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1-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "How to recognize the counterfeit Iraqi currency"   Here are a few obvious points…1) I find it a little curious all this recent “float vs. no-float” talk in the marketplace lately.  2) Dated today, the CBI decides to put a “how to spot fake currency” memo…3) Did  anyone happen to notice the last 3 notes? [referencing picture] I had to go back to my currency and dig out these notes to figure out what they were. That is a 1k, a 500 Dinar and a 250 Dinar note.  WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE CBI BOTHER TELLING ANYONE HOW TO SPOT A FAKE 1K, 500 Dinar and 250 Dinar note?? The 1k is worth less than $1 right now… the 500 is about .50 and the 250 is not even worth a quarter!!

1-10-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I still believe we are in an unprecedented position to see the results of the re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar very soon.  Know one will know the exact date or time. No one will know the exact rate until it finally shows up at the banks (and is tradable AT THAT RATE).  ...I have to tell you that the news could not get any better and you know I verify everything.   I am told there is a target within the next couple weeks for the FOREX (and other international currency exchanges) to show the rate.  I told everyone what I knew was that Iraq would do an internal re-instatement then wait until the US Treasury rolls out the revaluation and to the global exchanges. I do not want to get into a count down because no one really knows just exactly how long this delay period will be. I was told to expect 2-3 weeks. This will bring us to the end of January, which is within the window the CBI just told me days ago, is still the target.

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce   As far as the rate, I can tell you we have people that are trading the dinar on preloads or futures. The last rates I heard yesterday during that situation of trading were approaching $6. That is a good sign as to where the dinar might roughly may come out initially.  We think it might come out and go up, but we don’t know how far. Remember what Dr Shabi said from Iraq in December 2012 about Iraqi dinar being able support a rate of $16?  Don’t know if that will be initially, but I can tell you they are very proud and happy.   [post 3 of 3]

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce  What is interesting is this.  1) The fact they were there to resign new agreements and put new business deals together in Iraq based on a new rate.   2) The fact there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now.  3) Tomorrow is supposed to be a major day of celebration in Iraq, a day of reconciliation, a freedom day. I don’t remember exactly what they are calling, but they have some of those words in it. That is something that we understand maybe the opportunity to actually finally put out their new rate or to make it internationally publicly known. Since that has not been the case, and that is why the internet in Iraq is completely blackened out because they are getting ready to do that.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-10-2018   Intel Guru Bruce  It is interesting because we are getting a lot of good things pointing to the timing being now, meaning this week for us.   Remember awhile back I had said we had 112 companies represented with 89 different countries in Iraq and they were doing business signing up and getting ready to get started? That has been a month or so. Guess what? They are back. They started coming in droves Saturday and Sunday into Iraq to sort of re-ink new agreements with Iraq’s new value rate on their dinar.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-10-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  We all know by now they have introduced new ATMs in the country. They are going to need a medium of exchange of course, however, as here in the USA we use more and more debt cards than cash, no different for Iraq into the future and keep in mind this Marshal Plan they are going through is going to be in technical terms far more advanced in Finance than back in Germany and Japan.  They have now have access to the best banking features in the world! Let us not forget that there is a mind by the CBI to use 50k and 100K notes in the future. Realize they are 3 Zero notes, however, they are not necessarily for the overall public. The public may want some if they can afford them, but, large transactions will be there utility. E-Dinar will be used for personal and commercial transactions. Very powerful information over the last 24 hours, imo!!  [post 2 of 2]

1-10-2018   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Articles “Know Your Currency”  The article showing security features of their currency at this time frame is if not one of the two articles we seek, it sure is a contender for one of them, imo.!  For the 250, 500 and 1,000 note to be openly used by the CBI noted in the article for security features, is for a good reason that we all should see right out the gate...There is no reason to worry about those notes with present 1184 program rate, now add the international calculation into the mix and you have a very valid reason to make people aware for what they have and own...  And if one is a veteran in this investment, one better have had that on ones mind a long time ago! imo. It clearly is now (imo) a signal to every one that may own or will be using the new notes we expect in the near (Let's hope immediate future.) future to be part of the quiver of currencies coming soon not to discard.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

TNT Dinar Call w/Rayren98

The big Call w/bruce INTEL ONLY

"Re: TNT Call RayRen98" by CPA, 10 JAN

Think about the points below, and how they differ than what Yosef tells us. I have a hard time believing these guys anymore as it seems they are just recycling other info that is being put out here. At the same time, anyone who says, "I've received some information and I can't release it right now", actually doesn't have anything, that's their cliff hangar that they leave you on. It's how they get you to bite to come back again. Maybe they'll release it to us next time? You think. 

A. June 8 2018 8:45 pm TNT Call RayRen98, Tony: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98, Tony Notes by Adept1 1-8-18 Replay:https://iTeleseminar.com/104432610 AUDIO REPLAY LINK [url=tel:(641) 715-0623]641.715.0623[/url], CODE 409029#

2. The Dinar has been completely reinstated throughout Iraq. Electronically, all the cards are being used here in the US, in England and Canada, so they are international.

Provide Proof of this

9. The majority of contract rates have been soaked up by people who own the groups, though there may be as much as 40% still out there. I was told that people could get above the international rate, somewhere between 10% and 40%. 

This doesn't make sense at all, as there is no benefit to being in a group. 

10. We are looking for something this week for the 800#s to be released.

Provide physical proof

11. It will come out on Forex on the 15th. 

Provide physical proof

12. The tax would be paid on our exchange before we exchange. This is not considered income.

Provide physical proof - This is a non taxable event, so why are you mentioning this?

14. This should have gone (on the Forex) on Jan. 2, then it was moved to Jan. 15, That’s when the UN rates change.

Provide physical proof

15. The tax laws and banking laws have all changed, so we’re done with that. We are getting calls saying it has been released, and the banks say they see the new rates but they’re under ‘administrative hold’. The US Treasury has given their authorization. The plan is for it to go on Forex next Monday Jan. 15.

Provide physical proof

16. It really could be any day. If it doesn’t happen today, that is one day less before this goes on Forex. We don’t need an actual announcement to go through. The bank is setting the rates now; I just don’t know if they can do that after if goes on Forex, so they have to exchange us prior to that Forex announcement.

Provide physical proof

18. On the Zim: If the rate is .0000012, the total for a 100 trillion note will be 120 million. For one 100 billion note, the result would be 120 thousand, and for 100 million, it will be $120.

Provide physical proof - This is BS rates are better than this. 

19. They said the Zim would float between .0000011 and .0000022. 

Provide physical proof - This is BS, rates are better than this.

20. There are some contract rates for the Zim, but you have to develop humanitarian projects and submit them to the bank prior to exchange. You also have to have a foundation or trust set up for your Zim exchange. So you must have an approved trust and plan, and be partnered up with someone in Africa. It would then be paid out 80/20, but then the rate is dollars rather than pennies. It’s convoluted, but if you go into the bank they will explain it to you and you may have some time to set it all up. 

Provide physical proof - This is BS There is no 80/20 split

21. At one point they said they’d pay the Zim out over 100 years, and now it is down to 25 years. If you exchange one note = $120 million, which is five million per year; also, they would also be paying you interest on the capital, which might be 10 million per year. I will ask them at what point it goes to a structured payout; I think it’s over 500 million USD.

RayRen doesn't know what's going on. 

22. The 800 number call should take three minutes, maximum; the exchange appointment is supposed to last 20 minutes. Anything after that should take place at the wealth manager’s office, and there are different levels of wealth managers as well.

Exchange appointment should last about 30 - 45 minutes. 
In the end, I feel that none of us really KNOW what will happen when this all is green lighted. I do feel we are close for sure. But honestly have no idea as far as a date that when it could go. There are a lot of interesting points / reasons for it to go by the 15th of January, but that's not saying it is going to be going by then. Plus with the gov't possible shutdown on Jan 19, they may need to do something. 

I feel that TPTB need to just push the easy button and make it all happen. Fill those indictments and then let's move on. 

It appears that anyone whom is delaying this is not working for the people. This does not include the Creator, as all this is working on his schedule anyways. 



Wavemanpops : I’m in FLORIDA my best friends wealth Mgr Said There was a mandatory meeting for all employees that said there is a plan this week to raise currency rates and that all must be at work. Excited we are...WF... This happened on Saturday...They were bold and mentioned Dinar that was shocking to me...Yes Wells.. Yes we finally hear it 1st hand...They are not hiding it anymore

REI:  I am glad people are starting to see the USA holds the button.Now on to the release date....Hmmm....last Tuesday for Monday was a Holiday....now delayed till the 15th, but we will go before forex.....I think they showed their hand and tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the day....Tuesday last week, Tuesday this week, before the 15th....Yep! Tomorrow! Boy I hope so! Jmho

Hislady1983:    Tuesday's always been one of my favorite days! Thank you, REI!

REI: hlslady1983, don't quote me on the date, just trying to use common sense and not the dart board....

Hislady1983: Will not quote you, REI. Just makes sense. Hopefully lots and lots of cents!

"Information Clear up" by Baggy 1/10/18

Hello all,

There are a few things we will need to clear up.

1. I have said this before and I will say again, To the Gurus out there, Stop with the any minute, any hour, and any time now. With each passing day and miss window opportunity, only makes you and your intel less likely to be trusted. We are in the second week of 2018, we are still saying the same crap as in 2017. Pretty soon the individuals will stop listening and start thinking this is a fraud. Because there is no tangible proof of anything happening on the GESERA/RV front. All the information has been word of mouth.

2. The LAW SUIT with Tank – the law suit that Tank is pursuing is for information to come to light. If the all the truth comes to public life then it becomes public and on record. Lose or win the lawsuit, the information is made public. That is a win in either way. The Powers that be do not wish any public knowledge or any truth record in any court to be available to the public. This will cause a loss of trust in our government and open the eyes of the people to the mass fraud committed on the them.

3. Like everyone else, I want the RV to Happen. But I am afraid that with all the cry wolf syndrome, we will miss the RV and then we will be back to where we have started. This is what I do know what is happening with RV.

a. Yesterday was a bank software reset

b. Yes, the banks are on alert and personal have been told to not speak or mention anything about currency exchange.

c. Yes, military has been very busy this few days into 2018. I have been to a military installation; the security is on high alert.

4. The past post I have done, I have advised you the RV will fall into 2018, at this point we are falling into same routine as the 2017 start. Any minute, hour, and day routine, stop pressuring people to believe and hope on this RV to happen. Then Guru’s push the products on the people or pay to be part of their special group. While you are making money and the people’s hope and dreams, you are also making people believe that this RV is not happening.

5. Jared Rand popped up on scene again, he talked about all this future equipment that would change the world. If the technology exists then why wait to provide it to the world. Are we waiting to provide it when people can pay for it? It is not to come on the scene and provided information and hope and then disappear again with nothing coming into fruition. Over the holidays I did my charitable events and saw a lot of people hurting, suffering, and even pass away. This bothers me a lot, here is someone that says the technology exists, they still let people suffer or pass away like it is nothing.


There is a lot of unknown, the RV is going to happen, I just want the Guru to stop pushing the products on the hope and dreams of the people.

The Law suit will help bring truth to light about individuals corruption, companies corruption, and government corruption.

If technology exists then release to public and stop the suffering…STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.


RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 10, 2018

Intel blackout still in effect.

Duration of blackout unknown.

No information coming in from any sources.

The last remaining hidden cabal elements are assumed to have been discovered.

The Alliance is preparing for the final offensive hence the intel blackout.

Exchange rates for the new financial system are updated on a daily basis.

The new financial system is set, ready to go live.

The current old slavery financial system is a facade.

If the Alliance's final offensive proves successful, the transition event will begin.

The transition event will start with the RV, GCR, then GESARA.


A 7.5 Earthquake occurred off the coast of Honduras -- Possible cabal D.U.M.B. destroyed.


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Okay so here we are it’s now January 8th already and I still believe we are in an unprecedented position to see the results of the re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar very soon.

I can see that many are anxious and I don’t blame you. I know there is lots of garbage intel out there and all I can say is “I told you so”.

Many of you keep harassing me for all the bashing of these idiots, but I have to tell you they deserve every bit of it. Shame, shame, shame on them for all their lies. This is why many are so confused. This is why I have to come on and keep clarifying this garbage intel.

Now, let’s get down to today’s business.

So where are we at this moment?

First, I want to tell you that no one has an up to the minute, detailed report to give you. If they say they do, they are lying. All I can do is share what I know. Know one will know the exact date or time. No one will know the exact rate until it finally shows up at the banks (and is tradable AT THAT RATE).

Many have criticized me of being excited one day and down the next day. This is simply not the case. I am very excited, only I do not let my excitement interfere with my sense of judgement. I need everyone to the total picture of the information I am getting and explore it all. So let’s do that today and see if we can make sense of it.

I still have mixed reservations about what is taking place. On one hand I am told “it’s all done”, yet I do not see all the signals I was told to look for at the end of this ride.

First, for instance, the re-education of the general public in Iraq. Doesn’t it strike you weird that they would make such a change in their currency, yet not even one word from the news media on the subject matter?

Second, where are the lower category of denominations? Why have we not heard of the launching of these notes and seen any real proof? It seems to me this would be really easy to get…right?

Third, do you think this would be BIG news in the Iraqi news media? Do you think this might even appear on the international news channels, if even just a small statement?

On the other hand, I have to tell you that the news could not get any better and you know I verify everything. So what is going on? Could this be just intentional confusion or more bullshit?

So this is the good part – I am told there is a target within the next couple weeks for the FOREX (and other international currency exchanges) to show the rate.

Go back and re-read my explanation of the final stage of the process to “delete the zeros” and what was to take place. What did I tell you? I told everyone what I knew was that Iraq would do an internal re-instatement then wait until the US Treasury rolls out the revaluation and to the global exchanges. I do not want to get into a count down because no one really knows just exactly how long this delay period will be. I was told to expect 2-3 weeks. This will bring us to the end of January, which is within the window the CBI just told me days ago, is still the target.

We have to remember everything that has taken place over the month of December. It was just unbelievable news, however the part concerning the “project to delete the zeros” has not come up even once by the CBI or in the news media. Why? In all the other four (4) times they targeted the RV, there was intensive public notice of what they were about to do. Does this seem strange to you? Just saying….. Was this the extent of the training they will do? Was the training I was told subject of the bank training only and not the general public?

In listening to many of these intel calls by these “gurus” I am hearing that they want to bring us internet folks into the banks this week to exchange. Really? Yes this week. We can already see this probably will NOT happen. This could be true, but I have not heard it. Wouldn’t this be illegal since it is not yet on the exchanges? So, when I hear this kind of news I also then get suspicious of the other news they are telling us. Once a liar, always a liar….

How the hell do they know anyhow? Oh – but wait its their “secret” source. Really? Give me a break!

Some might say this is it, and so the CBI is being intentionally very quiet. I don’t believe they are really that smart, not that they could keep this from the public, nor the news media anyhow. I do not expect a big fanfare, but I am not talking about some huge announcement either. All I am saying is some peep of news from the CBI. Still absolutely nothing from them to the general public over in Iraq. Not good!

More news…


Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri that the parliament will begin discussing the election law and the budget of 2018 on Sunday.

"The session on Sunday will include in its agenda, the law of provincial elections, the law of the elections of the House of Representatives, and the House of Representatives, and the law of the general budget for 2018," said Jubouri during his presiding session today.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 


Articles Begin


It is no secret to everyone that the signs of hope to start activating the Iraqi market will be better luck this year after the salvation of the presence of terrorism on the ground in Iraq.

As we realize that the size of the work in Iraq is large and needs major local, regional and international efforts to enter the field of work IS ALMOST THE LARGEST IN THE WORLD AND REQUIRES AN ACTIVITY TO REACH THE BUILDING OF AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRATED ECONOMY AT THE LEVEL OF IRAQ AND THE REGION AND THE WORLD.

Construction and reconstruction processes, as well as sustainable economic construction. And here requires that everyone be as responsible to achieve success within the detailed work and supportive of his position to be a great responsibility to our country, as the abundance of wealth in Iraq enables him to work to change the shape of the national economy and make it a kiss for the effort the developed world that can employ what It owns advanced technology to serve the country. Iraq, which is expected to be an economic tiger VIII able to desire to develop all joints of national economy, through the advancement of human resources available and natural resources that appeal to the largest companies classified globally in terms of competence.

In order to proceed at a steady pace of economic development, we must have advanced planning visions through serious cooperation with specialized centers in this field, which will identify the starting points of the development process for a large and important economy and enter the Iraqi expertise in these centers, which must have branches in Iraq for the purpose of training. And transfer skills to national competencies. Economic construction, which coincides with a reform process led by the prime minister, will be successful after the creation of an attractive investment environment for domestic capital and international and regional capital wishing to enter Iraq and work in all its parts.

The banking system also has an active role in supporting banks that have sophisticated programs and products to enhance competition and create banking products. Which enables our banks to compete with international and regional banks.



Baghdad: Al Furat News} The United Nations issued a new resolution in favor of Iraq.

"In continuation of its efforts to re-represent Iraq in international forums to the fullest extent, the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs culminated in the issuance of a resolution during the meetings of the third session of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEA)," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said in a statement. In December 2017 entitled "Mitigation and Control of Pollution in Areas Affected by Armed Conflict or Terrorism".

The resolution "will allow Iraq to benefit from the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and a number of other countries affected by terrorism in providing support to mitigate the effects of pollution in areas that have been subjected to terrorism." 

Mahjoub explained that "the decision has received great attention by specialists in international organizations as it combines the concepts of terrorism and the environment, which is one of the technical and political problems facing the countries of the world."

He pointed out that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the conditions experienced by the Sons of Iraq in their war against the gangs of terrorist advocates were the motivation to submit the draft resolution, which raised the attention of the world to the importance of this subject and its impact on various countries helped a lot to adopt it unanimously and approved."



January 7, 2018

Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The House of Representatives is held on Sunday, its regular without the draft bill the financial budget for 2018 to the agenda.

The table includes the completion of voting on the proposed law of the Nursing Syndicate, the report and discussion of the proposed law of the House of Representatives and its composition, and the report and discussion of the draft law amending the Penal Code contained in Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 amending and other special laws No. 6 of 2008.

It also includes "the report and discussion of the draft law on the rights of Turkmen, and the report and discussion of the proposed law of Samarra, the capital of Islamic culture."

(Mnt Goat – So then what news pops out later in the day? See next article.)



January 7, 2018

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Deputy revealed the presentation of the draft budget bill for 2018 in parliament this week.

"The House of Representatives set a week for the parliamentary finance committee to study the budget and began last Wednesday, and it is hoped that it will be read next week," said the deputy of the State of Law coalition Haider al-Mawla.

He pointed out that "there are no allocations to the provinces for the development of the provinces and allocations petrodollar allocated to the provinces, which is $ 5 and the budget bill included one article on oil products and even this article is not clear in the form of bonds.

"We need a clear and explicit text for this paragraph as well as debt treatment," Mallawi said

(Mnt Goat – These last 2 paragraphs tells us what is missing from the budget and must be added to get the first reading. I do not believe this budget has much impact on the RV since the last couple years the budget was out of the DFI process already and the DFI fund is closed out, as we recently heard. However, this is the VERY FIRST budget for Iraq since being taken “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions. Also the ministries have had a hard time sending in their year end reconciations to the Finance Ministry. Why? Is there some hanky panky going on?….just saying…. )


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 

Much love to ya all, 

Mnt Goat


WANNA KNOW A SECRET?   I GO TO READ AN ARTICLE THAT EXPLAINS ABOUT OOO'S CURRENCY COUNTERFEITING BECAUSE THEY WILL BE IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE NEW LD'S /CC'S FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS POST RI.  [You said that it is possible...that we may 'not' see them, because the 'rate', possibly could come out first.  I took that information to mean that we---'are that close' to this being over.  Hope I got this right sir.]  YES...FOR WHEN I PUT MY FAITH IN SOMETHING IT IS BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN WELL...STUDIED.  IMO WE R AS CLOSE AS HEAT IS TO A FLAME.



Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is interesting because we are getting a lot of good things pointing to the timing being now, meaning this week for us.  Let’s start with Iraq.  What is going on now in Iraq?  Remember awhile back I had said we had 112 companies represented with 89 different countries in Iraq and they were doing business signing up and getting ready to get started? That has been a month or so. Guess what? They are back.

​They started coming in droves Saturday and Sunday into Iraq to sort of re-ink new agreements with Iraq’s new value rate on their dinar. Most of the people were about 170 different countries, 690 companies represented by those representatives that were there in Iraq and to be there through tomorrow and to be leaving tomorrow and Thursday to head back to their own countries.

Bruce:  What is interesting is this.

​1) The fact they were there to resign new agreements and put new business deals together in Iraq based on a new rate.
2) The fact there is a total internet blackout worldwide from Iraq right now.
3) Tomorrow is supposed to be a major day of celebration in Iraq, a day of reconciliation, a freedom day. I don’t remember exactly what they are calling, but they have some of those words in it.

Bruce:  That is something that we understand maybe the opportunity to actually finally put out their new rate or to make it internationally publicly known. Since that has not been the case, and that is why the internet in Iraq is completely blackened out because they are getting ready to do that. Hopefully that happens tomorrow in Iraq which could be overnight for us here in the US. That is really what is going in Iraq right now.

Bruce:  As far as the rate, I can tell you we have people that are trading the dinar on preloads or futures. The last rates I heard yesterday during that situation of trading were approaching $6. That is a good sign as to where the dinar might roughly may come out initially.  We think it might come out and go up, but we don’t know how far. Remember what Dr Shabi said from Iraq in December 2012 about Iraqi dinar being able support a rate of $16?  Don’t know if that will be initially, but I can tell you they are very proud and happy.

Bruce:  Another thing I found out yesterday was there were a huge number of tall trees, palm trees, shrubs, plantings that were imported from South East Asia, Malaysia, and brought in to Iraq to plant for the occasion of tomorrow. Someone there said they have never seen Iraq more beautiful than it is right now. All these plantings were over 100,000 palm trees and plantings that were brought in to beautify Iraq for the celebration throughout the country. That is indicator that things are shaking over there. We will see as far as the public display of that rate, if it possibly might show tomorrow. We will see what happens on that.

Bruce:  What we are hearing is the Forex, from my understanding, will come up with the live rates on these 5 or 6 currencies that we primarily hold. Those currencies will show with the new realistic rates supposedly anytime from now and the night of January14th, which would be Sunday night at midnight.  Hopefully that will be the case and it won’t be pushed off, and the Forex will show live these rates. That is fort of the time and date that was put out from my sources and I believe hopefully it will stay intact.

Bruce:  When that Forex goes live then or immediately after the John Q public, people not paying attention and not part of any group and not part of the internet group would be able to start at Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks. Realize we will use an 800 number that will take us to Call Centers and direct us to the Redemption Centers.  The Zim is a gold back bond will be redeemed and the other currencies will be exchanged. They will use quite a few of Tier 1 Banks around the country.  The total number of Redemption Centers and banks will be over 5500 locations just in the US not including Canada. They are gearing up. That does not include the Tier 2 banks and some Tier 3 banks that will also not do actual exchanges, but facilitate those exchanges through either HSBC or Wells Fargo.

Bruce:  The Redemption Centers are our most efficient and have the greatest opportunity for us to negotiate actual rates if we are so inclined to do so. I would say the Tier 2 Banks may be fine to actually keep some money if you have a relationship with them.  At the same time they will be charging a 1.5 % fee on your exchange if you exchange through them or try to go through them. It may be something you may or may not want to do because of that. My understanding is there is no percentage charge to us for the exchange. If there is a percent that is split between Wells Fargo and HSBC it is something that is on their side of the ledger not on our side of the ledger as far as our net redemption of our currencies. That is sort of something I did find out a little bit more of today.

Bruce:  The screen rates off the so called green screens should actually be shown us at the time of our redemption.  Those screen rates are not requiring an NDA even regarding the Zim. That may satisfy quite a bit of people. Realistically there are no zeros coming off the Zim. Forget that concept.  Whoever is putting that out is wrong. That is not the case. Even the screen rate is mind blowing.
Bruce:  When it comes to your exchanges just be aware you do have some flexibility on PNR or Privately Negotiable Rates that you can ask for rates higher than the screen provided you have a presentation that you can give them over a minute or two of what you plan to do from a humanitarian point of view.  It has to do with hiring.  How many people you plan to hire in the next 5 years. Things like that. What will you do with groups like the Veterans? Will you do anything with education, infrastructure, rebuilding America?  Doing something involving the US, employment and things like this. Too will your projects have longevity? Remember the structure payouts that will be set up through HSBC are to go as long as 25 years. Hopefully your projects will have that type of longevity.

Bruce:  I know our projects for the Big Call meaning Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America will go at least 25 years for sure.  I want to continue what we are doing keeping Rebuild America strong and what we have for the Veterans set up for them. We will be rebuilding homes for Veterans as part of Rebuilding America.  I think you guys want to do the same thing for humanitarian projects. As we will be doing ministry as well as will Bible distribution in China. Also we have plans to do work with other ministries. I am trying to do is put together the structures I want to use for Rebuild America and Veterans Retreat Network so everybody can participant their own way. I will get you more information on that when I get it.

Bruce:  I am just going to say the latest information that we had regarding where we are and obviously you are looking for an 800 number as I am to get started,  the latest information was very positive for this week. It does not do any good for me to call a date. I probably be wrong, and no sense in doing that.  There is a close proximity from what I am hearing we are very close. I even heard the past few days I would get the number at a certain time in the am. That did not occur.

Bruce:  We do have good confirmation that SKRs out west started to be paid out last Saturday and continue to be paid out through this Friday.  The Paymasters for the most part are liquid and are able to handle payout to their groups. There continues to be exchanges going on out west. Things are moving along. Are we right there?  I think we are right there, and hopefully we will receive our blessing very shortly.

Bruce:  We know people we know are trading futures or preloads on the currencies.  For the first time yesterday, the Vietnamese Dong came up on the screens and was traded just under $2. That was a nice indication. I am just pleased things are moving along in that area for us to begin to take advantage of everything that is out there.

Bruce:  If you are Zim holder, you are sort of in an elite group in the sense there are not as many holders of the Zim out there as we thought. I have heard a number of Zim holders out there. I have a feeling it got to be higher that than that even significantly, because I know people have gifted Zim over the last couple of years. To me that number is a little low, but my point is that this blessing is extremely high and great for us and for those holding that currency and will essentially exchange that has a bond that will be redeemed. My feeling is it is a select group of people that know about it and actually acted on it. It is just going to be more than we ever thought or we could ever ask or think. It is that kind of blessing way more than we could imagine. It is just going to be so good.

Bruce:  When we do this we are not under 80/20 deal.  That has been gone. There are no 80/20, but if you take whatever you want to do for humanitarian projects, whatever portion of this mother lode is and you designate a percentage or amount and put it in a fund that will be consider a structure payout through HSBC. You set that up and you will have a rate of interest paid on that amount.  It is not a high rate, but you don’t need it to be more than 2 to 4 percentage points on that huge base of the amount in the account.

Bruce:  The interest that is accrued and paid to you quarterly is huge. I want just want everybody to realize the greater return doesn’t have to be very high at all to reap amounts that you will ha e to deal with quarterly.  You will receive them and be put in your account.  You will do the very best you can to take that and either reinvest in people’s lives, put it in your projects, give it out in terms of charitable giving, spend some, or invest in other areas. The point is you will have far more coming in every quarter than you will know what to do with. A good problem to have, but at the same time think big and dream big.

Bruce:  This is why I came up with, knowing how much the Zim will return, a new project,   Rebuild America more than the Veteran Retreat Network. We will have the finances to do far more than we thought we could do starting with our own country and taking it around the world. I saw something about Meglove railway how that would work. I thought yes we can do that, set ourselves up instead of using high speed rail, use Meglove and set that up between cities or take it across country. There is just a lot we will be able to do more than we thought we could afford. That is why you could ask a higher negotiable rate and take your dreams and expand those dreams and think what would we really do. Do a series of schools across the country, so much we can do. I want to do recreation centers, hospitals, clinics though out the inner city, growing food, making food available at our store centers, etc.  So much that we can do.
Bruce:  We are going to find that money is not going to be so meaningful in the future. We are going to have so much and with the ability to do so much that it will almost be meaningless. Not initially, but after awhile it is not going to carry the same weight as it does right now for us. That is really indicative that we are moving in some new paradigms for the earth.

​Bruce:  I feel good where we are. I wish we had the numbers to give you. I don’t have them yet. I am supposed to still get them for the Internet Group and I have a plan to put them out.  Bob, Sue, and Pastor Steven are aware of what it is. I will let you know whenever it comes and you will be able to call and set your appointments.

Bruce: W e haven’t been able to talk with anybody that is over or working directly with the Redemption Centers for over 60 hours straight now. That means things are quiet, locked down, blacked out, and that is for a reason. If you guys will continue to stay in faith, stay positive, continue to dream big, I feel you will find this blessing is very shortly to be ours. I know you will pray about it and do the right thing with it.  Stay safe, stay secure.

Bruce:  The most important thing is keep your mouth shut. Just remember the old WWII expression: Loose lips sink ships. Don’t be talking about it. Just keep it quiet. Try to live as normal a life as you were in this new paradigm.  There will be a lot of changes in your life style in matter of hours, days.  Stay safe. Stay in touch with us. We will take our break. Then get in touch with you. Most of you have sent in your email and signed up on our new website:  bigcalluniverse.com.  If you haven’t, go ahead and do that so we can communicate the 800 to you by email. Also let you know about future calls and information about our projects.

Bruce:  I want to thank Big Call listeners in Big Call country and universe. Thank you for staying faithful in praying for us and with us as we move into our new planning stages. Thank you so much.  Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. I appreciate the team. Good night Everybody.






(641) 715-0873 Participant Code: 180023#

Playback Number: (641) 715-3579 Code: 180023#

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 10 2018

Compiled 12:26 am EDT 10 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Jan. 9 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. The Dinar rate was trading right now around $6.00.

2. Some time ago officials in Iraq said they thought the Dinar could support a rate of $16.00.

3. There was a possibility the rate could show in public tomorrow.

4. The Forex should show the live rates any time between now and the night of Jan. 14(Sunday night).

5. There were well over 5,500 Exchange Centers in the US.

6. The Redemption Centers have the greatest ability to give you privately negotiated rates.

7. Redemption Centers should not charge you the 1.5% Exchange Fee.

8. Screen Rates showing at the time of redemption would not require an NDA, even on the Zim.

9. There were no zeros coming off the Zim.

10. You could ask for a negotiated rate if you have a humanitarian plan. Tell them how many people you could hire; how many people you could provide jobs or education for jobs. Will you project have longevity?

11. We were still looking at this week to receive the 800#s.

12. SKRs out West started paying out last Sat. and would continue until this Fri.

13. Paymasters were liquid and paying out groups.

14. Yesterday the Dong was trading just under $2.

15. If you were a Zim holder you had a bond which could be redeemed.

16. There would be no 80-20 deal with the Zim. You could dedicate whatever amount you wanted to humanitarian work.

17. On the long term payout for the Zim the interest did not have to be high (maybe only 2%-3%) in order for you to receive a great deal of money to reinvest into humanitarian work.

18. Intel has been blocked out for the last 60 hours. This is shortly to be ours.


B. Jan. 9 2018 9:54 pm EST: New Financial System - Foreign Currency - USN Exchange Rates - 1.9.18

USN Exchange Rates:
1.00 USN / 0.10 AFA = 10 AFN
1.00 USN / 0.05 IDR = 20 IDN
1.00 USN / 0.04 VND = 25 VNN
1.00 USN / 0.025 IQD = 40 IQN
1.00 USN / 0.02 IRR = 50 IRN
1.00 USN / ? ZWD = ? ZWN


C. Jan. 9 2017 1:18 pm EST:
 Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 9, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The RV front has gone quiet and sources aren't giving out information, indicating a possible intel blackout in effect.

2. The Alliance may be preparing for an offensive on the last remaining cabal elements.



Harambe:  Bloomberg: China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of U.S. Treasurie​s https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-10/china-officials-are​-said-to-view-treasuries-as-less-attractive

Harambe:  Bloomberg: China Gives Bond Traders Another Reason to be Nervous https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-10/china-treasury-hold​ings-in-focus-amid-bond-market-selloff-chart

Harambe:  CNBC: China is reportedly thinking of halting US Treasury purchases an​d that's worrying markets right now https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/10/china-is-reportedly-thinking-of-haltin​g-us-treasury-purchases.html

Harambe:  CNBC: Trump has another chance to kill the Iran nuclear deal this week​ but probably won't https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/10/trump-is-staring-down-a-deadline-to-ke​ep-the-iran-nuclear-deal-alive.html

SteveYoga:  Iraq, as we have been told is done, but it may be that the IMF, the US Treasury, and the World Bank are meeting with some of the other countries that are ready to revalue to coordinate the basket release. Final steps in these other countries may be what's taking the time now. We could check meeting schedules to see if there are meetings in any of those countries.

NetGlobal:  Last I heard, the US Treasury is under contract to do some technical work for Iraq to roll this out.

SassyD:  Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist, ..... While you were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it !!.... Sincerely, the Opportunist !!!!

Elmerf123456:  Twitter Users: If you saw a recent tweet by so imposter Okieoom disregard! Do you know the difference of a liar today versus a liar yesterday?.. Nothing, they’re still liars. Folks Okie did not join this group or suit. I just spoke to him. "Please block this Okieoom. And ELMERL123456 They a frauds! Nuff Said!"



Gmtiifan:  on Monday night's CC during the 47th minute Frank said there would be a victory celebration on January 10th and there are articles in today's thread stating such.
Frank26:  YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP .............  ................ ALSO GONNA TELL YOU MORE TONIGHT ON WEDNESDAY CC ............. WELL ............. MAYBE ............ LOL ............... KINDA ...........LOL............... SORTA ............LOL ............. POSSIBLY .........LOL.................. COULD BE ............ LOL ................ I THINK ...........LOL
Don961:   Solidarity schools for orphans in Dhi Qar province :: Participate in the scouting expeditions on the occasion of the Army and Police Day and Victory Day (photo report)

Photos at link   link

2018 - 01 - 10

Al-Tadamun schools participated in various districts and districts in Dhi Qar province, in the ecclesiastical rallies on the occasion of the Army and Police Day and on Victory Day against the terrorist gangs and the liberation of the Iraqi territories.

In the center of the city of Nasiriyah, Medan Al Tadamun I participated in the Scouting Review, which was organized by the Directorate of Education in the province, in the midst of official and popular attendance. The participation was distinguished by the students in the middle.

In the district of Shatrah, amidst a large public attendance, Al Tadamun Sixth Primary School participated in the scouting march which was held on Tuesday, and the school administration presented the children of the martyrs with their parents' pictures in the Scouts exhibition which won the admiration of the audience.

In Al-Fahdh District, Al-Tadhamun 9th Primary School participated in the Scouts exhibition organized by the Sports Activity in the Field Education Department on the occasion of the Great Victory Day and the founding day of the Army and Police.

In the district of Shatrah, the director of the Sixth Solidarity Committee, Mr. Haider Al-Shammari, was one of the members of the organizing committee of the Scout march in the judiciary. In Al-Fahdh district, the director of the ninth solidarity camp, Mr. Mekdad Al-Amiri, was a guest of the ceremony.

A number of districts and areas of the province witnessed celebrations, after the army and the police and the great victory day, and the solidarity offices for the care and rehabilitation of orphans in those areas have been participating in them, and the media coverage in the past days. link


Hazen:  Does Iraq have to wait for the other countries that are in the basket to RI / RV?

Steveyoga1:  We have a lot of information about Iraq.  Iraq, as we have been told is done.  Finalizing steps for these other countries in the first basket may be what's taking the time now..especially if they all are going to be released at the same time.

 I wonder if it may be that the IMF, the US Treasury, and the World Bank are meeting with some of the other countries in the first basket to coordinate the basket release.  We could check meeting schedules to see if there are meetings in any of those countries. 



Samson:  A significant reduction in the salaries of members of the House of Representatives

10:23 - 10/01/2018 

Revealed the deputy for the Kurdish change bloc Tafka Ahmed, on Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance cut about 50% of the salaries of members of the House of Representatives last month, noting that it is not known until now continue to cut the salary or return to the natural table.

"The government cut 50 percent of the total salary of the members of the House of Representatives during the month of January, that is, it delivered about two and a half million to all the deputies," Ahmed said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah.

 "The pieces included nominal salary, allowances, pension tax and other provisions of salaries of deputies," she said.

 Ahmed explained that "the House of Representatives does not know so far about any new crops may occur during the month or the continuation of salary according to the tables in force."  LINK


Don961:  From a couple weeks ago :

Iraq once again Controls own Economy, Free of UN Sanctions

December 29, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Politics

By Adnan Abu Zeed for Al Monitor.
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has agreed to lift sanctions imposed on Iraq when the country invaded Kuwait 27 years ago.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said Dec. 9 the country had completed its obligations under the sanctions, which were imposed in 1990 when dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

The UNSC levied the penalties after naming Iraq a threat to international security and ordered it to pay reparations to states and other parties that suffered as a result of the invasion.

Some 27 years later, Iraq is still suffering the effects of the invasion. Hisham al-Rukabi, the head of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki’s press office, told Al-Monitor that the Iraqi people welcomed the recent UN decision.

Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the move is “an important event in Iraq’s recent history and the closing of a painful [age] that lasted a long time, during which the Iraqi people suffered reduced sovereignty as well as political and economic sanctions that damaged the country’s institutions as well as individuals.”

Lifting the sanctions, he said“will make Iraq more able to develop and achieve prosperity for its citizens, and restore the world’s trust so it can deal with Iraq as a fully sovereign nation.”
He predicted the decision will allow Iraq to play a greater political and economic role in the Middle East, experience an economic recovery and attract new investment.   link
Cornhusker:  Just reported on Fox News China and Japan not going to buy US debt any more, how are we going to pay the interest on ower debt.

Samson:  Chinese officials recommend slowing or stopping US bond purchases

 10th January, 2018

Chinese officials reviewing their country's foreign exchange holdings have recommended a delay in buying or stopping US Treasuries, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, quoting informed sources.

Beijing has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world and is the largest foreign holder of US government bonds.

According to the report, the US government bond market has become less attractive compared to other assets, they noted

Also to trade tensions with the United States as a justification to slow down bond purchases, according to Al-Wasat newspaper. Traders cited the report as a reason for US Treasury yields to rise again during European trade, with yields on 10-year US bonds rising to 2.593 per cent, hitting a 10-month high.

ollar fell 0.6 percent against a basket of currencies, the biggest daily drop in a month.  LINK


Don961:  Parliament is a tool to divide the wealth of Iraq among its members

A member of parliament in Iraq does not see in parliament only a bank that stores the wealth of Iraq and its goal to reach the parliament to get the most proportion, some of which he called the cake and cut the cake according to the agreement and thus became thieves commit to divide their thefts according to agreement and if we see some differences and disputes not because their consciences are true, for each one of them

It is well known that the parliament in the world is considered one of the holiest sacred people because it represents the people represents the honor and dignity of the people represents the elite of sacrifice chosen by the people represents the spirit of the people chosen by the people for this people's peace, dignity, honor and wealth handed over to the chosen class. Parliament should be worthy of trust

Therefore, we see the members of parliament in these countries competing in the service of the people and the fulfillment of the wishes of the people and proceed from the interest of the people and the benefit of the people, not from their own interests and self-benefits, so that they ignore their own interests and benefits and deny it and despise anyone who thinks of his own interest for this MP believes health in the health of his people even if He was sick and saw satiety in the fullness of his people even if he was hungry and rich in the wealth of his people even if he was poor and rest in the welfare of his people even if he was tired

Members of parliament are citizens who have nominated themselves to serve the citizens to fulfill the desires of the citizens to eliminate their pains and troubles and realize their hopes and dreams for this must be honest honest honest flawless

Unfortunately, the members of the Iraqi parliament see a group of thieves and corrupt people found in Parliament the only way to achieve their dreams and desires, where they found in the parliament the comfortable door that get access to whatever they desire and what they desire of money and influence and women and power and pour money on them without money and without any fear and embarrassment

Thus, they found in the parliament a cake of pure gold. All the thieves went to enter parliament. If they were not a member of the parliament, they would be in the protection of the parliamentarian.

The element of protection of the member of parliament is no less theft, fraud and power than the member of parliament. And travel, and the influence of contracts and bribes to see this MP enters barefoot naked and once sitting on the chair of the parliament turns into a billionaire and become owners of businesses and assets and real estate inside Iraq and outside Iraq and some of their families live outside Iraq on the pretext that they do not want to live in Iraq or a guy Accustomed to live in Iraq because the bad situation in Iraq does not appeal to them , this is what one of the officials said it does not mean that the MP that his family lives outside of Iraq , he is more loving and loyal to the Iraqis from the MP that his family lives in inside Iraq , perhaps even more corrupt and more predatory

The person whose family lives outside of Iraq is based on his fear of the money he steals, so he can not find anyone to protect it other than his family, and he sends it to her, either the MP whose family lives inside Iraq, every member of his family steals the people's money,

All the members of Parliament admitted that they failed miserably and some of them admitted that all members of parliament all officials are corrupt and if he finds a non-mortgaged member is cowardly afraid and some of them falsified in his testimony you hoped a false parliamentarian in his testimony

This is the biggest proof that he is a corrupt and strange thief who is still a member of parliament in the provincial councils can not any force to tell him on your eyebrow eye

This situation facilitated the entry of Wahhabism, Saddamism, and Fascists into Parliament and became the force and ability to protect and defend corrupt and terrorist

Thus, Iraq has become the corrupt and terrorist people to find a program and no interest in the people and the homeland

Iraq to the abyss save him

There is no doubt that we need a new rabbinical fatwa, the establishment of a popular crowd and the declaration of war against corruption and corrupt people

Therefore, the supreme religious authority should issue the fatwa and call upon the honorable and sincere Iraqis to defend the land, the race and the sanctities, knowing that corruption is more dangerous to the land and to the offer and to the sanctities of the occupation of Wahhabism and Saddamism

We must also be aware that corruption and corruption are the mercy and terror of terrorists
To God, O Commander of the Believers, Ibn Abi Talib, when you identified the source of corruption by saying

If the official reconciles the community's welfare even if its members are corrupt

If the official is corrupt, the society is corrupted even if its members are good

How do we and all our officials corrupt

Mehdi Mawla

Editor Website:2018 - 01 - 09   link