Sunday, October 14, 2018


Breitling  Nothing but positive news, very very good news…very happy…coming out of Iraq…The articles coming out of Iraq and what they are going to do with their currency…

All of a sudden you hear massive talk from Iran and the Shia inside of Iraq, ‘Hey maybe it’s a good idea that the dinar revalues.’…it’s exactly what I talked about before all of this went down a couple months ago. 

They are going to have to decide if they want to do business with the biggest economic engine in the history of all mankind, with the strongest currency that has ever existed in the history of all mankind and the biggest markets that have ever existed in all mankind or they can do business with…Iran.

Now there’s a decision for you right?  That’s what’s happening.  This whole thing has to do with what Iran can have access to.  They basically look at Iraq as their piggybank. 

So not only do they want to get as many US dollars out of Iraq, now they’re also saying, ‘Hey, it’s probably a cool idea…Iraq revalue it’s currency.’ 

It’s not just small talk…They are trying to add value to the currency.

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