Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Morocco begins gradually float its currency this week , 16 JAN

The authorities have entered the final preparatory phase for the introduction of greater exchange rate flexibility in 2017"   These are the types of articles we're looking for to come out of Iraq prior to a float. 

There are several parallels to what Iraq is trying to accomplish, Egypt and Morrocco are the latest. When we start seeing articles that talk about support for a transition as well the conditions are right for a move to a float, we'll know we're getting close. Morocco is already in Article VIII compliance, that's the first hurdle Iraq needs to get over before we'll see articles like the above. IMO.
All You should Know About ‘Floating Dirham’
By Yousra Acherqui

Casablanca – Morocco’s central bank governor, Abdellatif Jouahri, announced in 2016 that Morocco is aiming to introduce a flexible exchange rate system in the midst of 2017.

Indeed, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had identified the reform of the exchange rate regime as an important milestone to increase the resilience of the Moroccan economy.

The IMF’s de facto classification of Morocco’s current exchange rate regime is referred to as “Conventional fixed peg arrangements”.

Indeed, Morocco pegs its currency within margins of ±0.3 percent or less vis-à-vis a basket of currencies: The dirham’s exchange rate is currently fixed via a peg that is 60 percent weighted to the euro and 40 percent to the dollar. (Prior to April 2015, it was fixed via a peg that was 80 percent weighted to the euro and 20 percent to the dollar).

In case of a shock, under the current exchange rate regime, significant pressure is put on foreign exchange reserves. Furthermore, and according to the experience of other countries, we know that a shock could also lead to a forced transition to a floating regime. These weaknesses could be significantly mitigated by a floating exchange-rate regime.

Unlike Egypt who was unprepared to take the dramatic step of allowing its currency to trade freely, Morocco’s reform will be gradual allowing for a smooth transition. Indeed, Morocco’s foreign exchange reserves currently cover more than seven months of imports; and the central bank has said it expects that to rise to eight months by the end of 2017.

Moreover, the macroeconomic environment is overall very favorable to this reform thanks the country’s efforts to curb its deficits and to decrease its public debt. According to the IMF, because Morocco has the proper prerequisites for the intended reform, the scenario under which the Moroccan dirham will plummet after gradual floating can be safely discarded.

The reform implies that the exchange rate will not be used as the nominal anchor of the system anymore. Instead, Morocco will operate an inflation targeting regime. Also, the prices of other currencies vis-à-vis the Moroccan dirham will be fully determined by the market’s supply and demand; and the only interventions in the foreign exchange market will be undertaken to ensure proper liquidity.

steffen Rowe/TANK "Start Time Mystery" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update 1/16/18

1:08 AM EST

• We received a report that the UST is getting pressure from heads of state from all over the world that is forcing them to release and they're very close (hard to confirm as the UST is not sharing information with me directly at this time. But our reports still say if there's anyone entity holding things up it's the UST. We have names at this point that will just be added to the lawsuit, along with anyone trying to keep this from the people)

• ZIM groups have set appointments for exchange tomorrow (yawn, its easy to schedule much harder to execute)

• We were also told exchange centers are fully staffed and open and prepped for full on activity. (Sorry for exchange center intel, I know we're tired of hearing that but at some point it should actually mean something and we believe it's tonight)

• We are in active awareness mode expecting notification anytime now. (Said everyone in this for the past two years)

• Bank chairmen were notified that all financial institutions would be active sometime tonight

• Bank president reached out to one of our contacts and said that this process would go live tonight and exchanges would start tomorrow. (True story, and seems to support the memo that was sent out detailed above)

• Today in St. George Utah on the radio it was announced that new currency was coming out on the 15th. (Unconfirmed)

• European Royals said Reno is activating the RV today/Tomorrow. We are watching for evidence of that. (Unconfirmed)

• Military says the UST is being watched by too many people to drag their feet anymore (We do know that heads of state have been actively involved in trying to push everything through)

• Orders went out to go live with the RV this evening. Actual start time is still a mystery. (Not even sure if these orders have any weight as similar orders have gone out before but we have hope and other events that seem to support their validity)

• Germany's central bank confirmed it would include China's Renminbi in its reserves.

The FT reports that Andreas Dombret, a member of Deutsche Bundesbank’s executive board, said at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong on Monday that the central bank had “decided to include the RMB in our currency reserves”.

He said: “The RMB is used increasingly as part of central banks’ foreign exchange reserves; for example, the European Central Bank included the RMB [as a reserve currency].”

• People in the process say that the above information is the trigger for the RV exchange process to start as China has this window right now to capitalize before the American markets open. 

• We do know that their were packages pertaining to the structure, distribution and management of the different humanitarian funds, universal income, and various relief programs that were received by every country when the M4 assets were officially changed into M1 assets yesterday. 

• In some cases, many smaller countries who did not realize the scope of this effort were seeing these documents for the first time. Many of them reached out to the lead foundation that actually has control of the assets to congratulate them and be sure they had an established relationship so that they could be sure to get assistance for the transition. This out reach would only have happened if we were really in the final moments of the process where it's gone too far to stop. 

• Performance should be evident to us overnight. This means we should have our invitation to go exchange the assets we hold. Each day we are held in bondage because of lack of performance, the energy and awareness grows around the appearance and potential of cruel intentions that we hope are not true. 

• We do have a copy of the illuminate agenda that does include a perpetual cycle of false intel until it destroys the world's economy and the psyche of the people. This speaks to the civil war taking place behind the scenes as the Cabal struggles to remain in control.

• We have been told by the good guys that this plan has been disrupted and is no longer in effect. However, currently we have not seen evidence of actual performance. We still believe the Alliance has the Cabal under control and we will finally see true execution tonight. 

• The second lawsuit will be filed this week and we continue to gather more irrefutable evidence to ensure the safety of the people who have signed up for the class action. Additional information is always welcome and we will constantly be looking for specific names we can reference to add to the suit as we go. If you provide names you will be exempt from the suit. This is one of the key pillars to the reverse governing we are implementing to ensure the people are never enslaved in this fashion again. 

• If they finally perform tonight, we plan to hold the suit in a state of readiness at all times but not initiate further action. We have no intention of hurting the Republic, the Alliance or any of the people who have been victims to the Cabal tactics over time. 

• Efforts are being made to hurt our credibility and activate a latent slave mentality in us that makes us believe we are not worthy to rule our own planet. We know we are the sovereign people of Earth and we have the right to take action to claim that freedom. We hold all of the parties involved responsible for our bondage and we have declared our freedom and refusal to cooperate with any further contract that enables our continued enslavement. 

• We are looking to have a peaceful transition of power. As long as this is executed finally and completely we will find ways to live in harmony with every living being on the planet. 

• If the continued myth is perpetuated amongst the elite that they have the right to enslave us because they are in some way superior to us, then we will consider this an act of war against every human being on the planet. 

• While I've been writing this I've already received reports that contradict our release tonight. These sources are making nonsensical claims about Chinese New Year which has been the proven formula to get us looking forward just far enough to stay stagnant and believe. (DO NOT BELIEVE THIS)

We are watching everything and we have eyes everywhere. Your performance is not optional. 



1-16-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Many are telling you that the new rate would show up on the CBI site on last Friday 1/12. I can assure you we will first see the it on FOREX rather than on the CBI site... At this point in time all I can tell everyone is to have patience. We are still within the month of January and over two weeks remain in January. I still fully expect it to come out in January but the clock is ticking. 

1-16-2018   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf
   [so you do not subscribe to the float theory?]  Following the invasion of Kuwait there was no contact between the Saddam regime and the IMF so there was no recognized rate. It wasn't until around 1999 that the IMF recognised a rate of 1750, but how it got there is pure speculation. In Oct 2003 General Hugh Tant was responsible for the introduction of the new dinar ant that was done at a rate of 1955.  ...and no to the float. Apart from it not doing anyone any favors, it is not something an emerging economy would do as they need a stable environment...

1-16-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   Interesting historical information:  Question: Mr. Tant, How does your office determine the correct rate of exchange for the new Iraqi currency, that for all intents and purposes, is virtually worthless in the world's markets?   Hugh Tant III [Former Iraqi Currency Exchange Director]The Central Bank of Iraq conducts a 'foreign exchange auction' process about 3 times per week to help ensure the new currency is stable. This process helps determine the exchange rate. At the moment, due to Iraqi exchange controls, the currency is not exchanged outside Iraq. This is likely to change in the future as Iraq continues to be welcomed back into the international financial community. As oil exports increase and more funds are invested in Iraqi goods and services from outside the country, it is expected that the new Iraqi Dinar will appreciate in value over the long-term.

1-16-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   But eventually the CBI must make its next move and act upon the process they wanted to go ahead with and then they will talk to us again more directly. They will do this in articles using the news media. Then we will have the solid proof we need and have been waiting for. However, this is only going to happen once the USA does it part in the agreement made just weeks ago to let the re-instatement occur. So far we wait for this next step by the USA.  [post 2 of 2]

1-16-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Many people have different ways to bring the news. My approach is centered around the Central Bank. From this process with the CBI I am talking about is the “project to delete the zeros”. It is by this process and ONLY by this process that we will get close to any RV timeframe. I can tell you I know for the FACT that the official re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar has already happened on paper but I have no solid proof of it to give you, such as an article or something.   I took a chance on telling you as I debated not to. I thought you should know.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-16-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   [Is the CBI satisfied there are adequate correspondent banking relationships to support the number of international transactions needed when the IQD is reinstated?]  BY NOW I BELIEVE SO...IT WASN’T JUST THE CBI THAT ATTENDED THE CLASSES...MANY WERE THERE...SO I BELIEVE MANY BANKS LIKED WHAT THE CBI WAS DOING WITH THE UST AND IMF THAT THEY ARE ALREADY CORRESPONDING WITH AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL NOW.

IQD News Update (RANT #62)

Alexander Gagin/Yosef “Broken Arrow” - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 1/16/18

So sundown(s) came and went on all coasts and these instructions arrived before midnight EST:

“Stand down. Return to beta.”

Feels like yet another full practice run done in real time. No 800# release.

Also feels like the big Trump flash bang is either next weekend or a month from now as to tee up the release with the Chinese New Year on Friday February 16th.

Next federal holiday is Monday February 19th.

Banks don’t know.
Rank and file military doesn’t know.
Local police forces don’t know.

Hearing rumors again about off site redemption locations in abandoned malls, winter dormant stadiums and empty airport hangers. Can’t confirm any of it.

Military bases for ZIM a certainty. Confirmed.

Fake Hawaii missile alert was counter response to destroying the cabals last broken arrow asset.

All is well.

Raw Intel Rpt - 125 Uranium One Indictments & More

I just happen to look at this today, just to hear what he had to say today. Even though he chuckle, at the 11:31 mark he mentions the DINAR.

Discern everything as intel comes from multiple sources. Bottom line up front, you cannot deny that something is going on in major way.

"Rinse and Repeat" by 777 1/16/18

-There’s no stopping the global release mechanism now that the political fuse has been lit starting the RV.

-An RV practice run went off well last week Friday (Dow at 19.999.69) as they stress tested all the release protocols for what we believe to be an anytime this week release after markets close on Friday.

-The RV is scheduled to release anytime before January 15th.(ah January 15th now thats familiar, no?)

Here you go 24 pages more of Sitrep's. Just find the one from last year for Applicable month, rinse it off, give it a quick shake and back it goes to the public as a new sitrep for 2018. 


Now are these so called intel providers doing more damage then good?

Maybe they should read their old sitreps before posting? 

Here we are January 16, 2018 and now they say its gone be on the Chinese New Year! They said that last year too

Time to stop the BS, same nonsense repeated each year for what? To control this community? Intel National Enquirer? How is Brad Pitt and Angelina doing? 

Here is some real intel: the banking system is being restructured, it takes time, it took longer then it should yes thanks to the banks, new rules had to approved and signed, that has happened. You cannot have the gcr as per the old system with corrupt rules, your money would vanish.

Last factions of the cabal are being snaked out, that is not complete, could the gcr be used as final bait, yes.

Will you get trillions, billions, millions or thousands post redemption has been the talk of late, they really didn't want joe public involved or have you not noticed, lawsuits pending so its to late for no public involvement.

The truth is some have redeemed, there are humanitarian trust funds out there and have existed for years but the funds are watched and controlled as only so much money is allowed to flow out. But who controls the funds? Are the funds used by 'them' to funnel money to corporations, construction companies, developers so they can stuff their own pockets? Only crumbs for the poor, while they feast and feed each other.

So now what? We wait, progress is being made or would you like another load of Sitreps?


xyz: Barzani party boycotts the elections in Kirkuk and describes it as "occupied" http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php%3Fstoryid%3D70329

sandyf: @Zig: @tman23 : I'm embarrassed to admit that I came close to investing in their "Hedge Fund" promoted by Coenen...I was hooked on BH Group calls....lol - This guy also ran a "Hedge Fund" scam. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-i-lost-few-million-dollars-mastermind-isisits-exactly-wayne/
sandyf: @Baxter "There are several parallels to what Iraq is trying to accomplish, Egypt and Morrocco are the latest." - I certainly hope not, these changes in monetary policy are down to financial problems. Egypt lost half the value overnight, not the parallel we would want to see.

Both Morrocco and Angola cannot afford to maintain the rate they would like so have opened up the range of fluctuation. Russia was in the same position a couple of years ago, could no longer afford to prop up the rate and allowed a "float" and the currency depreciated. Not really what dinarland wants to see.

meatball: @sandyf evening... hope you are well.... so you do not subscribe to the float theory ?

Tebow: manage float

sandyf: @futuremoney: @foxmulder imposed rate? never heard of it other than gurus. Speculative - Spot on. Following the invasion of Kuwait there was no contact between the Saddam regime and the IMF so there was no recognised rate.

It wasn't until around 1999 that the IMF recognised a rate of 1750, but how it got there is pure speculation. In Oct 2003 General Hugh Tant was responsible for the introduction of the new dinar ant that was done at a rate of 1955.

Tebow: Between 15 October 2003, and 15 January 2004, the Coalition Provisional Authority issued new Iraqi dinar coins and notes, with the notes printed by De La Rue using modern anti-forgery techniques to "create a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq and will also make money more convenient to use in people's everyday lives". Multiple trillions of Dinar were then shipped to Iraq and secured in the CBI for distribution to the masses in exchange for the 'Saddam dinar'

Tebow: The IMF as part of the rebuilding of Iraq is monitoring their finances and for this purpose uses a single rate (not a sell/buy) of 1170 dinars per dollar. This "program rate"[4] is used for calculations in the IMF monitoring program and is not a rate imposed on Iraq by the IMF

sandyf: @meatball Yes thanks, and no to the float. Apart from it not doing anyone any favours, it is not something an emerging economy would do as they need a stable environment, with Egypt it was a devaluation determined by the market.

meatball: @sandyf ty

Tebow: Kap wrong?

Dave: Election Law and Budget Vote for Wednesday....any hope in going forward or just more yadda yadda?

meatball: guess it depends on the outcome

sandyf: @Tebow The facts are all here


Dave: New Election Law was to root out corruption and the Budget required the Kurds to agree?

Dave: Sadr not happy...
Dave: Esp with rumors that Maliki is running again

meatball: and how many folks thought Maliki was gone? lol

Dave: hehe
Dave: Immunity....
Dave: the moment he losses it he is toast

PhantomWolf: Based on the objectives of the strategic plan of the Central Bank of Iraq (2016-2020), including the goal of strengthening institutional relations, the Center for Banking Studies in the Central Bank of Iraq and in cooperation with the Iraqi Stock Exchange to implement a training program for staff of the Iraqi Fund for Foreign Development,

PhantomWolf: which was the subject of (money market Investment portfolios and trading in stocks, bonds and currency markets). The training program held in the Iraqi market for securities in stages, where the first phase began on 14/1/2018 and continue until 18/1/2018.

Dave: @PhantomWolf and I believe I read that they require 2018 budget to be in keeping with the IMF's requirements

Dave: @PhantomWolf ///and all of this is meaningless until chapter 7 is lifted

Tebow: U.N. Security Council Votes to Remove Iraq from Chapter VII Sanctions The 15-member United Nations Security Council unanimously agreed on June 27, 2013 to remove Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions that were imposed on the country more than two decades ago after former President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

The UN Security Council's decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII underscores the country's increased cooperation with its neighbors and marks an end to Saddam Hussein's legacy of aggression. The council agreed that issues of missing Kuwaiti persons and property should be dealt with under Chapter VI of the U.N. Charter - which urges countries to peacefully resolve any conflicts - instead of Chapter VII.


blackgold: And looking at all the BS in chapter VII, the UN that is run by the US and OPEC could keep Iraq in Chapter VII for ever. Its been 14 years people

blackgold: http://www.un.org/en/sections/un-charter/chapter-vii/

blackgold: Read it and weep
blackgold: Hope they change it really soon 
tman23: The electoral coalition Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had announced on Sunday with Iranian-backed militia group of Hashd al-Shaabi, is now dissolved after a day only. Hadi al-Ameri, leader of Badir Brigade (a militia group operating under the umbrella of Hashd al-Shaabi), withdrew from Abadi’s Victory Alliance after Ammar al-Hakim, another influential Shi’ite cleric, joined the coalition on Monday.

tman23: Unconfirmed reports said that Ameri is now in talks with Abadi’s political rival, Nouri al-Maliki, to form a separate alliance.

Tebow: @black gold according to the Iraqi embassy they are not http://www.iraqiembassy.us/article/un-security-council-votes-to-remove-iraq-from-chapter-vii-sanctions. Weep!

tman23: SO GLAD to see this posturing and alliances dissolve so quickly......... WE are still alive with a glimmer of hope in January..........

Tebow: @blackgold your post link said Nothing about Iraq! Just what Chapter 7 is and a list of the articles under CH7. Read before posting or fool you be!

tman23: There is actual video footage of the UN Security Council holding the vote exiting Iraq from VII....... not guess or a if or a maybe...........

spankie: Tman-GO!

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 16 2018

Compiled 12:26 am EDT 16 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Jan. 15 2018 2:09 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 15, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. All is quiet on the war front with the Cabal.

2. Final Authorization for the transition event was supposedly given today Jan. 15.

3. No specific time given.


B. Jan. 15 2018 12:57 pm EST Intel Situation Report: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 15, 2018

1. Indigenous leaders all signed off yesterday Jan. 14 in Beijing. All pre-conditions met.

2. Military’s worldwide have successfully practiced release protocols several dozens of trial runs at the beta/beta level. Banks too.

3. They never know when it’s “go” time, but always they must stay ready.

4. My guess is they don’t need 24 hours to process wave one - more like 6-12 hours to redeem this ever-dwindling Internet group and their 800# contact lists.

C. Jan. 15 2018 Fulford Report: "Tensions Rise Between Bloodlines" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 1.15.18 Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1. The petrodollar-funded U.S. corporate government faces a Jan. 18 start of gold-backed yuan-denominated oil trading, even while it's still-unfunded Jan. 31 payment deadline looms.

2. Last week a missile from a Cabal submarine was stopped from hitting Hawaii and the submarine was sunk, Pentagon sources say.

3. Hawaiian residents received a warning: "Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill." Later it was reported to be a false alarm. It was not. It was an attempt by the Cabal to blame the attack on North Korea and use it as a trigger for their long-desired World War III, CIA sources say.

4. The attack was followed by an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity which “may be an attack on potential submarine bases in Chile, Peru, Papua, New Guinea, or underwater,” the Pentagon sources continue. U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency official Paul Laine has previously told this writer that numerous underwater (Cabal) bases exist. These bases now appear to be under systematic attack.

5. Pentagon sources say, “The war against Cabal soldiers MS-13 [the Salvadoran gang] escalates as Trump arrested MS-13 leaders in the northeastern United States, ends temporary protective status for 200,000 Salvadorans, and may do the same for 60,000 Hondurans.”

6. Trump seized all classified incriminating documents from the Obama Presidential Library to help the Department of Justice take down the entire Obama regime.

D. Jan. 15 2018 3:52 am EST Uranium One, False Flag, Assange, Trump: (Video) April LaJune -- Uranium One Indictment Unsealed, Hawaii False Flag and a Chess Game

This week, the corruption of the Deep State was revealed even more when one of the crooks involved in Uranium One was unsealed, Dianne Feinstein broke the law, Hawaii experienced a false flag via a large Red Pill and Q, Julian Assange and President Trump continued with their chess game toward checkmate.

E. Jan. 15 2018 12:29 pm EST: (Video) Sources Reveal Imminent False-Flag Terror Attacks in China

1. This was an urgent news announcement by Newsbud, based on information received from carefully vetted sources both inside and outside the US.

2. Radical Cleric Gulen’s Network, (the CIA’s long-term proxy for Gladio B false flag terror operations), has issued an action order to its top operatives (aka senior lieutenants) in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Latvia.

3. These operatives were to act as agent provocateurs- to create violence and terror incidents to be blamed on Uyghurs, an ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang region, and by doing so, incite the Chinese government to respond with force.

4. As a leading independent media organization Newsbud was releasing and disseminating this urgent announcement now in an attempt to help prevent further terror incidents and carnage. Please do your share and help us disseminate this information.

Jan. 15 2018 11:15 am EST Judge Anna on the London Cabal: Anna Von Reitz -- England, Again and Always



Cleitus:  Family, I want to make the following observation from some previous notes and last night's cc.  As you know Frank does things "on purpose for a purpose", so I highlighted the following dates Frank gave us for January from January 10th and what he said about them.

Events can shift our studies, windows and timelines, but because they were very recently stated, and within a time frame while we are all waiting..., for me this is significant..., VERY significant! So here are the dates from the 10th that Frank gave us.

15th- Frank said, "pay attention".   Event-  Walkingstick makes his epiphany (thru Frank) to announce his "search" for the two articles.

Jan. 15th-20th- Frank said, "something will evolve further".   Event- we will see further evidence of the two articles or possibly the articles themselves.

11th-20th- Frank said, "we won". Event- What are you worried about family..., it's in the bag! (my words)

And finally..., Frank ended with the following, "IMO, something is planned for January."   Event-  Last night Delta said, "...not an option...they have to do it this month."

What is it, Frank? What is it WS? ,I guess we WAIT and see..., but, WE WON!  ALL IMO, of course.   

Get1later:  Nah......REALLY!!!!!  The REAL QUESTION IS "Will you have your NEW RATE ACTIVE when this conference begin? I would HOPE SO (IMO UST and IMF......don't  you want to give this ckuntry some credibility with the International World)

The United States will participate with a large delegation at the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq
January 16, 2018
US Ambassador Douglas Seelman said his country will participate in a large delegation at the Kuwait Conference on Iraq Reconstruction scheduled for mid-February.
“The United States will participate with a large delegation at the conference to support the reconstruction of Iraq to be held in Kuwait,” Sileman said in a press statement during his visit to Karbala.
He noted that “this visit is the first of the province of Karbala and the US government looks forward to helping Iraq in the reconstruction after the defeat of ISIS.”
The conference is likely to be held in Kuwait from Feb. 12 to 14, with the participation of countries, organizations and companies.
The government estimated that it needed $ 100 billion to rebuild the devastated areas of the ISIS.




RvAlready:  The GCR is an attempt to fix a failed financail system. Many here would be in bette shape, but the system is so shot that we had to have a Great Recession and TARP, on top of a system what was making the middle class poorer by the day….We wouldn't need the GCR if we were in better shape.

In the US, the rich are getting richer at an ever increasing rate, while the rest are getting poorer at an ever increasing rate

Drewz:  I know giving is always better than receiving,,, I here is my little tidbit fir what us worth ,,,,"I am actually getting info from sources not affiliated with the exchange but some are hackers and some are tied to political persons and they have mentioned the RV/GCR and Gasara several times so it is out there!"   Im not I sure about this Gesera and Nasera stuff though lol Seems far fetched and too good to be true for mankind,, the cabal wood never approve lol

Timth2lman:  Holy COW!!!! Dow just busted over 26000!!! another record....WOW!!!
Rvalready:  I think they will get the RV show on the road. It will have many good effects on the economy.

Fishon:  I think the RV flows well with the economy right NOW with this administration. We ALL win !!!

Harambe:  CNBC: Dow breaks above 26,000 for the first time, stocks open sharply ​higher https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/16/us-stock-futures-dow-fed-speeches-earn​ings-data-and-politics-on-the-agenda.html

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices fall, but strong demand keeps Brent crude near $70 pe​r barrel https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/15/oil-markets-near-three-year-highs-supp​orted-by-healthy-demand.html

Zimbabwe : 'Millions of stolen money returned’, Mnangagwa, 16 JAN

16th January, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told Zimbabweans resident in Namibia that there has been a response to his three-month amnesty window for the return of millions of funds stashed away in foreign lands by corrupt companies and individuals during Mugabe’s rule.

President Mnangagwa told Zimbabweans after meeting his Namibian counterpart Hage Geingob on the third leg of his regional tour to brief fellow Sadc leaders on developments in Zimbabwe that culminated in his ascension to the Presidency.
President Mnangagwa continued with his rallying call for unity, love, work and committing his party ZANU PF to walk the talk this time around.

“Let me assure you that Zimbabwe is not the same again and will not be the same again,” he said.

“My administration focuses on the following issues, one – unity, unity, unity. Love, love, love. Work, work and work. All Zimbabweans we get united under our national flag and national anthem. We accept that we may have different views about how to run the country and that again, we accept it.

So, we don’t need violence at all whether with the family or the community or the country. If people differ, differ peacefully. It must be an intellectual difference in terms of approach. That should not be developed into violence. We must accept each other as sisters and brothers determined to develop our country.

“I think we have more than 27 opposition parties in the country but with my focused administration, I hardly see whether they will find ground left behind which I am not taking care of. I said so back home and the response is that, Cde Mnangagwa has taken over our various manifestos. No! My administration addresses the national interests of our country and where the ideas of any opposition party coincides with national interests, that I take on board and it becomes mine and not theirs.

“Secondly, as a party, which is Zanu-PF, we are determined to walk the talk.”   LINK


Samson:  Mugabe To Appear In Parliament To Explain Missing $15 Billion

 16th January, 2018

Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe is set to appear before the Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee chaired by Norton MP Temba Mliswa to explain the allegations he made in 2016 that $15 billion worth of diamond revenue went missing.

Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu, a former Mines minister, and his successor, Walter Chidakwa, will also be summoned to testify over the disappearance of the diamond revenue during their tenure. Said Mliswa:

There are no sacred cows in terms of the oversight role of Parliament, and there is nothing that even stops us from calling Mugabe, who first mentioned the issue of the $15 billion, from appearing before Parliament and asking him how he came to know about that.

As a new minister, Chitando might not have an answer now on the issue of the $15 billion, but, as Parliament, we have a right to call anyone who is responsible for oral evidence, including Mugabe, Chidakwa and Mpofu, who were Mines ministers when the diamonds were said to have disappeared.   LINK


Samson:  Zimbabwe: There Is Enough Cash in the Economy - Chinamasa

 15th January, 2018

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa has insisted that there is "enough" cash in the economy and blamed queues at banks on the lack of public confidence and trust in the local financial sector.

Zimbabwe has struggled with serious cash shortages since April 2016 resulting in locals literally sleeping in bank queues with the government apparently unable to address the problem.

However, speaking at a business meeting in the eastern border city of Mutare last week, Chinamasa said Zimbabwe said what was in short supply was confidence and not cash.

"There is no confidence in our economy. The main illness of our economy is lack of confidence and trust," Chinamasa told the meeting.

"In Zimbabwe's case cash is there but not circulating. Why there is no circulation is that people don't believe that if they put their money in the bank today they will get it when you want to use it.

"So, all the system is drained of all the money. The economy is about money circulating. Imagine all of us here, we have the same mentality."

He said if the issue of confidence is addressed it will also help to solve issues like speculation and rumour mongering which he said is a by-product of lack of confidence.

Chinamasa said leaders should not disseminate information which triggers panic in the economy.

"As leaders we should know the implications of what we say in the public. We should not say things that trigger panic as this will reverse gains we have achieved in recent years," he said.

Chinamasa assured the stakeholders that the issue of prices was being attended by industry minister Mike Bimha.

"We have taken a position which I supported as well that it would be catastrophic to impose price controls; it would reverse the gains we have achieved so far.

"Our position is to engage with those in business so that we understand where they are coming from," said the minister.

He said there was no basis whatsoever for fuel importers to have a three or four tier price system as they are being allocated foreign currency by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Chinamasa said he was confident that the economy will grow up to 4, 5 percent this year up from 3, 7 percent last year.

"With the new political dispensation, I am very confident that the economy will take the true growth path trajectory.

"We are anticipating achieving a 4, 5 percent growth this year up from 3, 7 percent last year."  LINK
Don961: Mugabe And Wife Grace Heed To Mnangagwa’s Call Offer To Return $5 Billion

January 15, 2018 10:20 AM

Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe and his family have heeded President Munangagwa’s call to return externalized funds.

In his letter dated 7 January 2018, the Mugabe’s said they wanted to lead the way by returning funds to government coffers and appealed to other high profile government officials to follow suit. Mr Mugabe said he had not been pressured to take this move. He urged all Zimbabweans to work in harmony and support the incumbent President.

He also blasted his former spin doctor, Jonathan Moyo’s statement that the military’s intervention was a coup.’ The military were targeting criminals like Moyo, Kasukuwere,Chombo,Mphoko and others who had infiltrated the party.

Mugabe admitted that the so called G40 cabal led by Jonathan Moyo had endorsed former first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed him.

He however refused to divulge the whereabouts of his wife Grace, Patrick Zhuwawo and Kasukuwere.

It is unclear whether President Munangagwa will embrace Mugabe’s offer or if he will ask his predecessor to surrender more funds purportedly externalized.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba refused to comment on the latest development.- Agencies