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Larrykn   gm everyone :)

larrykn   Parliament to vote on remaining ministerial portfolios on Tuesday: M


 Futuremoney   larrykn I bet ten to one the meeting is postponed

larrykn   futuremoney they might vote on some of them but the two big post I bet your right

futuremoney   only 8 months since the election and no gov yet...pretty soon it will be time for elections again

futuremoney    paaaaaaaaaa-thetic
​larrykn   we will see real soon what they will do that is for sure, lots of pressure on them right now to get it done

larry   knno govenment nothing gets done and the people are tired of all of it

futuremoney   but yet the MP's are getting paid!!!

futuremoney   for doing squat...

larrykn   It thought they pasted a law that if they didn't show up no pay

futuremoney   show up to parliament...doesn't mean anything gets one

futuremoney   done^

larrykn   you mean just like our govenment lol

futuremoney   yup
futuremoney   no wonder this rv hasn't happened...the imf and UN have their hands tied cuz these people are idiots

larrykn   I truly believe the holdup is Iran, get rid of that influence and we might see something, I think that is where the battle is

futuremoney   if that's true...then we need to get off this ride now

futuremoney   cuz that is never gonna happen

larrykn   I think it will the people are tired of it now, things have to change or they will overthrow the govenment, that would be bad for everyone

futuremoney   I think it would benefit...altho it may prolong our stay here

larrykn   you see that in Basra and other places

spankie   close to getting a real gov but so much strife , could easily slide back to a totalitarian regime gov, Iran has to go- hope our gov nixes any trade w iraq iran

Chattels   The House of Representatives holds its meeting under the chairmanship of Halbusi and the presence of 261 deputies

Tuesday, December 18, 2018, LINK  
 chattels   Parliament votes on Nuri al-Dulaimi as minister of planning, Qusay al-Suhail as minister of education, and Abdulamir al-Hamdani as minister of culture.


chattels   The House of Representatives raises its meeting to next Thursday

Tuesday 18 December   Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A parliamentary source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The House of Representatives decided to raise its meeting held today to Thursday.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives held its 19th session under the chairmanship of its chairman, Mohamed Halboussi.

The presence of 261 deputies, the vote of Abdulamir al-Hamdani, Minister of Culture, Nouri al-Dulaimi, Minister of Planning and Qusay al-Suhail, minister of higher education.


chattels   Iraq’s political deadlock grinds on as ministerial posts remain unfilled By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/18122018

​​chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s parliament is finally voting on the eight unfilled cabinet posts in a session on Tuesday. They are expected to approve at least five of the nominees.

Lawmakers have approved three ministers: Nuri Dlaimi, minister of planning, Qusay Suhail, minister of higher education, and Ali Hamdani, minister of culture.

They could vote on another two posts. However, the deadlock over which faction will take the contested ministries of the interior, defense, and justice is expected to grind on.
chattels   The dynamics attendant to the Ministry of Interior and Defense are well known; however, "

The final sticking point is parliament’s choice of candidate to head the ministry of justice.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is insisting on its nominee Khalid Shuwani. However, Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi has nominated Judge Dara Nouradin, an independent Kurd.

Nouradin has the support of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and other Kurdish parties.

If their candidate does not secure the nomination, the PUK has threatened to boycott the parliamentary session, according to Rebwar Taha, one of the party’s MPs in Baghdad. As a relatively small party in the Iraqi parliament, such a boycott will not necessarily leave the house short of quorum."

Zig   Michael Kaperoni @kaperoni......Yesterday.....Tweets.....

"Like most countries, Iraq would not care if their currency appreciates at the expense of a booming economy...That is how market forces work...Gurus keep talking about some re-instatement of the dinar...Not happening...No such thing... It's Guru nonsense...

If we're lucky the Dinar may appreciate gradually over time to a level we all like...Stick to facts, truth.... Gurus talk about some overnight event all the time to pump dinar sales...There is no "RV" or "RI"...

Currencies just don't work that way...A central bank uses its tools to manage monetary policy based upon effects in the marketplace... An example would be raising the value to counter inflation...

Iraq currently has very low inflation, less than 3%...If Iraq opens the doors to global investment, it may create the pressure the CBI is looking for to raise the value... We can only hope."

"Like most countries, Iraq would not care if their currency appreciates at the expense of a booming economy...

​Dave   thought the 2 go hand in hand
Dave   countries with booming economies do not currencies worth little more than toiletpaper
Dave   ..if it costs 3-4 cents to print each note now dropping 3 zeros would mean it would cost CBI 1000% more........just can not wrap my head around that happening without increasing the purchasing power of the dinar accordingly

Doug_W   Dave that seems very logical to me

Dave   how hard is that to grasp?

Dave   1000 dinars to purchase that coke.......30-40 dollars in printing costs alone......very logical aint it

Dave   but but ...but ...thats what Germany and Romania Mexico....did.....
Dave   so ergo...........

Zig   Hey, my buddy Sam is here!!

Sam I Am   I agree with Kap on a few things. There's no RI or big RV coming. There might be a small RV of a few %, but even that is unlikely IMO.

I also agree that Iraq's inflation is low, which is the main reason I don't foresee any RV in the near future, because the only reason they would raise the value is to combat inflation.

But he's wrong on any free float scenario. Iraq will maintain its policy of a pegged currency under a managed float. Look for a devaluation in 2019.

Zig   Sam I Am : Wouldn't a large investment influx cause inflation/pressure on the Dinar, as Kap suggests?

Sam I Am   Zig Assuming that there's any reason for an investment influx, Kap might be right. But inflation would have to be over 10% to trigger any revaluation IMO. At any rate (no pun intended) such a scenario would only bring a small RV of less than 20%.

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