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NEWS RACAP: Iraqi Dinar Currency is Moving towards IQD Revaluation: Experts, 8 JAN

It is supposed that the Iraqi dinar currency be attached to a basket of major currencies, international reserve currencies, which is powerful in foreign trade and capital markets. Iraq has been used to facilitating bilateral ties in its monetary history. There isn’t any secret to the followers of controversy on bilateral connection, specifically in the U.S dollar. The initial source of foreign currency to Iraq has been considered the U.S dollar. The official international reserves of U.S dollar are estimated at about 65%. Point to be noted that foreign trade of Iraq mainly depends on the U.S dollar currency with its neighboring and Asian countries. It has been considered a real fact that most international currencies depend on the U.S dollar to intervene in the international currency market. Iraq is also operating currency operation window in the Iraqi Central Bank with U.S dollars. It is essential to interact with the currency basket proposal and in finding methods of exchange rate movement according to this system.

The exchange rate of Iraqi dinar is connected to a basket of currencies changing values. It for those interested and decision makers to analyze the performance of this system in considering how it differs from the bilateral connection. During the entire current year, the average U.S dollar exchange rate against Iraqi currency was recorded at 1200 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. The exchange rates of other international currencies change in Iraqi dinar currency according to their exchange rates. The proposal to adopt a basket of currencies instead of bilateral connection might mean a change of U.S dollar exchange against Iraqi dinars. It will be according to the exchange rate of the basket currencies against the U.S dollar. When we talk about pricing of Euro or British pound, it depends on the exchange rates between these currencies and the U.S dollar.



Waiting to be finished: 
– 2 articles from the CBI explaining the LD’s.
– 2018 Budget
– ATM’s filled with LD’s
– IDP’S returned home 
– Corruption files
– 1.4.18: digital currency
– 1.8.18: New software update
– 1.8.18 – 1.11.18: 72 hour window
– 1.15.18 – UN operational rates updated
– Erbil-Baghdad agreement.
– Auctions need to cease Finished:
– 2017 Budget
– ATM’s Activated
– Chap 7
– Art 8
– Art 140
– Full victory from ISIS
– Lifting of 3 zeros
– Closing of 2nd set of books
I dont know if this this would help anyone else. . .just a list I compiled trying to keep things straight. I know it’s bit really complete and somethings may be finished that I have in the “waiting to be finished” section. I would enjoy hearing thoughts on this list if someone has insights. This list is IMO. The “waiting to be finished” stuff doesn’t mean we have to see it before the RI/RV can happen. . .just stuff that we’re keeping an eye open for to see it come to fruition in articles.

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


1-8-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98    According to the plan we were told, we are looking for something this week, and then it will come out on Forex on the 15th.  That’s the plan – whether it happens that way is another question.  Nobody knows exactly when it’s coming out. We do have windows from our bank people, but nobody knows for sure.

1-8-2018   Intel Guru Jester 
  [Was nice to hear the cards are being used in Iraq. One more check mark in the column of things we're looking for, right?  Would be interesting to find out what rate they are paying out at. Any idea?]   KEEP IN MIND...WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT KIND OF CARDS THEY ARE OR IF THEY MEAN ANYTHING...ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS THEY ARE USING THEM...

1-8-2018   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Businessmen, money, traders, industrialists and bankers calling for new criteria for the classification of banks in Iraq"   Deposit insurance and currency reform are a must.  Nobody is coming to invest until the CBI does these.

1-8-2017   Newshound Guru mike  Article:  "Saleh proposes to establish a fund to invest in Iraq"   Instead of an investment fund why not just pass the HCL and let the citizens share in the oil wealth like Kuwati, Qatar and the UAE?  The problem with this solution from Salih is:  "while noting that Iraq has an opportunity through comprehensive solutions to put things right,"  The GOI can't fix this, their hubris is holding up progress. Establish the framework, empower the open market economy and get out of the way, that's the best thing Iraq's leaders can do right now IMO.

IQD News Update (RANT #53)

EU approves new strategy on Iraq , 8 JAN

The Euphrates -
European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign and Security Affairs Federica Mugherini and the European Commission on Monday approved proposals for a new EU strategy for Iraq. 

"The proposals outline current and future long-term support from the EU to Iraq, taking into account the priorities of the Iraqi government," the European Commission said in a statement. 

"Iraq is at a crossroads in its history after the regional defeat. It is now important to work quickly and rebuild the country with the participation of all the components of Iraqi society and the promotion of fundamental rights and the rule of law," the statement quoted Mugherini as saying. 

"This requires international support ... and we are ready to continue to support the Iraqi people and their government in the face of these challenges," she said.

"The European Union has been at the forefront of providing emergency assistance to the Iraqi people since the beginning of the crisis," said European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stilianides, who has visited Iraq several times to assess EU aid projects on the ground. Many people are still displaced by the conflict. " 

"While Iraq is taking steps towards a more stable future, the EU remains committed to being a key partner in long-term reconstruction, stabilization and sustainable development," EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimika said.

The strategy focuses on providing sustained EU assistance to the Iraqi people and facilitating the stability of liberated areas as three million displaced Iraqis are still unable to return to their homes. The strategy also takes into account the long-term rehabilitation, reconstruction and reconciliation efforts that Iraq needs to pursue to consolidate Peace and building a united democratic country in which all citizens can fully enjoy their rights. The strategy also supports Iraq's good relations with all its neighbors.


Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa rules out forming coalition government, 8 JAN

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa looks on after delivering the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Harare, Zimbabwe, December 20, 2017. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo/File Photo

Zimbabwe is due to hold elections in 2018 in the first big test of Mnangagwa’s legitimacy after he rose to power in November last year following a de facto military coup which saw veteran leader Robert Mugabe reluctantly cede power.

Mnangagwa has previously indicated polls could be held as early as March, and is under pressure from civil society, would-be investors and opposition parties to implement political reforms following Mugabe’s 37-year grip on power.

“Currently there is no need,” Mnangagwa told reporters, referring to the possibility of forming a coalition with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF party and the MDC were partners in a government of national unity for five years until 2013, eventually breaking down as acrimony between the parties re-emerged.

Tsvangirai, who is due to challenge Mnangagwa in national elections, has been receiving treatment for colon cancer since 2016 but says he is in good health.

“He is fine, he is recuperating very well and says he will soon again be having a medical check-up in South Africa,” said Mnangagwa after visiting Tsvangirai at his home.

Reporting by Alfonce Mbizwo; Writing by Joe Brock; Editing by Richard Balmforth



TANK - USTreasury Update "Mnuchin has no knowledge" 1/8/18

@USTreasury Insider saying that Steve Mnuchin has no knowledge of a reinstatement of Zimbabwe Currency. Scary to think the Head of the UST doesn't know ANYTHING about the biggest financial shift in history. That's why we're filing the biggest lawsuit in history. #TIMEISUP #IAMYOU


blackgold: @Doug_W everything is going great and hope you are feeling well also

blackgold: i'd be feeling a lot better if we had a rate on the dinar

meatball: .00084.... there ya go

foxmulder: @meatball lol
blackgold: @meatball .00084 yea thanks a lot

blackgold: @meatball i could retire on that
blackgold: I've been searching for new intel and can't fnd any

blackgold: wonder if that is good new?
blackgold: or not

meatball: only intel you need is the current rate.... rest is just talk , opinions etc,

blackgold: @meatball i know but i don't mind all the intel bs, it keeps me occupied
blackgold: @meatball and amused

meatball: about the only thing its good for

blackgold: some of it is good to know, like ATMs are up and running.
blackgold: At least they are moving forward
blackgold: signs of life

meatball: accurate info is great ....
meatball: Iraq will move in its own time and own pace

blackgold: Its been 14 years,that a little too slow wouldn't you say. We put up 4 4 story buildings in 6 months in my town with little money, Iraq has millions. gold mines, diamonds, High grade Wheat and oil to name a few.

Turtle Sister: Has Dr. WC shared the link to Jared Rand's credit union info search link yet? I cannot find it, nor a way to email Dr. WC. Thanks

blackgold: No

Turtle Sister: Thank you. How could I email Dr. WC, please?

blackgold: Google ' plasma energy solution' and you can find it from their

meatball: @blackgold do you really think Iraq cares about what we as dinar holders think or if we think there moving to slow so some can fill there bank accounts?

Tebow: @black gold they could careless about your timeline

meatball: @blackgold may want to invest in that construction company in your town lol

Tebow: LOL

Brow: Read Today:The DEEP STATE Whispered to President Trump "You cannot withstand the Storm"---President Trump Whispered Back "I Am the STORM"

Brow: I remember before Abadi was Elected - That they said They DIDN'T give a Damn what the World thought about them not RV'ing-They said To Hell with the RV "UNTIL THE GOVERNMENT IS CLEAN UP!!! PERIOD IT was on FOX NEWS

BobS: 08/01/2018 0:00 Baghdad / Al- Sabah stressed House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, Saturday that Iraq is looking forward to a greater role by the United Nations to support the reconstruction of the affected cities as a result of terrorist attacks,

noting that the House of Representatives is working to amend the electoral law and to create all the necessary measures in order to set up elections within the timing constitutional, while calling to find appropriate solutions for all mathematical problems in support of Iraq 's reputation and proven track record of achievements.

A statement of the Information Office of the Parliament, received «morning», that «al - Jubouri, received the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, the meeting reviewed the latest developments in the political, security and humanitarian situation».

BobS: Chairman of the House of Representatives confirmed, according to the statement, « the need for continued international support for Iraq in particular relief of displaced persons and work on the reconstruction of the liberated areas and re - Nazhaha as soon as possible»,

indicating that «Iraq is looking forward to a greater role by the United Nations to support the reconstruction of the affected cities as a result of terrorist attacks which suffered during the control of the terrorist organization Daesh. »

 Jubouri, that «the House of Representatives is working to amend the electoral law and to create all the necessary measures in order to set up elections within the constitutional and timing so as to ensure the rights of all».

For his part, Kubiš, that « the United Nations and with the assistance of international organizations seeking to provide all means of help and relief to the displaced and to bring them back to their areas in coordination with the relevant authorities».

On the other hand, stressed Jubouri, the House of Representatives is keen to support sports and athletes because they represent an important aspect of people 's concerns, and because sport civilized proof paper nations and peoples.

BobS: f Representatives discussed with the Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul Hussein Abtan, and Olympic Committee President Raad Hammoudi, and representatives of youth committees, sports, legal and civil society organizations , parliamentary, the conduct of the sports movement and ways to develop them, as well as a review of reality sports in Iraq ,

and the problems and obstacles which hinder the progress of the sports movement, and ways to develop them as Iraq strengthens the status of sports forums in the Arab, continental and international tournaments in various games. »

The Jubouri that « the Council is keen on sports and athletes support especially that they represent an important aspect of people 's concerns, and because the sport one development indicators and evidence became civilized on paper nations and peoples»,

alluding to « the importance of standing on all the problems and find appropriate solutions to support the reputation of Iraq , sports and history track record of achievements, and in preparation for future re - planning Iraqi sports glory and draws the joy on the faces of the masses ».

BobS: In turn, expressed his Abtan delegation sports, for »thanks to the efforts of the Council of Representatives and his interest in sport and follow - up issues pertaining to sports affairs».

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 16h16 hours ago Iraqi Parliament source: Parliament will soon call on the PM to tell us how many Americans are in Iraq & where they are at. Most Parliament members are opposed to any US presence. http://mobp.as/X4RCk

chattels: " Most Parliament members are opposed to any US presence."
chattels: Hiw did that work out for them and us last time ?
chattels: DECEMBER 17, 2011 / 11:40 PM / 6 YEARS AGO Last U.S. troops leave Iraq, ending war


chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 Jan 6

http://www.rudaw.net/mobile/arabic/kurdistan/060120187 … Former Chief of Staff Iraqi Army: today, no more than 2% of the Iraqi Army is Kurdish. Our goal was for it to be 20% Kurdish.

chattels: Kirkuk’s Kurdish parties ponder forming joint list for Iraqi elections By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/070120183

chattels: KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region — Kurdish political parties, except for the KDP, met in Kirkuk on Sunday in order to discuss the creation of a joint single list for the parties to run for the May 2018 general elections in Iraq.

meatball: @chattels evening.... ever notice don't want us around when there not being invaded?

chattels: @meatball good evening sir
chattels: @meatball I am moved to vulgar epithets when I contemplate the Arab mind and heart.

meatball: a different mindset no doubt
meatball: to put it kindly

xyz: Deputy: Read the budget next week https://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php%3Fstoryid%3D157394

blackgold: @meatball I know for sure Iraq could care less about us holding dinar ,it has no bearing on them, my point is that other factions care such as the Federal reserve. IMF. US treasury and many others who don't want us to have the money especially because they stole most of it

B52: It's gotta pop sooner or later. There are so many reasons why Iraq should just shut up and RV

blackgold: Iraq is not the problem
blackgold: https://www.cnbc.com/id/45031100

meatball: @B52 going well.... pays the bills lol
meatball: @blackgold can you prove your claim?

blackgold: @meatball read the link CNBC

blackgold: @meatball https://www.cnbc.com/id/45031100

meatball: @blackgold ty for the link

xyz: "The news is a disgrace," Haidari said, adding that "the news of Ahmadinejad's arrest is untrue and false, and the report must be sought from a credible source."


blackgold: @meatball oh no problem

blackgold: @meatball there are so many crazy things goig i don't know what to believe
blackgold: @Tebow here is the link--- https://www.cnbc.com/id/45031100

meatball: @blackgold wouldn't get to wrapped up in trying to solve the riddle

blackgold: i hear ya, but i get tired od listening to people only blaming Iraq for everything

meatball: @blackgold nobody said this was a sure thing... except folks making a profit from selling and donations

blackgold: true

Tebow: @blackgold the link you provided says nothing to back you statement "my point is that other factions care such as the Federal reserve. IMF. US treasury and many others who don't want us to have the money especially because they stole most of it"

B52: I wonder how much the dinarian carries
B52: I would bet it's under 3 million
B52: *average dinarian

B52: Anyways about the dinar
B52: the iraqi dinar

blackgold: @B52 you are probably close

B52: @blackgold to the RV?
B52: @blackgold oh yes I see what you mean
B52: @blackgold there are several whales involved, I'm sure

B52: @blackgold but for example... me... I personally just have a few million, and that will be all I need to have the life I want

blackgold: @B52 probably many whales, many of them gurus

B52: @blackgold the dinar RV will certainly do a lot of great things in the world
B52: @blackgold The dinar brokers... the currency dealers... they'll come out as the welathiest

meatball: be curious the number of holders who have sold off if the last few years

B52: @meatball right.. the amount of dinarians who gave up
meatball: 2017 compared to say 2014 0r 15

B52: @meatball but there are two kinds of giving up. 1... hiding your dinar in a safe and forgetting about it.. 2. actually selling it

B52: @meatball I was 22 when I invested... and now I'm 31

blackgold: @B52 many just need the Rv to get out of debt and pay hospital bills and other things

B52: @meatball time just flies

meatball: @B52 sad to say we will only find out when its over
meatball: @B52 it only flies when were not working lol

B52: @blackgold right. to get rid of debt... to help my credit score... to secure a home... to be able to travel... and to buy lots of medicine for my anxiety... aka marijuana... I just want peace, and prosperity... nothing crazy

blackgold: @B52 sounds go to me

meatball: @B52 if this happens I plan on having anxiety lol

blackgold: @B52 good
blackgold: @meatball lol

B52: @meatball I'll take the anxiety that comes with RV'ling
B52: @meatball let's just get paid already
B52: @meatball this has been too long

meatball: lol.... I hear ya

blackgold: Just move to a state where its legal

B52: Yeah... I want to move to Las Vegas and be a Pro Poker Player
B52: Meatball and I have spoken many times about this
B52: Meatball likes poker

meatball: great game

blackgold: I love watching poker but don't plan on losing my wealth like that
​TheGifted: @MichelleL anthing to get excited about today dinarwise?

MichelleL: @TheGifted Hello and how are you? As far as I know, there is NOTHING to get excited about lol
MichelleL: rumors as always TheGifted, but nothing worth repeating

TheGifted: So no guru hypes no bank stories no nutin?

MichelleL: we all read it in recaps -
MichelleL: after the last bank story? hahaha nope
MichelleL: anything new that I'm missing, MB? BobS?

TheGifted: @MichelleL i didnt hear ir,do tell

MichelleL: it was too boring to repeat, trust me hahaha - some old lady took her donated dinar to a bank, they said "be careful with that, its worth money" and so on

MichelleL: no dates, no names of banks, nothing of any interest - -in fact a boring bank story

TheGifted: Well if it was an old lady,im more inclined to perk me ears

meatball: @MichelleL be nice if they mentioned the bank name lol

Reminder: Excerpt from Frank26 Video: 12-31-17, 8 JAN

Reminder:   Excerpt from Frank26 Video:  12-31-17









Timth2lman:  Howdy Folks.....Great monday I hope….After the banks reconciled everything today.....Perhaps Tuesday will be a great beginning

Ericasmom:  banks will be closed Monday….Martin Luther King Day

Elmerf123456:  check out this 49 second video by the govt of Iraq after the oil for food part of ch 7 resolved https://twitter.com/IraqiGovt/status/949991624569970688

JSL: Elmerf Thanks for the share, Now Iraq will change their value from 1184 as of Today to the international rate so they compete on level with the Saudis and Kuwaits, and others and then it will be done, as long as they leave their rate in the basement of despair they cannot be truly international. Hope they get this done today
JSL:  It's like saying we are inviting the Royal family to stay with us at the Motel 6 LOL, Appearance is everything…. Rate has to Change Before the real Story begins, Without it they cannot be really respected, others will say You talk of competing with Dubai yet your Hotel is a Motel 8 LOL

Harambe:  Reuters: Algeria's Sonatrach may invest in Iraq oil and gas: Iraqi ​oil minister https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-algeria-oil/algerias-sonatrach​-may-invest-in-iraq-oil-and-gas-iraqi-oil-minister-idUSKBN1EW0KG

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 8 2018

Compiled 1:01 am EDT 8 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington

A. Jan. 7 2018 11:06 pm EST, Intel, Tank: SPEAK Intel and Meditation Call Replay w/ Tank 1-6-18 Replay: https://fccdl.in/MKLrDjU2B

1. SKRs became liquid on Sat. Jan.6 at 3:15 pm and Paymasters could distribute the funds at will.

2. All funds will become liquid on Tues. Jan. 9.

3. All currencies of world were now gold backed and liquid.

4. All US banks have announced they are Basil 3 Compliant.

5. The USN has been gold backed (and has been since April, 2017). Munichin has announced that the US $1 was gold backed.
​6. A while back Trump essentially announced the details of GESARA in a speech he gave when he came back from China.

7. The Federal Reserve as we knew it (under the privately owned Cabal) was no more, but the US Treasury will still use the same name.


B. Jan. 7 2018 5:16 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 7, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Every Cabal false flag attempt throughout Dec. and this month have been thwarted.

2. Victory over the Cabal is expected to be declared today from the Alliance's command center of operations.

3. Alliance leaders are at Camp David to oversee the transition.

4. The RV will be released immediately after the Alliance's declaration of victory.

5. If victory is not declared today, then the war will continue until all cabal threats are completely eliminated.

6. Victory is near, whether today, tomorrow or the next day.


C. Jan. 7 2018 11:39 pm EST, DJ: "Waiting on the World to Change"  - The Office of POOFness - 1.7.18

"We are informed that in the week beginning Jan 1st, 2018, the global recovery and manifesting process began. This process involves the treasuries of all participating countries and their amassed unresolved sovereign debt holdings and instruments.

The details as to how these holdings are to be utilized, restructured, leveraged or dismissed is not for public knowledge or debate. This is a key component required for the balancing of the global financial picture. Defaulted sovereign debts as well as debts paid with devalued currencies issued by a sovereign nation, for goods and services, must be made whole, revalued and reassessed in order for all participating countries to benefit in the complex arena of world trade.

The playing field must be made level and an equal opportunity for all developed.

"With a balanced world trade, all sorts of verticals such as industry, companies, jobs, manufacturing are established; in -country manufacturing, tax revenues for governments, limitless job opportunities, increased health care, new technology development, and so much more, with the end goal of total poverty eradication worldwide. Understand that this is just one of many events needed to allow the flow of funds to traverse the global financial system to destination accounts and will take the time it takes to accomplish.

While time frames and dates for completion are forecasted, it is a moving target depending on massive cooperative efforts realized and deployed for all functions to flow smoothly. These events are and have been taking place and we will try and inform all as they develop or are completed.

"These events were designed to create a new financial system that will be functional for generations to come and meant for humanity as a whole and not for the personal wealth of any one individual or entity. The majority of those that became involved years ago had the intent of making a difference for our humanity and doing good for those in need. Due to all the delays, longer than anyone expected, most have entered into a mindset of desperation created by unfulfilled expectations of incoming funds.

"The public's participation and function in this event is simple: “The more people involved in paying it forward the further the distribution of goodwill can be accomplished.” To that end is why we, the public, are invited in. It is understood that the individual must be stable in order to help others. It is important to take care of your family's needs first, and then remember to pay it forward as well.

"I urge all to donate however you can to support those whose goals are to help and foster human unity. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t let a desperate situation detour your passions for a better life for another human being who suffers or is in an even more desperate position. Remember, what we put out in the universe comes back to us. If you put out desperation, desperation will come back. If you put out love and goodwill, love and goodwill will come back to you."

D. Jan. 7 2018 5:31 am EST: Zimbabwe Currency Exchange - White Paper - January 1, 2017

Denomination Sizes
All notes * Bring everything

Printing Issues
All series * Bring everything

Exchange Locations
1,700+ in North America

Screen Rate
$1.00 USD * Values less than the screen rate are also available

Sovereign Rate
Max: 125,000 USD * A sovereign rate will be determined by exchange banker and depend on the scope of your humanitarian projects and job creation vision, capability and experience

Structured Settlements
Term: 18 months - 50 years
Interest: 2% - 8%
Payouts: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly

Non Disclosure Agreement
Mandatory for all ZIM holders
Mandatory and much more in depth for sovereign rate redeemers

Cash Withdrawal
$10,000 or less

Cashier Checks
5 or less

Bank Wires
5 or less
Max Amount: Ask exchange center banker
* Exchange center bankers also have wire access to all banks worldwide and can place funds in existing bank accounts

Skeleton Trusts
Mandatory for all exchanges
Existing trusts are acceptable
All trusts are revocable (i.e. changeable)

800 Numbers
Released via existing bank websites and specific internet portals
* Just tell operators what currencies you hold and they will direct you

Bank Selection
Operators will place you at ZIM specific exchange centers
* HSBC now overriding all ZIM transactions no matter where you redeem

Personal Accounts
New accounts will be opened if you do not have existing accounts
Checking and savings accounts are available

Investment Appointment
A wealth management consultation can be set up at the time of your exchange or made later at your convenience



David 12001: Wow! I'm thinking Frank may talk about this tonite! Seems like a REALLY significant thing to me!

Aggiedad77:  Tonight's CC will be yet another big....."UUGGEEE" event IMO......patiently awaiting what is to come our way.   Aloha  Randy

Samson:  The Central Bank of Iraq is organizing the IOOF

8th January, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been a member of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions ( AAOIFI).

The Director of the Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq, Acer Jabbar in a press statement received by "Economy News", "The Central Bank of Iraq got the membership of the Accounting and Auditing Organization of Islamic Financial Institutions (IOVE)," noting that "the bank became a member of this side together with a group of Banks and Islamic financial institutions and supervisory and supervisory authorities on banks, financial markets, insurance and finance in a group of countries and within the category of "supervisory and supervisory bodies".

"Jabbar said that" the Central Bank of Iraq membership in the Iwifi has all the rights and duties in the body to serve the professional and technical relations that reflect positively on the work of Islamic banking in Iraq   LINK


Samson:  The Central Bank of Iraq joined the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (IOFI)

8th January,2018,



Samson:  A member of the Council of Kirkuk demands the activation of Article 140 to solve the problems between Arabs and Kurds in the area of ​​Sarkran

 8th January, 2018

Kurdish National Council member Babeker Siddiq and the official of the Office of Article 140 of the Constitution on Monday applied Article 140 to solve the problems of agricultural land between Arabs and Kurds in the area of ​​Sarkran.

According to the document obtained by "Al-Ghad Press", "The area of ​​Sarkran and its 40 villages are among the disputed areas," noting that "Article 140 of the Constitution is able to solve the problems of agricultural land between displaced Kurds and Arabs coming to the region As a result of demographic change policies ".

He added that "there are a number of decisions issued against this affected area, which all the population of Kurdish nationalism, which the number of villages (38) and a very small percentage of Arabs living with the Kurds and two villages   LINK

Samson:  OPEC: We will not raise production if Iran and Venezuela fail

 8th January, 2018

A senior OPEC source from a major oil producer in the Middle East said the group was monitoring the turmoil in Iran and the economic crisis in Venezuela but would only increase production if there were major and long-term supply disruptions from the two countries.

"Even if there is a supply disruption (coming from Iran and Venezuela) OPEC will not raise production," the source said.

"OPEC's policy is to reduce stocks to normal levels and they will not be derailed unless a supply disruption of one million barrels per day continues for more than a month and leads to a decline in the supply of raw materials to consumers," he said  LINK


Samson:  French President: China's new Silk Road can not be a single trend

 8th January, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macaron said on Monday that China and Europe should work together on Beijing's "Belt and Road" initiative, a project aimed at building a modern Silk Road, but said it could not be a "single trend."

French President Emmanuel Macaron addresses China's Xi'an city on Monday. Photo by Charles Palatio.

"The old Silk Road was never just Chinese," Macron told academics, students and businessmen in Xi'an, the eastern starting point of the ancient Silk Road. "These roads should be shared. If they are roads, they can not be in one direction. "

The road and road project, unveiled by China in 2013, aims to connect China by land and sea to Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Central Asia and then to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.     LINK


Multiple sources have confirmed a massive threat appeared yesterday, Jan. 7 and was neutralized by the Alliance.

The RV release that was scheduled yesterday was military deception.

A threat appeared and it was neutralized, the cabal fell for the bait as expected.

There's only so very few of cabal remaining, eventually, there won't be any more of them.

The RV is once again scheduled for release today.

Military deception again or not? Nobody knows... That's the point.

If no more threats appear, the Alliance will begin the transition event. Starting with the RV, then the GCR, and GESARA.

Victory is on the horizon.

Operation Disclosure



[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Was nice to hear the cards are being used in Iraq. One more check mark in the column of things we're looking for, right?

[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Would be interesting to find out what rate they are paying out at. Any idea?


[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Aren't they the Q-cards they want to use instead of cash of any sort?

[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Will help get the triple zero dinar notes off the streets