Thursday, March 1, 2018

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


Baxter: I just listened to a call... they said you can now trade dinar for bitcoin on a few crypto sites
Baxter: is it true... who knows
Baxter: i think you would be stupid if you did
Dave: @Baxter @1 bitcoin for 10000 dinar I would do.....
Dave: @Baxter for .0086 cents....
Baxter: i didnt catch the crypto names.... but if you trade it for what its worth now.. and it increases in value..you are a dead duck
firefarmer: @BREW what stoppes you from cashing in crypto
BREW: @firefarmer not sure on that one, i was told by a few that they couldn't get there money on some of these crypto.
firefarmer: @BREW I have not had any problems but I would be interested in knowing of a problem
firefarmer: @BREW the crypto deal is not for the faint of heart... unlike dinar 1 little mistake and you will have your cryptos stolen
BREW: @firefarmer i was on a cc over two months ago on a new crypto, they told us they found a way to get cash back when you wanted to cash it in, i stayed out of that one.
BREW: @firefarmer i am not involved in any of it.
firefarmer: @BREW bummer
BREW: @firefarmer day late and a dollar short, story of my life, lol.
firefarmer: @BREW I do not think that you are too late. I would suggest litecoin is still a good buy
BREW: @firefarmer i may check into it, after 10 years on the dinar and vnd, looking like it may be a lost cause.
firefarmer: @BREW you know that you do not have to buy a complete bit coin or lite coin ect. you could buy just a few dollars worth
BREW: @firefarmer yes, i have been told that, ty.
firefarmer: @BREW they are a real challenge to master not for the faint of heart
BREW: @firefarmer i can believe that.
BREW: @firefarmer this is something like i was concerned about....... HomeNewsCryptoLitePay Postpones Litecoin Debit Card Plans Due to Issues with Card Issuer LitePay Postpones Litecoin Debit Card Plans Due to Issues with Card Issuer
BREW: Iraqi budget may not pass before elections, MPs hint at politica - Rudaw www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/26022018 2 days ago - Because of this, the prime minister does not want to give in to the Kurds ahead of elections, both Haider and Jano believe. Economist Salam Samesm believes that Iraqi politicians are exploiting budget issues for their own interests in the upcoming elections. If the budget is not passed soon, Samesm ...
firefarmer: Issues with Card Issuer.... The big card companies like visa are fighting the crypto world to keep it from putting them out of bussiness. At present they will support the crypto cards for a huge fee. Many people would like to have a card funded by crypto so they can spend their crypto for real world goods
BREW: @firefarmer got-cha.
chattels: Local Iraqi forces keep eye on border as life resumes Shelly Kittleson February 27, 2018
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chattels: QAIM, Iraq — Though no major attacks have occurred in months in the border town of Qaim, which was retaken from the Islamic State (IS) in early November 2017, there have been several reports of the militant group's vehicles and fighters entering Iraq through the country’s porous western desert border with Syria.
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chattels: Many buildings have been destroyed and some have still not been cleared of unexploded ordnance, but "over 13,000 families" had returned to the town as of Feb. 12, said Hamid. Security is currently good, he said, but close coordination between all the various forces on the ground is essential to keep it that way.
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chattels: B G G - " What matters is if the “Official rate” of ‘X’ and the “Market rate” (which is the number it is sold at, publicly) have a reflective DIFFERENCE of 2% or less. "
chattels: Wrong again. The " market rate " is effectively the street rate.
chattels: Dinar is auctioned / sold at the " official rate ".
chattels: The street rate is a parallel rate to the official rate. It is the variance between the two that some argue must be no more than 2% for a 90 day period of time.
chattels: Or at least that is my understanding of it.
Omar: how do you go to the pages(information) in this website?
chattels: @Omar Try the following link http://www.iraqdinarcalls.com/comment.htm
Omar: @chattles Thanks
chattels: @Omar Did that get you to the information you were seeking ?
Omar: @chattels im really looking for this information that they always talk about: example pages 12 have this information and pages 13 have more ectt I really don't know how to explain it.
chattels: @Omar Wish that I could be more helpful.
Omar: @chattels thank you anyways ;)
chattels: @Omar My pleasure.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Mar. 1 2018

Judy Note: President Trump was supposedly releasing the RV after a deliberately-set Stock Market Crash and after signing a revision of the Paris Agreement (which contains both NESARA and the GCR).

Today's Intel Update said that Trump has signed the agreement, plus also today the Stock Market went kerplunk. TNT said that he has intel from banks in six states which recently received memos showing dates and times for RV release, and that those dates and times were within this week.

Ya think we are close? Daaah.
A. Feb. 28 2018 TNT Call
1. US Treasury has started pinging banks in preparation for exchanges and they are working out the final bugs.

2. The banks in six different states are giving us information from memos they received on dates and times for the RV release this week.

3. You have to exchange all your currencies in the district where you have lived for the past 182 days.

4. Everyone was eligible for the contract rates on a first come, first served basis.

5. If you want the contract rates call the 800 number for an apt with a Private Banker or a Wealth Manager.

6. Everyone who gets the contract rates will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that will be effective for 10 years.

7. If the person breaks the NDA, all of their funds would be confiscated, as well as any profits made by those funds.

8. You can take the NDA home and have your lawyer look at it. They don’t want all that confusion of having attorneys come back at them, so they will let you look it.

9. Those contract rates are available for the dinar only.

10. There may be some higher rates for the other currencies you have, depending on how much you have and how good a negotiator you are.

11. The Dong will be whatever’s on Forex.

12. They want to give the Dinar contract rates to those who have 10 million Dinar or less, but you would need to get an apt. with a Private Banker, or a Wealth Manager to do it.

13. The Dinar contract rate was $28.50, with a limit to exchange on the contract rate of not over 10 million Dinar.

14. If someone has 30 million dinar, s/he might get ten million at the contract rate and the rest at the regular rate.

15. If you have 1 million dollars or less to exchange and don't want a contract rate, you can go to a Bank Teller to exchange.

16. If you have 1-10 million to exchange you can go to Bank Teller and make an apt. with a Private Banker or a Wealth Manager to exchange.

17. If you have 10 million and above call the 800 number to make an apt. with a Private Banker or a Wealth Manager to exchange.

18. You can only exchange up to one 100 Trillion Zim note at a time. The banker will then negotiate when you can exchange the rest of your Zim, maybe one note per month or quarter.

19. The current cap of 100T is per person or entity, with 10 x 100T total.

20. The maximum any one person or entity can receive in exchanging all of your currencies is one billion dollars.

Bank Stories Feb. 27 2018

21. Wells Fargo: All Bank personnel have been trained on exchanges.

22. Banks have recently received memos to "get this done" and were given a start date within this week.

23. There would be no taxes on exchanges.

24. Some bank staff were being called in 2 hours early this morning Feb. 28.

25. At 10 pm yesterday Feb. 27 people were seen pulling into bank parking lots.

26. Kurds said on TV that they were deleting 50,000 ficticious names from their list.


B. Feb. 28 2018 12:08 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 28, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Another Cabal-MIC underground facility was located on Canary Island near the Cumbre Vieja Volcano. The base contained another HAARP repeater which was the cause of the multiple recent earthquakes. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/canary-island-of-la-palma-rocked-by-over-70-earthquakes_02272018

2. The Cabal are taking every chance they get to create a disaster with loss of life. It is in their nature that innocents must be sacrificed to please their deity.

3. This facility was destroyed. However, Earthquakes may still resume due to the instability of the volcano caused by the HAARP repeater.

4. In 2012, strange humming noises could be heard from Beaufort, Ireland. https://www.independent.ie/regionals/kerryman/lifestyle/getting-to-the-root-of-that-annoying-beaufort-hum-27418796.html

5. After the recent escapade in County Kerry, the Alliance decided to investigate the area of Beaufort to find the source of the humming noises reported back in 2012. The investigation led the Alliance to the Gap of Dunloe, a popular tourist spot.

6. After the landscape was scanned, an entrance to an abandoned unrecorded D.U.M.B. was uncovered. The base's power generator was still running which was causing the unusual humming noises. Curious as to why the power generator was still running, the Alliance scouted the rest of the base. Multiple laboratories within the base were discovered containing cloning technology and other bizarre experiments. Over 40 inactive clones suspended in tubes were present each stamped with "Version 1.04". Clearly, this base was to be used as a potential hideout for the Cabal-MIC in the future.

7. The Alliance destroyed the base along with all of it's contents. Unfortunately, the destruction of the base resulted in sparking the recent gorse fires. This was caused by the flaming debris emitting from the base's hidden exhaust vents on the surface. http://www.radiokerry.ie/10-units-kerry-fire-service-battling-gorse-fires/

8. Ireland was now cleared of all Cabal-MIC. Alliance Ghost Teams have left the location.

9. All countries have signed the Paris Agreement except for one (the US). A revised Paris Agreement was in the works for Trump.

10. It is essential that every country, including the U.S. signs the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is GESARA in disguise. It was currently unknown whether or not the U.S. joining the Paris Agreement would be a back door event or public announcement.

11. The Executive Order trigger mechanism for the RV has been signed.

12. Once Trump signs the Paris Agreement -- the RV releases and the transition begins.


C. Feb. 28 2018 2:52 pm EST TNT: "Just Waiting on the Banks" - Wed. AM TNT Thoughts


D. Feb. 28 2018 11:10 am EST TNT: "Different Parts to the Puzzle" - Wed. AM TNT Thoughts

1. TheEyeGuy: I went to Wells Fargo yesterday. The teller said that their system had finished all upgrades with the foreign currency section, but she had not been trained on it yet.

2. Mangelo: My banker called last night and told us to be ready. He had been in meetings and talking with the foreign currency meetings. He said the higher ups are the ones in the know and have been for sometime.
E. Feb. 27 2018 Ooootah Conference Call Becky, Nancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En2PQ...

1. The Black Panther Movie released on the Chinese New Year Feb. 16 has the GCR announcement hidden in it. Watch it all the way to the end of the credits.

2. This is the last day (Feb. 28) to learn about the exchange process. We are here.

3. HSBC and Wells Fargo would give you the best rates. You can ask at your 800 number call to exchange with either HSBC or Wells Fargo. (Both were owned by the Chinese, would give you the best rates and the only ones where you can exchange Zim Bonds).

4. The structured payout was for the humanitarian projects.

5. You control your exchange. They want your money and your business. There is nothing to be scared or nervous about. Dress nice. Be professional, don't cause a scene.

6. They plan on having all Zim exchanges done within 30 days. Exchange all of your Zim ASAP because it won't be worth anything after 30 days.

7. They will ask for proof of address and identity. If you are homeless they want your business as well, so ask what you should do when you call the 800 number. It's OK to exchange in another state.

8. You are going to need your SS card and another ID.

9. If you need special accomodations such as another person at your exchange, ask them about it when you call the 800 number. They are not going to deal with surprise people showing up at your exchange.

10. If you have Zim bonds let them know when you call the 800 number because it will affect where you exchange. If you don't have Zim you will likely exchange at a bank.

11. Your currency will be put through a Delaru machine to authenticate it.

12. They may talk to you about your humanitarian projects and that will require a structured payout. There were 5-10-15 and 25 year structured payouts.

13. You would be receiving interest on your money left at the bank during your structured payout.

14. Rates came out on the Zim and they were pretty high.

15. Right now the rates are bouncing up and down (as they are traded) so there is no way to know what the rates will be at your exchange.

16. After your exchange you will have time to sit down with a trust lawyer and decide what your trusts are going to be. You will have 30 to 60 days to get your actural permanent trust in place. You will want a trust account for your humanitarian, another for your family. You might want to consider irrevocable trust accounts as they protect you and your assets.

17. When you hire a Wealth Advisor with the bank they are going to make money for the bank before they make money for you. You might want to hire a couple of Wealth Managers who are outside of the bank and find out what they can do for you for a year.

18. Keep the currency with you on the table throughout your exchange.

19. You need to ask what the screen rates are and view them on the bank screen.

20. You can take $10,000 cash out of the exchange plus some money orders.

21. Properties and assets are going to come down in price over the next year or two.

22. This was the last Ooootah Call as they believed we would be in the banks tomorrow Mar. 1.


F. Feb. 28 2018 8:59 pm EST Real Truth Call, Rand: Real Truth Call w/ Jared Rand Tonight at 9 PM EST 2-28-18

The Paris Agreement is an agreement with nations of the world that contains NESARA and the GCR. Once Trump signs the Paris Agreement, it releases the GCR - gold standard, hard asset backed currency - for 209 nations of the world, forgives debt and equalizes the wealth worldwide.