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-12-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Appears that a company...will sell you gold and silver and allow you to pay for it in dinar (much below market prices given). Really? To me this is WOW news and confirms to us all that the dinar is very valuable and is in demand or will be shortly in very high demand...

2-12-2018   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   ...We ARE telling you WHAT & WHEN - IS about to Happen... AND, we fully expect that NOBODY GETS OUT OF FEBRUARY, 2018, Without the Prize!...if they choose.   ...we're fully engaged, focused, and pinpointing the activities between, FEB. 15 - 19th, 2018, as MAJOR...and the "Process" will spread throughout the END of February...and into March, with increasing benefit.  We're very Optimistic & Expectant...& Direct.  DID WE GIVE YOU AN RV DATE?...that's for you to decide, and it always has been. (RV is a questionable definition, and not ours)  The Steps must happen in order...EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, FROM WHAT'S IT'S BEEN FOR SOOOOO LONG!...in February.   Are you watching the U.S - What is Said & Done...already?  Pay Attention!

2-12-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Article:  "Speaker Jabouri calls 2018 Iraqi budget bill ‘unconstitutional,’ rejects to pass it"  Quote:  "...Salim al-Jabouri said the parliament will not approve cutting the salaries of civil servants."   IMHO, this has very little to do with the actual budget they are trying to get passed and much more about political alliances being developed for the upcoming elections.  Seriously?!? Jabouri cares at all about the KRG share?? No. I think not.  All part of the process – it will happen.

2-12-2018   Intel Guru Delta    Article:  "Businessmen seek guarantees and bureaucracy to invest in Iraq"  Quote:  “The existence of no restrictions  (ARTILCE 8) on foreign currency transfers, in addition to linking the Iraqi dinar (1-1) to the US dollar." (wink)   ...MY DIFINITION IS IN (  ).  I'M DROPING ALL MICS...

2-12-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   ...THE MR ( monetary reform) IS...MAGMA CORE HOT.

2-12-2018  Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf   I get the impression that many perceive currency coding as nothing more than window dressing, nothing could be further from the truth. Currency codes are the backbone of all financial systems. Every computerized accounting software operates on a base currency and once set that currency code cannot be altered. When a country needs to introduce a new currency, the code must first be issued by the ISO, accounting software needs to be amended and a new set of accounts created in the new currency. This is why I often remind people that a redenomination cannot happen overnight nor in secret. One thing you can be sure of is that Iraq, or any other country is not going to be introducing a new currency anytime soon. It should be noted that the introduction of alternative denominations is an addition to an existing currency and not a new currency.

2-12-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   [...are We Really There this time?]  WE'RE "SUPPOSED" TO BE!...TREASURY SAYS THIS IS "IT" THIS TIME... ...CAN'T GET CONFIRMATIONS JUST YET... WE'RE NOT WAITING ON IRAQ ANYMORE...  [I thought its the budget thingy...] SMOKE SCREEN STUFF... 
 [ I am so glad this is soon to become a memory...]  THAT MAY BE SOONER THAN YOU THINK!!! ...WE'RE JUST WAITING... TIME WILL TELL IT ALL...

2-12-2018   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   He [Abadi] is an integrally smart man who is also learning new chess moves IMO from a MASTER...T...and he is about to put Iraq on the roadmap of the world in so many ways...the term "MECCA" won't even be able to fit in Iraq when he is done IMO...expansion like we've never seen before IMO...it is all good...and it is all coming...IMO in a way that you would least expect it to...there are major pieces in this this game that dance to their own rules and are not used to being told no or used to delays...I look for no more delays, no more excuses..."the time is now"...


TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
TNT Call 12-February-2018
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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Marvelous Monday, February 12 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, and Tony as well.

Tony: Goood morning, TNT! I hope you are all having a great day. Picking up from the weekend information we sent out, there was an update on Friday: Regarding 800 Numbers: The IMF sent instructions to the REGIONAL OFFICES to get the 800 NUMBERS published [like now]. [We wait and see what happens next!]. There are 16 regional offices….one in Canada and two in the US….East Coast and West Coast.

The US is divided by “Districts” that will only accept calls from that specific area code designation. [That means you can’t call 800 numbers outside of your regional area; the system will not handle that.] 
Judge's email/phone: ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340  DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730  You will be asked who you currently bank with and accordingly assigned; if you do not have an account, a bank will be randomly designated for you. A NOTICE has been sent to area-wide banks to prepare for system enhancements by February 12 for foreign currency exchanges.

Additional tasks must be completed for upcoming foreign currency services. Some bank employees have reported receiving said notice at close of business. Iraq Happenings Salaries were paid this week at a “different, newer rate” but details were not shared. The Saturday/Sunday approval of the Budget may…or may not….be an issue anyway.

We also heard that banks have been sent updates for currency exchanges. Salaries were paid in Iraq at higher rates. The Budget was approved and published in the Gazette on Sunday. That was the weekend information. Today: All that stuff we were told would happen didn’t happen! Some did happen but I guess it’s being hideen.

When I like is the IMF telling Iraq to get the numbers out now (although this is the third time the IMF has sent that message). After we got the information from there, we heard the banks notified their tellers that this is real and happening in at least two different states that we know about. They should be getting ready today, after that memo went out on Friday evening. We’re waiting to get on update on that right now. We’ve been told that both sides couldn’t care less about the Budget. The Budget will reflect the rate, not the other way round. We did get that the Budget has been agreed, regardless of what you see in the news.

We did think we would see this yesterday morning, and then this morning; they were asked by the IMF and US to have this comopleted before this morning’s conference in Kuwait. People AT the conference area already pledging reconstruction money to Iraq, and they would not do that if this were not being released at the new rate. We should be hearing something this week, one way or another.

We’ll probably see the actual Budget by Wednesday, but we should see the rate at any time. They have started sending out the 800 numbers, we think. The movement in the stock market was to make room for this, and that is another reason for this to go right now. We will get more information after this call, as we always do. They do two meetings in the morning, including right while we’re doing this call. We’ll do an update if we have to…

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Assuming US in control of releasing the rate their must be some issues not addressed even though we have had a decade or more to structure the rollout. Any idea what those issues might be? With all of the information on rate changes inside Iraq their economy must be in chaos with pricing and people holding on to currency?

A: There is probably chaos. This morning, our guy in Iraq said that the rate was 1:1, just like we have heard for over a week now. Another guy over there said they still don’t see any rate change yet. I got another call from a different area saying they were seeing changes. It depends on what part of the country you’re in. The cards have changed, but other parts of town might have different rates! Their provinces are like states, with different laws. The television and billboards are teaching the people, wand banks and government people are talking about this. Stores are being told ‘in the coming days’ the value of the dinar is changing, and they say that usually means ‘in 3-4 days’.

Q: i don’t have an account with a Tier 1 bank. Based on last Friday’s call, my bank is a very small bank and I have over the 10 million exchange level, so I’m to call my regional 800 number when they are released and they will randomly set me an appointment for exchange with a bank. I would like to exchange with HSBC or WF; however they are not represented in my state. Any suggestions?

A: Got the state where the WF or HSBC where you want to exchange and open an account, then call that regional 800 number. If you don’t want to do that, the call center is going to give you an appointment AT Wells Fargo or HSBC or one of their affiliates in your area, because WF and HSBC are the lead banks, at least to start with.

Q: Do you have a list of banks accepting/exchanging Zim, lilke you do with dinar? A: No, because we are being told that (at least to start with) only HSBC and Wells Fargo are handling Zim, through the 800 number system. Otherwise, you have to call your local banks yourself and ask if they are accepting Zim.

Q: Is it the US government that’s paying for the exchange? And if so, could they be stalling because of the negative press of spending in the red on the budget. While the economy will do well because of the exchange, will the government have to first add to the debt on the books for the exchange?

Tony: The US government is taking the dinar in, and paying you for the exchange, but there is no loss because they are exchanging your for those dinar, for value. The stock exchange was manipulated to make room fro this, and now other countries are complaining that the US is holding this up. The dinars go to the US Treasury, and they receive value from elsewhere in exchange. The currency goes into an electronic vault, and the money released goes into the US economy. This is the same strategy when Kuwait revalued – it eliminated the US deficit. It’s hidden from the public, and is happening behind the scenes as we exchange and start buying things with that money.

Q: I’ve read and re-read the Zim updates and I am not clear on how the rates for Zim Billion notes – or the million – are being calculated. What is the latest info you have about those denominations, please?

 A: We talked about this in the last six calls. According to our most recent information, the exchange rate will be .000000147, then this weekend I heard .00000011. This applies to all the denominations. Zimbabwe has said that they will exchange/redeem 50 and 100 denominations in the thousand, million, billion and trillion ranges. So you multiply that rate times your 50 or 100 billion Zim notes, and you will get the amount of exchange in dollars. Even though we were told only those eight denominations would be exchanged to start with, I would take all my Zim to the bank with me.

Q: Looks like the international rate change was not “required by” or “triggered by” the passing of the budget, settling of the Kurdistan fund share allotment, or selling investments into rebuilding Iraq at the conferences starting today. What are your sources saying is required now?

A: You’re right. They are saying the Budget is not required. The IMF and the US have been telling Iraq to release the rate before today’s conference starts. I don’t’ know what’s happening because we didn’t speak to our sources before this call. What I believe is that there an agreement in place and the rate is being explained to people at the conference as we speak. We’ve been told that this is coming out, regardless of what the Budget says or when it comes out. I think the CBI will set the rate, and the Budget will be adjusted to reflect the new rate. Based on what we heard/saw over the weekend, I think we will see this come out during this week.

Q: In the event that someone acquires the contract rate, then breaks the NDA, do profits gained, go back to the country that offered it or somewhere else?

A: I don’t know why you would care… I don’t know what the NDA says, or what the penalty will be if you violate the terms. We’ll have to get it, read it, and see. I have no idea. I do know if you sign the NDA and give it to people involved in illegal stuff, then supposedly they will take back all their money and your money, too. If you are investing in things and people that are doing the wrong things, they will seize your assets as well. Be careful who you are ding business with or who you give money to. I assume that the funds are confiscated by the US Treasury or Homeland Security.

Q: On the IMF website, it states this about the country of Iraq: Special Drawing Rights (SDR): 17.3 million and Quota (SDR): 1663.8 million. Does the 1663.8 million represent the “revalued” amount? That would seem to make more sense.

A: No idea. The fact that they are IN the SDR is what we care about.

Q: When negotiating Tier 2 interest rates, would that be done at the Exchange or later with the Wealth Manager?

A: If you qualify for tier 2 interest rates, you will be with a wealth manager when you exchange.

Q: In the past Tony had talked about the Banks stopping the exchange process if there is chaos during the exchange. The way it stands now the banks have set up the perfect storm for exactly that to happen if, you don’t have enough currency to meet the 10Mil minimum. What are your and Tony thoughts?

A: You’re right! This is ludicrous to me – they are not only looking for a problem, they are causing a problem. This is creating the very chaos they say they want to avoid. If by some miracle eight million people can get to the tellers to receive half a million or up to ten million dollars, you KNOW they will be lining up around the block. Maybe they have a plan to deal with that – or not.

Q: With mentions of Iraq happenings not having to be the focus it is now seems it is on the UST and US Banks seeming to be in control of this now. Is that fully or partially accurate? Who has the bigger say? The UST or the US Banks? Why hasn’t the bigger one let it go yet? It seemed as if some banks didn’t like the rollout plan (some got “greedy”). If the banks are disagreeing about how they are able to get more of the pie of exchanging individuals can they continue to influence what seems like a delayed release?

A: We have been told that the IMF has released this to its 16 regions, and they are supposed to be releasing it to the banks, who are supposed to be releasing it to us. This was the most strongly-worded memo yet to GET THIS DONE. What I understand is that some younger people came in who didn’t have as much banking experience of the people who put this together, and they created this situation which is about to be chaotic. Some of the people who have been involved for years think that this is creating chaos, too. But I think we are there. On Friday afternoon the banks finally started telling the tellers that this is actually happening, because on February 12 currency exchanges will start that will take up the next couple of weeks. This is why they changed the plan to the two banks, at least to start with – they were willing to take on more of the risks, at least for 30 days. The other banks didn’t want to be involved in the smaller exchanges. So the lead banks will deal with most of the exchanges, in the first ten days. The other banks will deal with what’s left. I know people who put their currencies in a box somewhere, and they don’t have enough to worry about. Those are the people who will be going to the other banks when the other banks open up.

Q: Can you speak a little more about /cashiers checks or certified checks at redemptions? Are there limits on amounts, or a percentage of your deposits…? Will debit cards be available the same day of exchange?

A: All I know is that you can leave with $7,000 cash, and a debit card of some kind depending on how much your exchange. They want you to pay for what you can with checks, cards, and wire transfers. They are saying to wire less than $500,000; more than that will lead to delays as they check out each transaction. If you want to buy a house, use a cashier check because they can follow that more easily.

Q: why are the tellers just now getting ready for this per what Tony said in his opening? I thought the banks and tellers have been ready, on standby for a long time now?

A: Q: I have cell phone (which is my only phone) with Indiana area code, but I live in Missouri. How will the Area Code-sensitive IMF Districts handle that? I would like to exchange in Missouri where I live.

A: The cell phone comes from a particular tower, and that is this what counts for the regionl.

Q: So I was listening to you and we are to call the 800 number and they will guide you to a bank by area code. That’s all good, but what if you live in an area code and your phone is in a different area code. Example: You live in 513 area code and your phone is 303 area code. How will that work?

A: They are setting up apporintments by zip code, not by area codes.

Q: I am curious about why banks refuse to set up accounts.

A: Wells Fargo, as the lead bank, HAS to open an account for you and do your exchange. They may ask you to move on after 30 days, if they don’t think they can make enough money off you, but they have to open the account.

Q: Do either of you know if the U.S has pledged any money to Iraq for rebuilding?

A: There is an article today showing how much the US has already given Iraq. However, Rex Tillerson says they are not giving them any more money at this Kuwait meeting.

Q: Re Zim will the Internet group be asked to doth80/20 or whatever the split was are the other currencies subject to the same Humanitarian split?

Q: Recent articles from CBI indicate Iraq will borrow 16 trillion Dinars from several international lenders including the IMF .These articles are available for everyone. Other articles also indicate that Iraq will have to release the Dinar at current value for a caped float at best These funds are to cover a 19.4 trillion budget deficit . It appears that this may conflict with a RV like we are hoping for. How can the CBI cover a substantial RV that we are hoping for?

A: Our deal is not with it Iraq, it’s with the US Treasury. They are saying to Iraq, we have these dinars, and we are buying oil at X dinar per barrel, which we will release back to you over the next 20 years. Iraq’s benefit come from increasing their value in-country. They are now at this conference; they don’t want to borrow money, they want people to invest in Iraq. The US is encouraging investors in Iraq. Plus Iraq is saying to the US that we should pay for reconstruction because the US destroyed Iraq in the first place. However, trump has said that he is not a nation-builder; Iraq should have released this under President Obama, because he was interested in building the country. Other countries are interested in supporting the rebuilding Iraq, and hopefully investing in the country. Iraq’s position is that they did something great for the whole world by getting rid of ISIL, and now the world should do something great for them by investing in Iraq. But our deal with the US Treasury, and it’s all electronic – it’s just digits on a screen.

Q: Am I interpreting things correctly with respect to exchange locations. Over 10 million (exchange total?) a person would call the 800 number and go where they are sent. Under 10 million (exhanged?) and you would just go to the local branch. Is this correct?

A: Yes. 2. Does everyone have to call the 800 number regardless of the amount of currency we have, or just 10 million and above? No, if you have less than ten million, you go to the designated teller at your local bank/branch.

Q: Tony, over the weekend I heard on the radio news, that they will start funding the inter- structure projects this week? Did you hear that as well?

A: There is supposed to be an announcement about infrastructure plans in the US today; this conference is about Iraq’s infrastructure plans. In ten years, Iraq wants to be comparable to Dubai. Right now, their whole economy is about the oil, and they want to diversify and make it into a tourist destination. Now, as for the US, every country we have gone to war with we have helped to rebuild, and every country – like Germany and Japan – have become more modern than the US. I hope we rebuild the US infrastructure now: all the bridges, roads, schools with modern technology… all the new stuff we see in other countries around the world.

Questions from live callers 404/865:

On that Friday update with memos going out to banks about ‘system enhancements’ for currency exchanges – you still don’t know those system updates has been confirmed? I am wondering if this connects with the UN rates page that usually get updated on the 1st and 15th?

Tony: Possibly. This is a good week, and I expect it this week, not this weekend.

Caller: For those with more than ten million, I know there is some angst about telling specific amounts. Will it be okay to give a range rather than amounts?

Tony: I don’t know if you have to be specific by currency, just what your total amount might be. I don’t know; I will ask that question of the call center people.

Caller: I understand information is being shared with those attending the Kuwaiti conference, but is that general information or specific amounts?

Tony: I think that I know the rates and also the day this is going to come out. As in investor, there is no way I’m going to invest in Iraq without having that information, because that’s the only way I can calculate if it’s worth my while doing this. Iraq has to give investors the confidence that their money is secure and worth the deal. As an investor, I have to go in knowing what, when, how, and that is all workable. If I don’t know those things, I’m not going to sign the deal. So they must be told exactly what is going to happen before they hand over the 20 million or whatever. They have to know that their investment is solid and what their profit will be.

OR caller: If these exchanges are pretaxed, how will nonprofits be handled?

Tony: Those are tax-exempt anyway, right? I don’t understand the question. The currency is taxed as it comes into the country when it doesn’t belong to anyone. So we are all equal in not being taxed – like buying cigarettes – you’re not being taxed again.

Next caller: If the Zim does go up to possibly 72 cents, if that about the rate floating, or is that about possibly funding humanitarian projects?

Tony: We are hearing the Zim rate will open between 11 and 22 cents. We also heard that in 18 months, the rate might go up close to a dollar – maybe. Now IF you have a humanitarian project with Zimbabwe, and it gets approved by your bank (which could be a 90-day process), then there MIGHT be a rate of 1-2 dollars. Otherwise, the higher rates are for bonds, and I doubt anyone on this call has Zim bonds.

425 caller: My questions have been answered; I just stayed on to say Hi.

Tony: We talked to a lady yesterday who gave us some information from a US Treasury source. That’s how we get information – somebody gives a member information to help them out, and that was a blessing for others as well as this lady herself. She was able to give us the rates from the UST. So if that lady wanted to stay on just to say hi? This call is mainly about information, but it’s also good to build relationships.

281 caller: I have an appointment at Bank of America at 3pm today CST – not to exchange, but I hope to have a discussion with them. As far as this administration wanting this to look like this money is flowing because of the tax plan, I can’t see this extending as far as April, can you?

Tony: When Obama did the stimulus plan, he gave everyone 1,000 to help the economy to take off. They went and spent it, but it didn’t really do much for the economy. Now under this tax plan, in theory we should each be getting an extra $100 per month in tax being returned to you – although I don’t know anyone who is actually getting that. The point is that it is planned to be to be an ongoing stimulus. Some companies were supposed to give their staff $1,000 each as well, but most of them gave 50% of their people that bonus and fired the rest, so they are saving all there wages. So that tax plan just created a bonus for the companies, not the employees! But with these currency exchanges, we will all be going out and buying stuff, so more will have to be manufactured, and that will actually creating jobs. That’s what happened with the Kuwaiti revaluation. It’s just being camouflaged by the tax plan.

Caller: I assume the banks are actually informing the tellers now as well as giving any additional training?

Tony: Yes, they informed them on Friday and are preparing their staff and branches with designated teller windows for those with less than ten million dollars worth of currencies [missed a few minutes here]

Next caller: For the estimate of what our currencies might exchange at, is it safe to use the rates of $3.71 and 47 cents for dong?

Tony: I will ask the call center people about that. We will also let everyone know the initial rates and you can take it from there.

Caller: You believe the CBI will put an $8 cap on the dinar? I thought that Forex would respond to market demand it would then float. Can the CBI put a limit on that?

Tony: It’s not the CBI putting a cap on it; the people putting this together want to put the cap on this. They don’t want everyone holding onto their currency waiting for the highest rate – they want to get people in and out. What you need to understand is that they can make all kinds of things happen, like the stock market dips last week. They will do whatever they need to keep things relatively stable. If they think the market is in danger, they will cut it off if that’s what they want to do. Also, this is about creating a global playing field. The dinar and other currencies will gain in value, and the US dollar will drop slightly (because there are a lot more dollars than these other currencies). This is a plan that will last until 2044, and by that time they expect to only have seven currencies in the world. I’m just not worried about the dollar’s drop in value; most of us won’t even notice it.

Closing Statement

Tony: My contacts say that the rates have changed on their cards. We know the plan was for January, and now we’re in mid-February. We know all the systems have been tested, and Iraq has been told three times to put the new rates out there. The banks got scared, and now they redid the system. Iraq did everything they were supposed to do, and there is an agreement. Now there is a new plan, a new system, and right now things are the best they have ever, ever been. Banks have been notifying their lowest level and we are all good to go, although there are no rates on the front or the back screens.

RayRen: We’ll let you know when the rates change.

Tony: We cannot get any closer. I really expect it this week. If we have to come back on Wednesday, we will, but I hope we won’t.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



Wednesday Night KTFA CC 12-27-17, 13 FEB

Wednesday Night KTFA CC 12-27-17

The first part is business Promo and the the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Tony777:  My recent visit to a Wells Fargo Bank:

Subject:  Wells Fargo Branch Visit on February 6th, 2018 in Florida.

I visited a local branch of Wells Fargo here in Florida and inquired to meet with a banker.  The retail employee wanted to conduct business in the lobby and I declined.  She said all bankers were busy and I told her I would visit another bank.  She found a private office and ushered me into it.

After being asked the purpose of my business, I informed her that I had a speculative investment in foreign currency that should mature soon, and wanted to converse with a banker, regarding my options. 

She asked me how much money I was talking about and I mentioned an amount.  She informed me she would have a banker speak with me and to wait.

ithin a few minutes, a banker arrived and introduced himself to me and asked me to follow him to his office.  He asked me the source of my investment and I told him; speculative investment in foreign currency.  He asked me the country and I replied Iraq Dinar.

He told me Wells Fargo does not and will not deal in Iraq currency.  At this point he was “cold” and rather abrupt with me.  His body language projected that I was wasting his time.

 We stared at one another and then I informed him that Wells Fargo sold the currency in the past.  I asked him for his business card and told him that I understand that at the retail level you may not be aware, but that he might want to “run it up the flag pole” (ask his superiors).

He told me he has been with the bank 10-years.  I gave him the years that Wells Fargo sold the currency.  He asked if I wanted to talk to one of his Investment Bankers and I said sure.

He disappeared for about 5 minutes.  I am sure he told the Investment Banker that he had a nut in his office and he needed help in sending me on my way.

The Investment Banker arrived and introduced himself to me.  I told him who I was and nature of my business.  He asked to be seated in the vacant chair next to me.

I once again shared my purpose in visiting the bank.  I also gave him a brief overview on Iraq, its currency, a short history lesson including the 3-letter agencies’ involvement and an update, today.

Now here is where this visit reaped the results I had hoped for!  I will condense the content to save space:

I told them (1st banker & investment banker) there are 4 major banks involved with Iraq past to present

I mentioned 3 and the investment banker mentioned the 4th to my surprise!

I told him I am retired military and own a business and have been in the local area for over 24-years!

I informed them that I was visiting all four banks to find a home for my exchange and my investments

The investment banker asked me how much I had in mind to invest. I replied a significant amount

He (investment banker) informed me that Wells Fargo has a Private Bank that has a couple of programs, one with a 2.5-million-dollar deposit, they have attorneys and other resources in-house. I smiled and told him once I made my decision which banks I would use, my attorney would contact the bank on my behalf to proceed.

He asked me if I had considered investing in charities and mentioned he was involved with one in Haiti.

I told him, yes! And that many I know in the investments were going to travel to the 4 corners of the world to establish and/or support mission work.

He told me he was a Christian and I acknowledged that I am one too and which church I attended. He asked me if I knew Pastor “D” and that’s when I knew he attended my church!  I told him the senior pastor of the church lives on my street and we both smiled!  I glanced at the other banker and he appeared to be in shock (at least that is what his body language told me)!

I told him I used to have a Wells Fargo Business and Personal account and why I left, and I was aware of their legal troubles involving bank irregularities in litigation (mentioned to let them know I knew).

He gave me his business card and I gave him mine and he told me we would be in touch.
I shook the hand of the other banker and put my hand on his shoulder and told him, to think some think we are nuts and we both laughed.

I left the bank, got in my vehicle (that I had backed up facing the bank) and contacted some KTFA friends and was sharing my experience at the bank, when I saw the banker exit the front door of the bank. I watched him as he headed to his car and made a call on his cell phone (not sure if that was related to me) and I drove past him to exit the parking lot.


blackgold: I'm not sure certain Factions will ever let Iraq get it together. Iraq is somehow part of Opec but not international. they can take their oil but not legitimise them in the world.
blackgold: Iraq would have lots of money if people would stop stealing it
sandyf: @firefarmer: well I guess that I will never know what sandy thinks gn all - That is an easy one, I don't really know what to think in terms of making any profit from the IQD, that is basically what we are all looking for.
When I started in 2004 the expectation was that the IQD would rise to around 10 cents by the end of the 7 year plan in 2010 which on the surface seemed a credible investment.

That all fell by the wayside and the rhetoric of today at around $4 appears to be a bit of a fantasy so I am not holding my breath. Expect the worst and hope for the best.
blackgold: On the low side Iraq has been pumpih about 4 million barrels of oil a day. The last half of 2017 they've been pumping 5 million.
4 million multiplied by $40 a barrel a day -- on the low side 160,000,000,000.
160,000,000,000 multiplied by 7 days a week = 1,120,000,000,000. 1,120,000,000,000 multiplied by 4 weeks amonth (taking a low number) = 4,480,000,000,000. 4,480,000,000,000 multiplied by 12 (taking a low number) = 53,760,000,000,000.
Tebow: stealing money. :laugh
Tebow: @black gold you got too many zeros in your calculations. 4,000,000 x $40 = $160,000,000 not $160,000,000,000.
Tebow: So @blackgold we are talking roughly $54 billion and in the past their budgets have been in the $40 billions region. Don't see any stolen money!
chattels: Hakim: The national project needs political will not currently possessed by Iraq http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=71228
firefarmer: @sandyf Thank you very much...Sounds like a realistic answer...
blackgold: Funny i remember someone once telling me all oil sales were in USD
blackgold: No stolen money then thats a good sign
blackgold: and my bad math was on the low side, so that means they must be doing really well
blackgold: i like that
Tebow: that many zeros is confusing
blackgold: can't believe someone is really paying attention
Tebow: jUST seem too loose many zeros
blackgold: i always admit I am mathematically illiterate
Tebow: past employment had to do a lot of numbers. LOL
blackgold: thanks for the correction
Tebow: careful on those taxes
blackgold: i never do them   can't count dyslexic
blackgold: So on the high side we can say Iraq has close to 70 billion in oil
blackgold: not to mention over 80 tons of gold reserve
blackgold: Oil: US$52.5 billion (99.3% of total exports) Gems, precious metals: $214.5 million (0.4%) Fruits, nuts: $53.5 million (0.1%) Raw hides excluding furskins: $30.7 million (0.1%) Plastics: $13.3 million (0.03%) Electronic equipment: $9.2 million (0.02%) Woodpulp: $9 million (0.02%) Machines, engines, pumps: $7.2 million (0.01%) Gums, resins: $4.4 million (0.008%) Medical, technical equipment: $2.7 million (0.005%)
Tebow: who knows what they have in oil, most of Iraq has never been surveyed.
blackgold: true
blackgold: i heard their is going to be a surge in US oil when they get all the rigs back here and put them off shore. i hear President Trump ok'd it    not sure
blackgold: Maybe we are investing in the wrong things
blackgold: i'm going to keep an eye on it   well good night
Tebow: that's his plan some coastal states will try to block but state waters only go out 3 miles I believe
Tebow: remember old drunk Ted Kennedy was all for wind power until they wanted to put a wind farm off the coast of Mass.
OneHundredWorlds: Iraq² Th e de jure and de facto exchange rate arrangements have been retroactively reclassifi ed to a conventional peg arrangement, eff ective January 15, 2012 (previously classifi ed as de jure fl oating and de facto stabilized).
Th e Central Bank Law gives the board of the Central Bank of Iraq the authority to formulate exchange rate policy, and the board has maintained its policy to keep the offi cial exchange rate at ID 1,166 per U.S. dollar since January 15, 2012.
Th e change is refl ected as of January 1, 2014, corresponding to the fi rst day of the period covered in this year’s Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions. Stabilized arrangement Conventional peg
OneHundredWorlds: Iraq Effective February 16, 2014, the Central Bank of Iraq set the cash exchange rate at ID 1,190 per U.S. dollar, LC exchange rate at ID 1,184 per U.S. dollar, and transfer transaction rate at ID 1,187 per U.S. dollar.
OneHundredWorlds: Iraq Effective February 16, 2014, the commissions added to the currency selling window exchange rate of ID 1,166 per U.S. dollar to determine the selling rate of the Central Bank of Iraq were increased to ID 18 per U.S. dollar from ID 9 for import payments through LCs; ID 21 per U.S. dollar for drafts; and ID 24 per U.S. dollar from ID 13 for cash sales.
OneHundredWorlds: Effective February 22, 2015, the Central Bank of Iraq buys foreign currency at the daily selling exchange rate minus 0.001% (previously ID 8 per U.S. dollar).
OneHundredWorlds: During the 2014–15 reporting period, Argentina left the group of countries reporting an official exchange rate, and Somalia indicated plans to resume exchange rate setting in the future. Several countries adopted new methods for calculating their official exchange rates (China, Ghana, Iraq, Serbia, Solomon Islands, Ukraine),
OneHundredWorlds: Iraq The IMF staff report for the 2015 Article IV Consultation with Iraq states that, as of July 14, 2015, Iraq no longer maintained any exchange restrictions or multiple currency practices subject to Article XIV, Section 2, and currently maintains three exchange restrictions and one MCP subject to IMF approval under Article VIII, Sections 2(a) and 3.
In 2009, the IMF identified four exchange restrictions, two of which have now been removed. The two exchange restrictions that have been removed were based upon Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) circulars that have now been nullified.
These restrictions arose from :
(1) the requirement to submit a tax certificate and a letter of nonobjection stating that the companies do not owe any taxes to the government before non-Iraqi companies may transfer proceeds of current international transactions out of the country; and
 (2) the requirement that before non-Iraqis may transfer proceeds in excess of ID 15 million out of Iraq, the banks are required to give due consideration of legal obligations of these persons with respect to official entities, which must be settled before allowing any transfer.
The exchange restrictions that remain in place arise from :

(1) the requirement to pay all obligations and debts to the government before proceeds of investments of investors, and salaries and other compensation of non-Iraqi employees may be transferred out of Iraq; and

(2) an Iraqi balance owed to Jordan under an inoperative bilateral payments agreement.
chattels: Iraq’s ex-trade minister sentenced to 21 years for corruption By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/120220183
chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s former trade minister Falah al-Sudani was sentenced on Monday to 21 years in jail by an Iraqi court. He was involved in a corruption scandal connected to the country’s massive food rations programme. Sudani, from the ruling Dawa party, served as minister of trade from 2006 to 2009.
chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 UN: there are still 2.6 million displaced Iraqis from ISIS war. http://mobp.as/ceFZk  
Chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 Iraqi Basra Operations Commander: we will use deadly force against the tribes to impose order in Basra province if required. http://mobp.as/nFKZk
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk “There is very little basis for the Iraqi government’s claims that it is fighting corruption, and that’s the real problem...Provinces including Basra, Anbar, Mosul and Saladin are governed so very poorly, and the individuals involved are so thoroughly implicated and..." 1/2
chattels: "...discredited, that until there is a real campaign against corruption, and a change in the political class, then having more money by itself certainly isn’t going to solve many of the problems.” 2/2 https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en
chattels: Corruption and conflict hamper Iraq’s rebuilding efforts http://en.rfi.fr/20180212-corruption-and-conflict-hamper-iraq-s-rebuilding-efforts/
chattels: Potential donors, including countries that took part in the US-led coalition against the IS, have not exactly jumped on the opportunity. US officials have said Washington does not plan to pledge any money at the Kuwait conference, and France has pledged its support for the reconstruction phase without making any mention of a contribution.
One source of scepticism comes down to doubt that money would go to its intended purpose. “There is very little basis for the Iraqi government’s claims that it is fighting corruption, and that’s the real problem,” says Kirk H. Sowell.


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