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Mountain Goat 11/17/17

January 17, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief 

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

We are just under 2 weeks from the end of January. I still firmly believe we are nearing the re-instatement and it will occur in this month.

So again I want to list out what we know as FACTS. From this list the only conclusion I can make is we are about to see the re-instatement. But remember when I say we are about to see it that I mean there are still multiple steps to take prior to us going to the bank.

List of known FACTS:

-In late December Iraq was finally released “fully” from Chapter VII sanctions

-Being released “fully” from sanctions enables Iraq to be a stand-alone sovereign nation once again

-Being a sovereign nation allowed Iraq to request the re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar

-In late December the CBI requested the re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar

-In later December the CBI coordinated with the US Treasury to roll out the process to the international exchanges (and other files and needed data)

-We have read that the Iraqi fiscal year ends Dec 15th.

-Whenever the CBI initiated any rate change (to the program rate) it was always done in January

-Whenever the CBI targeted a re-instatement in the past (2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017) it was always in January, with a massive educational campaign just prior to the scheduled event

-I have confirmation that the CBI fully intends to educate the citizens in Iraq prior to the re-instatement

-I have just heard from the CBI on Jan 16th. That they have already written statements for the news media and are waiting on the US to go ahead with the next step of the re-instatement process.

-The CBI also told me on Jan 16th that a main news broadcast will give us an overview of the intended “next step” of the process and will be followed up with a deluge of other more detailed articles. In the articles they will tell the citizens what they need to know for this transition. Such information such as when the ATMs will be activated with the new categories, to show pictures of the news notes, show new security features, benefits to the citizens, etc,

Knowing all this information what would you think is about to happen?

In my recent past last newsletter, I listed out some obstacles that could obstruct the process and possibly be the cause of the US delay in completing their side of the process. Today in yet another article (in the articles section) I list yet another possible new obstacle. The US foreign policy magazine on Tuesday reported a covert engagement in currency auctions by the Central Bank of Iraq, which allows banks, companies and exchange shops to access the US dollar, between the Iraqi government took almost a year to prevent their participation. This a set back in policy and is illegal. Why is this not being stopped?

There is also another issue I want to bring up today. This issue is dealing with the passing of the 2018 budget. Could this also be an obstacle? Could the US government be requiring a legal budget in place? Have you noticed how the Speaker keeps postponing the budget in session and it seems to move from Wednesday to Wednesday and never gets the necessary discussions and readings. Why is this? I am sure there are legitimate reasons as the dispute with Kurdistan and their fake employee payrolls did not help the situation. Then did all the ministries get their year-end reconciliations completed on time to roll into the new 2018 budget? I am also sure there are other issues we don’t even know about with the budget. So I don’t believe it is being withheld intentionally to hold up the RV. In fact it is probably the other way around in the RV is being held up do not having a sound budget in place.

How can this delay in the budget be connected to the RV?

Well…did I not just tell you the GOI has always set any change in the program rate in the month of January (or very late December, activated in Jan)? Also did I not just say that any past scheduled re-instatement of the currency was always in the January timeframe?

So, if they did pass the 2018 budget and the US Treasury did not yet complete their part in the rollout process, they would then begin spending the budget, thus open it.

Then thus because they have not yet completed rolling out the new rate via the re-instatement they would mess up their accounting procedures for the new fiscal year. In other words, they can’t change the rate or have two rates during the same fiscal year. This I am not making up, as I now know this as FACT.

So, what is really happening here? Are they intentionally holding up the passing of the budget due to the delay by the US Treasury in rolling out the RV so that they don’t have to open up the budget and spend it, thus they could not re-instate the currency later on since they would then have two (2) rates in the same fiscal year?

What would then be the problem here?

I believe the would then have to wait until January 2019 to reinstate, which they really do not want to do. I don’t care who in hell tells you that they can re-instate anytime and it does not matter.

Yes – you have been told this by many of these “gurus” but I have proved it all wrong. Of course, this phony information comes from their “secret” sources as they have to tell you this to keep you in the constant any day/every day hype. How else can they make their money?

Do you see if they told the truth then how could they attract everyone to their forums, sites, conference calls and YouTube presentations since they would literally have no news to tell you until EARLY 2019. Wow! This would mean an entire year of no profits from the clickity clicks, donations and site fees. So, I hope you get my point for the need of the phony intel on this topic of proper timeframe for the RV to occur? They literally make it all up to suit their purposes. I have proven it all wrong once again.

Remember we read that salaries are being paid out from the new budget already without the 2018 budget being “officially” passed in parliament.

How can this be?

We also read articles telling us how they can do this legally thru a provision within the constitution. But this is not opening the budget for spending on reconstruction projects or other planned projects, the largest part of the budget. I do not know all the specifics but I am told this salary spending is controlled separately and so is allowed outside of the budget process. I am told not to worry about it.

Now I want to conclude our analysis today with some closing statements. 

I believe we have 13 days for the US Treasury to complete their part of the re-instatement process. This must be done in order for the CBI to go forward with their next step. Think of this like a game of ping pong….lol…lol… I told you today what the CBI’s next step is and so when we see this happen we will know the US Treasury has completed their part in the process and we have moved forward once again in the process.

I know it is hard when we learn that we are this close to ending this very long journey. But be patient everyone as it is either going to come to us in the next couple weeks or we may have to possibly wait until next January 2019.

I will add a caveat to what I just said and I want everyone to listen carefully. Please don’t just run off half-cocked and say Mnt Goat said we might have to wait until 2019 for the RV.

This is not what I am saying. I am only trying to educate you on all the possibilities. By definition “possibility” means that a number of scenarios might play out including one that is waiting until 2019.

So even if they do miss the January 2018 timeframe, how can they go another entire year and complete the reconstruction process or even attract the investors they need for the economy growth without the re-instatement?

There are so many other reasons we also have read about as to the need to re-instate the currency such as trading partner’s need to trade in middle eastern currencies and not US dollars. I will not go into the rest today.

Again, in today’s share of current articles we are hearing rumblings from the US govt on the funneling of dollars to terrorist organizations thru the currency auctions. Well…there is a solution to the problem - it is to shut down the auctions. But if they do this they must re-instate the currency and thus allow them to pay the foreign debtors with dinars and not US dollars.

So which is it? Continue funding terrorists or get this currency finally straighten out? What is really going on here?

More news….


The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Giyath al-Surji, on Monday, the agreement between the delegations of Baghdad and Kurdistan to manage the ports, airports and dams jointly, while the customs are managed by Baghdad.

Al-Surji said in a press statement that "the meeting, which brought together the delegations of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region agreed on all outstanding issues between the province and the central government ."


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


(Mnt Goat – I think this article is talking about the past. This is apparent by the dates given. I am not sure this corruption is a problem any longer.)

The US foreign policy magazine, Tuesday, reported a covert engagement in currency auctions by the Central Bank of Iraq, WHICH ALLOWS BANKS, COMPANIES AND EXCHANGE SHOPS TO ACCESS THE US DOLLAR, BETWEEN THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT TOOK ALMOST A YEAR TO PREVENT THEIR PARTICIPATION.

The magazine said in a report that "DAASH WAS ABLE TO SMUGGLE AT LEAST 400 MILLION DOLLARS FROM IRAQ AND SYRIA after the defeat, and this criticism can be the smuggling of money outside Iraq or invest in local Iraqi markets."

"In 2014 and 2015, I participated in currency auctions by the Central Bank of Iraq, which allows banks and the role of currency exchange to get the US dollar in cash and help Baghdad to stabilize the exchange rate, but the Iraqi government took almost a year to prevent participation Criminal group ".

(Mnt Goat – so once again this paragraph is confirming to everyone that the currency auctions are not auctioning off dinars but auctioning off US dollars being paid with dinars. So many still insist these auctions is how we get our dinars thru these internet brokers who sell then to us. This is not true!!! These brokers simply go the CBI and buy the dinar as the in-country market rate. They pay dollars for dinars. But most brokers do not do this directly as they have a middle man in Iraq that will do it for them and then arrange for shipment to the US)

"He knows THAT BAGHDAD HAS NOT CONTROLLED THE INFORMAL ECONOMY AND EXPLOITED IT. He controlled the old smuggling routes when it occupied parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014, making it able to earn a million or more dollars a day from the war economy. The organization also smuggled in addition to gold and oil, where evidence suggests the complicity of a number of political parties and individuals closely associated with them from Iraq and neighboring countries in fueling this black market.

(Mnt Goat – so you can see once again crime pays! This is part of the problem with these terrorists. It has become a new source of income for the arms dealers and thus they luv the business. The hard part to digest is that many of these corrupt dealings are down by politicians and so now you all can see why the reluctance to stop the currency auctions and thus re-instate the currency. This article says it all. Is this article more about putting these corrupt politians and bankers in jail or about the money laundering?

Do you think there may also be politicians in the US govt sucking off this same money- tit? I have said this before – once they learn that they can make this black market money work then how can you give it up?)

"He has invested at least $ 250 million through intermediaries in the Iraqi market in Baghdad and the liberated areas, often tribal chiefs or businessmen with clean records who can hide their links to the terrorist organization and are given a lump sum of cash to invest in certain businesses , Then take the organization is calling up part of the profits.

"Da'ash's money laundering operations are carried out by companies like commercial companies such as car companies, electronics shops and pharmacies, but their favorite business is banking."

According to the CBI, "HUNDREDS OF SMALL EXCHANGE HOUSES ASSOCIATED WITH DA'ASH ARE NOW OPERATING IN BAGHDAD, and these companies have allowed the group to convert the Iraqi dinar into the US dollar, a currency that will have more access worldwide."

(Mnt Goat – I thought the CBI made these small dealers illegal thus forcing the citizens to go to the banks to exchange? Did we not read these articles years ago? So this is also why I believe this is talking about the past)

"Millions of dollars have been smuggled out of the country by traders, money changers and money transfer companies benefiting from the sale of the currency to the Central Bank of Iraq," they said.

(Mnt Goat – Yes this is how we get most of the dinar we buy.)

Corruption and money laundering allegations are raised through the central bank auction. On April 20, 2015, the Court of Misdemeanors on Integrity, Economic Crime and Money Laundering issued a ruling on the imprisonment and fining of officials in Rafidain and North Bank after they were convicted of corruption and money laundering charges. To the presence of 20 accused in these cases, some of them the degree of Chairman of the Board. "

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat

steffen Rowe/TANK "Letter to the UST" - GCR/RV Memorandum , 17 JAN


To: The Republic of the United States of America and the United States Treasury
From: Steffen P. Rowe
Date: January 16, 2018
Status: URGENT

I am writing this letter to enlist the help of appropriate authorities in assessing a series of communications and activities that I cannot gauge on my own regarding the impending GCR/RV.

I believe this could be a matter of national security and requires immediate attention. I am neither qualified to discern the credibility of these parties nor their claims, nor am I interested in capitalizing on these claims for personal gain. My interests are strictly the freedom of humanity and the release from the financial bondage. My hope is to provide information that allows you to decode whether or not this information is accurate and, if so, how can it be used to precipitate the exchange process for the people.

Recently, I have been contacted by a woman calling herself "Kim" who claims to be the only person on the planet that can provide the transaction codes that will unlock the funds for the currency exchanges. She says that she is the only one left with "M" status and that this allows her to generate the required release codes for the currency revaluation (“RV”). I have been very careful not to get involved with nefarious sources or to support questionable agendas of any kind and have not accepted any funding from her or any other source whatsoever. She stated that the Chinese, and I believe she is referring to the Elders of the Dragon families, tried to access these funding accounts repeatedly over the weekend. She did not allow them access because she said they had stolen the codes from an account she had set up with Citibank. Eventually, she cancelled the codes all together after their repeated, albeit unsuccessful, efforts to access them.

"Kim" claims that her interests are the same as those of the people. She says she is willing to work directly with the government or give the money directly to the people, but she is not willing to rehydrate the old regime as represented by the “Elders” by giving the funds to the Chinese. She says theirs is the Illuminati agenda to destroy the American economy and that the Chinese have had no intention of releasing this to the people until some time in March. (Agenda attached as sent to me by “Kim.") By this time, it would place the Chinese in a distinct position of power, especially if they are able to access these accounts before the other nations. 

I have spoken with people directly involved in writing the many documents associated with the Global Currency Reset and who have relationships with those indigenous Elders who do appear to have a benevolent agenda. They have informed me that the accounts over which they have control have been converted from M4 assets to spendable M1 assets. These assets seem to be separate from the funds being used to accomplish the revalued currency exchanges. This event is said to begin with monetary emissions in the next 24 hours. Portions of the detailed plan currently being shared with the nations are being sent to me sometime today.

I am not sure why I would be chosen as the contact person for this event, or to facilitate this communication between the UST/US Government and “Kim," so you can imagine my hesitancy in reaching out. I have no desire to participate in any illegal activity, and I am not looking to leverage this information against anyone to gain some type of privilege. My only desire is for the world to move forward with a common agenda that is focused on the greater good and prosperity of mankind. I would like to be included in this transition and be given a fair opportunity to exchange the currency that I hold, but not at the expense of the others who are also held in this financial bondage.

That being said, "Kim" has given me transaction codes that she says will prove to those in power at the UST and the Republic that she is willing to work with the governments and the people directly to bypass the Dragon families and ensure that humanity is able to maintain its freedom. She provided me with a code for one million dollars as a test to prove the accounts she represents and the codes she is issuing are the only codes that will allow this process to move forward successfully. She has also told me that I could ask her for additional money to fund my organization, Kre8change, and assist to hydrate the people. 

"Kim" speaks my language in the way she claims to represent the best interests of the people and seems to oppose the Cabal. I am aware that this could be a way to entrap me or to deceive me to take some risky action and ultimately end up serving the Cabal or cause other harm to the process against my will. This is why I have proceeded with such caution. It is only because there has been a continued lack of performance in the release of the GCR/RV that I am taking her proposition seriously, feeling forced to consider that she is telling the truth. She did tell me that I could transfer the million dollars and additional funds to my trust account to put to use right away; however I am not asking for these funds to be transferred to me.

I am asking for you to use this information to investigate this matter immediately to assess whether or not what she is saying is the truth. And, if this is the truth, to please use it to take action to free the people immediately. And if this is not the truth I would greatly appreciate some clarification on what it is exactly that is taking place to hold back this process from the people. I would also like to lay to rest the identity and credibility of this person “Kim” and whether or not she is scamming me or trying to help.

Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this urgent matter.




TNT Call 17-January-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY LINK 

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Wednesday, January 17, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. [We didn’t have a call on Monday because of MLK Day.] We need to do some catch-up, so this call will probably be two hours, and I’ll put the intel at the end. 

We received some bank stories on Friday, and expected updates on the first of the week. One member to ask about dong rates, and no rate showed up on the screen; the manager said that happens when the rate is about to change, and he should check back the next day. 

We haven’t heard back from that member on what happened. Another member was told that the bank computers would be rebooted on Monday for changes to take effect. That has not been confirmed either. Based on what we are NOT hearing, we can assume those changes didn’t kick in yet. 

The third member said the manager said they would be calling the member on the 24th. If you are carrying your currency on a plane, make sure to put it in your carry-on luggage rather than your checked bags. You can carry any amount of cash within the US, and also overseas, so long as you declare ‘instruments’ of more than $10,000 value. 

Another report on Friday was that a member’s back was to reboot on Friday. We don’t know if they reboot every weekend anyway, regardless of what we’re waiting for. We were expecting Forex to show the live rates after the holiday, and that has not happened yet. We do have one source saying “this is it for this week”, and of course we are halfway through the week. Another source said that the rate was now at .25… but that was only at the CBI. 

At an airport somewhere in the Middle East, we tried to get people to confirm that, and then we got reports of that rate in the US, or rather what it amounts to here, which is $4. That was fluctuating, and not live, but it’s still a good indicator. I am at peace with that rate once it is fully live. 

We did hear that it was live for 20 minutes in the UK over the weekend. We also heard that the CBI sent a message to the BIS that the issues had been resolved around payments to Kurdistan. If the BIS and IMF are happy with what the CBI is doing, then they will get the green light. Then Abadi said that Baghdad had paid the money to the Kurdish government, and now the Kurdish citizens are asking “where’s our money?” That’s what we have so far talking to our sources, and to several people who are on Forex, so that we can understand what’s happening on Forex, with rates only showing up in different places. 

If the rate is .25, that is $4 for us. The US Treasury and banking sources are all saying “any time now”, and both are saying $3.71 is the rate. Keep in mind that Forex will show a market rate, not the official international rate; possibly this also means the international rate will go up for us. There are also rumblings of $5 and $6 rates, possibly for groups, and possibly if the dinar rate floats up in the market. All that remains to be seen. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Among what we all seek what would you say brings you the highest confidence we will be exchanging soon? Please elaborate. 

A: Everything I just said: CBI, rumors from the UST and BIS, new rates showing up… all that gives me more confidence. 

Q: Will there be a contract rate for the dong? 

A: We have been told that there is. 

Q: 1. Is there any word on whether the banks are getting closer to being comfortable enough with assurances, etc., in order for them to start buying the IQD for the approximate $3.70 USD? Or are they only comfortable once the IQD starts trading on Forex for those values? 

A: I have every assurance that once it is on Forex, the banks will not have issues about exchanging those currencies – because it’s on Forex. We were told the banks are authorized to do so when they choose, and that they are funded for that activity. I don’t have solid information that it’s underway; I don’t know what other assurances they need to more forward. 

Q: What do you honestly believe is the hold up on the release? And, what do you feel would be the benefit of doing so? Could it be a financial gain for the PTB? 

A: Sure, money in someone’s hands (or not) is the hold-up – if there is a hold-up. If there IS anyone sticking their finger in the dyke, it will be for what they stand to lose or gain. 

Q: 1. If one caps out (supposedly 500 million) can I only exchange a portion of my currency then take the rest to another bank? 

A: I won’t matter; if there is a 500 M cap on the Zim exchange with Zimbabwe, then your name will show up at every bank. 

Is the NDA between me and the bank or between me and the treasury or whom? What if I signed and NDA at the exchange for just ZWD and take my other currency to another bank and just take the international rate without an NDA? 

A: The NDA is with Homeland Security. You can certainly take international rate for any currency without signing an NDA. I don’t know what result you are looking for. If you sign an NDA for the Zim, and exchange other currencies, and you still talk about the Zim, you know what is going to happen. The other currencies will be public transactions anyway. 

Ray said that everything is negotiable…. is the NDA negotiable and can I add to the NDA that should they want to confiscate my moneys with a lie saying that I broke the NDA (when I didn’t) could I require a clause that they follow “Due Process of Law’ requiring a “Grand Jury” to implement? 

A: I just said any normal transaction that you are agreeing to. An NDA is a special consideration, and there may not be negotiating where you already have a special consideration. I doubt they will allow any modification to an NDA [which would have to go through their legal department anyway.] I think you will have to sign it as is, or not. 

Q: It has always been said there would be a lot of confusion at the end of this journey and It seems that is where we are. Are your contacts still saying Dinar still the trigger currency are has that changed? 

A: Our sources never said officially that dinar is the trigger currency, but I do believe that it is. 

Q: Are the US banks and call centers still on high alert for currency exchanges this week? 

A: They are on some type of alert; the last information I heard was that there is no more ‘on call’, that the next call they get, they spring into action. 

Q: Do you know if the dinar traded live on the Forex on Tuesday? If so do you know the price it traded at? Did you know or hear the IQD was live on the CBI for a few seconds on Tuesday morning before it was removed? 

A: No, no, and no. Q: Is the possible 87-page NDA you mentioned going to be applied to all contract rates? Or will a lower contract rate have a shorter NDA? A: I would imagine it would apply to all of them, because the severity of the punishment applies to all of them. It’s about NOT telling anyone what happened. 

Q: do you have any possibility to find out where in Germany I will be able to exchange my ZIM? 

A: I don’t. I have no knowledge about that. 

Q: Yesterday I called a lead bank, foreign currency branch where I’m a customer. I spoke with my regular foreign currency teller about placing an order for VND and Rupiah. She informed me that, they cannot process orders until Friday. She said there in the middle of a company-wide foreign currency system change. She then volunteered it’s “not” rate related. Do you know anything about a system-wide bank change? 

A: Not yet. 

Q: Do you hear any thing about bank’s verification of the currency? 

A: Some banks verify on site, and some don’t. We’ve talked about this before. 

Q: Do you suppose this is a bargaining chip for the situation around the government shutdown and the agreements they are trying to reach? In light of the probable government shutdown would they wait until that is resolved? 

A: I don’t think so. 

Q2: Tony mentioned Municipal Bonds. I’d gladly give 5 or 10% of what I get at exchange just to be able to exchange. Maybe choose a cause like help build the wall or hurricane relief. Is that still a factor? 

A: No, I don’t believe that is a factor. Those municipal bonds will probably be offered to you after exchange, not in order to exchange – depending on your liquidity. 

Questions from live callers 

864/404 caller: The special envoy is in Iraq, meeting with various government people there; what are your people telling you about that? 

RayRen: They haven’t mentioned that at all. 951 caller: I am holding a 3 x 6” piece of paper that says it represents 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars; will I be able to exchange this? RayRen: So far as I know, yes. 

Caller: So this is the one we can exchange, right? And the dong is at 47 cents? When everything is said and done, will you continue to the second and third baskets? 

RayRen: Yes, yes, and we will probably continue with those baskets as part of our ongoing education in this area. For example, with Zim, we never said that IF there are bonds, you cannot do anything with them; I just gave you the information we received on what you may be holding and how it may be processed. That’s what we are being told Zimbabwe is going to do right from the gate. If you have Zim paper that is not in the denominations mentioned, then sit on those other denominations until they become exchangeable, which they may further down the line. 

713 caller: [Twitter question] I would like to be on the short calls you do. 

RayRen: Are you referring to Open Mic? That can only hold 1,200 people on that line, and the TNT membership is double that. There is no possibility of bringing you onto that call. Do you have access to the chat room? 

Caller: No, but my sister does; I don’t know if she checks chat or not. 

RayRen: Why don’t you ask her to give you her access? 

NZ caller: I’m curious about rumors regarding changing rates of Mexican pesos and a few other currencies. Have you heard anything about that? [RR: No.] Do you think we’ll see a change at the CBI first, re: dinar? 

RayRen: When the CBI posts a rate, that will change things everywhere; it’s also possible we’ll see a change before the CBI changes the rate on their site. The banks could say, “Come in, we’ll exchange you” and then we check the CBI and it’s changed. It could go either way. 

Caller: Are you still under the impression there will be 800 numbers? 

RayRen: Yes, but I don’t exactly know how. A few banks are talking about issuing their own 800 numbers, and other banks are talking about global 800 numbers. I don’t see how they can put that out at the last minute without hampering exchanges, but we’ll see. 

407 caller: My husband passed and left me with a lot of questions. Is the list of banks that handle dinar still valid? How do I get access to that? 

RayRen: At the appropriate time, we will post that in the public side of the TNT website. At the moment, there are 70 banks and three credit unions on the list. Timing is crucial here; only make your move at the right moment, otherwise the sharks will eat you alive. 

303 caller: Forex doesn’t shut down for any one government; it runs six days a week. Do you know what rate dinar was trading at on the Forex on Monday or Tuesday? 

RayRen: I don’t know. I think you can see it as rate, even if it’s not being traded. 

Caller: What is the significance of the 24th of January that the banker would receive his customer (as mentioned earlier)? 

RayRen: I have no idea. The member didn’t get detailed information on that date. Right now, our banking sources are saying “any time, any day”. 

Caller: Will the banking seminars be regional or national in their information? I live in Denver and have family in Philadelphia – would it benefit me to attend the one in Philly? 

RayRen: It’s beneficial if you want to be a client of that bank in Philadelphia. We have 13 locations for these seminars, with banks coming in to sell their products. On the other hand, we will be asking all the banks similar questions to find out if/why our members might want to go to that bank. I would suggest you go to the one in Seattle. 

Caller: Of the banks on your list, do you know who has De la Rue machines on site? 

RayRen: No, at the time we were only asking who takes Iraqi dinar right now. We didn’t ask about on-site verification. 

RayRen: Gman, some members have expressed disfavor on how you press everyone for donations, and I have a feeling most of those complaining haven’t actually donated. I said from the very beginning that I wasn’t going to pay for these calls, and I wasn’t going to beg. I know your notifications have helped keep this call going. We still have bills to pay, and those who can help out, we appreciate that. We thought this would be over six months ago, and we still keep hearing ‘any day’. I know how snail mail works, and how some of you will get around to donating. I never called Gman and asked for him to ask for these donations to keep these calls going. The calls must be meaningful to him because he voluntarily gets on the call and asks for donations every week. We will keep on with the calls as long as people want it to be here and are willing to support it. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com;click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

Next caller: About trusts, do the people who put trust together, are they are experienced in the use of both statutory and non-statutory trusts, or do I have to go to a specialist? 

RayRen: Statutory trusts ask the state for permission, and non-statutory trusts do not. It’s about knowing how to put the paperwork together. I don’t know that you need a specialist to do that, just someone who understands the difference and how to set up what you want. If you are not within the statutory jurisdiction, the state cannot shut you down; if you have to ask permission, then they can affect you later, and of course they charge a commission fee. 

845 caller: My zim says ‘note’ on it, so I guess it’s a note and not a bond? 

RayRen: And so does your US dollar. Do you have 2008, series AA? Then you’re good. 

Closing Statement 
Everything looks good, feels good, is good. I will enquire as to the next thing to expect. We expected to see something on Forex, and at the banks. I am getting some intel about dinar being shown on Forex but not being traded. It should be $4 US, but that is not a trading rate. I did get a report that it was live for 20 minutes in the UK yesterday. That’s all positive information; we are moving closer to the threshold here. What’s the next intended date? I will try to find out. 

But there are signs of progress, and we will probably get more of that. The UST and banks are saying “any time” and rates of $3.71. It’s all good; we just have another wait until it’s “all systems go”. The BIS and IMF seem to be satisfied; Baghdad is claiming that they paid the Kurdish government, and the Kurds themselves are asking for their money from their government. We’ll wait it out and take each day as it comes. I do believe we are in the window when we can go and exchange. Then we can switch to “when should I go and exchange”… then you have a choice or a decision to make. We have to have the ability to go, and then decide if we want to go yet. 

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

IQD News Update (RANT #63)


1-17-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   I'll remind you that Iraq has a major share of one of the WORLD's most valuable resources. They aren't heavy into technology, but they are advanced enough that major international banking can be turned on with the flip of a switch. Over the last year, we've seen key institutions and organizations mention that Iraq is welcome to join the big boys...if they want. We've waited for them to do so, and IMO the key to this all is still the HCL.  Could this media-crypto-frenzy be a perfect time to slip some action in while heads are turned? We will see.  [post 2 of 2]

1-17-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we don't expect Iraq to give us a warning that they will raise the value of their currency. This is just something we expect to see happen, based on their progress with Government, Banking, Stability, and Political situations. Since we don't expect them to give us a "heads up", it should be easy to understand that a major change in the value of the IQD would happen when the world is distracted... like, by a bloodbath in one of the hottest topics on the planet right now?  In case you live under a rock, I'll explain - the cryptosphere is currently in meltdown mode. "Huge losses", "Major crash", "The End Of It All"! That's what the media is screaming right now... and nobody is even paying attention to Iraq.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned] 


1-17-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   Iraq is still under blackout. They did have a rate change already. People that have the so called Qi cards from Iraq that are citizens were paid on these cards.  These people are getting paid at a real in country revalued rate on their Qi cards. That just changed for them 7 to 8 spending power than they had.   We understand late last night [Monday] what had happened globally was there was a system reboot on all banking systems around the world. They were getting resynced on two things.  1) A new satellite that was coordinating everything under the new banking system.  2) They were being connected to new rates as was going to happen last night from the Forex.   We got evidence the Forex is up and changed with new rates.   You and I can’t see them and professional traders can see them.   ...we know we are in good shape to begin pretty soon.   I have heard the John Q Public will start in about a week or so.  As far as I am aware, things are still on track....it appears is we are exactly where we need to be time wise.

The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY


#wsomn0629 Good day to all. There is a very strong possibility that you will be very busy with appointments starting very soon. No dates or rates but be sure to stay informed and stay ready.



Dear Friends, 

  This week I am being asked once again from my funding sources to stay in the background and not have a radio program.  Yes, progress is being made in the currency exchanges, but much of it is beyond what is developing at our level. 
The final steps are those of international consequences via global politics and the global economy. 

  Last Saturday we had a very successful seminar in Phoenix with Jason describing the crypto currency process.  He is developing a new website and will have it out later in the week.  I will send out a special newsletter which will include the links to his website and teaching materials. 
This week in the video I describe some of he importance to understanding the crypto currency process.  There is a high probability we may be facing a process of hyper inflation here in the United States.  This is being described by a number of economic experts.  I give references to how understanding the crypto currency process can help us stay above the fray of the hyperinflation. 
I would encourage you to take a look at Jason's website and even his basic training session on the cryptos as it comes out later this week.  He has helped thousands of people make thousands of dollars in this process.   
Hopefully I will be back next week, but I trust the quiet season is for a good reason.  Thank you for understanding. 
            Upcoming schedule for the workshops.  Go to the workshop registration page for specific information.  
Honolulu, HI on Jan 27th 
Denver, CO on Feb. 10th 
Brisbane, Australia on Feb. 24th 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on March 17th  
Sedona, Cleveland, the New York City area, the San Francisco Bay area Amsterdam in Europe and Puerto Rico will be on the agenda for next year.  Dates to be determined later.


PattyCakes77:  OMG KTFA. This morning I went to the bank to do some banking and I asked about the Iraqi dinar. In the past when asking about the dinar i would get " sorry we do not deal with that currency or I would get a smirk like I am crazy.

Well this morning I asked to speak with the banking manager the same man which I spoke to in the past. I asked him politely again if he would be exchanging the Iraqi dinar. He said "yes" in the near future.

I asked him how soon, he paused and said soon.

I cannot believe this, this is the first time since holding the dinar for 12 years that this happened to me. I live in Canada, I want to scream the banks name but my husband says he doesn't want to start trouble. I cannot believe this.

I thought I might share this wonderful God sent news this morning before I head to work. Everybody have a wonderful day because I sure will.

Frank26:  LOL........... THEY TOO "WAIT" ......... YOU ARE WELCOME TO POST BANK NAME IN CANADA ................ JUST NO PHONE NUMBERS NOR NAMES ..........YET..........

HSBC Replies to Gunner's Tweet 1/17/18

Tank's friend Gunner received a response from HSBC on the tweet he he sent.  Maybe he can convince them to release the RV.  Lotsa luck with that.  lol

Today's Preview Of The TNT Call 1/17/18

Good morning. This is yours truly, RayRat at the controls.

There is no new INTEL, so those of you that came for that, you can hang up now.

I'll start with a few questions that our members, that have been with us for the last 4 years, have for me to repeat over and over again.

I don't get why you keep asking the same things, but OK...That's what we are here for.

To make this short, I'll just give you the answers.

The rates haven't changed from the last time I've checked...

All currencies are still in the basket from what I have heard...

I don't know the answer to that...

Sure, but why would you want to do that...

The taxes haven't changed, as far as I know...

Well, I'm not a lawyer, so you should seek professional advise...

That just about raps up the Q & A, so we will be taking calls.

RayRat: 404, how are you doing today...

404: [Appreciation]

RayRat: 610 your my 2nd favorite caller. Have you got something you would like to say...

610: [Appreciation & Donation plea]

RayRat: 916, are you there. 916...

Well that's all the time we have. Enjoy your wonderful Wednesday. I'm hoping our Fabulous Friday call will be "The Call".

I'm looking for it to happen by the weekend. Chances are looking good.

(RayRat played "I believe")


xyz: Parliament postponed its meeting until Thursday http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/227104/- The source, who asked not to be named, attributed the reason to the "quorum".

xyz: Space mission to discover the hidden side of the moon


xyz: World Bank: More than 600,000 employees in public companies are redundant

The World Bank announced that more than 600 thousand employees working in public companies surplus, stressing the need for partnership between the public and private sectors, describing the Iraqi economy as "central."

The World Bank representative, Yara Salem, said in a research paper presented during her participation in the third series of workshops organized in partnership between the Baghdad Economic Forum and the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, reviewed by the "Economy News" that the World Bank emphasizes the importance of partnership between the private sector and the public , Pointing to the challenges facing the role of public companies in the partnership between the public and private sectors.

And signals that the Iraqi economy is a central economy and suffer from public companies in the cost of production is high and surplus in the workforce more than 600 thousand employees, about 60 percent of the surplus, as well as unemployment, which is a major problem in Iraq.

The existence of such proportions of the unemployed was seen as a major obstacle to reform and restructuring.

xyz: Albaraka Banking Group is ready to strengthen relations with Iraqi banks https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://economy-news.net/content.php%3Fid%3D10628&usg=ALkJrhhyT8SvfI-r0Cnv_UFtVf5FNqovHQ

She added that "the delegation met during the visit with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Alalak in the presence of Deputy Governor Dr. Munther Abdul Qadir Al-Sheikhly and a number of officials in the bank, and also met with the delegation also the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks Wadih Hanal in the presence of Directors General of the Iraqi private banks," noting that " The delegation a number of general managers of major government banks such as Rafidain Bank and the Bank of Rasheed, heads of Islamic banks and traditional in Iraq.

ServantsHeart: I visited here once before several months ago. I appreciated the openness to my opinion and views. Haven't been here since. Was wondering IF there is anything New or relevant to the "event" actually coming to pass or if all the info floating around is more filler?


Zig: @ServantsHeart : Nothing new really relative to what we are looking for IMO...welcome back!....will let others reply as well....

ServantsHeart: Thank you. I was hesitant to take the dose of hopium!

ServantsHeart: Occasionally I crawl out from under my rock and check on things and of course as usual things sounded extremely positive.

BobS: It is that time of the year and now the next will be the elections, and then the next will be the parliament, and then the next will be when the two moons meet.....

Sergio: In my opinion of the site, I think it’s the best out there. Free , free to speak a opinion, those in control of the chat do a great job letting people speak with out putting a agenda to the peeps. What more does the chat need to make it better, Nothing!!!! People who bring something to the chat are not owed and should know that not all are going to agree with opinions such as the earth is flat or we never went to the moon.

BobS: on and with the hopium....NO ONE knows if or when it will ServantsHeart.

BREW: @BobS don't foget about the elders has to appove this first,lol

ServantsHeart: @Zig exactly why I stopped by! Thank you!!!!

BobS: Opinions are just that........opinions. Oooops forgot that one BREW....thanks

ServantsHeart: @BobS yes however so many are terrifyingly convincing!

BREW: @BobS lol.
BREW: @Sergio i agree with your statement.

BobS: @ServantsHeart ask yourself this one little question...........would I trust anyone that I do not know with information as important as I'm looking for?

Sergio: @BobS ya bob very convincing

Brow: ALERT!!! ALERT!!! RV Delayed Again Because of "CHATTELS!" Getting Pissed OFF !!!!!

Zig: @ServantsHeart : YW.....We try to keep things real and stay off "Fantasy Island" here but all opinions are welcome....Guru followers are most welcome to comment here as well..... :)

BobS: That icon needs to be made smaller....takes up too much space in the chat......and that is my "opinion".

blackgold: @JoeSchmoe chattels was just tired of xyz posting that stupid emoji dancing on the computer and question xyz about it and then all H--- broke lose. Thats my story and i'm sticking to it

Sergio: Draino sorry I meant Blaino says we are close

blackgold: @Sergio lol

Brow: @Sergio - Always Good to see you Here ! With That Great Personality

Zig: @Brow : Your "Ancestry DNA" Test results are in... :na; .You are 25% ;Donkey .....Not bad....thought it would be a higher%.....

BREW: @Sergio blaino put out a bolo 3 days ago that they were cashing out, ugh, didn't happen, lol

Sergio: @Brow I feel the same thanks

blackgold: For those who were laughing at me when I said " They can control the weather " and then it warmed up, well who is laughing now. LOL

Sergio: Oh oh Zig , how about a Saturday Zig roast? That was a big hit back in the day

BREW: @Sergio he is also running a new scam with crypto currency that has not even hit the market yet, just give them your credit card number.

Sergio: @BREW I seen a lot of bad reports coming out about bitcoin
Sergio: Been keeping a eye on it for the last few weeks

BREW: @Sergio new one coincashquick.
BREW: @Sergio biticon is going to bite the dust.

Sergio: Oh that’s the new one to me I’ll check on it

BREW: @Sergio nothing on it, he wants his group to get in it befor it comes out, just give them your credit card number in hong kong
Sergio: @BREW l lol

BobS: People need to grow up. My dream is that we remove hate and insert love in its place.

BREW: @Sergio you will find cashcoinquick

Sergio: @BobS that’s a pipe dream

ServantsHeart: @Sergio I actually heard the same about bitcoin

BREW: @Sergio but not coincashquick

BobS: No pipe dream in my circle of life......all agree. We are hoping that it will spread.

BREW: @BobS yepper.

Sergio: @BobS if we don’t have hate how would we know what Love is?

Sergio: @BobS same as bad and good

BREW: @Sergio same as truth and lie.

Sergio: @BREW agree

ServantsHeart: @Sergio many have made money initially on bitcoin but I "feel" it is like the multilevel marketing scams. The vey first people involved did good and everyone else will lose BIG

BREW: @ServantsHeart no one can cash it in.

Sergio: @ServantsHeart yes I think your right on that

ServantsHeart: @BREW then what is the point?

Sergio: Every day I see reports on it and mostly bad

ServantsHeart: @BREW not being a smart Alec just legit question

BREW: @ServantsHeart they think they have a way to put it in what they call a wallet, would be the same as a debit card, has not happened yet.

BREW: @ServantsHeart i didn't take it that way, sorry

ServantsHeart: @brew so totally Digital with no way to convert to USD?

BREW: @ServantsHeart correct.

ServantsHeart: @BREW well that is totally reassuring......NOT. Give THEM Amy money to purchase "Air". If I am understanding correctly?!

ServantsHeart: my not Amy
ServantsHeart: @BREW that is a higher risk to me than the Dinar. At least the Dinar made some sense at the time. Now not so sure.....

BREW: @ServantsHeart it all sounds good, and looks good on your profile, lots of people selling biticon to there groups, they make commission, go figure.

BREW: @ServantsHeart i agree.

Sergio: BobS where is your news reports seems to me your becoming a slacker

BobS: In the document .. "Iraqi ministers" required to show the electoral cards to pay the salaries of employees 17 January 2018 05:41 PM Mubasher : The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers stipulated that salaries should not be paid to employees until they have presented their electoral card.

A document attributed to the Iraqi Council of Ministers said on Wednesday that the Secretariat directed all departments not to pay salaries to employees and appointees in the form of a contract or a daily wage only after the presentation of their electoral cards, according to (Iraqi News Agency).

The statement said that this condition does not mean prejudice to the right of employees in the decision not to participate in the elections, stressing that the election is optional and not compulsory. It referred to the declaration of the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al - Abadi, on 14 January, the Iraqi run of parliamentary elections in 2018 to form a cross-sectarian list called "Victory List Name ".

BREW: @Zig :sh 
​BobS: Electronic currency is 95% broken by the closure of its platform 17 January 2018 05:23 PM Mubasher: The default currency of Pitconekt fell more than 95% on Wednesday after the company, which provides currency investment, closed its stand. By 2:02 pm GMT, the currency of "BitConnect" fell 95.9% to $ 8.88, And its market value fell to $ 0.559 billion compared to $ 2.561 billion recorded at the beginning of this year.

The currency recorded the highest level in its history during the session last December 29 at 437.31 dollars. At the beginning of the year, digital currency "BitConnect" recorded $ 420.98; meaning that its losses were 97.9% in less than 17 days.

The company, which allows to invest in the virtual currency "BitConnect" on its website, said Wednesday that it received letters from the states of "Texas" and "Northern California" on the electronic currency.

The UK-based firm said it would close the trading and lending platform, saying: "The letters have become an obstacle to the legal continuity of the platform." During the same period, the market value of the total electronic currencies fell to $ 464.724 billion.

Sergio: I can’t tell you the true amounts that bob has posted news reports from Iraq but it more then currency news hound

BREW: @Sergio lol

Sergio: BobS remember the Penthouse lol

Summary: Reposted from this morning, 17 JAN

Summary:  Reposted from this morning:

Good morning.

Good news. I was just contacted by my Tier 2 gentleman. Orders went out last night 11:00 pm.

First date for delivery of notifications and invitations to beneficiaries is -and has always been - Wednesday 17th January- this applies to

1)Petchilli Bonds
3)Tier 3 core groups.

He says this was date all along.

Trump's 'Fake News' Event [to happen tomorrow, 17th] is the cover for the 'real news' going on behind the scenes.

That's why Trump postponed it [from the 15th]. You are welcome to repost.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 17 2018

Compiled 12:12 am EDT 17 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Jan. 16 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. We have evidence of exchanges that have been done at certain new currency rates.

2. Certain Groups have exchanged and have been hydrated.

3. The Internet group, Tier 4, were considered part of the John Q Public exchangers.

4. The privately negotiated rates were available at exchange centers to Tier 4.

5. Iraq was still under blackout. They had a rate change recently and the people have the new rate on their Q cards. Memos have gone out telling them at such and such a day they would have 3-4 times the spending power, then it changed to 7-8 times the spending power on their cards.
​6. Late last night Jan. 15-16 there was a global system reboot in banks around the world and the banks were being connected to new rates on the Forex.

7. Today Jan. 16 the Forex showed new currency rates, but those rates were not visible to the general public.

8. Monday Jan. 15 was a very busy trading day around the world.

9. The DOW went up over 1,000 points in one day on Mon. Jan. 15. Perhaps new money was finding it's way into the financial system through supply and demand.

10. Certain exchanges have been done through Table Top meetings to convert the system to spendable money.

11. Bruce believed the process was coming East to West. We would likely be last to start, but it would happen shortly.

12. Last night when the Forex came on the CBI had new rates for the Dinar. (The English version of the CBI website went away).

13. The timing was set for us to start soon.

14. Joe Public was scheduled to start in a week or so.

15. We would still receive an 800 number to call for our appointments.

16. The Reagan-Wanta Funds have been repatriated to the US. - 95% of which was in physical gold and that was the primary gold that backed our new US currency.

17. A trailer of the soon-to-be-released documentary "Eagle One to Wanta": http://eagleonetowanta.com/


B. Jan. 16 2018 4:33 pm EST RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 16, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Alliance kept a close watch. If Cabal appeared, they would suffer a terrible fate.

2. Alerts were being sent several times a day for the RV release.

3. Redemptions were scheduled to begin Mon. Jan. 15 according to multiple sources.

4. All indicators alluded to the RV release being imminent.

5. All personnel involved in the process (including exchange personnel) were being scrambled to their positions and told to be ready to fulfill their duties.

6.We were once again on hour-to-hour basis for the RV release.


C. Jan. 16 2018 1:43 am EST Intel Situation Report: "Encrypted" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - 1.15.18 (9) Sent 16:00 EST via encrypted message to bank chairmen and event personnel: “Release sundown. All institutions active.”

D. Jan. 15 2018 6:44 am EST Intel Update, Fisher: "Take it or Leave it" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Fisher - 1.15.18

1. The military was saying that the UST was getting pressure from heads of state from all over the world that was forcing them to release. They're very close.

2. Exchange Centers were fully staffed, opened and prepped for full activity. We were in active awareness mode expecting notification anytime now.

3. Banks have received memo that all institutions would be active this evening Jan. 15 for the event


E. Jan. 16 2018 1:08 am EST Intel Update: "Start Time Mystery" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 1.16.18

1. We received a report that the UST was getting pressure from heads of state from all over the world that was forcing them to release. They're very close (hard to confirm as the UST is not sharing information with me directly at this time. But our reports still say if there's anyone entity holding things up it's the UST. We have names at this point that will just be added to the lawsuit, along with anyone trying to keep this from the people)

2. ZIM groups have set appointments for exchange tomorrow Jan. 17 (yawn, its easy to schedule much harder to execute)

3. We were also told exchange centers are fully staffed, open and prepped for full on activity. (Sorry for exchange center intel, I know we're tired of hearing that but at some point it should actually mean something and we believe it's tonight Jan. 16).

4. We were in active awareness mode expecting notification anytime now. (Said everyone in this for the past two years).

5. Bank chairmen were notified that all financial institutions would be active sometime tonight Jan. 16.

6. Bank president reached out to one of our contacts and said that this process would go live tonight Jan. 16 and exchanges would start tomorrow Jan. 17. (True story, and seems to support the memo that was sent out detailed above)

7. In St. George Utah on the radio it was announced that new currency was coming out on Jan. 15 (Unconfirmed).

8. European Royals said Reno was activating the RV today Jan. 15/tomorrow Jan. 16. We were watching for evidence of that. (Unconfirmed)

9. Military said the UST was being watched by too many people to drag their feet anymore (We do know that heads of state have been actively involved in trying to push everything through)

10. Orders went out to go live with the RV this evening Jan. 16. Actual start time was still a mystery. (Not even sure if these orders have any weight as similar orders have gone out before but we have hope and other events that seem to support their validity)
11. Germany's central bank confirmed it would include China's Renminbi in its reserves.

12. The FT reports that Andreas Dombret, a member of Deutsche Bundesbank’s executive board, said at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong on Mon. Jan. 15 that the central bank had “decided to include the RMB in our currency reserves. The RMB is used increasingly as part of central banks’ foreign exchange reserves. The European Central Bank included the RMB [as a reserve currency].”

13. People in the process say that the above information was the trigger for the RV exchange process to start as China had this window right now to capitalize before the American markets opened.

14. We do know that there were packages pertaining to the structure, distribution and management of the different humanitarian funds, universal income, and various relief programs that were received by every country when the M4 assets were officially changed into M1 assets yesterday Jan. 15.

15. In some cases, many smaller countries who did not realize the scope of this effort were seeing these documents for the first time. Many of them reached out to the lead foundation that actually has control of the assets to congratulate them and be sure they had an established relationship so that they could be sure to get assistance for the transition. This outreach would only have happened if we were really in the final moments of the process where it's gone too far to stop.

16. Performance should be evident to us overnight. This means we should have our invitation to go exchange the assets we hold. Each day we are held in bondage because of lack of performance, the energy and awareness grows around the appearance and potential of cruel intentions that we hope are not true.

17. We have a copy of the Illuminati agenda that included a perpetual cycle of false intel until it destroyed the world's economy and the psyche of the people. This spoke to the Civil War taking place behind the scenes as the Cabal struggled to remain in control.

18. We have been told by the good guys that this plan has been disrupted and was no longer in effect. However, currently we have not seen evidence of actual performance. We still believe the Alliance has the Cabal under control and we would finally see true execution tonight Jan. 16.

19. While I've been writing this I've already received reports that contradict our release tonight Jan. 16. These sources are making nonsensical claims about Chinese New Year Fri. Feb. 16 which has been the proven formula to get us looking forward just far enough to stay stagnant and believe. (DO NOT BELIEVE THIS).


F. Jan. 16 2018 12:00 am EST Intel Situation Report: “Broken Arrow” - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - 1.16.18

1. Sundown(s) came and went on all coasts and these instructions arrived before midnight EST Jan. 15: “Stand down. Return to beta.” Feels like yet another full practice run done in real time. No 800# release.

2. The big Trump flash bang is either next weekend or a month from now as to tee up the release with the Chinese New Year on Fri. Feb. 16. Next federal holiday is Mon. Feb. 19.

3. Banks don’t know. Rank and file military doesn’t know. Local police forces don’t know.

4. Hearing rumors again about off site redemption locations in abandoned malls, winter dormant stadiums and empty airport hangers. Can’t confirm any of it.

5. Military bases for ZIM a certainty. Confirmed.

6. Fake Hawaii missile alert was counter response to destroying the Cabal's last broken arrow asset.
G. Jan. 16 2018 3:29 am EST: Tom Heneghan -- Hawaii Missile Alert from Canada!

1. Alert in Hawaii was a real missile alert from joint Canada NORAD. The idea that somebody pushed the wrong button is a total lie.

2. These were the same people who had the US air defenses stand down during 9/11.

3. The Illuminati cockroaches are backed into a corner. Their fake news is not working as well as it used to and more new revelations of their crimes come out daily!

4. Stew Webb was told by super spook Otis Johnson (medal of honor) that Donald Trump was running an "operation" of his own to root out the traitors in our government. We're going to see the results of all this in the next 90 days most likely.

5. The Inspector General (I.G.) report should come out Jan. 16.