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IQD News Update (RANT #50)


There are basically three categories that need to be upgraded, restructured or created in order for the RV/GCR and bond redemptions to occur:

*Creation of the money;
*The delivery system for the funds;
*And the oversight of the funds.
Multiple components lie within each category.

Creation of the money:
Bring the Heritage/Matrix accounts forward
Establish or restructure Sovereign Treaties
Balance Sovereign Treasuries and budgets
Utilize the Global Collateral accounts to hedge the currency against Sovereign Debt relief, forgiveness and restructuring
Asset backed currency with hard assets, i.e.: in ground assets, gold, oil and other precious minerals

The Delivery System:
Banking restructure Basil III implementation
Integration of banking systems with the laws of all participating nations
The dismantling and restructuring of all the corrupt banking practices
Implementation of the new Banking software and I.T. Systems Creation, restructure and implementation of the International wire transfer system (C.I.P.S., R.P.S. and an upgraded SWIFT System.)

Oversight of the Funds:
Implementation of global tax recovery (Foreign Account Tax Compensation Act or FATCA)
Implementation of the new banking I.T. systems that establishes algorithms to control and monitor account activity (much like the borders built within stock market trading to curb and identify runs and illegal trading activity on the exchange. )
Codes are placed on each type of account activity similar to how medical billing works.
When an ailment diagnosis is established, codes are assigned to the medical standard for treatments and each treatment has its own individual code

Centralized Communication is linked between all governing and compliance agencies to monitor project account distribution including all the 3 letter agencies, the ICJ and other national and international law enforcement and governing bodies.
It’s the understanding that the creation of the funds needed is completed or at least agreed upon.

Most all delivery mechanisms are in place and functional as well as the monitoring and accountability of the destination accounts.
On Dec 27th the new I.T. System (The Hercules System) was activated and errors were discovered that in turn have been diagnosed and fixed.
Starting Jan 1st 2018, funds are getting released with access to the funds by Jan 15th. (Let’s hope like hell this is true.)
While all things point to a beginning, there are so many components to this that even we really don’t know what we don’t know.
Keep your expectations in check and like all of us, hope for the best. It’s time to get the projects started and participate in the curing of our humanity.


TNT Chatter - When It's Time , 5 JAN

For those that are unaware how currencies are valued and why they need value, i suggest you get informed before you invest in any more currency. Dinar must increase or they will have to continue printing money and end up like the ZIM


relax ... it really is already done, just gotta wait the world's turn, rally. ... if it's set loose over there it's just a matter of time, in which they are running the clock out ... can't keep them going under the covers for too long; much longer; we're in the short rows. ... It's a coming, slow or fast. ... All IMO of course. Wink 

Simply put, it's not them ... it's here that needs to let it go, All IMO of course Wink ... wherever "here" is, of course Wink


Completely Agree OffGrid! It's not about Iraq. Never has been. They are made to look like it's their decision for the purpose of credibility in the ME... We are the hold up whether it's the World GCR or the US and it's financial partners. Iraq is DONE! It's on us now as to when this is release to the common man outside of Iraq. IMO

Agreed ecubucs,,,,we are there,,,

yada we've Always been told we will be LAST!!! Well, I for one, believe them... They've done a Great job showing us who's Still Boss!

ecubucs...But so true! We can't do anything about it! When it's time and everything is in order it will happen. Quick!

I think the next excuse for dragging this event out for an unknown amount of time will be the attempt to eliminate the corruption in the Iraqi parliment. Maybe this will be done through the elections in July, I think. Just feel like they are looking for another excuse.

Glajef: Agree, corruption in Iraq is one thing and rolling this out with the new world banking systems is out of Iraq's league. They need and believe are contracted with the UST to help with this difficult and complicated task...main reason now this is being held up imo

I'm in the belief that we are just around the corner folks.... I'm encouraged that we will see this occur this month! If not, I'm sure we'll see many more examples that we are ever So Close! Keep the spirits up! Your time is drawing near!




 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s figure out what in the world is going on. Well, we know we have a major snow squall storm that is taking place and is continuing in various part s of the eastern seaboard from Georgia Florida line to up North. This is one of these storms not expecting to end up like this and huge weather in New York and into Boston along the coast with wind gusts of 80mph. This storm is like a winter hurricane of sorts. I would say that storm has held us back for a few days.

Bruce: We had information that was indicating we were pretty much there and ready to start yesterday. Yesterday had we heard that the US Treasury had released the USNs and released the banks with a go ahead to get started. We were looking for that because we were thinking who is in control of this now. I think there are several fractions that are involved in this. We know the Treasury kind of gave the go ahead the blessing to begin to the banks.

Bruce: At this point the banks kind of are holding off because the Redemption Centers could not be adequately serviced with their own staff employees having to head back and fend for themselves in the storms throughout various parts of the country. That is taking us to the point where they are now reloading on that particular thing. 

Bruce: We got Redemption Centers that are looking to regroup and contact the staff again from upper management to set up times for them to reassemble and be ready to go for us. I believe that would take place for us Saturday if not on Sunday for those calls to be made for those staff members to be repositioned in the Redemption Centers. Subsequently, the timing for this is looking good for early next week. I hate to be somebody to put this off. I try to look at things day by day. Things do change. Sometimes they get pushed back and out, and sometimes they are brought in little closer where we want it to be.

Bruce: Our Treasury has released Iraq for them to post their new dinar Iraqi rate tomorrow evening our time in the United States. That would be Saturday early am in Iraq. They should have the new rate posted. They need that posted by then because we have 17 different nations with companies representing those countries coming to Iraq to sign off on their contracts at the new rate for the dinar. This is from 17 different countries that will be arriving Saturday and Sunday taking care of businessSunday and Monday, and then leaving Monday and into Tuesday to head back. This is kind of a period of timing where these countries need to take care of these contracts and finish the business that they already started previously. That has to occur. For that to occur with them to arriving Saturday to begin business on Sunday the new rate has to be there and needs to be there or they wouldn’t be coming. So we feel good about that.

Bruce: As far as anything else that is going on for us, we know that our new USN, our new currency, I can’t tell you when that currency would be coming out in terms of the banks. I am looking for that especially today. We know digitally the USN is in most of the world now. Essentially it’s been live in most if not all of the world right now. I think that will change this weekend or first part of the week.

Bruce: We are expecting President Trump to make an announcement on Monday regarding the return to an asset back currency. We may call it gold back currency, I do not know. We are looking for that announcement on Monday sometime. I think when we have the new rate on the dinar and we have the trading that has been going on in the market to take the rates on these currencies up where they want them to be. We could very well have the Forex populate come up anytime. We thought it would be early this morning. That did not happen, I don’t believe. The timing of that will make a difference. The CBI website everything should show early Saturday morning Iraqi time. We will keep eye on that.

Bruce: Otherwise the Redemption Centers were ready to go. They are no longer ready to go. They will be when the calls go out to reassemble the employees to come in and this from what I understand I going to call it early in the week that is something is from what I understand is happening where there is a weather event or not. That is what I heard regarding for this going down. A lot of communication and information is coming thru indicating that is ready.

Everything else based on what is happening out west. I can’t speak to what was accomplished today exactly. I know they are poised and ready for codes to be reentered and for groups to be paid that have not been paid. That whole thing is about ready to release.

Bruce: When it comes to larger humanitarian funding entities that you are aware of, we know tranches have been received and will continue to be received for use for those to be paid out here over the next couple of days. Even we heard as early asTuesday for that to occur. If that occurs, we should be in the mix by then as well. If that is the case, we are looking for an announcement, looking for Iraq to finish up and put the rate out, and for the storm to clear so the employees can get back into place and all the banks ready to go as well. See how this thing comes to us. We could get faked out and come before then, but I think realistically we are looking for early next week.

Bruce: Because we knew we were so close on Tuesday call, we really thought we be here by now or by tomorrow but this storm did hold us back. The storm was a major factor with bad weather in 11 states and really bad weather in 7 states. That storm incident is to blame for that. We can just hold on a little bit longer and go on and continue with plan A and wait for Plan B to take over soon enough. We talked about Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America, and rebuilding homes. I am excited and I am ready to get started and I think you guys are too.

Bruce: You will be pleased with the rates populating on the screens. In the case of the Zim, Dinar, Dong and Rial you have some negotiating room to negotiate the rates at the Redemption Centers based on your ability to explain on a humanitarian view with your humanitarian projects. In the past we talked about structure payouts and how long they will go. The most recent clarification on the structure payouts how long they will go is the maximum time for them to be is 25 years length for that structure pay out. Keep that in mind. Also the interest rates will vary a little bit, but not too much. You will be able to negotiate your interest rate meaning the rate you will be earning on your structure payout. There is no 80/20 for us. That applied to certain groups, but not to us. Basically it is your money. There are no long NDAs. It is a short NDA, from a page to page-and-half. IF the NDA applies to you, I think you will be fine. It is not really that bad of a situation to be in at all.

Bruce: We are about at the end of the Intel that we need to know. We just need to know when we are to start. I know the 800 number that I suppose to receive and put out. We got our communication ready to go for that. We are ready to go as soon as I get the call. Hopefully that will be sometime very early next week. We can go in and get exchange and go on about our lives.

Bruce: I appreciate all for coming in and being part of the Big Call tonight. We are in our 7th year now and thank you for being part of this and staying with us. Stay in faith, stay ready for this and be prepared as we can be going forward, and be prepared to change your lives as you go in to exchange. Thank you to Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you to all the listeners in Big Call Universe. We hope our next communication will be the 800 numbers. Stay with us. Goodnight everybody.




Samson:  Vietnam's Central bank injects US$792 million to support market

January, 04/2018 - 17:00

The central bank made a net cash injection of VNĐ18 trillion (US$792 million) into the economy in the past week

HÀ NỘI — State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) made a net cash injection of VNĐ18 trillion (US$792 million) into the economy in the past week.

According to Bảo Việt Securities Co (BVSC), SBV pumped VNĐ2.26 trillion through the open-market operations channel while issuing bills worth VNĐ15.91 trillion to support liquidity of the banking system.

The past week also saw the inter-bank rates increase by 0.2 percentage points to 0.35 percentage points for all terms, pushing the overnight rate to 1.01 per cent, the one-week rate to 1.23 per cent and the two-week rate to 1.49 per cent, according to reports from Saigon Securities Incorporate (SSI).
​The net cash injection, together with the high inter-bank rate, showed that the liquidity of the banking system was not as good as in the previous weeks, BVSC’s analysts said.

Despite the hike, inter-bank rates were still low compared with the same period of previous years. SSI reports showed that inter-bank rates at all terms at the end of 2017 were roughly 2 percentage points lower against the same period in 2016.

According to SSI, after fluctuations in the first few months of 2017, the liquidity of the monetary market gradually stabilised and maintained at a low level throughout the year, marking a successful year in the central bank’s monetary management policy.

Besides this, the monetary management policy also contributed to stabilising the interest rates listed at commercial banks. The interest rate for one-month deposits by the end of last year declined by 0.5 percentage points against end-2016 to 4.5 per cent, while other rates remained stable.  LINK


Samson:  Vietnam : Nearly 100 firms to participate in Vietship 2018

January, 04/2018 - 16:36

Nearly 100 businesses will take part in the 9th International Exhibition of Shipbuilding, Shipping and Offshore Technology (Vietship 2018) in Hà Nội from January 24-26

HÀ NỘI — Nearly 100 businesses will take part in the 9th International Exhibition of Shipbuilding, Shipping and Offshore Technology (Vietship 2018) in Hà Nội from January 24-26.

Among these enterprises, include those from foreign countries with developed maritime industries, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China, as well as India, Germany, the US, Norway and the Netherlands.

They will showcase shipbuilding, ship repair and maintenance technology, material and equipment for shipbuilding, equipment and facilities for shipyards and offshore engineering and facilities, as well as waterway transportation and services, marine supply logistics and ports technology and equipment.

"Vietship 2018 will be held this year when signs of recovery are being shown by the world marine and shipbuilding industry, after suffering the impact of the global economic crisis,” Ngô Tùng Lâm, deputy general director of the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC), the exhibition’s organiser, said at a press conference in the capital on Thursday.

Lâm said he hoped that the event would provide recommendations to policymakers to further facilitate the development of industries.

Vietship 2018, which will take place at the National Convention Centre, is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors.

Two main activities, including the Vietship 2018 Buyer Forum, which is designed to provide buyers, sellers and manufacturers exclusive one-on-one meetings to gain a better understanding of each other’s capabilities and seek partnerships for future businesses, as well as a conference discussing the challenges and opportunities of domestic shipping and the shipbuilding market, will be held on the sidelines of the event.

Vietship is the largest and longest established exhibition in Việt Nam featuring all aspects of shipbuilding, shipping and offshore technology.
​The previous event saw 19 contracts and agreements worth over VNĐ500 billion (US$22.4 million) inked between domestic and foreign partners. It had 220 stands from 130 companies, including 78 foreign firms.   LINK


Samson:  Vietnam : In a first, domestic tax collection hits

VNĐ1 quadrillion

January, 04/2018 - 15:38

A staff of Hà Nội Department of Taxation provides instruction to a taypayer

HÀ NỘI — For the first time, domestic tax collection hit the VNĐ1 quadrillion (US$43.9 billion) milestone this year, according to statistics of the General Department of Taxation. The total collection surpassed the target set by the Government by some 5 per cent.

According to Deputy Minister of Finance Đỗ Hoàng Anh Tuấn, the total State budget collection was estimated to reach some VNĐ1.3 quadrillion, exceeding the target by nearly VNĐ70,000 trillion, or more than 5 per cent.

Tuấn said the private economic sector and foreign direct investment sector contribute significantly to the State budget collection. Tax collection from the non-state sector rose by 23 per cent, FDI sector increased by 20 per cent over the previous year and collection of personal income tax went up by 22 per cent.

Besides this, enhanced tax management also helped increase revenue by more than VNĐ17 trillion.

Tuấn said the development of businesses and higher-than-target economic growth of 6.81 per cent together with hastened reform of the tax authorities boosted tax collection.

Hà Nội and HCM City both fulfilled the target of tax collection in 2017. Budget collection estimate of Hà Nội in 2018 was VNĐ218.2 trillion and that of HCM City was VNĐ376,78 trillion, rising 10 per cent and 8.3 per cent over 2017, respectively.   LINK


Samson:  Vietnam : Structural export sector changes will continue

January, 04/2018 - 09:00

Đỗ Thắng Hải

Việt Nam posted a surprisingly high 21 per cent year-on-year growth in export value in 2017. Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Đỗ Thắng Hải talks to chinhphu.vn about how this happened, and what 2018 portends.

The nation achieved a year-on-year export surge of 21.1 per cent to US$213.77 billion in 2017, including $19.3 billion in December. What made this impressive achievement possible?

In the beginning of 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade forecast a total national export value growth of 6-7 per cent over the previous year, because complicated and unpredictable developments were set to continue in the region and the world.

In this context, the surprising growth of 21 per cent was partly due to efforts of the business community and the Government’s efforts to resolve difficulties and create favorable conditions for production and business activities.
​The strong export growth was also the result of correct policies initiated by the Party, the direction and management of international economic integration by the Government, especially in joining free trade agreements. The Government acted strongly to improve the investment and business environments and to attract foreign direct investment.

The global economic recovery also helped, with strong growth seen in the US, the European Union, Japan, China, India and Russia, pushing up demand in the world market. As a result, many of our export products gained in export volume as well as value.

2017 was the second consecutive year that Việt Nam gained a trade surplus. How will this affect economic development in the future?

The good results of the import and export activities in 2017 have created favourable conditions for development of international trade in particular and national economic growth in general. The trade surplus will help stabilise the macro economy and exchange rates, and control inflation.

The trade surplus shows that Việt Nam has started to produce materials for production. In 2017, the textiles, garments and footwear industry actively produced raw material in Việt Nam and even exporting it. The export value of fiber for textiles reached $3.56 billion in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 21.5 per cent.

However, in general, the support industry for many industries has still not developed to produce enough quality products to join supply chains of products and components for export enterprises, especially foreign-invested enterprises.

In 2018 and beyond, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will strive to change the structure of export goods, focusing on goods that use advanced technology in production, and to increase the export of products made with domestic raw materials.

Last year, the foreign direct investment (FDI) sector continued to lead the export surge. What are the measures being taken to balance exports by domestic and FDI enterprises, and to connect them in export activities?

Since Việt Nam became a World Trade Organization (WTO) member in 2007 and joined free trade agreements (FTAs), the number of FDI projects in the country has increased rapidly. FDI enterprises have made important contributions to boosting exports and they occupy a large share of the nation’s total export revenues.
Specifically, export value of FDI enterprises (including crude oil) reached nearly $81 billion in 2013, accounting for 61.3 per cent of the total; and corresponding figures for 2016 and 2017 were $126.2 billion and 71.5 per cent; and $155.25 billion and 72.6 per cent.

The export growth of the FDI sector in recent years has been spurred by the State’s policies on attracting and managing foreign investment, and increasing efficiency of this investment capital.

FDI enterprises have enjoyed many advantages in producing their goods in Việt Nam and being part of the global products supply chain while. Meanwhile local companies have focused on commodities like agricultural produce, seafood, crude oil and textiles that have been very vulnerable to external shocks like price fluctuations in the world market or trade barriers in countries importing Vietnamese goods.

To boost export revenues in the future, especially for domestic enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will pay attention to solving difficulties and creating favorable conditions for business activities. It will also have policies to help local enterprises access low-interest loans and expand their export reach.

Meanwhile, the domestic enterprises should focus on improving corporate competitiveness and competitiveness of their export goods, learn new production technologies and modern management practices, building quality brands and join the global supply chain.

What export goods will Việt Nam focus on in 2018?

Last year, Việt Nam achieved positive results from import and exports in the key categories of agricultural products, seafood, fuel, minerals and processed products.

Export products of the processing industry continued to play an important role in export growth, accounting for more than 81 per cent of total exports, with value estimated at $173.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22.4 per cent.

Agricultural and seafood products enjoyed good growth at 16.9 per cent year-on-year to $25.9 billion.

Fuel and mineral products gained a year-on-year surge of 27 per cent in export value to $4.42 billion.

Products with high export growth included coal, crude oil, telephones and components, textiles and garments, computers, electronic products and components, vegetables, rice, chemical products, plastics products, fertilisers and steel products.

At present, the structure of export products has moved according to the 2011-2020 strategy on importing and exporting goods, which is to increase the export volume of processed products and gradually reduce that of agricultural produce, seafood, fuels and minerals.

In 2018, this structural orientation will continue. We will also try to increase exports of goods that use hi-tech methods and more domestic raw material in production.   LINK
​Samson:  Vietnam Securities sector to grab investor interest in 2018

 January, 04/2018 - 09:00

Statistics: Dr Đinh Thế Hiển/ VNS Infographic

compiled by Hoàng Sơn

HÀ NỘI — The securities market is likely to be the most attractive investment channel for investors in the Vietnamese economy this year, analysts say.

They attribute this to the Government’s efforts to improve trading conditions, upcoming sales of large-cap State-owned enterprises and undervalued shares.

The securities market has witnessed strong growth since the beginning of 2017, surpassing analysts’ expectations, and promises to break its old peak of 1,075 points made in November 2007.

The benchmark VN Index on the HCM Stock Exchange has gained nearly 51 per cent since the end of 2016 and the minor HNX Index on the Hà Nội Stock Exchange has grown 48.7 per cent in the same period.

Trading liquidity rose with an average value of VNĐ5 trillion (US$222.2 million) in each session, an increase of 63 per cent year-on-year; and market capitalisation increased to $155 billion, equal to 74.6 per cent of the nation’s total gross domestic product (GDP), according to the State Securities Commission.

Foreign investors posted a net buy value of roughly $1.2 billion in stocks and $750 million in bonds, and raised the total value of invested assets to $31.4 billion, almost twice the figure recorded in 2016.

The number of newly listed shares on the local markets increased by 30 per cent from the beginning of the year as a number of large-cap firms started trading their shares, like VPBank, brewer Sabeco and petrol dealer Petrolimex, providing high-quality stocks for investors.

According to banking and financial expert Cấn Văn Lực, local markets are set for a 15-20 per cent growth this year – higher than average rates in the region and the world.

Chairman of Saigon Securities Inc, Nguyễn Duy Hưng, said that Viet Nam’s macroeconomic factors were expected to further improve in 2018, supporting further development of the securities market.

The economic outlook reports of some financial institutions like the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and HSBD have predicted that the Vietnamese economy would advance this year with inflation and lending rates under control, accompanied by rising foreign reserves and foreign direct investment (FDI).

Furthermore, the Vietnamese economy is set to benefit from the recovery of neighbouring markets like Japan and China.

Hưng said that expected changes in Government’s policies would also strongly boost the securities sector in 2018.

He said the industry must complete five tasks this year: the merger of the two local exchanges; introduction of new securities products; completion of the securities law; strengthening the Government bonds market; speed up equitisation of SOEs.

The securities market also expects to draw more foreign investment as the Government tries to make private sector the central factor in national socio-economic development and push more SOEs to list shares on the local exchanges, he said.
​‘Frontier to emerging’

These factors are widely expected to increase the number of high-quality stocks, raise the percentage of free-floating shares, increase trading liquidity and help raise the Việt Nam’s securities market from “frontier” to “emerging” status, drawing more attention from foreign investors.

According to the Mirae Asset Securities Company, there are plenty of opportunities with stocks that are not among top 20 largest firms by market capitalisation as they are undervalued at present.

The company wrote in its 2018 outlook report that the stock market performance thus far has been mainly driven by the top 10 caps, which have contributed 210 points to the yield-to-date increase of the VN Index, accounting for 76 per cent of the increase.

Meanwhile, the top 10 declining stocks only pulled the benchmark index down six points, or just 2.8 per cent of the growth of the top 10 largest stocks.

“The rally of 2017 was relatively narrow, and most investors were likely not able to participate in it. The broader market has underperformed the headline number, and the valuations of most stocks are now lower compared to their historical performance,” it said.

Real estate caution

The property sector is typically one that draws a lot of investor attention, but there have been warnings of a strong imbalance between supply and demand, and unsustainable development of the industry.

According to Neil MacGregor, managing director of the foreign property service and consultancy firm Savills Vietnam, foreign investors are very keen on participating in Việt Nam’s property sector as the country’s GDP has increased impressively, rapid urbanization is happening as is infrastructure development.

However, the property market in fact was quiet in 2017 compared to the previous two years despite real estate firms reporting high earnings for the 2015-2017 period.

MacGregor told local media that there was an increasingly large gap between supply and demand in the property market that could dampen the market’s absorption, especially in high-end segments like condotel, officetel and hometel.

“There will be a big change in the market structure in 2018 to diminish the surplus of current products, which will drive the market back to its healthy, sustainable development track, and the segments of cheap products will be boosted by strong demand from low and middle-income buyers,” the HCM City Real Estate Association (HoREA) said in a November report.
Secondary investors should be careful with property projects that promise a premium of 8-12 per cent each year for the next 8-12 years, as there was no protection for investors in such projects, HoREA added.
Gold, foreign currencies to slow

Among other investment channels, gold and foreign currencies are forecast to slow down in 2018 as investors may be worried about market volatility and the Government’s efforts to minimise their impacts on economic development.

Nguyễn Đức Hùng Linh, head of market analysis and investment advisory at SSI, said that the gold market this year would be quite volatile on global political and economic changes. Also, domestic gold prices do not move in tandem with global changes, he said.

Global gold prices have moved up 12 per cent on average since January 1, 2017, Bloomberg data shows. Meanwhile, the price chart of Bảo Tín Minh Châu Gold Jewellery Company indicates that domestic gold prices have moved down nearly 0.5 per cent.

Financial-banking specialist Nguyễn Trí Hiếu said that the domestic gold market has remained as global market volatility was not strong enough to push local gold prices strongly, and there were other investment channels that drew investors’ attention away from gold.
The stability was also caused by the Government’s efforts to reduce speculation on and collection of gold products as well as the policies to stabilise the macro-economy, iinflation and foreign exchange rates, Hiếu added.

He said that these moves by the Government have made Vietnamese people and investors see that gold is not the only safe haven, thus reducing demand for the yellow metal.

Demand for gold in the domestic market could decline further, with the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) collecting feedback on a decree on gold trading that would give the central bank a monopoly on accepting gold deposits. The new decree will replace Decree 24/2012/NĐ-CP and get rid of certain conditions for companies that make gold jewellery.

Hiếu said that if the decree is passed, the current stability of domestic gold market would be strengthened. If gold and jewellery products  were traded freely, it would cause speculation and volatility in the domestic market, he added.

He also said that there would be much volatility in global markets as demand for gold as a safe asset always rises when there are tense political and economic events, as in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula, and Britain leaving the European Union.

Meanwhile, the foreign currency market is also expected to remain calm in 2018, thanks to the stable exchange rate between the Vietnamese đồng and the US dollar.

The reference exchange rate between the two currencies set by the SBV has changed little in the past one year, closing Wednesday at VNĐ22,405 per dollar, compared to VNĐ22,425 at the beginning of 2017.

According to economist Võ Trí Thành, the pressure on exchange rate may not be too hard in 2018 if Viet Nam is able to maintain its trade surplus and keep inflation around 4 per cent, thus raising foreign reserves to reduce the dependence on foreign currencies.

The Vietcombank Securities Company (VCBS) has forecast that the exchange rate between the đồng and the dollar would fall by less than 3 per cent this year, thanks to abundant supply of foreign currencies through direct and indirect foreign capital flows into the sales of SOE shares and the development of special economic zones.   LINK


Kaperoni   Moderator     Iraq Government News > Abadi: Iraq is able to promote and become a par with developed countries

Kaperoni Moderator Abadi: Iraq is able to promote and become a par with developed countries

History of edits:: 2018/1/5 16:54  [Oan- Baghdad]

Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al - Abadi confirmed that "Iraq is able to stand up and become in the ranks of developed countries and the unity of the will of our people , who managed to achieve the impossible and defeat the terrorist gang Daesh in the most difficult circumstances."
And he saluted Abadi in his speech during his attendance on Friday the central ceremony held by the General Secretariat of the threshold of Kadhimiya holy in the presence of representation of the Supreme religious authority and Matmdaha in Baghdad and a large gathering of the families of martyrs and the wounded and the citizens on the occasion of the great Iraqi victory "fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad for the supreme religious Ali al - Sistani and rush heroic Iraqis and their response this large historical fatwa and volunteering to defend their homeland and their holy places. "

He added that " the martyrs and the wounded were proud and Azna and take care of their families , sacrificing our duty, once again congratulations to them and to all Iraqis in liberating our land and our cities and defeat a gang of terrorist Daesh" calling "to preserve the victory achieved by uniting the army and the crowd popular and the Peshmerga and the various forms of our armed forces."

He continued Abadi , "four years ago was Daesh on the outskirts of Baghdad and were bombing civilians in residential neighborhoods , but our heroine reached beyond a border and liberated all our lands and our cities."

He noted , "We have won a political constitution and stick with the unity of Iraq and non - discrimination between the sons of our people, warning of listening to the cacophony of voices that were skeptical to victory and not let them Baadtna back."
At the end of the ceremony Abadi led ceremony to visit shrines Kazimain peace be upon them.


Punisher    Amen!

Phil Oberholzer     That's so nice Abadi you can stand on your own now...Not a hint of gratitude going out to any of the countrys that helped them to get there....

Mike Moderator     lol Phil, yep, Abadi and the Iraqi's were soley responsible for the removal of ISIL. He's going to need the world when they have that beggars conference in Kuwait, they're looking for a $100 billion to fix what they broke. --Stay grounded...


Kaperoni Moderator     Iraq Government News > Maliki stresses the importance of ending the Kurdish delegation problems between Baghdad and Erbil under the Constitution

Kaperoni Moderator     Maliki stresses the importance of ending the Kurdish delegation problems between Baghdad and Erbil under the Constitution

Since 01.05.2018 at 12:10 (Baghdad time)   BAGHDAD - The balance of News

Deputy President of the Republic, Nuri al-Maliki on Friday during a meeting with a delegation of the Kurdish parties, the importance of ending the outstanding problems between the federal government and the region under the Constitution, while the delegation stressed the need to find radical solutions to all problems.

A statement by the Office of the Vice President of the Republic, received / scales News / copy of it, that "al-Maliki, received at his office today the Kurdish parties delegation," noting that "the meeting reviewed the latest political and security situation in the country, and the outstanding issues between the center and the region."
​Maliki confirmed, "the importance of ending the relationship between the federal government and regional problems under the Constitution and securing the Kurdistan region employees' salaries and overcome tensions with the Iraqi people avoid all components of any danger or threat," stressing "the need not to pay the Iraqi citizen, the price of political differences."

For his part, the Delegation expressed "gratitude for the positions of Vice-President of the Republic in support of ending the suffering of the Kurdish people," stressing "the need to consolidate the principles of genuine partnership in political decision-making center and to find radical solutions to all problems through discussions and dialogues Avenue between the Territory and the Center in accordance with the Constitution."

This and arrived in the evening of the first on Wednesday, a delegation representing the parties change the Islamic Group and the Alliance for Justice and Democracy to Baghdad, to discuss several issues, including the situation of the disputed areas and the issue of the budget and the share of the region, in addition to the employees' salaries issue, and ways to resolve all outstanding problems through the Constitution .anthy 29/6 n


  Phil Oberholzer    Maliki putting his 2 cents in.

Mike Moderator   I'm wondering who's he's meeting with when he say "Kurdish delegagtion." Hero Talabani and their crew? I can't imagine Barzani or anyone from their group meeting with Maliki of all people.

I just wish Maliki meant what he said. Then, he could finish the HCL, enact Article 140 and pay them the 17%, all of this is written in Iraq's constitution. -- Stay grounded...


Kaperoni Moderator    Iraq General News > Iranian-backed militias in Iraq form political coalition, aim to challenge Baghdad in elections

Kaperoni Moderator    Iranian-backed militias in Iraq form political coalition, aim to challenge Baghdad in elections 

By Carlo Muñoz - The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The heads of several powerful Iranian-backed militias in Iraq are banding together to form a Shia political movement, designed specifically to take on the ruling party of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in May’s parliamentary elections.

The new Iraqi political faction, dubbed the Mujahedeen Coalition, includes representatives from the Shia-led Badr Organization, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, also known as the Khazali Network, Kata’ib Hezbollah and other Shia militias that battled Islamic State under the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) banner.

The move threatens to exacerbate sectarian strains in Iraq and increase concerns about Iranian influence at a time when Baghdad is already clashing with the Kurds over its authority in the north.

“These are the same groups that have been trained and supported by Iran for the last decade,” going back to the Saddam Hussein era in Iraq, said Ahmad Majidyar, director of the Middle East Institute’s Iran Observed Project.
​Officially established in late November, the new coalition seeks to leverage the militia’s battlefield victories against Islamic State over the last three years into political clout within the Iraqi parliament. A successful bid by the Mujahedeen Coalition to secure seats in the Iraqi parliament could fracture Mr. Abadi’s delicate balance of power inside Iraq, which has sizable Sunni and Kurdish minorities, in addition to other smaller ethnic groups.

During a pair of visits to Tehran, Mr. Abadi received two requests from Mr. Khamenei: Do not allow U.S. forces to stay in Iraq after the Islamic State’s defeat and do not disband the PMFs, Mr. Majidyar said.

“If [Ayatollah Khamenei] ordered, they would be willing to topple the government in Baghdad,” Mr. Majidyar said, quoting leaders of the groups in the new political coalition.

Baghdad had sought to circumvent the militias’ role by banning the participation of armed groups in the country’s parliamentary elections, slated for May. But representatives in the coalition resigned their posts before joining the political process, skirting Mr. Abadi’s attempts. Critics say the resignations are little more than a ruse, with coalition leaders continuing to hold sway over their forces.

“They still remain the de facto leaders of those groups,” Mr. Majidyar said.

Iran had already begun fostering the militias’ political ambitions long before Islamic State’s defeat last year. Military advisers with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Corp’ Quds Force were already assisting the militias in political organization efforts outside of Tal Afar and western Mosul, as the militias liberated previously ISIS-held areas during the war, Mr. Majidyar said.

The Pentagon declined to comment on what impact the PMF coalition may have on the Abadi regime or how their role in Iraqi politics could affect the ties between Washington and Baghdad.

“Iraq is a sovereign state and its people will decide the outcome of Iraqi elections,” said Pentagon spokesman Maj. Adrian Rankine-Galloway in an email Wednesday. “Our mission to defeat ISIS and strengthen Iraq’s defense institutions has and will continue with consent of Iraq’s sovereign government.”

There are now an estimated 140,000 fighters under the PMF banner, which constitutes nearly half of the Iraqi army and a quarter of the security forces under the Interior Ministry.

Mr. Abadi put the PMFs under federal control last year, but prominent Sunni Iraqi lawmakers have questioned the paramilitaries’ loyalty to the central government.

Iraqi Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi, the top Sunni official in the government, has openly questioned the loyalties of the Shia militias fighting. “They have their own political aspirations, their own [political] agendas. … They are very dangerous to the future of Iraq,” said Mr. al-Nujaifi in November.

Secretary General of the Kata’ib Jund al-Imam militia Ahmed al-Asadi, a spokesman for the coalition, said the organization’s goal was simply to field “political figures who will defend the Iraqis in the political process.”
Several militia groups loyal to top Iraqi Shia cleric Ali al-Sistani refused to participate in the new coalition, the Middle East news website Al-Monitor reported. Those groups include the Imam Ali Brigade, the Ali al-Akbar Brigade and the Ansar al-Marjaiya Brigades.

Members of Saraya Al-Salam, the paramilitary wing of influential Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al Sadr, have also declined to participate in the new political coalition. Late last year, Mr. Sadr’s force agreed to disband its forces and hand over its cache of weapons to the Iraqi government.

It was the first Shia militia and PMF member to lay down its arms following Islamic State’s defeat.

The heads of several powerful Iranian-backed militias in Iraq are banding together to form a Shia political movement, designed specifically to take on the ruling party of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in May’s parliamentary elections.

The new Iraqi political faction, dubbed the Mujahedeen Coalition, includes representatives from the Shia-led Badr Organization, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, also known as the Khazali Network, Kata’ib Hezbollah and other Shia militias that battled Islamic State under the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) banner.

The move threatens to exacerbate sectarian strains in Iraq and increase concerns about Iranian influence at a time when Baghdad is already clashing with the Kurds over its authority in the north.

“These are the same groups that have been trained and supported by Iran for the last decade,” going back to the Saddam Hussein era in Iraq, said Ahmad Majidyar, director of the Middle East Institute’s Iran Observed Project.

Officially established in late November, the new coalition seeks to leverage the militia’s battlefield victories against Islamic State over the last three years into political clout within the Iraqi parliament. A successful bid by the Mujahedeen Coalition to secure seats in the Iraqi parliament could fracture Mr. Abadi’s delicate balance of power inside Iraq, which has sizable Sunni and Kurdish minorities, in addition to other smaller ethnic groups.

During a pair of visits to Tehran, Mr. Abadi received two requests from Mr. Khamenei: Do not allow U.S. forces to stay in Iraq after the Islamic State’s defeat and do not disband the PMFs, Mr. Majidyar said.


Kaperoni Moderator   I posted something on this a few weeks ago..seems like it is coming true. 
​Mcduff82  Maybe Mr Khamenei with each more occupied with holding on to his position in Iran  they may be on their way to a revolution

Mike Moderator   Thanks Kap. This is an important political article, at least Sadr and a few others are staying out of the coalition. It's going to be up to Iraq's fractured minorities and a few loyal Shia parties if Abadi can win a second term. The last thing we want to see is Ameri or Asadi end up as PM of Iraq.

Justwaiting     if Abadi can win a second term. 
Granted this is an opinion piece ~ but would not surprise me at all.

Dec 28, 2017 - Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is currently planning a major challenge against current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Will 2018 be a year of change in Iraq? ~


Phil Oberholzer     Nice find justwaiting! I believe if Abadi can show the people that the economy and corruption is being handled, (make some major arrest) then he would have a very good chance for re-election.The Iraqis aren't blind and studid people, they've seen plenty of Maliki's handy work.

TNT Dinar Call w/Tony & Rayren98


Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we thank you for standing with us during this period of waiting for our blessing to be turned loose. We will continue to pray together and for each other as this progresses toward the ultimate completion. The task at hand is huge for humanity projects that need assistance. Help us to use the discernment to concentrate on the areas where the need is.

Dear Lord God Almighty if it means we must wait for another time before this will happen I ask that you give our members the will and the means to hold on until the time is right whenever that is. Thank you Lord for all that you have provided for us and allowing us to draw strength from one another. Whenever our time comes Lord guide us to the best direction to make a good difference in our world.

I see we are still on the any moment situation still. Now I knew this time frame of silence was coming but when I see my friends having problems making it I get worried about them. Trust me I know what total frustration is really like. We just have to stick together and remember “this too will pass” I still see the naysayers have not given up their attempts to bring us down. Don’t let them!

My dear friends, there is no odder like the smell of disappointment in the air today but consider this a testing time in the process, some may fail and fall short while others will soar like eagles above all of the diversity. Let us each choose to soar above the diversity for this too shall pass. Remember always, “Our Destiny Awaits”




Mornin Adminbill... Frank says digital platforms are to start tomorrow (Thursday) and could take up to the ninth to complete






Good Morning Wsomn,.....I am confused, EO 13818 has to do with human rights and corruption. How would that apply to what we are looking for?

Merlyn. The EO allows the treasury department to seize assets of the bad guys. Lots of assets.


Yep. From what I have been reading it is an attempt to go after the “deep state” and the high ups in government and those like Soros, clintons’ etc

I think it’s the tip of the iceberg. They know what’s coming.


So now we have a lot of corporate money coming back to the US and quiet, behind the scenes, seizure of assts.




What if the political elites that are not running again have privately exchanged???

Hello to all. This ride is crazy. TNT hyped the life out us last week, Admin was sounding so positive last week then a little ‘bit so today’ and then we have Tenwolfman telling us Tank says we are going every day. It’s bonkers


I just wonder what’s th3creal deal. The real deal!!!! Excitement now what? PM elections war w/Iran I mean come on!!!

Pj...Bruce feels the storms in the Eastern US are holding us up...

He did not say that if he did h3 should cancel all future calls,,


Made me 


Yes I’m sure. Had same reaction to FF I love God however some of his prophetic visions seem misplaced

Once the storm passes...all call center employees can get back in place..


I don’t believe it’s a scam but wonder if the reinstatement will take place. Things are not the same as last year but again look at a Vietnam it’s booming currency pitiful what’s their motivation?

The rates are populating? Pj..I have wondered the same thing about booming in vietnam, I guess my hope is this is a global fix and other countries need a blast!

I work with some Indonesians and they laugh at me, when I buy ther rupiah from them...hope I get the last laugh, so far they're right.


I’m thinking there’s a lot of distractions not sure what hiding. Tax law great but who’s the real winners? I ask the same with this ride

Yes I stop purchasing long time ago when I saw a pattern of news look at it quarterly exact same. But this year was great news and changes so was more hopeful however

I believe the hope with the tax laws is the big and small companies will reinvest and pass it on to the employees, creating more jobs...

I dont get high anymore with any intel...hoping some truth in it, a lot of bs! try to live day to day, like most of us, I could sure use it now!

Not trying to put down any intel provider, I guess I dont have to listen...I have stuck up for Bruce..I am finally done listening, It is all ablut products to sell. He had very little intel.


No intel is crazy I’m not a hype person but now it’s so negative he float guru I’m not even sure what their motivation is

I think they too are disappointed and want to encourage but think it’s going to be difficult going forward!

Pj...I am retirement age and I guarantee I out work the young ones...they could care less...Our supervisor doesnt even know who is getting the work done...he just knows its getting done...really getting tired of it..try to tell him, he could care less.