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Samson » December 16th, 2018

Qatar Petroleum is investing $ 20 billion in the United States after its withdrawal from OPEC

16th December, 2018

The company plans to invest at least $ 20 billion in the United States over the next few years after it withdraws from OPEC, which is preventing Doha from potential legal risks there, the chief executive told Reuters

Saad al-Kaabi said on Sunday that the company was seeking to announce the names of foreign partners in its new LNG production units to be built by the middle of next year

But he added that Qatar Petroleum could implement the project alone without the participation of international oil companies if it did not receive good offers

On the other hand, Al- Kaabi said that the company signed on Sunday an agreement with Eni of Italy to buy a stake in three offshore oil fields in Mexico

Under the deal, Qatar Petroleum will acquire a stake in Mexico's oilfields, which are expected to start production by mid-2019 to reach 90,000 bpd by 2021, he said LINK

Iraq stresses the importance of providing international support to uncover the fate of missing Iraqis and Kuwaitis

16th December, 2018

The Iraqi delegation participating in the tripartite committee on missing persons on Sunday stressed the importance of providing international support to uncover the fate of missing Iraqis and Kuwaitis. "Iraq participated in the meetings of the Tripartite Commission No. (47) for the affairs of Kuwaiti missing persons, prisoners and missing persons during the 1991 Gulf War, which was held in the Kuwaiti capital for the period from 11-13 / 12/2001," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 2018".

She added that "the representative of Iraq at this meeting, Undersecretary for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relations, Ambassador Hazem al-Yusufi," noting that "the meeting was chaired by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the membership of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides." "The meeting was attended by representatives of the United States, Britain, France and Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)," she said. 

The ministry pointed out that "the meeting reviewed the results of drilling in the regions of Iraq and highlights the results reached in this file." 

Iraq stressed the importance of providing technical support from the United States, Britain, France and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to provide Iraq with satellite images of sites where the remains, technology and equipment needed to dig more than five meters deep, Thus closing this file permanently." LINK

Don961 » December 16th, 2018

is anyone surprised that the mps proposing and pushing for this are part Amiri's Fatah Alliance/Maliki's State of Law/,etc. ??... 

Samson » December 16th, 2018

Political move to end the US-Iraqi agreement and warnings of its abolition

16th December, 2018

Despite the passage of 10 years on the signing of the Strategic Framework Agreement for the joint defense between Iraq and the United States in 2008, but is talking within the corridors of the Iraqi parliament on the need to review this agreement, especially by the deputies of the Building Alliance, which warns him observers , And it will not be overnight because of the provisions of the Convention and the obligations of Iraq. 

In November 2008, Iraq and the United States signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for Common Defense and the strengthening of security and stability in Iraq. Section III of the Convention states that it "came to deter all threats against Iraq's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity through the development of defense and security arrangements". The agreement also obligates the parties to cooperate in the fields of security and defense in a manner that preserves Iraq's sovereignty over its land, water and airspace.

Under the agreement, "the two sides will continue to develop their close cooperation relations with regard to defense and security arrangements, without prejudice to Iraq's sovereignty over its territory, water and airspace." The agreement also states that "such cooperation shall be carried out in the areas of security and defense in accordance with the agreement between the United States and the Republic of Iraq on the withdrawal of the United States forces from Iraq and the organization of their activities during their temporary presence therein." Under section XI, under the heading "Final Provisions", the Convention sets out mechanisms for amending or abolishing the Convention.

According to its text published on the website of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, "this Agreement shall remain in force unless either party gives written notice to the other party of its intention to terminate this Agreement." Termination shall take effect one year after the date of such notification. It also states that "this agreement may be amended with the agreement of both parties in writing and in accordance with the constitutional procedures in force in both countries." According to an informed parliamentary source, "there is an intention of some MPs to put forward proposals on the phasing out of the agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington ten years ago," pointing out that "this position was clear through the statements made by the deputies of the conquest of the Americans." According to the new Arab.

This is confirmed by the MP of the Fatah alliance, Mohammed Karim, who said that the deputies of his alliance will not allow the Americans to violate Iraqi sovereignty within the framework of this agreement, explaining that "Iraq can not accept himself to walk in the American lap." He said that "the parliament is the authority to take the appropriate decision on US interventions in Iraq," pointing out that "Iraqis do not fear confrontation with the Americans." But the former deputy, Nadeem al-Jabri, a specialist in international relations who was a member of the Iraqi constitution writing committee in 2005, considered that "the Strategic Framework Agreement remains binding on Iraq, although it has not benefited from it."

He pointed out that "the abolition of the agreement is very difficult at the present time," pointing out that "even opponents of the Convention are well aware of the weight and strength of Americans in Iraq and the region," stressing that "the thought of cancellation by one of the parties, whether Iraq or America, requires written notice Previously canceled. " 

He explained that "the amendment of the agreement must be satisfied by the parties," noting that "the statements of some Iraqi MPs on the cancellation or amendment is worthless, unless accompanied by constitutional and legal procedures, in accordance with the contexts applicable in international agreements." 

He pointed out that "the abolition of the Convention in the event that it has already, it has significant political and financial implications for Iraq, as it is a legal paper can be waved by Baghdad in the event of any political or economic pressure." LINK

DanandHannah » December 16th, 2018

Reinstate your. Currency Iraq.

You are filthy rich and don't need to BEG.


Samson » December 16th, 2018

The Minister of Transport calls on the US ambassador to translate their support for Iraq on the ground

16th December, 2018

Transport Minister Abdullah Loibi on Sunday called on US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman to translate their support for Iraq on the ground by supporting rail projects and developing the infrastructure of Iraqi airports.

"Today, the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman and his accompanying delegation met to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries and expand the horizons of joint action in all fields of transport," the ministry said in a statement. 

He called on the US side, according to the statement, to "translate their support for Iraq on the ground by supporting rail projects and the development of the reality of the infrastructure of Iraqi airports and the development of the capacity of the staff of the ministry and its configurations in American academies." 

He added that "we discussed during the meeting how to lift the ban on Iraqi aircraft in the global atmosphere and move forward to complete the project of the port of Faw because of its role in the future active in accelerating the country's economic wheel." 

For his part, the US ambassador in Iraq promised "to provide all necessary means to support Iraq in the fields of transport, which will enhance the reality of bilateral cooperation between the two countries." LINK

Iobey777 » December 16th, 2018

Interesting to me that he is so willing to do this for a "war-beaten,backwards,uneducated and poverty stricken" country!! He MUST know something about Iraq that we have not seen.....YET!! IMO!! 

Samson » December 16th, 2018

Saleh relinquishes British citizenship

16th December, 2018

Presidential spokesman Luqman al-Faily announced on Sunday that President Barham Salih has abandoned British citizenship.

"President Barham Salih has legally renounced his (British) nationality by complying with the provisions of the Iraqi constitution," Faily said in a statement. "The legal procedures for his waiver of British citizenship have been completed."

He added that "Saleh extends his thanks and appreciation to the United Kingdom, which gave him nationality during his opposition to the former regime," noting that "his abdication comes as a commitment to the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution in Article 18 paragraph four, which states that persons may not enjoy another nationality acquired if the Election or assignment of sovereign functions in the Republic of Iraq". LINK

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