Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Walkingstick:  ftti ...Yep, keeping in mind... Iraq's (NEER) & (REER) of past... (Both, having appreciated greatly over of the course of 4 years) was weighed, against.... the USD, only...  Today, effectively weighed... against, a basket.   Regards...

MilitiaMan:  So then today, the tide is coming in.. (lol) ~ So very Nice.. ~ MM

Cruise:  The nominal effective exchange rate (NEER) is an unadjusted weighted averagerate at which one country's currency exchanges for a basket of multiple foreign currencies. In economics, the NEER is an indicator of a country's international competitiveness in terms of the foreign exchange (forex) market.  Shut The Front Door!!!!

RNoble:  WALKINGSTICK sir... do we need to wait on Iran to be in the basket prior to RI..?

Walkingstick:  Unlikely the rial played or will play part in this basket.. keeping in mind, 1 role of a weighed basket is to minimize currency fluctuation/s... having reason to believe, a basket of (strong) proven currencies similar to the USDX was/ will be utilized...
Strongcbm:  WOOOOOOW ! ! ! Family, if you do what Frank said on the CC tonight you will understand by reading what WS posted that we are "RIGHT THERE" .  I went to http://www.investopedia.com and read up on "NEER" Nominal Effective Exchange Rate. Please do the same. You will get a greater understanding ! ! !

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