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2-7-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:  "Central banks needed five hours to submit their applications to buy foreign currency"  [Here comes the RV at one to one.]   There is no RV.  Not to mention this article has nothing to do with implying such.  This is an attempt to control the daily currency auctions and weed out corruption, but to me it is just another restriction which could have a negative effect on the spread.  The CBI has a habit of implementing these types of controls rather than doing what it should be doing...arresting the crooks themselves.   [...Kap no offense here but the CBI kills your theories when they say NO FLOAT.]   ...the CBI did not say no float, just no float at this time.  And this makes sense since there is no momentum through the Capital Account to create inflationary pressure and appreciate the currency.  

2-7-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  I have so much confidence in what is coming down the road with the dinar.  In the past we’ve talked a little about what it could do…what the Iraqis are looking at market wise.  None of that stuff is going to prevent the dinar from revaluing.  None of it.  Zero.  It’s going to revalue.  The question is.  How fast?  And at what rate?  The future is determining that…So very confident in it…

2-7-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   Other information we got today from Iraq...from our contact that...February 7, the new budget would be passed and read for the third time. ...there has been a lot of pressure exerted on Abadi to get that rate out...  It looks like it finally reached consensus on the budget, and have it in the Gazette on the February 8, which is Thursday.  I think we are just where we needed to be as far as that goes.  You know the budget would contain the rate and the rate would be seen...by the 8th if not sooner. We know that the dinar is being traded again for about the last 3 days...   ...This is a real interesting time. ...I am getting strong Intel pointing toward any moment now. We know we have been close before, but I think we are even closer than we [have] ever been.   [post 2 of 2]

2-7-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   We know Iraq has had to get things in order. We know they were released from our US Treasury to put out their rate for the Iraqi dinar a week and half ago, maybe longer...but somehow they haven’t...yet. There was some resistance in the Parliament as far as various factions in the government still. Then we find now...Everyone pretty much is on the same page. We understand couple days ago some announcements were made by Prime Minister Abadi and behind him standing was Maliki.  Maliki had said they had some unity now and...He is not going to run for Prime Minister again. Also, that he was behind the RV going thru...where he was so resistant the entire time he was in power. That is one reason why it didn’t happen. Now he is no longer a factor.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-7-2018   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Corruption in Iraq file reaches the most dangerous stages"  Quote:  "The general amnesty issued by parliament earlier in an important outlet for corrupt law in Iraq, provides them with a cover legislative..."    ...Abadi is Maliki-Lite, he just has better optics and represents hope for change. It's all smoke and mirrors, both are from the Dawa Party and answer to Iran. Going after the Kurd's and Sunni's for their corruption and ignoring the ruling Shia is typical but...hopefully the IMF sees it as well. You can bet those who attend the "donor" conference in Kuwait know what's going on, imagine putting money into a country that has laws on the books that protect the corrupt politicians. That's a pretty tough sell, it's throwing good money after bad. This conference starts in six days on Monday and Parliament isn't even going to meet again until Sunday, I don't think the odds of them completing a budget in time for the donor conference are very good.




Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I tell you this. This is a real interesting time. I find I am getting strong Intel pointing toward any moment now. We know we have been close before, but I think we are even closer than we ever been. I think that is saying a lot. Let’s talk about Iraq.

Bruce: We know Iraq has had to get things in order. We know they were released from our US Treasury to put out their rate for the Iraqi dinar a week and half ago, maybe longer than that, but somehow they haven’t don’t that yet. There was some resistance in the Parliament as far as various factions in the government still. Then we find now they are coming to the party. Everyone pretty much is on the same page. We understand couple days ago some announcements were made by Prime Minister Abadi and behind him standing was Maliki. Maliki had said they had some unity now and he was not going to run for office like they had suggested he might. He is not going to run for Prime Minister again. Also, that he was behind the RV going thru. He was in favor of this happening to go thru where he was so resistant the entire time he was in power. That is one reason why it didn’t happen. Now he is no longer a factor.

Bruce: Other information we got today from Iraqi this came from our contact that tomorrow which is February 7, the new budget would be passed and read for the third time. On the 8th the information went on to say that budget would appear in the Gazette. You know the budget would contain the rate and the rate would be seen. At least it would be seen by the 8th if not sooner. We know that the dinar is being traded again for about the last 3 days.

Bruce: With new servers for the CBI having gone down and coming back up. We know that the fiber optics were run in Mosul to all the banks, new fiber optics that was complete. People were there to witness that happening. During that time the CBI servers were down once that was happening. Once it was completed, the fiber optics, then the website came back up. Today they are actively trading the Iraqi dinar. I can’t tell you that it is visible yet, but I know that a few days ago it came out to 1 to 1 with the dollar. Even though that is not a true reinstatement it was a start for beginning of trading. I don’t know where it is right now in terms of the rate. We didn’t get that prior to the call, but I am going to tell you that we have reason to believe it will trade back up all the way to the rates we have talked about in the past.

Bruce: That is just really what we wanted to hear about Iraq. Finally there has been a lot of pressure exerted on Abadi to get that rate out, to put it out. It looks like it finally reached consensus on the budget, and have it in the Gazette on the February 8, which is Thursday. The final reading of the budget is tomorrow. I think we are just where we needed to be as far as that goes. I even wonder if that would happen and we go without the dinar, but it looks like it is all coming together where everything can go together. By that I mean all the currencies.

Bruce: Yesterday I found out on the CBI website the Chinese Yuan was on the website and that is one reason that the website came down so the Chinese Yuan could be added to the CBI website. You may say why was that? So you can have the reference not only to the US dollar but also to the Chinese Yuan and possibly other currencies that are in the SDR, Special Drawing Rights, basket maybe in that basket the other currencies that make up that basket might also reflect on the CBI website. See if that happens, but know we have the dollar, the Yuan on that CBI site. That is good. That is one reason why that site has been up and down, up and down.

Bruce: I am looking for very good things out of Iraq now. They actually had another series of celebrations in the last couple of days over there. Mosul is about 60% rebuilt already since the latest round of attacks. Iraq is diffidently coming out of the ashes. It is rising. I think we are going to see some amazing things in the next few years happening in Iraq including the tallest building in the world by 700 to 800 feet. In Iraq about 50 miles south of Baghdad. We are talking about something that was going to be 3500 feet tall, 2/3 of a mile high. WOW. Imagine the foundation for that building.

Bruce: The ups and downs of the market the last few days even though today was a good up day. For people that are aware, this was something that was predicted and I think it was actually a good thing it occurred like it did. Some of the selling it took place was for a good reason that I can’t go into. I don’t know how much longer it has to vacillate before it goes back up. We will see and keep an eye on it. 

Bruce: What we are hearing about in terms of what is going out west is very good prognosis to anywhere from tomorrow to the end of the month to getting started. People are being requested to come in, being requested to come in and stay a few weeks. That kind of thing. A very positive motion.

Bruce: Also when it comes to the Redemption Centers they got this thing down. They have it down. They are ready to go, made last minute switches moves, gone to (3) 8 hour shifts. 24/7 for the Zim Centers. These are Redemption Centers that are Zim specific. They will take the other currencies but they are geared to take the Zim. A lot of the other Redemption Centers will not be taking the Zim. You will know because when you call to set your appt if you are a Zim bond holder they will ask what you have. If you have Zim you will be switched directly over to the Redemption Center near your zip code that has a Zim Redemption Center. You will be directed by phone and connected to the person at that Redemption Center that will be directly working with you when you come in for your appointment. You will make an immediate connection on the phone, maybe your first contact beyond security at the Redemption Center.

Bruce: The Redemption Centers that are not Zim specific are on a 8 to 10 hour work day. Normal business hours maybe plus two hours. Then the Zim specific centers are on a 24 hour a day program. Even they have a finite amount of days that they will be open. They already know what that is. That lets us know it is very specific that they want to pull the Zim in a matter of several days, and then close those particular Redemption Centers and keep the other ones open to the end of the month. They do have two people for each Redemption Center that are not the ZIM centers, but the other ones that are taking the other currencies that will be Zim qualified after the initial period of several days to handle any extraneous Zim transactions at the regular exchange locations. Just know when you call everything will be right there.

Bruce: Just call and you will get the number and hopefully I will be able to receive that number. I am honored to receive it and put it out on both of our websites. If you have registered for our newest website: bigcalluniverse.com your email on that site you will receive an email with the phone number attached provided if I am allowed to do that.

Bruce: We have time lines. We have Redemption Center protocol. Full staff is ready to go. Everybody has a start times lined up when they are to report. Everything is all set in that aspect. I think really guys it is coming down to whenever that release is to take place. Then that release would include notification of yours truly to begin notify all in Internet Group online.

Bruce: There are deliveries set for farm claims this week and Prosperity Packages this weekend. There is a lot going on. They are ready to go and are set. It is just a matter of us getting started. We had a couple of false starts the last day or so. All is pointing to a successful launch.

Bruce: I am just going to say I am thrilled to have been able to bring you information the last 7 years, and I am proud of my team. Proud of Sue, Pastor Steven, Bob and everybody being faithful to give of their time unselfishly to all in Big Call universe. I appreciate the faithfulness of the Bill Call listenership all these years.

Bruce: I know many of you are interested in the projects we are going to do for the veterans and the rest of the US and beyond with Rebuild America. Rebuild America is a huge project and there will be crossover with our veterans and Rebuild America. We will hire every veteran that is able to be hired whether they are walking or rolling, they are hirable. We will retrain veterans if they need it or like it. We are going to need qualified workers in the trade to rebuild this country. We need people from concrete, crane operators, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, all you can imagine in the building trades. Not using robots for that. We will need a lot of people, able bodied men and women, to help us rebuild this country with infrastructure, bridges, roads, meg love, technology, farming, water, water purification, desalination plants, working in Caribbean, South America, Central America, Africa, all over. We will start here and then move on.

Bruce: I just want all to know we are not going away, but we are going to take a month or so off to get things altogether and our selves lined up with the legal stuff, a little time off, a little RR and we will come back together. We will send you an email for progress when we will do our first call, pod cast, stay tune and you will find out. The site to register is if you haven't is: bigcalluniverse.com. Register your email and you will get that 800 number. We will also put the number online on a couple of chosen sites and also it will be on our other website: thebigcall.net as well.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in and listening. We appreciate you and your faithfulness over the years, and I am looking forward to get back in touch with you after we have redeemed and we are ready to go. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Big Call universe. Get a good night sleep tonight. You will need it. All have a great night and get some sleep. Good night.


KTFA: The Clock has Started, 7 FEB

Frank26 » February 6th, 2018

Cleitus » February 6th, 2018


Frank26 » February 6th, 2018

10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... IGNITION SEQUENCE START ............. 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... ENGINES ON ...1 ... LAUNCH ... THE TOWER IS CLEAR ............ THE CLOCK HAS STARTED !!! ROLL 1 ......... PITCH 3 ............. MECO ...................SECO..................... ORBIT. 

Walkingstick » February 6th, 2018

ftti....12----->9 .. Trillions to billions, removal of 3

SMN » February 6th, 2018

Thank you Sir.... That should work quite nicely for an RI release!!!

Risk1 » February 6th, 2018

I'll take a shot......Feb-9 to the 12th, trillions to billions, budget launched at 1 to 1.........I reserve the right to be wrong

Boxman » February 6th, 2018

WS, is talking about the removal of 3 zero's...IMHO

Risk1 » February 6th, 2018

Agreed, hence the 1-1 budget.....What does the 12>9 represent?

Boxman » February 6th, 2018

from 12 zeros to nine zeros...a trillion to a billion

Frank26 » February 6th, 2018

SIR ............... LOOK AT MY TEXT .............. &^%$#@!!! ................

Walkingstick » February 6th, 2018

Just now... wow, very good 

Frank26 » February 6th, 2018

LOL................. YES AND NO ............... NOW IT'S UP TO THESE BOZOS ............ BUT IMO ............ WE ARE IN CHARGE .............THEREFORE ................ WE WIN. BUT IF NO GO BY .............. XX .................. I'M PUNCHING SOMEONE IN THE NOSE.............. BECAUSE IF I LOSE THIS ............... THEN I PUNCH MYSELF

Walkingstick » February 6th, 2018

Bozos , are working it... indeed, we won...

Frank26 » February 6th, 2018

AH............ CAN I CALL THE TEXT PEOPLE AND TELL THEM .............. I WON !!! MY FEAR NOW IS ..........TIME ............ THINKING OF MAKING A CALL TO UNCLE VITO ...........

Walkingstick » February 6th, 2018

Clock is ticking, all good............ 

Frank26 » February 6th, 2018


Doodlebug » February 6th, 2018

I found it very interesting that PM Abadi is tweeting on the subject of the 2018 Budget... putting it out to the world that he wants that thing (Budget) passed. Then you have our House passing the CR for our Budget, to keep our Gov't running until the 23rd of March. We still need the Senate to vote on the CR but Frank has shared his opinion on that. Stay strong Family, the Fake news is about to go into high gear. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

Pmac » February 6th, 2018

Hmmmm... tell me more IMF... tell me... how does Iraq expect to attend a DONOR conference like Kuwait?????????????


The new financial system is online.

The old financial system has been set on a collision course and will be replaced by the new financial system.

All remaining Cabal are pulling funds out of the old financial system as per terms of surrender/amnesty.

This pull out resulted in the stock market falling yesterday.

Their funds will be converted into new asset/gold-backed currency under the new financial system.

This allows the Alliance to control the Cabal's funds.

The Cabal who do not agree will perish.

Expect the stock market to continue falling like escape pods ejecting out of a spaceship on a collision cource to the sun.

This is the GCR happening in real time.

According to rumors from sources, appointments will be given this week on banking days, (Wednesday, Thursday).

If true, the 800#'s will be released very shortly, today or tomorrow.


Re: Dr. Clark Update 2-2-18

SusanAnn:  If someone can give your opinion of what Dr. Clarke is trying to say, it would be appreciated Even if youre wrong, its better than nothing!!! And yes, i have reread now about 10 times! HELP!!!

Katie:  Hi SusanAnn,

I hope I can assist, without destroying Dr Clarke’s message!

So Dr Clarke gave questionable examples of why Kuwait revalued their Kuwait dinar in ‘91.... was it because of this... or that... etc etc. he said No, it was not because of the examples he proposed.

Read a little further and we see ‘was it Sunday US and Sunday in Middle East both?’ ie at the same time? He said Yes.

 ‘Kuwait allotted 6 weeks to exchange their old Dinars.’ So, the old Kuwait Dinar was being phased out and people had 6 weeks in which to exchange the old for the new Kuwait currency.

Dr Clarke asks... could February (this month) produce the same dynamics? ie could Iraq rv their Iraqi Dinar in a similar way to how Kuwait did in ‘91?

Starting today.

Dr Clarke said the rv of the Iraqi Dinar is not happening in an obvious way, ie. as the Intel being shared around the internet is telling us it is.

So I conclude, it is unfolding in an unobvious way, so not to get hung up on the details that are coming from ‘sources’.

I hope this helps.

To me it’s simple, it’s a trap to overthink and get in our own way with trying to figure it out. Relax and know it’s happening!

DR. CLARKE (2-6-18): Katie -

 "In Chess…..Who cares when you Sacrifice the Day of a Battle,

if you’re Guaranteed to WIN THE WAR…..IN FEBRUARY?"


Dr. Clarke


- The Philadelphia Eagles at Pre-Season 2017 last year, were given 40/1 odds of winning upcoming Super Bowl 52, in FEBRUARY 2018.

The New England Patriots were the Pre-Season 2017 favorites last year for upcoming Super Bowl 52, FEBRUARY 2018, with 11/10 odds, coming off an historic Super Bowl 51 win in 2017. The odds makers predicted overwhelmingly, back-to-back Super Bowl wins, for the New England Patriots.

 40/1 vs. 11/10 odds.

Against all odds,


 - In the 2008 Super Bowl, the Undefeated New England Patriots (18-0), were a 14 point, 2 Touchdown Favorite, over the New York Giants with 6 losses at (12-6).

The odds were 5/1 Patriot victory……especially since the Patriots were undefeated and a win would make them the first team in history, with a record of 19-0.

Against all odds,

The New York Giants WIN, 17-14, FEBRUARY 2008.

 - In August of 2015, when Donald J. Trump announced his campaign for the President of the United States, he was given 25/1 odds of winning. Slim to none.

Against all odds,

DONALD J. TRUMP is PRESIDENT of the United States of America, as of FEBRUARY 2018.





In FEBRUARY, 2018.


February 7, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief 

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today. We are moving along finally in hopes of maybe seeing something next week. More news to follow on this topic.

More news….

I keep getting questions on the situation about the Sterling Currency dealership. I totally understand your concerns and most of the questions are stemming from still holding a reserve order, yet no dinars delivered. In some cases even the payments have all been made in full, yet no dinars delivered.

So I will try to address these questions the best way I know today. 

To be a currency dealer you must apply to the US Treasury dept and get a license. This license obligates the dealer to operate under certain constraints of the law.

THE STERLING STORY – What happened?

On 3 June 2015

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The FBI raided a DeKalb County home and business Wednesday morning. The cameras were rolling at a currency exchange company on Buford Highway and a house on East Brookhaven Drive as agents removed boxes of evidence.

FBI agents, along with the Brookhaven Police Department, descended on the home before 7 a.m. and stayed through the day.We first showed you the scene on Channel 2 Action News at Noon, and again on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m. as agents continued to go in and out of the home.

Agents were seen taking equipment in and removing plastic gloves when exiting the home. All day neighbors were quiet, but curious. Some took pictures of what was happening at the corner house. Neighbors tell us businessman Ty Rhame lives in the home with his wife and young child.

Neighbors said Rhame is in the foreign currency business. Rhame's business, Sterling Currency Group, was the location of the second raid involving Brookhaven police, the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

Channel 2’s Wendy Corona saw one marshal take a sledgehammer to Rhame's 4th floor unmarked office suite at the Druid Pointe Building.

When asked to elaborate on the details behind the search warrants and what officials were gathering in the raids, the FBI sent a statement saying they are "not in a position to discuss the details of those searches at this time."

So this was the raid playing out. So what happened next?

Executives and promoters of Atlanta-based Sterling Currency Group LLC were indicted Monday for their roles in an alleged $600 million scheme to fraudulently induce investors into buying the Iraqi dinar.

According to U.S. Attorney Horn, the indictment, and other information presented in court: During the scope of the conspiracy, the Iraqi dinar was touted by some as a potential investment opportunity. Information publicly available on certain internet websites, blogs, chat rooms, and conference calls fueled this speculation by predicting that a “revaluation” of the Iraqi dinar would occur imminently. A “revaluation” or “RV,” in this context, meant a sudden, exponential rise in the value of the Iraqi dinar as compared to the U.S. dollar and other relatively stable global currencies. Individuals who owned Iraqi dinar would realize potentially enormous gains if an “RV” ever occurred in this manner.

Sterling Currency Group, which also did business as Sterling Online Processing Services LLC and Dinar Banker, was a Georgia corporation with its principal place of business in Atlanta. Sterling sold and exchanged so-called “exotic currencies,” including most predominantly the Iraqi dinar.

Tyson Rhame and James Shaw were co-owners of Sterling, which began operations in 2004.

Frank Bell began working for Sterling in 2010 and became Sterling’s chief operating officer in 2011.

According to the indictment, Terrence Keller, who was also known as “TerryK,” led an Internet-based group known as “The GET Team,” which consisted of a website, an internet chat forum and weekly conference calls in which, among other things, information was disseminated to participants concerning the potential investment value of the Iraqi dinar.

Keller, through The GET Team, was one of the leading internet-based proponents of the “RV” theory. On The GET Team’s website, internet chat forum, and on weekly conference calls, Keller is alleged to have falsely claimed to have information from, and verified by, high-level confidential sources in the U.S. government, the Iraqi government, international organizations, and major financial institutions, regarding an imminent “RV.”

However, Keller did not have information from, or contact with, these supposed high-level confidential sources. The indictment alleges Keller, Rhame, Shaw, and Bell knew and believed that representations concerning an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar, particularly claims that the information came from one or more supposed high-level confidential sources, would boost sales for Sterling.

Keller allegedly claimed, directly and indirectly, to The GET Team followers he had no financial or other ulterior motive to promote the Iraqi dinar as an investment, but he was simply disseminating his knowledge and information so that others could benefit from it as well. To that end, Keller told his followers he did not make substantial profits from his dealings with Sterling and other dinar dealers that advertised with the GET Team.

Keller allegedly had a secret arrangement with Rhame, Shaw and Bell to promote and “pump” the Iraqi dinar in exchange for payments made by 

Sterling to benefit Keller. Since at least as early as August 2011, Sterling paid Keller more than $160,000. Keller consistently downplayed these financial benefits to his followers and listeners.

The correlation between Sterling’s increased sales and Keller’s promotion of the Iraqi dinar was allegedly further cemented by the presence of a Sterling representative, including at times Rhame and Bell, on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums. At various times, Rhame, Bell and other Sterling representatives participated in conference calls and internet forums in which Keller made representations to followers concerning the imminent Iraqi dinar “RV,” his access to high-level confidential sources, and claims that he was just trying to be helpful and received no financial benefit for providing this information to others. The presence and participation of Rhame, Bell, and other Sterling representatives on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums provided further validation to followers that Keller’s claims about an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar should be believed.

The indictment alleges the promotional activities of Keller and other dinar promoters were essential to Sterling’s financial success and generated Sterling millions of dollars in dinar and other currency sales.

In December 2010, Rhame is alleged to have told colleagues that Keller and the GET Team pushed 80 percent of Sterling’s business.

In December 2011, Bell is alleged to have referred to the GET Team as Sterling’s “largest referrer.” Between 2010 and June 2015, Sterling grossed more than $600 million in revenue from the sale of the Iraqi dinar and other currencies. During this same time period, Rhame and Shaw received more than $180 million in distributions from Sterling.

Tyson Rhame, 51, and James Shaw, 53, both of Atlanta, Frank Bell, 54, of Decatur, Ga., and Terrence Keller, 55, of Grayson, Ky., are each charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud as well as several counts of mail fraud and wire fraud.

Under the law a dealer can not sell currency on “reserve” unless the currency is actually on hand thus is “reserved”. Of course this entire “reserve” policy was new marketing tool but did fall under constraints only the wording was not entirely clear (fuzzy) in the law and so Sterling thought that they could workaround it.

This is much different than “backordering” it where you may take the order informing the buyer that you still have to obtain the currency but you lock them in for a rate. When it comes in you deliver. The dealer then takes on the risk of not being able to secure the currency, the rate goes up and he is screwed. But the point is he is honest and has the monetary resources at his disposal either way to satisfy the consumer. So if they are taking a backorder, perhaps they know something we don’t? Why else would they take the risk?

So Sterling go the idea to create this “reserve” program based on the idea of back ordering. This was their first mistake. Under the reserve program, unlike the backorder, when the reserve order is taken the dealer must have the total amount of the currency on-hand at the time of the order.

Remember this since it is key to why the FBI was called in by the US Treasury to investigate Sterling in the first place. Dealers can not backorder currency if on a reserve plan. They must have the entire order on the shelves at the time of the contract with the consumer since “reserve” by definition means to reserve it and have it on-hand. This is for the consumer protection. What if the rate goes up in the meantime and Sterling did not have the currency, yet they needed to fulfill the order as contracted? How could they possibly fulfill these contracts when the rate went up from 1166 to $3.71 (for example). That’s their cost increased over 3000% from what they contracted to sell it for. Do you see a problem here? Plus reserve orders where typically much higher amounts as consumers where trying to beat the system and delay payment on the full amount until after the RV. Do you see another flaw here?

This is because, based on Sterling’s own “reserve” policy with the consumer, they told them that the currency would be reserved. In reserve means having it in the vault. In fact the currency was not put aside at the time the agreement was made. Sterling figured they would just back order it as needed by the customer as they paid it off on their schedule. But the consumer at will could also call in the entire order at any time and pay for it. What if it RV’d? What would Sterling do?

Some customers became suspicious of this practice and demanded the amount of currency be shipped as they paid it off in increments. In other words you paid off 25% of order amount you get 25% of the currency shipped. Shipments were very late since Sterling had to even back order these shipments. Sterling did not want to tie up all their capital in inventory. But what the hell are you in business for? Instead the owner took what profits he had and began spending the it outside of the company. A percentage of this profit was supposed to go towards inventory on-hand. This is called “greed”. It didn’t.

But many consumers would be willing to wait until the full amount of the bill is paid off, then receive the full amount of the currency. Of course this is much riskier but was practiced. Either way, Sterling was doomed from the start when they did not actually shelve enough currency and keep it shelved to meet all their reserve order demands, should the RV occur any day.

So the end result, as we can see, is that the law enforcement will get you on something. Seems the govt is very good at somehow tying in the use of the Postal Service to cases like this, since Sterling could argue against any allegations of improper currency trading practices. So we also see yet another case of a someone using these currency intel conference calls to benefit them financially, this time for the sales of currency. My point today is that we have seen many charlatans come into out dinar intel community abusing our innocent vulnerabilities and ignorance on this investment. We rely on them to tell the true for us to make sound investment decisions. Just because they tell you this is in “my opinion” is not going to get them off the hook if they are using their calls for self gain and gratification. How can you possibly even trust them, when you know the motivation is NOT to help you in this investment even if it is “in their opinion” but rather to fill their own greedy little (or big) pockets. I hope everyone gets my point today.

Will you ever get your order filled or your money returned?

I do not work for Sterling Currency Group, Sterling Online Processing Services LLC and Dinar Banker and am only forwarding to you the story of what was told to me of what went wrong in their process. I see also many think it might have been that they were selling counterfeit currency and got worried theirs might be counterfeit? I can assure you I do not believe this was the case. Instead it was just a practice of Sterling speculating that the RV would not happen any day soon. They also pumped the sales by conference calls to the vulnerable would be investors, without having a proper license for giving out financial management advice. This is where they screwed up. This is what they finally got them on.

It is my understanding they are first trying to fulfill reserves orders placed and the part that was already paid for them to get that currency in your hands should the RV happen soon. Since they have an injunction against the company, they can no longer purchase new currency and so they are reliant upon the FBI turning over old stocks back to them for his purpose. Everything was confiscated in the raid that took place years ago.

Has the FBI released this currency? 

I have no idea nor do I care to be honest with you. I was smart enough not to gamble and take this risk. I want all my paper currency in my grimy little hands. But if you want my honest opinion someone should move together a class-action suit against Sterling. I am not a legal advisor or attorney. But you might want to go see one for a FREE consultation session. The owner should at least be obligated to return any money you already paid to them so you can now go out and buy more currency to replace the old order prior to the RV. Do you have all your documentation, receipts and emails on it? You might have a good case but you might also have to wait in line since I am hearing there is millions involved. There is a very long line….lol…lol…. Well it looks like the owners are going to have to sell some personal assets such as all his fancy automobiles and houses to repay everyone. But the bottom line is I doubt if most of you will ever see the currency you ordered or even get you money paid returned to you.

So lesson learned – I keep harping on situations like this so you don’t get screwed over. Again, I am telling everyone to keep away from this ZIM hysteria. It is all going to burn you later. It is yet another example of this madness and abuse of knowledge. I certainly hope in the future all those advising you to buy this currency without substantial proof of their claims end up in jail right along side Tyson Rhame, James Shaw, Frank Bell and Terrence Keller.

More news….

Looks we have yet another idiot who is going to come on and tell us the currency RV intel. This one is called “Nanoo The Watchers Edge”. Don’t know if you already listened to his so called intel call, but if you didn’t then don’t waste your time. He is just another marketer pumping his bitcoin wallet and trying to get you come in and buy bitcoin. Can you believe this idiot? He spends five minutes superficially reading a couple articles, plays a tape from a meeting with Vietnam over SOE and then spends the bulk of the call time pumping Bitcoin. After all the bad publicity over these crypto currencies and now even the government is finally planning strict regulations, he has the nerve to come in to our dinar community and pump it. Hey maybe he qualifies for the exclusive Ding-A-Ling club?

More news….

I want to bring to your attention another nut case. I have talked about this person before so she is already on a member of the Ding-A-Ling club. I’ve decided that it is very clear this women is delusional. I am not a shrink but I do not think this evaluation is even needed either in my eyes since her delusions are so obvious. I would even go so far as to say that Cindy K Currier is a satanic Black Witch.

I wanted to warn everyone one more time since it has gotten much worst with her. I’ve included some videos about this woman today. Please watch them for yourself. There are many people trying to help us see through this woman and her cult. Many of her daily (sometimes 3 x daily) Youtube presentations have been scrubbed. She used to have hundreds of them out there and she gained lots of followers over the years. Many thousands of people are getting hurt over her bullshit.

My point is this is the woman who started these rumors concerning the expired Zimbabwe currency and how it is going to RV. Oh -surprised?

Oh – you are going to may trillions….bla,..bla,,bla,,,She said that you can make trillions and you can sign up to use this money to help finance the “New Republic”, get a higher rate and make all these humanitarian changes to the world. Really?

Once she began publishing her cult like ideology and satanic views it took off like wildfire because everyone wants much of what she says to be true. We all want more FREEDOM and certainly we all want this cabal banking system, fiat currency and Federal Reserve system abolished. Before too long all the gurus started picking up on this stuff, if not directly by Cindy, then by her followers.

These followers of her perpetrated the dinar RV community and soon forged themselves with phony titles and positions. Many approached intel gurus like Tony, Bruce, Becky and others and are the secret sources for their information. I keep warning them but they are stubborn and refuse to listen to reason. I don’t hate Tony, Bruce, Becky and others. I just want them to know the truth as to how they are being scammed by this cult, then go out and get some REAL and FACTUAL intel to bring everyone. You would think that after years of this FAKE and PHONY intel they would have caught on by now they are being scammed.

We all know already that these gurus just feed off each other and we are in the position today on seeing thru many of these ridiculous issues and claims such as “The New Republic” , “Nesara” or lately “Gesara”. Folks this is one of the nutty people who make up this stuff. She is just one of hundreds in this cult.

This is the only reason I present this to you today. I do not support any of her views or any of her follows. I don’t know about you but I am smarter than these idiots and can see thru them. Maybe many of you can’t see thru it and so I here to help.

I take no satisfaction in having to spend my time today writing this section of my newsletter and certainly I wish I did not have to. I certainly do not want to bash anyone or hurt anyone. I just want to protect all you honest and decent people out there who are being scammed.

So we now you know where much of this bizarre stuff, like the ZIM RV, is coming from. Cindy is one of the main sources. The other I will also add is a follower of hers namely Jared Rand and his “med beds”. They people are all connected.

Please watch these videos. I only present them because they speak for themselves, much more than I could ever include in this newsletter.

Cindy K Currier update


Cindy K Currier cult?


Interview with Cindy’s brother


More news….

Tuesday morning news- It seems that the crisis on the Iraqi 2018 budget law is about to be released, the Finance Committee has provided reassurances of the near adoption IN THE EVENT THAT THE POLITICAL BLOCS AGREED ON THE POINTS OF CONTENTION THAT ADHERE TO THEM.

This statement by the news media is NOT saying its done. They are telling us they are under negotiations and if accepted, it will be done

More news….

The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Tuesday, the date of payment of salaries of the Ministry of Education and agencies:

New Pay Schedule: (farthest out date is now Feb 12th . This is the first day of the donor conference. Do they want to have all the debt paid by this time for a reason?)

done - 1. On Sunday, 4 February 2018, the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Health to be paid.

done – 2. On Monday 5/2/2018, the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism disbursed.

done – 3. On Tuesday, 6/2/2018, the salaries of the Ministries of Justice and Culture to be paid.

done 4 - Wednesday 7/2/2018, the salaries of the Foundation General Asayish to be paid.

5 - Thursday 8/2/2018, the salaries of the Council of Asayish, to be paid.

6- On Sunday, 11-2-2018 the payment of education salaries (outside the cities).

7 - On Monday, 12-2-2018, distribution of education salaries (within the cities).

More news….

Just in late Tuesday - MP Majida al-Tamimi said on Tuesday that the lack of approval of the budget will affect the view of the donor countries to Iraq, while indicated that the delay is due to the conditions of international criticism and demands of the blocks.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Ghad Press that “the meetings continued in the Finance Committee on the budget, and there were two meetings with the Prime Minister Haider Abadi.” She added that “yesterday asked me put the budget on the agenda for the second reading, and there was pressure from the Kurdish blocs not to proceed with reading.”

“The Kurdish blocs demand a meeting with the Prime Minister to give them guarantees to meet their demands,” noting that “the meeting was not lifted and will resume on Sunday, so as to give the Kurdish blocs the space for dialogue and discussion with Abadi and reach understandings on passing the budget.” “The failure to approve the budget means that the country is not a plan to manage its funds, and this affects the view of donor countries and shows them that we are a country without a law without a plan, how to give investment funds.”

More news….

So where do we stand today in the RV sage?

I said to you I would try to research more if we passed the end of January and still no RV. So this is what I have been doing.

I can see that by comments made to my posts that many are still very confused on the process to get to the RV. This is because you do not take the time to read my newsletters and just pop in once in a while, read a couple lines and think you are going to get 10 years worth of knowledge on this investment. Of course you do this because you are just looking for a date and a rate. Then you don’t get it and get discouraged. You then want to rant and rave.

We are waiting for the GOI to pay all reoccurring monthly debts on time. One of the goals of the SBA between the IMF and the GOI was to finally get the finances turned around so that the government would be in a position to be able to do this and does do this.

So in late December 2017, when they agreed it was time to re-instate the currency, part of the pre-conditions was to get current on all of these outstanding occurring routine debts. If we look at their payment schedule it certainly looks like they want to complete this by around mid February (next Monday). Part of this process is getting a workable budget passed in parliament that includes proper resources to fulfill these debts. Again another hold up because of arguments with the KRG on the getting the 17% (as guaranteed by the constitution. The GOI has no problems with giving them this amount but in auditing they have found so much corruption and that much of this money goes to fill the pockets of the politicians and not the salaries and planned projects. The KRG says why do you care? We are guaranteed the 17% anyhow so where is it? They also use the excuse of all the refugees and reconstruction efforts needed. They talk in circles but the GOI has the dirty on them too. This mindset goes right back to what I tried to explain to everyone. The GOI has to break up the KRG and govern it themselves thru just like the other provinces throughout Iraq.

So the IMF steps in and mandates the GOI that they need to pay 14% and their loans are contingent upon obeying. They want this issue resolved.

The GOI comes up with a suggestion. They will give the KRG 12% in the budget and the other 5% pay them in a “special emergency allocation”. This is now on the table and we wait to see what they do.

So we can see that having the budget passed is also needed. Folks nobody has a checklist of items. It all just happens this way. It all just plays out. It is all an ongoing “RV Saga”.

It is NOT about having the new RV rate in the budget that is so important, as to why they need to pass it, as many of these intel gurus tell you. This RV is not driving anything. But rather prior agreements are driving the process and holding it up. Like I said many times already that the RV is just the end game and the end product. Everything is NOT always about the RV.

So do they want to have all these items completed prior to the upcoming Donor Conference in Kuwait? I would think so but I can not prove it. It makes total sense to me, but then again they are so late in getting everything done. They are their own worst enemies.

Here is the lesson learned - Iraq must use the revenue from their oil to take care of the country and its citizens. The view of the IMF and the US is that they did not fight a war to replace a dictator with another form of worst government. But rather to reorganize and restructure their economy so to use the oil revenue for the citizens and not just the wealthy politicians.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin

The head of the Iraqi control body is due to visit Erbil on Tuesday, an official in the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the visit of the Iraqi official comes to accelerate the preparation of a report on the salaries of staff of the region.

The director general of planning in the Ministry of Health Kurdistan Vian dry in a press statement that the head of the Iraqi oversight will be on Tuesday to visit Erbil, adding that the visit is dedicated TO FOLLOW UP THE WORK OF THE AUDIT COMMITTEE IN THE SALARIES OF STAFF OF THE REGION.

Al-Jaf said that Baghdad told them to prepare an urgent report on the work of the Audit Committee and send it to Baghdad so that the latter would send the salaries of the Ministries of Education and Health to the region.

(Mnt Goat – the GOI wants to make sure the money is actually going towards the salaries and not be stolen by the govt officials. )


5-02-2018 03:17 PM

The Euphrates –

The Kurdistan Alliance, he WILL NOT VOTE ON THE FEDERAL BUDGET IN THE EVENT OF REMAINING THE SHARE OF THE KURDISTAN REGION BY 12%, pointing out that that quota does not cover the needs of the Kurdish people by 50%.

MP of the Alliance Najibajib, explained in a press statement that the Kurdistan Alliance has dozens of observations on the federal budget, including observations of the existence of legal violations in the construction of the budget and accounting errors in the budget figures and build on $ 46 per barrel of oil.

Called Najib, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to review the draft general budget and take into account the rights of the Kurdish people and grant sufficient share of the Kurdistan region.

It is noteworthy that THE KURDISTAN ALLIANCE DECIDED TO BOYCOTT THE PARLIAMENT SESSION FOR TODAY IN THE EVENT OF THE INCLUSION OF THE DRAFT BUDGET LAW FOR THE YEAR 2018 ON ITS AGENDA, pointing out that all Kurdish blocs without exception refuse to pass the budget as currently.

(Mnt Goat – didn’t we just hear over the weekend this budget issue was all settled and they were ready to go to parliament for a vote on it? What the hell is going on here? Is this article old news? It came out on late Monday)

For her part, the MP of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, “Ashwaq dry,” that the position of the coalition TOWARDS THE DRAFT BUDGET LAW FOR 2018 HAS NOT CHANGED AFTER MEETING THE KURDISH BLOCS WITH PRIME MINISTER HAIDER ABADI, while pointed out that all the Kurdish blocs will continue to boycott the parliamentary sessions if included Its budget schedule.

Here is the article from over the weekend:


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri, announced that the Finance Committee announced its readiness to read the general budget for 2018 again.

Jubouri said during the session of the House of Representatives and briefed by "Economy News", "The Finance Committee announced its readiness to read again the law of the general budget for 2018, and in the event of a quorum will be voted on inclusion.

(Mnt Goat – this tells me they had everything settled over the weekend. So what happened between the weekend and late Monday?)



Baghdad News –

MP Zana Said, on Monday, the requirement of the IMF to support the government in donor conferences, in return for the allocation of 14% of the budget for the Kurdistan region.

Said said in a press statement that ‘the Finance Committee held earlier meeting with the International Monetary Fund’, indicating that ‘the latter stipulated that his support for the Iraqi government in the columns of the donors in exchange for the allocation of 10 trillion dinars of the budget, or 14% of the Kurdistan region ‘.

“The government is trying to shirk this condition,” he said, adding that “this will affect the position of the government during donor conferences, including the Kuwait conference.”



Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi discussed with US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman the desire of US companies to invest in Iraq.

According to a statement issued by his office, Al-Abbadi received in his office Monday evening US Ambassador Silliman, where he discussed the enhancement of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

"The two sides also discussed the support of the United States of America for Iraq in all areas and the stability and reconstruction of Iraq and the desire of US companies to invest in it."



Economy News Baghdad

It seems that the crisis on the budget law is about to be released, the Finance Committee has provided reassurances of the near adoption in the event that the political blocs agreed on the points of contention that adhere to them.

The committee member, Hossam al-Aqabi, told the “Economy News” that the political blocs, if reached an agreement on their controversial points in the budget, will be approved within two weeks, warning of the delay of its approval as it causes harm to all parties.

Kurdish deputies demand the adoption of the 17 percent approved in the budget last year, while other MPs insist on adopting the proportion contained in the draft sent by the government, amounting to 12.6%.

Did not reach Abadi and the Kurdistan Alliance to an agreement on the share of the region of the budget, according to a member of the Finance Committee, revealing at the same time the adoption of the budget 2018 principle of population ratios in calculating the share of the region.

He added that the prime minister is waiting for a detailed report from the Ministry of Finance concerning salaries of staff and their number in the region to resolve this problem.

And demands the southern provinces producing oil to adopt the federal budget on the rate of 5 dollars per barrel instead of 5 percent.

He added that the agreement with the oil-producing provinces reached nearly 90 percent.

For his part, demands the Union of Power to increase the dues of the provinces of Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Anbar, as they suffered from terrorist operations in the past years led to the absence of grades and lack of financial allocations.

The Finance Committee member Hossam Al-Aqabi said that the government agreed with the Union of Forces on increasing the allocations of liberated areas from the Da’ash organization and tried to convince them that their reconstruction is not accompanied by a single budget and the possibility of diversifying sources such as the Kuwait donors conference.

He predicted an economist not to approve the budget for this year to “contain political and economic errors,” noting that if it was approved, it will be adopted a political formula and contain political deals because they coincide with the near elections.

The economic expert, Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani, in an interview with “Economy News”, that Iraq is not to approve the budget, which is borne by the government as a first party when it delayed sending to the House of Representatives at the end of last year, and the Council as a second party because the latter has no decision other than Approve or reject the budget.

He added that the delayed adoption of the budget will affect the investment side, noting that if it was approved and published in the newspaper (facts), the work will begin from the fourth month, because the procedures required to do so




The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee confirmed that the donor conference to be held in Kuwait next week will see the establishment of the reconstruction fund for the destroyed cities and regions of Iraq, which will be under the direct supervision of the government.

"There is an international and regional desire at the level of governments, civil society organizations, companies and major investors to support Iraq and contribute to the process of stability and reconstruction," said committee member Hilal al-Sahlani in a statement. Iraq's success in attracting more international and regional support. "

He added that "this conference will be a real portal to stimulate the wheel of economic, commercial and even cultural, as well as services and infrastructure as well as the tourism sector and the entry of investors to the Iraqi market to implement various projects after the security stability in the country." 

And Sahlani that "

He added that "the government is continuing to invest in the positive atmosphere for the opening of diplomatic relations with the countries of the world and the region, which was achieved by the final victory on the advocate of the terrorist and the liberation of all areas and Iraqi territories," noting that "the House of Representatives and parliamentary committees in direct contact with government agencies to ensure the attract of international support And attract investment and capital funds to achieve reconstruction and reconstruction of the national economy. "

It is noteworthy that Kuwait will host next week [12 to 14 February] the International Donor Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq with the participation of more than 2,300 international companies. 

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will head Iraq's delegation at the conference amid hopes to raise $ 100 billion to rebuild cities destroyed by guerrilla groups and military operations to free them.

"We do not wait for miracles to reconstruct Iraq from a single step, but we are working on several steps, and Kuwait is one of these steps 

," Abadi said, adding that "Iraq is not begging anyone. The Iraqis sacrificed their blood to eliminate terrorism and broke it and saved the region and the world from its danger. "There is help for the Iraqis on the humanitarian side and the reconstruction of their cities."



Baghdad News – Al-Hayat newspaper reported Saturday that nine countries imposed conditions on Iraq to contribute more than $ 100 billion in financial aid to the Kuwait conference.

The newspaper said that “the conference will be attended by 70 countries, in addition to international organizations, including the World Bank, and will be dedicated the first day to present investment opportunities in Iraq, while allocating the other days to collect $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of liberated cities,” noting that “nine countries demanded Iraq guarantees for its participation in the donor conference. ”

The newspaper quoted an Iraqi official as saying that “there is reluctance among a large number of Western countries on the approval to participate in the conference, including members of the military alliance against a Washington-led advocacy organization,” noting that “official invitations were extended to 80 countries , But more than 32 countries, including important countries and known for their significant contributions to such conferences, did not inform us of their consent to attend so far. ”

A government source, who declined to be identified, said there was real concern by companies that the amounts of grants earmarked for the reconstruction of Iraq would go into pockets of corruption whales, and demanded that she supervise the reconstruction process because she was not convinced of the integrity of the government.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat