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3-15-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   I don't understand why so many are trying to figure out what the correct 2% spread is for the Market Rate?  This is pretty simple....  The Official Rate at the CBI is 1184, you add the CBI commissions on auction currency of 6 dinars to reach 1190.  The spread then is derived from this at 2% or 24 dinars making it 1214 to $1 or less to be in compliance.  Based on today's numbers, they are within compliance.

3-15-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin   
Article:  "President Jubouri: Budget has become a law and will not be submitted to the House of Representatives again and the objectors can challenge the Federal Court"    
[So it sounds like the Budget is a Â?Done DealÂ?.]   Well it looks like looks like it's ready to be gazetted. At least that is what they say here.

3-15-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   The Iraqi Parliament adjourned today without voting/passing on any laws due to a lack of quorum. Despair not, we are still within our open "window" of opportunity.

3-15-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "The governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaq, on Tuesday, the agreement of Baghdad and Arbil to subject the banks in the Kurdistan region to under the control the Central Bank of Iraq , indicating that it was also agreed to avoid double taxation."   ...this was one of the sticky points in the 2018 budget. Kurdistan already planned for taxing incomes, while the GOI via CBI also planned to tax the same income. So who get the taxes? The KRG again wanted to control the money, while the GOI said they have the right as the centralized government. So now it seems they have this settled.

3-15-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   ...according to the IMF’s own published documents Iraq has been in compliance with their MCP policies for quite some time now, with the exception of one situation with Jordan (or someone like that)… but they were given a technical waiver on this one instance.

3-15-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article:  "The parliamentary economy of / Mawazin News /: the coming days the date of passing the law of oil and gas"  Quote:  "...the next few days will witness the vote on the laws of a very important, while noting that among these laws the law of oil and gas..."  ...There's your basket of laws. Let's hope they can do it.

3-15-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    So recently many asked me when is the 90 days up for the MCP monitoring program by the IMF?   The reinstatement submittal was done in late December. No firm date is known.Get it? The article did not give us a date.  If we give a week from the last week in December for the IMF to review Iraq’s request this puts us to at least the end of the year 2017.  Then if they do place a mandatory monitoring program in place for the MCP we can see 90 days probably begins around Jan 1st.  So if we go out 90 days then where do we land So knowing all this then when do you think we might see it happen ...no one knows the date of the RV, we only speculate and try to figure it out using the best information we have on hand at the time.  It’s not rocket science to see a possible window coming up very soon... 


Wn3:  This IS hard to believe anyone outside of doing buss with Iraq would be interested in banking with them, at a program rate.

Frank26:  UNLESS THEY PLAN BY THE 20TH TO .................... WELL.............. YOU HEARD THE REST ON YOUR CC LAST NIGHT (wink) WE WOW ................ I MEAN WON ...........LOL
Quietstorm: IMO, Don't think for one second that the UST is going to miss out on collecting these Dinars we wish to exchange when the rate reaches the point we want to exchange at.

It will not only be the Iraqi banks listed that could be exchange points, but most all of the banks in the US are going to be guided by the Treasury to exchange so they can accumulate the Dinars and use them in "country to country" trade or "oil credits" into the distant future.  ALL IMO.
​Mikexx:  This is all looking very good. Like a thief in the night, i was always told, some 15 years ago when i first started buying Dinars


Samson:  Abadi vows to chase the big thieves and recover the money they have seized

2018-03-15 at 17:11 (Baghdad time)

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi vowed on Thursday to hold a meeting with the district directors and municipal units in Baghdad to hunt down the big money and recover the money they seized, while stressing that he would challenge any law legislated by the parliament.

A statement from the Prime Minister's Office, received a copy of the "Mawazine News" that "Abadi, held a meeting with the district managers and municipal units in the city of Baghdad."

"Iraq has gone through a difficult stage and a serious existential and economic challenge, and we have emerged victorious and united, and we must now work to harness all national capabilities and capabilities to provide services to citizens after the great victory achieved with the most sacrifices and the least potential," he said.

He called on the district directors and municipal units in the city of Baghdad to "follow the field for every small and large and be true to promises to provide services and not give false promises can not be met, and away from partisan loyalties or accelerate the work of electoral motives at the expense of quality," stressing the "necessity Make the most of the available resources. "

He called on Abadi, "to provide appropriate services in return for collection and not to be tax to take amounts without services with the need to stop waste."

As for the problem of abuses, Abadi said, "When we take into account the humanitarian situation of citizens, we must differentiate between the senior thieves who seized the state land and the poor citizens in need of housing, and any law legislated by the parliament and benefiting from it will appeal to the senior thieves, as well as the amnesty law, which includes kidnappers and criminals" , Pledging to "prosecute the thieves and recover the money they seized."

The statement added that "Abadi listened to a detailed explanation of the reality of services provided by the governor of Baghdad and the Secretary of Baghdad and managers of the areas and municipal units," noting that "the meeting was to develop solutions in the field of services and water networks, sewage and tiling and other basic services in and within the city of Baghdad."

And that "the meeting was attended by the Minister of Planning, Reconstruction and Housing, and the deputies of a number of ministries, and officials in service departments."   LINK

Iran is about to wake the sleeping giant




In listening to the conversations, am I the only one to notice the news flash Tony received during the call to indicate the Kurdistan president is no longer going to contend with the budget and ratify it,,,this would mean we'd not have to necessarily have to wait the who 7 days and see this before. Looking for him to sign this now verses later,,

If that is correct, and I beleive it is... then we might see sumptin early... I wasnt going to say anything cause I thought it would cause a fire storm... glad you broke that news..

I hope there is someone who can direct me to DC's HISTORY POST.

Here you go

Dinar 101 explained on 1-24-14

"The “Plan”…how this came about, how this occurred, has been around for a long, long time and was developed by a couple of very bright economist 40-50 years ago about several different countries. It was part of when we were in the nation building business. They created a lot of these plans.

When they went into the Iraq war, regardless of what you believe on why we went into it, now you have a country that has not been economically valued for quite a bit of time because it has been significantly devalued, frankly, by a ruthless dictator. It has at least a 150 Billion barrels of proven oil reserves that is worth a tremendous amount, #2 only behind Saudi Arabia.

They have an immense amount of natural gas that is worth a tremendous amount. They have an incredible amount of minerals that are worth an immense amount as well. They also have an amazing agricultural basis that has been there for over 5,000 years because of the Tigris and Euphrates River. So they had this tremendous value in resources. They also had their Dinar, which was their currency, and for decades it was at an exchange rate of 3.22 to 1.00 US dollar, sometimes it dipped down to mid 2’s and then back up to 3.22, but it stayed there for decades upon decades.

Then Saddam Hussein came along and because of his tyrannical acts, he caused a lot of problems with the world not believing him because of the free-flow of markets. But even then, the UN did not de-value the currency entirely. What happened was, we went to war, we have done that often times…it is a very classic tactic for any problem country, you flood their currency so that they can’t buy weapons, they can’t buy amo and their hands become tied. So we UN/US basically devalued their currency to 6,000 Dinars to 1 US dollar.

Then over the years as Iraq started pulling itself together, started getting some political leadership…regardless of how you believe it really went… it started that rebuilding process. That caused the currency to slowly be brought up more and more. It was supposed to only take a couple of years by “the plan” but because of the slowness of the Iraqi political process becoming a democratized state, and some of their leaders that were frankly, in it for some of the wrong reasons, but also…some of the right. It just took a great deal of time to move forward.

The original plan was only going to be about Iraq, including a few soldiers that had currency in their back pocket and a few connected politicians were going to make some money with the revaluation of the Iraq currency, when the UN brought it back up the their original rate of 3+ to the dollar. (President George W. Bush gave Executive Order 13303 that gave US citizens the right to purchase and hold the Iraqi currency.)

Because now they have had a lot of economist spending an immense amount of time justifying what 150 Billion barrels of probable proven oil is worth and who knows how many CCF’s are down there, how many tons of metric gold is down there. So they spent a great deal of time sending these great economic arguments to all the different agencies that were in favor of this. It took a great deal of time to get done (years and years).

Then the rest of the world said “Hey, why can’t we all use this as a Currency Re-alignment or Reset?” That’s when China got more involved and other countries started getting more involved and that’s when frankly, the management of this plan slowed to a glacial pace in moving things forward. No one had seemed to have control of the situation so “we” all agreed to allow the IMF do a lot of facilitation and “we” (Authors of the Plan) agreed that Iraq needed to “grow-up” on their own and advance on their own economically, legally and security wise.

So Iraq did start “growing up” on their own but it took longer because a lot of people decided how they wanted to “help” Iraq was to lead themselves and figure out the process by themselves without a lot of pushing from outside input… that took a long time to get things moving and get the process/plan going.

Now bringing this current, after years of waiting for them to get to this point that brings us to June, 27th 2013, when Iraq was released from Chapter 7 by the UN (who had originally placed the sanctions on them during Saddam’s reign). That said to Iraq, “Ok, you have grown up as a country, you have passed all the requirements that we asked you to do and you have agreed to the 100’s of different points we asked you to change.”

So the UN Security Council unanimously voted to approve the release. However, they did have a couple of items in suspension… one being the revaluation of their Dinar currency to at least a 1 dinar to 1 US dollar rate. That was very clearly laid out in many public documents that anyone could go back and read. It is very straight forward and clearly spells it out.

Then what ended up happening due to politics…due to basically being unprepared on the USA side, we started slowing down the revaluation (RV) process. Some could argue that the USA had slowed it down previously and that would probably be a very strong argument. Regardless, the US administration caused/forced this entire plan/process to go down…for many different purposes, some that were admirable and some that were frankly, for their own self-interest. "

Urgent Truth Call w/Steffen Rowe- Tank at Midnight EST, 15 MARCH


• Supporters and opposers are welcome. Respectful challenges are encouraged. Disrespectful callers will face the Gangster Fairies. 


Call in number 605-475-4920
Access number* 858373


Kaperoni: Figures .. dollar exchange rate and the price of gold in Iraq on Monday 12/03/2018 09:32 Direction Press / Baghdad

Recorded dollar exchange rates, on Monday , a slight drop in the dinar against the local currency market " .

According to the figures in the "direction Press" the sale price of the dollar in Baghdad , recorded today 124 thousand and 500 dinars and the purchase price of 125 thousand dinars for $ percent, while yesterday scored 126 thousand 750 dinars and the purchase price of 125 thousand and 500 dinars for $ cent " .

​In Basra Stock Exchange Saralabie Register today 122 thousand and 800 dinars, and the purchase price of 124 thousand and 750 dinars for $ cent and yesterday was 125 thousand and 950 dinars, and the purchase price of 123 thousand and 900 dinars for $ percent.

The sale of the dollar exchange rate in Arbil Register today 125 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price of 125 thousand and 200 dinars per dollar cent, while yesterday scored 125 thousand and 450 dinars, the purchase price of 125 thousand and 400 dinars for $ percent .

That fell to the price of Iraqi gold, on Monday, to 222 000 dinars per weight .

The price of gold from the weight of 21 - carat, today 221 thousand and 500 dinars, while yesterday 's record 221 thousand also .

It is noteworthy that the weight of one gold equals 5 grams " .


Sweetpea: 1228 ?

Mike: Bagdad-1250 Basra-1247 Arbil-1252

From these figures we can see the dollar is more available in Basra and not so much in Erbil.

Mcduff82: The exchange of the US dollar against the Iraq dinar fell on the stock market and domestic markets on Wednesday march 14

kifah stock exchange Baghdad 121.500. while the price on Tuesday was 1200 selling and buying price in banking. 

The sale price of the dollar=122.000 dinars 
The purchase price of the dollar = 121.000 dinars

Punisher: while the price on Tuesday was 1200 selling and buying price in banking.
The sale price of the dollar=122.000 dinars the purchase price of the dollar = 121.000 dinars

Mike: Thanks Mcduff82. It's a head scratcher for sure, Kifah Stock Exchange has the spread at 1220 while others have it as much as 30 dinars more. Bottom line, we need it at 1205 or lower. For 90 days.

Punisher: He said: " The official price target of $ is 1200 Dnyar for each one dollar , " pointing out that " the gap in the exchange market in the presence of a fixed price adopted by the central is contained in many economies , a change is acceptable.


Mike: The acceptable change is to get off the peg, unify the spread and official rate and move to Article VIII, that's what modern economies do when they want to engage the world an the open market economy.

Iraq's economists are looking at this from an intellectual standpoint, there hasn't been a true open market economy in Iraq in decades. Quit the socialist, centralized approach and engage the free, open market economies.

Mcduff82: Mike I wonder why there is such a disparity in the rates ,from different markets within Iraq

johnbob1: mike is it 1205 or 1213 like kap said there is so many numbers that are thrown around its hard to keep up with

Invinrv: I've been watching several different sites the past couple of weeks, and there is so much variation between them, that it's really hard to know which sets of numbers are correct and which ones are not, or which ones someone wants to believe, and not believe. They really are all over the place. Very different from what we were seeing on the original CBI site several months/a year ago. IMO

Mike: Mcduff82, the only thing I can think of is the geography of the country and how it impacts the availability of the dollar. For me, it makes sense that Baghdad and Basra would have high rates because there's more bidding and desire for the dollar.

We know Erbil is in a jam, they've been cut off from most access to the dollar so that would drive the price up as well. But then you throw in the Kifah Exchange, which I believe is in Baghdad, and it messes up the weak theory that I outlined above. Like I said, it's a head scratcher for sure.

Johnbob1, for sure, I think Kap's numbers are as accurate as anyone else's, none of it makes sense. The question I have is, why did the CBI stop publishing the official spread rates? Iraq is convoluted enough without pouring fuel on the fire.

Again, bottom line, we need the rate to get lower and hold for a minimum of 90 days to satisfy the minimum requirements of Article VIII, the rest is just stuff to wonder about.

Punisher: Mike you asked why did the CBI stop posting the numbers? Imagemaker said it best when he stated Iraq tells us what they want us to know, plain and simple.

Mike: Corruption and abject political and economic failure is why Iraq quit posting the numbers. Transparency is the foundation for a democracy; hedgemony, silence and secrets aren't.

Aloha Alex: Mike, were you talking about Iraq or the US? Laughing
Mike: lol, as I was typing that I just knew someone would bring up the US, good stuff AA.

I think comparing the US to Iraq is pretty easy, it's obvious where the differences are. Let's try to stay on the topic of the spread, we'll keep US politics out of it for now. Smile

Justwaiting: My 2 ¢ ~ It appears (to me) the figures we are looking at are stock exchange figures ~ trading of the dinar, (like forex) . Are those close to the real 'street' prices ??? 

I am beginning to wonder ~ not trying to diminish anything, but ~~ getting cornfuzzled as to such input??? I am NOT trying to start anything, just understand a bit better (if I can LOL)

Mcduff82: Thank you Mike

Punisher: mike , As we continue to watch in the coming days....



IQD News Update (RANT# 110)





The Ides of March (15th) is tomorrow.

Multiple sources are claiming the stock market will collapse tomorrow.

The RV is supposed to begin prior to the collapse.

The collapse will be gradual in order to give time for the RV exchanges/redemptions to complete.

Once the RV exchanges/redemptions are completed, the indictments will proceed with a nationwide lock-down.

NESARA will be signed into law and the gold-standard announced.

The rest of the world will follow with a global gold-standard monetary system followed by GESARA.

China has agreed to no longer wait for the rest of the world. The gold-backed RMB will begin trading on the 26th without exception.

Zimbabwe's amnesty extension on externalized funds is an ultimatum to force-start the RV before the 16th.

The Alliance is determined to get the show on the road before the 26th.



Pursuit:  Frank, do you expect to see 2nd article before 21st?


Frank26: ONE OF THREE THINGS  ................. FROM LAST NIGHT'S CC............. THE HCL !!!
Samson:  The Ministry of Oil, led by Allaibi, is making great achievements in the oil and gas sectors with an extraordinary effort

14th March, 2018

Minister of Oil Jabbar al-Luaibi reviewed the achievements of his ministry in the oil sector during the last period.
Al-Luaibi said in a statement that the cadres of the ministry was able to complete and qualify the first phase of the field of oil in the province of Salah al-Din in a time and record time after being subjected to sabotage and mass destruction by the organization calling the terrorist, and achieve the production of gas from the oil field of Ajil and access to more than produce more than 100 million standard cubic feet per day and directly equip the North Gas Company with the required quantities of gas to add new energy and quantities of gas to national production.

Al-Allaibi pointed out that the national efforts in the North Refineries Company has been able to increase the production capacity of the Chinese refinery and reach to thirty thousand barrels per day after the rehabilitation of a new unit in the refinery at a record time and the available possibilities and the lowest financial costs, in addition to increasing the production capacity of modern refinery to twenty thousand barrels per day After the completion and rehabilitation of a new unit by the employees of the company refineries of the North effort and time of exceptional and depending on the possibilities available only.

Al-Luaibi praised the efforts of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide the necessary support to the oil ministry cadres in order to achieve all that is required and overcome the natural conditions and the security and economic challenges, and others. He stressed that these achievements are the gift of the Iraqi people who have won terrorism and made great sacrifices in order to preserve the unity of Iraq. Dignity and sovereignty    LINK


Frank26:  CC LAST NIGHT WAS .................... ELECTRIFYING ............... E-BANKING FOR PAY. 

Samson:  Rafidain launches an advance of three million dinars for workers retired and secured

2018/3/15 14:52

Rafidain Bank announced the launch of an advance of three million dinars for workers retired and secured.

"In cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, it was decided to launch an advance of three million dinars for retired and secured workers," the bank's press office said in a press release.

He noted that "the number of retired workers covered by the advance is about 17 thousand retirees and the number of secured workers covered by the advance of 250 thousand workers."

He explained that "the grant of the advance will be through the electronic card and without a sponsor." LINK


KingLouie:  Super CC last night! Thank you!

Frank26:  AND SUPER SONIC ............. IS HOW IRAQ/ ABADI .............. IS MOVING.


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 3-14-18   Intel starts about minute 22:00

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639 PIN: 156996#



Thank you Frank, Walkingstick and DELTA for bringing such good news. Someone just sent me a message from Lana Vawser Ministries. She said she has received the following from the Lord: “Don’t be afraid My people. I am decreeing it is a NEW DAY over financial issues." That's either a happy coincidence, or a God-incidence!



Dependonhim7:  This was what was mentioned on The Knockout CC

New Day


Celebration new beginnings

Born again ..all things are new...

Novrooz—or Novruz March 21 2018


Blessings ..His Peace to All


Don961:  Nowruz Day   (New Day)  21 March

International Nowruz Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in its
resolution A/RES/64/253 of 2010, at the initiative of several countries that share this holiday
(Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, India, Iran
(Islamic Republic of), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
as a cultural tradition observed by numerous peoples, Nowruz is an ancestral festivity marking

the first day of spring and the renewal of nature. It promotes values of peace and solidarity
between generations and within families as well as reconciliation and neighbourliness, thus
contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and different communities.

DELTA: Ending the Producers of Al Taif Money Transfer

08/03/2018 09:10

Ending the producers of AlTaif for Money Transfer changing the activity from Money transfer to Islamic Bank the name of the bank is AlTaif Islamic Bank for Investment & Finance . increasing in the capital from 45,000,000,000 ID to became
100,000,000,000 ID.


USA Branch
 Sama Investment and Trading Inc
Central Ave. NE5184
Minneapolis, MN 55421
Toll Free: 3135205566
Email: info@taifco.com

Canada Branch (Toronto)
Branch Name Al-Taif (Toronto) Address 1967 Lawrence Ave E. unit 5, ON M1R 2Z2 Country Canada City Toronto-Scarborough
Tel: 01-613-260-2338
Email: info@taifco.com

Australia Branch (Sydney)
AL-Taif INC. company for money transfer and exchange
Neeta City Shopping Centre Shop G51, Smart St, Fairfield, NSW 2165
Tel: +612 97245887
Email: taif.australia@yahoo.com.au

Australia Branch (Melbourne)
AL-Taif INC. company for money transfer and exchange
195 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Tel: +612 97245887
Email: taif.australia@yahoo.com.au

(UK) London
379 Edgware Road, London, W2 1BT
Tel: +44(7)922876826 \ +44(7)922876838 \ +44(2)077237850 \ +44(7)922876833
Email: tmt.uk1@taifco.net , info.uk@taifco.net


WN3:  This IS hard to believe anyone outside of doing buss with Iraq would be interested in banking with them, at a program rate.

Frank26:  WALKINGSTICK............. AS YOU SAID SIR!!!
Walkingstick:  More, to come.... well beyond 


DELTA:     (wink)  
بنك Charterone
     بنك Citzen
      بنك Chase
      Bank Of America
     بنك Comrica
     بنك BNC
     بنك Fifth Third
     بنك TCF
     بنك Wells Fargo
     بنك US
     بنك City

Doodlebug:  GOOGLE Translated:
United States of America
       Charterone Bank
      Citzen Bank
       Chase Bank
       Bank Of America
      Comrica Bank
      BNC Bank
      Fifth Third Bank
      TCF Bank
      Wells Fargo Bank
      US Bank
      City Bank


Dave: @xyz Currency Speculation Can Be Bad For Your Heallth
Dave: @Spectra esp when bottom heavy

Spectra: @Dave what do you mean?

chattels: Parliamentary economy's / balance News /: the coming days, the date of passing the oil and gas law Since 03/14/2018 17:52 am (Baghdad time) Special - balances News A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Harith al-Harthy, Wednesday, that the next few days will vote on a very important laws, as pointed out that among these laws, oil and gas law.
He said Harthy, L / balance News /, "The next few days will witness the completion of all the broken laws read and vote in order to end the few remaining period of the life of the parliament to read the largest number of laws."

 He explained that "the important laws that will read the oil and gas law economically important and in which state revenues and how to deal with him, as well as parties and social security laws and health professions and many laws will be read and vote on them in order to finish it." It is noteworthy that there are laws that package is disabled in the House of Representatives because of the different political blocs around, and carried over into several sessions Gnapeh.anthy 29/6 n    LINK

chattels: Courtesy Dinar Alert

chattels: " ............ that the next few days will vote on a very important laws, as pointed out that among these laws, oil and gas law."

xyz: @chattels that would be historical ... been waiting forever

Spectra: @chattels Thanks

chattels: @xyz Of course, not the first time we have read such a prediction.

xyz: @chattels but passing of national oil company could make it possible

chattels: @xyz Possible.

xyz: US Intelligence Official: Gains Against IS in Iraq, Syria Fragile


xyz: A British woman offered her three-year-old baby for sale over the Internet, because the young woman woke up early and caused chaos all over the house.


chattels: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 IMF, World Bank and Pres Masum Object To Iraq’s 2018 Budget

chattels: http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2018/03/imf-world-bank-and-pres-masum-object-to.html

chattels: On March 3 Iraq’s parliament passed the 2018 budget, which was immediately criticized by the Kurds and pro-Iran Hashd groups. The Kurds had their traditional 17% allocation eliminated, while the Hashd did not get the same pay and pensions as the Iraqi forces as promised for the last two years. Now those dissenting voices have been joined by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and Iraq’s President Fuad Masum.

chattels: The International Monetary Fund claimed that the 2018 budget violated the Stand By Agreement Baghdad signed by not giving the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) enough funds and not raising non-oil revenue enough.

chattels: This is a huge threat to Iraq’s finances. This puts the Monetary Fund’s $5.34 billion loan on hold, and could harm future borrowing from other lenders. Iraq relies upon the IMF to help with its budget deficits which ballooned when oil prices collapsed in 2014. The 2018 budget has a projected $10.58 billion deficit.

chattels: According to another MP ally of Abadi the World Bank doesn’t like parts of the budget either. Baghdad has never been able to resist the urge to dole out jobs and increase the public sector when the opportunity presents itself.

That’s especially true because they are used in patronage networks by the ruling parties. This is part of a sad history of Iraq never implementing any reform programs it has worked on with international groups and foreign countries over the years.

chattels: Finally, President Fuad Masum has sent the budget back to parliament claiming that 31 points violate the constitution and failed to allocate sufficient money for the KRG. That included not specifying an amount for the Peshmerga, giving money to the Kurdish provinces individually rather than the regional government, having the KRG send its oil exports to the State Oil Marketing Organization without paying the costs of the oil companies producing the oil, and giving taxation powers to the ministries and provinces.

The president’s rejection of the law was what Kurdish parties asked for after they boycotted the vote on the bill. Unfortunately for them, the presidency is now a ceremonial position and no longer has the power to veto. That means the budget will go through in a few days despite Masum’s comments.

chattels: The prime minister now has two options with regards to the budget. He can either go to court and get parts removed or he can wait for later and have a supplemental budget passed to try to fix some of the problems. Neither is expected anytime soon as parliamentary elections are scheduled for May.

The plethora of parties competing this year also means government formation will be long and difficult. He has to take one of these courses, because Baghdad can’t afford to lose the IMF loan and guarantees.

chattels: Budget dispute could spark constitutional showdown Iraq's president objects to the newly passed 2018 budget law, but it remains unclear whether he has the power to prevent it from taking force. By STAFF of Iraq Oil Report Published Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 BAGHDAD/ERBIL - Iraqi President Fuad Masum on Tuesday raised 31 objections to the 2018 budget law, passed by Parliament on March 3, including claims that it violates Iraq's constitution and fails to fairly allocate revenue sharing and oil payments to the autonomous Kurdistan region.

The practical effect of Masum's opposition remains unclear. The Iraqi Constitution charges the president with ratifying laws, but does not explicitly grant him veto power or specify what happens if he withholds approval.


chattels: Jubourri : The practical effect of Masum's opposition remains unclear. The Iraqi Constitution charges the president with ratifying laws, but does not explicitly grant him veto power or specify what happens if he withholds approval.


Doug_W: Iraq selects Saddam’s palace as location for U.S. University


chattels: The quote above is not from Jubbouri, my error.

chattels: Speaker of the Parliament Salim al-Jubouri that the draft budget law became a law after the vote by the Council and any remarks can be confirmed on the origin of the law and challenged in the Federal Court. Al-Jubouri said in a press statement received by the agency All Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the formula of rejection in a way [veto] is not present in the Iraqi constitution and can not be adopted as a way to reject." http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=71925

chattels: @Spectra off an on through the night

Spectra: @chattels i seen that .

Doug_W: I SAW that also

larrykn: @chattels I to don't see why they need a President if he can't stop something from happening, he is just a puppet on their string

chattels: @larrykn Not much argument from me about it.

chattels: @larrykn Although the issue may not yet be resolved constitutionally. Under the Presidency Council ( precursor to the seating of a President undr the Provisional Government ) had the additional power to send legislation back to the Council of Representatives for revision. At least according to Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_Iraq

larrykn: hi Doug yep just staying away an waiting lol

Doug_W: nasty word that
Doug_W: almost as bad as "SOON"

larrykn: lol got that right
larrykn: I see MG is saying we will see a $3 + lol

Pound4Pound: Does anybody know the replay number and code for tanks call last night?

Spectra: @Pound4Pound Dont listen to him myself.

chattels: @Pound4Pound I do not.

futuremoney: ...."in the coming days"
larrykn: @futuremoney is that like soon lol
Spectra: @futuremoney ."in the coming days"..............what about it/
futuremoney: should be coming decades

Doug_W: too mUCH like it

Spectra: @futuremoney It says it all in your name....Future ..can be a long stretch....lol
Spectra: @futuremoney maybe you are jinxing us?-

Spectra: @futuremoney lol.Maybe your name should be tomarrowsmoney
Spectra: @futuremoney just playing around.

chattels: Articles regularly show the prices from the three " bourses " in Iraq.

JoeSchmoe: :laugh You can tell when the golfer guru needs an ego boost. It's when he interjects his opinion on many of the posts he chooses to put into his observer....or his glorified dinar recaps

Doug_W: @JoeSchmoe thanks Joe we didn't know that.......NOW we do

Zig: Pound4Pound....Here is the page with Tank info. but not sure about phone replays http://www.iqdcalls.com/kre8ors.html

Doug_W: @Clay FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay is live now. 23 minutes ago · BREAKING: RV dangling over overpass after crash on I-275 near Tropicana Field. Some NB lanes of I-275 near exit 22 shut down. http://bit.ly/2pbb4xS

futuremoney: @Doug_W so that's where the rv went

foxmulder: @JoeSchmoe ok how about reinstatement of value lol
foxmulder: @JoeSchmoe but you might be on to something in the line of delirious

Whitelions: @Doug_W in case you didn't know xyz is a very smart Women with a very dry sense of humor lol .Hi to the rest of the room we are in a never ending winter lol

Zig: @JoeSchmoe : I have recently converted to "Kaperoni's" way of thinking...I am now a "Kaperonian" and believe there will be some kind of float...Please don't bash me...LOL.... :hamer h

Whitelions: @Zig some one posted this in the skype room I belong to this morning what do you all think .........You guy's look a that article 181 million to cover the private sectors dollar needs so buy the end of the month if they don't add value to the dinar that number could go 700 million that would depreciate the currency reserved in days

Whitelions: @Zig when people try to defend him when we have words not knowing what is really going on and he gets nasty amazes me that they would rather put up with bad behavior just to hear about the kurds and how they are being wronged

DinarResearcher: I have a lengthy article I would like to share with you all
DinarResearcher: Investment of central markets. How Iraq turned from socialism to capitalism: March 15, 2018 | Number of times  : Iraqi Position Network

DinarResearcher: In a move that seems good although it came late, which is the activation of the central markets through investment, as the federal government seeks to transform the Iraqi economy from the socialist to the free market, through activating the private sector and create an environment conducive to investment, but there is a set of obstacles turned Without the most important laws and bureaucracy.

DinarResearcher: Economists believe that the federal government's intention to invest in the central markets will support the strategy of turning the economy into a capitalist system. It will also encourage the free market. It will also do the work of central markets, which have been inactive for more than a decade. Country.

DinarResearcher: "Any investment in Iraq will contribute to supporting the Iraqi economy in terms of activating the private sector and providing job opportunities for unemployed youth in society," said member of the Finance Committee Masoud Haidar. "This is what we emphasize in previous years to remove obstacles for investors to encourage them to invest in Iraq.

DinarResearcher: He added that "the success of investment, whether in the market central or other requires the provision of several factors, including facilitating the work of investors, but the problem today lies not in legislation, but implementation," noting that "there are significant obstacles in the investment of central markets and malls and others, which contribute to support the Iraqi economy and increase revenues Non-oil ".

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "free market policy is followed in all countries of the world, even in socialist countries such as China and the European Union and contribute significantly to increase domestic production until they become among the developed countries in the world. Iraq today needs to reduce imports until it gradually transforms from a rural economy to Free market economy ".

DinarResearcher: "We do not have a specific figure about Iraq's loss of money due to the disruption of the functioning of the central markets," said a member of the Finance Committee.

DinarResearcher: The General Company for Central Markets in the Ministry of Commerce discussed with the delegation of Taj Khalifa General Contracting and Real Estate Investments Ltd. the designs of the Mansour Central Market Investment Project and the joint working mechanisms represented by the authorized director and the engineer owners of Metropol, which executed the investment project designs which the company contracted to invest in this market.

DinarResearcher: The Director General of the company, Abdul Mohsen Al-Rikabi, stressed the importance of investments to the company's property and the formation of an important link to develop, activate and modernize the business in the country through these markets and the material returns that are realized as a result of that and in the interest of the company, noting that it was agreed with the company to determine the date The foundation stone for direct investment project.

DinarResearcher: For his part, the managing director of the company stressed the importance of this investment project and reviewed the efforts of the company in the presentation of designs and decorations and maps, which will be a commercial market attractive to the importance of its strategic position in central Baghdad, in addition to the material returns to the market and the company executing the project.

DinarResearcher: As for the member of the Committee on Economy and Investment MP Fares Sinjar said that "the government has plans to cover the deficit in the budget, including activation of the private sector and investment, especially in the field of central markets, especially after the decline in oil prices and the entry of Iraq war against gangs advocated during the past three years, Exacerbating the problem of the economy in the state. "

DinarResearcher: "Investment is the best way to promote the economy of the country and pave the way for a free market economy because the investor is working hard to succeed and maintain it in order to achieve profits, unlike the government employee who has become lazy and offers nothing to the state."

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "the corruption found in all departments of the state and various sectors forced the state to prefer investment to work in state institutions, including central markets are currently suspended from work and in the event of its offer on investment will be returned to work and contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy."

DinarResearcher: He explained that "the state suffers from the bureaucracy boring, in addition to corruption, where at the level of parliament when a parliamentary committee sends a letter to a certain department on the subject of what comes the answer after about 5 months or more, and this impedes the implementation of many projects because of the absence of account and punishment in the departments of the state" .

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "the state does not have a clear economic plan contribute to the transformation of the Iraqi economy from socialist to capitalist despite the plans and programs that we hear from time to time, but we did not see anything concrete on the ground because of corruption and routine."

DinarResearcher: For his part, economic expert Mohammed al-Ani said the importance of the central markets lies in the revitalization of the regional economy for each city because it provides all household and food items for the citizen easily and provides a new tourist outlet at reasonable prices through a certain system.

DinarResearcher: Al-Ani said that Baghdad has almost 12 central markets spread over different areas in Baghdad, which can be exploited to create huge malls in a direct investment method that will activate the commercial movement of the capital Baghdad by increasing the marketing outlets as well as beautify it as a civilized front of the capital. It was previously.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "the Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the central markets and the process of development through investment is not only with their consent, has been put to investment previously, but was blocked because the investor does not accept the large number of employees of the market, which number between 3-5 thousand employees, so the project Due to the lack of assured production of the investor.

DinarResearcher: Iraq has earlier granted the investment license to DAMAC as projects to develop the central markets and the implementation of commercial market centers according to the approved controls. 
​DinarResearcher: "To proceed with the investment of central markets, the National Investment Authority has decided to grant DAMAC's investment license as projects for the development and implementation of commercial market centers in accordance with the approved regulations," Ebadi's office said in a statement.

DinarResearcher: http://www.al-mawqif.com/85237

Zig: @DinarResearcher : Thanks!...You are our "Newshound Extraordinaire!!!".... :yes: .....Now maybe Kimberly won't see my post above....lol.... :shhh

Zig: And "xyz" won't know that we know what we now know...ya know??.... :censor:

Spectra: your funny

Zig: @Spectra : The fake Spectra is here...lurking

Spectra: U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May pictured as a teen with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Incredible coincidence, don't ya think? #NWO #FutureProvesPast #QAnon

Trusts Unlimited Confrence Call



[diditrvyeet] jester i read on the final wake up call referencing the collapse of the stock market. Do you think that will play out that way


[MotoXR] Diditrvyeet hi I was wondering that same ? Also been very quiet nothing from QAnon. Either



[diditrvyeet] JESTER many times I'm not sure what to believe when it is cabal this and illuminate that.


[diditrvyeet] JESTER and that is big shoe i want to drop you know where lol

[MotoXR] Jester still waiting for those indictments to be opened and released

[MotoXR] Get that ball rolling


[MotoXR] Wonder if their waiting for Gitmo to be reopened before it starts?

[MotoXR] Jester Do you think the groups will be contacted 1st?. Or happen at once simultaneously?


[MotoXR] Jester OK TY





Dan » March 14th, 2018

If I am understanding Walkingsticks post correctly,(see article below) the budget will be law March 22,18 and in gazette on the 25th. Boom. RI, only you can make the budget work. 

Will the HCL Rider inside the budget be dated the same? 

Frank26 » March 14th, 2018

NOW YOU’R THINKING ................ C U TONIGHT ............... FOR THERE IS ........ MUCH MORE.

Hazen » March 14th, 2018

I wonder if they plan on revaluing on March 24th??? The same day Kuwait revalued? 

Walkingstick » March 14th, 2018

This 1 F....

The parliamentary economy of / Mawazin News /: the coming days the date of passing the law of oil and gas

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Harith al-Harithi, Wednesday, that the next few days will witness the vote on the laws of a very important, while noting that among these laws the law of oil and gas.

Al-Harithi told Mawazine News that "the next few days will witness the completion of all the laws that are stalled reading and voting to end this few remaining period of parliament by reading the largest number of laws."

He explained that "the important laws that will be read are the law of oil and gas for its economic importance and the revenues of the state and how to deal with it, in addition to the laws of parties and social security and health professions and many laws will be read and voted to end.

It is noteworthy that there is a package of laws in the House of Representatives because of the differences of political blocs around them, and was deported to several parliamentary sessions. Ended 29/6 N


AzBeetle » March 14th, 2018

This article along with the tax article and several others make even more evident, IMO, to respect the first quarter as stated by Frank, WS, Delta and others ITHO.

Samson » March 14th, 2018

Parliamentary Finance confirms not to deduct the ratio of 3.8 of the salaries of employees

14th March, 2018

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed Wednesday (March 14th, 2018) not to deduct 3.8 percent of the salaries of the employees for the current month of March, pointing out that the budget included the cancellation of deductions from the beginning of this year and will be valid after publication in the Official Gazette.

Committee member Rahim Darraji said in a press statement that "addressing the Finance Committee of the Parliament of the Ministry of Finance on the suspension of deductions from the salaries of employees intended to emphasize the ministry not to withhold from the salaries of the month of March after the deduction of salaries in January and February without legal basis," noting that " A relationship with the President of the Republic's opposition to the budget because it originally will go to the end of the period of 15 days from the date of the Parliament vote on it as stipulated by the Constitution.

Al-Daraji added that "the federal budget voted by the parliament included the cancellation of deductions from salaries of employees from the beginning of this year, and since the budget will be effective from the date of publication in the official newspaper," explaining that "the Commission had to anticipate time and addressed the Ministry of Finance to ensure that not deduct any amounts Other staff until the publication of the budget and the entry into force of the newspaper. "

An informed source revealed last Tuesday that President Fuad Masum refused to approve the Financial Budget Law of 2018, while the Presidency announced the reason for that rejection, noting that there are about 31 points that intersect with the legislation in force. http://bit.ly/2pgoBTJ 

Don961 » March 14th, 2018

Sea of ​​Ulum: The entry of new refineries to the service will contribute to the budget in large amounts

2018 - 03 - 14

The former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said on Wednesday that Iraq will receive large revenues and revenues in the near future, noting that the entry of new refineries to service and reduce the import of oil derivatives will contribute to the budget of Iraq in large amounts.

He said Bahr al-Ulum said in a press statement that "Iraq is waiting for revenues and large funds that contribute to the recovery of its economy and the budget of the future, as well as contribute to the disposal of the country's debt resulting from it," noting that "Iraq follows a successful oil policy, where he was able to open a number of refineries, And is expected to complete the refinery of Nineveh in order to contribute to the maintenance of the province oil derivatives. "

Bahr al-Ulum said that "the refinery of the course increased its production capacity significantly, in addition to that Basra was able to exploit the gas produced in oil installations."

And between Bahr al-Ulum that "the Ministry of Oil announced the reduction of the import of oil derivatives by 25%, which provides large amounts of Iraq to be used in future projects."

Wn3 » March 14th, 2018

Article: “Iraq's oil capacity is close to five million barrels.This ratio will increase every two years”

Make your money now Iraq - there have been STRONG hints that over the next 2-6 years Trump may very well release the advanced technology of what has been called the "breakaway civilization" - Trump's message about space wars and space technology is but the latest hint of big things coming.

As Catherine Austin Fits said in her last conversation with Greg Hunter (usawatchdog.com) "what do you think all those spaceships flying around up there do, pull into Shell to fill up?".
From webbots to people who know people (and Trump most certainly one of those), many have said the works are leaking out now...................

and even during the Inauguration speech, President Trump mentioned a coming explosion in new technologies.

It is wise to remember, that the "smart uncle" that Trump mentioned, over and over and over again during the election, was the very man that the FBI sent to round up all of Nikolai Tesla's inventions and journals. YES, Trump's uncle was the very man that collected everything an studied it for the FBI many many decades ago.

And I have no doubt Trump brought him up many many times for a very sound, not yet exposed, reason.

Apmcrx » March 14th, 2018

Article: “Abadi: Iraq will become an economic power in the world”

IMO in My speculative opinion!!!....

Every day Iraq is telling us they will be a great again (like america) but this "economic development" is something that no any country can make overnight...not even U.S.... so in my opinion the reforms will work over the time maybe all the way to the next Iraqs fiscal year or maybe the next after that one...IMO.

JJonesmx » March 14th, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq sends 400 billion dinars to Erbil to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region

Roudao - Erbil

An official in the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, send the Central Bank of Iraq additional funds to its branch in Arbil, and noted a Kurdish parliament in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, to "send 400 billion dinars by the Central Bank of Iraq to its branch in Erbil." 

A member of the Governing Council of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ihsan al-Yasiri, said in a statement to the network Roudao Media, "There is a quantity of funds in the branch of the Central Bank of Iraq in Erbil to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region, and will be sent additional funds very soon to the branch of the bank in Erbil, On the staff according to the mechanism that was agreed upon between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region. "

For its part, said a member of the Economic Committee MP Najeeb Najib, in a statement to the network Roudao media, that "through our follow-up to the question of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region, told us a number of officials in the Central Bank of Iraq, that will be sent 400 billion dinars in the near future to the bank branch In Erbil, to pay the salaries of employees. " 

Najib pointed out that officials of the Central Bank of Iraq have indicated that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will announce the decision to pay the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region next week, and will be requested to send lists of employees in the ministries of education and health in the Kurdistan Regional Government, to start paying their salaries.



(Highlights by Adept1) 

TNT Call 14-March-2018 – Highlights Only

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, March 14, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here, along with…

Tuesday’s update: 

  • Access to international airports in Kurdistan region have been restored. Full international flights expected by March 15. · Iraqi TV is reporting that Erbil has reclaimed previously disputed areas. Parliament processed 11 laws today, now in recess until Thursday. 
  • Banks are supposedly waiting on Iraq to make its rate changes public before they spring into exchange action. 
  • Alaq was on TV indicating that all of the banks in Kurdistan will take their lead from the CBI. 
  • Parliament calls for an urgent meeting regarding the federal budget, in spite of the recess. 
  • The Zimbabwean government has entertained the idea of removing the Zim from the first basket due to confusion regarding the final details and disposition. 
  • Some members with Zim appointments for Tuesday have been rescheduled. 
  • Iraqi citizens are being told to expect to see the lower denoms released sometime next week 

Tony: Goooood morning, TNT!

The banks were going to go, gearing up, but this morning they were not. In Iraq, Abadi came out and said the budget could not be challenged the way they were trying to do it. They could not send it back or make adjustments until it became law and the entire process might take it to the 21st.

The Kurdistan leader did not want to sign off on it. There were 31 adjustments they wanted to make to it. That is all to be done when it becomes law, which should be the 21st. An article came out that everybody is lovey-dovey and Iraq is all one.

The Budget and the lower denominations are to be out in the next seven days. Everything comes down to the 21st of this month, meaning March 21 [which is the Persian New Year]. Parliament is broadcasting that today the Iraqi President will sign off on the Budget. International service has resumed at the Kurdistan airport.

The banks are doing nothing – they are sitting and waiting on Iraq to change their rate. We still haven’t received a copy of the NDA, nor the 800 numbers.  Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730   They are still talking about whether to give out the 800 numbers or publish them on a website that we would then send you to

SKRs are waiting to be paid out; they will hold their balance at one billion dollars, with 3% paid monthly on any balance over one billion for anyone who has it already. We have some information for veterans but are not authorized to release it.

The point of gift letter is so that a chain of ownership is known or recorded.

Contrary to the rumor we heard, it’s unlikely that Zim will be moved to the second basket as people exchanging other currencies in the first basket will simply purchase more Zim with their funds. I don’t see that happening; something will be worked out one way or the other.

Trusts: People don’t own trusts. If you have put your currencies into a trust, you will commit a crime if you want to take them back into your personal possession. On the other hand, you can create as many trust as you can keep up with.

The 80/20 split with a higher rate based on humanitarian projects is still an option. Don’t give anything away until this goes live and we KNOW what is actually going on.

[I was not on the call for any Q+A from the forum.]

Questions from live callers

865/404: So it’s any time in the next seven days…?

Tony: Yes.

281 caller: We have been getting all these deadlines, for several years now. One concern I have is that those wanting to stop the RV seem to be stronger than those who want it to go forward. If they can delay this until May, then Maliki can still run again…

Tony: I hear that a lot as part of the scenario – and then they have another excuse for another year. Why is Maliki still around after everything he did? Because his party is still in place and he was in a strong position until a month ago. Some in Iraq are saying that the US is already messing with an election that hasn’t happened yet, and that we are leaving Abadi in there until this is stabilized. Then we will deal with Maliki, and he will be gone to safety in Iran. Maliki wants to replace the US forces with Iran; that’s what he and his side would prefer. This morning, it was announced that the US is building the biggest military base ever in Mosul. We want to protect what we spent ten years liberating.

Caller: So it doesn’t look like Maliki will get back in?

Tony: I think this will happen before then anyway.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

Closing Statement

I think this is a good call for getting information about the process, including where we are getting the information from. Ray was hearing earlier that on our most popular call, we have 83, 000 on the call. We are being heard by a million people per week between those who are on the call or listening to the playback. However, people listen as we bring in the information, and somehow people end up thinking Tony can make the decision and they want to know why we don’t call the bank and demand that they do our exchanges. I can’t! If I could, I would have done it ten days ago. All I can do is to give you the information, and help you see thing so that you can get the best out of this opportunity when it does happen. I want you to understand what is available to you, so that you can receive this money AND hold onto it. I want you to create a legacy for your family, unlike all those athletes who have made lots of money and then lost it again. When this happens to you, you will be so excited and happy until all your relationships change. I have people who have known about currency for years, and they still aren’t ready for the day they go to the bank, not to mention all the days after that.

Something is scheduled to happen between the 13th and the 21st. I don’t know what moment it is supposed to happen, but those who should know want to get this over with. I don’t know how many times it’s going to change, but I do know that is the current plan.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Is ya'll liking this slooooooooooooooow rollout?? Is it slow enough for ya.....lol


So much Good News coming in from Iraq! I Pray that IS a Reflection on what is going on behind the scenes with the World Powers and the GCR!!! I try to see them as the "Hour Glass" for judging the timing of this...

Something to think about. Credit Suisse's annual Global Wealth Report determined that 1.1 million Americans became new millionaires in 2017, bringing the total number of millionaires in the country to 15,356,000—roughly one out of every 20 Americans.

In this wealth exchange there will be a increasing number. If 7 million have currency to exchange and 10% become millionaires we would only add 700000 to the rolls.

There should not be a concern from any nation or banks to these numbers. Why?

Pastor John...GM... thanks for the post. Totaling 1.8 million Americans who would be millionaires, very doable and a positive influence upon the world through the generosity of its citizens proven over time & time again.

Do you have a hard time believing banks can't get it together to do the exchange. Something to ponder about. Example: If a large grocery store can do tens of thousands of transactions in minutes do you believe the banks should have a problem to exchange time. Why?

There are over 20000 thousand banks in the USA. Just think about this they cater to their customers and open up new accounts by the tens of thousands per day. Why would they have a problem in a exchange process. Why? Don't let distractions and diversions take you off course.

Pastor.... totally agree, the banks are very capable of handling the through put of exchanges. Just go to most banks on a Fri when folks get paid, there is a line across multiple tellers, they have been doing that for years. Since the majority of foreign curr holders have under 100K to exchange at teller windows per T&R, Banks preparing for those with More than 100k should be a nominal short term legistics issue, imo.

I believe that the banks might be need one to move the people/ and their schedules around or making sure that an actual office or section or building is avail for the traffic

People are on edge because all of us, including myself, sometimes run out of patience but I think as I said last night-- this is an extraordinary complex, world-wide undertaking that would probably be daunting to almost all of us if it was our's to control. Being humble and appreciative of what is happening isn't such a stretch for me, hope it isn't for all of us too.

Folks, EVERYTHING we hear has to be taken with a grain of salt because-one really knows where the information stems from. The PTB have done a magnificent job of dis-information on this speculation. JMO

Bald, the powers that be, our foreign corporate government is an absolute expert at misconception, mis-leading info, et al.

Dis-Information continues to be fed us in this room by members on purpose. If you purchased foreign currencies, you are done, the hard part is finished. All we have to do is stay grounded til our turn.

AP News: US Defense Secretary Mattis arrives in Afghan capital