envision for post RV meetings? Will there be “think tank” gatherings to address philanthropic efforts allowing us to not overlap and to learn from each other as we have here in TNT?
RR: Yes.
Tony: I would like to help everyone I can, but I cannot put my life on hold to help everyone else. That’s not realistic. Every now and then we can get together, have a phone call, share some opportunities, and then you can take that information and use it yourself or pass it on to your financial adviser. I can’t be on Shark Tank, but I can create something similar in my own community, where we can help each other. Tony has the 13 task force meetings to help with information about banking and investments. I don’t know if my own NDA will allow me to have those meetings. I’m not an investment adviser, so I have to be careful NOT to give investment advice. Let’s say we have 20,000 people from TNT who are brand new millionaires and billionaires, and we ALL decide we like 3-D printing. We have to decide which company to work with. If we all get the same stock, that will force up the stock past Microsoft and Facebook. We are not average people, but we will cause market forces that average people will follow. We can look at any industry or opportunity and do that. We can change local communities by the things we do as a group, so I understand their concern about that. I am giving you enough information today for you to think about. Consider carefully and make your own plan, so that if they do what they said you are covered, and if not, you are also covered.

Q: Our youth organization has been operating for over 20 years. We have volunteers who have [criminal] records and have been faithful in assisting us. We want to bless them with a gift after exchange. Would you advise against the NDA in this case?
Tony: The NDA doesn’t matter. If you want to give someone a gift and they do something criminal with it, that has nothing to do with the NDA. If you are just trying to give your kids some assistance I don’t see any problem with that.
RR: Gifts don’t have to be cash; think it through. Tony: If you give someone a car or something, they have to pay the tax on that. If you give them cash up to $15,000, they don’t have to pay tax.
RR: The Utopian solution is to give money to an organization and let the organization look after the individual.

Q: It was reported about a month ago that bank personnel would no longer be put on standby OR asked to stay close by; BUT “the next call they received would be the actual call for them to report to their perspective exchange locations” Is this what we can glean from this mornings tweet that this is no longer a dress rehearsal?
A: Those particular people who were told that were in Texas. We have five other states that were told something different. Last week, when they were told “no vacations or time off”, to me that was effectively putting them on standby. Today’s information tells us even more that they are ready to go, although no one is on lock down as in the past. But they are excited about this weekend.

Q: Do you or will you have access to list of attorneys, accountants, and finance professionals that understand this process and can speak to our individual needs outside of the banks? Many of us have trusts, etc., that can only be explained by the event of the RV.
A: No.

Q: In regards to the “Utopian” way of giving, are you hinting that we set up our own charitable entities and fund them in order to give to whom we wish? Also will you be doing and classes or such post RV on this subject?
A: Yes, to a degree. It doesn’t have to be your own charitable entity, but you are in the ballpark. Who should you talk to about that? Any professional you can find who can understand what you want to do. There are plenty of people teaching about trusts and entities; once you know what you want and what you want it to do, then you can go to just about any professional and have them set up the entities to your specifications. Look up trust attorneys, and ask around nonprofits and those involved with estate planning and asset protection. Learn what it’s all about and how it can benefit you. Then have a professional draft up the correct documents for what you want, rather than buying any old trust. Also, bankers are all about making money, not necessarily creating trusts – their attorneys work for the bank, not for you. Hire an independent professional you can work with.

Q: What kind of investments or programs do you think the wealth managers and or private bankers will want to have us invest in?
A: They will want you to invest in THEM, whatever the bank offers.

Tony: “Watch the wealth managers; t hey are not your friends.” That statement has been put out for years from several different banks, and every source was a wealth manager. They have a job to do – to make money for their bank, and for his/her own commission, not for you. It’s not that they are giving you a bad product, but they will make sure they will give you something they will make money from. For anyone investing your money you need to know your priorities and their priorities. If I go into the bank with millions, I’m not going to turn it over to someone who makes 50-100K per year. If he know what I wanted to learn from him, he’d be out there making money. I want to know what I’m doing; I want to be in control. If the wealth manager can help me at the right level, then sure he will make money as well. But don’t assume that their focus is on making YOU money. My first adviser lost me $85,000.

Q: If people have social projects in order to qualify for best Zim situation do those projects have to be in a specific country? For example only Zimbabwe?

Q: Will all denominations of the Dong be exchangeable? And is there a deadline for exchanging notes?
A: Yes, and no.

Questions from live callers

865/404: What timeframe are you looking for regarding a Vegas event?

Tony: It will take us probably at least 30 days to set that up. We don’t know where we are going, or how many want to participate. Something like 8,000 signed up last time. I want there to be a big auditorium, with a meet-and-greet in the morning to meet each other, the Mods and admins… meet some people with annuities… give stuff away… sit down and have a dinner… bring in some professional entertainers and have a party night. It will be a challenge to put other in such a short period of time, and I don’t have anyone to help put it together! I didn’t want to do any planning because the goalposts kept moving. The good news is that the holidays will be over, and they should have more space. We may need a stadium!

Caller: Based on your information, what valid information that would help us, that you are not allowed to talk about? What would you ask each other?

Tony: Ray, if you could tell everyone what day you’ve heard this is supposed to be happening, what day would that be?

Ray: You’ve already answered that! We are right at the end, and everything has been asked and answered.

Next caller: It has been suggested that as a married couple we are an entity, and therefore we can only exchange up to a billion dollars – is that right?

Tony: We are not interested in circumventing these limits; the answer might be different than what you anticipate.

Caller: What’s this date of the 25th, which has never come up before?

Tony: We were talking about the 21st, when the Budget has to be activated, and when lower denominations should be issued – between now and the 21st. Also, the 21st is the Persian New Year, which is a ‘new day’ for Iraq. The 25thturned up on Wednesday for some reason. It’s still a good day, but they are shooting at before the 25th, I think.

Caller: You’re absolutely right about these wealth managers; I’m glad you said that.

773 caller: Do you think they will add to your NDA that you can’t make the ‘last call’?

Tony: By the time of the last call, I won’t have signed the NDA.

Caller: I have a relative who is a wealth manager; she makes a good salary, but she makes that for her clients, too. Over the years, she has learned a lot of things and invested her own money and done very well for herself. She is a multi-millionaire, although she makes less than $200,000 per year. Yes, she works for the bank, but has done very well for herself and her family.

Tony: Sure, some wealth managers who make a lot of money, and who give great advice to their clients. However, if I were making 50,000 per year and figured out how to make great investments, then I would be doing that! Yes, some wealth managers definitely know what is going on, and some have signed agreements that they will not buy dinar. But when I talk to bank managers who know, and ask why they didn’t invest in what I know, they say they didn’t trust the deal, or whatever. In either case, they are playing a different game than those played by millionaires and billionaires. If I walk in with millions, I’m going to be directed to a vice-president, because the typical wealth manager doesn’t have the knowledge and experience to handle those higher amounts.

951 caller: Do you have any idea if the Zim will increase in value as time goes on?

Tony: The PLAN is for the Zim to go up from eleven cents to 72 cents over 18 months. Ultimately, they want it to go up to 1:1 with the dollar.

Caller: So do you think if I hold onto my Zim they will still be exchangeable in 2-3 years?

Tony: We’ve been told that they will be good forever because they are gold-backed notes. That could change, but there will still be an opportunity to exchange for some period of time. With the Zim, don’t give away or throw away your notes until you go to the banks and find out what is going on. We gave you what the committees told us, but we have bankers saying that they have not been notified of those changes yet. Hold on, wait until the RV starts, and ASK. Check the forum and see what people say.

FL caller: With all these changes, do you feel it’s the banks’ way of NOT letting us have the money?

Tony: It’s not the banks that don’t want you to have this money, although they don’t want the payout to be a hundred years (for the Zim). It’s the committees that don’t want average folks to become billionaires. Also, the new government in Zimbabwe, which just had a coup, doesn’t want their economy to be flooded. Those are the Zim issue, plus we haven’t heard yet how they want to deal with the rest of the currencies. It may be that there will be contract rates for Zim if you want to support humanitarian projects. WE heard that the dogn contract rates were used up for oil credits; there are still contract rates for the dinar. A few months ago, they said “there are no contract rates” for about two weeks, and they expected me to tell you, but I refused. I didn’t believe that the agreement we made had been dissolved, and if I did say so, this would be all over. So they came back to me and said, “the agreement is still there, but they need to sign this ten-year NDA”. Now, I have no choice about MY NDA, and if I were you, I’d sign that NDA — you’re not going to scare me out of receiving 200 million dollars. Before our #wearethepeople campaign, they weren’t going to let us/you exchange at all! Now we have a new administration, and new people on the committees, so many details got changed. In the end… timing is everything.

Caller: Why do they care if we go broke? That money still goes back into the economy, and into the humanitarian projects. If people lose their money, why do they care?

Tony: Yes, WE have those projects and want to protect their money and grow the economy. They are worried about crazy people doing crazy people with a lot of money that they don’t understand. They don’t care about people with a million dollars; they do care if someone with seven billion dollars doesn’t know what to do with it. They don’t want people taking over the political realm, for example.

Caller: [more of the same]

Tony: We can only do OUR part and use the money for great projects. Someone I know had dinar and just found out that some were Saddam notes (which are no longer valid). He brought them back sewn into his duffel bags! They were telling enlisted men that it was a scam and without value, and telling officers to buy as much as they could! This guy did it anyway, and brought back ten million, so he’ll have forty million to help veterans. All we can do is wait, stick to our plans, and know that we are helping others.

817 caller: What district is Texas in?

RR: I posted it on the website, and you can easily find it on the internet as well. Go to bit.ly/800districts. That’s the URL.

818 caller: I take it we’re still waiting on a decision about the Zim?

Tony: That’s right.

410 caller: So… are the Iraqi MasterCards being paid in all provinces?

RayRen: That’s what I’ve been told.

MS caller: If the dinar comes out before it’s on Forex, will it be a fixed rate?

Tony: Whatever the rate comes out at, if it’s before Forex, that is the [fixed] rate. Once it’s on Forex, it will start to go up because from that day on, the Forex rate will be the rate. The hedge funds and such will push up the market rate.

Caller: I have friends who have a couple million dollar’s wroth of currency, and she is out of town without her receipts – what should she do?

Tony: She can get a million or less at the teller window and do the rest when she gets home. That’s how I imagine it will work. I’ve never had them ask for proof of where I’ve bought my currency.

808 caller: Is there a list of states that have a lot of currency holders? IF I am only exchanging a millliond ollars, can I only go to Wells Fargo and Bank of America in the first ten days?

RayRen: If we gave you that list, what would you do with it?

Caller: I was wondering if any of those state were in District 12 because I wouldn’t then go to exchange in those states because they might have longer lines.

RayRen: You will have exchange locations in Hawaii; you don’t have to come stateside. WF and BoA are the LEAD banks, and those are the ones the 800 numbers will refer to, but that doesn’t mean you cannot exchange elsewhere. Or you can go to your bank in Hawaii and have them set you up with a wealth manager. The 800 number is only a convenience for us; many private bankers have told their customers that they will call as soon as this happens. So I hope everyone has done their homework and identified the banks in your neighborhood that exchange foreign currency.

303 caller: I am still confused here. What happens if I come in, agree to sign an NDA, they ask me to get my three kids to sign, and they object?

Tony: There will be an affidavit about that, and you can sign that.

Caller: Let’s say they accept us for contract rate; what’s the timeframe on getting all the paperwork done?

Tony: I don’t’ know. They will discuss that with you in their office, and you can decide if you can/will do that or not.

716 caller: Historically, many things happen on anniversary days in the Arab world. March 20th is the anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, so I’m calling that day for the RV.

Michigan caller: Do you think our birthdays will be post-RV?

Tony: Yes, because they’re after the 25th.

316 caller: I have family members who have to leave the country for a month, so they’ve given me their dong. Can I take this to the bank and have money put into their accounts?

Tony: They should have given you a Power of Attorney to do the exchange. You can call the bank, explain the situation, and see what they say. I suspect they will say No.

Caller: Could they have an affidavit created by the bank? And would I pay gift tax?

Tony: You are asking to walk into my bank, and say that you want to exchange money for Frank, when Frank hasn’t told me that, and with Frank being out of the country. Frank hasn’t told me what he wants, and maybe Frank comes back and says “your friend exchanged on Monday at @ $4 when I wanted to exchange the next Sunday @ $8!” You need to have them create, sign, and mail you a Power of Attorney.

MS caller: I plan to get the contract rate. I haven’t told my children anything about the currency; do I have to get them to sign the NDA?

Tony: Again, there is a paragraph and an affidavit in the NDA saying if there is anyone you want to sign (for them) yourself. You put in their name, the ones who know nothing about this, and you sign it saying that you will cover this.

419 caller: [can’t hear this – cabal? New Republic?] I think it’s time for a buyer storm.

Tony: The RV’s going to happen, say, tomorrow. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, they’re going to wipe out the existing government and put in a new government? I hear all about this, how Bush, Clinton, Obama will be arrested and they are wiping out Congress. Where are the people replacing them going to come from if we don’t vote them in? Unless trump becomes a dictator and decides who’s in Congress. That is not the way the government or the military works, and we’re not going to have a coup because 50,000 people become millionaires. That’s not how it works in the US. We all read about aliens and lightworkers on the Internet, but none of them have come and talked to me! There is just a lot of craziness on the internet that’s never come true! The tanks down Main Street, or fighter jets protecting the banks… who does that make sense to? If anything is going to happen, we will exchange and build a new economy together. We will vote people in and out of office, and trump will not become a dictator because that is not how the US works. Even if all these people were arrested, what would happen to them? Would they e

TX caller: Are we still seeing everything going in the first basket? Other sites saying all kinds of things.

Tony: Yes, dinar, dong, rupiah and probably Zim are still in the same basket. Look, we put together the information we hear and see what makes sense. For years we’ve been telling you to listen to other people and see what makes sense to you. We don’t care if we get the information out first (although we often do). It’s not about bragging. Sometimes I get texts and phone calls from other sites, and I don’t have a problem with that. I do have a problem with other calls trying to sell you things rather than just giving you the information they have. I have issues with the government being wiped out in a day, or all our dollar notes being changed in one day, or the IRS being demolished – well, that would okay but unlikely. The dollar is not going to crash or diminish by 30% either. I don’t know where these other sites even get these conspiracies from…

Caller: I don’t mind waiting two years to be the third mouse.

Tony: Every one of these currencies (apart from Zim) are much more likely to go up in the first two weeks, and then come back down. The CBI said they could support $16, and in the short term the marker might take it up to $10-12 but it will then come back in. I don’t think their economies can sustain those higher rates for several years, though. So I wouldn’t personally hold off for two years, but everyone has their own plan.

Closing Statement

Things are happening; articles are positive, banks in Iraq and the US are both saying they are ready. Iraq is ready, and their banks are now connected, well before the 21st. Their articles are saying they are international and connected through the electronic system. This is the first time everyone has been paid through the electronic system – to encourage them to use the banks. They are saying that lower denominations should be out by the 21st and revaluation by the 25th. We will see; it’s only eight days until then. I will enjoy my weekend either way, and hope you enjoy yours.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


3-17-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin   They claim there are about 23 laws that would be passed in a basket. They haven't listed all of them but Oil and Gas is the primary one. I'm not optimistic about this happening before elections. They could throw a surprise session on us but without the Kurds I don't see that happening.   Politically things are scary, but economically things are very exciting.And I do think the two can be separated. Shoot look at what has been accomplished the last few months. Epic decisions, Chap. 7, Art. 140, National Oil Law, the percentage of distribution of proceeds to citizens from oil and gas, FIFA lifting the ban on international games, budget completed in record time..., International ban on Kurdistan flights lifted, ban on many imported goods and taxing many of the remaining imported goods and all of that will benefit the local products. That will jump start exports. The 2% spread is compliant and imo they do not need to enter art. 8, just be compliant, which I believe they are. Drop that rate about 20 more pips and hit that 1200 target... 

3-17-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV is broadcasting payments for citizens in large volumes.  Iraqi News is showing the lifting of the international ban on all Iraqi stadiums.  March 21 is being determined a holiday, all Iraqis are being told they will have payments by this date.  Still no rates shared by those citizens who have received payment already.  Time Will Tell!

3-17-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article: "WORLD BANK PLEDGED TO IRAQ TO LEND $ 6 BILLION OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS"  This is a WOW!  ...didn’t we just read earlier in the week the World Bank might hold up this funding due to Iraq not completing its reform process? I quote from Monday’s article – “The World Bank may sanction Iraq for non-compliance..."   So this new news today of a release to Iraq 6 billion is some of the 30 billion from the donor conference in Kuwait. Seems coincidental this all happening now within just a week or less left to the 90 days of the monitoring process? I believe we may have a LATE March or an EARLY April date for the final release of the new category notes and the reinstatement of the dinar to the global markets. Let’s watch and see what happens.

3-17-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   Haider Al-Abadi‏ Tweets... "Congratulations to Iraqi football fans on the return of competitive international matches to Iraqi stadiums. The hard work of improving security and stability is paying off. We hope to see sports contributing in a big way to Iraqi society..."   Internationalism!!!


Frank26:   Internationalism !!!

Walkingstick:  Haider Al-Abadi‏ Tweets & replies

 44m44 minutes ago

 Congratulations to Iraqi football fans on the return of competitive international matches to Iraqi stadiums. The hard work of improving security and stability is paying off. We hope to see sports contributing in a big way to Iraqi society


The Media the Office

​Prime Minister Dr. Haidar Al-Abadi congratulates the Iraqi people and the sports public on lifting the international ban on Iraqi stadiums, which resulted from the security stability and successes achieved by Iraq in all fields and the efforts of the loyalists, and calls for continuing to complete all measures until the lifting of the embargo completely.



Walkingstick:  FIFA lifts international ban on Iraqi stadiums

- ADDED MARCH 16, 2018 BY


Mexsal:  FIFA did it for Iraq's stadiums, now it's time for Iraq's currency

GrannieAnnieks:  Thank you WS. This is good !!! Now all countries will be able to come there and play.

Will:  With FIFA lifting the ban, international teams will need to exchange their currencies for Dinars while in Iraq.

Manu68:  Welcome to the international sporting world Iraq - nothing brings nations together like sport


JJonesmx:  FIFA gives VAR green light for World Cup, lifts 30-year Iraq ban


17 March 2018

President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, participates in a press conference in Bogota, Colombia, 16 March 2018. FIFA approved the use of VAR system (video arbitration system) at the 2018 World Cup in Russia during the sixth session of the FIFA Council meeting Photo: backpagepix

BOGOTA, Colombia - Video assistant referee technology (VAR) will make its debut at the World Cup in Russia this summer despite lingering opposition from within and outside football, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said Friday.

"We are going to have in 2018, for the first time, a World Cup with VAR," said Infantino after a meeting of the FIFA Council which, as expected, rubber-stamped the go-ahead given by the rule-making International Football Association Board (IFAB) in Zurich two weeks ago.

"This has been approved and we are really very happy with this decision."

The World Cup, which takes place from June 14-July 15, will see VAR used to judge whether or not a goal has been scored, analyse whether a penalty should be awarded, decide on red cards and rectify if a player has been mistakenly sanctioned.

"What we want is to help and to give the referee the possibility to have extra help when he has to make important decisions, and in a World Cup we make very important decisions," added Infantino.

"It cannot be possible that in 2018 everybody, in the stadium or at home, knows in a few seconds if the referee has made a mistake but not the referee himself -- not because he doesn't want to know about it but because we forbid him to know.

"The VAR is helping the referee and we are going to have a more transparent and fairer game, and that's what we want."
VAR has been trialled since 2016 by 20 federations, including the German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A, with around 1,000 matches involved.

But it has not been universally welcomed with even UEFA, the European governing body, still to be convinced.

"Nobody knows exactly how VAR will work. There is already a lot of confusion," said UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, who insists that VAR will not be used in next season's Champions League.

"I am not at all against it but we must better explain when it will be used. We will see at the World Cup."   

One of the problems that dogs VAR, say its critics, is not the accuracy of its decisions but the time it takes to arrive at them.

It's a drawback which has left many fans and purists frustrated that the flow of a game is interrupted.

"The intervention of VAR takes one minute on average in each game. If we lose a minute to correct mistakes, I think we have done something good," said Infantino earlier this week on a visit to Lima.

30-year Iraq ban lifted

However, Colombia coach Luis Fernando Suarez added in an interview with AFP: "It seems hurried to me. I think we should do other trials in other tournaments, analyse them well, and then put it in place."

Suarez, who led Ecuador at the 2006 World Cup in Germany and Honduras in 2014 in Brazil, remains a fan in general of the use of technology in football, which he has witnessed close up.

That came in the 2014 tournament when his Honduras team played France in Porto Alegre when the first goal decided through GLT (goal-line technology) was awarded to France.

"It's good and necessary that there are changes but it's essential that we don't lose the essence of football," added Suarez.

Meanwhile, FIFA said it was lifting the three-decade ban on Iraq hosting international football with the cities of Arbil, Basra and Karbala given the go-ahead to stage official matches.

"We are allowing international matches to be staged in the cities of Arbil, Basra and Karbala," said Infantino

However, FIFA added that they cannot "yet" agree to a request from the Iraqi authorities to organise matches in the capital of Baghdad.

Iraq has not played full internationals on home turf since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

The ban, covering all but domestic matches, stayed in place after the US-led invasion of 2003 toppled dictator Saddam Hussein.

It was briefly lifted in 2012, but a power outage during an Iraq-Jordan match in the Iraqi Kurdish capital Arbil led FIFA to promptly reinstate it.

The FIFA Council also decided that Peru will host the 2019 Under-17 World Cup with Poland staging the Under-20 tournament.




slimshady: my next ride will def be cryptos,,, i dipped my toe in it this summer but sold everything to buy more dinar

kukabarrel: :yes:
slimshady: unless north korea gonna revalue that would be a fun forum

Spectra: @kukabarrel hey is your name a bird/

slimshady: so, i am not here often but scan the first paragraph or so from recaps... yous seem level headed and fact based,,,,,

Spectra: @slimshady :yes:
​slimshady: that being said what is the general concensus of possible rv date ranges

Spectra: @slimshady after `14 years ' i have no date! sorry..

slimshady: yet you are here so you have some idea that it may be close,,,, no?

Spectra: not really .Things are better than ever.: but no date!

slimshady: i am going with next Tuesday  : just because it keeps me grounded LOL

Spectra: @slimshady ok...? not me...But its your life...
Spectra: @slimshady i dont give myselfd dates ..That doesn't keep me grounded?

Spectra: @slimshady lol

slimshady: i was kidding

Spectra: @slimshady your a riot
Spectra: @slimshady i know

Spectra: @slimshady theres been a lack of news today.usually people talk the articles in here.

slimshady: adding that and discernment to list of words i can do without

Spectra: @slimshady yes

slimshady: people who say use discr\ernment are usually the most out there,,,,, for example

slimshady: maybe its from our sanctions not sure

Spectra: @slimshady most likly

slimshady: me no.... all my extra $$ is in IQD

Spectra: @slimshady ok

slimshady: was looking at mansions online ,,, lots of bargains out there :)

slimshady: can't tink of anything for recaps to copy so,,, i'm off to watch tv thanks for the chat and remember Guru Slimshady Tuesday is our day

Spectra: @slimshady lol i think your getting overly excited..
Spectra: @slimshady well you have a good evening too

slimshady: cheers :)

Spectra: @slimshady :)

http://www.text2speech.org/FW/getfile.php?file=ff0d4f27389bfd2edc58552dece301bf%2Fspeech.wav http://www.text2speech.org/FW/getfile.php?file=ff0d4f27389bfd2edc58552dece301bf%2Fspeech.mp3

xyz: Masum didn't deliver state budget to parl't – MPs

http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/EN/story/24910/Masum-didn-t-deliver-state-budget-to-parl-t-MPs Iraqi Parliament Legal Affairs commission asserted on Friday that the State budget has not arrived yet from President Fuad Masum after refusing to approving for having many conflicts with the constitution.
​ In a statement, MP of the commission Sadiq al-Labban said that the Parliament Speaker will negotiate the approval of the state budget once he returns from his visit to Turkey. He added that the Legal Affairs commission did not refuse to revise the state budget nor receiving it from Masum,

noting that the President's refusal to approve the budget is unprecedented, noting that this came after the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) share was reduced from 17% to only 12%. Lannan asserted that the budget will most likely be released without the need of Masum's signature.

Dave: @xyz I have heard that the President can not veto a bill he can only delay it

xyz: @Dave z concur

Dave: @xyz He is a kurd.....

xyz: Deputy power: Parliament will send the budget to the government and infallible will ratify it


The MP said on Wednesday that the House of Representatives will send the budget law to the federal government after the rejection of the Presidency of the Republic to ratify it, noting that President Fuad Masum will back down from his position and ratify the law.

Al-Bayati said in an interview with local media and the agency [Media treasures], "The President of the Republic Fuad Masum will recognize the seriousness of his position not to ratify the budget," asserting that "will step back from that step and will ratify the law."

She added that "the non-ratification of the infallible budget for a legal basis for him and was able to appeal some material before the Federal Court and not return the entire budget."

And on the steps of the House of Representatives next, confirmed al-Bayati, "The House of Representatives will restore the budget to the federal government."

KJWayne: Good evening room.: I'm new here at the chat room: Been in this race since 2009
KJWayne: What is the rate or rates that ya'll are hearing is the most popular ? On the Dinar !

Zig: @KJWayne : Forget rates and dates that you hear out there....It's bull****.....hang in here to avoid the crap....Nobody knows any rate/date nor what will happen.....if anything.....or whether it will float, etc....enjoy the chat!!.....we keep it real.... :)

Spectra: @Zig you should just keep that so you can copy ans paste it when necessary : @Zig :na;

xyz: :Never Give up

Spectra: you don't...

xyz: 3-16-2018 Mnt Goat I have to tell you I am VERY happy because of the amazing amount of VERY positive news being told to us. We are literally seeing the last few needed “basket” of laws so that they may go forward with the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar. Article quotes: “the next few days will witness the completion of all the laws that are stalled reading and voting to end this few remaining period of parliament by reading the largest number of laws.” and

“It is noteworthy that there is a package of laws in the House of Representatives because of the differences of political blocs around them, and was deported to several parliamentary sessions”. So now its hurry up and get it all done...they now know the urgency...so now...we are seeing it play out. ...I have known...the necessity for the HCL and Article 140 as part of the mandate to “fully” implement the new 2005 Iraqi constitution.....stay tuned

xyz: 3-16-2018 Mnt Goat So here we sit on the cusp of history being made. Yes, we have waited for all these years, some of us almost 13 years to see these laws. Do I think we are VERY close to the reinstatement process being completed? Yes – of course and it might even very well be early next week, but I don’t think so... if I was to speculate, I might say EARLY – MID April at the best to see the reinstatement occur. But then we still need to see the re-education program the CBI has promised would happen just prior or during the end.
​Spectra: More Many who engage in corruption in Iraq are tied to interests internationally and hold assets and funds abroad. Progress being made on identifying these but foreign corporations can also assist by bringing evidence to light or using the courts as in this case

xyz: The most expensive piece of chocolate in the world amid tight guard


The world's most expensive piece of chocolate was presented at a chocolate show in Obidos, Portugal on Friday. The piece, priced at 7,728 euros ($ 9489) and covered with edible gold, is one of a thousand chocolates. The piece is stuffed with saffron, white truffle, vanilla from Madagascar and chips of gold.

Zig: Hi...I am Mountain Goat...Yes, a real goat blessed with human intelligence...a freak of nature...I do have Dinar but my relatives do not speak English like I do and don't understand very much...I have to be careful not to leave my Dinar near them of they will eat it.......It's hard to type with hooves...

xyz: A woman throwing jewelry worth $ 100,000 in garbage


- A team of 5 workers in the US state of Georgia managed to recover a collection of jewelery worth up to $ 100,000, thrown in the trash by mistake.

xyz: A Debtor’s Crisis In Iraqi Kurdistan http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2018/03/17/a-debtors-crisis-in-iraqi-kurdistan/

firefarmer: well what did the bird say

mod: It is about to go?

xyz: @firefarmer no rv yet

firefarmer: how did I know that maybe next week

mod: Well I "Heard".....

firefarmer: well my ex girlfriend's new boyfriends brother thinks it could be any time

mod: "Back" screen rates....mod: ;secret;

Spectra: @firefarmer you must be a toleraant man..

firefarmer: @Spectra WHY

Spectra: @firefarmer because you still talk to your ex

firefarmer: @Spectra I am just glad someone will talk to me

Spectra: @firefarmer That shows a confident person..

Spectra: @firefarmer This could happen .I mean its all getting set up perfect!

firefarmer: @Spectra I like perfect......

Spectra: @firefarmer yes.They need all their docks in order..

firefarmer: @Spectra I just wish someone would goose them

Spectra: @firefarmer yeh' its coming..i think this year  lol

firefarmer: @Spectra I am good with next week

Spectra: @firefarmer we all are
firefarmer: @Spectra I might have time next thursday to go to the bank

Spectra: @firefarmer im sure you will

BREW: Tony said all banks are in compliance , lol

Spectra: @BREW na' not all

BREW: @Spectra NONE.

xyz: Abadi vows to chase the thieves and recover money from them http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=154321 Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi vowed to hunt down the big thieves who seized the state land and citizens' properties, stressing that he would challenge any law that could benefit from these thieves.

BREW: Bruce said all redemption center's ready, lol

Domverb: Why is Jared Rand's call in number nowhere? Can someone list it here?

Spectra: They do have some banks who are doing money transfers in the states

BREW: @Domverb dun know, i don't listen to him.

[pm]Zig: http://www.iqdcalls.com/rand.html

BREW: The Med Bed - Jared Rand - Disclosure News Italia https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/the-med-bed-jared-rand/ Jan 26, 2018 - The Med Bed Jared Rand I want to welcome everybody. I know that a lot of people are interested in knowing about the Med Bed technology and that technology has been around for quite some time so it's not some out of the clear blue. It is not human technology it's offworlder technology.

Spectra: ( Med Bed)----------------Jeez ....sounds like a MR haney type.
Spectra: and he even says it's off world technology ....Now that pretty bizzare.

sue: @Spectra Very but he has some things pegged 50% right on IMO and 50% off
sue: @BREW For sure he is long winded

xyz: TNT https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/ex-fbi-asst-director-says-upcoming-inspector-general-report-pure-tnt

xyz: "I'm In" https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/kelly-isnt-going-anywhere-chief-staff-strikes-uneasy-truce-trump

sandyf: @Zig We all hope you are right in respect of the time factor but people should bear in mind that international banks are only obliged to accept the latest issue of a foreign currency. Under normal circumstances the 2003 issue of IQD would not be accepted internationally.

 I have some £10 notes that I brought back from the UK last year, they could not be exchanged after the new £10 came out in October, have to take them back to the UK now. We can only hope that if the time ever comes that the banks show a bit of flexibility. 
​JoeSchmoe: @sandyf so are you saying that the majority of the dinar being held will be null?

JoeSchmoe: that has always been a fear of mine, the way he put it. But everyone comes back with everything in the book as to why it won't happen.

JoeSchmoe: NO ONE KNOWS: when was the notes that we hold published?
JoeSchmoe: not when we bought it, but when was it made

JoeSchmoe: my only comfort is that people who 'SEEM' to know what they are talking about, and who are definitely much smarter than me, are still thinking this will do what we want it to. But who knows if they really KNOW anything about what they are talking about

LeLe: @JoeSchmoe nobody knows the outcome of this dinar. Do I believe it will happen? Yes..... and not what no one says   I will be here until the end. Keep the faith

Tebow: one's opinion!
LeLe: @Tebow yes my opinion