Friday, September 7, 2018


Kman:    Abadi had his chance to slam dunk this back in May. Still wondering why he didn't.

Kman:  US Embassy In Baghdad's Green Zone Under Attack.....Reportedly targete​d by Iran-backed Shia militias, who previously vowed to expel all fore​ign troops and Western officials from Iraq.....  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-06/us-embassy-baghdads-green-zo​ne-under-attack

RVAlready:  This is worse than the Catholics vs the Protestants a few decades ago in Ireland. I hope Abadi's response is swift and effective…..Else, the US may step in, terminate the government, and take over Iraq….We can do the RV with no parliament, and a war going on...No problem

Pearle:  The smart thing to do is RV. Whoever is causing chaos to stop it, will have to find another hobby…Everything can be worked out with more money and a better life
Bestbuy:  Many explosions https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-06/us-embassy-baghdads-green-zo​ne-under-attack

Fuze:  Bestbuy, this could be the best news ever. This could be good reason to establish an emergency GOI under PM abahdi with UN backing for two years..
Fuze:  The political experts have been floating the idea of an emergency GOI for the last 6 weeks for a reason. Iraq is incapable of governing itself at present under a democratic system, parlamintarian or otherwise. . there maybe a few days of violence ending with arrest and destruction of the corrupt. Now is the best time to begin real reform...

Fullsail:  fuze.... you may be right..... unfortunately, it may have to come to that to get'r done. If that what it takes, the whole world is watching and is being held in limbo while clean up on isle 5 is completed

Fuze:  Fullsail, the people of Iraq are done, the USA, IMF, UN and WB are done. The CBI is done and ready! The only folks who are not done and ready are the Iran regime, Maliki and there henchman. The question is will the world be held hostage by them? I don't think so.

RVZone:  4 years ago (almost exactly) I read an article from Dr. Shabibi in Iraq about the completion of the financial reforms and the changes in the CBI not being complete until September of 2018... I got pummeled for bringing the article up back in 2014... Here we are!


LadyDee:  Hello everyone what is the meaning again of HCL

Downsouth:  HCL Hydro Carbon Law. Basically explains how the proceeds of the oil revenue can be shared with the citizenry.

LadyDee:  Thank you Downsouth

Downsouth:  YW. And the gist of Bruce tonight  (thursday) was HCL will be in Saturday's gazette. And since the rate has to show for 24 hours prior to that saturday article--he would expect something tomorrow. But dont get too excited. There is always something you know. And typically, then nothing. But I'm still hanging in there.
OKRocks:  In Baghdad, regional sources indicate loud sirens are blaring at the American embassy in the aftermath of the attack. Early reports: Point of Origin for mortar attacks on US Embassy is Ziyouna neighborhood in Baghdad - AAH controlled area. https://t.co/tR0vWEYnXk — Michael P Pregent (@MPPregent) September 6, 2018

Harambe:  BBC In pictures: Fresh protests rock Basra in Iraq

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq parliament to convene on Saturday for emergency session to discuss Basra protests https://reut.rs/2MXsn39

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric demands end to violence as deadly protests rage https://reut.rs/2oPoMpA

Harambe:  AP News: Iran, Russia, Turkey presidents meet in a high stakes summit https://apnews.com/71aa04bb72b04fbca861eafba990859c

Harambe:  AP News: US Defense secretary makes surprise visit to war-weary Kabul https://apnews.com/c80a6e6dd4f34d11871651d28ea7b632

Phantom809:  Iraq parliament to convene on Saturday for emergency session to discuss Basra protests -- ERBIL, Iraq: The temporary head of Iraq's parliament has agreed to convene an emergency session on Saturday to discuss the situation in Basra, the state news agency reported on Friday."At the request of 54 members of parliament, the leader of parliament has agreed to hold a special session to discuss the problems, solutions and recent developments in Basra," a statement from parliament said.


Phantom809:  Statement by the Spokesperson on the recent developments in Iraq -- The escalating violence at protests in the southern part of Iraq, which in the last two days reportedly left at least a further six protestors dead and many more injured, underlines the urgent need for a formation of a representative new government that will respond to the aspirations of the Iraqi people. The European Union calls on the Iraqi security forces to show maximum restraint and .... 

Harambe:  Bloomberg: These Are the Cities With the Most Ultra-Rich People

New York has lost its crown as home to the most ultra-rich people, beaten out by the rising tide of extreme wealth in Asia.

Hong Kong surpassed the Big Apple as the city with the highest population of people worth at least $30 million, according to a new report. The former British colony saw its number of ultra-wealthy increase 31 percent last year, to about 10,000, research firm Wealth-X found, higher than the nearly 9,000-strong population of the U.S.’s largest city. Tokyo came third, while Paris beat out London to take the European crown as Brexit weighed down the U.K. capital.

Richer in Hong Kong

Source: World Ultra Wealth Report, Wealth-X

The number of ultra-rich worldwide rose 13 percent last year, according to Wealth-X, totaling about 256,000 people with combined assets of $31.5 trillion. Asia saw the fastest growth, driven by mainland China and Hong Kong, the study’s authors wrote. Reflecting the region’s rise, its share of the global population of people with at least $30 million rose to just over one-fourth, up from around 18 percent a decade ago.

“Asia-Pacific is forecast to close the ultra-wealth gap with other regions over the next five years, but is expected to remain behind Europe, the Middle East and Africa in absolute terms,” the report’s authors wrote. The number of ultra-wealthy in Asia-Pacific is expected to rise at a compound rate of 8.3 percent a year, they said.

Women accounted for about 35,000 of the ultra-rich last year, a record-high share of nearly 14 percent, the study found.

While Hong Kong topped the city rankings, nowhere in mainland China made the top 10, despite the country being third in the list of nations. That’s because China’s wealthy are widely dispersed, illustrated by the fact it was home to 26 of the 30 fastest-growing cities for the ultra-rich.

Where the World's Wealthiest Live

Top 10 places and the number of residents with more than $30 million

Source: Wealth-X

Note: Population numbers are rounded to the nearest 10.

“The dynamism of wealth creation across China’s vast landscape is nevertheless staggering,” the authors wrote.

Hong Kong’s rise was also a reflection of China’s improving fortunes, with its position at the top of the global list “supported by enhanced trade and investment links with mainland China,” according to the authors.

The relative struggles of commodity markets was a factor in the Middle East posting the weakest global growth in both assets and individuals, rising 4.8 percent and 4.4 percent, respectively.

Every region saw gains, however, thanks to last year’s benign markets, the report’s authors wrote.

“Having experienced a roller-coaster ride the previous year, economic and financial markets almost without exception surprised on the upside in 2017,” they said. “On an annual basis, world real GDP expanded at its fastest pace since 2011.”

Tiers of Wealth

Source: World Ultra Wealth Report, Wealth-X

Still, the ultra-rich held more of their wealth -- 35 percent -- in liquid assets such as cash than anything else, the study found. Private holdings accounted for about 32 percent, while public holdings were 26 percent. Alternative investments such as real estate, art and yachts made up 6.6 percent of total assets.

The U.K.’s looming departure from the EU factored into last year’s trends, the study found. Paris’s rise over London -- the City of Lights saw a 17 percent increase in its ultra-wealthy numbers to more than 3,900 individuals -- was because London was “hampered in part by Brexit-related uncertainty in U.K. financial markets and across the wider economy,” the authors wrote.


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