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Dinar Rates w/Bruce INTEL ONLY wo/Infomercial


1-26-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Abadi: They are on the process of rising the Iraqi economy and create jobs"   FYI – Abadi has been the best thing that’s happened to Iraq in the last 2 decades. Is he perfect? No. Are they on track? More than you know. So relax.   Quote:  "Abadi: “…we are in the process of raising the Iraqi economy and create(ing) jobs…”  What exactly is this process he is speaking of?  Does it include monetary and currency reform?   I don’t see how it cannot – especially with the clear re-engagement of Iraq with the world markets  With any luck Abadi will get a lot of credit for their peace and prosperity – Maliki and Barzani will get shut out on May 12th.

1-26-2018    Intel Guru Bruce
  How close are we? We are very close. Before President Trump left for Davos yesterday [Wednesday] evening, he gave permission to Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury to release this for us to the banks prior to midnight tonight. ...That means the banks will have it...to release it when they are ready. When the banks are ready. Maybe ready quickly, maybe they won’t. We will see how quickly that will manifest. I think we are at a moment to moment basis.  That is where we are and I am very excited about it.  [post 2 of 2]

1-26-2018    Intel Guru Bruce   When it comes to Iraq...We know those bonds that were being offered Wednesday morning...did not sell so well in Iraq because a lot of the people don’t trust the banks. They do not trust the CBI.  They did make another attempt to sell more bonds. They were cut off after an hour or so of trading. They did some more selling of those today [Wednesday], and again more outside than inside of Iraq.  I believe those bonds will sell.  The only thing I know is the rate for the dinar that was attached essentially to the bonds is a very strong rate for the dinar and is the same rate as the opening rate will be on the CBI and on our bank screens here. I do know that. I do know that it is slightly under $5...   ...some people tend to believe that the Dong is going to be at 47 cents.  ...Just not true.  The Dong is already close to $2 just the other night. ...I think the screen rate is going to be in that range or higher for the Dong.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-26-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   [continued Q & A] ...with my contact in the Central Bank.  Question: So are you saying you now have an in-country revaluation of the Iraqi dinar?  Answer: We are gradually rolling out an increase in rate on the dinar as we electronically pay the January govt payrolls and going forward...   The marketplace must catch up slowly. We plan to gradually also roll out the newer category notes to match. This is a slow process but we hope to be successful. This process has taken many years to implement and we are within the final stages of completion.  

1-26-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Complete system Vehicle Tracking (GPS) Banking Services "   Quote:  "The Ministry of Communications has completed vehicle tracking company for the benefit of the Iraqi banking project, while the light station installed in the hand Baghdadi in Anbar province to link security and service departments with the capital."   I look at this as more good news.  The CBI needs to track vehicles hauling currency to and from banks and this just provides more security.  Especially when they start hauling dinar for destruction.

1-26-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [Do you still like January?]   YES...BUT...I LIKE EVERYDAY OF THIS MR [MONETARY REFORM] BECAUSE IT IS UNDER GREAT PRESSURE TO COME FORTH...  [If we see the RI in January would it be possible we would see the RV within the first Quarter?]   YES!!!
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1-25-2018   Newshound Guru mike   Article: "National Investment: Kuwait conference will offer a strategic and 157 medium-sized projects"   Quote:   "The Conference Kuwait International is scheduled to be held for a period of 12-14 of next February will be dedicated...to offer investment opportunities in Iraq, will also allocate other days to raise $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of the liberated cities will participate in the conference 70 countries, in addition to organizations international including the World Bank."    ...the whole point of investing is get a financial return, without an open market economy and a functioning banking system with convertible currency, there's no "investment" in Iraq. Handouts? Sure. Relief aid for the displaced? Check. Sovereign bonds can be secured by Iraq's oil revenue, there's no security investing in Iraq's infrastructure. Let's revisit this after the conference and see what happens. 
1-25-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   [continued Q & A] ...with my contact in the Central Bank.   Q:  What about the UN charter. Don’t you have to be under Article 8 to operate out of monetary sanctions from the wars, meaning the movement to a different monetary regime?  A: Yes, this is true and there are plans to move from Article 14 to operate “fully” under Article 8. The plan is to complete this within the first quarter of 2018. At this time we hope to have monetized to the new dinar categories.  Question:Won’t you also have to stop the current practice of the currency auctions?  Answer: yes, this is the plan within the first quarter of 2018 to stop these currency auctions.

1-25-2018   Newshound Guru Enorrste  
Article:  "National Investment: Kuwait conference will offer a strategic and 157 medium-sized projects"   Quote:   "The Conference Kuwait International is scheduled to be held for a period of 12-14 of next February will be dedicated...to offer investment opportunities in Iraq, will also allocate other days to raise $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of the liberated cities will participate in the conference 70 countries, in addition to organizations international including the World Bank."   Unless the currency is convertible nothing of any consequence will happen.

1-25-2018  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [...isn't Iraq election in February? If so if the rv is not do before the election what is Abadi's chances of being re-elected?]  Election dates... actually, ANY event in Iraq... they tend to be confusing and subject to change. It seems to change from week to week more or less.  It appears that the election process will start in February, but the actual vote will not happen till May.

1-25-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   IMO Iraq has an International Currency Now.  IMO CBI has a strategy and are distributing the LD’s ( Lower Denominations) in the banks now.  This week Dems asked President Trump how he would pay for the Wall...He said (IMO) to ask him next week!  We told you...to wait until Davos was over...and soon President Trump will make his keynote Speech in Davos.  President Trump will also say IMPORTANT THINGS in his State of the Union Speech!  IMO..Something is planned for January...Don’t know for sure if it’s to raise the value?  Next week my teams and I will know more. IMO At the end of all of this the USD will come back stronger just like it did in 1999 ( Kuwait RV? ).   IMO Banks may have RI’d already and we just can’t see it posted yet….but, IMO they  are sure acting like it in Davos...

1-25-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  Watching the Iraqi Dinar is not some special event.  There’s not something special or secretive in the background going on.  It’s simply an economy that’s in the market and has to compete and they have to watch what it is they are doing so they can balance out their currency with their economy in order to compete correctly…No body outside of a country has the right to manipulate somebody else’s currency.  It just doesn’t happen…the reality is it has to do with markets.

1-25-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [...on a scale from 0 - 10 how far or how close are we to thé HCL Rv?]   ...a 10/10.

1-25-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Article:  "US Vice Foreign Minister in Baghdad next Sunday"   Quote:  "Visiting Deputy Foreign United States Secretary John Sullivan of Baghdad on Sunday for talks on activating the strategic framework between the two countries on the diplomatic, political and economic levels of the Convention."   The economic side of the SFA is the TIFA agreement.  Clearly that can not be activated until Iraq's banking system is engaged with the world.

1-25-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [r u referring to collecting the 000s from inside iraq or outside or both?]  BOTH FRIEND...HENCE THE VERY CONTROLLED FLOAT.  [reference Guru Frank26 post 1-24-2018]

1-25-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Q: Has the rate of exchange (IQD vs USD) changed within Iraq?  A: The rate of exchange should be transparent within Iraq except for merchants and businesses. When the CBI is paying out January salaries and pensions we are paying under a much higher rate. This rate is based on an early December agreement with the IMF.  [post 3 of 3...more Q and A to follow.]

1-25-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Q: What are the new category notes?  A: Iraq can expect to see 1, 2 dinar coins, along with 5,10,50,100, 200, 500 and 1,000 paper notes as common categories. Also ¼ and ½ dinar coins along with 5, 10,100 coinsThis distribution however must be a slow and gradual distribution as the marketplace demands. As you may know we did launch the new secured 50 notes in 2015 but postponed the 100 and 200 category notes planned for 2016 distribution but are now ready. The 1,000 note is already in circulation but we are working on a newer polymer version with new security features to come out soon.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-25-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  ...update to a recent conversation with my contact in the Central Bank. Folks it does not get any better than this to confirm what I (and others) have been saying about a very good timeframe for the month of January to see this revaluation to occur.  Q: In past news articles we read that some of the categories of the lower notes have been distributed to the banks within Iraq. Is this true?  A: Yes, but not all the branches.  ...This effort was a year long effort and is now completed.  Q: When do you plan to turn on the ATMs with these new categories?  A: These new notes will be loaded into the ATMs and the bank windows soon if not already at some banks.   I can tell you this timing is on conjunction with paying the govt payouts (salaries, pensions, etc.) for the month of January.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-25-2018   Newshound Guru mike   Article  "National Investment: Kuwait conference will offer a strategic and 157 medium-sized projects"   I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this conference in Kuwait. Like most investors the whole point of investing is to allocate money with the expectation that I'll financially benefit in the future. I'm wondering how these guys are going to drum up this kind of money without the open market functionality to repay these investors...  

Get Ready for Global Currency Reset in 2018 (Mirrored)





Reader H. writes:


Yesterday I went to a branch of the Commonwealth Bank in Western Australia to exchange VND 20,000,000 for Australian dollars because I needed about a thousand dollars buy some tyres for my car.

I was served by the bank manager who told me that I was very lucky to have come into the bank today because she had received a memo from head office advising that Vietnamese Dong would not be accepted as exchangeable currency after 5pm today.

Now, that's a really unusual step for an "Australian Big Four Bank" to take. As a nation we have an excellent relationship with Vietnam, many Vietnamese live and work hard in Australia, we holiday there, do business and trade with Vietnam and have a mutually respectful working relationship with them in general.

What does the bank know that we don't?

Any thoughts?


January 26, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

I want everyone to realize what is going on. Note that there is no Iraqi 2018 budget passed as of yet, thus no Iraqi RV as of yet….just saying. I tried to connect the dots on this issue for everyone in one of my recent past Newsletters. Did you read it? Just wanted to bring it to your attention one more time…hint…hint.

More news….

So recently I conducted my second of FB surveys and still many of you (about 20%) believed that the RV is being intentionally held up. So today I want to try to help this 20 percent of the participants in the survey to understand why I believe it is not being held up, only delayed until Iraq is “fully” ready. They are now fully ready.

Listen to the program on link below. Could this be the hold up of the RV?

I don’t normally want to cover this ZIM stuff (or other currencies) because I believe it is just another bit of hysteria like the Bitcoin. All for nothing in the long term.

But today I must include it in our analysis since this notion of a GCR (includes the ZIM) impacts greatly in all the confusion of the “delays” in seeing the Iraqi dinar RV.

I do not know if all of this information (in the link below) is going to hold up Iraq from their Re-instatement but it may hold up many from cashing in their ZIM for sure.

Now I want everyone to understand that I do not think you are an idiot for purchasing the ZIM. I do think that you are an idiot for buying into this hysteria without doing your homework. This is how people lose lots of money without thinking what they are doing.

Also, I want everyone to understand that I do not think you are an idiot for purchasing the ZIM because you are convinced by someone you will make lots of money but because you bought into this hysteria without doing your homework. Now if you bought the ZIM early enough it was very inexpensive and the so the risk of losing substantial money is very low. You thought it through and realized the risk was very minimal for the amount of the investment. So that even if it NEVER produces any change for you that you are still fine with it and not stressed out. Kind of like putting a coin in a slot machine or buying a lotto ticket. So what if you don’t win? The price is so cheap and thus it was a very low risk venture.

But I am concerned (for your sake) that if you are taking your Iraqi dinar and selling it to buy the ZIM. This is the practice of an idiot and very stupid since the Iraqi dinar is the only currency with any sense of reality and certainty (this thus lowers your risk). Since you may have to wait a VERY long time to make any money off the ZIM, if even ever, it is much riskier. This presentation on the link provided to you today tells you why I feel this way.

Either way Iraq will get their RV outside of this so called GCR notion.

Will this ZIM RV impact us and exchanging our dinar?

NO - I do not believe it will! They can not hold back the Iraqi RV. They keep trying with all their excuses as they keep demanding more and more from Iraq. But it is coming down to a standstill now as under their latest SDR they are to be accountable and bound only for these mandates made with the IMF under their MOU.

So they did have some recent delays and they were real. Iraq did not complete all the mandates they agreed to.

The US Treasury has to approve the new rates for the dinar for the banks to use them and this WILL happen.

So when will we be exchanging our dinar?

Parts of the cabal want us NEVER to exchange and will delay and delay hoping to bring down the US crash their economy. As the presentation tells us this was planned to be completed in 2012.

FACT – the general public was never supposed to be involved in the Iraqi RV

FACT - the cabal doesn’t want us to have this money 

FACT – Iraq can’t grow their economy to the needed levels w/o the re-instatement of the currency

FACT – without a robust Iraqi economy, the cabal can’t obtain the funding for their projects either such as funding Agenda rollout of global 21/30 mandates. This funding comes to the UN in the form of donations as a member nation of the UN.

Already we heard in this Davos conference this week they want Iraq to sign into this "green" climate crap. Of course its really the funding they wanted so they can use the money to push their agenda21/30 efforts. It cost money to do it. Since the US pulled out their funding now they are going to Iraq for it. There is also the UN funding as a donor nation. How can they pay this is their economy does not succeed. How can the economy succeed with the re-instatement of the dinar?

See how nothing you hear in the news is coincidence if you know what is going on behind the scenes.

Now as for the ZIM RV?

Let's get the FACTS straight right from the start. FACTS don’t lie!

First of all there is NO ZIM RV. Get it?

Any of these older 2008-2009 AA notes are expired already and they told us this in 2016. They are now worthless to Zimbabwe. Get it?

So let’s stop saying the ZIM is going to RV…WRONG!

So, if there is any exchange of ZIM for US dollars in the USA it must come from some special deal or program made with Zimbabwe’s new government. It is not an RV!

Just listen to the current events in Zimbabwe and you tell there is absolutely NO WAY that Zimbabwe is going to RV thus use these older notes as exchanging currency from an RV. Are you an idiot or something to think otherwise?

So this notion of a ZIM RV is all made up as a coverup for what is really going on. But what is going and thus who is organizing it? It is legitimate sources or more from some Nesara or Gesara group of idiots?

So some group (and this link below gives you an idea of who it is) is trying to get the funding out of the hands of the cabal and put this ZIM deal together.

This ZIM has no real value it is just paper play money. So this is a FACT.

So how do they put some value to it?

So someone had an idea to use it since many of us were buying it already. The ZIM would be used as a vehicle to help fund and get the money out of these global funds (now controlled by the cabal). These global funds are to be used for humanitarian projects, thus is why we keep hearing about these projects over and over again.

However, to fund these types of projects, unlike the Iraqi dinar, (who's currency has real value), they need to get the money from somewhere to “artificially” put some value on it. Get it?

So, either they turnover the govt of Zimbabwe and force the resources to be exploited (this could take years and years or even decades to do) or they artificially back these worthless paper notes with I.O.U.s for future wealth. As the wealth is derived they pull out the money and pay the US Treasury.

But how does the US Treasury get the funding to begin with to pay us ZIM holders?

They don’t. It is all electronic money backed with collateral in futures from Zimbabwe’s resources.

Again more confusion over this in the dinar community.

So the confusion in our dinar community stems from no one taking the time to seriously study and research it. Yet they all brag they are so smart and good in their intel. Really?

Instead they just blindly listen to these cabal intel providers that are here to confuse all of you. They are doing a good job at it too. Again, Bruce from the BigCall (Big “bullshit” Call) is one of the worst culprits of this nonsense. He can’t seem to sort out what is really happening. He keeps grouping this Iraqi dinar RV and this ZIM stuff all together.

The confusion stems from a legitimate Iraqi re-instatement of their currency vs this cabal holding back funds for humanity projects (such as cleaning up oil spills, feeding famine countries, etc) from the ZIM. As usual these idiot gurus confuse everyone because they are stupid, ignorant idiots and don't have the brains or even desire to try to figure it all out.

Iraq dinar payouts are NOT pegged for humanitarian projects and never were or will be. Sorry all you gurus out there….

Sure you can use them if you like and if you have enough. In fact I encourage everyone to do so. But you have remember what I going on the overall plan not what you want to do. You can't combine apples and oranges and most of these idiot intel providers keep trying to combine the Iraq dinar in with notion of a GCR. I keep telling everyone to separate them. This is the KEY to fully understanding this whole mess. If you do this it will jump out at you and you can see that the Iraqi RV is coming very soon. They are not going to wait for Zimbabwe or any other country (thus the GCR notion).

So, I know that the holdups are more towards this ZIM exchange and this is why Mnt Goat is trying to discourage people from selling their dinar and then going out an buying ZIM. This ZIM is so shady and I hope this call on the link I provided shows you why I am saying this.

So let’s get this straight once and for all - The ZIM is meant to legally fund very large humanitarian "global" projects. This plot is to use these old ZIM notes as a jumping platform to get the funds out of the hands of the cabal, who seem to keep stealing the funds (from the global funds) before they ever reach their intended proposed projects. This is why they are attempting to put this money in your hands and not the cabal. They want you to control the funding of these projects. This is all theoretical at this point and nothing more than a plot as nothing has been done to push this forward to any extent that it could happen any day.

So now you have some idea as to how the ZIM will be funded, if and when these humanitarian projects EVER occur. If the Iraqi dinar RV is waiting for the ZIM (or even the Iranian Rial) it will be a VERY long wait. Of course I not believe in this notion of a GCR and so just because I talk about it I do not support this notion.

It is not a ZIM RV. The rates you are hearing about are simply rates for this endeavor so as to limit the amount you can receive. Do you notice that the rate drops 6 zeros of you apply it? Too much money in the system can implode the system. How anyone in their right mind can think for one second even that they will not drop any zeros on the ZIM and allow you too exchange a 100 Trillion note for 12 cents a ZDR. Right Bruce? (from the Big (stupid) Call. Are you hearing me?

What should I do if I now hold ZIM? 

Just hang on to it and wait. But remember don’t get stressed out if it takes a VERY long time (if ever) to see any benefit from it. Follow the progress being made in Zimbabwe.

What about the Iraqi dinar and why are you so sure it will RV?

Unlike the ZDR (with no real value), the IQD has value and will continue to grow exponentially as the economy grows.

Unlike Zimbabwe (with no real oil supplies per se), Iraq has the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves and they are already pumping and bringing it to market.

Unlike Zimbabwe (with no immediate customers for its resources per se), Iraq has just what the world needs right now and is already plugged into the oil flow of the world’s economies to supply their energy needs.

The cabal does not want us to have this money from the IQD exchange but 

they also do not have a choice since they too suffer in their grand plans for Iraq if they continue to hold it back. It is the aftermath of the RV that they want, lots of riches....

They can delay the Iraqi RV but remember when they do they also hurt their own plans too.

This is what this call is all about if you listen to the link below. It will give you an understanding of it all. 

It is a long call but I hope everyone listens to it carefully. It is telling us so much. So stop belly aching about waiting for the RV and do something to educate yourself about it then- EDUCATE YOURSELF!

More news….

Just out in the news. (Baghdad: al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi promised victory in the face of corrupt, while called on the House of Representatives to accelerate the passage of the budget.

So what is the holdup on the budget? We know the corruption is part of it. They also need to “drain the swamp” in Iraq of certain corrupt entities prior to opening and releasing the budget money. Wil the budget be based on a new rate to the dinar? Certainly we do know it is fluctuating and needs to be adjusted upwards since the price of oil has gone up almost 20 cents per barrel since the original draft was submitted to parliament for approval.

More news….

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Ministry of Health and the Environment, in coordination with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), LAUNCHED THE PROJECT TO ENTER IRAQ WITHIN THE GREEN CLIMATE FUND, in a move to benefit from the financing of the major industrial countries in projects that serve the environment and climate in the country.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Technical Affairs Dr. Jassem Abdul Aziz Al-Falahi said during the launching ceremony of the project for "Al-Sabah": "Iraq seeks to benefit from the green climate fund, which is funded annually from the major industrial countries within the umbrella of the Paris Climate Agreement to 100 billion dollars to set up projects to improve the environment In other countries. "

He added that «Iraq formed committees to promote international cases of dealing with the financial crisis experienced by the serious challenges faced by the environment», noting that «one of the most important decisions and environmental conventions that were taken in« the Paris climate »is the impact of Iraq significantly on high temperatures and climate change , And therefore set up global financial funds that Iraq can use to improve the reality of the environment, one «Green Climate Fund»

(Mnt Goat – of course the “green climate fund” is a scam to fund the UN and its concept of moving towards this “one world government” or as they put it the “New World Order”. Either way they put it, the results are the same. The problem I have with this concept is who is determining what the government principles will be based on since the average citizen has very little to say about it. This is all done in total secrecy. We also know that many of these ex-Nazi guys from WWII are heavily seeded in the UN and using it for a jumping platform for creating their own fascist state. You don’t need to look too far to see how the likes of George Soros or the Rockefellers’ work to understand just what direction they are moving the planet. Not Good! )


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) on Wednesday stressed the need to implement Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution to resolve the issues surrounding the disputed province of Kirkuk.

During a meeting with Australian Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Langman, KRSC Chancellor Masrour Barzani highlighted the importance of resolving the status of Kirkuk and other disputed territories between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iraq.

According to the Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, the future of Kirkuk and other disputed areas were to be decided with a local referendum where the people living in these provinces would choose whether they wanted to join the KRG or remain under the Iraqi government.

The KRSC head noted that ignoring this article has led to ongoing political differences between Kurdistan and Iraq, adding it needs to be implemented before Iraqi elections in May.



The meeting was held on Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the participation of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash and Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid Bin Ahmed.

Al-Jubeir said that Iran is the darkest view in the Middle East, stressing that Iran is trying to revive an empire destroyed hundreds of years ago.

"There is a loss of confidence with Iran. Iran has the people, culture and history we know. On the other hand, there is the situation since 1979," said Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid al-Khalifa.

"Iran must change its actions and be part of the international alliance to protect the region."

Gargash said that militancy must be fought and that the countries of the region should be natural states by creating local solutions.

"We must win the war on terrorism and stop funding extremism," the UAE minister of state for foreign affairs said at a symposium run by American journalist Thomas Friedman.



Dhi Qar / Al-Ghad Press: 

Dhi Qar Education Directorate announced on Wednesday the opening of an ATM for teachers and teachers of the province, stressing that this step is the first of its kind in the education of the provinces.

The Director of Education, Riyad Al-Omari told "Al-Ghad Press" that "the Directorate of Education opens on Thursday ATM to pay the salaries of teachers and teachers in the province, in a move considered the first of its kind at the level of Iraq's education."

He pointed out that "ATM WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE RAPID DISBURSEMENT OF SALARIES OF TEACHERS AND TEACHERS, without waiting for long hours in the queues on the gates of banks," stressing that "the notification of salaries will come after 24 of his arrival to banks."

He explained that "the province now owns 5 ATMs in the Directorate of Education and will apply the experience of payment through ATMs to 750 teachers and teachers in the province."

"All 500 teachers and teachers will have dedicated ATMs," he said, noting that "the center of the city of Nasiriyah will contain 45 ATMs for general public use."

(Mnt Goat – This effort is an attempt to gain trust in the electronic banking. Remember that the salaries are electronically deposited at the banks by the CBI. The teachers do not have to wait at the banks for anything. All they have to do is use their debit card in the marketplace or get minimum cash at the ATMs if they need cash. Folks this is just like in Europe and the USA, only this technology is all new to the Iraqi. This has nothing to do with dispersing the lower category notes for the RV. I know the title is catchy but believe me this is NOTHING NEW only now they talk in the context more of the ATM machines rather then implementing electronic banking. Nasiriyah banks, if you recall, are all electronic already and receiving CBI files. So please no hype or rumors about this article)



Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that Iraq is on the verge of economic revival and job creation.

Abadi said in a statement that the Prime Minister met today in Davos with heads of the largest international investment companies and major investors in various fields to mobilize support for Iraq before the Iraq Reconstruction Conference in Kuwait.

The statement added that Abbadi presented Iraq’s future vision for the development of all sectors and investment opportunities after winning the victory over the gangs of the terrorist and the importance of reconstruction and stability of Iraq, indicating that Iraq has become a big success story achieved thanks to the unity of Iraqis, and we are on the process of rising in the Iraqi economy and create opportunities the work.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s all be in an attitude of gratitude. What I received this afternoon should put us in the state of mind, heart, state of being to be in that state of gratitude for what we are about to receive because every indication that I have is very positive for us. The timing is good for us to go here before I am going to say we are in the moment. We are in that moment. We are so close from what I have heard especially tonight before the call.

Bruce:  When it comes to Iraq, we usually start there because so many things key on Iraq. We know those bonds that were being offered Wednesday morning, yesterday morning, at 8:30am Baghdad time, those did not sell so well in Iraq because a lot of the people don’t trust the banks. They do not trust the CBI. They don’t trust that situation. They are sort of a cash society or have been with everything going on. They are not super trusting and so the bonds some, but the bonds sold more to Iraqi citizens that were living outside of Iraq. A lot of Iraqi citizens winded up moving to Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and of course Iraqi citizens that live in the United States of which of some we know.
Bruce:  They did make another attempt to sell more bonds. They were cut off after an hour or so of trading. They did some more selling of those today, and again more outside than inside of Iraq. I believe those bonds will sell. I don’t know about the terms or particulars of the bonds. The only thing I know is the rate for the dinar that was attached essentially to the bonds is a very strong rate for the dinar and is the same rate as the opening rate will be on the CBI and on our bank screens here. I do know that. I do know that it is slightly under $5, but not much underneath it. I know that is just going to be a very strong screen rate.

Bruce:  You know you can negotiate rates above the screen rate even for the Iraqi dinar as well as the Zim, Dong, and Rial if you wish but if you have humanitarian projects that you will use some of the money for. The greater the percentage that you plan to use for your projects, sort of the higher they will let you go on your rates.  Don’t say 100 % or don’t say all of this or that, but keep a realistic percentage of what you plan to use or what you will use for humanitarian projects  and that will allow you to get a higher negotiable rate.

Bruce:  Some people believe and are talking in terms of banks. When I talk in terms of our experience that is coming, I talk in terms of exchange locations. I talk about Exchange Centers, and I talk about Redemption Centers. When I say Redemption Centers that is because we are redeeming the Zim as a bond. That is why I use the term Redemption Centers because we are redeeming them as bonds, the Zim. The other currencies we are exchanging. That is why we use those terms to clarify that. Exchange Centers versus Redemption Centers.

Bruce:  Some people are using the term “the banks”.  “When are we going to the banks?”  There will be banks that will be doing exchanges. They will not be doing Zim unless they are HSBC or Wells Fargo.  Then there might only be so many. All the HSBC will be doing Zim and some of the HSBC or if not all will be used as Redemption Centers, but some people tend to believe that the Dong is going to be at 47 cents.  That has been their thinking for 8 or 9 years.  Just not true.  The Dong is already close to $2 just the other night. Just to give you an idea, I think the screen rate is going to be in that range or higher for the Dong. Now you have a rough idea on the Dinar and Dong.

Bruce:  The Zim is going to be just I don’t care if it is a dollar which would be on par with the US dollar. It could be a little higher than that.   You realize with the denominations, and please there are no zeros coming off the Zim. It is a bond. It is treated as a bond. If you are in a deal that takes zeros off the Zim, you are not in a real deal. You are not in a fair deal. The denominations are large, billions, trillions, 10 Tr, 20 Tr, 50 Tr, 100 Tr.. Those notes that is what they are worth especially if the Zim is at a dollar which it be, you are looking at a 100 Trillion note being worth 100 Trillion dollars.

Bruce:  That is why the Zim exchanges will go to a structure payout of 25 years. You can negotiate for a slightly less than 25 years depending on much you have. The more you have most likely be a 25 year payout.  If you have one or two notes or smaller notes, you might be able to pull off a shorter period of time for your structure payout.  For me I am thrilled with the idea of a 25 year structure payout. I think it is fantastic not have to worry about getting a steady return that comes to me every quarter to use for my projects or whatever. I think it is fantastic. You don’t have to worry about the investment aspect of it. That is what I love about it. It is kind like it is done for you.

Bruce:  Keep in mind that the money that comes from the exchange of currencies like the Dinar,  Dong, Rupiah Afghani, and the Rial those funds are fully accessible to you. You do not have to put those in your structure payout. You could if you choose to lump those in, but they do not have to be put in. They could be just available, accessible to you right away with no limit to the accessibility of those amounts.  That is kind of different, kind of neat.  That is how I am going to do it myself. I am just going to take the amounts designated for the other currencies Dinar, Dong, Rial, etc. and keep those separate in my mind and in my account so that I don’t confuse that with the structure payout account from the Zim. Just a little clarification there.

Bruce:  When you go in, you will when you are setting up your accounts, you will have a skeleton trust, think of skeleton as bare bones, a basic trust that you will want to establish before you walk out of the bank. They will want you to have something.  If you already have trust paperwork that you like for this exchange bring it with you. Bring all of it and tell them here is my trust. Here is my certificate of the trust.  So they have the EIN and everything you have done. It will make it will make it easier to do that if you choose to do that, but we will have the ability to set up a basic skeleton trust at the time of the exchange.
Bruce:  Then you will have a period I believe up to 90 days, that is 3 months, to get with your attorneys, or attorney, your estate planning trust attorney, and set up whatever proper structures will be right for you. Then you can substitute those. Now realize you can have as many accounts as you want underneath the ownership of the trust. You don’t have to have one trust for this account, one trust for that, whatever. You can do that, you can set up multiple trusts, but you can also use a master trust and put some other things underneath that. You can even put a LLC inside your trust and keep it that way. There is several ways you can do that. Your attorneys not me, I am not a CPA, an attorney, and don’t play one on the Big Call.  Check with your attorneys, your legal team, at the time of your exchange. Start creating that.

Bruce:  Bring in your trust paperwork with you wish to use it, but if you don’t, you can create one at the time of your exchange. If you are going in and plan to use a trust that requires an EIN, employee identification number, you would need at least 5 trusts names already written down before you go in. Don’t try to remember them. Just write them down, at least five. When they go to set up your trust based on your jurisdiction, they will try to see if that name is available for that trust, if it needs to be registered.  Some trusts do not need to be registered.  Some trusts do.  Check with your attorney about that as well.  So what you want to have 5 names available so that if one is not available you can go on to the next one and so on. Hopefully when you get down to the 5 name it will be available. It can be something crazy, something fun, but it is going to be the name of your trust, so don’t get too crazy with it.  That is something I want you guys to be aware of.

Bruce:  That takes place in an hour to hour15 minutes for your exchange.  You will have your currencies verified and counted thru the De La Ru machine. Then you will be talking with a representative to set up your accounts. You will be talking to somebody about your projects. If you are doing any humanitarian work you will be talking to them about that. Negotiating your rates.  After that process takes place you will be negotiating your rates or working right off the screen rates. You will be or not signing a non disclosure agreement, or NDA depending on the situation. I cannot tell you exactly.

Bruce:   My indications are the screen rates will not require an NDA except possibly the Zim. They may still require an NDA even at the screen rate. I am not sure of this. Don’t get back with me if that is not the case. You will find out just as I will when we get there. You will have one or two accounts set up. I am not going to use a cashier check; I may do one bank wire. I wouldn’t do more than one or two.  You just won’t have the time to do that. You just won’t have time to do more. You will pick up some cash at the exchange centers. You also will have access to a temporary debit/credit card. Then you should get a permanent debit/credit of the bank you choose there.  Hopefully in 48 hours it will come by Fed Ex. There is no time frame on that personal card.

Bruce:  There is a lot to happen in a fairly short amount of time. The thing that goes the fastest unless you  carrying duffle bag after duffle bag of currencies,  The quickest part will be the verification and the counting.  You will be setting up your accounts, and getting your debit/credit/ card going.  You will be getting some cash up to $10,000.  I believe they have $100 bills in $2500 mini stacks. You may be getting 3 to 4 of those stacks if you want some cash just to have some liquidity.  If you are not a cash person, don’t worry about. If you want some and use to spending cash and using100s by all means help you.

Bruce:  When it comes to Humanitarian projects, this is where your dog and pony show on what you plan to do for humanity will be. It can be two to three minutes.  I would say no more than 5 minutes, but I would say 2 to 3 minutes. Let them know what you plan to do, how many jobs you see yourself creating in two years, otherwise you are looking at job creation, infrastructure, and longevity. You don’t want projects done in two years. You want projects that could go on, something that can go beyond your years. That is what you are really looking at. You want good employment.  We are almost, right now, at full employment. We are at 4.1% unemployment rate which is pretty close to what they call full employment.  You can thank the Trump Administration for that. 

Bruce:  We are moving toward needing qualified people to build out our projects. This is where we are going to find ourselves needing people.  Needing qualified people that can be trained.  That is why any veterans that comes back or released from the arm forces and needs training, we will be able to help them to get that training.  We can help with trade schools on the job training.  Some of these jobs you can learn on the job.   A lot of these are lab work. You can learn a lot on the job. I think we will help them do that. We will have apprenticeship and mentorship in the inner cities and rural towns.

Bruce:  We have a lot to do with Rebuild America and all can participate in all across the country.  You can say you are going to be part of that project. It will be wonderful and you do not need to mention my name.  You can tell them that you plan to be part of that in your community, your town or a place you plan on moving to or a place that is in reach to make changes for that city, town, and community.  I will be working with my team to put a template together on how to begin and get started on what we plan to do. Everyplace will have slightly different things happening. Whether it is rebuilding homes, rebuilding schools, clinics, recreation centers, creating infrastructure opportunity with roads and bridges, Meg love railway. All kinds of opportunities will be there.

Bruce:   Do not forget fiber optics, improving internet quality. All that is part of infrastructure as will.  If you are leaning to one or the other type of thing, you will gravitate to that and that is what you want to do in that town.  That will be coming when we get with the team and put it on our website. We have website already for rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network.  We have the website: bigcalluniverse.com so you can register your email if you want to get the toll free number. You will also get an email from us when we are ready to do calls and pod casts,  and we will have interviews.  We will start those up a month or so after we get ourselves ready for everything we plan to do.

Bruce:  How close are we? We are very close. Before President Trump left for Davos yesterday  evening, he gave permission to Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury to release this for us to the banks prior to midnight tonight. Release it to the banks. Now understand to all who are listening, don’t confuse what I am saying. Listen carefully. That means the banks will have it or will have it tonight to release it when they are ready. When the banks are ready. Maybe ready quickly, maybe they won’t. We will see how quickly that will manifest. Understand what I said.
Bruce:  This afternoon the 5 major banks, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America all were on a conference call that started at 3:45 pm EST on the east coast.  It only had (3) representatives from each bank, (15) people on the call. I do not know what they were talking about. I can only presume what they were talking about.  Hopefully it was about the release time and when it will actually go and how they will prepare for it, etc.

Bruce:   I just here to tell you things are in the works and President Trump is suppose to speak as the final speaker in Davos tomorrow at 1:00 Greenwich meantime tomorrow out of Davos, Switzerland.  I believe that is fairly going to be 6 or 7 am EST in the morning tomorrow.  I don’t know it will be covered by Fox or anywhere else. Hopefully it will be and I can look for it.

I don’t know if anything is contingent on that speech the release for us or not.  I heard rumors it may go after. I have heard it has nothing to do with Davos.   I know either the banks have it or they going to get it by midnight tonight from the Treasury to release. That is where we are and I am very excited about it.  I am honored still to be chosen to receive the toll free number.

I think we are at a moment to moment basis.  Let’s be in that attitude of gratitude and you are ready and prepared for your exchange and you Zim redemption. I can’t think of anything else that is relative to where we are right now.

Bruce:   Let’s go back all back in our minds how we want to present ourselves.  Make sure you bring (2) forms of identification, picture ID, a recent utility bill, could be a phone cell bill, something with your name and address on it. If you have a passport bring it. We have been over this stuff for 5 to 6 years now. I can’t think of anything new.

 Bruce:  I am excited and looking forwards to receiving a call with the toll free number. I will get it out and have the information delivered to places that it needs to go. Drop the phone number in, cut and paste it and it goes out. Bob going to help to see that those who have registered to our website: big universe.com.  Receive that toll free number.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody. I am hoping the next call you hear from us will be just a quick celebration call on a recording. We will record it and put it on website. Thank you all for coming in and listening.  Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for faith, hope and love.  Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call Universe for listening. Good night everybody.


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 26 2018

Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: This could very well be my last post if the 800#s come out Friday. I appreciate the honor to serve you these last few years. I thank Patrick for his unwavering dedication to "the cause."

In all your giving, please don't forget the children. Although they are finally catching some of the bad guys, there are still many innocents caught up in international human trafficking, child exploitation rings and local Satanic Covens. Please give freely to the unsung heros dedicating their lives and fortunes to Save the Children: Kevin Annett's ITCCS, Tim Ballard's The Underground Railroad and Veterans groups.

A. Jan. 25 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. We are in the moment right now from what Bruce heard just before the call tonight Jan. 25.
2. Iraqi bonds were offered to Iraqi citizens Jan. 24 Wed. morning 8:30 am Baghdad time and again today Jan. 25.

3. The rate offered was the same rate that will be offered when it goes live. The Dinar is slightly under $5 for the screen rate.

4. The greater percentage you offer for humanitarian projects (and less for yourself), the higher your negotiable rate.

5. The Dong is close to $2.

6. No zeros would be taken off the Zim. It is a bond. The Zim rate may be around $1.

7. The Zim will be on a 25 year structured payout. You can negotiate less if you have smaller notes. (Your money left at the bank earns interest paid to you quarterly).

8. Your funds from the other currencies do not need to be in your structured payout on the Zim.

9. You will have a skeleton trust established before you leave your exchange. You will have 90 days to get with your attorney to set up your permanent trust and accounts.

10. If you already have a trust, bring the papers to your exchange.

11. If you take the screen rates it will not require signing a Non Disclosure Agreement - except for your Zim exchange monies which will require an NDA.

12. If you want cash you can leave with $10,000 in cash (in $100 bills). You will be given debit cards to access your monies immediately.

13. On your humanitarian project estimate how many jobs you can create.

14. Before Trump left for Davos yesterday he gave permission to Munuchin to release this from the US Treasury to the banks tonight Jan. 25 at midnight EST.

15. All the big Tier 1 banks were in a conference call tonight (3 reps from each bank for a total of 15 people).

16. Tomorrow Jan. 26 at 1:00 (6-7 am EST) Trump will be giving his Keynote Closing Speech at the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland.

17. Bring two forms of picture ID and a utility bill to your exchange.


B. Jan. 25 2018 3:57 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 25, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The final sequence codes to activate the new financial system were said to have been entered two days ago, Jan. 23.

2. Back door meetings between world leaders, including discussions about the transition event, were to take place at the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland.

3. The door was now open for the release of the RV.

4. Several sources claim world leaders would be informed about the activation of the new financial system during the Davos Summit (which ends Fri. Jan. 26 with President Trump giving the Keynote Closing Address).


C. Jan. 24 2018 11:53 pm EST, - The Office of POOFness - 1.24.18

1. Today Jan. 25 preliminary funds were released and would start their journey into corporate accounts in the next day.

2. Although we were moments away from first funds in accounts, we still needed to get to Friday Jan. 26.

3. Other releases on the RV were to begin the general call for TTMs.

4. By next week we would be in full swing.


D. Jan. 25 2018 Frank 26: This week the Dems asked President Trump how he would pay for the Wall. His reply: "Ask me next week."


E. Jan. 25 2018 12:34 am EST, Banker Story Artfle Dodger Fan: "NY Banker Story" by The Artfle Dodger Fan - 1.25.18

1. On Jan. 24 I talked with an ex-banker who told me that they were exchanging 'boxes' of Dinar for $1b less 25%. I figure the boxes were of $250M dinar. That verifies to me that the current consensus where this could go any time is probably on the money.

2. I also asked about the Zim and he stated they have been trading that even longer. Right now they are taking blocks of 100Q. That answers the old question about whether the Zim is real. I didn't get the price, but was told it has been going up.


F. Jan. 25 2018 3:38 pm EST: VND Bank Story from RMN Reader in Australia 1-25-18

Yesterday Jan. 24 I went to a branch of the Commonwealth Bank in Western Australia to exchange VND. I was served by the bank manager who told me that I was very lucky to have come today because she had received a memo from head office advising that Vietnamese Dong would not be accepted as exchangeable currency after 5pm today.

G. Jan. 25 2018 3:23 pm EST, Faal: Sorcha Faal: Mitch McConnell Revealed as Russian Spy Sorcha Faal, What Does It Mean

With a massive scandal brewing at the FBI due their complicity in the coup attempt against President Trump, that is now being called “to big to believe”, this report continues, this now disgraced intelligence agency now finds itself on a collision course with President Trump loyalists in the US Congress—and who have compiled a highly classified document called “The Memo” that is warned will shock the American people to their core when they discover how corrupt the FBI and Justice Department became under the Obama-Clinton regime—and that US Senate Democratic Party Leader Chuck Schumer just intoned about, too, by grimly warning: “We’re all worried about it”.


H. Jan. 22 2018 1:10 pm EST, Fulford Report: "Future of the World Being Negotiated" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 1.22.18 https://benjaminfulford.net/ https://benjaminfulford.net/

1. The U.S. government shutdown was likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations discussed its replacement. The Western old-world-order leadership was gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate the issue.

2. Pentagon sources say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”

3. President Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses the shutdown to arrest cabal, terminate the corporate government, and launch the Republic to usher in the global currency reset (GCR).”

4. The House may release the FISA memo, which will take down criminals in Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic National Council, the CIA, plus the Obama and Hillary Clinton organizations. “Trump may even read the memo at the State of the Union address on Jan. 30,” the sources added.

5. Zimbabwe opposition leader Roy Bennett was killed in New Mexico to solidify the Zimbabwe dollar and pave the way for the GCR.

6. It is still far from certain that the GCR will take place as envisioned by the people in the Pentagon and agencies, since worldwide, the situation is extremely volatile and slipping out of U.S. control.

7. The Pentagon, in its first-ever audit using outside auditors, has already found that $21 trillion went missing between 1998 and 2015. That is more than 35 times the entire official U.S. military budget for 2016, multiple sources report. https://www.sott.net/article/374124-pentagon

8. CIA, MI6, and Pentagon sources say the missing money was spent on building up huge mercenary armies outside the control of official government structures. These are the people behind ISIS, the war on Yemen, Blackwater/Academi, etc. Also, the sources say, much of the money was spent on the “Secret Space Program.”

9. Elon Musk with his Tesla Motors and SpaceX programs, was a prime example. Tesla Motors’ market capitalization of $350 billion is 50 times its sales and 218 times its earnings.

10. Then there was Alphabet/Google, whose recently fired chairman Eric Schmidt visited North Korea in 2013 before the recent missile brouhaha started. Google has now been linked to missing Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 and the connected disappearance of microbiologists and computer engineers.


11. We have seen countless attempts by Khazarian mafia cabalists in recent years to set off nuclear weapons and start their “Armageddon,” only to have them stopped each time by often mysterious forces. Pentagon sources admit that “the Secret Space Program may have been used to down nuke missiles aimed at Hawaii and Japan and to stop the Cabal."

12. U.S. West Coast oligarchs are under attack in their California strongholds. The recent mysterious fires in California are now followed by equally mysterious earthquake swarms in Reno, Nevada, Reno was the last major unregulated “offshore banking” center on earth, where the Rothschild family have been gathering.


13. The underground base in Reno has been tied to anti-gravity disc technology and Nazi activity in Antarctica as well. A link with evidence of this was removed from the Internet just as this newsletter was being published. Perhaps that is why a senior CIA official, who is a relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, has requested a meeting with representatives of the White Dragon Society before and during the Jan. 31 Super Blue Blood Moon event to “discuss the future of the planet earth.” The meeting will take place next week at an undisclosed location in Southeast Asia. Hopefully, we will have a detailed report on that meeting available for our readers in a Feb. 5 newsletter edition.

14. Rural California is moving to secede from the San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco coastal enclaves of the super-wealthy. As this happens, the California government and local mayors have come out in open revolt against the U.S. federal government. That’s why U.S. military forces have followed their arrests of East Coast Khazarian oligarchs with mass arrests in California, Pentagon sources say.



15. Internationally, the current U.S. corporate government is losing support around the planet. Here are some examples:

a. U.S. NATO ally Turkey has begun attacking U.S.-backed forces in Syria.

b. Long-time U.S. ally Pakistan has publicly ended its alliance with the U.S.

c. North and South Korea put together a joint Olympic team to send a message to the world that they do not want to be artificially divided as a people and used as an excuse to start World War 3.

d. Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, China, and the EU attack Trump’s protectionist trade policies. http://www.livemint.com/Politics/mSx6CQUqgyY6Y3h4N0bDXM/WTO-Support-grows-for-India-in-solar-tiff-with-US.html
e. EU central banks are switching their reserves from U.S. dollars to Chinese yuan. https://qz.com/1180434/europes-central-banks-are-starting-to-replace-us-dollar-reserves-with-the-chinese-yuan/

16. These death throes of the U.S. corporate government has given urgency to this week’s gathering of Western (Atlantic alliance) powers in Davos, Switzerland. There, one faction is pushing for a restoration of the Republic of the United States of America. Another faction is pushing to finance a friendly takeover by Canada and the creation of a competently governed United States of North America. What both factions share in common is a wish not to have U.S. hegemony merely be replaced by Chinese hegemony.

17. The Chinese are saying they want to help create a world government that is friendly and fair to all peoples of the planet, according to senior members of Asian secret societies. They insist they do not want or seek Chinese hegemony. However, certain factions make it clear they think it is China’s turn to rule to take over ruling the planet from the West.

18. The more time that passes, the stronger China gets and the weaker the West gets. Western societies are now drowning in debt, have socially destabilizing wealth disparities, and have shrinking, aging populations. This is why the West needs to fundamentally reform its governmental, social, and economic architecture. The alternative to a reboot, including a jubilee and one-off asset redistribution, will be a steady decay that will end in widespread collapse of current structures. California is just a foretaste.


DePaul:  Did you know each time a $1 changes such as how many loaves of bread can be purchased with $1 our currency should have as well changed which notifies the citizens of our country our countries worth is going up/down. Back in the day in 1936 66 loaves of bread could purchased with a $1

And because $1 is so embedded into other continents and their systems are designed and built from the $1 since WWII, the BRICS nations are separating themselves from the USD and they are the first...therefore all that $1 USD stock piled in their reserves the previously utilized to buy foreign goods will come back to our country because now less of a demand

We are gold backed now...Thank God..and our FIAT USD 1$ USD will be replaced with a new currency eventually

JackSmits:  Actually, DePaul, I do not believe we are gold backed now. We've heard that over and over for y ears and it's never true.

DePaul:  We have been for quite sometime, hence our new currency that circulated back in 2013
DePaul:  The numbers you see on 1$ 5$ etc is the same number on the reverse side of someone's SS card its called Sweat Equity in FIAT World…Our sweat Equity to create debts instruments to trade on their big NYSE…you cant be a fortune 500 unless that corporation had filed bankruptcy

DePaul:  Love all of you....and we are exchanging at anytime, its inevitable!! All countries agree and have all revamped their tax infrastructures as well & there were deadlines to meet. Good ole "Leveling the Playing Field!!"

NetGlobal:  My guess is that we will see the RV between 5 pm EST today and 5pm Sunday. Hope I am right

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Trump Tells Davos ‘America First’ Will Benefit the Worl​d https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2018-01-26/trump-to-say-am​erica-first-will-benefit-world-in-davos-speech

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Dollar's Future in Focus as Trump Lauds Greenback: Davos Up​date …... Dollar’s Reserve-Currency Status Under Review (11:38 a.m.) The dollar’s position as the world’s main reserve currency is under review, according to Ray Dalio, founder and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates LP.

“I do believe currency will be a big issue this year as there’s a reconsideration of how important the dollar is,” Dalio said on a panel discussion. https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2018-01-26/it-s-time-for-t​rump-to-talk-with-keynote-nearing-davos-update

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 26, 2018

The activation of the new financial system was (supposedly) announced to all world leaders at Davos (through back door meetings).

This announcement informed world leaders that the Cabal's rule over this domain has ended.

World leaders must now fully comply with the Alliance or suffer the same fate as the Cabal.

The Alliance are now on high alert with the upcoming Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has always been the perfect target for a Cabal orchestrated false flag attack.

The Alliance is actively searching for pockets of remaining Cabal resistance.

Low tech Cabal attacks such as IED's is a massive threat to highly concentrated populated areas and could cause massive disruption in the transition process.

Despite that, with the activation of the new financial system -- the 800#'s are now rumored to be released at any moment before or after the Super Bowl.

Operation Disclosure