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Sunday UPDATE for November 4, 2018

Iraq has requested permission to ignore some of the US imposed sanctions against Iran in order to continue their import trade relations. US dollars will not be involved in the transactions, only Iraqi Dinars.

PM Madhi only has four candidates for Tuesday's Parliament session. He has postponed selecting the other four to complete a seated cabinet.

Leaders in Baghdad are holding a meeting today (Sunday) demanding that PM Mahdi announce all eight of his cabinet selectees.

Kurdistan regional Parliament will hold it's first official meeting on Tuesday.

Suggababee2:- After US relief, India works to pay for Iran oil in rupees ( Not​ Rupiah ) Interesting ...!!! No US Dollars ...  https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/us-sanctions-india-formulati​ng-mechanism-to-repay-iran/articleshow/66493417.cms

UKGAlone:  Global Currenct Reset on YouTube https://youtu.be/zERAG_Ptym8


Tishwash:  Seminar In Washington To Call On US Companies To Contribute To The Reconstruction Of Iraq

Washington - Zeina Ibrahim

To stimulate US companies and introduce them to the opportunities available in Iraq, the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington prepared a dialogue seminar with the President of the Reconstruction Fund for the affected areas, Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti.

"The reconstruction of what is destroyed by terrorism and the rehabilitation of Iraqi infrastructure to serve the present and future of the country requires a collective effort and international cooperation. The investment opportunity available in Iraq is great and the government projects are many and varied, including different sectors," he said.

Despite the many promises made by a number of countries at the Kuwait conference and the large participation of the private sector and investors, US companies remain hesitant, and their appetite for investment in Iraq remains weak, said the head of the Reconstruction Fund for the Affected Areas.

For their part, the heads of some US companies praised the measures made by the Iraqi government over the past years to facilitate the work of investors, demanding more legislation that can reduce the bureaucracy and accelerate the pace of completion of projects.

Some companies complain about the slow process of granting visas to Iraq, stressing the need to visit the country and see the investment climate before embarking on the implementation of large projects.

The US Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the State Department, is organizing a trip for representatives of dozens of US companies to visit Iraq from December 9 to 11. The visit aims at introducing investors to the opportunities available in Iraq and informing them of the security, political and social situation closely.   link

RustyBucket:  "Companies complain about the slow process of granting visas" wow, seems they are slow about everything. Again, nobody should give them the time of day until they fully and openly announce the revaluation.

TP40:  You got that right rusty bucket..They need to pull their head out and show investors that they get this done , before anyone will invest.

Golfer:  Tony talked about global projects that we can be investors in. Could this article be speaking to that very statement Tony made in your opinion?

RustyBucket:   This is talking about companies investing not individuals, and their reluctance to get involved because of, I believe, Iraqs track record of procrastination and overall excruciatingly slow way of doing things. 

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