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Samson:  Encouraging investment and strengthening Iraq’s trade & commercial ties with the rest of the world are key objectives of the 45th Baghdad International Fair
#InvestIraq pic.twitter.com/7h6hbZyb6r

— Government of Iraq (@IraqiGovt) November 13, 2018

Samson:  President of the Republic @BarhamSalih accompanied by @IraqiGovt delegation concludes official visits to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates where he held talks with senior government officials on regional security, strengthening bilateral cooperation and boosting trade pic.twitter.com/wVDkJmqgRg

— Government of Iraq (@IraqiGovt) November 13, 2018


Don961:  The International Monetary Fund expects growth in Iraq to recover in 2018 and 2019


(Independent) ... The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday predicted the recovery of growth in Iraq in 2018 and 2019, indicating that the current temporary rise in oil prices provides an opportunity for producing countries to rebuild their reserves.

"Growth in oil countries in the region outside the Gulf, namely Iran, Iraq, Algeria and Libya, is expected to reach 0.3 percent in 2018, after reaching 3 percent a year earlier, before rising to 0.9 percent," the IMF said in a report seen by the Independent. Percent in 2019, "noting that this" reflects significantly the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran, which will likely reduce the production of Iran and exports in the next two years. "

The IMF predicted "the recovery of growth in Iraq in 2018 and 2019, which is mainly due to the continuation of reconstruction efforts."

The IMF noted that "all these oil countries face similar financial challenges in the medium term. Given the high reliance on oil revenues, the average price achieved for the fiscal equivalent of 2020-2023 is expected to exceed the current oil price levels except in Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE United Arab Emirates, fiscal balances are still vulnerable to oil price movements. "

"The current temporary rise in oil prices provides an opportunity for countries to rebuild their reserves and potential threats to global prospects, including increased trade tensions, may put additional pressure on oil prices," the IMF said.

Countries to strengthen their fiscal frameworks to create fiscal space in cases where they will need support through fiscal policy. "   link


Don961:  Cabinet prepares 17 bills and send them in a single batch to parliament

Date of release: 2018/11/13 22:54

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Council of Ministers in its ordinary session held on Tuesday, chaired by Adel Abdul Mahdi, the President of the Council, 17 draft law and send one batch to Parliament.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "During the meeting was a broad discussion of a number of bills, which represent the priorities of the government program in the field of legislation, as there are 17 draft law is one of the priorities of the program, was directed by the Secretariat of the Council The ministers to sort out the draft laws agreed during the meeting next week and recommend to the House of Representatives to expedite.

He added that "the vote was also given to the public benefit institution to the Iraqi House for Creativity exception of the instructions so that the institution can direct the construction of a home for orphans children for the benefit of the public."

"The council also discussed the request to increase financial allocations and prepare the labor force of the Endowment of Christian, Yazid and Sabean Mandaean in the budget of 2019 and directed to be referred to the committee formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Finance to study the budget for 2019 to study."

"The vote on the draft mineral investment law and the law of the Supreme Iraqi Navy," pointing to "the vote also on the draft law of accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention for the Preparation and Response and Cooperation in the field of pollution and cooperation in the field of oil pollution (OPRC90)

"The Cabinet also voted on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the network {INSARAG} belonging at no cost to be the Directorate of Civil Defense in the Ministry of Interior is the national focal point with the regional group and the secretariat of the network."     link


Don961:   Abdul-Mahdi announces a plan to reassess security leaders and reassure investors (expanded)

Date of release: 2018/11/13 22:20
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the development of a plan to reassess the security leaders, while reassuring investors of the stability of Iraq. 

"We have conducted a series of meetings with the security forces during the past week, and we are monitoring the security situation and reassuring our people that our security services are fully in control of the security situation and on the border," Abdul Mahdi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday. 

"It is normal to try to urge the terrorist to regain some of his influence not only in Iraq, but in other areas, especially in Deir al-Zour in Syria, attempts to recover his breath and transit to the Iraqi side; but our heroine forces monitor this well and there is control over all the cutters and security is fully controlled" .

Abdul Mahdi said that "during the past few days a meeting of the three presidencies and presented several things, most notably the completion of the ministerial lineup, and travel of the President of the Republic to a number of neighboring countries, and the manner of work of the three presidencies together in the next phase." 

"We met with the High Electoral Commission after the House of Representatives voted on its return and we discussed the issue of provincial council elections, and the Commission is now regaining its activity to complete the voting cards for all Iraqis and fill the shortcomings."

"Baghdad is witnessing an important economic event represented by the Baghdad International Fair and the participation of 700 international companies and several countries, which indicates the return of stability to Iraq and reassuring investors to work in Iraq to achieve the interests of our dear country." 

He added that "we worked a lot within the framework of the Council of Ministers and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to follow up the ministerial platform which was presented. We followed up the situation in the various governorates to achieve progress and adjust the timing of the various issues in the ministerial platform so that we can work within the time frame specified in the Ministerial Platform. , And we hope to provide concrete things over the next few days. "

Abdul Mahdi said that "the Council of Ministers discussed during its meeting today a series of projects to seek to accelerate the completion, and delegated a delegation representing the Prime Minister included a number of ministers concerned and representatives of the provinces and the region to re-examine the budget in 2019, and we formed a mini-team to discuss details to return to the House of Representatives And to discuss and submit it in a final way. "

"We have not received a request from the House of Representatives regarding the change of security leaders, and this subject should be subject to serious study. We have continuous assessments of the security leaders and we have prepared a plan for re-evaluation in all military leaders. If the request of the House of Representatives is carried out as required by the security situation, This will reinforce the trend. "      link

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