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Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, inch by inch hour by hour Father we wait for the release of the 800 numbers. At least that seems to be the popular opinion at this time, only You know for sure (along with those dirty rotten so and so’s who are holding it back). As hard as I try not to think about the delays one after another I can’t help but feel and understand why I and others feel bitterness to those who hold it up.

Dear Lord God Almighty, Those who know me well know that I believe in the Holy Spirit called by many titles in other parts of the world and I practice accepting things I cannot change and pray for strength for courage for those things that I can change. I see many possibilities about changes I can make surrounding myself and the plans I have for improving our world with the new wealth when it comes.

Looks like there are still unknown stumbling blocks placed in front of our plans when a prediction or deadline has been posted. We all need to know that no matter what the Intel providers are telling us that they are speaking on what others are telling them who quite possibly are relating to what their sources are telling them. Remember, each time a story is related the story changes ever so slightly.

And I will end by saying that in the “if and when” scenario we know the answer to the “if” because we are informed enough to know that this has to happen to keep our economy from collapsing. That only leaves the when portion and that is beyond our control. So we need to keep the faith and continue to pray for the conclusion of this event. Remember, “Our Destiny Awaits” May the good Lord bless you the sooner the better.






It's hard to believe okie would join such a thing. He's been in the background for a long time... Is it a for real thing about him?



Maybe that's fake news toooooo? Maybe????

Hi all. Just curious, because I had heard of it. What is his lawsuit about? I mean, what does he plan to sue over? The RV not happening?

He wants to bring all this public

Or maybe he has mony that in Sterling that is being held by the feds.

No,it's not about sterling that I hear

Suing to make it public will not make it happen. Might make him feel better if everyone on God’s green earth knows about it. That would probably bring the value down.

Twitter feed earlier: @Kre8change: RT @MiChMa4: We are filing the biggest class action lawsuit in history! We were contacted directly by two of the top media outlets in the world...

Elmerl123456: If you saw a recent tweet by so imposter Okieoom disregard! Do you know the difference of a liar today versus a liar yesterday? Nothing, they’re still liars. Folks Okie did not join this group or suit. "Please block this Okieoilman. And ELMERF123456 They a frauds!

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 11, 2018

The last remaining cabal D.U.M.B. ( Deep Underground Military Bases?) was located and destroyed yesterday morning (unconfirmed).

This would mark the total annihilation of remaining rogue cabal elements.

The Alliance have issued final deployment orders to all military commanders worldwide to be ready for the transition event (RV/GCR/GESARA).

The Chinese Elders have the launch codes to the RV which begins the transition event.

In the meantime, the Alliance continues to monitor and search for anymore possible remaining cabal elements hiding in D.U.M.B.'s.

Operation Disclosure

IQD News Update (RANT #59)


1-11-2018   Newshound Guru G-Lin  Article:  "Iraq and Saudi Arabia discuss the formation of a joint economic coordination council"   Quote:  "the ministry's approach to opening up to the private sector for the purpose of concluding partnership agreements under the Companies Law, which allowed government companies to contract with Arab and foreign companies..."  The Companies Law was very important. It helps open Iraq up to foreign investors. And I love this statement:  "Iraq's possession of minerals. The largest in the region".

1-11-2018   Newshound Guru mike
   I've been in this since 2011, the glory days of the dinar.   ...I've sure learned a lot about ME politics since then...  ...I'm convicted by the evidence on what Iraq needs to move forward economically and the pumper articles don't move the needle anymore.  ...we'll all know when we're "close," it's when the street rate has held at 2% or less for 90 days and the exchange restrictions are removed. 

1-11-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [I am seeing that oil is up to 63 bucks...what do you think it will get to before they decides to pull the trigger?]   I think the current price is just fine!  More important is the HCL.
Get caught up on last night's updates below and if you are not a dinarguru.com alert list yet now is a great time to do it...It's free as always and only takes a sec sec...If you invested in the dinar and spend time on the site you don't want to miss something very important because you're not on the list.  Click here to get on the list now.
1-10-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  Every morning I wake up and think to myself, "Is anything different or concerning about Iraq today?As of this writing, the answer is NOPE! In fact, there is some positive news about Iraq's banking industry being accepted and even praised for being top notch. This is imperative for Iraq to move forward with a supported raise in the value of their currency. Another thing I look for is the HCL. Are there any new reports? As of this morning, it's been 6 months or so since we saw MAJOR movement on the HCL. With that said, it's pretty easy to understand why we're seeing such a lull in "things that indicate an RV"... What IS an issue right now is this - WHEN will we see some HCL news? Where is the progress?! Here's something that's a bit encouraging: I'm guessing that once that issue is resolved [Kurdish relations], we will see the HCL back on the table, and that's when the dinar will see some urgency again.  

1-10-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98 
   Everything looks basically the same as on Monday.  We did have some banks that communicated to members that we are in a 24-hour window.  That came out yesterday, so they are expecting to do something sometime today, or at least they expected that yesterday...At least the banks had a special meeting on Monday, all hush-hush, and members have told us that their banks say they are expecting memos and such.  Everyone is in a state of high expectation.  So far as we know, the plan is still in place for exchanges to begin before the Forex release around the 15th, give or take a day because of the MLK holiday...We are waiting for updates on the progress of that plan.  We expect the dinar to go up, riding the wave on Forex, and are hearing that other currencies may well do the same.

1-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "How to recognize the counterfeit Iraqi currency"   Here are a few obvious points…1) I find it a little curious all this recent “float vs. no-float” talk in the marketplace lately.  2) Dated today, the CBI decides to put a “how to spot fake currency” memo…3) Did  anyone happen to notice the last 3 notes? [referencing picture] I had to go back to my currency and dig out these notes to figure out what they were. That is a 1k, a 500 Dinar and a 250 Dinar note.  WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE CBI BOTHER TELLING ANYONE HOW TO SPOT A FAKE 1K, 500 Dinar and 250 Dinar note?? The 1k is worth less than $1 right now… the 500 is about .50 and the 250 is not even worth a quarter!!

1-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I still believe we are in an unprecedented position to see the results of the re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar very soon.  Know one will know the exact date or time. No one will know the exact rate until it finally shows up at the banks (and is tradable AT THAT RATE).  ...I have to tell you that the news could not get any better and you know I verify everything.   I am told there is a target within the next couple weeks for the FOREX (and other international currency exchanges) to show the rate.  I told everyone what I knew was that Iraq would do an internal re-instatement then wait until the US Treasury rolls out the revaluation and to the global exchanges. I do not want to get into a count down because no one really knows just exactly how long this delay period will be. I was told to expect 2-3 weeks. This will bring us to the end of January, which is within the window the CBI just told me days ago, is still the target.

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   As far as the rate, I can tell you we have people that are trading the dinar on preloads or futures. The last rates I heard yesterday during that situation of trading were approaching $6. That is a good sign as to where the dinar might roughly may come out initially.  We think it might come out and go up, but we don’t know how far. Remember what Dr Shabi said from Iraq in December 2012 about Iraqi dinar being able support a rate of $16?  Don’t know if that will be initially, but I can tell you they are very proud and happy.   [post 3 of 3]

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce  What is interesting is this.  1) The fact they were there to resign new agreements and put new business deals together in Iraq based on a new rate.   2) The fact there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now.  3) Tomorrow is supposed to be a major day of celebration in Iraq, a day of reconciliation, a freedom day. I don’t remember exactly what they are calling, but they have some of those words in it. That is something that we understand maybe the opportunity to actually finally put out their new rate or to make it internationally publicly known. Since that has not been the case, and that is why the internet in Iraq is completely blackened out because they are getting ready to do that.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce  It is interesting because we are getting a lot of good things pointing to the timing being now, meaning this week for us.   Remember awhile back I had said we had 112 companies represented with 89 different countries in Iraq and they were doing business signing up and getting ready to get started? That has been a month or so. Guess what? They are back. They started coming in droves Saturday and Sunday into Iraq to sort of re-ink new agreements with Iraq’s new value rate on their dinar.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-10-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  We all know by now they have introduced new ATMs in the country. They are going to need a medium of exchange of course, however, as here in the USA we use more and more debt cards than cash, no different for Iraq into the future and keep in mind this Marshal Plan they are going through is going to be in technical terms far more advanced in Finance than back in Germany and Japan.  They have now have access to the best banking features in the world! Let us not forget that there is a mind by the CBI to use 50k and 100K notes in the future. Realize they are 3 Zero notes, however, they are not necessarily for the overall public. The public may want some if they can afford them, but, large transactions will be there utility. E-Dinar will be used for personal and commercial transactions. Very powerful information over the last 24 hours, imo!!  [post 2 of 2]

1-10-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Articles “Know Your Currency”  The article showing security features of their currency at this time frame is if not one of the two articles we seek, it sure is a contender for one of them, imo.!  For the 250, 500 and 1,000 note to be openly used by the CBI noted in the article for security features, is for a good reason that we all should see right out the gate...There is no reason to worry about those notes with present 1184 program rate, now add the international calculation into the mix and you have a very valid reason to make people aware for what they have and own...  And if one is a veteran in this investment, one better have had that on ones mind a long time ago! imo. It clearly is now (imo) a signal to every one that may own or will be using the new notes we expect in the near (Let's hope immediate future.) future to be part of the quiver of currencies coming soon not to discard.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

IQD News Update (RANT #58)

"I Have No Intention of Bursting Anyone's Balloon" by Fisher, 11 JAN

But recent intel says that the U.S. has every intention of taking the USN/USD into the realm of Basel 4 compliance, i.e., digital status, as of this coming Friday. "Codes" were entered Tuesday evening which started an alleged 72 hour "timer", after which the whole RV/GCR would kickoff for real and the 800 numbers could be released for distribution.

Just what I have been told, believe it or don't, makes no difference to me.

Haters, supporters, cynics and skeptics, feel free to add your worthless opinions and/or comments as you see git or feel the need.


(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call 10-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 40902


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Wednesday, January 10, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We will get the record straight on a few things, and then get on with our Monday. We have so much NON-new intel to share. Everything looks basically the same as on Monday. We did have some banks that communicated to members that we are in a 24-hour window. That came out yesterday, so they are expecting to do something sometime today, or at least they expected that yesterday. We are expecting more on that today. At least the banks had a special meeting on Monday, all hush-hush, and members have told us that their banks say they are expecting memos and such. Everyone is in a state of high expectation. So far as we know, the plan is still in place for exchanges to begin before the Forex release around the 15th, give or take a day because of the MLK holiday. That’s the last we were told and unless we hear something new, that plan is formulated as we go into Wednesday. We are waiting for updates on the progress of that plan.

More importantly, you need to make sure that if it is time to go, why are you going? Where do you want that rate to be? Make sure you know your WHY, specially in light of the new strategic information we’ve been sharing. We expect the dinar to go up, riding the wave on Forex, and are hearing that other currencies may well do the same. So now we have a series of currencies that might possibly continue to go up in value. Why go in on the first day if there is a chance of an upswing in a week or so? Why exchange at $4 when the market could take it to $8? Make sure to address you ‘why’ if there is a window of opportunity to head down to the bank… That’s it for intel.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Have any of your US bankers addressed the issue with verification? Just one million dinar with 40 notes will challenge a 20 minute appointment. If not, could you ask please?
A: Really? Only 40 notes will not be a challenge, and also the 20 minutes is not set in stone. Every bank should have a money-counting machine, so it will take a minute to count 40 notes. Remember, a lot of these details are for the average person.

Q: How do you see the exchange and GCR affecting the US dollar?
A: I’ll pass on that one. I don’t see much change to the value of the dollar. 

Q: Are they planning to bring the Zimbabwe notes we hold back into circulation? Right now they’re in collectible status, will there be a certain time frame to exchange them or will they return to normal circulation?
A: I have not heard of any plans to bring those back into circulation, nor have I heard a time limit one exchanging our zim notes.

Q: I was thinking about leaving two of the 100 Trillion Zim Notes at five different banks. Do you think that’s a good idea? Or do you think ALL ten HAVE to go to ONE Bank?
A: What is your purpose in distributing the ten notes to different banks before exchanging? The banks will probably have similar rates, so it’s just taking up your time with five visits. However, negotiation requires strength of numbers. The more you exchange at once, the more likely you will be able to negotiate on the rates, or perks, or interest on the exchange funds. THEN you can distribute the results to five banks.

Q: For those of us who have currency to exchange that is owned by a trust, are you confident that the banks will allow us to set up the proper trust bank account at time of exchange, particularly if we’re directed to a bank where we don’t already have this type of account open? For example, we have heard that there may be one particular bank which is handling the ZIM and we may not have a trust account already open there.
A: If you already have a trust, you know it doesn’t take long to open an account. Take the trust documentation with you, and they will open an account for that entity on the spot. 

Q: From the call notes last Friday, “Now the plan is for this to go on Forex on the 15th. Prior to that, YOU should go through. However, they don’t want people to wait until it goes on Forex; they want as many as possible to exchange with stable rates, not wait for Forex.” Today is the 10th: is the plan still the same or has it been changed? If changed, what date do they want us to be exchanged by?
A: So far, the plan is the same; we haven’t received any communication of a change in the plan.

Q: On Monday, Tony talked about a Zim contract rate that would involve having a humanitarian project set for “Africa”. Did you mean Zimbabwe, Tony? Or anywhere in Africa? And can you give any more details about this Zim Contract rate plan?
A: That pertained to the 80/20 deal, and we talked about that after the call. At that time, we were told that there would be a connection to charities in Zimbabwe. However, that idea has been scrapped as far as we know.

Q: When Tony said that the majority of the contract rates were used and 40% were left, did he mean that 60% had been paid to people or that they had been allocated to groups/paymasters?
A: I’ll need to check with Tony on what he meant.

Q: If 6,000,000 people hold an average of 100,000 Dinar, and Iraq RV‘s at $3/Dinar, that’s 1.8 Trillion US dollars. Knowing that some of that will be paid for in oil credits, can they really support that much of a payout?
A: Let’s wait and see. Whatever the rate, it will be more than what we paid for the currency, so it’s a good deal in any case.

Q: as an Executive Trustee my plans are to invest in the municipal bonds on behalf of the trust. Understanding there is a tax on income by a trust, will income from municipal bonds purchased on behalf of the trust be tax-free?
A: If the income is tax-free for an individual, it should also be tax-free for an entity like a trust.

Q: If the rate changes on Forex on the 15th, does that automatically force the banks to change their rates, or can they choose not change their rates??
[RR: The bank ins’t changing the rates, they are going on what is in the system.]
Any idea why they chose the 15th to change the rates?
[A: No.]
Is it possible still for them to decide, hey, we want to wait till the 22nd to change the rates, or even later, heaven forbid?
A: Yes, it is possible that could happen.

Q: It was mentioned that the Zim possibly would be treat as a bond, with a 25-year payout. Would this bond have a coupon rate attached to it (like a U.S. Treasury Bond) that would pay out interest for 25 years and then pay the principle amount at the end of the term, OR will the exchanged amount be divided by 25 and paid out in equal payments?
A: I have no idea; we’ll know more when they tell us exactly how it works.

Q: As with the revaluing of Kuwait’s currency a number of years ago and again fairly recently with the Swiss Franc, both of these revalued on their own. Why does the Dong and other currencies in this “Basket of Currencies” have to wait until Iraq revalues?
A: That’s been my question for almost two years now.

Q: Zims are confusing. When I walk into a bank with a 100 Trillion note, what do I walk out with?
A: Probably that amount x the exchange rate, like any other currency. The last rate that was given us was .0000012, then we were told it would float between .0000012 and .0000022, so a 100 trillion note would yield $120 to $220 million dollars.

Q: If we don’t go for the contract rate on the zim, will we still be able to exchange the zim for a lower rate 30 days later if we choose.
A: Sure.

Q: With the dinar rate change in Iraq, have your contacts in Iraq seen any price changes on their store products?
A: I will enquire about what’s happening over there.

Q: Are you aware of any IMF rules that restrict a Forex currency from moving up/down more than 2% in a given timeframe (say 30 or 90 days)?
A: No, I’m not aware of any IMF rules, although Iraq has that rule in their constitution. 

Q: Can I make a family private foundation with only one person? Who would be the grantor and the trustee?
A: Good questions: yes, you can set it up that way, but you’ll have to have at least two people on the Board.

Q: How can zim goes on forex when it is not in use?
A: When it does happen, then we’ll know. I don’t really care HOW it happens, so long as it benefits my back pocket.

Questions from live callers

864/404 caller: What do your sources say about the rumor that the dinar is no longer being sold to currency dealers?

RayRen: I haven’t even heard that rumor.

512 caller: My questions relate to the dong. Is dong going to float after the Forex?

RayRen: Not the dong – I was talking about the zim. But dong might float as well.

Caller: Some are saying dong will come out at $2; is that likely?

RayRen: It’s possible, but banks are still quoting 47 cents that they see on the screen. 

Caller: Will there be a contract rate on the dong?

RayRen: Some people have been saying so over the years..

Caller: How do you ask for the contract rate? I’ve talked to two different bankers at two different banks, and they said they’ve never heard of a contract rate.

RayRen: A member sat with his bank person, and the banker quoted ‘contract rates’ that he saw on the screen. Most bankers cannot see them, so I don’t know how to tell you how to get the contract rates at this minute, but when the time comes, I’m sure they will give us more information that we will pass on to you.

Caller: I’ve heard you and others say there are front screens, back screens, etc. Will they show us all the screens, or not?

RayRen: I don’t know that we can demand to see something that is in the background, but I just don’t know and I won’t want to give you the wrong impression. We have members who have seen rates on the screens, and don’t know if the banker was supposed to show them or not. It all remains to be seen. When you are at the bank, be polite but firm – you are not there to please them, you are there to please you!

805 caller: I don’t get this ‘cap’ thing – I just don’t understand that. I heard people say there is a cap on how much you can exchange, or exchange at the contract rate.

RayRen: The cap information we received three years ago is that there will be a cap of 20 million dinar as the most you could exchange at the contract rate – so that the contract rate money could be spread out more. We were also told that you could exchange up to 50 million dong at the contract rate. Above that, you could still exchange at the international rate. Zim doesn’t have a contract rate, so far as I know; after 500 million dollars, the zim exchange would go into a monthly distribution. I think that is rubbish, based on the exchange activities I’m hearing about that are over 500 million.

Caller: Do you think Chase and Well Fargo will be exchanging zim? I know HSBC is…

RayRen: I believe that they will.

610 caller: [Appreciation]

702 caller: So, 100 trillion zim note would be worth $120 million dollars? How can they do that? I would be happy if it were 12 million dollars!

RayRen: Yes. How much do you want? You can give me the rest… We challenged that and they said they still stand behind that rate. Either it will hold true or it won’t. When I go in to the bank, and lay my zim on the table, and they say the amount that is in my account, I will say ‘thank you’ and walk away.

Caller: How long after it goes on Forex do you plan to have the Vegas party?

RayRen: As quickly as they can make the room available. If it happens on the 15th, we will probably have the Vegas meeting in February, because it’s a quite time of year.

863 caller: Are the banks on your registry all going to exchange all the currencies?

RayRen: I don’t know about the zim. This list was put together by members who were specifically asking about the dinar, which banks are dealing with the dinar NOW. The zim is an entirely different animal because no banks are dealing with zim right now. We have been told that there is a lead bank for the zim – not the only bank, but the lead bank. In the same way, Wells is the lead bank on dinar, but these 70+ banks are also handling it. I assume the same will happen with the zim.

Caller: Will we all have a wonderful birthday together on the 16th?

RayRen: Yes, if they hold to the plan as it has been told to us.

501 caller: You’ve indicated that the 15th of January, but now I am getting the impression that might slip a week or even two.

RayRen: We were told that dinar would go live on January 2nd and it didn’t. Then we were told the 15th. Could it slip from there? Sure. All we can do is roll with it, and take up any opportunities that might come up along the way.

Next caller: I have moved recently; will that create an issue at exchange? My ID has the old address.

328 caller: 

RayRen: They are not taking zeros off the zim; they adjusted the rate instead. We have been advised all along that 50 trillion and 100 trillion zim notes, 2008 AA series. Then last week, they say the following notes will be accepted. Other notes MIGHT be accepted on further rounds – we don’t know. If you are thinking of buying notes, I wouldn’t go by the other rumors. This is what we are being told from trustworthy sources: 
50 and 100 trillionnotes 
50 and 100 billionnotes 
50 and 100 millionnotes 
50 and 100 thousandnotes 

Every acceptable note will be exchanged for the face value x the rate, which at the moment we are being told is .0000012, or 120,000,000 USD per 100 trillion zim note.

Some of you have made decisions that might not work out for the best. From the very beginning, we told you that they would do something with the 50 T and 100T zim notes, they would take off six zeroes, and that the rate would be about 3-11 cents. Then others got on their soapbox and they said they would take six zeros off the trillions, three zeros off the billions, and no zeros off the millions. Now, who does that make sense to? Yet some of you went out and bought 500 million notes, and some bought only those notes. We always suggested you buy several different zim notes. A 500 million note will now yield $600, IF they accept them at all – because we have been told that the 500 million zim notes were counterfeited, and will not be accepted at all, at least not in the first round. I understand it’s frustrating to hear that the 500 million zim notes will at best come out at $600 (which is still more than you spent), but this is about improper planning. If you had bought a spread of zim notes, at least you would be covered. If you listened to what we said from the start, you would also be covered. We try to give you only information that we believe reflects reality, and that we have confirmed. Training is all about planning and preparation: if X happens, then what is your next move? It’s just information, but it’s coming from some of the best sources, so that you can plan accordingly. The rest is up to you. Attacking the messenger won’t change anything. One thing is for certain: if I’m 100% right with what I’m telling my members, then they will be thankful when the dust settles, and if I’m wrong, at least they’ve dodged that bullet. It’s like Noah – if it did rain, he was prepared, and if the rain didn’t come, he still had a lot of usable wood. Be prepared, and then, whether it’s positive or negative, at least you won’t be scratching your head saying, “I didn’t see that coming!” When this thing pops, unless you want the contract rates, sit on your hands and let us assess the situation; then we will be able to tell you what is happening without a shadow of a doubt. Whatever that reality turns out to be, we can move forward.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Steffen Rowe/Tank Teams Up With Okie Oilman/Lonnie Freels, 11 JAN



2:29 PM EST


•I’m told anytime after 2:00PM EST the CORE accounts will finally go liquid with major movement towards that end starting today at NOON EST

•Everyone else is saying that it comes out today but they don’t know when

•Meetings took place on Saturday with all the banks telling them to expect release this week and we know that it’s not a secret (so smarting up banks because every time you tell someone you don’t have a plan to exchange these currencies we’re going to use it against you)

•800#s WILL come at the same time as the core liquidity

•Iraq and Iran had software updates yesterday that would update the rates

•One source saying that the Paymasters are the hold up (no idea why/I don’t believe it)

•We were told they were finally going to launch last night and again NONPERFORMANCE

LAWSUIT FILED-will be largest class action RICO in history and will continue to add names of offenders for every person who continues to interfere in the release of the people from this debt slavery system.

•This suit has begun to push forward as the accused are being served over time. The plaintiffs are protected by the deadman’s trigger mechanism that has already been set in place.


•My apologies to Okie for the inconvenience. I shared the information to encourage people because they hold you in such high regard.

•Okie’s name has been removed from the suit at this time.

What’s holding it up?

•All the folks who are waiting for proven liars to finally do the right thing while they continue to keep their secrets and criticize their fellow slaves for speaking up

•An “Alliance” of so called good guys who act exactly like the Cabal by lying to the people causing unnecessary harm and damages

•A scared group of bankers who are terrified of what happens once they let the inmates out

•And an actual Cabal filled with pedophile Satan worshiping baby killers who still get to negotiate contracts while 9,000 people die a day from starvation



chattels: Rafidain: Customs fees for citizens are in dollars and the Iraqi dinar Editorial Date: 2018/1/10 10:27 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=70130

Hennessy: 11/01/2018 - 01:52 - Hashd al-Shaabi Sacks Kurdish Mayor of Tuz Khurmatu - ERBIL — Under the pressure of Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi, the local council of Tuz Khurmatu decided on Wednesday to dismiss Shalal Abdul from Mayor office, said an official. The decision however was made in the absence of Kurdish members of the council, said Sardar Ahmed, secretary for the Tuz Khurmatu local council.

Five Arabs and seven Turkmen members were present during the session, the official said, noting that Hashd al-Shaabi militias had forced these members to immediately hold a meeting and sack the Kurdish mayor with no delay.
Hennessy: http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/kurdistan/406286

chattels: " ............ there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now." - Intel Guru Bruce

chattels: Bovine scatology abounds today.

Hennessy: i wish we can leave comments on dinarguru.com
Hennessy: for each post

Hennessy: i see plently of articles coming out of iraq today

chattels: @Hennessy The articles must have come out by camel, eh ?

meatball: @chattels no shortage of it

Hennessy: LOL
Hennessy: i guess they had to sneak it into the turkish border to get news out

Hennessy: Jan 10, 2018 - Shell Sells Stake In Iraqi Oil Field To Japan’s Itochu - Royal Dutch Shell has sold its 20-percent stake in Iraq’s West Qurna-1 oil field to Japan’s Itochu Corporation, and Iraq has approved the transaction, a senior Iraqi oil official told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. “Shell sold its stake in West Qurna 1 to Itochu and the oil ministry approved it.

We met with Itochu and discussed the required financial investments and operations at the field,” Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, the head of Iraq’s state-run Basra Oil Company (BOC), told Reuters. https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Shell-Sells-Stake-In-Iraqi-Oil-Field-To-Japans-Itochu.html

chattels: @Hennessy The Iraqi government managed to fire off a tweet : Government of Iraq ‏ Verified account @IraqiGovt 10h10 hours ago Video and text highlights of PM @HaiderAlAbadi’s weekly press conference https://goo.gl/YedmvK

xyz: @chattels i love the video after 50.67

chattels: @xyz 50.67 ?

xyz: 51st second
xyz: My head is twisted with precise

chattels: @xyz not seeing a timeline

chattels: " The conference in Kuwait in a few weeks is not a donor conference; it is a reconstruction conference. We do not want charity, Iraq is strong, able and proud."

chattels: I agree with the prideful nature of Iraq.

xyz: @chattels hmmm this video is 99 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=r-3iuL3T_rE

chattels: " ............ we need capital investment, international expertise and technology to enter the Iraqi market."

xyz: @chattels are saying you cannot see time?
chattels: @xyz I could on that video, thanks.

Zig: @Sergio: You mentioned Iraqi contacts earlier...Any chance of getting one of them to come here??

meatball: @Zig how are ya

Baxter: that person running has to get tired sometime..

xyz: WOULD HAVE APPLIED BEFORE SOCIAL NETWORKS LIKE FACEBOOK, SKYPE, ETC ... YOU THINK DELTA WON'T TELL UNCLE FRANK CAUSE HE GOTTA BE SASTIFIED? :bub For Years, hasn’t it always been Said & Known, that the citizens of Iraq would be satisfied FIRST - then the outside World Later?

Hennessy: January 10, 2018 - Citigroup says conflict and shocks could lead to $80 oil OPEC disruptions led by Iran, Iraq and U.S. military actions over North Korea underpin potential spike

Hennessy: This year may be anything but staid for the oil market as Citigroup Inc. predicts wildcards including war, Middle East tensions, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un driving crude toward $80 a barrel.

After prices were boosted by Opec’s output curbs in 2017, the U.S. President has shifted the focus to geopolitical risks, with his pursuit of sanctions on Iran and North Korea potentially having significant consequences, the bank said.

That’s in addition to political disturbances in some Opec members like Iraq and Libya that could see crude supplies decline, boosting oil to levels between $70-$80, it said in a Jan. 9 report.

“Many of these uncertainties have significant consequences for commodities,” Citigroup analysts including Ed Morse wrote in the report titled Wildcards for 2018: Trump looms large along with systemic risks. “It is not a surprise that our list of potential wildcard events in the year ahead retains a focus on the United States.”

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 11h11 hours ago Iraqi PM tells Kurdish Region to accept the 13 conditions for negotiations or else he will use force to apply the law. http://mobp.as/2WTEk

meatball: don't sound like much of a so called negotiation

sandyf: @Tebow: the provisional authority set the program rate - This is not true. The CPA did not come into being until 2003 and in Oct 2003 when they introduced the new IQD the rate was 1955.

 The IQD deteriorated in value as a result of the sanctions imposed following the Kuwait invasion. In 1995 the rate was said to be around 3000 but it is not really known as Saddam stopped giving info to the IMF.

sandyf: 17 October 1982 -1994? hard peg, 1 Iraqi dinar = US$3.2169 Devalued by 5%. A currency confiscation occurred on 5 May 1993 as Iraq withdrew 25-dinar "Swiss print" notes from circulation (Iraq, decision of cabinet and Revolutionary Command Council, 2 May 1993).

Notes were exchanged at 25 new dinars = 25 old dinars until 10 May 1993, but Iraq closed its borders to prevent foreign holders from repatriating the notes during the redemption period. After the period was over, the notes became worthless in areas controlled by the government of Saddam Hussein.

The 25-dinar Swiss-print notes continued to be valid in Kurdish areas, which since the Persian Gulf War of 1991 had become de facto independent. RR: Managed float / parallel market. Multiple rates in 1982 and 1983.

sandyf: 1994? -29 June 2001 hard peg; 1,750 Iraqi dinars = US$1 The IMF source shows this exchange rate as of 1994 but does not say when it began. Iraq released little information to the IMF after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. RR: Managed float / parallel market to December 1997, when data end.

sandyf: 30 June 2001 -19 March 2003 managed float The IMF reclassified the exchange rate arrangement in light of information that state banks could buy and sell foreign currency at prevailing market rates. The actual change of arrangements was probably earlier.

sandyf: JoJo, from Farmington, New Mexico writes: How Much is the New Currency Worth in American Dollars? Hugh Tant III The new Iraqi currency's rate is currently stands at 1,955 Dinar to one US dollar.

A 10,000 Dinar note is worth approximately $5 US. To give you an idea of what 10,000 Dinar can buy, here are a few examples. Iraqis can buy a pair of child's shoes for 10,000 Dinar, 2 pounds of bananas for $.75 (1500 Dinar), a can of Coca Cola from the market costs $.25 (500 Dinar) and the Iraqi equivalent of a sandwich lunch (pita bread with meat and salad) for about $0.63 (1250 Dinar).

sandyf: Prior to Oct 2003 there were 2 versions of an Iraqi dinar, 'Saddam' and 'Swiss', used by the Kurds. They were different exchange rates and when the new dinar was introduced, if I remember right it was one to one for the Saddam notes and 150 to one for the Swiss notes.

Hennessy: ive always wondered that if or when there is an RV or float, will they only allow exchanges to happen in iraq only?

Tebow: @sandy Not true! In Oct 03 the official dinar was 1ID = US$ 0.00027 which equates to 3703.7037037 dinars to 1 USD.

Sergio: September 22, 2004 0.000466938
Sergio: September 08, 2003 2.53758
Sergio: April 30, 2002 2.53

Tebow: The historical Dinar exchange rates are: 1 IQD = 1998 US$0.00083330 2001 US$0.00050760 2002 US$0.00034290 2004 US$0.00070370 2008 US$0.00081360

Realism: Hey folks   Are we there yet?
chattels: @Realism ge

chattels: Despite losses, Kurds have ‘promising future’ if united: Masrour Barzani By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/interview/10012018 
sandyf: @Tebow: @sandy Not true! In Oct 03 the official dinar was 1ID = US$ 0.00027 which equates to 3703.7037037 dinars to 1 USD. - The quote I posted was from General Hugh Tant who introduced the new Iraqi dinar, you are disagreeing with what was posted on the "Ask the Whitehouse" website in Dec 2003, the page is still up if you want to check.

xyz: Planning with the United Nations signed an agreement to develop the private sector http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Falforatnews.com%2Fmodules%2Fnews%2Farticle.php%3Fstoryid%3D157612&sandbox=1

Ministry of Planning signed with the United Nations Development Program, the Convention on the implementation of the strategy of private sector development. A statement issued by the ministry received a copy of the Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs Maher Hammad Johan said after signing the agreement with the country director of the United Nations program in the Middle East Mounir Thabet, "We continue to cooperate with the United Nations Development Program, Many programs ". 

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 11 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 11 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Jan. 10 2018 11:05 pm EST Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 1.10.18

1. This morning Jan 10 I was going to write on the current situation which is cracking open, but I was warned to keep silent.

2. I received confirmation from a very high level that people have been paid and one attorney I know personally told me the same.

3. Our funds are in the final stage of release. They will come out tonight Jan. 10 or tomorrow Jan. 11 to our accounts.

B. Jan. 10 2017 11:10 pm EST Call, Tank: SPEAK Midnight Madness Call w/ Tank at 12 AM EST 1-11-18 Call 12 am EST (605) 475-4920 Code: 251044


C. Jan. 10 2018 TNT Call

1. The plan has not changed. Exchange activity would take place before the Forex showed new currency rates live on Mon. Jan. 15.

2. Bankers had meetings on Mon. Jan. 8 where they were told to expect the 800#s released this week.

3. Yesterday was told to expect things to start popping within 24 hours (which would be some time today Jan. 10).


D. Jan. 10 2018 11:23 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 10, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Intel blackout was still in effect. No info has been coming in from any sources. Duration of blackout was unknown.

2. The last remaining hidden Cabal elements were assumed to have been discovered.

3. Exchange rates for the new financial system were updated on a daily basis.

4. The new financial system was set, ready to go live.

5. The current old slavery financial system was a facade.

6. The Alliance was preparing for the final offensive, hence the intel blackout. If the Alliance's final offensive proved successful, the transition event would begin.

7. The transition event would start with the RV, GCR, then GESARA


E. Jan. 10 9:07 pm EST Intel Update, Tank: "What's Holding it up?" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 1.10.18

1. I'm told anytime after 2:00 pm EST the CORE accounts will finally go liquid with major movement towards that end starting today Jan. 10 at noon EST.

2. Everyone else is saying that it comes out today Jan. 10 but they don't know when.

3. Meetings took place on Sat. Jan. 6 with all the banks telling them to expect release this week.

4. The 800#s will come at the same time as the core liquidity

5. Iraq and Iran had software updates yesterday Jan. 9 that would update the rates.

6. One source saying that the Paymasters are the hold up.

7. We were told they were finally going to launch last night Jan. 9.

F. Jan. 9 2018 10:08 pm EST (Summary of Cabal Roundup) Message from QAnon: Steve Beckow -- Message from QAnon Steve Beckow

1. I believe Q Anon was an approved leaker from inside the White House who has given us a great deal of timely and accurate hints and information on what’s happening at the highest levels of government.

2. Very soon terrible news will spread that will seem impossible to believe. People you know - Hollywood stars, politicians, journalists, popstars, charities, religious leaders, institutions, heads of states, police officers, etc. - would be accused of unbelievable things.

3. Anonymous good people have been fighting behind the scenes to support President Trump and his efforts to drain the swamp.

4. Don't be afraid. You would be safe. Bad actors would be brought to justice. Good people would prosper and live happy lives. Children and adults in slavery would be liberated.

5. This would be over soon. We were winning. If you want to know more, search for QAnon. QAnon Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23qanon&src=typd

6. QAnon has said US taxpayers were paying for all of it:
Paris Accord Scam (trillions)
Red Cross Scam (billions)
Foreign Aid Scam (trillions)
War Scam (trillions)
Who audits where the money goes?
Who receives the money?
The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.
Slush funds everywhere.
Think George Soros pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?
The hole is deep.

7. On Dec. 21, 2017, President Donald Trump, by Executive Order, declared a national state of emergency against human-rights abusers and stated that their funds would be confiscated, as would be the funds of everyone who collaborated with them.


8. We were approaching 10,000 sealed indictments that have been registered in US Federal Courts as part of the Cabal takedown. These indictments covered child, human, gun, and drug trafficking, pedophilia, child sacrifice, bribery, corruption, and similar crimes.

9. Guantanamo Bay was being prepared to receive high-profile detainees. https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/category/shocking-event/page/2/

10. High-ranking politicians like Hillary Clinton and John McCain allegedly were wearing orthopedic boots to hide ankle monitors. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5178037/Clinton-wears-surgical-boot-MONTHS-breaking-toe.html#ixzz53YqHlE00;
11. Forty US House Representative and Senators have stated they were not standing for re-election.


12. Two-hundred CEOs from well-known firms were rumored to have resigned or retired. “CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF CEO’S RESIGNING Sept-Dec.2017” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x5jFRjT1Kw;

“Are the 200+ Recently Resigned CEO’s on Trump’s List?” at

13. Mass Arrest Rumors:

"Is Guantanamo Receiving High Level American Prisoners?": http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/2018/01/mass-arrest-rumors-is-guantanamo-receiving-high-level-american-prisoners.html

“Global Elite taken to GITMO by US Special Forces – Full Disclosure Implications":http://exopolitics.org/global-elite-taken-to-gitmo-by-us-special-forces/

“Mattis visits troops at Guantanamo Bay base for holidays": http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/21/politics/mattis-guantanamo-visit/index.html

14. The cases against them have been worked upon by special counsellors and prosecutors from Patrick Fitzgerald to Robert Mueller. They’ve been put together consistent with human and universal law. The defendants will receive fair treatment and a sentence aimed at rehabilitation rather than punishment.

15. The takedown of the Cabal was happening quickly. Those that attempted to flee on airplanes were seeing their airplanes turned back.

16. One thousand marines flew to Guantanamo to man the base. Gen. Jim Mattis went Dec. 21, the same day the President posted his Executive Order. It’s estimated that more than 44,000 troops worldwide were participating in taking down the Cabal.

17. “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: 10,000 Sealed Indictments to Take Down Khazarian Mob”: https://eraoflight.com/2017/12/19/benjamin-fulford-full-report-u-s-troops-deploy-worldwide-with-10000-sealed-indictments-to-take-down-khazarian-mob/


ChrisC:  Frank, I am going over the call again and I am sitting here thinking about what we are apparently missing.  We focus on Iraq so much, and that makes sense because it is their currency, but I think we are not focusing on the real thing causing the delay.

If you back up and look at Iraq you see several times that it appeared that they wanted to do something and then didn't.  The perfect time to have done this was when they declared themselves free of terrorism, and then the first of the year, or when they debuted the new ATMs, but it didn't happen.

It was interesting to hear the Risk Management classes were over for so long (as we had thought) but recall how we thought that would trigger things.

They are holding off for some reason, but I don't think it is them that is causing the delay.
 I had contact last year with active duty military and I knew they were through with clearing certain areas months before they declared them done.  Why the delay and deception?

I just watched a video on the Pete Santilli show ( ) of Trump giving a speech.  I don't know when the speech was, but it was fantastic.

If there EVER was a President that had the best interest of the people in mind, it is him.  When I listened to his inaugural address I knew something great was about to happen.

Words had not been spoken like that in DC since Thomas Jefferson.  I think we may need to focus on him and not Abadi.  He is giving us hints that something big is fixing to go down.

First there was an EO that included a declaration of a national emergency regarding finances and then there was this "non nuclear" Defcon1 a couple of days ago.

If there is any truth to the stories of a hidden tax in Obamacare for the RV then we should believe Trump is looking out for us and has gotten rid of it.  I believe the new tax law does not take effect until Jan 15, and that may be what we are waiting on.

My brother and I were talking yesterday about the effect that the RV is going to have on this country.  Everybody that has dinar is going to quit their jobs which will open up a huge amount of jobs and drop unemployment immensely.

All those newly wealthy retirees are going to buy cars, houses, ranches, etc. and  they are going to eat at restaurants more, travel more, etc.

Trump will look like an absolute genius and the world will be in awe of the USA when they see it happen.  This plan works the best when the people have more to spend, not less.

So, with that in mind, lets trust in Trump and know that we finally have somebody looking out for We the People.  If there are any in this group that are still sore about Bernie getting cheated, then please get over it and get behind our President.

Frank, one last comment, I am really not following why last years contracts would have been at 1+ and current contracts are at a program rate.  Can you clarify that?

Frank26:  I LIKE THINGS IN 3'S ....................






THESE ARE THE .................. ALOHA DAYS \M/


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 1-10-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK : 641.715.3598 PIN : 155703#



Don961:  Oil is rebounding and the Nymex is above $ 64 for the first time since 2014
 11 January 2018 02:13 PM

Mubasher: Oil prices continued to rise strongly during Thursday trading, to climb US crude above $ 64 a barrel for the first time since December 2014.

Black gold benefited from the continued decline in US crude stocks for the eighth week in a row , and continues to forecast the balance of the market this year.

The US Energy Information Administration announced yesterday that oil inventories fell by 4.9 million barrels in the week ending on January 5.

The UAE Energy Minister predicted the oil market will be balanced this year, with Opec's commitment to a cut production agreement.

Nymex crude futures for February delivery rose 0.7 percent to $ 64.03 a barrel by 10:51 am GMT.

Brent crude for March delivery rose 0.5% to $ 69.54 a barrel.         link

Don961:  The exhibition "Made in Iraq" began mid-month

 11th January, 2018

The director of the Iraqi General Organization for Trade and Trade Services, Hashem Mohammad Hatem, announced on Thursday the launch of an exhibition in Iraq mid-month on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair. 

"The annual conference and exhibition was held in Iraq under the slogan" Industrial Week ", organized by the Business Land Company for International Exhibitions and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair. The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services of Iraq, the Iraqi Business Council, the Federation of Iraqi Industries and the Industrial Bank.

He added that "the exhibition (Made in Iraq) will be held for the period from 15 to 18 January by the company organized the ground for international exhibitions," noting that "the establishment of this exhibition is an important point and appropriate to meet all private and mixed companies and the public sector, Framework of the overall objective to build a new Iraq and encourage investment and Iraqi commercial and economic activity and increase exports.

He pointed out that "the parties that will participate in the exhibition (Made in Iraq) includes Iraqi companies and agencies concerned with the industries and contracting, unions and chambers of commerce and industry in addition to the ministries and official bodies competent and the exhibition will include all goods and consumer products and related products in the construction and reconstruction of Iraq.     LINK


Samson:  Syrian Ambassador from Karbala: We seek to develop economic relations with Iraq

2018-01-11 at 12:26 (Baghdad time)

DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Syria's ambassador to Iraq Sattam Sadan al-Dandaj announced on Thursday his country's efforts to develop economic ties with Iraq.

"The importance of developing all relations between Iraq and Syria, including economic and trade relations," the Syrian ambassador said during a meeting with the local government in Karbala.

For his part, the President of the Council of Karbala Naseef Khattabi during the meeting, to "the importance of the development of Iraqi-Syrian relations in various fields, especially in the economic field and religious tourism."

"The development of economic and trade relations and increased trade exchange between the two countries will positively affect the development of the economy in both countries," Khatabi said.    LINK

Get1later:  If you want the PRIVATE SECTOR to thrive and assist in the development of your nation ......GUESS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IRAQ!!!!  SMH....

The Ministry of Planning and the United Nations sign an agreement to implement the private sector

January 11, 2018

The Ministry of Planning signed an agreement to implement the private sector development strategy with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

“We are continuing to cooperate with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP),” Deputy Minister of Planning for Technical Affairs Maher Hammad Johan said after signing the agreement in a press release Thursday. “We have an ongoing partnership in many programs. He added that this issue is part of the follow-up of these programs, which we share in the implementation of the strategy of private sector development, pointing out that this is a national strategy is not the strategy of the Ministry of Planning, which was prepared by sectoral bodies and in partnership with international bodies represented by the United Nations and the United Nations Development Program, Approved by the Council of Ministers in 2014. He explained that this strategy has been initiated by the mandate of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Planning represented by the sectoral departments of economic policies, financial and private and other departments.

“The strategy was developed in a situation where the country was quite different, but one thought that this sector should play a key role in building the country in development, partnership and economic diversification in general.

He added that today, we are in dire need of the role of the private sector matches the reality of our words, noting that this strategy includes key axes that go to the private sector at a clear pace for the country and the surrounding countries encourage him to engage in real work in general economic development.

He pointed out that the issue is mainly related to the private sector in order to absorb the bulk of the expected many categories too.

As he graduated annually more than 200 thousand graduates in colleges and institutes, stressing that we must find them a place in the labor market with the need to be partners in development and beneficiaries or winners from every framework of economic development experienced by the country.

He expressed the hope that this partnership or agreement has put our hands on the right path for implementation and that the aim of this agreement is to provide a framework of cooperation to facilitate coordination between the parties and on a general basis in the areas of common interest and accordingly does not include any executive program or financial obligations of the parties , And that the objective of the project for UNDP is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the private sector development strategy for the Ministry of Planning is to provide funding and technical arrangements for the implementation of the PSDs in Iraq.

For his part, said the country director of the United Nations Development Program in the Middle East, Munir Thabet, “The Convention is a preliminary framework for cooperation between the United Nations Development Program and the Iraqi government on the implementation of the strategy of private sector development, and believes and a comprehensive conviction that there is special importance to the private sector in Iraq B. Job Opportunities The challenge of job creation may be the biggest challenge in post-liberation Iraq.

He pointed out that the great challenge is the economic advancement, which should be a comprehensive rise that includes all citizens, especially young people who unfortunately have not been able to enter the labor sector enough to meet their wishes and ambitions, there must be a role for the private sector. He explained that the development of the private sector and its development is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Planning, stressing its readiness to cooperate with the ministry to implement this strategy. The important role for us is to support the ministry in developing a framework to help the ministry to monitor the implementation of this strategy. This is, in short, the nature of the cooperation that will take place between the Ministry of Planning and the United Nations Development Program.

Don961:  US Treasury: "One million employees received bonuses due to tax reform"

 11 January 2018 02:55 PM

Direct : The US Treasury Secretary said that so far more than one million US employees received financial allowances, supported by the signing of the President of the US tax reform law.

In a statement this week, Steven Menuchin said that many middle-income families will see an increase in wages, and companies across the country are announcing additional employment rates and new investments.

Several American companies have announced in recent days that their employees will be given bonuses and bonuses and raise the minimum wage, with the rate of taxes being reduced from 35% to 21% according to the new law.

Menuchin said that employees in the United States will receive a significant increase in wages soon, and they can save a lot of money .. The economy will continue to grow faster than in previous years.

Last December, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the draft tax code in its latest version.

The new tax bill envisages a 21 percent reduction in corporate taxes as well as individuals and a doubling of children's tax credit.     link


Don961:  Wal-Mart raises minimum wage to $ 11 an hour

 11 January 2018 05:18 PM

Mubasher: Wal-Mart announced it plans to raise its minimum wage, in conjunction with the company's use of the tax reform law.

The US company said in a statement Thursday that the minimum wage for its hourly workers would rise to $ 11, at $ 9, until the employee finishes the training period and then reaches $ 10.

She plans to increase maternity benefits and maternity leave benefits.

The retailer said it plans to provide staff bonuses of up to $ 1,000 for one time, noting that staff with experience of more than 20 years would be eligible.
Staff with 15 to 19 years of experience will receive a bonus of $ 750 and $ 400 for staff with 5 to 9 years of experience.

The company also seeks assistance to its employees looking to adopt a child by giving them $ 5,000 per child, which covers expenses such as adoption agency fees and legal costs.

At the end of trading yesterday, Wal-Mart stock settled at 99.67 dollars.     link