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Bus. Trust Conf. Call w/Carol Werelius



"The purpose of deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq is to lift the economy and prosperity to raise support for the dinar, which will be a key reason for the return of Iraq's economy again in January 2017, the step by Iraq intended to reform the local currency system based on the use of the currency too high denomination"    (wink) 



Brendad:   Bank story from an elderly lady that I gifted some dinar to.

I just just ran into an elderly lady that I gifted some dinar to, she was so excited, she said while she was at the bank earlier this morning, her and the banker had a deep conversation about money.

She told the banker that she was holding dinar, when she told the banker how much, the banker told her to keep it in a safe place and don’t talk about it.

She told her that it was real and she will be able to exchange it for USD very shortly.

Elmerf123456:  Beyond The Doubt

Doubt is sometimes a sneaky way to be lazy. When you doubt your abilities you don't have to go to the trouble to use them.

Go ahead, challenge yourself, your ideas, beliefs, perceptions, skills, with the intention of making improvements. Be careful, though, about doubting yourself too much.

Stay away from the kind of doubt that results in giving up. When you feel such doubt beginning to seep in, respond by renewing your commitment to persist.

Address your concerns, but don't let them stop you. Consider your doubts, but don't turn them into excuses.

Don't let apathy and inactivity slip in through the back door in the form of doubt. As burdensome as the challenges and setbacks may be, you can always respond with positive action.

When doubt arises, see it within the larger context of all the great possibilities open to you. Then step beyond the doubt, into action.

Use what you have learned to pull you through. The challenge of the WAIT will be far less painful for those who do as opposed to the mental WEIGHT of those who had to get out prior to the end of the road.  Stay focused on the blessings that are at the end of the road, not the obstacles you had to pass through to get to it.

For victory awaits    “Beyond the Doubt”   E


Kaperoni Moderator   Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Central Bank: float the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq

Kaperoni Moderator  Central Bank: float the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq

Central Bank Governor Ali Keywords "Economy News"  Economy News Baghdad:  The Governor of the Central Bank, on the Keywords, to float the dinar is difficult to apply in Iraq because the government has a monopoly on the dollar, noting that Iraq's reserves of US $ 48 billion.

Keywords and said in an interview with the Arab-African newspaper, and seen by the "Economy News", "usually oil-producing countries rely on a fixed exchange rate, or fixed with flexibility, and do not resort to the flotation method, only if they adjust their reserves to a level without sufficiently, which is not gets, whether in Iraq or other oil-producing countries, "noting that" flotation is difficult to apply in Iraq, as the government has a monopoly, de facto, the dollar and foreign currencies. "
He added that "Iraq's dollar reserves of US $ 48 billion."

He pointed out that "there is an understanding and coordination between the central bank and the government through the Ministry of Finance, and in this regard, a higher committee of coordination between the Ministry and the Central Bank was formed; therefore we work together in the run-credit program with the International Monetary Fund, as this program includes reforms and procedures related to primarily economic, financial and monetary structure. "

"At this stage, the Central Bank of Iraq focuses on achieving the concept of" financial inclusion "and its applications, where previous years, conditions were not help because of the lack of security and financial stability, the Bank has developed a short-term plan and other long-term to expand the application of this concept," noting "the short-term plan aims to deal with the government to deposit the salaries of all state employees in banks, which will add about more than 3 million people to deal with the banks, and then resettlement in the long term."


kaperoni Moderator    It continues to amaze me when someone posts "no float".  Do you really think the CBI could RV the currency with 34+ trillion sitting in Iraqi homes?  It is simply not possible.

As stated in the IMF Article IV from 2012, I believe once the dinar is stable (within 2% spread) the IMF will give the green light to move to Article VIII and let the CBI move to a more flexible exchange rate (float).  We need to wait this out, which could be several months.  The good news is that until currency reform begins, there is no private investment.  Sorry for the rant. lol

Justwaiting         Rant all you want to !  grin ~~  to me just more clarification (and grounding) , and maybe also for others.  Tell it like it is -thanks!!!!

tfrizzel    Thanks Kap and all, this is good news.

Punisher   justwaiting,  For crying out loud here is what the governor of the CBI had to say, listen to him!!!



Kaperoni Moderator   Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Businessmen, money, traders, industrialists and bankers calling for new criteria for the classification of banks in Iraq

Kaperoni Moderator   Businessmen, money, traders, industrialists and bankers calling for new criteria for the classification of banks in Iraq

1/4/2018 4:27:34 AM  Baghdad / Al-Masala: The "obelisk" published proposals by a number of businessmen, finance, traders, industrialists and Iraqi bankers, to the Iraqi Central Bank for the purpose of promoting the banking business in Iraq, and contribute seriously in the reconstruction process, and make Arab banks and foreign and Iraqi, .

The Central Bank of Iraq earlier approved the opening of branches of Arab and foreign banks in Iraq, in order to diversify banking services and quality, in the hope that these banks added value to the Iraqi banking sector and contribute to the development of various economic,

and this is also hoped we As businessmen, especially industrialists, where we had good news from the entry of these banks to Iraq, and we hope that these banks to finance development projects or at least provide facilities for Iraqi businessmen, and financing their businesses and projects, especially industrial ones, but none of them did not happen and did not A work that would lead to a real addition to the Iraqi economy, except their entry into the currency auction and a high rating.
We have made sure that the branches of Arab and foreign banks do not provide services on the basis of which these branches have been opened. Therefore, we have made the following recommendations to the Central Bank officials, in order to develop the banking sector and facilitate banking services. These points are:

- The criterion of evaluation of Arab and foreign banks should be the size of the facilities provided to Iraqi businessmen and Iraqi companies owned exclusively by Iraqis, in order to prevent the entry of the currency auction.

- The criteria of evaluation should be the commitment to implement and complete what was mentioned in the feasibility studies provided by the Arab and foreign banks when opening their branches in Iraq, in which they mentioned the contribution to the development of the banking sector and the contribution to development and reconstruction. Otherwise, Before the bank, it is prohibited to enter the currency auction.

- The Central Bank shall monitor the quality of services provided by branches of Arab and foreign banks, in comparison to their quality in their countries of origin, and in the case of deterioration of these banks in providing good technical service prevents the entry of currency auction.

- Give greater role to Iraqi employees and their senior positions in the bank and training and cooperation to prevent local banks in the field of training and otherwise reduces the classification lowest degree in the auction currency.

- The classification of the branch of the Arab and foreign banks shall be according to the criteria according to which the Iraqi Bank shall be classified regardless of the classification of the banks in their countries of origin.

- The Central Bank to reconsider the entry of branches of Arab and foreign banks in the project to settle government salaries because it is sovereign and where the amount of salary amounts to a degree of confidentiality, it is not correct to inform non-Iraqis and inventory in Iraqi banks.

- There should be a study to assess the comprehensive and all aspects of the work of Arab and foreign banks in Iraq to show the extent of added value in the banking sector, especially the economic in general, and in the case of non-performance role in the added value referred to prevent banks from the auction currency.

- To confirm the completion of the amount of insurance put by Arab and foreign banks to 50 million dollars and otherwise prevents the entry of currency auction.

- The bank carries out the banking business for all customers of different segments of society and otherwise prevents it from entering the currency auction.

- Ensure that the highest assessment of the entry of the auction currency does not exceed the classification of "c" for Arab and foreign banks after the commitment to all the commitments made in the economic feasibility study, because the capital of banks $ 50 million, while the capital of Iraqi banks 250 billion dinars, equivalent to four times Capital of Arab and foreign banks.

- Emphasize the opening of branches of these banks in Baghdad or in the provinces and the evaluation shall be on the number of branches and the number of employees, otherwise the evaluation of the auction of the currency on the size of the bank and includes:

a. Preparation of branches.

B. Number of Employees.

C. Number of customers.

If the Arab and foreign banks do not have branches and the number of customers is very few does not exceed "100" customer and the number of employees does not exceed "25" employees and there are no banking activities for customers, businessmen and traders, surely their records are clean and there are no errors and is consistent with standards, There is work for him.
Iraqi banks and criteria of currency auction classification

- Calculating the bank's founding foot and adding a point for each year.

- Calculate the number of branches in Baghdad and the governorates, and add a point for each branch.

- The calculation of the number of Iraqi employees, adding three points for every 100 employees, which encourages the recruitment of the largest number of graduates.

- These standards encourage Iraqi banks to rise to the level of developed international banks.

- Confirmation of completion of the capital to 250 billion dinars, otherwise reduce the number of points according to the capital of the bank.

- Compliance with Central Bank standards "Compliance, Money Laundering, Risk". 
​As well as Iraqi banks that have no branches and do not deal with banking operations and there are no customers have, and certainly will be their records clean.

A group of businessmen, finance, traders, industrialists and Iraqi bankers


Punisher              Lots of good in this article!

monty.monks.007           How about , you can be a proper bank if you can guarantee your depositors money ! Easy.

Kaperoni Moderator      Deposit insurance and currency reform are a must.  Nobody is coming to invest until the CBI does these.


1-6-2018  Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  Article: "With the support of the United Nations .. Abadi is preparing to launch a comprehensive project for "reconciliation and zeroing"…National Reconciliation is (imo) a last step to becoming UNITED politically and culturally…Along with that is the UNITY of a countries National Currency and one that has no restrictions, no multi currency practices associated with it without acknowledgement and approval from the IMF. (imo) The National Currency once National Reconciliation is full achieved "may become" fully International and with both the Kurdistan and Iraq Language on it. [Post 1 of 2]

1-6-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Question: Is the new re-instatement rate now being used by the government in payrolls?  Answer: No, the Finance Ministry is still paying on the existing program rates and will not change over until the global community rolls it out. This is the event we are waiting for.  Question: What is the plan to rollout the re-instatement rate to the global exchanges?  Answer: Both the CBI and the Finance Ministry would like to see the foreign currency exchanges updated as soon as possible but we realize there are formal protocols that must be followed.  Question: Can you give me a tentative timeline?  Answer: We are told this could happen sometime in mid to the end of the month of January. Our accounting systems would best be served if we begin the new fiscal year with this news process. This is anyhow the plan.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-6-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I had to make connection with my CBI contact in Iraq with a series of questions for them. Question: Is everything still on path to re-instate the IQD?  Answer: The IQD is already re-instated. There are no security or political problems in Iraq that interfere. The signed paperwork has been forwarded and was approved by all needed entities.  Question: Have you already launched the new currency notes?  Answer: We decided to re-do the lower category notes in polymer. These have not yet arrived from the vender.  Question: Are the ATMs dispersing the new lower category notes?  Answer: Not yet, as I just said not all these notes are ready. Some machines were activated and programmed for the 3 zero notes in order to prevent a cash shortage in circulation. Due to the electronic banking efforts we have created a shortage of notes beyond our planned limits. The plan is and always has been to load the ATM with only the newer notes and use the machines to launch these notes. This is still the plan.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

1-6-2018   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Maliki stresses the importance of ending the Kurdish delegation problems between Baghdad and Erbil under the Constitution"    [reference Guru mike 1-6-2018  "...pay them the 17%, all of this is written in Iraq's constitution."]  My reading/understanding is that the 17% figure is not stated in the Constitution. That figure was agreed upon by the Constitutional Committee in 2003 until a census was conducted. It is arguably, as Abadi says, a political agreement. I do not believe that the Kurds have actually ever received the 17% although it has been budgeted as such in previous years.

1-6-2018   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Maliki stresses the importance of ending the Kurdish delegation problems between Baghdad and Erbil under the Constitution"  I'm wondering who's he's meeting with when he say "Kurdish delegagtion." Hero Talabani and their crew? I can't imagine Barzani or anyone from their group meeting with Maliki of all people.  I just wish Maliki meant what he said. Then, he could finish the HCL, enact Article 140 and pay them the 17%, all of this is written in Iraq's constitution.

"Bill of Transparency" by ubiety, 6 JAN

Okay people.... We're patient. We're understanding. We have a perspective big enough to include the certainty of shadow government and black hat types. We understand that confidentiality has real value.

BUT, do we have discernment as to when a genuine need for confidentiality crosses over to secrecy necessary to manipulate us?!

I realize there are folks filtering in and out of "dinarland". It's easy to see this could make a singular consensus on "necessary secrecy" nearly impossible. Also, I doubt it's really possible to lay out all the events, announcements, and circumstances that go into that cross over moment when "real" confidentiality becomes a clever manipulation.

So, this post is to offer a suggestion for a rational compromise that permits us to make informed decisions as "dinarians". Of course, I realize there will be those who hear "it's a secret" or something related to that, and it's all they need to carry on blindly and with zero chance of even superficially looking into the truth of what they're told daily. My hope is that some folks have been here long enough and seen "tomorrow" or "this weekend" frequently enough that they realize more transparency, just for normal honesty sake, is required of those who give us the daily intel.

The following is a "Bill of Transparency", if you will, that I believe should be a moral imperative to every supplier of information ("intel").

  1. Undisclosed intel sources must demonstrate reliability.
  2. Source reliability means they're factually correct, as shown within a reasonably brief period of time.
  3. Reliable doesn't mean 100% accuracy, but it requires more than creative interpretation of current events to fit the narrative.
  4. Those who directly deliver intel to dinarland must expressly distinguish between intel derived from a source and their opinions, thinking, feelings, or hopes about that intel.
  5. When ANY intel source has proved unreliable after several weeks (some leeway is reasonable) of NOT being factually correct, A) that source must be truthfully identified to dinarland so they are not misled in the future, and B) that source must NOT be used thereafter as a source of intel.
  6. If a source found unreliable s ever used again, it MUST be indicated with the intel relayed to dinarland.
  7. Those who directly deliver intel to dinarland must be willing to honestly and actually cease using unreliable intel sources even if they personally like the source or find the philosophy of that source appealing or preferable. This is simple integrity.
  8. Those who directly deliver intel to dinarland must deliver it honestly, faithfully, and without embellishment or concern for dinarland reception. Neither "softening" or "pumping up" intel serves ANY legitimate justification or goal.
  9. Those who directly deliver intel to dinarland must daily reconsider their intel sources for reliability. Repeated failed announcements demand explanation from the source beyond "things change" or any other excuses which cannot be confirmed by a different, reliable source or public domain information.
  10. Genuinely unreliable intel sources are not a resource to preserve and protect. Real sources know they are not in the same class and are not at risk simply due to one intel item being wrong. Therefore, when an intel source has actually proved itself unreliable, the identity of that source must be disclosed to dinarland with enough detail to assure they don't re-enter the intel supply-line again.

The idea is to be honest and treat intel like any confidential business information in your business. You keep it confidential, but you keep your finger on the pulse and don't allow others (or even yourself) to lie to you based on increasingly fantastic excuses. This isn't a Hardy Boys book. It's not a Cloak & Dagger comic book. The know-nothing "source" with which you've been (as one who delivers intel directly to dinarland) misleading dinarland isn't going to send a small fleet of black SUVs to your house and snuff you because you called him/her out publicly for the BS. No one's head will explode if you reveal the downtown branch VP at HSBC has been the source of certain intel and that he's been 100% wrong for the last 3 months. To reveal this, you gain respect and dinarland's endless appreciation for us all avoiding a lying rabbit hole.

a : free from pretense or deceit : frank
b : easily detected or seen through : obvious
c : readily understood
d : characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices

Let's try this. Radical, I know, that those who feed us our daily ration of intel might actually treat it like the truth is what earns them their pay-per-clicks, or like they're telling this to their mother. Let's be honest with ourselves, we're desperate for real intel - even if it's not exciting. There is a VERY strong contingent of dinarians who do not want the intel to "raise their vibration" or "help them ascend" or make them happy or tell them what to believe. The long term dinarian tolerates these asides because the culture has mixed the message and we can't seem to get "news" without without the "opinion page" shuffled in. And the "news section" has been as bad as CNN for so long we can't remember, because all the sources are secret and practically none of them have proved reliable - mainly because those who deliver it to us have refused to have the integrity to discard the unreliable sources.

We can stay grounded if we choose - but, we MUST choose. It takes an honest self-assessment, checking whether or not we have real and solid reasons to trust intel we receive AND are confident that those who deliver it to us have the integrity to weed out the factually unreliable sources and reasonably communicate to us what we need to know to avoid unreliable intel in the future. 

This isn't a game. This isn't a daytime drama. We need to get back in it with our heads and stop riding the crest of the drama handed to us. Accountability for intel is how we do that. Isn't it time?

I am,


IQD News Update (RANT #52)


I hope that Ted is alright. He has not posted his prayer today.

Me too, Ted check in!

Hi!! Yes, Ted where are you?


GM, roomies! TED, praying you are all right...


gm wonderful wsomn family!!!  missing Ted

computer/Internet down umknown reason I only have access from my cellphone. They are working on the problem now BBL

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, as we sit here with great expectations it appears that our promised funds have been help up again for one reason or another for reasons yet reviled to us at the time of this writing. Well, so be it for we know it all things connected with this event are pretty much in the hands of people who are not under our control. Does it mean never going to happen? Not really this will happen.

Dear Lord God Almighty, Thins beyond our control happen day after day so we need to look at this in that light, We know in our hearts that it will happen and we know the end result will in fact be a global event. So in the end we will be privileged to see a global event as it never has been seen before. Sure it will affect the lives of many, but by far most of the world outside of our current situation.

So rest well this early morning my friends. From everything I have read during my own research I know that this not only will it happen but it absolutely has to happen. All ways remember folks, “Our Destiny Awaits” Let the day or days ahead of us know in our hearts that this WILL happen. God bless you all…

Sorry folks, due to mechanical issues beyond my control, I was unable to post this message any earlier in the day much less, the date indicated above. All seems to be working right now…

I have mainly 500 million zim notes. Now saying that the government of Zimbabwe hasn't released them for exchanging as too many were counterfeited.

That is going to really stuff me up. Thank goodness I still have some 100 trillion notes.

Really hoping this information is not correct.

I wouldn't place my faith at this point on anything I hear from the various sites :The Truth will start when the 800 numners are posted.

Dedar you are to take all currency to exchange just in case. You can authenticate you 500’s with a black light

If I use a black light to look at my zim, what am I going to see?


Kim I will do that. I believe my 500 million notes are not counterfeit. I was referring to what Tony from TNT said today about the 500 million notes. That they will not be exchanging them.

Everything seems to change from week to week.

GE Everyone - I heard the call and personally don't believe a word if it. Take in all your notes when the time comes and don't worry. These calls are like a Soap Opera.


No one knows till we are there, he's upsetting people. I ckd mine too and they are just fine.

Don't let it upset you because the Zim story changes daily

Jared Rand Q&A RV, Med Beds & more



Pearle:  I don’t think I could have gone to the bank yesterday...it (weather) was that bad

Ubetcha:  it's been at least 20 years to my memory since our schools closed for cold... snow different but this kda cold yukk

DRL: So now a snow storm in the US has held up the the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world! ROTFLMAO!!

Smitty76:  Remember Folks, If we have hard time getting to the banks, it's also difficult for people to get to the banks and exchange centers that are employed there


Isabelle:  IMO There will be no exchanges until the IQD rate is on the Forex. Why? If you walk into any Bank to exchange any currency, say, 1,000 Canadian Dollars (CDN), the bank goes on the forex and SELLS that 1000 CDN for whatever the rate is, say $950 USD. It is instant. Now they deduct, say, 2% for their fee and give you $950 minus 2%. Exchange complete. Nobody at as loss. Banks do not gamble! The Forex must be available for an exchange.

Phantom809:   Isabelle --If Banks have rates on their screens there must be som internal system they are referencing.

Isabelle:  Phan., that rate could be an expected rate, but, as I understand, it is NOT live. If live, a Forex rate changes by the micro second. You can be making a trade, see a specific market rate, and by the time you click the trade button, the rate may change a small amount in that instant…. Phan, the IQD id at a FIXED rate in Iraq at 1186 (0.0008431 which is $843.10 per million) or close to that. No bank is going to give you more than $843.10, in fact, considerably less!

G8way2k:  Aren't International rates for any country established? Isn't the ForEx separate from what the international rate is? I ask because I'm not sure if the banks can handle that kind of volatility.

Isabelle:  There is no Forex building or office. It is a trading platform, operated jointly by several very large banks that are "Market makers" (MM). The MM post, for example, 20,000 CDN$ at a specific price, another Bnak may post 20,000 CDN$ at a slightly lower or highter price. They, at the same time are possting what they will BUY currencies for which is always lower than their SELL rate. They cannot lose!

G8way2k:  Are there official exchange centers in operation all the time, or, are these centers established just for the RV event?

Isabelle:  I believe the exchange centers will be just temporary to handle the large volume of exchanges, plus you would not want a customer standing a at a teller window with a suit case full of currency!

Gway2K:  Isabelle - They can't lose as long as they sell out their inventory on a specific currency like the CD right? What would happen if they don't sell out? Or...is it that there is no so-called "inventory?" Nothing on hand in other words.

Isabelle:  q8way, Most Banks that exchange do carry inventory that they already purchased, but they still would go on Forex and make a buy or sell to keep their inventory at a specific level, but yes, they could deplete inventory, and would tell you it will be a few days to pick up your exchanged currency.

G8way2K:   So I guess if a scenario exists when the ForEx price for any currency dips below the bank's cost basis, that currency is no longer available?

Isabelle:  q8way, No, they would just go on Forex, buy the needed currency at the current price and make the exchange. Inventory level would not change.

Tony/RayRat TNT Call Notes, 6 JAN

Highlights of TNT conference call. 

Ray: . . .Info started to come in like "gangbusters" just as the call was about to start. . .

To close out the week, so much exciting information has come to us right here at the end of the week. . . so Tony has to come in and help. 

Tony: Start with something that happened Christmas day and bring you up to date. . . In Iraq the rates were showing up on everybody's card. . . everyone getting the exact same rate. Iraq issued an announcement today that they were issuing Int'l card to news reporters. . . International MasterCard's. Activated the ATM's . . . in Kurdistan, . . slowly growing throughout the country . . . teaching their people how to use the ATM's, the MC's, Q cards and the banks.

Iraq people telling us 'we don't know why you don't have it, we have ours.' 

Their budget is about to come out . . . making agreements with Kurdistan . . . borders . . . opening . Iraqi people happy. It's good news. What over there is stopping us? Not ZIM holding it back. Whatever is happening over there will be happening for the net 50 years. The rate is out.

The plan in Dec. was for us to go the last 10 days of the month and hit Forex on Jan. 2nd. Those things didn't happen. 

We (Tony and Ray) were on a call today together. Going to tell you - this is what I told them I was going to say . . . should have happened on the 2nd. So it didn't. Now making an adjustment - what banks do every Monday morning. End of the year they are taking the first week to do their reconciliations from the holiday, end of the year.

Every year banks do their annual thing around the world where they do 

Ray: Reset, reconciliation?

Tony: Yeah, has nothing to do with the RV. Every, single year they do this. Has nothing to do with the RV. . .Going on Jan. the 7th.

Last week given a new plan for how this is going to be paid out, who is going to be paid, what day, everything else. Information we get is in and out of the country. Iraq, two other countries, our country, government people, global traders and Treasury people - Treasury people here, there and somewhere else.

THE PLAN: is for this to go on the Forex, the 15th. Prior to that you should go through. There is a plan and it is in writing and it is in multiple countries right now. It's been sitting since the 29th of Dec., they've had a new plan they've been working towards.

You will get a lot more money than initially planned because oil prices have changed, etc. The plan is for the dinar to come out, go up a certain percentage each day and they will cut it off when it reaches that each day and then cap it off at. Did they give us the percentage and the cap rate? Yes, they did. Will talk about it after it comes out.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: The plan is for this to go on the Forex, the 15th. Prior to that you should go through. . . Those in special groups or tier 3 could start seeing payments this afternoon or tomorrow. . . 

It is scheduled for the 15th. Why they want people in Iraq to be paid up by the 12th so when this goes by the 15th they are starting brand new. Be excited.

Doesn't mean it can't change. I don't control it. . . 

After this thing is over, everybody, absolutely everybody on this call will have the opportunity to get involved in crypto currency. Probably only going to be 7 or 9 that will truly survive or be worth what they want to be as they will be asset backed. Will be this year.

Those in groups thought they would get paid before everybody else. The paymasters are getting paid before everybody else but it will take them time to pay you. Everybody, not groups, will get paid starting next week.

IRAQ: Iraq paying everybody by January 12th so they can start the new year fresh.

  • Canada: Ray: The bond thing applies to you guys too. (chuckle) Actually your country came up with the idea.
  • Budget: Tony: Budget is about to come out.
  • ATM's activated across the country including Kurdistan
  • TV / Mosques: Iraq issued an announcement today that they were issuing International cards to news reporters


  • FOREX: The dinar is to be live on the Forex January 15th. Tony: We plan on going to the bank before it goes to Forex. If you know how to monitor Forex, you might want to watch the rates to exchange. Tony: What goes up, absolutely comes down.
  • Currencies: Dinar live rate was $2 + in California and a bank in Wisconsin. Only temporary - low rates and only for a few minutes - Tony: That's been happening for a few years. Rate should be $3.50 + $3.70 when it comes out. $5 - $6.00 is where they see it settling at after it has gone up and come down. Dong to come out at .47 but the contract rate is expected at $2.47; Rupiah, $1.05; Iran Rial to be in the first basket - no rate mentioned on the call. ZIM to come out at .000012 and may go as high as .0000022 or that will be the contract rate - that part was unclear to me. Over a year or more it is to increase to .72 cents.
  • First Basket: Six expected currencies in this first basket: Dinar, Dong, Afghan, Iranian Rial, Rupiah and ZIM. Tony: Nine in the next basket and then another.
  • CAPS: 500 million on the ZIM before it will pay out as an annuity or over a period of time. This would have to be in dollars as it would not make since when we are already exchanging trillions of ZIM. Dinar and Dong had caps too - will need to review to get the amounts.
  • Banks worldwide are doing reconciliations for the year end.

UNITED STATES: Tony: People have waited so long now, they are . . . expecting them to go in and get their money and not wait for it to go up.

  • Banks: Money allocated and has been moving . . .being positioned. Paymasters supposed to be dispensing money yesterday and today.
  • Taxes: Tony was told their would be no state tax on exchanging. Tony: I have heard of a state will charge taxes so I would call your state and ask. . . Once this happens there maybe additional documentation to come out telling the states they cannot tax this money. Ray: The states will pull from the federal government. Ray was saying If the federal government does not show it the states will not.
  • Groups: will be notified by their paymasters for the contract rate. If not in a group
  • NDA on contract rates. 
  • Contract rates not expected to last longer than a week to 15 days. Caller: "I'm cool with not taking the contract rate. I'm not going to be worried about the government looking down my neck waiting for me to make a mistake."


EXCHANGING: Tony: A fee of 1.5 percent to do your exchange, if you let it be. That fee is negotiable. They probably did not want me to tell you that. Because they are giving out money . . .

People who have $20 million and above they are going to ask you to invest in your communities, your local municipalities. It has been approved by either 7 or 9 of the Federal Reserves . . . some have approved already. They are going to tell you this at your exchange. Going to be very forceful about it. It's still your decision. We have talked about this before, giving back to your own community, leader in your community. Still up to you. 


BOND: Going to be a 5 year bond that pays at 6 -7% a year. Could it pay more? You can negotiate it. 20% for 5 years. . . I would just negotiate on the bank site and get 10-12%. Here's the kicker, the same guy is supposed to represent both, the reserve and the bank. 

It's actually a 20 year contract they are paying you on and your the only one who can cancel it.

They are going to come at you hard for the community and make it sound like you have to do it! (Help the municipality it is tax free - got distracted - will go back and check on this)

Ray: That feature will also be available for $20 million or less exchanges also.

Tony: $20 million above will be targeted. Anybody below that can ask for it.

Ray: And it is possible to negotiate it into double digits!

Tony: You can get interest paid to you compounded daily on a 5 year contract. . . They want you to take the rate and then go on. Or you can decline and see what happens when it goes on the Forex.

Ray: If you don't get what you want and you know what is coming the next week, you can pick up your marbles and wait (or go elsewhere).

ZIM: rate will float:

Denominations to exchange: 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes, 100 billion and 50 billion notes, 100 and 50 million notes; 100 and the 50 thousand notes. Eight notes on the list. 

Tony: Rate of .0000012, come out to be $120 million per 100 trillion note. . . It can go from .0000012 to .0000022. . . They don't know if it's going to float between the 12 and 22 or a contract rate. Hopefully we will get that this afternoon before it gets crazy. . . when I go in the bank I'm asking, 'how do I get the higher rate?' Leave more money in the bank, for longer period of time, etc.

Tony: The high is to eventually be .72 cents. Take it awhile to get there.

All ZIM information given on TNT calls is compiled at the “ZIM 101 Comprehensive” thread at:


Q & A: TNT Forum

Q. - How are they putting the rate on the International MasterCard's? Tony: I have no idea.

Q. - Twitter campaign be helpful if they don't release this shortly? Tony: No . . . it has been released by the UST. . . you don't ever force the government . . . the bank . . . to do anything. . . We are included. We are going to get paid. That's all we can ask for as our part.

Q & A: Callers

Q. - I live in Chicago. It's a large city with many areas within it. How will they want us to contribute to our community? How far do we go? Tony: I'm glad you asked that. It gives the people listening on this call time to come up with an answer by the next call. Ray: Some already have the tools. They can do this through their foundation.

Tony: Guys we're getting fluid information. It's flowing right now. Based on what we're told, we may have to do another call due to something changing . . . procedures. It's Friday. Banks told their people next call you get, "Go to your positions." They waited all week for that call.

Our next call should be that call. Should be. Unless the next information we are getting . . . I want to get on this. Might not happen, but according to the schedule. Ray say your goodbye, closing and let's do this next call.


. . .That is going to wrap it up for today's segment. Enjoy your fantabulous Friday and if we should need to bring you back we will shoot out a text message. In the meantime keep believing. (played "I Believe"). 

Ray: It's already done! 


TNT SHOWTIME CC with TNT TONY (Notes by Adept1) TNT Call notes 5-January-2018 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# REPLAY LINK [Music: It’s Done, It’s Finished…] 

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! It’s Fantabulous Friday, January 5, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here. And to close out the week, so much exciting information has come to us! So I brought Tony in to help. 

Tony: Right… you ready? Okay, hope everyone’s doing well, excited and ready to go. I will start with something that happened on Christmas Day. We did a call that day because of what was going on in Iraq, with the rates showing up on everyone’s cards, so we knew that part was done, with everyone’s cards showing up with the same rate. Iraq made an announcement today that they are issuing cards to new reporters as well. 

They are INTERNATIONAL cards. We know that they activated the ATMs so citizens can withdraw money in the Green Zone (Baghdad) and in Kurdistan. They are teaching their people how to use the ATMs and the Qi cards, and in the banks. When we talk to our people in Iraq, they say “we’ve got ours, don’t know why you don’t have this!” We’ve seen all the articles, the Budget and the numbers. 

The 2018 Budget will come out with the new numbers, because the rate has already come out on the cards. That part is done, so far as we are concerned; it’s good news to see things continuing in Iraq, with borders and Kurdistan being stabilized. Nothing over there is stopping us. They are not holding us back, WE are holding us back. The rate is out, and we need to see it here so that we can move forward ourselves. The plan in December was for us to go the last ten days of them month, and for it to hit Forex on the 2. January. 

It should have gone, but those things didn’t happen. We made sure we are on the call today, together, because I’m going to reveal some things. I have been approved to tell you the following. IT should have happened on the 2nd, and it didn’t, so now they are making adjustments at the bank. Every Monday they reconcile their transactions, and they reconcile the entire year in the first week of January. All banks do this, everywhere in the world. It’s always done on a weekend when the banks are closed, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the RV. 

On December 29th, last Friday, they were given a new plan for how this is gong to be paid out. Yesterday we took that plan out of the country to be verified. Government people, treasury people, and global traders are all involved, and also people on committees that are trying to explain all this to us so we can explain it to you. We need to verify that our sources are getting the same thing, and we go over it as well. “I sent it up the chain, and they said that they sent it to us in December!” So we went through everything, and there are some minor changes. 

Today is Friday, and it’s the first weekend of 2018, so banks will Now the plan is for this to go on Forex on the 15th. Prior to that, YOU should go through. He gave us a start date, a time for the 800 numbers to be issued, and I will not tell you those dates and times, in case it doesn’t happen at that time. There is a plan, and it is in writing, in multiple countries right now. It could change, but it’s been the new plan for a week now, and they are working towards it. Today they expolained that we will get a lot more money than initially planned. 

Oil prices have gone up, contracts have been paid out, and that caused some money to go up. The plan is for the dinar to be released, and there is a certain percentage to be released every day, and then to cap out at a certain rate. They gave us both the percentages and the cap rate, and I will talk about those after it happens. The contract rates have changed as well, and groups will be notified by their paymasters. Anyone else who is not in a group, I can tell you where it will max out. However, they don’t want people to wait until it goes on Forex; they want as many as possible to exchange with stable rates, not wait for Forex. 

Let’s look at the process. There is a fee of 1.5% for the banks to do your exchange IF you let it be. That fee will be negotiable. I knew that from years ago. As for the process itself, we now see the last few pieces. Because they are giving out more money now, they think that people with 20 million and above, during your exchange they will ask you to invest in your community, your local municipalities. 

This has been approved by most of the regional Federal Reserves. They are going to tell you this during your exchange, and be forceful about it, but it is still your choice. They asked me to encourage you to do it, to give back to your own community and to become local leaders. That’s how they want you to do it, but it’s still up to you. There will be a five-year bond that pays at 6-7% per year. You can possibly negotiate for more. 

You can do the municipal bonds at that rate, or your can leave it in the bank and get 10-12%. Or you can tell them that if they can match the bank investment rates, then you will take the bond. Negotiate and see what’s in your favor. Look at your community and the strength of the bank; compare the offers. With the banks you will get more perks, and you get to negotiate rates, benefits, etc. ON the community side you can negotiate annual or semi-annual rates. But the banks will come down hard to get you to support your communities. 

RayRen: That would also be a tax-free activity, with the municipal bonds. That feature will also be available for those with less than 20 million, for those who want those bonds. However, you will have to ask for it. At 20 million or more, you will be targeted. 

Tony: Money has been allocated from the banks to groups. Money has been moving, and people in back rooms have confirmed that. It’s being positioned. Paymasters are supposed to be given money yesterday and today. Those in tiers 2 and 3 could start seeing payments over the weekend or even later this afternoon. They should be paid out today. Your paymasters are getting paid before everyone else, but it will take them time to pay you, based on the size of the group. There are paymasters and sub-paymasters and the money has to be divided up, etc. I know one person with seven people in their group, and he expects to be paid by next Friday. 

All those internet people who are not in a group will start next week, based on appointments made through the 800 numbers. It’s not going to take a week to be paid; you’ll go in, exchange, and get paid right away. The live rates yesterday were $2 and something at a bank in California and another in Wisconsin. That was just fro a few minutes, and that’s been happening for ten years. The rates should be higher for us, but at least it shows this is all getting ready. 

RayRen: Going back to the bond thing… several have texted me with the same question about the 20 million. That’s not just Iraqi dinar, that’s everything you have, if it is worth 20 million dollars or more. 

Tony: Although they will encourage the municipal bond deal, it really is up to you. Also, it is a renewable contract, and you can go up to 20 years at 6-7%. You can renew it a month before the end of the term, the bank cannot cancel on you. Plus it may be possible to negotiate into double digits. Always ask for a higher rates if you want to. Basedon the amount that you have, and you tell that bank you want a tier 1 deal or a tier 2 deal, they will let you know if you qualify. IF YOU DO, you might get weekly interest. At the end of the first year, you could make 100% profit, and this is a five year contract! 

We will try to go into greater depth after the exchanges. Even if you don’t qualify, if you get some people together, you can work with the bank to pursue larger opportunities. You have to learn and also ask the right questions. People don’t volunteer information if they think you won’t understand it. If you do ask the right questions, thought, they have to give you the information, so know what questions to ask. After the first day, see how much higher it goes; that way you will see what the maximum is likely to be. 

The rate will be $3.67 when it comes out. There is also a five dollar rate (but I cannot talk bout that here). The rate for the dinar 2018-19 should be between 5 and 6 dollars. This is not the initial rate, but that’s where they see it settling for 2018-2019, for eighteen months. That is the plan, or goal. 

Zim: There are taking five zeros, so if the rate is 12 cents, that will be $120 million per hundred trillion note. They will accept 100 and 50 trillion, 100 and 50 billion, 100 and 50 million, 100 and 50 thousand. notes. There are eight notes on the list of what will be exchanged, with no zeros taken off, and the rate will start at .0000012. It might go as high as 22 cents. We don’t know if that is optional or what. They don’t know if it will float between 12 and 22, or if there will be a contract rate of some kind. 

Hopefully we will get that information this afternoon before things go crazy. If so, we will have another call and explain it before people rush in there. As long as you know the range, ASK the bank how to get the higher rate. That might mean leaving more money in the bank for a longer period of time – we don’t know the details yet. 

You know that NDAs need to signed for any of the contract rate. When I signed mine, it was 34 pages, and regular people have a five page NDA. Now I’m hearing an 86-page NDA lasting 15 years, and some people turned that down. It’s your decision; it’s based on how much money you have, if you have enough for the next 10-20 years. That is the basis of whatever offers the bank makes when you ask for the rates. I think that’s it until the actual numbers come out. We are not sure if it’s going to be a float or not. 

RayRen: Yes, it’s a float for the Zim. 

Tony: If so, you may want to watch it before going in. While we’re on the subject of floats, the high for the zim rates should, eventually, be 72 cents, but it will take a while to get there. It will probably be 18 months, and many will probably jump on the 11-22 cents on the table. There is a schedule for this to take place. This should be to Forex on the 15th, and we should be making our exchanges before then. In Iraq, they want to be caught up paying everyone by the 12th, so that when this goes on the 15th, it will be a brand new start for everyone. They brought out those articles last month, so be excited! I did see where people were upset that I came on at Xmas, and got everyone excited for nothing. 

But Christmas was significant in Iraq, and at that point they were saying this would pop on the 2nd. Then the banks and the treasury wanted to rework the plan to bring in municipal bonds; we got confirmation on that plan yesterday, from people in the US and overseas. I’m giving it to you – that doesn’t mean things cannot change. I don’t control this! But I do try to explain it as best I can. 

They didn’t’ want me to talk about this, but after this thing is over, every single person on this call will have an opportunity to get involved in crypto-currency. I’m not talking about BitCoin, but c-currencies that will be around for years to come.

There will be 7-9 that will survive and be worth holding because they will be asset-backed. It’s going to be this year, and that is something good to look forward to. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: since you shared the new tax situation with us, do you think it is important what state we exchange . I am a Texan working in California, and had always planned to exchange in Texas. It seems like now it wouldn’t matter. 

A: The only tax you should be paying is on interest/income AFTER the exchange, not on the exchange itself. I was told there will be no state tax. I talked to someone yesterday, and her state told her she would get taxed on that money. So I don’t know. What I would do is to ask my state what they expect to happen. Most states don’t even know about the treaties or other documents that say they cannot tax this money. My understanding is that you will pay (income) tax on the interest or earnings only. 

RR: If it isn’t listed on the 1040, then the state will not consider it taxable income. 

Q: Can you elaborate on what the Iraq’s are receiving on their cards, i.e. is it IQD or USD. Also how is the IQD being calculated to be worth $3+ when there is no official declaration? 

A: We are in contact with Iraqis using cards here and elsewhere. In-country, Iraq can make it any rate they want. Have they changed the prices to reflect those rates? I don’t know, but my people over there are ecstatic because they are getting their cards and their rate. [Let’s say you have a credit card, and you are traveling overseas. Let’s say you buy a camera worth 200 euros, and you pay for it using your credit card. When you get home, you look at the credit card bill, and you notice that the camera cost you $240. That tells you the rate of exchange between euros and dollars, and it’s the same with the Iraqi credit card: the person pays in local currency, and finds out how many dinar have been deducted from the total in their account. That lets them work out the rate, which (we have been informed) is $3.36, or thereabouts.] 

Q: If banks don’t release RV in example next 30 days do you think Twitter campaign would help?

A: No. What’s the point in forcing them to do something they are going to do anyway? This thing is essentially done; it has been released by the US Treasury, and I’ve heard that from UST people. The banks are figuring out how to do this, even though they’ve had a plan for the last ten years. You don’t ever force the government to do anything, nor the banks, when it’s right. The only time you have a fight is if they do something and don’t do it right or in a fair way. After it’s taken place, that’s when you have a fight. A few years ago, we had have a fight because it looked like they were excluding us, but we have no leverage when they are already including us. We are going to paid over three dollars, and a few will get way more than that. A bunch of banks didn’t want to deal with us at all, and the government forced them to deal with us. When this happens, the banks will get trillions of dollars off these exchanges, and they want that, but they want it to be done right. They strung this out waiting for Iraq to grow up and be able to bear the weight on their own economy and the global economy. They need to be able to bear this into the future, not just for a week. Iraq has already changed their rate, and the IMF and BIS and investors all want to get a return, which can only happen if Iraq change their rate. They cannot get everything they want and not include you! We will exchange, we will get paid, we will help you with the rates, and with other ways to make money from this money. 

This would not have been done without us, because we have carried that country for years by buying their currency. They had to keep that stable rate to achieve what they have accomplished, so we have earned our seat at the table (as I was told four years ago) but doing what we’re supposed to do. They said in September that they would do this in December, but no one believed them! We couldn’t believe they would wait that long, but that’s what they did. It took that long. But now when I heard the plan, it made sense. I know the history of Kuwait, and I know this plan can work. People are not going to wait for this to hit Forex, they are just going to go in and get their money… and they are counting on that. For 90% of you, that is probably the thing to do, so that your headaches can be over. Other people can create their strategies because this might be the last time we can do this, probably. 

As long as we are included in this, there is no need for a Twitter campaign. Yesterday we went over this, and there are only six currencies in the first basket. There are nine listed for the next basket, and that is at least six months away. 

However, there are other opportunities, such as crypto-currencies. Of course I want to get paid like everyone else, but at least there are other opportunities here. 

RayRen: The bond opportunity is also applicable to our Canadian friends. 

Questions from live callers 

918 caller: I couldn’t quite hear… you said that dinar will hit Forex on the 15th? 

Tony: That is the plan right now. 

Caller: Is it your belief that when the new international rate for the dinar, that the rest of the first basket at the same time? 

Tony: Yes, we believe they will all be released at the same time. 

Caller: You have presented us with three avenue to exchange: 64 banks, three credit unions, and the elusive 800 numbers. What’s the best avenue, in your opinion? 

RayRen: We won’t know, so shop around and make your own decision. 

Tony: WE don’t have a professional opinion because we are not tax or accounting or legal professionals. The plan si for you to call the 800 numbers so they can find out what you have so that they can send you to the place and people than can serve you best. Someone with 100K goes to a different place than someone who has 10+ million. There are plenty of people with private bankers who have their own lists of whom to call. Some are saying “don’t call the 800 numbers, because I already have you on the prime list.” We don’t know what your situation is, and if you’ve already built a relationship with someone you know. They should know what you have and tell you where to go to deal with someone qualified to handle that amount. 

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today. 

301 caller: Is there a cap on how much you can exchange on the dong? 

Tony: The only cap I have ever known is 500 million on the zim before it gets paid out as an annuity, over time. 

RayRen: Years back we did hear about the cap on the contract rate. Some people thought that meant there was a cap on the amount of currency they can exchange, but what it means (if that is still current) is that you can only exchange 20 million on the dinar, and 50 million on the dong at the contract rates; beyond that, you can exchange the rest of your dinar and dong at the international or market rates. 

972 caller: Tony, I thought that dong rate would be higher than 47 cents. 

Tony: It’s 47 cents to $2.20. It’s been explained to me that the contract rates will run out in the first 10-15 days. They want to be done by then because they want to be done with us, the internet group, by that time. The general public will only get the international or Forex rates. We were told that the $2.20 is the dong contract rate. 

RayRen: That falls in line with what I’ve said: if you want contract rates, don’t wait on your exchange, get in and out. 

472 caller: So the rates should got to Forex on the 15th. How long after that will it take before we can go to the bank? 

Tony: We plan to go to the bank BEFORE it hits Forex. 281 caller: About the Zim notes… please could you repeat which denominations will be exchangeable? What about the 500 million notes?

RayRen: 100 and 50 trillion, 100 and 50 billion, 100 and 50 million, 100 and 50 thousand. I know about the 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes because I heard them directly from the US Treasury. We were told this morning that eight notes will be traded, all the 50 and the 100 notes at each level. However, nothing beats a failure but a try. OR caller: Rupiah rate? And which rial are we talking about, because there are many… 

Tony: It’s $1.05 – that one has been very consistent. As for rials, it’s the Iranian rial that is in the first basket. The first basket should contain zim, dinar, rial, rupiah, and Afghani. If you exchange me on Monday, and I have millions of dollars, and one of those currencies doesn’t go at the same time, you can bet I’ll run out and buy more of that one! 

Caller: Is it better to exchangex prior to when it hits Forex or after. Are these currencies going to be fixed or will they float? Is it better to go before or after it hits Forex? 

Tony: They will definitely float. If you know how to check Forex, and if you are paying attention, then by all means wait. But if you don’t have nerves of steel, then… Let’s say I’m at the bank, and they offer $3.69, and I know that on Forex it will be over $4, then ASK the manager what they will offer if you exchange now rather than waiting. Of course the bank wants you to take their rate and exchange right away. So they may need to sweeten the deal to persuade you to do that. If I can get three dollars form the bank and five dollars from the US Treasury by waiting a week or two, which do you prefer? 

RayRen: If you know something better is coming, be ready to take up your marbles and walk away from the bank exchange appointment. You have the choice and the control. They don’t want you to walk away from their bank, so they may offer you a better deal on the spot. Only you can decide whether to take it or not. 

919 caller: About the zim, where they referring to notes or batches/blocks? What I mean is this: if there is an assortment of notes that add up to, say, 100 trillion, would they accept that? Tony: If they are accepting individual notes, they are certainly accepting blocks. However, all I know for sure is that our US Treasury list shows those eight notes only. 

404 caller: Have you heard anything about people signing new investment contracts in Iraq on Saturday? There are supposed to be new rates attached to those contracts. 

RayRen: I haven’t seen any articles on that, but I do know people have been signing new investment contracts all month. Everything they are doing now should be based on the new rate.

312 caller: [chitchat] About the Zim and possible municipal bonds, do you know how that will break down by the city? I live in Chicago, which is a big city – will this help my own community, or just Chicago as a whole? 

Tony: We were only told this today, this morning. We don’t know, but the banks will have some of that answer, and those listening may come up with some answers too. 

RayRen: And it sounds like you have a strategy, that you are connecting it to your foundation, and then you have more say where it goes. Doing it through your foundation is not the same as doing it through your exchange. See what they say at the bank! We were just briefed on this immediately before this call. 

Tony: That’s two hours on this call. Information is flowing on other calls, and I want to listen to those calls and see where we are. Based on what we are told on this next call, we might have to have another TNT call today or before the 800 number call. Banks are telling their people that with the next call, they will go to their positions in the call centers Closing Statement That is for today. If we have a need to bring you back, we will send out a text or tweet. Enjoy your Friday and keep believing…