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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. We are down to the point I told you what the date was for tomorrow, 8/8/2018. Is that an important number to the Chinese? Is it an important number to Iraq? Yes and Yes.

Could it be an important date for us? Yes. It should be an important date for us.

I have been given instruction from someone very high up that we talk to, to do not do any Intel tonight. Everything is done and everything is rolling out. What do I do with that?

Do I honor that and do essentially no Intel? Or do I not go into any detail into anything and just give you a general idea just where we are without going into “Intel”? I think I can do that and satisfy the request.

Bruce: We are at a time things are being accomplished around the globe. Things are happening as such as the ISX did open on Sunday, and we have proof of that from people we are connected to that were trading on it in Europe, and we know what they were trading, exchanging, and working with it. So it is up.

You had to have an international trading platform to do it. If you had one here, you can do it here. I really believe that tomorrow is going to be a big day. I think Iraq with the information they have already announced in Iraq, we should get tomorrow, maybe little on tonight.

Bruce: All I can tell you guys are rates are populating. We have some, but do not have everything. Things are happening to complete payouts to Tier 3s and certain group members since 9:30am this morning. .

I am just going to leave it and say we are as close we can get before I receive the toll free number. I do not know how else I can say it. I really believe that this is right before the end. We should be receiving something shortly. We do not like the four letter word “soon”. So we do not use it very often.

There are a lot of words we are not going to use after this. Somebody will come up with a list of those expressions or words, and I might have some to add to it.

Bruce: I am excited about what we are going to do, what we are going to do when this happens for humanity to redeem and to help humanity throughout this country and throughout the world with our projects, with Rebuild America, with our Veterans Retreat Network, and other ministries and other projects that are sort of in the formative stages and have not been brought up yet. That is the beauty of what we are going to walk into.

Bruce: For example, today on the news I saw a quick report on a new possibility of an interstate highway in the south connecting Texas to Augusta, Georgia as it went through the states Mississippi Alabama all the way up to Augusta, Georgia from Texas. That really would be great. It goes through and winding around these small towns like in Laurel, Mississippi. A lot of them need some help. It would be a very positive thing.

Bruce: This is just a suggestion to the President and to the Administration let’s get behind that concept of that interstate. I think it was going to be Interstate 14 which would be between I-10 and I-20. This interstate would be great if it went through those northern towns connecting all the way up to Augusta.

What I am suggesting is the Department of Transportation get with us and discuss some interstate bonds that we can purchase to build the whole thing. We get to purchase some of these tax free bonds. It doesn’t matter the rate on it. It is no longer a profit motive. It maybe a tax motive to that help reduce our actual taxation.

By the way I am not an Accountant, Tax Attorney, or CPA and I do not play one on the Big Call. Even though the system is evolving and changing and should be for our embodiment, there still should be opportunity to do something with some infrastructure bonds especially towards a new highway like an interstate.

Bruce: I think it is a great idea. I do not know how far the approval process has gotten. I like the idea of it. I think it would be great to connect those areas and I think it would be great if we can participate on that. Forget the government paying for this. We don’t need the government pay for it, but we can use private partnership. It is really something we can use, and there are parts of the interstate system that need improvements. They got some funding to do that. I have been across it couple of times. There is even roads like “Alligator Alley or I-75 that they got funding for.

Bruce: There are opportunities for us to do infrastructure and to be part of Rebuild America. That can be part of it. We can call it Rebuild America even if we did this Interstate 14. I think that would be really cool and something we would happily be part of. You don’t have to send emails to me on it. I am sure the Administration is still listening to this call. I am sure that is something they are in favor of that we would get notified on, and we can take part of it. I think it would be really good. Let’s consider that possibility.

Bruce: This is where we are. I am not doing any in depth Intel. I think we are in a beautiful spot to prepare in our hearts and minds and get centered. Get your materials together. Make sure you have your two forms of photo IDs. Drivers license, passport, student ID, etc. Take at least one utility bill, phone bill, etc with your address on it.

You want to bring proof you are a real person and yes I live at a certain address. Do not forget to bring you currencies. You do not have to write out each denomination total with every currency, Have the total of each of your currencies printed out so you can hand it over with your currencies so they have a copy where you are at. You keep a copy so if there is a difference, you can look at it and say no we got this.

They will use a De La Rue machine to count the currency and probably run it through twice. Once they run your currency through, you will be checking off okay we have that correct, etc.

Bruce: I am just going to say briefly some of you I understand have Iranian Rial. My understanding is bring it. I know what you are hearing about sanctions and everything else. Just bring it. I think you will be able to do it even though it doesn’t look like right now. Let’s see what that turns into.

Bruce: Rates are going to be fantastic. You can privately negotiate if you have projects that you intend to do. If you do not have projects of your own and you feel like you could be part of what we are doing with Rebuild America, you can mention that. I know you don’t have all the details I have in my head, but I have a lot of plans for it.

The biggest obstacle is not getting the projects under way, but getting the qualified workers to help build out these projects. Right now quality skill workers are lacking with the numbers. They are filling these jobs with as many they can already.
Bruce: What happens when we start wanting to get some housing done, different projects started, schools built, clinics built, recreation centers added intercity activities, etc. what happens when we want laborers to do that. That is where we need qualified immigration to come in that is qualified that is merit base.

That is what I am in favor of, merit base. They can help us rebuild America. Unemployment has dropped another 1 percent. The pool of available workers is getting smaller. A lot of people are aware of that. Certain workers come in the work force that have not been in the work force for awhile. We will take high school graduates, college graduates that want to help with these projects. We will be able to pay them.

Bruce: Wages have increased, and that is an indicator that companies are doing better, jobs are paying more, and we want that to happen. We want to give them a real wage that they can support families on.

We won’t have any trouble paying them. I want you to basically if you are part of Rebuild America you are doing that in your own towns, areas on your own, but I want you to use whatever proceeds you have as you want to use it to rebuild a town, etc. I can see things we can do in our own factories.

We can employ people, taxable revenue in that area, state. It is important that we see opportunity where there is lack. There is something going on, nothing happen, a lot left, maybe some farms, they have one bank, maybe a little store, maybe a family dollar. Something is there to keep people moving out. Let’s give them a reason to stay and rebuild that small town
Bruce: We are going to make a difference in housing, community gardens, apprenticeships, mentorships especially inner city. As in Chicago we have to clean it up and give everybody a reason to survive there. We have to give them a reason to thrive. Let’s create income so that people learn, create a way out of being in a life style of drugs. We want to create a way to escape that. It takes opportunity and help. Maybe a dozen of us can get involved in Chicago. We need some things to happen so we can do that. That is probably true of a lot of cities.

Bruce: I feel like tomorrow is an important day. Let’s just believe and pray that day is the day it sounds like. That is what I am believing that right now. Everybody stay in positive prayer and faith for this. Stay in touch with us.

We will contact you with the toll free numbers that will be on our websites, thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. We will do an email blast from bigcalluniverse.com. If you send us our email, we will send you an email with the toll free number on it. You will have it in case you haven’t picked up before then.

Bruce: Thank you all. Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven, and Bob, and all the Big Call listeners. Thank you for just going down this path with us, believing with us, believing something not everybody has been right for. Have a good night. Good night Everybody.


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