Wednesday, January 31, 2018



I rarely go to my local bank but this morning I needed to organize an automatic payment. While I was standing in the queue, an overseas visitor asked a teller about exchanging currency. The teller replied that 'their system was being changed over' and she couldn't help him unless he banked with that branch.

When I got to a different teller I asked her about the conversation I had over-heard. She said, 'Yes it is true, our system is in the process of being changed over and we can only exchange currency for our own clients.' I asked her how long it would take to do. She replied, 'Well, we were told a month ago that it would be two weeks and we are still waiting...'


Love and Light    Sierra (NZ)

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 31 2018

Compiled 12:30 am EDT 31 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 1-30-18

1. We are very close. We are so close that the Intel that we normally get is very light. It is quiet. It seems that it is quiet for a reason.

2. In the last few days, there have been some exchanges that have gone on. There have been some Table Top meetings that have gone on in major cities in Europe and the US a little bit as well.

3. We also have evidence that Wells Fargo has done some exchanges yesterday in about a dozen cities across the country for a limited time we think.

The good news is these exchanges are done at the most recent screen rates that we have seen. These are not buy back rates or teaser rates, but higher rates than we thought possible rates without negotiating. That has happened yesterday. It wasn’t wide spread, it was sporadic.

4. There is a lot to give us hope that this is the very end of the ride. We are almost at the end of the month. We could expect some great things here very shortly.

5. I am very pleased the community, the other major call and myself finally are seeing the rates coming together at about the same level.

6. One of our Iraq contacts was saying that he needs to be completely silent tomorrow from sunrise to sunset. I wonder if that might be or could be they may use that time of silence to put out the rate and actually make it publicly known.


B. Jan. 30 2018 5:03 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 30, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. This month multiple Cabal-MIC surveillance and weapon satellites in orbit were shot down by the Alliance.

2. Ghost Operatives successfully destroyed multiple undisclosed Cabal biological weapon laboratories hosting diseases and viruses such as the flu.

3. Trump would be giving his State of the Union Address today Jan. 30, which would be a pivot point for the transition process to proceed.

4. Private humanitarian projects were informed to prepare for the RV this week.

5. Current RV release window remains at 11:58 pm EST tonight Jan. 30 to after midnight at 12:01 am EST Jan. 31.


C. Jan. 30 2018 4:16 pm EST: Intel Drop: George Soros' Son Being Held to Force his Father's Surrender

1. Benjamin Fulford says that the White Dragon Society has kidnapped George Soros' son. He is being held at a secret base near Kathmandu in the Himalayas.

2. The hope is that they can force Soros to give himself up to the Gnostic Illuminati in Russia and admit his crimes.

3. More details as they come. Stay alert. Big things are happening.


D. Jan. 29 2018 10:11 pm EST Well Over 13,605 Elites Named in Sealed Indictments: Sealed Indictments Per State as of January 26, 2018

Indictments shown here by state did not anywhere represent the number of elites being charged with Federal offenses (Just one of the 13,605 indictments had 13 people on it).
Download PDF file:


E. Jan. 30 2018 10:51 pm EST, Fulford on Wilcock: David Wilcock Update via Ben Fulford -- January 29, 2018 Ascension With Earth

1. 13,605 total sealed arrest warrants:

2. Q Anon briefings are real, and coming from the highest levels of the Alliance. Entire teams of people are working on putting it all together. It is now considered the main way the Alliance is getting info about these operations out to the public.

3. Link to Q Anon briefings: https://qcodefag.github.io/

4. Child trafficking usually goes hand in hand with money laundering, scrubbed gun and arms trafficking, and distribution of drugs.

5. Thus we are seeing more and more oddities with the Vegas shooter and his brothers being involved in gun trafficking, child trafficking, and as a bonus, having a property directly next door to Bohemian Grove: https://needtoknow.news/2018/01/weird-link-las-vegas-shooter-bohemian-grove/

6. 40,000 arrests of pedophiles just in the US for 2016.


F. Jan. 30 2018 4:31 pm EST: "Re: Hodges and Cottrell" by Brigantine - 1.30.18

1. Attorney At Law Al Hodges and his client Michael C. Cottrell have been on standby for a go signal for many years. The background:


2. First, let me assure all that I am still involved and represent Mr. Michael C. Cottrell and several others. My firm would continue to be involved, though I have attempted to retire on a number of occasions over the years.

3. Second, to those who somehow have come to believe that I sold my personal CMKX shares and am now living a resultant plush life, you are mistaken on both counts. It’s been a very long [15+ years] and bumpy road, and the most recent six or seven years I have devoted my entire existence and resources to accomplishing goal fruition.

4. Third, this has become something much larger than CMKX ROI. It has become, primarily by necessity, a global reset of 7+ billion peoples’ existence and future.

5. We are willing/unwilling participants in a global reset of human existence.

6. The “protocol” for payout of all relevant moneys has changed a minimum of 80 to 100 times. Protocol changes have been made without notice by the New Powers That Be, largely as a result of the nefarious activities of those societal elements opposing this reset.

Protocol changes have been necessitated frequently because the opponents [“Cabal”] have engaged in a habit of making agreements and then denying their existence, efficacy, or possibility; this, when combined with a requirement imposed by the NPTB that no force or bloodshed be involved, is [IMO] the reason for the many, many changes in the protocol and payout schedule.

7. The CABAL has been defeated, and almost all of their teeth pulled; what you see continuing on TV and reflected in the media is all a dog-and-pony show to keep the general populous calm and non-reactive.

8. It would end very, very soon. It was proceeding to its final event.

9. NESARA was in fact real, and was scheduled shortly to be announced. [It was first to be announced at 10 AM on the 11th of September, 2001, which indicated to a degree the success that the CABAL has hence enjoyed].

10. I am advised that the Paris Climate treaty contains secret language that all country signators agree to implement the crux of the standards laid out in NESARA in their own countries and being collectively referred to as GESARA.

11. Your world was about to change for the very much better in ways only dreamers usually embrace. Sobeit!


Baxter: I cant wait to hear Trump announce the RV Tonight... ;$$$ I might have a long night.. :laugh
Spectra: @Baxter ARE YOU DREAMING-?
Spectra: @Baxter LOL
Spectra: @Baxter DREAMER
Baxter: WOW.... I just woke up
Spectra: @Baxter Go back to sleep ill wake you up rumplstiltskein,when it RVS...
Baxter: Ok...
JoeSchmoe: Who is the **   that is saying Trump will announce the rv? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!
blackgold: Thats President Trump
Sergio: News Report!!! Trump to announce the RV.!!!! Meaning the Revitalization of America
 B52: No, Trump won't. Trump might get impeached before we even RV. He's making the Congress, and Senate very angry. Regardless of how you feel about him, positive or negative.

BREW: he want be impeached, these **  has someone in there they can't put a saddle on.
firefarmer: If you remember history Bill Clinton gave America a big spurt to the US when he did his tax cut. Most of the income came from Kuwait revalue
B52: @BREW That's true, in that he's very independent. Brew, I hold no political sides. I am neutral. However, am I correct in assuming you're a big fan? Strictly just polite conversation, I promise.
BREW: @firefarmer geez, i never saw a dime of that money, lol
firefarmer: you did not own the kuwait currency
firefarmer: Trump may be trying to do the same thing.
BREW: @B52 no harm intended, i think congress and the senate needs to be cleaned out. put some new blood in there.
Tebow: how can cutting people's taxes be income from Kuwait's revalue. :laugh
firefarmer: The tax cuts is what they claimed the economic spurt but it was the income from the KRV that actually made it happen
Baxter: Kuwaitt.... never revalued.... period
Tebow: as I remember it was Newt's Congress who wrote the tax cut which Clinton signed
Baxter: yep... i am correct
firefarmer: ok so all the money we stole from them for nothin while we saved them was worth a whole lot more when we liberated them
Baxter: it wasnt worth a dime more... it was re instated to the exact rate it was before sadaam
Tebow: @fire farmer very few people made any money from Kuwait's re instatement
Tebow: stole money :laugh
firefarmer: @Baxter yes but we stole so much of it for nothin when it was reinstated we spurred our economy with that money it only went into the gov coffers and some of the rich folks
B52: @Tebow I believe that's because of the media, or lack thereof at the time. Today, with the internet's evolution... it would be way more widely known, before and after
Tebow: yes more people know about the dinar
Spectra: @tebow a few more than you know..Contractors have ..and my own husband knew a few so get it right....................T.............
Spectra: i lived in kuwait
B52: @Spectra Did you live there when they reinstated their currency?
Spectra: @B52 actually i came after
Spectra: @B52 but my husband was acontractor there and he knew people who did make a good profit...
B52: But you saw it in person... the situation? Did you hear about the rate change there... or did you just go there and it had already been boosted?
B52: Ah, friends. Right on. I bet they made a crazy profit. Not quite the same ROI as Iraq will provide. But I'm sure they made a massive return.
Spectra: @B52 i dont need to see it to know....when you someone retire from their job that good enough for me....
B52: lol true
Spectra: yes
B52: Retirement is always a great indicator
B52: Especially when they're in their 30's lol
Spectra: some people like to get in here like they know it all ..but they nothing
Spectra: no names here .....
Spectra: @B52 yes young men ...
blackgold: My friend made enough off of Kuwait to retire on, so I know some people made it
B52: @blackgold and is that same friend also invested in Iraq?
Spectra: @blackgold alot of us do know of it...Their problem if they dont believ i could care ;lless
Spectra: @blackgold i dont feel a need to prove ................it to anyone..what i know is what i know...
Tebow: delusional
Spectra: @blackgold i wish my husband was there ...and so did he after it happened..
Tebow: he'd take away your computer
blackgold: @B52 No
Spectra: This is a whole different thing here...Iraq ..
blackgold: @Spectra I missed it too
Spectra: @blackgold my husband was pretty sad he missed it too
Spectra: @blackgold but next came Iraq...so here i am...
blackgold: @Spectra Me too but i never figured they would pull the crap they pulled by starting a second war
blackgold: @Spectra ISIS was a Joke
Spectra: @blackgold right no one seen this coming ..true..
Spectra: @blackgold i know what it is and who started it all believe me...
Spectra: @blackgold sadam wanted a gold dinar?


Stand4Christ:  In Trump's SOTU speech, did anyone catch Trump saying something about starting "next month", due to tax reform, many Americans will take home more money ??

That also means, more spending and more money will suddenly circulate in the market due to, according to his public statement, the effect of the tax reform.

When is "next month", family???  It's February 2018; which Trump has said it for the first time at the DAVOS' Q&A section last Friday.

All signs point to some sudden big movement of money is about to hit America starting in the month of February 2018, but especially at the beginning of February 2018 !!

Remember, like the Joker said, "It's All Part of the Plan"!!


Richard:  I personally do not believe that his statements have anything to do with what we are waiting for. 

Stand4Christ I agree, that statement itself has absolutely nothing to do with what we are waiting for.  However, the timing of February 2018 (even especially the beginning of February) has everything to do with all that Trump has planned, which includes what we are waiting for.


Stand4Christ:  FRANK26,  You have mentioned in your last CC that, you'll keep your eyes on February 8th, because that's "January 8th +30 days". 

I have a different suggestion :  before you pay attention to February 8th, you might want to 1st pay attention to Friday February 2nd 2018 (and also that whole weekend), because that's the 30th day counting from January 4th being the 1st day .....

I think you have mentioned that, America was launching a new USD system on January 4th 2018 (even behind the scene) that would have something to do with the new UST/USN;

I really think you were onto something, AND, if a new dollar system will come online, when IQD RV happens, and will peg itself to a basket of currencies, as for "USD  system" speaking, which "USD system" do you think should the RVed IQD peg itself to??? The new one?? Or the old one ???   ^_^

Oh, also, don't forget, a new sheriff is coming to town ..... starting in this February 2018 (I think it'll be on February 4th; need to double check), a new FED chair Jerome Powell will be swearing in !!  New boss, new policy, new direction, and, can I hear, NEW DOLLAR (well, not in February, but still soon coming anyway) !!?? LOL

Remember, "It's All Part of the Plan!! ~ Joker"

Of course, these are just my IMO speculative opinion!! 

Laf19954:  "Do not pour new wine into old wineskins, or else they will burst.  Put new wine into new wineskins?  Just a thought, my friend!

Bonk:  Isn't February 8th the day that another government shutdown looms? The approval to re-open the gov.  was only for a short time. I could be mistaken about that. Anyone know for sure?

Frank26:  W CC OF LAST WEEK  .................EXPRESSED THIS ........IMO.    TIME WILL TELL.


Stand4Christ:  very important excerpt from Trump's SOTU that talked about the imminent economic boom that is about to hit America starting "next month" (February 2018)

Trump: Millions of Americans will have more take home pay next month - YouTube

And, starting tomorrow and into February, start paying attention to how news will re-visit this narrative, and how they will credit the soon coming American economic boom to Trump's tax reform, even though, IMO, a HUGE part of that "new money going into the market" will in fact be coming from the Dinar community.

Remember, "It's All Part of the Plan!! ~ Joker"


Samson:  Treasury bonds / Contractors' receivables for the year 2018

 January 31, 2018

To / Banks (Rafidain / Rasheed / Iraqi Bank for Trade) Regulations of public
treasury bonds / Contractors' entitlements for the year 2018



Samson:  Integrity issued arrest warrants against 26 people with special grades, including a minister

11:29 - 31/01/2018

The Integrity Commission announced on Wednesday the issuance of arrest warrants against 26 people of special grades, including a minister during the last year 2017.

"The Integrity Commission issued arrest warrants against 25 people of special rank and general managers and those of their rank," said Hassan Yasiri, head of the committee.

"Among those arrested were a minister," said Yasiri.   LINK


Samson:  Decisions were issued prohibiting the travel of 315 officials and employees during 2017

11:31 - 31/01/2018  
The Integrity Commission announced on Wednesday that 315 decisions had been issued to prevent the travel of officials and employees during 2017, adding that 76 decisions were still in force.

"The Integrity Commission issued 315 decisions last year to prevent the travel of officials and employees," said Hassan Yasiri, head of the committee. "Among them are five ministers and 29 special grades."

"76 decisions to ban travel are still in force," Yasiri said.   LINK


Samson:  Yasiri announces the return of about 133 billion dinars to the treasury of the state

11:49 - 31/01/2018  
The head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yasiri, on Wednesday, the success of the Commission in the return of about 133 billion dinars to the treasury of the State during the last year 2017.

"In the last year 2017, the Integrity Commission succeeded in returning 133 billion dinars and 949 million dinars to the state treasury," Yasiri said at the annual conference of the authority and his follower.

"The money seized by the criminal offense amounted to five billion dinars and 130 million," said Yasiri, adding that "the body is seized on a daily rigging of sukuk in large amounts."    LINK